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Huan, H.[Hao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of BDS/GPS Signals' Characteristics and Navigation Accuracy for a Geostationary Satellite
* Earthquake-Damaged Buildings Detection in Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Object Context and Boundary Enhanced Loss
* End-to-End Super-Resolution for Remote-Sensing Images Using an Improved Multi-Scale Residual Network
Includes: Huan, H.[Hao] Huan, H.[Hai]

Huan, H.C.[Hou Chao] Co Author Listing * method to improve the lateral resolution of ultrasonic intravascular imaging, A

Huan, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Deep cycle autoencoder for unsupervised domain adaptation with generative adversarial networks
* Efficient Registration and Recognition Algorithm via Sieve Processes, An
* Instance-Based Deep Transfer Learning
* PAC bound for joint matrix completion based on Partially Collective Matrix Factorization, A
Includes: Huan, J.[Jun] Huan, J.

Huan, L. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Logo Retrieval Based on Hough Transform and Deep Learning

Huan, L.X.[Lin Xi] Co Author Listing * Learning deep cross-scale feature propagation for indoor semantic segmentation
* Parsing very high resolution urban scene images by learning deep ConvNets with edge-aware loss
Includes: Huan, L.X.[Lin Xi] Huan, L.X.[Lin-Xi]

Huan, N.V. Co Author Listing * Morphing and Repairing a 3D Scalp Geometry in Building Hair Models and Simulation

Huan, R.H.[Ruo Hong] Co Author Listing * Anti-Occlusion Particle Filter Object-Tracking Method Based on Feature Fusion
* PLSAV: Parallel loop searching and verifying for loop closure detection
* SAR multi-target interactive motion recognition based on convolutional neural networks
* Spectral-Temporal Patch-Based Missing Area Reconstruction for Time-Series Images, A
Includes: Huan, R.H.[Ruo Hong] Huan, R.H.[Ruo-Hong]

Huan, R.Z.[Rui Zhi] Co Author Listing * Deep spatial-temporal feature fusion for facial expression recognition in static images
Includes: Huan, R.Z.[Rui Zhi] Huan, R.Z.[Rui-Zhi]

Huan, T.S.[Thomas S.] Co Author Listing * Interactive Boosting for Image Classification

Huan, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * Inferring Urban Land Use from Multi-Source Urban Mobility Data Using Latent Multi-View Subspace Clustering
Includes: Huan, W.H.[Wei Hua] Huan, W.H.[Wei-Hua]

Huan, X.L.[Xiao Li] Co Author Listing * Image restoration based on the fast marching method and block based sampling
* Using RZL Coding to Enhance Histogram-Pair Based Image Reversible Data Hiding
Includes: Huan, X.L.[Xiao Li] Huan, X.L.[Xiao-Li]

Huan, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Changes in Colored Dissolved Organic Matter from Satellite Observations in the Bohai Sea and North Yellow Sea
* Remote Sensing of Particle Cross-Sectional Area in the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea: Algorithm Development and Application Implications
* Variability of Particle Size Distributions in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea

Huan, Z.[Zhan] Co Author Listing * Learning arbitrary-shape object detector from bounding-box annotation by searching region-graph

Huan, Z.D.[Zhong Dan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Model for Non-rigid Image Registration, An
* Adaptive Method for Recovering Image from Mixed Noisy Data, An
* Adaptive Variational Method for Restoring Color Images with High Density Impulse Noise
* fast segmentation method based on constraint optimization and its applications: Intensity inhomogeneity and texture segmentation, A
* Image restoration under mixed noise using globally convex segmentation
* Simultaneous Denoising and Illumination Correction via Local Data-Fidelity and Nonlocal Regularization
* Weighted Dictionary Learning Model for Denoising Images Corrupted by Mixed Noise, A
Includes: Huan, Z.D.[Zhong Dan] Huan, Z.D.[Zhong-Dan]
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Huan, Z.L.[Zheng Liang] Co Author Listing * Texture Classification Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and LS-SVM
Includes: Huan, Z.L.[Zheng Liang] Huan, Z.L.[Zheng-Liang]

Huanchong, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Curved Plates Positioning and Flexible Brackets Control in Virtual Shipbuilding Simulation

Huang, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Prediction of Regional Mobility Patterns of Bus Travellers Using Smart Card Data and Points of Interest Data
* Digital Optics
* Embedding Regularizer Learning for Multi-View Semi-Supervised Classification
* Image segmentation using an efficient rotationally invariant 3D region-based hidden Markov model
* Improving polyp detection algorithms for CT colonography: Pareto front approach
* Joint Learning of Latent Similarity and Local Embedding for Multi-View Clustering
* Methodology to Attain Public Transit Origin-Destination Mobility Patterns Using Multi-Layered Mesoscopic Analysis, A
* Novel Rotationally Invariant Region-Based Hidden Markov Model for Efficient 3-D Image Segmentation, A
* On Concise 3-D Simple Point Characterizations: A Marching Cubes Paradigm
* Parameterizing Marching Cubes Isosurfaces with Natural Neighbor Coordinates
* Salient object detection with low-rank approximation and l2,1-norm minimization
* Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report
Includes: Huang, A. Huang, A.[Aiping] Huang, A.[Albert] Huang, A.[Adam] Huang, A.[Ailing]
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Huang, A.M.[Ai Mei] Co Author Listing * Correlation-based motion vector processing for motion compensated frame interpolation
* Correlation-Based Motion Vector Processing With Adaptive Interpolation Scheme for Motion-Compensated Frame Interpolation
* Motion Vector Processing Based on Residual Energy Information for Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation
* Motion vector processing based on trajectory curve analysis for motion compensated frame interpolation
* Motion vector processing using the color information
* Multistage Motion Vector Processing Method for Motion-Compensated Frame Interpolation, A
* New Objective Quality Metric for Frame Interpolation using in Video Compression, A
* Novel Multi-Stage Motion Vector Processing Method for Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation, A
Includes: Huang, A.M.[Ai Mei] Huang, A.M.[Ai-Mei]
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Huang, A.P.[Ai Ping] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Data Fusion Oriented Clustering via Nuclear Norm Minimization
Includes: Huang, A.P.[Ai Ping] Huang, A.P.[Ai-Ping]

Huang, A.S.[Albert S.] Co Author Listing * Non-Metrical Navigation Through Visual Path Control

Huang, A.T.[An Te] Co Author Listing * Spatial-Temporal Distribution of GOCI-Derived Suspended Sediment in Taiwan Coastal Water Induced by Typhoon Soudelor, The
Includes: Huang, A.T.[An Te] Huang, A.T.[An-Te]

Huang, A.W.C.[Andrea Wei Ching] Co Author Listing * Narrative Geospatial Knowledge in Ethnographies: Representation and Reasoning
Includes: Huang, A.W.C.[Andrea Wei Ching] Huang, A.W.C.[Andrea Wei-Ching]

Huang, B.[Bormin] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Haze Removal Algorithm Using CUDA
* Adaptive Neural Network Control for Robotic Manipulators With Unknown Deadzone
* Automatic Extraction of Built-Up Areas from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Patch-Level Spatial Features and Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Grouping
* Automatically Analyzing Interpersonal Closeness in Photo Albums
* Classification of High Spatial Resolution Imagery Using Improved Gaussian Markov Random-Field-Based Texture Features
* Coefficient-group level modeling for low complexity RDO in HEVC
* Collective Activity Detection Using Hinge-loss Markov Random Fields
* Comparison of Spatiotemporal Fusion Models: A Review
* CS-MCNET: A Video Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Network with Interpretable Motion Compensation
* DE-Net: Deep Encoding Network for Building Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Decomposition Makes Better Rain Removal: An Improved Attention-Guided Deraining Network
* Deep Residual Dual-Attention Network for Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Remote Sensing Images
* Delineation of Built-Up Areas from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Multi-Scale Textures and Spatial Dependence
* Design of a Query Language for Accessing Spatial Analysis in the Web Environment
* Dimensionality Reduction Based on Clonal Selection for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Dynamic monitoring of the Poyang Lake wetland by integrating Landsat and MODIS observations
* Environmental simulation within a virtual environment
* Error-Bound-Regularized Sparse Coding for Spatiotemporal Reflectance Fusion, An
* Estimate the Primary-Link SNR Using Full-Duplex Relay for Underlay Spectrum Sharing
* Estimation and Analysis of the Nighttime PM2.5 Concentration Based on LJ1-01 Images: A Case Study in the Pearl River Delta Urban Agglomeration of China
* Estimation of Link Travel Time Distribution With Limited Traffic Detectors
* Evaluation of Four MODIS Collection 6 Aerosol Products in a Humid Subtropical Region, An
* Eye landmarks detection via two-level cascaded CNNs with multi-task learning
* Eye landmarks detection via weakly supervised learning
* Facial expression recognition based on deep convolution long short-term memory networks of double-channel weighted mixture
* Fast Camera Image Denoising on Mobile GPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Fast Frequency Estimation Algorithm by Least Squares Phase Unwrapping
* Feature fusion network based on attention mechanism for 3D semantic segmentation of point clouds
* Fisher Kernel Coding Framework for High Spatial Resolution Scene Classification, The
* Foxnet: A Multi-Face Alignment Method
* Fungiform Papillae Hyperplasia (fph) Identification by Tongue Texture Analysis
* Fusion of Change Vector Analysis in Posterior Probability Space and Postclassification Comparison for Change Detection from Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
* High-quality face image generated with conditional boundary equilibrium generative adversarial networks
* Himawari-8 Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Retrieval Using a Deep Neural Network Trained Using AERONET Observations
* Improved road centerlines extraction in high-resolution remote sensing images using shear transform, directional morphological filtering and enhanced broken lines connection
* Improving head pose estimation using two-stage ensembles with top-k regression
* Improving the Spatial Resolution of Landsat TM/ETM+ Through Fusion With SPOT5 Images via Learning-Based Super-Resolution
* Lightweight cascade framework for optic disc segmentation
* Linear Spectral Clustering Superpixel
* Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery via Clustered Differential Pulse Code Modulation with Removal of Local Spectral Outliers
* Machine Learning for the New York City Power Grid
* Manifold Sensitivity Analysis of Frequency Diverse Array
* MAP Approach for Joint Motion Estimation, Segmentation, and Super Resolution, A
* Microwave Unmixing With Video Segmentation for Inferring Broadleaf and Needleleaf Brightness Temperatures and Abundances From Mixed Forest Observations
* Multi-Scale Progressive Fusion Network for Single Image Deraining
* Multi-source remotely sensed data fusion for improving land cover classification
* New Look at Image Fusion Methods from a Bayesian Perspective, A
* novel dark channel prior guided variational framework for underwater image restoration, A
* Novel FPGA-Based Architecture for Fast Automatic Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
* Object-Occluded Human Shape and Pose Estimation From a Single Color Image
* Palmprint classification using principal lines
* Palmprint recognition using directional line energy feature
* Pattern Matching for Heterogeneous Geodata Sources Using Attributed Relational Graph and Probabilistic Relaxation
* Person Retrieval Solution Using Finger Vein Patterns, A
* Pixel Shape Index Coupled With Spectral Information for Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery, A
* Potential of Using Phase Correlation in Distributed Scatterer InSAR Applied to Built Scenarios
* preliminary study on extracting objects in sketches, A
* R&D investment in new energy vehicles with purchase subsidy based on technology adoption life cycle and customers' choice behaviour
* Rate-Distortion-Complexity Optimized Coding Mode Decision for HEVC
* Real-Time Anomaly Detection Based on a Fast Recursive Kernel RX Algorithm
* Real-Time Constant Objective Quality Video Coding Strategy in High Efficiency Video Coding
* Real-time drogue detection and template tracking strategy for autonomous aerial refueling
* Real-Time Passenger Flow Estimation and Prediction Method for Urban Bus Transit Systems, A
* Remote sensing of alpine lake water environment changes on the Tibetan Plateau and surroundings: A review
* Reusing Discriminators for Encoding: Towards Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Revealing Implicit Assumptions of the Component Substitution Pansharpening Methods
* Rigorously-Weighted Spatiotemporal Fusion Model with Uncertainty Analysis, A
* Robust Visual Tracking via Constrained Multi-Kernel Correlation Filters
* Semantic Model Vectors for Complex Video Event Recognition
* Sentinel-2A Image Fusion Using a Machine Learning Approach
* Shadow Detection and Reconstruction in High-Resolution Satellite Images via Morphological Filtering and Example-Based Learning
* Single Satellite Optical Imagery Dehazing using SAR Image Prior Based on conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Spatial and Spectral Image Fusion Using Sparse Matrix Factorization
* Spatial Multi-Objective Land Use Optimization toward Livability Based on Boundary-Based Genetic Algorithm: A Case Study in Singapore
* Spatially and Temporally Weighted Regression: A Novel Method to Produce Continuous Cloud-Free Landsat Imagery
* Spatiotemporal Exploration of Chinese Spring Festival Population Flow Patterns and Their Determinants Based on Spatial Interaction Model
* Spatiotemporal Influence of Urban Environment on Taxi Ridership Using Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression
* Spatiotemporal Reflectance Fusion via Sparse Representation
* Spatiotemporal Satellite Image Fusion Through One-Pair Image Learning
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Surface Urban Heat Island Intensity and Associated Determinants across Major Chinese Cities
* Spatiotemporal Varying Effects of Built Environment on Taxi and Ride-Hailing Ridership in New York City
* Super-Resolution-Guided Progressive Pansharpening Based on a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Support vector machines for urban growth modeling
* Support Vector Regression-Based Downscaling for Intercalibration of Multiresolution Satellite Images
* Synthinel-1 dataset: a collection of high resolution synthetic overhead imagery for building segmentation, The
* Texture Feature Fusion with Neighborhood-Oscillating Tabu Search for High Resolution Image Classification
* Toward End-to-End Face Recognition Through Alignment Learning
* Transfer learning-based discriminative correlation filter for visual tracking
* Unsupervised Artificial Immune Classifier for Multi/Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Urban Change Detection Based on Coherence and Intensity Characteristics of Sar Imagery
* Variable-Weighted Linear Combination Model for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: Case Study in the Shennongjia Forestry District, China
* Variational level set method for image segmentation with simplex constraint of landmarks
* YOLOv3-Based Matching Approach for Roof Region Detection from Drone Images
Includes: Huang, B.[Bormin] Huang, B. Huang, B.[Bo] Huang, B.[Bert] Huang, B.[Bowen] Huang, B.[Baojin] Huang, B.[Bin] Huang, B.[Baoxiang] Huang, B.[Biying] Huang, B.[Beining]
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Huang, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * Fast Template Matching Based on Local Entropy Difference
Includes: Huang, B.B.[Bin Bin] Huang, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Huang, B.F.[Bao Feng] Co Author Listing * Tri-Camera High-Speed Videogrammetry for Three-Dimensional Measurement of Laminated Rubber Bearings Based on the Large-Scale Shaking Table
Includes: Huang, B.F.[Bao Feng] Huang, B.F.[Bao-Feng]

Huang, B.H.[Bing Hu] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Post-Earthquake Image Segmentation with an Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Descriptor
Includes: Huang, B.H.[Bing Hu] Huang, B.H.[Bing-Hu]

Huang, B.K.[Bang Kui] Co Author Listing * Real-time and accurate rail wear measurement method and experimental analysis
Includes: Huang, B.K.[Bang Kui] Huang, B.K.[Bang-Kui]

Huang, B.M.[Bo Min] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Remote Sensing Data-Driven Approach for Oil Spill Simulation in the Sea, A
Includes: Huang, B.M.[Bo Min] Huang, B.M.[Bo-Min]

Huang, B.N.[Bei Ning] Co Author Listing * Finger-Vein Authentication Based on Wide Line Detector and Pattern Normalization
Includes: Huang, B.N.[Bei Ning] Huang, B.N.[Bei-Ning]

Huang, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Co Author Listing * Capabilities of Chinese Gaofen-3 Synthetic Aperture Radar in Selected Topics for Coastal and Ocean Observations
* HMM-SNN Method for Online Handwriting Symbol Recognition, An
* No-reference stereoscopic images quality assessment method based on monocular superpixel visual features and binocular visual features?
* On the performance limit of single-hop TOA localization
* Primary Production, an Index of Climate Change in the Ocean: Satellite-Based Estimates over Two Decades
* Shape matching algorithm based on shape contexts
Includes: Huang, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Huang, B.Q.[Bing-Qing] Huang, B.Q. Huang, B.Q.[Bao-Qing] Huang, B.Q.[Bao-Qi] Huang, B.Q.[Bang-Qin]

Huang, B.R.[Bo Ru] Co Author Listing * Generation of Stereo Oil Paintings from RGBD Images
* Synthesis of Oil-Style Paintings
Includes: Huang, B.R.[Bo Ru] Huang, B.R.[Bo-Ru]

Huang, B.S.[Ben Sheng] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Comparisons of State-of-the-Art Gridded Precipitation Estimates for Hydrological Applications over Southern China
Includes: Huang, B.S.[Ben Sheng] Huang, B.S.[Ben-Sheng]

Huang, B.X.[Ben Xiong] Co Author Listing * Channel Capacity Analysis of the Generalized Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Audio Signals
* Channel Capacity Analysis of the Multiple Orthogonal Sequence Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Audio Signals
* Efficient image structural similarity quality assessment method using image regularised feature
* Femoral head segmentation based on improved fully convolutional neural network for ultrasound images
* full-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment index based on stable aggregation of monocular and binocular visual features, A
* Hue preserving-based approach for underwater colour image enhancement
* Nonlocal graph theory based transductive learning for hyperspectral image classification
Includes: Huang, B.X.[Ben Xiong] Huang, B.X.[Ben-Xiong] Huang, B.X.[Bao-Xiang] Huang, B.X.[Bing-Xuan]
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Huang, B.Y.[Bing Yao] Co Author Listing * CompenNet++: End-to-End Full Projector Compensation
* Effectiveness of incentives offered by mobile phone app to encourage cycling: A long-term study
* End-To-End Projector Photometric Compensation
* Exploring the influence of traveller information on macroscopic fundamental diagrams
* Image super-resolution based on conditional generative adversarial network
* Multinomial logit analysis of the effects of five different app-based incentives to encourage cycling to work
* Person Re-identification Using Data-Driven Metric Adaptation
* Sparsity-Based Occlusion Handling Method for Person Re-identification
Includes: Huang, B.Y.[Bing Yao] Huang, B.Y.[Bing-Yao] Huang, B.Y.[Bing-Yuan] Huang, B.Y.[Bing-Yan] Huang, B.Y.[Bin-Yang] Huang, B.Y.[Bing-Yue]
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Huang, C.[Chong] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Evaluation and Consistency Analysis of Four Global Land Cover Products in the Arctic Region
* Accurate and efficient pulse measurement from facial videos on smartphones
* Adaptive Effective Wiener Filter- and Regression-Based Upsampling for Asymmetric Resolution Stereoscopic Video Coding
* Advances in Hardware Architectures for Image and Video Coding: A Survey
* AMPFLUID: Aggregation Magnified Post-Assay Fluorescence for Ultrasensitive Immunodetection on Digital Microfluidics
* Approach to High-Resolution Rice Paddy Mapping Using Time-Series Sentinel-1 SAR Data in the Mun River Basin, Thailand, An
* Assessing Impacts of Urban Form on Landscape Structure of Urban Green Spaces in China Using Landsat Images Based on Google Earth Engine
* assessment of support vector machines for land cover classification, An
* Automatic Liver Segmentation Using Statistical Prior Models and Free-form Deformation
* BeiDou-Based Passive Radar Vessel Target Detection: Method and Experiment via Long-Time Optimized Integration
* Beware of per-pixel characterization of land cover
* Beyond spatial pyramids: Receptive field learning for pooled image features
* Binary Descriptor Based Nonparametric Background Modeling for Foreground Extraction by Using Detection Theory
* Bird breed classification and annotation using saliency based graphical model
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on Multichannel Feature Fusion and Label Transfer
* Blood flow imaging of high frame rate two-dimensional vector in cardiovascular ultrasound detection
* Boosting Associated Pairing Comparison Features for pedestrian detection
* Boosting nested cascade detector for multi-view face detection
* CCNet: Criss-Cross Attention for Semantic Segmentation
* Chronological classification of ancient paintings using appearance and shape features
* Climate Extremes and Their Impacts on Interannual Vegetation Variabilities: A Case Study in Hubei Province of Central China
* Clothing Landmark Detection Using Deep Networks With Prior of Key Point Associations
* Cluster-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm With Low Memory and Bandwidth Requirements for H.264/AVC Scalable Extension
* Clustering Trajectories in Heterogeneous Representations for Video Event Detection
* Clutter Reduction and Target Tracking in Through-the-Wall Radar
* CNN-RNN: A Unified Framework for Multi-label Image Classification
* Coastal Mangrove Response to Marine Erosion: Evaluating the Impacts of Spatial Distribution and Vegetation Growth in Bangkok Bay from 1987 to 2017
* Combing Top-Down and Bottom-Up Discriminative Dictionaries Learning for Non-specific Object Detection, A
* Comparison of Terrain Indices toward Their Ability in Assisting Surface Water Mapping from Sentinel-1 Data, A
* Compressive Sampling for Array Cameras
* Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Networks
* Constellational contour parsing for deformable object detection
* Constrained Directed Graph Clustering and Segmentation Propagation for Multiple Foregrounds Cosegmentation
* Cooperative Secrecy Beamforming in Wiretap Interference Channels
* DAnet: Depth-Aware Network for Crowd Counting
* Deep Imbalanced Learning for Face Recognition and Attribute Prediction
* Deep multiple instance learning for image classification and auto-annotation
* Deep Visual Correspondence Embedding Model for Stereo Matching Costs, A
* Deep-based fisher vector for mobile visual search
* Deeply Learned Rich Coding for Cross-Dataset Facial Age Estimation
* Dense Intrinsic Appearance Flow for Human Pose Transfer
* Discharge Estimation Using Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 Product: Case Studies in the Murray Darling Basin
* Diseased Region Detection of Longitudinal Knee Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
* Distributed filtering in sensor networks with hybrid communication constraints
* Document Image Retrieval using Signatures as Queries
* Driver Monitoring Using Sparse Representation With Part-Based Temporal Face Descriptors
* DrivingStereo: A Large-Scale Dataset for Stereo Matching in Autonomous Driving Scenarios
* Efficient Hardware Implementation of HOG Feature Extraction for Human Detection, An
* Efficient incremental learning of boosted classifiers for object detection
* Efficient Inference with Multiple Heterogeneous Part Detectors for Human Pose Estimation
* Enabling Adaptive Cloud Gaming in an Open-Source Cloud Gaming Platform
* Ensemble Knowledge Transfer for Semantic Segmentation
* Error concealment for shape coding
* Error Concealment for Shape in MPEG-4 Object-Based Video Coding
* Estimating the Maximal Light Use Efficiency for Different Vegetation through the CASA Model Combined with Time-Series Remote Sensing Data and Ground Measurements
* Evaluating the Potential of Multi-Seasonal CBERS-04 Imagery for Mapping the Quasi-Circular Vegetation Patches in the Yellow River Delta Using Random Forest
* Evaluation of Seven Atmospheric Profiles from Reanalysis and Satellite-Derived Products: Implication for Single-Channel Land Surface Temperature Retrieval
* Extensive articulated human detection by voting Cluster Boosted Tree
* Face Recognition Based on Face Gabor Image and SVM
* Facial image retrieval based on demographic classification
* Fast rotation invariant multi-view face detection based on real adaboost
* Feasibility of Characterizing Snowpack and the Freeze-Thaw State of Underlying Soil Using Multifrequency Active/Passive Microwave Data
* Feature discovering for image classification via wavelet-like pattern decomposition
* First Ionospheric Radio-Occultation Measurements From GNSS Occultation Sounder on the Chinese Feng-Yun 3C Satellite
* Foreground Segmentation via Dynamic Programming
* Full-Wave Iterative Image Reconstruction in Photoacoustic Tomography With Acoustically Inhomogeneous Media
* Fuzzy-Topology-Based Area Object Extraction Method, A
* Globally Measuring the Similarity of Superpixels by Binary Edge Maps for Superpixel Clustering
* Green Spaces as an Indicator of Urban Health: Evaluating Its Changes in 28 Mega-Cities
* HarDNet: A Low Memory Traffic Network
* HDR Image Rerendering Using GPU-based Processing
* Head Pose Estimation Based on Random Forests for Multiclass Classification
* High Accuracy Geochemical Map Generation Method by a Spatial Autocorrelation-Based Mixture Interpolation Using Remote Sensing Data
* High performance object detection by collaborative learning of Joint Ranking of Granules features
* High-Efficiency Determination of Coastline by Combination of Tidal Level and Coastal Zone DEM from UAV Tilt Photogrammetry
* High-Performance Rotation Invariant Multiview Face Detection
* Human Attribute Recognition by Deep Hierarchical Contexts
* Human-Like Decision Making for Autonomous Driving: A Noncooperative Game Theoretic Approach
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of the Pigment C-Phycocyanin in Turbid Inland Waters, Based on Optical Classification
* Illumination Adaptive Person REID Based on Teacher-Student Model and Adversarial Training
* Image Registration Improved by Generative Adversarial Networks
* Improved Active Speaker Detection based on Optical Flow
* Improved Eutrophication Assessment Algorithm of Estuaries and Coastal Waters in Liaodong Bay, An
* Improved filtering parameter determination for the Goldstein radar interferogram filter
* improved parallel thinning algorithm, An
* Improved Vegetation Adjusted Nighttime Light Urban Index and Its Application in Quantifying Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Carbon Emissions in China, An
* Improvement of Split-Window Algorithm for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Sentinel-3A SLSTR Data Over Barren Surfaces Using ASTER GED Product
* Improving Satellite Estimates of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation Through Data Integration: Methodology and Validation
* Improving Winter Wheat Yield Estimation from the CERES-Wheat Model to Assimilate Leaf Area Index with Different Assimilation Methods and Spatio-Temporal Scales
* Incremental Learning of Boosted Face Detector
* Information Retrieval System for Handwritten Documents
* Inland Waters Suspended Solids Concentration Retrieval Based on PSO-LSSVM for UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Integrating Water Observation from Space Product and Time-Series Flow Data for Modeling Spatio-Temporal Flood Inundation Dynamics
* Intelligent Task Offloading for Heterogeneous V2X Communications
* Inter-camera Association of Multi-target Tracks by On-Line Learned Appearance Affinity Models
* Inter-layer correlation-based adaptive bit allocation for enhancement layer in scalable high efficiency video coding
* Investigation on the Patterns of Global Vegetation Change Using a Satellite-Sensed Vegetation Index
* Land Cover Mapping in Cloud-Prone Tropical Areas Using Sentinel-2 Data: Integrating Spectral Features with NDVI Temporal Dynamics
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Passive Microwave Satellite Observations: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
* Learn to Detect: Improving the Accuracy of Earthquake Detection
* Learning affinities and dependencies for multi-target tracking using a CRF model
* Learning Deep Representation for Imbalanced Classification
* Learning from massive noisy labeled data for image classification
* Learning Policies for Adaptive Tracking with Deep Feature Cascades
* Learning Sparse Features in Granular Space for Multi-View Face Detection
* Learning Sparse Neural Networks Through Mixture-Distributed Regularization
* Learning to associate: HybridBoosted multi-target tracker for crowded scene
* Learning to Disambiguate by Asking Discriminative Questions
* Learning to Film From Professional Human Motion Videos
* Least Squares-Based Filter for Remote Sensing Image Noise Reduction
* Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention with Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks
* Lookup-Table-Based Approach to Estimating Surface Solar Irradiance from Geostationary and Polar-Orbiting Satellite Data, A
* LUT-Based AdaBoost for Gender Classification
* Machine-Learning-Based Scenario Identification Using Channel Characteristics in Intelligent Vehicular Communications
* Mancs: A Multi-task Attentional Network with Curriculum Sampling for Person Re-Identification
* Mapping Mangrove Forests Based on Multi-Tidal High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Mapping Rice Cropping Systems in Vietnam Using an NDVI-Based Time-Series Similarity Measurement Based on DTW Distance
* Mask Scoring R-CNN
* Method and apparatus for animation of a human speaker
* Model Supported Exploitation: Quick Look, Detection and Counting, and Change Detection
* Modeling and Analysis of BDS-2 and BDS-3 Combined Precise Time and Frequency Transfer Considering Stochastic Models of Inter-System Bias
* Modified U-Net (mU-Net) With Incorporation of Object-Dependent High Level Features for Improved Liver and Liver-Tumor Segmentation in CT Images
* Monitoring Droughts in the Greater Changbai Mountains Using Multiple Remote Sensing-Based Drought Indices
* Monitoring of Urban Black-Odor Water Based on Nemerow Index and Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Regression Using UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Multi-objective convolutional learning for face labeling
* Multi-Scale Deep Residual Learning-Based Single Image Haze Removal via Image Decomposition
* Multi-scale embedded descriptor for shape classification
* Multi-target tracking by on-line learned discriminative appearance models
* Multimodal Gesture Recognition Using Densely Connected Convolution and BLSTM
* Multiple classifier-based fast coding unit partition for intra coding in future video coding
* Multiple Target Tracking by Learning-Based Hierarchical Association of Detection Responses
* Need for Speed: A Benchmark for Higher Frame Rate Object Tracking
* New Morphological Filtering Algorithm for Image Noise Reduction
* Noncontact 3-D Speckle Contrast Diffuse Correlation Tomography of Tissue Blood Flow Distribution
* Not All Areas Are Equal: Transfer Learning for Semantic Segmentation via Hierarchical Region Selection
* Novel Joint Rate Distortion Optimization Scheme for Intra Prediction Coding in H.264/AVC, A
* Novel Key-Frames Selection Framework for Comprehensive Video Summarization, A
* Novel Multitemporal Image-Fusion Algorithm: Method and Application to GOCI and Himawari Images for Inland Water Remote Sensing, A
* Novel Pattern Classification Scheme: Classwise Non-Principal Component Analysis (CNPCA), A
* NTIRE 2021 Learning the Super-Resolution Space Challenge
* Object co-detection via low-rank and sparse representation dictionary learning
* Object Co-Segmentation Based on Directed Graph Clustering
* Object-Based Linear Weight Assignment Fusion Scheme to Improve Classification Accuracy Using Landsat and MODIS Data at the Decision Level, An
* Omni-directional face detection based on real adaboost
* On Computing Strength of Evidence for Writer Verification
* On the Value of Available MODIS and Landsat8 OLI Image Pairs for MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Mapping Based on an Artificial Neural Network
* Online Learning-Based Multi-Stage Complexity Control for Live Video Coding
* Opinion fraud detection via neural autoencoder decision forest
* Optimization of Variable-Current Charging Strategy Based on SOC Segmentation for Li-ion Battery
* Optimizing Fixation Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks for 360° Video Streaming in Head-Mounted Virtual Reality
* Parking Space Status Inference Upon a Deep CNN and Multi-Task Contrastive Network With Spatial Transform
* Part propagation for local part segmentation
* PBC: Polygon-Based Classifier for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Person re-identification based on multi-region-set ensembles
* Pose Guided Human Video Generation
* Pose robust face tracking by combining view-based AAMs and temporal filters
* Precise Crop Classification Using Spectral-Spatial-Location Fusion Based on Conditional Random Fields for UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Probabilistic River Water Mapping from Landsat-8 Using the Support Vector Machine Method
* QualityNet: Segmentation quality evaluation with deep convolutional networks
* Quantitative Assessment of Thin-Layer Tissue Viscoelastic Properties Using Ultrasonic Micro-Elastography With Lamb Wave Model
* Radiometric Calibration Model for the Field Imaging Spectrometer System, A
* Real Time Facial Expression Recognition with AdaBoost
* Real-time and accurate object detection in compressed video by long short-term feature aggregation
* Real-Time Underwater Maritime Object Detection in Side-Scan Sonar Images Based on Transformer-YOLOv5
* Recognizing Material of a Covered Object: A Case Study With Graffiti
* Reflectance Reconstruction of Hyperspectral Image Based on Gaussian Surface Fitting
* Reliable Path Planning for Drone Delivery Using a Stochastic Time-Dependent Public Transportation Network
* Remote Sensing of Wetland Flooding at a Sub-Pixel Scale Based on Random Forests and Spatial Attraction Models
* RENAS: Reinforced Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search
* River Basin over the Course of Time: Multi-Temporal Analyses of Land Surface Dynamics in the Yellow River Basin (China) Based on Medium Resolution Remote Sensing Data, A
* Robust Head Tracking Based on a Multi-State Particle Filter
* Robust Head Tracking with Particles Based on Multiple Cues Fusion
* Robust Image Restoration via Adaptive Low-Rank Approximation and Joint Kernel Regression
* Robust Object Tracking by Hierarchical Association of Detection Responses
* Robust texture representation by using binary code ensemble
* Robust w-Estimators for Cryo-EM Class Means
* Segmentation of objects in a detection window by Nonparametric Inhomogeneous CRFs
* Semi-Analytical Retrieval of the Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient in Large and Shallow Lakes from GOCI, a High Temporal-Resolution Satellite
* Software expert discovery via knowledge domain embeddings in a collaborative network
* Spatial Attraction Models Coupled with Elman Neural Networks for Enhancing Sub-Pixel Urban Inundation Mapping
* Spatial Pattern Consistency among Different Remote-Sensing Land Cover Datasets: A Case Study in Northern Laos
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Particulate Organic Carbon Based on Long-Term MODIS Observations in Taihu Lake, China
* Steganalysis Using High-Dimensional Features Derived from Co-occurrence Matrix and Class-Wise Non-Principal Components Analysis (CNPCA)
* Store classification using Text-Exemplar-Similarity and Hypotheses-Weighted-CNN
* Sub-pixel flood inundation mapping from multispectral remotely sensed images based on discrete particle swarm optimization
* Surface Water Mapping from Suomi NPP-VIIRS Imagery at 30 m Resolution via Blending with Landsat Data
* Task-Driven Progressive Part Localization for Fine-Grained Object Recognition
* Task-driven progressive part localization for fine-grained recognition
* Text Flow: A Unified Text Detection System in Natural Scene Images
* Texture Representation via Joint Statistics of Local Quantized Patterns
* Toward Safe and Smart Mobility: Energy-Aware Deep Learning for Driving Behavior Analysis and Prediction of Connected Vehicles
* Towards Automated Quantification of Atrial Fibrosis in Images from Catheterized Fiber-Optics Confocal Microscopy Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Tropical Cyclones Tracking Based on Satellite Cloud Images: Database and Comprehensive Study
* Tsinghua Face Detection and Tracking for CLEAR 2007 Evaluation
* Tumor Detection in Automated Breast Ultrasound Using 3-D CNN and Prioritized Candidate Aggregation
* UCT: Learning Unified Convolutional Networks for Real-Time Visual Tracking
* Unsupervised domain adaptive re-identification: Theory and practice
* Unsupervised incremental learning for improved object detection in a video
* Unsupervised Learning of Discriminative Attributes and Visual Representations
* USEAQ: Ultra-Fast Superpixel Extraction via Adaptive Sampling From Quantized Regions
* Vanishing point detection and line classification with BPSO
* Vector Boosting for Rotation Invariant Multi-View Face Detection
* Vegetation Change and Its Response to Climate Extremes in the Arid Region of Northwest China
* Video Object Segmentation via Global Consistency Aware Query Strategy
* Video parsing based on head tracking and face recognition
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* VLSI Design of a High-Speed and Area-Efficient JPEG2000 Encoder
* VSpSR: Explorable Super-Resolution via Variational Sparse Representation
* X-Ray Enhancement Based on Component Attenuation, Contrast Adjustment, and Image Fusion
Includes: Huang, C.[Chong] Huang, C. Huang, C.[Conghong] Huang, C.[Cheng] Huang, C.[Chuan] Huang, C.[Chang] Huang, C.[Chao] Huang, C.[Chuanhe] Huang, C.[Chunju] Huang, C.[Chen] Huang, C.[Chi] Huang, C.[Chaoqin] Huang, C.[Chenhui] Huang, C.[Can] Huang, C.[Cong] Huang, C.[Chaoran] Huang, C.[Changchun] Huang, C.[Chenrong]
209 for Huang, C.

Huang, C.B.[Chao Bing] Co Author Listing * Color Image Retrieval Based On Color-texture-edge Feature Histograms
* Feature Fusion Framework and Its Application to Automatic Seizure Detection, A
* Land Use Scenario Simulation and Ecosystem Service Management for Different Regional Development Models of the Beibu Gulf Area, China
Includes: Huang, C.B.[Chao Bing] Huang, C.B.[Chao-Bing] Huang, C.B.[Cheng-Bin] Huang, C.B.[Chun-Bo]

Huang, C.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Chroma Subsampling-Binding and Luma-Guided Chroma Reconstruction Method for Screen Content Images
* Assessment of NIR-red algorithms for observation of chlorophyll-a in highly turbid inland waters in China
* cascaded hierarchical framework for moving object detection and tracking, A
* Colorization of Depth Map via Disentanglement
* deep learning network for vision-based vacant parking space detection system, A
* DEN: Disentanglement and Enhancement Networks for Low Illumination Images
* DEN: Disentangling and Exchanging Network for Depth Completion
* Domain Adaptation With Foreground/Background Cues and Gated Discriminators
* Hierarchical Bayesian Generation Framework for Vacant Parking Space Detection, A
* High-Resolution Acoustic-Radiation-Force-Impulse Imaging for Assessing Corneal Sclerosis
* Joint Chroma Subsampling and Distortion-Minimization-Based Luma Modification for RGB Color Images With Application
* Method for detecting movement of image sensors
* Monte Carlo Based Framework for Multi-Target Detection and Tracking Over Multi-Camera Surveillance System, A
* Multi-Channel Multi-Loss Deep Learning Based Compression Model of Color Images
* multi-task convolutional neural network with spatial transform for parking space detection, A
* novel gray-based reduced NN classification method, A
* Novel Interpolation Chip for Real-Time Multimedia Applications, A
* Probabilistic Modeling of Dynamic Traffic Flow across Non-overlapping Camera Views
* SemiStarGAN: Semi-supervised Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-domain Image-to-Image Translation
* Single-Chip MPEG-2 Video Encoder/Decoder for Consumer Applications, A
* Vacant Parking Space Detection Based on a Multilayer Inference Framework
* Vacant Parking Space Detection Based on Plane-Based Bayesian Hierarchical Framework
* Vacant Parking Space Detection based on Task Consistency and Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Huang, C.C. Huang, C.C.[Chang-Chun] Huang, C.C.[Ching-Chun] Huang, C.C.[Chih-Chung] Huang, C.C.[Chien-Chang] Huang, C.C.[Chi-Chun] Huang, C.C.[Chien-Chuan] Huang, C.C.[Chi-Chia]
23 for Huang, C.C.

Huang, C.D.[Chu Dong] Co Author Listing * Density-Based Clustering with Geographical Background Constraints Using a Semantic Expression Model
* Mapping Above-Ground Biomass by Integrating Optical and SAR Imagery: A Case Study of Xixi National Wetland Park, China
Includes: Huang, C.D.[Chu Dong] Huang, C.D.[Chu-Dong]

Huang, C.F.[Chen Fen] Co Author Listing * Impacts of the Kuroshio Intrusion through the Luzon Strait on the Local Precipitation Anomaly
Includes: Huang, C.F.[Chen Fen] Huang, C.F.[Chen-Fen]

Huang, C.H.[Chih Hung] Co Author Listing * adaptive dynamic range compression with local contrast enhancement algorithm for real-time color image enhancement, An
* Adaptive ICP Registration for Facial Point Data, An
* Authentication of lossy compressed video data by semi-fragile watermarking
* Automated Breast Cancer Image Classification Based on Integration of Noisy-And Model and Fully Connected Network
* Automated mitosis detection based on eXclusive Independent Component Analysis
* Bayesian Approach to Multi-view 4D Modeling, A
* Block-Based Depth Maps Interpolation for Efficient Multiview Content Generation
* Brain MRI/SPECT Registration System Using an Adaptive Similarity Metric: Application on the Evaluation of Parkinson's Disease, A
* Collusion-resistant video fingerprinting based on temporal oscillation
* Colorization Based Animation Broadcast System with Traitor Tracing Capability, A
* Combined Effects of Impervious Surface Change and Large-Scale Afforestation on the Surface Urban Heat Island Intensity of Beijing, China Based on Remote Sensing Analysis
* Combining fractional-order edge detection and chaos synchronisation classifier for fingerprint identification
* Comparative Study of Some Population-Based Optimization Algorithms on Inverse Scattering of a Two-Dimensional Perfectly Conducting Cylinder in Dielectric Slab Medium
* Diagnostic Application of Brain Image Processing and Analysis System for Ischemic Stroke, The
* Error Concealment Using Direction-Oriented Candidate Set and Predicted Boundary Matching Criteria
* fast edge-oriented algorithm for image interpolation, A
* Fidelity-Controlled Robustness Enhancement of Blind Watermarking Schemes Using Evolutionary Computational Techniques
* Graphics processing unit-accelerated multi-resolution exhaustive search algorithm for real-time keypoint descriptor matching in high-dimensional spaces
* HDR Deghosting Using Motion-Registration-Free Fusion in the Luminance Gradient Domain
* Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation and Classification by Exploiting the Correlation Subspace
* Human Shape and Pose Tracking Using Keyframes
* Image reconstruction of buried multiple conductors by genetic algorithms
* Improving MMI with enhanced-FCM for the fusion of brain MR and SPECT images
* Inverse scattering of buried inhomogeneous biaxial dielectric cylinders coated on a conductor
* Large-scale and rotation-invariant template matching using adaptive radial ring code histograms
* Modeling and Detection of Blurred Illumination Edges
* Modeling and Measurement of 3D Deformation of Scoliotic Spine Using 2D X-ray Images
* Non-iterative stippling of greyscale threedimensional polygon meshed models
* Online Learning Method for Shadow Detection, An
* Optimal mathematical programming and variable neighborhood search for k-modes categorical data clustering
* Quantification of nano-scale carbon structure by HRTEM and lattice fringe analysis
* Real-time implementation of an adaptive simultaneous dynamic range compression and local contrast enhancement algorithm on a GPU
* Real-time multi-camera air surveillance system using a simultaneous estimation, filtering and rejection tracking algorithm
* Recognizing Actions across Cameras by Exploring the Correlated Subspace
* Reliable broadcast mechanism for emergency message in urban vehicular ad hoc networks
* Robust Human Body Shape and Pose Tracking
* Robust Semantic Template Matching Using a Superpixel Region Binary Descriptor
* Toward user-specific tracking by detection of human shapes in multi-cameras
* Unseen Visible Watermarking
* Unsupervised Pedestrian Re-identification for Loitering Detection
* Volumetric 3D Tracking by Detection
Includes: Huang, C.H.[Chih Hung] Huang, C.H.[Chih-Hung] Huang, C.H.[Chung-Hsien] Huang, C.H.[Chien-Hua] Huang, C.H.[Chao-Hui] Huang, C.H.[Chun-Hao] Huang, C.H. Huang, C.H.[Chun-Hsiang] Huang, C.H.[Cong-Hong] Huang, C.H.[Cong-Hui] Huang, C.H.[Chia-Hao] Huang, C.H.[Chin-Hui] Huang, C.H.[Chung-Hsin] Huang, C.H.[Cheng-Hui] Huang, C.H.[Chang-Hao] Huang, C.H.[Chung-Hsuan] Huang, C.H.[Chuan-He]
41 for Huang, C.H.

Huang, C.H.C.[Cheng Hsien Chiu] Co Author Listing * Design and experimental study of an ultrasonic sensor system for lateral collision avoidance at low speeds
Includes: Huang, C.H.C.[Cheng Hsien Chiu] Huang, C.H.C.[Cheng-Hsien Chiu]

Huang, C.H.P.[Chun Hao Paul] Co Author Listing * Tracking-by-Detection of 3D Human Shapes: From Surfaces to Volumes
Includes: Huang, C.H.P.[Chun Hao Paul] Huang, C.H.P.[Chun-Hao Paul]

Huang, C.J.[Chi Jaung] Co Author Listing * Feature-based detection of faces in color images
* Method for Improving TIE-Based VQ Encoding Introducing RI Rules, A
* MPEG-2 Spatial Scalable Coding and Transport Stream Error Concealment for Satellite TV Broadcasting Using KA-Band
* novel method for detecting lips, eyes and faces in real time, A
* robust method for detecting arbitrarily tilted human faces in color images, A
* SAR image noise suppression of BEMD by the kernel principle component analysis
Includes: Huang, C.J.[Chi Jaung] Huang, C.J.[Chi-Jaung] Huang, C.J.[Chi-Jung] Huang, C.J. Huang, C.J.[Chi-Jang] Huang, C.J.[Chang-Jun]

Huang, C.K. Co Author Listing * new Pixel-Chaotic-Shuffle method for image encryption, A
* Shape from Shading Using Ritz Method with Tent Basis

Huang, C.L.[Chun Lin] Co Author Listing * 3D Ground Penetrating Radar to Detect Tree Roots and Estimate Root Biomass in the Field
* Aspect Graph Generation for Non-Convex Polyhedra from Perspective Projection View
* Automatic Eye Winks Interpretation System for Human-Machine Interface
* Building Damage Assessment Based on the Fusion of Multiple Texture Features Using a Single Post-Earthquake PolSAR Image
* Building Earthquake Damage Information Extraction from a Single Post-Earthquake PolSAR Image
* Color Images' Segmentation Using Scale Space Filter and Markov Random Field
* Combined Error Concealment and Error Correction in Rate-Distortion Analysis for Multiple Substream Transmissions
* Complex-Subband Transform for Subband-Based Motion Estimation/Compensation and Coding
* Content-Based Attention Ranking Using Visual and Contextual Attention Model for Baseball Videos
* Content-Based Image Retrieval-System, A
* Contour generation and shape restoration of the straight homogeneous generalized cylinder
* Design Error-Resilient Multiple Substreams 3D Coder Including Receiver Post-Processing in Analysis
* Dynamic Scene Analysis Using Path and Shape Coherence
* Elliptical Feature Extraction via an Improved Hough Transform
* Evapotranspiration Partitioning at Field Scales Using TSEB and Multi-Satellite Data Fusion in The Middle Reaches of Heihe River Basin, Northwest China
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Model-Based Feature Extraction and Action Parameter(s) Classification
* Gait Analysis For Human Identification Through Manifold Learning and HMM
* Gap-Filling of MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Products via Non-Local Spatio-Temporal Filtering Based on Machine Learning Techniques
* Gender Identification Using Feature Patch-Based Bayesian Classifier
* Gesture recognition using the multi-PDM method and hidden Markov model
* Hand gesture recognition using a real-time tracking method and hidden Markov models
* Human and car identification using motion vector in H.264 compressed video
* Human body motion parameters capturing using kinect
* Human Face Recognition from a Single Front View
* Human Facial Feature Extraction for Face Interpretation and Recognition
* Human Motion Parameter Capturing Using Particle Filter and Nonparametric Belief Propagation
* Hybrid cell loss concealment methods for MPEG-II-based packet video
* Hybrid-boost learning for multi-pose face detection and facial expression recognition
* Improving Estimation of Evapotranspiration under Water-Limited Conditions Based on SEBS and MODIS Data in Arid Regions
* Improving Mountainous Snow Cover Fraction Mapping via Artificial Neural Networks Combined With MODIS and Ancillary Topographic Data
* Improving Soil Moisture Estimation with a Dual Ensemble Kalman Smoother by Jointly Assimilating AMSR-E Brightness Temperature and MODIS LST
* Intervehicle Transmission Rate Control for Cooperative Active Safety System
* Inversion of Ground Penetrating Radar Data Based on Neural Networks
* joint source and channel coding algorithm for error-resilient SPIHT-coded video bitstreams, A
* Lake Phenology of Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using Random Forest: A Case Study of Qinghai Lake
* Long-Term Variation Assessment of Aerosol Load and Dominant Types over Asia for Air Quality Studies Using Multi-Sources Aerosol Datasets
* Mapping Maize Area in Heterogeneous Agricultural Landscape with Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Images Based on Random Forest
* Mapping the Population Density in Mainland China using NPP/VIIRS and Points-Of-Interest Data Based on a Random Forests Model
* Markov Random Fields for Texture Classification
* Model-Based Articulated Hand Motion Tracking For Gesture Recognition
* Model-Based Dynamic Hand Posture Identification Using Genetic Algorithm, The
* model-based hand gesture recognition system, A
* model-based human body motion analysis system, The
* Motion Estimation Method Using a 3D Steerable Filter
* multi-view vision-based hand motion capturing system, A
* Multi-view-based Cooperative Tracking of Multiple Human Objects in Cluttered Scenes
* Multiple Human Objects Tracking in Crowded Scenes
* Multiple Objects Tracking across Multiple Non-Overlapped Views
* Multiview-Based Cooperative Tracking of Multiple Human Objects
* New Error Resilient Video Coding Using Matching Pursuit and Multiple Description Coding, A
* new motion compensation method for image sequence coding using hierarchical grid interpolation, A
* Object Identification Using Modified Distributed Associated Memory
* Object verification in two views using Sparse representation
* Object-based layer-structure for very low bit rate video coding
* Optimal Training Set Selection for Video Annotation
* Parallel Image Segmentation Using Modified Hopfield Model
* Pictorial Drawing Generation For Polyhedral Object Recognition Using Intensity Images
* Polyhedral Objects Identification Through the Orthographic Projection Views Generation
* Progressive Interpolation Using Loop Subdivision Surfaces
* Real-time Human Motion Capturing System
* Real-time human object motion parameters estimation from depth images
* Recognition of 3-D Objects Via Spatial Understanding of 2-D Images
* region-based selective optical flow back-projection for genuine motion vector estimation, A
* Ribbon-Based Motion Analysis of Human Body Movements
* Road sign detection and recognition using matching pursuit method
* Road Sign Interpretation Using Matching Pursuit Method
* robust scene-change detection method for video segmentation, A
* Sign language recognition using 3-D Hopfield neural network
* Sign Language Recognition Using Model-Based Tracking and a 3D Hopfield Neural-Network
* Slip and fall event detection using Bayesian Belief Network
* Slip and Fall Events Detection by Analyzing the Integrated Spatiotemporal Energy Map
* Snow Cover Variations and Controlling Factors at Upper Heihe River Basin, Northwestern China
* Spatial-Temporal Distribution of the Freeze-Thaw Cycle of the Largest Lake (Qinghai Lake) in China Based on Machine Learning and MODIS from 2000 to 2020
* Three-dimensional PET emission scan registration and transmission scan synthesis
* Two New Polarimetric Feature Parameters for the Recognition of the Different Kinds of Buildings in Earthquake-Stricken Areas Based on Entropy and Eigenvalues of PolSAR Decomposition
* Unequal error protection for MPEG-2 video transmission over wireless channels
* Using Earth Observation for Monitoring SDG 11.3.1-Ratio of Land Consumption Rate to Population Growth Rate in Mainland China
* Vehicle verification between two nonoverlapped views using sparse representation
* Very Low-Bit Video Coding Based on Gain-Shape VQ and Matching Pursuits
* Very-low-bit Rate Coding Using Matching Pursuit and Codebook Adaptation
* Vision-Based Preceding Vehicle Detection and Tracking
* Vision-Based Taiwanese Sign Language Recognition, A
* vision-based vehicle identification system, A
* Visual Events Identification of Solids of Revolution from Perspective Views
Includes: Huang, C.L.[Chun Lin] Huang, C.L.[Chun-Lin] Huang, C.L. Huang, C.L.[Chung-Lin] Huang, C.L.[Chung Lin] Huang, C.L.[Cong-Lin]
84 for Huang, C.L.

Huang, C.M.[Cheng Min] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Sustainable Livelihood and Geographic Detection of Settlement Sites in Ethnically Contiguous Poverty-Stricken Areas in the Aba Prefecture, China
* Comparison between adaptive search and bit allocation algorithms for image compression using vector quantization
* comparison of several vector quantization codebook generation approaches, A
* Cooperative vehicle collision warning system using the vector-based approach with dedicated short range communication data transmission
* Design of frame dependency for VCR streaming videos
* Error resilience supporting bi-directional frame recovery for video streaming
* Error resilient GOP structures on video streaming
* Fast full search equivalent encoding algorithms for image compression using vector quantization
* fuzzy logic approach to image segmentation, A
* Mobility Management for Video Streaming on Heterogeneous Networks
* Multitarget Visual Tracking Based Effective Surveillance With Cooperation of Multiple Active Cameras
* Novel 4-D Perceptual Quantization Modeling for H.264 Bit-Rate Control, A
* RadialNet: a point cloud classification approach using local structure representation with radial basis function
* Timer-based greedy forwarding algorithm in vehicular ad hoc networks
Includes: Huang, C.M.[Cheng Min] Huang, C.M.[Cheng-Min] Huang, C.M. Huang, C.M.[Chun-Ming] Huang, C.M.[Chung-Ming] Huang, C.M.[Cheng-Ming] Huang, C.M.[Chung Ming]
14 for Huang, C.M.

Huang, C.P.[Chang Ping] Co Author Listing * Comparison of the Continuity of Vegetation Indices Derived from Landsat 8 OLI and Landsat 7 ETM+ Data among Different Vegetation Types
* Evaluation of Multiple Spring Phenological Indicators of Yearly GPP and NEP at Three Canadian Forest Sites
* Full-Path Compensated Least-Squares Reverse Time Migration of Joint Primaries and Different-Order Multiples for Deep-Marine Environment
* Global Sensitivity Analysis of Commonly Used Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices for Homogeneous Canopies Based on Model Simulation and Random Forest Learning, A
* Monitoring and Assessing the 2012 Drought in the Great Plains: Analyzing Satellite-Retrieved Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Drought Indices, and Gross Primary Production
* Monitoring Drought Effects on Vegetation Productivity Using Satellite Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* NDVI-Based Vegetation Phenology Is Improved to be More Consistent with Photosynthesis Dynamics through Applying a Light Use Efficiency Model over Boreal High-Latitude Forests, An
* new scheme of sharing secrets in stego images with authentication, A
* Secret Image Sharing Method using Integer Multiwavelet Transform, A
* Secret Image Sharing Method Using Integer-to-Integer Wavelet Transform, A
Includes: Huang, C.P.[Chang Ping] Huang, C.P.[Chang-Ping] Huang, C.P.[Chong-Peng] Huang, C.P.[Chin-Pan]
10 for Huang, C.P.

Huang, C.Q.[Cheng Quan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the 2014 'APEC Blue' in Beijing Using More than One Decade of Satellite Observations: Lessons Learned from Radical Emission Control Measures
* Annual Detection of Forest Cover Loss Using Time Series Satellite Measurements of Percent Tree Cover
* Automated Extraction of Surface Water Extent from Sentinel-1 Data
* Automated Forest Cover Change Analysis Using Landsat Observations
* Automated Quantification of Surface Water Inundation in Wetlands Using Optical Satellite Imagery
* Characterizing Wetland Inundation and Vegetation Dynamics in the Arctic Coastal Plain Using Recent Satellite Data and Field Photos
* Cloud and Snow Discrimination for CCD Images of HJ-1A/B Constellation Based on Spectral Signature and Spatio-Temporal Context
* Deciphering the Precision of Stereo IKONOS Canopy Height Models for US Forests with G-LiHT Airborne LiDAR
* Development of Dense Time Series 30-m Image Products from the Chinese HJ-1A/B Constellation: A Case Study in Zoige Plateau, China
* Enhanced Spatial and Temporal Data Fusion Model for Fusing Landsat and MODIS Surface Reflectance to Generate High Temporal Landsat-Like Data, An
* Improved Detection of Inundation below the Forest Canopy using Normalized LiDAR Intensity Data
* Long-Term Post-Disturbance Forest Recovery in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Analyzed Using Landsat Time Series Stack
* Mapping 2000-2010 Impervious Surface Change in India Using Global Land Survey Landsat Data
* Mapping Annual Forest Change Due to Afforestation in Guangdong Province of China Using Active and Passive Remote Sensing Data
* Mapping Forested Wetland Inundation in the Delmarva Peninsula, USA Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Monitoring Key Forest Structure Attributes across the Conterminous United States by Integrating GEDI LiDAR Measurements and VIIRS Data
* Object-Location-Aware Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval via Automatic Mask Learning
* Optimized Route Selection Method based on the Turns of Road Intersections: A Case Study on Oversized Cargo Transportation
* Predicting Grassland Leaf Area Index in the Meadow Steppes of Northern China: A Comparative Study of Regression Approaches and Hybrid Geostatistical Methods
* Quantifying Live Aboveground Biomass and Forest Disturbance of Mountainous Natural and Plantation Forests in Northern Guangdong, China, Based on Multi-Temporal Landsat, PALSAR and Field Plot Data
* Quantifying the Actual Impacts of Forest Cover Change on Surface Temperature in Guangdong, China
* Radiometric Cross-Calibration of GF-4 PMS Sensor Based on Assimilation of Landsat-8 OLI Images
* Recurrent Residual Module for Fast Inference in Videos
* RGB-to-RGBG conversion algorithm with adaptive weighting factors based on edge detection and minimal square error
* self-adaptive approach for producing clear-sky composites from VIIRS surface reflectance datasets, A
* Understanding Current and Future Fragmentation Dynamics of Urban Forest Cover in the Nanjing Laoshan Region of Jiangsu, China
* Use of Landsat and Corona data for mapping forest cover change from the mid-1960s to 2000s: Case studies from the Eastern United States and Central Brazil
Includes: Huang, C.Q.[Cheng Quan] Huang, C.Q.[Cheng-Quan] Huang, C.Q. Huang, C.Q.[Chang-Qing] Huang, C.Q.[Chao-Qin] Huang, C.Q.[Cheng-Qiang]
27 for Huang, C.Q.

Huang, C.R.[Chun Rong] Co Author Listing * adaptive approach for overlapping people tracking based on foreground silhouettes, An
* Binary invariant cross color descriptor using galaxy sampling
* Contrast Context Histogram: A Discriminating Local Descriptor for Image Matching
* Contrast context histogram: An efficient discriminating local descriptor for object recognition and image matching
* Efficient hierarchical method for background subtraction
* Event based surveillance video synopsis using trajectory kinematics descriptors
* Heterogeneous Information Fusion and Visualization for a Large-Scale Intelligent Video Surveillance System
* Identifying Gender from Unaligned Facial Images by Set Classification
* improved algorithm for two-image camera self-calibration and Euclidean structure recovery using absolute quadric, An
* Lane detection in surveillance videos using vector-based hierarchy clustering and density verification
* Maximum a Posteriori Probability Estimation for Online Surveillance Video Synopsis
* Object tracking based on learning collaborative representation with adaptive weight
* Real-Time Binary Descriptor Based Background Modeling
* Shot Change Detection via Local Keypoint Matching
* Spatial Face Context with Gender Information for Group Photo Similarity Assessment
* Spatiotemporal Coherence-Based Annotation Placement for Surveillance Videos
* Temporal Color Consistency-Based Video Reproduction for Dichromats
* USEQ: Ultra-fast superpixel extraction via quantization
* Video analysis boosts healthcare efficiency and safety
* Video Saliency Map Detection by Dominant Camera Motion Removal
* Video Summarization With Frame Index Vision Transformer
Includes: Huang, C.R.[Chun Rong] Huang, C.R.[Chun-Rong] Huang, C.R. Huang, C.R.[Chen-Rong]
21 for Huang, C.R.

Huang, C.S.[Chao Shih] Co Author Listing * Bandwidth-adjusted LPC analysis for robust speech recognition
* cluster assessment of facial attractiveness using fuzzy neural network classifier based on 3D Moiré features, The
* Computer-Aided Tumor Detection Based on Multi-Scale Blob Detection Algorithm in Automated Breast Ultrasound Images
* Hybrid Block Truncation Coding
* Multi-Dimensional Tumor Detection in Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Using Topographic Watershed
* Near Real-Time Browsable Landsat-8 Imagery
* Novel Watermarking Technique for Tampering Detection in Digital Images, A
* Region-Based Video Coding Using a Geometric Motion Compensation
* Robust Texture Analysis Using Multi-Resolution Gray-Scale Invariant Features for Breast Sonographic Tumor Diagnosis
* Spatial-Contextual Support Vector Machine for Remotely Sensed Image Classification, A
Includes: Huang, C.S.[Chao Shih] Huang, C.S.[Chao-Shih] Huang, C.S.[Chiung-Shing] Huang, C.S.[Chiun-Sheng] Huang, C.S. Huang, C.S.[Chung-Shiou] Huang, C.S.[Chang-Sheng] Huang, C.S.[Chih-Shoung]
10 for Huang, C.S.

Huang, C.T.[Chao Tsung] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Inference for Neighborhood Filters With Application in Denoising
* Dynamic Camera Calibration
* Dynamic embedding strategy of VQ-based information hiding approach
* Empirical Bayesian Light-Field Stereo Matching by Robust Pseudo Random Field Modeling
* Energy and area-efficient hardware implementation of HEVC inverse transform and dequantization
* Euclidian Distance Transform Using Grayscale Morphology Decomposition, A
* Evaluation and Comparison of Anatomical Landmark Detection Methods for Cephalometric X-Ray Images: A Grand Challenge
* Fast Distribution Fitting for Parameter Estimation of Range-Weighted Neighborhood Filters
* Fast Physically Correct Refocusing for Sparse Light Fields Using Block-Based Multi-Rate View Interpolation
* Generic RAM-Based Architectures for Two-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform With Line-Based Method
* Hardware implementation of shape-adaptive discrete wavelet transform with the JPEG2000 defaulted
* HEVC interpolation filter architecture for quad full HD decoding
* Level C+ Data Reuse Scheme for Motion Estimation With Corresponding Coding Orders
* On-Chip Memory Optimization Scheme for VLSI Implementation of Line-Based Two-Dimentional Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Rapid Euclidean Distance Transform Using Grayscale Morphology Decomposition
* Reversible SMVQ Image Hiding Using Adaptive Search Order Coding
* Robust Pseudo Random Fields for Light-Field Stereo Matching
* small-size chinese font display by perception-based method, A
* Steganographic Greedy Algorithms for Data Hiding Based on Differences Under SMVQ
* System Analysis of VLSI Architecture for Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* TAEF: A cross-distance/environment face recognition method
* Visible-light and near-infrared face recognition at a distance
Includes: Huang, C.T.[Chao Tsung] Huang, C.T.[Chao-Tsung] Huang, C.T. Huang, C.T.[Cheng-Ta] Huang, C.T.[C. Tony] Huang, C.T.[Chao-Tan] Huang, C.T.[Chun-Ting]
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Huang, C.W.[Chih Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Downsampling Video Coding With Spatially Scalable Rate-Distortion Modeling
* Airtime Fair Distributed Cross-Layer Congestion Control for Real-Time Video Over WLAN
* Defense Mechanism Against Adversarial Attacks Using Density-based Representation of Images
Includes: Huang, C.W.[Chih Wei] Huang, C.W.[Chih-Wei] Huang, C.W. Huang, C.W.[Chen-Wei]

Huang, C.X.[Cai Xia] Co Author Listing * High resolution for software-defined GPS-based SAR imaging using waveform-modulated range-compressed pulse: field experimental demonstration
* Sample imbalance disease classification model based on association rule feature selection
Includes: Huang, C.X.[Cai Xia] Huang, C.X.[Cai-Xia] Huang, C.X.[Chen-Xi]

Huang, C.Y.[Cheng Yu] Co Author Listing * 3D Sub-query Expansion for Improving Sketch-Based Multi-view Image Retrieval
* AHS Model: Efficient Topological Operators for a Sensor Web Publish/Subscribe System
* Analysis Study of FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation Data in the Troposphere, An
* Analysis Study of FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation Data in the Troposphere, An
* Band-to-band registration and ortho-rectification of multilens/multispectral imagery: A case study of MiniMCA-12 acquired by a fixed-wing UAS
* BASNet: Boundary-Aware Salient Object Detection
* Bottom-Up Approach for Automatically Grouping Sensor Data Layers by their Observed Property, A
* Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence System for Large-Scale Arrhythmia Screening
* Deformation simulation based on model reduction with rigidity-guided sampling
* Design And Implement An Interoperable Internet Of Things Application Based on an Extended OGC Sensor Things API Standard
* Fast Operations on Binary Images Using Interpolation-Based Bintrees
* Faster Neighbor Finding on Images Represented By Bincodes
* Finding Neighbors on Bincode-Based Images in O(n-log-log-n) Time
* Fingerprint analysis and singular point detection
* Full body human attribute detection in indoor surveillance environment using color-depth information
* GeoWeb Crawler: An Extensible and Scalable Web Crawling Framework for Discovering Geospatial Web Resources
* Hierarchical Organization of Appearance Based Parts and Relations for Object Recognition
* How Well Can IMERG Products Capture Typhoon Extreme Precipitation Events over Southern China?
* Hybrid Pull-push System for Near Real-time Notifications On Sensor Web, A
* Joint Sequence Learning and Cross-Modality Convolution for 3D Biomedical Segmentation
* Modifying an Image Fusion Approach for High Spatiotemporal LST Retrieval in Surface Dryness and Evapotranspiration Estimations
* Multi-Decadal Monitoring of Lake Level Changes in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by the TOPEX/Poseidon-Family Altimeters: Climate Implication
* Near-Real-Time Automatic Orbit Determination System for COSMIC and Its Follow-On Satellite Mission: Analysis of Orbit and Clock Errors on Radio Occultation, A
* Object Recognition Using Appearance Based Parts and Relations
* Object Representation Using Appearance-based Parts and Relations
* Occluded human action analysis using dynamic manifold model
* On the Optimal Encoding Ladder of Tiled 360° Videos for Head-Mounted Virtual Reality
* On the Quality of Service of Cloud Gaming Systems
* Ortho-Rectification of Narrow Band Multi-Spectral Imagery Assisted by DSLR RGB Imagery Acquired by a Fixed-Wing UAS
* Rotation, scaling, and translation resilient watermarking for images
* Segmentation of Human Body Parts Using Deformable Triangulation 2
* semi-empirical scheme for bathymetric mapping in shallow water by ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2: A case study in the South China Sea, A
* Statistical Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution in Monsoon Season over South China Sea
* Statistical Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution in the Monsoon Season Observed in Southern China
* Synthesizing the Artistic Effects of Ink Painting
* Ting tools: interactive and procedural modeling of Chinese ting
* U2-Net: Going deeper with nested U-structure for salient object detection
Includes: Huang, C.Y.[Cheng Yu] Huang, C.Y.[Cheng-Yu] Huang, C.Y.[Chih-Yuan] Huang, C.Y.[Ching-Yuang] Huang, C.Y.[Cheng-Yung] Huang, C.Y.[Cho-Ying] Huang, C.Y.[Chen-Yang] Huang, C.Y.[Chun-Yao] Huang, C.Y.[Cheng-Yang] Huang, C.Y. Huang, C.Y.[Chi-Yen] Huang, C.Y.[Ching-Yu] Huang, C.Y.[Chien-Yuan] Huang, C.Y.[Chao-Ying] Huang, C.Y.[Chung-Yang] Huang, C.Y.[Chi-Yun] Huang, C.Y.[Chang-Yu] Huang, C.Y.[Chun-Ying] Huang, C.Y.[Chuan-Yu] Huang, C.Y.[Cherng-Yue] Huang, C.Y.[Chun-Yen]
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Huang, C.Z.[Cong Zhentao] Co Author Listing * End-to-end Dynamic Matching Network for Multi-view Multi-person 3d Pose Estimation
* RGB-IR cross-modality person ReID based on teacher-student GAN model
* Solving the stiff problem in computer vision by trade-off optimization
Includes: Huang, C.Z.[Cong Zhentao] Huang, C.Z.[Cong-Zhentao] Huang, C.Z.[Cheng-Zhi]

Huang, D.[Di] Co Author Listing * 3D assisted face recognition via progressive pose estimation
* 3D Face Mask Anti-spoofing via Deep Fusion of Dynamic Texture and Shape Clues
* 3D facial expression recognition via multiple kernel learning of Multi-Scale Local Normal Patterns
* Action recognition based on kinematic representation of video data
* Action-Agnostic Human Pose Forecasting
* Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for High-Speed Train: A Multi-Agent Approach
* Adaptive NMS: Refining Pedestrian Detection in a Crowd
* Asymmetric 3D/2D face recognition based on LBP facial representation and canonical correlation analysis
* Automatic 3D Facial Expression Recognition Based on a Bayesian Belief Net and a Statistical Facial Feature Model
* Automatic 3D facial expression recognition using geometric scattering representation
* Automatic 4D Facial Expression Recognition Using Dynamic Geometrical Image Network
* Automatic Asymmetric 3D-2D Face Recognition
* Automatic Facial Attractiveness Prediction by Deep Multi-Task Learning
* Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Network With Soft Labels in Imbalanced Acoustic Event Detection
* Benchmarking asymmetric 3D-2D face recognition systems
* Beyond 3DMM Space: Towards Fine-grained 3D Face Reconstruction
* Bilinear Kernel Reduced Rank Regression for Facial Expression Synthesis
* CNN model for real time hand pose estimation, A
* Comparison of 2D/3D Features and Their Adaptive Score Level Fusion for 3D Face Recognition
* Complex Non-rigid Motion 3D Reconstruction by Union of Subspaces
* Convolutional neural networks for multispectral pedestrian detection
* Cost-Sensitive Two-Stage Depression Prediction Using Dynamic Visual Clues
* Cross-domain Object Detection through Coarse-to-Fine Feature Adaptation
* CyberCity GIS (CCGIS): Integration of DEMs, Images, and 3D Models
* DERF: Distinctive Efficient Robust Features From the Biological Modeling of the P Ganglion Cells
* Detecting Smiles of Young Children via Deep Transfer Learning
* DWT-Based Fragile Watermarking Tolerant of JPEG Compression, A
* efficient multimodal 2D + 3D feature-based approach to automatic facial expression recognition, An
* Enhancing biometric security with wavelet quantization watermarking based two-stage multimodal authentication
* Ensemble clustering using factor graph
* Ensemble-driven support vector clustering: From ensemble learning to automatic parameter estimation
* Expectation-Maximization-Based Interacting Multiple Model Approach for Cooperative Driving Systems, An
* Expression Robust 3D Face Recognition via Mesh-Based Histograms of Multiple Order Surface Differential Quantities
* Face Aging Effect Simulation Using Hidden Factor Analysis Joint Sparse Representation
* Facial Action Transfer with Personalized Bilinear Regression
* Facial aging simulation via tensor completion and metric learning
* Facial ethnicity classification based on boosted local texture and shape descriptions
* Facial expression recognition using radial encoding of local Gabor features and classifier synthesis
* Facial image-based gender classification using Local Circular Patterns
* Fast Open-World Person Re-Identification
* Feature Extraction Using Recursive Cluster-Based Linear Discriminant With Application to Face Recognition
* Finding It: Weakly-Supervised Reference-Aware Visual Grounding in Instructional Videos
* Fixed-Point Back-Propagation Training
* Foley Music: Learning to Generate Music from Videos
* Full-Aperture Azimuth Spatial-Variant Autofocus Based on Contrast Maximization for Highly Squinted Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Generating Visually Aligned Sound From Videos
* Geometry-Aware GAN for Face Attribute Transfer
* Glacier Variations at Xinqingfeng and Malan Ice Caps in the Inner Tibetan Plateau Since 1970
* Hand dorsal vein recognition by matching Width Skeleton Models
* Hand Vein Recognition Based on Oriented Gradient Maps and Local Feature Matching
* Hand-dorsa vein recognition based on multi-level keypoint detection and local feature matching
* Hand-Dorsa Vein Recognition by Matching Local Features of Multisource Keypoints
* Hierarchical and Interactive Refinement Network for Edge-Preserving Salient Object Detection
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation Ensemble for Objectness in RGB-D Images
* Hierarchical U-Shape Attention Network for Salient Object Detection
* High-capacity reversible data hiding in encrypted image based on specific encryption process
* HSOG: A Novel Local Image Descriptor Based on Histograms of the Second-Order Gradients
* Imitation Learning for Human Pose Prediction
* Improve security of fragile watermarking via parameterized wavelet
* Improving Object Detection with Inverted Attention
* Improving Object Detection with Selective Self-supervised Self-training
* Improving texture analysis performance in biometrics by adjusting image sharpness
* Incremental support vector clustering with outlier detection
* Intensity Enhancement Via GAN for Multimodal Facial Expression Recognition
* Interplay between Photons, Canopy Structure, and Recollision Probability: A Review of the Spectral Invariants Theory of 3D Canopy Radiative Transfer Processes, An
* Interword distance changes represented by sine waves for watermarking text images
* Iterative Frequency Domain Equalization With Generalized Approximate Message Passing
* Iterative learning of an unknown road path through cooperative driving of vehicles
* Joint Framework for Athlete Tracking and Action Recognition in Sports Videos, A
* Knowledge Transfer in Vision Recognition: A Survey
* Learning Category-Specific 3D Shape Models from Weakly Labeled 2D Images
* Learning Continuous Face Age Progression: A Pyramid of GANs
* Learning Face Age Progression: A Pyramid Architecture of GANs
* Learning the Spherical Harmonic Features for 3-D Face Recognition
* Led3D: A Lightweight and Efficient Deep Approach to Recognizing Low-Quality 3D Faces
* Local Binary Patterns and Its Application to Facial Image Analysis: A Survey
* Local circular patterns for multi-modal facial gender and ethnicity classification
* Local Discriminant Direction Binary Pattern for Palmprint Representation and Recognition
* Local feature approach to dorsal hand vein recognition by Centroid-based Circular Key-point Grid and fine-grained matching
* Local isomorphism to solve the pre-image problem in kernel methods
* Locally Weighted Ensemble Clustering
* Long-Term Action Dependence-Based Hierarchical Deep Association for Multi-Athlete Tracking in Sports Videos
* M-band wavelets application to palmprint recognition based on texture features
* M-Band Wavelets in Image Watermarking, The
* Magnifying subtle facial motions for 4D Expression Recognition
* Magnifying Subtle Facial Motions for Effective 4D Expression Recognition
* Mean Curvature Mapping for Detection of Corneal Shape Abnormality
* MIMO Radar Imaging With Nonorthogonal Waveforms Based on Joint-Block Sparse Recovery
* Minding the Gaps in a Video Action Analysis Pipeline
* mixture of gated experts optimized using simulated annealing for 3D face recognition, A
* Model-Independent Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Output Tracking Control of 4WS4WD Road Vehicles
* Modeling and animation of human expressions using NURBS curves based on facial anatomy
* Modeling of deformation using NURBS curves as controller
* Modifying SEBAL Model Based on the Trapezoidal Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Vegetation Index for Actual Evapotranspiration Estimation
* Multi-scale Positive Sample Refinement for Few-shot Object Detection
* Multi-Task Learning for Acoustic Event Detection Using Event and Frame Position Information
* Multiple Anchor Learning for Visual Object Detection
* Multiscale Distance Matrix for Fast Plant Leaf Recognition
* Muscular Movement Model Based Automatic 3D Facial Expression Recognition
* Muscular Movement Model-Based Automatic 3D/4D Facial Expression Recognition
* Music Gesture for Visual Sound Separation
* New Persistent Scatter Network Construction Algorithm For Persistent Scatter Insar And Its Application To The Detection of Urban Subsidence, A
* New Understanding of Bar Top Hollows in Dryland Sandy Braided Rivers from Outcrops with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
* New Understanding of Bar Top Hollows in Dryland Sandy Braided Rivers from Outcrops with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
* Non-rigid tracking of musk shrews in video for detection of emetic episodes
* novel geometric facial representation based on multi-scale extended local binary patterns, A
* Novel LDA Algorithm Based on Approximate Error Probability with Application to Face Recognition, A
* Object tracking using discriminative sparse appearance model
* optimized palmprint recognition approach based on image sharpness, An
* P3D-CTN: Pseudo-3D Convolutional Tube Network for Spatio-Temporal Action Detection in Videos
* PACP: An Efficient Pseudonymous Authentication-Based Conditional Privacy Protocol for VANETs
* Pain intensity recognition via multi-scale deep network
* Person-in-WiFi: Fine-Grained Person Perception Using WiFi
* Phase curvature compensation in digital holographic microscopy based on phase gradient fitting and optimization
* PoseFlow: A Deep Motion Representation for Understanding Human Behaviors in Videos
* Progressive Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Image-based Person Re-Identification
* Random forest classification based acoustic event detection utilizing contextual-information and bottleneck features
* Receptive Field Block Net for Accurate and Fast Object Detection
* Remote Sensing Scene Classification Using Multiple Pyramid Pooling
* REVT: Robust and Efficient Visual Tracking by Region-Convolutional Regression Network
* Robust Image Watermarking Based on Multiband Wavelets and Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Robust Method for Near Infrared Face Recognition Based on Extended Local Binary Pattern, A
* Robust Regression
* Robust Regression
* Segmentation fusion for connectomics
* Self-challenging Improves Cross-domain Generalization
* Sequential Max-Margin Event Detectors
* Soft-Margin Mixture of Regressions
* Sparsity-based retinal layer segmentation of optical coherence tomography images
* Spatio-Temporal Encoder-Decoder Fully Convolutional Network for Video-Based Dimensional Emotion Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Graph for Video Captioning With Knowledge Distillation
* Statistics of Optical Coherence Tomography Data From Human Retina
* Supervised local subspace learning for continuous head pose estimation
* survey on dorsal hand vein biometrics, A
* Textured 3D face recognition using biological vision-based facial representation and optimized weighted sum fusion
* Towards 3D Face Recognition in the Real: A Registration-Free Approach Using Fine-Grained Matching of 3D Keypoint Descriptors
* Towards Practical Compressed Video Action Recognition: A Temporal Enhanced Multi-Stream Network
* Video face recognition via combination of real-time local features and temporal-spatial cues
* What Makes a Video a Video: Analyzing Temporal Information in Video Understanding Models and Datasets
* Zenith/Nadir Pointing mm-Wave Radars: Linear or Circular Polarization?
Includes: Huang, D.[Di] Huang, D. Huang, D.[Deqing] Huang, D.[Dong] Huang, D.[Dan] Huang, D.[Duo] Huang, D.[Daren] Huang, D.[Deng] Huang, D.[Danni] Huang, D.[Delu] Huang, D.[Da] Huang, D.[Ding] Huang, D.[Defeng] Huang, D.[Dui] Huang, D.[Daowu] Huang, D.[Derong] Huang, D.[Dandan] Huang, D.[David] Huang, D.[Daniel]
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Huang, D.A.[De An] Co Author Listing * Action-Reaction: Forecasting the Dynamics of Human Interaction
* Connectionist Temporal Modeling for Weakly Supervised Action Labeling
* Context-Aware Single Image Super-Resolution Using Locality-Constrained Group Sparse Representation
* Coupled Dictionary and Feature Space Learning with Applications to Cross-Domain Image Synthesis and Recognition
* D3TW: Discriminative Differentiable Dynamic Time Warping for Weakly Supervised Action Alignment and Segmentation
* Dynamic Task Prioritization for Multitask Learning
* Forecasting Interactive Dynamics of Pedestrians with Fictitious Play
* How do we use our hands? Discovering a diverse set of common grasps
* Neural Graph Matching Networks for Fewshot 3D Action Recognition
* Neural Task Graphs: Generalizing to Unseen Tasks From a Single Video Demonstration
* Procedure Planning in Instructional Videos
* Self-Learning Based Image Decomposition With Applications to Single Image Denoising
* Temporal Modular Networks for Retrieving Complex Compositional Activities in Videos
* Unsupervised Learning of Long-Term Motion Dynamics for Videos
* Unsupervised Visual-Linguistic Reference Resolution in Instructional Videos
* Visual Forecasting by Imitating Dynamics in Natural Sequences
Includes: Huang, D.A.[De An] Huang, D.A.[De-An] Huang, D.A.
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Huang, D.D. Co Author Listing * 3-D Tomographic Reconstruction of Rain Field Using Microwave Signals From LEO Satellites: Principle and Simulation Results

