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Cord, A.[Aurelien] Co Author Listing * Contrast restoration of road images taken in foggy weather
* Feature selection in robust clustering based on Laplace mixture
* impact of inter-annual variability in remote sensing time series on modeling tree species distributions, The
* Nighttime Visibility Analysis and Estimation Method in the Presence of Dense Fog
* Quantitative model of the driver's reaction time during daytime fog: Application to a head up display-based advanced driver assistance system
* Supporting Drivers in Keeping Safe Speed in Adverse Weather Conditions by Mitigating the Risk Level
Includes: Cord, A.[Aurelien] Cord, A.[Aurélien] Cord, A.[Anna] Cord, A.

Cord, A.F.[Anna F.] Co Author Listing * Modelling Distributions of Rove Beetles in Mountainous Areas Using Remote Sensing Data

Cord, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * 3-Way-Trees: A Similarity Search Method for High-Dimensional Descriptor Matching
* 3D Content-Based Retrieval in Artwork Databases
* 3D Data Reconstruction and Modeling for Urban Scene Analysis
* Absolute geo-localization thanks to Hidden Markov Model and exemplar-based metric learning
* Accurate Building Structure Recovery from High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Active Learning Methods for Interactive Image Retrieval
* ADVENT: Adversarial Entropy Minimization for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Automatic Extraction and Classification of Vegetation Areas from High Resolution Images in Urban Areas
* Automatic Extraction and Modelling of Urban Buildings from High Resolution Aerial Images
* Back-propagation Algorithm for Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
* Bayesian Model Identification: Application to Building Reconstruction in Aerial Imagery
* Beyond Question-Based Biases: Assessing Multimodal Shortcut Learning in Visual Question Answering
* Boosting Few-Shot Visual Learning With Self-Supervision
* BOSSA: Extended bow formalism for image classification
* Building Detection and Reconstruction from Mid- and High-resolution Aerial Imagery
* Building Detection from High Resolution Digital Elevation Models in Urban Areas
* CBIR in Distributed Databases using a Multi-Agent System
* Classifying low-resolution images by integrating privileged information in deep CNNs
* Closed-Form Training of Mahalanobis Distance for Supervised Clustering
* Co-training 2L Submodels for Visual Recognition
* Colour contribution for stereo image matching
* Combining Visual Dictionary, Kernel-Based Similarity and Learning Strategy for Image Category Retrieval
* CoMFormer: Continual Learning in Semantic and Panoptic Segmentation
* Confidence Estimation via Auxiliary Models
* Contextual detection of drawn symbols in old maps
* CSG0: Continual Urban Scene Generation with Zero Forgetting
* DADA: Depth-Aware Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* DeCaFA: Deep Convolutional Cascade for Face Alignment in the Wild
* Deep Entwined Learning Head Pose and Face Alignment Inside an Attentional Cascade with Doubly-Conditional fusion
* Deep neural networks under stress
* DeiT III: Revenge of the ViT
* Delving Deep into Interpreting Neural Nets with Piece-Wise Affine Representation
* Detecting 32 Pedestrian Attributes for Autonomous Vehicles
* Detection, Segmentation and Characterization of Vegetation in High-Resolution Aerial Images for 3D City Modeling
* DiffHPE: Robust, Coherent 3D Human Pose Lifting with Diffusion
* DiscoNet: Shapes Learning on Disconnected Manifolds for 3D Editing
* Driving behavior explanation with multi-level fusion
* Dynamic Scene Classification: Learning Motion Descriptors with Slow Features Analysis
* DyTox: Transformers for Continual Learning with DYnamic TOken eXpansion
* Efficient Bag-of-Feature kernel representation for image similarity search
* efficient system for combining complementary kernels in complex visual categorization tasks, An
* Embedding Arithmetic of Multimodal Queries for Image Retrieval
* End-to-End Learning of Latent Deformable Part-Based Representations for Object Detection
* eP-ALM: Efficient Perceptual Augmentation of Language Models
* Exemplar based metric learning for robust visual localization
* Explainability of Deep Vision-Based Autonomous Driving Systems: Review and Challenges
* Exploiting Negative Evidence for Deep Latent Structured Models
* Extended Coding and Pooling in the HMAX Model
* Fantope Regularization in Metric Learning
* Fast approximate kernel-based similarity search for image retrieval task
* Feature-based approach to semi-supervised similarity learning
* Finding Beans in Burgers: Deep Semantic-Visual Embedding with Localization
* FlexIT: Towards Flexible Semantic Image Translation
* Gaze latent support vector machine for image classification
* Gaze latent support vector machine for image classification improved by weakly supervised region selection
* Going deeper with Image Transformers
* Grafit: Learning fine-grained image representations with coarse labels
* Handling new target classes in semantic segmentation with domain adaptation
* HMAX-S: Deep scale representation for biologically inspired image categorization
* Hybrid Pooling Fusion in the BoW Pipeline
* HybridNet: Classification and Reconstruction Cooperation for Semi-supervised Learning
* Image classification using object detectors
