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Zhao wei, Q.[Qu] Co Author Listing * Destination and route choice models for bidirectional pedestrian flow based on the social force model
Includes: Zhao wei, Q.[Qu] Zhao-wei, Q.[Qu]

Zhao Xin, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * Crowd counting in complex scenes based on an attention aware CNN network
Includes: Zhao Xin, L.[Li] Zhao-Xin, L.[Li]

Zhao, A.[Aite] Co Author Listing * Associated Spatio-Temporal Capsule Network for Gait Recognition
* Association Rules Discovery of Deviant Events in Multivariate Time Series: An Analysis and Implementation of the SAX-ARM Algorithm
* Automatic Detection of Subglacial Water Bodies in the AGAP Region, East Antarctica, Based on Short-Time Fourier Transform
* Binary character/graphics image extraction: a new technique and six evaluation aspects
* coordinate attention enhanced swin transformer for handwriting recognition of Parkinson's disease, A
* Data Augmentation Using Learned Transformations for One-Shot Medical Image Segmentation
* DCACorrCapsNet: A deep channel-attention correlative capsule network for COVID-19 detection based on multi-source medical images
* Domain-Adaptive Few-Shot Learning
* Estimating a Small Signal in the Presence of Large Noise
* Extraction of Binary Character/Graphics Images from Grayscale Document Images
* Extreme Reverse Projection Learning for Zero-Shot Recognition
* Face-Focused Cross-Stream Network for Deception Detection in Videos
* Graph Memory Neural Network for Sea Surface Temperature Prediction, A
* Improved level set method for lip contour detection
* Minimizing Maximum Model Discrepancy for Transferable Black-box Targeted Attacks
* Multi-View Mouse Social Behaviour Recognition With Deep Graphic Model
* Multimodal Gait Recognition for Neurodegenerative Diseases
* Painting Many Pasts: Synthesizing Time Lapse Videos of Paintings
* Perceptual Underwater Image Enhancement With Deep Learning and Physical Priors
* Radiometric Normalization for Cross-Sensor Optical Gaofen Images with Change Detection and Chi-Square Test
* Robust Watermarking Scheme for Encrypted Images Based on Scrambling and Kronecker Compressed Sensing
* Social Diffusion: Long-term Multiple Human Motion Anticipation
* Spatial Spectral Enhancement of Broadband Signals in a Towed Array Using Deconvolved Subband Peak Energy Detection
* Synthesizing Images of Humans in Unseen Poses
* Transferable Self-Supervised Instance Learning for Sleep Recognition
* Unsupervised Learning Model for Deformable Medical Image Registration, An
* Visual Deprojection: Probabilistic Recovery of Collapsed Dimensions
* VoxelMorph: A Learning Framework for Deformable Medical Image Registration
* Zero and Few Shot Learning With Semantic Feature Synthesis and Competitive Learning
Includes: Zhao, A.[Aite] Zhao, A.[Anne] Zhao, A.[Aiguo] Zhao, A.[Amy] Zhao, A.[An] Zhao, A. Zhao, A.[Anming] Zhao, A.[Aimin] Zhao, A.[Anqi] Zhao, A.[Aozhu] Zhao, A.[Anbang]
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Zhao, A.G. Co Author Listing * Image Representation of Moving Nonrigid Objects

Zhao, A.Z.[An Zhou] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Temporal Response of Tropical Dry Forests to Meteorological Drought
* Comparison of Model-Assisted Estimators to Infer Land Cover/Use Class Area Using Satellite Imagery, A
* Phenology-Based Method to Map Cropping Patterns under a Wheat-Maize Rotation Using Remotely Sensed Time-Series Data, A
Includes: Zhao, A.Z.[An Zhou] Zhao, A.Z.[An-Zhou]

Zhao, B. Co Author Listing * 64X64 CMOS Image Sensor With On-Chip Moving Object Detection and Localization, A
* Accelerated MRI Reconstruction With Separable and Enhanced Low-Rank Hankel Regularization
* Accelerating Dataset Distillation via Model Augmentation
* Adaptive feature representation for visual tracking
* Assessment of Swarm Kinematic Orbit Determination Using Two Different Double-Difference Methods
* Assimilating AMSU-A Radiance Observations with an Ensemble Four-Dimensional Variational (En4DVar) Hybrid Data Assimilation System
* Augmented Bi-path Network for Few-shot Learning
* Aurora Image Classification Based on Multi-Feature Latent Dirichlet Allocation
* B-Spline Curve Fitting Based on Gradient Vector Flow Deformable Models
* Blind Noisy Image Quality Assessment Using Sub-Band Kurtosis
* Boosting Semi-Supervised Learning by Exploiting All Unlabeled Data
* CAFE: Learning to Condense Dataset by Aligning Features
* CAM-RNN: Co-Attention Model Based RNN for Video Captioning
* Characterization of Aquifer System and Groundwater Storage Change Due to South-to-North Water Diversion Project at Huairou Groundwater Reserve Site, Beijing, China, Using Geodetic and Hydrological Data
* Classification of Conservation Tillage Using Enhanced Spatial and Temporal Adaptive Reflectance Fusion Model
* Classification-Oriented Distributed Semantic Communication for Multivariate Time Series
* Clothing Cosegmentation for Shopping Images With Cluttered Background
* CoDo: Contrastive Learning with Downstream Background Invariance for Detection
* Color Channel Fusion Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Combine unlabeled with labeled MR images to measure acute ischemic stroke lesion by stepwise learning
* Completing point clouds using structural constraints for large-scale points absence in 3D building reconstruction
* Constructing a Regional Ionospheric TEC Model in China with Empirical Orthogonal Function and Dense GNSS Observation
* Content-Dependency Reduction With Multi-Task Learning In Blind Stitched Panoramic Image Quality Assessment
* Continual Representation Learning for Biometric Identification
* Cumulative Spatial Knowledge Distillation for Vision Transformers
* Data-driven next destination prediction and ETA improvement for urban delivery fleets
* Dataset Condensation with Distribution Matching
* Decoupled Knowledge Distillation
* design and analysis of adjustment factor in Gerschgorin Criterion for Source Number Estimation, The
* Dirichlet-Derived Multiple Topic Scene Classification Model for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Diversified Visual Attention Networks for Fine-Grained Object Classification
* DOT: A Distillation-Oriented Trainer
* Dynamic Extraction for VOI from CT Images Based on Volume Rendering
* Dynamic MLP for Fine-Grained Image Classification by Leveraging Geographical and Temporal Information
* Efficient and Robust Framework for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection, An
* Efficient Feedforward Categorization of Objects and Human Postures with Address-Event Image Sensors
* Efficient One Pass Self-distillation with Zipf's Label Smoothing
* Enhancement of Detecting Permanent Water and Temporary Water in Flood Disasters by Fusing Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery Using Deep Learning Algorithms: Demonstration of Sen1Floods11 Benchmark Datasets
* Evaluating the Performance of Two Inter-Frequency Code Bias (IFCB) Models in Combined Precise Point Positioning (PPP)
* Event-Based Hough Transform in a Spiking Neural Network for Multiple Line Detection and Tracking Using a Dynamic Vision Sensor
* Extrinsic Calibration for LiDAR-Camera Systems Using Direct 3D-2D Correspondences
* First Helicopter Platform-Based Equivalent GEO SAR Experiment With Long Integration Time, The
* Fisher Kernel Coding Framework for High Spatial Resolution Scene Classification, The
* Focused Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing of Ice-Sounding Data Collected Over the East Antarctic Ice Sheet via the Modified Range Migration Algorithm Using Curvelets
* Fractional-integral-operator-based improved SVM for filtering salt-and-pepper noise
* Fully Self-Supervised Depth Estimation from Defocus Clue
* Gender Differences in Multimodal Contact-Free Deception Detection
* General Framework for Edited Video and Raw Video Summarization, A
* Generating Masks from Boxes by Mining Spatio-Temporal Consistencies in Videos
* Hardware-Aware Softmax Approximation for Deep Neural Networks
* Hazardous material sign detection and recognition
* Hierarchical Feature Hashing for Fast Dimensionality Reduction
* High-Resolution Ice-Sounding Radar Measurements of Ice Thickness Over East Antarctic Ice Sheet as a Part of Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition
* How to Systematically Evaluate the Greenspace Exposure of Residential Communities? A 3-D Novel Perspective Using UAV Photogrammetry
* HSA-RNN: Hierarchical Structure-Adaptive RNN for Video Summarization
* Image Generation From Layout
* Image Hazing and Dehazing: From the Viewpoint of Two-Way Image Translation With a Weakly Supervised Framework
* Image Reconstruction From Highly Undersampled (k,t)-Space Data With Joint Partial Separability and Sparsity Constraints
* Image Segmentation with Topic Random Field
* Impact of Climate Change on Vegetation Growth in Arid Northwest of China from 1982 to 2011
* Improved Aggregated-Mosaic Method for the Sparse Object Detection of Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Increasing Outbreak of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Large Lakes and Reservoirs under Pressures from Climate Change and Anthropogenic Interferences in the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Basin
* Innovative Virtual Simulation Teaching Platform on Digital Mapping with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Remote Sensing Education, An
* Insights into the Landslides Triggered by the 2022 Lushan Ms 6.1 Earthquake: Spatial Distribution and Controls
* Interleaving-based error concealment for scalable video coding system
* Interpretable Attention Guided Network for Fine-grained Visual Classification
* Interpretable Spatio-Temporal Attention for Video Action Recognition
* Inverse Node Graph-Based Method for the Urban Scene Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds, An
* Joint Effect of Spartina alterniflora Invasion and Reclamation on the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Tidal Flats in Yangtze River Estuary
* Kernel Collaborative Representation With Local Correlation Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Key Frame Extraction in the Summary Space
* Large Scene Deceptive Jamming Method for Space-Borne SAR, A
* Layout2image: Image Generation from Layout
* Learning Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Regularization for UAV Object Tracking
* Left-Right Comparative Recurrent Model for Stereo Matching
* LGANet: Local and global attention are both you need for action recognition
* Lightweight SAR: A Two-Bit Strategy
* lightweight unsupervised adversarial detector based on autoencoder and isolation forest, A
* Local to non-local: Multi-scale progressive attention network for image restoration
* Long-Term Dynamic of Poyang Lake Surface Water: A Mapping Work Based on the Google Earth Engine Cloud Platform
* Maintaining Discrimination and Fairness in Class Incremental Learning
* mangrove forest map of China in 2015: Analysis of time series Landsat 7/8 and Sentinel-1A imagery in Google Earth Engine cloud computing platform, A
* Mapping coastal wetlands of China using time series Landsat images in 2018 and Google Earth Engine
* Mapping from Frame-Driven to Frame-Free Event-Driven Vision Systems by Low-Rate Rate Coding and Coincidence Processing: Application to Feedforward ConvNets
* Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting
* MaxpoolNMS: Getting Rid of NMS Bottlenecks in Two-Stage Object Detectors
* Memory-Augmented Attribute Manipulation Networks for Interactive Fashion Search
* Method for Identifying the Key Information of Electronic Invoicing in Complex Scenes, A
* MGSeg: Multiple Granularity-Based Real-Time Semantic Segmentation Network
* Model-based iterative reconstruction for magnetic resonance fingerprinting
* Model-Based MR Parameter Mapping With Sparsity Constraints: Parameter Estimation and Performance Bounds
* Modified Planar Subarray Processing Algorithm Based on ISFT for Real-Time Imaging of Ice-Sounding Data
* Modular Generative Adversarial Networks
* Motion Estimation Using Region-Level Segmentation and Extended Kalman Filter for Autonomous Driving
* Multiagent Object-Based Classifier for High Spatial Resolution Imagery
* Multifeature Dictionary Learning for Collaborative Representation Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Multipath Error Reduction Method for BDS Using Tikhonov Regularization with Parameter Optimization, A
* Neural Person Search Machines
* New Finding and Unified Framework for Fake Image Detection
* New Method For Segmenting Unconstrained Handwritten Numeral String, A
* Not All Features Matter: Enhancing Few-shot CLIP with Adaptive Prior Refinement
* Novel High-Order Range Model and Imaging Approach for High-Resolution LEO SAR, A
* Novel Pattern for Infrared Small Target Detection With Generative Adversarial Network, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Demosaicing Challenge and Data Set
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
* O2U-Net: A Simple Noisy Label Detection Approach for Deep Neural Networks
* Object retrival based on visual word pairs
* One-Bit SAR Imaging Based on Single-Frequency Thresholds
* One-Dimensional Deep Low-Rank and Sparse Network for Accelerated MRI
* One-Shot High-Fidelity Talking-Head Synthesis with Deformable Neural Radiance Field
* Online detection of unusual events in videos via dynamic sparse coding
* Optimal Decision Fusion for Urban Land-Use/Land-Cover Classification Based on Adaptive Differential Evolution Using Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Optimal Experiment Design for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: Cramér-Rao Bound Meets Spin Dynamics
* Optimized Coded Aperture Design in Compressive Spectral Imaging Via Coherence Minimization
* Optimized Kernel Minimum Noise Fraction Transformation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Pen Tip Motion Prediction for Handwriting Drawing Order Recovery using Deep Neural Network
* Performance Comparison of Feature-Based Detectors for Spectrum Sensing in the Presence of Primary User Traffic
* Petri-Net Based Multi-Objective Optimization in Multi-UAV Aided Large-Scale Wireless Power and Information Transfer Networks
* Pipeline for 3-D Object Recognition Based on Local Shape Description in Cluttered Scenes, A
* Predicting Equivalent Water Thickness in Wheat Using UAV Mounted Multispectral Sensor through Deep Learning Techniques
* Preliminary Validation of Surface Reflections from Fengyun-3C Radio Occultation Data
* Propagate and Calibrate: Real-Time Passive Non-Line-of-Sight Tracking
* PSRR-MaxpoolNMS: Pyramid Shifted MaxpoolNMS with Relationship Recovery
* quantitative evaluation of comprehensive 3D local descriptors generated with spatial and geometrical features, A
* Quasi Real-Time Summarization for Consumer Videos
* RCLane: Relay Chain Prediction for Lane Detection
* Reconstructive Sequence-Graph Network for Video Summarization
* Reducing the feature divergence of RGB and near-infrared images using Switchable Normalization
* Reducing the feature divergence of RGB and near-infrared images using Switchable Normalization
* Robust Object Tracking With Discrete Graph-Based Multiple Experts
* Robust Visual Tracking by Exploiting the Historical Tracker Snapshots
* Satellite-Derived Aerosol Optical Depth Fusion Combining Active and Passive Remote Sensing Based on Bayesian Maximum Entropy
* Scale-Aware Pyramid Network for Multi-Scale Object Detection in SAR Images, A
* Scene Semantic Understanding Based on the Spatial Context Relations of Multiple Objects
* Semantically Similarity-Wise Dual-Branch Network for Scene Graph Generation
* Semantics-Consistent Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Image-Voice Retrieval
* Semisupervised Subspace-Based DNA Encoding and Matching Classifier for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Simulation of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar Tristatic System
* Space-Time Sea Surface pCO2 Estimation in the North Atlantic Based on CatBoost
* Sparse Output Coding for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* Sparse Output Coding for Scalable Visual Recognition
* Spatial-Temporal Context-Aware Tracking
* Spatial-Temporal Context-Aware Tracking
* spectral-structural bag-of-features scene classifier for very high spatial resolution remote sensing imagery, A
* SST: Spatial and Semantic Transformers for Multi-Label Image Recognition
* State-Aware Anti-Drift Object Tracking
* Strategy for SAR Imaging Quality Improvement With Low-Precision Sampled Data
* Support Vector Machine and Its Application in Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Target Reconstruction From Deceptively Jammed Single-Channel SAR
* Technical Solution Discussion for Key Challenges of Operational Convolutional Neural Network-Based Building-Damage Assessment from Satellite Imagery: Perspective from Benchmark xBD Dataset
* Tissue-Volume Preserving Deformable Image Registration for 4DCT Pulmonary Images
* Toward Effective Image Manipulation Detection With Proposal Contrastive Learning
* Towards a category-extended object detector with limited data
* Towards Nonlinear-Motion-Aware and Occlusion-Robust Rolling Shutter Correction
* Understanding the Land Surface Phenology and Gross Primary Production of Sugarcane Plantations by Eddy Flux Measurements, MODIS Images, and Data-Driven Models
* Unpaired sonar image denoising with simultaneous contrastive learning
* Unsupervised and Supervised Feature Extraction Methods for Hyperspectral Images Based on Mixtures of Factor Analyzers
* Unsupervised Maximum Margin Feature Selection with manifold regularization
* Urban Tree Canopy Mapping Based on Double-Branch Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-Temporal High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Urbanization-Driven Changes in Land-Climate Dynamics: A Case Study of Haihe River Basin, China
* Vertical Displacements Driven by Groundwater Storage Changes in the North China Plain Detected by GPS Observations
* Video Crowd Localization With Multifocus Gaussian Neighborhood Attention and a Large-Scale Benchmark
* ViewRefer: Grasp the Multi-view Knowledge for 3D Visual Grounding
* Visual Saliency Models Based on Spectrum Processing
* Zero-Shot Learning Posed as a Missing Data Problem
* Zero-Shot Learning Via Recurrent Knowledge Transfer
Includes: Zhao, B. Zhao, B.[Bo] Zhao, B.[Ban] Zhao, B.[Bin] Zhao, B.[Bei] Zhao, B.[Borui] Zhao, B.[Boyu] Zhao, B.[Bowen] Zhao, B.[Bing] Zhao, B.[Bai] Zhao, B.[Bufan] Zhao, B.[Biqiang] Zhao, B.[Benhua] Zhao, B.[Baojun] Zhao, B.[Baiting] Zhao, B.[Bohan] Zhao, B.[Bocheng] Zhao, B.[Boya] Zhao, B.[Baigan] Zhao, B.[Binsheng] Zhao, B.[Bihe] Zhao, B.[Bochao] Zhao, B.[Buhui] Zhao, B.[Ben] Zhao, B.[Bao] Zhao, B.[Bingyu]
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Zhao, B.B.[Bing Bing] Co Author Listing * Detecting Urban Commercial Districts by Fusing Points of Interest and Population Heat Data with Region-Growing Algorithms
* Identifying the Production-Living-Ecological Functional Structure of Haikou City by Integrating Empirical Knowledge with Multi-Source Data
* Novel Near-Real-Time GB-InSAR Slope Deformation Monitoring Method, A
* Refinement of Landslide Susceptibility Map Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry in Areas of Intense Mining Activities in the Karst Region of Southwest China
* Super Resolution Enhancement of Satellite Remote Sensing Images of Transmission Tower Based on Multi-map Residual Network and Wavelet Transform
* Susceptibility Analysis of Land Subsidence along the Transmission Line in the Salt Lake Area Based on Remote Sensing Interpretation
* Susceptibility Assessment for Landslide Initiated along Power Transmission Lines
Includes: Zhao, B.B.[Bing Bing] Zhao, B.B.[Bing-Bing] Zhao, B.B.[Bin-Bin]
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Zhao, B.C.[Bing Chen] Co Author Listing * 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* CKD-TransBTS: Clinical Knowledge-Driven Hybrid Transformer With Modality-Correlated Cross-Attention for Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Deep imitator: Handwriting calligraphy imitation via deep attention networks
* Discriminability-Transferability Trade-Off: An Information-Theoretic Perspective
* HoVer-Trans: Anatomy-Aware HoVer-Transformer for ROI-Free Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Ultrasound Images
* Improving Contrastive Learning by Visualizing Feature Transformation
* Incremental Generalized Category Discovery
* Learning Semi-supervised Gaussian Mixture Models for Generalized Category Discovery
* Novel Multi-Task Learning for Motion Magnification
* OOD-CV: A Benchmark for Robustness to Out-of-Distribution Shifts of Individual Nuisances in Natural Images
* Parametric Classification for Generalized Category Discovery: A Baseline Study
* Robust Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Registration Based on Local Statistical Frequency Information
* Semi-Supervised Underexposed Image Enhancement Network With Supervised Context Attention and Multi-Exposure Fusion, A
* Temporal Context Aggregation for Video Retrieval with Contrastive Learning
* What If the TV Was Off? Examining Counterfactual Reasoning Abilities of Multi-modal Language Models
Includes: Zhao, B.C.[Bing Chen] Zhao, B.C.[Bing-Chen] Zhao, B.C.[Bing-Chao] Zhao, B.C.[Bo-Cheng]
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Zhao, B.F.[Bu Fan] Co Author Listing * Indoor Point Cloud Segmentation Using Iterative Gaussian Mapping and Improved Model Fitting
Includes: Zhao, B.F.[Bu Fan] Zhao, B.F.[Bu-Fan]

Zhao, B.H.[Bing Hao] Co Author Listing * DesignerGAN: Sketch Your Own Photo
* Weak Signal Enhancement for Passive Seismic Data Reconstruction Based on Deep Learning
Includes: Zhao, B.H.[Bing Hao] Zhao, B.H.[Bing-Hao] Zhao, B.H.[Bing-Hui]

Zhao, B.J.[Bao Jun] Co Author Listing * AccLoc: Anchor-Free and two-stage detector for accurate object localization
* Aftershock Deletion Method Based on Fault Buffer Zone, An
* Compressed-Domain Ship Detection on Spaceborne Optical Image Using Deep Neural Network and Extreme Learning Machine
* Efficient Spectral Feature Extraction Framework for Hyperspectral Images, An
* Few-shot traffic sign recognition with clustering inductive bias and random neural network
* Multi-Stage Astronomical Images Registration Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform, A
* NASA's MODIS/VIIRS Global Water Reservoir Product Suite from Moderate Resolution Remote Sensing Data
* new feature descriptor and selection method to space image registration, A
* novel SVD-based image quality assessment metric, A
* Staring Mode Properties and Performance of Geo-SAR Satellite with Reflector Antenna, The
* StfNet: A Two-Stream Convolutional Neural Network for Spatiotemporal Image Fusion
* Time Varying Metric Learning for visual tracking
* Variational-Based Contour Tracking in Infrared Imagery
Includes: Zhao, B.J.[Bao Jun] Zhao, B.J.[Bao-Jun] Zhao, B.J.[Bing-Jie] Zhao, B.J.[Bing-Ji]
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Zhao, B.L.[Bin Lin] Co Author Listing * Person re-identification via integrating patch-based metric learning and local salience learning
Includes: Zhao, B.L.[Bin Lin] Zhao, B.L.[Bin-Lin]

Zhao, B.N.[Brian Nlong] Co Author Listing * Extrinsic Self-Calibration of the Surround-View System: A Weakly Supervised Approach

Zhao, B.Q.[Bao Quan] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Editing from Contour Drawings on Orthographic Projection Views
* 3D-FRONT: 3D Furnished Rooms with layOuts and semaNTics
* 3D-FUTURE: 3D Furniture Shape with TextURE
* Approximate Intrinsic Voxel Structure for Point Cloud Simplification
* Assessing Variations in Water Use Efficiency and Linkages with Land-Use Changes Using Three Different Data Sources: A Case Study of the Yellow River, China
* Crop Classification and LAI Estimation Using Original and Resolution-Reduced Images from Two Consumer-Grade Cameras
* DCCF: Deep Comprehensible Color Filter Learning Framework for High-Resolution Image Harmonization
* Digging into Radiance Grid for Real-Time View Synthesis with Detail Preservation
* Fine-Grained Patch Segmentation and Rasterization for 3-D Point Cloud Attribute Compression
* Interaction-Matrix Based Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment
* Intrinsic and Isotropic Resampling for 3D Point Clouds
* KSS-ICP: Point Cloud Registration Based on Kendall Shape Space
* Lightweight Spatial Attention Module with Adaptive Receptive Fields in 3d Convolutional Neural Network for Alzheimer's Disease Classification, A
* Preliminary Results of the Three-Dimensional Plasma Drift Velocity at East Asian Low-Latitudes Observed by the Sanya Incoherent Scattering Radar (SYISR)
* Prior Based Human Completion
* Range Image Based Point Cloud Colorization Using Conditional Generative Model
* Ray Priors through Reprojection: Improving Neural Radiance Fields for Novel View Extrapolation
* Residential floor plan recognition and reconstruction
* Single Image 3D Shape Retrieval via Cross-Modal Instance and Category Contrastive Learning
* Study on the Method of Extracting Plasma Lines Based on Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar
* Voxel Structure-Based Mesh Reconstruction From a 3D Point Cloud
Includes: Zhao, B.Q.[Bao Quan] Zhao, B.Q.[Bao-Quan] Zhao, B.Q.[Bin-Qiang] Zhao, B.Q.[Bing-Qian] Zhao, B.Q.[Bi-Quan] Zhao, B.Q.[Bao-Qi] Zhao, B.Q.[Bi-Qiang]
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Zhao, B.R.[Bo Rui] Co Author Listing * Delving deep into spatial pooling for squeeze-and-excitation networks
* Discriminability-Transferability Trade-Off: An Information-Theoretic Perspective
* HCE: Hierarchical Context Embedding for Region-Based Object Detection
* Hierarchical Context Embedding for Region-based Object Detection
Includes: Zhao, B.R.[Bo Rui] Zhao, B.R.[Bo-Rui]

Zhao, B.T.[Bai Ting] Co Author Listing * Multifeature extracting CNN with concatenation for image denoising
* SVMs Interpolation Based Edge Correction Scheme for Color Filter Array
Includes: Zhao, B.T.[Bai Ting] Zhao, B.T.[Bai-Ting]

Zhao, B.X.[Bao Xin] Co Author Listing * COMO: Efficient Deep Neural Networks Expansion With COnvolutional MaxOut
* Coresets for fast causal discovery with the additive noise model
* domain translation network with contrastive constraint for unpaired motion image deblurring, A
* Dual-Interference Channels Static Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometer Based on Stepped Micro-Mirror: Data Processing and Experiment Research
* Evaluation of the Stability of Muddy Coastline Based on Satellite Imagery: A Case Study in the Central Coasts of Jiangsu, China
* Morphological Characteristics of Tidal Creeks in the Central Coastal Region of Jiangsu, China, Using LiDAR
* Reducing the Influence of Systematic Errors in Interference Core of Stepped Micro-Mirror Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer: A Novel Calibration Method
* Robust Cross-Drone Multi-Target Association Using 3D Spatial Consistency
* Vision-Based Moving-Target Geolocation Using Dual Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Zhao, B.X.[Bao Xin] Zhao, B.X.[Bao-Xin] Zhao, B.X.[Bo-Xiang] Zhao, B.X.[Bing-Xin] Zhao, B.X.[Bai-Xuan] Zhao, B.X.[Bing-Xue] Zhao, B.X.[Bing-Xu]
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Zhao, B.Y.[Ben Y.] Co Author Listing * Backdoor Attacks Against Deep Learning Systems in the Physical World
* DR-Net: An Improved Network for Building Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Fully Attentional Networks with Self-emerging Token Labeling
* Modified Spatiotemporal Fusion Algorithm Using Phenological Information for Predicting Reflectance of Paddy Rice in Southern China, A
* Towards Class-Oriented Poisoning Attacks Against Neural Networks
Includes: Zhao, B.Y.[Ben Y.] Zhao, B.Y.[Bing-Yu] Zhao, B.Y.[Bing-Yin]