Huang, D.F.[Da Fei] Co Author Listing * Applying Detection Proposals to Visual Tracking for Scale and Aspect Ratio Adaptability
* Computational Form of the Least Square Error Frequency Sampling Method for the Linear Phase FIR Filter Design, A
* Enable Scale and Aspect Ratio Adaptability in Visual Tracking with Detection Proposals
* Optimum Design of Multistage Multirate FIR Filter for Audio Signal Sampling Rate Conversion via a Genetic Algorithm Approach, The
Includes: Huang, D.F.[Da Fei] Huang, D.F.[Da-Fei] Huang, D.F.[Der-Feng]

Huang, D.H.[Dai Hwa] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Image Retrieval-System, A
Includes: Huang, D.H.[Dai Hwa] Huang, D.H.[Dai-Hwa]

Huang, D.J.[Dong Jun] Co Author Listing * Automatic seamless video mosaic from webcams using LSF techniques
* Motion Capture of Hand Movements Using Stereo Vision for Minimally Invasive Vascular Interventions
Includes: Huang, D.J.[Dong Jun] Huang, D.J.[Dong-Jin]

Huang, D.L.[Ding Long] Co Author Listing * CurriculumNet: Weakly Supervised Learning from Large-Scale Web Images
* Sequential Convolution and Runge-Kutta Residual Architecture for Image Compressed Sensing
Includes: Huang, D.L.[Ding Long] Huang, D.L.[Ding-Long] Huang, D.L.[Dao-Lang]

Huang, D.M.[Dong Mei] Co Author Listing * Contextual Information based Network with High-Frequency Feature Fusion for High Frame Rate and Ultra-Low Delay Small-Scale Object Detection
* Critically Compressed Quantized Convolution Neural Network based High Frame Rate and Ultra-Low Delay Fruit External Defects Detection
* Median-Pooling Grad-Cam: An Efficient Inference Level Visual Explanation for CNN Networks in Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Shallow-Water Image Enhancement Using Relative Global Histogram Stretching Based on Adaptive Parameter Acquisition
Includes: Huang, D.M.[Dong Mei] Huang, D.M.[Dong-Mei]

Huang, D.Q.[Da Qing] Co Author Listing * Improved Method for Two-UAV Trajectory Planning for Cooperative Target Locating Based on Airborne Visual Tracking Platform, An
* Salient Region Detection with Multi-Feature Fusion and Edge Constraint
* Spatial Determinants of Land Conversion for Various Urban Use: A Case Study of Beijing
* Visual Style Extraction from Chart Images for Chart Restyling
Includes: Huang, D.Q.[Da Qing] Huang, D.Q.[Da-Qing] Huang, D.Q.[Da-Quan] Huang, D.Q.[Dan-Qing]

Huang, D.R.[Da Ren] Co Author Listing * Land Subsidence in Chiayi, Taiwan, from Compaction Well, Leveling and ALOS/PALSAR: Aquaculture-Induced Relative Sea Level Rise
Includes: Huang, D.R.[Da Ren] Huang, D.R.[Da-Ren]

Huang, D.S.[De Shuang] Co Author Listing * Advanced intelligent computing theory and methodology
* Application of Generalized Radial Basis Function Networks to Recognition of Radar Targets
* Classifying protein sequences using hydropathy blocks
* Combining a binary input encoding scheme with RBFNN for globulin protein inter-residue contact map prediction
* Completed Local Binary Count for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification
* efficient local Chan-Vese model for image segmentation, An
* Extracting gene regulation information for cancer classification
* Feature extraction using constrained maximum variance mapping
* Human face recognition based on multi-features using neural networks committee
* Image compression using principal component neural network
* Image Denoising Using Non-Negative Sparse Coding Shrinkage Algorithm
* Image segmentation fusion using weakly supervised trace-norm multi-task learning method
* improvement on learning with local and global consistency, An
* Improving protein secondary structure prediction by using the residue conformational classes
* Interest Operator versus Gabor filtering for facial imagery classification
* Lidar Signal Denoising Using Least-Squares Support Vector Machine
* Locally linear discriminant embedding: An efficient method for face recognition
* New Approach to Detect Splice-Sites Based on Support Vector Machines and a Genetic Algorithm, A
* Novel Forward-Backward Smoothing-Based Learning Subspace Method for Recognition of Radar Targets
* Palmprint verification based on principal lines
* Palmprint verification based on robust line orientation code
* Rayleigh-Ritz style method for large-scale discriminant analysis, A
* Regulation probability method for gene selection
* Robust and Efficient Subspace Segmentation via Least Squares Regression
* Spectrum Analysis Based on Windows with Variable Widths for Online Signature Verification
Includes: Huang, D.S.[De Shuang] Huang, D.S.[De-Shuang] Huang, D.S.
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Huang, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * email: Huang, D.W.[Da Wei]: huang AT fsc qut edu au
* Computing Joint Distributions of 2D Moving Median Filters with Applications to Detection of Edges
* Lossless Compression for µ-Law (Mu-Law) and IMA ADPCM on the Basis of a Fast RLS Algorithm
Includes: Huang, D.W.[Da Wei] Huang, D.W.[Da-Wei]

Huang, D.X.[Da Xin] Co Author Listing * distributed algorithm for graph semi-supervised learning, A
* Interferometer Distance Measurement System Using a Linear Detector Array
* Multi-level feature fusion and multi-loss learning for person Re-Identification
* Multi-scale supervised network for crowd counting
Includes: Huang, D.X.[Da Xin] Huang, D.X.[Da-Xin] Huang, D.X. Huang, D.X.[Dong-Xiao]

Huang, D.Y.[Dai Yu] Co Author Listing * Graph Fourier Transform Based Audio Zero-Watermarking
* Image Quality Metric Based On Biologically Inspired Feature Model, An
* Moving object detection and tracking from video captured by moving camera
* Open-set human activity recognition based on micro-Doppler signatures
* Optimal multi-level thresholding using a two-stage Otsu optimization approach
* Rapid detection of camera tampering and abnormal disturbance for video surveillance system
* Reliable moving vehicle detection based on the filtering of swinging tree leaves and raindrops
* Robust real-time ship detection and tracking for visual surveillance of cage aquaculture
* Vehicle detection and inter-vehicle distance estimation using single-lens video camera on urban/suburb roads
* Video object segmentation in rainy situations based on difference scheme with object structure and color analysis
Includes: Huang, D.Y.[Dai Yu] Huang, D.Y.[Dai-Yu] Huang, D.Y.[Dong-Yu] Huang, D.Y.[Deng-Yuan] Huang, D.Y.[Dan-Yang]
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Huang, D.Z.[Dong Zhen] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Learning for Stereo Matching Cost Computation
Includes: Huang, D.Z.[Dong Zhen] Huang, D.Z.[Dong-Zhen]

Huang, E.[Erhui] Co Author Listing * dual band algorithm for shallow water depth retrieval from high spatial resolution imagery with no ground truth, A
* Learning rebalanced human parsing model from imbalanced datasets
Includes: Huang, E.[Erhui] Huang, E.[Enbo]

Huang, E.K. Co Author Listing * Recent Advances in LWIR Type-II InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodetectors and Focal Plane Arrays at the Center for Quantum Devices

Huang, E.W.[En Wei] Co Author Listing * Gesture stroke recognition using computer vision and linear accelerometer

Huang, F.[Fay] Co Author Listing * Animated panorama from a panning video sequence
* Artery/vein classification using reflection features in retina fundus images
* Attention Convolutional Binary Neural Tree for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Automatic Classification of Remote Sensing Image Using Ant Colony Clustering Algorithm
* Automatic Optic Disc and Fovea Detection in Retinal Images Using Super-Elliptical Convergence Index Filters
* Balancing prediction accuracy and generalization ability: A hybrid framework for modelling the annual dynamics of satellite-derived land surface temperatures
* Bimodal Gaussian Inhomogeneous Poisson Algorithm for Bike Number Prediction in a Bike-Sharing System, A
* Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
* Calibration of Panoramic Cameras Using 3D Scene Information
* Calibration of Rotating Sensors
* Camouflaged Target Detection Based on Snapshot Multispectral Imaging
* Characterizations of Image Acquisition and Epipolar Geometry of Multiple Panoramas
* Classification and Characterization of Image Acquisition for 3D Scene Visualization and Reconstruction Applications
* CNN-VWII: An efficient approach for large-scale video retrieval by image queries
* Coarse-to-Fine Loosely-Coupled LiDAR-Inertial Odometry for Urban Positioning and Mapping
* Comparison Method for 3D Laser Point Clouds in Displacement Change Detection for Arch Dams, A
* Comprehensive assessment of four-parameter diurnal land surface temperature cycle models under clear-sky
* Compressed sensing MRI with Bayesian dictionary learning
* Compression and protection of JPEG images
* Compressive Sensing via Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularization
* Computational Acceleration for MR Image Reconstruction in Partially Parallel Imaging
* Coupled Minimization Problem for Medical Image Segmentation with Priors, A
* Cross-Modality Binary Code Learning via Fusion Similarity Hashing
* CurricularFace: Adaptive Curriculum Learning Loss for Deep Face Recognition
* Data-Driven Foreground Object Detection from a Non-stationary Camera
* Deep cascaded cross-modal correlation learning for fine-grained sketch-based image retrieval
* Deep-Like Hashing-in-Hash for Visual Retrieval: An Embarrassingly Simple Method
* design of a stereo panorama camera for scenes of dynamic range, The
* Digital image forensics of non-uniform deblurring
* Discrete Model Compression With Resource Constraint for Deep Neural Networks
* Distributed Geoscience Algorithm Integration Based on OWS Specifications: A Case Study of the Extraction of a River Network
* Does quality control matter? Surface urban heat island intensity variations estimated by satellite-derived land surface temperature products
* Dual self-attention with co-attention networks for visual question answering
* Efficient Style-Corpus Constrained Learning for Photorealistic Style Transfer
* enhanced approach for simultaneous image reconstruction and sensitivity map estimation in partially parallel imaging, An
* Enhanced Modeling of Annual Temperature Cycles with Temporally Discrete Remotely Sensed Thermal Observations
* Epipolar Geometry in Polycentric Panoramas
* Estimation, smoothing, and characterization of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from high angular resolution DWI
* Fast Algorithms for Image Reconstruction with Application to Partially Parallel MR Imaging
* Fast Iterated Conditional Modes Algorithm for Water-Fat Decomposition in MRI, A
* Fast MR Image Reconstruction for Partially Parallel Imaging With Arbitrary k-Space Trajectories
* Fast Reconstruction of 3D Point Cloud Model Using Visual SLAM on Embedded UAV Development Platform
* Forward Model for Data Assimilation of GNSS Ocean Reflectometry Delay-Doppler Maps, A
* Generating High Resolution LAI Based on a Modified FSDAF Model
* Generation of Animated Stereo Panoramic Images for Image-Based Virtual Reality Systems
* Generation of Stereo Oil Paintings from RGBD Images
* Geometrical Fundamentals of Polycentric Panoramas
* Global comparison of diverse scaling factors and regression models for downscaling Landsat-8 thermal data
* Infrared dim target detection method based on the fuzzy accurate updating symmetric adaptive resonance theory
* Joint Task Offloading, Resource Allocation, and Security Assurance for Mobile Edge Computing-Enabled UAV-Assisted VANETs
* Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Based on Remote Sensing Images and GIS: Comparisons of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Models
* Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Considering Regional Soil Erosion Based on Machine-Learning Models
* Local Compact Binary Patterns for Background Subtraction in Complex Scenes
* Localization or Globalization? Determination of the Optimal Regression Window for Disaggregation of Land Surface Temperature
* Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Objects Based on Cylindrical Panoramas
* Moving foreground object detection via robust SIFT trajectories
* Multi-scale 3D-Modeling
* Multi-Task Travel Route Planning With a Flexible Deep Learning Framework
* Multimodal Learning of Social Image Representation by Exploiting Social Relations
* New Models for Emergency Evacuation under the Disaster Condition, A
* On Design and Applications of Cylindrical Panoramas
* On the Incorporation of Shape Priors into Geometric Active Contours
* OpenCL Implementation of a Parallel Universal Kriging Algorithm for Massive Spatial Data Interpolation on Heterogeneous Systems
* Overlapping Community Detection for Multimedia Social Networks
* Panoramic Imaging: Sensor-Line Cameras and Laser Range-Finders
* Parallel Agent-as-a-Service (P-AaaS) Based Geospatial Service in the Cloud
* PMMN: Pre-trained multi-Modal network for scene text recognition
* Pose Estimation for Sensors Which Capture Cylindric Panoramas
* Probability Weighted Compact Feature for Domain Adaptive Retrieval
* Real-World Super-Resolution via Kernel Estimation and Noise Injection
* Regionally Optimized Reconstruction for Partially Parallel Imaging in MRI Applications
* Representation learning of image composition for aesthetic prediction
* Research on the Parallelization of the DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm for Spatial Data Mining Based on the Spark Platform
* Retinal Microaneurysms Detection Using Local Convergence Index Features
* Reversible Data Hiding Based on Multiple Two-Dimensional Histograms Modification
* Reversible Data Hiding With Automatic Brightness Preserving Contrast Enhancement
* Robust Framework for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Multiple Non-Repetitive Scanning Lidars, A
* Rotating sensor-matrix camera calibration
* Salient Object Detection via Multiple Instance Learning
* Sensor Pose Estimation from Multi-center Cylindrical Panoramas
* Sequential Processing of GNSS-R Delay-Doppler Maps to Estimate the Ocean Surface Wind Field
* Simple Interpretation Of The Rice Spectral Indices Space For Assessment Of Heavy Metal Stress, A
* Simultaneous segmentation and registration for functional MR images
* Sketch-based image retrieval with deep visual semantic descriptor
* Spatio-Temporal Variations of Carbon Use Efficiency in Natural Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Relationship with Climatic Factors in the Songnen Plain, China
* Specification of image acquisition parameters for stereo panoramas
* Spectrum Reconstruction Method for Airborne Temporally-Spatially Modulated Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometers
* Statistical estimation of next-day nighttime surface urban heat islands
* STFCN: Spatio-Temporal Fully Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes
* Stitching and Reconstruction of Linear-Pushbroom Panoramic Images for Planar Scenes
* Synthesis of Oil-Style Paintings
* Temporal Interpolation of Satellite-Derived Leaf Area Index Time Series by Introducing Spatial-Temporal Constraints for Heterogeneous Grasslands
* Toward Optimal Manifold Hashing via Discrete Locally Linear Embedding
* Trajectory Analysis Of Forest Changes In Northern Area Of Changbai Mountains, China From Landsat Tm Image
* Uncertainties Analysis of Collapse Susceptibility Prediction Based on Remote Sensing and GIS: Influences of Different Data-Based Models and Connections between Collapses and Environmental Factors
* Universal Adversarial Perturbation via Prior Driven Uncertainty Approximation
* Unsupervised Multi-Modal Neural Machine Translation
* Using prior shape and intensity profile in medical image segmentation
* Using Prior Shapes in Geometric Active Contours in a Variational Framework
* Variations of Land Surface Phenology in Northeast China and Its Responses to Climate Change from 1982 to 2013, The
* Vegetation Canopy Water Content Estimation Using GVMI and EWT Model from MODIS Data
* Vegetation Changes And The Relationship With Climate Variability In The Upper And Middle Reaches Of The Nenjiang River Basin, China
Includes: Huang, F.[Fay] Huang, F.[Fan] Huang, F. Huang, F.[Fang] Huang, F.[Feng] Huang, F.[Faming] Huang, F.[Fei] Huang, F.[Fangjun] Huang, F.[Feiran] Huang, F.[Fuyu] Huang, F.[Fanghui]
102 for Huang, F.

Huang, F.C. Co Author Listing * Animating Lip-Sync Characters With Dominated Animeme Models
* Block-based motion field segmentation for video coding
* High-Performance SIFT Hardware Accelerator for Real-Time Image Feature Extraction
* Image Registration Using Ant Colony and Particle Swarm Hybrid Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform
* Object Detection Using Dual Graph Network
* Unsupervised Image Matching Based on Manifold Alignment
* Vision Correcting Displays Based on Inverse Blurring and Aberration Compensation
Includes: Huang, F.C. Huang, F.C.[Feng-Chung] Huang, F.C.[Feng-Chen] Huang, F.C.[Fei-Cheng] Huang, F.C.[Feng-Chun] Huang, F.C.[Fu-Chung]
7 for Huang, F.C.

Huang, F.F.[Fei Fei] Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of Log-Gabor filter in fingerprint image enhancement
Includes: Huang, F.F.[Fei Fei] Huang, F.F.[Fei-Fei]

Huang, F.H.[Feng Hua] Co Author Listing * Automatic building change image quality assessment in high resolution remote sensing based on deep learning
* Automatic extraction of impervious surfaces from high resolution remote sensing images based on deep learning
* Automatic extraction of urban impervious surfaces based on deep learning and multi-source remote sensing data
* Hyperspectral remote sensing image change detection based on tensor and deep learning
Includes: Huang, F.H.[Feng Hua] Huang, F.H.[Feng-Hua]

Huang, F.J.[Fang Jun] Co Author Listing * Attack LSB Matching Steganography by Counting Alteration Rate of the Number of Neighbourhood Gray Levels
* Effect of Different Coding Patterns on Compressed Frequency Domain Based Universal JPEG Steganalysis
* Energy-Based Models in Document Recognition and Computer Vision
* hybrid SVD-DCT watermarking method based on LPSNR, A
* Improved Algorithm of Edge Adaptive Image Steganography Based on LSB Matching Revisited Algorithm
* Large-scale Learning with SVM and Convolutional for Generic Object Categorization
* Learning methods for generic object recognition with invariance to pose and lighting
* New JPEG Steganographic Scheme with High Security Performance
* Pose Invariant Face Recognition
* Pose-invariant face recognition system and process
* Reversible Data Hiding Based on Combined Predictor and Prediction Error Expansion
* Reversible Data Hiding Based on Partitioning the Prediction Values
* Reversible Data Hiding in JPEG Images
* Steganalysis of LSB Greedy Embedding Algorithm for JPEG Images using Coefficient Symmetry
* study on security performance of YASS, A
* System and method for triphone-based unit selection for visual speech synthesis
* Universal JPEG steganalysis based on microscopic and macroscopic calibration
* Unsupervised Learning of Invariant Feature Hierarchies with Applications to Object Recognition
* Visual prosody: facial movements accompanying speech
Includes: Huang, F.J.[Fang Jun] Huang, F.J.[Fang-Jun] Huang, F.J. Huang, F.J.[Fu Jie]
19 for Huang, F.J.

Huang, F.L.[Fa Liang] Co Author Listing * Polar Transformation on Image Features for Orientation-Invariant Representations
Includes: Huang, F.L.[Fa Liang] Huang, F.L.[Fa-Liang]

Huang, F.M.[Feng Ming] Co Author Listing * Intelligent attack defense scheme based on DQL algorithm in mobile fog computing
* Regional Terrain Complexity Assessment Based on Principal Component Analysis and Geographic Information System: A Case of Jiangxi Province, China
Includes: Huang, F.M.[Feng Ming] Huang, F.M.[Feng-Ming] Huang, F.M.[Fa-Ming]

Huang, F.Q.[Fu Qing] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances and Ionospheric Irregularities at Mid-Latitudes Revealed by the Total Electron Content Associated With the Beidou Geostationary Satellite
* Investigation of Daytime Total Electron Content Enhancements over the Asian-Australian Sector Observed from the Beidou Geostationary Satellite during 2016-2018
Includes: Huang, F.Q.[Fu Qing] Huang, F.Q.[Fu-Qing]

Huang, F.R.[Fei Ran] Co Author Listing * Bi-Directional Spatial-Semantic Attention Networks for Image-Text Matching
Includes: Huang, F.R.[Fei Ran] Huang, F.R.[Fei-Ran]

Huang, F.S.[Feng Shan] Co Author Listing * Method for Elliptical Light Spot Image Recognization in Vision Coordinate Measuring System, A
Includes: Huang, F.S.[Feng Shan] Huang, F.S.[Feng-Shan]

Huang, F.X.[Fu Xiang] Co Author Listing * Optimal Projection Guided Transfer Hashing for Image Retrieval
Includes: Huang, F.X.[Fu Xiang] Huang, F.X.[Fu-Xiang]

Huang, F.Y.[Fei Yue] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Refinement Network for Human Motion Prediction
* Adversarial Semantic Data Augmentation for Human Pose Estimation
* Automatic script identification in the wild
* Centroid-aware local discriminative metric learning in speaker verification
* Chained-tracker: Chaining Paired Attentive Regression Results for End-to-end Joint Multiple-object Detection and Tracking
* Data-Driven Synthesis of Cartoon Faces Using Different Styles
* DeepFuse: An IMU-Aware Network for Real-Time 3D Human Pose Estimation from Multi-View Image
* DSFD: Dual Shot Face Detector
* Efficient, Edge-Aware, Combined Color Quantization and Dithering
* Enabling Deep Residual Networks for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Exploiting Kernel Sparsity and Entropy for Interpretable CNN Compression
* Exploring the Representativity of Art Paintings
* Face Anti-spoofing via Disentangled Representation Learning
* Improving Face Recognition from Hard Samples via Distribution Distillation Loss
* Interpretable Neural Network Decoupling
* Learning by Analogy: Reliable Supervision From Transformations for Unsupervised Optical Flow Estimation
* Learning Semantic Neural Tree for Human Parsing
* MIGO-NAS: Towards Fast and Generalizable Neural Architecture Search
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* Part-aware Progressive Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification
* Pyramidal Person Re-IDentification via Multi-Loss Dynamic Training
* Semi-Supervised Adversarial Monocular Depth Estimation
* Similarity metric learning for face verification using sigmoid decision function
* Srnet: Improving Generalization in 3d Human Pose Estimation with a Split-and-recombine Approach
* Sscgan: Facial Attribute Editing via Style Skip Connections
* Temporal Distinct Representation Learning for Action Recognition
* Towards Optimal Structured CNN Pruning via Generative Adversarial Learning
* Viewpoint Insensitive Action Recognition Using Envelop Shape
* Viewpoint Insensitive Posture Representation for Action Recognition
Includes: Huang, F.Y.[Fei Yue] Huang, F.Y.[Fei-Yue] Huang, F.Y.[Fu-Yang]
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Huang, F.Z.[Fu Zhen] Co Author Listing * Deformable pedal curves with application to face contour extraction
* Image Segmentation under Occlusion Using Selective Shape Priors
* Moment-Based Shape Priors for Geometric Active Contours
* Multiphase Segmentation Based on Implicit Active Shape Models
* Multiple face contour detection based on geometric active contours
Includes: Huang, F.Z.[Fu Zhen] Huang, F.Z.[Fu-Zhen]

Huang, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation of Residual Thyroid Tissue Using Constrained Region Growing and Voting Strategies
* Action Machine: Toward Person-Centric Action Recognition in Videos
* Adjacent-Track InSAR Processing for Large-Scale Land Subsidence Monitoring in the Hebei Plain
* Application of Fusion with SAR and Optical Images in Land Use Classification Based on SVM
* Application of Improved SIFT Algorithm in High Resolution SAR Image Matching in Mountain Areas, The
* Attention-Guided Unified Network for Panoptic Segmentation
* Bayesian place recognition based on bag of objects for intelligent vehicle localisation
* Blind Noisy Image Quality Assessment Using Sub-Band Kurtosis
* Block-wise lensless compressive camera
* Building Footprints Extraction from PolSAR Image Using Multi-Features and Edge Information
* Classification of the Complex Agricultural Planting Structure with a Semi-Supervised Extreme Learning Machine Framework
* Comparative Study on Removing the Flat-Earth Effect in Airborne InSAR System
* CondenseNet: An Efficient DenseNet Using Learned Group Convolutions
* Content-Insensitive Blind Image Blurriness Assessment Using Weibull Statistics and Sparse Extreme Learning Machine
* Deep Networks with Stochastic Depth
* Deep Residual Correction Network for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Deep Siamese Networks Based Change Detection with Remote Sensing Images
* DEM Fusion and Its Application in Mapping Topography of Complex Areas
* Densely Connected Convolutional Networks
* Devil Is in the Details: Delving Into Unbiased Data Processing for Human Pose Estimation, The
* Dimension Reduction by Minimum Error Minimax Probability Machine
* Domain Invariant and Class Discriminative Feature Learning for Visual Domain Adaptation
* Efficient Schmidt-EKF for 3D Visual-Inertial SLAM, An
* Enhanced Smartphone Indoor Positioning Scheme with Outlier Removal Using Machine Learning, An
* Estimating Fine-Scale Heat Vulnerability in Beijing Through Two Approaches: Spatial Patterns, Similarities, and Divergence
* Estimation of the Antenna Phase Center Correction Model for the BeiDou-3 MEO Satellites
* Explaining Neural Networks Semantically and Quantitatively
* Exploring Task Structure for Brain Tumor Segmentation From Multi-Modality MR Images
* Extraction of Topographic Map Elements with SAR Stereoscopic Measurement
* Gated Path Selection Network for Semantic Segmentation
* General Parameterization Scheme for the Estimation of Incident Photosynthetically Active Radiation Under Cloudy Skies, A
* Geological Structure-Guided Initial Model Building for Prestack AVO/AVA Inversion
* GPS/BDS-2/Galileo Precise Point Positioning Ambiguity Resolution Based on the Uncombined Model
* High Resolution InSAR Topographic Mapping Comprehensive Experiment in Hengduan Mountain Area
* How Do Urban Parks Provide Bird Habitats and Birdwatching Service? Evidence from Beijing, China
* Hybrid Differential Algorithm for Image Enhancement, A
* Improve Person Re-Identification With Part Awareness Learning
* Improved Adaptive Path Following Control System for Autonomous Vehicle in Different Velocities
* Improved Calibration Method of Interferometric Parameters for Dual-Antenna Airborne InSAR, A
* Improved Techniques for Training Adaptive Deep Networks
* Interpretable Spatio-Temporal Attention for Video Action Recognition
* Joint Time Switching and Power Allocation for Multicarrier Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks with SWIPT
* Land Subsidence Monitoring In Dezhou City Based on Sbas-insar Technology
* Land Subsidence Monitoring with Multi-track Sar Data
* Learning Efficient Convolutional Networks through Network Slimming
* Lensless imaging by compressive sensing
* location of mobile logistics is arranged by the method of RFID tag separation, The
* Long-Term Projection of Water Cycle Changes over China Using RegCM
* Mining And-Or Graphs for Graph Matching and Object Discovery
* Mining Interpretable AOG Representations From Convolutional Networks via Active Question Answering
* Mining Object Parts from CNNs via Active Question-Answering
* Model-based integration of visual cues for hand tracking
* Monitoring The Surface Subsidence of Handan City Using Sentinel-1a Images and Sbas-insar Technology
* Multi-GNSS Combined Precise Point Positioning Using Additional Observations with Opposite Weight for Real-Time Quality Control
* Multi-resolution compressive sensing reconstruction
* Noise analysis for lensless compressive imaging
* novel reversible data hiding based on adaptive block-partition and payload-allocation method, A
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Object-oriented change detection based on weighted polarimetric scattering differences on POLSAR images
* Object-Oriented Classification of Polarimetric SAR Imagery Based on Texture Features
* On a Particular Family of Differential Beamformers With Cardioid-Like and No-Null Patterns
* On the Use of Cross-Correlation between Volume Scattering and Helix Scattering from Polarimetric SAR Data for the Improvement of Ship Detection
* P-P and Dynamic Time Warped P-SV Wave AVA Joint-Inversion With l1-2 Regularization
* Phase Estimation in Multi-Baseline InSAR through Maximum Likelihood Method
* Phishing Web page detection
* Precise Orbit Determination for BeiDou GEO/IGSO Satellites during Orbit Maneuvering with Pseudo-Stochastic Pulses
* Prediction of BeiDou Satellite Orbit Maneuvers to Improve the Reliability of Real-Time Navigation Products
* Q-Compensated Denoising of Seismic Data
* Recovery of Lost Color and Depth Frames in Multiview Videos
* Resolution Adaptive Networks for Efficient Inference
* Resource Aware Person Re-identification Across Multiple Resolutions
* Robust Dereverberation With Kronecker Product Based Multichannel Linear Prediction
* Scattering Networks for Hybrid Representation Learning
* second order cone programming approach for semi-supervised learning, A
* Self-Supervised Saliency Estimation for Pixel Embedding in Road Detection
* Spatially Adaptive Inference with Stochastic Feature Sampling and Interpolation
* Specific Category Region Proposal Network for Text Detection in Natural Scene
* Sub-Nyquist Sampling of Multiple Sinusoids
* Taste Recognition in E-Tongue Using Local Discriminant Preservation Projection
* Time Difference of Arrival Estimation Based on a Kronecker Product Decomposition
* traffic flow prediction model based on deep belief network and genetic algorithm
* UCT: Learning Unified Convolutional Networks for Real-Time Visual Tracking
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* WI-VI fingerprint: WiFi and vision integrated fingerprint for smartphone-based indoor self-localization
Includes: Huang, G. Huang, G.[Guoman] Huang, G.[Guan] Huang, G.[Gang] Huang, G.[Guanhua] Huang, G.[Gao] Huang, G.[Guoquan] Huang, G.[Gege] Huang, G.[Ganlin] Huang, G.[Guanwen] Huang, G.[Guo] Huang, G.[Gaofei] Huang, G.[Guohe] Huang, G.[Ge] Huang, G.[Genyan] Huang, G.[Guowen] Huang, G.[Guangtan] Huang, G.[Guanglin] Huang, G.[Gabriel]
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Huang, G.B.[Guang Bin] Co Author Listing * adaptive graph learning method based on dual data representations for clustering, An
* Autonomous Decentralized Multi-server Framework For Large Scale Collaborative Virtual Environments, An
* Classifying protein sequences using hydropathy blocks
* Complex-valued growing and pruning RBF neural networks for communication channel equalisation
* Compressed-Domain Ship Detection on Spaceborne Optical Image Using Deep Neural Network and Extreme Learning Machine
* Cryptogram Decoding for OCR Using Numerization Strings
* Deformable and Occluded Object Tracking via Graph Learning
* Dimension Reduction by Minimum Error Minimax Probability Machine
* Dimension Reduction With Extreme Learning Machine
* Driver Distraction Detection Using Semi-Supervised Machine Learning
* ELM based smile detection using Distance Vector
* Elmnet: Feature learning using extreme learning machines
* Evolutionary extreme learning machine
* Exploiting AIS Data for Intelligent Maritime Navigation: A Comprehensive Survey From Data to Methodology
* fast learning algorithm for multi-layer extreme learning machine, A
* Improving state-of-the-art OCR through high-precision document-specific modeling
* Labeled faces in the wild: A database for studying face recognition in unconstrained environments
* Learning class-specific image transformations with higher-order Boltzmann machines
* Learning hierarchical representations for face verification with convolutional deep belief networks
* LFW Results Using a Combined Nowak Plus MERL Recognizer
* Multi layer multi objective extreme learning machine
* Receding Horizon Cache and Extreme Learning Machine based Reinforcement Learning
* Terrain Modeling Using Machine Learning Methods
* Towards unconstrained face recognition
* Unsupervised Joint Alignment of Complex Images
Includes: Huang, G.B.[Guang Bin] Huang, G.B.[Guang-Bin] Huang, G.B. Huang, G.B.[Gary B.]
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Huang, G.C.[Guo Chang] Co Author Listing * Gender Classification Based on Fusion of Multi-view Gait Sequences
* Time Series Remote Sensing Data-Based Identification of the Dominant Factor for Inland Lake Surface Area Change: Anthropogenic Activities or Natural Events?
Includes: Huang, G.C.[Guo Chang] Huang, G.C.[Guo-Chang] Huang, G.C.[Guang-Cai]

Huang, G.F. Co Author Listing * Motion vector generation for video coding by gray prediction

Huang, G.G. Co Author Listing * Micro-Optical Multiwavelet Element for Hybrid Texture Segmentation Processor

Huang, G.H.[Guang Hui] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Regularized Kantorovich-Rubinstein Metric and Its Application to Inverse Gravity Problems
* Binary invariant cross color descriptor using galaxy sampling
* Cross-modality deep feature learning for brain tumor segmentation
* Direct Imaging Method for Electromagnetic Scattering Data without Phase Information, A
* On-line video object segmentation using illumination-invariant color-texture feature extraction and marker prediction
* Spatial-Spectral-Environmental Extraction Endmember Algorithm and Application in the MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Retrieval, The
Includes: Huang, G.H.[Guang Hui] Huang, G.H.[Guang-Hui] Huang, G.H.[Guo-Hao] Huang, G.H.[Guo-Hai] Huang, G.H.[Guo-Heng]

Huang, G.J.[Guan Jie] Co Author Listing * Maximum a Posteriori Probability Estimation for Online Surveillance Video Synopsis
Includes: Huang, G.J.[Guan Jie] Huang, G.J.[Guan-Jie]

Huang, G.M.[Guo Ming] Co Author Listing * Artificial neural network approach to authentication of coins by vision-based minimization
* Combined DEM Extration Method from StereoSAR and InSAR
* DLMPCS-based improved yaw stability control strategy for DDEV
* Extracting DEM from airborne X-band data based on PolInSAR
* Method of airborne SAR image match integrating multi-information for block adjustment
* Monitoring Land Subsidence in Suzhou City Using D-InSAR Technique
* Multi-photo Combined Adjustment with Airborne SAR Images Based on Ortho-rectification Model
* New Calibration Method of Airborne Interferometric SAR, A
* Overcomplete Blind Source Separation Based on Second Order Statistics
* Parallel Computing Paradigm for Pan-Sharpening Algorithms of Remotely Sensed Images on a Multi-Core Computer, A
* RFM-Based Block Adjustment for Spaceborne Images with Weak Convergent Geometry
* Single-pass Airborne Interferometric Calibration Method Research For DEM Mapping, A
* Spaceborne SAR Imagery Stereo Positioning Based on Range-Coplanarity Equation
* Study on Airborne SAR Image Matching Using Epipolar
* Woodland Extraction from High-Resolution CASMSAR Data Based on Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory Fusion
Includes: Huang, G.M.[Guo Ming] Huang, G.M.[Guo-Ming] Huang, G.M. Huang, G.M.[Guo-Man] Huang, G.M.[Gao-Ming]
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Huang, G.P.[Guo Peng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multilayer level set method for segmenting images with intensity inhomogeneity
* Matching of Artificial Target Points Based on Space Intersection
* Ship Detection Using Texture Statistics from Optical Satellite Images
* Spring Point Detection of High Resolution Image Based on Yolov3
* Temporal stochastic linear encoding networks
Includes: Huang, G.P.[Guo Peng] Huang, G.P.[Guo-Peng] Huang, G.P.[Gui-Ping] Huang, G.P.[Gao-Pan]

Huang, G.Q. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Resilient Fleet Management for Cloud Asset-enabled Urban Flood Control
* Novel Microwave Temperature Vegetation Drought Index (MTVDI) Captures Canopy Seasonality across Amazonian Tropical Evergreen Forests, The
Includes: Huang, G.Q. Huang, G.Q.[Guang-Qing]

Huang, G.T.[Guang Tan] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Characterization of Reservoirs Constrained by Time-Lapse Prestack Seismic Inversion
* Mesoscopic Wave-Induced Fluid Flow Effect Extraction by Using Frequency-Dependent Prestack Waveform Inversion
* Prestack Waveform Inversion by Using an Optimized Linear Inversion Scheme
* Robust Nonstationary Local Slope Estimation
Includes: Huang, G.T.[Guang Tan] Huang, G.T.[Guang-Tan]

Huang, G.W.[Guan Wen] Co Author Listing * Advantages of Uncombined Precise Point Positioning with Fixed Ambiguity Resolution for Slant Total Electron Content (STEC) and Differential Code Bias (DC
* Analysis of the Characteristics of Climate Change in the Ecologically Vulnerable Area of the Mu Us Dune Field under the Background of Global Warming
* Improved Predicted Model for BDS Ultra-Rapid Satellite Clock Offsets, An
* Mitigation of Short-Term Temporal Variations of Receiver Code Bias to Achieve Increased Success Rate of Ambiguity Resolution in PPP
* Priori Solar Radiation Pressure Model for BeiDou-3 MEO Satellites, A
* Weighted Mean Temperature Model with Nonlinear Elevation Correction Using China as an Example, A
Includes: Huang, G.W.[Guan Wen] Huang, G.W.[Guan-Wen]

Huang, G.X.[Gui Xiang] Co Author Listing * Improved interview video error concealment on whole frame packet loss
* Region-based Non-local Operation for Video Classification
* Two-class support vector data description
Includes: Huang, G.X.[Gui Xiang] Huang, G.X.[Gui-Xiang] Huang, G.X.[Guo-Xi] Huang, G.X.[Guang-Xin]

Huang, G.Z.[Guang Zao] Co Author Listing * Feature selection by maximizing correlation information for integrated high-dimensional protein data
Includes: Huang, G.Z.[Guang Zao] Huang, G.Z.[Guang-Zao]

Huang, H.[Han] Co Author Listing * 2nd 106-point Lightweight Facial Landmark Localization Grand Challenge, The
* 3D APA-Net: 3D Adversarial Pyramid Anisotropic Convolutional Network for Prostate Segmentation in MR Images
* 3D Recurrent Neural Networks with Context Fusion for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Accelerated RAPID Model Using Heterogeneous Porous Objects
* Adaptive Early Jump-Out Technique for Fast Motion Estimation in Video Coding
* Addressing Class Imbalance in Scene Graph Parsing by Learning to Contrast and Score
* Adversarially Occluded Samples for Person Re-identification
* Affine SKIP and DIRECT modes for efficient video coding
* AMPFLUID: Aggregation Magnified Post-Assay Fluorescence for Ultrasensitive Immunodetection on Digital Microfluidics
* Analyzing the Angle Effect of Leaf Reflectance Measured by Indoor Hyperspectral Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)
* Artistic preprocessing for painterly rendering and image stylization
* Assimilating Soil Moisture Retrieved from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data into WOFOST Model to Improve Winter Wheat Yield Estimation
* Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Ocean Color Remote Sensing in the Presence of High Aerosol Loads
* Attentional Wavelet Network for Traditional Chinese Painting Transfer
* Automated Approach for Sub-Pixel Registration of Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Sentinel-2 Multi Spectral Instrument (MS
* Automatic 3-D Building Model Reconstruction from Very High Resolution Stereo Satellite Imagery
* Automatic High-Resolution Land Cover Production in Madagascar Using Sentinel-2 Time Series, Tile-Based Image Classification and Google Earth Engine
* Automatic Plankton Image Recognition
* Balanced Multiwavelets Based Digital Image Watermarking
* Balanced Self-Paced Learning for Generative Adversarial Clustering Network
* Bayesian Estimation Approach to Super-Resolution Reconstruction for Face Images, A
* Bayesian Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm for C-Band Polarimetric Radar, A
* Binarized Neural Network for Single Image Super Resolution
* Binocular spatial activity and reverse saliency driven no-reference stereopair quality assessment
* Biological Knowledge Guided Deep Neural Network for Brain Genotype-phenotype Association Study
* Bit allocation for quality scalability coding of H.264/SVC
* Blind image blur metric based on orientation-aware local patterns
* Blind Image Clustering for Camera Source Identification via Row-Sparsity Optimization
* Blind image quality assessment by relative gradient statistics and adaboosting neural network
* Blind S3D image quality prediction using classical and non-classical receptive field models
* Block Partitioning Structure in the VVC Standard
* Bundled Kernels for Nonuniform Blind Video Deblurring
* Camera spectral sensitivity, illumination and spectral reflectance estimation for a hybrid hyperspectral image capture system
* Cancer diagnosis by nuclear morphometry using spatial information
* Cascaded Feature Network for Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images
* Characterizing reflectance anisotropy of background soil in open-canopy plantations using UAV-based multiangular images
* Circa 2010 Thirty Meter Resolution Forest Map for China, A
* Classifying Stages of Mild Cognitive Impairment via Augmented Graph Embedding
* CNN-Based Intra-Prediction for Lossless HEVC
* Coastal Wetland Mapping with Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery Based on Gravitational Optimized Multilayer Perceptron and Morphological Attribute Profiles
* Combing Triple-Part Features of Convolutional Neural Networks for Scene Classification in Remote Sensing
* common self-polar triangle of separate circles: Properties and applications to camera calibration, The
* Comparative Analysis of the Distributions of KFC and McDonald's Outlets in China, A
* Comparison of Training Strategies for Convnets On Multiple Similar Datasets for Facade Segmentation
* Comparison of Two Open Source LiDAR Surface Classification Algorithms, A
* Computational Hyperspectral Imaging Based on Dimension-Discriminative Low-Rank Tensor Recovery
* Context Enhanced Graphical Model for Object Localization in Medical Images
* Continuous Sensing of Water Temperature in a Reservoir with Grid Inversion Method Based on Acoustic Tomography System
* Control-Point Representation and Differential Coding Affine-Motion Compensation
* Convolutional neural network with adaptive inferential framework for skeleton-based action recognition
* CORDIC Based Fast Radix-2 DCT Algorithm
* Cross Domain Model Compression by Structurally Weight Sharing
* crowdsourced system for robust eye tracking, A
* Data Modeling and Optimization for Wireless Drive-Through Applications
* Deep Clustering via Joint Convolutional Autoencoder Embedding and Relative Entropy Minimization
* Detection of 3D position of eyes through a consumer RGB-D camera for stereoscopic mixed reality environments
* Detection of Shoot Beetle Stress on Yunnan Pine Forest Using a Coupled LIBERTY2-INFORM Simulation
* Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image Using Spatial-Spectral Regularized Sparse Hypergraph Embedding
* Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Spatial-Spectral Manifold Learning
* Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Images Based on Sparse Discriminant Manifold Embedding
* Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Images With Sparse Discriminant Embedding
* Direct Shape Regression Networks for End-to-End Face Alignment
* Discrete Model Compression With Resource Constraint for Deep Neural Networks
* Discriminative high order SVD: Adaptive tensor subspace selection for image classification, clustering, and retrieval
* Disentangled Image Matting
* DNU: Deep Non-Local Unrolling for Computational Spectral Imaging
* Dyadic transfer learning for cross-domain image classification
* Edge-guided depth map enhancement
* Effective Fusion of Multi-Modal Remote Sensing Data in a Fully Convolutional Network for Semantic Labeling
* Efficient Registration of 3D SPHARM Surfaces
* Efficient Tiny Feature Map Network for Real-time Semantic Segmentation, An
* Embedding shared low-rank and feature correlation for multi-view data analysis
* Encoding Shaky Videos by Integrating Efficient Video Stabilization
* Estimating Vegetation Water Content and Soil Surface Roughness Using Physical Models of L-Band Radar Scattering for Soil Moisture Retrieval
* Evaluating Three Interface Technologies In Assisting Pedestrians' Spatial Knowledge Acquisition
* Evaluation of Coastline Changes under Human Intervention Using Multi-Temporal High-Resolution Images: A Case Study of the Zhoushan Islands, China
* Evaluation of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals across Chinese Cities and Implications for Medium Spatial Resolution Urban Aerosol Monitoring
* Example-based contrast enhancement by gradient mapping
* Example-based painting guided by color features
* Expanding Training Data for Facial Image Super-Resolution
* Extraction of 3D Unfoliaged Trees from Image Sequences Via a Generative Statistical Approach
* Face and hand gesture recognition using hybrid classifiers
* Face image super resolution by linear transformation
* Facial expression morphing and animation with local warping methods
* Fast and robust approaches for lane detection using multi-camera fusion in complex scenes
* Fast bottom-up pruning for HEVC intraframe coding
* Fast Facial Image Super-Resolution via Local Linear Transformations for Resource-Limited Applications
* Fast HSI super resolution using linear regression
* Fast Parallel Implementation of Dual-Camera Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging System
* Feature selection-based approach for urban short-term travel speed prediction
* Floating Xylene Spill Segmentation from Ultraviolet Images via Target Enhancement
* Floorplan generation from 3D point clouds: A space partitioning approach
* Forest Canopy Height Extraction in Rugged Areas With ICESat/GLAS Data
* Free-Form Image Inpainting via Contrastive Attention Network
* Frequent Unscheduled Updates of the National Base Map Using the Land-Based Mobile Mapping System
* Full-Reference Stability Assessment of Digital Video Stabilization Based on Riemannian Metric
* Fusing subcategory probabilities for texture classification
* Fusion of Multiscale Convolutional Neural Networks for Building Extraction in Very High-Resolution Images
* Future Millimeter-Wave Indoor Systems: A Blueprint for Joint Communication and Sensing
* Generalized Image Scene Decomposition-Based System for Supervised Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Generative Dual Adversarial Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* generative statistical approach to automatic 3D building roof reconstruction from laser scanning data, A
* Geodesic Video Stabilization in Transformation Space
* Geomagnetic Field-based Indoor Positioning Using Back-propagation Neural Networks
* GIHS-based spectral preservation fusion method for remote sensing images using edge restored spectral modulation, A
* Global Approach to Fast Video Stabilization, A
* Global Topology Constraint Network for Fine-Grained Vehicle Recognition
* Green Spaces as an Indicator of Urban Health: Evaluating Its Changes in 28 Mega-Cities
* Hemispherical Harmonic Surface Description and Applications to Medical Image Analysis
* HEp-2 specimen classification via deep CNNs and pattern histogram
* Heterogeneous image feature integration via multi-modal spectral clustering
* Heterogeneous Image Features Integration via Multi-modal Semi-supervised Learning Model
* Heterogeneous Memory Enhanced Multimodal Attention Model for Video Question Answering
* Heterogeneous Visual Features Fusion via Sparse Multimodal Machine
* Hierarchical Attention Network for Visually-Aware Food Recommendation
* Hierarchical Face Aging Through Disentangled Latent Characteristics
* Hierarchical Image Matting Model for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Fundus Images, A
* Hierarchical Scheme for Vehicle Make and Model Recognition From Frontal Images of Vehicles, A
* High Precision Texture Reconstruction For 3d Sculpture Model
* High-quality retinal vessel segmentation using generative adversarial network with a large receptive field
* High-Resolution Shape Completion Using Deep Neural Networks for Global Structure and Local Geometry Inference
* High-Speed Hyperspectral Video Acquisition By Combining Nyquist and Compressive Sampling
* Histopathology Image Categorization with Discriminative Dimension Reduction of Fisher Vectors
* Hybrid Method to Estimate Specific Differential Phase and Rainfall With Linear Programming and Physics Constraints, A
* hybrid parallel projection approach to object-based image restoration, A
* HyperReconNet: Joint Coded Aperture Optimization and Image Reconstruction for Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging
* Hyperspectral band selection using crossover-based gravitational search algorithm
* Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction Using a Deep Spatial-Spectral Prior
* Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction Using Deep External and Internal Learning
* Hyperspectral image super-resolution under misaligned hybrid camera system
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution With a Mosaic RGB Image
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution With Optimized RGB Guidance
* ICESat GLAS Data for Urban Environment Monitoring
* iCushion: A Pressure Map Algorithm for High Accuracy Human Identification
* Identification and Analysis of Gas-Related Volcanic Features within Chang'e-5 Landing Region, The
* Image annotation using bi-relational graph of images and semantic labels
* Image annotation using multi-label correlated Green's function
* Image Categorization Using Directed Graphs
* Image Haze Removal via Reference Retrieval and Scene Prior
* Image Quality Assessment Using Directional Anisotropy Structure Measurement
* Improved Salient Feature-Based Approach for Automatically Separating Photosynthetic and Nonphotosynthetic Components Within Terrestrial Lidar Point Cloud Data of Forest Canopies
* Improved Super-Resolution with Manifold Learning and Histogram Matching, An
* Improving Time-Efficiency of Variational Specific Differential Phase Estimation
* Incorporating Load Balancing Spatial Analysis into XML-Based Webgis
* Incremental Learning Using Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Indirect Measurement of Forest Canopy Temperature by Handheld Thermal Infrared Imager through Upward Observation
* Indirect Range-Doppler Algorithm for Multireceiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar Based on Lagrange Inversion Theorem, An
* Informative Sample Mining Network for Multi-domain Image-to-image Translation
* Intent-aware image cloning
* International benchmarking of terrestrial laser scanning approaches for forest inventories
* Joint Camera Spectral Sensitivity Selection and Hyperspectral Image Recovery
* Joint Multi-Modal Longitudinal Regression and Classification for Alzheimer's Disease Prediction
* Land-cover Classification Using Radarsat and Landsat Imagery for St. Louis, Missouri
* Landsat 15-m Panchromatic-Assisted Downscaling (LPAD) of the 30-m Reflective Wavelength Bands to Sentinel-2 20-m Resolution
* Landsat 4, 5 and 7 (1982 to 2017) Analysis Ready Data (AR
* Laplacian Operator Based Level Set Segmentation Algorithm for Medical Images
* Large Kernel Refine Fusion Net for Neuron Membrane Segmentation
* Large Margin Local Estimate With Applications to Medical Image Classification
* Layer Removal Scheme for Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Ocean Color Data in Coastal Regions, A
* Learning a convolutional neural network for propagation-based stereo image segmentation
* Learning a Discriminative Distance Metric With Label Consistency for Scene Classification
* Learning to Detect Head Movement in Unconstrained Remote Gaze Estimation in the Wild
* Lesion Detection and Characterization With Context Driven Approximation in Thoracic FDG PET-CT Images of NSCLC Studies
* Light field image coding with hybrid scan order
* LightTrack: A Generic Framework for Online Top-Down Human Pose Tracking
* Links between Canopy Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Gross Primary Production Responses to Meteorological Factors in the Growing Season in Deciduous Broadleaf Forest, The
* Local Constraint-Based Sparse Manifold Hypergraph Learning for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image
* Local Geometric Structure Feature for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Local Linear Spatial-Spectral Probabilistic Distribution for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Local Manifold-Based Sparse Discriminant Learning for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Image
* Locally-Transferred Fisher Vectors for Texture Classification
* LOD3 Building Reconstruction From Multi-source Images
* Looking around in the neighbourhood: Location estimation of outdoor urban images
* Low CP Rank and Tucker Rank Tensor Completion for Estimating Missing Components in Image Data
* Low Dimensional Representation of Fisher Vectors for Microscopy Image Classification
* Low-Rank Pairwise Alignment Bilinear Network For Few-Shot Fine-Grained Image Classification
* Low-rank tensor ring learning for multi-linear regression
* LRAGE: Learning Latent Relationships With Adaptive Graph Embedding for Aerial Scene Classification
* Mapping of Coastal Cities Using Optimized Spectral-Spatial Features Based Multi-Scale Superpixel Classification
* Mapping vegetation heights in China using slope correction ICESat data, SRTM, MODIS-derived and climate data
* Microphysical Characteristics of Three Convective Events with Intense Rainfall Observed by Polarimetric Radar and Disdrometer in Eastern China
* Mixed Path Size Logit-Based Taxi Customer-Search Model Considering Spatio-Temporal Factors in Route Choice, A
* Modeling Task fMRI Data Via Deep Convolutional Autoencoder
* Motion boundary emphasised optical flow method for human action recognition
* Motion compensated prediction using partial mesh generation
* Multi-Feature Manifold Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multi-label Feature Transform for Image Classifications
* Multi-label Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Multi-label ReliefF and F-statistic feature selections for image annotation
* Multi-Pass Fast Watershed for Accurate Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells
* Multi-resolution Fusion Model Incorporating Color And Elevation For Semantic Segmentation, A
* Multi-scale Context Intertwining for Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-Scale Fusion Subspace Clustering Using Similarity Constraint
* Multi-Scale Guided Mask Refinement for Coarse-to-Fine RGB-D Perception
* Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Multimodal Neuroimaging Predictors for Cognitive Performance Using Structured Sparse Learning
* Multimodal Route Planning With Public Transport and Carpooling
* Multiple Feature Domains Information Fusion for Computer-Aided Clinical Electromyography
* Multiple Mice Tracking: Occlusions Disentanglement using a Gaussian Mixture Model
* Multiple Subspaces-Based Model: Interpreting Urban Functional Regions with Big Geospatial Data, A
* Neighbor embedding based super-resolution algorithm through edge detection and feature selection
* Nesting-structured nuclear norm minimization for spatially correlated matrix variate
* New Forest Aboveground Biomass Maps of China Integrating Multiple Datasets
* New Graph Structured Sparsity Model for Multi-label Image Annotations
* New Robust Watermarking Algorithm Based on DWT, A
* Newly Developed Safety-Critical Computer System for China Metro, A
* No-reference image quality assessment based on spatial and spectral entropies
* No-reference image quality assessment in curvelet domain
* Non-Greedy L21-Norm Maximization for Principal Component Analysis
* Novel Method of Binaural Sound Localization Based on Dominant Frequency Separation, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* Object localization in medical images based on graphical model with contrast and interest-region terms
* Obtaining Land Cover Type for Urban Storm Flood Model in UAV Images Using MRF and MKFCM Clustering Techniques
* Occlusion-Aware Real-Time Object Tracking
* On the Acceleration of Deep Learning Model Parallelism With Staleness
* Optimized Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis (ONDA) for Supervised Pixel Classification
* Orthogonal 4-tap integer multiwavelet transforms using matrix factorization
* P-MVSNet: Learning Patch-Wise Matching Confidence Aggregation for Multi-View Stereo
* Painterly rendering with content-dependent natural paint strokes
* Palm vein recognition scheme based on an adaptive Gabor filter
* Panoptic Feature Fusion Net: A Novel Instance Segmentation Paradigm for Biomedical and Biological Images
* Patch-based locality-enhanced collaborative representation for face recognition
* Patch-Based Progressive 3D Point Set Upsampling
* PCT: A technique to probe cluster terrain
* PDAM: A Panoptic-Level Feature Alignment Framework for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Instance Segmentation in Microscopy Images
* Physics-Based Noise Formation Model for Extreme Low-Light Raw Denoising, A
* Pixel-Level Discrete Multiobjective Sampling for Image Matting
* Pre-Attention and Spatial Dependency Driven No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Prediction of Winter Wheat Maturity Dates through Assimilating Remotely Sensed Leaf Area Index into Crop Growth Model
* Probabilistic Contour Extraction Using Hierarchical Shape Representation
* Probabilistic Time of Arrival Localization
* PVN3D: A Deep Point-Wise 3D Keypoints Voting Network for 6DoF Pose Estimation
* Quantifying Multi-Decadal Change of Planted Forest Cover Using Airborne LiDAR and Landsat Imagery
* Quantitative Remote Sensing of Metallic Elements for the Qishitan Gold Polymetallic Mining Area, NW China
* quantum-inspired noise reduction method based on noise feature codebook, A
* Radiometric Sensitivity and Signal Detectability of Ocean Color Satellite Sensor Under High Solar Zenith Angles
* Research on Extension of SPARQL Ontology Query Language Considering the Computation of Indoor Spatial Relations
* Residue boundary histograms for action recognition in the compressed domain
* Revealing Spatial-Temporal Characteristics and Patterns of Urban Travel: A Large-Scale Analysis and Visualization Study with Taxi GPS Data
* RGB-D Co-Attention Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Robust and discriminative distance for Multi-Instance Learning
* robust and efficient method for license plate recognition, A
* Robust tensor factorization using R1 norm
* RS-MetaNet: Deep Metametric Learning for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* RSCM: Region Selection and Concurrency Model for Multi-Class Weather Recognition
* Seasonal Land Cover Dynamics in Beijing Derived from Landsat 8 Data Using a Spatio-Temporal Contextual Approach
* Segment as Points for Efficient Online Multi-object Tracking and Segmentation
* Segmental Prediction for Video Coding
* Selecting Optimal Combination of Data Channels for Semantic Segmentation in City Information Modelling (CIM)
* Self-adaptive manifold discriminant analysis for feature extraction from hyperspectral imagery
* Semi-supervised Marginal Fisher Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Semi-supervised Robust Dictionary Learning via Efficient l-Norms Minimization
* Semi-Supervised Skin Detection by Network With Mutual Guidance
* Semisupervised Sparse Manifold Discriminative Analysis for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Images
* Separability Analysis of Sentinel-2A Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) Data for Burned Area Discrimination
* Sharpening the Sentinel-2 10 and 20 m Bands to Planetscope-0 3 m Resolution
* Simple Approach to Multiview Face Hallucination, A
* Simulation of Ku-Band Profile Radar Waveform by Extending Radiosity Applicable to Porous Individual Objects (RAPID2) Model
* Simultaneous Image Classification and Annotation via Biased Random Walk on Tri-relational Graph
* Simultaneous multiphase image segmentation and cartoon-texture decomposition
* Single Image Reflection Removal Exploiting Misaligned Training Data and Network Enhancements
* Small Target Detection in Infrared Videos Based on Spatio-Temporal Tensor Model
* Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging Based on Weighted High-order Singular Value Regularization
* Snow Particle Size Distribution From a 2-D Video Disdrometer and Radar Snowfall Estimation in East China
* Sparse Gradient Regularized Deep Retinex Network for Robust Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Sparse multi-task regression and feature selection to identify brain imaging predictors for memory performance
* Spatial-Spectral Local Discriminant Projection for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Image
* Spatial-Spectral Multiple Manifold Discriminant Analysis for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spatio-Temporal Modeling Method for Shape Representation, A
* Spectral Regression Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Specular-to-Diffuse Translation for Multi-view Reconstruction
* Speed Limit Sign Detection Based on Gaussian Color Model and Template Matching
* Statistical Building Roof Reconstruction from Worldview-2 Stereo Imagery
* Structure-Aware Data Consolidation
* Structure-aware indoor scene reconstruction via two levels of abstraction
* Super-Resolution Based on Compressive Sensing and Structural Self-Similarity for Remote Sensing Images
* Super-Resolution Method for Multiview Face Recognition From a Single Image Per Person Using Nonlinear Mappings on Coherent Features
* Super-resolution of human face image using canonical correlation analysis
* Surface Harmonics for Shape Modeling
* Symmetric two dimensional linear discriminant analysis (2DLDA)
* Synthesizing 3D Shapes via Modeling Multi-view Depth Maps and Silhouettes with Deep Generative Networks
* Temporally Coherent Video Harmonization Using Adversarial Networks
* Tensor reduction error analysis: Applications to video compression and classification
* Terrestrial Image Based 3D Extraction of Urban Unfoliaged Trees of Different Branching Types
* Texture-preserving deconvolution via image decomposition
* Towards End-to-End License Plate Detection and Recognition: A Large Dataset and Baseline
* Towards Transferable Targeted Attack
* Transferable Representation Learning in Vision-and-Language Navigation
* Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning via l1-norm graph
* Unsupervised Deep Generative Adversarial Hashing Network
* Unsupervised Instance Segmentation in Microscopy Images via Panoptic Domain Adaptation and Task Re-Weighting
* Unsupervised mouse behavior analysis: A data-driven study of mice interactions
* Unsupervised Structure Learning: Hierarchical Recursive Composition, Suspicious Coincidence and Competitive Exclusion
* Urban Road-Traffic Commuting Dynamics Study Based on Hotspot Clustering and a New Proposed Urban Commuting Electrostatics Model, An
* Usability Comparison of Conventional Direct Control Versus Pattern Recognition Control of Transradial Prostheses
* Using Microwave Profile Radar to Estimate Forest Canopy Leaf Area Index: Linking 3D Radiative Transfer Model and Forest Gap Model
* Validation of a Multilag Estimator on NJU-CPOL and a Hybrid Approach for Improving Polarimetric Radar Data Quality
* Variational-Based Mixed Noise Removal With CNN Deep Learning Regularization
* Vehicle Localization at an Intersection Using a Traffic Light Map
* Video Motion Segmentation Using New Adaptive Manifold Denoising Model
* Video quality assessment using space-time slice mappings
* VideoGraph: a non-linear video representation for efficient exploration
* Visual Attention Prediction for Stereoscopic Video by Multi-Module Fully Convolutional Network
* Voice biometrics using linear Gaussian model
* Wavelet-SRNet: A Wavelet-Based CNN for Multi-scale Face Super Resolution
* Web-image driven best views of 3D shapes
* Zig-Zag Network for Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images
* ZigZagNet: Fusing Top-Down and Bottom-Up Context for Object Segmentation
Includes: Huang, H.[Han] Huang, H. Huang, H.[Hexiao] Huang, H.[Huaguo] Huang, H.[He] Huang, H.[Hua] Huang, H.[Hai] Huang, H.[Haiqing] Huang, H.[Huaibo] Huang, H.[Haiyan] Huang, H.[Huabing] Huang, H.[Heng] Huang, H.[Hao] Huang, H.[Hu] Huang, H.[Hui] Huang, H.[Hong] Huang, H.[Huang] Huang, H.[Haocai] Huang, H.[Hong'en] Huang, H.[Honghe] Huang, H.[Huayi] Huang, H.[Hang] Huang, H.[Huanting] Huang, H.[Heye] Huang, H.[Helai] Huang, H.[Huawen] Huang, H.[Haoda] Huang, H.[Haozhi] Huang, H.[Huaxi] Huang, H.[Huyan] Huang, H.[Haozhe] Huang, H.[Heyan] Huang, H.[Huacheng] Huang, H.[Huikun] Huang, H.[Haoyu] Huang, H.[Huan]
308 for Huang, H.

Huang, H.B.[Hua Bing] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Evaluation of Four Greenland Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Assessment of River Network Extraction
* BLAN: Bi-directional ladder attentive network for facial attribute prediction
* Constructing a Finer-Resolution Forest Height in China Using ICESat/GLAS, Landsat and ALOS PALSAR Data and Height Patterns of Natural Forests and Plantations
* Detecting Land Degradation in Eastern China Grasslands with Time Series Segmentation and Residual Trend analysis (TSS-RESTREND) and GIMMS NDVI3g Data
* Disentangled Representation Learning of Makeup Portraits in the Wild
* Exemplar Guided Cross-Spectral Face Hallucination via Mutual Information Disentanglement
* Fine-Resolution Mapping of Pan-Arctic Lake Ice-Off Phenology Based on Dense Sentinel-2 Time Series Data
* FPConv: Learning Local Flattening for Point Convolution
* GeoNet: Deep Geodesic Networks for Point Cloud Analysis
* GIF2Video: Color Dequantization and Temporal Interpolation of GIF Images
* Hierarchical Manifold Learning With Applications to Supervised Classification for High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Images
* Image Mosaic Method Based on Deviation Splitting and Transferring for Vehicle Panoramic System, An
* LAMP-HQ: A Large-Scale Multi-pose High-Quality Database and Benchmark for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
* Method for Improving Target Tracking Accuracy of Vehicle Radar, A
* migration of training samples towards dynamic global land cover mapping, The
* Practical Deep Raw Image Denoising on Mobile Devices
* Selective Wavelet Attention Learning for Single Image Deraining
* Survey of Deep Facial Attribute Analysis, A
* Wavelet Domain Generative Adversarial Network for Multi-scale Face Hallucination
Includes: Huang, H.B.[Hua Bing] Huang, H.B.[Hua-Bing] Huang, H.B.[Huai-Bo] Huang, H.B.[Hai-Bin] Huang, H.B.[Hong-Bing] Huang, H.B.[Hai-Bo]
19 for Huang, H.B.

Huang, H.C.[Hsin Chien] Co Author Listing * Affinity aggregation for spectral clustering
* Data Adaptive Median Filters for Signal and Image Denoising Using a Generalized SURE Criterion
* Enhanced motion estimation for interframe wavelet video coding
* Genetic watermarking based on transform-domain techniques
* Intelligent Watermarking Techniques
* New-Generation of Real-Time Software-Based Video Coder: Popular-Video-Coder-II (PVC-II)
* On the Step-Size Bounds of Frequency-Domain Block LMS Adaptive Filters
* Panoramic Stereo Imaging System with Automatic Disparity Warping and Seaming
* Real-time software-based moving picture coding (SBMPC) system
* Research on image quality in decision management system and information system framework
* Research on the parallelization of image quality analysis algorithm based on deep learning
* robust fine granularity scalability using trellis-based predictive leak, A
* Stabilized thresholding with generalized sure for image denoising
* Vector quantization based on genetic simulated annealing
Includes: Huang, H.C.[Hsin Chien] Huang, H.C.[Hsin-Chien] Huang, H.C. Huang, H.C.[Hsiang-Cheh] Huang, H.C.[Hsu-Chang] Huang, H.C.[Ho-Chao] Huang, H.C.[Hao-Chen] Huang, H.C.[Hsiang-Chun] Huang, H.C.[Hsin-Cheng]
14 for Huang, H.C.

Huang, H.F.[Hui Feng] Co Author Listing * Active steganalysis for interpolation-error based reversible data hiding
* Benchmarking Low-Light Image Enhancement and Beyond
* Camera Calibration Based on the Common Self-polar Triangle of Sphere Images
* common self-polar triangle of concentric circles and its application to camera calibration, The
* Facial Expression Recognition Using New Feature Extraction Algorithm
* Homography Estimation from the Common Self-Polar Triangle of Separate Ellipses
* Modified patch-based locally optimal Wiener method for interferometric SAR phase filtering
* new method based on the BP neural network to improve the accuracy of inversion of the vegetation height, A
* Pansharpening Generative Adversarial Network with Multilevel Structure Enhancement and a Multistream Fusion Architecture, A
* Raw-guided Enhancing Reprocess of Low-light Image via Deep Exposure Adjustment
Includes: Huang, H.F.[Hui Feng] Huang, H.F.[Hui-Feng] Huang, H.F.[Hao-Feng] Huang, H.F.[Hai-Fei] Huang, H.F.[Hung-Fu] Huang, H.F.[Hai-Feng] Huang, H.F.[He-Fengo]
10 for Huang, H.F.

Huang, H.G.[Hua Guo] Co Author Listing * Detection of Pine Shoot Beetle (PSB) Stress on Pine Forests at Individual Tree Level using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery and Lidar
* Modeling the Distributions of Brightness Temperatures of a Cropland Study Area Using a Model that Combines Fast Radiosity and Energy Budget Methods
* Modeling the Temporal Variability of Thermal Emissions From Row-Planted Scenes Using a Radiosity and Energy Budget Method
Includes: Huang, H.G.[Hua Guo] Huang, H.G.[Hua-Guo]

Huang, H.H. Co Author Listing * Classification By Using Multispectral Point Cloud Data
* Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction via L1_2 and S1_2 Regularizations
* Joint Promotion Partner Recommendation Systems Using Data from Location-Based Social Networks
* Low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition based on S1/2 and L1/2 regularizations in dynamic MRI
* Online Reinforcement Learning Control for the Personalization of a Robotic Knee Prosthesis
* Pedestrian tracking by learning deep features
* Robust discriminant analysis using multi-directional projection pursuit
* Study On Shadow Effects of Various Features On Close Range Thermal Images
* Using Sparse-Point Disparity Estimation and Spatial Propagation to Construct Dense Disparity Map for Stereo Endoscopic Images
Includes: Huang, H.H. Huang, H.H.[Hsi-Ho] Huang, H.H.[Hong-He] Huang, H.H.[Hsin-Hsiung] Huang, H.H.[Hsi-Hung]
9 for Huang, H.H.

Huang, H.J.[Hung Ju] Co Author Listing * Bayesian classification for data from the same unknown class
* Detection of Hidden Information in Webpage Based on Higher-Order Statistics
* Dynamic Data Regulation for Fixed Vehicle Detectors
* Gabor-Based Recognizer for Chinese Handwriting from Segmentation-Free Strategy
* HMM-Based Recognizer with Segmentation-free Strategy for Unconstrained Chinese Handwritten Text
* Improve Person Re-Identification With Part Awareness Learning
* Off-line recognition of realistic Chinese handwriting using segmentation-free strategy
* Ontology-Guided Image Interpretation for GEOBIA of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sense Imagery: A Coastal Area Case Study
* Particle Size Parameters of Particulate Matter Suspended in Coastal Waters and Their Use as Indicators of Typhoon Influence
* Segmentation-free recognizer based on enhanced four plane feature for realistic Chinese handwriting
* Skew Detection for Chinese Handwriting by Horizontal Stroke Histogram
* Super-resolution hyperspectral imaging with unknown blurring by low-rank and group-sparse modeling
* Towards Rich Feature Discovery With Class Activation Maps Augmentation for Person Re-Identification
* Very-large-scale integration design of a low-power and cost-effective context-based adaptive variable length coding decoder for H.264/AVC portable applications
Includes: Huang, H.J.[Hung Ju] Huang, H.J.[Hung-Ju] Huang, H.J.[Hua-Jun] Huang, H.J. Huang, H.J.[Hu-Jie] Huang, H.J.[Hou-Jing] Huang, H.J.[Heling-Jie] Huang, H.J.[Hai-Jun] Huang, H.J.[Hui-Juan]
14 for Huang, H.J.

Huang, H.K. Co Author Listing * Application of Cluster Detection to Text and Picture Processing, An
* Authenticity and integrity of digital mammography images
* Automatic Background Recognition and Removal (ABRR) in Computed Radiography Images
* Computer-assisted bone age assessment: image preprocessing and epiphyseal/metaphyseal ROI extraction
* Hospital Integrated Framework for Multimodality Image Base Management, A
* Radiologic Image Compression: A Review

Huang, H.L.[Hui Ling] Co Author Listing * Analytic Solution for the Pose Determination of Human Faces from a Monocular Image, An
* Efficient region segmentation on compressed gray images using quadtree and shading representation
* Facial Modeling from an Uncalibrated Face Image Using a Coarse-to-Fine Genetic Algorithm
* Facial modeling from an uncalibrated face image using flexible generic parameterized facial models
* Global Forecast Impact of Low Data Latency Infrared and Microwave Sounders Observations from Polar Orbiting Satellites
* Mesh optimization for surface approximation using an efficient coarse-to-fine evolutionary algorithm
* New two-phase spatial data structures with applications to binary images
* Optimal Cloud-Clearing for AIRS Radiances Using MODIS
* Range-Based Reactive Deployment of Autonomous Drones for Optimal Coverage in Disaster Areas
* Recognition of handwritten Lanna Dhamma characters using a set of optimally designed moment features
* Reliable Path Planning for Drone Delivery Using a Stochastic Time-Dependent Public Transportation Network
* Salient object detection based on backbone enhanced network
* Sea Level Fusion of Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauge Data by Deep Learning in the Mediterranean Sea
* survey of memory deduplication approaches for intelligent urban computing, A
* Video object error coding method based on compressive sensing
Includes: Huang, H.L.[Hui Ling] Huang, H.L.[Hui-Ling] Huang, H.L.[Hsu-Lien] Huang, H.L.[Hung-Lung] Huang, H.L. Huang, H.L.[Hai-Long] Huang, H.L.[Huai-Lin] Huang, H.L.[Hai-Lan] Huang, H.L.[Hai-Liang] Huang, H.L.[Hong-Lin]
15 for Huang, H.L.

Huang, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * Highly accurate 3D reconstruction based on a precise and robust binocular camera calibration method
* Non-linear calibration optimisation based on the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
* Non-rigid point set registration by high-dimensional representation
* Vicarious Calibration of the Formosat-2 Remote Sensing Instrument
Includes: Huang, H.M.[Hui Min] Huang, H.M.[Hui-Min] Huang, H.M.

Huang, H.N.[Hai Ning] Co Author Listing * Image enhancement using stochastic resonance
* Improving SVD-based image watermarking via block-by-block optimization on singular values
* SR-based radon transform to extract weak lines from noise images, A
Includes: Huang, H.N.[Hai Ning] Huang, H.N.[Hai-Ning] Huang, H.N.[Huan-Nan]

Huang, H.P.[Hao Ping] Co Author Listing * Automated identification of buried landmines using normalized electromagnetic induction spectroscopy
* Characterization of UXO-like targets using broadband electromagnetic induction sensors
* Combined Use of Remote Sensing and Social Sensing Data in Fine-Grained Urban Land Use Mapping: A Case Study in Beijing, China, The
* Efficient Location Privacy-Preserving k-Anonymity Method Based on the Credible Chain
* Landscape Pattern Theoretical Optimization of Urban Green Space Based on Ecosystem Service Supply and Demand
* Learning the Inverse Dynamics of Robotic Manipulators in Structured Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
* Semantic View Synthesis
* Social functional mapping of urban green space using remote sensing and social sensing data
* Understanding the Impact of Urbanization on Surface Urban Heat Islands: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Oasis Effect in Subtropical Desert Cities
Includes: Huang, H.P.[Hao Ping] Huang, H.P.[Hao-Ping] Huang, H.P.[Hui-Ping] Huang, H.P.[Hai-Ping] Huang, H.P. Huang, H.P.[Hsin-Ping] Huang, H.P.[Huei-Ping]
9 for Huang, H.P.

Huang, H.Q.[Han Qiao] Co Author Listing * ACFT: adversarial correlation filter for robust tracking
* Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter for Target Tracking in the Presence of Nonlinear Systems Involving Model Mismatches
* Colour image encryption based on logistic mapping and double random-phase encoding
* DevsNet: Deep Video Saliency Network using Short-term and Long-term Cues
* Efficient symmetric image encryption by using a novel 2D chaotic system
* Multiple Instance Models Regression for Robust Visual Tracking
* Parameter Free Approach for Clustering Analysis, A
* robust adaptive clustering analysis method for automatic identification of clusters, A
* Simulation of Sedimentation in Lake Taihu with Geostationary Satellite Ocean Color Data
* Transferring Pre-Trained Deep CNNs for Remote Scene Classification with General Features Learned from Linear PCA Network
* Unified Algorithm for the Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Remote Sensing Data over Land and Ocean, A
* Visual attention prediction for Autism Spectrum Disorder with hierarchical semantic fusion
Includes: Huang, H.Q.[Han Qiao] Huang, H.Q.[Han-Qiao] Huang, H.Q.[Hui-Qing] Huang, H.Q.[Han-Qin] Huang, H.Q.[Hai-Qiao] Huang, H.Q. Huang, H.Q.[Hai-Qing]
12 for Huang, H.Q.

Huang, H.S.[Hao Sheng] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Location Recommendation Using Geotagged Photos in Social Media
* Current Trends and Challenges in Location-Based Services
* Domain Transfer Through Deep Activation Matching
* Reducing Building Conflicts in Map Generalization with an Improved PSO Algorithm
* Traffic Sign Inventory From Google Street View Images
* Turn Left after the WC, and Use the Lift to Go to the 2nd Floor Generation of Landmark-Based Route Instructions for Indoor Navigation
* Urban Nighttime Leisure Space Mapping with Nighttime Light Images and POI Data
Includes: Huang, H.S.[Hao Sheng] Huang, H.S.[Hao-Sheng] Huang, H.S.[Hao-Shuo] Huang, H.S.[He-Sheng] Huang, H.S.[Hsun-Sheng]
7 for Huang, H.S.