* Image Retrieval Over Networks: Active Learning Using Ant Algorithm
* Image Retrieval using Long-Term Semantic Learning
* Improving Selective Visual Question Answering by Learning from Your Peers
* Incremental learning of latent structural SVM for weakly supervised image classification
* Insights from the Future for Continual Learning
* Interactive Exploration for Image Retrieval
* interactive video content-based retrieval system, An
* Kernels on bags for multi-object database retrieval
* Kernels on Bags of Fuzzy Regions for Fast Object retrieval
* Learning a Distance Metric from Relative Comparisons between Quadruplets of Images
* Learning invariant color features with sparse topographic restricted Boltzmann machines
* Learning Representations by Predicting Bags of Visual Words
* LiDARTouch: Monocular metric depth estimation with a few-beam LiDAR
* Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Chi2 Distance
* Long term learning for image retrieval over networks
* Long-Term Similarity Learning in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* LR-CNN for fine-grained classification with varying resolution
* Manifold Learning in Quotient Spaces
* MANTRA: Minimum Maximum Latent Structural SVM for Image Classification and Ranking
* Matching Local Descriptors for Image Identification on Cultural Databases
* Max-min convolutional neural networks for image classification
* MixMo: Mixing Multiple Inputs for Multiple Outputs via Deep Subnetworks
* Model-Based Analysis-Synthesis for Realistic Tree Reconstruction and Growth Simulation
* Multi-Head Distillation for Continual Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-Target Adversarial Frameworks for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* MUREL: Multimodal Relational Reasoning for Visual Question Answering
* MUTAN: Multimodal Tucker Fusion for Visual Question Answering
* OBoW: Online Bag-of-Visual-Words Generation for Self-Supervised Learning
* OCTET: Object-aware Counterfactual Explanations
* Optimal Adjusting of Edge Detectors to Extract at Best Close Contours
* Optimization on active learning strategy for object category retrieval
* PLOP: Learning without Forgetting for Continual Semantic Segmentation
* Podnet: Pooled Outputs Distillation for Small-tasks Incremental Learning
* Pooling in image representation: The visual codeword point of view
* Precision-Oriented Active Selection for Interactive Image Retrieval
* Quadruplet-Wise Image Similarity Learning
* Quest: Quantized Embedding Space for Transferring Knowledge
* Raising context awareness in motion forecasting
* RED++: Data-Free Pruning of Deep Neural Networks via Input Splitting and Output Merging
* ResMLP: Feedforward Networks for Image Classification With Data-Efficient Training
* Retin al: an active learning strategy for image category retrieval
* RETIN: A Content-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval System
* RETIN: a smart interactive digital media retrieval system
* Reve: Regularizing Deep Learning with Variational Entropy Bound
* SALSAS: Sub-linear active learning strategy with approximate k-NN search
* Scalable active learning strategy for object category retrieval
* Semantic augmentation by mixing contents for semi-supervised learning
* Semantic Kernel Learning for Interactive Image Retrieval
* Semantic Palette: Guiding Scene Generation with Class Proportions
* Semantic pooling for image categorization using multiple kernel learning
* SEMEDA: Enhancing segmentation precision with semantic edge aware loss
* Shade: Information-Based Regularization for Deep Learning
* Snoopertext: A multiresolution system for text detection in complex visual scenes
* SnooperText: A text detection system for automatic indexing of urban scenes
* Snoopertrack: Text detection and tracking for outdoor videos
* SoDeep: A Sorting Deep Net to Learn Ranking Loss Surrogates
* Spatio-Temporal Tube Kernel for actor retrieval
* SPIQ: Data-Free Per-Channel Static Input Quantization
* STEEX: Steering Counterfactual Explanations with Semantics
* Stochastic exploration and active learning for image retrieval
* STTK-based video object recognition
* Study of SIFT Descriptors for Image Matching based Localization in Urban Street View Context
* Swapping Semantic Contents for Mixing Images
* T-HOG: An effective gradient-based descriptor for single line text regions
* Terrain surface modeling from altimetric data
* Text detection and recognition in urban scenes
* Text Extraction from Street Level Images
* Text segmentation in natural scenes using Toggle-Mapping
* Three Things Everyone Should Know About Vision Transformers
* Three-dimensional building detection and modeling using a statistical approach
* Towards efficient feature sharing in MIMO architectures
* Transformer Decoders with Multi-Modal Regularization for Cross-Modal Food Retrieval
* Unsupervised and Supervised Visual Codes with Restricted Boltzmann Machines
* WELDON: Weakly Supervised Learning of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* WILDCAT: Weakly Supervised Learning of Deep ConvNets for Image Classification, Pointwise Localization and Segmentation
* Zero-shot spatial layout conditioning for text-to-image diffusion models
Includes: Cord, M.[Matthieu] Cord, M.
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Corda, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * NeuFlow: A runtime reconfigurable dataflow processor for vision

