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Crow, B.[Brandon] Co Author Listing * Finding Lips in Unconstrained Imagery for Improved Automatic Speech Recognition

Crow, F.C.[Franklin C.] Co Author Listing * Summed-area tables for texture mapping

Crow, N.E. Co Author Listing * Motion-Extended Array Synthesis: Part II: Experimental Validation

Crow, W. Co Author Listing * Triple Collocation-Based Merging of Satellite Soil Moisture Retrievals

Crow, W.T.[Wade T.] Co Author Listing * Applying a Wavelet Transform Technique to Optimize General Fitting Models for SM Analysis: A Case Study in Downscaling over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product
* Estimating Corn Canopy Water Content From Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI): An Optimized NDWI-Based Scheme and Its Feasibility for Retrieving Corn VWC
* Evaluation of Satellite-Based Precipitation Products from IMERG V04A and V03D, CMORPH and TMPA with Gauged Rainfall in Three Climatologic Zones in China
* Impact of Local Acquisition Time on the Accuracy of Microwave Surface Soil Moisture Retrievals over the Contiguous United States, The
* Improving Streamflow Prediction Using Remotely-Sensed Soil Moisture and Snow Depth
* Long-Term Trends in Root-Zone Soil Moisture across CONUS Connected to ENSO
* Observing System Simulation Experiment for the Aquarius/SAC-D Soil Moisture Product, An
Includes: Crow, W.T.[Wade T.] Crow, W.T.
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Crowcroft, J. Co Author Listing * Introduction to the Special Section on Smart, Social, and Converged TV
* Reducing channel change delay in IPTV by predictive pre-joining of TV channels
Includes: Crowcroft, J. Crowcroft, J.[Jon]

Crowe, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Clinical Scene Segmentation with Tiny Datasets

Crowe, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Potential for Automatic Extraction of Vegetation Phenological Metrics from Traffic Webcams

Crowe, M.[Malcolm] Co Author Listing * Extending metric multidimensional scaling with Bregman divergences

Crowe, R. Co Author Listing * Advanced Multifrequency Radar Instrumentation for Polar Research
* High-Altitude Radar Measurements of Ice Thickness Over the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets as a Part of Operation IceBridge

Crowell, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the short and long-term processes involved in coastline erosion

Crowley, B. Co Author Listing * Telepresence for In-Situ Microscopy

Crowley, E.J.[Elliot J.] Co Author Listing * Art of Detection, The
* Face Painting: querying art with photos
* In Search of Art
* Of Gods and Goats: Weakly Supervised Learning of Figurative Art
* Prediction-Guided Distillation for Dense Object Detection
* State of the Art: Object Retrieval in Paintings using Discriminative Regions, The

Crowley, J.[Jeremy] Co Author Listing * Satellite and sUAS Multispectral Remote Sensing Analysis of Vegetation Response to Beaver Mimicry Restoration on Blacktail Creek, Southwest Montana
* sUAS Remote Sensing to Evaluate Geothermal Seep Interactions with the Yellowstone River, Montana, USA