Huang, H.S.C. Co Author Listing * Linear and non-linear geometric object matching with implicit representation

Huang, H.T.[Han Tao] Co Author Listing * Answer-checking in Context: A Multi-modal Fully Attention Network for Visual Question Answering
* Multidimensional SVC bitstream adaptation and extraction for rate-distortion optimized heterogeneous multicasting and playback
* rate-distortion optimization model for SVC inter-layer encoding and bitstream extraction, A
* Robust visual tracking based on product sparse coding
Includes: Huang, H.T.[Han Tao] Huang, H.T.[Han-Tao] Huang, H.T.[Hsueh-Ting] Huang, H.T.[Hong-Tu]

Huang, H.W.[Hong Wei] Co Author Listing * Local descriptor-based multi-prototype network for few-shot Learning
* Reverse circulation bit fluid field calculation
Includes: Huang, H.W.[Hong Wei] Huang, H.W.[Hong-Wei]

Huang, H.X.[Hai Xia] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Denoising Based on Nonlocal Low-Rank and TV Regularization
Includes: Huang, H.X.[Hai Xia] Huang, H.X.[Hai-Xia]

Huang, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method for Recovering Image from Mixed Noisy Data, An
* Adaptive Variational Method for Restoring Color Images with High Density Impulse Noise
* Business email classification using incremental subspace learning
* Caption-supervised Face Recognition: Training a State-of-the-Art Face Model Without Manual Annotation
* Color and spatial feature for content-based image retrieval
* Comparing Representations in Tracking for Event Camera-based SLAM
* Convexity Shape Prior for Level Set-Based Image Segmentation Method
* Determination of Lidar Ratio for Major Aerosol Types over Western North Pacific Based on Long-Term MPLNET Data
* Double Nearest Proportion Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral-Image Classification
* embedded watermark technique in video for copyright protection, An
* fast segmentation method based on constraint optimization and its applications: Intensity inhomogeneity and texture segmentation, A
* Frame-Wise CNN-Based Filtering for Intra-Frame Quality Enhancement of HEVC Videos
* Image Deblurring Using Fast Best Kernel Retrieval
* Image restoration under mixed noise using globally convex segmentation
* Learn to Propagate Reliably on Noisy Affinity Graphs
* Low-Cost High-Quality Adaptive Scalar for Real-Time Multimedia Applications, A
* Movie Classifier Based on Visual Features, A
* Neural machine translation with Gumbel Tree-LSTM based encoder
* new continuous max-flow algorithm for multiphase image segmentation using super-level set functions, A
* Nonnegative and Nonlocal Sparse Tensor Factorization-Based Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* Novel Ensemble Architecture of Residual Attention-Based Deep Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval, A
* nurbs-based error concealment technique for corrupted images from packet loss, A
* Placepedia: Comprehensive Place Understanding with Multi-faceted Annotations
* Repairing the sheltered human skeleton based on natural interaction
* Simultaneous Denoising and Illumination Correction via Local Data-Fidelity and Nonlocal Regularization
* Time Multiplexed VLSI Architecture for Real-Time Barrel Distortion Correction in Video-Endoscopic Images
* Variational Image Segmentation Model Based on Normalized Cut with Adaptive Similarity and Spatial Regularization, A
* Video Watermarking Algorithm Based on Pseudo 3D DCT and Quantization Index Modulation
* video watermarking algorithm based on pseudo 3D DCT, A
* Virtual Geographic Simulation of Light Distribution within Three-Dimensional Plant Canopy Models
* Volume preserving image segmentation with entropy regularized optimal transport and its applications in deep learning
* Weighted Dictionary Learning Model for Denoising Images Corrupted by Mixed Noise, A
* Winter wheat mapping combining variations before and after estimated heading dates
Includes: Huang, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Huang, H.Y.[Hai-Yang] Huang, H.Y.[He Yuan] Huang, H.Y.[Huai-Yi] Huang, H.Y.[Hock Yiung] Huang, H.Y.[Huai-Yang] Huang, H.Y.[Hsiang-Yu] Huang, H.Y. Huang, H.Y.[Hui-Yu] Huang, H.Y.[Hong-Yue] Huang, H.Y.[He-Yan] Huang, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Huang, H.Y.[Hsin-Yu] Huang, H.Y.[Hong-Yu]
33 for Huang, H.Y.

Huang, H.Z.[Hao Zhi] Co Author Listing * Efficient, Edge-Aware, Combined Color Quantization and Dithering
* Neural Stereoscopic Image Style Transfer
* Pose2Seg: Detection Free Human Instance Segmentation
* Real-Time Neural Style Transfer for Videos
* UniFaceGAN: A Unified Framework for Temporally Consistent Facial Video Editing
* Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation with Stacked Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks
Includes: Huang, H.Z.[Hao Zhi] Huang, H.Z.[Hao-Zhi]

Huang, I.[Isabella] Co Author Listing * On the Development of an Acoustic-Driven Method to Improve Driver's Comfort Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Huang, I.A. Co Author Listing * Discriminative Bimodal Networks for Visual Localization and Detection with Natural Language Queries

Huang, I.N.[Inn Nien] Co Author Listing * Planar Shape Matching Based on Binary Tree Shape Representation
Includes: Huang, I.N.[Inn Nien] Huang, I.N.[Inn-Nien]

Huang, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Photography Using Context-Aware Layered Depth Inpainting
* 50 FPS Object-Level Saliency Detection via Maximally Stable Region
* Accelerated sparse optimization for missing data completion
* Accurate, Robust Visual Odometry and Detail-Preserving Reconstruction System, An
* Acquiring the Mapping Knowledge of Basic Elements Based on PSO in the Chinese Character Intelligent Information
* Active Action Proposal Method Based on Reinforcement Learning, An
* Adaptive live video streaming by priority drop
* Additional Microwave Radiation From Experimentally Loaded Granite Covered With Sand Layers: Features and Mechanisms
* Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Bokeh Effect Synthesis: Methods and Results
* Analysis of Whole Body Tracer Kinetics in Dynamic PET Studies With Application to Image-Based Blood Input Function Extraction, An
* Assessment of Total Suspended Sediment Distribution under Varying Tidal Conditions in Deep Bay: Initial Results from HJ-1A/1B Satellite CCD Images
* Attention-Based 3D-CNNs for Large-Vocabulary Sign Language Recognition
* Attention-Diffusion-Bilinear Neural Network for Brain Network Analysis
* AttPool: Towards Hierarchical Feature Representation in Graph Convolutional Networks via Attention Mechanism
* Audio Postprocessing Detection Based on Amplitude Cooccurrence Vector Feature
* Audio-Driven Laughter Behavior Controller
* Automated Non-Invasive Measurement of Single Sperm's Motility and Morphology
* Automatic 3D industrial point cloud modeling and recognition
* Automatic Detection of Object-Based Forgery in Advanced Video
* Automatic Hierarchical Color Image Classification
* Automatic Method for Detection and Update of Additive Changes in Road Network with GPS Trajectory Data, An
* Automatic Steganographic Distortion Learning Using a Generative Adversarial Network
* Automatic Thumbnail Generation Based on Visual Representativeness and Foreground Recognizability
* Branch Interaction Network for Person Re-identification
* Change Detection in Laser-Scanned Data of Industrial Sites
* Change Detection of High Spatial Resolution Images Based on Region-Line Primitive Association Analysis and Evidence Fusion
* Check Image Compression: A Comparison of JPEG, Wavelet and Layered Coding Methods
* Classification of Coral Reefs in the South China Sea by Combining Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry Bottom Waveforms and Bathymetric Features
* Classification of resting-state fMRI datasets based on graph kernels
* Cloth compression using local cylindrical coordinates
* Clothes Co-Parsing Via Joint Image Segmentation and Labeling With Application to Clothing Retrieval
* Clothing Co-parsing by Joint Image Segmentation and Labeling
* Cloud Cover throughout All the Paddy Rice Fields in Guangdong, China: Impacts on Sentinel 2 MSI and Landsat 8 OLI Optical Observations
* Cloud Detection Approach Based on Hybrid Multispectral Features with Dynamic Thresholds for GF-1 Remote Sensing Images, A
* ClusterVO: Clustering Moving Instances and Estimating Visual Odometry for Self and Surroundings
* Collaborative Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Diagnosis
* Combining Color and Spatial Information for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Comparative Performance Evaluation of Gray-Scale and Color Information for Face Recognition Tasks
* Component-Based Face Recognition with 3D Morphable Models
* Component-based LDA method for face recognition with one training sample
* Compression of Color Facial Images Using Feature Correction Two-Stage Vector Quantization
* confidence prior for image dehazing, A
* Context R-CNN: Long Term Temporal Context for Per-Camera Object Detection
* Context-Dependent Effect of Urban Form on Air Pollution: A Panel Data Analysis, The
* Control System Design of an Automated Bus in Revenue Service
* Cross-Direction and Progressive Network for Pan-Sharpening, A
* Cryptanalysis of a chaotic image encryption scheme based on permutation-diffusion structure
* Data Fusion for Multi-Source Sensors Using GA-PSO-BP Neural Network
* Decentralized Model for Spatial Data Digital Rights Management, A
* Deep Semantic Clustering by Partition Confidence Maximisation
* DeepGlobe 2018: A Challenge to Parse the Earth through Satellite Images
* DeepMVS: Learning Multi-view Stereopsis
* Defeating Lattice-Based Data Hiding Code Via Decoding Security Hole
* Delineating Urban Fringe Area by Land Cover Information Entropy: An Empirical Study of Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan Area, China
* Detecting Events and Key Actors in Multi-person Videos
* Detecting Objects in Scene Point Cloud: A Combinational Approach
* Detection of human faces using decision trees
* Developing a Subswath-Based Wind Speed Retrieval Model for Sentinel-1 VH-Polarized SAR Data Over the Ocean Surface
* Devil Is in the Details: Delving Into Unbiased Data Processing for Human Pose Estimation, The
* DGPS-Based Vehicle-to-Vehicle Cooperative Collision Warning: Engineering Feasibility Viewpoints
* Directional L_0 Sparse Modeling for Image Stripe Noise Removal
* Discovering Fine-Grained Spatial Pattern From Taxi Trips: Where Point Process Meets Matrix Decomposition and Factorization
* discriminative self-attention cycle GAN for face super-resolution and recognition, A
* distributed context-free grammars learning algorithm and its application in video classification, A
* Diverse Generation for Multi-Agent Sports Games
* Downscaling Factor Estimation on Pre-JPEG Compressed Images
* Drone-Based Car Counting via Density Map Learning
* Duality Diagram Similarity: A Generic Framework for Initialization Selection in Task Transfer Learning
* EDPN: Enhanced Deep Pyramid Network for Blurry Image Restoration
* Efficient Encrypted Images Filtering and Transform Coding With Walsh-Hadamard Transform and Parallelization
* Efficient Image Processing Method Based on Web Services for Mobile Devices, An
* Efficient Iterative Cerebral Perfusion CT Reconstruction via Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition With Spatial-Temporal Total Variation Regularization, An
* Efficient Privacy-Preserving Anomaly Detection and Localization in Bitstream Video
* Embedding Image Watermarks in DC Components
* End-to-End Learning of Motion Representation for Video Understanding
* Error Analysis and Performance Evaluation of a Future-Trajectory-Based Cooperative Collision Warning System
* Event-Guided Structured Output Tracking of Fast-Moving Objects Using a CeleX Sensor
* Experimental Development of a New Target and Control Driver Steering Model Based on DLC Test Data
* Experimental Study on Microwave Radiation From Deforming and Fracturing Rock Under Loading Outdoor
* Exploiting Embedding Manifold of Autoencoders for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Exploring human brain neuronal currents with phase MRI
* Exploring the Combined Effect of Urbanization and Climate Variability on Urban Vegetation: A Multi-Perspective Study Based on More than 3000 Cities in China
* Eye Detection Using Optimal Wavelet Packets and Radial Basis Functions (RBFs)
* Eye Location Using Genetic Algorithms
* Face Classification based on Shannon Wavelet Kernel and Modified Fisher Criterion
* Face Pose Discrimination Using Support Vector Machines (SVM)
* Face Recognition Using Ensembles of Networks
* Face Surveillance
* Fast Image Interpolation via Random Forests
* Feature correspondences using Morse Smale complex
* Feature Matching with Affine-Function Transformation Models
* FERET Database and Evaluation Procedure for Face-Recognition Algorithms, The
* Framelet-Based Iterative Pan-Sharpening Approach, A
* FrameNet: Learning Local Canonical Frames of 3D Surfaces From a Single RGB Image
* Gamma Characteristic of Reconstructed PET Images: Implications for ROI Analysis, The
* Garlic and Winter Wheat Identification Based on Active and Passive Satellite Imagery and the Google Earth Engine in Northern China
* Generation and Comprehension of Unambiguous Object Descriptions
* Generative Adversarial Network For Medical Image Fusion, A
* GeoSay: A geometric saliency for extracting buildings in remote sensing images
* Global robust output regulation for nonlinear multi-agent systems in strict feedback form
* Graph Convolutional Networks for Temporal Action Localization
* Guided Image-to-Image Translation With Bi-Directional Feature Transformation
* Hierarchical Neural Architecture Search for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Homocentric Hypersphere Feature Embedding for Person Re-Identification
* How to Fully Exploit The Abilities of Aerial Image Detectors
* Human Motion Tracking by Multiple RGBD Cameras
* Human visual system consistent quality assessment for remote sensing image fusion
* Hyperspectral Image Classification across Different Datasets: A Generalization to Unseen Categories
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Using the Robust Low-Rank Tensor Recovery
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Gaussian Mixture Model and Low-Rank Representation
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Gaussian Mixture Model and Spatial Group Sparsity
* IBM Rich Transcription 2007 Speech-to-Text Systems for Lecture Meetings, The
* IBM RT07 Evaluation Systems for Speaker Diarization on Lecture Meetings, The
* Identification of Various Image Operations Using Residual-Based Features
* Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder With Multi-Site fMRI via Low-Rank Domain Adaptation
* Im2Calories: Towards an Automated Mobile Vision Food Diary
* Image Indexing Using Color Correlograms
* Image-Guided Human Reconstruction via Multi-Scale Graph Transformation Networks
* Improved capabilities of the Chinese high-resolution remote sensing satellite GF-1 for monitoring suspended particulate matter (SPM) in inland waters: Radiometric and spatial considerations
* Improved Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithm Based on the Land Parameter Retrieval Model for Water-Land Mixed Pixels Using AMSR-E Data, An
* improved spread transform dither modulation for robust and secure watermarking, An
* improved super-short-scan reconstruction for fan-beam computed tomography, An
* Improved Tampering Localization in Digital Image Forensics Based on Maximal Entropy Random Walk
* Influence of Different Spatial Resolutions on the Retrieval Accuracy of Sea Surface Wind Speed With C-2PO Models Using Full Polarization C-Band SAR, The
* Infrared and visible image fusion via saliency analysis and local edge-preserving multi-scale decomposition
* Instance-Aware Image Colorization
* Integrating independent components and linear discriminant analysis for gender classification
* Integrating independent components and support vector machines for gender classification
* Integrating Visual Saliency and Consistency for Re-Ranking Image Search Results
* Intelligent Edge Computing in Internet of Vehicles: A Joint Computation Offloading and Caching Solution
* Invariant Image Watermarking Based on Statistical Features in the Low-Frequency Domain
* Inverse kinematics using dynamic joint parameters: inverse kinematics animation synthesis learnt from sub-divided motion micro-segments
* Joint Auction-Coalition Formation Framework for Communication-Efficient Federated Learning in UAV-Enabled Internet of Vehicles
* Joint Content Replication and Request Routing for Social Video Distribution Over Cloud CDN: A Community Clustering Method
* Joint Feature Selection and Classification for Multilabel Learning
* Joint-Sparse-Blocks and Low-Rank Representation for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* JPEG Image Encryption With Improved Format Compatibility and File Size Preservation
* Kernel machine-based one-parameter regularized Fisher discriminant method for face recognition
* Kernel subspace LDA with optimized kernel parameters on face recognition
* Last-Mile School Shuttle Planning With Crowdsensed Student Trajectories
* Leader-following rendezvous with connectivity preservation of single-integrator multi-agent systems
* Learning Based Resolution Enhancement of Iris Images
* Learning Deep Structure-Preserving Image-Text Embeddings
* Learning to Predict Bus Arrival Time From Heterogeneous Measurements via Recurrent Neural Network
* Learning to See Through Obstructions
* Learning to Segment via Cut-and-Paste
* Learning Two-Branch Neural Networks for Image-Text Matching Tasks
* Light Field Synthesis by Training Deep Network in the Refocused Image Domain
* Localization of Deep Inpainting Using High-Pass Fully Convolutional Network
* Long-Short Graph Memory Network for Skeleton-based Action Recognition
* Looking around in the neighbourhood: Location estimation of outdoor urban images
* Low-cost, high-speed computer vision using NVIDIA's CUDA architecture
* Low-Dose Dynamic Cerebral Perfusion Computed Tomography Reconstruction via Kronecker-Basis-Representation Tensor Sparsity Regularization
* Mandarin dictation machine based upon a hierarchical recognition approach and Chinese natural language analysis, A
* Mask Textspotter v3: Segmentation Proposal Network for Robust Scene Text Spotting
* MDM-PCCT: Multiple Dynamic Modulations for High-Performance Spectral PCCT Imaging
* Minimum Barrier Distance Based Saliency Box for Object Proposals Generation, A
* MongoDB-Based Management of Planar Spatial Data with a Flattened R-Tree, A
* More is Less: A More Complicated Network with Less Inference Complexity
* MR images segmentation and bias correction via LIC model
* Multi-frame pel-recursive motion estimation for video image interpolation
* Multi-Scale Fusion for Improved Localization of Malicious Tampering in Digital Images
* Multi-Scale Semantic Segmentation and Spatial Relationship Recognition of Remote Sensing Images Based on an Attention Model
* Multimodal image matching using self similarity
* Multiscale Approach for Thinning Ridges of Fingerprint
* Natural neighbor: A self-adaptive neighborhood method without parameter K
* new context-sensitive grammars learning algorithm and its application in trajectory classification, A
* New Evidence to Support Zephyria Tholus as a Composite Volcano on Mars
* New Kernel Based on Weighted Cross-Correlation Coefficient for SVMs and Its Application on Prediction of T-cell Epitopes, A
* Nonlocal Tensor-Based Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing
* novel approach to feature extraction from classification models based on information gene pairs, A
* Novel High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Encrypted JPEG Bitstreams, A
* Novel Infringement Detection Method for GIS Vector Data, A
* Novel One-Parameter Regularized Kernel Fisher Discriminant Method for Face Recognition, A
* novel particle filtering framework for 2D-TO-3D conversion from a monoscopic 2D image sequence, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image and Video Deblurring
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* O2U-Net: A Simple Noisy Label Detection Approach for Deep Neural Networks
* object-based change detection approach using high-resolution remote sensing image and GIS data, An
* On Positive-Unlabeled Classification in GAN
* On-Line Bubble Inspection Method for Automated Vacuum Casting Controlling System
* Optimisation model for network progression coordinated control under the signal design mode of split phasing
* Optimizing Feature Selection of Individual Crop Types for Improved Crop Mapping
* Ordinal Pattern: A New Descriptor for Brain Connectivity Networks
* Panoramic Background Image Generation for PTZ Cameras
* Performance Comparison of MPEG-4 Scalable and Non-scalable Video Streaming
* Performance of a mixed-traffic CDMA2000 wireless network with scalable streaming video
* Photo Realistic Image Completion via Dense Correspondence
* PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Enhancement on Smartphones: Report
* Point cloud labeling using 3D Convolutional Neural Network
* Point cloud matching based on 3D self-similarity
* Potential Use of Multi-Band SAR Data for Soil Moisture Retrieval over Bare Agricultural Areas: Hebei, China, The
* Progressive Neural Architecture Search
* Quantifying DOC and Its Controlling Factors in Major Arctic Rivers during Ice-Free Conditions using Sentinel-2 Data
* Range Scaling Global U-Net for Perceptual Image Enhancement on Mobile Devices
* Rapid extraction and updating of road network from airborne LiDAR data
* Reducing Footskate in Human Motion Reconstruction with Ground Contact Constraints
* Relations Between Grace-derived Water Storage Change With Precipitation And Temperature Over Kaidu River Basin, China
* Relay Beamforming for Amplify-and-Forward Multi-Antenna Relay Networks with Energy Harvesting Constraint
* Responses of Seasonal Indicators to Extreme Droughts in Southwest China
* Rethinking Spatiotemporal Feature Learning: Speed-Accuracy Trade-offs in Video Classification
* Retinal Image Registration Via Feature-Guided Gaussian Mixture Model
* RetinaTrack: Online Single Stage Joint Detection and Tracking
* Reversible Data Hiding in JPEG Images
* Robust Image Watermarking Based on Multiband Wavelets and Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Safety guaranteed longitudinal motion control for connected and autonomous vehicles in a lane-changing scenario
* Scheduling and Resource Allocation for SVC Streaming Over OFDM Downlink Systems
* Secure Binary Image Steganography With Distortion Measurement Based on Prediction
* secure watermarking technique without loss of robustness, A
* Segmentation and matching: Towards a robust object detection system
* Self-Reconfigurable Platform for Scalable DCT Computation Using Compressed Partial Bitstreams and BlockRAM Prefetching, A
* Semantic Example Guided Image-to-Image Translation
* Semi-supervised discriminant analysis based on UDP regularization
* Semi-supervised SVM for Manifold Learning, A
* Shallow2Deep: Indoor scene modeling by single image understanding
* SILCO: Show a Few Images, Localize the Common Object
* Single-Image HDR Reconstruction by Learning to Reverse the Camera Pipeline
* Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data with Noise Level Estimation
* Spatial Auto-Regressive Analysis of Correlation in 3-D PET With Application to Model-Based Simulation of Data
* Spatial Color Indexing and Applications
* Spatial-Temporal Context-Aware Online Action Detection and Prediction
* Spatially Adaptive Computation Time for Residual Networks
* Spatio-Temporal Characteristics for Moon-Based Earth Observations
* Spectral-Spatial Attention Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Speed sign recognition in complex scenarios based on deep cascade networks
* Speed/Accuracy Trade-Offs for Modern Convolutional Object Detectors
* Steganalysis of Multiple-Base Notational System Steganography
* Stereo Generation from a Single Image Using Deep Residual Network
* Stripe noise removal of remote sensing images by total variation regularization and group sparsity constraint
* Structure Aware Single-Stage 3D Object Detection From Point Cloud
* Substitute Model Generation for Black-Box Adversarial Attack Based on Knowledge Distillation
* Surface Approximation Method for Image and Video Correspondences, A
* SwapText: Image Based Texts Transfer in Scenes
* System framework design of automated data mining technology based on intelligent agents
* Template Deformation-Based 3-D Reconstruction of Full Human Body Scans From Low-Cost Depth Cameras
* Text detection and restoration in natural scene images
* Towards Multi-view and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Towards Robust and Accurate Multi-View and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Transfer metric learning for unsupervised domain adaptation
* Two Causal Principles for Improving Visual Dialog
* Ultrafast Endoscopic Ultrasonography With Circular Array
* Ultrasound kidney segmentation with a global prior shape
* Uncertainty-Aware Audiovisual Activity Recognition Using Deep Bayesian Variational Inference
* Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Action Recognition from Drones
* Using MODIS LAI Data to Monitor Spatio-Temporal Changes of Winter Wheat Phenology in Response to Climate Warming
* Utilising bidirectional inequality constraints in optimal robust control for heterogeneous vehicular platoons
* Variation in Microwave Brightness Temperature of Granite Pressed Under Weak Background Radiation, The
* Vehicle detection in urban point clouds with orthogonal-view convolutional neural network
* Vehicle Re-Identification Using Quadruple Directional Deep Learning Features
* Video Indexing and Retrieval for Archeological Digital Library, CLIOH
* Video Sequence Matching Based on the Invariance of Color Correlation
* Vision-Based Parking-Slot Detection: A DCNN-Based Approach and a Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset
* Visual Commonsense R-CNN
* Visual Commonsense Representation Learning via Causal Inference
* Visual Routine for Eye Detection Using Hybrid Genetic Architectures
* Wavelet Kernel Construction for Kernel Discriminant Analysis on Face Recognition
* Weakly supervised salient object detection via double object proposals guidance
* WSISA: Making Survival Prediction from Whole Slide Histopathological Images
Includes: Huang, J. Huang, J.[Jiayi] Huang, J.[Jian] Huang, J.[Jie] Huang, J.[Jing] Huang, J.[Jue] Huang, J.[Jincai] Huang, J.[Jun] Huang, J.[Jiru] Huang, J.[Jin] Huang, J.[Junhao] Huang, J.[Jianxi] Huang, J.[Jeffrey] Huang, J.[Jennifer] Huang, J.[Jiao] Huang, J.[Junyi] Huang, J.[Jonathan] Huang, J.[Jianglu] Huang, J.[Jiahui] Huang, J.[Ju] Huang, J.[Jeffery] Huang, J.[Juntao] Huang, J.[Jiejun] Huang, J.[Jinlong] Huang, J.[Jianghui] Huang, J.[Jilei] Huang, J.[Jiwu] Huang, J.[Jialu] Huang, J.[Junshi] Huang, J.[Junchu]
259 for Huang, J.

Huang, J.B.[Jia Bin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Correlation Filters with Long-Term and Short-Term Memory for Object Tracking
* Clearing the Skies: A Deep Network Architecture for Single-Image Rain Removal
* Comparative Study for Single Image Blind Deblurring, A
* CrDoCo: Pixel-Level Domain Transfer With Cross-Domain Consistency
* Deep Joint Image Filtering
* Deep Laplacian Pyramid Networks for Fast and Accurate Super-Resolution
* Deep Semantic Matching with Foreground Detection and Cycle-Consistency
* Detecting Migrating Birds at Night
* DF-Net: Unsupervised Joint Learning of Depth and Flow Using Cross-Task Consistency
* Diverse Image-to-Image Translation via Disentangled Representations
* DRG: Dual Relation Graph for Human-object Interaction Detection
* DRIT++: Diverse Image-to-Image Translation via Disentangled Representations
* Enhancing Color Representation for the Color Vision Impaired
* Ensemble convolutional neural networks for pose estimation
* Estimating Human Pose from Occluded Images
* Exploiting Self-similarities for Single Frame Super-Resolution
* Fast and Accurate Image Super-Resolution with Deep Laplacian Pyramid Networks
* Fast sparse representation with prototypes
* Featmatch: Feature-based Augmentation for Semi-supervised Learning
* Flow-edge Guided Video Completion
* Hierarchical Convolutional Features for Visual Tracking
* Image completion using planar structure guidance
* Information Preserving Color Transformation for Protanopia and Deuteranopia
* Joint Image Filtering with Deep Convolutional Networks
* Learning Blind Video Temporal Consistency
* Learning Monocular Visual Odometry via Self-supervised Long-term Modeling
* Learning Moving Cast Shadows for Foreground Detection
* Moving cast shadow detection using physics-based features
* NAS-DIP: Learning Deep Image Prior with Neural Architecture Search
* Pose Determination of a Cylinder Using Reprojection Transformation
* Progressive Representation Adaptation for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Removing Rain from Single Images via a Deep Detail Network
* Robust Visual Tracking via Hierarchical Convolutional Features
* SAIL-VOS: Semantic Amodal Instance Level Video Object Segmentation - A Synthetic Dataset and Baselines
* Saliency detection via divergence analysis: A unified perspective
* Semantic View Synthesis
* Show, Match and Segment: Joint Weakly Supervised Learning of Semantic Matching and Object Co-Segmentation
* Shuffle and Attend: Video Domain Adaptation
* Single image deblurring with adaptive dictionary learning
* Single image super-resolution from transformed self-exemplars
* study on the dual vanishing point property, A
* Tracking Persons-of-Interest via Adaptive Discriminative Features
* Tracking Persons-of-Interest via Unsupervised Representation Adaptation
* Unsupervised Representation Learning by Sorting Sequences
* Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation Using Motion Saliency-Guided Spatio-Temporal Propagation
* Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning by Graph-Based Consistent Constraints
* VideoMatch: Matching Based Video Object Segmentation
* Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Progressive Domain Adaptation
* Weighted Landmark-Based Algorithm for Skull Identification, The
Includes: Huang, J.B.[Jia Bin] Huang, J.B.[Jia-Bin] Huang, J.B. Huang, J.B.[Jen-Bin] Huang, J.B.[Jing-Bo]
49 for Huang, J.B.

Huang, J.C.[Jin Cai] Co Author Listing * Automated Matching of Multi-Scale Building Data Based on Relaxation Labelling and Pattern Combinations
* Common-specific feature learning for multi-source domain adaptation
* Deep part-related feature learning for human-level biometrics
* Finger-Written Chinese Characters Recognition Using Hierarchical LDA
* Hybrid Method to Incrementally Extract Road Networks Using Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Data, A
* Improving Slice-Based Model for Person Re-ID with Multi-Level Representation and Triplet-Center Loss
* Integration of audio and visual information for content-based video segmentation
* Kernel Modified Quadratic Discriminant Function for Facial Expression Recognition
* new stroke-based directional feature extraction approach for handwritten Chinese character recognition, A
* Novel Vision based Finger-writing Character Recognition System, A
* Part-Based Gaussian Reweighted Approach for Occluded Vehicle Detection, A
* Perceptual image quality assessment using a geometric structural distortion model
* Phenology Effects on Physically Based Estimation of Paddy Rice Canopy Traits from UAV Hyperspectral Imagery
* Research on image quality in decision management system and information system framework
* Research on the parallelization of image quality analysis algorithm based on deep learning
* Weightlessness feature: A novel feature for single tri-axial accelerometer based activity recognition
Includes: Huang, J.C.[Jin Cai] Huang, J.C.[Jin-Cai] Huang, J.C.[Jun-Chu] Huang, J.C. Huang, J.C.[Jin-Cheng] Huang, J.C.[Jian-Cheng] Huang, J.C.[Ji-Chuan] Huang, J.C.[Jui-Chan]
16 for Huang, J.C.

Huang, J.D.[Jiun De] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric fourier descriptor of non-closed segments
Includes: Huang, J.D.[Jiun De] Huang, J.D.[Jiun-De]

Huang, J.F.[Jing Feng] Co Author Listing * Aerial image semantic segmentation using DCNN predicted distance maps
* Approach to Improve Leaf Pigment Content Retrieval by Removing Specular Reflectance Through Polarization Measurements, An
* Array Optimization for MIMO Radar by Genetic Algorithms
* Assessing Global Ocean Wind Energy Resources Using Multiple Satellite Data
* Assessment of China's Offshore Wind Resources Based on the Integration of Multiple Satellite Data and Meteorological Data
* Automatic Building Extraction from High-Resolution Aerial Images and LiDAR Data Using Gated Residual Refinement Network
* CART-based fast CU size decision and mode decision algorithm for 3D-HEVC
* Developing a multi-filter convolutional neural network for semantic segmentation using high-resolution aerial imagery and LiDAR data
* Dynamic Mapping of Rice Growth Parameters Using HJ-1 CCD Time Series Data
* Dynamic Recommendation of POI Sequence Responding to Historical Trajectory
* Estimation and Mapping of Winter Oilseed Rape LAI from High Spatial Resolution Satellite Data Based on a Hybrid Method
* Evaluation of Urban Vibrancy and Its Relationship with the Economic Landscape: A Case Study of Beijing
* Exploring the Optical Properties of Leaf Photosynthetic and Photo-Protective Pigments In Vivo Based on the Separation of Spectral Overlapping
* High-Resolution Rice Mapping Based on SNIC Segmentation and Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images
* Impacts of spatial heterogeneity on crop area mapping in Canada using MODIS data
* Improved Cloud Gap-Filling Method for Longwave Infrared Land Surface Temperatures through Introducing Passive Microwave Techniques, An
* Investigation of Electromagnetic Radiation from High Power Weather Radar
* Key-frame-based depth propagation for semi-automatic stereoscopic video conversion
* Large-scale rice mapping under different years based on time-series Sentinel-1 images using deep semantic segmentation model
* Mapping Above-Ground Biomass of Winter Oilseed Rape Using High Spatial Resolution Satellite Data at Parcel Scale under Waterlogging Conditions
* Mapping paddy rice agriculture over China using AMSR-E time series data
* Mapping Rice Fields in Urban Shanghai, Southeast China, Using Sentinel-1A and Landsat 8 Datasets
* Mapping Water-Logging Damage on Winter Wheat at Parcel Level Using High Spatial Resolution Satellite Data
* Monitoring Meteorological Drought in Southern China Using Remote Sensing Data
* Monitoring Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Rice Planting Area in the Yangtze River Delta Region Using MODIS Images
* Multiple clusters parts-based sparse representation for single example face identification
* New 32-Day Average-Difference Method for Calculating Inter-Sensor Calibration Radiometric Biases between SNPP and NOAA-20 Instruments within ICVS Framework, A
* On the Study of Influences of Different Factors on the Rapid Tropospheric Tomography
* Optimal Segmentation Scale Parameter, Feature Subset and Classification Algorithm for Geographic Object-Based Crop Recognition Using Multisource Satellite Imagery
* Perceptual activity measures computed from blocks in the transform domain
* Practical Remote Sensing Monitoring Framework for Late Frost Damage in Wine Grapes Using Multi-Source Satellite Data, A
* Propagating Updates of Residential Areas in Multi-Representation Databases Using Constrained Delaunay Triangulations
* Recognition of distorted QR codes with one missing position detection pattern
* Remote Sensing of Pigment Content at a Leaf Scale: Comparison among Some Specular Removal and Specular Resistance Methods
* Rice Fields Mapping in Fragmented Area Using Multi-Temporal HJ-1A/B CCD Images
* Satellite-Derived Climatological Analysis of Urban Heat Island over Shanghai during 2000-2013, A
* Semi-automatic 2D-to-3D video conversion based on depth propagation from key-frames
Includes: Huang, J.F.[Jing Feng] Huang, J.F.[Jing-Feng] Huang, J.F.[Jing-Fang] Huang, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Huang, J.F.[Ji-Feng] Huang, J.F.[Jhin-Fang] Huang, J.F.[Jian-Fa] Huang, J.F.[Jin-Fang] Huang, J.F.[Jen-Fa] Huang, J.F.[Jian-Fen]
37 for Huang, J.F.

Huang, J.G.[Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Learning from Real Images to Model Lighting Variations for Face Images
* Occlusion Models for Natural Images: A Statistical Study of a Scale-Invariant Dead Leaves Model
* Perception-Based Lighting Adjustment of Image Sequences
* Statistics of Natural Images and Models
* Statistics of Range Images
Includes: Huang, J.G.[Jian Guo] Huang, J.G.[Jian-Guo] Huang, J.G.[Jing-Gang]

Huang, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * Active discriminant functions for handwriting recognition
* ClusterSLAM: A SLAM Backend for Simultaneous Rigid Body Clustering and Motion Estimation
* Comparing decision boundary curvature
* Content-Based Image Retrieval via Subspace-Projected Salient Features
* Data hiding in halftone images with secret-shared dot diffusion
* DeepOpht: Medical Report Generation for Retinal Images via Deep Models and Visual Explanation
* effective computer aided diagnosis system using B-Mode and color Doppler flow imaging for breast cancer, An
* Fingerprint minutiae matching using the adjacent feature vector
* Fractional subpixel diffusion and fuzzy logic approach for ultrasound speckle reduction
* Fully automatic and segmentation-robust classification of breast tumors based on local texture analysis of ultrasound images
* Hierarchical Model-Based Human Motion Tracking Via Unscented Kalman Filter
* High-Precision Registration Method Based on Auxiliary Sphere Targets, A
* Integrated Mining of Visual Features, Speech Features, and Frequent Patterns for Semantic Video Annotation
* Learning spatiotemporal representations for human fall detection in surveillance video
* Local relative location error descriptor-based fingerprint minutiae matching
* Multiple-domain knowledge based MRF model for tumor segmentation in breast ultrasound images
* new framework for identifying differentially expressed genes, A
* novel approach for tracking high speed skaters in sports using a panning camera, A
* novel speckle reduction and contrast enhancement method based on fuzzy anisotropic diffusion, A
* Probability density difference-based active contour for ultrasound image segmentation
* Urban expansion monitoring in South Asia based on SPOT /VGT and DMSP/OLS data
* Visual Object Tracking with Pyramid, Random Subspace Features
Includes: Huang, J.H.[Jian Hua] Huang, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Huang, J.H.[Jia-Hui] Huang, J.H.[Jyun-Hao] Huang, J.H.[Jia-Hong] Huang, J.H.[Jun-Hui] Huang, J.H.[Jhih-Hong] Huang, J.H.[Jian-Hui] Huang, J.H.[Jiang-Hua] Huang, J.H.[Jin-Hua] Huang, J.H.[Jun-Heng]
22 for Huang, J.H.

Huang, J.H.Z.[Jian Hua Z.] Co Author Listing * Sparse exponential family Principal Component Analysis
Includes: Huang, J.H.Z.[Jian Hua Z.] Huang, J.H.Z.[Jian-Hua Z.]

Huang, J.J.[Jing Jing] Co Author Listing * Changes in Nutrient Concentrations in Shenzhen Bay Detected Using Landsat Imagery between 1988 and 2020
* Coupled Network for Robust Pedestrian Detection With Gated Multi-Layer Feature Extraction and Deformable Occlusion Handling
* Discriminative indefinite kernel classifier from pairwise constraints and unlabeled data
* Double iterative optimal dictionary learning-based SAR image filtering method
* Dynamic Texture Recognition by Spatio-Temporal Multiresolution Histograms
* effect of electrode-skin interface model in electrical impedance imaging, The
* Fast Algorithm for Designing Stack Filters, A
* Geometry-Aware Deep Transform
* hybrid genetic algorithm for feature selection wrapper based on mutual information, A
* Image patch prior learning based on random neighbourhood resampling for image denoising
* Improved decision-based detail-preserving variational method for removal of random-valued impulse noise
* Improvement in real-time obstacle detection system for USV
* LDMNet: Low Dimensional Manifold Regularized Neural Networks
* Learning Hierarchical Decision Trees for Single-Image Super-Resolution
* Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Semantic Analysis Based on a Global Perspective
* Multidimensional data in multidimensional scaling using the analytic network process
* On-Board Detection and Matching of Feature Points
* On-Board Georeferencing Using FPGA-Based Optimized Second-Order Polynomial Equation
* On-Board Ortho-Rectification for Images Based on an FPGA
* On-Board Ortho-Rectification for Images Based on an FPGA
* Perceptual error criteria and restoration of images with stack filters
* Second-Order Polynomial Equation-Based Block Adjustment for Orthorectification of DISP Imagery
* segmentation algorithm for SAR images based on the anisotropic heat diffusion equation, A
* Semi-supervised Classification via Low Rank Graph
* Signal Recovery and System Calibration from Multiple Compressive Poisson Measurements
* SRHRF+: Self-Example Enhanced Single Image Super-Resolution Using Hierarchical Random Forests
* Transformation Model with Constraints for High-Accuracy of 2D-3D Building Registration in Aerial Imagery
* Using large color LBP in generalized hough transform
* Violence Detection Approach Based on Spatio-temporal Hypergraph Transition, A
* Wrapper for Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information, A
Includes: Huang, J.J.[Jing Jing] Huang, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Huang, J.J. Huang, J.J.[Ji-Jian] Huang, J.J.[Jie-Jun] Huang, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Huang, J.J.[Ji-Jer] Huang, J.J.[Jia-Ji] Huang, J.J.[Jin-Jie] Huang, J.J.[Jun-Jie] Huang, J.J.[Jih-Jeng] Huang, J.J.[Jing-Jin] Huang, J.J.[Ji-Jun] Huang, J.J.[Jing-Jia]
30 for Huang, J.J.

Huang, J.L. Co Author Listing * Application of Surface Deformation Monitoring in Mining Area by the Fusion of InSAR and Laser Scan Data
* Dynamic Assessment of Soil Erosion Risk Using Landsat TM and HJ Satellite Data in Danjiangkou Reservoir Area, China
* Enhanced Intensity Analysis to Quantify Categorical Change and to Identify Suspicious Land Transitions: A Case Study of Nanchang, China
* Estimation of Forest Aboveground Biomass in Changbai Mountain Region Using ICESat/GLAS and Landsat/TM Data
* Joint multi-scale discrimination and region segmentation for person re-ID
* Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Flood Regimes and Their Relation to Wetland Landscape Patterns in Dongting Lake from MODIS Time-Series Imagery
* Monitoring Trends in Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Satellite Imagery
* National Forest Aboveground Biomass Mapping from ICESat/GLAS Data and MODIS Imagery in China
* Non-rigid registration using gradient of self-similarity response
* Robust Parallel Analog Function Computation via Wireless Multiple-Access MIMO Channels
Includes: Huang, J.L. Huang, J.L.[Jin-Liang] Huang, J.L.[Jia-Liang] Huang, J.L.[James L.] Huang, J.L.[Jian-Li]
10 for Huang, J.L.

Huang, J.M.[Jian Ming] Co Author Listing * Efficient detection and robust tracking of spermatozoa in microscopic video
Includes: Huang, J.M.[Jian Ming] Huang, J.M.[Jian-Ming]

Huang, J.P.[Jia Peng] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Performance of ICESat-2/ATLAS Multi-Channel Photon Data for Estimating Ground Topography in Forested Terrain
* Estimating intravoxel fiber architecture using constrained compressed sensing combined with multitensor adaptive smoothing
* Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Noise Filtering Algorithm for Photon Cloud Data in Forest Area
* Pointing Angle Calibration of Zy3-02 Satellite Laser Altimeter Using Terrain Matching
* Profiling Dust Mass Concentration in Northwest China Using a Joint Lidar and Sun-Photometer Setting
* Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Absorbing Aerosols over East Asia, The
Includes: Huang, J.P.[Jia Peng] Huang, J.P.[Jia-Peng] Huang, J.P.[Jian-Ping] Huang, J.P.

Huang, J.Q.[Jian Qiang] Co Author Listing * Concentrated Local Part Discovery With Fine-Grained Part Representation for Person Re-Identification
* DFFAN: Dual Function Feature Aggregation Network for Semantic Segmentation of Land Cover
* Dynamic Anchor Feature Selection for Single-Shot Object Detection
* Gradient Centralization: A New Optimization Technique for Deep Neural Networks
* MFANet: A Multi-Level Feature Aggregation Network for Semantic Segmentation of Land Cover
* Momentum Batch Normalization for Deep Learning with Small Batch Size
* Part-aware Attention Network for Person Re-identification
* Quantization Networks
* Random Forest-Based Approach to Map Soil Erosion Risk Distribution in Hickory Plantations in Western Zhejiang Province, China, A
* Second-order Camera-aware Color Transformation for Cross-domain Person Re-identification
* Self-Adaptive Neural Module Transformer for Visual Question Answering
* SIF: Self-Inspirited Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification
* Study of Subsidence and Earthquake Swarms in the Western Pakistan
* Towards Federated Learning in UAV-Enabled Internet of Vehicles: A Multi-Dimensional Contract-Matching Approach
* Towards Precise Intra-camera Supervised Person Re-Identification
* Trellis Coded Color Quantization of Images
* Unbiased Scene Graph Generation From Biased Training
* Unsupervised Discrete Hashing With Affinity Similarity
Includes: Huang, J.Q.[Jian Qiang] Huang, J.Q.[Jian-Qiang] Huang, J.Q.[Jun-Qing] Huang, J.Q.[Jian-Qin] Huang, J.Q.[Jing-Qiu] Huang, J.Q.[Jian Qiao]
18 for Huang, J.Q.

Huang, J.Q.A.[Jian Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Survey of single image super-resolution reconstruction
Includes: Huang, J.Q.A.[Jian Qi Ang] Huang, J.Q.A.[Jian-Qi-Ang]

Huang, J.R.[Jing Rao] Co Author Listing * Kind of Simulation Method about the Spray Head Movement Based on Image Chromaticity Array, A
Includes: Huang, J.R.[Jing Rao] Huang, J.R.[Jing-Rao]

Huang, J.R.J.[Jeffrey R.J.] Co Author Listing * Multiple Motion Detection Using Genetic Algorithms

Huang, J.S.[Jiang Shuai] Co Author Listing * Adaptive consensus tracking control of uncertain nonlinear systems: A first-order example
* Cross-Domain Image Retrieval with a Dual Attribute-Aware Ranking Network
* Decoder picture buffer reduction based effective reference frame selection algorithm for multiview video coding
* Deep domain adaptation for describing people based on fine-grained clothing attributes
* Dual Attention Multi-Instance Deep Learning for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis With Structural MRI
* edge preserved image compression technique, An
* Fashion Parsing With Weak Color-Category Labels
* General traffic sign recognition by feature matching
* HCP: A Flexible CNN Framework for Multi-Label Image Classification
* Heuristic Approach to Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* heuristic method for separating clusters from noisy background, A
* Human Face Profile Recognition by Computer
* Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Considering Regional Soil Erosion Based on Machine-Learning Models
* Multi-1D Block Matching Algorithm based motion estimation processor using mixed-signal approach
* Optical Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Partitioned Hough Transform For Ellipsoid Detection
* Pattern Recognition Using Evolution Algorithms with Fast Simulated Annealing
* Prediction of Soil Moisture Content and Soil Salt Concentration from Hyperspectral Laboratory and Field Data
* Recognition Of Handwritten Chinese Characters By Modified Relaxation Methods
* Regional Terrain Complexity Assessment Based on Principal Component Analysis and Geographic Information System: A Case of Jiangxi Province, China
* Separating Similar Complex Chinese Characters By Walsh Transform
* Statistical Theory of Edge Detection
* Stereo Vision Using a Microcanonical Mean-Field Annealing Neural-Network
* Stroke Segmentation by Bernstein-Bezier Curve Fitting
* Transformation Invariant Matching Algorithm for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Uncertainties Analysis of Collapse Susceptibility Prediction Based on Remote Sensing and GIS: Influences of Different Data-Based Models and Connections between Collapses and Environmental Factors
Includes: Huang, J.S.[Jiang Shuai] Huang, J.S.[Jiang-Shuai] Huang, J.S.[Jun-Shi] Huang, J.S.[Jin-Shun] Huang, J.S.[Jia-Shuang] Huang, J.S.[Jun S.] Huang, J.S.[Jin-Sheng] Huang, J.S. Huang, J.S.[Jin-Song] Huang, J.S.[Jung-Shou] Huang, J.S.[Jie-Sheng]
26 for Huang, J.S.

Huang, J.T.[Jian Tao] Co Author Listing * Anatomical object volumes from deformable B-spline surface models
* Deformable B-Solids and Implicit Snakes for 3D Localization and Tracking of SPAMM MRI Data
* Deformable B-Solids and Implicit Snakes for Localization and Tracking of MRI-SPAMM Data
* Flexible shapes for segmentation and tracking of cardiovascular data
* Performance improvement techniques for Chinese character recognition
* Single image visibility enhancement in gradient domain
* Spatio-temporal tracking of myocardial deformations with a 4-D B-spline model from tagged MRI
* Theoretical Uncertainty Analysis of Satellite Retrieved Aerosol Optical Depth Associated with Surface Albedo and Aerosol Optical Properties
* Virtual view synthesis for multi-view video plus depth sequences using spatial-temporal information
Includes: Huang, J.T.[Jian Tao] Huang, J.T.[Jian-Tao] Huang, J.T. Huang, J.T.[Jen-Tsan] Huang, J.T.[Jing-Ting]
9 for Huang, J.T.

Huang, J.W.[Jing Wei] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Texture Optimization From RGB-D Scans
* Algorithm for Removable Visible Watermarking, An
* Anisotropy and Polarization of Stress-Induced Microwave Radiation Changes in Granite and Their Significance for Seismic Remote Sensing, The
* Anti-forensics of JPEG Detectors via Adaptive Quantization Table Replacement
* Attack LSB Matching Steganography by Counting Alteration Rate of the Number of Neighbourhood Gray Levels
* Binary Image Authentication using Zernike Moments
* Binary Image Steganalysis Based on Histogram of Structuring Elements
* Blind Detection of Median Filtering in Digital Images: A Difference Domain Based Approach
* Center-based weighted kernel linear regression for image classification
* Clustering Steganographic Modification Directions for Color Components
* Clustering Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices on the Riemannian Manifolds
* Content-based authentication algorithm for binary images
* Countering anti-JPEG compression forensics
* Data-driven multimedia forensics and security
* Deep Learning-Based Forgery Attack on Document Images
* Deformation-aware 3d Model Embedding and Retrieval
* Detecting facial manipulated videos based on set convolutional neural networks
* Digital image splicing detection based on Markov features in DCT and DWT domain
* Discrete Wavelet Transform and Data Expansion Reduction in Homomorphic Encrypted Domain
* Discriminating Computer Graphics Images and Natural Images Using Hidden Markov Tree Model
* DWT-Based Fragile Watermarking Tolerant of JPEG Compression, A
* DWT-based Video Data Hiding Robust to MPEG Compression And Frame Loss
* DWT-DFT composite watermarking scheme robust to both affine transform and JPEG compression, A
* Effect of Different Coding Patterns on Compressed Frequency Domain Based Universal JPEG Steganalysis
* efficient print-scanning resilient data hiding scheme based on a novel LPM, An
* Error Analysis of LAI Measurements with LAI-2000 Due to Discrete View Angular Range Angles for Continuous Canopies
* Experimental Study of the Thermal Infrared Emissivity Variation of Loaded Rock and Its Significance
* Experimental Study on the Thermal Infrared Spectral Variation of Fractured Rock
* Exposing Fake Bit Rate Videos and Estimating Original Bit Rates
* Exposing fake bitrate video and its original bitrate
* Fast detection method of quick response code based on run-length coding
* Geometric Invariant Audio Watermarking Based on an LCM Feature
* Geometric invariant features in the Radon transform domain for near-duplicate image detection
* geometrically resilient robust image watermarking scheme using deformable multi-scale transform, A
* GSM Based Security Analysis for Add-SS Watermarking
* How Culture and Sociopolitical Tensions Might Influence People's Acceptance of COVID-19 Control Measures That Use Individual-Level Georeferenced Data
* Hybrid Watermarking Scheme for Video Authentication, A
* image copy detection scheme based on radon transform, An
* Image Fusion Based Visible Watermarking Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
* Image Retrieval Using Color-Aware Tag on Progressive Image Search and Recommendation System
* Image Watermarking Algorithm Robust to Geometric Distortion, An
* Improve robustness of image watermarking via adaptive receiving
* Improve security of fragile watermarking via parameterized wavelet
* Improved Algorithm of Edge Adaptive Image Steganography Based on LSB Matching Revisited Algorithm
* Improved steganalysis algorithm against motion vector based video steganography
* Improving Robustness of Quantization-Based Image Watermarking via Adaptive Receiver
* Interactions between Bus, Metro, and Taxi Use before and after the Chinese Spring Festival
* Interseismic Coupling beneath the Sikkim-Bhutan Himalaya Constrained by GPS Measurements and Its Implication for Strain Segmentation and Seismic Activity
* Investigating the Relationship between the Built Environment and Relative Risk of COVID-19 in Hong Kong
* Joint Source Adaptation and Resource Allocation for Multi-User Wireless Video Streaming
* Learning Sparse Features On-Line for Image Classification
* Local Implicit Grid Representations for 3D Scenes
* M-Band Wavelets in Image Watermarking, The
* Measuring Spatial Accessibility of Urban Fire Services Using Historical Fire Incidents in Nanjing, China
* Median Filtering Detection Using Edge Based Prediction Matrix
* Mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium in the camera source identification game
* Near-Duplicate Image Recognition and Content-based Image Retrieval using Adaptive Hierarchical Geometric Centroids
* new cost function for spatial image steganography, A
* New JPEG Steganographic Scheme with High Security Performance
* Normalized Object Coordinate Space for Category-Level 6D Object Pose and Size Estimation
* Novel Method for Block Size Forensics Based on Morphological Operations, A
* novel reversible data hiding method with image contrast enhancement, A
* novel selective encryption scheme for H.264/AVC video with improved visual security, A
* On the Cost-QoE Tradeoff for Cloud-Based Video Streaming Under Amazon EC2's Pricing Models
* Performance Enhancement for DWT-HMM Image Watermarking with Content-Adaptive Approach
* Region duplication detection based on Harris corner points and step sector statistics
* Reliable information bit hiding
* Reversible Data Hiding in Halftone Images Based on Dynamic Embedding States Group
* Reversible data hiding in Paillier cryptosystem
* reversible data hiding method with contrast enhancement for medical images, A
* Robust Audio Watermarking Based on Log-Polar Frequency Index
* Robust Audio Watermarking Based on Low-Order Zernike Moments
* Robust AVS Audio Watermarking
* Robust Detection of Region-Duplication Forgery in Digital Image
* Robust image hash in Radon transform domain for authentication
* Robust image watermarking based on Tucker decomposition and Adaptive-Lattice Quantization Index Modulation
* Robust Watermarking Scheme for H.264, A
* Robust Watermarking with Adaptive Receiving
* Rotation-Invariant Secure Image Watermarking Algorithm Incorporating Steerable Pyramid Transform, A
* Salient covariance for near-duplicate image and video detection
* Secure JPEG steganography by LSB+ matching and multi-band embedding
* Secure Robust JPEG Steganography Based on AutoEncoder With Adaptive BCH Encoding
* Secure watermarking scheme against watermark attacks in the encrypted domain
* Security Analysis on Spatial +/- 1 Steganography for JPEG Decompressed Images
* Statistical Model of JPEG Noises and Its Application in Quantization Step Estimation
* Steganalysis of Enhanced BPCS Steganography Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform Based Sequential Analysis
* Steganalysis of JPEG2000 Lazy-Mode Steganography using the Hilbert-Huang Transform Based Sequential Analysis
* Steganalysis of LSB Greedy Embedding Algorithm for JPEG Images using Coefficient Symmetry
* study on security performance of YASS, A
* Temporal Statistic Based Video Watermarking Scheme Robust against Geometric Attacks and Frame Dropping
* TextureNet: Consistent Local Parametrizations for Learning From High-Resolution Signals on Meshes
* Three Novel Algorithms for Hiding Data in PDF Files Based on Incremental Updates
* Universal JPEG steganalysis based on microscopic and macroscopic calibration
* VideoSet: A large-scale compressed video quality dataset based on JND measurement
* VPCID: A VoIP Phone Call Identification Database
* WeightNet: Revisiting the Design Space of Weight Networks
Includes: Huang, J.W.[Jing Wei] Huang, J.W.[Jing-Wei] Huang, J.W.[Ji-Wu] Huang, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Huang, J.W.[Jia-Wen] Huang, J.W.[Jun-Wei] Huang, J.W.[Jen-Wei] Huang, J.W.[Jia-Wei] Huang, J.W.[Jun-Wang]
96 for Huang, J.W.

Huang, J.X.[Jian Xi] Co Author Listing * Assimilating Soil Moisture Retrieved from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data into WOFOST Model to Improve Winter Wheat Yield Estimation
* Automated Method for Extracting Rivers and Lakes from Landsat Imagery, An
* Contextual-relation Consistent Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
* Corn Residue Covered Area Mapping with a Deep Learning Method Using Chinese GF-1 B/D High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Early Season Mapping of Sugarcane by Applying Machine Learning Algorithms to Sentinel-1A/2 Time Series Data: A Case Study in Zhanjiang City, China
* efficient image aesthetic analysis system using Hadoop, An
* Evaluation of Global Decametric-Resolution LAI, FAPAR and FVC Estimates Derived from Sentinel-2 Imagery
* FPS-Net: A convolutional fusion network for large-scale LiDAR point cloud segmentation
* Harmonizing Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images for Summer Corn Growth Monitoring
* Joint Retrieval of Growing Season Corn Canopy LAI and Leaf Chlorophyll Content by Fusing Sentinel-2 and MODIS Images
* Large-Scale Crop Mapping Based on Machine Learning and Parallel Computation with Grids
* Mapping of Daily Mean Air Temperature in Agricultural Regions Using Daytime and Nighttime Land Surface Temperatures Derived from TERRA and AQUA MODIS Data
* multi-scene deep learning model for image aesthetic evaluation, A
* Phenotyping of Corn Plants Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images
* Prediction of Winter Wheat Maturity Dates through Assimilating Remotely Sensed Leaf Area Index into Crop Growth Model
* RDCRMG: A Raster Dataset Clean & Reconstitution Multi-Grid Architecture for Remote Sensing Monitoring of Vegetation Dryness
* Research and Application of Spatial Information Technology in Cultural Heritage Conservation-Case Study on Grand Canal of CHINA, The
* Research on the Construction of Corpus for Automatic Solution of Elementary Mathematics Statistics Applications
* Retrieving Corn Canopy Leaf Area Index from Multitemporal Landsat Imagery and Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Scale variance minimization for unsupervised domain adaptation in image segmentation
* Winter Wheat Yield Prediction at County Level and Uncertainty Analysis in Main Wheat-Producing Regions of China with Deep Learning Approaches
Includes: Huang, J.X.[Jian Xi] Huang, J.X.[Jian-Xi] Huang, J.X.[Jia-Xing] Huang, J.X.[Jie-Xiong] Huang, J.X.[Jing-Xiu]
21 for Huang, J.X.

Huang, J.Y.[Jiung Yao] Co Author Listing * Assistive Malaysian Sign Language Application for D/HH Learning Using Visual Phonics
* Climate and Land-Use Change Effects on Soil Carbon Stocks over 150 Years in Wisconsin, USA
* Enhanced Pix2pix Dehazing Network
* Establishing an Empirical Model for Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval at the U.S. Climate Reference Network Using Sentinel-1 Backscatter and Ancillary Data
* Fast intra coding unit partition decision in H.266/FVC based on spatial features
* Few-Shot Structured Domain Adaptation for Virtual-to-Real Scene Parsing
* Generic Image Segmentation in Fully Convolutional Networks by Superpixel Merging Map
* Human body motion parameters capturing using kinect
* Intra mode prediction for H.266/FVC video coding based on convolutional neural network
* new coupled map car-following model under inter-vehicle communication, A
* Optimal mathematical programming and variable neighborhood search for k-modes categorical data clustering
* Optimized 3D Street Scene Reconstruction from Driving Recorder Images
* Panoramic Mapping with Information Technologies for Supporting Engineering Education: A Preliminary Exploration
* Segmenting Neuronal Growth Cones Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Simple 3D Reconstruction of Single Indoor Image with Perspective Cues
* Space Target Recognition Method Based on Compressive Sensing, A
* Tangent-Corrected Embedding
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
Includes: Huang, J.Y.[Jiung Yao] Huang, J.Y.[Jiung-Yao] Huang, J.Y.[Jing-Yi] Huang, J.Y.[Jing-Ying] Huang, J.Y.[Jing-Ya] Huang, J.Y.[Jun-Ying] Huang, J.Y.[Jin-Yu] Huang, J.Y.[Jun-Yang] Huang, J.Y.[Jiao-Ying] Huang, J.Y.[Jun-Yi] Huang, J.Y. Huang, J.Y.[Jing-Yuan] Huang, J.Y.[Jian-Yu] Huang, J.Y.[Jia-Yuan]
18 for Huang, J.Y.

Huang, J.Z.[Jun Zhou] Co Author Listing * 3D anatomical shape atlas construction using mesh quality preserved deformable models
* 3D Laplacian-driven parametric deformable model, A
* 4D Cardiac Reconstruction Using High Resolution CT Images
* Automated Variable Weighting in k-Means Type Clustering
* Automatic Estimation of Urban Waterlogging Depths from Video Images Based on Ubiquitous Reference Objects
* Automatic Image Annotation and Retrieval Using Group Sparsity
* Automatic image annotation using group sparsity
* Background Subtraction Using Low Rank and Group Sparsity Constraints
* Co-heterogeneous and Adaptive Segmentation from Multi-source and Multi-phase CT Imaging Data: A Study on Pathological Liver and Lesion Segmentation
* Composite splitting algorithms for convex optimization
* Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Using Quantitative Topology Features
* Construction of Left Ventricle 3D Shape Atlas from Cardiac MRI
* Context-Aware Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Creating synthetic minority class samples based on autoencoder extreme learning machine
* Deep sparse representation for robust image registration
* Diffuse Optical Tomography Enhanced by Clustered Sparsity for Functional Brain Imaging
* Efficient 4D Non-local Tensor Total-Variation for Low-Dose CT Perfusion Deconvolution
* Explicit occlusion detection based deformable fitting for facial landmark localization
* Eye localization through multiscale sparse dictionaries
* Face Landmark Fitting via Optimized Part Mixtures and Cascaded Deformable Model
* Fast Optimization for Mixture Prior Models
* feature group weighting method for subspace clustering of high-dimensional data, A
* From circle to 3-sphere: Head pose estimation by instance parameterization
* Head Pose Estimation by Instance Parameterization
* Hierarchical Sparse Representation for Robust Image Registration
* Image Fusion with Local Spectral Consistency and Dynamic Gradient Sparsity
* iris image synthesis method based on PCA and super-resolution, An
* Label-driven Reconstruction for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Learning active facial patches for expression analysis
* Learning Multiscale Active Facial Patches for Expression Analysis
* Learning with dynamic group sparsity
* Multimodal sparse representation classification with Fisher discriminative sample reduction
* new iris segmentation method for recognition, A
* Noise removal and impainting model for IRIS image
* O(1) Algorithms for Overlapping Group Sparsity
* Obtaining Urban Waterlogging Depths from Video Images Using Synthetic Image Data
* On combining active and transfer learning for medical data classification
* Optimal object matching via convexification and composition
* optimization algorithm for clustering using weighted dissimilarity measures, An
* Optimization and Learning for Registration of Moving Dynamic Textures
* Pose-Free Facial Landmark Fitting via Optimized Part Mixtures and Cascaded Deformable Shape Model
* Preconditioning for Accelerated Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares in Structured Sparsity Reconstruction
* Progressive Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Real-Time Semantic Segmentation via Auto Depth, Downsampling Joint Decision and Feature Aggregation
* Robust and Fast Collaborative Tracking with Two Stage Sparse Optimization
* Robust eyelid tracking for fatigue detection
* Robust face tracking with a consumer depth camera
* Robust Nanoparticles Detection From Noisy Background by Fusing Complementary Image Information
* Robust tracking using local sparse appearance model and K-selection
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Local Sparse Appearance Model and K-Selection
* Segmentation, Inference and Classification of Partially Overlapping Nanoparticles
* Selection of diverse features with a diverse regularization
* Sequential Face Alignment via Person-Specific Modeling in the Wild
* Simultaneous image transformation and sparse representation recovery
* SIRF: Simultaneous Satellite Image Registration and Fusion in a Unified Framework
* Sparse shape composition: A new framework for shape prior modeling
* Sparse shape registration for occluded facial feature localization
* Stereo matching based on segmented B-spline surface fitting and accelerated region belief propagation
* Stratified feature sampling method for ensemble clustering of high dimensional data
* Stratified sampling for feature subspace selection in random forests for high dimensional data
* Sub-Selective Quantization for Learning Binary Codes in Large-Scale Image Search
* System and method for detecting and analyzing a queue
* Three-dimensional head pose estimation in-the-wild
* Track Facial Points in Unconstrained Videos
* Transformation-Invariant Collaborative Sub-representation
* TWCC: Automated Two-way Subspace Weighting Partitional Co-Clustering
* Weakly Supervised Region Proposal Network and Object Detection
Includes: Huang, J.Z.[Jun Zhou] Huang, J.Z.[Jun-Zhou] Huang, J.Z.[Joshua Zhexue] Huang, J.Z.[Jing-Zhou] Huang, J.Z.[Jian-Zhong] Huang, J.Z.[Joshua Z.] Huang, J.Z.
67 for Huang, J.Z.

Huang, J.Z.X.[Joshua Zhe Xue] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Balanced Min Cut
* On the Impact of Dissimilarity Measure in k-Modes Clustering Algorithm
Includes: Huang, J.Z.X.[Joshua Zhe Xue] Huang, J.Z.X.[Joshua Zhe-Xue]

Huang, K.[Kui] Co Author Listing * Accurate Image-Guided Stereo Matching With Efficient Matching Cost and Disparity Refinement
* Adversarially Occluded Samples for Person Re-identification
* Assessing Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Urbanization Dynamics in Southeast Asia Using Time Series of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Beyond Attributes: High-Order Attribute Features for Zero-Shot Learning
* Beyond Triplet Loss: A Deep Quadruplet Network for Person Re-identification
* Building a Series of Consistent Night-Time Light Data (1992-2018) in Southeast Asia by Integrating DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS
* Choosing best basis in wavelet packets for fingerprint matching
* Collision-Free LSTM for Human Trajectory Prediction
* Composing Good Shots by Exploiting Mutual Relations
* Context-Aware Human Activity and Smartphone Position-Mining with Motion Sensors
* Correlation Filter Selection for Visual Tracking Using Reinforcement Learning
* Curve Bend Function Based Method to Characterize Contour Shapes, A
* Deep Aesthetic Quality Assessment With Semantic Information
* Degraded Character Recognition by Complementary Classifiers Combination
* Densely Connected Single-Shot Detector
* Detecting Unipolar and Bipolar Depressive Disorders from Elicited Speech Responses Using Latent Affective Structure Model
* Detection and Visualization of Surface-Pockets to Enable Phenotyping Studies
* Detection of Pine Shoot Beetle (PSB) Stress on Pine Forests at Individual Tree Level using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery and Lidar
* Discriminative Learning of Latent Features for Zero-Shot Recognition
* Discriminative Model of Motion and Cross Ratio for View-Invariant Action Recognition, A
* Discriminative Orthogonal Neighborhood-Preserving Projections for Classification
* DualPathGAN: Facial reenacted emotion synthesis
* Ecological Driving System for Connected/Automated Vehicles Using a Two-Stage Control Hierarchy
* Edge Detection Through Residual Analysis
* Effective Adversarial Training Based Spatial-Temporal Network for Abnormal Behavior Detection, An
* Efficient Algorithm of Facial Expression Recognition by Tsg-rnn Network, An
* Efficient dispatching system of railway vehicles based on internet of things technology
* Efficient Intrusion Detection Approach for Visual Sensor Networks Based on Traffic Pattern Learning, An
* Efficient, Platform-Independent Map Rendering Framework for Mobile Augmented Reality, An
* Encyclopedia enhanced semantic embedding for zero-shot learning
* Equalized Global Graph Model-Based Approach for Multicamera Object Tracking, An
* Face hallucination via K-selection mean constrained sparse representation
* Face Image Super-Resolution Through Improved Neighbor Embedding
* Fast End-to-End Trainable Guided Filter
* Feasible Point Pursuit and Successive Approximation of Non-Convex QCQPs
* Focal Boundary Guided Salient Object Detection
* GAC-GAN: A General Method for Appearance-Controllable Human Video Motion Transfer
* GAN-based Tunable Image Compression System, A
* Generalized Rank Conditions in Multiple View Geometry with Applications to Dynamical Scenes
* Generative adversarial classifier for handwriting characters super-resolution
* Geometric segmentation of perspective images based on symmetry groups
* Graph discriminant analysis on multi-manifold (GDAMM): A novel super-resolution method for face recognition
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Large-Scale Video Analytics for Enhanced Security: Algorithms and Systems
* Haptic Identification by ELM-Controlled Uncertain Manipulator
* High-performance Cross-platform Map Rendering Engine for Mobile Geographic Information System (GIS), A
* Human-computer interaction based on face feature localization
* Hybrid Framework for Tumor Saliency Estimation, A
* Image deraining with Adversarial Residual Refinement Network
* Image Quality Assessment by Quantifying Discrepancies of Multifractal Spectrums
* Image saliency detection via multi-scale iterative CNN
* Influences of Climate Change and Human Activities on Vegetation Dynamics in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, The
* Integrative Analysis of Pathological Images and Multi-Dimensional Genomic Data for Early-Stage Cancer Prognosis
* Iterative Residual Network for Structured Edge Detection
* Learning Deep Context-Aware Features over Body and Latent Parts for Person Re-identification
* Learning temporally correlated representations using LSTMS for visual tracking
* Learning to Learn Cropping Models for Different Aspect Ratio Requirements
* Learning to Parse Wireframes in Images of Man-Made Environments
* Local Adaptive Algorithm for Microaneurysms Detection in Digital Fundus Images, A
* Locality-Sensitive Deconvolution Networks with Gated Fusion for RGB-D Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* Medical image compression by using three-dimensional wavelet transformation
* Medical Knowledge Constrained Semantic Breast Ultrasound Image Segmentation
* Minimum Effective Dimension for Mixtures of Subspaces: A Robust GPCA Algorithm and its Applications
* Motion Estimation of Non-Holonomic Ground Vehicles From a Single Feature Correspondence Measured Over N Views
* Moving-Object Detection From Consecutive Stereo Pairs Using Slanted Plane Smoothing
* Multi-Scale Hybrid Linear Model for Lossy Image Representation, A
* Multi-Scale Metric Learning for Few-Shot Learning
* Multilayer Surface Albedo for Face Recognition With Reference Images in Bad Lighting Conditions
* Multiscale Hybrid Linear Models for Lossy Image Representation
* Narrowband Bio-Indicator Monitoring of Temperate Forest Carbon Fluxes in Northeastern China
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Signal and Data Analytics: Identifiability, Algorithms, and Applications
* NoUCSR: Efficient Super-Resolution Network without Upsampling Convolution
* Novel Algorithm for View and Illumination Invariant Image Matching, A
* Off-line signature verification using structural feature correspondence
* Off-Line Writer Verification Utilizing Multiple Neural Networks
* On Evidential Relaxation Labeling: A Scheme Toward Knowledge-Based Vision
* On Identifiability of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* On Symmetry and Multiple-View Geometry: Structure, Pose, and Calibration from a Single Image
* On the Application of Binary Neural Networks in Oblivious Inference
* One Shot Radial Distortion Correction by Direct Linear Transformation
* Online Signature Verification Based on Dynamic Segmentation and Global and Local Matching
* PPGNet: Learning Point-Pair Graph for Line Segment Detection
* Prototype Calibration with Feature Generation for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Putting Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to the Test: A tutorial derivation of pertinent Cramer-Rao bounds and performance benchmarking
* Query Adaptive Similarity Measure for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Rank Conditions on the Multiple-View Matrix
* Real-Time High-Quality Complete System for Depth Image-Based Rendering on FPGA, A
* Recurrent Prediction With Spatio-Temporal Attention for Crowd Attribute Recognition
* Richly Annotated Pedestrian Dataset for Person Retrieval in Real Surveillance Scenarios, A
* Robust Salient Object Detection via Fusing Foreground and Background Priors
* Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
* Rotation Invariant Texture Classification with Ridgelet Transform and Fourier Transform
* Saliency Detection by Adaptive Channel Fusion
* Semantic Segmentation of Breast Ultrasound Image with Pyramid Fuzzy Uncertainty Reduction and Direction Connectedness Feature
* Semantics-guided multi-level RGB-D feature fusion for indoor semantic segmentation
* SiamFPN: A Deep Learning Method for Accurate and Real-Time Maritime Ship Tracking
* Signature Verification Using Fractal Transformation
* Simultaneous Detection and Tracking of Moving-Target Shadows in ViSAR Imagery
* Sparse representation of images with hybrid linear models
* SparseMask: Differentiable Connectivity Learning for Dense Image Prediction
* Spatial Segmentation of Temporal Texture Using Mixture Linear Models
* Stability and style-variation modeling for on-line signature verification
* Statistical Partitioning of Wavelet Subbands for Texture Classification
* Study on Gait-Based Gender Classification, A
* super-resolution method based on local sparse and global gradient, A
* Symmetry-based 3-D reconstruction from perspective images
* Symmetry-based photo-editing
* Towards Fair Cross-Domain Adaptation via Generative Learning
* triangular radial cubic spline deformation model for efficient 3D beating heart tracking, A
* Two-point correlation as a feature for histology images: Feature space structure and correlation updating
* Video semantic segmentation via feature propagation with holistic attention
* Wavelet Feature Selection for Image Classification
* Weighted Feature Histogram of Multi-Scale Local Patch Using Multi-Bit Binary Descriptor for Face Recognition
* Zero-Shot Learning via Attribute Regression and Class Prototype Rectification
Includes: Huang, K.[Kui] Huang, K. Huang, K.[Kun] Huang, K.[Ke] Huang, K.[Kai] Huang, K.[Kaizhu] Huang, K.[Kan] Huang, K.[Kejie] Huang, K.[Kang] Huang, K.[Kejia] Huang, K.[Kebin] Huang, K.[Kejun] Huang, K.[Kaining] Huang, K.[Kunyao] Huang, K.[Kuan] Huang, K.[Keli] Huang, K.[Kele]
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Huang, K.C.[Kuo Chang] Co Author Listing * Application of the variance compensation likelihood measure for robust hidden Markov model in noise
* Autofocus of Iris Patterns Using a Triangle Aperture
* Cluster-dependent feature selection by multiple kernel self-organizing map
* New vector quantization image coding algorithm based on the extension of the bound for Minkowski metric
* Speaker adaptation based on MAP estimation using fuzzy controller
Includes: Huang, K.C.[Kuo Chang] Huang, K.C.[Kuo-Chang] Huang, K.C. Huang, K.C.[Kuan-Chieh]

Huang, K.D.[Kui Dong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image segmentation method based on the fuzzy c-means with spatial information
* Image segmentation framework based on optimal multi-method fusion
* Noise Suppression Methods in Beam Hardening Correction for X-Ray Computed Tomography
Includes: Huang, K.D.[Kui Dong] Huang, K.D.[Kui-Dong]

Huang, K.F.[Kun Fang] Co Author Listing * Intelligent exposure determination for high quality HDR image generation
* Two greedy tree growing algorithms for designing variable rate vector quantizers
Includes: Huang, K.F.[Kun Fang] Huang, K.F.[Kun-Fang] Huang, K.F.