Corda, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Coding Standards Performances on Optically Acquired and Synthetic Holograms

Cordara, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Automatic video to point cloud registration in a structure-from-motion framework
* Special issue on visual search and augmented reality
* Statistical modelling for enhanced outlier detection

Cordaro, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * multiple server scheme for fingerprint fuzzy vaults, A
* Secure Fingerprint Matching with Generic Local Structures

Cordasco, G. Co Author Listing * EMOTHAW: A Novel Database for Emotional State Recognition From Handwriting and Drawing
* Emotional Features of Interactions with Empathic Agents
* Seniors' ability to decode differently aged facial emotional expressions
* Synthetic vs Human Emotional Faces: What Changes in Humans' Decoding Accuracy
Includes: Cordasco, G. Cordasco, G.[Gennaro]

Cordeiro de Amorim, R.[Renato] Co Author Listing * Feature weighting in DBSCAN using reverse nearest neighbours
Includes: Cordeiro de Amorim, R.[Renato] Cordeiro-de Amorim, R.[Renato]

Cordeiro Marujo, E.[Ernesto] Co Author Listing * Mangan: Assisting Colorization Of Manga Characters Concept Art Using Conditional GAN

Cordeiro Santana, D.[Dthenifer] Co Author Listing * Leaf Nitrogen Concentration and Plant Height Prediction for Maize Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery and Machine Learning Techniques
* Machine Learning in the Classification of Soybean Genotypes for Primary Macronutrients' Content Using UAV-Multispectral Sensor
Includes: Cordeiro Santana, D.[Dthenifer] Cordeiro-Santana, D.[Dthenifer]

Cordeiro, A.[Albino] Co Author Listing * Interacting with Digital Signage Using Hand Gestures