Zhao, C. Co Author Listing * 3-D robust range feature extraction tool for industrial automation applications, A
* adaptive fast intra mode decision in HEVC, An
* Adaptive intra-refresh for low-delay error-resilient video coding
* AGMN: Association graph-based graph matching network for coronary artery semantic labeling on invasive coronary angiograms
* Analysis of the Characteristics and Evolution Mechanisms of a Bow-Shaped Squall Line in East China Observed with Dual-Polarization Doppler Radars
* Analysis of Wave Breaking on Gaofen-3 and TerraSAR-X SAR Image and Its Effect on Wave Retrieval
* Attention Convolutional Binary Neural Tree for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Auto-FedRL: Federated Hyperparameter Optimization for Multi-institutional Medical Image Segmentation
* Background Modeling by Stability of Adaptive Features in Complex Scenes
* Background Subtraction Based on Integration of Alternative Cues in Freely Moving Camera
* Background Subtraction via Robust Dictionary Learning
* Badminton Stroke Recognition Based on Body Sensor Networks
* Cascade Attention Network for Person Re-Identification
* Class-unbalanced domain adaptation for object detection via dynamic weighting mechanism
* Closing the Generalization Gap of Cross-Silo Federated Medical Image Segmentation
* Clutter and Interference Cancellation in River Surface Velocity Measurement with a Coherent S-Band Radar
* Cognitive visual tracking and camera control
* Collective Density Clustering for Coherent Motion Detection
* Comments on Image Denoising by Sparse 3-D Transform-Domain Collaborative Filtering
* Communication-Efficient Vertical Federated Learning with Limited Overlapping Samples
* CONCOLOR: Constrained Non-Convex Low-Rank Model for Image Deblocking
* Consistent Iterative Multi-view Transfer Learning for Person Re-identification
* Continuous Approximation Based Dimension-Reduced Estimation for Arbitrary Sampling
* Counting vehicles in urban traffic scenes using foreground time-spatial images
* CoupleNet: Coupling Global Structure with Local Parts for Object Detection
* Data-Driven Indoor Positioning Correction for Infrastructure-Enabled Autonomous Driving Systems: A Lifelong Framework
* Decoupled Self-attention Module for Person Re-identification
* Deep Neural Networks and Kernel Density Estimation for Detecting Human Activity Patterns from Geo-Tagged Images: A Case Study of Birdwatching on Flickr
* Deep Spatial Gradient and Temporal Depth Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Deep Unsupervised Hashing with Semantic Consistency Learning
* Deformation Monitoring and Analysis of Reservoir Dams Based on SBAS-InSAR Technology: Banqiao Reservoir
* Dense Correspondence of 3d Facial Point Clouds Via Neural Network Fitting
* Digging Hierarchical Information For Visual Place Recognition With Weighting Similarity Metric
* DiNTS: Differentiable Neural Network Topology Search for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
* Discussion on InSAR Identification Effectivity of Potential Landslides and Factors That Influence the Effectivity
* Distinct Variability between Semidiurnal and Diurnal Internal Tides at the East China Sea Shelf
* Driver's fatigue expressions recognition by combined features from pyramid histogram of oriented gradient and contourlet transform with random subspace ensembles
* dual structured-sparsity model for compressive-sensed video reconstruction, A
* Dynamic Deep Pixel Distribution Learning for Background Subtraction
* ECCVideo: A Scalable Edge Cloud Collaborative Video Analysis System
* Effect of Vertical Distribution of Crop Structure and Biochemical Parameters of Winter Wheat on Canopy Reflectance Characteristics and Spectral Indices
* Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video
* EgoLoc: Revisiting 3D Object Localization from Egocentric Videos with Visual Queries
* Emphasizing Closeness and Diversity Simultaneously for Deep Face Representation
* End-to-End Active Speaker Detection
* End-To-End Visual Place Recognition Based on Deep Metric Learning and Self-Adaptively Enhanced Similarity Metric
* Energy-efficient train timetabling for a medium-speed maglev line considering propulsion and suspension energy consumption
* Enhanced Aerosol Estimations From Suomi-NPP VIIRS Images Over Heterogeneous Surfaces
* Epipolar Parameterization for Reconstructing a 3D Rigid Curve
* ERS-HDRI: Event-Based Remote Sensing HDR Imaging
* Estimating the Daily NO2 Concentration with High Spatial Resolution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Using an Ensemble Learning Model
* ETAD: Training Action Detection End to End on a Laptop
* Evaluation of BRDF Information Retrieved from Time-Series Multiangle Data of the Himawari-8 AHI
* Evaluation of Diverse Convolutional Neural Networks and Training Strategies for Wheat Leaf Disease Identification with Field-Acquired Photographs
* EventPoint: Self-Supervised Interest Point Detection and Description for Event-based Camera
* Exploring the Role of the Spatial Characteristics of Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance in Predicting Soil Organic Carbon Density
* Fair Federated Medical Image Segmentation via Client Contribution Estimation
* Fast Trajectory Generation and Asteroid Sequence Selection in Multispacecraft for Multiasteroid Exploration
* Fast, Accurate Thin-Structure Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Mobile Robots
* FIT-Net: Feature Interaction Transformer Network for Pathologic Myopia Diagnosis
* Framework of Generating Land Surface Reflectance of China Early Landsat MSS Images by Visibility Data and Its Evaluation, A
* FreeDoM: Training-Free Energy-Guided Conditional Diffusion Model
* Fusing Local Similarities for Retrieval-Based 3D Orientation Estimation of Unseen Objects
* G-TAD: Sub-Graph Localization for Temporal Action Detection
* Hierarchical and Parallel Pipelined Heterogeneous SoC for Embedded Vision Processing
* Hierarchical Bilinear Convolutional Neural Network for Image Classification
* High quality proposal feature generation for crowded pedestrian detection
* Hybrid Beam-Forming and Direction-Finding Method for Wind Direction Sensing Based on HF Radar, A
* Identifying and correcting the errors of vehicle trajectories from roadside millimetre-wave radars
* Image Enhancement for Remote Photoplethysmography in a Low-Light Environment
* Image Feature Correspondence Selection: A Comparative Study and a New Contribution
* Improve Unsupervised Deep Hashing Via Masked Contrastive Learning
* Incremental Generative Occlusion Adversarial Suppression Network for Person ReID
* Influence of Cut-In Maneuvers for an Autonomous Car on Surrounding Drivers: Experiment and Analysis
* Integrated Spatio-Spectral-Temporal Sparse Representation Method for Fusing Remote-Sensing Images With Different Resolutions, An
* Integration of Sentinel-1A, ALOS-2 and GF-1 Datasets for Identifying Landslides in the Three Parallel Rivers Region, China
* Interaction Design for Mobile Visual Search
* Ionosphere Sensing With a Low-Cost, Single-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver
* Joint face alignment with a generic deformable face model
* Just a Glimpse: Rethinking Temporal Information for Video Continual Learning
* L1-Norm Distance Linear Discriminant Analysis Based on an Effective Iterative Algorithm
* Large-Capacity and Flexible Video Steganography via Invertible Neural Network
* Large-scale individual building extraction from open-source satellite imagery via super-resolution-based instance segmentation approach
* Layer-Wise Adaptive Updating for Few-Shot Image Classification
* Learning Meta Face Recognition in Unseen Domains
* Learning Semantic Neural Tree for Human Parsing
* Low Dose CT Perfusion With K-Space Weighted Image Average (KWIA)
* Lung segmentation and automatic detection of COVID-19 using radiomic features from chest CT images
* MAD: A Scalable Dataset for Language Grounding in Videos from Movie Audio Descriptions
* Mean-shift Visual Tracking with NP-Windows Density Estimates
* Memory-Efficient Hardware Architecture for Connected Component Labeling in Embedded System, A
* Method for Automatic Inversion of Oblique Ionograms, A
* Monocular Long-Term Target Following on UAVs
* Multi-Scale Deep Pixel Distribution Learning for Concrete Crack Detection
* Multi-scale enhanced graph convolutional network for mild cognitive impairment detection
* Multi-Stage Asynchronous Federated Learning With Adaptive Differential Privacy
* Multivehicle Flocking With Collision Avoidance via Distributed Model Predictive Control
* Mutual Relative Position Learning Transformer for Cross-View Geo-Localization
* negotiation-based right-of-way assignment strategy to ensure traffic safety and efficiency in lane changes, A
* NM-Net: Mining Reliable Neighbors for Robust Feature Correspondences
* Novel Direct Trajectory Planning Approach Based on Generative Adversarial Networks and Rapidly-Exploring Random Tree, A
* Novel Framework for Remote Photoplethysmography Pulse Extraction on Compressed Videos, A
* novel image encryption-compression scheme using hyper-chaos and Chinese remainder theorem, A
* Novel Method to Estimate Subpixel Temperature by Fusing Solar-Reflective and Thermal-Infrared Remote-Sensing Data With an Artificial Neural Network, A
* Novel Spatio-Temporal Synchronization Method of Roadside Asynchronous MMW Radar-Camera for Sensor Fusion, A
* Objective Image Quality Optimization in Augmented Reality Using Spatial Frequency Domain Models
* Observation and Intercomparison of Wave Motion and Wave Measurement Using Shore-Based Coherent Microwave Radar and HF Radar
* Observation of Surface Displacement Associated with Rapid Urbanization and Land Creation in Lanzhou, Loess Plateau of China with Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
* Open Set Action Recognition via Multi-Label Evidential Learning
* Optical and Thermal Remote Sensing for Monitoring Agricultural Drought
* Orthogonal Projection Algorithm to Suppress Interference in High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar, An
* OTFace: Hard Samples Guided Optimal Transport Loss for Deep Face Representation
* OWL (Observe, Watch, Listen): Audiovisual Temporal Context for Localizing Actions in Egocentric Videos
* Parallel Transportation in TransVerse: From Foundation Models to DeCAST
* Performance Evaluation of Visual Object Detection and Tracking Algorithms Used in Remote Photoplethysmography
* Plant identification using leaf shapes: A pattern counting approach
* Pooling Scores of Neighboring Points for Improved 3D Point Cloud Segmentation
* Progressive adaptive correlation estimation(PACE) for WZVC
* Progressive Correspondence Pruning by Consensus Learning
* Quantifying Contributions of Local Emissions and Regional Transport to NOX in Beijing Using TROPOMI Constrained WRF-Chem Simulation
* Quantifying the performance and optimizing the placement of roadside sensors for cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems
* R-DFCIL: Relation-Guided Representation Learning for Data-Free Class Incremental Learning
* Rain Detection From X-Band Marine Radar Images: A Support Vector Machine-Based Approach
* Re2TAL: Rewiring Pretrained Video Backbones for Reversible Temporal Action Localization
* Reducing Image Compression Artifacts by Structural Sparse Representation and Quantization Constraint Prior
* Remote Estimation of Heart Rate Based on Multi-Scale Facial ROIs
* Remote Sensing-Based Approach for the Assessing of Ecological Environmental Quality Variations Using Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in the Qilian Mountains, Northwest China
* Research on the Technology of Extracting 3D Face Feature Points on Basis of Binocular Vision
* Resource-Efficient Parallel Connected Component Labeling Algorithm and Its Hardware Implementation, A
* Rotation invariant point cloud analysis: Where local geometry meets global topology
* S-Band Doppler Wave Radar System
* Scalable Multi-Consistency Feature Matching with Non-Cooperative Games
* Scattering Coefficient for Shore-to-Air Bistatic High Frequency (HF) Radar Configurations as Applied to Ocean Observations, The
* Sea Echoes for Airborne HF/VHF Radar: Mathematical Model and Simulation
* Segtad: Precise Temporal Action Detection via Semantic Segmentation
* Semisupervised and Weakly Supervised Road Detection Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
* Separation of Interleaved Pulse Stream Based on Directed Acyclic Graphs
* Simplified Gaussian and Mean Curvatures to Range Image Segmentation
* SMORE: A Self-Supervised Anti-Aliasing and Super-Resolution Algorithm for MRI Using Deep Learning
* Sparse-to-dense Depth Completion Revisited: Sampling Strategy and Graph Construction
* SSP-Regularizer: A Star Shape Prior Based Regularizer for Vessel Lumen Segmentation in OCT Images
* Target tracking using mean-shift and affine structure
* Task-Based Modeling of a 5k Ultra-High-Resolution Medical Imaging System for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
* thorough review of models, evaluation metrics, and datasets on image captioning, A
* Three Principles to Determine the Right-of-Way for AVs: Safe Interaction With Humans
* TriPField: A 3D Potential Field Model and Its Applications to Local Path Planning of Autonomous Vehicles
* UAV Recognition Based on Micro-Doppler Dynamic Attribute-Guided Augmentation Algorithm
* Underdetermined DOA Estimation for Wideband Signals via Joint Sparse Signal Reconstruction
* Unified Continual Learning Framework with General Parameter-Efficient Tuning, A
* Unsupervised Deep Hashing With Deep Semantic Distillation
* Unsupervised Learning of 3D Semantic Keypoints with Mutual Reconstruction
* Unsupervised MR-to-CT Synthesis Using Structure-Constrained CycleGAN
* Validation and Evaluation of a Ship Echo-Based Array Phase Manifold Calibration Method for HF Surface Wave Radar DOA Estimation and Current Measurement
* Validation of Sensing Ocean Surface Currents Using Multi-Frequency HF Radar Based on a Circular Receiving Array
* Variational Few-Shot Learning
* VEFNet: an Event-RGB Cross Modality Fusion Network for Visual Place Recognition
* Vehicles detection in complex urban traffic scenes using Gaussian mixture model with confidence measurement
* Video Compressive Sensing Reconstruction via Reweighted Residual Sparsity
* Video compressive sensing via structured Laplacian modelling
* Video Self-Stitching Graph Network for Temporal Action Localization
* Wave Height and Wave Period Derived from a Shipboard Coherent S-Band Wave Radar in the South China Sea
* Wavelet inpainting driven image compression via collaborative sparsity at low bit rates
* Weakly Supervised Photo Cropping
* Weakly-Supervised Action Localization by Hierarchically-structured Latent Attention Modeling
* When NAS Meets Trees: An Efficient Algorithm for Neural Architecture Search
* Wind Direction Estimation Using Small-Aperture HF Radar Based on a Circular Array
Includes: Zhao, C. Zhao, C.[Chuan] Zhao, C.[Chen] Zhao, C.[Chi] Zhao, C.[Can] Zhao, C.[Cong] Zhao, C.[Chihang] Zhao, C.[Chao] Zhao, C.[Chang] Zhao, C.[Chuang] Zhao, C.[Chun] Zhao, C.[Chaoyu] Zhao, C.[Changsen] Zhao, C.[Cheng] Zhao, C.[Ce] Zhao, C.[Cailing] Zhao, C.[Chenbo] Zhao, C.[Chenqiu] Zhao, C.[Chumin] Zhao, C.[Chaoying] Zhao, C.[Chuanyan] Zhao, C.[Caidan]
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Zhao, C.C.[Chang Chen] Co Author Listing * Contactless Respiratory Rate Monitoring For ICU Patients Based On Unsupervised Learning
* Deep-Learned Regularization and Proximal Operator for Image Compressive Sensing
* Developing a Pixel-Scale Corrected Nighttime Light Dataset (PCNL, 1992-2021) Combining DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS
* DiffGuard: Semantic Mismatch-Guided Out-of-Distribution Detection using Pre-trained Diffusion Models
* HumanSD: A Native Skeleton-Guided Diffusion Model for Human Image Generation
* JAMSNet: A Remote Pulse Extraction Network Based on Joint Attention and Multi-Scale Fusion
* Joint rain and atmospheric veil removal from single image
* Mapping Shrub Coverage in Xilin Gol Grassland with Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Monocular pedestrian orientation estimation based on deep 2D-3D feedforward
* Non-invasive detection of alcohol concentration based on photoplethysmogram signals
* Pruning rPPG Networks: Toward Small Dense Network with Limited Number of Training Samples
* Variational Image Segmentation Model Based on Normalized Cut with Adaptive Similarity and Spatial Regularization, A
Includes: Zhao, C.C.[Chang Chen] Zhao, C.C.[Chang-Chen] Zhao, C.C.[Chen-Chen] Zhao, C.C.[Cong-Cong] Zhao, C.C.[Cui-Cui]
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Zhao, C.D.[Cheng Duo] Co Author Listing * Highly accurate real-time image steganalysis based on GPU
* UCT-GAN: underwater image colour transfer generative adversarial network
Includes: Zhao, C.D.[Cheng Duo] Zhao, C.D.[Cheng-Duo] Zhao, C.D.[Cai-Dan]

Zhao, C.F.[Chao Fang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of HY-2A Scatterometer Ocean Surface Wind Data during 2012-2018
* Impact of Ocean Waves on Guanlan's IRA Measurement Error
* Impact of Systematic Attitude Error on the Measurement of Interferometric Radar Altimeter, The
* Influence of Stratospheric Ozone Changes on Stratospheric Temperature Trends in Recent Decades
* Investigation of EM Backscattering from Slick-Free and Slick-Covered Sea Surfaces Using the SSA-2 and SAR Images
* Polar Sea Ice Monitoring Using HY-2A Scatterometer Measurements
* Quantifying the Long-Term MODIS Cloud Regime Dependent Relationship between Aerosol Optical Depth and Cloud Properties over China
* Sea Surface Monostatic and Bistatic EM Scattering Using SSA-1 and UAVSAR Data: Numerical Evaluation and Comparison Using Different Sea Spectra
* Stochastic Bias Correction and Uncertainty Estimation of Satellite-Retrieved Soil Moisture Products
Includes: Zhao, C.F.[Chao Fang] Zhao, C.F.[Chao-Fang] Zhao, C.F.[Chuan-Feng]
9 for Zhao, C.F.

Zhao, C.G.[Chen Guang] Co Author Listing * hybrid boundary detection algorithm based on watershed and snake, A
* Observer-Informed Deep Learning for Traffic State Estimation With Boundary Sensing
Includes: Zhao, C.G.[Chen Guang] Zhao, C.G.[Chen-Guang]

Zhao, C.H.[Chun Hui] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction Framework of Buildings Using Single Off-Nadir Satellite Image, A
* Active Learning Based Pedestrian Detection in Real Scenes
* Analysis of Spatial Characteristics of Digital Signage in Beijing with Multi-Source Data
* Bias-Eliminated Semantic Refinement for Any-Shot Learning
* Change Detection Method Based on Multi-Scale Adaptive Convolution Kernel Network and Multimodal Conditional Random Field for Multi-Temporal Multispectral Images, A
* Classification of Driving Postures by Support Vector Machines
* Classification of Vehicle Make by Combined Features and Random Subspace Ensemble
* Classification of vehicle type and make by combined features and random subspace ensemble
* Deriving Urban Boundaries of Henan Province, China, Based on Sentinel-2 and Deep Learning Methods
* Detection of False Data Injection Attack in Connected and Automated Vehicles via Cloud-Based Sandboxing
* Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis of the Underlying Factors Related to the Surface Urban Heat Island Phenomenon, A
* Global and Local Real-Time Anomaly Detectors for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Gully Erosion Monitoring Based on Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Boundary-Guided Pseudo-Label Generation Strategy and Adaptive Loss Function
* Heterogeneous Image Change Detection Based on Deep Image Translation and Feature Refinement-Aggregation
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Method Based on Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition With Density Peak Guided Collaborative Representation, A
* Hyperspectral Image Classification on Large-Scale Agricultural Crops: The Heilongjiang Benchmark Dataset, Validation Procedure, and Baseline Results
* Hyperspectral Image Classification with Multi-Attention Transformer and Adaptive Superpixel Segmentation-Based Active Learning
* Hyperspectral Target Detection Method Based on Nonlocal Self-Similarity and Rank-1 Tensor
* Local receptive field constrained stacked sparse autoencoder for classification of hyperspectral images
* Low Contrast Infrared Target Detection Method Based on Residual Thermal Backbone Network and Weighting Loss Function
* M-band ridgelet transform based texture classification
* Multi-Camera-Based Object Handoff Using Decision-Level Fusion
* Multi-scale self-supervised representation learning with temporal alignment for multi-rate time series modeling
* Multilayer Attention Mechanism for Change Detection in SAR Image Spatial-Frequency Domain
* Multiple Superpixel Graphs Learning Based on Adaptive Multiscale Segmentation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Natural Object Recognition Using the Combination of Gaussian Model and Region Growing
* new image fusion algorithm based on Wavelet Transform and the Second Generation Curvelet Transform, A
* Novel Object-Level Building-Matching Method across 2D Images and 3D Point Clouds Based on the Signed Distance Descriptor (SDD), A
* Progressive line processing of global and local real-time anomaly detection in hyperspectral images
* RANet: A Reliability-Guided Aggregation Network for Hyperspectral and RGB Fusion Tracking
* Real-Time Anomaly Detection Based on a Fast Recursive Kernel RX Algorithm
* Recognition of driving postures by contourlet transform and random forests
* Reliable and Fast Tracking of Faces under Varying Pose
* SII-Net: Spatial Information Integration Network for Small Target Detection in SAR Images
* Superpixel Guided Deformable Convolution Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Tensor decomposition-based sparsity divergence index for hyperspectral anomaly detection
* TMTNet: A Transformer-Based Multimodality Information Transfer Network for Hyperspectral Object Tracking
* Underwater Acoustic Localization of the Black Box Based on Generalized Second-Order Time Difference of Arrival (GSTDOA)
* Using genetic algorithm optimizing stack filters based on MMSE criterion
* Variations of Urban NO2 Pollution during the COVID-19 Outbreak and Post-Epidemic Era in China: A Synthesis of Remote Sensing and In Situ Measurements
* Vehicles detection for illumination changes urban traffic scenes employing adaptive local texture feature background model
Includes: Zhao, C.H.[Chun Hui] Zhao, C.H.[Chun-Hui] Zhao, C.H.[Cong-Hui] Zhao, C.H.[Chi-Hang] Zhao, C.H.[Chun-Hong] Zhao, C.H.[Chun-Heng] Zhao, C.H.
41 for Zhao, C.H.

Zhao, C.J.[Chun Jiang] Co Author Listing * Application of Multispectral Camera in Monitoring the Quality Parameters of Fresh Tea Leaves
* Assimilation of Two Variables Derived from Hyperspectral Data into the DSSAT-CERES Model for Grain Yield and Quality Estimation
* Coarse-to-Fine Feature Match Network Using Transformers for Remote Sensing Image Registration, A
* Combined Multi-Temporal Optical and Radar Parameters for Estimating LAI and Biomass in Winter Wheat Using HJ and RADARSAR-2 Data
* Comparison of UAV RGB Imagery and Hyperspectral Remote-Sensing Data for Monitoring Winter Wheat Growth
* Comparison of Winter Wheat Yield Estimation Based on Near-Surface Hyperspectral and UAV Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
* Determination of Key Phenological Phases of Winter Wheat Based on the Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm and MODIS Time-Series Data
* Estimation of Apple Flowering Frost Loss for Fruit Yield Based on Gridded Meteorological and Remote Sensing Data in Luochuan, Shaanxi Province, China
* Estimation of Soybean Yield by Combining Maturity Group Information and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Multi-Sensor Data Using Machine Learning
* Evaluating the Hydrus-1D Model Optimized by Remote Sensing Data for Soil Moisture Simulations in the Maize Root Zone
* Evaluation of ASTER-Like Daily Land Surface Temperature by Fusing ASTER and MODIS Data during the HiWATER-MUSOEXE
* Evaluation of Sentinel-2A Satellite Imagery for Mapping Cotton Root Rot
* GCVC: Graph Convolution Vector Distribution Calibration for Fish Group Activity Recognition
* Improved Combination of Spectral and Spatial Features for Vegetation Classification in Hyperspectral Images, An
* Improved Estimation of Winter Wheat Aboveground Biomass Using Multiscale Textures Extracted from UAV-Based Digital Images and Hyperspectral Feature Analysis
* Improved rate control for MPEG-4 video transport over wireless channel
* In Situ Measuring Stem Diameters of Maize Crops with a High-Throughput Phenotyping Robot
* Intrinsic Calibration of Multi-Beam LiDARs for Agricultural Robots
* Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Inspection Method on Rural Living Environments Based on a Modified YOLOv5s-ViT, A
* Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Opium Poppy Image Detection Based on Modified YOLOv3
* Maize Plant Phenotyping: Comparing 3D Laser Scanning, Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction, and 3D Digitizing Estimates
* MAPoseNet: Animal pose estimation network via multi-scale convolutional attention
* Modification to Phase Estimation for Distributed Scatterers in InSAR Data Stacks, A
* Modified Sobel Edge Detection Using Dempster-Shafer Theory, A
* Monitoring Key Wheat Growth Variables by Integrating Phenology and UAV Multispectral Imagery Data into Random Forest Model
* Multi-Angle Detection of Spatial Differences in Tea Physiological Parameters
* new Hausdorff distance for image matching, A
* Occluded Apple Fruit Detection and Localization with a Frustum-Based Point-Cloud-Processing Approach for Robotic Harvesting
* Perception of Floor Slipperiness Before and After a Walk
* Remote Sensing of Leaf and Canopy Nitrogen Status in Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Based on N-PROSAIL Model
* Remote sensing of seasonal variability of fractional vegetation cover and its object-based spatial pattern analysis over mountain areas
* Review of Advanced Technologies and Development for Hyperspectral-Based Plant Disease Detection in the Past Three Decades, A
* Tea Cultivation Suitability Evaluation and Driving Force Analysis Based on AHP and Geodetector Results: A Case Study of Yingde in Guangdong, China
* Temporal Polarimetric Behavior of Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) at C-Band for Early Season Sowing Date Monitoring
* Two-Stage Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Papaver Somniferum Image Detection System Based on YOLOv5s+DenseNet121, A
* VLC/FLC data partitioning with intra AC prediction disabled
* Winter Wheat Nitrogen Status Estimation Using UAV-Based RGB Imagery and Gaussian Processes Regression
Includes: Zhao, C.J.[Chun Jiang] Zhao, C.J.[Chun-Jiang] Zhao, C.J.[Chang-Jun] Zhao, C.J.[Cheng-Ji] Zhao, C.J.[Cai-Jun]
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Zhao, C.K.[Cheng Kai] Co Author Listing * Metaballs-based physical modeling and deformation of organs for virtual surgery
Includes: Zhao, C.K.[Cheng Kai] Zhao, C.K.[Cheng-Kai]

Zhao, C.L.[Chun Liang] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Retrieve Total Precipitable Water Vapor in the Atmosphere from FengYun 3D Medium Resolution Spectral Imager 2 (FY-3D MERSI-2) Data, An
* Comparison of surface and canopy urban heat islands within megacities of eastern China
* Crop Mapping with Combined Use of European and Chinese Satellite Data
* Estimation of the Key Water Quality Parameters in the Surface Water, Middle of Northeast China, Based on Gaussian Process Regression
* Evaluation of Crop Type Classification with Different High Resolution Satellite Data Sources
* Exploiting Channel Similarity for Network Pruning
* Explore Adversarial Attack via Black Box Variational Inference
* Exploring and Utilizing Pattern Imbalance
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Fengyun-3D Medium Resolution Spectral Imager II (FY-3D MERSI-II) Data with the Improved Two-Factor Split-Window Algorithm
* Mapping Forest Aboveground Biomass with MODIS and Fengyun-3C VIRR Imageries in Yunnan Province, Southwest China Using Linear Regression, K-Nearest Neighbor and Random Forest
* Prediction Model for the Outbreak Date of Spring Pollen Allergy in Beijing Based on Satellite-Derived Phenological Characteristics of Vegetation Greenness, A
* Reconstruction of Vegetation Index Time Series Based on Self-Weighting Function Fitting from Curve Features
* Remote Sensing-Based Classification of Winter Irrigation Fields Using the Random Forest Algorithm and GF-1 Data: A Case Study of Jinzhong Basin, North China
* Skeleton2Mesh: Kinematics Prior Injected Unsupervised Human Mesh Recovery
* Three Dimensional Deformation of Mining Area Detection by InSAR and Probability Integral Model
* Towards Alleviating the Modeling Ambiguity of Unsupervised Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Variational Convolutional Neural Network Pruning
Includes: Zhao, C.L.[Chun Liang] Zhao, C.L.[Chun-Liang] Zhao, C.L.[Chun-Lei] Zhao, C.L.[Chun-Li] Zhao, C.L.[Cheng-Long] Zhao, C.L.[Cen-Liang] Zhao, C.L.
17 for Zhao, C.L.