Huang, K.H.[Kai Hsiang] Co Author Listing * Integrating MNF and HHT Transformations into Artificial Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* JECL: Joint Embedding and Cluster Learning for Image-Text Pairs
* Unsupervised kernel learning for abnormal events detection
Includes: Huang, K.H.[Kai Hsiang] Huang, K.H.[Kai-Hsiang] Huang, K.H.[Kuan-Hao] Huang, K.H.[Kui-Hua]

Huang, K.J.[Ke Jun] Co Author Listing * Anchor-Free Correlated Topic Modeling
* Foreground-Background Parallel Compression With Residual Encoding for Surveillance Video
Includes: Huang, K.J.[Ke Jun] Huang, K.J.[Ke-Jun] Huang, K.J.[Ke-Jie]

Huang, K.K.[Ke Kun] Co Author Listing * Discriminative and Compact Coding for Robust Face Recognition
* Discriminative multi-layer illumination-robust feature extraction for face recognition
* Discriminative multi-scale sparse coding for single-sample face recognition with occlusion
* Dual Calibration Mechanism Based L2, p-Norm for Graph Matching
* Fusing landmark-based features at kernel level for face recognition
* Hyperspectral image classification via discriminative convolutional neural network with an improved triplet loss
* Multiscale Logarithm Difference Edgemaps for Face Recognition Against Varying Lighting Conditions
* New On-Board Image Codec Based on Binary Tree With Adaptive Scanning Order in Scan-Based Mode, A
* Quadtree coding with adaptive scanning order for space-borne image compression
* Regularized coplanar discriminant analysis for dimensionality reduction
* Transfer Learning of Structured Representation for Face Recognition
Includes: Huang, K.K.[Ke Kun] Huang, K.K.[Ke-Kun]
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Huang, K.L.[King Lung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive color controller for image scanning and printing devices
* Consistent Picture Quality Control Strategy for Dependent Video Coding
* efficient streaming and decoding architecture for stored fgs video, An
* Text/image separation method
Includes: Huang, K.L.[King Lung] Huang, K.L.[King-Lung] Huang, K.L.[Kao-Lung] Huang, K.L.[Kan-Li]

Huang, K.M.[Kuang Man] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection and Analysis of Foraging Behavior in C. elegans
Includes: Huang, K.M.[Kuang Man] Huang, K.M.[Kuang-Man]

Huang, K.N.[Kang Ning] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of Multisensor Images Using an Integrated Spatial and Mutual Information (SMI) Metric
* Multiple instance deep learning for weakly-supervised visual object tracking
Includes: Huang, K.N.[Kang Ning] Huang, K.N.[Kang-Ning] Huang, K.N.[Kai-Ning]

Huang, K.Q.[Kai Qi] Co Author Listing * 3D model based vehicle localization by optimizing local gradient based fitness evaluation
* 3D Model Based Vehicle Tracking Using Gradient Based Fitness Evaluation under Particle Filter Framework
* A2-RL: Aesthetics Aware Reinforcement Learning for Image Cropping
* Abnormal Activity Recognition in Office Based on R Transform
* Adaptive Combination of Multiple Features for Robust Tracking in Real Scene, An
* Adaptive Slice Representation for Human Action Classification
* Beyond Tree Structure Models: A New Occlusion Aware Graphical Model for Human Pose Estimation
* Biologically Inspired Features for Scene Classification in Video Surveillance
* Boosted local structured HOG-LBP for object localization
* Boosting local feature descriptors for automatic objects classification in traffic scene surveillance
* Bridging the Gap Between Detection and Tracking: A Unified Approach
* cascade fusion scheme for gait and cumulative foot pressure image recognition, A
* Cast Shadow Removal Combining Local and Global Features
* Cast Shadow Removal in a Hierarchical Manner Using MRF
* Cast Shadow Removal with GMM for Surface Reflectance Component
* CLUMOC: Multiple Motion Estimation by Cluster Motion Consensus
* Color image denoising with wavelet thresholding based on human visual system model
* compact optical flow based motion representation for real-time action recognition in surveillance scenes, A
* Comparison of Similarity Measures for Trajectory Clustering in Outdoor Surveillance Scenes
* Complex Activity Representation and Recognition by Extended Stochastic Grammar
* Computational primitives of visual perception
* Context aware model for articulated human pose estimation
* Context Enhancement of Nighttime Surveillance by Image Fusion
* Continuously Tracking Objects Across Multiple Widely Separated Cameras
* convergent solution to two dimensional linear discriminant analysis, A
* Cross-Domain Object Recognition Using Object Alignment
* Data Decomposition and Spatial Mixture Modeling for Part Based Model
* Deep Crisp Boundaries
* Deep Crisp Boundaries: From Boundaries to Higher-Level Tasks
* Deformable Object Matching via Deformation Decomposition Based 2D Label MRF
* Detecting and Tracking Distant Objects at Night Based on Human Visual System
* Direction-based stochastic matching for pedestrian recognition in non-overlapping cameras
* EDA Approach for Model Based Localization and Recognition of Vehicles
* Efficient multiview video plus depth coding for 3D-HEVC based on complexity classification of the treeblock
* Efficient Night Gait Recognition Based on Template Matching
* Efficient Object Tracking by Incremental Self-Tuning Particle Filtering on the Affine Group
* Enhanced biologically inspired model
* Enhanced Biologically Inspired Model for Object Recognition
* Estimating the number of people in crowded scenes by MID based foreground segmentation and head-shoulder detection
* Evaluation framework on translation-invariant representation for cumulative foot pressure image
* Exploring relations of visual codes for image classification
* Extended Grammar System for Learning and Recognizing Complex Visual Events, An
* Fast A3RL: Aesthetics-Aware Adversarial Reinforcement Learning for Image Cropping
* Fast depth map mode decision based on depth-texture correlation and edge classification for 3D-HEVC
* Feature coding via vector difference for image classification
* Foreground Object Detection Using Top-Down Information Based on EM Framework
* Gestalt laws based tracklets analysis for human crowd understanding
* GOT-10k: A Large High-Diversity Benchmark for Generic Object Tracking in the Wild
* GRMA: Generalized Range Move Algorithms for the Efficient Optimization of MRFs
* Group Activity Recognition Based on ARMA Shape Sequence Modeling
* GRSA: Generalized range swap algorithm for the efficient optimization of MRFs
* Harris-Like Scale Invariant Feature Detector, A
* Heuristic Deformable Pedestrian Detection Method, A
* Hierarchical aesthetic quality assessment using deep convolutional neural networks
* High-Order Topology Modeling of Visual Words for Image Classification
* How to use Bag-of-Words model better for image classification
* Human Activity Recognition Based on R Transform
* Human appearance matching across multiple non-overlapping cameras
* Human Behavior Analysis Based on a New Motion Descriptor
* Image enhancement based on the statistics of visual representation
* Improve Person Re-Identification With Part Awareness Learning
* Improved Optimization Based on Graph Cuts for Discrete Energy Minimization
* Interest Point Selection with Spatio-temporal Context for Realistic Action Recognition
* Joint crowd detection and semantic scene modeling using a Gestalt laws-based similarity
* Large scale crowd analysis based on convolutional neural network
* Large-Scale Weakly Supervised Object Localization via Latent Category Learning
* Learning Category- and Instance-Aware Pixel Embedding for Fast Panoptic Segmentation
* Learning Convolutional Nonlinear Features for K Nearest Neighbor Image Classification
* Learning occlusion patterns using semantic phrases for object detection
* Learning Skeleton Stream Patterns with Slow Feature Analysis for Action Recognition
* Local Hypersphere Coding Based on Edges between Visual Words
* Matching tracking sequences across widely separated cameras
* Mixed Supervised Object Detection with Robust Objectness Transfer
* Modeling Complex Scenes for Accurate Moving Objects Segmentation
* Multi angle optimal pattern-based deep learning for automatic facial expression recognition
* Multi-Target Tracking by Learning Class-Specific and Instance-Specific Cues
* Multi-thread Parsing for Recognizing Complex Events in Videos
* Multi-view Gymnastic Activity Recognition with Fused HMM
* Natural color image enhancement and evaluation algorithm based on human visual system
* novel solution for multi-camera object tracking, A
* Novel Visual Organization Based on Topological Perception, A
* Object detection and tracking for night surveillance based on salient contrast analysis
* Object Tracking across Non-overlapping Cameras Using Adaptive Models
* Object tracking across non-overlapping views by learning inter-camera transfer models
* ORGM: Occlusion Relational Graphical Model for Human Pose Estimation
* Orthogonal Diagonal Projections for Gait Recognition
* Partial Least Squares based subwindow search for pedestrian detection
* Practical camera auto-calibration based on object appearance and motion for traffic scene visual surveillance
* Practical Camera Calibration From Moving Objects for Traffic Scene Surveillance
* Probabilistic Framework Based on KDE-GMM hybrid model(KGHM) for Moving Object Segmentation in Dynamic Scenes, A
* Pyramidal Statistics of Oriented Filtering for robust pedestrian detection
* Random walk-based feature learning for micro-expression recognition
* Rapid and robust human detection and tracking based on omega-shape features
* Real-Time Moving Object Classification with Automatic Scene Division
* real-time object detecting and tracking system for outdoor night surveillance, A
* Recognizing Night Walkers Based on One Pseudoshape Representation of Gait
* Recovering the Topology of Multiple Cameras by Finding Continuous Paths in a Trellis
* ReD-SFA: Relation Discovery Based Slow Feature Analysis for Trajectory Clustering
* Reducing the Effect of Noise on Human Contour in Gait Recognition
* Robust automated ground plane rectification based on moving vehicles for traffic scene surveillance
* Robust Object Recognition via Visual Pathway Feedback
* Robust object tracking via online learning of adaptive appearance manifold
* Robust View Transformation Model for Gait Recognition
* Robust visual tracking based on simplified biologically inspired features
* Salient coding for image classification
* Semantic windows mining in sliding window based object detection
* Semi-supervised learning and feature evaluation for RGB-D object recognition
* Semi-supervised Learning for Cross-Device Visual Location Recognition
* Semi-supervised Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Semi-Supervised Method for Surveillance-Based Visual Location Recognition, A
* Severely Blurred Object Tracking by Learning Deep Image Representations
* Special issue on Video Surveillance-oriented Biometrics
* SSAP: Single-Shot Instance Segmentation With Affinity Pyramid
* SSAP: Single-Shot Instance Segmentation With Affinity Pyramid
* Three-Dimensional Deformable-Model-Based Localization and Recognition of Road Vehicles
* Towards Rich Feature Discovery With Class Activation Maps Augmentation for Person Re-Identification
* Tracking Blurred Object with Data-Driven Tracker
* Trajectory Series Analysis based Event Rule Induction for Visual Surveillance
* Uniprojective Features for Gait Recognition
* Universal adversarial perturbations against object detection
* View Independent Object Classification Based on Automated Ground Plane Rectification for Traffic Scene Surveillance
* View-Independent Behavior Analysis
* View-invariant action recognition using cross ratios across frames
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
* Visual aesthetic quality assessment with a regression model
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Visual tracking via incremental self-tuning particle filtering on the affine group
* Vs-star: A visual interpretation system for visual surveillance
* Walker Recognition Without Gait Cycle Estimation
* Weakly Supervised Large Scale Object Localization with Multiple Instance Learning and Bag Splitting
* Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Latent Category Learning
* Window mining by clustering mid-level representation for weakly supervised object detection
* X-T slice based method for action recognition, An
Includes: Huang, K.Q.[Kai Qi] Huang, K.Q.[Kai-Qi] Huang, K.Q.[Kun-Qiang] Huang, K.Q.
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Huang, K.S.[Kohsia S.] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Context Based Gesture Analysis Integrated with Tracking using Omni Video Array
* Activity monitoring and summarization for an intelligent meeting room
* Binary Image Algebra and Optical Cellular Logic Processor Design
* Dynamic Context Capture and Distributed Video Arrays for Intelligent Spaces
* Integrated Detection, Tracking, and Recognition of Faces with Omnivideo Array in Intelligent Environments
* Intelligent Environments and Active Camera Networks
* Parallel Architectures for Digital Optical Cellular Image Processing
* RedEye: Preventing Collisions Caused by Red-Light Running Scooters With Smartphones
* Robust real-time detection, tracking, and pose estimation of faces in video streams
* Spatial and Spectral Hybrid Image Classification for Rice Lodging Assessment through UAV Imagery
* Streaming face recognition using multicamera video arrays
* Video arrays for real-time tracking of person, head, and face in an intelligent room
Includes: Huang, K.S.[Kohsia S.] Huang, K.S. Huang, K.S.[Kai-Siang]
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Huang, K.W.[Ko Wei] Co Author Listing * Defect Detection of Stainless Steel Plates Using Deep Learning Technology
* Non-Parametric Dominant Point Detection
Includes: Huang, K.W.[Ko Wei] Huang, K.W.[Ko-Wei] Huang, K.W.[Kuo-Wei]

Huang, K.Y. Co Author Listing * Application Of Spatial Modelling Approaches, Sampling Strategies And 3s Technology Within An Ecolgocial Framwork
* Attention-based convolutional neural network and long short-term memory for short-term detection of mood disorders based on elicited speech responses
* Branch and bound search for automatic linking process of seismic horizons
* Evaluating The Novel Methods On Species Distribution Modeling In Complex Forest
* exploration of on-road vehicle detection using hierarchical scaling schemes, An
* Image Processing of Seismograms: (A) Hough Transformation for the Detection of Seismic Patterns; (
* Learning-Based Vehicle Detection Using Up-Scaling Schemes and Predictive Frame Pipeline Structures
* Modeling Spatial Distribution Of A Rare And Endangered Plant Species (brainea insignis) In Central Taiwan
* Real-time automatic recognition of omnidirectional multiple barcodes and DSP implementation
* Synergistic Automatic Clustering Technique (SYNERACT ) for Multispectral Image Analysis, A
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition for the Recognition of Bright Spots
* Two-way Spatial Extrapolation And Validation On Ecological Patterns Of Elaeocarpus Japonicus Between Main Watersheds In Huisun Of Central Taiwan
* Video stabilization for vehicular applications using SURF-like descriptor and KD-tree
Includes: Huang, K.Y. Huang, K.Y.[Kun-Yi] Huang, K.Y.[Kou-Yuan] Huang, K.Y.[Keng-Yen] Huang, K.Y.[Kai-Yung] Huang, K.Y.[Kai-Yi]
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Huang, K.Z.[Kai Zhu] Co Author Listing * Combination of Classification and Clustering Results with Label Propagation
* Dimensionality Reduction by Minimal Distance Maximization
* fast projected fixed-point algorithm for large graph matching, A
* Feature Representation Matters: End-to-end Learning for Reference-based Image Super-resolution
* IAN: The Individual Aggregation Network for Person Search
* Learning classifiers from imbalanced data based on biased minimax probability machine
* Segmentation mask guided end-to-end person search
* Similar Handwritten Chinese Characters Recognition by Critical Region Selection Based on Average Symmetric Uncertainty
* Sparse learning for support vector classification
* SVM-Based High-accurate Recognition Approach for Handwritten Numerals by Using Difference Features, An
Includes: Huang, K.Z.[Kai Zhu] Huang, K.Z.[Kai-Zhu]
10 for Huang, K.Z.

Huang, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Expression Synthesis from a Single Image Using a Model Set
* 3D Shape from SEM Image Using Improved Fast Marching Method
* Accelerate Learning of Deep Hashing With Gradient Attention
* Active Vision for Early Recognition of Human Actions
* Adaptive Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis Method and Its Application to Face Recognition, An
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Bokeh Effect Synthesis: Methods and Results
* Analysis on two Fisher methods and a synthesized discriminant projection
* Analyzing Urban Human Mobility Patterns through a Thematic Model at a Finer Scale
* Attention on Attention for Image Captioning
* Automatic activity identifaction from raw GPS vehicle tracking data
* Automatic alignment for virtual fitting using 3D garment stretching and human body relocation
* Automatic Mathematical Expression Understanding System, An
* Bayesian Network Enhanced Prediction for Multiple Facial Feature Tracking
* Behavioral Visual Motion Analysis
* Benchmark for Studying Diabetic Retinopathy: Segmentation, Grading, and Transferability, A
* Beyond Human Parts: Dual Part-Aligned Representations for Person Re-Identification
* Boundary-preserving Mask R-CNN
* CALPUFF and CAFOs: Air Pollution Modeling and Environmental Justice Analysis in the North Carolina Hog Industry
* CCNet: Criss-Cross Attention for Semantic Segmentation
* Centered Weight Normalization in Accelerating Training of Deep Neural Networks
* Co-Learned Multi-View Spectral Clustering for Face Recognition Based on Image Sets
* Collaborative Learning of Semi-Supervised Segmentation and Classification for Medical Images
* Combined Deblocking Filter and SAO Hardware Architecture for HEVC, A
* Comments on 'Staircase effect alleviation by coupling gradient fidelity term'
* Compact and Configurable Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network Hardware Architecture, A
* Compounded Regularization and Fast Algorithm for Compressive Sensing Deconvolution
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Key Tropospheric Parameters from ERA5 and MERRA-2 Reanalysis Products Using Radiosonde Data and GNSS Measurements, A
* Constrained Optimization Approach for Image Gradient Enhancement, A
* Context based face spoofing detection using active near-infrared images
* Context Inspired Pedestrian Detection in Far-Field Videos
* Controllable Orthogonalization in Training DNNs
* Cross-Media Retrieval via Semantic Entity Projection
* Crowdsourcing-based indoor mapping using smartphones: A survey
* CS-VQA: Visual Question Answering with Compressively Sensed Images
* Customized Automatic Processing Framework for HY-2A Satellite Marine Advanced Products, The
* Data driven multi-index hashing
* DCT Embedded Subband AMBTC Image Coder, A
* Deep quantization generative networks
* DeepLIMa: Deep Learning Based Lesion Identification in Mammograms
* Deeply Supervised Image Fusion Network for Change Detection in High Resolution Bi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images, A
* Detecting Clouds and Cloud Shadows on Aerial Photographs
* Discriminative Tracking Using Tensor Pooling
* Double-edge-model based character stroke extraction from complex backgrounds
* Efficient Data Traffic Forwarding for Infrastructure-to-Infrastructure Communications in VANETs
* Efficient segmentation for Region-based Image Retrieval using Edge Integrated Minimum Spanning Tree
* Elongated Small Object Detection from Remote Sensing Images Using Hierarchical Scale-Sensitive Networks
* Engineering web maps with gradual content zoom based on streaming vector data
* Exploring Dynamic Routing As A Pooling Layer
* Exploring Relationship Between Face and Trustworthy Impression Using Mid-level Facial Features
* Face recognition based on LBP and orthogonal rank-one tensor projections
* Facial Expression Hallucination
* Fast Camera Image Denoising on Mobile GPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Finding Suits in Images of People
* Finding suits in images of people in unconstrained environments
* Fine-Grained Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Deep Learning
* Focusing of Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR With Advanced Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm
* Four-Component Model-Based Decomposition for Ship Targets Using PolSAR Data
* Gaze Estimation Based on 3D Face Structure and Pupil Centers
* general non-parametric active learning framework for classification on multiple manifolds, A
* geometry of visual interception, The
* Grid Feature-Point Selection Method for Large-Scale Street View Image Retrieval Based on Deep Local Features, A
* Hand-transformer: Non-autoregressive Structured Modeling for 3d Hand Pose Estimation
* Hardware-Oriented IME Algorithm for HEVC and Its Hardware Implementation, A
* Heterogeneous Distributed Virtual Geographic Environment: Potential Application in Spatiotemporal Behavior Experiments, A
* HISEA-1: The First C-Band SAR Miniaturized Satellite for Ocean and Coastal Observation
* Human body segmentation based on shape constraint
* Human Settlement Composite Index (HSCI) Derived from Nighttime Luminosity Associated with Imperviousness and Vegetation Indexes, A
* Human skin detection in images by MSER analysis
* Human-Induced Landcover Changes Drive a Diminution of Land Surface Albedo in the Loess Plateau (China)
* Hybrid Feature Based Method for Distinguishing Computer Graphics and Photo-Graphic Image, A
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive Dictionary Learning and Double L_1 Constraint
* IFC Schemas in ISO/TC 211 Compliant UML for Improved Interoperability between BIM and GIS
* Image data compression without distortion by minimizing entropy
* Image Super-Resolution With Cross-Scale Non-Local Attention and Exhaustive Self-Exemplars Mining
* Improved Algorithm Robust to Illumination Variations for Reconstructing Point Cloud Models from Images, An
* Improved CASA Model for Estimating Winter Wheat Yield from Remote Sensing Images, An
* Improved Indoor Fingerprinting Localization Method Using Clustering Algorithm and Dynamic Compensation
* improved parallel thinning algorithm, An
* Improved Unitary Root-MUSIC for DOA Estimation Based on Pseudo-Noise Resampling
* Improving Target Detection Accuracy Based on Multipolarization MIMO GPR
* Indirect Generalization of Contour Lines Based on DEM Generalization Using the 3D Douglas-Peucker Algorithm, An
* Initialization and Pose Alignment in Active Shape Model
* Instance Image Retrieval with Generative Adversarial Training
* Invertible Zero-Shot Recognition Flows
* Investigation Into the Stochasticity of Batch Whitening, An
* Investigation of Antarctic Precipitable Water Vapor Variability and Trend from 18 Year (2001 to 2018) Data of Four Reanalyses Based on Radiosonde and GNSS Observations
* Is Your First Impression Reliable? Trustworthy Analysis Using Facial Traits in Portraits
* Iterative Normalization: Beyond Standardization Towards Efficient Whitening
* Jointly network image processing: multi-task image semantic segmentation of indoor scene based on CNN
* Keyword Spotting in Offline Chinese Handwritten Documents Using a Statistical Model
* Keyword spotting in unconstrained handwritten Chinese documents using contextual word model
* Kml-based Approach for Distributed Collaborative Interpretation Of Remote Sensing Images In The Geo-browser, A
* Layer-wise Conditioning Analysis in Exploring the Learning Dynamics of DNNs
* Learning modality-invariant features for heterogeneous face recognition
* Learning Progressive Joint Propagation for Human Motion Prediction
* Mask Scoring R-CNN
* Matrix-Based Structure for Vario-Scale Vector Representation over a Wide Range of Map Scales: The Case of River Network Data, A
* Monitoring Three-Decade Expansion of China's Major Cities Based on Satellite Remote Sensing Images
* Motion-Guided Spatial Time Attention for Video Object Segmentation
* MST Radars of Chinese Meridian Project: System Description and Atmospheric Wind Measurement
* Multi-classification of Parkinson's Disease via Sparse Low-Rank Learning
* Multi-dimensional Indoor Location Information Model
* Multi-Exposure Fusion of Gray Images Under Low Illumination Based on Low-Rank Decomposition
* Multi-exposure image fusion based on feature evaluation with adaptive factor
* Multi-label Semantic Decoding from Human Brain Activity
* Multi-manifold metric learning for face recognition based on image sets
* Multi-task learning with deformable convolution
* Multi-View Complementary Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Multi-view intact space clustering
* Multiantenna Assisted Source Detection in Toeplitz Noise Covariance
* Multimodal Face Spoofing Detection via RGB-D Images
* Multiple Facial Feature Tracking Using Multi-cue Based Prediction Model
* Multiple-Solution Optimization Strategy for Multirobot Task Allocation
* Multiresolution recognition of offline handwritten Chinese characters with wavelet transform
* Multiscale Deep Middle-level Feature Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Classification, A
* Multisite Remote Sensing for Tsunami-Induced Waves
* New Approach for the Development of Grid Models Calculating Tropospheric Key Parameters over China, A
* New Block Partitioned Text Feature for Text Verification, A
* new Probabilistic Local Binary Pattern for face verification, A
* Non-Dominated Immune-Endocrine Short Feedback Algorithm for Multi-Robot Maritime Patrolling
* Novel Emotional Saliency Map to Model Emotional Attention Mechanism, A
* Novel Face Spoofing Detection Method Based on Gaze Estimation, A
* novel MEDLINE topic indexing method using image presentation, A
* Novel Method for Embedded Text Segmentation Based on Stroke and Color, A
* Novel Method to Reconstruct Overhead High-Voltage Power Lines Using Cable Inspection Robot LiDAR Data, A
* OCNet: Object Context for Semantic Segmentation
* OctSqueeze: Octree-Structured Entropy Model for LiDAR Compression
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data: A Chirp-Modulated Back Projection Approach
* One-Bit SAR Imaging Based on Single-Frequency Thresholds
* Online adaptive learning for multi-camera people counting
* Online semi-supervised perception: Real-time learning without explicit feedback
* Pan-information Location Map
* Pattern-Coupled Sparse Bayesian Learning for Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
* People Counting across Multiple Cameras for Intelligent Video Surveillance
* Perception Model for Optimizing and Evaluating Evacuation Guidance Systems, A
* Perceptual Saliency Driven Total Variation for Image Denoising Using Tensor Voting
* Person Re-Identification Based on Pose-Aware Segmentation
* Predicting Goal-Directed Human Attention Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* Projection based weight normalization: Efficient method for optimization on oblique manifold in DNNs
* Quantification of Typhoon-Induced Phytoplankton Blooms Using Satellite Multi-Sensor Data
* Quarter LCU based integer motion estimation algorithm for HEVC
* Query-Adaptive Hash Code Ranking for Large-Scale Multi-View Visual Search
* R2SN: Refined Semantic Segmentation Network of City Remote Sensing Image
* Rapid Robust Principal Component Analysis: CUR Accelerated Inexact Low Rank Estimation
* Raw vs. Processed: How to Use the Raw and Processed Images for Robust Face Recognition under Varying Illumination
* Real-Time 3D Face Recognition with the Integration of Depth and Intensity Images
* Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection, Pose Estimation, Tracking, Alignment, and Recognition
* Real-Time Underwater Fish Tracking Based on Adaptive Multi-Appearance Model
* Region-Based Feature Extraction Method for Rs-fMRI of Depressive Disorder Classification, A
* Remote Sensing Time Series Classification Based on Self-Attention Mechanism and Time Sequence Enhancement
* Reward Learning from Narrated Demonstrations
* RGB-T Saliency Detection via Low-Rank Tensor Learning and Unified Collaborative Ranking
* robust and efficient method for license plate recognition, A
* Robust Iteratively Reweighted L_ Approach for Spectral Compressed Sensing in Impulsive Noise, A
* Robust MTMC Tracking System for AI-City Challenge 2021, A
* Robust One-Bit Bayesian Compressed Sensing with Sign-Flip Errors
* Robust people counting in video surveillance: Dataset and system
* Robust skin detection in real-world images
* ROC analysis of ultrasound tissue characterization classifiers for breast cancer diagnosis
* Room Geometry Estimation Using the Multipath Delays
* Saliency-based multi-feature modeling for semantic image retrieval
* SAR Speckle Dependence on Ocean Surface Wind Field
* Satellite-Observed Energy Budget Change of Deforestation in Northeastern China and its Climate Implications
* Semantic Modelling of Ship Behavior in Harbor Based on Ontology and Dynamic Bayesian Network
* Skin lesion segmentation using object scale-oriented fully convolutional neural networks
* Skin Lesion Segmentation via Dense Connected Deconvolutional Network
* Sliced Wasserstein based Canonical Correlation Analysis for Cross-Domain Recommendation
* SNR-Adaptive OCT Angiography Enabled by Statistical Characterization of Intensity and Decorrelation With Multi-Variate Time Series Model
* Soft-Split Sparse Regression Based Random Forest for Predicting Future Clinical Scores of Alzheimer's Disease
* Sparse Subspace Clustering With Sequentially Ordered and Weighted L1-Minimization†
* Spatial Prediction Filtering of Acoustic Clutter and Random Noise in Medical Ultrasound Imaging
* Spatio-Temporal Graphical-Model-Based Multiple Facial Feature Tracking
* Statistical Performance Analysis of the Adaptive Orthogonal Rejection Detector
* Steerable pyramid-based face hallucination
* Steganalysis of Compressed Speech Based on Markov and Entropy
* Strategy for SAR Imaging Quality Improvement With Low-Precision Sampled Data
* Target Reconstruction From Deceptively Jammed Single-Channel SAR
* Tensor Completion via Generalized Tensor Tubal Rank Minimization Using General Unfolding
* Three-Dimensional Rigid Body Localization in the Presence of Clock Offsets
* Time-Dependent Pre-attention Model for Image Captioning
* Two-Step Approach to Multiple Facial Feature Tracking: Temporal Particle Filter and Spatial Belief Propagation, A
* Uncertainty principle and orthogonal condition for the short-time linear canonical transform
* Uncovering Spatial Inequality in Taxi Services in the Context of a Subsidy War among E-Hailing Apps
* Underdetermined DOA Estimation for Wideband Signals Using Robust Sparse Covariance Fitting
* Universal Physical Camouflage Attacks on Object Detectors
* Unsupervised Adversarial Instance-Level Image Retrieval
* Unsupervised Deep Multi-Similarity Hashing With Semantic Structure for Image Retrieval
* Validation of Permafrost Active Layer Estimates from Airborne SAR Observations
* Variational image restoration based on Poisson singular integral and curvelet-type decomposition space regularization
* Vectorization of Linear Features In Scanned Topographic Maps Using Adaptive Image Segmentation and Sequential Line Tracking
* video text location method based on background classification, A
* Visual Tracking by Sampling in Part Space
* Visual Tracking Under Motion Blur
Includes: Huang, L.[Lei] Huang, L. Huang, L.[Liang] Huang, L.[Li] Huang, L.[Lian] Huang, L.[Luchen] Huang, L.[Lichao] Huang, L.[Liyao] Huang, L.[Likun] Huang, L.[Lili] Huang, L.[Ling] Huang, L.[Lina] Huang, L.[Liguang] Huang, L.[Lingbo] Huang, L.[Lin] Huang, L.[Liheng] Huang, L.[Lizhen] Huang, L.[Linsheng] Huang, L.[Lu] Huang, L.[Liwen] Huang, L.[Lulu] Huang, L.[Lan] Huang, L.[Le] Huang, L.[Lang] Huang, L.[Leping] Huang, L.[Liusheng] Huang, L.[Lingcao]
193 for Huang, L.

Huang, L.B.[Li Bing] Co Author Listing * Joint Two-Dimensional Deception Countering ISAR via Frequency Diverse Array
* New Expression Database and Facial Animation, A
Includes: Huang, L.B.[Li Bing] Huang, L.B.[Li-Bing] Huang, L.B.[Lian-Bing]

Huang, L.C.[Ling Cao] Co Author Listing * Automatic Mapping of Thermokarst Landforms from Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning: A Case Study in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau
* Incorporating Structural Alternatives and Sharing into Hierarchy for Multiclass Object Recognition and Detection
* Real-time and accurate object detection in compressed video by long short-term feature aggregation
Includes: Huang, L.C.[Ling Cao] Huang, L.C.[Ling-Cao] Huang, L.C.[Li-Chao]

Huang, L.D.[Li Dong] Co Author Listing * advanced gradient histogram and its application for contrast and gradient enhancement, An
* Entropy maximisation histogram modification scheme for image enhancement
Includes: Huang, L.D.[Li Dong] Huang, L.D.[Li-Dong]

Huang, L.F.[Lai Feng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Images With Layer Guided Convolutional Neural Network
* Hierarchical content importance-based video quality assessment for HEVC encoded videos transmitted over LTE networks
* Iterative fusion convolutional neural networks for classification of optical coherence tomography images
* Multi-frame ship detection and tracking in an infrared image sequence
* Real-time sepsis severity prediction on knowledge graph deep learning networks for the intensive care unit
Includes: Huang, L.F.[Lai Feng] Huang, L.F.[Lai-Feng] Huang, L.F.[Lian-Fen] Huang, L.F.[Lung-Fa] Huang, L.F.[L. Frank]

Huang, L.H.[Liang Hua] Co Author Listing * Bridging the Gap Between Detection and Tracking: A Unified Approach
* Fast algorithm for multiplicative noise removal
* GOT-10k: A Large High-Diversity Benchmark for Generic Object Tracking in the Wild
* Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification Using Multi-Scale Completed Local Binary Patterns and Fisher Vectors
* Vehicle departure pattern and queue length prediction at an isolated intersection with automatic vehicle identity detection
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Huang, L.H.[Liang Hua] Huang, L.H.[Liang-Hua] Huang, L.H.[Li-Hong] Huang, L.H.[Long-Hui] Huang, L.H.[Liu-Hong]
7 for Huang, L.H.

Huang, L.J.[Li Jun] Co Author Listing * Assimilating SMOS Brightness Temperature for Hydrologic Model Parameters and Soil Moisture Estimation with an Immune Evolutionary Strategy
* Deep Learning-Based Robust Change Detection Approach for Very High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images with Multiple Features, A
* Effective schizophrenia recognition using discriminative eye movement features and model-metric based features
* Identify autism spectrum disorder via dynamic filter and deep spatiotemporal feature extraction
* Improving Image Classification Performance with Automatically Hierarchical Label Clustering
* Information Relevance Related Broadcast scheme for Safety Packets in VANETs, An
* Modeling Sub-Actions for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Part-aligned pose-guided recurrent network for action recognition
Includes: Huang, L.J.[Li Jun] Huang, L.J.[Li-Jun] Huang, L.J.[Li-Jin] Huang, L.J.[Li-Jie] Huang, L.J.[Long-Jiao] Huang, L.J.[Lin-Jiang]
8 for Huang, L.J.

Huang, L.K.[Liang Ke] Co Author Listing * Applicability Analysis of VTEC Derived from the Sophisticated Klobuchar Model in China
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Key Tropospheric Parameters from ERA5 and MERRA-2 Reanalysis Products Using Radiosonde Data and GNSS Measurements, A
* Corner Detection Using Bending Value
* Efficient Shape-Matching Through Model-Based Shape-Recognition
* Image thresholding by minimizing the measures of fuzziness
* Investigation of Antarctic Precipitable Water Vapor Variability and Trend from 18 Year (2001 to 2018) Data of Four Reanalyses Based on Radiosonde and GNSS Observations
* Investigation of Extreme Weather Impact on Precipitable Water Vapor and Vegetation Growth: A Case Study in Zhejiang China, An
* Learning Robust Visual-Semantic Embeddings
* New Approach for the Development of Grid Models Calculating Tropospheric Key Parameters over China, A
* SSIEGNOS: A New Asian Single Site Tropospheric Correction Model
Includes: Huang, L.K.[Liang Ke] Huang, L.K.[Liang-Ke] Huang, L.K. Huang, L.K.[Liang-Kai] Huang, L.K.[Liang-Kang]
10 for Huang, L.K.

Huang, L.L.[Li Li] Co Author Listing * Boosting normalized sparsity regularization for blind image deconvolution
* Classification-based face detection using Gabor filter features
* Cut and Compare: End-to-end Offline Signature Verification Network
* Face Detection from Cluttered Images Using a Polynomial Neural Network
* Face detection using a modified radial basis function neural network
* fast approach for traffic panel detection from natural scene images, A
* Gradient feature extraction for classification-based face detection
* Learning-Based Candidate Segmentation Scoring for Real-Time Recognition of Online Overlaid Chinese Handwriting
* Lexicon-driven recognition of one-stroke character strings in visual gesture
* multi-expert approach for robust face detection, A
* multi-expert approach for robust face detection, A
* Multiplicative Noise Removal via a Novel Variational Model
* Retinal Image Mosaic Based on Invariant Feature and Hierarchial Transformation Models, The
* Robust face detection using Gabor filter features
* Traffic Sign Recognition Using Complementary Features
Includes: Huang, L.L.[Li Li] Huang, L.L.[Li-Li] Huang, L.L.[Lin-Lin] Huang, L.L.[Lin Lin]
15 for Huang, L.L.

Huang, L.M.[Liang Mei] Co Author Listing * comparative analysis of broadband and narrowband derived vegetation indices in predicting LAI and CCD of a cotton canopy, A
* Numerical Investigations on Wave Remote Sensing from Synthetic X-Band Radar Sea Clutter Images by Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Video Salient Object Detection via Multiple Time-scale Analysis
Includes: Huang, L.M.[Liang Mei] Huang, L.M.[Liang-Mei] Huang, L.M.[Li-Min]

Huang, L.N.[Lin Ning] Co Author Listing * Real-time simulation of satellite attitude control based on low cost embedded system
Includes: Huang, L.N.[Lin Ning] Huang, L.N.[Lin-Ning]

Huang, L.P.[Le Ping] Co Author Listing * Exploring Impact of Spatial Unit on Urban Land Use Mapping with Multisource Data
* Generating a Baseline Map of Surface Fuel Loading Using Stratified Random Sampling Inventory Data through Cokriging and Multiple Linear Regression Methods
Includes: Huang, L.P.[Le Ping] Huang, L.P.[Le-Ping] Huang, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Huang, L.Q.[Liu Qing] Co Author Listing * Designing Visual Systems: Purposive Navigation
* dual-attention V-network for pulmonary lobe segmentation in CT scans, A
* Effective Blind Image Deblurring Using Matrix-Variable Optimization
* Fast Blind Image Super Resolution Using Matrix-Variable Optimization
* Generated Data With Sparse Regularized Multi-Pseudo Label for Person Re-Identification
* How Normal Flow Constrains Relative Depth for an Active Observer
* Multi-Scale Frequency Reconstruction for Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution via Deep Residual Network
* Pyramid-Structured Depth MAP Super-Resolution Based on Deep Dense-Residual Network
* Relative Depth from Motion Using Normal Flow: An Active and Purposive Solution
* Technical Evaluation of Sentinel-1 IW Mode Cross-Pol Radar Backscattering from the Ocean Surface in Moderate Wind Condition
* Unique Vertex Deleting Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism, A
Includes: Huang, L.Q.[Liu Qing] Huang, L.Q.[Liu-Qing] Huang, L.Q.[Li-Qin] Huang, L.Q.[Li-Qing] Huang, L.Q.[Lan-Qing] Huang, L.Q.[Lin-Qi]
11 for Huang, L.Q.

Huang, L.R. Co Author Listing * Fast Physically Correct Refocusing for Sparse Light Fields Using Block-Based Multi-Rate View Interpolation

Huang, L.S.[Liu Sheng] Co Author Listing * Blind Linguistic Steganalysis against Translation Based Steganography
* Depth Mapping for Stereoscopic Videos
* Evaluation of the Consistency of MODIS Land Cover Product (MCD12Q1) Based on Chinese 30 m GlobeLand30 Datasets: A Case Study in Anhui Province, China
* Hiding Information by Context-Based Synonym Substitution
* rate-distortion optimization model for SVC inter-layer encoding and bitstream extraction, A
* Segment as Points for Efficient Online Multi-object Tracking and Segmentation
* Towards End-to-End License Plate Detection and Recognition: A Large Dataset and Baseline
Includes: Huang, L.S.[Liu Sheng] Huang, L.S.[Liu-Sheng] Huang, L.S.[Lin-Sheng] Huang, L.S.[Lin-Shung]
7 for Huang, L.S.

Huang, L.W. Co Author Listing * Damage Risk Assessment of Painting On The Wood Construction in Typical Taiwanese Temple By Hot and Humid Climate

Huang, L.X.[Long Xiang] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration for Plate Refractive Imaging System
* Camera calibration with enclosing ellipses by an extended application of generalized eigenvalue decomposition
* Low-delay and Robust Solution for Rapid Movement Detection Using UWB, A
* Maximum margin multiple-instance feature weighting
* RWMF: A Real-World Multimodal Foodlog Database
Includes: Huang, L.X.[Long Xiang] Huang, L.X.[Long-Xiang] Huang, L.X. Huang, L.X.[Li-Xia] Huang, L.X.[Li-Xin]

Huang, L.Y.[Ling Yan] Co Author Listing * Identifying and Classifying Shrinking Cities Using Long-Term Continuous Night-Time Light Time Series
* Learning From Multiple Datasets With Heterogeneous and Partial Labels for Universal Lesion Detection in CT
* Mapping Spatial Distribution of Larch Plantations from Multi-Seasonal Landsat-8 OLI Imagery and Multi-Scale Textures Using Random Forests
* Modeling and Prediction of NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Imagery Based on Spatiotemporal Statistical Method
* New Automatic Quasar Recognition Technique Based on PCA and the Hough Transform, A
* Nonuniform Subband Method for Wideband Beamforming of Nested Array
* Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
* Robust image hashing via colour vector angles and discrete wavelet transform
* Towards Unsupervised Single Image Dehazing With Deep Learning
* Underwater Topography Detection and Analysis of the Qilianyu Islands in the South China Sea Based on GF-3 SAR Images
Includes: Huang, L.Y.[Ling Yan] Huang, L.Y.[Ling-Yan] Huang, L.Y.[Ling-Yun] Huang, L.Y.[Li-Yan] Huang, L.Y. Huang, L.Y.[Long-Yang] Huang, L.Y.[Lu-Yao] Huang, L.Y.[Long-Yu]
10 for Huang, L.Y.

Huang, L.Z.[Li Zhen] Co Author Listing * Adapted Rules for UML Modelling of Geospatial Information for Model-Driven Implementation as OWL Ontologies
* Information Exchange between GIS and Geospatial ITS Databases Based on a Generic Model
Includes: Huang, L.Z.[Li Zhen] Huang, L.Z.[Li-Zhen]

Huang, M.[Mo] Co Author Listing * Analytical Method for Dynamic Wave-Related Errors of Interferometric SAR Ocean Altimetry under Multiple Sea States, An
* Automatic Identification of Shrub-Encroached Grassland in the Mongolian Plateau Based on UAS Remote Sensing
* Color-difference evaluation for digital images using a categorical judgment method
* Combining Parallel Adaptive Filtering and Wavelet Threshold Denoising for Photoplethysmography-Based Pulse Rate Monitoring during Intensive Physical Exercise
* Comparative Analysis on the Estimation of Diurnal Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Dynamics for a Subtropical Evergreen Coniferous Forest
* Comparison of Gross Primary Productivity Derived from GIMMS NDVI3g, GIMMS, and MODIS in Southeast Asia
* Correlation-Weighted Sparse Representation for Robust Liver DCE-MRI Decomposition Registration
* Data-Driven Shared Steering Control of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
* Deep embedding network for robust age estimation
* Depth-aware saliency detection using convolutional neural networks
* Detection and Control Algorithm of Multi-Color Printing Registration Based on Computer Vision
* Diurnal Evolution of the Wintertime Boundary Layer in Urban Beijing, China: Insights from Doppler Lidar and a 325-m Meteorological Tower
* DMBLC: An Indirect Urban Impervious Surface Area Extraction Approach by Detecting and Masking Background Land Cover on Google Earth Image
* Document ranking by layout relevance
* Dynamic Monitoring and Vibration Analysis of Ancient Bridges by Ground-Based Microwave Interferometry and the ESMD Method
* Efficient Encoding Voxel-Based Segmentation (EVBS) Algorithm Based on Fast Adjacent Voxel Search for Point Cloud Plane Segmentation, An
* Efficient image classification via sparse coding spatial pyramid matching representation of SIFT-WCS-LTP feature
* Evaluation of Color-Difference Formulae Based on Small Color Difference Data by Printed Sample
* Evaluation of threshold color differences using printed samples
* FaceScape: A Large-Scale High Quality 3D Face Dataset and Detailed Riggable 3D Face Prediction
* FANet: Features Adaptation Network for 360° Omnidirectional Salient Object Detection
* Hidden Smile Correlation Discovery Across Subjects Using Random Walk with Restart
* Hippocampus Segmentation Based on Iterative Local Linear Mapping With Representative and Local Structure-Preserved Feature Embedding
* Imaging Genetics Study Based on a Temporal Group Sparse Regression and Additive Model for Biomarker Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
* Impact of Climate Variabilities and Human Activities on Surface Water Extents in Reservoirs of Yongding River Basin, China, from 1985 to 2016 Based on Landsat Observations and Time Series Analysis
* Integrated Graphic Modeling System for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Simulation in Lakes, An
* Integrating Remote Sensing and a Markov-FLUS Model to Simulate Future Land Use Changes in Hokkaido, Japan
* Integration of Constructive Solid Geometry and Boundary Representation (CSG-BRep) for 3D Modeling of Underground Cable Wells from Point Clouds
* L2,1-l1 regularized nonlinear multi-task representation learning based cognitive performance prediction of Alzheimer's disease
* Low-Latency Communication Scheme for Mobile Wireless Sensor Control Systems, A
* Meta-action descriptor for action recognition in RGBD video
* method for discovering knowledge in texts, A
* Modeling peripheral vision impact on perceptual quality of immersive images
* Modeling the impact of spatial resolutions on perceptual quality of immersive image/video
* Modeling the Perceptual Quality of Immersive Images Rendered on Head Mounted Displays: Resolution and Compression
* multi-kernel based framework for heterogeneous feature selection and over-sampling for computer-aided detection of pulmonary nodules, A
* Novel Deep Q-Learning-Based Air-Assisted Vehicular Caching Scheme for Safe Autonomous Driving, A
* Novel Intelligent Spatiotemporal Grid Earthquake Early-Warning Model
* Numerical Simulation of Donghu Lake Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Based on Remote Sensing and MIKE 21
* Optimisation model and solution method of multi-sources guide paths
* PM2.5 Estimation and Spatial-Temporal Pattern Analysis Based on the Modified Support Vector Regression Model and the 1 km Resolution MAIAC AOD in Hubei, China
* Pose-Weighted GAN for Photorealistic Face Frontalization
* PR-MPTCP: Context-aware QoE-oriented multipath TCP partial reliability extension for real-time multimedia applications
* Prostate Segmentation Based on Variant Scale Patch and Local Independent Projection
* range of the value for the fuzzifier of the fuzzy c-means algorithm, The
* Reversed Sketch: A scalable and comparable shape representation
* RGBD Co-Saliency Detection via Bagging-Based Clustering
* Ridge Network Detection in Crumpled Paper via Graph Density Maximization
* Segmentation of longitudinal brain MR images using bias correction embedded fuzzy c-means with non-locally spatio-temporal regularization
* Some Thoughts on Measuring Earthquake Deformation Using Optical Imagery
* Sparse shared structure based multi-task learning for MRI based cognitive performance prediction of Alzheimer's disease
* SpineParseNet: Spine Parsing for Volumetric MR Image by a Two-Stage Segmentation Framework With Semantic Image Representation
* Study on Acceptable Color Difference Using Printed Samples
* Surfaces of Revolution (SORs) Reconstruction Using a Self-Adaptive Generatrix Line Extraction Method from Point Clouds
* Theory and Implementation of linear regression
* Time Series Analysis of Grey Forecasting Based on Wavelet Transform and Its Prediction Applications
* Towards a Data-Derived Observation Error Covariance Matrix for Satellite Measurements
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
Includes: Huang, M.[Mo] Huang, M.[Mei] Huang, M.[Min] Huang, M.[Miao] Huang, M. Huang, M.[Mengke] Huang, M.[Meng] Huang, M.[Ming] Huang, M.[Meiyan] Huang, M.[Maoyi] Huang, M.[Mutao] Huang, M.[Minhua] huang, M. Huang, M.[Melin] Huang, M.[Minyu]
58 for Huang, M.

Huang, M.C. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for Designing Better Codebooks in Image Vector Quantization
* FridgeNet: A Nutrition and Social Activity Promotion Platform for Aging Populations
* GPU-based matting Laplacian solver for high resolution image matting, A
Includes: Huang, M.C. Huang, M.C.[Ming-Chun] Huang, M.C.[Meng-Cheng]

Huang, M.H.[Ming He] Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of video conference system based on Flex and J2EE
* Estimating Azimuth Offset With Double-Difference Interferometric Phase: The Effect of Azimuth FM Rate Error in Focusing
* Simulation of the Abdominal Wall and Its Arteries after Pneumoperitoneum for Guidance of Port Positioning in Laparoscopic Surgery
Includes: Huang, M.H.[Ming He] Huang, M.H.[Ming-He] Huang, M.H.

Huang, M.J.[Ming Jer] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-based Approach to Urban Feature Classification Using Aerial Imagery with Lidar Data, A
* Multi-temporal High-resolution Landslide Monitoring Based On Uas Photogrammetry and Uas Lidar Geoinformation
* Sparse Representation Based Classification Algorithm for Chinese Food Recognition, A
Includes: Huang, M.J.[Ming Jer] Huang, M.J.[Ming-Jer] Huang, M.J. Huang, M.J.[Min-Jie]

Huang, M.K.[Meng Ke] Co Author Listing * Personal Fixations-Based Object Segmentation With Object Localization and Boundary Preservation
Includes: Huang, M.K.[Meng Ke] Huang, M.K.[Meng-Ke]

Huang, M.L. Co Author Listing * Design of Intelligent Workflow for GIS Functions: A Data Quality Perspective, The
* Dynamic Visualization of Spatially Referenced Information
* Historic Low Wall Detection via Topographic Parameter Images Derived from Fine-Resolution DEM
* Improved Color Mood Blending Between Images Via Fuzzy Relationship, An
* RELT: Visualizing Trees on Mobile Devices
* Visualization of Relational Structure Among Scientific Articles
Includes: Huang, M.L. Huang, M.L.[Mao Lin] Huang, M.L.[Min-Lang] Huang, M.L.[Ming-Long]

Huang, M.M.[Ming Ming] Co Author Listing * Local image region description using orthogonal symmetric local ternary pattern
* method of image classification based on SIFT-Gabor-Scale descriptors, A
* Rapid Flood Mapping and Evaluation with a Supervised Classifier and Change Detection in Shouguang Using Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 Optical Data
Includes: Huang, M.M.[Ming Ming] Huang, M.M.[Ming-Ming] Huang, M.M.[Min-Min]

Huang, M.P.[Mei Ping] Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Guided 3D Medical Image Compression for Efficient Transmission and Accurate Segmentation in the Clouds
Includes: Huang, M.P.[Mei Ping] Huang, M.P.[Mei-Ping]

Huang, M.R.[Ming Rui] Co Author Listing * Bibliometric Analysis of Global Remote Sensing Research during 2010-2015
Includes: Huang, M.R.[Ming Rui] Huang, M.R.[Ming-Rui]

Huang, M.T. Co Author Listing * Study on establishment of Body of Knowledge of Taiwan's Traditional Wooden Structure Technology

Huang, M.W.[Min Wei] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the correlation between infrared thermal sequence images of nostril area and respiratory rate
Includes: Huang, M.W.[Min Wei] Huang, M.W.[Min-Wei]

Huang, M.X.[Meng Xing] Co Author Listing * Distributed Fusion Framework of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Based on Residual Network, A
* DOA and Range Estimation for FDA-MIMO Radar with Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Effects of Free-Floating Shared Bicycles on Urban Public Transportation
* Fast Target Localization Method for FMCW MIMO Radar via VDSR Neural Network
* Fast-PADMA: Rapidly Adapting Facial Affect Model From Similar Individuals
* Feature Discretization Method for Classification of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images in Coastal Areas, A
* Identifying User-Specific Facial Affects from Spontaneous Expressions with Minimal Annotation
* Medical Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning with Feature Enhancement
* Tensor-Based Reduced-Dimension MUSIC Method for Parameter Estimation in Monostatic FDA-MIMO Radar
Includes: Huang, M.X.[Meng Xing] Huang, M.X.[Meng-Xing] Huang, M.X.[Meng-Xue] Huang, M.X.
9 for Huang, M.X.

Huang, M.Y.[Mao Yu] Co Author Listing * Automatic Thresholding Based on Human Visual-Perception
* Automatic Thresholding Based on Human Visual-Perception
* CDTD: A Large-Scale Cross-Domain Benchmark for Instance-Level Image-to-Image Translation and Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Parameters Optimization for Spectral Distance Measurement in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
* Fast and accurate image recognition using Deeply-Fused Branchy Networks
* Towards Instance-Level Image-To-Image Translation
* Tsit: A Simple and Versatile Framework for Image-to-image Translation
* Wavelet image enhancement based on Teager energy operator
* Weighted Large Margin Nearest Center Distance-Based Human Depth Recovery With Limited Bandwidth Consumption
Includes: Huang, M.Y.[Mao Yu] Huang, M.Y.[Mao-Yu] Huang, M.Y. Huang, M.Y.[Ming-Yang] Huang, M.Y.[Min-Yu] Huang, M.Y.[Mou-Yue] Huang, M.Y.[Mei-Yu]
9 for Huang, M.Y.

Huang, M.Z.[Ming Zhen] Co Author Listing * LaSOT: A High-Quality Benchmark for Large-Scale Single Object Tracking
* LaSOT: A High-quality Large-scale Single Object Tracking Benchmark
Includes: Huang, M.Z.[Ming Zhen] Huang, M.Z.[Ming-Zhen]

Huang, N.[Ni] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Landsat-8 OLI Imagery for Estimating Exposed Bedrock Fractions in Typical Karst Regions of Southwest China Using a Karst Bare-Rock Index
* Comparison of interannual intrinsic modes in hemispheric sea ice covers and other geophysical parameters
* Dynamic Monitoring of the Largest Freshwater Lake in China Using a New Water Index Derived from High Spatiotemporal Resolution Sentinel-1A Data
* Dynamical stochastic resonance for non-uniform illumination image enhancement
* Estimating Vertical Chlorophyll Concentrations in Maize in Different Health States Using Hyperspectral LiDAR
* Few-Shot Learning by a Cascaded Framework With Shape-Constrained Pseudo Label Assessment for Whole Heart Segmentation
* Hyperspectral image clustering via sparse dictionary-based anchored regression
* Mapping Winter Crops in China with Multi-Source Satellite Imagery and Phenology-Based Algorithm
* Noise-Robust Framework for Automatic Segmentation of COVID-19 Pneumonia Lesions From CT Images, A
* Potential of Time Series Merged from Landsat-5 TM and HJ-1 CCD for Crop Classification: A Case Study for Bole and Manas Counties in Xinjiang, China, The
* Power Quality Disturbance Recognition Based on S-Transform and SOM Neural Network
* Radiometric Calibration for Incidence Angle, Range and Sub-Footprint Effects on Hyperspectral LiDAR Backscatter Intensity
* RGB-T Salient Object Detection via Fusing Multi-Level CNN Features
* Time Series of Landsat Imagery Shows Vegetation Recovery in Two Fragile Karst Watersheds in Southwest China from 1988 to 2016
Includes: Huang, N.[Ni] Huang, N. Huang, N.[Nan] Huang, N.[Ning] Huang, N.[Nantian]
14 for Huang, N.

Huang, N.C.[Nian Chang] Co Author Listing * Joint Cross-Modal and Unimodal Features for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Revisiting Feature Fusion for RGB-T Salient Object Detection
Includes: Huang, N.C.[Nian Chang] Huang, N.C.[Nian-Chang]

Huang, N.F. Co Author Listing * Burst Effort Broadcasting Approach of MPEG-4 Video Transmission for Intervehicle Communication, A
* Efficient Traffic Information Forwarding Solution for Vehicle Safety Communications on Highways, An
Includes: Huang, N.F. Huang, N.F.[Nen-Fu]

Huang, N.K. Co Author Listing * Texture Segmentation Using Iterative Estimate of Energy States

Huang, N.N.[Ning Ning] Co Author Listing * Locally warping-based image stitching by imposing line constraints
Includes: Huang, N.N.[Ning Ning] Huang, N.N.[Ning-Ning]

Huang, O. Co Author Listing * MimickNet, Mimicking Clinical Image Post- Processing Under Black-Box Constraints

Huang, P. Co Author Listing * Achieving Robustness in the Wild via Adversarial Mixing With Disentangled Representations
* Application of Uni-Directional Microphone Array for Identifying English Pronunciation Errors
* Collaborative Transcoding Strategy for Live Broadcasting Over Peer-to-Peer IPTV Networks, A
* Comparison of Skeleton and Non-Skeleton Shape Descriptors for 3D Video
* Convective-Dispersion Modeling in 3D Contrast-Ultrasound Imaging for the Localization of Prostate Cancer
* Cross-Domain Image-Based 3D Shape Retrieval by View Sequence Learning
* Deep Embedding Network for Clustering
* DeepMVS: Learning Multi-view Stereopsis
* Echo Separation in Multidimensional Waveform Encoding SAR Remote Sensing Using an Advanced Null-Steering Beamformer
* Evaluating the Evacuation and Rescue Capabilities of Urban Open Space from a Land Use Perspective: A Case Study in Wuhan, China
* Exploiting textual and visual features for image categorization
* FFBNet: Lightweight Backbone for Object Detection Based Feature Fusion Block
* Full-Aperture SAR Data Focusing in the Spaceborne Squinted Sliding-Spotlight Mode
* Global Non-rigid Alignment of Surface Sequences
* Global temporal registration of multiple non-rigid surface sequences
* H.264/AVC-Based Multiple Description Coding Scheme
* H.264/AVC-based multiple description video coding using dynamic slice groups
* Hierarchical Shape Matching for Temporally Consistent 3D Video
* Human motion synthesis from 3D video
* Learning Identity-Invariant Motion Representations for Cross-ID Face Reenactment
* Learning Parseval Frames for Sparse Representation with Frame Perspective
* Local maximal margin discriminant embedding for face recognition
* Long-Time Coherent Integration Algorithm for Radar Maneuvering Weak Target With Acceleration Rate
* Medial-axis-driven shape deformation with volume preservation
* Method for Active Marine Target Detection Based on Complex Interferometric Dissimilarity in Dual-Channel ATI-SAR Systems, A
* Multichannel Full-Aperture Azimuth Processing for Beam Steering SAR
* Multiple Laplacian graph regularised low-rank representation with application to image representation
* On the pretreatment process for the object extraction in color image of wear debris
* Pairwise registration of TLS point clouds using covariance descriptors and a non-cooperative game
* Preliminary Results of Multichannel SAR-GMTI Experiments for Airborne Quad-Pol Radar System
* Processing of Multichannel Sliding Spotlight and TOPS Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Robust Adaptive Array Beamforming With Subspace Steering Vector Uncertainties
* Shape Similarity for 3D Video Sequences of People
* Shape-Colour Histograms for matching 3D video sequences
* Study of Shape Similarity for Temporal Surface Sequences of People, A
Includes: Huang, P. Huang, P.[Pan] Huang, P.[Peng] Huang, P.[Peihao] Huang, P.[Pujiang] Huang, P.[Pu] Huang, P.[Polly] Huang, P.[Ping] Huang, P.[Pengdi]
35 for Huang, P.

Huang, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Construction of the Virtual Debris Flow Disaster Environments Driven by Multilevel Visualization Task
* Automated and Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Deep Neural Networks, An
* Cluster-based genetic segmentation of time series with DWT
* Error concealment algorithm using inter-view correlation for multi-view video
* Fusion Visualization Method for Disaster Information Based on Self-Explanatory Symbols and Photorealistic Scene Cooperation, A
* Improved Depth-Assisted Error Concealment Algorithm for 3D Video Transmission
* Motion-based unusual event detection in human crowds
* Nucleus and cytoplast contour detector of cervical smear image
Includes: Huang, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Huang, P.C.[Peng-Cheng] Huang, P.C.[Pei-Chi] Huang, P.C.[Pai-Chieh] Huang, P.C.[Pin-Cheng] Huang, P.C. Huang, P.C.[Po-Chung] Huang, P.C.[Po-Chi]
8 for Huang, P.C.

Huang, P.D.[Peng Di] Co Author Listing * Traffic Sign Occlusion Detection Using Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds
Includes: Huang, P.D.[Peng Di] Huang, P.D.[Peng-Di]

Huang, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Driving on GWB: energy-efficiency-driven route optimisation for EVs
* Real-Time Simulation of Deformable Soft Tissue Based on Mass-Spring and Medial Representation
Includes: Huang, P.F.[Peng Fei] Huang, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Huang, P.H.[Peng Hui] Co Author Listing * Approach for Refocusing of Ground Moving Target Without Target Motion Parameter Estimation, An
* Automatic Multi-Layer Red-Eye Detection
* Blind Image Deblurring with Modified Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution for Ringing Artifact Suppression
* Camera Calibration from Silhouettes Under Incomplete Circular Motion with a Constant Interval Angle
* Contour-Based Structure from Reflection
* Deep Semantic Matching with Foreground Detection and Cycle-Consistency
* Fast protein homology and fold detection with sparse spatial sample kernels
* Fast SAR Imaging Method for Ground Moving Target Using a Second-Order WVD Transform, A
* Gradient Boosting Machine and Object-Based CNN for Land Cover Classification
* Ground Maneuvering Target Imaging and High-Order Motion Parameter Estimation Based on Second-Order Keystone and Generalized Hough-HAF Transform
* Ground Moving Target Refocusing in SAR Imagery Based on RFRT-FrFT
* Ground Moving Target Refocusing in SAR Imagery Using Scaled GHAF
* Image deblurring by exploiting inherent bi-level regions
* Image deblurring with blur kernel estimation from a reference image patch
* Keyword-based approach for recognizing fraudulent messages by keystroke dynamics
* Method for Calibrating a Motorized Object Rig, A
* Multichannel Sea Clutter Modeling for Spaceborne Early Warning Radar and Clutter Suppression Performance Analysis
* Off-Grid STAP Algorithm Based On Local Mesh Splitting With Bistatic Radar System, An
* Robust Metric Structure From Motion for an Extended Sequence with Outliers and Missing Data
* Silhouette-based camera calibration from sparse views under circular motion
Includes: Huang, P.H.[Peng Hui] Huang, P.H.[Peng-Hui] Huang, P.H.[Po-Hao] Huang, P.H.[Po-Hsiang] Huang, P.H.[Pai-Hsi] Huang, P.H.[Pi-Hui] Huang, P.H.[Pang-Hung] Huang, P.H.
20 for Huang, P.H.

Huang, P.J.[Po Jui] Co Author Listing * Robust wheelchair pedestrian detection using sparse representation
Includes: Huang, P.J.[Po Jui] Huang, P.J.[Po-Jui]

Huang, P.K.[Po Kuan] Co Author Listing * 3D Gesture Touchless Control Based on Real-Time Stereo Matching
* Design Methodology for Highly Reliable Character Recognition Systems, A
* New RCS Statistical-Model of Radar Targets, A
* Stereo matching architecture for 3D pose/gesture recognition and distance-measuring application
Includes: Huang, P.K.[Po Kuan] Huang, P.K.[Po-Kuan] Huang, P.K.

Huang, P.M.[Philip M.] Co Author Listing * RAVAN: CubeSat Demonstration for Multi-Point Earth Radiation Budget Measurements

Huang, P.P.[Ping Ping] Co Author Listing * ASTC-MIMO-TOPS Mode with Digital Beam-Forming in Elevation for High-Resolution Wide-Swath Imaging
* Azimuth Multichannel Reconstruction for Moving Targets in Geosynchronous Spaceborne-Airborne Bistatic SAR
* Boosting for transfer learning from multiple data sources
* Change Detection Using High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Active Learning and Markov Random Fields
* Landslide Prediction Method Based on a Ground-Based Micro-Deformation Monitoring Radar
* New Spaceborne Burst Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Mode for Wide Swath Coverage, A
* Novel Approach to Image Assessment by Seeking Unification of Subjective and Objective Criteria Based on Supervised Learning, A
* novel learning approach to multiple tasks based on boosting methodology, A
* Novel Unsupervised Classification Method for Sandy Land Using Fully Polarimetric SAR Data, A
* RFI Suppression for SAR Systems Based on Removed Spectrum Iterative Adaptive Approach
Includes: Huang, P.P.[Ping Ping] Huang, P.P.[Ping-Ping] Huang, P.P.[Pi-Pei]
10 for Huang, P.P.

Huang, P.S.[Po Sen] Co Author Listing * Active Planning, Sensing, and Recognition Using a Resource-Constrained Discriminant POMDP
* Calibration of LiDAR device using infrared images
* Color-Encoded Digital Fringe Projection Technique for High-Speed Three-Dimensional Surface Contouring
* Comparing Different Template Features for Recognizing People by their Gait
* Empirical Mode Decomposition Approach for Iris Recognition, An
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid 3D Motion of Densely Sampled Data Using Harmonic Maps
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid Motion of Densely Sampled 3D Data Using Harmonic Maps
* High-Resolution, Real-time 3D Shape Acquisition
* Human gait recognition in canonical space using temporal templates
* Iris Recognition Using Fourier-Wavelet Features
* Knowing When to Stop: Evaluation and Verification of Conformity to Output-Size Specifications
* Novel Approach for Iris Recognition Using Local Edge Patterns, A
* Recognizing Human Iris by Modified Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Robust spatial watermarking technique for colour images via direct saturation adjustment
* statistical approach for recognizing humans by gait using spatial-temporal templates, A
* Target-cluster fusion approach for classifying high resolution IKONOS imagery
* Thermal Face Recognition Based on Multi-scale Image Synthesis
* Towards Robust Image Classification Using Sequential Attention Models
Includes: Huang, P.S.[Po Sen] Huang, P.S.[Po-Sen] Huang, P.S. Huang, P.S.[Ping S.] Huang, P.S.[Pei-Sen] Huang, P.S.[Ping-Shen]
18 for Huang, P.S.

Huang, P.W. Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification for Pathological Prostate Images Based on Fractal Analysis
* Automatic classification for solitary pulmonary nodule in CT image by fractal analysis based on fractional Brownian motion model
* Dental biometrics: Human identification based on teeth and dental works in bitewing radiographs
* Design of Large Intelligent Image Database-Systems
* effective classification and numbering system for dental bitewing radiographs using teeth region and contour information, An
* Effective segmentation and classification for HCC biopsy images
* hierarchical digital watermarking method for image tamper detection and recovery, A
* Image retrieval by texture similarity
* Indexing Pictures by Key Objects for Large-Scale Image Databases
* Motion Robust Remote-PPG Approach to Driver's Health State Monitoring, A
* Reasoning about Pictures and Similarity Retrieval for Image-Information Systems Based on SK-Set Knowledge Representation
* size-insensitive integrity-based fuzzy c-means method for data clustering, A
* Spatial Reasoning and Similarity Retrieval for Image Database-Systems Based on RS-Strings
* Texture image retrieval and image segmentation using composite sub-band gradient vectors
* Using 2D C+-strings as spatial knowledge representation for image database systems
* Visibility Inference Based on Spatial Knowledge Representation from Observers Perspective
Includes: Huang, P.W. Huang, P.W.[Po-Whei] Huang, P.W.[Po-Wei]
16 for Huang, P.W.

Huang, P.X. Co Author Listing * Automatic Spatially-Aware Fashion Concept Discovery
* GMM improves the reject option in hierarchical classification for fish recognition
* Hierarchical classification with reject option for live fish recognition
* Supporting ground-truth annotation of image datasets using clustering
* Underwater Live Fish Recognition Using a Balance-Guaranteed Optimized Tree
Includes: Huang, P.X. Huang, P.X.[Phoenix X.]

Huang, P.Y.[Po Yao] Co Author Listing * Argus: Efficient Activity Detection System for Extended Video Analysis
* Efficient Uncertainty Estimation for Semantic Segmentation in Videos
* Improved Method Combining ANN and 1D-Var for the Retrieval of Atmospheric Temperature Profiles from FY-4A/GIIRS Hyperspectral Data, An
* RCAA: Relational Context-Aware Agents for Person Search
* Self-Supervised Deep Correlation Tracking
* Study on the Retrieval of Temperature and Humidity Profiles Based on FY-3D/HIRAS Infrared Hyperspectral Data, A
Includes: Huang, P.Y.[Po Yao] Huang, P.Y.[Po-Yao] Huang, P.Y.[Po-Yu] Huang, P.Y.[Peng-Yu] Huang, P.Y.

Huang, Q. Co Author Listing * 2.5-D Extended Field-of-View Ultrasound
* 3-D Surround View for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Ability of the Photochemical Reflectance Index to Track Light Use Efficiency for a Sub-Tropical Planted Coniferous Forest
* Accelerate convolutional neural networks for binary classification via cascading cost-sensitive feature
* Analytical Inversion of the 180deg Exponential Radon Transform with a Numerically Generated Kernel, An
* Augmented Adversarial Training for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Automatic image analysis of plant root structures
* Automatic License Extraction from Moving Vehicles
* Automatic Resonance Frequency Retuning of Stretchable Liquid Metal Receive Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Brightness Temperature Calculation of Lunar Crater: Interpretation of Topographic Effect on Microwave Data From Chang'E
* Can the Fractal Dimension of Images Be Measured
* Car detection using deformable part models with composite features
* CenterNet: Keypoint Triplets for Object Detection
* Character Extraction of License Plates from Video
* Clothing Landmark Detection Using Deep Networks With Prior of Key Point Associations
* Color Image Background Segmentation and Representation
* Content based active video data acquisition via automated cameramen
* Contextual-Based Image Inpainting: Infer, Match, and Translate
* Contrast Enhancement of Multiple Tissues in MR Brain Images With Reversibility
* Cross-Modal Correlation Learning by Adaptive Hierarchical Semantic Aggregation
* CSCNet: A Shallow Single Column Network for Crowd Counting
* Deep Constrained Low-Rank Subspace Learning for Multi-View Semi-Supervised Classification
* Deep Template-Based Watermarking
* Deinterlacing Using Hierarchical Motion Analysis
* Design and Implementation of Trajectory Data Management and Analysis Technology Framework Based on Spatiotemporal Grid Model
* Design Pseudo Ground Truth with Motion Cue for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
* Detecting News Reporting Using Audio/Visual Information
* Detecting Small Objects Using a Channel-Aware Deconvolutional Network
* Discovering Fine-Grained Spatial Pattern From Taxi Trips: Where Point Process Meets Matrix Decomposition and Factorization
* Discrete Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions with Shared Sparse Learning
* Displacement monitoring and modelling of a high-speed railway bridge using C-band Sentinel-1 data
* Distributable Consistent Multi-object Matching
* Effective Multimodality Fusion Framework for Cross-Media Topic Detection
* Embedding Perspective Analysis Into Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network for Crowd Counting
* Enhancing Adversarial Example Transferability With an Intermediate Level Attack
* Enhancing the Image Quality via Transferred Deep Residual Learning of Coarse PET Sinograms
* Evaluation of Different Methods for Estimating the Fraction of Sunlit Leaves and Its Contribution for Photochemical Reflectance Index Utilization in a Coniferous Forest
* Evaluation of the FluorWPS Model and Study of the Parameter Sensitivity for Simulating Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Exploring Coherent Motion Patterns via Structured Trajectory Learning for Crowd Mood Modeling
* Extracting Characters of License Plates from Video Sequences
* Extraction of the Individual Tree Infected By Pine Wilt Disease Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Optical Imagery
* Face Distortion Recovery Based on Online Learning Database for Conversational Video
* Fast Local Scale Control Based Blur Edge Detection
* Feature level MRI fusion based on 3D dual tree compactly supported Shearlet transform
* Flatten a Curved Space by Kernel
* Focus and retain: Complement the Broken Pose in Human Image Synthesis
* Foreground/background segmentation of color images by integration of multiple cues
* Gait Planning of Omnidirectional Walk on Inclined Ground for Biped Robots
* general vision problem solving architecture: Hierarchical token grouping, A
* Generalized stochastic tube model: Tracking 3D blood vessels in MR images
* Generalized Tube Model: Recognizing 3D Elongated Objects from 2D Intensity Images
* Geo-Hazard Detection and Monitoring Using SAR and Optical Images in a Snow-Covered Area: The Menyuan (China) Test Site
* Geographic Situational Awareness: Mining Tweets for Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response, Impact, and Recovery
* Geographies of Expatriates' Cultural Venues in Globalizing Shanghai: A Geo-Information Approach Applied to Social Media Data Platform, The
* Geometric Hypergraph Learning for Visual Tracking
* Gradually Vanishing Bridge for Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Graph-Based Framework to Bridge Movies and Synopses, A
* H.264/AVC HDTV watermarking algorithm robust to camcorder recording, An
* HybridPose: 6D Object Pose Estimation Under Hybrid Representations
* Image Class Prediction by Joint Object, Context, and Background Modeling
* Implementation of a Parallel GPU-Based Space-Time Kriging Framework
* Instance Embedding Transfer to Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
* Investigation on an Integrated Evacuation Route Planning Method Based on Real-Time Data Acquisition for High-Rise Building Fire
* Iterative Graph Seeking for Object Tracking
* Joint Feature Selection and Classification for Multilabel Learning
* K-Best Transformation Synchronization
* Label Decoupling Framework for Salient Object Detection
* Learning Coupled Convolutional Networks Fusion for Video Saliency Prediction
* Learning Self-Supervised Space-Time CNN for Fast Video Style Transfer
* Learning to Predict Bus Arrival Time From Heterogeneous Measurements via Recurrent Neural Network
* Learning to Prune Filters in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Light-Field Depth Estimation via Epipolar Plane Image Analysis and Locally Linear Embedding
* Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Lightweight Integrated Solution for a UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Imaging System
* Local-to-Global Approach to Multi-Modal Movie Scene Segmentation, A
* Mapping Comparison and Meteorological Correlation Analysis of the Air Quality Index in Mid-Eastern China
* Model-based automatic recognition of blood vessels from MR images and its 3D visualization
* multi-phase sparse probability framework via entropy minimization for single sample face recognition, A
* Multi-View Spatial Attention Embedding for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Multimedia Search and Retrieval: New Concepts, System Implementation, and Application
* Multimodal Transformer With Multi-View Visual Representation for Image Captioning
* Multiple Feature-Based Superpixel-Level Decision Fusion for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Classification
* Multispectral focal stack acquisition using a chromatic aberration enlarged camera
* Multispectral Image Intrinsic Decomposition via Subspace Constraint
* new encryption-then-compression algorithm using the rate-distortion optimization, A
* New Expression Database and Facial Animation, A
* Novel Graph-Based Segmentation Method for Breast Ultrasound Images, A
* Object Boundary Guided Semantic Segmentation
* Object-Guided Instance Segmentation With Auxiliary Feature Refinement for Biological Images
* Observational Quantification of Climatic and Human Influences on Vegetation Greening in China
* Online Asymmetric Metric Learning With Multi-Layer Similarity Aggregation for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Online Deformable Object Tracking Based on Structure-Aware Hyper-Graph
* Online Fast Adaptive Low-Rank Similarity Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Parallel Branch-Cut Algorithm Based on Simulated Annealing for Large-Scale Phase Unwrapping
* Parsing-Based View-Aware Embedding Network for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Pedestrian Detection Over 100 fps with C4 Algorithm
* Person Re-Identification by Semantic Region Representation and Topology Constraint
* Potential Geologic Issues of Von Kármán Crater Revealed By Multisource Remote Sensing Data
* Prediction of MCI to AD conversion using Laplace Eigenmaps learned from FDG and MRI images of AD patients and healthy controls
* Quantitative methods of evaluating image segmentation
* Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System
* RADet: Refine Feature Pyramid Network and Multi-Layer Attention Network for Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection of Remote Sensing Images
* Reconstruction From Uniformly Attenuated SPECT Projection Data Using the DBH Method
* Recurrent Slice Networks for 3D Segmentation of Point Clouds
* Reinforced Cross-Modal Matching and Self-Supervised Imitation Learning for Vision-Language Navigation
* Reverse Perspective Network for Perspective-Aware Object Counting
* Reversible contrast enhancement for medical images with background segmentation
* review of monocular visual odometry, A
* Review of Visual Saliency Detection With Comprehensive Information
* Robust Algorithm for Joint Sparse Recovery in Presence of Impulsive Noise, A
* Robust Latent Poisson Deconvolution From Multiple Features for Web Topic Detection
* Segmenting and Representing Background in Color Images
* SGPN: Similarity Group Proposal Network for 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation
* Shape Inpainting Using 3D Generative Adversarial Network and Recurrent Convolutional Networks
* Split Multiplicative Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* Stacked Cross Refinement Network for Edge-Aware Salient Object Detection
* State-Relabeling Adversarial Active Learning
* Statistical Model, Analysis and Approximation of Rate-Distortion Function in MPEG-4 FGS Videos
* Stereoscopic Image Stitching via Disparity-Constrained Warping and Blending
* Superpixel-Based Feature Extraction and Fusion Method for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Classification
* TabletGaze: dataset and analysis for unconstrained appearance-based gaze estimation in mobile tablets
* Template Model for Defect Simulation for Evaluating Nondestructive Testing in X-Radiography, A
* Towards 3D Human Pose Estimation in the Wild: A Weakly-Supervised Approach
* Towards Discriminability and Diversity: Batch Nuclear-Norm Maximization Under Label Insufficient Situations
* Transferring Boosted Detectors Towards Viewpoint and Scene Adaptiveness
* Two finite inverse Hilbert transform formulae for region-of-interest tomography
* Understanding and Removal of False Contour in HEVC Compressed Images
* Unfolding Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Taxi Trip based on an Improved Network Kernel Density Estimation
* Unsupervised Abstract Reasoning for Raven's Problem Matrices
* Unsupervised Clustering Guided Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised Machine Learning on Domes in the Lunar Gardner Region: Implications for Dome Classification and Local Magmatic Activities on the Moon
* Unsupervised video object segmentation with distractor-aware online adaptation
* Unsupervised Web Topic Detection Using A Ranked Clustering-Like Pattern Across Similarity Cascades
* UWB Through-Wall Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing
* Variable-Weighted Linear Combination Model for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: Case Study in the Shennongjia Forestry District, China
* Video Anomaly Detection Using Open Data Filter and Domain Adaptation
* Video object tracking and segmentation with box annotation
* Voting with Their Feet: Delineating the Sphere of Influence Using Social Media Data
* Wave-Shaped Deep Neural Network for Smoke Density Estimation, A
* Weakly Supervised Deep Learning for Whole Slide Lung Cancer Image Analysis
* Weakly Supervised Deep Nuclei Segmentation Using Partial Points Annotation in Histopathology Images
* Webpage saliency prediction with multi-features fusion
* Weighted Double-Logistic Function Fitting Method for Reconstructing the High-Quality Sentinel-2 NDVI Time Series Data Set
* Zero-Watermarking Based on Improved ORB Features Against Print-cam Attack
Includes: Huang, Q. Huang, Q.[Qing] Huang, Q.[Qiu] Huang, Q.[Qian] Huang, Q.[Qin] Huang, Q.[Qihuan] Huang, Q.[Qiaolin] Huang, Q.[Qihong] Huang, Q.[Qiushi] Huang, Q.[Qunying] Huang, Q.[Qianru] Huang, Q.[Quanyi] Huang, Q.[Qiang] Huang, Q.[Qiao] Huang, Q.[Qiong] Huang, Q.[Qi] Huang, Q.[Qiaoying] Huang, Q.[Qinghan] Huang, Q.[Qiuyuan] Huang, Q.[Qile] Huang, Q.[Qiting]
144 for Huang, Q.

Huang, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Automatic annotation of tennis games: An integration of audio, vision, and learning
* Copula-Based Abrupt Variations Detection in the Relationship of Seasonal Vegetation-Climate in the Jing River Basin, China
* GRACE-Based Terrestrial Water Storage in Northwest China: Changes and Causes
* SVM-Based Audio Classification for Content- Based Multimedia Retrieval
* Tennis Ball Tracking Using a Two-Layered Data Association Approach
* View-based weight network for 3D object recognition
Includes: Huang, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Huang, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Huang, Q.F.[Qiong Fang] Co Author Listing * Efficient kernel discriminative common vectors for classification
* Maximizing the Sum-Rate of Amplify-and-Forward Two-Way Relaying Networks
Includes: Huang, Q.F.[Qiong Fang] Huang, Q.F.[Qiong-Fang] Huang, Q.F.[Qin-Fei]

Huang, Q.G.[Qian Gui] Co Author Listing * evaluation of fake fingerprint databases utilizing SVM classification, An
Includes: Huang, Q.G.[Qian Gui] Huang, Q.G.[Qian-Gui]

Huang, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Co Author Listing * Audio personalization using head related transfer function in 3DTV
* Bezier Interpolation for 3-D Freehand Ultrasound
* Bidirectional Segmented Detection of Land Use Change Based on Object-Level Multivariate Time Series
* Co-occurrence matching of local binary patterns for improving visual adaption and its application to smoke recognition
* Displacement Monitoring and Health Evaluation of Two Bridges Using Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Evolutionary Discovery of Co-Movement Patterns Among Foreign Currencies
* Extreme-Constrained Spatial-Spectral Corner Detector for Image-Level Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Feedback-Based Robust Video Stabilization Method for Traffic Videos, A
* Gated Recurrent Network With Dual Classification Assistance for Smoke Semantic Segmentation, A
* Ground-Based Radar Interferometry for Monitoring the Dynamic Performance of a Multitrack Steel Truss High-Speed Railway Bridge
* Grounded, Controllable and Debiased Image Completion with Lexical Semantics
* Linear Tracking for 3-D Medical Ultrasound Imaging
* Modality-specific and shared generative adversarial network for cross-modal retrieval
* Multi-beam steering for 3D audio rendering in linear phased loudspeaker arrays
* novel feature extraction method using Pyramid Histogram of Orientation Gradients for smile recognition, A
* novel visual codebook model based on fuzzy geometry for large-scale image classification, A
* River Detection in Remotely Sensed Imagery Using Gabor Filtering and Path Opening
* Robust multi-view representation for spatial-spectral domain in application of hyperspectral image classification
* Secure Service Offloading for Internet of Vehicles in SDN-Enabled Mobile Edge Computing
* Surface Deformation Investigated With SBAS-DINSAR Approach Based on Prior Knowledge
Includes: Huang, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Huang, Q.H.[Qing-Hua] Huang, Q.H.[Qiu-Hao] Huang, Q.H.[Qi-Huan] Huang, Q.H.[Qing-Hao] Huang, Q.H.[Qi-He]
20 for Huang, Q.H.