Cordeiro, C. Co Author Listing * Automated Cell Segmentation for Quantitative Phase Microscopy
* MERIS Phytoplankton Time Series Products from the SW Iberian Peninsula (Sagres) Using Seasonal-Trend Decomposition Based on Loess
* Performance analysis of a parallel multi-view rendering architecture using light fields
* Using Satellite-Based Data to Facilitate Consistent Monitoring of the Marine Environment around Ireland
Includes: Cordeiro, C. Cordeiro, C.[Clara] Cordeiro, C.[Carlúcio]

Cordeiro, F.R.[Filipe R.] Co Author Listing * EvidentialMix: Learning with Combined Open-set and Closed-set Noisy Labels
* LongReMix: Robust learning with high confidence samples in a noisy label environment
* ScanMix: Learning from Severe Label Noise via Semantic Clustering and Semi-Supervised Learning
Includes: Cordeiro, F.R.[Filipe R.] Cordeiro, F.R.[Filipe Rolim]

Cordeiro, J.P.C.[Joao Pedro Cerveira] Co Author Listing * Yet Another Map Algebra
Includes: Cordeiro, J.P.C.[Joao Pedro Cerveira] Cordeiro, J.P.C.[João Pedro Cerveira]

Cordeiro, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Framework for Cerebral CT Perfusion Imaging Methods Comparison, A

Cordeiro, M.C.R.[Mauricio C. R.] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-1&2 Multitemporal Water Surface Detection Accuracies, Evaluated at Regional and Reservoirs Level
* Surface Water Dynamics from Space: A Round Robin Intercomparison of Using Optical and SAR High-Resolution Satellite Observations for Regional Surface Water Detection

Cordeiro, P.J.[Paulo J.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Constrained Video Coding for Low Complexity Decoding

Cordeiro, V.[Viviane] Co Author Listing * Gradient Pile up Algorithm for Edge Enhancement and Detection

Cordel, M.O.[Macario O.] Co Author Listing * Emotion-Aware Human Attention Prediction
Includes: Cordel, M.O.[Macario O.] Cordel, II, M.O.[Macario O.]

Cordella, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Robust Hand Pose Estimation Algorithm for Hand Rehabilitation, A

Cordella, L.P. Co Author Listing * adaptive reject option for LVQ classifiers, An
* Alternative Approach to the Performance Evaluation of Thinning Algorithms for Document Processing Applications, An
* Aspects of Visual Form Processing
* Classification reliability and its use in multi-classifier systems
* Classifying Character Shapes
* Combining Experts with Different Features for Classifying Clustered Microcalcifications in Mammograms
* Combining Single Class Features for Improving Performance of a Two Stage Classifier
* Concavity Point Detection by Iterative Arrays
* Contour Filling for Region Extraction
* Efficient Algorithm for the Inexact Matching of ARG Graphs Using a Contextual Transformational Model, An
* Fast Graph Matching for Detecting CAD Image Components
* feature selection algorithm for handwritten character recognition, A
* From Local Maxima to Connected Skeletons
* Geometric Properties of the Union of Maximal Neighborhoods
* Graph Matching: A Fast Algorithm and its Evaluation
* Grassfire Transformation for Binary Digital Pictures, A
* Improving character recognition rate by a multi-net neural classifier
* Indexing and retrieving cursive documents without recognition
* Knowledge based search of character strings in line drawings
* Learning structural shape descriptions from examples
* Looking for Prototypes by Genetic Programming
* Neural-Network Classifier for OCR Using Structural Descriptions, A
* new evolutionary learning model for handwritten character prototyping, A
* Normalization and Decomposition of Thin Lines Representing Handprinted Characters
* Novel Genetic Programming Based Approach for Classification Problems, A
* O(N) Algorithm for Polygonal Approximation, An
* Parallel Detection of Concavities in Cellular Blobs
* Parallel Thinning of Binary Pictures
* Performance evaluation of the VF graph matching algorithm
* preliminary approach to the design and evaluation of a reconfigurable architecture for computer vision, A
* Prototyping Structural Shape Descriptions by Inductive Learning
* Random Forest for Reliable Pre-classification of Handwritten Characters
* real-time text-independent speaker identification system, A
* Recovering dynamic information from static handwriting
* Special issue on visual form
* Sub)Graph Isomorphism Algorithm for Matching Large Graphs, A
* Symbol recognition in documents: a collection of techniques?
* Thresholding: A Challenge for Parallel Processing
* Visual Form: Analysis and Recognition
* Weighted Majority Vote Strategy Using Bayesian Networks, A
* Writing Order Recovery from Off-Line Handwriting by Graph Traversal
Includes: Cordella, L.P. Cordella, L.P.[Luigi P.]
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Cordelli, E.[Ermanno] Co Author Listing * Categorizing the feature space for two-class imbalance learning
* Evaluating Tumour Bounding Options for Deep Learning-based Axillary Lymph Node Metastasis Prediction in Breast Cancer
* Pareto optimization of deep networks for COVID-19 diagnosis from chest X-rays