Zhao, C.M.[Chang Ming] Co Author Listing * BoostTree and BoostForest for Ensemble Learning
* Downlink Resource Reuse for Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Cellular Networks
* Impacts of Arc Length and ECOM Solar Radiation Pressure Models on BDS-3 Orbit Prediction
* Improving Fine-Grained Image Classification With Multimodal Information
* QoS Constrained Optimization for Multi-Antenna AF Relaying With Multiple Eavesdroppers
* Robust Transceiver for AF MIMO Relaying with Direct Link: A Globally Optimal Solution
* Semi-Closed Form Solution to MIMO Relaying Optimization With Source-Destination Link, A
Includes: Zhao, C.M.[Chang Ming] Zhao, C.M.[Chang-Ming] Zhao, C.M.[Chun-Ming] Zhao, C.M.[Chun-Mei]
7 for Zhao, C.M.

Zhao, C.P.[Chuan Peng] Co Author Listing * 10-m-resolution mangrove maps of China derived from multi-source and multi-temporal satellite observations
* Accurate and Rapid Extraction of Aquatic Vegetation in the China Side of the Amur River Basin Based on Landsat Imagery
* Decision surface optimization in mapping exotic mangrove species (Sonneratia apetala) across latitudinal coastal areas of China
* Evaluating Ecosystem Service Value Changes in Mangrove Forests in Guangxi, China, from 2016 to 2020
* Feature Selection Solution with High Dimensionality and Low-Sample Size for Land Cover Classification in Object-Based Image Analysis
* High-Resolution Mapping of Mangrove Species Height in Fujian Zhangjiangkou National Mangrove Nature Reserve Combined GF-2, GF-3, and UAV-LiDAR
* Identifying mangroves through knowledge extracted from trained random forest models: An interpretable mangrove mapping approach (IMMA)
* Key Reason of False Positive Misclassification for Accurate Large-Area Mangrove Classifications, The
* Mapping large-area tidal flats without the dependence on tidal elevations: A case study of Southern China
* new multiplicative noise removal model combining cartoon-texture decomposition method, A
* Simultaneous multiphase image segmentation and cartoon-texture decomposition
Includes: Zhao, C.P.[Chuan Peng] Zhao, C.P.[Chuan-Peng] Zhao, C.P.
11 for Zhao, C.P.

Zhao, C.Q.[Chao Qiang] Co Author Listing * CMDA: Cross-Modality Domain Adaptation for Nighttime Semantic Segmentation
* Deep Direct Visual Odometry
* Deep Variation Transformation Network for Foreground Detection
* GasMono: Geometry-Aided Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation for Indoor Scenes
* Improving the Imaging Quality of Ghost Imaging Lidar via Sparsity Constraint by Time-Resolved Technique
* Intelligent Frequency Assignment Algorithm Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
* Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge, The
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Denoising: Methods and Results
* Prediction of Wheat Grain Protein by Coupling Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery and ECMWF Data
* RAST: Restorable Arbitrary Style Transfer via Multi-restoration
* Second Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge, The
* Universal Background Subtraction Based on Arithmetic Distribution Neural Network
Includes: Zhao, C.Q.[Chao Qiang] Zhao, C.Q.[Chao-Qiang] Zhao, C.Q.[Chen-Qiu] Zhao, C.Q.[Cheng-Qiang] Zhao, C.Q.[Chen-Qian] Zhao, C.Q.[Chun-Qi]
12 for Zhao, C.Q.

Zhao, C.R.[Cai Rong] Co Author Listing * Content-Adaptive Auto-Occlusion Network for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Context-Aware Feature Learning for Noise Robust Person Search
* Deep Fusion Feature Representation Learning With Hard Mining Center-Triplet Loss for Person Re-Identification
* Explainability of Speech Recognition Transformers via Gradient-Based Attention Visualization
* Fuzzy maximal marginal embedding and its application
* Human Co-Parsing Guided Alignment for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Image Thresholding Method Based on Human Visual Perception, An
* Improved adaptive image retrieval with the use of shadowed sets
* Improved Instance Discrimination and Feature Compactness for End-to-End Person Search
* Learning Domain Invariant Prompt for Vision-Language Models
* Learning from Noisy Labels with Coarse-to-fine Sample Credibility Modeling
* Learning from Noisy Labels with Decoupled Meta Label Purifier
* Learning with Noisy labels via Self-supervised Adversarial Noisy Masking
* Maximal granularity structure and generalized multi-view discriminant analysis for person re-identification
* Maximal local interclass embedding with application to face recognition
* Multilevel triplet deep learning model for person re-identification
* Multiple metric learning based on bar-shape descriptor for person re-identification
* Mutli-channel micro-structure difference descriptor for image retrieval
* Optimized Automatic Seeded Region Growing Algorithm with Application to ROI Extraction
* Salience-Guided Iterative Asymmetric Mutual Hashing for Fast Person Re-Identification
* Saliency-Based Person Re-identification by Probability Histogram
* Similarity learning with joint transfer constraints for person re-identification
* Sparse Embedding Visual Attention Systems Combined with Edge Information
* Spatial-Temporal Aggregated Shuffle Attention for Video Instance Segmentation of Traffic Scene
* Text-Enhanced Scene Image Super-Resolution via Stroke Mask and Orthogonal Attention
Includes: Zhao, C.R.[Cai Rong] Zhao, C.R.[Cai-Rong] Zhao, C.R.[Chong-Ren]
25 for Zhao, C.R.

Zhao, C.S.[Cai Shan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Global Historical Cropland Datasets with Regional Historical Evidence and Remotely Sensed Satellite Data from the Xinjiang Area of China
* Fusion of 3D B-spline surface patches reconstructed from image sequences
* Global Surface Reconstruction Through Regularized B-Spline Patches
* Global Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction from Occluding Contours
* Improved LiDAR Localization Method for Mobile Robots Based on Multi-Sensing
* Relative 3D Regularized B-Spline Surface Reconstruction Through Image Sequences
* Retrieval of Leaf Area Index by Linking the PROSAIL and Ross-Li BRDF Models Using MODIS BRDF Data
* Review of Land Surface Albedo: Variance Characteristics, Climate Effect and Management Strategy
* Robust optical flow for Driver Assistance
Includes: Zhao, C.S.[Cai Shan] Zhao, C.S.[Cai-Shan] Zhao, C.S.[Chang Sheng] Zhao, C.S. Zhao, C.S.[Chang-Sen] Zhao, C.S.[Chang-Sheng]
9 for Zhao, C.S.

Zhao, C.W.[Cheng Wen] Co Author Listing * Design and optimisation of an In-wheel switched reluctance motor for electric vehicles
Includes: Zhao, C.W.[Cheng Wen] Zhao, C.W.[Cheng-Wen]

Zhao, C.X.[Chen Xu] Co Author Listing * 3D High-Fidelity Mask Face Presentation Attack Detection Challenge
* Applications of TRMM- and GPM-Era Multiple-Satellite Precipitation Products for Flood Simulations at Sub-Daily Scales in a Sparsely Gauged Watershed in Myanmar
* Are the Latest GSMaP Satellite Precipitation Products Feasible for Daily and Hourly Discharge Simulations in the Yellow River Source Region?
* Assessment of GPM and TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Products in Streamflow Simulations in a Data-Sparse Mountainous Watershed in Myanmar
* CFNet: Context Fusion Network for Multi-Focus Images
* Curvature diffusion evolution in image filtering
* Dataset and Benchmark for Large-Scale Multi-Modal Face Anti-Spoofing, A
* Deep Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing: A Survey
* Denseformer: A dense transformer framework for person re-identification
* Divide-and-conquer model based on wavelet domain for multi-focus image fusion
* Dynamic Changes of a Thick Debris-Covered Glacier in the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau
* Efficient Facial Feature Detection Using Entropy and SVM
* Feature Enhancement and Fusion for RGB-T Salient Object Detection
* Flexible-Modal Face Anti-Spoofing: A Benchmark
* generic approach to rugged terrain analysis based on fuzzy inference, A
* GPU-Based Parallel Implementation of VLBI Correlator for Deep Space Exploration System
* MEGL: Multi-Experts Guided Learning Network for Single Camera Training Person Re-Identification
* Meta-Teacher For Face Anti-Spoofing
* Multi-Modal Face Anti-Spoofing Based on Central Difference Networks
* Multi-weight vector projection support vector machines
* Multilayer manifold and sparsity constrained nonnegative matrix factorization for hyperspectral unmixing
* Multiple Features Distance Preserving (MFDP) Model for Saliency Detection, A
* Multiple Kernel Learning Based Multi-view Spectral Clustering
* Particle swarm based stereo algorithm and disparity map evaluation
* Polygonal approximation based on coarse-grained parallel genetic algorithm
* Real-time keypoints detection for autonomous recovery of the unmanned ground vehicle
* Recursive 'concave-convex' Fisher Linear Discriminant with applications to face, handwritten digit and terrain recognition
* RGBD Based Dimensional Decomposition Residual Network for 3D Semantic Scene Completion
* Rich-scale feature fusion network for salient object detection
* Robust Facial Feature Location on Gray Intensity Face
* Saliency-based content-aware lifestyle image mosaics
* Searching Central Difference Convolutional Networks for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Seasonal Dynamics of a Temperate Tibetan Glacier Revealed by High-Resolution UAV Photogrammetry and In Situ Measurements
* Selective feature fusion network for salient object detection
* Semantic Mapping of Incremental 3D Point Clouds Based on Multi-Hop Graph Attention Network
* Semantic Traffic Law Adaptive Decision-Making for Self-Driving Vehicles
* Structured Discriminative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* UAV-Based Remote Sensing for Detection and Visualization of Partially-Exposed Underground Structures in Complex Archaeological Sites
Includes: Zhao, C.X.[Chen Xu] Zhao, C.X.[Chen-Xu] Zhao, C.X.[Chong-Xu] Zhao, C.X.[Chun-Xia] Zhao, C.X.[Chuan-Xi] Zhao, C.X.[Chen-Xi] Zhao, C.X.[Cheng-Xin] Zhao, C.X. Zhao, C.X.[Cheng-Xiang] Zhao, C.X.[Chun-Xi]
38 for Zhao, C.X.

Zhao, C.Y.[Chao Ying] Co Author Listing * 2014 Mw 6.1 Ludian Earthquake: The Application of RADARSAT-2 SAR Interferometry and GPS for this Conjugated Ruptured Event, The
* Accurate and robust feature-based homography estimation using HALF-SIFT and feature localization error weighting
* Adaptive Class Suppression Loss for Long-Tail Object Detection
* Adversarial image generation by combining content and style
* Analysis of Groundwater Depletion/Inflation and Freeze-Thaw Cycles in the Northern Urumqi Region with the SBAS Technique and an Adjusted Network of Interferograms
* Application of InSAR Techniques to an Analysis of the Guanling Landslide
* Attention CoupleNet: Fully Convolutional Attention Coupling Network for Object Detection
* Automatic Extraction of Potential Landslides by Integrating an Optical Remote Sensing Image with an InSAR-Derived Deformation Map
* C2AM Loss: Chasing a Better Decision Boundary for Long-Tail Object Detection
* Characterization of the Kinematics of Three Bears Landslide in Northern California Using L-band InSAR Observations
* Characterizing and Monitoring Ground Settlement of Marine Reclamation Land of Xiamen New Airport, China with Sentinel-1 SAR Datasets
* Co- and post-seismic Deformation Mechanisms of the MW 7.3 Iran Earthquake (2017) Revealed by Sentinel-1 InSAR Observations
* Co-Seismic Inversion and Post-Seismic Deformation Mechanism Analysis of 2019 California Earthquake
* Complex Deformation Monitoring over the Linfen-Yuncheng Basin (China) with Time Series InSAR Technology
* Deep Learning Method of Landslide Inventory Map with Imbalanced Samples in Optical Remote Sensing
* Detection and Control Factor Analysis of Active Landslides in Guizhou Province, China, Using Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery, The
* Diagnosis of Xinmo (China) Landslide Based on Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Observation and Modeling
* Discriminative Context Models for Collective Activity Recognition
* Dynamic Wide and Deep Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Early Identification and Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Loess Landslides with SENTINEL-1A Datasets: A Case of Dingbian County, China, The
* Efficient Multiple-Feature Learning-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification with Limited Training Samples
* GAPartNet: Cross-Category Domain-Generalizable Object Perception and Manipulation via Generalizable and Actionable Parts
* Generation of Airy vortex beam arrays using computer-generated holography
* Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Monitoring and Modeling through Integrating Multiple Remote Sensing Methods and HEC-RAS
* Ground Deformation Revealed by Sentinel-1 MSBAS-InSAR Time-Series over Karamay Oilfield, China
* Image dehazing method via a cycle generative adversarial network
* ImFusion: Boosting Two-Stage 3D Object Detection via Image Candidates
* Improved Radiometric Based Method for Suppressing Impulse Noise from Corrupted Images
* InSAR-Constrained Interseismic Deformation and Potential Seismogenic Asperities on the Altyn Tagh Fault at 91.5-95°E, Northern Tibetan Plateau
* Integrated Localization and Planning for Cruise Control of UGV Platoons in Infrastructure-Free Environments
* Land Subsidence Monitoring and Dynamic Prediction of Reclaimed Islands with Multi-Temporal InSAR Techniques in Xiamen and Zhangzhou Cities, China
* Landslide Identification and Monitoring along the Jinsha River Catchment (Wudongde Reservoir Area), China, Using the InSAR Method
* Large Batch Optimization for Object Detection: Training Coco in 12 minutes
* LEA2: A Lightweight Ensemble Adversarial Attack via Non-overlapping Vulnerable Frequency Regions
* Learning Deformable Image Registration From Optimization: Perspective, Modules, Bilevel Training and Beyond
* Learning Robust Facial Representation From the View of Diversity and Closeness
* Learning weighted part models for object tracking
* Lévy Flight Based Honey Badger Algorithm for Robot Gripper Problem, An
* Mapping the Recent Vertical Crustal Deformation of the Weihe Basin (China) Using Sentinel-1 and ALOS-2 ScanSAR Imagery
* Modeling spatiotemporal patterns of understory light intensity using airborne laser scanner (LiDAR)
* Monitoring of Land Subsidence and Ground Fissure Activity within the Su-Xi-Chang Area Based on Time-Series InSAR
* Monitoring of Recent Land Subsidence and Ground Fissures in Xi'an With SAR Interferometry
* Multi-Granularity Mutual Learning Network for Object Re-Identification
* Multi-Temporal Loess Landslide Inventory Mapping with C-, X- and L-Band SAR Datasets: A Case Study of Heifangtai Loess Landslides, China
* No-reference image quality assessment based on multiscale feature representation
* Novel Method of Generating Deformation Time-Series Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar and Its Application in Mexico City, A
* Object-centered narratives for video surveillance
* Objformer: Boosting 3D object detection via instance-wise interaction
* Part Context Learning for Visual Tracking
* Pre-Event Deformation and Failure Mechanism Analysis of the Pusa Landslide, China with Multi-Sensor SAR Imagery
* Quantitative Analysis of Tidal Creek Evolution and Vegetation Variation in Silting Muddy Flats on the Yellow Sea
* Registration of multitemporal aerial optical images using line features
* Remote Sensing of Landslides: A Review
* Research on Spatiotemporal Land Deformation (2012-2018) over Xi'an, China, with Multi-Sensor SAR Datasets
* Retrieving the Kinematic Process of Repeated-Mining-Induced Landslides by Fusing SAR/InSAR Displacement, Logistic Model, and Probability Integral Method
* Scale-Adaptive Deconvolutional Regression Network for Pedestrian Detection
* Sequential DS-ISBAS InSAR Deformation Parameter Dynamic Estimation and Quality Evaluation
* Sequential InSAR Time Series Deformation Monitoring of Land Subsidence and Rebound in Xi'an, China
* Soil Moisture Monitoring and Evaluation in Agricultural Fields Based on NDVI Long Time Series and CEEMDAN
* Symmetric Network with Spatial Relationship Modeling for Natural Language-based Vehicle Retrieval
* TextPSG: Panoptic Scene Graph Generation from Textual Descriptions
* Three-Dimensional Time Series Movement of the Cuolangma Glaciers, Southern Tibet with Sentinel-1 Imagery
* Trajectory Tracking of Autonomous Vehicle Based on Model Predictive Control With PID Feedback
* UniVIP: A Unified Framework for Self-Supervised Visual Pre-training
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Re-identification with Feature Adversarial Learning and Self-similarity Clustering
* Weighted Part Context Learning for Visual Tracking
* Wide and Deep Fourier Neural Network for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Wide Sliding Window and Subsampling Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* ZBS: Zero-Shot Background Subtraction via Instance-Level Background Modeling and Foreground Selection
Includes: Zhao, C.Y.[Chao Ying] Zhao, C.Y.[Chao-Ying] Zhao, C.Y.[Chun-Yang] Zhao, C.Y.[Chao-Yang] Zhao, C.Y.[Chong-Yue] Zhao, C.Y.[Cheng-Yang] Zhao, C.Y.[Chao-Yue] Zhao, C.Y.[Chun-Yu] Zhao, C.Y.[Chen-Yu] Zhao, C.Y.[Chen-Ying] Zhao, C.Y.[Chao-Yu] Zhao, C.Y.[Cong-Yao] Zhao, C.Y.[Chuan-Yan] Zhao, C.Y.[Chen-Yi] Zhao, C.Y.[Cheng-Yi] Zhao, C.Y.[Chen-Yang] Zhao, C.Y.[Chu-Yang]
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Zhao, D. Co Author Listing * 3-D robust range feature extraction tool for industrial automation applications, A
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles in Car-Following Maneuvers
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Safety in Lane-Change Scenarios Based on Importance Sampling Techniques
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Using Piecewise Mixture Models
* Airport Detection Using End-to-End Convolutional Neural Network with Hard Example Mining
* Application of 3D Laser Scanner for Monitoring of Landslide Hazards
* Assessing the Impact of Soil on Species Diversity Estimation Based on UAV Imaging Spectroscopy in a Natural Alpine Steppe
* Assessment of Urban Surface Energy Fluxes Using a Sub-Pixel Remote Sensing Analysis: A Case Study in Suzhou, China, An
* Asymmetric Interseismic Strain across the Western Altyn Tagh Fault from InSAR
* Automatic Method for Delimiting Deformation Area in InSAR Based on HNSW-DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm, An
* Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Category-Divergence Guidance for Domain Adaptive Segmentation
* Block-Wise Adaptive Motion Accuracy Based B-Picture Coding With Low-Complexity Motion Compensation
* Car-following trajectory data imputation with adversarial convolutional neural network
* CG-Cast: Scalable Wireless Image SoftCast Using Compressive Gradient
* City-Scale Distance Sensing via Bispectral Light Extinction in Bad Weather
* CL3D: Camera-LiDAR 3D Object Detection With Point Feature Enhancement and Point-Guided Fusion
* Cluster Alignment With Target Knowledge Mining for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Semantic Segmentation
* Common Crucial Feature for Crowdsourcing Based Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* Computational Intelligence in Urban Traffic Signal Control: A Survey
* CrowdOLR: Toward Object Location Recognition With Crowdsourced Fingerprints Using Smartphones
* Data-Driven Robust Predictive Control for Mixed Vehicle Platoons Using Noisy Measurement
* Data-Driven Soft Decoding of Compressed Images in Dual Transform-Pixel Domain
* Decentralized non-fragile guaranteed cost control and optimization for neutral interconnected systems
* Depth Restoration From RGB-D Data via Joint Adaptive Regularization and Thresholding on Manifolds
* Depth Super-Resolution via Joint Color-Guided Internal and External Regularizations
* Developing Comprehensive Local Climate Zone Land Use Datasets for Advanced High-Resolution Urban Climate and Environmental Modeling
* Development of the Microstation-Based LIDAR Data Processing Software
* DHP Method for Ramp Metering of Freeway Traffic
* Distributed Wireless Visual Communication with Power Distortion Optimization
* driver fatigue detection method based on multi-sensor signals, A
* Driving Style Analysis Using Primitive Driving Patterns With Bayesian Nonparametric Approaches
* Dual Frame Motion Compensation With Optimal Long-Term Reference Frame Selection and Bit Allocation
* Early Determination of Zero-Quantized 8X8 DCT Coefficients
* Eco-Driving Evaluation Method for Battery Electric Bus Drivers Using Low-Frequency Big Data, An
* Empirical Study of DSRC Performance Based on Safety Pilot Model Deployment Data
* End-to-End Compression Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Networks, An
* Enhancing Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection with a Novel Differential Network Approach for Precision and Robust Background Suppression
* Estimation of Pb Content Using Reflectance Spectroscopy in Farmland Soil near Metal Mines, Central China
* ETS-3D: An Efficient Two-Stage Framework for Stereo 3D Object Detection
* Evaluating Feature Selection Methods and Machine Learning Algorithms for Mapping Mangrove Forests Using Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Evaluation of the Ability of Spectral Indices of Hydrocarbons and Seawater for Identifying Oil Slicks Utilizing Hyperspectral Images
* Explore the Correlation between Environmental Factors and the Spatial Distribution of Property Crime
* Exploring Contrast Multi-Attribute Representation With Deep Network for No-Reference Perceptual Quality Assessment
* Fast and Precise Plane Segmentation Framework for Indoor Point Clouds, A
* Fast Intra CU Size Decision Algorithm Based on Canny Operator and SVM Classifier, A
* Fast Intra-Mode and CU Size Decision for HEVC
* Femoral head segmentation based on improved fully convolutional neural network for ultrasound images
* Fengyun-3D/MERSI-II Cloud Thermodynamic Phase Determination Using a Machine-Learning Approach
* Filtering of airborne LiDAR bathymetry based on bidirectional cloth simulation
* Fine-Grained Service-Level Passenger Flow Prediction for Bus Transit Systems Based on Multitask Deep Learning
* Focal and Global Knowledge Distillation for Detectors
* Forecasting usage and bike distribution of dockless bike-sharing using journey data
* Gait recognition based on 3D skeleton joints captured by kinect
* Gap Acceptance During Lane Changes by Large-Truck Drivers: An Image-Based Analysis
* Gender Artifacts in Visual Datasets
* Global-Local Temporal Convolutional Network for Traffic Flow Prediction
* GOMT: Multispectral video tracking based on genetic optimization and multi-features integration
* GPU-based optimization for sample adaptive offset in HEVC
* Group-based sparse representation for low lighting image enhancement
* Highway Exiting Planner for Automated Vehicles Using Reinforcement Learning
* How to Evaluate Proving Grounds for Self-Driving? A Quantitative Approach
* Hybrid Intraprediction Based on Local and Nonlocal Correlations
* Hydrometeor Classification of Winter Precipitation in Northern China Based on Multi-Platform Radar Observation System
* Hyperspectral Video Target Tracking Based on Deep Edge Convolution Feature and Improved Context Filter
* Hyperspectral Video Target Tracking Based on Deep Features with Spectral Matching Reduction and Adaptive Scale 3D HoG Features
* Hyperspectral Video Tracker Based on Spectral Deviation Reduction and a Double Siamese Network
* Image Entropy of Primitive and visual quality assessment
* Impact of Road Configuration in V2V-Based Cooperative Localization: Mathematical Analysis and Real-World Evaluation, The
* Impact of the Number of Atlases in a Level Set Formulation of Multi-atlas Segmentation
* Improving Localization Accuracy in Connected Vehicle Networks Using Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters: Theory, Simulations, and Experiments
* In Vivo Pressure-Volume Loops and Chamber Stiffness Estimation Using Real-Time 3D Echocardiography and Left Ventricular Catheterization: Application to Post-heart Transplant Patients
* Incremental Change Detection Test Based on Density Difference Estimation, An
* Inherit With Distillation and Evolve With Contrast: Exploring Class Incremental Semantic Segmentation Without Exemplar Memory
* InSAR Constrained Downdip and Updip Afterslip Following the 2015 Nepal Earthquake: New Insights into Moment Budget of the Main Himalayan Thrust
* Interpolation-Dependent Image Downsampling
* Intersection traffic signal optimisation considering the impact of upstream curbside bus stops
* Inversion of Groundwater Storage Variations Considering Lag Effect in Beijing Plain, from RadarSat-2 with SBAS-InSAR Technology
* Investigating the Impact of Multi-LiDAR Placement on Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
* ISAR and Visible Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Adaptive Guided Multi-Layer Side Window Box Filter Decomposition, An
* ISR: indoor shop recognition via user-friendly and efficient fingerprinting on smartphones
* Large Vocabulary Sign Language Recognition Based on Fuzzy Decision Trees
* Large-Vocabulary Continuous Sign Language Recognition Based on Transition-Movement Models
* Layered Soft Video Broadcast for Heterogeneous Receivers
* Learning Convolutional Networks for Content-Weighted Image Compression
* Learning Pseudo-Relations for Cross-domain Semantic Segmentation
* LiveSeg: Unsupervised Multimodal Temporal Segmentation of Long Livestream Videos
* LMI-Based Synthesis of String-Stable Controller for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
* Low-complexity and low-memory entropy coder for image compression
* M3AN: Multitask Multirange Multisubgraph Attention Network for Condition-Aware Traffic Prediction
* Mapping Seasonal Leaf Nutrients of Mangrove with Sentinel-2 Images and XGBoost Method
* MePark: Using Meters as Sensors for Citywide On-Street Parking Availability Prediction
* Minimum Spanning Tree Hierarchically Fusing Multi-feature Points and High-Dimensional Features for Medical Image Registration
* Model-Based Characterization of Statistically Optimal Design for Morphological Shape Recognition Algorithms via the Hit-or-Miss Transform
* Morphological Hit-or-Miss Transformation for Shape Recognition
* Morphological Multiscale Representation for Boundaries and Surfaces
* Multi-dimensional data modelling of video image action recognition and motion capture in deep learning framework
* Multi-GNSS/IMU Data Fusion Algorithm Based on the Mixed Norms for Land Vehicle Applications, A
* multi-kernel based framework for heterogeneous feature selection and over-sampling for computer-aided detection of pulmonary nodules, A
* Multi-Probe Based Artificial DNA Encoding and Matching Classifier for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Multi-Scale Encoding (MSE) Method with Spectral Shape Information (SSI) for Detecting Marine Oil-Gas Leakages
* Multi-Scale Optimal Fusion Model for Single Image Dehazing
* Multi-Target Detection Method Based on Improved U-Net for UWB MIMO Through-Wall Radar, A
* Multiple Hypotheses Bayesian Frame Rate Up-Conversion by Adaptive Fusion of Motion-Compensated Interpolations
* Multiresolution Contourlet Transform Fusion Based Depth Map Super Resolution
* Multiresolution Surface Feature Analysis for Automatic Target Identification Based on Laser Radar Images
* Multiscale Maize Tassel Identification Based on Improved RetinaNet Model and UAV Images
* New Application of MEG and DTI on Word Recognition, A
* New Gradient-Spatial-Structural Features for video script identification
* new Iterative-Midpoint-Method for video character gap filling, A
* Noise-Aware Super-Resolution of Depth Maps Via Graph-Based Plug-And-Play Framework
* Novel Negative Location Collection Method for Finding Aggregated Locations, A
* Novel Two-Step Integer-pixel Motion Estimation Algorithm for HEVC Encoding on a GPU, A
* Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images via Multi-Feature Pyramid Network with Receptive Field Block
* Ocean Colour Atmospheric Correction for Optically Complex Waters under High Solar Zenith Angles: Facilitating Frequent Diurnal Monitoring and Management
* On Rate-Distortion Modeling and Extraction of H.264/SVC Fine-Granular Scalable Video
* Online vehicle trajectory compression algorithm based on motion pattern recognition
* Optimal Leaf Biochemical Selection for Mapping Species Diversity Based on Imaging Spectroscopy, The
* Optimization-based key frame extraction for motion capture animation
* Probabilistic Approach for Road-Users Detection
* Pyramid Global Context Network for Image Dehazing
* Quad-tree based inter-view motion prediction
* Radar Echo Reconstruction in Oceanic Area via Deep Learning of Satellite Data
* real-time column array processor architecture for images, A
* Real-Time Illumination Robust Maneuvering Target Tracking Based on Color Invariance
* Real-Time Moving Object Segmentation and Classification From HEVC Compressed Surveillance Video
* Reduced Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Based on Binocular Perceptual Information
* Region-of-interest based coding scheme for synthesized video
* Research Oriented Remote Sensing Image Processing Software Design In Practical Courses for Senior Undergraduates
* REVISE: A Tool for Measuring and Mitigating Bias in Visual Datasets
* robust doorplate recognition system, A
* Robust Energy Minimization Algorithm for MS-Lesion Segmentation, A
* Rupture Kinematics and Coseismic Slip Model of the 2021 Mw 7.3 Maduo (China) Earthquake: Implications for the Seismic Hazard of the Kunlun Fault
* Safety impact of cooperative adaptive cruise control vehicles' degradation under spatial continuous communication interruption
* SCOAT-Net: A novel network for segmenting COVID-19 lung opacification from CT images
* Segmentation of longitudinal brain MR images using bias correction embedded fuzzy c-means with non-locally spatio-temporal regularization
* semantic labeling framework for ALS point clouds based on discretization and CNN, A
* Semantic Traffic Law Adaptive Decision-Making for Self-Driving Vehicles
* Sensitivity of Myocardial Stiffness Estimates to Inter-observer Variability in LV Geometric Modelling
* Signal Dependent Transform Based on SVD for HEVC Intracoding
* Simplified Gaussian and Mean Curvatures to Range Image Segmentation
* Single image super-resolution with dilated convolution based multi-scale information learning inception module
* Slip Models of the 2016 and 2022 Menyuan, China, Earthquakes, Illustrating Regional Tectonic Structures
* Smartphone-based fatigue detection system using progressive locating method
* Sparse Coding and Dictionary Learning with Linear Dynamical Systems
* Sparse shared structure based multi-task learning for MRI based cognitive performance prediction of Alzheimer's disease
* Sparsity-Based Image Error Concealment via Adaptive Dual Dictionary Learning and Regularization
* Statistical Model, Analysis and Approximation of Rate-Distortion Function in MPEG-4 FGS Videos
* Study of Human Activity Intensity from 2015 to 2020 Based on Remote Sensing in Anhui Province, China
* Study On The Survey, Identification Criteria and Tool System Of Historical Buildings Supported By The Technology of GIS
* Supervised Distributed Hashing for Large-Scale Multimedia Retrieval
* Survey on Safety-Critical Driving Scenario Generation: A Methodological Perspective, A
* Synergistic Attention for Ship Instance Segmentation in SAR Images
* Towards an Operative Predictive Model for the Songshan Area during the Yangshao Period
* Towards Better Stability and Adaptability: Improve Online Self-Training for Model Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Trajectory Tracking Control of Omnidirectional Wheeled Mobile Manipulators: Robust Neural Network-Based Sliding Mode Approach
* Trip purpose prediction using travel survey data with POI information via gradient boosting decision trees
* Two-stage local details restoration framework for face hallucination
* Two-Step Accuracy Improvement of Motion Compensation for Airborne SAR With Ultrahigh Resolution and Wide Swath
* Understanding and Evaluating Racial Biases in Image Captioning
* Understanding V2V Driving Scenarios Through Traffic Primitives
* Universal Rate Control Scheme for Video Transcoding, A
* Unsupervised Blind Image Quality Evaluation via Statistical Measurements of Structure, Naturalness, and Perception
* V2VFormer++: Multi-Modal Vehicle-to-Vehicle Cooperative Perception via Global-Local Transformer
* Water clarity changes in 64 large alpine lakes on the Tibetan Plateau and the potential responses to lake expansion
* Weighted-Fitting-Based Adaptive Filtering of Images
* Window-Level Rate Control for Smooth Picture Quality and Smooth Buffer Occupancy
* Wyner-Ziv-Based Multiview Video Coding
Includes: Zhao, D. Zhao, D.[Danpei] Zhao, D.[Dan] Zhao, D.[Dong] Zhao, D.[Dezheng] Zhao, D.[Danning] Zhao, D.[De] Zhao, D.[Dezong] Zhao, D.[Danmeng] Zhao, D.[Di] Zhao, D.[Danyun] Zhao, D.[Demei] Zhao, D.[Dangjun] Zhao, D.[Dexin] Zhao, D.[Dineng] Zhao, D.[Dora] Zhao, D.[Ding] Zhao, D.[Delong] Zhao, D.[Dazhe] Zhao, D.[Debbie] Zhao, D.[Danni] Zhao, D.[Dongbao] Zhao, D.[Dachuan] Zhao, D.[Deming]
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Zhao, D.B.[De Bin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Block-Size Transform Based on Extended Integer 8:8/4:4 Transforms for H.264/AVC
* Arbitrary-sized motion detection in screen video coding
* B-picture coding in AVS video compression standard
* Bayesian frame interpolation by fusing multiple motion-compensated prediction frames
* BiFNet: Bidirectional Fusion Network for Road Segmentation
* Blind Quality Assessment of Camera Images Based on Low-Level and High-Level Statistical Features
* Building Emerging Pattern (EP) Random forest for recognition
* Chinese sign language recognition system based on SOFM/SRN/HMM, A
* Classification Guided Deep Convolutional Network for Compressed Sensing
* Compressive Sampling-Based Image Coding for Resource-Deficient Visual Communication
* Concealment of Whole-Picture Loss in Hierarchical B-Picture Scalable Video Coding
* Context-based entropy coding in AVS video coding standard
* Correlation estimation for distributed wireless video communication
* Cycling Trajectory-Based Navigation Independent of Road Network Data Support
* Data-driven sparsity-based restoration of JPEG-compressed images in dual transform-pixel domain
* Deep Neural Network Based Sparse Measurement Matrix for Image Compressed Sensing
* Deep Unfolding Network for Image Compressed Sensing by Content-Adaptive Gradient Updating and Deformation-Invariant Non-Local Modeling
* Deinterlacing Using Hierarchical Motion Analysis
* Directional intra frame interpolation for HEVC compressed video
* Discriminating features learning in hand gesture classification
* Distributed soft video broadcast with variable block size motion estimation
* DSP Implementation of Deblocking Filter for AVS
* Effective pose estimation from point pairs
* Efficient FGS Coding Scheme for Interlaced Scalable Video Coding, An
* enhanced entropy coding scheme for HEVC, An
* Enhanced inter prediction with localized weighted prediction in HEVC
* Estimation of end-to-end distortion of virtual view for error-resilient depth map coding
* Face recognition based on face-specific subspace
* Fast and robust text detection in images and video frames
* Fast encoder decision for dependent texture coding in 3D-AVS
* Fast encoder decision for texture coding in 3D-HEVC
* Fast Inter Frame Prediction Algorithm for Multi-View Video Coding, A
* fast intra coding algorithm for HEVC, A
* fast intra optimization algorithm for HEVC, A
* Fast intra-encoding algorithm for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Fast mode decision algorithm for intra prediction in HEVC
* Fast multi reference frame motion estimation for high efficiency video coding
* fast multiview video transcoder for bitrate reduction, A
* FCNet: Learning Noise-Free Features for Point Cloud Denoising
* FGS Coding Using Cycle-Based Leaky Prediction Through Multiple Leaky Factors
* From relation between filter-based MRFs model and sparsity based method to the pursuit of natural images space
* Graph-Based Joint Dequantization and Contrast Enhancement of Poorly Lit JPEG Images
* Group-Based Sparse Representation for Image Restoration
* Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution: A Survey
* Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for 6-DOF UCAV Air-to-Air Combat, A
* Hierarchical dependency context model based arithmetic coding for DCT video compression
* Hierarchical residual learning for image denoising
* High-quality image interpolation via local autoregressive and nonlocal 3-D sparse regularization
* High-quality image restoration from partial random samples in spatial domain
* High-Resolution Depth Maps Imaging via Attention-Based Hierarchical Multi-Modal Fusion
* Hybrid angular intra/template matching prediction for HEVC intra coding
* Illumination normalization for robust face recognition against varying lighting conditions
* Image Compressed Sensing Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Image Compressed Sensing Using Non-Local Neural Network
* Image Interpolation via Graph-Based Bayesian Label Propagation
* Image Interpolation Via Regularized Local Linear Regression
* Image Restoration Using Joint Statistical Modeling in a Space-Transform Domain
* Image Restoration via Multi-prior Collaboration
* Improved disparity vector derivation in 3D-HEVC
* improved image compression scheme with an adaptive parameters set in encrypted domain, An
* Improved intra transform skip mode in HEVC
* Inter-block consistent soft decoding of JPEG images with sparsity and graph-signal smoothness priors
* joint encoder-decoder error control framework for stereoscopic video coding, A
* Joint gaze-correction and beautification of DIBR-synthesized human face via dual sparse coding
* Joint just noticeable difference model based on depth perception for stereoscopic images
* Joint learning for side information and correlation model based on linear regression model in distributed video coding
* Joint video/depth rate allocation for 3D video coding based on view synthesis distortion model
* Learning discriminative features for fast frame-based action recognition
* Learning-based image restoration for compressed images
* Lossless Recompression of JPEG Images Using Transform Domain Intra Prediction
* Low bit-rate video coding via mode-dependent adaptive regression for wireless visual communications
* Low complexity encoder optimization for HEVC
* Low-rank approximation based LineCast for video broadcasting
* Merge Mode for Deformable Block Motion Information Derivation
* Mode dependent intra smoothing filter for HEVC
* Mode-dependent intra frame interpolation for H.264/AVC compressed video
* Morphological representation of DCT coefficients for image compression
* Motion vector derivation of deformable block
* Motion vector refinement for frame rate up conversion on 3D video
* Motion vision for mobile robot localization
* Motion-Aligned Auto-Regressive Model for Frame Rate Up Conversion, A
* Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network-Based Intra Prediction for Video Coding
* Multi-Scale Deep Networks for Image Compressed Sensing
* Multi-scale face hallucination based on frequency bands analysis
* Multiscale and multidirection depth map super resolution with semantic inference
* Natural images scale invariance and high-fidelity image restoration
* Neural Network-Based Enhancement to Inter Prediction for Video Coding
* New distortion model for depth coding in 3DVC
* New scaling technique for direct mode coding in B pictures
* no-reference perceptual blur metric using histogram of gradient profile sharpness, A
* No-reference perceptual image quality metric using gradient profiles for JPEG2000
* Nonparametric background generation
* NormalNet: Learning-Based Mesh Normal Denoising via Local Partition Normalization
* Novel Error Concealment Method for Stereoscopic Video Coding, A
* Object detection using spatial histogram features
* Packet Video Error Concealment With Auto Regressive Model
* parallel context model for level information in CABAC, A
* PointFilterNet: A Filtering Network for Point Cloud Denoising
* Practical Wyner-Ziv Switching Scheme for Multiple Bit-Rate Video Streaming
* Prior-Based Quantization Bin Matching for Cloud Storage of JPEG Images
* Progressive Image Denoising Through Hybrid Graph Laplacian Regularization: A Unified Framework
* Quality assessment for out-of-focus blurred images
* Quality assessment for real out-of-focus blurred images
* Random Walk Graph Laplacian-Based Smoothness Prior for Soft Decoding of JPEG Images
* Rate control for consistent visual quality of H.264/AVC encoding
* Rate-Adaptive Neural Network for Image Compressive Sensing
* RD-optimized interactive streaming of multiview video with multiple encodings
* Reduced Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Using Sparse Representation and Natural Scene Statistics
* Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment in Free-Energy Principle and Sparse Representation
* Reference image based method of region of interest enhancement for haze image
* Robust Multi-view Face Detection Using Error Correcting Output Codes
* Saliency Detection: A Self-Adaption Sparse Representation Approach
* Scalable Convolutional Neural Network for Image Compressed Sensing
* Search-Based Depth Estimation via Coupled Dictionary Learning with Large-Margin Structure Inference
* Simplified AMVP for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Soft mobile video broadcast based on side information refining
* Software Pipelines Design for Variable Block-Size Motion Estimation with Large Search Range
* Sparsity-based joint gaze correction and face beautification for conferencing video
* Sparsity-based soft decoding of compressed images in transform domain
* Spatial and temporal pyramid-based real-time gesture recognition
* Spatial-Aided Low-Delay Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Spatial-temporal recovery for hierarchical frame based video compressed sensing
* Spatially directional predictive coding for block-based compressive sensing of natural images
* Spatio-Temporal Auto Regressive Model for Frame Rate Upconversion, A
* Spatio-Temporal Autoregressive Frame Rate Up Conversion Scheme, A
* Stereoscopic video quality assessment based on stereo just-noticeable difference model
* Stereoscopic Video Quality Assessment Based on Visual Attention and Just-Noticeable Difference Models
* Synthetic data generation technique in Signer-independent sign language recognition
* Three-tiered network model for image hallucination
* TrajGen: Generating Realistic and Diverse Trajectories With Reactive and Feasible Agent Behaviors for Autonomous Driving
* Transition movement models for large vocabulary continuous sign language recognition
* Tree-Structured Data Clustering-Driven Neural Network for Intra Prediction in Video Coding
* unified framework for locating and recognizing human actions, A
* Up-sampling oriented frame rate reduction
* Video Compressed Sensing Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Video indexing by motion activity maps
* Viewpoint-independent hand gesture recognition system
* Viewpoint-independent hand gesture recognition with Kinect
* Visual Attention Based Image Quality Assessment
* visual comfort assessment metric for stereoscopic images, A
* Visual Relationship Embedding Network for Image Paragraph Generation
* WaveCast: Wavelet based wireless video broadcast using lossy transmission
* Witsenhausen-Wyner Video Coding
* Wyner-Ziv Switching Scheme for Multiple Bit-Rate Video Streaming
Includes: Zhao, D.B.[De Bin] Zhao, D.B.[De-Bin] Zhao, D.B.[Dong-Bin] Zhao, D.B.[Dong-Bao]
144 for Zhao, D.B.

