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Veneau, E. Co Author Listing * From Video Shot Clustering to Sequence Segmentation

Venegas Andraca, S.E.[Salvador E.] Co Author Listing * Quantum image scaling with applications to image steganography and fusion
* Region-based approach for the spectral clustering Nyström approximation with an application to burn depth assessment
Includes: Venegas Andraca, S.E.[Salvador E.] Venegas-Andraca, S.E.[Salvador E.]

Venegas, P. Co Author Listing * New Volcanic Seismic Signal Descriptor and its Application to a Data Set From the Cotopaxi Volcano, A

Venegas, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Mapping Fishing Activities and Suitable Fishing Grounds Using Nighttime Satellite Images and Maximum Entropy Modelling

Venek, V.[Verena] Co Author Listing * Adolescent Suicidal Risk Assessment in Clinician-Patient Interaction
* Framework for Evaluating Stay Detection Approaches, A

Venema, H.W. Co Author Listing * Deformable triangular surfaces using fast 1-D radial Lagrangian dynamics-segmentation of 3-D MR and CT images of the wrist

Venere, M.[Marcelo] Co Author Listing * From a Serious Training Simulator for Ship Maneuvering to an Entertainment Simulator
* Genetic Algorithm for Adaptive Tomography of Elliptical Objects, A
* Tennis Training Application Using 3D Gesture Recognition, A
Includes: Venere, M.[Marcelo] Vénere, M.[Marcelo] Venere, M.

Veneri, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * SLiX: A GIS Toolbox to Support Along-Stream Knickzones Detection through the Computation and Mapping of the Stream Length-Gradient (SL) Index

Veneri, G.[Giacomo] Co Author Listing * Automatic eye fixations identification based on analysis of variance and covariance

Veneri, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Memory-Based Approach to Sensory-Motor Coordination, A

Veneruso, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Sensing Requirements and Vision-Aided Navigation Algorithms for Vertical Landing in Good and Low Visibility UAM Scenarios

Veneselli, E. Co Author Listing * Video Gesture Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection

Venet, L. Co Author Listing * ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge

Venetianer, P.L.[Peter L.] Co Author Listing * Embedded smart sensor for outdoor parking lot lighting control
* evolution of video surveillance: an overview, The
* Fast Crowd Density Estimation in Surveillance Videos without Training
* Intelligent vision sensor: Turning video into information, The
* Iris Biometric System for Public and Personal Use, An
* Methodology for Evaluation of Task-Performance in Robotic Systems: A Case-Study in Vision-Based Localization, A
* Performance evaluation of an intelligent video surveillance system: A case study
* Robust Human Detection and Tracking System using a Human-Model-Based Camera Calibration, A
* Sensar: Secure(tm) Iris Identification System
* Stationary target detection using the ObjectVideo surveillance system
* Video scene background maintenance using statistical pixel modeling
* Video Surveillance using a Multi-Camera Tracking and Fusion System
* Video Surveillance: Past, Present, and Now the Future
* Video verification of point of sale transactions
Includes: Venetianer, P.L.[Peter L.] Venetianer, P.L.[Péter L.] Venetianer, P.L.
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Venetis, I.E. Co Author Listing * MRISIMUL: A GPU-Based Parallel Approach to MRI Simulations

Venetsanopoulos, A. Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement and Noise Suppression for FLAIR MRIs With White Matter Lesions
* Mean shift based algorithm for mammographic breast mass detection
* Region, Lesion and Border-Based Multiresolution Analysis of Mammogram Lesions
Includes: Venetsanopoulos, A. Venetsanopoulos, A.[Anastasios]

