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Collections, General.

Brady, M., (Ed.),
Computer Vision,
North HollandPublishing, Amsterdam, 1981. BibRef 8100
Earlier: AI(17), 1981. Reprint. Especially notable for its lack of images. The papers are listed in the proper sections. The book includes a preface by Brady. Preface - The Changing Shape of Computer Vision. BibRef

Brady, M.,
The Changing Shape of Computer Vision,
AI(17), No. 1-3, August 1981, pp. 1-15.
Elsevier DOI Introduction to the special issue. See the book also. BibRef 8108

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Readings in Computer Vision, Issues, Problems, Principles, and Problems,
Los Altos: Morgan Kaufmann1987. BibRef 8700 RCV87(page) for references. This is a collection of previous papers with introductory material about many aspects of computer vision. BibRef

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Image Understanding, Volume 2,
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Machine Vision Algorithms, Architectures, and Systems,
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Advances in Computer Vision,
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HTML Version. Proceedings for the 8th Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision. BibRef

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Machine Vision for Three-Dimensional Scenes,
San Diego: Academic Press1990. BibRef 9000 MVfor3Dfor references. Concentrate on practical uses and limitations of computer vision. BibRef

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Computer Vision: Volume 1 - Principles,
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Computer Vision: Volume 2 - Advances and Applications,
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From Pixels to Features, II,
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HTML Version. Buy this book: Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision BibRef 0501

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HTML Version. BibRef 9500

Bowyer, K.W.[Kevin W.], and Ahuja, N.[Narendra],
Advances in Image Understanding: A Festschrift for Azriel Rosenfeld,
IEEE Computer Society Press344 pages. 6 x 9; Softcover. July 1996. ISBN 0-8186-7644-2. BibRef 9607 AIU96for references.
WWW Link. Contains 22 papers specifically written for this text. Covers five major themes: image segmentation, feature extraction, 3D shape estimation from 2D images, object recognition, and applications technologies. BibRef

Davis, L.S.[Larry S.], (Ed.)
Foundations of Image Understanding,
KluwerBoston, August 2001. ISBN 0-7923-7457-6, Indexed as: BibRef 0108 FIU01
WWW Link. Survey, Image Understanding. 1. Summation; A. Rosenfeld. 2.
See also Digital Geometry: The Birth of a New Discipline. 3.
See also Digital Topology. 4. Fuzzy Mathematics; J.N. Mordeson. 5.
See also Picture Languages. 6.
See also Parallel Image Processing. 7.
See also Object Representations. 8.
See also Texture Classification and Segmentation. 9.
See also Edge Measures Using Similarity Regions. 10.
See also Relaxation Labeling: 25 Years and Still Iterating. 11.
See also From a robust hierarchy to a hierarchy of robustness. 12.
See also Pyramid Framework for Real-Time Computer Vision, A. 13.
See also On the Computational Modeling of Human Vision. 14.
See also Statistics Explains Geometrical Optical Illusions. 15.
See also Optics for OmniStereo Imaging. 16.
See also Volumetric scene reconstruction from multiple views. Buy this book: Foundations of Image Understanding (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) BibRef

Bovik, A.C.[Alan C.], Chen, C.W.[Chang Wen], Goldgof, D.B.[Dmitry B.], Huang, T.S.[Thomas S.], Bowyer, K.W.[Kevin W.], and Ahuja, N.[Narendra],
Advances in image processing and understanding: A festschrift for Thomas S. Huang,
World Scientific2002. ISBN: 9812380914 BibRef 0200 AIPU02for references.
HTML Version. BibRef

Blanc-Talon, J.[Jacques], and Popescu, D.C.[Dan C.],
Imaging and Vision Systems: Theory, Assessment and Applications,
NovaScience Books and Journals, 2003.
HTML Version. Advanced image processing, performance evaluation, intelligent vision systems, BibRef 0300

Vosselman, G.[George],
Young author award special issue,
PandRS(62), No. 2, June 2007, pp. 77.
Elsevier DOI 0709

Ikeuchi, K.[Katsushi], Klinker, G.[Gudrun], Ohta, Y.[Yuichi], Szeliski, R.S.[Richard S.],
Special Issue: Celebrating Kanade's Vision,
IJCV(75), No. 1, October 2007, pp. 1-2.
Springer DOI 0709

Damiand, G.[Guillaume], Andres, E.[Eric],
Introduction Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery,
IVC(25), No. 10, 1 October 2007, pp. 1519.
Elsevier DOI 0709

Bunke, H.[Horst], Villanueva, J.J.[Juan José], Sánchez, G.[Gemma], Otazu, X.[Xavier],
Progress in Computer Vision and Image Analysis,
World ScientificSingapore, 2009. ISBN: 978-981-283-445-4
HTML Version. Buy this book: Progress In Computer Vision And Image Analysis (Series in Machine Perception & Artifical Intelligence) (Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence) Collection of recent papers that appeared in ELCVIA various volumes. Includes:
See also Appearance-Based Method for Parametric Video Registration, An.
See also Relevance of multifractal textures in static images.
See also Potential Fields as an External Force and Algorithmic Improvements in Deformable Models.
See also Robustness of a Blind Image Watermark Detector Designed by Orthogonal Projection.
See also Detecting human heads with their orientations.
See also Prior Knowledge Based Motion Model Representation.
See also Area and Volume Restoration in Elastically Deformable Solids.
See also novel approach to sparse histogram image lossless compression using JPEG2000, A.
See also Separating Rigid Motion for Continuous Shape Evolution.
See also Improved motion segmentation based on shadow detection. And others. BibRef 0900

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