Cordero Grande, L.[Lucilio] Co Author Listing * Diffusion Tensor Driven Image Registration: A Deep Learning Approach
* Efficient Multi-resolution Reconstruction Scheme with Motion Compensation for 5D Free-Breathing Whole-Heart MRI, An
* Fetal MRI by Robust Deep Generative Prior Reconstruction and Diffeomorphic Registration
* Groupwise Elastic Registration by a New Sparsity-Promoting Metric: Application to the Alignment of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Perfusion Images
* Higher Order Spherical Harmonics Reconstruction of Fetal Diffusion MRI With Intensity Correction
* Learning Compact q-Space Representations for Multi-Shell Diffusion-Weighted MRI
* Markov Random Field Approach for Topology-Preserving Registration: Application to Object-Based Tomographic Image Interpolation, A
* Multi-Stencil Streamline Fast Marching: A General 3-D Framework to Determine Myocardial Thickness and Transmurality in Late Enhancement Images
* Realistic log-compressed law for ultrasound image recovery
* Second Order Multi-Stencil Fast Marching Method With a Non-Constant Local Cost Model, A
* Strain Rate Tensor estimation in cine cardiac MRI based on elastic image registration
* Topology-Preserving Registration: A Solution via Graph Cuts
* Whole-Heart Single Breath-Hold Cardiac Cine: A Robust Motion-Compensated Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Method
Includes: Cordero Grande, L.[Lucilio] Cordero-Grande, L.[Lucilio] Cordero-Grande, L.
13 for Cordero Grande, L.

Cordero, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Unique hue correction applied to the color rendering of LED light sources

Cordero, E.M.[Eduardo M.] Co Author Listing * Influence of the correlated color temperature of a light source on the color discrimination capacity of the observer

Cordero, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Increasing Efficiency of Nautical Chart Production and Accessibility to Marine Environment Data through an Open-Science Compilation Workflow

Cordero, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Overlap Filter for LiDAR Point Clouds Using Free Software

Cordero, O.[Orlando] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Low-Cost Lidar Scanners: An Analysis of the Velodyne HDL-32E and Livox Mid-40's Temporal Stability

Cordes, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Low-Rank Constraint for Parallel Stereo Cameras, A

