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8203 * Computational Approaches to Image Understanding
* Description of Textures by a Structural Analysis
* Digital Straight Lines and Convexity of Digital Regions
* Elliptic Fourier Features of a Closed Contour
* Image Texture Analysis and Segmentation
* Improvements in Multispectral Image Smoothing
* Interactive Segmentation and Boundary Surface Formation for 3-D Digital Images
* Knowledge Based Image Analysis
* Model for Radar Images and Its Application to Adaptive Digital Filtering for Multiplicative Noise, A
* Nonlinear Restoration of Noisy Images
* Note on the Quantitative Measurement of Image Enhancement Through Fuzziness, A
* On Sequential and Parallel Node-Rewriting Graph Grammars
* Sampling Considerations for Multilevel Crossing Analysis
* Solid Modeling: A Historical Summary and Contemporary Assessment
* Special Issue on Quantization
* Statistical Properties of Error Estimators in Performance Assessment of Recognition Systems
* Structural Analyzer for Regularly Arranged Textures, A
* Syntactic Approach to Seismic Pattern Recognition, A
* Waveform Feature Extraction based on Tauberian Approximation
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