Huang, Q.J.[Qi Jun] Co Author Listing * Asia-Pacific Lightning Location Network (APLLN) and Preliminary Performance Assessment
* Design of high-resolution quantization scheme with exp-Golomb code applied to compression of special images
* Three-dimensional separate descendant-based SPIHT algorithm for fast compression of high-resolution medical image sequences
Includes: Huang, Q.J.[Qi Jun] Huang, Q.J.[Qi-Jun]

Huang, Q.L.[Quan Liang] Co Author Listing * New Method for Passive Millimeter Wave Image Registration by Applying Super Resolution, A
Includes: Huang, Q.L.[Quan Liang] Huang, Q.L.[Quan-Liang]

Huang, Q.M.[Qing Ming] Co Author Listing * Abnormal crowd behavior detection based on social attribute-aware force model
* Accelerating Topic Detection on Web for a Large-Scale Data Set via Stochastic Poisson Deconvolution
* Accurate and efficient cross-domain visual matching leveraging multiple feature representations
* Action Recognition in Broadcast Tennis Video
* Action Recognition in Broadcast Tennis Video Using Optical Flow and Support Vector Machine
* Action Recognition Using Spatial-Temporal Context
* Adaptive Reconstruction Network for Weakly Supervised Referring Expression Grounding
* Adding Affine Invariant Geometric Constraint for Partial-Duplicate Image Retrieval
* Advertise gently: In-image advertising with low intrusiveness
* Aesthetic composition represetation for portrait photographing recommendation
* Affective Visualization and Retrieval for Music Video
* ASIF-Net: Attention Steered Interweave Fusion Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Attention Based Album Slideshow
* Automatic text segmentation from complex background
* Beyond Explicit Codebook Generation: Visual Representation Using Implicitly Transferred Codebooks
* Beyond particle flow: Bag of Trajectory Graphs for dense crowd event recognition
* Beyond visual word ambiguity: Weighted local feature encoding with governing region
* Bilevel Multiview Latent Space Learning
* Blind image quality prediction by exploiting multi-level deep representations
* Blue-green color categorization in Mandarin-English speakers
* Cascade Category-Aware Visual Search
* Cascaded Partial Decoder for Fast and Accurate Salient Object Detection
* close-up detection method for movies, A
* Co-Saliency Detection for RGBD Images Based on Multi-Constraint Feature Matching and Cross Label Propagation
* Color Maximal-Dissimilarity Pattern for pedestrian detection
* Conditional GAN based individual and global motion fusion for multiple object tracking in UAV videos
* configurable method for multi-style license plate recognition, A
* Contextual Exemplar Classifier-Based Image Representation for Classification
* Corner Proposal Network for Anchor-free, Two-stage Object Detection
* Coupling Multiple Alignments and Re-ranking for Low-Latency Online Multi-target Tracking
* Coupling Reranking and Structured Output SVM Co-Train for Multitarget Tracking
* Cross modal metric learning with multi-level semantic relevance
* Cross-Modal Retrieval Using Multiordered Discriminative Structured Subspace Learning
* DA-CCD: A novel action representation by Deep Architecture of local depth feature
* Decomposition and Completion Network for Salient Object Detection
* Deep Robust Subjective Visual Property Prediction in Crowdsourcing
* Deep Spatial-Spectral Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Image
* Deep Stereoscopic Image Super-Resolution via Interaction Module
* DPANet: Depth Potentiality-Aware Gated Attention Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Edge-SIFT: Discriminative Binary Descriptor for Scalable Partial-Duplicate Mobile Search
* effective method to detect and categorize digitized traditional Chinese paintings, An
* Effective scene matching with local feature representatives
* efficient occlusion detection method to improve object trackers, An
* Error resilience video coding in H.264 encoder with potential distortion tracking
* Evaluating Visual Properties via Robust HodgeRank
* Event Tactic Analysis Based on Broadcast Sports Video
* Event tactic analysis based on player and ball trajectory in broadcast video
* Extracting 3D information from broadcast soccer video
* Fast and effective text detection
* Fast and robust text detection in images and video frames
* Fast common visual pattern detection via radiate geometric model
* framework for flexible summarization of racquet sports video using multiple modalities, A
* From Social to Individuals: A Parsimonious Path of Multi-Level Models for Crowdsourced Preference Aggregation
* Fusing multi-cues description for partial-duplicate image retrieval
* Generalized Semi-supervised and Structured Subspace Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Generating Descriptive Visual Words and Visual Phrases for Large-Scale Image Applications
* Going From RGB to RGBD Saliency: A Depth-Guided Transformation Model
* Graph Regularized Deep Neural Network for Unsupervised Image Representation Learning, A
* Graph Regularized Encoder-Decoder Networks for Image Representation Learning
* Group Activity Recognition by Gaussian Processes Estimation
* Harmonized Multimodal Learning with Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
* Hedged Deep Tracking
* Hedging Deep Features for Visual Tracking
* HodgeRank on Random Graphs for Subjective Video Quality Assessment
* HSCS: Hierarchical Sparsity Based Co-saliency Detection for RGBD Images
* Human Behavior Analysis for Highlight Ranking in Broadcast Racket Sports Video
* Human Daily Action Analysis with Multi-view and Color-Depth Data
* Human reappearance detection based on on-line learning
* Human tracking by structured body parts
* Image classification by non-negative sparse coding, correlation constrained low-rank and sparse decomposition
* Image classification using spatial pyramid robust sparse coding
* Image Matching by Multiscale Oriented Corner Correlation
* Interpretable Visual Reasoning via Probabilistic Formulation Under Natural Supervision
* Introduction to the Special Issue on MMAC: Multimodal Affective Computing of Large-Scale Multimedia Data
* Joint learning for side information and correlation model based on linear regression model in distributed video coding
* Joint video/depth rate allocation for 3D video coding based on view synthesis distortion model
* Laplacian affine sparse coding with tilt and orientation consistency for image classification
* Learning Feature Representation and Partial Correlation for Multimodal Multi-Label Data
* Learning Hierarchical Semantic Description Via Mixed-Norm Regularization for Image Understanding
* Learning image Vicept description via mixed-norm regularization for large scale semantic image search
* Learning Sparse Prototypes for Crowd Perception via Ensemble Coding Mechanisms
* Less Is More: Picking Informative Frames for Video Captioning
* Localized Image Matte Evaluation by Gradient Correlation
* Long-Term Video Question Answering via Multimodal Hierarchical Memory Attentive Networks
* LSH-based semantic dictionary learning for large scale image understanding
* Matching images more efficiently with local descriptors
* Mean-Shift Blob Tracking with Adaptive Feature Selection and Scale Adaptation
* Measuring visual saliency by Site Entropy Rate
* Mode mapping method for H.264/AVC spatial downscaling transcoding
* Modeling spatial and semantic cues for large-scale near-duplicated image retrieval
* Monocular Tracking 3D People By Gaussian Process Spatio-Temporal Variable Model
* Motion information extraction system
* Multi-description of local interest point for partial-duplicate image retrieval
* Multi-feature metric learning with knowledge transfer among semantics and social tagging
* Multi-level Discriminative Dictionary Learning towards Hierarchical Visual Categorization
* Multi-Level Discriminative Dictionary Learning With Application to Large Scale Image Classification
* Multimodal Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models with Harmonization
* Multimodal Similarity Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model
* Multiple Instance Boost Using Graph Embedding Based Decision Stump for Pedestrian Detection
* Multiple Kernel Learning with High Order Kernels
* Multiple Targets Appearance Tracker Based on Object Interaction Models, A
* Novel observation model for probabilistic object tracking
* Object tracking using incremental 2D-LDA learning and Bayes inference
* ObjectPatchNet: Towards scalable and semantic image annotation and retrieval
* Online Asymmetric Similarity Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Online Discriminative Structured Output SVM Learning for Multi-Target Tracking
* Online HodgeRank on Random Graphs for Crowdsourceable QoE Evaluation
* Online selection of the best k-feature subset for object tracking
* Online Vicept learning for web-scale image understanding
* Partial-Duplicate Image Retrieval via Saliency-Guided Visual Matching
* Pedestrian detection via logistic multiple instance boosting
* People re-detection using Adaboost with sift and color correlogram
* Query sensitive dynamic web video thumbnail generation
* RD-optimized interactive streaming of multiview video with multiple encodings
* Real-time interactive multi-target tracking using kernel-based trackers
* Regularized topic-aware latent influence propagation in dynamic relational networks
* Relay Backpropagation for Effective Learning of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Representing dense crowd patterns using bag of trajectory graphs
* Reverse Densely Connected Feature Pyramid Network for Object Detection
* Robust moving object segmentation on H.264/AVC compressed video using the block-based MRF model
* Robust real-time transmission of scalable multimedia for heterogeneous client bandwidths
* Robust Spatial Consistency Graph Model for Partial Duplicate Image Retrieval
* S3-MKL: Scalable Semi-Supervised Multiple Kernel Learning for Real-World Image Applications
* Saliency Detection for Stereoscopic Images Based on Depth Confidence Analysis and Multiple Cues Fusion
* Self-calibration Based 3D Information Extraction and Application in Broadcast Soccer Video
* Semantically-Based Human Scanpath Estimation with HMMs
* Set-based classification for person re-identification utilizing mutual-information
* Sharing model with multi-level feature representations
* Shot classification for action movies based on motion characteristics
* Siamese Dynamic Mask Estimation Network for Fast Video Object Segmentation
* Similarity Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Multi-modal Data Analysis
* Simulation Analysis on the Existence of Network Traffic Flow Equilibria, A
* SkeletonNet: A Hybrid Network With a Skeleton-Embedding Process for Multi-View Image Representation Learning
* Social Attribute-Aware Force Model: Exploiting Richness of Interaction for Abnormal Crowd Detection
* Spatiotemporal CNN for Video Object Segmentation
* SSOCBT: A Robust Semisupervised Online CovBoost Tracker That Uses Samples Differently
* Stochastic boosting for large-scale image classification
* Story Unit Segmentation with Friendly Acoustic Perception
* Strategy for aesthetic photography recommendation via collaborative composition model
* Structure-Aware Local Sparse Coding for Visual Tracking
* Structure-aware multi-object discovery for weakly supervised tracking
* Symmetric segment-based stereo matching of motion blurred images with illumination variations
* Task-Feature Collaborative Learning with Application to Personalized Attribute Prediction
* Theoretical analysis of learning local anchors for classification
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Thresholding technique with adaptive window selection for uneven lighting image
* Topic detection in cross-media: A semi-supervised co-clustering approach
* Transfer pedestrian detector towards view-adaptiveness and efficiency
* Treat samples differently: Object tracking with semi-supervised online CovBoost
* Two-stream deep sparse network for accurate and efficient image restoration
* Undoing the codebook bias by linear transformation with sparsity and F-norm constraints for image classification
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Benchmark: Object Detection and Tracking, The
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Benchmark: Object Detection, Tracking and Baseline, The
* Unsupervised Open Domain Recognition by Semantic Discrepancy Minimization
* Unsupervised Texture Classification: Automatically Discover and Classify Texture Patterns
* Unsupervised texture classification: Automatically discover and classify texture patterns
* USB: Ultrashort Binary Descriptor for Fast Visual Matching and Retrieval
* Using Webcast Text for Semantic Event Detection in Broadcast Sports Video
* Utilizing affective analysis for efficient movie browsing
* Video Saliency Detection via Sparsity-Based Reconstruction and Propagation
* Viewpoint and Scale Consistency Reinforcement for UAV Vehicle Re-Identification
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Single-Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-VDT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Video Detection and Tracking Challenge Results
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* Visual perception based Lagrangian rate distortion optimization for video coding
* Weakly supervised cross-view action recognition via sequential motion accumulation
* Weakly-supervised Crowd Counting Learns from Sorting Rather Than Locations
Includes: Huang, Q.M.[Qing Ming] Huang, Q.M.[Qing-Ming] Huang, Q.M. Huang, Q.M.[Qing-Mei]
171 for Huang, Q.M.

Huang, Q.P.[Qiu Ping] Co Author Listing * Lexicon expansion for latent variable grammars
Includes: Huang, Q.P.[Qiu Ping] Huang, Q.P.[Qiu-Ping]

Huang, Q.Q.[Qing Qiu] Co Author Listing * Caption-supervised Face Recognition: Training a State-of-the-Art Face Model Without Manual Annotation
* Distribution-balanced Loss for Multi-label Classification in Long-tailed Datasets
* Find and Focus: Retrieve and Localize Video Events with Natural Language Queries
* Flood Inundation Mapping from Optical Satellite Images Using Spatiotemporal Context Learning and Modest AdaBoost
* Learn to Propagate Reliably on Noisy Affinity Graphs
* Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Online Disturbance Detection in Satellite Image Time Series
* Movienet: A Holistic Dataset for Movie Understanding
* Online Multi-modal Person Search in Videos
* Panchromatic and multi-spectral image fusion for new satellites based on multi-channel deep model
* Person Search in Videos with One Portrait Through Visual and Temporal Links
* Placepedia: Comprehensive Place Understanding with Multi-faceted Annotations
* Unified Framework for Shot Type Classification Based on Subject Centric Lens, A
* Unifying Identification and Context Learning for Person Recognition
Includes: Huang, Q.Q.[Qing Qiu] Huang, Q.Q.[Qing-Qiu] Huang, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing]
13 for Huang, Q.Q.

Huang, Q.R.[Qi Rui] Co Author Listing * Subpixel image registration regularised by L_1 and L_2 norms
Includes: Huang, Q.R.[Qi Rui] Huang, Q.R.[Qi-Rui]

Huang, Q.T.[Qi Ting] Co Author Listing * Geo-Parcel Based Crop Identification by Integrating High Spatial-Temporal Resolution Imagery from Multi-Source Satellite Data
Includes: Huang, Q.T.[Qi Ting] Huang, Q.T.[Qi-Ting]

Huang, Q.X.[Qing Xu] Co Author Listing * Application of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Images: A Meta-Analysis and a Systematic Literature Review
* Capturing Dynamic Textured Surfaces of Moving Targets
* Dense Human Body Correspondences Using Convolutional Networks
* Domain Transfer Through Deep Activation Matching
* Dynamics of Urbanization Levels in China from 1992 to 2012: Perspective from DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Extreme Relative Pose Estimation for RGB-D Scans via Scene Completion
* Extreme Relative Pose Network Under Hybrid Representations
* Fast and Robust Multi-Person 3D Pose Estimation From Multiple Views
* Geometry and Convergence Analysis of Algorithms for Registration of 3D Shapes
* H3dnet: 3d Object Detection Using Hybrid Geometric Primitives
* hierarchical conditional random field model for labeling and segmenting images of street scenes, A
* Image Co-segmentation via Consistent Functional Maps
* Joint Map and Symmetry Synchronization
* Large-scale Annotated Mechanical Components Benchmark for Classification and Retrieval Tasks with Deep Neural Networks, A
* Late Fusion CNN for Digital Matting, A
* Learning Dense Correspondence via 3D-Guided Cycle Consistency
* Learning Transformation Synchronization
* Path-Invariant Map Networks
* PVNet: Pixel-Wise Voting Network for 6DoF Pose Estimation
* StarMap for Category-Agnostic Keypoint and Viewpoint Estimation
* SurfNet: Generating 3D Shape Surfaces Using Deep Residual Networks
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Keypoint Estimation via View Consistency
* Unsupervised Multi-class Joint Image Segmentation
* Urbanization Impacts on Vegetation Phenology in China
Includes: Huang, Q.X.[Qing Xu] Huang, Q.X.[Qing-Xu] Huang, Q.X.[Qi-Xing]
24 for Huang, Q.X.

Huang, Q.Y.[Qiu Yuan] Co Author Listing * AttnGAN: Fine-Grained Text to Image Generation with Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Environmental Differences between Migratory and Resident Ungulates: Predicting Movement Strategies in Rocky Mountain Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) with Remotely Sensed Plant Phenology, Snow, and Land Cover
* FR-Net: Joint Reconstruction and Segmentation in Compressed Sensing Cardiac MRI
* Introduction to Big Data Computing for Geospatial Applications
* Middle Resolution Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Based on Vector Analysis of Midline Change
* Mouth state estimation in mobile computing environment
* Multi Sensor Approach to Forest Type Mapping for Advancing Monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Myanmar, A
* Object-Driven Text-To-Image Synthesis via Adversarial Training
* Oriented Object Detection in Aerial Images with Box Boundary-Aware Vectors
* Patch Similarity Convolutional Neural Network for Urban Flood Extent Mapping Using Bi-Temporal Satellite Multispectral Imagery
* Study On Snowmelt Flood Disaster Model Based On Remote Sensing and Gis
Includes: Huang, Q.Y.[Qiu Yuan] Huang, Q.Y.[Qiu-Yuan] Huang, Q.Y.[Qiong-Yu] Huang, Q.Y.[Qiao-Ying] Huang, Q.Y.[Qun-Ying] Huang, Q.Y.[Qiong-Yi] Huang, Q.Y.
11 for Huang, Q.Y.

Huang, Q.Z.[Qiao Zhen] Co Author Listing * 3D Measurement, Reconstruction and Navigation through Panoramic Photography
Includes: Huang, Q.Z.[Qiao Zhen] Huang, Q.Z.[Qiao-Zhen]

Huang, R.[Rong] Co Author Listing * 2.4kbps Multiband Characteristic Waveform Interpolation Speech Coding Algorithm, A
* 3D Reconstruction of Planar Surface Patches: A Direct Solution
* AIM 2019 Challenge on RAW to RGB Mapping: Methods and Results
* Approximation of salient contours in cluttered scenes
* Assessment of China's Offshore Wind Resources Based on the Integration of Multiple Satellite Data and Meteorological Data
* Aurora Image Classification Based on Multi-Feature Latent Dirichlet Allocation
* Automated sampling and control of gaseous simulations
* Background Learnable Cascade for Zero-shot Object Detection
* Belief Propagation algorithm for bias field estimation and image segmentation, A
* Beyond Face Rotation: Global and Local Perception GAN for Photorealistic and Identity Preserving Frontal View Synthesis
* CA-Net: Comprehensive Attention Convolutional Neural Networks for Explainable Medical Image Segmentation
* Change detection with cross enhancement of high- and low-level change-related features
* Color Feature Reinforcement for Cosaliency Detection Without Single Saliency Residuals
* Contextual Similarity Regularized Metric Learning for person re-identification
* Correntropy-Based Spatial-Spectral Robust Sparsity-Regularized Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Cross-Modal Knowledge Adaptation for Language-Based Person Search
* Deep Convolutional-Neural-Network-Based Channel Attention for Single Image Dynamic Scene Blind Deblurring
* Deep Learning Approach for Urban Underground Objects Detection From Vehicle-borne Ground Penetrating Radar Data in Real-Time, A
* Deep point embedding for urban classification using ALS point clouds: A new perspective from local to global
* DeepList: Learning Deep Features With Adaptive Listwise Constraint for Person Reidentification
* Deformable-Model Based Textured Object Segmentation
* EasiECG: A Novel Inter-Patient Arrhythmia Classification Method using ECG Waves
* Effective semi-supervised learning for structured data using Embedding GANs
* EKENet: Efficient knowledge enhanced network for real-time scene parsing
* Embedded Profile Hidden Markov Models for Shape Analysis
* Evaluation of quantitative dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE)-MRI parameters using a reference region model in invasive ductal carcinoma (ID
* Exemplar-based linear discriminant analysis for robust object tracking
* Exploring the Optical Properties of Leaf Photosynthetic and Photo-Protective Pigments In Vivo Based on the Separation of Spectral Overlapping
* Eye gaze pattern analysis for fatigue detection based on GP-BCNN with ESM
* Face recognition by landmark pooling-based CNN with concentrate loss
* Face recognition using kernel based Fisher discriminant analysis
* Fast Pairwise Coarse Registration Between Point Clouds of Construction Sites Using 2d Projection Based Phase Correlation
* Font Distribution Observation by Network-Based Analysis
* FX-GAN: Self-Supervised GAN Learning via Feature Exchange
* GraNet: Global relation-aware attentional network for semantic segmentation of ALS point clouds
* graphical model framework for coupling MRFs and deformable models, A
* HFP: Hardware-Aware Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Acceleration
* High Quality Monocular Depth Estimation Via A Multi-Scale Network And A Detail-Preserving Objective
* HighEr-Resolution Network for Image Demosaicing and Enhancing
* Hough Forest-based Association Framework with Occlusion Handling for Multi-Target Tracking
* How Effectively can Indoor Wireless Positioning Relieve Visual Tracking Pains: A Cramer-Rao Bound Viewpoi
* Hybrid Deformable Models for Medical Segmentation and Registration
* hybrid face recognition method using markov random fields, A
* Hybrid Framework for Image Segmentation Using Probabilistic Integration of Heterogeneous Constraints, A
* Image segmentation via coherent clustering in L*a*b* color space
* Kernel-based optimized feature vectors selection and discriminant analysis for face recognition
* LASDU: A Large-Scale Aerial LiDAR Dataset for Semantic Labeling in Dense Urban Areas
* Learning Dynamic Siamese Network for Visual Object Tracking
* Learning Memory Augmented Cascading Network for Compressed Sensing of Images
* Learning Quintuplet Loss for Large-Scale Visual Geolocalization
* Learning structure of stereoscopic image for no-reference quality assessment with convolutional neural network
* Learning to Detect Fine-Grained Change Under Variant Imaging Conditions
* Level Set Method for Image Segmentation in the Presence of Intensity Inhomogeneities With Application to MRI, A
* Local Binary Pattern histogram based Texton learning for texture classification
* Locally Constrained Random Walk Approach for Airway Segmentation of Low-Contrast Computed Tomography (CT) Image, A
* LSTM Approach to Temporal 3d Object Detection in Lidar Point Clouds, An
* Manifold Regularized Gaussian Mixture Model for Semi-supervised Clustering
* Manifold regularized semi-supervised Gaussian mixture model
* Manifold-based constraint Laplacian score for multi-label feature selection
* Mapping of Daily Mean Air Temperature in Agricultural Regions Using Daytime and Nighttime Land Surface Temperatures Derived from TERRA and AQUA MODIS Data
* Method Of 3d Measurement And Reconstruction For Cultural Relics In Museums, A
* Monitoring Meteorological Drought in Southern China Using Remote Sensing Data
* Multi-label feature selection via manifold regularization and dependence maximization
* Multitarget Tracking Using Hough Forest Random Field
* new spatio-temporal MRF framework for video-based object segmentation, A
* novel skyline context descriptor for rapid localization of terrestrial laser scans to airborne laser scanning point clouds, A
* Off-Feature Information Incorporated Metric Learning for Face Recognition
* On the Possibility of Structure Learning-Based Scene Character Detector
* online learned hough forest model for multi-target tracking, An
* Online Transfer Boosting for object tracking
* OperatorNet: Recovering 3D Shapes From Difference Operators
* Photometric Stereo under Low Frequency Environment Illumination
* Practical Remote Sensing Monitoring Framework for Late Frost Damage in Wine Grapes Using Multi-Source Satellite Data, A
* Profile Hidden Markov Model Framework for Modeling and Analysis of Shape, A
* Reading-Life Log: Technologies to Recognize Texts That We Read, The
* Recognizing Focal Liver Lesions in CEUS With Dynamically Trained Latent Structured Models
* RGB-D Salient Object Detection by a CNN With Multiple Layers Fusion
* Robust global registration of point clouds by closed-form solution in the frequency domain
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Exemplar-Based Detectors
* Saliency Based on Multi-scale Ratio of Dissimilarity
* Scene character detection and recognition based on multiple hypotheses framework
* Scene Character Detection and Recognition with Cooperative Multiple-Hypothesis Framework
* Scene Character Detection by an Edge-Ray Filter
* Security of Facial Forensics Models Against Adversarial Attacks
* segmentation system based on clustering method for pediatric DTI images, A
* Self-training-based face recognition using semi-supervised linear discriminant analysis and affinity propagation
* shape-from-shading framework for satisfying data-closeness and structure-preserving smoothness constraints, A
* Shape-from-shading under complex natural illumination
* Solving the small sample size problem of LDAf
* Spatio-Temporal Appearance Representation for Video-Based Pedestrian Re-Identification, A
* Structure-Preserving Regularisation Constraints for Shape-from-Shading
* Time-varying ARMA stable process estimation using sequential Monte Carlo
* Triple-Complementary Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* TUM-MLS-2016: An Annotated Mobile LiDAR Dataset of the TUM City Campus for Semantic Point Cloud Interpretation in Urban Areas
* Using tri-training to exploit spectral and spatial information for hyperspectral data classification
* Video-Based Pedestrian Re-Identification by Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Appearance Model
* visual simulation technology in formatting forest management plan at unit level based on WF, The
Includes: Huang, R.[Rong] Huang, R.[Rui] Huang, R.[Ran] Huang, R.[Ruoguan] Huang, R.[Ruoran] Huang, R. Huang, R.[Ronggang] Huang, R.[Renke] Huang, R.[Ruirong]
97 for Huang, R.

Huang, R.B.[Ruo Bing] Co Author Listing * Agent With Warm Start and Adaptive Dynamic Termination for Plane Localization in 3D Ultrasound
* Discriminant analysis via jointly -norm sparse tensor preserving embedding for image classification
Includes: Huang, R.B.[Ruo Bing] Huang, R.B.[Ruo-Bing] Huang, R.B.[Rong-Bing]

Huang, R.G.[Rong Gang] Co Author Listing * Automated fusion of forest airborne and terrestrial point clouds through canopy density analysis
* automated method to register airborne and terrestrial laser scanning point clouds, An
* Automated Reconstruction of Building LoDs from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds Using an Improved Morphological Scale Space
* Automatic Clearance Anomaly Detection for Transmission Line Corridors Utilizing UAV-Borne LIDAR Data
* Automatic registration of panoramic image sequence and mobile laser scanning data using semantic features
* Bidirectional Analysis Method for Extracting Glacier Crevasses from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Hierarchical registration of unordered TLS point clouds based on binary shape context descriptor
* HPM-TDP: An efficient hierarchical PatchMatch depth estimation approach using tree dynamic programming
* Hydrological and Kinematic Precursors of the 2017 Calving Event at the Petermann Glacier in Greenland Observed from Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* IQPC 2015 Track: Evaluation of Automatically Generated 2D Footprints from Urban Lidar Data
* Multiple rotation symmetry group detection via saliency-based visual attention and Frieze expansion pattern
* Robust contrast enhancement forensics based on convolutional neural networks
* Towards Reconstructing 3D Buildings from ALS Data Based on Gestalt Laws
* Two-step adaptive extraction method for ground points and breaklines from lidar point clouds
Includes: Huang, R.G.[Rong Gang] Huang, R.G.[Rong-Gang]
14 for Huang, R.G.

Huang, R.H.[Ren Hung] Co Author Listing * Iris Recognition Using 3D Co-occurrence Matrix
* NAS-Guided Lightweight Multiscale Attention Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Schedule-based Pathfinding Algorithm for Transit Networks Using Pattern First Search, A
Includes: Huang, R.H.[Ren Hung] Huang, R.H.[Ren-Hung] Huang, R.H.[Run-Hu] Huang, R.H.[Rui-Hong]

Huang, R.J.[Ren Jie] Co Author Listing * Learning to pool high-level features for face representation
Includes: Huang, R.J.[Ren Jie] Huang, R.J.[Ren-Jie]

Huang, R.L.[Ru Lin] Co Author Listing * M3F: Multi-Modal Continuous Valence-Arousal Estimation in the Wild
Includes: Huang, R.L.[Ru Lin] Huang, R.L.[Ru-Lin]

Huang, R.Q.[Rong Qing] Co Author Listing * Toward A Speaker-Independent Real-Time Affect Detection System
Includes: Huang, R.Q.[Rong Qing] Huang, R.Q.[Rong-Qing]

Huang, R.R.[Rui Rong] Co Author Listing * 3D visual simulation of Chinese fir based on the influence of different stand spatial structures
Includes: Huang, R.R.[Rui Rong] Huang, R.R.[Rui-Rong]

Huang, R.S.[Ruey Song] Co Author Listing * 3-D facial model estimation from single front-view facial image
* Hyperspectral Unmixing Based on Incremental Kernel Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Multiresolution 3D facial model compression
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Data-Guided Constraints For Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Parameterized Nonlinear Least Squares for Unsupervised Nonlinear Spectral Unmixing
* Spectral-Spatial Robust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Synthesizing Lateral Face from Frontal Facial Image Using Anthropometric Estimation
Includes: Huang, R.S.[Ruey Song] Huang, R.S.[Ruey-Song] Huang, R.S.[Ri-Sheng] Huang, R.S.
7 for Huang, R.S.

Huang, R.W.[Ren Wei] Co Author Listing * Safe diagnosability of fuzzy discrete-event systems
Includes: Huang, R.W.[Ren Wei] Huang, R.W.[Ren-Wei]

Huang, R.X.[Ri Xing] Co Author Listing * No reference image quality assessments based on edge-blur measure and its applications in printed sheet blurs classification
Includes: Huang, R.X.[Ri Xing] Huang, R.X.[Ri-Xing]

Huang, R.Y.[Rong Yong] Co Author Listing * Bathymetry of the Coral Reefs of Weizhou Island Based on Multispectral Satellite Images
* Bundle adjustment with additional constraints applied to imagery of the Dunhuang wall paintings
* Combining Landsat images with historic records to estimate the live coral cover of Luhuitou fringing reef in Northern South China Sea
* Cross-scale cost aggregation integrating intrascale smoothness constraint with weighted least squares in stereo matching
* Flexible, Generic Photogrammetric Approach to Zoom Lens Calibration, A
* Reassembling 3D Thin Fragments of Unknown Geometry in Cultural Heritage
* Zoom lens calibration with zoom- and focus-related intrinsic parameters applied to bundle adjustment
Includes: Huang, R.Y.[Rong Yong] Huang, R.Y.[Rong-Yong]
7 for Huang, R.Y.

Huang, R.Z.[Ren Zhuang] Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition of animal vocalizations using averaged MFCC and linear discriminant analysis
* Optimizing the Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Windows: A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Approach
* Three-Level Graph Based Interactive Volume Segmentation System, A
Includes: Huang, R.Z.[Ren Zhuang] Huang, R.Z.[Ren-Zhuang] Huang, R.Z. Huang, R.Z.[Run-Zhen]

Huang, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Ionospheric Tomography Using Model Function in the Modified L-Curve Method
* 3D LiDAR Map Compression for Efficient Localization on Resource Constrained Vehicles
* Adaptive image denoising for speckle noise images based on fuzzy logic
* Adaptive packet scheduling for scalable video streaming with network coding
* Agreement Between Saliency Maps and Human-Labeled Regions of Interest: Applications to Skin Disease Classification
* Analysis and Study of Egg Quality Based on Hyperspectral Image Data of Different Forms of Egg Yolks
* Assessing Land Degradation Dynamics and Distinguishing Human-Induced Changes from Climate Factors in the Three-North Shelter Forest Region of China
* Assessing the Mobility and Environmental Benefits of Reservation-Based Intelligent Intersections Using an Integrated Simulator
* Augmenting Strong Supervision Using Web Data for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Background Modeling by Stability of Adaptive Features in Complex Scenes
* Bandwidth-Efficient Packet Scheduling for Live Streaming With Network Coding
* Body Structure Aware Deep Crowd Counting
* Camera Calibration from Periodic Motion of a Pedestrian
* Capability of Integrating Optical and Microwave Data for Detecting Soil Moisture in an Oasis Region, The
* Class-Prototype Discriminative Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Coarse-Fine Network for Keypoint Localization, A
* Collaborative Graph Embedding: A Simple Way to Generally Enhance Subspace Learning Algorithms
* Compact Configuration of Aircraft Flows at Intersections
* Comparison of altered mineral information extracted from ETM+, ASTER and Hyperion data in Águas Claras iron ore, Brazil
* Context Refinement for Object Detection
* Contrast enhancement of radiograph images based on local heterogeneity measures
* Convergence comparison of least squares based bearing-only SLAM algorithms using different landmark parametrizations
* Convolution in the Cloud: Learning Deformable Kernels in 3D Graph Convolution Networks for Point Cloud Analysis
* Copolarized and Cross-Polarized Backscattering From Random Rough Soil Surfaces From L-Band to Ku-Band Using Numerical Solutions of Maxwell's Equations With Near-Field Precondition
* Corner detection using the point-to-centroid distance technique
* Cost Minimization of Charging Stations With Photovoltaics: An Approach With EV Classification
* Dehazing Evaluation: Real-World Benchmark Datasets, Criteria, and Baselines
* Dense Image Matching With Two Steps Of Expansion
* Design and Analysis of Multimodel-Based Anomaly Intrusion Detection Systems in Industrial Process Automation
* Design of a Mobile Charging Service for Electric Vehicles in an Urban Environment
* Detecting Protrusion Lesion in Digestive Tract Using a Single-stage Detection Method
* Devil of Face Recognition Is in the Noise, The
* Dimensionality reduction for image classification via mutual information maximization
* Discriminative deep semi-nonnegative matrix factorization network with similarity maximization for unsupervised feature learning
* Egocentric hand detection via region growth
* Egocentric Temporal Action Proposals
* Enhanced Multiplicative Spread Spectrum Watermarking Scheme, An
* Evaluation of Sampling Methods for Validation of Remotely Sensed Fractional Vegetation Cover
* Expecting the Unexpected: Training Detectors for Unusual Pedestrians with Adversarial Imposters
* Extracting the Green Fractional Vegetation Cover from Digital Images Using a Shadow-Resistant Algorithm (SHAR-LABFVC)
* Fast Polynomial Approximation of Heat Kernel Convolution on Manifolds and Its Application to Brain Sulcal and Gyral Graph Pattern Analysis
* Feasibility of Using MODIS Products to Simulate Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) in Boreal Forests
* Filtration Strategy Based on FD-CRF for Image Matching, A
* Focus on Scene Text Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Friend or Foe: Fine-Grained Categorization With Weak Supervision
* Geometric Accuracy Assessment and Correction of Imagery from Chinese Earth Observation Satellites (HJ-1 A/B, CBERS-02C and ZY-3)
* Global and Local Pareto Optimality in Coevolution for Solving Carpool Service Problem With Time Windows
* Globality-Locality Preserving Projections for Biometric Data Dimensionality Reduction
* GPSRL: Learning Semi-Parametric Bayesian Survival Rule Lists from Heterogeneous Patient Data
* Heuristic Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Carpool Services Problem Featuring High-Occupancy-Vehicle Itineraries, A
* Holistic++ Scene Understanding: Single-View 3D Holistic Scene Parsing and Human Pose Estimation With Human-Object Interaction and Physical Commonsense
* Human-Centric Indoor Scene Synthesis Using Stochastic Grammar
* Hyperspectral Classification With Noisy Label Detection via Superpixel-to-Pixel Weighting Distance
* Image Haze Removal Using Airlight White Correction, Local Light Filter, and Aerial Perspective Prior
* Image Network Generation Of Uncalibrated UAV Images With Low-cost GPS Data
* Image set querying based localization
* Impacts of Rapid Urbanization on the Thermal Environment: A Remote Sensing Study of Guangzhou, South China, The
* Improved hypergraph regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with sparse representation
* Improved Method Combining ANN and 1D-Var for the Retrieval of Atmospheric Temperature Profiles from FY-4A/GIIRS Hyperspectral Data, An
* Improving non-negative matrix factorization via ranking its bases
* Indoor Scene Layout Estimation from a Single Image
* Information-Theoretic Approach to Transferability in Task Transfer Learning, An
* Infrared Small Target Detection via Non-Convex Tensor Rank Surrogate Joint Local Contrast Energy
* JPEG Image Encryption With Improved Format Compatibility and File Size Preservation
* Knowledge-Guided And Hyper-Attention Aware Joint Network For Benign-Malignant Lung Nodule Classification
* Learning a Mixture of Granularity-Specific Experts for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Learning high-dimensional networks with nonlinear interactions by a novel tree-embedded graphical model
* Learning Hypergraph-regularized Attribute Predictors
* Learning Speed Invariant Gait Template via Thin Plate Spline Kernel Manifold Fitting
* Linear SFM: A hierarchical approach to solving structure-from-motion problems by decoupling the linear and nonlinear components
* Local image region description using orthogonal symmetric local ternary pattern
* Mask Sparse Representation Based on Semantic Features for Thermal Infrared Target Tracking
* Model-Based, Semi-Global Segmentation Approach for Automatic 3-D Point Landmark Localization in Neuroimages, A
* MTGAN: Extending Test Case set for Deep Learning Image Classifier
* Multi-generation packet scheduling for live streaming with network coding
* Multilevel and Multiscale Network for Single-Image Super-Resolution
* Multimodal Target Detection by Sparse Coding: Application to Paint Loss Detection in Paintings
* Multispectral Interlaced Sparse Sampling Photoacoustic Tomography
* Networks Effectively Utilizing 2D Spatial Information for Accurate 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* New Variational Method for Bias Correction and Its Applications to Rodent Brain Extraction, A
* Not All Parts Are Created Equal: 3D Pose Estimation by Modeling Bi-Directional Dependencies of Body Parts
* Novel Chinese Sign Language Recognition Method Based on Keyframe-Centered Clips, A
* Novel Pan-Sharpening Framework Based on Matting Model and Multiscale Transform, A
* Novel Visual Detecting and Positioning Method for Screw Holes, A
* On Benefits of Selection Diversity via Bilevel Exclusive Sparsity
* On the effect of hyperedge weights on hypergraph learning
* Optimized 3D Street Scene Reconstruction from Driving Recorder Images
* Optimized scalable video transmission over P2P network with hierarchical network coding
* Part-Stacked CNN for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Perceptual visual quality assessment using deeply-learned gaze shifting kernel
* Predicting Human Activities Using Stochastic Grammar
* Provably Convergent Projected Gradient-Type Algorithm for TDOA-Based Geolocation Under the Quasi-Parabolic Ionosphere Model, A
* Pyramid Structured Optical Flow Learning with Motion Cues
* Radial Lens Distortion Correction Using Convolutional Neural Networks Trained with Synthesized Images
* Realistic Lung Nodule Synthesis With Multi-Target Co-Guided Adversarial Mechanism
* Rear-End Collision Avoidance-Based on Multi-Channel Detection
* Recognizing Zucchinis Intercropped with Sunflowers in UAV Visible Images Using an Improved Method Based on OCRNet
* Regularized fuzzy c-means method for brain tissue clustering
* Removing Haze Particles From Single Image via Exponential Inference With Support Vector Data Description
* Reranking of person re-identification by manifold-based approach
* Residual Inception: A New Module Combining Modified Residual with Inception to Improve Network Performance
* Retrieving images combining saliency detection with IRM
* Retrieving images using saliency detection and graph matching
* Robust corner detection using the eigenvector-based angle estimator
* Robust face alignment with cascaded coarse-to-fine auto-encoder network
* Robust joint sparsity model for hyperspectral image classification
* Robust Proactive Monitoring via Jamming With Deterministically Bounded Channel Errors
* Robust Single-Image Super-Resolution Based on Adaptive Edge-Preserving Smoothing Regularization
* Robust Video Restoration by Joint Sparse and Low Rank Matrix Approximation
* Saliency-guided Pairwise Matching
* Salient features useful for the accurate segmentation of masticatory muscles from minimum slices subsets of magnetic resonance images
* Salient object detection via reciprocal function filter
* Satellite Remote Sensing-Based In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status in Northeast China
* Scanning Photogrammetry for Measuring Large Targets in Close Range
* Scanning Photogrammetry, The
* Semantic Segmentation of Building in Airborne Images
* Shallow Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Sochi Ski-Jump Area Using GIS and Numerical Modelling
* Shape primitive histogram: Low-level face representation for face recognition
* SHREC'12 Track: Sketch-Based 3d Shape Retrieval
* Similitude Theory for Modeling Traffic Flow Dynamics, A
* Social Friend Recommendation Based on Multiple Network Correlation
* Source Distortion Estimation for Wyner-Ziv Distributed Video Coding
* Sparse signal recovery based on nonconvex entropy minimization
* Sparse Structure Learning Algorithm for Gaussian Bayesian Network Identification from High-Dimensional Data, A
* Spectral Embedded Clustering on Multi-Manifold
* Stereo Object Proposals
* Structure-Adaptive Clutter Suppression for Infrared Small Target Detection: Chain-Growth Filtering
* Structured Attentions for Visual Question Answering
* Study on segmentation and interpretation of multi-look polarimetric SAR images
* Study on the Retrieval of Temperature and Humidity Profiles Based on FY-3D/HIRAS Infrared Hyperspectral Data, A
* Subpixel-Level-Accurate Algorithm for Removing Double-Layered Reflections from a Single Image
* Text Guided Person Image Synthesis
* Time-Constrained Video Delivery Using Adaptive Coding Parameters
* TP-LSD: Tri-points Based Line Segment Detector
* Two-Stage Friend Recommendation Based on Network Alignment and Series Expansion of Probabilistic Topic Model
* Understanding Human Gaze Communication by Spatio-Temporal Graph Reasoning
* Unsupervised Sequential Outlier Detection With Deep Architectures
* User-Ranking Video Summarization With Multi-Stage Spatio-Temporal Representation
* Using Topological Information of Images to Improve Stereo Matching
* Weather classification with deep convolutional neural networks
* Webly-Supervised Fine-Grained Visual Categorization via Deep Domain Adaptation
* Wireless Information Surveillance and Intervention Over Multiple Suspicious Links
Includes: Huang, S. Huang, S.[Saiao] Huang, S.[Shenglan] Huang, S.[Senwang] Huang, S.[Shuai] Huang, S.[Sheng] Huang, S.[Shuang] Huang, S.[Shaoli] Huang, S.[Shoudong] Huang, S.[Shaowu] Huang, S.[Shan] Huang, S.[Shiyao] Huang, S.[Shao] Huang, S.[Shubo] Huang, S.[Shuo] Huang, S.[Suqi] Huang, S.[Song] Huang, S.[Shuying] Huang, S.[Shiwang] Huang, S.[Sen] Huang, S.[Shenjin] Huang, S.[Sibin] Huang, S.[Shuxian] Huang, S.[Shanyu] Huang, S.[Shiyuan] Huang, S.[Sunguo] Huang, S.[Siyu]
142 for Huang, S.

Huang, S.A.[Shu Ai] Co Author Listing * Safe Feature Screening for Generalized LASSO
Includes: Huang, S.A.[Shu Ai] Huang, S.A.[Shu-Ai]

Huang, S.B.[Si Bin] Co Author Listing * Combining powerful local and global statistics for texture description
* Integrating local feature and global statistics for texture analysis
* Scale-space texture description on SIFT-like textons
Includes: Huang, S.B.[Si Bin] Huang, S.B.[Si-Bin]

Huang, S.C.[Sheng Chieh] Co Author Listing * 100 MHz 1920X1080 HD-Photo 20 frames/sec JPEG XR encoder design, A
* Advanced Motion Detection Algorithm With Video Quality Analysis for Video Surveillance Systems, An
* Advanced Moving Object Detection Algorithm for Automatic Traffic Monitoring in Real-World Limited Bandwidth Networks, An
* consistent pixel-wise blur measure for partially blurred images, A
* constrained vector quantization scheme for real-time codebook retransmission, A
* Deformation and Smooth Joining of Mesh Models for Cardiac Surgical Simulation
* DesnowGAN: An Efficient Single Image Snow Removal Framework Using Cross-Resolution Lateral Connection and GANs
* DesnowNet: Context-Aware Deep Network for Snow Removal
* Development of a Pedestrian Indoor Navigation System Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion and Fuzzy Logic Estimation Algorithms
* Direct Parametric Image Reconstruction in Reduced Parameter Space for Rapid Multi-Tracer PET Imaging
* DSNet: Joint Semantic Learning for Object Detection in Inclement Weather Conditions
* Efficient Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Gamma Correction With Weighting Distribution
* Efficient Visibility Enhancement Algorithm for Road Scenes Captured by Intelligent Transportation Systems, An
* Face detection and landmark localization using Bilayer Tree Structured Model
* general class of preconditioners for statistical iterative reconstruction of emission computed tomography, A
* Generalized Linear Least Squares Method for Fast Generation of Myocardial Blood Flow Parametric Images with N-13 Ammonia PET
* Genetic-Algorithm-Based Approach to Solve Carpool Service Problems in Cloud Computing, A
* High-Efficiency and High-Accuracy Fully Automatic Collaborative Face Annotation System for Distributed Online Social Networks, A
* Knowledge-Based Step Length Estimation Method Based on Fuzzy Logic and Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithms for a Pedestrian Dead Reckoning System, A
* Multi-object tracking via discriminative appearance modeling
* Multiple channels local binary pattern for color texture representation and classification
* New Framework for Object Warping: A Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Approach, A
* New Hardware-Efficient Algorithm and Reconfigurable Architecture for Image Contrast Enhancement, A
* optimally complexity scalable multi-mode decision algorithm for HEVC, An
* Optimisation of automatic face annotation system used within a collaborative framework for online social networks
* Perceptual Quality-Regulable Video Coding System With Region-Based Rate Control Scheme
* Polygonal approximation using genetic algorithms
* Radial Basis Function Based Neural Network for Motion Detection in Dynamic Scenes
* Region-Based perceptual quality regulable bit allocation and rate control for video coding applications
* Regressive Tree Structured Model for Facial Landmark Localization
* Scene Analysis for Object Detection in Advanced Surveillance Systems Using Laplacian Distribution Model
* Services-Oriented Computing Using the Compact Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Carpool Services Problem
* Skeleton Features-based Fall Detection Using Microsoft Kinect V2 With One Class-classifier Outlier Removal, A
* Spatio-temporal fusion for Macro- and Micro-expression Spotting in Long Video Sequences
* Study of Children Facial Recognition for Privacy in Smart TV, A
* Study On The Explainable Ability By Using Airborne Lidar In Stand Value And Stand Competition
* Three-Dimensional Attention-Based Deep Ranking Model for Video Highlight Detection
* Two greedy tree growing algorithms for designing variable rate vector quantizers
* unbiased parametric imaging algorithm for nonuniformly sampled biomedical system parameter estimation, An
* Underwater Fish Tracking for Moving Cameras Based on Deformable Multiple Kernels
* Video Highlight Detection via Deep Ranking Modeling
* Visibility Restoration of Single Hazy Images Captured in Real-World Weather Conditions
Includes: Huang, S.C.[Sheng Chieh] Huang, S.C.[Sheng-Chieh] Huang, S.C. Huang, S.C.[Shih-Chia] Huang, S.C.[Shan-Chun] Huang, S.C.[Shih-Chi] Huang, S.C.[Shu-Chien] Huang, S.C.[Shih-Ching] Huang, S.C.[Shih-Chieh] Huang, S.C.[Sung-Cheng] Huang, S.C.[Shu-Cheng] Huang, S.C.[Shi-Chao]
42 for Huang, S.C.

Huang, S.C.H.[Scott C.H.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Recoverable Cryptographic Mosaic Technique by Permutations
* Emotion Transformation Feature: Novel Feature For Deception Detection In Videos
Includes: Huang, S.C.H.[Scott C.H.] Huang, S.C.H.

Huang, S.D.[Shou Dong] Co Author Listing * 3D LiDAR-Based Global Localization Using Siamese Neural Network
* Auto-weighted multi-view clustering via deep matrix decomposition
* Auto-weighted multi-view clustering via kernelized graph learning
* GSAP: A Global Structure Attention Pooling Method for Graph-Based Visual Place Recognition
* L2-SIFT: SIFT feature extraction and matching for large images in large-scale aerial photogrammetry
* Large-scale monocular SLAM by local bundle adjustment and map joining
* Line matching based on planar homography for stereo aerial images
* Low-cost visual tracking with an intelligent wheelchair for innovative assistive care
* new state vector and a map joining algorithm for range-only SLAM, A
* Robust deep k-means: An effective and simple method for data clustering
Includes: Huang, S.D.[Shou Dong] Huang, S.D.[Shou-Dong] Huang, S.D.[Shu-Dong]
10 for Huang, S.D.

Huang, S.F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Tumor Vascularity Using Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasound Images
* Characterization of Spiculation on Ultrasound Lesions
* Design and Implementation of Flood Monitoring and Assessment System
* GPM-Based Multitemporal Weighted Precipitation Analysis Using GPM_IMERGDF Product and ASTER DEM in EDBF Algorithm
* Intercomparison of Three Two-Source Energy Balance Models for Partitioning Evaporation and Transpiration in Semiarid Climates
* Linguistic Structure Guided Context Modeling for Referring Image Segmentation
* ORDNet: Capturing Omni-Range Dependencies for Scene Parsing
* Preliminary Evaluation of the SMAP Radiometer Soil Moisture Product over China Using In Situ Data
* Referring Image Segmentation via Cross-Modal Progressive Comprehension
* Region-of-interest segmentation based on Bayesian theorem for H.264 video transcoding
* Robust 3D reconstruction of building surfaces from point clouds based on structural and closed constraints
Includes: Huang, S.F. Huang, S.F.[Shi-Feng] Huang, S.F.[Shao-Fei] Huang, S.F.[Shu-Fen] Huang, S.F.[Shang-Feng]
11 for Huang, S.F.

Huang, S.G.[Shao Guang] Co Author Listing * Joint Sparsity Based Sparse Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Images
* Ontology-based insect recognition
* Sketch-Based Subspace Clustering of Hyperspectral Images
* Sketched Sparse Subspace Clustering For Large-Scale Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Huang, S.G.[Shao Guang] Huang, S.G.[Shao-Guang] Huang, S.G.[Shi-Guo]

Huang, S.H.[Shao Hui] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic 3-D Distance Transform Based on Contour Propagation
* Detecting Faces from Color Video by Using Paired Wavelet Features
* Feature selection using tabu search with long-term memories and probabilistic neural networks
* Improved AdaBoost-Based Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback via Paired Feature Learning
* Learning-Based Vertebra Detection and Iterative Normalized-Cut Segmentation for Spinal MRI
* Multi-label image recognition by using semantics consistency, object correlation, and multiple samples
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image and Video Deblurring
* Performance Analysis of Space Resection-Aided Pedestrian Dead Reckoning for Smartphone Navigation in a Mapped Indoor Environment, The
* Surface-Based Registration of Airborne and Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Using line consistency to estimate 3D indoor Manhattan scene layout from a single image
Includes: Huang, S.H.[Shao Hui] Huang, S.H.[Shao-Hui] Huang, S.H.[Szu-Hao] Huang, S.H.[Shu-Hong] Huang, S.H. Huang, S.H.[Si-Heng] Huang, S.H.[Shi-Hua] Huang, S.H.[Shih-Huan] Huang, S.H.[Shih-Han]
10 for Huang, S.H.

Huang, S.I.[Shih I] Co Author Listing * CITRIC: A low-bandwidth wireless camera network platform
Includes: Huang, S.I.[Shih I] Huang, S.I.[Shih-I]

Huang, S.J.[Sheng Jun] Co Author Listing * Active Learning by Querying Informative and Representative Examples
* Augmenting bag-of-words: a robust contextual representation of spatiotemporal interest points for action recognition
* Cross modal similarity learning with active queries
* Data Fusion and Confidence Measure in Image Feature Detection
* Design of multistage weighted order statistic filters by a neural network
* Extraction of Sunflower Lodging Information Based on UAV Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing and Deep Learning
* Fast Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning
* Learning a Similarity Constrained Discriminative Kernel Dictionary from Concatenated Low-Rank Features for Action Recognition
* MPEG Digital Storage Media (DSM) Control Command
* One-pixel Signature: Characterizing CNN Models for Backdoor Detection
* Recent Advances in Open Set Recognition: A Survey
* Statistics on Temporal Changes of Sparse Coding Coefficients in Spatial Pyramids for Human Action Recognition
Includes: Huang, S.J.[Sheng Jun] Huang, S.J.[Sheng-Jun] Huang, S.J.[Shi-Jian] Huang, S.J.[Su-Juan] Huang, S.J.[Shun-Ji] Huang, S.J.[Shen-Jin] Huang, S.J.[Si Jun] Huang, S.J.[Shan-Jiaoyang]
12 for Huang, S.J.

Huang, S.K.[Shi Kun] Co Author Listing * 3D-Rotation-Equivariant Quaternion Neural Networks
* Analysis of Disparity Error for Stereo Autofocus
* Dyadic Wavelet-based Nonlinear Conduction Equation: Theory and Applications
* Enhancement of phase detection for autofocus
Includes: Huang, S.K.[Shi Kun] Huang, S.K.[Shi-Kun] Huang, S.K.

Huang, S.L.[Shi Liang] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D hand pose estimation network utilizing joints information
* Amplitude-Phase Information Measurement on Riemannian Manifold for Motor Imagery-Based BCI
* Blood vessel extraction from OCT data by short-time RPCA
* Comparison of Individual Tree and Forest Plot Height Derived from LiDAR and InSAR, A
* end-to-end framework for unconstrained monocular 3D hand pose estimation, An
* Extracting Blood Vessels From Full-Field OCT Data of Human Skin by Short-Time RPCA
* Intra-class Part Swapping for Fine-Grained Image Classification
* Learning sequentially diversified representations for fine-grained categorization
* Mapping Extent Dynamics of Small Lakes Using Downscaling MODIS Surface Reflectance
* Multi-Order Feature Statistical Model for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Person Recognition with HGR Maximal Correlation on Multimodal Data
* Reconstructing satellite images to quantify spatially explicit land surface change caused by fires and succession: A demonstration in the Yukon River Basin of interior Alaska
* Semantically Supervised Maximal Correlation For Cross-Modal Retrieval
Includes: Huang, S.L.[Shi Liang] Huang, S.L.[Shi-Liang] Huang, S.L.[Shou-Lin] Huang, S.L. Huang, S.L.[Sheng-Li] Huang, S.L.[Shao-Li] Huang, S.L.[Shao-Lun]
13 for Huang, S.L.

Huang, S.M.[Shih Ming] Co Author Listing * Improved Principal Component Regression for Face Recognition Under Illumination Variations
* Linear Discriminant Regression Classification for Face Recognition
* Low-resolution face recognition in uses of multiple-size discrete cosine transforms and selective Gaussian mixture models
* Novel Approach for Rotation Free Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Subface hidden Markov models coupled with a universal occlusion model for partially occluded face recognition
* tomographic flow imaging system based on capacitance measuring techniques, A
* Unitary Regression Classification With Total Minimum Projection Error for Face Recognition
Includes: Huang, S.M.[Shih Ming] Huang, S.M.[Shih-Ming] Huang, S.M.[Sheng-Ming] Huang, S.M.
7 for Huang, S.M.

Huang, S.N. Co Author Listing * Geometrical Error Modeling and Compensation Using Neural Networks

Huang, S.P.[Shuang Ping] Co Author Listing * DropRegion training of inception font network for high-performance Chinese font recognition
* Enhanced visual categorization performances by incorporation of simple features into BIM features
* Entrance Pupil Irradiance Estimating Model for a Moon-Based Earth Radiation Observatory Instrument
* Robust shared feature learning for script and handwritten/machine-printed identification
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Huang, S.P.[Shuang Ping] Huang, S.P.[Shuang-Ping] Huang, S.P.[Shao-Peng]

Huang, S.Q.[Shao Qiong] Co Author Listing * Medical Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning with Feature Enhancement
* novel method for speckle noise reduction and ship target detection in SAR images, A
* QoE-driven HAS Live Video Channel Placement in the Media Cloud
* Using Satellite Data for the Characterization of Local Animal Reservoir Populations of Hantaan Virus on the Weihe Plain, China
Includes: Huang, S.Q.[Shao Qiong] Huang, S.Q.[Shao-Qiong] Huang, S.Q.[Shi-Qi] Huang, S.Q.[Shou-Qin] Huang, S.Q.[Shan-Qian]

Huang, S.R.[Shang Rong] Co Author Listing * Method of Discriminative Information Preservation and In-Dimension Distance Minimization Method for Feature Selection, A
Includes: Huang, S.R.[Shang Rong] Huang, S.R.[Shang-Rong]

Huang, S.S.[Shih Shinh] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Network for Foreground Segmentation in Region Level, A
* Crowd pedestrian detection using expectation maximization with weighted local features
* Deep hashing with triplet quantization loss
* Discriminatively trained patch-based model for occupant classification
* Integrating Appearance and Edge Features for Sedan Vehicle Detection in the Blind-Spot Area
* Learning spatiotemporal representations for human fall detection in surveillance video
* Method of Fabric Defect Detection Using Local Contrast Deviation, A
* Monocular multi-human detection using Augmented Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Parametric meta-filter modeling from a single example pair
* Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection and Tracking with Object-Driven Vanishing Line Estimation
* Region-Level Motion-Based Background Modeling and Subtraction Using MRFs
* Region-Level Motion-Based Foreground Detection with Shadow Removal Using MRFs
* Region-Level Motion-Based Foreground Segmentation Under a Bayesian Network
* SALICON: Saliency in Context
* Vehicle detection and tracking under various lighting conditions using a particle filter
Includes: Huang, S.S.[Shih Shinh] Huang, S.S.[Shih-Shinh] Huang, S.S. Huang, S.S.[Shan-Shan] Huang, S.S.[Shin-Shinh] Huang, S.S.[Song-Song] Huang, S.S.[Shi-Sheng] Huang, S.S.[Sheng-Sheng]
15 for Huang, S.S.

Huang, S.T.[Shang Teng] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary semi-supervised fuzzy clustering
* hidden Markov model-based character extraction method, A
* New orientation-based elimination approach for accurate line-detection
* Reducing the number of sub-classifiers for pairwise multi-category support vector machines
* Training TSVM with the proper number of positive samples
Includes: Huang, S.T.[Shang Teng] Huang, S.T.[Shang-Teng] Huang, S.T.[Song-Tao] Huang, S.T.[Shih-Ting]

Huang, S.W.[Sheng Wei] Co Author Listing * AugGAN: Cross Domain Adaptation with GAN-Based Data Augmentation
* Automatic Point Cloud Registration for Large Outdoor Scenes Using a Priori Semantic Information
* GAN-Based Day-to-Night Image Style Transfer for Nighttime Vehicle Detection
* Using Sparse-Point Disparity Estimation and Spatial Propagation to Construct Dense Disparity Map for Stereo Endoscopic Images
Includes: Huang, S.W.[Sheng Wei] Huang, S.W.[Sheng-Wei] Huang, S.W.[Shuo-Wen] Huang, S.W. Huang, S.W.[Shih-Wei]

Huang, S.X.[Shi Xin] Co Author Listing * Behavior regularized prototypical networks for semi-supervised few-shot image classification
* Better Prior Knowledge Improves Human-Pose-Based Extrinsic Camera Calibration
* Generalized Variational Optimization Analysis for Improving Scatterometer Surface Wind Field
* Optimal Temporal Window Selection for Winter Wheat and Rapeseed Mapping with Sentinel-2 Images: A Case Study of Zhongxiang in China
* Photoacoustic Tomography Image Restoration With Measured Spatially Variant Point Spread Functions
* Quantitative Evaluation of Environmental Loading Induced Displacement Products for Correcting GNSS Time Series in CMONOC
* Variability and Changes in Climate, Phenology, and Gross Primary Production of an Alpine Wetland Ecosystem
Includes: Huang, S.X.[Shi Xin] Huang, S.X.[Shi-Xin] Huang, S.X.[Sang-Xia] Huang, S.X.[Si-Xun] Huang, S.X.[Sheng-Xiang] Huang, S.X.[Shi-Xian] Huang, S.X.[San-Xiang]
7 for Huang, S.X.

Huang, S.Y.[Sheng Yen] Co Author Listing * 2D to 3D Image Conversion Based on Classification of Background Depth Profiles
* Adaptive computation-aware scheme for software-based predictive block motion estimation
* Adaptive fast block-matching algorithm by switching search patterns for sequences with wide-range motion content
* Advanced Least-Significant-Bit Embedding Scheme for Steganographic Encoding, An
* Analysis of Crop Reflectance for Estimating Biomass in Rice Canopies at Different Phenological Stages
* Building change detection based on 3D reconstruction
* Camera free 3-dimensional virtual touch display with multi-user identification
* Cascading MRVQ-DCT Scheme for the Compression of Sequence Images, A
* Classification of Point Clouds for Indoor Components Using Few Labeled Samples
* Classified variable block size motion estimation algorithm for image sequence coding
* Classified Variable-Block-Size Motion Estimation Algorithm for Image Sequence Coding
* Competence-aware Curriculum for Visual Concepts Learning via Question Answering, A
* Computation-aware scheme for software-based block motion estimation
* Configurable 3D Scene Synthesis and 2D Image Rendering with Per-pixel Ground Truth Using Stochastic Grammars
* Content-aware full search scheme for motion estimation
* Costal Bathymetry Estimation From Multispectral Image With Back Propagation Neural Network
* Deep Learning Driven Visual Path Prediction From a Single Image
* Dynamic Context Correspondence Network for Semantic Alignment
* Ellipse-specific fitting by relaxing the 3L constraints with semidefinite programming
* embedded merging scheme for H.264/AVC motion estimation, An
* Embedded Merging Scheme for VLSI Implementation of H.264/AVC Motion Estimation Modules, An
* Exploiting Spatial-temporal Coherence in the Construction of Multiple Perspective Videos
* Generalized Earley Parser for Human Activity Parsing and Prediction, A
* High-Performance SIFT Hardware Accelerator for Real-Time Image Feature Extraction
* Holistic 3D Scene Parsing and Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image
* Hyperspectral Analysis Of Rice Phenological Stages In Northeast China
* In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status Using Proximal Fluorescence Canopy Sensor at Different Growth Stages
* Lemma: A Multi-view Dataset for Learning Multi-agent Multi-task Activities
* new steganographic scheme based on vector quantisation and search-order coding, A
* PCDRN: Progressive Cascade Deep Residual Network for Pansharpening
* Phase retrieval on annular and annular sector pupils by using the eigenfunction method to solve the transport of intensity equation
* Potential of RapidEye and WorldView-2 Satellite Data for Improving Rice Nitrogen Status Monitoring at Different Growth Stages
* Radial lens distortion correction using cascaded one-parameter division model
* Recognition of Banana Fusarium Wilt Based on UAV Remote Sensing
* Remote Estimation of Nitrogen Vertical Distribution by Consideration of Maize Geometry Characteristics
* Sharing multiple secrets in visual cryptography
* simple and efficient block motion estimation algorithm based on full-search array architecture, A
* Technique for multi-focus image fusion based on fuzzy-adaptive pulse-coupled neural network
* Vision-Based Augmented-Reality System For Multiuser Collaborative Environments, A
Includes: Huang, S.Y.[Sheng Yen] Huang, S.Y.[Sheng-Yen] Huang, S.Y.[Shih-Yu] Huang, S.Y.[Shan-Yu] Huang, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Huang, S.Y.[Shu-Yi] Huang, S.Y. Huang, S.Y.[Sheng-Yu] Huang, S.Y.[Si-Yu] Huang, S.Y.[Shuai-Yi] Huang, S.Y.[Shi-Yao] Huang, S.Y.[Shiang-Yang] Huang, S.Y.[Shu-Ying] Huang, S.Y.[Sheng-Yang]
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Huang, S.Z.[Sheng Zhi] Co Author Listing * Copula-Based Abrupt Variations Detection in the Relationship of Seasonal Vegetation-Climate in the Jing River Basin, China
* Depth-enhanced feature pyramid network for occlusion-aware verification of buildings from oblique images
* Developing an Algorithm for Buildings Extraction and Determining Changes from Airborne LiDAR, and Comparing with R-CNN Method from Drone Images
* Generating 1 km Spatially Seamless and Temporally Continuous Air Temperature Based on Deep Learning over Yangtze River Basin, China
* GRACE-Based Terrestrial Water Storage in Northwest China: Changes and Causes
* specific perspective: Subway driver behaviour recognition using CNN and time-series diagram, A
Includes: Huang, S.Z.[Sheng Zhi] Huang, S.Z.[Sheng-Zhi] Huang, S.Z.[Shu-Zhe] Huang, S.Z.[Shi-Ze]

Huang, T. Co Author Listing * 2.5D Approach to 360 Panorama Video Stabilization, A
* 2018 NVIDIA AI City Challenge, The
* 7-Round Parallel Hardware-Saving Accelerator for Gaussian and DoG Pyramid Construction Part of SIFT, A
* Active Sampling Exploiting Reliable Informativeness for Subjective Image Quality Assessment Based on Pairwise Comparison
* Adversarial Complementary Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Asymmetric Non-Local Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Audio-Visual Speaker Localization Using Graphical Models
* Automated identification of animal species in camera trap images
* Automatic Planning of Multiple Itineraries: A Niching Genetic Evolution Approach
* Basis Pursuit for Tracking
* Bignas: Scaling up Neural Architecture Search with Big Single-stage Models
* BodyPrint: Pose Invariant 3D Shape Matching of Human Bodies
* Calibrating Head Pose Estimation in Videos for Meeting Room Event Analysis
* Color Image Edge Detection Using Cluster Analysis
* Color Tracking by Transductive Learning
* Compressed Image Restoration via Artifacts-Free PCA Basis Learning and Adaptive Sparse Modeling
* Contextual motion field-based distance for video analysis
* Coupled Dictionary Training for Image Super-Resolution
* DCT-domain Blind Watermarking System Using Optimum Detection on Laplacian Model, A
* Deep Image Matting
* Deep Interactive Object Selection
* Deep regional feature pooling for video matching
* Deep Relative Distance Learning: Tell the Difference between Similar Vehicles
* Deepmpc: A Mixture ABR Approach Via Deep Learning and MPC
* Depth-Aware Stereo Video Retargeting
* Depth-Preserving Warping for Stereo Image Retargeting
* Discriminative local binary patterns for human detection in personal album
* Efficient Terrain Data Representation for 3D Rendering Using the Generalized BFOS Algorithm
* Estimation of Leaf Nitrogen Content in Wheat Using New Hyperspectral Indices and a Random Forest Regression Algorithm
* Exploiting Multi-grain Ranking Constraints for Precisely Searching Visually-similar Vehicles
* Face age estimation using patch-based hidden Markov model supervectors
* Face localization via hierarchical Condensation with Fisher boosting feature selection
* Facial tracking with head pose estimation in stereo vision
* Fast Camera Motion Analysis in MPEG Domain
* Fast MPEG-CDVS Encoder With GPU-CPU Hybrid Computing
* FastDeRain: A Novel Video Rain Streak Removal Method Using Directional Gradient Priors
* Framelet Representation of Tensor Nuclear Norm for Third-Order Tensor Completion
* Free-Form Image Inpainting With Gated Convolution
* Generating Realistic Videos From Keyframes With Concatenated GANs
* Generative and discriminative face modelling for detection
* Geometry-Aware Traffic Flow Analysis by Detection and Tracking
* Global Co-occurrence Feature Learning and Active Coordinate System Conversion for Skeleton-based Action Recognition
* GPU Based fast MPEG-CDVS encoder
* GreedyNAS: Towards Fast One-Shot NAS With Greedy Supernet
* Group-Sensitive Multiple Kernel Learning for Object Recognition
* GRU-SVM Model for Synthetic Speech Detection
* Hardware Accelerator with Variable Pixel Representation & Skip Mode Prediction for Feature Point Detection Part of SIFT Algorithm, A
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration Using Weighted Group Sparsity-Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition
* ICA-based Probabilistic Local Appearance Models
* Improving 3D Human Pose Estimation Via 3D Part Affinity Fields
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Learning in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Joint Intermodal and Intramodal Label Transfers for Extremely Rare or Unseen Classes
* Joint Radar-Communication Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles: Combining Two Key Automotive Technologies
* Key Point Detection by Max Pooling for Tracking
* L0-norm constraint normalized logarithmic subband adaptive filter algorithm
* Large-scale image classification: Fast feature extraction and SVM training
* Learning Affective Features With a Hybrid Deep Model for Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition
* Learning Virtual HD Model for Bi-model Emotional Speaker Recognition
* Lightweight Deep Residue Learning for Joint Color Image Demosaicking and Denoising
* Low PMEPR OFDM Radar Waveform Design Using the Iterative Least Squares Algorithm
* Median Filtering Detection of Small-size Image Using Alexcaps-network
* Minimum Variance Estimation of 3D Face Shape from Multi-view
* Mixed Noise Removal in Hyperspectral Image via Low-Fibered-Rank Regularization
* Mixed Noise Removal via Laplacian Scale Mixture Modeling and Nonlocal Low-Rank Approximation
* Motion Estimation for Spike Camera Data Sequence via Spike Interval Analysis
* MPEG Internet Video Coding Standard and Its Performance Evaluation
* MPEG Internet Video-Coding Standard, The
* Multi-Block N-ary trie structure for exact r-neighbour search in hamming space, A
* Multi-Modal Topic Model for Image Annotation Using Text Analysis, A
* Multichannel and Multimodality Person Identification
* Neuromorphic Camera Guided High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Novel Inpainting Algorithm for Recovering Landsat-7 ETM+ SLC-OFF Images Based on the Low-Rank Approximate Regularization Method of Dictionary Learning With Nonlocal and Nonconvex Models, A
* Object Identification in a Bayesian Context
* Object identification: A Bayesian analysis with application to traffic surveillance
* Observation of Turbulent Mixing Characteristics in the Typical Daytime Cloud-Topped Boundary Layer over Hong Kong in 2019
* Optical Flow Estimation Between Images of Different Resolutions via Variational Method
* Optimal Radial Contour Tracking by Dynamic Programming
* Optimum detection of robust perceptual-model-based image-adaptive watermarks
* Overview of the MPEG-CDVS Standard
* Piecewise-Linear Classifiers Using Binary-Tree Structure and Genetic Algorithm
* PLD-SLAM: A New RGB-D SLAM Method with Point and Line Features for Indoor Dynamic Scene
* Rain Streaks Removal for Single Image Via Directional Total Variation Regularization
* Rate control for consistent video quality with inter-dependent distortion model for HEVC
* Rate-Performance-Loss Optimization for Inter-Frame Deep Feature Coding From Videos
* Recognizing Fish Species Captured Live on Wild Sea Surface in Videos by Deep Metric Learning with a Temporal Constraint
* Reconstructing Sessions from Data Discovery and Access Logs to Build a Semantic Knowledge Base for Improving Data Discovery
* Residual-Based Post-Processing for HEVC
* Robust Background Segmentation Using Background Models for Surveillance Application
* Robust Foreground Estimation via Structured Gaussian Scale Mixture Modeling
* Self-calibration dense bundle adjustment of multi-view Worldview-3 basic images
* Self-Similarity Grouping: A Simple Unsupervised Cross Domain Adaptation Approach for Person Re-Identification
* Sequence Multi-Labeling: A Unified Video Annotation Scheme With Spatial and Temporal Context
* Sequential Approach for Sentinel-1 TOPS Time-Series Co-Registration Over Low Coherence Scenarios, A
* Sequential Recognition of Manipulation Actions Using Discriminative Superpixel Group Mining
* Smart Web-Based Geospatial Data Discovery System with Oceanographic Data as an Example, A
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Particulate Organic Carbon Based on Long-Term MODIS Observations in Taihu Lake, China
* Special Issue on Multimodal Affective Interaction
* SPGNet: Semantic Prediction Guidance for Scene Parsing
* Subcategory-Aware Object Detection
* Survey of Face Detection on Low-Quality Images
* Total Stroke SLALOM Method for Searching for the Optimal Drawing Order of Off-Line Handwriting, A
* Toward BIM-Enabled Decision Making for In-Building Response Missions
* Towards Faster and Better Federated Learning: A Feature Fusion Approach
* Traffic Speed Estimation from Surveillance Video Data: For the 2nd NVIDIA AI City Challenge Track 1
* Transductive Episodic-Wise Adaptive Metric for Few-Shot Learning
* Universally Slimmable Networks and Improved Training Techniques
* Unsupervised Cross-Dataset Transfer Learning for Person Re-identification
* Unsupervised Sequential Outlier Detection With Deep Architectures
* Video sequence learning and recognition via dynamic SOM
* weighting algorithm based on the gravitational model for local stereo matching, A
Includes: Huang, T. Huang, T.[Tianci] Huang, T.[Thomas] Huang, T.[Ting] Huang, T.[Tianmin] Huang, T.[Tianyao] Huang, T.[Tianxi] Huang, T.[Tao] Huang, T.[Timothy] Huang, T.[Tong] Huang, T.[Teng]
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Huang, T.C.[Tie Cheng] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Poplar Looper (Apocheima cinerarius Erschoff) Infestation on Euphrates (Populus euphratic
* Indoor Positioning And Navigation Based On Control Spherecal Panoramic Images
Includes: Huang, T.C.[Tie Cheng] Huang, T.C.[Tie-Cheng] Huang, T.C.[Tsung-Che]

Huang, T.H.[Tz Huan] Co Author Listing * collaborative benchmark for region of interest detection algorithms, A
* Directing visual attention by subliminal cues
* Efficient hybrid error concealment algorithm based on adaptive estimation scheme
* Enhancement of Backlight-Scaled Images
* Feature tracking using epipolar geometry for ego-motion estimation
* Fusion of visual attention cues by machine learning
* High dynamic range image reconstruction from hand-held cameras
* Image Enhancement for Backlight-Scaled TFT-LCD Displays
* Image Quality Enhancement for Low Backlight TFT-LCD Displays
* JND-based enhancement of perceptibility for dim images
* Learning-Based Prediction of Visual Attention for Video Signals
* Perception-based high dynamic range compression in gradient domain
* Radiometric compensation for procam system based on anchoring theory
* Radiometric Compensation of Images Projected on Non-White Surfaces by Exploiting Chromatic Adaptation and Perceptual Anchoring
Includes: Huang, T.H.[Tz Huan] Huang, T.H.[Tz-Huan] Huang, T.H.[Tai-Hsiang] Huang, T.H.[Tzu-Huang] Huang, T.H.[Ting-Hsiang] Huang, T.H.
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Huang, T.J.[Tie Jun] Co Author Listing * Attention-driven Two-stage Clustering Method for Unsupervised Person Re-identification, An
* Automatic Webcam-Based Human Heart Rate Measurements Using Laplacian Eigenmap
* AVS2: Making Video Coding Smarter
* Background-Modeling-Based Adaptive Prediction for Surveillance Video Coding
* Bi-Directional Cascade Network for Perceptual Edge Detection
* CDbin: Compact Discriminative Binary Descriptor Learned With Efficient Neural Network
* coding unit classification based AVC-to-HEVC transcoding with background modeling for surveillance videos, A
* Compact Descriptors for Video Analysis: The Emerging MPEG Standard
* Compact Descriptors for Visual Search
* Component hashing of variable-length binary aggregated descriptors for fast image search
* Cost-Sensitive Rank Learning From Positive and Unlabeled Data for Visual Saliency Estimation
* Depth-based local feature selection for mobile visual search
* Efficient Background Reconstruction Based Coding Method for Surveillance Videos Captured by Moving Camera, An
* efficient coding framework for compact descriptors extracted from video sequence, An
* efficient surveillance coding method based on a timely and bit-saving background updating model, An
* Estimating Visual Saliency Through Single Image Optimization
* Evolvement of DRM Schema: From Encryption to Interoperability and Monitoring
* Fast and Efficient Transcoding Based on Low-Complexity Background Modeling and Adaptive Block Classification
* Fast global k-means clustering using cluster membership and inequality
* fast k-means clustering algorithm using cluster center displacement, A
* Finding the Secret of Image Saliency in the Frequency Domain
* Fixed-point Gaussian Mixture Model for analysis-friendly surveillance video coding
* Generating vocabulary for global feature representation towards commerce image retrieval
* Hierarchical multi-VLAD for image retrieval
* HNIP: Compact Deep Invariant Representations for Video Matching, Localization, and Retrieval
* Hybrid Coding of Spatiotemporal Spike Data for a Bio-Inspired Camera
* Hybrid-Indexing Multi-type Features for Large-Scale Image Search
* IEEE 1857 Standard: Empowering Smart Video Surveillance Systems, The
* IEEE 1857: Boosting Video Applications in CPSS
* IEEE Standards for Advanced Audio and Video Coding in Emerging Applications
* Image saliency estimation via random walk guided by informativeness and latent signal correlations
* Indexing heterogeneous features with superimages
* Joint Coding of Local and Global Deep Features in Videos for Visual Search
* Joint Filtering of Intensity Images and Neuromorphic Events for High-Resolution Noise-Robust Imaging
* Joint Learning of Semantic and Latent Attributes
* Joint optimization of JPEG quantization table and coefficient thresholding for low bitrate mobile visual search
* Joint Semantic and Latent Attribute Modelling for Cross-Class Transfer Learning
* Learning Compact Visual Descriptors for Low Bit Rate Mobile Landmark Search
* Learning Complementary Saliency Priors for Foreground Object Segmentation in Complex Scenes
* Learning from mobile contexts to minimize the mobile location search latency
* Learning Long-Term Dependencies for Action Recognition with a Biologically-Inspired Deep Network
* Learning Open Set Network with Discriminative Reciprocal Points
* Learning the trip suggestion from landmark photos on the web
* local shape descriptor for mobile linedrawing retrieval, A
* Low Complexity Interest Point Detector, A
* Low-complexity and high-efficiency background modeling for surveillance video coding
* Measuring Visual Surprise Jointly from Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contexts for Image Saliency Estimation
* Mediaprinting: Identifying Multimedia Content for Digital Rights Management
* Mining Compact Bag-of-Patterns for Low Bit Rate Mobile Visual Search
* Multi-camera Pedestrian Detection with Multi-view Bayesian Network Model
* Multi-polarity text segmentation using graph theory
* Multi-Scale Temporal Cues Learning for Video Person Re-Identification
* Multi-Task Rank Learning for Visual Saliency Estimation
* Multimedia Big Data
* multimodal video copy detection approach with sequential pyramid matching, A
* novel pair-wise image matching strategy with compact descriptors, A
* Optimizing JPEG quantization table for low bit rate mobile visual search
* Optimizing the Hierarchical Prediction and Coding in HEVC for Surveillance and Conference Videos With Background Modeling
* Overview of the IEEE 1857 surveillance groups
* PA-Search: Predicting units adaptive motion search for surveillance video coding
* Perceptual Temporal Incoherence-Guided Stereo Video Retargeting
* PKUBench: A context rich mobile visual search benchmark
* Probabilistic Multi-Task Learning for Visual Saliency Estimation in Video
* Rate-adaptive Compact Fisher Codes for Mobile Visual Search
* Reconfigurable video coding framework and decoder reconfiguration instantiation of AVS
* Retina-Like Visual Image Reconstruction via Spiking Neural Model
* Robust estimation for image noise based on eigenvalue distributions of large sample covariance matrices
* Robust multiple cameras pedestrian detection with multi-view Bayesian network
* secure media streaming mechanism combining encryption, authentication, and transcoding, A
* Selective Eigenbackground for Background Modeling and Subtraction in Crowded Scenes
* Selective eigenbackgrounds method for background subtraction in crowed scenes
* Sequential Deep Trajectory Descriptor for Action Recognition With Three-Stream CNN
* Single and Multiple View Detection, Tracking and Video Analysis in Crowded Environments
* Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Discriminant Temporal Pyramid Matching
* system based on sequence learning for event detection in surveillance video, A
* Towards Mobile Document Image Retrieval for Digital Library
* Two-stage pooling of deep convolutional features for image retrieval
* Video Coding for Machines: A Paradigm of Collaborative Compression and Intelligent Analytics
* Video Copy-Detection and Localization with a Scalable Cascading Framework
* Visual Saliency with Statistical Priors
* Vlogging: A survey of videoblogging technology on the web
* Wavelet based smoke detection method with RGB Contrast-image and shape constrain
* Weighted Component Hashing of Binary Aggregated Descriptors for Fast Visual Search
Includes: Huang, T.J.[Tie Jun] Huang, T.J.[Tie-Jun] Huang, T.J.[Tsung-Jen]
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Huang, T.K.[Tzu Kuo] Co Author Listing * Sequence recognition with scanning N-tuple ensembles
Includes: Huang, T.K.[Tzu Kuo] Huang, T.K.[Tzu-Kuo]

