3.6.5 Performance, Evaluation Issues

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Performance. Evaluation.

Reproducible Research,
OnlineJanuary 2009.
WWW Link. Survey, Evaluation. Evaluation, General. 0906
A site for gathering information regarding reproducible research, which while common in some fields has been lacking in many parts of signal and iamge processing. BibRef

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See also Performance Characterization in Computer Vision. BibRef

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WWW Link.
See also Workshop on Empirical Evaluation Methods in Computer Vision. Mostly seems to be from the conference, but not all of them are. BibRef

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WWW Link. 1103
In Character and document analysis. BibRef

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Other effects on algorithm performance from camera settings. BibRef

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CV-HAZOP: Introducing Test Data Validation for Computer Vision,
Apply to stereo. Check list of 900 hazards. Benchmark testing. Find the tests that are a problem. BibRef

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