Zhao, D.C.[Dan Chen] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Driving Simulation for Unmanned Vehicles
Includes: Zhao, D.C.[Dan Chen] Zhao, D.C.[Dan-Chen]

Zhao, D.D.[Dong Dong] Co Author Listing * Motion-Aware Memory Network for Fast Video Salient Object Detection
* Remote Sensing of Planetary Boundary Layer Thermodynamic and Material Structures over a Large Steel Plant, China
* Retrieval of Subsurface Velocities in the Southern Ocean from Satellite Observations
* Trajectory Tracking and Load Monitoring for Moving Vehicles on Bridge Based on Axle Position and Dual Camera Vision
* Validation of ERA5 Boundary Layer Meteorological Variables by Remote-Sensing Measurements in the Southeast China Mountains
Includes: Zhao, D.D.[Dong Dong] Zhao, D.D.[Dong-Dong] Zhao, D.D.[Dan-Dan]

Zhao, D.F.[Dong Fang] Co Author Listing * Incremental Construction of Neighborhood Graphs for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
* Incremental Isometric Embedding of High-Dimensional Data Using Connected Neighborhood Graphs
* PIAP-DF: Pixel-Interested and Anti Person-Specific Facial Action Unit Detection Net with Discrete Feedback Learning
* Saliency Prediction on Omnidirectional Images with Brain-Like Shallow Neural Network
* Transparent Object Detection with Simulation Heatmap Guidance and Context Spatial Attention
Includes: Zhao, D.F.[Dong Fang] Zhao, D.F.[Dong-Fang] Zhao, D.F.[Da-Fei] Zhao, D.F.[De-Fang]

Zhao, D.H.[De Hua] Co Author Listing * comparative analysis of broadband and narrowband derived vegetation indices in predicting LAI and CCD of a cotton canopy, A
* Extraction of Citrus Trees from UAV Remote Sensing Imagery Using YOLOv5s and Coordinate Transformation
* Statistical Categorization of Human Histological Images
Includes: Zhao, D.H.[De Hua] Zhao, D.H.[De-Hua]

Zhao, D.J.[Dang Jun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Indoor Structural Information from Point Clouds
* Cloud Macro- and Microphysical Properties in Extreme Rainfall Induced by Landfalling Typhoons over China
* Possibility-Based Method for Urban Land Cover Classification Using Airborne Lidar Data, A
Includes: Zhao, D.J.[Dang Jun] Zhao, D.J.[Dang-Jun] Zhao, D.J.[Da-Jun] Zhao, D.J.[Dan-Jing]

Zhao, D.L.[De Li] Co Author Listing * Agglomerative clustering via maximum incremental path integral
* Classification via semi-Riemannian spaces
* Contextual Distance for Data Perception
* Dimensionality-Varying Diffusion Process
* Discriminant feature extraction using dual-objective optimization model
* Disentangled Inference for GANs With Latently Invertible Autoencoder
* Disentangling Spatial and Temporal Learning for Efficient Image-to-Video Transfer Learning
* Efficient-VQGAN: Towards High-Resolution Image Generation with Efficient Vision Transformers
* Face Recognition Using Face Patch Networks
* Face Recognition via Archetype Hull Ranking
* Formulating LLE using alignment technique
* Graph Degree Linkage: Agglomerative Clustering on a Directed Graph
* In-Domain GAN Inversion for Real Image Editing
* Investigation of Impacts of Surface Waves-Induced Mixing on the Upper Ocean under Typhoon Megi (2010), An
* Laplacian PCA and Its Applications
* Linear Laplacian Discrimination for Feature Extraction
* LipFormer: High-fidelity and Generalizable Talking Face Generation with A Pre-learned Facial Codebook
* MoLo: Motion-Augmented Long-Short Contrastive Learning for Few-Shot Action Recognition
* Neural Dependencies Emerging from Learning Massive Categories
* new retraction for accelerating the Riemannian three-factor low-rank matrix completion algorithm, A
* novel approach for scale and rotation adaptive estimation based on time series alignment, A
* Progressive Spatio-Temporal Prototype Matching for Text-Video Retrieval
* RA-CLIP: Retrieval Augmented Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training
* Recognizing an Action Using Its Name: A Knowledge-Based Approach
* Recognizing an Action Using Its Name: A Knowledge-Based Approach
* Regularized Mask Tuning: Uncovering Hidden Knowledge in Pre-trained Vision-Language Models
* RLIPv2: Fast Scaling of Relational Language-Image Pre-training
* Scanning Only Once: An End-to-end Framework for Fast Temporal Grounding in Long Videos
* Self-Organizing Pathway Expansion for Non-Exemplar Class-Incremental Learning
* Space-time Prompting for Video Class-incremental Learning
* VideoFusion: Decomposed Diffusion Models for High-Quality Video Generation
* ViM: Vision Middleware for Unified Downstream Transferring
* Weakly Supervised High-Fidelity Clothing Model Generation
Includes: Zhao, D.L.[De Li] Zhao, D.L.[De-Li] Zhao, D.L.[Dong-Liang] Zhao, D.L.[De-Long]
33 for Zhao, D.L.

Zhao, D.M.[Dong Ming] Co Author Listing * Affine Curve Moment Invariants for Shape-Recognition
* flaw detection method based on morphological image processing, A
* Gradient Based Polyhedral Segmentation for 3-d Range Image
* Gradient-based polyhedral segmentation for range images
* Method for Reduced-Reference Color Image Quality Assessment, A
* new implementation of discrete multiscale filtering, A
* Parallel Algorithm for Detecting Dominant Points on Multiple Digital Curves, A
* Range-Data-Based Object Surface Segmentation via Edges and Critical-Points
Includes: Zhao, D.M.[Dong Ming] Zhao, D.M.[Dong-Ming] Zhao, D.M.
8 for Zhao, D.M.

Zhao, D.N.[Di Neng] Co Author Listing * Multi-Featured Sea Ice Classification with SAR Image Based on Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Zhao, D.N.[Di Neng] Zhao, D.N.[Di-Neng]

Zhao, D.P.[Da Peng] Co Author Listing * EPLA: efficient personal location anonymity
* Gable Roof Description by Self-Avoiding Polygon
* Generative Landmarks Guided Eyeglasses Removal 3D Face Reconstruction
* Maritime Target Detection Based on Electronic Image Stabilization Technology of Shipborne Camera
* Selective focus saliency model driven by object class-awareness
* Spatiotemporal module for video saliency prediction based on self-attention
* Unsupervised Saliency Model with Color Markov Chain for Oil Tank Detection
Includes: Zhao, D.P.[Da Peng] Zhao, D.P.[Da-Peng] Zhao, D.P.[Dan-Pei] Zhao, D.P.[De-Peng]
7 for Zhao, D.P.

Zhao, D.Q.[Dong Qi] Co Author Listing * Determining the Boundary and Probability of Surface Urban Heat Island Footprint Based on a Logistic Model
* Driver Fatigue Detection System Based on DSP Platform
* Fingerprint Registration Using Minutia Clusters and Centroid Structure
* Improving Vehicle Positioning Performance in Urban Environment with Tight Integration of Multi-GNSS PPP-RTK/INS
Includes: Zhao, D.Q.[Dong Qi] Zhao, D.Q.[Dong-Qi] Zhao, D.Q.[De-Qun] Zhao, D.Q.[Dong-Qing]

Zhao, D.S.[Dong Sheng] Co Author Listing * Advanced Machine Learning Optimized by The Genetic Algorithm in Ionospheric Models Using Long-Term Multi-Instrument Observations
* Cycle Slip Detection during High Ionospheric Activities Based on Combined Triple-Frequency GNSS Signals
* Deep Pipelined Implementation of Hyperspectral Target Detection Algorithm on FPGA Using HLS, A
* GNSS Carrier-Phase Multipath Modeling and Correction: A Review and Prospect of Data Processing Methods
* Mitigating the Scintillation Effect on GNSS Signals Using MP and ROTI
* Modeling Australian TEC Maps Using Long-Term Observations of Australian Regional GPS Network by Artificial Neural Network-Aided Spherical Cap Harmonic Analysis Approach
* Spatial and Temporal Variability of Key Bio-Temperature Indicators and Their Effects on Vegetation Dynamics in the Great Lakes Region of Central Asia
* Spatial Development of Strong Storm-Induced Ionospheric Perturbations during 25-27 August 2018
* Validating Ionospheric Scintillation Indices Extracted from 30s-Sampling-Interval GNSS Geodetic Receivers with Long-Term Ground and In-Situ Observations in High-Latitude Regions
Includes: Zhao, D.S.[Dong Sheng] Zhao, D.S.[Dong-Sheng]
9 for Zhao, D.S.

Zhao, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * Airborne Passive Bistatic Radar Clutter Suppression Algorithm Based on Root Off-Grid Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Development of a Lightweight Single-Band Bathymetric LiDAR
* Non-Aligned Multi-View Multi-Label Classification via Learning View-Specific Labels
* Novel Cross-Correlation Algorithm Based on the Differential for Target Detection of Passive Radar, A
* Self-Supervised Domain Adaptation with Consistency Training
* Tidal Flat Wetlands Delineation and Classification Method for High-Resolution Imagery, A
Includes: Zhao, D.W.[Da Wei] Zhao, D.W.[Da-Wei]

Zhao, D.X.[Dong Xu] Co Author Listing * EgoGlass: Egocentric-View Human Pose Estimation From an Eyeglass Frame
* GMAT-DU: Traffic Anomaly Prediction With Fine Spatiotemporal Granularity in Sparse Data
* MVPSNet: Fast Generalizable Multi-view Photometric Stereo
* Rice Leaf Blast Classification Method Based on Fused Features and One-Dimensional Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Zhao, D.X.[Dong Xu] Zhao, D.X.[Dong-Xu] Zhao, D.X.[Da-Xing] Zhao, D.X.[Dong-Xue]

Zhao, D.Y.[Dong Yue] Co Author Listing * Accurate semantic image labeling by fast Geodesic Propagation
* Adaptive Label Noise Cleaning with Meta-Supervision for Deep Face Recognition
* Attribute Surrogates Learning and Spectral Tokens Pooling in Transformers for Few-shot Learning
* Augmented Face Representation Learning via Transitive Distillation
* BNS-CNN: A Blind Network Steganalysis Model Based on Convolutional Neural Network in IPV6 Network
* Comparison and Validation of the Ionospheric Climatological Morphology of FY3C/GNOS with COSMIC during the Recent Low Solar Activity Period
* Correspondence Transformers with Asymmetric Feature Learning and Matching Flow Super-Resolution
* Dealing with Cross-Task Class Discrimination in Online Continual Learning
* Dynamic Training Data Dropout for Robust Deep Face Recognition
* Effect of navigation style and display size on navigation performance in virtual environments
* Global-Local GCN: Large-Scale Label Noise Cleansing for Face Recognition
* Improved Unscented Kalman Filter Based on STF for Nonlinear Systems, An
* Land Use Scenario Simulation and Ecosystem Service Management for Different Regional Development Models of the Beibu Gulf Area, China
* Multi-scale Matching Networks for Semantic Correspondence
* New Seismic Inversion Scheme Using Fluid Dispersion Attribute for Direct Gas Identification in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs, A
* Occlusion cues for image scene layering
* SFace: Sigmoid-Constrained Hypersphere Loss for Robust Face Recognition
* Towards a Practical Approach for Assessing Pressure Relief Activities for Manual Wheelchair Users in Their Daily Lives
* Validation of Preliminary Results of Thermal Tropopause Derived from FY-3C GNOS Data
Includes: Zhao, D.Y.[Dong Yue] Zhao, D.Y.[Dong-Yue] Zhao, D.Y.[Dong-Yang] Zhao, D.Y.[Dan-Yang] Zhao, D.Y.[Dong-Yan] Zhao, D.Y.[Duan-Yang] Zhao, D.Y.[Da-Yong] Zhao, D.Y.[Deng-Yue] Zhao, D.Y.[Dan-Yu] Zhao, D.Y.[Daniel Yan]
19 for Zhao, D.Y.