Huang, T.L.[Ting Lei] Co Author Listing * Data Association at the Level of Narrative Plots to Support Analysis of Spatiotemporal Evolvement of Conflict: A Case Study in Nigeria
* Generating 1 km Spatially Seamless and Temporally Continuous Air Temperature Based on Deep Learning over Yangtze River Basin, China
* Novel Scheme for Fingerprint Identification, A
Includes: Huang, T.L.[Ting Lei] Huang, T.L.[Ting-Lei] Huang, T.L.[Tai-Lai] Huang, T.L.[Tsong-Liang]

Huang, T.R.[Tai Ran] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Attacks for Embodied Agents
Includes: Huang, T.R.[Tai Ran] Huang, T.R.[Tai-Ran]

Huang, T.S.[Thomas S.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Huang, T.S.[Thomas S.]: huang AT ifp uiuc edu
* 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* 3-D Face Modeling and Its Applications
* 3-D Motion Analysis from Image Sequences Using Point Correspondences
* 3-D Motion Estimation, Understanding, and Prediction from Noisy Image Sequences
* 3-D Motion from Image Sequences: Modeling, Understanding and Prediction
* 3D Face Processing: Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis
* 3D facial expression recognition based on automatically selected features
* 3D facial expression recognition based on properties of line segments connecting facial feature points
* 3D head pose computation from 2D images: templates versus features
* 3D human model and joint parameter estimation from monocular image
* 3D model-based hand tracking using stochastic direct search method
* Accurate and efficient reconstruction of 3D faces from stereo images
* Accurate Head Pose Tracking in Low Resolution Video
* Action detection in complex scenes with spatial and temporal ambiguities
* Active Learning Based on Locally Linear Reconstruction
* Active Learning for Interactive Multimedia Retrieval
* Active morphable model: an efficient method for face analysis
* Active Planning, Sensing, and Recognition Using a Resource-Constrained Discriminant POMDP
* Adaptive key frame extraction using unsupervised clustering
* Adaptive quantization with spatial constraints in subband video compression using wavelets
* Advances in Computer Vision and Image Processing: Volume 1, Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Observations
* Advances in Computer Vision and Image Processing: Volume 2, Image Enhancement and Restoration
* Advances in Computer Vision and Image Processing: Volume 3, Time-Varying Imagery Analysis
* Advances in image processing and understanding: A festschrift for Thomas S. Huang
* Advances in Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding in North America
* age of human computer interaction, The
* Age Synthesis and Estimation via Faces: A Survey
* Agriculture-Vision: A Large Aerial Image Database for Agricultural Pattern Analysis
* Algebraic Methods for Image Processing and Computer Vision
* Algebraic Methods in 3-D Motion Estimation from Two-View Point Correspondences
* Algorithm for Matching 3-D Line Segments with Application to Multiple-Object Motion Estimation, An
* Algorithms for Motion Estimation Based on Three-Dimensional Correspondences
* Alleviating Semantic-level Shift: A Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation Method for Semantic Segmentation
* Analysis of left ventricle global deformation based on dynamic CT data
* Analysis-based facial expression synthesis
* Analyzing and Capturing Articulated Hand Motion in Image Sequences
* Annotating collections of photos using hierarchical event and scene models
* Application of Phase Unwrapping in Image Restoration
* Applications of video-content analysis and retrieval
* Articulate hand motion capturing based on a Monte Carlo nelder-mead simplex tracker
* Articulated Body Tracking Using Dynamic Belief Propagation
* Articulated joint estimation from motion using two monocular images
* Artifact Reduction in Low Bit-rate DCT-Based Image Compression
* Audio-Visual Affect Recognition
* Audio-Visual Affect Recognition through Multi-Stream Fused HMM for HCI
* Audio-Visual Affective Expression Recognition Through Multistream Fused HMM
* Audio-Visual Event Detection using Duration Dependent Input Output Markov Models
* Audio-Visual Speech Fusion Using Coupled Hidden Markov Models
* Authentic facial expression analysis
* Automated Image Registration by Maximization of a Region Similarity Metric
* Automated Region Segmentation Using Attraction-Based Grouping in Spatial-Color-Texture Space
* Automated Registration of Multimodality Images by Maximization of a Region Similarity Measure
* Automatic Construction of 3D Human Face Models Based on 2D Images
* Automatic detection of auditory salience with optimized linear filters derived from human annotation
* Automatic Matching Tool Selection Using Relevance Feedback in MARS
* Automatic Video Annotation by Mining Speech Transcripts
* Bag of segments for motion trajectory analysis
* Balanced Two-Stage Residual Networks for Image Super-Resolution
* Base selection in estimating sparse foreground in video
* Bayesian image separation with natural image prior
* Bayesian networks as ensemble of classifiers
* Bayesian Predictive Method for Automatic Speech Segmentation, A
* Best of Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2008
* Beyond Mahalanobis distance: Learning second-order discriminant function for people verification
* Bilevel sparse coding for coupled feature spaces
* Block-based, memory-efficient JPEG2000 images indexing in compressed-domain
* Boosting Gaussian mixture models via discriminant analysis
* Boundary correction for total variation regularized L^1 function with applications to image decomposition and segmentation
* Bregman distance to L1 regularized logistic regression
* Building Large Scale 3D Face Database for Face Analysis
* Can the World-Wide Web Bridge the Semantic Gap?
* Capturing Articulated Human Hand Motion: A Divide-and-Conquer Approach
* Capturing human hand motion in image sequences
* Capturing Natural Hand Articulation
* Capturing subtle facial motions in 3d face tracking
* Categorizing bi-object video activities using bag of segments and causality features
* Causal fractal compression of video sequences using matching pursuit
* CDTD: A Large-Scale Cross-Domain Benchmark for Instance-Level Image-to-Image Translation and Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Characterizing Smiles in the Context of Video Phone Data Compression
* Classifiers for Motion
* Close the loop: Joint blind image restoration and recognition with sparse representation prior
* Closed-Form Solution + Maximum Likelihood: A Robust Approach to Motion and Structure Estimation
* Co-inference Approach to Robust Visual Tracking, A
* Coding of Two-Tone Images
* Collaborative and compressive high-resolution imaging
* Color indexing using wavelet-based salient points
* Combine User Defined Region-of-interest and Spatial Layout for Image Retrieval
* Common Spatial Pattern Discovery by Efficient Candidate Pruning
* Complete Structure and Motion from Two Monocular Sequences without Stereo Correspondence
* Compression of MPEG-4 Facial Animation Parameters for Transmission of Talking Heads
* Compressive Inverse Light Transport
* Computed Tomography Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Computer Modeling, Analysis, and Synthesis of Dressed Humans
* Computer Vision Needs More Experiments and Applications
* Conformal Embedding Analysis with Local Graph Modeling on the Unit Hypersphere
* Connected Line Drawing Extraction from a Perspective View of a Polyhedron
* Connected Vibrations Method for Non-Rigid Motion Tracking
* Connected Vibrations: A Modal Analysis Approach to Non-Rigid Motion Tracking
* Connecting Image Denoising and High-Level Vision Tasks via Deep Learning
* Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Representation
* Constructing Finite State Machines for Fast Gesture Recognition
* Content-Based Image Retrieval by Feature Adaptation and Relevance Feedback
* Content-Based Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback in MARS
* Convergence of model based shape from shading
* Convergent 2-D Subspace Learning With Null Space Analysis
* Corner Finding Algorithm for Image Analysis and Registration, A
* Correlation Embedding Analysis
* Correlation Metric for Generalized Feature Extraction
* Correspondence Propagation with Weak Priors
* Cross-dataset action detection
* Curvature-Based Approach to Terrain Recognition, A
* CVIU special issue on event detection in video
* D3: Deep Dual-Domain Based Fast Restoration of JPEG-Compressed Images
* data driven method for feature transformation, A
* Deep Networks for Image Super-Resolution with Sparse Prior
* Dense spatio-temporal motion segmentation for tracking multiple self-occluding people
* Deriving facial articulation models from image sequences
* Design Considerations in PCM Transmission of Low-Resolution Monochrome Still Pictures
* Designing a composite dictionary adaptively from joint examples
* Detecting Semantic Concepts Using Context and Audio/Visual Features
* Detecting Small, Moving Objects in Image Sequences Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing
* Detecting the wheel pattern of a vehicle using stereo images
* Detecting wheels of vehicle in stereo images
* Detection and estimation of pointing gestures in real-time stereo sequences
* Detection and Tracking of Faces and Facial Features
* Determination of Camera Location from 2-D to 3-D Line and Point Correspondences
* Determining 3-D Motion and Structure of a Rigid Body Over 3 Frames Using Straight Line Correspondence
* Determining 3-D Motion and Structure of a Rigid Body Using Straight Line Correspondence
* Determining 3-D Motion and Structure of a Rigid Body Using the Spherical Projection
* Determining 3-D Motion Parameters of a Rigid Body: A Vector-Geometrical Approach
* Determining 3D Motion/Structure of a Rigid Body over 2 Frames Using Correspondences of Straight Lines Lying on Parallel Planes
* Determining 3D structure and motion of man-made objects from image corners
* Determining Articulated Motion from Perspective Views: A Decomposition Approach
* Determining Straight Line Correspondences from Intensity Images
* Determining Three-Dimensional Motion and Structure from Perspective Views
* Differential Treatment for Stuff and Things: A Simple Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Method for Semantic Segmentation
* Digital transmission of halftone pictures
* Discovering recurrent events in video using unsupervised methods
* Discrete and Continuous Band-Limited Signal Extrapolation
* Discrete Spatial Representation for Lateral Motion Stereo, A
* Discriminant-EM Algorithm with Application to Image Retrieval
* Discriminative estimation of 3D human pose using Gaussian processes
* Discriminative learning of visual words for 3D human pose estimation
* Discussion of Nonlinear Variants of Biased Discriminants for Interactive Image Retrieval, A
* Diverse Active Ranking for Multimedia Search
* Do Deep Neural Networks Learn Facial Action Units When Doing Expression Recognition?
* Drifting-proof Framework for Tracking and Online Appearance Learning, A
* EAVA: A 3D Emotive Audio-Visual Avatar
* Edge Smoothing
* Edge-Based Structural Features for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Edge-Sensitive Image Restoration Using Order-Constrained Least Squares Methods
* Effect of Median Filtering on Edge Estimation and Detection, The
* Effect of Median Filtering on Edge Location Estimation, The
* efficient hidden-line removal method based on Z-buffer algorithm, An
* Efficient Highly Over-Complete Sparse Coding Using a Mixture Model
* Efficient initialization of Mixtures of Experts for human pose estimation
* Efficient Nonparametric Belief Propagation with Application to Articulated Body Tracking
* Element Rearrangement for Tensor-Based Subspace Learning
* Embedded Face and Facial Expression Recognition
* Emotion Recognition Based on Joint Visual and Audio Cues
* Emotion recognition from an ensemble of features
* Emotion Recognition from Arbitrary View Facial Images
* Emotion recognition using a cauchy naive bayes classifier
* Emotional Expressions In Audiovisual Human Computer Interaction
* Enforcing Integrability for Surface Reconstruction Algorithms Using Belief Propagation in Graphical Models
* Enhance Visual Recognition Under Adverse Conditions via Deep Networks
* Enhancing Bilinear Subspace Learning by Element Rearrangement
* Epicardial motion and deformation estimation from coronary artery bifurcation points
* Error Analysis in Stereo Determination of 3-D Point Positions
* Error Analysis of Motion Parameter Estimation from Image Sequences
* Estimating 3-D Motion from Range Data
* Estimating 3-D Motion Parameters of a Rigid Planar Patch I
* Estimating 3-D Motion Parameters of a Rigid Planar Patch II: Singular Value Decomposition
* Estimating 3-D Movement of a Rigid Object: Experimental Results
* Estimating Motion and Structure from Line Matches: Performance Obtained and Beyond
* Estimating Motion/Structure from Line Correspondences: A Robust Linear Algorithm and Uniqueness Theorems
* Estimating Three-Dimensional Motion Parameters of a Rigid Planar Patch, III: Finite Point Correspondences and the Three-View Problem
* Estimating Three-Dimensional Vehicle Motion in an Outdoor Scene from Monocular and Stereo Image Sequences
* Estimation of 3D structure and motion from image corners
* Estimation of Rigid Body Motion Using Straight Line Correspondences
* Estimation of Rigid Body Motion Using Straight Line Correspondences, Further Results
* Estimation of the joint probability of multisensory signals
* Evaluating group-based relevance feedback for content-based image retrieval
* Evaluation of Salient Point Techniques
* Evolvable Modeling: Structural Adaptation Through Hierarchical Evolution for 3-D Model-based Vision
* Experimental Results of 3D Motion Estimation Using Images of Outdoor Scenes
* Explanation-based Facial Motion Tracking Using a Piecewise Bezier Volume Deformation Model
* Exploiting the Dependencies in Information Fusion
* Exploration of Visual Data
* Exploring Context and Content Links in Social Media: A Latent Space Method
* Exploring the Nature and Variants of Relevance Feedback
* Expression recognition from 3D dynamic faces using robust spatio-temporal shape features
* Extended Hierarchical Gaussianization for scene classification
* Extracting 3D Vortices in Turbulent Fluid-Flow
* Face as Mouse Through Visual Face Tracking
* Face Detection with Information Based Maximum Discrimination
* Face hallucination VIA sparse coding
* Face Recognition with MRC-Boosting
* Face relighting with radiance environment maps
* Facial Expression Recognition from Video Sequences: Temporal and Static Modeling
* Facial expression recognition: A clustering-based approach
* Facial Feature Extraction from Color Images
* Facial Motion Tracking from Fine to Coarse
* factor graph framework for semantic indexing and retrieval in video, A
* factor graph framework for semantic video indexing, A
* Fast 2D Shape Recovery Approach by Fusing Features and Appearance, A
* Fast Two-Dimensional Median Filtering Algorithm, A
* Features and fusion for expression recognition: A comparative analysis
* Finding 3D Point Correspondences in Motion Estimation
* Finding human faces in a picture
* Finding Point Correspondences and Determining Motion of a Rigid Object from Two Weak Perspective Views
* FOAL: Fast Online Adaptive Learning for Cardiac Motion Estimation
* Foreground object detection in highly dynamic scenes using saliency
* FormNet: Formatted Learning for Image Restoration
* FormResNet: Formatted Residual Learning for Image Restoration
* Formulating Face Verification With Semidefinite Programming
* Fractal video coding by matching pursuit
* Fractal-based techniques for a generalized image coding method
* framework for grid-based image retrieval, A
* Frequency-domain image errors
* Fusing Audio and Visual Features of Speech
* Fusion by optimal dynamic mixtures of proposal distributions
* Fusion of global and local information for object detection
* Future directions in multimedia retrieval: impact of new technology
* Gait-based gender classification in unconstrained environments
* Gender and ethnicity identification from silhouetted face profiles
* General Framework to Detect Unsafe System States From Multisensor Data Stream, A
* Generalization of Median Filtering Using Linear Combinations of Order Statistics, A
* Generalized Method for Image Coding Using Fractal Based Techniques, A
* Generative Bayesian Image Super Resolution With Natural Image Prior
* Generative Image Inpainting with Contextual Attention
* Geometry-Aware Distillation for Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* Gestural interface to a visual computing environment for molecular biologists
* Gesture Modeling and Recognition Using Finite State Machines
* Gisting of Video Documents: A Key Frames Selection Algorithm Using Relative Activity Measure
* Graph Embedded Analysis for Head Pose Estimation
* Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation
* Greedy Batch-Based Minimum-Cost Flows for Tracking Multiple Objects
* Guest editors' introduction to the special section on graphical models in computer vision
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Probabilistic Graphical Models
* Head Pose Computation for Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Head pose estimation: Classification or regression?
* Heterogeneous feature machines for visual recognition
* Hierarchical density estimation for image classification
* Hierarchical Gaussianization for image classification
* Hierarchical MRF Model for Model-based Multi-object Tracking
* Hierarchical Space-Time Model Enabling Efficient Search for Human Actions
* high-performance shot boundary detection algorithm using multiple cues, A
* HigherHRNet: Scale-Aware Representation Learning for Bottom-Up Human Pose Estimation
* HMM-Based Acoustic Event Detection with AdaBoost Feature Selection
* hMouse: Head Tracking Driven Virtual Computer Mouse
* How deep neural networks can improve emotion recognition on video data
* Human age estimation using bio-inspired features
* Human Age Estimation With Regression on Discriminative Aging Manifold
* Human face detection in a complex background
* Human face detection in a scene
* Human Face Motion Analysis
* Human hand modeling, analysis, and animation in the context of HCI
* Human Pose Regression Through Multiview Visual Fusion
* Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction: A Survey
* hybrid NN-Bayesian architecture for information fusion, A
* iface: A 3d Synthetic Talking Face
* Illumination Normalization for Face Recognition and Uneven Background Correction Using Total Variation Based Image Models
* Image and Video Restorations via Nonlocal Kernel Regression
* Image Annotation Within the Context of Personal Photo Collections Using Hierarchical Event and Scene Models
* Image Blurring Effects Due to Depth Discontinuities: Blurring That Creates Emergent Image Details
* Image Classification Using Correlation Tensor Analysis
* Image Classification Using Super-Vector Coding of Local Image Descriptors
* Image compression and matching
* Image Enhancement and Restoration
* Image Enhancement Using the Median and the Interquartile Distance
* Image Interpretation Using Large Corpus: Wikipedia
* Image Processing
* Image Registration by Matching Relational Structures
* Image Representation and Retrieval Using Structural Features
* Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback: From Heuristic Weight Adjustment to Optimal Learning Methods
* Image Retrieval: Current Techniques, Promising Directions, and Open Issues
* Image Retrieval: Feature Primitives, Feature Representation, and Relevance Feedback
* Image Segmentation by a Syntactic Method
* Image Sequence Analysis
* Image Sequence Analysis, Introduction
* Image Sequence Enhancement
* Image Sequence Processing and Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Image super-resolution as sparse representation of raw image patches
* Image Super-Resolution via Dual-State Recurrent Networks
* Image Super-Resolution Via Sparse Representation
* Image Super-Resolution With Cross-Scale Non-Local Attention and Exhaustive Self-Exemplars Mining
* Image Understanding Systems
* Image-Based Human Age Estimation by Manifold Learning and Locally Adjusted Robust Regression
* Implementation of an MHT-based object detection algorithm on a 2-D processor mesh
* Improving Classification Accuracy by Comparing Local Features through Canonical Correlations
* Improving Visual Matching
* Incorporate Discriminant Analysis with EM Algorithm in Image Retrieval
* Incorporate support vector machines to content-based image retrieval with relevance feedback
* Incremental spectral clustering by efficiently updating the eigen-system
* Inferring Semantic Concepts for Video Indexing and Retrieval
* Integrated Approach to 3-D Motion Analysis and Object Recognition, An
* Integrating Discriminant and Descriptive Information for Dimension Reduction and Classification
* Integrating Unlabeled Images for Image Retrieval Based on Relevance Feedback
* Integration of Audio/Visual Information for Use in Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction
* Interacting Tracklets for Multi-Object Tracking
* Interactive Facial Feature Localization
* Intermediate views for face recognition
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Image and Video Processing for Digital Libraries
* Introduction to the special issue on image enhancement
* Introduction to the Special Section on Real-World Face Recognition
* IRAM Architecture for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition, An
* Is gender recognition affected by age?
* Iterative Time-Limited Signal Restoration
* IU at UI: An Overview and an Example on Shape from Texture
* IU at UI: An Overview of Research During 1991-92
* IU at UI: An Overview of Research During 1993-94
* IU at UI: An Overview of Research During 1994-95
* IU au UI: An Overview of Research During 1996-1997
* Joint dynamic sparse learning and its application to multi-view face recognition
* Joint dynamic sparse representation for multi-view face recognition
* Joint face and head tracking inside multi-camera smart rooms
* joint perspective towards image super-resolution: Unifying external- and self-examples, A
* Joint System for Person Tracking and Face Detection, A
* JPDAF Based HMM for Real-Time Contour Tracking
* knowledge-based approach to volumetric medical image segmentation, A
* L0-Sparse Subspace Clustering
* Laplacian Affinity Propagation for Semi-Supervised Object Classification
* Latent Pose Estimator for Continuous Action Recognition
* LDV Remote Voice Acquisition and Enhancement
* Learning a Mixture of Deep Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Learning a Person-Independent Representation for Precise 3D Pose Estimation
* Learning a Spatially Smooth Subspace for Face Recognition
* Learning and Feature Selection in Stereo Matching
* Learning Auto-Structured Regressor from Uncertain Nonnegative Labels
* Learning Based Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
* Learning Bayesian network classifiers for facial expression recognition using both labeled and unlabeled data
* Learning Locally-Adaptive Decision Functions for Person Verification
* Learning Patterns from Images by Combining Soft Decisions and Hard Decisions
* Learning Recognition and Segmentation of 3-D Objects from 2-D Images
* Learning Recognition and Segmentation Using the Cresceptron
* Learning semantic embedding at a large scale
* Learning Sparse Multiple Cause Models
* Learning Super-Resolution Jointly From External and Internal Examples
* Learning Temporal Dynamics for Video Super-Resolution: A Deep Learning Approach
* Learning to Extract Temporal Signal Patterns from Temporal Signal Sequence
* Learning With L1-Graph for Image Analysis
* Learning-Based Nonparametric Image Super-Resolution
* Least-Squares Fitting of Two 3-D Point Sets
* LEGO-MM: LEarning Structured Model by Probabilistic loGic Ontology Tree for MultiMedia
* Leveraging Active Learning for Relevance Feedback Using an Information Theoretic Diversity Measure
* Leveraging social network information to recognize people
* Linear Algorithm for Motion Estimation Using Straight Line Correspondences, A
* Linear spatial pyramid matching using sparse coding for image classification
* Lipreading by Locality Discriminant Graph
* Locality Versus Globality: Query-Driven Localized Linear Models for Facial Image Computing
* Locality-constrained Linear Coding for image classification
* Locality-sensitive support vector machine by exploring local correlation and global regularization
* Locally adaptive subspace and similarity metric learning for visual data clustering and retrieval
* Locally Adjusted Robust Regression for Human Age Estimation
* Locating Nose-Tips and Estimating Head Poses in Images by Tensorposes
* Locating Nosetips and Estimating Head Pose in Images by Tensorposes
* Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention with Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks
* Loopy Belief Propagation approach for robust background estimation, A
* Matching 3-D Line Segments with Applications to Multiple-Object Motion Estimation
* Matching and Motion Estimation of Three-Dimensional Point and Line Sets Using Eigenstructure without Correspondences
* Matching Perspective Views of a 3-D Object Using Circuits
* Matching Perspective Views of a Polyhedron Using Circuits
* Matching Two Perspective Views
* Mathematical models of graphics
* Mathematical Morphology: 40 Years On
* Max-Margin Perspective on Sparse Representation-Based Classification, A
* Maximal Matching of 3-D Points for Multiple-Object Motion Estimation
* Maximizing efficacy for efficient watermarking systems
* Maximum likelihood face detection
* Maximum margin GMM learning for facial expression recognition
* Memory-based Moving Object Extraction for Video Indexing
* Misalignment-Robust Face Recognition
* Misalignment-robust face recognition
* Mixtures of Local Linear Subspaces for Face Recognition
* Mode-based multi-hypothesish head tracking using parametric contours
* Mode-kn Factor Analysis for Image Ensembles
* Model-based face image coding using spherical harmonics
* Model-based human body tracking
* Model-Based Image-Coding: Advanced Video Coding Techniques for Very-Low Bit-Rate Applications
* Modeling the Constraints of Human Hand Motion
* Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization of Left Ventricle Shape and Motion by Hierarchical Decomposition
* Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization of Nonrigid Object Motion
* Models for Patch-Based Image Restoration
* Motion Analysis and Epicardial Deformation Estimation from Angiography Data
* Motion Analysis of Articulated Objects from Monocular Images
* Motion Analysis of Articulated Objects with Applications to Human Ambulatory Patterns
* Motion Analysis of Human Ambulatory Patterns
* Motion Analysis of Isolated Targets in Infrared Image Sequences
* Motion Analysis of Nonridgid Surfaces
* Motion and Structure from Feature Correspondences: A Review
* Motion and Structure from Line Correspondences: Closed-Form Solution, Uniqueness, and Optimization
* Motion and Structure from Orthographic Projections
* Motion and Structure from Point Correspondences: A Robust Algorithm for Planar Case with Error Estimation
* Motion and Structure from Two Perspective Views: Algorithms, Error Analysis, and Error Estimation
* Motion Estimation from 3-D Point Sets with and without Correspondences
* Motion Estimation of Articulated Objects from Perspective Views
* Motion from Images: Image Matching Parameter Estimation and Intrinsic Stability
* Motion Modeling and Prediction
* Motion Stereo for Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles in a Passageway
* Motion Stereo for Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles in Man-Made Environments
* MPEG4 performance-driven avatar via robust facial motion tracking
* Multi-Label Image Categorization With Sparse Factor Representation
* Multi-observation visual recognition via joint dynamic sparse representation
* Multi-scale image warping using weighted Voronoi diagram
* Multi-scale Non-Local Kernel Regression for super resolution
* Multi-Scale Stereo Matching
* Multi-view face recognition via joint dynamic sparse representation
* Multi-view facial expression recognition
* Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition Analysis with Generic Sparse Coding Feature
* Multibody Grouping via Orthogonal Subspace Decomposition
* Multicue HMM-UKF for Real-Time Contour Tracking
* Multimedia Understanding: Challenges in the New Millennium
* Multimodal Human Emotion/Expression Recognition
* Multimodal Speaker Detection using Error Feedback Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Multimodal Surveillance: an Introduction
* Multimodal temporal pattern mining
* Multimodality Framework for Creating Speaker/Non-Speaker Profile Databases for Real-World Video, A
* Multiple feature fusion by subspace learning
* MV-MAP: Multiresolution Video Visualization and Summarization on MAPs
* Natural Mouse: A Novel Human Computer Interface
* New Approach to Integrate Audio and Visual Features of Speech, A
* New Coarse-to-Fine Framework for 3D Brain MR Image Registration, A
* New Devices for 3D Pose Estimation: Mantis Eyes, Agam Paintings, Sundials, and Other Space Fiducials
* New robust image operators and applications in automatic facial feature analysis
* New Tracking Technique: Object Tracking and Identification from Motion, A
* Non-Local Kernel Regression for Image and Video Restoration
* Non-negative graph embedding
* Non-Parametric Image Super-Resolution Using Multiple Images
* Non-Rigid Object Motion and Deformation Estimation for Three-Dimensional Data
* Nondestructive Evaluation of Civil Structures and Materials Using Stereo Camera Measurements
* Nonlinear variants of biased discriminants for interactive image retrieval
* Nonparametric Edge Detection With an Assumption on Minimum Edge Height
* Nonparametric Tests for Edge Detection in Noise
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis
* novel approach to expression recognition from non-frontal face images, A
* Novel Gaussianized vector representation for improved natural scene categorization
* novel Gaussianized vector representation for natural scene categorization, A
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image and Video Deblurring
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Object Detection Using Hierarchical MRF and MAP Estimation
* Okapi-Chamfer Matching for Articulated Object Recognition
* On Optimizing Template Matching via Performance Characterization
* One-Class Classification for Spontaneous Facial Expression Analysis
* One-class SVM for Learning in Image Retrieval
* One-to-one Mapping for Unpaired Image-to-image Translation
* Online appearance learning by template prediction
* Online Updating Appearance Generative Mixture Model for Meanshift Tracking
* Optimal Edge Detection in Images
* Optimal Edge-Detection in Two-Dimensional Images
* Optimal Motion and Structure Estimation
* Optimal Multi-Scale Matching
* Optimal segmentation of signals and its application to image denoising and boundary feature extraction
* Optimizing Image Registration by Mutually Exclusive Scale Components
* Optimizing Learning in Image Retrieval
* Optimum Fiducials Under Weak Perspective Projection
* Pair-activity classification by bi-trajectories analysis
* Panoptic-DeepLab: A Simple, Strong, and Fast Baseline for Bottom-Up Panoptic Segmentation
* Parallel implementation and evaluation of motion estimation system algorithms on a distributed memory multiprocessor using knowledge based mappings
* Parametric contour tracking using unscented Kalman filter
* Partially Supervised Speaker Clustering
* Pattern Detection with Information-Based Maximum Discrimination and Error Bootstrapping
* Pattern Recognition by Fourier Shape Descriptor
* PCM Picture Transmission
* Pedestrian Recognition with a Learned Metric
* Performance of Computer Vision Algorithms: Reply
* Phase Unwrapping with Applications to Stability and Picture Deblurring
* Photo Stream Alignment and Summarization for Collaborative Photo Collection and Sharing
* Picture Bandwidth Compression
* Piecewise Bézier Volume Deformation Model and Its Applications in Facial Motion Capture, A
* Piecewise Fourier Transformation for Picture Bandwidth Compression
* Pose-Robust Face Recognition Via Sparse Representation
* Preface to Workshop on Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
* Probabilistic Framework for Embedded Face and Facial Expression Recognition, A
* probabilistic framework for segmentation and tracking of multiple non rigid objects for video surveillance, A
* Probabilistic Framework for Semantic Indexing and Retrieval in Video, A
* Probabilistic Fusion Approach to human age prediction, A
* Probabilistic multimedia objects (multijects): a novel approach to video indexing and retrieval in multimedia systems
* Projection Algorithm
* Pseudo-IoU: Improving Label Assignment in Anchor-Free Object Detection
* Pseudorandom Scanning
* Purdue Annual Report for Nov 1976- Jan 1977
* Quantization Errors in Axial Motion Stereo on Rectangular-Tessellated Image Sensors
* Quantization Errors in Stereo Triangulation
* Query-Driven Locally Adaptive Fisher Faces and Expert-Model for Face Recognition
* Real-Time Multimodal Human-Avatar Interaction
* Real-time speech-driven 3D face animation
* Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
* Realtime Shrug Detector, A
* Recognition of Curvilinear Objects by Matching Relational Structures
* Recognizing Emotions From an Ensemble of Features
* Recognizing High-level Audio-visual Concepts Using Context
* Reconstruction and Recognition of Tensor-Based Objects With Concurrent Subspaces Analysis
* Recover Human Pose from Monocular Image Under Weak Perspective Projection
* Recovering Articulated Motion with a Hierarchical Factorization Method
* region-based method for model-free object tracking, A
* Regression from patch-kernel
* Regularized L1-Graph for Data Clustering
* Relevance Feedback Architecture for Content-based Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems, A
* Relevance Feedback for Image Retrieval: A Comprenhensive Review
* Relevance feedback in content-based image retrieval: Some recent advances
* Relevance Feedback: A Power Tool for Interactive Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Research in Picture Processing
* Restoration and Recognition in a Loop
* Revisiting Dilated Convolution: A Simple Approach for Weakly- and Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Revisiting RCNN: On Awakening the Classification Power of Faster RCNN
* Rigid Body Motion and the Optic Flow Image
* Robust Algorithms for Motion Estimation Based on Two Sequential Stereo Image Pairs
* Robust and Accurate Image Segmentation Using Deformable Templates in Scale Space
* Robust Error Metric Analysis for Noise Estimation in Image Indexing
* Robust estimation of foreground in surveillance videos by sparse error estimation
* robust framework for multiview age estimation, A
* Robust license plate detection using image saliency
* Robust Local Scoring Function for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
* Robust Multi-View Multi-Camera Face Detection inside Smart Rooms Using Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Programming
* Robust Real-Time Human Hand Localization by Self-Organizing Color Segmentation
* Robust Single Image Super-Resolution via Deep Networks With Sparse Prior
* Robust Video Super-Resolution with Learned Temporal Dynamics
* Robust Visual Tracking by Integrating Multiple Cues Based on Co-Inference Learning
* Salient Points for Content Based Retrieval
* Salient Structure Analysis for Fluid Flow
* Scalable Similarity Learning Using Large Margin Neighborhood Embedding
* Scale Space Based Deformable Template Matching Algorithm, A
* Scale-Driven Iterative Optimization for Brain Extraction and Registration
* Scene Adaptive and Signal Adaptive Quantization for Subband Image and Video Compression Using Wavelets, A
* Scene generative models for adaptive video fast forward
* Searching Human Behaviors using Spatial-Temporal Words
* Segmentation of road scenes using color and fractal-based texture classification
* Segmentation, Grouping and Feature Detection for Face Image Analysis
* Segmentation-based object tracking using image warping and kalman filtering
* Self-produced Guidance for Weakly-Supervised Object Localization
* Self-supervised learning based on discriminative nonlinear features for image classification
* Self-Supervised Learning for Object Recognition based on Kernel Discriminant-EM Algorithm
* Self-tuned deep super resolution
* Semantic Video Indexing Using a Probabilistic Framework
* Semi-online Multi-people Tracking by Re-identification
* Semi-Supervised Face Detection
* Semisupervised Hyperspectral Classification Using Task-Driven Dictionary Learning With Laplacian Regularization
* Semisupervised Learning of Classifiers: Theory, Algorithms, and Their Application to Human-Computer Interaction
* SG-One: Similarity Guidance Network for One-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Similarity Matching in Computer Vision and Multimedia
* Simple Procedure to Solve Motion and Structure from Three Orthographic Views, A
* Simplified Linear Optical Flow-Motion Algorithm, A
* Simultaneous discriminative projection and dictionary learning for sparse representation based classification
* Skin detection A bayesian network approach
* Small Sample Learning during Multimedia Retrieval Using BiasMap
* SODA-Boosting and Its Application to Gender Recognition
* Solving Three-Dimensional Small-Rotation Motion Equations
* Solving Three-Dimensional Small-Rotation Motion Equations: Uniqueness, Algorithms, and Numerical Results
* Some Experiments on Estimating the 3-D Motion Parameters of a Rigid Body from Two Consecutive Image Frames
* Some Properties of the E Matrix in Two-View Motion Estimation
* Sparse representation based iterative incremental image deblurring
* Sparse Representation for Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Spatial Gaussian Mixture Model for gender recognition
* Spatial-Spectral Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Discriminative Dictionary Designed by Learning Vector Quantization
* Spatialized epitome and its applications
* Speaker Independent Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Special issue on concept detection with big data
* Special issue on feature-oriented image and video computing for extracting contexts and semantics
* Special Issue on Image Sequence Processing and Motion Analysis in Visual Communication
* Special Issue on Image Understanding for Digital Photographs
* Special issue on vision for human-computer interaction
* Special Issue: Special Issue on Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Speech/Gesture Interface to a Visual Computing Environment for Molecular Biologists
* State-of-the-Art in Human-Computer Interaction, The
* Static Hand Gesture Recognition based on Local Orientation Histogram Feature Distribution Model
* Stochastic Syntactic Analysis for Programmed Grammars and Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* study of non-frontal-view facial expressions recognition, A
* study on automatic age estimation using a large database, A
* Studying Very Low Resolution Recognition Using Deep Networks
* Subband-based, memory-efficient JPEG2000 images indexing in compressed-domain
* Subgraph Isomorphism Algorithm Using Resolution, A
* Subspace Learning by L0-Induced Sparsity
* Substructure and boundary modeling for continuous action recognition
* Supervised super-vector encoding for facial expression recognition
* Supervised translation-invariant sparse coding
* Survey of Affect Recognition Methods: Audio, Visual, and Spontaneous Expressions, A
* Survey of Construction and Manipulation of Octrees, A
* Synchronized Submanifold Embedding for Person-Independent Pose Estimation and Beyond
* Temporal difference learning to detect unsafe system states
* Text From Corners: A Novel Approach to Detect Text and Caption in Videos
* Three dimensional subband video analysis and synthesis with adaptive clustering in high frequency subbands
* Three-Dimensional Motion Determination from Real Scene Images Using Straight Line Correspondences
* Time-Series Classification Using Mixed-State Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Total Variation Models for Variable Lighting Face Recognition
* Toward an improved error metric
* Toward automatic undersea search using pattern recognition techniques
* Toward Multimodal Human-computer Interface
* Towards Automated Structural Analysis of Difficult Face Images
* Towards cross-category knowledge propagation for learning visual concepts
* Towards Instance-Level Image-To-Image Translation
* Towards Robust Automatic Traffic Scene Analysis in Real-Time
* Trace Ratio vs. Ratio Trace for Dimensionality Reduction
* Tracking articulated hand motion with eigen dynamics analysis
* Tracking Facial Features Using Probabilistic Network
* Tracking Self-Occluding Articulated Objects in Dense Disparity Maps
* Transformed Hidden Markov Models: Estimating Mixture Models of Images and Inferring Spatial Transformations in Video Sequences
* Tree Search Algorithm for Target Detection in Image Sequences, A
* Trifocal tensors for weak perspective and paraperspective projections
* TS2C: Tight Box Mining with Surrounding Segmentation Context for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Two-Dimensional Edge Detection Scheme for General Visual Processing, A
* Two-handed gesture tracking incorporating template warping with static segmentation
* Two-View Matching
* Two-View Motion Analysis: A Unified Algorithm
* Ubiquitously Supervised Subspace Learning
* Understanding image structure via hierarchical shape parsing
* Unified Approach to Noniterative Linear Signal Restoration, A
* Uniqueness and Estimation of 3-D Motion Parameters and Surface Structures of Rigid Objects
* Uniqueness and Estimation of Three-Dimensional Motion Parameters of Rigid Objects with Curved Surfaces
* Uniqueness of 3D Pose under Weak Perspective: A Geometrical Proof
* Update Relevant Image Weights for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Support Vector Machines
* Use IRAM for rasterization
* Using Motion from Orthographic Projections to Prune 3-D Point Matches
* Using Motion from Orthographic Views to Verify 3-D Point Matches
* Using the Creation Machine to Locate Airplanes on Aerial Photos
* Utilizing Information Theoretic Diversity for SVM Active Learn
* Variable Module Graphs: A Framework For Inference and Learning in Modular Vision Systems
* Variational Shift Invariant Probabilistic PCA for Face Recognition
* Variational Transform Invariant Mixture of Probabilistic PCA
* Vehicle-Type Motion Estimation from Multi-Frame Images
* Vehicle-Type Motion Modeling and Analysis
* View-Independent Recognition of Hand Postures
* Vision Based Hand Modeling and Tracking for Virtual Teleconferencing and Telecollaboration
* Vision-Based Gesture Recognition: A Review
* Vision-based Overhead View Person Recognition
* Visual echo cancellation in a projector-camera-whiteboard system
* Visual Estimation and Compression of Facial Motion Parameters: Elements of a 3D Model-Based Video Coding System
* Visual Interpretation of Hand Gestures for Human-Computer Interaction: A Review
* Visual Navigation Using Fast Content-Based Retrieval
* Visualization and User-Modeling for Browsing Personal Photo Libraries
* Visualization, Estimation and User-Modeling for Interactive Browsing of Image Libraries
* Water-Filling: A Novel Way for Image Structural Feature Extraction
* Wavelet-based texture features can be extracted efficiently from compressed-domain for JPEG2000 coded images
* Web-Scale Multimedia Information Networks
* Web-Scale Multimedia Processing and Applications
* Weighted Bayesian Network for Visual Tracking
* Wide-Range, Person- and Illumination-Insensitive Head Orientation Estimation
* YouTube-VOS: Sequence-to-Sequence Video Object Segmentation
Includes: Huang, T.S.[Thomas S.] Huang, T.S. Huang, T.S.[Tomas S.]
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Huang, T.T.[Teng Teng] Co Author Listing * Deep-Person: Learning discriminative deep features for person Re-Identification
* EPNet: Enhancing Point Features with Image Semantics for 3D Object Detection
* Image Representation by Sign Information
* Morphology of Rain Clusters Influencing Rainfall Intensity over Hainan Island
* Multi-resolution recognition of 3D objects based on visual resolution limits
* Progressive Pose Attention Transfer for Person Image Generation
* View N-Gram Network for 3D Object Retrieval
Includes: Huang, T.T.[Teng Teng] Huang, T.T.[Teng-Teng] Huang, T.T. Huang, T.T.[Ting-Ting] Huang, T.T.[Tian-Tian]
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Huang, T.W. Co Author Listing * Fish Tracking and Segmentation From Stereo Videos on the Wild Sea Surface for Electronic Monitoring of Rail Fishing
* Improving golf swing skills using intelligent glasses
* Landmark-based sparse color representations for color transfer
* Live Tracking of Rail-Based Fish Catching on Wild Sea Surface
* Quantitative Analysis of Automatic Image Cropping Algorithms: A Dataset and Comparative Study
Includes: Huang, T.W. Huang, T.W.[Tzu-Wei]

Huang, T.Y.[Tian Yao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Compressed Sensing via Minimizing Cramer-Rao Bound
* Automated surface inspection for statistical textures
* Efficient Quantization Based on Rate-Distortion Optimization for Video Coding
* new method for estimation of hidden Markov model parameters, A
* Towards Perceptually Optimized Adaptive Video Streaming-A Realistic Quality of Experience Database
Includes: Huang, T.Y.[Tian Yao] Huang, T.Y.[Tian-Yao] Huang, T.Y.[Tse-Yun] Huang, T.Y. Huang, T.Y.[Ta Yi] Huang, T.Y.[Te-Yuan]

Huang, T.Z.[Ting Zhu] Co Author Listing * Blind Cloud and Cloud Shadow Removal of Multitemporal Images Based on Total Variation Regularized Low-Rank Sparsity Decomposition
* Deblurring and Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Images
* Directional L_0 Sparse Modeling for Image Stripe Noise Removal
* Double Reweighted Sparse Regression and Graph Regularization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Double-Factor-Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Factorization for Mixed Noise Removal in Hyperspectral Image
* Framelet-Based Iterative Pan-Sharpening Approach, A
* Group-based truncated L1_2 model for image inpainting
* High-order total variation-based multiplicative noise removal with spatially adapted parameter selection
* Hyperspectral Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Using Subspace-Based Nonlocal Tensor Ring Decomposition
* Image fusion via dynamic gradient sparsity and anisotropic spectral-spatial total variation
* Joint-Sparse-Blocks and Low-Rank Representation for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Laplace function based nonconvex surrogate for low-rank tensor completion
* Multi-Dimensional Visual Data Completion via Low-Rank Tensor Representation Under Coupled Transform
* Multispectral Image Denoising via Nonlocal Multitask Sparse Learning
* Nonlocal Tensor Completion for Multitemporal Remotely Sensed Images: Inpainting
* Nonlocal Tensor-Based Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Nonlocal Tensor-Ring Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Novel Tensor-Based Video Rain Streaks Removal Approach via Utilizing Discriminatively Intrinsic Priors, A
* Region-based active contours with cosine fitting energy for image segmentation
* Remote Sensing Image Stripe Detecting and Destriping Using the Joint Sparsity Constraint with Iterative Support Detection
* Signal restoration combining Tikhonov regularization and multilevel method with thresholding strategy
* Single-Image Super-Resolution via an Iterative Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method
* Stripe noise removal of remote sensing image with a directional L_0 sparse model
* Stripe noise removal of remote sensing images by total variation regularization and group sparsity constraint
* Tensor Subspace Representation-Based Method for Hyperspectral Image Denoising, A
* total variation and group sparsity based tensor optimization model for video rain streak removal, A
* Truncated L_1-2 Models for Sparse Recovery and Rank Minimization
* Variant of the region-scalable fitting energy for image segmentation
Includes: Huang, T.Z.[Ting Zhu] Huang, T.Z.[Ting-Zhu] Huang, T.Z.
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Huang, W.[Wenyi] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Local Context for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Arterial Spin Labeling Images Synthesis From sMRI Using Unbalanced Deep Discriminant Learning
* Auto-calibration of GF-1 WFV images using flat terrain
* Automatic Defect Classification of TFT-LCD Panels with Shape, Histogram and Color Features
* Background Basis Selection-Based Foreground Detection Method, A
* BeiDou-Based Passive Radar Vessel Target Detection: Method and Experiment via Long-Time Optimized Integration
* Blind Deconvolution by a Steepest Descent Algorithm on a Quotient Manifold
* Boosting Few-Shot Learning With Adaptive Margin Loss
* CF2PN: A Cross-Scale Feature Fusion Pyramid Network Based Remote Sensing Target Detection
* Change Detection of Mangrove Forests in Coastal Guangdong during the Past Three Decades Based on Remote Sensing Data
* Circle Detection by Arc-Support Line Segments
* Class mean embedding for face recognition
* ClothFlow: A Flow-Based Model for Clothed Person Generation
* Comparative study on the capacity of a signalised roundabout
* Comparing Performances of Five Distinct Automatic Classifiers for Fin Whale Vocalizations in Beamformed Spectrograms of Coherent Hydrophone Array
* Comprehensive Evaluation And Analysis Of China's Mainstream Online Map Service Websites
* Computer Assisted Method for Nuclear Cataract Grading From Slit-Lamp Images Using Ranking, A
* Continental Shelf-Scale Passive Acoustic Detection and Characterization of Diesel-Electric Ships Using a Coherent Hydrophone Array
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based 3D Semantic Labeling Method for ALS Point Clouds, A
* Damped Dreamlet Representation for Exploration Seismic Data Interpolation and Denoising
* Deep Metric Learning with Hierarchical Triplet Loss
* Deformable Siamese Attention Networks for Visual Object Tracking
* Design and Implementation of Crowdsourcing Based China's National Public Geospatial Information Collection System
* Detecting Text in Natural Image with Connectionist Text Proposal Network
* Detecting the Presence of Stationary Objects from Sparse Stereo Disparity Space
* Detection and Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects in Real-World Scenarios using Attributed Relational Graph
* Detection, Localization and Classification of Multiple Mechanized Ocean Vessels over Continental-Shelf Scale Regions with Passive Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing
* Diel and Spatial Dependence of Humpback Song and Non-Song Vocalizations in Fish Spawning Ground
* Distributed Robust Image Mosaics
* Double Jpeg Compression Detection Based on Markov Model
* Double Least-Squares Projections Method for Signal Estimation
* Dual-Direction Perception and Collaboration Network for Near-Online Multi-Object Tracking
* Dynamic traffic demand uncertainty prediction using radio-frequency identification data and link volume data
* Edge Dependent Chinese Restaurant Process for Very High Resolution (VHR) Satellite Image Over-Segmentation
* Effect of Current on the First-Order Spectral Power of High-Frequency Radar
* Efficient Sequential Approach to Tracking Multiple Objects Through Crowds for Real-Time Intelligent CCTV Systems, An
* Elastic Spatial Query Processing in OpenStack Cloud Computing Environment for Time-Constraint Data Analysis
* Empirical Low-Rank Approximation for Seismic Noise Attenuation
* End-to-End Learning of Motion Representation for Video Understanding
* End-to-End TextSpotter with Explicit Alignment and Attention, An
* Ensemble Tracking Based on Diverse Collaborative Framework With Multi-Cue Dynamic Fusion
* Evaluation of focus measures in multi-focus image fusion
* Exact Support Recovery of Sparse Signals With Noise via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit, The
* Exploration of OpenStreetMap missing built-up areas using twitter hierarchical clustering and deep learning in Mozambique
* Extraction of Vectorized Graphical Information from Scientific Chart Images
* Face Detection and Precise Eyes Location
* Fast Video Saliency Detection based on Feature Competition
* Few-Shot Learning With Global Class Representations
* Find the Best Path: An Efficient and Accurate Classifier for Image Hierarchies
* Finding EFL and EQL Allocations of Indivisible Goods
* Finding EFL and EQL Allocations of Indivisible Goods
* FiNet: Compatible and Diverse Fashion Image Inpainting
* Gaussian process latent variable model factorization for context-aware recommender systems
* Going deeper with two-stream ConvNets for action recognition in video surveillance
* Graph Convolutional Networks for Temporal Action Localization
* Graph Signal Processing Perspective on Functional Brain Imaging, A
* Heterogeneous Face Recognition: A Common Encoding Feature Discriminant Approach
* Heuristic Method for Power Pylon Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* Hierarchical Network for Facial Palsy Detection
* Human action recognition using Recursive Self Organizing map and longest common subsequence matching
* Identification of Rain and Low-Backscatter Regions in X-Band Marine Radar Images: An Unsupervised Approach
* Image Segmentation With Eigenfunctions of an Anisotropic Diffusion Operator
* iMaterialist Fashion Attribute Dataset, The
* Improving Range Resolution in Near-Field Ultrasound Beamforming
* Improving Remote Sensing of Aerosol Optical Depth over Land by Polarimetric Measurements at 1640 nm: Airborne Test in North China
* Instance Enhancing Loss: Deep Identity-Sensitive Feature Embedding for Person Search
* Integration of Global and Local Metrics for Domain Adaptation Learning Via Dimensionality Reduction
* Interactive Framework for Insect Tracking with Active Learning
* Interactive tracking of insect posture
* Karcher Mean in Elastic Shape Analysis
* Kernel Autoassociator Approach to Pattern Classification, A
* Label-PEnet: Sequential Label Propagation and Enhancement Networks for Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation
* Learning features from covariance matrix of gabor wavelet for face recognition under adverse conditions
* Learning to Grasp Familiar Objects Based on Experience and Objects' Shape Affordance
* Locally Linear Approximation Approach for Incomplete Data
* Locally Supervised Deep Hybrid Model for Scene Recognition
* Locating Charts from Scanned Document Pages
* Logistic Regression of Point Matches for Accurate Transformation Estimation
* LRGAN: Visual anomaly detection using GAN with locality-preferred recoding
* MCMT-GAN: Multi-Task Coherent Modality Transferable GAN for 3D Brain Image Synthesis
* MMSE reconstruction for 3d ultrasound images
* Model-Based Analysis of the Influence of Forest Structures on the Scattering Phase Center at L-Band
* Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Flood Regimes and Their Relation to Wetland Landscape Patterns in Dongting Lake from MODIS Time-Series Imagery
* Monitoring Trends in Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Satellite Imagery
* Motion Rectification Network for Unsupervised Learning of Monocular Depth and Camera Motion
* Multi-agent Based Simulation Of Optimal Urban Land Use Allocation In The Middle Reaches Of The Yangtze River, China
* Multi-focus image fusion using pulse coupled neural network
* Multi-Objective Permanent Basic Farmland Delineation Model Based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization, A
* Multi-Similarity Loss With General Pair Weighting for Deep Metric Learning
* Multi-Similarity Re-Ranking for Person Re-Identification
* Multiple classifier system with sensitivity based dynamic weighting fusion for hand gesture recognition
* Multiple Instance Models Regression for Robust Visual Tracking
* Natural Landmarks Extraction Method from Range Image for Mobile Robot
* New Architecture of Densely Connected Convolutional Networks for Pan-Sharpening, A
* New Variational Method for Bias Correction and Its Applications to Rodent Brain Extraction, A
* Non-aligned double JPEG compression detection based on refined Markov features in QDCT domain
* novel marker-less tumor tracking strategyonlow-rank fluoroscopic images for image-guided lung cancer radiotherapy, A
* Novel Method to Estimate Subpixel Temperature by Fusing Solar-Reflective and Thermal-Infrared Remote-Sensing Data With an Artificial Neural Network, A
* novel multi-loss-based deep adversarial network for handling challenging cases in semi-supervised image semantic segmentation, A
* Numerical Comparison Between FHSS and DSSS in Satellite Communication Systems with On-Board Processing, A
* Object Classification and Grasp Planning Using Visual and Tactile Sensing
* Observation and Intercomparison of Wave Motion and Wave Measurement Using Shore-Based Coherent Microwave Radar and HF Radar
* Online Semantic Subspace Learning with Siamese Network for UAV Tracking
* Pan-sharpening via multi-scale and multiple deep neural networks
* Partial Volume Correction on ASL-MRI and Its Application on Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* Perimeter Control of Multiregion Urban Traffic Networks With Time-Varying Delays
* Person Re-identification Based on Feature Fusion and Triplet Loss Function
* PiCode: A New Picture-Embedding 2D Barcode
* Pseudoanalytical Formulations for Modeling the Effect of an Insulating Layer in Electromagnetic Well Logging
* Rain Detection From X-Band Marine Radar Images: A Support Vector Machine-Based Approach
* RBRIEF: a robust descriptor based on random binary comparisons
* Real-Time Prediction of Seasonal Heteroscedasticity in Vehicular Traffic Flow Series
* Real-Time Recurrent Tactile Recognition: Momentum Batch-Sequential Echo State Networks
* Relation Attention for Temporal Action Localization
* Reliable and Efficient UAV Image Matching via Geometric Constraints Structured by Delaunay Triangulation
* Reliable Pooled Steganalysis Using Fine-Grained Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
* Research of data packet transmission based on SMS services
* Rethinking Image Inpainting via a Mutual Encoder-decoder with Feature Equalizations
* Reusing Discriminators for Encoding: Towards Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Riemannian Optimization for Registration of Curves in Elastic Shape Analysis
* Robust and Unobtrusive Display-to-Camera Communications via Blue Channel Embedding
* Robust Seismic Image Interpolation With Mathematical Morphological Constraint
* Robust Visual Tracking based on Adversarial Unlabeled Instance Generation with Label Smoothing Loss Regularization
* Rough Neighborhood Covering Reduction for robust classification
* Sensing Images for Assessing the Minimum Ecological Flux by Automatically Extracting River Surface Width
* Shadow removal based on invariant image with Fisher discrimination criterion
* Short-term traffic flow prediction using fuzzy information granulation approach under different time intervals
* Shortest Path Problem on a Time-Dependent Network With Mixed Uncertainty of Randomness and Fuzziness, The
* Similarity Measure for CCITT Group 4 Compressed Document Images
* Simple, Real-Time Range Camera, A
* Single Shot Text Detector with Regional Attention
* Soft mobile video broadcast based on side information refining
* Sparse Coding and Dictionary Learning with Linear Dynamical Systems
* SSR-NET: Spatial-Spectral Reconstruction Network for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion
* Statistical Modeling of Complex Backgrounds for Foreground Object Detection
* Structure and motion factorization under quasi-perspective projection with missing data in tracking matrix
* Surface Diffraction Noise Attenuation for Marine Seismic Data Processing With Mathematical Morphological Filtering
* Systematic Error Compensation Based on a Rational Function Model for Ziyuan1-02C
* Target distance measurement method using monocular vision
* Thin Dielectric Sheet-Based Surface Integral Equation for the Scattering Simulation of Fractures in a Layered Medium
* Three-step Spatial-temporal-semantic Clustering Method For Human Activity Pattern Analysis, A
* Toward Constructing a Real-time Social Anxiety Evaluation System: Exploring Effective Heart Rate Features
* Toward Efficient Action Recognition: Principal Backpropagation for Training Two-Stream Networks
* Towards Detecting the Crowd Involved in Social Events
* Truncation Cross Entropy Loss for Remote Sensing Image Captioning
* Typhoon Warm-Core Structures Derived from FY-3D MWTS-2 Observations
* UAV-Based Oblique Photogrammetry for Outdoor Data Acquisition and Offsite Visual Inspection of Transmission Line
* Understanding human activity patterns based on space-time-semantics
* Unsupervised Classification of Multispectral Images Embedded With a Segmentation of Panchromatic Images Using Localized Clusters
* Upscaling of Surface Soil Moisture Using a Deep Learning Model with VIIRS RDR
* Variational Mode Decomposition-Based Heart Rate Estimation Using Wrist-Type Photoplethysmography During Physical Exercise
* Vessel Azimuth and Course Joint Re-Estimation Method for Compact HFSWR, A
* Video Action Recognition Based on Deeper Convolution Networks with Pair-Wise Frame Motion Concatenation
* Visual tracking via Graph Regularized Kernel Correlation Filer and Multi-Memory Voting
* Vocalization Source Level Distributions and Pulse Compression Gains of Diverse Baleen Whale Species in the Gulf of Maine
* Wind Direction Estimation Using Small-Aperture HF Radar Based on a Circular Array
* Word Shape Recognition for Image-based Document Retrieval
Includes: Huang, W.[Wenyi] Huang, W. Huang, W.[Wenchao] Huang, W.[Wei] Huang, W.[Weilin] Huang, W.[Wan] Huang, W.[Wen] Huang, W.[Wuxin] Huang, W.[Wenhu]
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Huang, W.B.[Wen Bin] Co Author Listing * Acceleration of an improved Retinex algorithm
* Breaking Winner-Takes-All: Iterative-Winners-Out Networks for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* CUDA-enabled parallel algorithm for accelerating retinex, A
* Deep Feature Pyramid Reconfiguration for Object Detection
* Dense Regression Network for Video Grounding
* Fast and Accurate One-Stage Approach to Visual Grounding, A
* Feature Pyramid Reconfiguration With Consistent Loss for Object Detection
* Feature-Based Digital Image Watermarking for Copyright Protection and Content Authentication, A
* Geodesic distance-based pose-invariant blind watermarking algorithm for three-dimensional triangular mesh model
* Halftone/contone conversion using neural networks
* On the Selection of Optimal Feature Region Set for Robust Digital Image Watermarking
* Optimization-Based Extreme Learning Machine with Multi-kernel Learning Approach for Classification
* Progressive Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* TIR/VIS Correlation for Liveness Detection in Face Recognition
* Weakly supervised semantic segmentation with superpixel embedding
Includes: Huang, W.B.[Wen Bin] Huang, W.B.[Wen-Bin] Huang, W.B.[Wen-Bing] Huang, W.B.[Win-Bin] Huang, W.B.[Wai-Bin] Huang, W.B.
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Huang, W.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Size Meshes for Rigid and Nonrigid Shape Analysis and Synthesis
* Adaptive-Size Physically-Based Models for Nonrigid Motion Analysis
* Analysis of Intensity and Range Image Sequences Using Adaptive-Size Meshes
* Block Adjustment for Satellite Imagery Based on the Strip Constraint
* Close Range Digital Photogrammetry Applied To Topography And Landslide Measurements
* Computationally Efficient DFT Scheme for Applications With a Subset of Nonzero Inputs, A
* Detection and Correction of Relative Attitude Errors for ZY1-02C
* Efficient Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of Nonrigid Objects via Optimization of Mesh Models
* Extrinsic Calibration of 2D Laser Rangefinders Based on a Mobile Sphere
* Geometric Calibration and Accuracy Assessment of ZiYuan-3 Multispectral Images
* Integration of Multiple Levels of Contour Information for Chinese-Character Stroke Extraction
* Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry to Measure Streamflow from Videos Recorded from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Fixed Imaging System
* Motion Estimation from Scaled Orthographic Projections without Correspondences
* Nonlinear Finite Element Methods for Nonrigid Motion Analysis
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis Using Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling
* Predictive subband image coding with wavelet transform
* Robust Approach for Recovery of Rigorous Sensor Model Using Rational Function Model
* Sampling and Surface Reconstruction with Adaptive-Size Meshes
* Toward Naturalistic 2D-to-3D Conversion
Includes: Huang, W.C. Huang, W.C.[Wen-Chao] Huang, W.C.[Wei-Che] Huang, W.C.[Wen-Chen] Huang, W.C.[Wen-Chuang] Huang, W.C.[Wei-Cheng]
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Huang, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Recent Trends of Mobile Collaborative Augmented Reality Systems
* Sharing hand gesture and sketch cues in remote collaboration
Includes: Huang, W.D.[Wei Dong] Huang, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Huang, W.F.[Wan Feng] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach for Palmprint Ridges Features Extraction, A
* Radiation of Arbitrary Magnetic Dipoles in a Cylindrically Layered Anisotropic Medium for Well-Logging Applications
* Vision-based path planning with obstacle avoidance for mobile robots using linear matrix inequalities
Includes: Huang, W.F.[Wan Feng] Huang, W.F.[Wan-Feng] Huang, W.F. Huang, W.F.[Wei-Feng]

Huang, W.G.[Wei Guo] Co Author Listing * Image smoothing via a scale-aware filter and L_0 norm
* Ionosonde Observations of Spread F and Spread Es at Low and Middle Latitudes during the Recovery Phase of the 7-9 September 2017 Geomagnetic Storm
* Shape matching and object recognition using common base triangle area
Includes: Huang, W.G.[Wei Guo] Huang, W.G.[Wei-Guo] Huang, W.G.[Wen-Geng]

Huang, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * Accurate video text detection through classification of low and high contrast images
* approach to word image matching based on weighted Hausdorff distance, An
* Associating text and graphics for scientific chart understanding
* Automatically optimizing stereo camera system based on 3D cinematography principles
* Chart Image Classification Using Multiple-Instance Learning
* Deep Architecture for Traffic Flow Prediction: Deep Belief Networks With Multitask Learning
* Detecting moving text in video using temporal information
* Efficient video text detection using edge features
* Elliptic arc vectorization for 3d pie chart recognition
* Imaged Document Text Retrieval Without OCR
* Language Identification in Degraded and Distorted Document Images
* Perceptual based stereoscopic content analysis using salient information, dense disparity maps, and modified random walk framework
* Semi-automatic Ground Truth Generation for Chart Image Recognition
* Vertical bar detection for gauging text similarity of document images
Includes: Huang, W.H.[Wei Hua] Huang, W.H.[Wei-Hua] Huang, W.H.[Wei-Hao] Huang, W.H.[Wen-Hao]
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Huang, W.J.[Wen Jiang] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Bare Soil Occurrence in Arable Croplands for Remote Sensing Topsoil Applications, An
* Assessing Global Ocean Wind Energy Resources Using Multiple Satellite Data
* Assessment of Leaf Chlorophyll Content Models for Winter Wheat Using Landsat-8 Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
* Automatically optimizing stereo camera system based on 3D cinematography principles
* Bayesian Calibration of the Aquacrop-OS Model for Durum Wheat by Assimilation of Canopy Cover Retrieved from VENµS Satellite Data
* Coarse-to-Fine Deformable Transformation Framework for Unsupervised Multi-Contrast MR Image Registration with Dual Consistency Constraint, A
* Comparison of Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms for the Retrieval of Wheat Biophysical Variables from Sentinel-2, A
* Contrasting Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on Vegetation Greenness along Elevation Gradients of the Tibetan Plateau
* Deep Learning-Based Approach for Automated Yellow Rust Disease Detection from High-Resolution Hyperspectral UAV Images, A
* distance of probabilistic fuzzy sets for classification, The
* Dynamic Remote Sensing Prediction for Wheat Fusarium Head Blight by Combining Host and Habitat Conditions
* Editing by Viewing: Automatic Home Video Summarization by Viewing Behavior Analysis
* Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Variant Correlation of Physiological Signals
* Enhanced Regional Monitoring of Wheat Powdery Mildew Based on an Instance-Based Transfer Learning Method
* Estimating the Aboveground Biomass for Planted Forests Based on Stand Age and Environmental Variables
* Estimating Wheat Yield in China at the Field and District Scale from the Assimilation of Satellite Data into the Aquacrop and Simple Algorithm for Yield (SAFY) Models
* Estimation of LAI in Winter Wheat from Multi-Angular Hyperspectral VNIR Data: Effects of View Angles and Plant Architecture
* Evaluation of Orthomosics and Digital Surface Models Derived from Aerial Imagery for Crop Type Mapping
* Evaluation of Sentinel-2A Satellite Imagery for Mapping Cotton Root Rot
* Hardness of evasion of multiple classifier system with non-linear classifiers
* Identification of Cotton Root Rot by Multifeature Selection from Sentinel-2 Images Using Random Forest
* Identification of Wheat Yellow Rust Using Spectral and Texture Features of Hyperspectral Images
* Integrating Growth and Environmental Parameters to Discriminate Powdery Mildew and Aphid of Winter Wheat Using Bi-Temporal Landsat-8 Imagery
* Integrating Spectral Information and Meteorological Data to Monitor Wheat Yellow Rust at a Regional Scale: A Case Study
* Isometry-Based Shape-Adaptive Fractal Coding for Images
* Joint Retrieval of Winter Wheat Leaf Area Index and Canopy Chlorophyll Density Using Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices
* Mapping paddy rice agriculture over China using AMSR-E time series data
* Mapping Rice Fields in Urban Shanghai, Southeast China, Using Sentinel-1A and Landsat 8 Datasets
* Monitoring the Vertical Distribution of Maize Canopy Chlorophyll Content Based on Multi-Angular Spectral Data
* Monitoring Wheat Fusarium Head Blight Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Imagery
* New Integrated Vegetation Index for the Estimation of Winter Wheat Leaf Chlorophyll Content, A
* New Method for Modifying Thresholds in the Classification of Tree Models for Mapping Aquatic Vegetation in Taihu Lake with Satellite Images, A
* New results on connectivity in wireless network
* Novel Image Fusion Method of Multi-Spectral and SAR Images for Land Cover Classification, A
* Novel Vegetation Indices for Cotton Boll Opening Status Estimation Using Sentinel-2 Data
* Object-Based Approach for the Multiscale Image Segmentation of Mountain Forest Scenes, An
* Particle Swarm Optimized Unscented Particle Filter for Target Tracking
* Perceptual based stereoscopic content analysis using salient information, dense disparity maps, and modified random walk framework
* Recognition of Banana Fusarium Wilt Based on UAV Remote Sensing
* Reconstruction of Daily 30 m Data from HJ CCD, GF-1 WFV, Landsat, and MODIS Data for Crop Monitoring
* Relative Total Variation Structure Analysis-Based Fusion Method for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Classification
* Remote Estimation of Nitrogen Vertical Distribution by Consideration of Maize Geometry Characteristics
* Satellite-Derived Climatological Analysis of Urban Heat Island over Shanghai during 2000-2013, A
* Scaling effects on spring phenology detections from MODIS data at multiple spatial resolutions over the contiguous United States
* Sino-EU Earth Observation Data to Support the Monitoring and Management of Agricultural Resources
* Spatiotemporal Change Detection Method for Monitoring Pine Wilt Disease in a Complex Landscape Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* stereoscopic content analysis system with visual discomfort-aware, A
* Transformed Triangular Vegetation Index for Estimating Winter Wheat Leaf Area Index, A
* Using Multi-Angular Hyperspectral Data to Estimate the Vertical Distribution of Leaf Chlorophyll Content in Wheat
* Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery to Detect Winter Wheat Fusarium Head Blight
* Wavelet-Based Rust Spectral Feature Set (WRSFs): A Novel Spectral Feature Set Based on Continuous Wavelet Transformation for Tracking Progressive Host-Pathogen Interaction of Yellow Rust on Wheat
* Wheat Fusarium Head Blight Detection Using UAV-Based Spectral and Texture Features in Optimal Window Size
* Wheat Yellow Rust Detection Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Technology
Includes: Huang, W.J.[Wen Jiang] Huang, W.J.[Wen-Jiang] Huang, W.J.[Wei-Jiao] Huang, W.J.[Wei-Jia] Huang, W.J.[Wei-Jian] Huang, W.J.[Wen-Jing] Huang, W.J. Huang, W.J.[Wen-Jin] Huang, W.J.[Wei Jie] Huang, W.J.[Wen J.] Huang, W.J.[Wan-Jen] Huang, W.J.[Wen-Juan]
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Huang, W.K.[Wei Kan] Co Author Listing * fast cube-based video shot retrieval using 3D moment-preserving technique, A
* Inventory, Mapping, Geomorphic Characterization, And Validation Of Deep-setated Landslides Using Sky-view Factor Visualization: Northern, Central, And Southern Taiwan
* Parallel CBIR Implementation using Perceptual Grouping of Block-Based Visual Patterns, A
Includes: Huang, W.K.[Wei Kan] Huang, W.K.[Wei-Kan] Huang, W.K.

Huang, W.L.[Wen Li] Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction of Surface Water Extent from Sentinel-1 Data
* Automated Quantification of Surface Water Inundation in Wetlands Using Optical Satellite Imagery
* Convolutional Character Networks
* Cross-Batch Memory for Embedding Learning
* Cryptanalysis and improvement of two hyper-chaos-based image encryption schemes
* CurriculumNet: Weakly Supervised Learning from Large-Scale Web Images
* dissimilarity kernel with local features for robust facial recognition, A
* Estimating Forest Stock Volume in Hunan Province, China, by Integrating In Situ Plot Data, Sentinel-2 Images, and Linear and Machine Learning Regression Models
* Fast bi-linear interpolation pipeline
* Improved van Zyl Polarimetric Decomposition Lessening the Overestimation of Volume Scattering Power
* Knowledge Guided Disambiguation for Large-Scale Scene Classification With Multi-Resolution CNNs
* Linear and nonlinear dimensionality reduction for face recognition
* Local Multi-Grouped Binary Descriptor With Ring-Based Pooling Configuration and Optimization
* Lsragan: Generating Multifarious Color Photographes From Sketch
* Measuring Driving Behaviors from Live Video
* On nonlinear dimensionality reduction for face recognition
* Representation Sharing for Fast Object Detector Search and Beyond
* Robust face recognition with structural binary gradient patterns
* Robust Scene Text Detection with Convolution Neural Network Induced MSER Trees
* Scenario-Based Risk Assessment of Earthquake Disaster Using Slope Displacement, PGA, and Population Density in the Guyuan Region, China
* Semi-supervised person re-identification using multi-view clustering
* Sensitivity of Multi-Source SAR Backscatter to Changes in Forest Aboveground Biomass
* Task-Specific Performance Evaluation of UGVs: Case Studies at the IVFC
* Text Localization in Natural Images Using Stroke Feature Transform and Text Covariance Descriptors
* Text-Attentional Convolutional Neural Network for Scene Text Detection
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Based on Watershed and a Novel Artificial Immune Antibody Competitive Network
Includes: Huang, W.L.[Wen Li] Huang, W.L.[Wen-Li] Huang, W.L.[Wei-Lin] Huang, W.L.[Wei-Lun] Huang, W.L. Huang, W.L.[Wu-Ling] Huang, W.L.[Wei-Liang] Huang, W.L.[Wen-Long]
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Huang, W.M.[Wei Min] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Background Subtraction with Multiple Feedbacks for Video Surveillance
* Adaptive Method of Wave Spectrum Estimation Using X-Band Nautical Radar, An
* Affine Object Tracking with Kernel-Based Spatial-Color Representation
* Algorithm for Surface Current Retrieval from X-band Marine Radar Images, An
* Assessment and Benchmarking of Spatially Enabled RDF Stores for the Next Generation of Spatial Data Infrastructure
* Bistatic High-Frequency Radar Cross-Section of the Ocean Surface with Arbitrary Wave Heights
* Canadian Wetland Inventory using Google Earth Engine: The First Map and Preliminary Results
* Co-operative Multi-target Tracking and Classification
* Composite of Features for Learning-Based Coronary Artery Segmentation on Cardiac CT Angiography, A
* Cooperative Multitarget Tracking With Efficient Split and Merge Handling
* Cross-Domain Submesoscale Eddy Detection Neural Network for HF Radar
* Data-Driven Probability Hypothesis Density Filter for Visual Tracking
* Editorial for Special Issue Ocean Radar
* Efficient and robust image segmentation with a new piecewise-smooth decomposition model
* Empirical Mode Decomposition Method for Sea Surface Wind Measurements From X-Band Nautical Radar Data, An
* Experimental Investigation of Ocean Wave Measurement Using Short-Range K-Band Radar: Dock-Based and Boat-Based Wind Wave Measurements
* Face Detection Based on Color and Local Symmetry Information
* fixed-point augmented Lagrangian method for total variation minimization problems, A
* Foreground object detection in changing background based on color co-occurrence statistics
* Framework for Real-Time Behavior Interpretation From Traffic Video
* GAN-based Gaussian Mixture Model Responsibility Learning
* Image captioning using DenseNet network and adaptive attention
* Image Warping Method Based on Level Set, An
* Improving CyGNSS-Based Land Remote Sensing: Track-Wise Data Calibration Schemes
* Kernel autoassociator with applications to visual classification
* Kernel-based method for tracking objects with rotation and translation
* L_0 Regularized Mumford-Shah Model for Bias Correction and Segmentation of Medical Images, The
* Method for Generation of Indoor GIS Models Based on BIM Models to Support Adjacent Analysis of Indoor Spaces
* Multi-Camera Target Tracking in Blind Regions of Cameras with Non-overlapping Fields of View
* Multimodal Sleeping Posture Classification
* Multiple Objects Tracking with Multiple Hypotheses Dynamic Updating
* Multiple Objects Tracking with Multiple Hypotheses Graph Representation
* new approach for multiphase piecewise smooth image segmentation, A
* Novel Change Detection Approach for Multi-Temporal High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Rotation Forest and Coarse-to-Fine Uncertainty Analyses, A
* Ocean Surface Cross Section for Bistatic HF Radar Incorporating a Six DOF Oscillation Motion Model
* Ocean Wave Measurement Using Short-Range K-Band Narrow Beam Continuous Wave Radar
* Ocean Wind and Wave Measurements Using X-Band Marine Radar: A Comprehensive Review
* On Transferability of Histological Tissue Labels in Computational Pathology
* particle filtering framework with indirect measurements for visual tracking, A
* PolSAR Change Detection Index Based on Neighborhood Information for Flood Mapping, A
* Probability Hypothesis Density Approach for Multi-camera Multi-object Tracking
* Robust Approach to Face and Eyes Detection from Images with Cluttered Background, A
* Robust Attentive Behavior Detection by Non-linear Head Pose Embedding and Estimation
* Scene Context Modeling for Foreground Detection from a Scene in Remote Monitoring
* Sea Ice Remote Sensing Using GNSS-R: A Review
* Segmentation of Skull Base Tumors from MRI Using a Hybrid Support Vector Machine-Based Method
* Segmenting Kidney on Multiple Phase CT Images using ULBNet
* Self-Adaptive Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Wave Measurement Using Nautical Radar, A
* Shape Prior Regularized Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Image Segmentation
* Simulation analysis of sea surface current extraction from microwave nautical radar images
* Simultaneous bias correction and image segmentation via L0 regularized Mumford-Shah model
* Stereo-based human detection for mobile service robots
* Surface Current Measurements Using X-Band Marine Radar With Vertical Polarization
* Surgical Simulation Robot with Haptics and Friction Compensation
* Texture-Analysis-Incorporated Wind Parameters Extraction from Rain-Contaminated X-Band Nautical Radar Images
* Tracking a Variable Number of Human Groups in Video Using Probability Hypothesis Density
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method Using Euler's Elastica Regularized Mumford-Shah Model, A
* Validation and Evaluation of a Ship Echo-Based Array Phase Manifold Calibration Method for HF Surface Wave Radar DOA Estimation and Current Measurement
* Vessel Target Echo Characteristics and Motion Compensation for Shipborne HFSWR under Non-Uniform Linear Motion
* Vessel Tracking Using Bistatic Compact HFSWR
* Wave Height Estimation from First-Order Backscatter of a Dual-Frequency High Frequency Radar
* Wave Height Field Extraction From First-Order Doppler Spectra of a Dual-Frequency Wide-Beam High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar
* Wave-Height Mapping From Second-Order Harmonic Peaks of Wide-Beam HF Radar Backscatter Spectra
* Wind Direction Estimation From Rain-Contaminated Marine Radar Data Using the Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
Includes: Huang, W.M.[Wei Min] Huang, W.M.[Wei-Min] Huang, W.M.[Wei-Ming] Huang, W.M. Huang, W.M.[Wan-Ming] Huang, W.M.[Wen-Ming] Huang, W.M.[Wu-Meng]
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Huang, W.P. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Using a Kalman Filter-Trained Neural-Network

Huang, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Co Author Listing * Integrating visual and range data for road detection
* Joint Object Segmentation and Depth Upsampling
Includes: Huang, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Huang, W.Q.[Wen-Qi]

Huang, W.R.[Wan Ru] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Near-Real-Time Satellite Precipitation Products from GSMaP in Monitoring Rainfall Variations over Taiwan
* DeepErase: Weakly Supervised Ink Artifact Removal in Document Text Images
* Effective inpainting method for natural textures with gradually changed illumination
* Evaluation and Application of Satellite Precipitation Products in Studying the Summer Precipitation Variations over Taiwan
* Evaluation of IMERG Level-3 Products in Depicting the July to October Rainfall over Taiwan: Typhoon Versus Non-Typhoon
* GraphAIR: Graph representation learning with neighborhood aggregation and interaction
* Validation of CHIRPS Precipitation Estimates over Taiwan at Multiple Timescales
Includes: Huang, W.R.[Wan Ru] Huang, W.R.[Wan-Ru] Huang, W.R. Huang, W.R.[Wan-Rong] Huang, W.R.[Wei-Ran]
7 for Huang, W.R.

Huang, W.T.[Wei Tian] Co Author Listing * Deep Clustering via Weighted k-Subspace Network
* Have we underestimated the power of image undistortion?
* Measuring Generalisation to Unseen Viewpoints, Articulations, Shapes and Objects for 3d Hand Pose Estimation Under Hand-object Interaction
* neural contextual model for detecting perceptually salient contours, A
* Tracking Moving Objects in Image Sequences Using 1-D Trajectory Filter
Includes: Huang, W.T.[Wei Tian] Huang, W.T.[Wei-Tian] Huang, W.T.[Wen-Ting] Huang, W.T.[Wei-Ting] Huang, W.T.[Wen-Tao] Huang, W.T.