Cordes, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Bivariate Feature Localization for SIFT Assuming a Gaussian Feature Shape
* Camera-Based Road Snow Coverage Estimation
* Classification of Atomic Density Distributions Using Scale Invariant Blob Localization
* Feature Evaluation with High-Resolution Images
* Feature Trajectory Retrieval with Application to Accurate Structure and Motion Recovery
* HALF-SIFT: High-Accurate Localized Features for SIFT
* High-Resolution Feature Evaluation Benchmark
* Increasing the precision of junction shaped features
* Learning Object Appearance from Occlusions Using Structure and Motion Recovery
* Localization accuracy of interest point detectors with different scale space representations
* Motion-Coherent Affinities for Hypergraph Based Motion Segmentation
* RoadSaW: A Large-Scale Dataset for Camera-Based Road Surface and Wetness Estimation
* Vehicle Lane Merge Visual Benchmark
* WM-SBA: Weighted multibody sparse bundle adjustment
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Cordes, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Active Speaker Detection

Cordier, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Low-Tech and Low-Cost System for High-Resolution Underwater RTK Photogrammetry in Coastal Shallow Waters

Cordier, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Detect the Weak-Symmetry of a Simple Polygon, An
* Automatic modeling of animatable virtual humans: A survey
* CGI 2015 Conference
* On spatio-temporal feature point detection for animated meshes
* Provable Algorithm to Detect Weak Symmetry in a Polygon, A
* Spatio-temporal segmentation for the similarity measurement of deforming meshes
Includes: Cordier, F.[Frederic] Cordier, F.[Frédéric] Cordier, F.

Cordier, J.M. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition and Categorical Shape Theory

Cordier, M.[Mathis] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Circadian Cycles to Monitor Individual Young Plants

Cordier, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Extended Modality Propagation: Image Synthesis of Pathological Cases
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Patch-Based Approach for the Segmentation of Pathologies: Application to Glioma Labelling, A
Includes: Cordier, N.[Nicolas] Cordier, N.

Cordina, M. Co Author Listing * adaptive texture-depth rate allocation estimation technique for low latency multi-view video plus depth transmission, An

Cordiner, A.[Alister] Co Author Listing * Face detection using generalised integral image features

Cordoba Jabonero, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Aged Biomass-Burning Aerosol Properties by Using GRASP Code in Synergy with Polarized Micro-Pulse Lidar and Sun/Sky Photometer
* Volcanic Eruption of Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Spain: A First Insight to the Particulate Matter Injected in the Troposphere
Includes: Cordoba Jabonero, C.[Carmen] Córdoba-Jabonero, C.[Carmen]

Cordoba, A. Co Author Listing * SesToCross: Semantic Expert System to Manage Single-Lane Road Crossing
Includes: Cordoba, A. Córdoba, A.

Cordoba, L.[Lucina] Co Author Listing * Nose bug egg geometric structure segmentation with anisotropic filtering and edge enhancement

Cordoba, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Frequency features and GMM-UBM approach for gait-based person identification using smartphone inertial signals

Cordon, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * 3D-2D silhouette-based image registration for comparative radiography-based forensic identification
* comparative study of state-of-the-art evolutionary image registration methods for 3D modeling, A
* Custom Structure Preservation in Face Aging
* Evolutionary Approaches for Automatic 3D Modeling of Skulls in Forensic Identification
* Extended Topological Active Nets
* fast and accurate approach for 3D image registration using the scatter search evolutionary algorithm, A
* Feature-based image registration by means of the CHC evolutionary algorithm
* Forensic identification by computer-aided craniofacial superimposition: A survey
* moGrams: A Network-Based Methodology for Visualizing the Set of Nondominated Solutions in Multiobjective Optimization
* Self-adaptive evolutionary image registration using differential evolution and artificial immune systems
* Tackling the coplanarity problem in 3D camera calibration by means of fuzzy landmarks: A performance study in forensic craniofacial superimposition
Includes: Cordon, O.[Oscar] Cordón, O.[Oscar] Cordon, O. Cordón, Ó.[Óscar] Cordón, O.
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Cordonnier, E. Co Author Listing * European project RETAIN: new approach for IBC in teleradiology and PACS based on a full ATM network

Cordonnier, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Co Author Listing * Differentiable Patch Selection for Image Recognition
Includes: Cordonnier, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Cordonnier, J.B.[Jean-Baptiste]