Zhao, D.Z. Co Author Listing * Age group classification in the wild with deep RoR architecture
* Cooperation-Aware Lane Change Method for Automated Vehicles, A
* DA-RDD: Toward Domain Adaptive Road Damage Detection Across Different Countries
* Dynamic Model Averaging for the Discovery of Time-Varying Weather-Cycling Patterns, A
* Effective semi-supervised learning for structured data using Embedding GANs
* Geometric Variation in the Surface Rupture of the 2018 Mw7.5 Palu Earthquake from Subpixel Optical Image Correlation
* InSAR 3-D Coseismic Displacement Field of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Nepal Earthquake: Insights into Complex Fault Kinematics during the Event
* Interseismic Slip and Coupling along the Haiyuan Fault Zone Constrained by InSAR and GPS Measurements
* L2,1-l1 regularized nonlinear multi-task representation learning based cognitive performance prediction of Alzheimer's disease
* Medical Image Retrieval Using SIFT Feature
* Multi-Sensor Geodetic Observations and Modeling of the 2017 Mw 6.3 Jinghe Earthquake
* New Method for InSAR Stratified Tropospheric Delay Correction Facilitating Refinement of Coseismic Displacement Fields of Small-to-Moderate Earthquakes, A
* Robust Min-Max Model Predictive Vehicle Platooning With Causal Disturbance Feedback
* Rupture Process of the 2022 Mw6.6 Menyuan, China, Earthquake from Joint Inversion of Accelerogram Data and InSAR Measurements
* SA-YOLOv3: An Efficient and Accurate Object Detector Using Self-Attention Mechanism for Autonomous Driving
* Spatiotemporal Evolution of Postseismic Deformation Following the 2001 Mw7.8 Kokoxili, China, Earthquake from 7 Years of INSAR Observations
* Surface Rupture Kinematics and Coseismic Slip Distribution during the 2019 Mw7.1 Ridgecrest, California Earthquake Sequence Revealed by SAR and Optical Images
Includes: Zhao, D.Z. Zhao, D.Z.[De-Zong] Zhao, D.Z.[De-Zheng] Zhao, D.Z.[Da-Zhe]
17 for Zhao, D.Z.

Zhao, E.[Enyu] Co Author Listing * Alternative Physical Method for Retrieving Land Surface Temperatures from Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Data: Application to IASI Observations
* Constrained-Target Band Selection for Multiple-Target Detection
* Determination of the Key Comparison Reference Value from Multiple Field Calibration of Sentinel-2B/MSI over the Baotou Site
* EENA: Efficient Evolution of Neural Architecture
* Homography Matrix-Based Local Motion Consistent Matching for Remote Sensing Images
* Infrared Maritime Small Target Detection Based on Multidirectional Uniformity and Sparse-Weight Similarity
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval Using Airborne Hyperspectral Scanner Daytime Mid-Infrared Data
* Multi-Frame Superposition Detection Method for Dim-Weak Point Targets Based on Optimized Clustering Algorithm, A
* Robust Visual Tracking via Hierarchical Particle Filter and Ensemble Deep Features
* Self-Supervised Deep Multi-Level Representation Learning Fusion-Based Maximum Entropy Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Band Selection
* Study of Coal Fire Propagation with Remotely Sensed Thermal Infrared Data, A
Includes: Zhao, E.[Enyu] Zhao, E. Zhao, E.[Enbo] Zhao, E.[Enzhong] Zhao, E.[Erwei]
11 for Zhao, E.

Zhao, E.P. Co Author Listing * Jordan Surfaces in Simply Connected Digital Spaces

Zhao, F.[Fukai] Co Author Listing * 3D gradient enhancement
* Activity Recognition for a Smartphone and Web-Based Human Mobility Sensing System
* Activity Recognition for a Smartphone Based Travel Survey Based on Cross-User History Data
* Adaptive Blind Watermarking for JPEG2000 Compression Domain
* Advancing the Mapping of Mangrove Forests at National-Scale Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time-Series Data with Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in China
* Adversarial Deep Tracking
* AFNet-M: Adaptive Fusion Network with Masks for 2D+3D Facial Expression Recognition
* Application of Fish-swarm and Genetic Algorithm in Optimization of Chaotic Image Encryption
* Asymmetric Color Transfer with Consistent Modality Learning
* Attentive WaveBlock: Complementarity-Enhanced Mutual Networks for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Person Re-Identification and Beyond
* Automated 4D Segmentation of Aortic Magnetic Resonance Images
* Bagging based plankton image classification
* Beyond Monocular Deraining: Parallel Stereo Deraining Network Via Semantic Prior
* Beyond Monocular Deraining: Stereo Image Deraining via Semantic Understanding
* Bijective Mapping Network for Shadow Removal
* Binary Plankton Image Classification Using Random Subspace
* Cnsnet: A Cleanness-navigated-shadow Network for Shadow Removal
* Coherency Matrix Decomposition-Based Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
* Combining polar harmonic transforms and 2D compound chaotic map for distinguishable and robust color image zero-watermarking algorithm
* Combining Residual and LSTM Recurrent Networks for Transportation Mode Detection Using Multimodal Sensors Integrated in Smartphones
* Complementary Parts Contrastive Learning for Fine-Grained Weakly Supervised Object Co-Localization
* Counterfactual attention alignment for visible-infrared cross-modality person re-identification
* DDOD: Dive Deeper into the Disentanglement of Object Detector
* Deciphering the Precision of Stereo IKONOS Canopy Height Models for US Forests with G-LiHT Airborne LiDAR
* Deep Dynamic Scene Deblurring from Optical Flow
* Deep Edge Guided Recurrent Residual Learning for Image Super-Resolution
* Deep Fourier-Based Exposure Correction Network with Spatial-Frequency Interaction
* Deep Learning Reconstruction Framework for Differential Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography With Incomplete Data, A
* Deep Residual Involution Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Deep Semantic Ranking Based Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
* Defocus Blur Detection via Multi-stream Bottom-Top-Bottom Fully Convolutional Network
* Defocus Blur Detection via Multi-Stream Bottom-Top-Bottom Network
* Deformable Feature Aggregation for Dynamic Multi-modal 3D Object Detection
* Densely Connected Pyramidal Dilated Convolutional Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Depth-Distilled Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* Design of PLL-Based Synchronous PWM Oscillator in Class-D Power Amplifier
* Detection flying aircraft from Landsat 8 OLI data
* Detection of Connective Tissue Disorders from 3D Aortic MR Images Using Independent Component Analysis
* Detection of Land Subsidence Associated with Land Creation and Rapid Urbanization in the Chinese Loess Plateau Using Time Series InSAR: A Case Study of Lanzhou New District
* Determination of Key Phenological Phases of Winter Wheat Based on the Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm and MODIS Time-Series Data
* DETRDistill: A Universal Knowledge Distillation Framework for DETR-families
* Development of Spectral Disease Indices for Southern Corn Rust Detection and Severity Classification
* Dim point target detection based on novel complex background suppression
* Discovering compact topical descriptors for web video retrieval
* Discrete Fourier Transformation for Seasonal-Factor Pattern Classification and Assignment
* Dynamic Conditional Networks for Few-Shot Learning
* Dynamic graph fusion label propagation for semi-supervised multi-modality classification
* Early Detection of Crop Injury from Glyphosate on Soybean and Cotton Using Plant Leaf Hyperspectral Data
* effects of Landsat image acquisition date on winter wheat classification in the North China Plain, The
* Efficient compression algorithm for hyperspectral images based on correlation coefficients adaptive 3D zerotree coding
* Efficient Compression Algorithm for Hyperspectral Images Based on Correlation Coefficients Adaptive Three Dimensional Wavelet Zerotree Coding, An
* efficient macroblock-based diverse and flexible prediction modes selection for hyperspectral images coding, An
* Efficient Management and Scheduling of Massive Remote Sensing Image Datasets
* Efficient Multi-exposure Image Fusion via Filter-dominated Fusion and Gradient-driven Unsupervised Learning
* Empowering Low-Light Image Enhancer through Customized Learnable Priors
* Estimating Roof Solar Energy Potential in the Downtown Area Using a GPU-Accelerated Solar Radiation Model and Airborne LiDAR Data
* Estimating Rural Electric Power Consumption Using NPP-VIIRS Night-Time Light, Toponym and POI Data in Ethnic Minority Areas of China
* Estimation of Apple Flowering Frost Loss for Fruit Yield Based on Gridded Meteorological and Remote Sensing Data in Luochuan, Shaanxi Province, China
* Evaluation of the FluorWPS Model and Study of the Parameter Sensitivity for Simulating Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Example-Based Image Colorization Using Locality Consistent Sparse Representation
* Exploring Temporal Frequency Spectrum in Deep Video Deblurring
* Exploring the Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Coastline Changes Using Place Name Information on Hainan Island, China
* Exposure Normalization and Compensation for Multiple-Exposure Correction
* fast and effective outlier detection method for matching uncalibrated images, A
* Fast cascade face detection with pyramid network
* Fast Frequency-Diverse Radar Imaging Based on Adaptive Sampling Iterative Soft-Thresholding Deep Unfolding Network
* Feature-based registration of confocal fluorescence endomicroscopy images
* Federated Platform Enabling a Systematic Collaboration Among Devices, Data and Functions for Smart Mobility, A
* Fine-Grained Trajectory-Based Travel Time Estimation for Multi-City Scenarios Based on Deep Meta-Learning
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae and Interpolation-based Square Tessellation Fingercode
* Frequency and Spatial Dual Guidance for Image Dehazing
* FrozenRecon: Pose-free 3D Scene Reconstruction with Frozen Depth Models
* full resolution deep learning network for paddy rice mapping using Landsat data, A
* Full-Polarization Radar Image Reconstruction Method with Orthogonal Coding Apertures, A
* Fuzzy Linear Discriminant Analysis-guided maximum entropy fuzzy clustering algorithm
* Generic Future Mobility Sensing System for Travel Data Collection, Management, Fusion, and Visualization, A
* GIS-Based Landslide Susceptibility Modeling: A Comparison between Best-First Decision Tree and Its Two Ensembles (BagBFT and RFBFT)
* Global and Regional Variability and Change in Terrestrial Ecosystems Net Primary Production and NDVI: A Model-Data Comparison
* GP-VTON: Towards General Purpose Virtual Try-On via Collaborative Local-Flow Global-Parsing Learning
* Graph-Based Approach for 3D Building Model Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Ground Deformation Monitoring over Xinjiang Coal Fire Area by an Adaptive ERA5-Corrected Stacking-InSAR Method
* handwritten ancient text detector based on improved feature pyramid network, A
* HY-2A Radar Altimeter Ultrastable Oscillator Drift Estimation Using Reconstructive Transponder With Its Validation By Multimission Cross Calibration
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images Feature Extraction Based on Spectral Fractional Differentiation
* Image Matching by Multiscale Oriented Corner Correlation
* Image-Scale-Symmetric Cooperative Network for Defocus Blur Detection
* Impact of SAR Image Resolution on Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry With Amplitude Dispersion Optimization
* Improved fingercode for filterbank-based fingerprint matching
* Improved R-Index Model for Terrain Visibility Analysis for Landslide Monitoring with InSAR, An
* Improving YOLOv7-Tiny for Infrared and Visible Light Image Object Detection on Drones
* Ingredient-oriented Multi-Degradation Learning for Image Restoration
* Innovative Synthetic Aperture Radar Design Method for Lunar Water Ice Exploration, An
* Intention-Aware Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Based on Spatial-Temporal Dynamic Attention Network for Internet of Vehicles
* Investigating the dielectric properties of lunar surface regolith fines using Mini-RF SAR data
* Joint 2D-DOD and 2D-DOA Estimation in Bistatic MIMO Radar via Tensor Ring Decomposition
* Lagrange optimization in high efficiency video coding for SATD-based intra-mode decision
* Landmark Free Face Attribute Prediction
* Landslide Monitoring Using Multi-Temporal SAR Interferometry with Advanced Persistent Scatterers Identification Methods and Super High-Spatial Resolution TerraSAR-X Images
* Learning All Dynamics: Traffic Forecasting via Locality-Aware Spatio-Temporal Joint Transformer
* Learning Anchor Transformations for 3D Garment Animation
* Learning Anchored Unsigned Distance Functions with Gradient Direction Alignment for Single-view Garment Reconstruction
* Learning kernel parameters for kernel Fisher discriminant analysis
* Learning Relevance Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Unstructured Group Activity and Event Understanding
* Learning Sample Relationship for Exposure Correction
* Learning Specific and General Realm Feature Representations for Image Fusion
* Learning with Noisy Data for Semi-Supervised 3D Object Detection
* Learning-based automatic defect recognition with computed tomographic imaging
* Lesion Detection in Breast Ultrasound Images Using Tissue Transition Analysis
* Low-Light Stereo Image Enhancement
* M3D-VTON: A Monocular-to-3D Virtual Try-On Network
* Machine Recognition as Representation and Search
* Machine Recognition as representation and search: A Survey
* Mapping global flying aircraft activities using Landsat 8 and cloud computing
* Mapping the Forest Canopy Height in Northern China by Synergizing ICESat-2 with Sentinel-2 Using a Stacking Algorithm
* Mapping water clarity in North American lakes and reservoirs using Landsat images on the GEE platform with the RGRB model
* Marker based simple non-overlapping camera calibration
* Marker-based non-overlapping camera calibration methods with additional support camera views
* MetaFusion: Infrared and Visible Image Fusion via Meta-Feature Embedding from Object Detection
* Method to Reconstruct the Solar-Induced Canopy Fluorescence Spectrum from Hyperspectral Measurements, A
* Minutiae-based Fingerprint Matching Using Subset Combination
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on RGBW Sensor Fusion: Dataset and Report
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on Under-Display Camera Image Restoration: Methods and Results
* Monitoring Key Wheat Growth Variables by Integrating Phenology and UAV Multispectral Imagery Data into Random Forest Model
* MSCPT: Toward Cross-Place Transportation Mode Recognition Based on Multi-Sensor Neural Network Model
* MT-e&R: NMEA Protocol-Assisted High-Accuracy Navigation Algorithm Based on GNSS Error Estimation Using Multitask Learning
* multi-attention dynamic graph convolution network with cost-sensitive learning approach to road-level and minute-level traffic accident prediction, A
* Multi-Source SAR-Based Surface Deformation Monitoring and Groundwater Relationship Analysis in the Yellow River Delta, China
* Mutual Information-driven Pan-sharpening
* Near-Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Satellite Precipitation Products
* Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Mapping: Construction and Analysis of Ethnic Minority Development Index
* Novel Chip Design of Chopper-Stabilized Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier, A
* Novel Hardware Architecture for Rapid Object Detection Based on Adaboost Algorithm, A
* Novel Quality Enhanced Low Complexity Rate Control Algorithm for HEVC, A
* Nowhere to Disguise: Spot Camouflaged Objects via Saliency Attribute Transfer
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
* Object-Oriented Canopy Gap Extraction from UAV Images Based on Edge Enhancement
* Overview of Interactive Medical Image Segmentation, An
* P2B: Point-to-Box Network for 3D Object Tracking in Point Clouds
* Parameter Estimation for Uniformly Accelerating Moving Target in the Forward Scatter Radar Network
* Parameter Optimization for Uncertainty Reduction and Simulation Improvement of Hydrological Modeling
* Pedestrian Walking Distance Estimation Based on Smartphone Mode Recognition
* Perceptual visual quality assessment using deeply-learned gaze shifting kernel
* Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry for Ground Deformation Monitoring with VV-VH Sentinel-1 Data
* Preprocessing and postprocessing for skeleton-based fingerprint minutiae extraction
* Pulse Radar Imaging Method in an Anechoic Chamber Based on an Amplitude Modulation Design
* Quantification of Loess Landforms from Three-Dimensional Landscape Pattern Perspective by Using DEMs
* Quantifying the Responses of Evapotranspiration and Its Components to Vegetation Restoration and Climate Change on the Loess Plateau of China
* Quantitative Estimation of Fluorescence Parameters for Crop Leaves with Bayesian Inversion
* Random Noise Suppression of Magnetic Resonance Sounding Data with Intensive Sampling Sparse Reconstruction and Kernel Regression Estimation
* Rate control for HEVC intra-coding with a CTU-dependent distortion model
* Real-Time Phaseless Microwave Frequency-Diverse Imaging with Deep Prior Generative Neural Network
* Real-time single-pass connected components analysis algorithm
* Rebalancing Bike Sharing Systems for Minimizing Depot Inventory and Traveling Costs
* Region Graph Embedding Network for Zero-shot Learning
* Regional Semantic Contrast and Aggregation for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Regularized Estimation of Magnitude and Phase of Multi-Coil B_1 Field Via Bloch-Siegert B_1 Mapping and Coil Combination Optimizations
* Reinforcement-Tracking: An Effective Trajectory Tracking and Navigation Method for Autonomous Urban Driving
* ReinforcementDriving: Exploring Trajectories and Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles
* Relating Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices with Soil Salinity at Different Depths for the Diagnosis of Winter Wheat Salt Stress
* Remote Sensing Estimates of Grassland Aboveground Biomass Based on MODIS Net Primary Productivity (NPP): A Case Study in the Xilingol Grassland of Northern China
* Remote Sensing-Based Biomass Estimation and Its Spatio-Temporal Variations in Temperate Grassland, Northern China
* Retrieval of Chla Concentrations in Lake Xingkai Using OLCI Images
* RL-AKF: An Adaptive Kalman Filter Navigation Algorithm Based on Reinforcement Learning for Ground Vehicles
* Robust CBCT Reconstruction Based On Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition And Total Variation Regularization
* Robust estimation for image noise based on eigenvalue distributions of large sample covariance matrices
* Robust LSTM-Autoencoders for Face De-Occlusion in the Wild
* Robust Wi-Fi Fingerprint Positioning Algorithm Using Stacked Denoising Autoencoder and Multi-Layer Perceptron, A
* Scale alignment of 3D point clouds with different scales
* Scale Effects and Time Variation of Trade-Offs and Synergies among Ecosystem Services in the Pearl River Delta, China
* Scale ratio ICP for 3D point clouds with different scales
* Select informative features for recognition
* Self-Supervised Neural Aggregation Networks for Human Parsing
* Sensitivity Analysis of Canopy Structural and Radiative Transfer Parameters to Reconstructed Maize Structures Based on Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* SensorMap for Wide-Area Sensor Webs
* Separate Magnitude and Phase Regularization via Compressed Sensing
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Short and Medium-Term Prediction of Winter Wheat NDVI Based on the DTW-LSTM Combination Method and MODIS Time Series Data
* Siamese Regression Tracking With Reinforced Template Updating
* SIPF: Scale invariant point feature for 3D point clouds
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Skinned Motion Retargeting with Residual Perception of Motion Semantics and Geometry
* Sliding Window Detection and Analysis Method of Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Time Series: A Case Study of the Torch Festival in Yunnan Province, China
* SMF-POLOPT: An Adaptive Multitemporal Pol(DIn)SAR Filtering and Phase Optimization Algorithm for PSI Applications
* Spatial Aggregation: Theory and Applications
* Spatial-Frequency Domain Information Integration for Pan-Sharpening
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Cultivated Land Quality Integrated with Multi-Source Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Guangzhou, China
* spectral-temporal constrained deep learning method for tree species mapping of plantation forests using time series Sentinel-2 imagery, A
* SPI-Based Analyses of Drought Changes over the Past 60 Years in China's Major Crop-Growing Areas
* SS-MLP: A Novel Spectral-Spatial MLP Architecture for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Study on Regional Eco-Environmental Quality Evaluation Considering Land Surface and Season Differences: A Case Study of Zhaotong City
* Study on the Damage Mechanism of Sandstone under Different Water Content States
* Temporal Phase Coherence Estimation Algorithm and Its Application on DInSAR Pixel Selection, A
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Domain Generalization for Multi-view 3D Object Detection in Bird-Eye-View
* Towards Pose Invariant Face Recognition in the Wild
* Towards Predicting the Measurement Noise Covariance with a Transformer and Residual Denoising Autoencoder for GNSS/INS Tightly-Coupled Integrated Navigation
* Tracking with spatial constrained coding
* Transferable driver facial expression recognition based on joint discriminative correlation alignment network with enhanced feature attention
* Truncated Weighted Nuclear Norm Regularization and Sparsity for Image Denoising
* Two-Stage Fusion Scheme using Multiple Fingerprint Impressions, A
* Ultra-High Resolution Segmentation with Ultra-Rich Context: A Novel Benchmark
* Underground Coal Fire Detection and Monitoring Based on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-1 Data Sets in Miquan Fire Area, XinJiang
* unified gradient domain method for seamless image processing, A
* Unleashing Potential of Unsupervised Pre-Training with Intra-Identity Regularization for Person Re-Identification
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Noise Resistible Mutual-training for Person Re-identification
* Unsupervised Person Re-Identification Via Global-Level and Patch-Level Discriminative Feature Learning
* Unsupervised Underexposed Image Enhancement via Self-Illuminated and Perceptual Guidance
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Recognition-Driven Image Restoration for Multiple Degradation with Intrinsic Semantics Recovery
* VMAN: A Virtual Mainstay Alignment Network for Transductive Zero-Shot Learning
* Water Availability on the Chinese Loess Plateau since the Implementation of the Grain for Green Project as Indicated by the Evaporative Stress Index, The
* Weakly Supervised Phrase Localization with Multi-scale Anchored Transformer Network
* Withdrawn: Multimodal data analysis and integration for multi-slot spectrum auction based on Deep Feedforward Network
Includes: Zhao, F.[Fukai] Zhao, F.[Fang] Zhao, F.[Fan] Zhao, F.[Feng] Zhao, F. Zhao, F.[Furong] Zhao, F.[Fei] Zhao, F.[Fumeng] Zhao, F.[Fa] Zhao, F.[Fen] Zhao, F.[Fafa] Zhao, F.[Fasuo] Zhao, F.[Fuwei] Zhao, F.[Fujia] Zhao, F.[Fangrui] Zhao, F.[Fangda] Zhao, F.[Faqiang] Zhao, F.[Fubo] Zhao, F.[Fenghua] Zhao, F.[Fandi]
213 for Zhao, F.

Zhao, F.A.[Feng A.] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Post-Disturbance Forest Recovery in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Analyzed Using Landsat Time Series Stack

Zhao, F.H.[Fang He] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Recommendation of Substitute Locations for Inaccessible Soil Samples during Field Sampling Campaign
* Interactive Model Predictive Control for Robot Navigation in Dense Crowds
* Mapping Rice Paddy Distribution Using Remote Sensing by Coupling Deep Learning with Phenological Characteristics
* Remotely sensed canopy resistance model for analyzing the stomatal behavior of environmentally-stressed winter wheat
Includes: Zhao, F.H.[Fang He] Zhao, F.H.[Fang-He] Zhao, F.H.[Feng-Hua]

Zhao, F.J.[Feng Juan] Co Author Listing * Abnormal crowd behavior detection using high-frequency and spatio-temporal features
* AMS-Net: An Attention-Based Multi-Scale Network for Classification of 3D Terracotta Warrior Fragments
* Comparison of Nonnegative Eigenvalue Decompositions With and Without Reflection Symmetry Assumptions
* Forest height retrieval using P-band airborne multi-baseline SAR data: A novel phase compensation method
* Generation of Multiple Frames for High Resolution Video SAR Based on Time Frequency Sub-Aperture Technique
* Hybrid Compact Polarimetric SAR Calibration Considering the Amplitude and Phase Coefficients Inconsistency
* Novel Topography Retrieval Algorithm Based on Single-Pass Polarimetric SAR Data and Terrain Dependent Error Analysis, A
* SPPD: A Novel Reassembly Method for 3D Terracotta Warrior Fragments Based on Fracture Surface Information
Includes: Zhao, F.J.[Feng Juan] Zhao, F.J.[Feng-Juan] Zhao, F.J.[Feng-Jun]
8 for Zhao, F.J.

Zhao, F.M.[Fu Meng] Co Author Listing * Interpretation Approach of Ascending-Descending SAR Data for Landslide Identification, An
Includes: Zhao, F.M.[Fu Meng] Zhao, F.M.[Fu-Meng]

Zhao, F.Q.[Fu Qiang] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Kernel Methods for Analysis of Functional Neuroimages
* Fourier PlenOctrees for Dynamic Radiance Field Rendering in Real-time
* HumanNeRF: Efficiently Generated Human Radiance Field from Sparse Inputs
* Multiple instance deep learning for weakly-supervised visual object tracking
* MVSNeRF: Fast Generalizable Radiance Field Reconstruction from Multi-View Stereo
* Rigid blocks matching method based on contour curves and feature regions
* S3Reg: Superfast Spherical Surface Registration Based on Deep Learning
* Spherical Deformable U-Net: Application to Cortical Surface Parcellation and Development Prediction
* Superpixel segmentation algorithm based on local network modularity increment
Includes: Zhao, F.Q.[Fu Qiang] Zhao, F.Q.[Fu-Qiang] Zhao, F.Q.[Fu-Qi] Zhao, F.Q.[Fu-Qun] Zhao, F.Q.[Fen-Qiang] Zhao, F.Q.[Feng-Qun]
9 for Zhao, F.Q.