Huang, W.X.[Wen Xin] Co Author Listing * Attention-guided image captioning with adaptive global and local feature fusion
* Camera Network Based Person Re-identification by Leveraging Spatial-Temporal Constraint and Multiple Cameras Relations
* Complementing Representation Deficiency in Few-shot Image Classification: A Meta-Learning Approach
* Fast Ground Segmentation for 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Based on Jump-Convolution-Process
* HMM-based Person Re-identification in Large-scale Open Scenario
* Household Service Robot with Two Arms and Multi-Sensor in Unstructured Environments, A
* Phase retrieval from a single near-field diffraction pattern with a large Fresnel number
* Poses Guide Spatiotemporal Model for Vehicle Re-identification
* Spatial Constrained Fine-Grained Color Name for Person Re-identification
* Squeeze-and-Excitation Wide Residual Networks in Image Classification
Includes: Huang, W.X.[Wen Xin] Huang, W.X.[Wen-Xin] Huang, W.X.[Wei-Xin] Huang, W.X.[Wu-Xin] Huang, W.X.[Wan-Xia]
10 for Huang, W.X.

Huang, W.Y.[Wen Yi] Co Author Listing * Curvature and singularity driven diffusion for oriented pattern enhancement with singular points
* Event based surveillance video synopsis using trajectory kinematics descriptors
* Sign language recognition using 3-D Hopfield neural network
* Sign Language Recognition Using Model-Based Tracking and a 3D Hopfield Neural-Network
* Spatiotemporal Coherence-Based Annotation Placement for Surveillance Videos
Includes: Huang, W.Y.[Wen Yi] Huang, W.Y.[Wen-Yi] Huang, W.Y.

Huang, W.Z.[Wen Zhun] Co Author Listing * Combining Modified LBP and Weighted SRC for Palmprint Recognition
Includes: Huang, W.Z.[Wen Zhun] Huang, W.Z.[Wen-Zhun]

Huang, X. Co Author Listing * 300-FPS Salient Object Detection via Minimum Directional Contrast
* 3D Airborne EM Forward Modeling Based on Time-Domain Spectral Element Method
* 3D Data Generation Using Low-cost Cross-view Images
* 3D Reconstruction Strategy of Vehicle Outline Based on Single-Pass Single-Polarization CSAR Data, A
* 50 FPS Object-Level Saliency Detection via Maximally Stable Region
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles in Car-Following Maneuvers
* Active Relearning Framework for Remote Sensing Image Classification, An
* Adaptive Mean-Shift Analysis Approach for Object Extraction and Classification from Urban Hyperspectral Imagery, An
* ADNet: Adaptively Dense Convolutional Neural Networks
* Agent-based approach for crowded pedestrian evacuation simulation
* Angular difference feature extraction for urban scene classification using ZY-3 multi-angle high-resolution satellite imagery
* Arbitrary Style Transfer in Real-Time with Adaptive Instance Normalization
* Automated Detection of Buildings from Heterogeneous VHR Satellite Images for Rapid Response to Natural Disasters
* Automatic Acquisition of Layout Knowledge for Understanding Business Cards
* Automatic Geo-Referencing Mobile Laser Scanning Data to UAV Images
* Automatic Labelling and Selection of Training Samples for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification over Urban Areas
* Background Learnable Cascade for Zero-shot Object Detection
* Background Subtraction Using Spatio-Temporal Group Sparsity Recovery
* Bayesian Approach for Automatic Joint Parameter Estimation in 3D Image Reconstruction from Multi-Focus Microscope
* Bidirectional LSTM for ionospheric vertical Total Electron Content (TEC) forecasting
* Binarization of degraded document images based on contrast enhancement
* bioinspired retinal neural network for accurately extracting small-target motion information in cluttered backgrounds, A
* Building Footprint Generation by Integrating Convolution Neural Network With Feature Pairwise Conditional Random Field (FPCRF)
* Calibrating Sensing Drift in Tomographic Inversion
* Can Micro-Expression be Recognized Based on Single Apex Frame?
* CCL: Cross-modal Correlation Learning With Multigrained Fusion by Hierarchical Network
* Circle Detection Based on Voting for Maximum Compatibility
* Classification of gender and face based on gradient faces
* Classification of Ultra-High Resolution Orthophotos Combined with DSM Using a Dual Morphological Top Hat Profile
* Classification of Very High Spatial Resolution Imagery Based on the Fusion of Edge and Multispectral Information
* Comparison of imaging properties between monostatic and bistatic circular SAR
* Compressed Sensing Radar Imaging With Compensation of Observation Position Error
* Compressive reconstruction for 3D incoherent holographic microscopy
* Computation of point inversion and ray-surface intersection through tracing along the base surface
* Computational Imaging for Cultural Heritage: Recent developments in spectral imaging, 3-D surface measurement, image relighting, and X-ray mapping
* constrained approach to multifont Chinese character recognition, A
* Constrained Deep Weak Supervision for Histopathology Image Segmentation
* Content-Based Light Field Image Compression Method With Gaussian Process Regression
* Controllable Video Generation with Sparse Trajectories
* Cross-band noise model refinement for transform domain Wyner-Ziv video coding
* Cross-Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Domain-Adaptive Least-Squares Regression
* Deep Cross-Media Knowledge Transfer
* Deep Learning Based Single-Photon 3D Imaging with Multiple Returns
* Deep networks under scene-level supervision for multi-class geospatial object detection from remote sensing images
* DEM-Assisted RFM Block Adjustment of Pushbroom Nadir Viewing HRS Imagery
* Dense Correspondence Using Non-Local DAISY Forest
* Deriving Individual-Tree Biomass from Effective Crown Data Generated by Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Detecting Double JPEG Compression with Same Quantization Matrix Based on Dense CNN Feature
* Developing Robot Driver Etiquette Based on Naturalistic Human Driving Behavior
* Development Of Camera Model And Geometric Calibration/validation Of Xsat Iris Imagery
* Dictionary Learning Based Color Demosaicing for Plenoptic Cameras
* Direct relative orientation with four independent constraints
* Discrete Locally-Linear Preserving Hashing
* Domain Regeneration for Cross-Database Micro-Expression Recognition
* Double-Task Deep Q-Learning with Multiple Views
* DualBox: Generating BBox Pair with Strong Correspondence via Occlusion Pattern Clustering and Proposal Refinement
* Dynamic 2-D/3-D Rigid Registration Framework Using Point-To-Plane Correspondence Model
* Dynamic 2D Ultrasound and 3D CT Image Registration of the Beating Heart
* Dynamic Spectrum Access for Multimedia Transmission Over Multi-User, Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks
* Dynamics and Drivers of Vegetation Phenology in Three-River Headwaters Region Based on the Google Earth Engine
* EasiECG: A Novel Inter-Patient Arrhythmia Classification Method using ECG Waves
* edge-preservation multi-classifier relearning framework for the classification of high-resolution remotely sensed imagery, The
* Efficient and Flexible Aggregation and Distribution of MODIS Atmospheric Products Based on Climate Analytics as a Service Framework
* Efficient and Robust Corner Detectors Based on Second-Order Difference of Contour
* Efficient Raw Signal Generation Based on Equivalent Scatterer and Subaperture Processing for One-Stationary Bistatic SAR Including Motion Errors
* Embedding Bilateral Filter in Least Squares for Efficient Edge-Preserving Image Smoothing
* Empirical Study of DSRC Performance Based on Safety Pilot Model Deployment Data
* Ensemble manifold regularized sparse low-rank approximation for multiview feature embedding
* Exploit Direction Information for Remote Ship Detection
* Face recognition based on Gabor features
* Fast Palette Mode Decision Methods for Coding Game Videos With HEVC-SCC
* Fast Signal Recovery From Saturated Measurements by Linear Loss and Nonconvex Penalties
* Feature Matching with Affine-Function Transformation Models
* Feature-Metric Registration: A Fast Semi-Supervised Approach for Robust Point Cloud Registration Without Correspondences
* Few-Shot Object Detection on Remote Sensing Images via Shared Attention Module and Balanced Fine-Tuning Strategy
* Few-Shot Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Flood Risk Assessment of Subway Systems in Metropolitan Areas under Land Subsidence Scenario: A Case Study of Beijing
* Forward and Backward Visual Fusion Approach to Motion Estimation with High Robustness and Low Cost
* Frequency Domain SIM Reconstruction Algorithm Using Reduced Number of Images, A
* Fundamental Visual Concept Learning From Correlated Images and Text
* Fusion of finger vein and finger dorsal texture for personal identification based on Comparative Competitive Coding
* GameFlow: Narrative Visualization of NBA Basketball Games
* Generalized Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar for High Resolution and Wide Swath Remote Sensing
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Image and Video Synthesis: Algorithms and Applications
* Global-Matching Framework for Multi-View Stereopsis, A
* Graph-Laplacian Correlated Low-Rank Representation for Subspace Clustering
* GRASP: a versatile algorithm for characterizing the atmosphere
* Ground Deformation of the Chongming East Shoal Reclamation Area in Shanghai Based on SBAS-InSAR and Laboratory Tests
* HFP: Hardware-Aware Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Acceleration
* Hierarchically-Fused Generative Adversarial Network for Text to Realistic Image Synthesis
* Holographic SAR Tomography 3-D Reconstruction Based on Iterative Adaptive Approach and Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test
* Hybrid Population Distribution Prediction Approach Integrating LSTM and CA Models with Micro-Spatiotemporal Granularity: A Case Study of Chongming District, Shanghai, A
* Hyperspectral Image Noise Reduction Based on Rank-1 Tensor Decomposition
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Subpixel Target Detection Based on Supervised Metric Learning
* Image Denoising Using Wiener Filtering and Wavelet Thresholding
* Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Autoblocking and Electrocardiography, An
* Image Matching Algorithm Integrating Global SRTM and Image Segmentation for Multi-Source Satellite Imagery, An
* Improved A* Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for the Plant Protection UAV with Millimeter Wave Radar and Monocular Camera Data Fusion, The
* Improving Urban Land Cover Classification with Combined Use of Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 Imagery
* Incremental Kernel Null Foley-Sammon Transform for Person Re-identification
* Indexing of Satellite Images of Different Spatial Resolutions Using Multi Features
* Integrated Surface Parameter Inversion Scheme Over Agricultural Fields at Early Growing Stages by Means of C-Band Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Imagery, An
* Integration of Tree Database Derived From Satellite Imagery And Lidar Point Cloud Data
* Intelligent Multifeature Statistical Approach for the Discrimination of Driving Conditions of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle, An
* Interior Point Method for Nonnegative Sparse Signal Reconstruction, An
* Investigating the effects of 3D urban morphology on the surface urban heat island effect in urban functional zones by using high-resolution remote sensing data: A case study of Wuhan, Central China
* Investigation of Urbanization Effects on Land Surface Phenology in Northeast China during 2001-2015
* Joint Collaborative Representation With Multitask Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Joint Local and Global Information Learning With Single Apex Frame Detection for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Joint Processing of UAV Imagery and Terrestrial Mobile Mapping System Data for Very High Resolution City Modeling
* Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithm Based on the Nystrom Method With k-Means Sampling
* Kpsnet: Keypoint Detection and Feature Extraction for Point Cloud Registration
* label-noise robust active learning sample collection method for multi-temporal urban land-cover classification and change analysis, A
* Large-Scale Remote Sensing Image Retrieval by Deep Hashing Neural Networks
* Latent Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on Progressive Generative Adversarial Network
* Learning From Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Descriptors for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Learning solar flare forecasting model from magnetograms
* Learning Source-Invariant Deep Hashing Convolutional Neural Networks for Cross-Source Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Learning to Evaluate Image Captioning
* Learning to Segment 3D Point Clouds in 2D Image Space
* LiDAR Strip Adjustment Using Multifeatures Matched With Aerial Images
* Light Field Compression Using Global Multiplane Representation and Two-Step Prediction
* Long-Term Changes in Water Clarity in Lake Liangzi Determined by Remote Sensing
* Long-Term Trends of Atmospheric CH4 Concentration across China from 2002 to 2016
* Mapping Impervious Surface Areas Using Time-Series Nighttime Light and MODIS Imagery
* Mapping Urban Areas in China Using Multisource Data With a Novel Ensemble SVM Method
* Margin-Embedding Canonical Correlation Analysis with Feature Selection for Person Re-Identification
* Markov random field integrating spectral dissimilarity and class co-occurrence dependency for remote sensing image classification optimization, A
* Matching Confidence Constrained Bundle Adjustment for Multi-View High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Meta-FSEO: A Meta-Learning Fast Adaptation with Self-Supervised Embedding Optimization for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Method for Monitoring and Forecasting the Heading and Flowering Dates of Winter Wheat Combining Satellite-Derived Green-up Dates and Accumulated Temperature, A
* Millimeter-Wave GCW-SAR Based on Deramp-on-Receive and Piecewise Constant Doppler Imaging, A
* Minimum Barrier Distance Based Saliency Box for Object Proposals Generation, A
* Mobile multipath cooperative network for real-time streaming
* Modeling Trees for Virtual Singapore: From Data Acquisition To Citygml Models
* Modified Stochastic Neighbor Embedding For Combining Multiple Features For Remote Sensing Image Classification, A
* modified stochastic neighbor embedding for multi-feature dimension reduction of remote sensing images, A
* Monitoring 3D Building Change and Urban Redevelopment Patterns in Inner City Areas of Chinese Megacities Using Multi-View Satellite Imagery
* Motivational System for Human-Robot Interaction
* MRENet: Simultaneous Extraction of Road Surface and Road Centerline in Complex Urban Scenes from Very High-Resolution Images
* Multi-Cue Semi-Supervised Color Constancy With Limited Training Samples
* Multi-Frame Post-Processing Approach to Improved Decoding of H.264/AVC Video, A
* multi-index learning approach for classification of high-resolution remotely sensed images over urban areas, A
* Multi-scale adversarial network for vehicle detection in UAV imagery
* Multichannel Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix for Multi/Hyperspectral Image Texture Representation, A
* Multilayer Obstacle-Avoiding X-Architecture Steiner Minimal Tree Construction Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multilevel Point-Cluster-Based Discriminative Feature for ALS Point Cloud Classification, A
* Multimodal Framework for Analyzing the Affect of a Group of People
* Multimodal Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Multiple Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multiple Morphological Component Analysis Based Decomposition for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Multiresolution recognition of offline handwritten Chinese characters with wavelet transform
* Multisite Remote Sensing for Tsunami-Induced Waves
* New Postprocessing Methods for Remote Sensing Image Classification: A Systematic Study
* NMS by Representative Region: Towards Crowded Pedestrian Detection by Proposal Pairing
* No-reference pixel based video quality assessment for HEVC decoded video
* No-reference video quality assessment by HEVC codec analysis
* Nonlocal TV-Based Variational Method for PolSAR Data Speckle Reduction, A
* Novel Approach for ISAR Cross-Range Scaling Based on the Multidelay Discrete Polynomial- Phase Transform Combined With Keystone Transform
* Novel Automatic Change Detection Method for Urban High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery Based on Multi-Index Scene Representation, A
* Novel Clustering-Based Feature Representation for the Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Novel Evaluation Index for Image Quality
* Novel Multiconnected Convolutional Network for Super-Resolution, A
* Novel Sphere-Based Maximum Margin Classification Method, A
* Object Detection in UAV Images via Global Density Fused Convolutional Network
* On Combining Multiple Features for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Online Robust Principal Component Analysis With Change Point Detection
* Optimal Threshold and Vegetation Index Time Series for Retrieving Crop Phenology Based on a Modified Dynamic Threshold Method, The
* Optimized 3D Street Scene Reconstruction from Driving Recorder Images
* Overview of the multiview high efficiency video coding (MV-HEVC) standard
* Paper web defection segmentation using Gauss-Markov random field texture features
* Parallel iterative decoding of Transform Domain Wyner-Ziv video using cross bitplane correlation
* PaStaNet: Toward Human Activity Knowledge Engine
* Phenology-Based Method to Map Cropping Patterns under a Wheat-Maize Rotation Using Remotely Sensed Time-Series Data, A
* Photon-efficient 3d Imaging with A Non-local Neural Network
* Pixel Shape Index Coupled With Spectral Information for Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery, A
* PointFlow: 3D Point Cloud Generation With Continuous Normalizing Flows
* Polarized Reflection Removal With Perfect Alignment in the Wild
* Polsar data online classification based on multi-view learning
* Predicting Eye Fixations on Webpage With an Ensemble of Early Features and High-Level Representations from Deep Network
* Predictive Coding Networks Meet Action Recognition
* Privacy-Preserved Pseudonym Scheme for Fog Computing Supported Internet of Vehicles
* Privileged Semi-Supervised Learning
* Progressive decoding method for fractal image compression
* Progressive Learning of Low-Precision Networks for Image Classification
* PropagationNet: Propagate Points to Curve to Learn Structure Information
* pseudo-nearest-neighbor approach for missing data recovery on Gaussian random data sets, A
* Quantifying the Spatiotemporal Trends of Canopy Layer Heat Island (CLHI) and Its Driving Factors over Wuhan, China with Satellite Remote Sensing
* Radial Basis Functions for Combining Shape and Speckle Tracking in 4D Echocardiography
* Random-Frequency SAR Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing
* Rapid Dynamic Image Registration of the Beating Heart for Diagnosis and Surgical Navigation
* Real-Time Medical Ultrasound Simulator Based on a Generative Adversarial Network Model, A
* Reconstructing Flood Inundation Probability by Enhancing Near Real-Time Imagery With Real-Time Gauges and Tweets
* Reduced Biquaternion Stacked Denoising Convolutional AutoEncoder for RGB-D Image Classification
* Regularized Discriminative Spectral Regression Method for Heterogeneous Face Matching
* Relation Learning: A New Approach to Face Recognition
* Retrieval of Aerodynamic Parameters in Rubber Tree Forests Based on the Computer Simulation Technique and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Reversible Acoustic Steganography for Integrity Verification, A
* Reversible Audio Information Hiding Based on Integer DCT Coefficients with Adaptive Hiding Locations
* Rice Mapping and Growth Monitoring Based on Time Series GF-6 Images and Red-Edge Bands
* Road Detection and Centerline Extraction Via Deep Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network U-Net
* Robust AN-Aided Secure Transmission Scheme in MISO Channels with Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer
* Robust CP Tensor Factorization With Skew Noise
* Robust Feature Matching with Spatial Smoothness Constraints
* Robust Visual Tracking Revisited: From Correlation Filter to Template Matching
* rule-based event detection system for real-life underwater domain, A
* SALICON: Reducing the Semantic Gap in Saliency Prediction by Adapting Deep Neural Networks
* Sample imbalance disease classification model based on association rule feature selection
* Segmented Reconstruction for Compressed Sensing SAR Imaging
* Self-paced least square semi-coupled dictionary learning for person re-identification
* Semi-Supervised Cross-Media Feature Learning With Unified Patch Graph Regularization
* SemiCDNet: A Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network for Change Detection in High Resolution Remote-Sensing Images
* Sensing increased image resolution using aperture masks
* Sheet metal forming limits as classification problem
* Side Information and Noise Learning for Distributed Video Coding Using Optical Flow and Clustering
* Signatures of Wetland Impact: Spatial Distribution of Forest Aboveground Biomass in Tumen River Basin
* Simultaneous Spectral-Spatial Feature Selection and Extraction for Hyperspectral Images
* Social Relationship Labeling Based on Multimodal Behaviors and Social Interactions
* Sparse MIMO Array Forward-Looking GPR Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing in Clutter Environment
* Sparse Transfer Manifold Embedding for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* Spatial Assessment of Water Quality with Urbanization in 2007-2015, Shanghai, China
* Spatial-Scale Evaluation of Soil Consolidation Concerning Land Subsidence and Integrated Mechanism Analysis at Macro-, and Micro-Scale: A Case Study in Chongming East Shoal Reclamation Area, Shanghai, China, A
* Spatiotemporal Detection and Analysis of Urban Villages in Mega City Regions of China Using High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Human Mobility and Its Association with Land Use Types during COVID-19 in New York City
* Special Section Guest Editorial: Change Detection Using Multi-Source Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks
* Stem cell microscopic image segmentation using supervised normalized cuts
* Stereo Dense Image Matching by Adaptive Fusion of Multiple-Window Matching Results
* Streamlined Photometric Stereo Framework for Cultural Heritage, A
* Super resolution of laser range data based on image-guided fusion and dense matching
* Supervised Polarimetric SAR Image Classification Using Tensor Local Discriminant Embedding
* Support Tensor Machines for Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Support Vector Machine Classifier With Pinball Loss
* SVM Ensemble Approach Combining Spectral, Structural, and Semantic Features for the Classification of High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery, An
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Using Stepped Frequency Waveform
* Tensor Discriminative Locality Alignment for Hyperspectral Image Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction
* Terrain-adaptive Ground Filtering of Airborne Lidar Data Based On Saliency-aware Thin Plate Spline
* Three-Dimensional Face Reconstruction From a Single Image by a Coupled RBF Network
* Time-Series Clustering for Home Dwell Time during COVID-19: What Can We Learn from It?
* Top-Down Learning for Structured Labeling with Convolutional Pseudoprior
* Towards Reading Hidden Emotions: A Comparative Study of Spontaneous Micro-Expression Spotting and Recognition Methods
* TPCKT: Two-Level Progressive Cross-Media Knowledge Transfer
* Traffic-Sign Detection and Classification in the Wild
* Transferable Interactiveness Knowledge for Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Triangulate geometric constraint combined with visual-flow fusion network for accurate 6DoF pose estimation
* Two-Dimensional Euler PCA for Face Recognition
* Type I Attack For Generative Models
* Understanding spatio-temporal mobility patterns for seniors, child/student and adult using smart card data
* Unsupervised domain adaptation with joint supervised sparse coding and discriminative regularization term
* Urban Area Extraction by Regional and Line Segment Feature Fusion and Urban Morphology Analysis
* Urban Building Type Mapping Using Geospatial Data: A Case Study of Beijing, China
* Urban functional zone mapping by integrating high spatial resolution nighttime light and daytime multi-view imagery
* Urbanization Effects on Vegetation and Surface Urban Heat Islands in China's Yangtze River Basin
* Use of Landscape Metrics and Transfer Learning to Explore Urban Villages in China, The
* Varifocal-Net: A Chromosome Classification Approach Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Vehicle counting based on double virtual lines
* Visual Tracking Based on Cooperative Model
* Wavelength selection and spectral discrimination for paddy rice, with laboratory measurements of hyperspectral leaf reflectance
* What characterizes a shadow boundary under the sun and sky?
Includes: Huang, X. Huang, X.[Xin] Huang, X.[Xi] Huang, X.[Xiao] Huang, X.[Xu] Huang, X.[Xiang] Huang, X.[Xun] Huang, X.[Xishi] Huang, X.[Xianglin] Huang, X.[Xichen] Huang, X.[Xiaola] Huang, X.[Xinlei] Huang, X.[Xiaolong] Huang, X.[Xianjin] Huang, X.[Xuehui] Huang, X.[Xuan] Huang, X.[Xiaolu] Huang, X.[Xuping] Huang, X.[Xia] Huang, X.[Xijie] Huang, X.[Xuhui]
259 for Huang, X.

Huang, X.B.[Xin Bo] Co Author Listing * Saliency detection using Multi-layer graph ranking and combined neural networks
Includes: Huang, X.B.[Xin Bo] Huang, X.B.[Xin-Bo]

Huang, X.C.[Xiao Can] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Four Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for GOCI Images over the Yellow Sea
* Facial Expression Recognition with Identity and Emotion Joint Learning
* Impact of Expansion Pattern of Built-Up Land in Floodplains on Flood Vulnerability: A Case Study in the North China Plain Area
Includes: Huang, X.C.[Xiao Can] Huang, X.C.[Xiao-Can] Huang, X.C.[Xing-Chang] Huang, X.C.[Xi-Chen]

Huang, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction Based on a Hybrid Disparity Estimation Algorithm
* Action recognition using tri-view constraints
* Assessment of Forest above Ground Biomass Estimation Using Multi-Temporal C-band Sentinel-1 and Polarimetric L-band PALSAR-2 Data
* Automatic Detection and Localization of Natural Scene Text in Video
* Classifying functional nuclear images with convolutional neural networks: A survey
* Detecting wandering behavior based on GPS traces for elders with dementia
* Downscaling Snow Cover Fraction Data in Mountainous Regions Based on Simulated Inhomogeneous Snow Ablation
* Edge-based synthetic discriminant function for distortion invariant object recognition
* Emotion Detection for Conversations Based on Reinforcement Learning Framework
* Evaluation of Remote Sensing Inversion Error for the Above-Ground Biomass of Alpine Meadow Grassland Based on Multi-Source Satellite Data
* Extraction of Areas of Rice False Smut Infection Using UAV Hyperspectral Data
* Fine Resolution Frequency Estimator Based on Double Sub-segment Phase Difference, A
* Fractional Snow-Cover Mapping Based on MODIS and UAV Data over the Tibetan Plateau
* Fusion of Moderate Resolution Earth Observations for Operational Crop Type Mapping
* Historical Perspective of Speech Recognition, A
* Interactive Multimodal Attention Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation
* MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Mapping Using Machine Learning Technology in a Mountainous Area
* One-Bit MUSIC
* Region-Based Motion Analysis and 3D Reconstruction for a Translational Video Sequence
* Retrieving Surface Soil Moisture over Wheat and Soybean Fields during Growing Season Using Modified Water Cloud Model from Radarsat-2 SAR Data
* Robust linear prediction based on adaptive lattice filter
* Robust Subspace Clustering for Multi-View Data by Exploiting Correlation Consensus
* Robust User Community-Aware Landmark Photo Retrieval
* Snow Disaster Early Warning in Pastoral Areas of Qinghai Province, China
* Spatio-Temporal Change of Snow Cover and Its Response to Climate over the Tibetan Plateau Based on an Improved Daily Cloud-Free Snow Cover Product
* Synergistic Use of Multi-Temporal RADARSAT-2 and VENµS Data for Crop Classification Based on 1D Convolutional Neural Network
* Three-View Dense Disparity Estimation with Occlusion Detection
* Toward Improved Daily Cloud-Free Fractional Snow Cover Mapping with Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data in China
* Tracking Snow Variations in the Northern Hemisphere Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data (2000-2015)
Includes: Huang, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Huang, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Huang, X.D.[Xiao-Di] Huang, X.D.[Xiang-Dong] Huang, X.D.[Xue-Dong] Huang, X.D.
29 for Huang, X.D.

Huang, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Co Author Listing * adaptive inter CU depth decision algorithm for HEVC, An
* Classification of airborne laser scanning data using JointBoost
* Competition Based Roof Detection Algorithm from Airborne LIDAR Data, A
* Cooperative Optimization for Energy Minimization in Computer Vision: A Case Study of Stereo Matching
* Deep Neural Networks for Quantitative Damage Evaluation of Building Losses Using Aerial Oblique Images: Case Study on the Great Wall (China)
* Deep Neural Networks for Road Sign Detection and Embedded Modeling Using Oblique Aerial Images
* Distortion propagation modeling and its applications on frame level quantization control for predictive video coding
* Edge Extraction Algorithm Based on Linear Perception Emhancement
* Extraction and Reconstruction of Zebra Crossings from High Resolution Aerial Images
* Fast Algorithm of Coding Unit Depth Decision for HEVC Intra Coding
* Fast Algorithms and VLSI Architecture Design for HEVC Intra-Mode Decision
* Image segmentation by cooperative optimization
* Improved Method for Power-Line Reconstruction from Point Cloud Data, An
* Improving Just Noticeable Difference Model by Leveraging Temporal HVS Perception Characteristics
* Intensity Correction of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data by Estimating Laser Transmission Function
* Moving Car Recognition and Removal for 3D Urban Modelling Using Oblique Images
* Multi-stage all-zero block detection for HEVC coding using machine learning
* On a Highly Efficient RDO-Based Mode Decision Pipeline Design for AVS
* perceptually temporal adaptive quantization algorithm for HEVC, A
* Side Ratio Constrain Based Precise Boundary Tracing Algorithm for Discrete Point Clouds
* Stochastic Geometry Method for Pylon Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* Three-level pipelined multi-resolution integer motion estimation engine with optimized reference data sharing search for AVS
* Using a Binary Space Partitioning Tree for Reconstructing Polyhedral Building Models from Airborne Lidar Data
Includes: Huang, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Huang, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Huang, X.F.[Xian-Feng] Huang, X.F.[Xiao-Fei]
23 for Huang, X.F.

Huang, X.G.[Xing Guo] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Uncertainty Quantification for Nonlinear Inverse Scattering Problems With High Contrast Media by Direct Envelope Methods and Krylov Subspace Iterative Integral Equation Solvers
* Integral Equation Methods With Multiple Scattering and Gaussian Beams in Inhomogeneous Background Media for Solving Nonlinear Inverse Scattering Problems
Includes: Huang, X.G.[Xing Guo] Huang, X.G.[Xing-Guo]

Huang, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Spatiotemporal Local Binary Pattern with Revisited Integral Projection for Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression Recognition
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition Using Boosted Component-Based Spatiotemporal Features and Multi-classifier Fusion
* Editorial for the special issue of IMAVIS on automatic face analytics for human behavior understanding
* Efficient Indexing Approach for Continuous Spatial Approximate Keyword Queries over Geo-Textual Streaming Data, An
* Emotion recognition from facial images with arbitrary views
* Expression Recognition in Videos Using a Weighted Component-Based Feature Descriptor
* Facial expression recognition from near-infrared video sequences
* Facial expression recognition from near-infrared videos
* Facial Micro-Expression Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Local Binary Pattern with Integral Projection
* Fast computation of Zernike moments in polar coordinates
* Fast Video Object Segmentation With Temporal Aggregation Network and Dynamic Template Matching
* Hyperspectral Image Classification With Deep Learning Models
* Improved Active Contours Model Based on Morphology for Image Segmentation, An
* Multi-modal emotion analysis from facial expressions and electroencephalogram
* Non-negative Low-Rank and Group-Sparse Matrix Factorization
* quick scale-invariant interest point detecting approach, A
* Riesz-based Volume Local Binary Pattern and A Novel Group Expression Model for Group Happiness Intensity Analysis
* Robust Facial Expression Recognition Using Revised Canonical Correlation
* Spatiotemporal Local Monogenic Binary Patterns for Facial Expression Recognition
* Spontaneous Micro-expression Database: Inducement, collection and baseline, A
* Synergistic 2D/3D Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Texture Description with Completed Local Quantized Patterns
* Towards a dynamic expression recognition system under facial occlusion
Includes: Huang, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Huang, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Huang, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Huang, X.H. Huang, X.H.[Xu-Hua] Huang, X.H.[Xin-Han] Huang, X.H.[Xu-Hui]
23 for Huang, X.H.

Huang, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Co Author Listing * 3-D Terahertz Imaging Based on Piecewise Constant Doppler Algorithm and Step- Frequency Continuous-Wave Signaling
* Active Contours with Group Similarity
* Automatic Ship Detection in SAR Images Using Multi-Scale Heterogeneities and an A Contrario Decision
* estimation of error bounds and feature selection in large character set recognition, The
* Evaluating the Performance of Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices for Estimating Gross Primary Productivity Using FLUXNET Observations across the Globe
* Feature weight estimation based on dynamic representation and neighbor sparse reconstruction
* Lemon-YOLO: An efficient object detection method for lemons in the natural environment
* Monoplotting: A Semi-Automated Approach for 3D Reconstruction from Single Satellite Image
* Multicarrier Systems Based on Multistage Layered IFFT Structure
* PaI-Net: A modified U-Net of reducing semantic gap for surgical instrument segmentation
* Rate-Compatible Codes via Recursive BMST for Content-Sharing in Intelligent Vehicular Network
* Region-based change detection of PolSAR images using analytic information-theoretic divergence
* Remotely Monitoring Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency of Grassland and Cropland in China's Arid and Semi-Arid Regions with MODIS Data
* Segmentation of left ventricles from echocardiographic sequences via sparse appearance representation
* Superpixel-based change detection in high resolution SAR images using region covariance features
Includes: Huang, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Huang, X.J.[Xiao-Jing] Huang, X.J.[Xiao-Jie] Huang, X.J.[Xiao-Jei] Huang, X.J.[Xiao-Juan] Huang, X.J.[Xiu-Jie]
15 for Huang, X.J.

Huang, X.K.[Xian Kai] Co Author Listing * Adaptive all-season image tag ranking by saliency-driven image pre-classification
* L4Net: An anchor-free generic object detector with attention mechanism for autonomous driving
* Subjectively Measured Streetscape Perceptions to Inform Urban Design Strategies for Shanghai
Includes: Huang, X.K.[Xian Kai] Huang, X.K.[Xian-Kai] Huang, X.K.[Xiao-Kai]

Huang, X.L.[Xiao Lei] Co Author Listing * 3D Laplacian-driven parametric deformable model, A
* Acceleration of histogram-based contrast enhancement via selective downsampling
* Active volume models for 3D medical image segmentation
* Active Volume Models for Medical Image Segmentation
* Adversarial Attack Type I: Cheat Classifiers by Significant Changes
* Approximately Global Optimization for Robust Alignment of Generalized Shapes
* AttnGAN: Fine-Grained Text to Image Generation with Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Automatic Hot Spot Detection and Segmentation in Whole Body FDG-PET Images
* Commentary Paper on Video Surveillance for Biometrics: Long-Range Multi-biometric System
* Computing layered surface representations: an algorithm for detecting and separating transparent overlays
* Deformable-Model Based Textured Object Segmentation
* Detection of Catchment-Scale Gully-Affected Areas Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the Chinese Loess Plateau
* Distance guided selection of the best base classifier in an ensemble with application to cervigram image segmentation
* Document Analysis Support for the Manual Auditing of Elections
* Edge-Aware Graph Attention Network for Ratio of Edge-User Estimation in Mobile Networks
* Face blind separation using wavelet packet independent component analysis
* Global Contrast Based Salient Region Detection
* Global contrast based salient region detection C
* Global optimization for alignment of generalized shapes
* Hierarchical Framework For High Resolution Facial Expression Tracking, A
* hierarchical image clustering cosegmentation framework, A
* Hierarchical Minutiae Matching for Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification
* Hybrid CS-DMRI: Periodic Time-Variant Subsampling and Omnidirectional Total Variation Based Reconstruction
* Hybrid Deformable Models for Medical Segmentation and Registration
* Hybrid Image Registration based on Configural Matching of Scale-Invariant Salient Region Features
* Impact of Spectrum Sensing Frequency and Packet-Loading Scheme on Multimedia Transmission Over Cognitive Radio Networks, The
* Indefinite kernel spectral learning
* Knowledge-Enhanced Mobile Video Broadcasting Framework With Cloud Support
* Learning Tubule-Sensitive CNNs for Pulmonary Airway and Artery-Vein Segmentation in CT
* Learning with dynamic group sparsity
* Mapping Landslide Hazard Risk Using Random Forest Algorithm in Guixi, Jiangxi, China
* Markup SVG: An Online Content-Aware Image Abstraction and Annotation Tool
* Metamorphs: Deformable Shape and Appearance Models
* Metamorphs: deformable shape and texture models
* Mining and Restoration Monitoring of Rare Earth Element (REE) Exploitation by New Remote Sensing Indicators in Southern Jiangxi, China
* Mixed-precision quantized neural networks with progressively decreasing bitwidth
* Multi-feature based benchmark for cervical dysplasia classification evaluation
* Multi-task classification with sequential instances and tasks
* Multimodal Entity Coreference for Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis
* Neural Wireframe Renderer: Learning Wireframe to Image Translations
* New Image Data Set and Benchmark for Cervical Dysplasia Classification Evaluation, A
* new image fusion algorithm based on fuzzy biorthogonal wavelet transform, A
* Object Matching Using a Locally Affine Invariant and Linear Programming Techniques
* Object matching with a locally affine-invariant constraint
* One-Shot Distributed Algorithm for PCA With RBF Kernels
* Optimal object matching via convexification and composition
* Optimization and Learning for Registration of Moving Dynamic Textures
* Patch-Based Texture Edges and Segmentation
* QoE-Driven UAV-Enabled Pseudo-Analog Wireless Video Broadcast: A Joint Optimization of Power and Trajectory
* Robust Click-Point Linking: Matching Visually Dissimilar Local Regions
* SalientShape: group saliency in image collections
* Shape Registration in Implicit Spaces Using Information Theory and Free Form Deformations
* Simplified and Robust Surface Reflectance Estimation Method (SREM) for Use over Diverse Land Surfaces Using Multi-Sensor Data, A
* Simultaneous image transformation and sparse representation recovery
* SPDA-CNN: Unifying Semantic Part Detection and Abstraction for Fine-Grained Recognition
* StackGAN++: Realistic Image Synthesis with Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks
* Toward Making Unsupervised Graph Hashing Discriminative
* Uncertainty in Satellite-Derived Surface Irradiances and Challenges in Producing Surface Radiation Budget Climate Data Record
Includes: Huang, X.L.[Xiao Lei] Huang, X.L.[Xiao-Lei] Huang, X.L.[Xiang-Lin] Huang, X.L.[Xiao-Lin] Huang, X.L.[Xiao-Li] Huang, X.L.[Xin-Lin] Huang, X.L. Huang, X.L.[Xiao-Lan] Huang, X.L.[Xiang-Lei]
58 for Huang, X.L.

Huang, X.M.[Xue Mei] Co Author Listing * Characterizing fMRI Activations within Regions of Interest (ROIs) Using 3D Moment Invariants
* Comparisom Of Wavelet-Based and HHT-Based Feature Extraction Methods for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Evaluation of SMAP Enhanced Soil Moisture Products Using High-Resolution Model Simulations and In-Situ Observations on the Tibetan Plateau, The
* fast non-local disparity refinement method for stereo matching, A
* Improved Filtering for Fast Stereo Matching, An
* new scheme for extraction of affine invariant descriptor and affine motion estimation based on independent component analysis, A
* O(1) disparity refinement method for stereo matching, An
* Spatial Characterization of fMRI Activation Maps Using Invariant 3-D Moment Descriptors
* Task-Container Matching Game for Computation Offloading in Vehicular Edge Computing and Networks
* TreeRNN: Topology-Preserving Deep Graph Embedding and Learning
* Water flow driven salient object detection at 180 fps
Includes: Huang, X.M.[Xue Mei] Huang, X.M.[Xue-Mei] Huang, X.M. Huang, X.M.[Xiao-Meng] Huang, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Huang, X.M.[Xu-Ming] Huang, X.M.[Xu-Min] Huang, X.M.[Xin-Ming]
11 for Huang, X.M.

Huang, X.P.[Xin Ping] Co Author Listing * Blind AM/PM Estimation Method for Power Amplifier Linearization, A
* Fast inter-prediction mode decision algorithm for HEVC
* Full Reference Light Field Image Quality Evaluation Based on Angular-Spatial Characteristic
* Learning from EPI-Volume-Stack for Light Field image angular super-resolution
* Low-complexity depth map compression in HEVC-based 3D video coding
Includes: Huang, X.P.[Xin Ping] Huang, X.P.[Xin-Ping] Huang, X.P.[Xin-Peng]

Huang, X.Q.[Xue Qin] Co Author Listing * CE-PeopleSeg: Real-time people segmentation with 10% CPU usage for video conference
* Computer Vision System for 3-D Measurement and Recognition of Flexible Wire Using Cross-Stripe Light, A
* Fisher Discrimination Based Low Rank Matrix Recovery
* Fisher discrimination based low rank matrix recovery for face recognition
* From Min Tree to Watershed Lake Tree: Evaluation
* From Min Tree to Watershed Lake Tree: Theory and Implementation
* new method for image retrieval based on analyzing fractal coding characters, A
* Robust 3D Features for Matching between Distorted Range Scans Captured by Moving Systems
* Transferable Adversarial Perturbations
Includes: Huang, X.Q.[Xue Qin] Huang, X.Q.[Xue-Qin] Huang, X.Q. Huang, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiao] Huang, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiang] Huang, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Huang, X.Q.[Xiang-Qi]
9 for Huang, X.Q.

Huang, X.R.[Xiang Ru] Co Author Listing * Joint Map and Symmetry Synchronization
* Learning Transformation Synchronization
* Using Synthetic Remote Sensing Indicators to Monitor the Land Degradation in a Salinized Area
Includes: Huang, X.R.[Xiang Ru] Huang, X.R.[Xiang-Ru] Huang, X.R.[Xiao-Ran]

Huang, X.S.[Xin Sheng] Co Author Listing * affine invariant interest point and region detector based on Gabor filters, An
* Boosting Local Feature Based Classifiers for Face Recognition
* Boosting Statistical Local Feature Based Classifiers for Face Recognition
* Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Matching and Registration in 3D Cross-Source Point Clouds, A
* Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Registration in 3D Street-View Cross-Source Point Clouds, A
* Evaluation of face alignment solutions using statistical learning
* Exploring Long-Short-Term Context For Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* extraction of buildings on the basis of the prior shape, The
* Face recognition system using Extended Curvature Gabor classifier bunch for low-resolution face image
* Face recognition using Extended Curvature Gabor classifier bunch
* Head Gesture Recognition Based on Bayesian Network
* Hyperspectral image super-resolution combining with deep learning and spectral unmixing
* Incremental Laplacian eigenmaps by preserving adjacent information between data points
* Jensen-Shannon Boosting Learning for Object Recognition
* Learning with Cascade for Classification of Non-Convex Manifolds
* Local Dominant Orientation Based Mutual Information for Multisensor Template Matching
* Micro-Expression Recognition by Aggregating Local Spatio-Temporal Patterns
* Pyramid Center-Symmetric Local Binary/Trinary Patterns for Effective Pedestrian Detection
* Real Time Complete Dense Depth Reconstruction for a Monocular Camera
* Real-Time 3D Face and Facial Action Tracking Using Extended 2D+3D AAMs
* Removing Shadows from Face Images Using ICA
* Robust Visual Tracking by Integrating Lucas-Kanade into Mean-Shift
* Shortest Path Based Planar Graph Cuts for Bi-layer Segmentation of Binocular Stereo Video
* Statistical Learning of Evaluation Function for ASM/AAM Image Alignment
* Systematic Approach for Cross-Source Point Cloud Registration by Preserving Macro and Micro Structures, A
* Visual Tracking via Probabilistic Hypergraph Ranking
Includes: Huang, X.S.[Xin Sheng] Huang, X.S.[Xin-Sheng] Huang, X.S.[Xiang-Sheng] Huang, X.S.[Xiao-Shui] Huang, X.S.[Xiao-Sai] Huang, X.S.[Xu-Sheng]
26 for Huang, X.S.

Huang, X.T.[Xiao Tao] Co Author Listing * Extended Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm for High-Resolution Highly Squint SAR Data Focusing
* Extended Two-Step Focusing Approach for Squinted Spotlight SAR Imaging
* Mini-Net: Multiple Instance Ranking Network for Video Highlight Detection
* Multipath Exploitation with Time Reversal Waveform Covariance Matrix for SNR Maximization
* Path vs. destination: A case study of blind noise assessment using modified ant shortest path
* Robust Range Ambiguous Deceptive Target Suppression Based on Covariance Matrix Reconstruction
* Time Reversal Linearly Constrained Minimum Power Algorithm for Direction of Arrival Estimation in Diffuse Multipath Environments
Includes: Huang, X.T.[Xiao Tao] Huang, X.T.[Xiao-Tao] Huang, X.T.[Xuan-Teng] Huang, X.T.[Xiao-Tong]
7 for Huang, X.T.

Huang, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Explaining Image Classifiers Using Statistical Fault Localization
* Regression of Instance Boundary by Aggregated CNN and GCN
Includes: Huang, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Huang, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Huang, X.X.[Xiao Xuan] Co Author Listing * Depth estimation of light field data from pinhole-masked DSLR cameras
* Edge detection of images based on improved Sobel operator and genetic algorithms
* Efficient multi-view video coding using inter-view information
* Gait Recognition Using HMMs and Dual Discriminative Observations for Sub-Dynamics Analysis
* Gait recognition using Linear Discriminant Analysis with artificial walking conditions
* Gait Recognition With Shifted Energy Image and Structural Feature Extraction
* GPVC: Graphics Pipeline-Based Visibility Classification for Texture Reconstruction
* Robust Harris-Laplace Detector by Scale Multiplication
* Robust Object Segmentation using Adaptive Thresholding
* Stereo Matching Based on Efficient Image-Guided Cost Aggregation
Includes: Huang, X.X.[Xiao Xuan] Huang, X.X.[Xiao-Xuan] Huang, X.X.[Xian-Xiang] Huang, X.X.[Xin-Xian] Huang, X.X. Huang, X.X.[Xia-Xi] Huang, X.X.[Xiang-Xiang] Huang, X.X.[Xi-Xia] Huang, X.X.[Xiao-Xia]
10 for Huang, X.X.

Huang, X.Y.[Xiao Yang] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic 3-D Distance Transform Based on Contour Propagation
* ApolloScape Dataset for Autonomous Driving, The
* ApolloScape Open Dataset for Autonomous Driving and Its Application, The
* Calibrating Pan-Tilt Cameras with Telephoto Lenses
* Combining Landsat images with historic records to estimate the live coral cover of Luhuitou fringing reef in Northern South China Sea
* Counting and Classification of Highway Vehicles by Regression Analysis
* Domain Balancing: Face Recognition on Long-Tailed Domains
* Estimating pose and illumination direction for frontal face synthesis
* Evaluation of HY-2A Scatterometer Wind Vectors Using Data from Buoys, ERA-Interim and ASCAT during 2012-2014
* Examplar-based Shape from Shading
* experimental study of pupil constriction for liveness detection, An
* Hybrid Distance Metric Learning for Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and Re-identification
* Illumination and Person-Insensitive Head Pose Estimation Using Distance Metric Learning
* Image deblurring for less intrusive iris capture
* Inferring Visual Persuasion via Body Language, Setting, and Deep Features
* Intelligent Missing Shots' Reconstruction Using the Spatial Reciprocity of Green's Function Based on Deep Learning
* Interreflection removal for photometric stereo by using spectrum-dependent albedo
* KANSEI Based Clothing Fabric Image Retrieval
* Manifold Estimation in View-Based Feature Space for Face Synthesis across Poses
* Measurement of mirror surfaces using specular reflection and analytical computation
* Multiscale spatially regularised correlation filters for visual tracking
* Performance Comparison between Circular and Spline-Based Methods for Iris Segmentation, A
* PolSAR Image Feature Extraction via Co-Regularized Graph Embedding
* Stereo-based human head detection from crowd scenes
* Supervised Polsar Image Classification by Combining Multiple Features
Includes: Huang, X.Y.[Xiao Yang] Huang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yang] Huang, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Huang, X.Y.[Xue-Yong] Huang, X.Y.[Xing-Yu] Huang, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Huang, X.Y.[Xin-Yue] Huang, X.Y.[Xue-Yuan] Huang, X.Y.[Xin-Yin] Huang, X.Y.[Xia-Yuan] Huang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu]
25 for Huang, X.Y.

Huang, X.Z.[Xiao Zheng] Co Author Listing * Fair P2P Scalable Video Streaming Scheme Using Improved Priority Index Assignment and Multi-hierarchical Topology, A
Includes: Huang, X.Z.[Xiao Zheng] Huang, X.Z.[Xiao-Zheng]

Huang, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * email: Huang, Y.[Yan]: yan AT mtdcr att com
* 3-D Reconstruction Method for Complex Pore Structures of Rocks Using a Small Number of 2-D X-Ray Computed Tomography Images
* 3D Pedestrian Detection in Farmland by Monocular RGB Image and Far-Infrared Sensing
* 3D Spatially Weighted Network for Segmentation of Brain Tissue From MRI, A
* Abnormality detection in retinal image by individualized background learning
* Accurate Simulation of Ice and Snow Runoff for the Mountainous Terrain of the Kunlun Mountains, China
* ACMM: Aligned Cross-Modal Memory for Few-Shot Image and Sentence Matching
* Adaptive Cloud Downloading Service, An
* Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Energy Management Strategy Based on Reasonable SOC Reference Curve for Online Control of Plug-in Hybrid Electric City Bus
* Adaptive Model for Texture Analysis, An
* Adaptive Model for Texture Classification, An
* Adaptive super-resolution for person re-identification with low-resolution images
* Adaptive weighted distortion optimization for video coding in RGB color space
* Adaptively Refined Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Compensated Video Coding, An
* Addressing Human Factors and Ethics in the Design of Future Work and Intelligent Systems for Use in Financial Services - Person Centered Operations, Intelligent Work & the Triple Bottom Line
* Addressing Visual Consistency in Video Retargeting: A Refined Homogeneous Approach
* Advances in Hardware Architectures for Image and Video Coding: A Survey
* Agent With Warm Start and Adaptive Dynamic Termination for Plane Localization in 3D Ultrasound
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Algorithm and Architecture Design of High-Quality Video Upscaling Using Database-Free Texture Synthesis
* Aligning Infinite-Dimensional Covariance Matrices in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces for Domain Adaptation
* Analysis of Spatial Interaction between Different Food Cultures in South and North China: Practices from People's Daily Life
* Appearance Learning for Image-Based Motion Estimation in Tomography
* Assessment of Leaf Chlorophyll Content Models for Winter Wheat Using Landsat-8 Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
* Assessment of Multi-Source Evapotranspiration Products over China Using Eddy Covariance Observations
* Assessment of the Precision and Accuracy of Methods of Digital Target Location, An
* Associating audio-visual activity cues in a dominance estimation framework
* Augmented Visual-Semantic Embeddings for Image and Sentence Matching
* Automated detection of subpixel hyperspectral targets with adaptive multichannel discrete wavelet transform
* Automated Simulation Framework for Urban Wind Environments Based on Aerial Point Clouds and Deep Learning
* Automatic and robust head pose estimation by block energy map
* Automatic Identification of Overpass Structures: A Method of Deep Learning
* Automatic image annotation using group sparsity
* Automatic measurement on CT images for patella dislocation diagnosis
* Balance-batch: An Optimized Method for Semantic Segmentation Loss Functions
* Batching Soft IoU for Training Semantic Segmentation Networks
* Bayesian Nonparametric Dictionary Learning for Compressed Sensing MRI
* Beyond Scalar Neuron: Adopting Vector-Neuron Capsules for Long-Term Person Re-Identification
* Bezier Interpolation for 3-D Freehand Ultrasound
* Bistatic-Range-Doppler-Aperture Wavenumber Algorithm for Forward-Looking Spotlight SAR With Stationary Transmitter and Maneuvering Receiver
* BlendMask: Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up for Instance Segmentation
* Blind Quality Index of Depth Images Based on Structural Statistics for View Synthesis
* Box-Driven Class-Wise Region Masking and Filling Rate Guided Loss for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Building Extraction Based on U-Net with an Attention Block and Multiple Losses
* Camera model identification with residual neural network
* Cloaking locations for anonymous location based services: A hybrid approach
* co-training, mutual learning approach towards mapping snow cover from multi-temporal high-spatial resolution satellite imagery, A
* Codebook-Free Compact Descriptor for Scalable Visual Search
* CoLDImage: Contrast and luminance distribution for content-based image retrieval
* Combined Lane Mapping Using a Mobile Mapping System
* Comparison of Property Estimators in Stereology and Digital Geometry, A
* Comparison of Satellite Reflectance Algorithms for Estimating Phycocyanin Values and Cyanobacterial Total Biovolume in a Temperate Reservoir Using Coincident Hyperspectral Aircraft Imagery and Dense Coincident Surface Observations
* Comparison of the Lunar Models Using the Hyper-Spectral Imager Observations in Lijiang, China
* Compressed sensing MRI using total variation regularization with K-space decomposition
* Compressed sensing MRI with Bayesian dictionary learning
* compressed sensing-based pan-sharpening using joint data fidelity and blind blurring kernel estimation, A
* Compressive Sensing for Multibaseline Polarimetric SAR Tomography of Forested Areas
* Compressive Sensing Multi-Layer Residual Coefficients for Image Coding
* Concurrent and Lagged Effects of Extreme Drought Induce Net Reduction in Vegetation Carbon Uptake on Tibetan Plateau
* Conditional High-Order Boltzmann Machine: A Supervised Learning Model for Relation Learning
* Conditional High-Order Boltzmann Machines for Supervised Relation Learning
* Context-Aware Human Activity and Smartphone Position-Mining with Motion Sensors
* Convexity of Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in NOMA Systems
* Convolutional neural random fields for action recognition
* Cooperative Multi-Vessel Systems in Urban Waterway Networks
* Cooperative Precoding for Wireless Energy Transfer and Secure Cognitive Radio Coexistence Systems
* Cost-Effective Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images With Deep Active Learning and Web Data
* Coupling Coordination Relationship between Urban Sprawl and Urbanization Quality in the West Taiwan Strait Urban Agglomeration, China: Observation and Analysis from DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Imagery and Panel Data
* Crash Mitigation in Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles
* Critical Assessment Of Correction Methods For Fisheye Lens Distortion
* Critical Assessment Of Object Segmentation In Aerial Image Using Geo-Hausdorff Distance
* Cross-Modal Ranking with Soft Consistency and Noisy Labels for Robust RGB-T Tracking
* Cross-Modality Image Synthesis via Weakly Coupled and Geometry Co-Regularized Joint Dictionary Learning
* Cross-View Gait Recognition by Discriminative Feature Learning
* Crowd Density Estimation Using Fusion of Multi-Layer Features
* crowdsourced system for robust eye tracking, A
* CurricularFace: Adaptive Curriculum Learning Loss for Deep Face Recognition
* Data-Driven Lightweight Interest Point Selection for Large-Scale Visual Search
* Data-Driven Techniques in Disaster Information Management
* Deep Blind Hyperspectral Image Fusion
* Deep Embedding Network for Clustering
* Deep Information Sharing Network for Multi-Contrast Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction, A
* Deep Learning Computed Tomography: Learning Projection-Domain Weights From Image Domain in Limited Angle Problems
* Deep Q Learning Driven CT Pancreas Segmentation With Geometry-Aware U-Net
* Deep Surface Normal Estimation With Hierarchical RGB-D Fusion
* Deep Temporal Feature Encoding for Action Recognition
* Deeply Associative Two-Stage Representations Learning Based on Labels Interval Extension Loss and Group Loss for Person Re-Identification
* Deeply Associative Two-Stage Representations Learning Based on Labels Interval Extension Loss and Group Loss for Person Re-Identification
* Depth-Based Texture Coding in AVC-Compatible 3D Video Coding
* Design of Variable Traffic Light Control Systems for Preventing Two-Way Grid Network Traffic Jams Using Timed Petri Nets
* Design of Virtual Reality Scenes with Variable Levels of Fear Evocation
* Detecting Recent Crop Phenology Dynamics in Corn and Soybean Cropping Systems of Kentucky
* Detection of Deeply Buried UXO Using CPT Magnetometers
* Differential Steering Based Yaw Stabilization Using ISMC for Independently Actuated Electric Vehicles
* Direction-of-Arrival Estimation of Coherent Signals via Coprime Array Interpolation
* Discriminative Feature Learning for Thorax Disease Classification in Chest X-ray Images
* Distance Metric Learning via Iterated Support Vector Machines
* distribution density-based methodology for driving data cluster analysis: A case study for an extended-range electric city bus, A
* DOA Estimation Method Based on Cascaded Neural Network for Two Closely Spaced Sources
* Dual-Mode Imaging Catheter for Intravascular Ultrasound Application, A
* DyadGAN: Generating Facial Expressions in Dyadic Interactions
* Dynamic Control of Fraud Information Spreading in Mobile Social Networks
* Dynamic Illumination Optical Flow Computing for Sensing Multiple Mobile Robots From a Drone
* Dynamic System Optimum Analysis of Multi-Region Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Systems With State-Dependent Time-Varying Delays
* Dynamic Texture Recognition via Orthogonal Tensor Dictionary Learning
* EEG-based prediction of driver's cognitive performance by deep convolutional neural network
* effective regional saliency model based on extended site entropy rate, An
* Effects of Growth Stage Development on Paddy Rice Leaf Area Index Prediction Models
* Efficient Graph-Based Algorithm for Time-Varying Narrowband Interference Suppression on SAR System, An
* efficient HOG-ALBP feature for pedestrian detection, An
* Efficient Narrowband RFI Mitigation Algorithms for SAR Systems With Reweighted Tensor Structures
* Efficient Super Resolution by Recursive Aggregation
* Efficient Text Classification Using Tree-structured Multi-linear Principal Component Analysis
* Ego-Vision System for Discovering Human Joint Attention, An
* Elevation Spatial Variation Analysis and Compensation in GEO SAR Imaging
* Elevation Spatial Variation Error Compensation in Complex Scene and Elevation Inversion by Autofocus Method in GEO SAR
* Emblem Detections by Tracking Facial Features
* Empirical Estimation of Near-Surface Air Temperature in China from MODIS LST Data by Considering Physiographic Features
* End-to-End Video Text Detection with Online Tracking
* Energy-Efficient Train Timetable Optimization in the Subway System with Energy Storage Devices
* Enhanced Biologically Inspired Model for Object Recognition
* Enhancing Image Watermarking With Adaptive Embedding Parameter and PSNR Guarantee
* Error Correction for Dense Semantic Image Labeling
* Estimating Maize Above-Ground Biomass Using 3D Point Clouds of Multi-Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data at Multi-Spatial Scales
* Estimating Roof Solar Energy Potential in the Downtown Area Using a GPU-Accelerated Solar Radiation Model and Airborne LiDAR Data
* Estimation of Vegetation Water Content From the Radar Vegetation Index at L-Band
* Evaluating Calibration and Spectral Variable Selection Methods for Predicting Three Soil Nutrients Using Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
* Evaluating the Ability of NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data to Estimate the Gross Domestic Product and the Electric Power Consumption of China at Multiple Scales: A Comparison with DMSP-OLS Data
* Evaluation of Six Algorithms to Monitor Wheat Leaf Nitrogen Concentration
* Evidential event inference in transport video surveillance
* Examining the Effects of Hydropower Station Construction on the Surface Temperature of the Jinsha River Dry-Hot Valley at Different Seasons
* Exploring Ground Truth from Given Photos by Applying a Model-Based Approach
* Exploring Individual Travel Patterns Across Private Car Trajectory Data
* Exploring Spatial and Temporal Connection Patterns among the Districts in Chongqing Based on Highway Passenger Flow
* Expression-targeted feature learning for effective facial expression recognition
* Extended Random Walker for Shadow Detection in Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Eyes Location Based on Dual-Orientation Gabor Filters and Templates
* Face alignment under variable illumination
* Face alignment using intrinsic information
* Face and Human Gait Recognition Using Image-to-Class Distance
* Facial tracking with head pose estimation in stereo vision
* Fan: Feature Adaptation Network for Surveillance Face Recognition and Normalization
* Fast and Efficient Text Steganalysis Method, A
* Fast Camera Image Denoising on Mobile GPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Fast Drawing Of Traffic Sign Using Mobile Mapping System
* Fast Matching Approach of Polygon Features, A
* Fast Multidimensional Ellipsoid-Specific Fitting by Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Fast Narrowband RFI Suppression Algorithms for SAR Systems via Matrix-Factorization Techniques
* Fast Search for Best Representations in Multitree Dictionaries
* Fast Steganalysis Method for VoIP Streams
* Fine-Grained Motion Representation For Template-Free Visual Tracking
* Finer Resolution Mapping of Marine Aquaculture Areas Using WorldView-2 Imagery and a Hierarchical Cascade Convolutional Neural Network
* Forest Height Estimation Using a Single-Pass Airborne L-Band Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR System and Tomographic Techniques
* Fractional-integral-operator-based improved SVM for filtering salt-and-pepper noise
* Full-Body Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Video Sequence via Multi-dimensional Boosting Regression
* Fusing Two Directions in Cross-Domain Adaption for Real Life Person Search by Language
* GaitNet: An end-to-end network for gait based human identification
* GaitPart: Temporal Part-Based Model for Gait Recognition
* Gaussian Mixture Density Modeling, Decomposition, and Applications
* General Nonlinear Embedding Framework Based on Deep Neural Network, A
* Generalized Autoencoder: A Neural Network Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
* Generated Data With Sparse Regularized Multi-Pseudo Label for Person Re-Identification
* Glasses-Free Led Holoscopic 3D Wall with Effective Pixel Mapping
* GMTI and Parameter Estimation for MIMO SAR System via Fast Interferometry RPCA Method
* GMTI and Parameter Estimation via Time-Doppler Chirp-Varying Approach for Single-Channel Airborne SAR System
* GPU Based Motion-Compensated Frame Interpolation Acceleration for Future Video Coding
* Graph Attention Convolution for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Greedy Soft Matching for Vascular Tracking of Coronary Angiographic Image Sequences
* Ground Moving Target Imaging and Analysis for Near-Space Hypersonic Vehicle-Borne Synthetic Aperture Radar System with Squint Angle
* Guest editorial: special issue on spatial computing in emergency management
* Harmonics Extraction Based on Higher Order Statistics Spectrum Decomposition for A Unified Texture Model
* Harmonizing Transferability and Discriminability for Adapting Object Detectors
* HCNN-PSI: A hybrid CNN with partial semantic information for space target recognition
* High-Resolution Forward-Looking Multichannel SAR Imagery With Array Deviation Angle Calibration
* High-speed multi-person pose estimation with deep feature transfer
* Human Action Recognition Based on Temporal Pose CNN and Multi-dimensional Fusion
* Human Gait Recognition Using Patch Distribution Feature and Locality-Constrained Group Sparse Representation
* Hybrid hypergraph construction for facial expression recognition
* Hydrologic Evaluation of TRMM and GPM IMERG Satellite-Based Precipitation in a Humid Basin of China
* Hypergraph with sampling for image retrieval
* Hyperspectral Image Classification by Nonlocal Joint Collaborative Representation With a Locally Adaptive Dictionary
* Ice Flow Velocity Mapping of East Antarctica From 1963 to 1989
* Identification of Abnormal Cortical 3-hinge Folding Patterns on Autism Spectral Brains
* Identity authentication based on keystroke dynamics for mobile device users
* Image and Sentence Matching via Semantic Concepts and Order Learning
* Image Captioning with Attribute Refinement
* Image Captioning With End-to-End Attribute Detection and Subsequent Attributes Prediction
* Image enhancement using divide-and-conquer strategy
* Image reconstruction in spherical-wave intensity diffraction tomography
* Image retrieval by subspace-projected color and texture features
* Image retrieval via probabilistic hypergraph ranking
* Image-Based Localization for Indoor Environment Using Mobile Phone
* Impact and Suggestion of Column-to-Surface Vertical Correction Scheme on the Relationship between Satellite AOD and Ground-Level PM2.5 in China
* Impact of Seasonal Variations on Foliage Penetration Experiment: A WSN-Based Device-Free Sensing Approach
* Improved C-V Model without Reinitialization, An
* Improving Action Segmentation via Graph-Based Temporal Reasoning
* Improving an object tracker for infrared flying bird tracking
* Improving Description-Based Person Re-Identification by Multi-Granularity Image-Text Alignments
* Improving Face Recognition from Hard Samples via Distribution Distillation Loss
* Improving Human Parsing by Extracting Global Information Using the Non-Local Operation
* Improving Potato Yield Prediction by Combining Cultivar Information and UAV Remote Sensing Data Using Machine Learning
* Improving Satellite Waveform Altimetry Measurements With a Probabilistic Relaxation Algorithm
* Improving Slice-Based Model for Person Re-ID with Multi-Level Representation and Triplet-Center Loss
* Indoor Depth Completion with Boundary Consistency and Self-Attention
* Indoor Space Location Model Based On Location Service
* Information Entropy Based Feature Pooling for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Inner SOCP Approximate Algorithm for Robust Adaptive Beamforming for General-Rank Signal Model, An
* Instance-Aware Image and Sentence Matching with Selective Multimodal LSTM
* Interleaved Training for Intelligent Surface-Assisted Wireless Communications
* Internal Covariate Shift Bounding Algorithm for Deep Neural Networks by Unitizing Layers' Outputs, An
* iParker: A New Smart Car-Parking System Based on Dynamic Resource Allocation and Pricing
* IR2VI: Enhanced Night Environmental Perception by Unsupervised Thermal Image Translation
* Joint Antenna Selection and Energy-Efficient Beamforming Design
* Joint Deep Learning of Facial Expression Synthesis and Recognition
* Joint Sparsity-Based Imaging and Motion Error Estimation for BFSAR
* Kernel-Based Semantic Hashing for Gait Retrieval
* KLUM: An Urban VNIR and SWIR Spectral Library Consisting of Building Materials
* Lane Keeping Control of Autonomous Vehicles With Prescribed Performance Considering the Rollover Prevention and Input Saturation
* Language-Driven Temporal Activity Localization: A Semantic Matching Reinforcement Learning Model
* layered method of visibility resolving in depth image-based rendering, A
* Learn to Extract Building Outline from Misaligned Annotation through Nearest Feature Selector
* Learning discriminative motion feature for enhancing multi-modal action recognition
* Learning from EPI-Volume-Stack for Light Field image angular super-resolution
* Learning from multi metrics for stereoscopic 3D image quality assessment
* Learning Local Responses of Facial Landmarks with Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder for Face Alignment
* Learning Representations for High-Dynamic-Range Image Color Transfer in a Self-Supervised Way
* Learning Semantic Concepts and Order for Image and Sentence Matching
* Lidar-incorporated Traffic Sign Detection From Video Log Images Of Mobile Mapping System
* Linguistic Generative Steganography With Enhanced Cognitive-Imperceptibility
* Linguistic Steganography: From Symbolic Space to Semantic Space
* Local Grouped Invariant Order Pattern for Grayscale-Inversion and Rotation Invariant Texture Classification
* Local Relationship Learning With Person-Specific Shape Regularization for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Local Spectra Features Extraction Based-on 2d Pseudo-wigner Distribution for Texture Analysis
* Long video question answering: A Matching-guided Attention Model
* Long-Short-Term Features for Dynamic Scene Classification
* Low-Complexity Multiuser Adaptive Modulation Scheme for Massive MIMO Systems, A
* Low-Rank Approximation via Generalized Reweighted Iterative Nuclear and Frobenius Norms
* M3: Multimodal Memory Modelling for Video Captioning
* Manifold Optimization for Joint Design of MIMO-STAP Radars
* Manipulation-Skill Assessment from Videos with Spatial Attention Network
* Mapping and Evaluation of NDVI Trends from Synthetic Time Series Obtained by Blending Landsat and MODIS Data around a Coalfield on the Loess Plateau
* Mapping coastal salt marshes in China using time series of Sentinel-1 SAR
* Marbling-based creative modelling
* Mask-Guided Contrastive Attention Model for Person Re-identification
* Massive MIMO With Ternary ADCs
* MCMT-GAN: Multi-Task Coherent Modality Transferable GAN for 3D Brain Image Synthesis
* ME-Net: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Extracting Mangrove Using Sentinel-2A Data
* Method of Cloud Classification Base on Image Entropy, A
* method of small object detection and tracking based on particle filters, A
* Methodology to Monitor Urban Expansion and Green Space Change Using a Time Series of Multi-Sensor SPOT and Sentinel-2A Images, A
* Metric-Promoted Siamese Network for Gender Classification
* Microfluidic environment and tracking analysis for the observation of Artemia Franciscana
* Mining Co-Location Patterns with Rare Events from Spatial Data Sets
* Mitigation of Radio Frequency Interference in Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: Current Status and Future Trends
* Mixed local motion planning and tracking control framework for autonomous vehicles based on model predictive control
* Mixture of Deep Regression Networks for Head Pose Estimation
* MLC: A Novel Image Coder Based on Multitree Local Cosine Dictionaries
* MLSIM: A Multi-Level Similarity index for image quality assessment
* Model predictive control-based eco-driving strategy for CAV
* Model-based human body tracking
* Modeling Sub-Actions for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Modified Model for Electromagnetic Scattering of Sea Surface Covered with Crest Foam and Static Foam, A
* Motion Errors and Compensation for Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR With Cubic-Order Processing
* Motion-Aware Feature Enhancement Network for Video Prediction
* Motion-partitioned adaptive block matching for video compression
* MSNet: Multi-Scale Convolutional Network for Point Cloud Classification
* Multi-Block N-ary trie structure for exact r-neighbour search in hamming space, A
* Multi-class obstacle detection and classification using stereovision and improved active contour models
* Multi-Level Network for High-Speed Multi-Person Pose Estimation
* Multi-Modal Topic Model for Image Annotation Using Text Analysis, A
* Multi-Pseudo Regularized Label for Generated Data in Person Re-Identification
* Multi-Scale and Attention based ResNet for Heartbeat Classification
* Multi-scale Attentive Residual Dense Network for Single Image Rain Removal
* multi-scale descriptor for real time RGB-D hand gesture recognition, A
* Multi-scale differential feature for ECG biometrics with collective matrix factorization
* Multi-Scale Hourglass Hierarchical Fusion Network for Single Image Deraining
* Multi-Task Deep Neural Network for Multi-Label Learning
* Multiscale Omnibearing Attention Networks for Person Re-Identification
* Multiview Synthetic Aperture Radar Automatic Target Recognition Optimization: Modeling and Implementation
* Mutual Context Network for Jointly Estimating Egocentric Gaze and Action
* MVSCRF: Learning Multi-View Stereo With Conditional Random Fields
* Narrowband RFI Suppression for SAR System via Efficient Parameter-Free Decomposition Algorithm
* Narrowband RFI Suppression for SAR System via Fast Implementation of Joint Sparsity and Low-Rank Property
* New Results on Fractional QCQP with Applications to Radar Steering Direction Estimation
* New Robust Kalman Filter With Adaptive Estimate of Time-Varying Measurement Bias, A
* New Threats Against Object Detector with Non-local Block
* No-reference quality assessment for live broadcasting videos in temporal and spatial domains
* Noisy-as-Clean: Learning Self-Supervised Denoising From Corrupted Image
* Nonsystematic Range Cell Migration Analysis and Autofocus Correction for Bistatic Forward-looking SAR
* Novel Adaptive Kalman Filter With Unknown Probability of Measurement Loss, A
* Novel Approach to Image-Sequence-Based Mobile Robot Place Recognition, A
* Novel Building Type Classification Scheme Based on Integrated LiDAR and High-Resolution Images, A
* novel framework method for non-blind deconvolution using subspace images priors, A
* Novel Hybrid Image Authentication Scheme for AMBTC-Compressed Images, A
* Novel Method for Video Moving Object Detection Using Improved Independent Component Analysis, A
* Novel Tensor Technique for Simultaneous Narrowband and Wideband Interference Suppression on Single-Channel SAR System, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* Object Discovery From a Single Unlabeled Image by Mining Frequent Itemsets With Multi-Scale Features
* Object Recognition Based on Boundary Description
* Object-Distortion Based Image Quality Similarity, An
* On Learning Semantic Representations for Large-Scale Abstract Sketches
* On the Robustness of 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Online Knowledge Distillation via Multi-branch Diversity Enhancement
* Optic Flow Field Segmentation and Motion Estimation Using a Robust Genetic Partitioning Algorithm
* Optical-and-Radar Image Fusion for Dynamic Estimation of Spin Satellites
* Optimal 2-D Spectrum Matching Method for SAR Ground Moving Target Imaging, An
* Optimal learning for Hopfield associative memory
* Optimal Representations in Multitree Dictionaries with Application to Compression
* Optimization Dijkstra Algorithm Based on Two-Function Limitation Strategy, An
* Optimization of Variable-Current Charging Strategy Based on SOC Segmentation for Li-ion Battery
* P-DIFF: Learning Classifier with Noisy Labels based on Probability Difference Distributions
* Pan-sharpening based on nonparametric Bayesian adaptive dictionary learning
* Pan-sharpening via multi-scale and multiple deep neural networks
* Pan-Sharpening with a Hyper-Laplacian Penalty
* PanNet: A Deep Network Architecture for Pan-Sharpening
* Parallel Architecture of Age Adversarial Convolutional Neural Network for Cross-Age Face Recognition, A
* Part-aligned pose-guided recurrent network for action recognition
* Part-Based Gaussian Reweighted Approach for Occluded Vehicle Detection, A
* Part-Based Modeling of Pole-Like Objects Using Divergence-Incorporated 3-D Clustering of Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds
* Patch Distribution Compatible Semisupervised Dimension Reduction for Face and Human Gait Recognition
* Person re-identification based on hierarchical bipartite graph matching
* PFA for Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR Mounted on High-Speed Maneuvering Platforms
* Physical Inversion Method of Canopy FPAR from Airborne LIDAR Data And Ground Measurements, A
* Players and Ball Detection in Soccer Videos Based on Color Segmentation and Shape Analysis
* Plugnet: Degradation Aware Scene Text Recognition Supervised by a Pluggable Super-resolution Unit
* Pointing Gesture Based Egocentric Interaction System: Dataset, Approach and Application, A
* Polarized Remote Sensing: A Note on the Stokes Parameters Measurements From Natural and Man-Made Targets Using a Spectrometer
* Pose-Invariant Embedding for Deep Person Re-Identification
* Predicting soluble solids content in Fuji apples of different ripening stages based on multiple information fusion
* Predicting the Quality of View Synthesis With Color-Depth Image Fusion
* Prediction and Recovery for Adaptive Low-resolution Person Re-identification
* Prioritized DCT for compression and progressive transmission of images
* Prioritizing Abandoned Mine Lands Rehabilitation: Combining Landscape Connectivity and Pattern Indices with Scenario Analysis Using Land-Use Modeling
* Prioritizing Abandoned Mine Lands Rehabilitation: Combining Landscape Connectivity and Pattern Indices with Scenario Analysis Using Land-Use Modeling
* Probabilistic Method for Image Enhancement With Simultaneous Illumination and Reflectance Estimation, A
* Progressive Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Propagation networks for recognition of partially ordered sequential action
* Quaternion generic Fourier descriptor for color object recognition
* Quaternionic extended local binary pattern with adaptive structural pyramid pooling for color image representation
* Query Adaptive Multiview Object Instance Search and Localization Using Sketches
* Racial Faces in the Wild: Reducing Racial Bias by Information Maximization Adaptation Network
* Radiometric Cross-Calibration of GF-4/PMS Based on Radiometric Block Adjustment
* Radon-Linear Canonical Ambiguity Function-Based Detection and Estimation Method for Marine Target With Micromotion
* Rain O'er Me: Synthesizing Real Rain to Derain With Data Distillation
* Rapid, Accurate and Machine-Agnostic Segmentation and Quantification Method for CT-Based COVID-19 Diagnosis, A
* Re-ranking image-text matching by adaptive metric fusion
* Real-time dispersion-compensated image reconstruction for compressive sensing spectral domain optical coherence tomography
* Real-World Person Re-Identification via Degradation Invariance Learning
* region-based method for model-free object tracking, A
* Regularized Trace Ratio Discriminant Analysis with Patch Distribution Feature for human gait recognition
* Reinforced Short-Length Hashing
* Removing Rain from Single Images via a Deep Detail Network
* Research on a hole filling algorithm of a point cloud based on structure from motion
* Research on image screening model of ancient villages
* retinex-based enhancing approach for single underwater image, A
* Review of wavelet-based unsupervised texture segmentation, advantage of adaptive wavelets
* Revisiting graph construction for fast image segmentation
* Reweighted Nuclear Norm and Reweighted Frobenius Norm Minimizations for Narrowband RFI Suppression on SAR System
* Reweighted Tensor Factorization Method for SAR Narrowband and Wideband Interference Mitigation Using Smoothing Multiview Tensor Model
* Robust 3-D 3-D Pose Estimation
* Robust Downlink Transmit Optimization Under Quantized Channel Feedback via the Strong Duality for QCQP
* Robust ECG biometrics using GNMF and sparse representation
* Robust Gaussian Approximate Fixed-Interval Smoother for Nonlinear Systems With Heavy-Tailed Process and Measurement Noises, A
* Robust Kalman Filters Based on Gaussian Scale Mixture Distributions With Application to Target Tracking
* Robust Multigroup Multicast Beamforming Design for Backhaul-Limited Cloud Radio Access Network
* Robust Stereo Analysis
* Robust Symbolic Dual-View Facial Expression Recognition With Skin Wrinkles: Local Versus Global Approach
* Robust Transceiver Optimization for Power-Splitting Based Downlink MISO SWIPT Systems
* Robust Two-Dimensional Spatial-Variant Map-Drift Algorithm for UAV SAR Autofocusing
* Saliency Detection With Spaces of Background-Based Distribution
* Satellite-Based Precipitation Datasets Evaluation Using Gauge Observation and Hydrological Modeling in a Typical Arid Land Watershed of Central Asia
* Saving Energy and Improving Service Quality: Bicriteria Train Scheduling in Urban Rail Transit Systems
* SBSGAN: Suppression of Inter-Domain Background Shift for Person Re-Identification
* Scenes Design in Virtual Reality for Depression Assessment
* See the Forest for the Trees: Joint Spatial and Temporal Recurrent Neural Networks for Video-Based Person Re-identification
* See the World Through Network Cameras
* Segmentation-Aware Deep Fusion Network for Compressed Sensing MRI, A
* Segmentation-based object tracking using image warping and kalman filtering
* Semantic Aware Attention Based Deep Object Co-segmentation
* Sequentially Aggregated Convolutional Networks
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Severely Blurred Object Tracking by Learning Deep Image Representations
* Simulated Annealing Approach to Construct Optimized Prototypes for Nearest-Neighbor Classification, A
* Simultaneous Super-Resolution and Cross-Modality Synthesis of 3D Medical Images Using Weakly-Supervised Joint Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Simultaneous Super-Resolution and Target Detection of Forward-Looking Scanning Radar via Low-Rank and Sparsity Constrained Method
* Single Image Dehazing Via a Joint Deep Modeling
* Single-image raindrop removal using concurrent channel-spatial attention and long-short skip connections
* Solving large-scale support vector ordinal regression with asynchronous parallel coordinate descent algorithms
* Sparse Coding for Classification via Discrimination Ensemble
* Sparsity Based Full Rank Polarimetric Reconstruction of Coherence Matrix T
* Spatial Patterns of Childhood Obesity Prevalence in Relation to Socioeconomic Factors across England
* Spatial Patterns of COVID-19 Incidence in Relation to Crime Rate Across London
* Spatial Smoothing PAST Algorithm for DOA Tracking Using Difference Coarray
* Spatially Constrained Asymmetric Gaussian Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A
* spatially constrained generative asymmetric Gaussian mixture model for image segmentation, A
* Spatio-Temporal Constrained Online Layer Separation for Vascular Enhancement in X-Ray Angiographic Image Sequence
* Species-preserved Structural Connections Revealed by Sparse Tensor CCA
* Spherical-wave intensity diffraction tomography
* SQE: a Self Quality Evaluation Metric for Parameters Optimization in Multi-Object Tracking
* STAIR 2.0: A Generic and Automatic Algorithm to Fuse Modis, Landsat, and Sentinel-2 to Generate 10 m, Daily, and Cloud-/Gap-Free Surface Reflectance Product
* Statistically principled use of in-line measurements in intensity diffraction tomography
* STGAT: Modeling Spatial-Temporal Interactions for Human Trajectory Prediction
* Structural sparse representation with class-specific dictionary for ECG biometric recognition
* Structure From Motion Technique for Scene Detection Using Autonomous Drone Navigation
* Super-Resolution Surface Mapping for Scanning Radar: Inverse Filtering Based on the Fast Iterative Adaptive Approach
* Super-resolving blurry face images with identity preservation
* Supervised dictionary learning with multiple classifier integration
* Supervised Sparse Coding With Decision Forest
* Survey of College Students' Recognition of Live Broadcast Platform, A
* System and method for real time lip synchronization
* Temporal Feature Augmented Network for Video Instance Segmentation
* Temporal Localization and Spatial Segmentation of Joint Attention in Multiple First-Person Videos
* Texture classification by multi-model feature integration using Bayesian networks
* Texture Decomposition by Harmonics Extraction From Higher Order Statistics
* Three-Dimension Transmissible Attention Network for Person Re-Identification
* Tibetan Language Model That Considers the Relationship Between Suffixes and Functional Words, A
* Top-Push Constrained Modality-Adaptive Dictionary Learning for Cross-Modality Person Re-Identification
* Topology Optimization Using Multiple-Possibility Fusion for Vasculature Extraction
* Towards Good Practices for Video Object Segmentation
* Towards Part-aware Monocular 3d Human Pose Estimation: An Architecture Search Approach
* Towards Unconstrained Pointing Problem of Visual Question Answering: A Retrieval-based Method
* Towards Visually Explaining Video Understanding Networks with Perturbation
* Tracking Facial Features Using Mixture of Point Distribution Models
* Tracking Multiple Objects through Occlusions
* TS-RNN: Text Steganalysis Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
* Tumor Detection in Automated Breast Ultrasound Using 3-D CNN and Prioritized Candidate Aggregation
* Twitter100k: A Real-World Dataset for Weakly Supervised Cross-Media Retrieval
* Two Block-Based Motion Compensation Methods for Video Coding
* Two Strategies for Remote Sensing Classification Accuracy Improvement of Salt Marsh Vegetation: A Case Study in Chongming Dongtan
* Two-handed gesture tracking incorporating template warping with static segmentation
* Two-Parts Step-by-Step Ionospheric Assimilation Based on Ground-Based/Spaceborne Observations and Its Verification, The
* UA-DETRAC 2017: Report of AVSS2017 IWT4S Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring
* Un-Paired Real World Super-Resolution with Degradation Consistency
* Uncertainty based model selection for fast semantic segmentation
* Unconstrained Multimodal Multi-Label Learning
* Under-Foliage Object Imaging Using SAR Tomography and Polarimetric Spectral Estimators
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Background Shift Mitigating for Person Re-Identification
* Unsupervised Image Categorization by Hypergraph Partition
* Urban surface reconstruction in SAR tomography by graph-cuts
* Use of Automatic Chinese Character Decomposition and Human Gestures for Chinese Calligraphy Robots
* User-Assisted Ink-Bleed Reduction
* Using Geographic Ontologies and Geo-Characterization to Represent Geographic Scenarios
* Variation Characteristics and Transportation of Aerosol, NO2, SO2, and HCHO in Coastal Cities of Eastern China: Dalian, Qingdao, and Shanghai
* Variational Pan-Sharpening With Local Gradient Constraints, A
* Vehicle Logo Recognition System Based on Convolutional Neural Networks With a Pretraining Strategy
* Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images From Labeled Web-Nature Data Using Deep Transfer Learning
* Very Deep Residual Network for Image Matting
* Video anomaly detection using deep incremental slow feature analysis network
* Video retargeting with nonlinear spatial-temporal saliency fusion
* Video retargeting: A visual-friendly dynamic programming approach
* Video Super-Resolution via Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Networks
* Virtual ads insertion in street building views for augmented reality
* Vision-based Interpretation of Hand Gestures by Modeling Appearance Changes in Image Sequences
* Voxel-Based Method for Automated Identification and Morphological Parameters Estimation of Individual Street Trees from Mobile Laser Scanning Data, A
* VSR++: Improving Visual Semantic Reasoning for Fine-Grained Image-Text Matching
* VVC Proposal With Quaternary Tree Plus Binary-Ternary Tree Coding Block Structure and Advanced Coding Techniques, A
* Water Balance Analysis Based on a Quantitative Evapotranspiration Inversion in the Nukus Irrigation Area, Lower Amu River Basin
* Weakly-Supervised Sparse Coding With Geometric Prior for Interactive Texture Segmentation
* WEB-VC: Visual Cryptography for Web Image
* Weigh-In-Motion System in Flexible Pavements Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Part A: Concept
* Weighted Variational Model for Simultaneous Reflectance and Illumination Estimation, A
* Wideband Sparse Reconstruction for Scanning Radar
Includes: Huang, Y.[Yan] Huang, Y. Huang, Y.[Yuyao] Huang, Y.[Yijie] Huang, Y.[Yue] Huang, Y.[Yong] Huang, Y.[Yufei] Huang, Y.[Yuhao] Huang, Y.[Yi] Huang, Y.[Yanbo] Huang, Y.[Yuli] Huang, Y.[Youxin] Huang, Y.[Yuchi] Huang, Y.[Ying] Huang, Y.[Yinyou] Huang, Y.[Yuchun] Huang, Y.[Yuman] Huang, Y.[Yu] Huang, Y.[Yalou] Huang, Y.[Yanjie] Huang, Y.[Yunmu] Huang, Y.[Yewen] Huang, Y.[Yanping] Huang, Y.[Yawen] Huang, Y.[Yang] Huang, Y.[Yao] Huang, Y.[Yaohuan] Huang, Y.[Yanru] Huang, Y.[Yixiu] Huang, Y.[Yishuo] Huang, Y.[Yuge] Huang, Y.[Yibin] Huang, Y.[Yameng] Huang, Y.[Yibo] Huang, Y.[Yourui] Huang, Y.[Yuhan] Huang, Y.[Yucai] Huang, Y.[Yin] Huang, Y.[Yusi] Huang, Y.[Yilin] Huang, Y.[Yifei] Huang, Y.[Yankai] Huang, Y.[Yushi] Huang, Y.[Yanjun] Huang, Y.[Yuan] Huang, Y.[Yuwen] Huang, Y.[Yufeng] Huang, Y.[Yipo] Huang, Y.[Yuehong] Huang, Y.[Yongye] Huang, Y.[Yihu] Huang, Y.[Yangyu] Huang, Y.[Yaohong] Huang, Y.[Yirui] Huang, Y.[Yajie] Huang, Y.[Yuanfang] Huang, Y.[Yali] Huang, Y.[Youju] Huang, Y.[Yupan] Huang, Y.[Yufang] Huang, Y.[Yubo] Huang, Y.[Yizhi] Huang, Y.[Yeyuan]
462 for Huang, Y.

