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Appel, A. Co Author Listing * Determining the Three-Dimensional Convex Hull of a Polyhedron

Appel, F. Co Author Listing * Snow Water Equivalent of Dry Snow Derived From GNSS Carrier Phases

Appel, M. Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction from co-registered orthographic and perspective images: theoretical framework and applications
* Canonical Representation and Multi-View Geometry of Cylinders
* Canonical Representation and Three View Geometry of Cylinders
* FPGA-based Smart Camera for 3D wavelet-based image segmentation
* Lines in One Orthographic and Two Perspective Views
* Multidimensional Arrays for Analysing Geoscientific Data
* Open and scalable analytics of large Earth observation datasets: From scenes to multidimensional arrays using SciDB and GDAL
* Registration of Technical Drawings and Calibrated Images for Industrial Augmented Reality
* Scene Constraints for Direct Single Image Orientation with Selfdiagnosis
* Yet Another Method for Pose Estimation: A Probabilistic Approach using Points, Lines, and Cylinders
Includes: Appel, M. Appel, M.[Mirko] Appel, M.[Markus] Appel, M.[Marius]
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Appel, R.[Ron] Co Author Listing * Crosstalk Cascades for Frame-Rate Pedestrian Detection
* Fast Feature Pyramids for Object Detection
Includes: Appel, R.[Ron] Appel, R.

Appel, R.D.[Ron D.] Co Author Listing * Modeling and quantification of protein maps by Gaussian fitting

Appel, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Cross-Task and Cross-Participant Classification of Cognitive Load in an Emergency Simulation Game

Appel, V. Co Author Listing * Generative Adversarial Networks for Facilitating Stain-Independent Supervised and Unsupervised Segmentation: A Study on Kidney Histology

Appelbaum, G.[Gabi] Co Author Listing * Noninterferometric topography measurements of fast moving surfaces

Appelhans, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Cross-Product NDVI Dynamics in the Kilimanjaro Region: A Matter of Sensor, Degradation Calibration, and Significance, A
* Mapping Daily Air Temperature for Antarctica Based on MODIS LST
* Potential of Airborne LiDAR Derived Vegetation Structure for the Prediction of Animal Species Richness at Mount Kilimanjaro

Appelt, D.E.[Douglas E.] Co Author Listing * MAESTRO: Conductor of Multimedia Analysis Technologies

Appelt, O.[Oona] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral REE (Rare Earth Element) Mapping of Outcrops: Applications for Neodymium Detection

Appelt, T. Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of the Intel T265 for Visual Localisation and Tracking Underwater

Appeltans, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Automation of Hyperspectral Training Library Construction: A Case Study for Wheat and Potato Crops, The
* Detection of Leek Rust Disease under Field Conditions Using Hyperspectral Proximal Sensing and Machine Learning
* Practical Recommendations for Hyperspectral and Thermal Proximal Disease Sensing in Potato and Leek Fields

Appenrodt, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model-based continuous gesture recognition system for hand motion trajectory, A

Appenrodt, N. Co Author Listing * Results of a Precrash Application Based on Laser Scanner and Short-Range Radars
* Seeing Around Street Corners: Non-Line-of-Sight Detection and Tracking In-the-Wild Using Doppler Radar

Appenzeller, G. Co Author Listing * Experimental performance characterization of adaptive filters
* Experimental Performance Characterization of Low Level Vision Components in Vision Systems: Theory and Application

Appenzeller, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Scalar Maps for the Segmentation of the Corpus Callosum in Diffusion Tensor Fields

Appenzeller, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * New Eyes on Hidden Worlds

Apperloo, W. Co Author Listing * Numerical Optimization in Spot Detector Design

Appert, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Exploring Landscape Composition Using 2D and 3D Open Urban Vectorial Data

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