Zhao, F.R.[Feng R.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the 2014 'APEC Blue' in Beijing Using More than One Decade of Satellite Observations: Lessons Learned from Radical Emission Control Measures
* Long-Term Post-Disturbance Forest Recovery in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Analyzed Using Landsat Time Series Stack

Zhao, F.S.[Feng Shan] Co Author Listing * HDR-LMDA: A Local Area-Based Mixed Data Augmentation Method for HDR Video Reconstruction
Includes: Zhao, F.S.[Feng Shan] Zhao, F.S.[Feng-Shan]

Zhao, F.T.[Fang Tong] Co Author Listing * Online Multistep-Forward Voltage-Prediction Approach Based on an LSTM-TD Model and KF Algorithm, An
Includes: Zhao, F.T.[Fang Tong] Zhao, F.T.[Fang-Tong]

Zhao, F.W.[Fu Wei] Co Author Listing * Dressing in the Wild by Watching Dance Videos
Includes: Zhao, F.W.[Fu Wei] Zhao, F.W.[Fu-Wei]

Zhao, F.X.[Feng Xia] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Superpixel Pooling Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning
Includes: Zhao, F.X.[Feng Xia] Zhao, F.X.[Feng-Xia]

Zhao, F.Y.[Fang Yuan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Multimodal Aggregation Network for Video-Text Retrieval, An
* Improvement of Lunar Surface Dating Accuracy Utilizing Crater Degradation Model: A Case Study of the Chang'e-5 Sampling Area
* Research on the model of submarine cable route monitoring based on improved Petri Nets
Includes: Zhao, F.Y.[Fang Yuan] Zhao, F.Y.[Fang-Yuan] Zhao, F.Y.[Fei-Yue]

Zhao, F.Z.[Fang Zheng] Co Author Listing * CAE-CNN-Based DOA Estimation Method for Low-Elevation-Angle Target
* Estimation of the Two-Dimensional Direction of Arrival for Low-Elevation and Non-Low-Elevation Targets Based on Dilated Convolutional Networks
* Stability analysis of FAST TCP using PI transfer function
Includes: Zhao, F.Z.[Fang Zheng] Zhao, F.Z.[Fang-Zheng] Zhao, F.Z.[Fu-Zhe]

Zhao, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Offset-Tracking Method Based on Deformation Gradients and Image Noises for Mining Deformation Monitoring, An
* Align, Attend and Locate: Chest X-Ray Diagnosis via Contrast Induced Attention Network With Limited Supervision
* Analysis of Spatiotemporal Variation and Drivers of Ecological Quality in Fuzhou Based on RSEI
* Approach to High Frame Rate Radar Imaging Through Electronically Displaced-Phase-Center Antenna, An
* Assessing the Operation Parameters of a Low-altitude UAV for the Collection of NDVI Values Over a Paddy Rice Field
* Assessing the Sensitivity of Vegetation Cover to Climate Change in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin Using Machine Learning Algorithms
* Atrial Fibrillation Detection From Face Videos by Fusing Subtle Variations
* Automatic Problem Understanding from Circuit Schematics
* Background Subtraction Using Spatio-Temporal Group Sparsity Recovery
* Boosting Adversarial Transferability with Shallow-Feature Attack on SAR Images
* BRINT: Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Texture Classification
* Can Micro-Expression be Recognized Based on Single Apex Frame?
* Cascade-Based License Plate Localization with Line Segment Features and Haar-Like Features
* Comparison of Classical Methods and Mask R-CNN for Automatic Tree Detection and Mapping Using UAV Imagery
* Comparison of Different Machine Learning Methods to Reconstruct Daily Evapotranspiration Time Series Estimated by Thermal-Infrared Remote Sensing, A
* Computer Vision Using Local Binary Patterns
* Deep-Learning-Based Method for Extracting an Arbitrary Number of Individual Power Lines from UAV-Mounted Laser Scanning Point Clouds, A
* Discovering Primary Objects in Videos by Saliency Fusion and Iterative Appearance Estimation
* Discovering Thematic Objects in Image Collections and Videos
* DNN self-embedding watermarking: Towards tampering detection and parameter recovery for deep neural network
* Dual Branch Network for Emotional Reaction Intensity Estimation, A
* Dynamic Range Reduction of SAR Image via Global Optimum Entropy Maximization With Reflectivity-Distortion Constraint
* Ecological Engineering Projects Shifted the Dominance of Human Activity and Climate Variability on Vegetation Dynamics
* Electrical Structure of Southwestern Longmenshan Fault Zone: Insights into Seismogenic Structure of 2013 and 2022 Lushan Earthquakes
* Emotion Analysis for Personality Inference from EEG Signals
* Estimate the Primary-Link SNR Using Full-Duplex Relay for Underlay Spectrum Sharing
* Exploring Users' Internal Influence from Reviews for Social Recommendation
* Face Hallucination via Coarse-to-Fine Recursive Kernel Regression Structure
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Flash Flood Risk Analysis Based on Machine Learning Techniques in the Yunnan Province, China
* Flood Susceptibility Assessment with Random Sampling Strategy in Ensemble Learning (RF and XGBoost)
* Generalized face anti-spoofing by detecting pulse from face videos
* Hallucinating Face Image by Regularization Models in High-Resolution Feature Space
* Hierarchical Clustering Tree for Organizing and Indexing of Image Database
* Hierarchical Contour Closure-Based Holistic Salient Object Detection
* Hierarchical Extraction of Urban Objects from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* High School Statistical Graph Classification Using Hierarchical Model for Intelligent Mathematics Problem Solving
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Superpixel Spectral Metrics Representation
* ILGNet: inception modules with connected local and global features for efficient image aesthetic quality classification using domain adaptation
* Image information retrieval using rough set theory
* Improved Distribution Matching for Dataset Condensation
* Improving Satellite Retrieval of Coastal Aquaculture Pond by Adding Water Quality Parameters
* Incorporating high-level and low-level cues for pain intensity estimation
* Inherent Redundancy in Spiking Neural Networks
* Interactive Spiral Tape Video Summarization, An
* Iterative fusion convolutional neural networks for classification of optical coherence tomography images
* Joint Local and Global Information Learning With Single Apex Frame Detection for Micro-Expression Recognition
* LGSQE: Lightweight Generated Sample Quality Evaluation
* Line-based initialization method for mobile augmented reality in aircraft assembly
* Lipreading With Local Spatiotemporal Descriptors
* Local Region Perception and Relationship Learning Combined with Feature Fusion for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Machine Learning for Vision-Based Motion Analysis: Theory and Techniques
* Main Directional Mean Optical Flow Feature for Spontaneous Micro-Expression Recognition, A
* Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Speeding with its Validation, A
* Mathematical Modeling of Driver Speed Control With Individual Differences
* MCG&BA-Net: Retinal vessel segmentation using multiscale context gating and breakpoint attention
* Micro-Expression Recognition Using Color Spaces
* MixNet: A Better Promising Approach for Chromosome Classification based on Aggregated Residual Architecture
* Motion Blur Removal for UAV-Based Wind Turbine Blade Images Using Synthetic Datasets
* Multimodal Framework for Analyzing the Affect of a Group of People
* Multisample-Based Contrastive Loss for Top-K Recommendation
* NASA's MODIS/VIIRS Global Water Reservoir Product Suite from Moderate Resolution Remote Sensing Data
* New Approach of 3D Lightning Location Based on Pearson Correlation Combined with Empirical Mode Decomposition, A
* new optimal seam finding method based on tensor analysis for automatic panorama construction, A
* OBF Database: A Large Face Video Database for Remote Physiological Signal Measurement and Atrial Fibrillation Detection, The
* Panoramic video stitching in multi-camera surveillance system
* Personalized Representation With Contrastive Loss for Recommendation Systems
* Polarimetric synthetic aperture radar image segmentation by convolutional neural network using graphical processing units
* Private Video Foreground Extraction Through Chaotic Mapping Based Encryption in the Cloud
* Railcar Detection, Identification and Tracking for Rail Yard Management
* ReactioNet: Learning High-order Facial Behavior from Universal Stimulus-Reaction by Dyadic Relation Reasoning
* Real-Time Lip Contour Extraction and Tracking Using an Improved Active Contour Model
* Real-Time Movie-Induced Discrete Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals
* Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Regression for Continuous Pain Intensity Estimation in Video
* Regional Changes in Earth's Color and Texture as Observed From Space Over a 15-Year Period
* Remote Heart Rate Measurement From Highly Compressed Facial Videos: An End-to-End Deep Learning Solution With Video Enhancement
* Research on the Construction of Corpus for Automatic Solution of Elementary Mathematics Statistics Applications
* Resolving Zero-Shot and Fact-Based Visual Question Answering via Enhanced Fact Retrieval
* Rethinking ReLU to Train Better CNNs
* Revealing the Invisible With Model and Data Shrinking for Composite-Database Micro-Expression Recognition
* Rotation-Invariant Image and Video Description With Local Binary Pattern Features
* Saliency Integration: An Arbitrator Model
* Selective deep features for micro-expression recognition
* Self-Adaptive Thresholding Approach for Automatic Water Extraction Using Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery Based on OTSU Algorithm and Distance Block, A
* Simulation and Assessment of Daily Evapotranspiration in the Heihe River Basin over a Long Time Series Based on TSEB-SM
* Skip-Connected Deep Convolutional Autoencoder for Restoration of Document Images
* Sparse Tikhonov-Regularized Hashing for Multi-Modal Learning
* Spatiotemporal Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Recognizing Spontaneous Micro-Expressions
* Special Issue on New Advances in Video-Based Gait Analysis and Applications: Challenges and Solutions
* SRN: Side-Output Residual Network for Object Symmetry Detection in the Wild
* Structured Modeling of Joint Deep Feature and Prediction Refinement for Salient Object Detection
* Study on the Quantitative Precipitation Estimation of X-Band Dual-Polarization Phased Array Radar from Specific Differential Phase
* Towards Reading Hidden Emotions: A Comparative Study of Spontaneous Micro-Expression Spotting and Recognition Methods
* Urban Population Distribution Mapping with Multisource Geospatial Data Based on Zonal Strategy
* User-Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Users' Rating Behaviors
* Video Action Recognition Via Neural Architecture Searching
* Video Texture Synthesis With Multi-Frame LBP-TOP and Diffeomorphic Growth Model
* Visual Detection and Association Tracking of Dim Small Ship Targets from Optical Image Sequences of Geostationary Satellite Using Multispectral Radiation Characteristics
* Your Attention Deserves Attention: A Self-Diversified Multi-Channel Attention for Facial Action Analysis
Includes: Zhao, G.[Gang] Zhao, G. Zhao, G.[Gejin] Zhao, G.[Genping] Zhao, G.[Gaoqiang] Zhao, G.[Gengle] Zhao, G.[Guang] Zhao, G.[Gejian] Zhao, G.[Gongpeng] Zhao, G.[Guoze] Zhao, G.[Guodongfang] Zhao, G.[Geng] Zhao, G.[Ganlong] Zhao, G.[Guangshe] Zhao, G.[Guangzhe] Zhao, G.[Ganning] Zhao, G.[Gangjing] Zhao, G.[Guoshuai] Zhao, G.[Guo] Zhao, G.[Ge] Zhao, G.[Guihu] Zhao, G.[Geran] Zhao, G.[Guanwei] Zhao, G.[Guocan]
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Zhao, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Passive Primary Receiver Detection for Underlay Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio
Includes: Zhao, G.D.[Guo Dong] Zhao, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Zhao, G.H.[Gui Hua] Co Author Listing * 3d Land Cover Classification Based On Multispectral Lidar Point Clouds
* CCRANet: A Two-Stage Local Attention Network for Single-Frame Low-Resolution Infrared Small Target Detection
* Face template protection using deep LDPC codes learning
* MSLWENet: A Novel Deep Learning Network for Lake Water Body Extraction of Google Remote Sensing Images
* Object Based Image Analysis Combining High Spatial Resolution Imagery And Laser Point Clouds For Urban Land Cover
* Reconstructing 3D Facial Shape Using Spherical Harmonics
* SPB-Net: A Deep Network for SAR Imaging and Despeckling With Downsampled Data
* Spectrum Extension of a Real-Aperture Microwave Radiometer Using a Spectrum Extension Convolutional Neural Network for Spatial Resolution Enhancement
* Visibility Extension of 1-D Aperture Synthesis by a Residual CNN for Spatial Resolution Enhancement
Includes: Zhao, G.H.[Gui Hua] Zhao, G.H.[Gui-Hua] Zhao, G.H.[Guang-Hui] Zhao, G.H.[Guo-Hui]
9 for Zhao, G.H.

Zhao, G.J.[Guang Ju] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Logic Modeling of Land Degradation in a Loess Plateau Watershed, China
* Improved Surface Soil Organic Carbon Mapping of SoilGrids250m Using Sentinel-2 Spectral Images in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
* Loess Landslide Inventory Map Based on GF-1 Satellite Imagery
* Mapping Forest Aboveground Biomass with MODIS and Fengyun-3C VIRR Imageries in Yunnan Province, Southwest China Using Linear Regression, K-Nearest Neighbor and Random Forest
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Hillslope Erosion Investigated Based on Field Scouring Experiments and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* TASTNet: An end-to-end deep fingerprinting net with two-dimensional attention mechanism and spatio-temporal weighted fusion for video content authentication
* Water Area Variation and River-Lake Interactions in the Poyang Lake from 1977-2021
Includes: Zhao, G.J.[Guang Ju] Zhao, G.J.[Guang-Ju] Zhao, G.J.[Gao-Juan] Zhao, G.J.[Ge-Jian]
7 for Zhao, G.J.

Zhao, G.L.[Gan Long] Co Author Listing * Centrality and Consistency: Two-Stage Clean Samples Identification for Learning with Instance-Dependent Noisy Labels
* Collaborative Training Between Region Proposal Localization and Classification for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
Includes: Zhao, G.L.[Gan Long] Zhao, G.L.[Gan-Long]

Zhao, G.M.[Gang Ming] Co Author Listing * BEV@DC: Bird's-Eye View Assisted Training for Depth Completion
* Contralaterally Enhanced Networks for Thoracic Disease Detection
* Developing an Active Canopy Sensor-Based Integrated Precision Rice Management System for Improving Grain Yield and Quality, Nitrogen Use Efficiency, and Lodging Resistance
* Diagnose Like a Radiologist: Hybrid Neuro-Probabilistic Reasoning for Attribute-Based Medical Image Diagnosis
* Graph Convolution Based Cross-Network Multiscale Feature Fusion for Deep Vessel Segmentation
* GraphFPN: Graph Feature Pyramid Network for Object Detection
* Identity-Preserving Talking Face Generation with Landmark and Appearance Priors
* MCANet: Hierarchical cross-fusion lightweight transformer based on multi-ConvHead attention for object detection
* Multi-scale Matching Networks for Semantic Correspondence
* Multi-task contrastive learning for automatic CT and X-ray diagnosis of COVID-19
* OneFace: One Threshold for All
* RA-YOLOX: Re-parameterization align decoupled head and novel label assignment scheme based on YOLOX
* Satellite Remote Sensing-Based In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status in Northeast China
* YOLO-PAI: Real-time handheld call behavior detection algorithm and embedded application
Includes: Zhao, G.M.[Gang Ming] Zhao, G.M.[Gang-Ming] Zhao, G.M.[Guang-Ming]
14 for Zhao, G.M.

Zhao, G.P.[Gen Ping] Co Author Listing * Archetypal Analysis and Structured Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Discrete Semantic Matrix Factorization Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Exploring Large-scale Unlabeled Faces to Enhance Facial Expression Recognition
* Hyperspectral and Full-Waveform LiDAR Improve Mapping of Tropical Dry Forest's Successional Stages
* PEMCNet: An Efficient Multi-Scale Point Feature Fusion Network for 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Classification
* Semi-supervised learning based on group sparse for relative attributes
* Sugarcane Biomass Prediction with Multi-Mode Remote Sensing Data Using Deep Archetypal Analysis and Integrated Learning
* Transformer Driven Matching Selection Mechanism for Multi-Label Image Classification
Includes: Zhao, G.P.[Gen Ping] Zhao, G.P.[Gen-Ping] Zhao, G.P.[Gong-Peng] Zhao, G.P.[Gong-Pei]
8 for Zhao, G.P.

Zhao, G.q. Co Author Listing * 2-D DOA Estimation for L-Shaped Array With Array Aperture and Snapshots Extension Techniques
* Angle estimation of coherent multi-target for MIMO bistatic radar
* Beyond OCR + VQA: Towards end-to-end reading and reasoning for robust and accurate textvqa
* Change Detection for Remote Sensing Images based on Semantic Prototypes and Contrastive Learning
* Corner-based object detection method for reactivating box constraints
* Curb detection and tracking using 3D-LIDAR scanner
* Discovering the Thematic Object in Commercial Videos
* Fusion of 3D-LIDAR and camera data for scene parsing
* Height Gradient Histogram (HIGH) for 3D Scene Labeling
* Large Head Movement Tracking Using Scale Invariant View-Based Appearance Model
* MSVT: Multiple Spatiotemporal Views Transformer for DeepFake Video Detection
* PPDL: Predicate Probability Distribution based Loss for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation
* Speeded-Up Local Descriptor for dense stereo matching, A
* Thematic Saliency Detection Using Spatial-Temporal Context
* Topical Video Object Discovery from Key Frames by Modeling Word Co-occurrence Prior
Includes: Zhao, G.q. Zhao, G.Q.[Guo-Qing] Zhao, G.Q.[Gui-Qin] Zhao, G.Q.[Gang-Qiang]
15 for Zhao, G.q.

Zhao, G.Q.A.[Guo Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Visual tracking with genetic algorithm augmented logistic regression
Includes: Zhao, G.Q.A.[Guo Qi Ang] Zhao, G.Q.A.[Guo-Qi-Ang]

Zhao, G.R.[Guang Rong] Co Author Listing * EV-Gait: Event-Based Robust Gait Recognition Using Dynamic Vision Sensors
* Event-Stream Representation for Human Gaits Identification Using Deep Neural Networks
* Patch-Wise Semantic Segmentation for Hyperspectral Images via a Cubic Capsule Network with EMAP Features
Includes: Zhao, G.R.[Guang Rong] Zhao, G.R.[Guang-Rong] Zhao, G.R.[Guang-Rui]

Zhao, G.S.[Guo Song] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment and Inter-Comparison of Eight Medium Resolution Forest Products on the Loess Plateau, China
* Annular-Graph Attention Model for Personalized Sequential Recommendation
* Are There Sufficient Landsat Observations for Retrospective and Continuous Monitoring of Land Cover Changes in China?
* Attention Spiking Neural Networks
* Comparison of Forest Restorations with Different Burning Severities Using Various Restoration Methods at Tuqiang Forestry Bureau of Greater Hinggan Mountains
* Deep Multi-View Subspace Clustering With Unified and Discriminative Learning
* Different Patterns in Daytime and Nighttime Thermal Effects of Urbanization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration
* Human Activities Enhance Radiation Forcing through Surface Albedo Associated with Vegetation in Beijing
* Improved Continually Evolved Classifiers for Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
* Integrated Analyses of PALSAR and Landsat Imagery Reveal More Agroforests in a Typical Agricultural Production Region, North China Plain
* Multiview Text Imagination Network Based on Latent Alignment for Image-Text Matching, A
* Personalized Recommendation by Exploring Social Users' Behaviors
* Rating Prediction Based on Social Sentiment From Textual Reviews
* robust and unified land surface phenology algorithm for diverse biomes and growth cycles in China by using harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery, A
* Spatial, temporal, and spectral variations in albedo due to vegetation changes in China's grasslands
* Spatial-Temporal Variation of ANPP and Rain-Use Efficiency Along a Precipitation Gradient on Changtang Plateau, Tibet
* State Graph Reasoning for Multimodal Conversational Recommendation
* Temporal-wise Attention Spiking Neural Networks for Event Streams Classification
* Tracking Reforestation in the Loess Plateau, China after the Grain for Green Project through Integrating PALSAR and Landsat Imagery
Includes: Zhao, G.S.[Guo Song] Zhao, G.S.[Guo-Song] Zhao, G.S.[Guo-Shuai] Zhao, G.S.[Guang-She] Zhao, G.S.[Guang-Shuai]
19 for Zhao, G.S.

Zhao, G.T.[Guo Teng] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic clustering on surfaces for crack extraction
Includes: Zhao, G.T.[Guo Teng] Zhao, G.T.[Guo-Teng]

Zhao, G.W.[Guan Wei] Co Author Listing * Revealing Taxi Interaction Network of Urban Functional Area Units in Shenzhen, China
* Revealing the Spatio-Temporal Heterogeneity of the Association between the Built Environment and Urban Vitality in Shenzhen
* Scale robust point matching-Net: End-to-end scale point matching using Lie group
Includes: Zhao, G.W.[Guan Wei] Zhao, G.W.[Guan-Wei] Zhao, G.W.[Guang-Wei]

Zhao, G.X.[Gui Xin] Co Author Listing * BS-YOLOv5s: Insulator Defect Detection with Attention Mechanism and Multi-Scale Fusion
* Effect of Topographic Correction on Forest Tree Species Classification Accuracy, The
* Few-Shot Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Cross-Domain Spectral Semantic Relation Transformer
* Few-Shot Hyperspectral Image Classification with Spectral-Spatial Feature Fusion Based on Fuzzy Broad Learning System
* Harmonious Satellite-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Ground Measurement Inversion Method for Monitoring Salinity in Coastal Saline Soil, A
* Identification of Cultivated Land Quality Grade Using Fused Multi-Source Data and Multi-Temporal Crop Remote Sensing Information
* Mix-Net: Automatic Segmentation of COVID-19 CT Images Based on Parallel Design
* Novel Knowledge Distillation Method for Self-Supervised Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Soil Salinity Inversion in Coastal Corn Planting Areas by the Satellite-UAV-Ground Integration Approach
* Spectral-Spatial Joint Classification of Hyperspectral Image Based on Broad Learning System
* Upscaling Remote Sensing Inversion Model of Wheat Field Cultivated Land Quality in the Huang-Huai-Hai Agricultural Region, China
Includes: Zhao, G.X.[Gui Xin] Zhao, G.X.[Gui-Xin] Zhao, G.X.[Geng-Xing]
11 for Zhao, G.X.