Huang, Y.A.[Yong An] Co Author Listing * Automatic registration for 3D shapes using hybrid dimensionality-reduction shape descriptions
* Three-dimensional point-based shape registration algorithm based on adaptive distance function
Includes: Huang, Y.A.[Yong An] Huang, Y.A.[Yong-An]

Huang, Y.B.[Yan Bo] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Crop Injury from Glyphosate on Soybean and Cotton Using Plant Leaf Hyperspectral Data
* Near-Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Satellite Precipitation Products
* New Global View of Above-Cloud Absorbing Aerosol Distribution Based on CALIPSO Measurements
* Quantitative Estimation of Fluorescence Parameters for Crop Leaves with Bayesian Inversion
* Surface defect saliency of magnetic tile
Includes: Huang, Y.B.[Yan Bo] Huang, Y.B.[Yan-Bo] Huang, Y.B.[Yin-Bo] Huang, Y.B.[Yi-Bin]

Huang, Y.C.[Yu Chieh] Co Author Listing * 100 MHz 1920X1080 HD-Photo 20 frames/sec JPEG XR encoder design, A
* Automatic Stockpile Extraction and Measurement Using 3D Point Cloud and Multi-Scale Directional Curvature
* Building the Estimation Model of Digitizing Error
* Channel-Max, Channel-Drop and Stochastic Max-pooling
* Characterization of regional differences in cerebral vascular response to breath holding using BOLD fMRI
* Color Transferred Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Dehazing
* Component Based Deformable Model for Generalized Face Alignment, A
* Component-Based Framework for Generalized Face Alignment, A
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Two Successive V3 and V4 IMERG Final Run Precipitation Products over Mainland China
* effective voiceprint based identity authentication system for Mandarin smartphone users, An
* High-dimensional kNN joins with incremental updates
* Human Fall Detection System Using an Omni-Directional Camera in Practical Environments for Health Care Applications, A
* Minimizing Reconstruction Bias Hashing via Joint Projection Learning and Quantization
* Motion Guidance for a Passive Robot Walking Helper via User's Applied Hand Forces
* OFF-ApexNet on micro-expression recognition system
* Study on the Development of a Mixed Reality System Applied to the Practice of Socially Interactive Behaviors of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, A
* Sum Rate Analysis of One-Pico-Inside OFDMA Network With Opportunistic Scheduling and Selective Feedback
* Towards Large-Scale Object Instance Search: A Multi-Block N-Ary Trie
* Unsupervised Hyperspectral Band Selection by Dominant Set Extraction
* Video object segmentation by hypergraph cut
Includes: Huang, Y.C.[Yu Chieh] Huang, Y.C.[Yu-Chieh] Huang, Y.C.[Yu-Chun] Huang, Y.C. Huang, Y.C.[Yu-Chi] Huang, Y.C.[Yen-Chih] Huang, Y.C.[Ying-Chun] Huang, Y.C.[Yao-Chun] Huang, Y.C.[Yi-Chang] Huang, Y.C.[Yi-Cheng] Huang, Y.C.[Yen-Chang] Huang, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Huang, Y.C.[Yi-Chao] Huang, Y.C.[Yuan-Cheng]
20 for Huang, Y.C.

Huang, Y.F.[Yun Fang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive maximum margin analysis for image recognition
* Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring Using Digital Image Analysis Techniques
* Automatic Image Annotation Using Multi-object Identification
* Behavioral Security in Covert Communication Systems
* Boundary Matching Detection for Recovering Erroneously Received VQ Indexes over Noisy Channels
* Channel-Wise and Spatial Feature Modulation Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Color correction and restoration based on multi-scale recursive network for underwater optical image
* constrained vector quantization scheme for real-time codebook retransmission, A
* Design of Clinical Support Systems Using Integrated Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine
* Dimensionality Reduction by Integrating Sparse Representation and Fisher Criterion and its Applications
* Discriminative sparsity preserving projections for image recognition
* Fragile Watermarking Based Proofs of Retrievability for Archival Cloud Data
* GAN-TSTEGA: Text Steganography Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
* High-performance Linguistic Steganalysis, Capacity Estimation and Steganographic Positioning
* Image retrieval based on ASIFT features in a Hadoop clustered system
* Improved decoding of compressed images received over noisy channels
* Improving Text-image Matching with Adversarial Learning and Circle Loss for Multi-modal Steganography
* Interpretable Detail-Fidelity Attention Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* ISTEGO100K: Large-scale Image Steganalysis Dataset
* Joint decoding of turbo codes for subband coded image
* Learn to Recover Visible Color for Video Surveillance in a Day
* Multi-modal Steganography Based on Semantic Relevancy
* NeurReg: Neural Registration and Its Application to Image Segmentation
* Noise reduction for sonar images by statistical analysis and fields of experts
* On Stability and Convergence of Distributed Filters
* On the Application of Turbo Codes to the Robust Transmission of Compressed Images
* On the tradeoff between source and channel coding rates for image transmission
* Pattern of Spatial Distribution and Temporal Variation of Atmospheric Pollutants during 2013 in Shenzhen, China
* Predicting Gaze in Egocentric Video by Learning Task-Dependent Attention Transition
* Pyramidal Image Coder Using Generalized Rank-Ordered Prediction Filter, A
* Region-Activity-Based Pyramidal Image Coder Using Generalized Rank-Ordered Prediction Filter
* Single Image Super Resolution Based on Deep Residual Network via Lateral Modules
* Single Image Super-Resolution via Multiple Mixture Prior Models
* Spectral-Spatial-Weighted Multiview Collaborative Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Images
* Three-Dimensional Scene Navigation through Anaglyphic Panorama Visualization
* Unpaired Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution with Multi-Stage Aggregation Networks
Includes: Huang, Y.F.[Yun Fang] Huang, Y.F.[Yun-Fang] Huang, Y.F.[Yung-Fa] Huang, Y.F.[Yin-Fu] Huang, Y.F.[Yong-Feng] Huang, Y.F. Huang, Y.F.[Yuan-Fei] Huang, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Huang, Y.F.[Yih-Fang] Huang, Y.F.[Yi-Fei] Huang, Y.F.[Yu-Fang] Huang, Y.F.[Yuan-Feng] Huang, Y.F.[Yong-Fa] Huang, Y.F.[Yu Fei]
36 for Huang, Y.F.

Huang, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * Combining Statistics of Geometrical and Correlative Features for 3D Face Recognition
* Discriminating 3D Faces by Statistics of Depth Differences
* New Re-Ranking Method Using Enhanced Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval, A
* QDFA: Query-Dependent Feature Aggregation for Medical Image Retrieval
* Recent Developments in Linear Quadtree-Based Geographic Information Systems
* Research on Signal Processing for LD-PSD System Based on Square-Wave Modulation
Includes: Huang, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Huang, Y.G.[Yong-Gang] Huang, Y.G. Huang, Y.G.[Yin-Guo]

Huang, Y.H.[Yue Hua] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Corner Detection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image Based on Curvature Threshold, An
* Analysis of Human-Centered Geolocation, An
* Comment on: 'Extended Hough transform for linear feature detection'
* Convex MRF potential functions
* Efficient multiple-example based super-resolution for symmetric mixed resolution stereoscopic video coding
* Efficient sampling strategy and refinement strategy for randomized circle detection
* Efficient Shadow Detection of Color Aerial Images Based on Successive Thresholding Scheme
* Efficient symmetry-based screening strategy to speed up randomized circle-detection
* Face Recognition Under Low Illumination Via Deep Feature Reconstruction Network
* Fast Decision of Block Size, Prediction Mode, and Intra Block for H.264 Intra Prediction
* Fast randomized algorithm for center-detection
* Feature Selection Solution with High Dimensionality and Low-Sample Size for Land Cover Classification in Object-Based Image Analysis
* Improved universal chroma 4:2:2 subsampling for color filter array video coding in HEVC
* Improving Field-Scale Wheat LAI Retrieval Based on UAV Remote-Sensing Observations and Optimized VI-LUTs
* Inpainting-Assisted Reversible Steganographic Scheme Using a Histogram Shifting Mechanism, An
* New orientation-based elimination approach for accurate line-detection
* Novel Bitrate Saving and Fast Coding for Depth Videos in 3D-HEVC
* Parameter-free based two-stage method for binarizing degraded document images
* Partition-Based Detection of Urban Villages Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery in Guangzhou, China, A
* Perceptual Rate-Distortion Optimization Using Structural Similarity Index as Quality Metric
* Quality-efficient syntax element-based de-interlacing method for H.264-coded video sequences with various resolutions
* Quality-Efficient Upsampling Method for Asymmetric Resolution Stereoscopic Video Coding With Interview Motion Compensation and Error Compensation
* Recent progress on perceptual video coding
* Reshaping 3D facial scans for facial appearance modeling and 3D facial expression analysis
* Reversible Data Hiding-Based Approach for Intra-Frame Error Concealment in H.264/AVC
* Rotation-Invariant Optical and SAR Image Registration Algorithm Based on Deep and Gaussian Features, A
* Speedup of Color Palette Indexing in Self-Organization of Kohonen Feature Map
* SSIM-Based Perceptual Rate Control for Video Coding
* Super resolution based on simultaneous registration and reconstruction
* Texture- and Multiple-Template-Based Algorithm for Lossless Compression of Error-Diffused Images
* Unequal-Training for Deep Face Recognition With Long-Tailed Noisy Data
* Universal intra coding for arbitrary RGB color filter arrays in HEVC
* Visual-Attention Model Using Earth Mover's Distance-Based Saliency Measurement and Nonlinear Feature Combination, A
Includes: Huang, Y.H.[Yue Hua] Huang, Y.H.[Yue-Hua] Huang, Y.H. Huang, Y.H.[Yong-Huai] Huang, Y.H.[Yao-Huan] Huang, Y.H.[Ying-Hsuan] Huang, Y.H.[Yi-Hsin] Huang, Y.H.[Yan-Hui] Huang, Y.H.[Yi-Hang] Huang, Y.H.[Yu-Hui] Huang, Y.H.[Yao-Hai] Huang, Y.H.[Yong-Hui]
33 for Huang, Y.H.

Huang, Y.J.[Yang Jian] Co Author Listing * Age-Puzzle FaceNet for Cross-Age Face Recognition
* Animating rising up from various lying postures and environments
* Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Based on Pixel-Pattern-Based Texture Feature
* Automatic Gender Recognition Based on Pixel-Pattern-Based Texture Feature
* Cam-Net: Compressed Attentive Multi-Granularity Network For Dynamic Scene Classification
* CO2 Flux over the Contiguous United States in 2016 Inverted by WRF-Chem/DART from OCO-2 XCO2 Retrievals
* Comprehensive chassis control strategy of FWIC-EV based on sliding mode control
* Defect Detection of Stainless Steel Plates Using Deep Learning Technology
* Examining Spectral Reflectance Saturation in Landsat Imagery and Corresponding Solutions to Improve Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation
* GIS-Based Emotional Computing: A Review of Quantitative Approaches to Measure the Emotion Layer of Human-Environment Relationships
* Motion compensated frame interpolation using skipped frame information
* On Benefits of Selection Diversity via Bilevel Exclusive Sparsity
* Parameter-free Laplacian centrality peaks clustering
* Pedestrian tracking by learning deep features
* Rectifying Supporting Regions With Mixed and Active Supervision for Rib Fracture Recognition
* Repaid Identification and Prediction of Cadmium-Lead Cross-Stress of Different Stress Levels in Rice Canopy Based on Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Includes: Huang, Y.J.[Yang Jian] Huang, Y.J.[Yang-Jian] Huang, Y.J.[Yi-Jheng] Huang, Y.J.[Ying-Jie] Huang, Y.J.[Yuan-Jun] Huang, Y.J.[Yong-Jian] Huang, Y.J.[Yan-Jun] Huang, Y.J.[Yu-Jen] Huang, Y.J.[Yu-Jie] Huang, Y.J.[Ying-Jing] Huang, Y.J.[Yi-Jun] Huang, Y.J.[Yu-Jiao] Huang, Y.J.[Yan-Jie] Huang, Y.J.
16 for Huang, Y.J.

Huang, Y.K.[Yuan Ko] Co Author Listing * Continuous K -Nearest Neighbor Query for Moving Objects with Uncertain Velocity
* Distributed Processing of Location-Based Aggregate Queries Using MapReduce
* Efficient evaluation of continuous spatio-temporal queries on moving objects with uncertain velocity
* Fast Non-Overlapping Multi-Camera People Re-Identification Algorithm and Tracking Based on Visual Channel Model, A
* VPCID: A VoIP Phone Call Identification Database
* Within Skyline Query Processing in Dynamic Road Networks
Includes: Huang, Y.K.[Yuan Ko] Huang, Y.K.[Yuan-Ko] Huang, Y.K.[Yan-Kai] Huang, Y.K.[Yuan-Kun]

Huang, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive MLP post-processing for block-based coded images
* Airborne Radar Super-Resolution Imaging Based on Fast Total Variation Method
* Algorithm and Architecture Design of Multirate Frame Rate Up-conversion for Ultra-HD LCD Systems
* Breast cancer diagnosis using image retrieval for different ultrasonic systems
* Edge-aware depth completion for point-cloud 3D scene visualization on an RGB-D camera
* Exploring The Connectivity Of Ecological Corridors Between Low Elevation Mountains And Pingtung Linhousilin Forest Park Of Taiwan By Least-cost Path Method
* Fast Sparse-TSVD Super-Resolution Method of Real Aperture Radar Forward-Looking Imaging
* Fast Split Bregman Based Deconvolution Algorithm for Airborne Radar Imaging
* Fast Total Variation Method Based on Iterative Reweighted Norm for Airborne Scanning Radar Super-Resolution Imaging
* FEF-Net: A Deep Learning Approach to Multiview SAR Image Target Recognition
* Finite-State Vector Quantization by Exploiting Interband and Intraband Correlations for Subband Image-Coding
* Focusing Translational Variant Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR Using Keystone Transform and Extended Nonlinear Chirp Scaling
* Generalized Omega-K Algorithm to Process Translationally Variant Bistatic-SAR Data Based on Two-Dimensional Stolt Mapping, A
* Ground-Moving Target Imaging and Velocity Estimation Based on Mismatched Compression for Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR
* Improved TV Model for Image Restoration, An
* Inclined Geosynchronous Spaceborne-Airborne Bistatic SAR: Performance Analysis and Mission Design
* JPEG 2000 Error Resilience Method Using Uneven Block-Sized Information Included Markers, A
* Kinect-Based System for Balance Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients, A
* Monitoring High-frequency Ocean Signals Using Low-cost GNSS/IMU Buoys
* Multiview Deep Feature Learning Network for SAR Automatic Target Recognition
* New Side-Match Finite-State Vector Quantization Using Neural Networks for Image Coding, A
* New Spatial Attraction Model for Improving Subpixel Land Cover Classification, A
* Omega-K Algorithm for Translational Invariant Bistatic SAR Based on Generalized Loffeld's Bistatic Formula, An
* Path Planning for GEO-UAV Bistatic SAR Using Constrained Adaptive Multiobjective Differential Evolution
* Quantitative analysis of cell morphology based on the contourlet transform
* SAR Automatic Target Recognition Based on Multiview Deep Learning Framework
* Scalable ideal-segmented chain coding
* Sparse Denoising-Based Super-Resolution Method for Scanning Radar Imaging, A
* TV Forward-Looking Super-Resolution Imaging Method Based on TSVD Strategy for Scanning Radar, A
* TV-Sparse Super-Resolution Method for Radar Forward-Looking Imaging
* When Deep Learning Meets Multi-Task Learning in SAR ATR: Simultaneous Target Recognition and Segmentation
Includes: Huang, Y.L. Huang, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Huang, Y.L.[Yu-Len] Huang, Y.L.[Yung-Lin] Huang, Y.L.[Yong-Lin] Huang, Y.L.[Ya-Ling] Huang, Y.L.[Yu-Lun] Huang, Y.L.[Yan-Lin] Huang, Y.L.[Ya-Li] Huang, Y.L.[Yen-Lin]
31 for Huang, Y.L.

Huang, Y.M.[Yi Min] Co Author Listing * AABO: Adaptive Anchor Box Optimization for Object Detection via Bayesian Sub-sampling
* Adaptive Body Posture Analysis for Elderly-Falling Detection with Multisensors
* Attention-Based Approach for Single Image Super Resolution, An
* Background Recovery in Railroad Crossing Videos via Incremental Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
* Binary Multidimensional Scaling for Hashing
* Character Identification in Feature-Length Films Using Global Face-Name Matching
* Data Allocation and Dynamic Load Balancing for Distributed Video Storage Server
* Efficient Total Variation Minimization Methods for Color Image Restoration
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Model-Based Feature Extraction and Action Parameter(s) Classification
* Improved nonlinear multiuser precoding using lattice reduction
* Large group activity security risk assessment and risk early warning based on random forest algorithm
* Medical Image Segmentation Using Mean Field Annealing Network
* Multiplicative Noise Removal via a Learned Dictionary
* New Total Variation Method For Multiplicative Noise Removal, A
* On Semismooth Newton's Methods for Total Variation Minimization
* Schistosome egg recognition using the top-down search strategy
* Two-variable modularized fast polynomial transform algorithm for 2-D discrete Fourier transforms
Includes: Huang, Y.M.[Yi Min] Huang, Y.M.[Yi-Min] Huang, Y.M.[Yueh-Min] Huang, Y.M.[Yong-Ming] Huang, Y.M.[Yen-Ming] Huang, Y.M.[Ya-Meng] Huang, Y.M. Huang, Y.M.[Yu-Mei] Huang, Y.M.[Yi-Miao]
17 for Huang, Y.M.

Huang, Y.N.[Yun Nien] Co Author Listing * Efficient Stereo Video Coding System for Immersive Teleconference with Two-Stage Hybrid Disparity Estimation Algorithm
* Joint estimation of head pose and visual focus of attention
Includes: Huang, Y.N.[Yun Nien] Huang, Y.N.[Yun-Nien] Huang, Y.N.[Ying-Ning]

Huang, Y.O.[Ya Ohai] Co Author Listing * Fair Loss: Margin-Aware Reinforcement Learning for Deep Face Recognition
* Quantile Approach for Retrieving the Core Urban-Suburban-Rural (USR) Structure Based on Nighttime Light, A
Includes: Huang, Y.O.[Ya Ohai] Huang, Y.O.[Ya-Ohai] Huang, Y.O.[Ya-Ohuan]

Huang, Y.P.[Yu Ping] Co Author Listing * Anatomical-functional image fusion based on deep convolution neural networks in local Laplacian pyramid domain
* benchmark for interactive image segmentation algorithms, A
* biologically inspired system for fast handwritten digit recognition, A
* Camera free 3-dimensional virtual touch display with multi-user identification
* Combining Boundary and Region Information with Bolt Prior for Rail Surface Detection
* Complex Cell Descriptor Learning for Robust Object Recognition
* Consistency Guided Network for Degraded Image Classification
* Contour grouping with shape manifold and distance transform
* Detecting dense text in natural images
* Does Haze Removal Help CNN-Based Image Classification?
* Effects of Image Degradation and Degradation Removal to CNN-Based Image Classification
* Experts-Shift: Learning active spatial classification experts for keyframe-based video segmentation
* Exploring Railway Network Dynamics in China from 2008 to 2017
* Exploring the Associations Between Urban Form and Neighborhood Vibrancy: A Case Study of Chengdu, China
* Face recognition with Neighboring Discriminant Analysis
* Hybrid convolutional neural network for sketch recognition, A
* Inferring Social Functions Available in the Metro Station Area from Passengers' Staying Activities in Smart Card Data
* Integral Knowledge Distillation for Multi-Person Pose Estimation
* Intelligent Subtitle Detection Model for Locating Television Commercials, An
* Joint Headlight Pairing and Vehicle Tracking by Weighted Set Packing in Nighttime Traffic Videos
* Motion Estimation Using Region-Level Segmentation and Extended Kalman Filter for Autonomous Driving
* Multi-label chest X-ray image classification via category-wise residual attention learning
* Multidimensional Optical Sensing and Imaging System (MOSIS): From Macroscales to Microscales
* Normalized Joint Mutual Information Measure for Image Segmentation Evaluation with Multiple Ground-Truth Images
* Novel Depth-Fused Display (DFD) System With Wide Viewing 3D Images
* Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences of Odd Period 2^m-1
* Principal axis and crease detection for slap fingerprint segmentation
* QoE Evaluation for Live Broadcasting Video
* Railroad online: acquiring and visualizing route panoramas of rail scenes
* Rate-adaptive Compact Fisher Codes for Mobile Visual Search
* Robust Nighttime Vehicle Detection by Tracking and Grouping Headlights
* Slap Fingerprint Segmentation for Live-Scan Devices and Ten-Print Cards
* Stereovision-Based Object Segmentation for Automotive Applications
* Thorax Disease Classification with Attention Guided Convolutional Neural Network
* Thresholding Based on Maximum Weighted Object Correlation for Rail Defect Detection
* Visual Indexing of Large Scale Train-Borne Video for Rail Condition Perceiving
Includes: Huang, Y.P.[Yu Ping] Huang, Y.P.[Yu-Ping] Huang, Y.P.[Ya-Ping] Huang, Y.P.[Yi-Pai] Huang, Y.P.[Yo-Ping] Huang, Y.P.[Ying-Ping] Huang, Y.P. Huang, Y.P.[Yi-Po]
36 for Huang, Y.P.

Huang, Y.Q.[Yi Qing] Co Author Listing * Constant Bit-Rate Multi-Stage Rate Control for Rate-Distortion Optimized H.264/AVC Encoders
* Fast H.264/AVC DIRECT Mode Decision Based on Mode Selection and Predicted Rate-Distortion Cost
* Hardware Accelerator with Variable Pixel Representation & Skip Mode Prediction for Feature Point Detection Part of SIFT Algorithm, A
* Low-Complexity Coarse-Level Mode-Mapping Based H.264/AVC to H.264/SVC Spatial Transcoding for Video Conferencing
* Macroblock feature and motion involved multi-stage fast inter mode decision algorithm in H.264/AVC video coding
* Metadata-Assisted Global Motion Estimation for Medium-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Applications
* Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery Fusion Scheme Based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition (BEMD) and Its Application to the Extraction of Bamboo Forest
* Noise-Powered Disentangled Representation for Unsupervised Speckle Reduction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images
* Panorama creation using a team of robots
* Show, Conceive and Tell: Image Captioning with Prospective Linguistic Information
* Spatial-Temporal Event Detection from Geo-Tagged Tweets
Includes: Huang, Y.Q.[Yi Qing] Huang, Y.Q.[Yi-Qing] Huang, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing] Huang, Y.Q.[Yong-Qiang] Huang, Y.Q.[Yu-Qian]
11 for Huang, Y.Q.

Huang, Y.R.[Yong Ren] Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of moving objects for head-shoulder video sequence
* Block-based motion field segmentation for video coding
* Fast Algorithm for Structured and Unstructured Road Detection
* Multifeature extracting CNN with concatenation for image denoising
* Multiple-instance image database retrieval by spatial similarity based on Interval Neighbor Group
* new adaptive vertex-based binary shape coding technique, A
Includes: Huang, Y.R.[Yong Ren] Huang, Y.R.[Yong-Ren] Huang, Y.R.[You-Rui] Huang, Y.R.[Yen-Ren]

Huang, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Background Region-Based Algorithm for the Segmentation of Connected Digits
* Constructing Optimized Prototypes for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Control strategies for solving the problem of traffic congestion
* Control-Theoretic Approach to Rate Control for Streaming Videos, A
* Critical Scenarios and Their Identification in Parallel Railroad Level Crossing Traffic Control Systems
* Design Methodology for Highly Reliable Character Recognition Systems, A
* Design of Traffic Safety Control Systems for Emergency Vehicle Preemption Using Timed Petri Nets
* Difference Value Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Discriminant performance of the algebraic features of handwritten character images
* Downlink Power Control for Multi-User VBR Video Streaming in Cellular Networks
* Face Detection with High Precision Based on Radial-Symmetry Transform and Eye-Pair Checking
* Face Recognition by Combining Complementary Matchings of Single Image and Sequential Images
* geometrical-model-based face recognition, A
* Hand pose recognition using curvature scale space
* Identification of Fork Points on the Skeletons of Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Image warping correction in forming 360 degree panoramic images
* improved automatic gridding method for cDNA microarray images, An
* Infrared Image Super-Resolution via Transfer Learning and PSRGAN
* Inter Mode Decision Algorithm For Advanced Video Coding
* Method of Combining Multiple Classifiers: A Neural Network Approach, A
* Method of Combining Multiple Experts for the Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals
* Modular Design of Urban Traffic-Light Control Systems Based on Synchronized Timed Petri Nets
* New Approach to Video-Based Traffic Surveillance Using Fuzzy Hybrid Information Inference Mechanism, A
* Optimal Matrix Transform for the Extraction of Algebraic Features from Images
* Panoramic maker engine for a low profile system
* portable medical system using real-time streaming transport over 3G wireless networks, A
* Prototype optimization for nearest-neighbor classification
* RBF-based pattern recognition method by competitively reducing classification-oriented error, An
* Real-time multiple-person tracking system
* Reliability Design Methodology for Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Robust stroke segmentation method for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Short-term traffic flow prediction of road network based on deep learning
* structural design, simulation analysis and parameter optimisation of the cheetah robot's leg components, The
* System and method for rapidly tracking multiple faces
* Using relevance feedback to learn visual concepts from image instances
Includes: Huang, Y.S. Huang, Y.S.[Ying-Song] Huang, Y.S.[Yi-Sheng] Huang, Y.S.[Yong-Song] Huang, Y.S.[Yea-Shuan] Huang, Y.S.[Yea S.] Huang, Y.S.[Yu-Shan] Huang, Y.S.[Yu-Shu] Huang, Y.S.[Yung-Sung] Huang, Y.S.[Yi-Shao] Huang, Y.S.[Yan-Song]
35 for Huang, Y.S.

Huang, Y.T.[Yen Ting] Co Author Listing * Defense Mechanism Against Adversarial Attacks Using Density-based Representation of Images
* Investigation of DNN Model Robustness Using Heterogeneous Datasets
* Iterative Maximum Likelihood and Outlier-robust Bipercentile Estimation of Parameters of Compound-Gaussian Clutter With Inverse Gaussian Texture
* novel method for detecting lips, eyes and faces in real time, A
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Retraction: Cross-camera multi-person tracking by leveraging fast graph mining algorithm
Includes: Huang, Y.T.[Yen Ting] Huang, Y.T.[Yen-Ting] Huang, Y.T. Huang, Y.T.[Yi-Ting] Huang, Y.T.[Yan-Ting] Huang, Y.T.[Yu-Teng]

Huang, Y.W.[Yu Wen] Co Author Listing * Advanced texture and depth coding in 3D-HEVC
* Analysis and Architecture Design of an HDTV720p 30 Frames/s H.264/AVC Encoder
* Analysis and Complexity Reduction of Multiple Reference Frames Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC
* Analysis, Fast Algorithm, and VLSI Architecture Design for H.264/AVC Intra Frame Coder
* Architecture of MPEG-7 color structure description generator for realtime video applications
* Block Partitioning Structure in the VVC Standard
* development of a direct georeferencing ready UAV based photogrammetry platform, The
* error filtration method based on local similarity of the character to identify soiled vehicle license plate, An
* fast and high subjective quality sprite generation algorithm with frame skipping and multiple sprites techniques, A
* Global Elimination Algorithm and Architecture Design for Fast Block Matching Motion Estimation
* Hierarchical Path View Model for Path Finding in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Improved palette index map coding on HEVC SCC
* Improving the performance of MEMS IMU/GPS POS systems for land based MMS utilizing tightly coupled integration and odometer
* Joint Exploration Model (JEM) for Video Compression With Capability Beyond HEVC, The
* Local prediction based adaptive scanning for JPEG and H.264/AVC intra coding
* Multi-view discriminant analysis with sample diversity for ECG biometric recognition
* One-pass encoding algorithm for adaptive loop filter in high-efficiency video coding
* Palette mode: A new coding tool in screen content coding extensions of HEVC
* Performance Analysis of a UAV Based Mobile Mapping System, The
* Predictive line search: an efficient motion estimation algorithm for MPEG-4 encoding systems on multimedia processors
* Predictive watershed: a fast watershed algorithm for video segmentation
* research of MPPT implementation strategy based on the improved conductance increment method, A
* Salient Region Detection Improved by Principle Component Analysis and Boundary Information
* Sample Adaptive Offset in the HEVC Standard
* Segmental Prediction for Video Coding
* Single Reference Frame Multiple Current Macroblocks Scheme for Multiple Reference Frame Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC
* single-pass based adaptive interpolation filtering algorithm for video coding, A
* Single-Pass-Based Localized Adaptive Interpolation Filter for Video Coding, A
* Symbolic Intersect Detection: A Method for Improving Spatial Intersect Joins
* Two-Dimensional Orthogonal DCT Expansion in Trapezoid and Triangular Blocks and Modified JPEG Image Compression
Includes: Huang, Y.W.[Yu Wen] Huang, Y.W.[Yu-Wen] Huang, Y.W. Huang, Y.W.[Yen-Wei] Huang, Y.W.[Yun-Wen] Huang, Y.W.[Ying-Wei] Huang, Y.W.[Yun-Wu] Huang, Y.W.[Ying-Wun]
30 for Huang, Y.W.

Huang, Y.X.[Yao Xiong] Co Author Listing * Aggregation Cross-Entropy for Sequence Recognition
* Denoising of SAR Images Based on Wavelet Packet
* Efficiency of Extreme Gradient Boosting for Imbalanced Land Cover Classification Using an Extended Margin and Disagreement Performance
* index array approach and the dual tiled similarity algorithm for UAS hyper-spatial image processing, The
* Novel Snake Model for X-Ray Image Segmentation, A
* Object detection based on RGC mask R-CNN
* One-Source Approach for Estimating Land Surface Heat Fluxes Using Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature, A
* Rank-Two Beamformed Secure Multicasting for Wireless Information and Power Transfer
* RD-GAN: Few/zero-shot Chinese Character Style Transfer via Radical Decomposition and Rendering
* Revising the Observation Satellite Scheduling Problem Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Semi-Supervised Multimodality Learning With Graph Convolutional Neural Networks For Disease Diagnosis
* Weather Radar Data Compression Based on Zerotree Wavelet Algorithm
Includes: Huang, Y.X.[Yao Xiong] Huang, Y.X.[Yao-Xiong] Huang, Y.X.[Yun-Xian] Huang, Y.X.[You-Xin] Huang, Y.X.[Yu-Xia] Huang, Y.X.[Yong-Xuan] Huang, Y.X.[Yong-Xi] Huang, Y.X.[Yao-Xian] Huang, Y.X.[Yun-Xia] Huang, Y.X.[Yi-Xin] Huang, Y.X.[Yong-Xiang]
12 for Huang, Y.X.

Huang, Y.Y.[Yao Ying] Co Author Listing * CDADNet: Context-guided dense attentional dilated network for crowd counting
* Color texture image retrieval based on Gaussian copula models of Gabor wavelets
* Deep Decomposition of Circularly Symmetric Gabor Wavelet for rotation-invariant texture image classification
* deep translation (GAN) based change detection network for optical and SAR remote sensing images, A
* Efficient Multi-Strategy Intra Prediction for Quality Scalable High Efficiency Video Coding
* Estimation of the Precipitable Water and Water Vapor Fluxes in the Coastal and Inland Cities of China Using MAX-DOAS
* Fast Intra prediction algorithm for quality scalable video coding
* fast mode decision algorithm applied in medium-grain quality scalable video coding, A
* Integral sliding mode controller for pressure stabilization in hydrodynamic system with hydraulic accumulator
* Learning features from covariance matrix of gabor wavelet for face recognition under adverse conditions
* Marginal distribution covariance model in the multiple wavelet domain for texture representation
* Method for the Optimized Design of a Rain Gauge Network Combined with Satellite Remote Sensing Data, A
* Noise-Tolerant Paradigm for Training Face Recognition CNNs
* NOx Emission Flux Measurements with Multiple Mobile-DOAS Instruments in Beijing
* Planning redirection techniques for optimal free walking experience using model predictive control
* Ray tracing via GPU rasterization
* SeqFace: Learning discriminative features by using face sequences
* SketchMate: Deep Hashing for Million-Scale Human Sketch Retrieval
* unified Bayesian mixture model framework via spatial information for grayscale image segmentation, A
Includes: Huang, Y.Y.[Yao Ying] Huang, Y.Y.[Yao-Ying] Huang, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan] Huang, Y.Y.[Yan-Yuan] Huang, Y.Y.[Ye-Yuan] Huang, Y.Y.[Yi-Yong] Huang, Y.Y.[Yan-Yan] Huang, Y.Y.[Yang-Yu] Huang, Y.Y.[Ying-Yin] Huang, Y.Y.[Yong-Ye]
19 for Huang, Y.Y.

Huang, Y.Z.[Yong Zhen] Co Author Listing * Auto-encoder Based Data Clustering
* BFGS method based variable projection approach for image restoration
* CLUMOC: Multiple Motion Estimation by Cluster Motion Consensus
* Comprehensive Study on Cross-View Gait Based Human Identification with Deep CNNs, A
* comprehensive study on gait biometrics using a joint CNN-based method, A
* Computational primitives of visual perception
* Contextual Pooling in Image Classification
* Data Decomposition and Spatial Mixture Modeling for Part Based Model
* Deep Semantic Ranking Based Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
* Demosaicking recognition with applications in digital photo authentication based on a quadratic pixel correlation model
* Depth-embedded multiple pooling for image classification
* Discovering compact topical descriptors for web video retrieval
* Early Hierarchical Contexts Learned by Convolutional Networks for Image Segmentation
* Enhanced biologically inspired model
* Exploring generalized shape analysis by topological representations
* Exploring relations of visual codes for image classification
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Deep Evolutional Spatial-Temporal Networks
* Feature Coding in Image Classification: A Comprehensive Study
* Feature coding via vector difference for image classification
* Feedback Convolutional Neural Network for Visual Localization and Segmentation
* Fusion of Multibiometrics Based on a New Robust Linear Programming
* Gait Lateral Network: Learning Discriminative and Compact Representations for Gait Recognition
* GaitGAN: Invariant Gait Feature Extraction Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* GaitGANv2: Invariant gait feature extraction using generative adversarial networks
* GaitNet: An end-to-end network for gait based human identification
* Group encoding of local features in image classification
* Heuristic Deformable Pedestrian Detection Method, A
* Kinship Verification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning from interpolated images using neural networks for digital forensics
* Learning images using compositional pattern-producing neural networks for source camera identification and digital demographic diagnosis
* Learning Relevance Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Unstructured Group Activity and Event Understanding
* Learning Representative Deep Features for Image Set Analysis
* Lloyd clustering of Gauss mixture models for image compression and classification
* Local Hypersphere Coding Based on Edges between Visual Words
* Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention with Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks
* Making Packet Erasures to Improve Quality of FEC-Protected Video
* model-based gait recognition method with body pose and human prior knowledge, A
* Multi-view descriptor mining via codeword net for action recognition
* Multitask learning for neural generative question answering
* Novel Visual Organization Based on Topological Perception, A
* Object detection and tracking for night surveillance based on salient contrast analysis
* Optimizing FEC Transmission Strategy for Minimizing Delay in Lossless Sequential Streaming
* Recent Progress on Object Classification and Detection
* Robust object tracking via online learning of adaptive appearance manifold
* Salient coding for image classification
* Semantic windows mining in sliding window based object detection
* Spatial Graph for Image Classification
* View invariant gait recognition using only one uniform model
* View-invariant action recognition using cross ratios across frames
Includes: Huang, Y.Z.[Yong Zhen] Huang, Y.Z.[Yong-Zhen] Huang, Y.Z.[Yun-Zhi] Huang, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhen] Huang, Y.Z.[Ying-Zong] Huang, Y.Z.[Yan-Zhou]
49 for Huang, Y.Z.

Huang, Z. Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Estimation and Object Tracking Using B-Spline Curve Modeling
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Using Piecewise Mixture Models
* Accuracy and Long-Term Tracking via Overlap Maximization Integrated with Motion Continuity
* Adaptive Model for Texture Analysis, An
* Adaptive spatial filtering for digital images
* Agriculture-Vision: A Large Aerial Image Database for Agricultural Pattern Analysis
* Analytically Tractable Model for Video Conference Traffic, An
* Application of Convolutional Neural Network on Lei Bamboo Above-Ground-Biomass (AGB) Estimation Using Worldview-2
* Application of Thermocouple Thermometry and Bundle Tube Monitoring in Fire Prevention and Extinguishing in Coal Mine
* ARCH: Animatable Reconstruction of Clothed Humans
* Automatic Facial Attractiveness Prediction by Deep Multi-Task Learning
* Automatic Facial Expression Learning Method Based on Humanoid Robot XIN-REN
* Automatic Method of Location for Number-plate Using Color Features, An
* AutoTrack: Towards High-Performance Visual Tracking for UAV With Automatic Spatio-Temporal Regularization
* Batch Nearest Neighbor Search for Video Retrieval
* Bearings-Only Target Tracking with an Unbiased Pseudo-Linear Kalman Filter
* Bilinear Optimized Product Quantization for Scalable Visual Content Analysis
* Calibration of a Structured Light Measurement System Using Binary Shape Coding
* CANZSL: Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks for Zero-Shot Learning from Natural Language
* Cascaded Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Robust Face Alignment
* CCNet: Criss-Cross Attention for Semantic Segmentation
* Classification and Analysis of 3D Teleimmersive Activities
* CNN-RNN: A Unified Framework for Multi-label Image Classification
* Coherent SVR Learning for Wideband Direction-of-Arrival Estimation
* Content-Aware Metric for Stitched Panoramic Image Quality Assessment, A
* Contrast-weighted dictionary learning based saliency detection for VHR optical remote sensing images
* Cooperative vehicle localisation method based on the fusion of GPS, inter-vehicle distance, and bearing angle measurements
* Data-Driven Sparse Structure Selection for Deep Neural Networks
* Deep Collaborative Discrete Hashing With Semantic-Invariant Structure Construction
* Deep Convolution Network for Direction of Arrival Estimation With Sparse Prior
* Deep Learning on Lie Groups for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists' Performance in Breast Cancer Screening
* Deep patch learning for weakly supervised object classification and discovery
* Deep Volumetric Video From Very Sparse Multi-view Performance Capture
* Dense Receptive Field for Object Detection
* Development of a Mechanical Scanning Device With High-Frequency Ultrasound Transducer for Ultrasonic Capsule Endoscopy
* DFRS: A Large-Scale Distributed Fingerprint Recognition System Based on Redis
* Dimensionality reduction by Mixed Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Direct Minutiae Extraction from Gray-level Fingerprint Image by Relationship Examination
* Discrete Hashing With Multiple Supervision
* Discrete Multimodal Hashing With Canonical Views for Robust Mobile Landmark Search
* Discriminative Bag-of-Words-Based Adaptive Appearance Model for Robust Visual Tracking
* Discriminative Feature Learning With Consistent Attention Regularization for Person Re-Identification
* Distance-Computation-Free Search Scheme for Binary Code Databases, A
* Driver Gaze Tracking and Eyes Off the Road Detection System
* Driving risk status prediction using Bayesian networks and logistic regression
* DUAL-GLOW: Conditional Flow-Based Generative Model for Modality Transfer
* Effective Multiple Feature Hashing for Large-Scale Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval
* Effective NoSQL-Based Vector Map Tile Management Approach, An
* Efficient Method for Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Extreme Learning Machine, An
* Efficient Traffic Estimation With Multi-Sourced Data by Parallel Coupled Hidden Markov Model
* Ensemble based deep networks for image super-resolution
* Ensemble Learning Approach for Urban Land Use Mapping Based on Remote Sensing Imagery and Social Sensing Data, An
* Estimation of Land Surface Heat Fluxes Based on Landsat 7 ETM+ Data and Field Measurements over the Northern Tibetan Plateau
* Evaluation of the effectiveness of auditory speeding warnings for commercial passenger vehicles: A field study in Wuhan, China
* Exploring Distributional Discrepancy for Multidimensional Point Set Retrieval
* Extraction of Virtual Baselines from Distorted Document Images Using Curvilinear Projection
* Facial Expression Imitation Method for Humanoid Robot Based on Smooth-Constraint Reversed Mechanical Model (SRMM)
* Fast Algorithm for Texture Synthesis on Surfaces
* Fine-Grained Detection of Driver Distraction Based on Neural Architecture Search
* From Difference to Similarity: A Manifold Ranking-Based Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Framework
* Fused Text Segmentation Networks for Multi-oriented Scene Text Detection
* Game Theory-Based Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Generative Modeling of Audible Shapes for Object Perception
* GeoSpark SQL: An Effective Framework Enabling Spatial Queries on Spark
* GFTE: Graph-based Financial Table Extraction
* Gram-Based String Paradigm for Efficient Video Subsequence Search, A
* Hardgan: A Haze-aware Representation Distillation Gan for Single Image Dehazing
* HDEC-TFA: An Unsupervised Learning Approach for Discovering Physical Scattering Properties of Single-Polarized SAR Image
* Hierarchical Bayesian combination of plug-in maximum a posteriori decoders in deep neural networks-based speech recognition and speaker adaptation
* Hierarchical Latent Concept Discovery for Video Event Detection
* High-Frequency Component Helps Explain the Generalization of Convolutional Neural Networks
* HMS-Net: Hierarchical Multi-Scale Sparsity-Invariant Network for Sparse Depth Completion
* Image Super-Resolution Via Deep Dilated Convolutional Networks
* Improving Object Detection with Inverted Attention
* Integration of Global and Local Metrics for Domain Adaptation Learning Via Dimensionality Reduction
* Intelligent Mapping of Urban Forests from High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery Using Object-Based U-Net-DenseNet-Coupled Network
* Interpretable and Accurate Fine-grained Recognition via Region Grouping
* Investigation of Partition-Based and Phonetically-Aware Acoustic Features for Continuous Emotion Prediction from Speech, An
* Joint Analysis and Weighted Synthesis Sparsity Priors for Simultaneous Denoising and Destriping Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Joint Pairwise Learning and Image Clustering Based on a Siamese CNN
* Kernel Autoassociator Approach to Pattern Classification, A
* Learning Perspective Undistortion of Portraits
* Learning to Paint With Model-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Leveraging the Invariant Side of Generative Zero-Shot Learning
* Leveraging Weak Semantic Relevance for Complex Video Event Classification
* lightweight multi-scale aggregated model for detecting aerial images captured by UAVs, A
* Local image tagging via graph regularized joint group sparsity
* Location2Vec: A Situation-Aware Representation for Visual Exploration of Urban Locations
* Long Baseline Three Carrier Ambiguity Resolution with a New Ionospheric Constraint, A
* Long-Short Graph Memory Network for Skeleton-based Action Recognition
* Longitudinal Feature Selection and Feature Learning for Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis and Prediction
* Look More Than Once: An Accurate Detector for Text of Arbitrary Shapes
* LSTM based trajectory prediction model for cyclist utilizing multiple interactions with environment
* Mapping Land Subsidence Related to Underground Coal Fires in the Wuda Coalfield (Northern China) Using a Small Stack of ALOS PALSAR Differential Interferograms
* Mapping the Coastal Upwelling East of Taiwan Using Geostationary Satellite Data
* Mask Detection Method for Shoppers Under the Threat of COVID-19 Coronavirus, A
* Mask R-CNN With Pyramid Attention Network for Scene Text Detection
* Mask Scoring R-CNN
* Mining intricate temporal rules for recognizing complex activities of daily living under uncertainty
* Moment Matching for Multi-Source Domain Adaptation
* Monocular Real-time Volumetric Performance Capture
* Motion-Guided Spatial Time Attention for Video Object Segmentation
* Multi-attention Network for One Shot Learning
* Multi-classification of Parkinson's Disease via Sparse Low-Rank Learning
* Multi-feature fusion based background subtraction for video sequences with strong background changes
* Multi-Feature Fusion via Hierarchical Regression for Multimedia Analysis
* Multiple Anchor Learning for Visual Object Detection
* Multiple feature hashing for real-time large scale near-duplicate video retrieval
* Near-duplicate video retrieval: Current research and future trends
* Novel Hyperspectral Image Simulation Method Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, A
* Novel Integrated Algorithm for Wind Vector Retrieval from Conically Scanning Scatterometers, A
* Novel Popular Tourist Attraction Discovering Approach Based on Geo-Tagged Social Media Big Data, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Video Quality Mapping: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Object-Level Proposals
* Optimal space subdivision for parallel approximate nearest neighbour determination
* Packet Scheduling Method for Multimedia QoS Provisioning, A
* Parsing Based on Parselets: A Unified Deformable Mixture Model for Human Parsing
* Path Planning and Cooperative Control for Automated Vehicle Platoon Using Hybrid Automata
* PF-Net: Point Fractal Network for 3D Point Cloud Completion
* Phenology estimation of subtropical bamboo forests based on assimilated MODIS LAI time series data
* PIFu: Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution Clothed Human Digitization
* Practical Online Near-Duplicate Subsequence Detection for Continuous Video Streams
* Prior Guided Dropout for Robust Visual Localization in Dynamic Environments
* Radio Frequency Fingerprint Extraction Based on Multi-Dimension Approximate Entropy
* Realistic Dynamic Facial Textures from a Single Image Using GANs
* Remotely Sensed Seasonal Shoreward Intrusion of the East Australian Current: Implications for Coastal Ocean Dynamics
* Research of Target Detection and Classification Techniques Using Millimeter-Wave Radar and Vision Sensors
* Research On The Framework of The Smart Conservation Management System For The Historic City Fuzhou
* Results of the 2020 fastMRI Challenge for Machine Learning MR Image Reconstruction
* RLST: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Scene Text Detection Refinement
* Robust discrete code modeling for supervised hashing
* Roles of Urban Buildings and Vegetation in Adjusting Seasonal And Daily Air Temperature, The
* RotateView: A Video Composition System for Interactive Product Display
* Scalable Supervised Asymmetric Hashing With Semantic and Latent Factor Embedding
* Scalable Video Event Retrieval by Visual State Binary Embedding
* Self-taught dimensionality reduction on the high-dimensional small-sized data
* Semantic Image Segmentation by Scale-Adaptive Networks
* Semantic-Guided Attention Refinement Network for Salient Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Semi-supervised blockwisely architecture search for efficient lightweight generative adversarial network
* SiCloPe: Silhouette-Based Clothed People
* Simple Baseline for Fast and Accurate Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, A
* Sparse Embedding and Least Variance Encoding Approach to Hashing, A
* Spatiotemporal Evolution of Fractional Vegetation Cover and Its Response to Climate Change Based on MODIS Data in the Subtropical Region of China
* Spatiotemporal Evolution of Urban Expansion Using Landsat Time Series Data and Assessment of Its Influences on Forests
* Spatiotemporal LUCC Simulation under Different RCP Scenarios Based on the BPNN_CA_Markov Model: A Case Study of Bamboo Forest in Anji County
* SPGNet: Semantic Prediction Guidance for Scene Parsing
* Study On The Survey, Identification Criteria and Tool System Of Historical Buildings Supported By The Technology of GIS
* Subpixel-Pixel-Superpixel Guided Fusion for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* SuperCNN: A Superpixelwise Convolutional Neural Network for Salient Object Detection
* Synchrosqueezing S-Transform and Its Application in Seismic Spectral Decomposition
* Systolic neural network architecture for second order hidden Markov models
* Tag localization with spatial correlations and joint group sparsity
* Text Recognition in Images Based on Transformer with Hierarchical Attention
* TextNet: Irregular Text Reading from Images with an End-to-End Trainable Network
* TrafficGAN: Network-Scale Deep Traffic Prediction With Generative Adversarial Nets
* Two-Stage Maximum a Posterior Probability Method for Blind Identification of LDPC Codes, A
* Understanding Convolution for Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised Deep Hashing with Similarity-Adaptive and Discrete Optimization
* Urban Multimedia Computing: Emerging Methods in Multimedia Computing for Urban Data Analysis and Applications
* Using TPI to Map Spatial and Temporal Variations of Significant Coastal Upwelling in the Northern South China Sea
* Vehicle Behavior Learning via Sparse Reconstruction with L_2-L_p Minimization and Trajectory Similarity
* Vid3oC and IntVID Datasets for Video Super Resolution and Quality Mapping, The
* Video-to-Shot Tag Propagation by Graph Sparse Group Lasso
* VideoPuzzle: Descriptive One-Shot Video Composition
* Wacnet: Word Segmentation Guided Characters Aggregation Net for Scene Text Spotting With Arbitrary Shapes
* Weakly Supervised Attention Rectification for Scene Text Recognition
* Web Video Event Recognition by Semantic Analysis From Ubiquitous Documents
* What's Wrong with That Object? Identifying Images of Unusual Objects by Modelling the Detection Score Distribution
* What, Where, and How to Transfer in SAR Target Recognition Based on Deep CNNs
* You Only Search Once: Single Shot Neural Architecture Search via Direct Sparse Optimization
* ZoomInNet: A Novel Small Object Detector in Drone Images with Cross-Scale Knowledge Distillation
Includes: Huang, Z. Huang, Z.[Zeulu] Huang, Z.[Zihao] Huang, Z.[Zhian] Huang, Z.[Zi] Huang, Z.[Ziyu] Huang, Z.[Zixia] Huang, Z.[Zhou] Huang, Z.[Zhi] Huang, Z.[Zehao] Huang, Z.[Zilong] Huang, Z.[Zeng] Huang, Z.[Zhen] Huang, Z.[Zhong] Huang, Z.[ZhiXiang] Huang, Z.[Zheng] Huang, Z.[Ziling] Huang, Z.[Zhongwei] Huang, Z.[Zuming] Huang, Z.[Zhaojin] Huang, Z.[Zigang] Huang, Z.[Zehua] Huang, Z.[ZiHao] Huang, Z.[Zhengnan] Huang, Z.[Zizheng] Huang, Z.[Zhe] Huang, Z.[Zailu]
173 for Huang, Z.

Huang, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Co Author Listing * Estimates of Forest Canopy Height Using a Combination of ICESat-2/ATLAS Data and Stereo-Photogrammetry
* Quarter-Point Product Quantization for approximate nearest neighbor search
* Regional Forest Volume Estimation by Expanding LiDAR Samples Using Multi-Sensor Satellite Data
* Remote Sensing Monitoring of Vegetation Dynamic Changes after Fire in the Greater Hinggan Mountain Area: The Algorithm and Application for Eliminating Phenological Impacts
* Writer Adaptive Online Handwriting Recognition Using Incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis
Includes: Huang, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Huang, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin] Huang, Z.B.[Zhi-Biao]

Huang, Z.C.[Zhong Chao] Co Author Listing * Automated work efficiency analysis for smart manufacturing using human pose tracking and temporal action localization
* Co-Seismic Deformation and Fault Slip Model of the 2017 Mw 7.3 Darbandikhan, Iran-Iraq Earthquake Inferred from D-InSAR Measurements
* Hard exudate segmentation in retinal image with attention mechanism
* Optic disc segmentation in fundus images using adversarial training
* Reconstruction of time-varying tidal flat topography using optical remote sensing imageries
* Removing Adversarial Noise via Low-Rank Completion of High-Sensitivity Points
* Spatiotemporal Evolution Patterns of the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Space-Time Aggregation and Spatial Statistics: A Global Perspective
* Surface Rupture Kinematics and Coseismic Slip Distribution during the 2019 Mw7.1 Ridgecrest, California Earthquake Sequence Revealed by SAR and Optical Images
Includes: Huang, Z.C.[Zhong Chao] Huang, Z.C.[Zhong-Chao] Huang, Z.C.[Zi-Cheng] Huang, Z.C.[Zhi-Cheng] Huang, Z.C.[Ze-Chun]
8 for Huang, Z.C.

Huang, Z.D.[Zhou Di] Co Author Listing * BALG: An alternative for fast and robust feature matching
* Coupling Degree between the Demand and Supply of Bus Services at Stops: A Density-Based Approach
* Database Approach to Very Large LIDAR Data Management, A
* effective approach for color video recovery based on balanced tensor, An
* Hierarchical Approach to Optimizing Bus Stop Distribution in Large and Fast Developing Cities, A
* Partial retrieval of CAD models based on the gradient flows in Lie group
* RWBD: Learning Robust Weighted Binary Descriptor for Image Matching
Includes: Huang, Z.D.[Zhou Di] Huang, Z.D.[Zhou-Di] Huang, Z.D.[Zheng-Dong]
7 for Huang, Z.D.

Huang, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Co Author Listing * Indirect Evaluation of Nurse's Transfer Skill Through the Measurement of Patient
* Latent Boosting for Action Recognition
* Stochastic Bundle Adjustment for Efficient and Scalable 3d Reconstruction
Includes: Huang, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Huang, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng] Huang, Z.F.[Zhuo-Fei]

Huang, Z.G.[Zi Gang] Co Author Listing * Towards complex activity recognition using a Bayesian network-based probabilistic generative framework
Includes: Huang, Z.G.[Zi Gang] Huang, Z.G.[Zi-Gang]

Huang, Z.H. Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant B-Spline Moments For Curve Matching
* Affine-Invariant B-Spline Weighted Moments for Object Recognition from Image Curves
* Affine-Invariant Moments and B-Splines for Object Recognition from Image Curves
* Curve Recognition Using B-Spline Representation
* Detecting Avocados to Zucchinis: What Have We Done, and Where Are We Going?
* Direct Corner Detecting Algorithm, A
* Fast Region-Adaptive Defogging and Enhancement for Outdoor Images Containing Sky
* ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge
* improved system for 3D individualized modeling of the artificial femoral head, An
* Interpretable Attention Guided Network for Fine-grained Visual Classification
* Invariant Matching and Identification of Curves Using B-Splines Curve Representation
* Iterative weighted nuclear norm for X-ray cardiovascular angiogram image denoising
* Iterative weighted sparse representation for X-ray cardiovascular angiogram image denoising over learned dictionary
* Large Margin Subspace Learning for feature selection
* Learning Like a Child: Fast Novel Visual Concept Learning from Sentence Descriptions of Images
* Mapping Forest Ecosystem Biomass Density for Xiangjiang River Basin by Combining Plot and Remote Sensing Data and Comparing Spatial Extrapolation Methods
* New concepts of network camera for measuring images
* No-reference image quality assessment focusing on human facial region
* Non-uniform patch based face recognition via 2D-DWT
* Novel Query Strategy-Based Rank Batch-Mode Active Learning Method for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification, A
* Secret Image Transmission Scheme Using Secret Codebook
* Spatiotemporal Exploration of Chinese Spring Festival Population Flow Patterns and Their Determinants Based on Spatial Interaction Model
* Variational Feature Representation-based Classification for face recognition with single sample per person
* Vicarious Radiometric Calibration of the Hyperspectral Imaging Microsatellites SPARK-01 and -02 over Dunhuang, China
* Video Paragraph Captioning Using Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Networks
Includes: Huang, Z.H. Huang, Z.H.[Zhi-Heng] Huang, Z.H.[Zheng-Hao] Huang, Z.H.[Zhi-Huan] Huang, Z.H.[Zhen-Huan] Huang, Z.H.[Zheng-Hua] Huang, Z.H.[Zheng-Hong] Huang, Z.H.[Zhi-Hong] Huang, Z.H.[Zhan-Hua] Huang, Z.H.[Zhi-Hui] Huang, Z.H.[Zheng-Hai] Huang, Z.H.[Zi-Hao] Huang, Z.H.[Zeng-Hui] Huang, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua]
25 for Huang, Z.H.

Huang, Z.J.[Zhi Jian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Algorithm for Automated Polygonal Approximation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Segmentation Contours
* Adaptive Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based In-Loop Filter for VVC
* Bounding the Distance between a Loop Subdivision Surface and Its Limit Mesh
* Efficient Encoding Method for Video Compositing in HEVC, An
* Efficient Hevc Downscale Transcoding Based on Coding Unit Information Mapping
* Full Camera Calibration from a Single View of Planar Scene
* Improved error estimate for extraordinary Catmull-Clark subdivision surface patches
* Nose breathing or mouth breathingƒ A thermography-based new measurement for sleep monitoring
* Real-time and accurate object detection in compressed video by long short-term feature aggregation
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Sparse feature fidelity for image quality assessment
Includes: Huang, Z.J.[Zhi Jian] Huang, Z.J.[Zhi-Jian] Huang, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie] Huang, Z.J.[Zhang-Jin] Huang, Z.J.[Zheng-Jie] Huang, Z.J.[Zhao-Jin] Huang, Z.J.[Zhong-Jian] Huang, Z.J.[Zu-Jian]
11 for Huang, Z.J.

Huang, Z.K.[Zhen Kun] Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction With Video Coding
* Improving Jason-2 Sea Surface Heights within 10 km Offshore by Retracking Decontaminated Waveforms
* Innovative Virtual Simulation Teaching Platform on Digital Mapping with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Remote Sensing Education, An
* novel method for generation of motion saliency, A
* Robust, Long-term Lake Level Change from Multiple Satellite Altimeters in Tibet: Observing the Rapid Rise of Ngangzi Co over a New Wetland
* Separation and Recovery of Geophysical Signals Based on the Kalman Filter with GRACE Gravity Data
Includes: Huang, Z.K.[Zhen Kun] Huang, Z.K.[Zhen-Kun] Huang, Z.K.[Zheng-Kai]

Huang, Z.L.[Zi Long] Co Author Listing * 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* Confidence-based Global Attention Guided Network for Image Inpainting
* Deep SAR-Net: Learning objects from signals
* Determination of Parameters of Subsurface Layers Using GPR Spectral Inversion Method
* DotSCN: Group Re-Identification via Domain-Transferred Single and Couple Representation Learning
* Fast and Accurate Single-Image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Identifying Dynamic Changes in Water Surface Using Sentinel-1 Data Based on Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning Techniques
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* Reversible data hiding based on hybrid prediction and interleaving histogram modification with single seed pixel recovery
* Transfer Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Network for SAR Target Classification with Limited Labeled Data
* Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Network with Deep Seeded Region Growing
Includes: Huang, Z.L.[Zi Long] Huang, Z.L.[Zi-Long] Huang, Z.L.[Zhi-Lin] Huang, Z.L.[Zhong-Ling] Huang, Z.L.[Zhong-Lai] Huang, Z.L.[Zi-Ling] Huang, Z.L.[Ze-Lin] Huang, Z.L.[Zheng-Liang]
11 for Huang, Z.L.

Huang, Z.M.[Zhi Meng] Co Author Listing * Beyond VVC: Towards Perceptual Quality Optimized Video Compression Using Multi-Scale Hybrid Approaches
* Improve Image Codec's Performance By Variating Post Enhancing Neural Network: Submission of zxw for CLIC2020
Includes: Huang, Z.M.[Zhi Meng] Huang, Z.M.[Zhi-Meng] Huang, Z.M.[Zhang-Ming]

Huang, Z.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Information Fusion for Human Upper Limb Movement Estimation
* Location-aware query reformulation for search engines
* Spatial Relationship between Natural Wetlands Changes and Associated Influencing Factors in Mainland China
Includes: Huang, Z.P. Huang, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng] Huang, Z.P.[Zhan-Peng]

Huang, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiu] Co Author Listing * Convolutional LSTM based transportation mode learning from raw GPS trajectories
* Multi-task Deep Learning for No-reference Screen Content Image Quality Assessment
* Multiple Ship Tracking in Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning
* Perceptual Hashing With Visual Content Understanding for Reduced-Reference Screen Content Image Quality Assessment
* Perceptual Image Hashing With Texture and Invariant Vector Distance for Copy Detection
* PIN: A Novel Parallel Interactive Network for Spoken Language Understanding
* Real-Time Sparse Visual Tracking Using Circulant Reverse Lasso Model
* Target Positioning with Dominant Feature Elements
Includes: Huang, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiu] Huang, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiu] Huang, Z.Q.[Zi-Qing] Huang, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiang] Huang, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qi] Huang, Z.Q.[Zhuan Qing]
8 for Huang, Z.Q.

Huang, Z.R.[Zhi Ren] Co Author Listing * Estimating Traffic Flow in Large Road Networks Based on Multi-Source Traffic Data
* Traffic control approach based on multi-source data fusion
Includes: Huang, Z.R.[Zhi Ren] Huang, Z.R.[Zhi-Ren]

Huang, Z.S.[Zhang Shuai] Co Author Listing * efficient coding framework for compact descriptors extracted from video sequence, An
* Real time vanishing points detection on smartphones under Manhattan world assumption
* uniformizing method of MR image intensity transformation, An
Includes: Huang, Z.S.[Zhang Shuai] Huang, Z.S.[Zhang-Shuai] Huang, Z.S.[Zeng-Shi]

Huang, Z.T.[Zhi Tao] Co Author Listing * Blind joint information and spreading sequence estimation for short-code DS-SS signal in asynchronous and synchronous systems
* Cycle-based variable speed limit methodology for improved freeway merging
* Fast single image dehazing with domain transformation-based edge-preserving filter and weighted quadtree subdivision
* ICA-based direction-of-arrival estimation of uncorrelated and coherent signals with uniform linear array
* Identity-Preserved Face Beauty Transformation with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Kernel Based Multiple Cue Adaptive Appearance Model For Robust Real-time Visual Tracking
* Normalized residual-based constant false-alarm rate outlier detection
* Online source number estimation based on sequential hypothesis test and subspace tracking
* Robust and efficient object tracking algorithm under illumination changes based on joint gradient-intensity histogram
* Single color image dehazing based on digital total variation filter with color transfer
* Single image dehazing based on fast wavelet transform with weighted image fusion
Includes: Huang, Z.T.[Zhi Tao] Huang, Z.T.[Zhi-Tao] Huang, Z.T.[Zhi-Tong]
11 for Huang, Z.T.

Huang, Z.W.[Zhong Wei] Co Author Listing * Atmosphere Boundary Layer Height (ABLH) Determination under Multiple-Layer Conditions Using Micro-Pulse Lidar
* Benchmark and Comparative Study of Video-Based Face Recognition on COX Face Database, A
* Benchmarking Still-to-Video Face Recognition via Partial and Local Linear Discriminant Analysis on COX-S2V Dataset
* Coupling Alignments with Recognition for Still-to-Video Face Recognition
* Covariance Pooling for Facial Expression Recognition
* Cross Euclidean-to-Riemannian Metric Learning with Application to Face Recognition from Video
* Cross-view Graph Embedding
* Design of distributed cooperative observer for heavy-haul train with unknown displacement
* Detection of a Dust Storm in 2020 by a Multi-Observation Platform over the Northwest China
* Discriminant Analysis on Riemannian Manifold of Gaussian Distributions for Face Recognition With Image Sets
* Face recognition on large-scale video in the wild with hybrid Euclidean-and-Riemannian metric learning
* Face video retrieval with image query via hashing across Euclidean space and Riemannian manifold
* Facial Emotion Recognition with Noisy Multi-task Annotations
* Geometry-Aware Similarity Learning on SPD Manifolds for Visual Recognition
* Hierarchical Learning-Guided human motion quality assessment in big data environment
* Hybrid Euclidean-and-Riemannian Metric Learning for Image Set Classification
* Learning Euclidean-to-Riemannian Metric for Point-to-Set Classification
* Learning Salient Features for Speech Emotion Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Moving Objects Segmentation from compressed surveillance video based on Motion Estimation
* Multi-Feature Fusion Using Multi-GMM Supervector for SVM Speaker Verification
* Off-policy Reinforcement Learning for Efficient and Effective GAN Architecture Search
* Profiling Dust Mass Concentration in Northwest China Using a Joint Lidar and Sun-Photometer Setting
* Projection Metric Learning on Grassmann Manifold with Application to Video based Face Recognition
* Real-Time Observations of Dust-Cloud Interactions Based on Polarization and Raman Lidar Measurements
* Report on the FG 2015 Video Person Recognition Evaluation
* Sliced Wasserstein Generative Models
* Wasserstein Divergence for GANs
Includes: Huang, Z.W.[Zhong Wei] Huang, Z.W.[Zhong-Wei] Huang, Z.W.[Zhi-Wu] Huang, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei] Huang, Z.W.[Zheng-Wei]
27 for Huang, Z.W.

Huang, Z.X.[Zeng Xi] Co Author Listing * adaptive bimodal recognition framework using sparse coding for face and ear, An
* Coarse-to-fine outlier correction with applications in structure from motion
* Detection of Citrus Huanglongbing Based on Multi-Input Neural Network Model of UAV Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Estimating the Real Positions of Objects in Images by Using Evolutionary Algorithm
* Novel Multiresolution-Statistical Texture Analysis Architecture: Radiomics-Aided Diagnosis of PDAC Based on Plain CT Images, A
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Retrieval of Aerodynamic Parameters in Rubber Tree Forests Based on the Computer Simulation Technique and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* robust face and ear based multimodal biometric system using sparse representation, A
* Robust Pedestrian Detection for Semi-automatic Construction of a Crowded Person Re-Identification Dataset
Includes: Huang, Z.X.[Zeng Xi] Huang, Z.X.[Zeng-Xi] Huang, Z.X.[Zi-Xiao] Huang, Z.X.[Zhi-Xing] Huang, Z.X.[Zi-Xing] Huang, Z.X.[Ze-Xi] Huang, Z.X.[Zhi-Xian]
9 for Huang, Z.X.

Huang, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval with morphing-based geometric and topological feature maps
* 8-Day and Daily Maximum and Minimum Air Temperature Estimation via Machine Learning Method on a Climate Zone to Global Scale
* Adaptive Model for Texture Classification, An
* Adjustable preference affinity propagation clustering
* Affine Object Tracking with Kernel-Based Spatial-Color Representation
* ARM Based Microcontroller for Image Capturing in FPGA Design
* Bayesian Reconstruction Using a New Nonlocal MRF Prior for Count-Limited PET Transmission Scans
* Comparing Groundwater Storage Changes in Two Main Grain Producing Areas in China: Implications for Sustainable Agricultural Water Resources Management
* Contextualizing Object Detection and Classification
* Contextualizing object detection and classification
* De-Hankelization of singular spectrum analysis matrices via L1 norm criterion
* Deep Spectral Representation Learning From Multi-View Data
* Deformable Mixture Parsing Model with Parselets, A
* Detection of a Moving UAV Based on Deep Learning-Based Distance Estimation
* Efficient Maximum Appearance Search for Large-Scale Object Detection
* Feature-guided painterly image rendering
* Finding rigid sub-structure patterns from 3D point-sets
* Harmonics Extraction Based on Higher Order Statistics Spectrum Decomposition for A Unified Texture Model
* Hierarchical matching with side information for image classification
* Human posture recognition in video sequence using pseudo 2-D hidden Markov models
* Immersive VR System for Sports Education, An
* Intermittent Contextual Learning for Keyfilter-Aware UAV Object Tracking Using Deep Convolutional Feature
* Investigating large-scale feature matching using the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor
* Joint Bayesian PET Reconstruction Algorithm Using a Quadratic Hybrid Multi-order Prior
* Kernel autoassociator with applications to visual classification
* Kernel-based method for tracking objects with rotation and translation
* Large Margin Object Tracking with Circulant Feature Maps
* Large-scale feature matching with distributed and heterogeneous computing
* Learning Aberrance Repressed Correlation Filters for Real-Time UAV Tracking
* Local Spectra Features Extraction Based-on 2d Pseudo-wigner Distribution for Texture Analysis
* Looking Inside Category: Subcategory-Aware Object Recognition
* maximum margin discriminative learning algorithm for temporal signals, A
* Multi-task low-rank affinity pursuit for image segmentation
* new descriptor resistant to affine transformation and monotonic intensity change, A
* Object-Layout-Aware Image Retrieval for Personal Album Management
* particle filtering framework with indirect measurements for visual tracking, A
* Self-challenging Improves Cross-domain Generalization
* Stereo matching based on multi-scale fusion and multi-type support regions
* Subcategory-Aware Object Classification
* Touch Saliency: Characteristics and Prediction
* Water level changes of Hulun Lake in Inner Mongolia derived from Jason satellite data
* Weakly Supervised Deep Learning-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
Includes: Huang, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Huang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Huang, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Huang, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yang] Huang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yao] Huang, Z.Y.[Zen-Yi] Huang, Z.Y.[Zi-Yin] Huang, Z.Y.[Zong-Ying] Huang, Z.Y.[Zi-Yun] Huang, Z.Y.[Zi-Yuan] Huang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yi] Huang, Z.Y.[Ze-Yi] Huang, Z.Y.[Zi-Yue] Huang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yu]
42 for Huang, Z.Y.

Huang, Z.Y.X.[Zheng Y. X.] Co Author Listing * Forest Connectivity, Host Assemblage Characteristics of Local and Neighboring Counties, and Temperature Jointly Shape the Spatial Expansion of Lyme Disease in United States
* Remote Sensing and Social Sensing Data Reveal Scale-Dependent and System-Specific Strengths of Urban Heat Island Determinants
* Using Satellite Data for the Characterization of Local Animal Reservoir Populations of Hantaan Virus on the Weihe Plain, China
Includes: Huang, Z.Y.X.[Zheng Y. X.] Huang, Z.Y.X.[Zheng Y.X.]

Huang, Z.Z. Co Author Listing * Radial Velocity Retrieval for Multichannel SAR Moving Targets With Time-Space Doppler Deambiguity

Huangfu, J. Co Author Listing * Long-Distance Geomagnetic Navigation: Imitations of Animal Migration Based on a New Assumption
* Remote Blind Motion Separation Using a Single-Tone SIMO Doppler Radar Sensor

Huangfu, L. Co Author Listing * Class-Prototype Discriminative Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Corner detection using the point-to-centroid distance technique
* Globality-Locality Preserving Projections for Biometric Data Dimensionality Reduction
* Improved hypergraph regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with sparse representation
* Shape primitive histogram: Low-level face representation for face recognition
Includes: Huangfu, L. Huangfu, L.[Luwen]

Huangfu, W.C.[Wen Chao] Co Author Listing * Mapping Landslide Hazard Risk Using Random Forest Algorithm in Guixi, Jiangxi, China
* Mining and Restoration Monitoring of Rare Earth Element (REE) Exploitation by New Remote Sensing Indicators in Southern Jiangxi, China
Includes: Huangfu, W.C.[Wen Chao] Huangfu, W.C.[Wen-Chao]

Huangi, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * Decorrelated Batch Normalization
* Decorrelated Batch Normalization

Huango, Z.Y.[Zhong Yang] Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Label-to-Region by search
Includes: Huango, Z.Y.[Zhong Yang] Huango, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yang]

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