Cordourier, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Activation Functions Using Fractional Calculus

Cordova Esparza, D.M.[Diana Margarita] Co Author Listing * Calibration of a panoramic 3D reconstruction system
Includes: Cordova Esparza, D.M.[Diana Margarita] Córdova-Esparza, D.M.[Diana Margarita]

Cordova Lepe, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * non-Newtonian gradient for contour detection in images with multiplicative noise, A
Includes: Cordova Lepe, F.[Fernando] Córdova-Lepe, F.[Fernando]

Cordova Zamorano, J.J.[Juan Jose] Co Author Listing * RASCNA: Radio Astronomy Signal Classification through Neighborhood Assemblies
Includes: Cordova Zamorano, J.J.[Juan Jose] Córdova-Zamorano, J.J.[Juan José]

Cordova, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets

Cordova, H. Co Author Listing * Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
Includes: Cordova, H. Córdova, H.

Cordova, H.M.[H. Macarena] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Penalty Based GA for Inducing Fuzzy Inference Systems
Includes: Cordova, H.M.[H. Macarena] Córdova, H.M.[H. Macarena]

Cordova, J. Co Author Listing * Combined Electricity and Traffic Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Bundled Causality Engine
* VIGIA: A Thermal and Visible Imagery System to Track Volcanic Explosions
Includes: Cordova, J. Córdova, J.[Jorge]

Cordova, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Mapping of Evapotranspiration Using an Energy Balance-Based Model over an Andean Páramo Catchment of Southern Ecuador
Includes: Cordova, M.[Mario] Córdova, M.[Mario]

Cordova, M.A. Co Author Listing * Parallax Motion Effect Generation Through Instance Segmentation And Depth Estimation
Includes: Cordova, M.A. Córdova, M.A.

Cordova, M.M.[Marcos Mejia] Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptation for Automatic Aorta Segmentation of 4D Flow Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data from Multiple Vendor Scanners
Includes: Cordova, M.M.[Marcos Mejia] Córdova, M.M.[Marcos Mejía]

Cordova, M.S. Co Author Listing * Micro-stereoscopic vision system for the determination of air bubbles and aqueous droplets content within oil drops in simulated processes of multiphase fermentations
* Online Sauter Diameter Measurement of Air Bubbles and Oil Drops in Stirred Bioreactors by Using Hough Transform

Cordts, M.[Marius] Co Author Listing * 3DMOTFormer: Graph Transformer for Online 3D Multi-Object Tracking
* Cityscapes Dataset for Semantic Urban Scene Understanding, The
* Novel Benchmark for Refinement of Noisy Localization Labels in Autolabeled Datasets for Object Detection, A
* Object-Level Priors for Stixel Generation
* Pixel-Level Encoding and Depth Layering for Instance-Level Semantic Labeling
* Tree-Structured Models for Efficient Multi-Cue Scene Labeling
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection with Class Label Shift Weighted Local Features
Includes: Cordts, M.[Marius] Cordts, M.
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Corduneanu, A. Co Author Listing * Learning Spatially-Variable Filters for Super-Resolution of Text

Cordy, J.R. Co Author Listing * Applying compiler techniques to diagram recognition
* Baseline structure analysis of handwritten mathematics notation
* Historical recall and precision: summarizing generated hypotheses
* Recognition Strategy Language, The
* Recognizing Mathematical Expressions Using Tree Transformation
* survey of table recognition: Models, observations, transformations, and inferences, A
* White-Box Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithms through Explicit Decision-Making
Includes: Cordy, J.R. Cordy, J.R.[James R.]
7 for Cordy, J.R.

Cordy, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * Evasion Attack STeganography: Turning Vulnerability Of Machine Learning To Adversarial Attacks Into A Real-world Application
* LGV: Boosting Adversarial Example Transferability from Large Geometric Vicinity

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