Zhao, G.Y.[Guo Ying] Co Author Listing * 1st Challenge on Remote Physiological Signal Sensing (RePSS), The
* 2nd Challenge on Remote Physiological Signal Sensing (RePSS), The
* 3D Gait Recognition Using Multiple Cameras
* 3D Mask Face Anti-Spoofing Database with Real World Variations, A
* 3D Mask Face Anti-spoofing with Remote Photoplethysmography
* 3D Skeletal Gesture Recognition via Discriminative Coding on Time-Warping Invariant Riemannian Trajectories
* 3D Skeletal Gesture Recognition via Hidden States Exploration
* 3D Skeletal Gesture Recognition via Sparse Coding of Time-Warping Invariant Riemannian Trajectories
* 4DME: A Spontaneous 4D Micro-Expression Dataset With Multimodalities
* Adaptive Modality Distillation for Separable Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* Aff-Wild: Valence and Arousal In-the-Wild Challenge
* Affective Gait Recognition and Baseline Evaluation from Real World Samples
* Amplitude spectrum-based gait recognition
* Analyzing Group-Level Emotion with Global Alignment Kernel based Approach
* Automatic Dynamic Texture Segmentation Using Local Descriptors and Optical Flow
* Benchmarking 3D Face De-Identification with Preserving Facial Attributes
* Boosted multi-resolution spatiotemporal descriptors for facial expression recognition
* Combining LBP Difference and Feature Correlation for Texture Description
* Combining local and global correlation for texture description
* Combining sparse and dense descriptors with temporal semantic structures for robust human action recognition
* Combining Wavelet Velocity Moments and Reflective Symmetry for Gait Recognition
* Compact Representation of Visual Speech Data Using Latent Variables, A
* Concatenated Frame Image Based CNN for Visual Speech Recognition
* Deep Affect Prediction in-the-Wild: Aff-Wild Database and Challenge, Deep Architectures, and Beyond
* Deep Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing: A Survey
* Deep Learning for Micro-Expression Recognition: A Survey
* Descriptor Learning Based on Fisher Separation Criterion for Texture Classification
* Differentiating spontaneous from posed facial expressions within a generic facial expression recognition framework
* Discriminative features for texture description
* Discriminative Spatiotemporal Local Binary Pattern with Revisited Integral Projection for Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression Recognition
* Disentangling 3D/4D Facial Affect Recognition With Faster Multi-View Transformer
* Domain Regeneration for Cross-Database Micro-Expression Recognition
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition Using Boosted Component-Based Spatiotemporal Features and Multi-classifier Fusion
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition Using Longitudinal Facial Expression Atlases
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition With Atlas Construction and Sparse Representation
* Dynamic Texture Based Gait Recognition
* Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Local Binary Patterns with an Application to Facial Expressions
* Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Volume Local Binary Patterns
* Dynamic Texture Synthesis in Space with a Spatio-temporal Descriptor
* Dynamic texture synthesis using a spatial temporal descriptor
* Dynamic textures for human movement recognition
* Editorial for the special issue of IMAVIS on automatic face analytics for human behavior understanding
* Editorial of Special Issue on Human Behaviour Analysis In-the-Wild
* Editorial of special issue on spontaneous facial behaviour analysis
* Efficient Boosted Weak Classifiers for Object Detection
* Efficient Dense-Graph Convolutional Network with Inductive Prior Augmentations for Unsupervised Micro-Gesture Recognition
* Emotion recognition from facial images with arbitrary views
* End-to-End Dual-Branch Network Towards Synthetic Speech Detection
* Exploring Effective Knowledge Distillation for Tiny Object Detection
* Exploring illumination robust descriptors for human epithelial type 2 cell classification
* Expression Recognition in Videos Using a Weighted Component-Based Feature Descriptor
* Extended local binary pattern fusion for face recognition
* Face Anti-spoofing with Human Material Perception
* Facial Affect In-the-Wild A Survey and a New Database
* Facial expression recognition from near-infrared video sequences
* Facial expression recognition from near-infrared videos
* Facial Micro-Expression Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Local Binary Pattern with Integral Projection
* Facial Micro-Expressions: An Overview
* Facial-Video-Based Physiological Signal Measurement: Recent advances and affective applications
* Flexible-Modal Face Anti-Spoofing: A Benchmark
* From BoW to CNN: Two Decades of Texture Representation for Texture Classification
* Gait Recognition Using Fractal Scale and Wavelet Moments
* Globally rotation invariant multi-scale co-occurrence local binary pattern
* GNSS Spoofing Detection and Direction-Finding Method Based on Low-Cost Commercial Board Components, A
* Graph-Based Facial Affect Analysis: A Review
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Compact and Efficient Feature Representation and Learning in Computer Vision
* HEp-2 cell classification: The role of Gaussian Scale Space Theory as a pre-processing approach
* Hidden States Exploration for 3D Skeleton-Based Gesture Recognition
* Human Activity Recognition Using a Dynamic Texture Based Method
* Hyperbolic Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
* Hyperbolic Spatial Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks
* Image-Based Visual Speech Animation System, An
* iMiGUE: An Identity-free Video Dataset for Micro-Gesture Understanding and Emotion Analysis
* improved local descriptor and threshold learning for unsupervised dynamic texture segmentation, An
* Incorporating Texture Intensity Information into LBP-Based Operators
* Intrinsic-Extrinsic Preserved GANs for Unsupervised 3D Pose Transfer
* Landmarks-assisted Collaborative Deep Framework for Automatic 4D Facial Expression Recognition
* LBP-TOP: A Tensor Unfolding Revisit
* Leaders and Followers Identified by Emotional Mimicry During Collaborative Learning: A Facial Expression Recognition Study on Emotional Valence
* Learning From Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Descriptors for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Learning mappings for face synthesis from near infrared to visual light images
* Learning Optimal K-space Acquisition and Reconstruction using Physics-Informed Neural Networks
* Lipreading: A Graph Embedding Approach
* Local Binary Pattern Descriptors for Dynamic Texture Recognition
* Local Perturbation Generation Method for GAN-Generated Face Anti-Forensics, A
* Local spatiotemporal features for dynamic texture synthesis
* Machine learning in motion analysis: New advances
* Micro-expression Action Unit Detection with Dual-view Attentive Similarity-Preserving Knowledge Distillation
* Micro-expression Recognition Using Dynamic Textures on Tensor Independent Color Space
* Micro-Expression Recognition Using Robust Principal Component Analysis and Local Spatiotemporal Directional Features
* Modality Unifying Network for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Modeling pixel process with scale invariant local patterns for background subtraction in complex scenes
* Multi-band Gradient Component Pattern (MGCP): A New Statistical Feature for Face Recognition
* Multi-modal emotion analysis from facial expressions and electroencephalogram
* Multi-Modal Face Anti-Spoofing Based on Central Difference Networks
* Multiscale 3D-Shift Graph Convolution Network for Emotion Recognition From Human Actions
* NAS-FAS: Static-Dynamic Central Difference Network Search for Face Anti-Spoofing
* New Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face and Ear Recognition, A
* OMEG: Oulu Multi-Pose Eye Gaze Dataset
* OuluVS2: A multi-view audiovisual database for non-rigid mouth motion analysis
* PCANet-II: When PCANet Meets the Second Order Pooling
* PhysFormer++: Facial Video-Based Physiological Measurement with SlowFast Temporal Difference Transformer
* PhysFormer: Facial Video-based Physiological Measurement with Temporal Difference Transformer
* Pose Estimation via Complex-Frequency Domain Analysis of Image Gradient Orientations
* Principal appearance and motion from boosted spatiotemporal descriptors
* Prior Information Based Decomposition and Reconstruction Learning for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Quantifying Micro-expressions with Constraint Local Model and Local Binary Pattern
* Recognising spontaneous facial micro-expressions
* Recognition of Affect in the Wild Using Deep Neural Networks
* Recognition of human actions using texture descriptors
* Remote Heart Rate Measurement from Face Videos under Realistic Situations
* review of recent advances in visual speech decoding, A
* RIC-CNN: Rotation-Invariant Coordinate Convolutional Neural Network
* Riesz-based Volume Local Binary Pattern and A Novel Group Expression Model for Group Happiness Intensity Analysis
* robust descriptor based on Weber's Law, A
* Robust Facial Expression Recognition Using Revised Canonical Correlation
* Robust GAN-Generated Face Detection Method Based on Dual-Color Spaces and an Improved Xception, A
* Robust local features for remote face recognition
* Saliency detection via bi-directional propagation
* Salient Object Detection with CNNs and Multi-scale CRFs
* Satellite-Observed Location of Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Heights in the Presence of Strong Inversions
* Scalable multi-label canonical correlation analysis for cross-modal retrieval
* Scene Aware Semantic Crack Segmentation from Oblique Drone Imagery
* Searching Central Difference Convolutional Networks for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Searching Multi-Rate and Multi-Modal Temporal Enhanced Networks for Gesture Recognition
* Self-Supervised Learning via Multi-view Facial Rendezvous for 3D/4D Affect Recognition
* Short and Long Range Relation Based Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Sliding Window Based Micro-expression Spotting: A Benchmark
* SMG: A Micro-gesture Dataset Towards Spontaneous Body Gestures for Emotional Stress State Analysis
* Spatial Temporal Graph Deconvolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Pain Estimation Network With Measuring Pseudo Heart Rate Gain
* Spatiotemporal Local Monogenic Binary Patterns for Facial Expression Recognition
* Spontaneous Micro-expression Database: Inducement, collection and baseline, A
* Spontaneous micro-expression spotting via geometric deformation modeling
* Spotting Rapid Facial Movements from Videos Using Appearance-Based Feature Difference Analysis
* Synthesizing a talking mouth
* Temporal Hierarchical Dictionary Guided Decoding for Online Gesture Segmentation and Recognition
* Temporal Hierarchical Dictionary with HMM for Fast Gesture Recognition
* Texture Classification in Extreme Scale Variations Using GANet
* Texture Classification using a Linear Configuration Model based Descriptor
* Texture Description with Completed Local Quantized Patterns
* Three-Dimensional Cloud Volume Reconstruction from the Multi-angle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer
* TMVOS: Triplet Matching for Efficient Video Object Segmentation
* Towards a dynamic expression recognition system under facial occlusion
* Towards a practical lipreading system
* Tripool: Graph triplet pooling for 3D skeleton-based action recognition
* Uncertain Facial Expression Recognition via Multi-Task Assisted Correction
* Uncertain Label Correction via Auxiliary Action Unit Graphs for Facial Expression Recognition
* Unsupervised dynamic texture segmentation using local descriptors in volumes
* Unsupervised dynamic texture segmentation using local spatiotemporal descriptors
* Video-based Remote Physiological Measurement via Cross-verified Feature Disentangling
* Visual Speaker Identification with Spatiotemporal Directional Features
* Weight-Based Facial Expression Recognition from Near-Infrared Video Sequences
* WLD: A Robust Local Image Descriptor
Includes: Zhao, G.Y.[Guo Ying] Zhao, G.Y.[Guo-Ying] Zhao, G.Y. Zhao, G.Y.[Guang-Yao] Zhao, G.Y.[Guang-Yu] Zhao, G.Y.[Guang-Yuan]
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Zhao, G.Z.[Guo Zhen] Co Author Listing * CPED: A Chinese Positive Emotion Database for Emotion Elicitation and Analysis
* Efficient LSTM Network for Emotion Recognition From Multichannel EEG Signals, An
* Emotion Distribution Learning Based on Peripheral Physiological Signals
* Falling motion detection algorithm based on deep learning
* Key techniques for classification of thorax diseases based on deep learning
* MMPosE: Movie-Induced Multi-Label Positive Emotion Classification Through EEG Signals
* Multi-Target Positive Emotion Recognition From EEG Signals
* Research on fatigue detection based on visual features
* Self-adaptive SVDD integrated with AP clustering for one-class classification
* SparseDGCNN: Recognizing Emotion From Multichannel EEG Signals
* Visualizing and Analyzing Video Content With Interactive Scalable Maps
Includes: Zhao, G.Z.[Guo Zhen] Zhao, G.Z.[Guo-Zhen] Zhao, G.Z.[Guang-Zhe] Zhao, G.Z.[Guo-Zhong]
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Zhao, H. Co Author Listing * 3-D point cloud normal estimation based on fitting algebraic spheres
* 3D Cadastral Data Model Based on Conformal Geometry Algebra
* 3D Implicit Transporter for Temporally Consistent Keypoint Discovery
* 3D Room Layout Estimation From a Single RGB Image
* 4× Super-resolution of unsupervised CT images based on GAN
* ABLE-NeRF: Attention-Based Rendering with Learnable Embeddings for Neural Radiance Field
* Accurate and robust feature-based homography estimation using HALF-SIFT and feature localization error weighting
* Accurate facade feature extraction method for buildings from three-dimensional point cloud data considering structural information
* Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter for Target Tracking in the Presence of Nonlinear Systems Involving Model Mismatches
* Adversarial local distribution regularization for knowledge distillation
* AlignNet: A Unifying Approach to Audio-Visual Alignment
* Analysis of Crowds Flow Characteristics by Using Laser Range Scanners, An
* Analysis on the Area Changes and Its Influencing Factors of the Lakes In Wuhan City Based on Google Earth Engine
* Anomaly Detection for Medical Images Using Self-Supervised and Translation-Consistent Features
* Antinoise Estimation of Temperature and Emissivity for FTIR Spectrometer Data Using Spectral Polishing Filters: Design and Comparison
* Application of Remote Sensing and Aero-Geophysics Data Fusion on Metallogenic Prognosis in Qimantage of East Kunlun Montain Area, The
* Asymmetric Two-sided Penalty Term for CT-GAN, An
* Audio-Visual Speech Synthesis Based on Chinese Visual Triphone
* Auroral Sequence Representation and Classification Using Hidden Markov Models
* Autoencoding tree for city generation and applications
* Automated 3-D Retinal Layer Segmentation of Macular Optical Coherence Tomography Images With Serous Pigment Epithelial Detachments
* Automatic Chinese Personality Recognition Based on Prosodic Features
* Automatic Lumbar Vertebra Landmark Localization and Segmentation for Pedicle Screw Placement
* Aware of Scene Vehicles: Probabilistic Modeling of Car-Following Behaviors in Real-World Traffic
* Bias-Compensated Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter Algorithm
* Blue-Sky Albedo Reduction and Associated Influencing Factors of Stable Land Cover Types in the Middle-High Latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere during 1982-2015
* camera that never overexposes an image, A
* Car-Following Model for Connected and Automated Vehicles With Heterogeneous Time Delays Under Fixed and Switching Communication Topologies, A
* Cerberus Transformer: Joint Semantic, Affordance and Attribute Parsing
* Channel detection in microscope images of materials using marked point process modeling
* Channel-Wise Attention-Based Network for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* Character Recognition via a Compact Convolutional Neural Network
* Cine Cone Beam CT Reconstruction Using Low-Rank Matrix Factorization: Algorithm and a Proof-of-Principle Study
* Class Prior-Free Positive-Unlabeled Learning with Taylor Variational Loss for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Classification Accuracy Assessment for Regional Vector Data Product Based On Spatial Sampling: a Case Study of Japan
* Classifying-Inversion Method of Offshore Atmospheric Duct Parameters Using AIS Data Based on Artificial Intelligence, A
* ClassSR: A General Framework to Accelerate Super-Resolution Networks by Data Characteristic
* Closed-Form Solution to Universal Style Transfer, A
* Co-advise: Cross Inductive Bias Distillation
* Coastal Ship Tracking with Memory-Guided Perceptual Network
* Color-Sensitivity-Based Combined PSNR for Objective Video Quality Assessment
* Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE) With Various Ultrasound Push Beams
* Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE): A Novel Method for Two-Dimensional Shear Elasticity Imaging of Soft Tissues
* Combined Longitudinal and Lateral Control for Heterogeneous Nodes in Mixed Vehicle Platoon Under V2I Communication
* Compact and Cancelable Fingerprint Binary Codes Generation via One Permutation Hashing
* Comparison of Cryosat-2 and Icesat-2 on Water Level Monitoring of Nam Co Lake
* Compound Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation, A
* Comprehensive and Delicate: An Efficient Transformer for Image Restoration
* Comprehensive Monitoring Approach of Abnormal Problems for the Ecological Environment in Qinling Region, A
* Computer aided endoscope diagnosis via weakly labeled data mining
* Consensus Regularized Multi-View Outlier Detection
* Constant time texture filtering
* Context-aware Analysis, Geovisualisation And Virtual Globes For Managing Earth Resources
* Continuous rotation invariant local descriptors for texton dictionary-based texture classification
* Convenient Tool for District Heating Route Optimization Based on Parallel Ant Colony System Algorithm and 3D WebGIS, A
* Corresponding Points Screening Algorithm Based On Gaussian Kernel Fuzzy Clustering, The
* Crisis event summary generative model based on hierarchical multimodal fusion
* Cross-Domain Document Object Detection: Benchmark Suite and Method
* Cross-Lingual Universal Dependency Parsing Only From One Monolingual Treebank
* CSG-Stump: A Learning Friendly CSG-Like Representation for Interpretable Shape Parsing
* Cyber-physical description and CPS-based pinning approach of mixed traffic
* CYBORGS: Contrastively Bootstrapping Object Representations by Grounding in Segmentation
* Decoder Network over Lightweight Reconstructed Feature for Fast Semantic Style Transfer
* Deep Fair Clustering for Visual Learning
* Deep Learning-Based Automatic Extraction of Cyanobacterial Blooms from Sentinel-2 MSI Satellite Data
* Deeply-Supervised Knowledge Synergy
* Delving Deep into the Generalization of Vision Transformers under Distribution Shifts
* Delving into Shape-aware Zero-shot Semantic Segmentation
* DenseTNT: End-to-end Trajectory Prediction from Dense Goal Sets
* Design, Development, and Evaluation of a Noninvasive Autonomous Robot-Mediated Joint Attention Intervention System for Young Children With ASD
* Detection and Correction of Spectral Shift Effects for the Airborne Prism Experiment
* Discrete Joint Semantic Alignment Hashing for Cross-Modal Image-Text Search
* Distance-Aware Occlusion Detection With Focused Attention
* Distinct Contributions of Climate Change and Anthropogenic Activities to Evapotranspiration and Gross Primary Production Variations over Mainland China
* Distributed Nonlinear System Identification in alpha-Stable Noise
* DPF: Learning Dense Prediction Fields with Weak Supervision
* DQS3D: Densely-matched Quantization-aware Semi-supervised 3D Detection
* Driving Factors and Scale Effects of Residents' Willingness to Pay for Environmental Protection under the Impact of COVID-19
* Dynamic Extraction for VOI from CT Images Based on Volume Rendering
* Dynamic Scheduling, Operation Control and Their Integration in High-Speed Railways: A Review of Recent Research
* ECACL: A Holistic Framework for Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation
* Effective background modelling and subtraction approach for moving object detection
* Effective Denoising and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Curvelet Transform and Singular Spectrum Analysis
* Efficient PMIPv6-Based Handoff Scheme for Urban Vehicular Networks, An
* Efficient Semantic Scene Completion Network with Spatial Group Convolution
* Egocentric Prediction of Action Target in 3D
* EI-CLIP: Entity-aware Interventional Contrastive Learning for E-commerce Cross-modal Retrieval
* Embracing Single Stride 3D Object Detector with Sparse Transformer
* Estimating fund-raising performance for start-up projects from a market graph perspective
* Estimation of Penetration Depth from Soil Effective Temperature in Microwave Radiometry
* Evaluating the Drought-Monitoring Utility of Four Satellite-Based Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Products at Global Scale
* Evaluating the Effects of Switching Period of Communication Topologies and Delays on Electric Connected Vehicles Stream With Car-Following Theory
* Evaluating the Farmland Use Intensity and Its Patterns in a Farming: Pastoral Ecotone of Northern China
* Evaluation of the SAIL Radiative Transfer Model for Simulating Canopy Reflectance of Row Crop Canopies
* evaluation system of fabric pilling based on image processing technique, The
* Evolution of Wetland Patterns and Key Driving Forces in China's Drylands
* Examining Urban Expansion Using Multi-temporal Landsat Imagery: A Case Study Of The Montreal Census Metropolitan Area From 1975 To 2015, Canada
* Experimental Study on the Exploration of Camera Scanning Reflective Fourier Ptychography Technology for Far-Field Imaging
* Explain2Attack: Text Adversarial Attacks via Cross-Domain Interpretability
* Explore the Mitigation Mechanism of Urban Thermal Environment by Integrating Geographic Detector and Standard Deviation Ellipse (SDE)
* Exploring Contrastive Representation for Weakly-Supervised Glacial Lake Extraction
* Exploring Gradient-Based Multi-directional Controls in GANs
* Exploring the Sensitivity of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence at Different Wavelengths in Response to Drought
* External Vibration Multi-Directional Ultrasound Shearwave Elastography (EVMUSE): Application in Liver Fibrosis Staging
* Extraction of Kenyan Grassland Information Using PROBA-V Based on RFE-RF Algorithm
* Extrapolation Algorithm for (a,b,c,d) -Bandlimited Signals, An
* Factorial HMM and Parallel HMM for Gait Recognition
* Fast Discrete Matrix Factorization Hashing for Large-scale Cross-modal Retrieval
* FLNet: A Near-shore Ship Detection Method Based on Image Enhancement Technology
* Foreground-Aware Pyramid Reconstruction for Alignment-Free Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Forward and Inverse Models in Time Resolved Optical Tomography Imaging and Their Finite Element Method Solutions, The
* Frame difference energy image for gait recognition with incomplete silhouettes
* Fusion Learning using Semantics and Graph Convolutional Network for Visual Food Recognition
* FUTR3D: A Unified Sensor Fusion Framework for 3D Detection
* G-FAN: Graph-Based Feature Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* GAN-GL: Generative Adversarial Networks for Glacial Lake Mapping
* GeoMAE: Masked Geometric Target Prediction for Self-supervised Point Cloud Pre-Training
* HACS: Human Action Clips and Segments Dataset for Recognition and Temporal Localization
* Hand-in-Hand: A Communication-Enhancement Collaborative Virtual Reality System for Promoting Social Interaction in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
* Hard Pixel Mining for Depth Privileged Semantic Segmentation
* Harnessing the Spatial-Temporal Attention of Diffusion Models for High-Fidelity Text-to-Image Synthesis
* HDMapGen: A Hierarchical Graph Generative Model of High Definition Maps
* Hierarchical long-tailed classification based on multi-granularity knowledge transfer driven by multi-scale feature fusion
* High-Fidelity Human Avatars from a Single RGB Camera
* High-Precision 3D Reconstruction for Small-to-Medium-Sized Objects Utilizing Line-Structured Light Scanning: A Review
* High-Resolution Fully Polarimetric ISAR Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing
* Hole Inpainting Algorithm for Half-Organized Point Cloud Obtained by Structured-Light Section System
* HoPPF: A novel local surface descriptor for 3D object recognition
* Human-Human Interactional Synchrony Analysis Based on Body Sensor Networks
* Hybrid Probabilistic Sparse Coding With Spatial Neighbor Tensor for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* HydraPlus-Net: Attentive Deep Features for Pedestrian Analysis
* Identification of Electronic Disguised Voices in the Noisy Environment
* Image Fusion With Cosparse Analysis Operator
* Improved Global 1:50000 Scale Surveying and Mapping 4D Product Generation Approach Using the Public Geographic Information Data
* Improved SAR DSM Generation Approach Using the High-Precise 1:10000 Scale Surveying and Mapping Optical DSM
* Improved Shear Wave Motion Detection Using Pulse-Inversion Harmonic Imaging With a Phased Array Transducer
* Improving Adversarial Robustness by Enforcing Local and Global Compactness
* Improving Cross-Domain Detection with Self-Supervised Learning
* Improving retinal vessel segmentation with joint local loss by matting
* Indexing-Min-Max Hashing: Relaxing the Security-Performance Tradeoff for Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Indoor Lidar Relocalization Based on Deep Learning Using A 3d Model
* INT2: Interactive Trajectory Prediction at Intersections
* INT2: Interactive Trajectory Prediction at Intersections
* Integrated 3S Technology Used in Urban Grid Management
* JPerceiver: Joint Perception Network for Depth, Pose and Layout Estimation in Driving Scenes
* key binding system based on n-nearest minutiae structure of fingerprint, A
* Knowledge Distillation with a Precise Teacher and Prediction with Abstention
* Laboratory Investigation on Detecting Bridge Scour Using the Indirect Measurement from a Passing Vehicle
* Large Scale Interactive Motion Forecasting for Autonomous Driving: The Waymo Open Motion Dataset
* Laser-Scanner-Based Approach Toward Driving Safety and Traffic Data Collection, A
* Leaf Extraction from Complicated Background
* Learning Invariant Representations and Risks for Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation
* Learning Symmetry-Aware Geometry Correspondences for 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Learning to Draw Sight Lines
* Learning Visual Styles from Audio-Visual Associations
* Learning-Based Image Ground Segmentation Using Multiple Cues
* Legendre Based Adaptive Image Segmentation Combining The Gradient Information
* Lifelong Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Framework Based on Generative Replay
* Linear Recursive Non-Local Edge-Aware Filter
* Local Energy Pattern for Texture Classification Using Self-Adaptive Quantization Thresholds
* Long Time Span-Specific Emitter Identification Method Based on Unsupervised Domain Adaptation, A
* M2I: From Factored Marginal Trajectory Prediction to Interactive Prediction
* Machine Learning Method for Automated Description and Workflow Analysis of First Trimester Ultrasound Scans, A
* Machine Vision System for Stacked Substrates Counting With a Robust Stripe Detection Algorithm, A
* Mapping Cones on Mars in High-Resolution Planetary Images with Deep Learning-Based Instance Segmentation
* Mapping the distribution of invasive tree species using deep one-class classification in the tropical montane landscape of Kenya
* Maximally concentrated sequences in both time and linear canonical transform domains
* MED-VT: Multiscale Encoder-Decoder Video Transformer with Application to Object Segmentation
* Medical Image Retrieval Using SIFT Feature
* MHLDet: A Multi-Scale and High-Precision Lightweight Object Detector Based on Large Receptive Field and Attention Mechanism for Remote Sensing Images
* Minimum Norm Least Squares Extrapolation Estimate for Discrete (a,b,c,d)-Bandlimited Signals
* Minimum Spanning Tree Hierarchically Fusing Multi-feature Points and High-Dimensional Features for Medical Image Registration
* Model-Based Adaptive Control of Transfemoral Prostheses: Theory, Simulation, and Experiments
* Modeling Vehicle Paths at Intersections: A Unified Approach Based on Entrance and Exit Lanes
* Monitoring Cyanobacteria Bloom in Dianchi Lake Based on Ground-Based Multispectral Remote-Sensing Imaging: Preliminary Results
* Monitoring Water and Energy Cycles at Climate Scale in the Third Pole Environment (CLIMATE-TPE)
* Morphological Features-Based Descriptive Index System for Lunar Impact Craters
* Motion Correction in Optical Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy
* Moving object detection based on T-test combined with kirsch operator
* MTCNet: Multi-task collaboration network for rotation-invariance face detection
* Multi-Constrained Optimization Method of Line Segment Extraction Based on Multi-Scale Image Space
* Multi-focus color image fusion in the HSI space using the sum-modified-laplacian and a coarse edge map
* Multi-Hop Broadcast Protocol for Emergency Message Dissemination in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, A
* Multi-label feature selection with missing labels
* Multi-Scale Object Detector Based on Coordinate and Global Information Aggregation for UAV Aerial Images, A
* Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics For Traitor Tracing
* Multimodal Knowledge Expansion
* Music Gesture for Visual Sound Separation
* MUTR3D: A Multi-camera Tracking Framework via 3D-to-2D Queries
* N-STGAT: Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Network Based Network Intrusion Detection for Near-Earth Remote Sensing
* Narrow Gap Detection in Microscope Images Using Marked Point Process Modeling
* Network Sketching: Exploiting Binary Structure in Deep CNNs
* Neural Map Prior for Autonomous Driving
* New Application of MEG and DTI on Word Recognition, A
* New CNN-Bayesian Model for Extracting Improved Winter Wheat Spatial Distribution from GF-2 imagery, A
* New Contourlet Transform With Adaptive Directional Partitioning, A
* New multi-resolution image stitching with local and global alignment
* new shape prior model with rotation invariance, A
* Non-Contact Speech Recovery Technology Using a 24 GHz Portable Auditory Radar and Webcam
* Observer-Based Double Closed-Loop Control for Mixed Vehicle Groups: A Macro and Micro Perspective
* Ocean Eddies in the Drake Passage: Decoding Their Three-Dimensional Structure and Evolution
* On Diverse Asynchronous Activity Anticipation
* On Feature Decorrelation in Self-Supervised Learning
* On-Road Vehicle Trajectory Collection and Scene-Based Lane Change Analysis: Part I
* On-Road Vehicle Trajectory Collection and Scene-Based Lane Change Analysis: Part II
* Open Vocabulary Scene Parsing
* Ordered and fixed-length bit-string fingerprint representation with minutia vicinity combined feature and spectral clustering
* P3IV: Probabilistic Procedure Planning from Instructional Videos with Weak Supervision
* Painting from Part
* Palmprint recognition using a modified competitive code with distinctive extended neighbourhood
* Parallel and efficient Boolean on polygonal solids
* Partially Blind Deblurring of Barcode from Out-of-Focus Blur
* Pedestrian-Detection Method Based on Heterogeneous Features and Ensemble of Multi-View Pose Parts, A
* Physics Inspired Optimization on Semantic Transfer Features: An Alternative Method for Room Layout Estimation
* Pointly-supervised scene parsing with uncertainty mixture
* Popularity-Based and Version-Aware Caching Scheme at Edge Servers for Multi-Version VoD Systems
* Position-aware and Symmetry Enhanced GAN for Radial Distortion Correction
* Possible Mechanism of Phytoplankton Blooms at the Sea Surface after Tropical Cyclones
* Potential Use of Multi-Band SAR Data for Soil Moisture Retrieval over Bare Agricultural Areas: Hebei, China, The
* PPA-Net: Pyramid Pooling Attention Network for Multi-Scale Ship Detection in SAR Images
* Prediction-Based and Locality-Aware Task Scheduling for Parallelizing Video Transcoding Over Heterogeneous MapReduce Cluster
* Probabilistic Inference for Occluded and Multiview On-road Vehicle Detection
* PTTR: Relational 3D Point Cloud Object Tracking with Transformer
* PVT++: A Simple End-to-End Latency-Aware Visual Tracking Framework
* Pyramid Scene Parsing Network
* Qamface: Quadratic Additive Angular Margin Loss For Face Recognition
* Quantitative Evaluation of Dust and Black Carbon Column Concentration in the MERRA-2 Reanalysis Dataset Using Satellite-Based Component Retrievals
* Radar Signal Processing for Sensing in Assisted Living: The challenges associated with real-time implementation of emerging algorithms
* Ranking Regularization for Critical Rare Classes: Minimizing False Positives at a High True Positive Rate
* RBC: Rectifying the Biased Context in Continual Semantic Segmentation
* RDCFace: Radial Distortion Correction for Face Recognition
* Real-Time Traffic Light Recognition Based on Smartphone Platforms
* Rear-Vehicle Detection System for Static Images Based on Monocular Vision, A
* Recent Changes of Glacial Lakes in the High Mountain Asia and Its Potential Controlling Factors Analysis
* Reconstruction of Vehicle-Induced Vibration on Concrete Pavement Using Distributed Fiber Optic
* Remote Sensing Application in Chinese Medicinal Plant Identification and Acreage Estimation: A Review
* Remote Sensing Scene Classification Using Multiple Pyramid Pooling
* Research on Service Value and Adaptability Zoning of Grassland Ecosystem in Ethiopia
* Rethinking Controllable Variational Autoencoders
* Retinal image enhancement with artifact reduction and structure retention
* Robust Automatic Target Detection/recognition System in Second Generation FLIR Imagery
* Robust Lane Extraction From MLS Point Clouds Towards HD Maps Especially in Curve Road
* Robust Traffic Parameter Extraction Approach for Surveillance System at Urban Intersection, A
* Robust video stabilization based on bounded path planning
* RTM3D: Real-time Monocular 3d Detection from Object Keypoints for Autonomous Driving
* SC-wLS: Towards Interpretable Feed-forward Camera Re-localization
* SC2GAN: Rethinking Entanglement by Self-correcting Correlated GAN Space
* Scalability in Perception for Autonomous Driving: Waymo Open Dataset
* Scale invariant texture representation based on frequency decomposition and gradient orientation
* Scene Parsing through ADE20K Dataset
* Scene-Adaptive Off-Road Detection Using a Monocular Camera
* Seasonal and Diurnal Characteristics of the Vertical Profile of Aerosol Optical Properties in Urban Beijing, 2017-2021
* Segment 2D and 3D Filaments by Learning Structured and Contextual Features
* Segment-Based Storage and Transcoding Trade-off Strategy for Multi-version VoD Systems in the Cloud, A
* Selection of Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) Optimal Band Combinations for Mapping Alteration Zones
* Self-Supervised Moving Vehicle Tracking With Stereo Sound
* Semantic Understanding of Scenes Through the ADE20K Dataset
* Semantically Guided Visual Question Answering
* Semi-Automated Generation of Road Transition Lines Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* SG-Net: Syntax Guided Transformer for Language Representation
* Simple and Robust Deep Convolutional Approach to Blind Image Denoising, A
* Simple Yet Effective Pipeline For Radial Distortion Correction, A
* Simultaneous Camera Path Optimization and Distraction Removal for Improving Amateur Video
* Skimming-Perusal Tracking: A Framework for Real-Time and Robust Long-Term Tracking
* Social-Aware Video Recommendation for Online Social Groups
* Software-Defined Satellite Observation: A Fast Method Based on Virtual Resource Pools
* Sound of Motions, The
* Sound of Pixels, The
* SparseViT: Revisiting Activation Sparsity for Efficient High-Resolution Vision Transformer
* Spatial-tree filter for cost aggregation in stereo matching
* Spatio-temporal Graph Transformer Networks for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
* Spatiotemporal Feature Residual Propagation for Action Prediction
* Spectral-Spatial Genetic Algorithm-Based Unsupervised Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Spindle Net: Person Re-identification with Human Body Region Guided Feature Decomposition and Fusion
* Spiral Generative Network for Image Extrapolation
* Sports Video Analysis on Large-Scale Data
* Stacked Denoising Tensor Auto-Encoder for Action Recognition With Spatiotemporal Corruptions
* Sub-pixel Layout for Super-Resolution with Images in the Octic Group
* Submesoscale Short-Lived Eddies in the Southwestern Taiwan Strait Observed by High-Frequency Surface-Wave Radars
* Successive minutia-free mosaicking for small-sized fingerprint recognition
* Superpixel-Based Unsupervised Band Selection for Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Supervised Segmentation of Un-Annotated Retinal Fundus Images by Synthesis
* Text Compression-Aided Transformer Encoding
* Thermal Structure of Water Exchange at the Entrance of a Tide-Dominated Strait
* Three Orthogonal Vanishing Points Estimation in Structured Scenes Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Through-Wall Human Mesh Recovery Using Radio Signals
* Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
* Trajectory Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance for Wheeled Mobile Robots Based on EMPC With an Adaptive Prediction Horizon
* Transformation From Hyperspectral Radiance Data to Data of Other Sensors Based on Spectral Superresolution
* U.S. speed limit sign detection and recognition from image sequences
* Unbounded High Dynamic Range Photography Using a Modulo Camera
* Uncovering the Disentanglement Capability in Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
* Underlying Connections Between Algorithms for Nongreedy LDA-L1
* Understanding and Constructing Latent Modality Structures in Multi-Modal Representation Learning
* Universal Multimodal Representation for Language Understanding
* Unpaired Image Captioning via Scene Graph Alignments
* Unsupervised 3D Shape Completion through GAN Inversion
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive 3D Detection with Multi-Level Consistency
* Unsupervised person re-identification via re-ranking enhanced sample-specific metric learning
* Using CYGNSS Data to Map Flood Inundation during the 2021 Extreme Precipitation in Henan Province, China
* Validating the Crop Identification Capability of the Spectral Variance at Key Stages (SVKS) Computed via an Object Self-Reference Combined Algorithm
* Variational Relational Point Completion Network
* Variational Relational Point Completion Network for Robust 3D Classification
* VectorNet: Encoding HD Maps and Agent Dynamics From Vectorized Representation
* Ventilation Capacities of Chinese Industrial Cities and Their Influence on the Concentration of NO2
* Very Lightweight Photo Retouching Network With Conditional Sequential Modulation
* VIBUS: Data-efficient 3D scene parsing with VIewpoint Bottleneck and Uncertainty-Spectrum modeling
* ViP3D: End-to-End Visual Trajectory Prediction via 3D Agent Queries
* Water Quality Chl-a Inversion Based on Spatio-Temporal Fusion and Convolutional Neural Network
* What Happened 3 Seconds Ago? Inferring the Past with Thermal Imaging
* Where are you heading? Dynamic Trajectory Prediction with Expert Goal Examples
* YOLOv7-sea: Object Detection of Maritime UAV Images based on Improved pYOLOv7
Includes: Zhao, H. Zhao, H.[Hua] Zhao, H.[Hao] Zhao, H.[Huiyan] Zhao, H.[Haiyu] Zhao, H.[Huaici] Zhao, H.[Hui] Zhao, H.[He] Zhao, H.[Huan] Zhao, H.[Hang] Zhao, H.[Hengjun] Zhao, H.[Hong] Zhao, H.[Hengwei] Zhao, H.[Hengyuan] Zhao, H.[Heng] Zhao, H.[Huai] Zhao, H.[Hanli] Zhao, H.[Huihui] Zhao, H.[Hai] Zhao, H.[Haigen] Zhao, H.[Hongkun] Zhao, H.[Haitiao] Zhao, H.[Handong] Zhao, H.[Hongke] Zhao, H.[Haile] Zhao, H.[Huarong] Zhao, H.[Han] Zhao, H.[Hongren] Zhao, H.[Haohua] Zhao, H.[Haimei] Zhao, H.[Haishi] Zhao, H.[Haoyi] Zhao, H.[Haimeng] Zhao, H.[Haoru] Zhao, H.[Hujia] Zhao, H.[Hanbin] Zhao, H.[Hongduo] Zhao, H.[Hailan] Zhao, H.[Hebin] Zhao, H.[Hongling] Zhao, H.[Hangyue]
312 for Zhao, H.