Venetsanopoulos, A.N. Co Author Listing * 2-D content-based mesh design scheme for object-based video coding, A
* 3D pose estimation and shape coding of moving objects based on statistical morphological skeleton
* Adaptive Morphological Filter for Image Processing, An
* Adaptive Morphological Filters for Color Image-Enhancement
* Adaptive morphological operators, fast algorithms and their applications
* Adaptive multichannel filters for colour image processing
* Angular map-driven snakes with application to object shape description in color images
* Application of active contours for photochromic tracer flow extraction
* Automated Multichannel Procedure for cDNA Microarray Image Processing, An
* Automatic location and tracking of the facial region in color video sequences
* Biorthogonal nearly coiflet wavelets for image compression
* Boosting Discriminant Learners for Gait Recognition Using MPCA Features
* Boosting linear discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Color Edge Detection Using Vector Order Statistics
* Color image denoising using evolutionary computation
* Color image enhancement through 3-D histogram equalization
* Color image processing
* Color Image-based Angular Map-driven Snakes
* Color Image-Processing Using Adaptive Multichannel Filters
* Comments on Two-Dimensional Interpolation by Generalized Spline Filters Based on Partial Differential Equation Image Models
* Directional Processing of Color Images: Theory and Experimental Results
* Distance measures for color image retrieval
* Distributed MPEG-7 image indexing using small world user agents
* Edge Detectors Based on Nonlinear Filters
* Edge-Detection of Color Images Using Directional Operators
* efficient kernel discriminant analysis method, An
* Face Recognition: Combine Generic and Specific Solutions
* Fast fractal image coding using pyramids
* Fast Modified Vector Median Filter
* Fast Pyramidal Search for Perceptually Based Fractal Image Compression
* Feature selection for subject identification in surveillance photos
* Fingerprint Verification Using Rotation Invariant Feature Codes
* Flexible architectures for morphological image processing and analysis
* Fuzzy aggregation of image features in content-based image retrieval
* Generalized morphological pattern spectrum for classification
* Graceful Image Retrieval Performance Degradation Using Small World Distributed Indexing
* Group-Membership Reinforcement for Straight Edges Based on Bayesian Networks
* Hierarchical multirate vector quantization for image coding
* High Quality Image Compression Using the Wavelet Transform
* Image interpolation based on variational principles
* Image interpolation using a simple Gibbs random field model
* Kernel Cross-Modal Factor Analysis for Information Fusion With Application to Bimodal Emotion Recognition
* Kernel density estimation based multichannel impulsive noise reduction filter
* Kernel Fusion of Audio and Visual Information for Emotion Recognition
* Kernel Machine Based Approach for Multi-View Face Recognition, A
* Kernel quadratic discriminant analysis for small sample size problem
* Layered Deformable Model for Gait Analysis, A
* LU Decomposition Theorem and Its Implications to the Realization of Two-Dimensional Digital Filters, The
* Morphological Autocorrelation Transform: A New Representation and Classification Scheme for Two-Dimensional Images
* Morphological Shape Decomposition
* Morphological Shape Representation
* Multi-Frame, Region-Feature Based Technique for Motion Segmentation, A
* Multichannel filtering for color image processing
* Multichannel filters for image processing
* Multilinear Principal Component Analysis of Tensor Objects for Recognition
* New Distance Measure for Vectorial Rank-Order Filters Based on Space Filling Curves, A
* Nonlinear filtering for phase image denoising
* Nonlinear Mean Filters in Image Processing
* Novel Vector-Based Approach to Color Image Retrieval Using a Vector Angular-Based Distance Measure, A
* On solving the face recognition problem with one training sample per subject
* On the Efficiency of Random Walk Approach to Noise Reduction in Color Images
* On the fast modification of the vector median filter
* On the geodesic paths approach to color image filtering
* Order statistics in digital image processing
* perceptual model for JPEG applications based on block classification, texture masking, and luminance masking, A
* Proc. International Conference Image Processing: Theory and Applications
* pyramid algorithm for fast fractal image compression, A
* Query feedback for interactive image retrieval
* Random Walk Approach to Noise Reduction in Color Images
* Regularization studies of linear discriminant analysis in small sample size scenarios with application to face recognition
* Regularization studies on LDA for face recognition
* Regularization Theory in Image Restoration: The Stabilizing Functional Approach
* Regularized discriminant analysis for the small sample size problem in face recognition
* Retrieval of Images from Artistic Repositories Using a Decision Fusion Framework
* Select eigenfaces for face recognition with one training sample per subject
* Selecting discriminant eigenfaces for face recognition
* Selection weighted vector directional filters
* Self-adaptive algorithm of impulsive noise reduction in color images
* Shape Decomposition by Mathematical Morphology
* Shape representation from image sequences by using binary statistical morphology
* Sigmoidal Weighted Vector Directional Filter
* Similarity based impulsive noise removal in color images
* Space-frequency motion model for subband/wavelet video coding
* Stack-Run Coding with Space-Frequency Quantization
* Subjective analysis of edge detectors in color image processing
* survey of multilinear subspace learning for tensor data, A
* Temporal prediction of video sequences using an image warping technique based on color segmentation
* Unsupervised Seed Determination for a Region-based Color Image Segmentation Scheme
* Vector Directional Filters: A New Class of Multichannel Image Processing Filters
* Vector Order Statistics Operators as Color Edge Detectors
* Vector sigma filters for noise detection and removal in color images
Includes: Venetsanopoulos, A.N. Venetsanopoulos, A.N.[Anastasios N.]
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Veneziani, A. Co Author Listing * Framework for Geometric Analysis of Vascular Structures: Application to Cerebral Aneurysms, A

Veneziani, M. Co Author Listing * Track Following Algorithm for Contour Lines in Digital Binary Maps, A

Veneziani, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Multi-Chromatic Analysis of SAR Images for Coherent Target Detection
* Multichromatic Analysis of InSAR Data
* Real time hardware architecture for visual robot navigation
* Specialized Hardware for Real-Time Navigation
* Two-Pass Filling Algorithm for Raster Graphics, A
Includes: Veneziani, N.[Nicola] Veneziani, N.

Veneziano, D. Co Author Listing * Speed impacts of an icy curve warning system

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