Crowley, J.L.[James L.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Crowley, J.L.[James L.]: James Crowley AT imag fr
* Active Hand Tracking
* Analysis, synthesis, and Evaluation of Local Measures for Discrimination and Segmentation of Textured Regions, The
* appearance-based approach to gesture-recognition, An
* Auto-Calibration by Direct Observation of Objects
* Auto-Calibration of a Stereo Head to Object Centered Reference Frames
* Automatic Acquisition of Context Models and its Application to Video Surveillance
* Betasac: A New Conditional Sampling for RANSAC
* Brand Identification Using Gaussian Derivative Histograms
* Certainty Grids: Perception and Localisation for a Mobile Robot
* Comparative Study of People Detection in Surveillance Scenes
* Comparison of target detection algorithms using adaptive background models
* Comprehensive colour image normalization
* Computation of Generic Features for Object Classification
* Computational Paradigm for Three-Dimensional Scene Analysis, A
* Computer Vision Systems
* Concept of Visual Classes for Object Classification, The
* Continuity properties of the appearance manifold for mobile robot position estimation
* Coordination of Action and Perception in a Surveillance Robot
* Coordination of perceptual processes for computer mediated communication
* Defining the Pose of Any 3D Rigid Object and an Associated Distance
* Dense Semi-rigid Scene Flow Estimation from RGBD Images
* Dynamic Calibration of an Active Stereo Head
* Dynamic World Modeling Using Vertical Line Stereo
* Estimation de la Position d'un Robot par Odométrie et Vision Monoculaire
* Event-based Activity Analysis in Live Video using a Generic Object Tracker
* Experimental Environments in Computer Vision and Image Analysis
* Experimental performance characterization of adaptive filters
* Experimental Performance Characterization of Low Level Vision Components in Vision Systems: Theory and Application
* Extracting planar structures efficiently with revisited BetaSAC
* Face detection by cascade of Gaussian derivates classifiers calculated with a half-octave pyramid
* Face recognition using tensors of census transform histograms from Gaussian features maps
* Face-Tracking and Coding for Video Compression
* Fast Computation of Scale Normalised Gaussian Receptive Fields
* Fast Computation of the Difference of Low-Pass Transform
* Gaze Control for a Binocular Camera Head
* Head Pose Estimation Using Multi-scale Gaussian Derivatives
* Historical development of use of dynamical models for the representation of knowledge about real world processes in machine vision: Response
* How old are you?: Age Estimation with Tensors of Binary Gaussian Receptive Maps
* Integration and Control of Reactive Visual Processes
* Integration of Visual Processes
* Introduction to the special issue: International Conference on Vision Systems
* Layered Control of a Binocular Camera Head
* Learning Situation Models in a Smart Home
* Linearizing the Plenoptic Space
* Local Binary Patterns Calculated over Gaussian Derivative Images
* Local Scale Selection for Gaussian Based Description Techniques
* Local scene flow by tracking in intensity and depth
* Local/global scene flow estimation
* Maintaining Stereo Calibration by Tracking Image Points
* Mathematical Tools For Representing Uncertainty In Perception
* Measurement and Integration of 3-D Structures by Tracking Edge Lines
* Measuring Image Flow by Tracking Edge-Lines
* Multi-Modal Tracking of Faces for Video Communications
* Multi-Modal Tracking of Interacting Targets using Gaussian Approximations
* Multi-Resolution Representation for Shape, A
* Multiple Resolution Representation and Probabilistic Matching of 2-D Gray-Scale Shape
* Multiscale Shape Description with Laplacian Profile and Fourier Transform
* Object Detection Using Colour
* Object Recognition using Coloured Receptive Fields
* Object Recognition Using Multidimensional Receptive Field Histograms
* Planning and Execution Control for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
* Principles and Techniques for Sensor Data Fusion
* Probabilistic model of error in fixed-point arithmetic Gaussian pyramid
* Probabilistic Object Recognition Using Multidimensional Receptive Field Histograms
* Probabilistic Recognition of Activity Using Local Appearance
* Probabilistic Sensor for the Perception and the Recognition of Activities, A
* Probabilistic Sensor for the Perception of Activities, A
* Recognition without Correspondence using Multidimensional Receptive Field Histograms
* Representation for Shape Based on Peaks and Ridges in the Difference of Low-Pass Transform, A
* Representation for Visual Information, A
* Robust and Computationally Efficient Face Detection Using Gaussian Derivative Features of Higher Orders
* Robust Face Tracking using Color
* Robust Tracking and Compression for Video Communication
* Scale Normalized Radial Fourier Transform as a Robust Image Descriptor
* Scene flow by tracking in intensity and depth data
* Self-Supervised Transformers for Unsupervised Object Discovery using Normalized Cut
* Statistical Gesture Recognition Through Modelling of Parameter Trajectories
* Symmetry Aware Evaluation of 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation in Scenes of Many Parts in Bulk
* Tensor-Jet: A tensorial representation of Local Binary Gaussian Jet maps
* Things That See
* Things That See: Context-Aware Multi-modal Interaction
* TokenCut: Segmenting Objects in Images and Videos With Self-Supervised Transformer and Normalized Cut
* Transformer-Based Self-Supervised Learning for Emotion Recognition
* Transinformation for Active Object Recognition
* Uncalibrated Visual Tasks via Linear Interaction
* User-Centric Design of a Vision System for Interactive Applications
* Variational image-based rendering with gradient constraints
* Vision as Process
* Vision as Process: Basic Research on Computer Vision Systems
* Visual Recognition Using Local Appearance
Includes: Crowley, J.L.[James L.] Crowley, J.L.
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Crowley, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Backprojection for Training Feedforward Neural Networks in the Input and Feature Spaces
* Batch-Incremental Triplet Sampling for Training Triplet Networks Using Bayesian Updating Theorem
* Generalized Subspace Learning by Roweis Discriminant Analysis
* Image Structure Subspace Learning Using Structural Similarity Index
* Locally Linear Image Structural Embedding for Image Structure Manifold Learning
* Offline Versus Online Triplet Mining Based on Extreme Distances of Histopathology Patches
* Principal Component Analysis Using Structural Similarity Index for Images
* Theoretical Insights into the Use of Structural Similarity Index in Generative Models and Inferential Autoencoders
* Using Affect as a Communication Modality to Improve Human-Robot Communication in Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue Scenarios
* Weighted Fisher Discriminant Analysis in the Input and Feature Spaces
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Crowley, M.A.[Morgan A.] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Tracking of Annual Cropland Changes over Large, Complex Agricultural Landscapes Using Google Earth Engine

Crown, D.A.[David A.] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Thermophysical Analysis of Volcaniclastic Deposits: A Terrestrial Analog for Mantled Lava Flows on Mars

Crownover, R.M. Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Natural Scenes Related to the Fractal Dimension
* On the calculation of fractal features from images
* Shape from Fractal Geometry
* Texture Description and Segmentation through Fractal Geometry
Includes: Crownover, R.M. Crownover, R.M.[Richard M.]

Crowson, K.[Katherine] Co Author Listing * VQGAN-CLIP: Open Domain Image Generation and Editing with Natural Language Guidance

Crowther, B.[Blake] Co Author Listing * Versatile graphical code reader for reading different types of graphical codes

Crowther, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Enhancement and feature extraction for images of incised and ink texts
* Visual enhancement of incised text

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