Zhao, H.B.[Hai Bin] Co Author Listing * BP Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in the Yellow River Mouth
* Detection Method of Infected Wood on Digital Orthophoto Map-Digital Surface Model Fusion Network
* Global Optimal Surface from Stereo
* Identifying Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of PM2.5 Concentrations and the Key Influencing Factors in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River
* Linking Heat Source-Sink Landscape Patterns with Analysis of Urban Heat Islands: Study on the Fast-Growing Zhengzhou City in Central China
* MgSvF: Multi-Grained Slow versus Fast Framework for Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
* Progressive Class-Based Expansion Learning for Image Classification
* RBF Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in Lijin Section
Includes: Zhao, H.B.[Hai Bin] Zhao, H.B.[Hai-Bin] Zhao, H.B.[Hong-Bo] Zhao, H.B.[Huai-Bin] Zhao, H.B.[Han-Bin]
8 for Zhao, H.B.

Zhao, H.C.[Hui Chang] Co Author Listing * Classification of UAV-to-ground vehicles based on micro-Doppler effect and bispectrum analysis
* Five-Dimensional Chaotic System and its Circuitry Implementation
* National-Scale Variation and Propagation Characteristics of Meteorological, Agricultural, and Hydrological Droughts in China
* OnePose: One-Shot Object Pose Estimation without CAD Models
Includes: Zhao, H.C.[Hui Chang] Zhao, H.C.[Hui-Chang] Zhao, H.C.[Hong-Chao] Zhao, H.C.[Hui-Chao] Zhao, H.C.[Hong-Cheng]

Zhao, H.D.[Han Dong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Adversarial Network for Source-free Domain Adaptation
* Block-wise constrained sparse graph for face image representation
* Ensemble Subspace Segmentation Under Blockwise Constraints
* Learning Fast Low-Rank Projection for Image Classification
* Open-Edit: Open-Domain Image Manipulation with Open-Vocabulary Instructions
* Photographic Composite Detection Using Two Circles
* Scene Graph Generation With External Knowledge and Image Reconstruction
* SelfDoc: Self-Supervised Document Representation Learning
* ShiftNAS: Improving One-shot NAS via Probability Shift
Includes: Zhao, H.D.[Han Dong] Zhao, H.D.[Han-Dong] Zhao, H.D.[Hao-Dong]
9 for Zhao, H.D.

Zhao, H.F.[Hui Feng] Co Author Listing * ANFIS-EKF-Based Single-Beacon Localization Algorithm for AUV
* Automatic Detection of Defective Zebrafish Embryos via Shape Analysis
* Cross-View Panorama Image Synthesis
* Graph attribute embedding via Riemannian submersion learning
* Integrating Decentralized Indoor Evacuation with Information Depositories in the Field
* M2-Net: A Multi-scale Multi-level Feature Enhanced Network for Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Multi-label ReliefF and F-statistic feature selections for image annotation
* Multipath Time-Delay Estimation With Impulsive Noise via Bayesian Compressive Sensing
* Multiple instance learning via distance metric optimization
* On the Use of the Chi-Squared Distance for the Structured Learning of Graph Embeddings
* Physics-Guided Reduced-Order Representation of Three-Dimensional Sound Speed Fields with Ocean Mesoscale Eddies
* Recent Response of Vegetation Water Use Efficiency to Climate Change in Central Asia
* Simultaneous local clustering and unsupervised feature selection via strong space constraint
* sparse nonnegative matrix factorization technique for graph matching problems, A
* Structure Constraint Matrix Factorization Framework for Human Behavior Segmentation, A
Includes: Zhao, H.F.[Hui Feng] Zhao, H.F.[Hui-Feng] Zhao, H.F.[Hai-Feng] Zhao, H.F.[Hang-Fang] Zhao, H.F.[Hong-Fang] Zhao, H.F.[Hong-Fei]
15 for Zhao, H.F.

Zhao, H.G.[Hai Gen] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Evaluation of Two Successive V3 and V4 IMERG Final Run Precipitation Products over Mainland China
* RST-invariant sketch retrieval based on circular description
* SDE-RAE:CLIP-based realistic image reconstruction and editing network using stochastic differential diffusion
Includes: Zhao, H.G.[Hai Gen] Zhao, H.G.[Hai-Gen] Zhao, H.G.[Han-Guang] Zhao, H.G.[Hong-Gang]

Zhao, H.H.[Hui Huang] Co Author Listing * Automatic semantic style transfer using deep convolutional neural networks and soft masks
* Dual Path Multi-Modal High-Order Features for Textual Content based Visual Question Answering
* HairManip: High quality hair manipulation via hair element disentangling
* Multi-mode neural network for human action recognition
* Preliminary Assessment and Verification of the Langley Plots Calibration of the Sun Photometer at Mt Foyeding Observatory, Beijing
* Quantitative Evaluation of Dust and Black Carbon Column Concentration in the MERRA-2 Reanalysis Dataset Using Satellite-Based Component Retrievals
* Seasonal and Diurnal Characteristics of the Vertical Profile of Aerosol Optical Properties in Urban Beijing, 2017-2021
* Supporting SDG 15, Life on Land: Identifying the Main Drivers of Land Degradation in Honghe Prefecture, China, between 2005 and 2015
Includes: Zhao, H.H.[Hui Huang] Zhao, H.H.[Hui-Huang] Zhao, H.H.[Hong-Hui] Zhao, H.H.[Hao-Hua] Zhao, H.H.[Heng-Heng] Zhao, H.H.[Hui-Hui]
8 for Zhao, H.H.

Zhao, H.H.Y.[Henry Heng Yuan] Co Author Listing * SCT: A Simple Baseline for Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning via Salient Channels
Includes: Zhao, H.H.Y.[Henry Heng Yuan] Zhao, H.H.Y.[Henry Heng-Yuan]

Zhao, H.J.[Hui Jing] Co Author Listing * Active and Contrastive Learning Framework for Fine-Grained Off-Road Semantic Segmentation, An
* AMPNet: Average- and Max-Pool Networks for Salient Object Detection
* Analysis of Space-Based Observed Infrared Characteristics of Aircraft in the Air
* Are We Hungry for 3D LiDAR Data for Semantic Segmentation? A Survey of Datasets and Methods
* ARKitTrack: A New Diverse Dataset for Tracking Using Mobile RGB-D Data
* Atmosphere and Terrain Coupling Simulation Framework for High-Resolution Visible-Thermal Spectral Imaging over Heterogeneous Land Surface
* Attributed Graph Mining and Matching: An Attempt to Define and Extract Soft Attributed Patterns
* Bio-inspired contour detection model based on multi-bandwidth fusion and logarithmic texture inhibition
* Case Study on Ground Subsidence and Backfill Deformation Induced by Multi-Stage Filling Mining in a Steeply Inclined Ore Body, A
* Category Modeling from Just a Single Labeling: Use Depth Information to Guide the Learning of 2D Models
* Construction of an Integrated Drought Monitoring Model Based on Deep Learning Algorithms
* Deep mutual learning for visual object tracking
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects at Intersections Using a Network of Laser Scanners
* Detection of Ground Materials Using Normalized Difference Indices with a Threshold: Risk and Ways to Improve
* Driver Identification Through Heterogeneity Modeling in Car-Following Sequences
* Effective Local and Global Search for Fast Long-Term Tracking
* Efficient Closed-Loop Multiple-View Registration
* Entropy-Weighting Method for Efficient Power-Line Feature Evaluation and Extraction from LiDAR Point Clouds, An
* Feature Representation Learning with Adaptive Displacement Generation and Transformer Fusion for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Fusion of Detection and Matching Based Approaches for Laser Based Multiple People Tracking
* Fusion of low-and high-dimensional approaches by trackers sampling for generic human motion tracking
* Hybrid approach for variable speed limit implementation and application to mixed traffic conditions with connected autonomous vehicles
* Image Dehazing Based on Multispectral Polarization Imaging Method In Different Detection Modes
* Impact and Correction of Sensitive Environmental Factors on Spectral Reflectance Measured In Situ, The
* Importance of Subsurface Processes in Land Surface Modeling over a Temperate Region: An Analysis with SMAP, Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing and Triple Collocation Analysis, The
* Incremental Structured Part Model for Image Classification, An
* Integrated System for Auto-Registered Hyperspectral and 3D Structure Measurement at the Point Scale
* Laser-based detection and tracking of multiple people in crowds
* Learning From Naturalistic Driving Data for Human-Like Autonomous Highway Driving
* Learning Graph Matching: Oriented to Category Modeling from Cluttered Scenes
* Lightweight Deep Neural Network for Real-Time Visual Tracking with Mutual Learning
* MAAFEU-Net: A Novel Land Use Classification Model Based on Mixed Attention Module and Adjustable Feature Enhancement Layer in Remote Sensing Images
* Monocular Pedestrian Tracking from a Moving Vehicle
* MU-Net: Embedding MixFormer into Unet to Extract Water Bodies from Remote Sensing Images
* Multi-focus image fusion based on the neighbor distance
* Multi-modal tracking of people using laser scanners and video camera
* Multimodal information fusion for urban scene understanding
* No-inference image sharpness assessment based on wavelet transform and image saliency map
* no-reference image sharpness estimation based on expectation of wavelet transform coefficients, A
* Novel System for Tracking Pedestrians Using Multiple Single-Row Laser-Range Scanners, A
* Object detection via foreground contour feature selection and part-based shape model
* Object Detection Via Structural Feature Selection and Shape Model
* Object Discovery: Soft Attributed Graph Mining
* On-Road Vehicle Tracking Using Part-Based Particle Filter
* online approach: Learning-Semantic-Scene-by-Tracking and Tracking-by-Learning-Semantic-Scene, An
* Parallel Single-Pixel Imaging: A General Method for Direct-Global Separation and 3D Shape Reconstruction Under Strong Global Illumination
* Preliminary Assessment and Verification of the Langley Plots Calibration of the Sun Photometer at Mt Foyeding Observatory, Beijing
* Probabilistic Detection-based Particle Filter for Multi-target Tracking
* Projective Parallel Single-Pixel Imaging to Overcome Global Illumination in 3D Structure Light Scanning
* Quantifying Multi-Scale Performance of Geometric Features for Efficient Extraction of Insulators from Point Clouds
* Quantitative Estimation of Fluorescence Parameters for Crop Leaves with Bayesian Inversion
* Real-Time System for Monitoring Pedestrians, A
* Reconstructing a textured CAD model of an urban environment using Vehicle-borne Laser Range Scanners and Line Cameras
* Reconstructing Textured CAD Model or Urban Environment using Vehicle-borne Laser Range Scanners and Line Cameras
* Reconstructing urban 3D model using vehicle-borne laser range scanners
* Reconstruction Textured Urban 3d Model by Fusing Ground-based Laser Range Image and CCD Image
* Representation Learning for Visual Object Tracking by Masked Appearance Transfer
* Robust Method for Registering Ground-Based Laser Range Images of Urban Outdoor Objects, A
* Robust Tracking of Multiple People in Crowds Using Laser Range Scanners
* Scene-Aware Error Modeling of LiDAR/Visual Odometry for Fusion-Based Vehicle Localization
* Segmentation Algorithm of the Valid Region in Fisheye Images Using Edge and Region Information
* Semantic Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Data in Dynamic Scene Using Semi-Supervised Learning
* SemanticPOSS: A Point Cloud Dataset with Large Quantity of Dynamic Instances
* Semi-automatic Road Extraction from High-Resolution Satellite Image
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Space Target Material Identification Based on Graph Convolutional Neural Network
* Surface Modelling of Urban 3D Objects from Vehicle-Borne Laser Range Data
* Survey of Deep RL and IL for Autonomous Driving Policy Learning, A
* Synergistic Retrieval of Temperature and Humidity Profiles from Space-Based and Ground-Based Infrared Sounders Using an Optimal Estimation Method
* Tracking Generic Human Motion via Fusion of Low- and High-Dimensional Approaches
* Transformer vision-language tracking via proxy token guided cross-modal fusion
* Uncertainty Analysis for Topographic Correction of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
* Understanding the Challenges When 3D Semantic Segmentation Faces Class Imbalanced and OOD Data
* Updating A Digital Geographic Database using Vehicle-borne Laser Scanners and Line Cameras
* vehicle-borne urban 3-D acquisition system using single-row laser range scanners, A
* Vision-Based Multiple Interacting Targets Tracking via On-Line Supervised Learning
* Visual saliency estimation using support value transform
* Weather Radar Echo Extrapolation with Dynamic Weight Loss
* When 3D Reconstruction Meets Ubiquitous RGB-D Images
Includes: Zhao, H.J.[Hui Jing] Zhao, H.J.[Hui-Jing] Zhao, H.J.[Hong-Jian] Zhao, H.J.[Hui-Jie] Zhao, H.J.[Hao-Jie] Zhao, H.J.[Hao-Jun] Zhao, H.J.[Hai-Jun] Zhao, H.J.[Hua-Jun] Zhao, H.J.[Hui-Juan] Zhao, H.J.[Hai-Jiang] Zhao, H.J. Zhao, H.J.[Hao-Jin] Zhao, H.J.[Heng-Jun] Zhao, H.J.[Hu-Jia] Zhao, H.J.[Hen-Jun]
80 for Zhao, H.J.

Zhao, H.K.[Hong Kai] Co Author Listing * Characteristics and Formation Conditions of Thin Phytoplankton Layers in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Revealed by Airborne Lidar
* Computation of Quasi-Conformal Surface Maps Using Discrete Beltrami Flow
* Dual Iterative Refinement Method for Non-rigid Shape Matching, A
* Efficient and Robust Shape Correspondence via Sparsity-Enforced Quadratic Assignment
* Efficient Neumann Series-Based Algorithm for Thermoacoustic and Photoacoustic Tomography with Variable Sound Speed, An
* Estimation of the Seawater Lidar Ratio by MODIS: Spatial-Temporal Characteristics and Ecological Significance
* Expectation-Maximization Algorithm With Local Adaptivity
* Fast Surface Reconstruction Using the Level Set Method
* Geometric understanding of point clouds using Laplace-Beltrami operator
* Hybrid Adaptive Phase Space Method for Reflection Traveltime Tomography, A
* Hybrid Reconstruction Method for Quantitative PAT, A
* Implicit and Nonparametric Shape Reconstruction from Unorganized Data Using a Variational Level Set Method
* Multiscale Nonrigid Point Cloud Registration Using Rotation-Invariant Sliced-Wasserstein Distance via Laplace-Beltrami Eigenmap
* PDE-based fast local level set method, A
* Quantitative Fluorescence Photoacoustic Tomography
* Sequence and Network Embedding Method for Bus Arrival Time Prediction Using GPS Trajectory Data Only, A
Includes: Zhao, H.K.[Hong Kai] Zhao, H.K.[Hong-Kai] Zhao, H.K. Zhao, H.K.[Hong-Ke]
16 for Zhao, H.K.

Zhao, H.L.[Han Li] Co Author Listing * Analytical solutions for sketch-based convolution surface modeling on the GPU
* Continuous Daily Evapotranspiration Estimation at the Field-Scale over Heterogeneous Agricultural Areas by Fusing ASTER and MODIS Data
* Detecting Winter Wheat Irrigation Signals Using SMAP Gridded Soil Moisture Data
* EAI-stereo: Error Aware Iterative Network for Stereo Matching
* EMO-MVS: Error-Aware Multi-Scale Iterative Variable Optimizer for Efficient Multi-View Stereo
* Exact BER Analysis of Selection Combining for Differential SWIPT Relaying Systems
* Eye detection based on multi-angle template matching
* High-Frequency Stereo Matching Network
* High-quality retinal vessel segmentation using generative adversarial network with a large receptive field
* Improvement of the SWAT Model for Snowmelt Runoff Simulation in Seasonal Snowmelt Area Using Remote Sensing Data
* Knowledge and Spatial Pyramid Distance-Based Gated Graph Attention Network for Remote Sensing Semantic Segmentation
* Landslide Image Captioning Method Based on Semantic Gate and Bi-Temporal LSTM
* Learning a convolutional neural network for propagation-based stereo image segmentation
* Method for the Optimized Design of a Rain Gauge Network Combined with Satellite Remote Sensing Data, A
* Mscanet: Adaptive Multi-scale Context Aggregation Network for Congested Crowd Counting
* novel cell structure-based disparity estimation for unsupervised stereo matching, A
* novel motion compensated prediction framework using weighted AMVP prediction for HEVC, A
* Real-time feature-aware video abstraction
* Real-time saliency-aware video abstraction
* Remote Sensing Scene Graph and Knowledge Graph Matching with Parallel Walking Algorithm
* Research of Magnetic Flux Leakage Signal Processing Based on Wavelet De-Noising and EMD
* Robust Multiple-Measurement Sparsity-Aware STAP with Bayesian Variational Autoencoder
* Saliency-Guided Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution
* Semantic Flow for Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing
* Weighted Selection Combinings for Differential Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Networks
Includes: Zhao, H.L.[Han Li] Zhao, H.L.[Han-Li] Zhao, H.L.[Hong-Li] Zhao, H.L.[Hao-Liang] Zhao, H.L. Zhao, H.L.[Hong-Lian] Zhao, H.L.[Hong-Ling] Zhao, H.L.[Hui-Lin] Zhao, H.L.[Hui-Ling] Zhao, H.L.[Huai-Lin] Zhao, H.L.[Hai-Long] Zhao, H.L.[Hui-Liang] Zhao, H.L.[Heng-Le] Zhao, H.L.[Hou-Long]
25 for Zhao, H.L.

Zhao, H.M.[Hai Meng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Aerosol Properties in Beijing Based on Ground-Based Sun Photometer and Air Quality Monitoring Observations from 2005 to 2014
* Automatic Extraction of Water Inundation Areas Using Sentinel-1 Data for Large Plain Areas
* Can Neural Networks Forecast Open Field Burning of Crop Residue in Regions with Anthropogenic Management and Control? A Case Study in Northeastern China
* Comparing the Ability of Burned Area Products to Detect Crop Residue Burning in China
* CPFNet: Context Pyramid Fusion Network for Medical Image Segmentation
* Deep Corner
* Dynamics of Hongjian Nur, the Largest Desert Freshwater Lake in China, during 1990-2017, The
* EACOFT: An energy-aware correlation filter for visual tracking
* Effective extraction of ventricles and myocardium objects from cardiac magnetic resonance images with a multi-task learning U-Net
* Extreme Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression: A Fast and Robust Framework for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Fusion of Multiscale Convolutional Neural Networks for Building Extraction in Very High-Resolution Images
* GaitSlice: A gait recognition model based on spatio-temporal slice features
* Generic wavelet-based image decomposition and reconstruction framework for multi-modal data analysis in smart camera applications
* H-RNet: Hybrid Relation Network for Few-Shot Learning-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Influence of CLBP Window Size on Urban Vegetation Type Classification Using High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images, The
* Influence of Leaf Specular Reflection on Canopy Radiative Regime Using an Improved Version of the Stochastic Radiative Transfer Model
* Intelligent Segmentation and Change Detection of Dams Based on UAV Remote Sensing Images
* Interannual and Seasonal Variability of Greenhouse Gases and Aerosol Emissions from Biomass Burning in Northeastern China Constrained by Satellite Observations
* Iterative Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation for Effective Compression of Hyperspectral Images
* Joint Bilateral Filtering and Spectral Similarity-Based Sparse Representation: A Generic Framework for Effective Feature Extraction and Data Classification in Hyperspectral Imaging
* Land-Cover Classification of Coastal Wetlands Using the RF Algorithm for Worldview-2 and Landsat 8 Images
* MIMN-DPP: Maximum-information and minimum-noise determinantal point processes for unsupervised hyperspectral band selection
* Novel Gate Resource Allocation Method Using Improved PSO-Based QEA, A
* Novel Two-Dimensional Singular Spectrum Analysis for Effective Feature Extraction and Data Classification in Hyperspectral Imaging
* Research on data classification and feature fusion method of cancer nuclei image based on deep learning
* SAFDet: A Semi-Anchor-Free Detector for Effective Detection of Oriented Objects in Aerial Images
* Sparse Representation-Based Augmented Multinomial Logistic Extreme Learning Machine With Weighted Composite Features for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* SpaSSA: Superpixelwise Adaptive SSA for Unsupervised Spatial-Spectral Feature Extraction in Hyperspectral Image
* Superpixel based Feature Specific Sparse Representation for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Topological optimization of the DenseNet with pretrained-weights inheritance and genetic channel selection
* Uncertainty Evaluation of an In-Flight Absolute Radiometric Calibration Using a Statistical Monte Carlo Method
* Unsupervised image saliency detection with Gestalt-laws guided optimization and visual attention based refinement
* YOLOFig detection model development using deep learning
Includes: Zhao, H.M.[Hai Meng] Zhao, H.M.[Hai-Meng] Zhao, H.M.[Hui-Min] Zhao, H.M.[Hong-Mei] Zhao, H.M.[He-Ming] Zhao, H.M.[Hai-Mei] Zhao, H.M.[Hua-Min]
33 for Zhao, H.M.

Zhao, H.N.[Hai Nan] Co Author Listing * Graph-based supervised discrete image hashing
Includes: Zhao, H.N.[Hai Nan] Zhao, H.N.[Hai-Nan]

Zhao, H.P.[Hai Ping] Co Author Listing * Early Identification of Cotton Fields Based on Gf-6 Images in Arid and Semiarid Regions (China)
* Study on the Regeneration Probability of Understory Coniferous Saplings in the Liangshui Nature Reserve Based on Four Modeling Techniques
Includes: Zhao, H.P.[Hai Ping] Zhao, H.P.[Hai-Ping]

Zhao, H.Q.[Heng Qian] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of Crop Disease Severity Levels Based on Vegetation Index Normalization
* Bag-of-phonemes Model for Homeplace Classification of Mandarin Speakers, A
* combination approach to forecast the spare parts faults of shipboard aircraft, A
* Convergence of a Fixed-Point Algorithm under Maximum Correntropy Criterion
* Deep Image Matting With Sparse User Interactions
* Extraction of Terraces on the Loess Plateau from High-Resolution DEMs and Imagery Utilizing Object-Based Image Analysis
* Fast Tailings Pond Mapping Exploiting Large Scene Remote Sensing Images by Coupling Scene Classification and Sematic Segmentation Models
* Fibonet: A Light-weight and Efficient Neural Network for Image Segmentation
* Improved Image Matting via Real-time User Clicks and Uncertainty Estimation
* Innovative Transient Analysis of Adaptive Filter With Maximum Correntropy Criterion, An
* joint-optimization NSAF algorithm based on the first-order Markov model, A
* L1-norm constrained normalized subband adaptive filter algorithm with variable norm-bound parameter and improved version
* Multi-attentional Deepfake Detection
* new normalized subband adaptive filter under minimum error entropy criterion, A
* Optimization of Remote Sensing Image Segmentation by a Customized Parallel Sine Cosine Algorithm Based on the Taguchi Method
* Performance Analysis of Shrinkage Linear Complex-Valued LMS Algorithm
* Robust visual tracking via CAMShift and structural local sparse appearance model
* Statistics Behavior of Individual-Weighting-Factors SSAF Algorithm Under Errors-in-Variables Model
* Steady-state behavior of the improved normalized subband adaptive filter algorithm and its improvement in under-modeling
Includes: Zhao, H.Q.[Heng Qian] Zhao, H.Q.[Heng-Qian] Zhao, H.Q.[Han-Qing] Zhao, H.Q.[Hong-Qiang] Zhao, H.Q.[Hai-Quan] Zhao, H.Q.[Hui-Qi] Zhao, H.Q.[Hou-Qiang]
19 for Zhao, H.Q.

Zhao, H.R.[Heng Run] Co Author Listing * CBREN: Convolutional Neural Networks for Constant Bit Rate Video Quality Enhancement
* Diurnal Response of Sun-Induced Fluorescence and PRI to Water Stress in Maize Using a Near-Surface Remote Sensing Platform
* Gaussian Dynamic Convolution for Semantic Segmentation in Remote Sensing Images
* Novel Approach to Predicting Urban Expansion by the Urban Scaling Law at a Single-City Scale, A
* Pair-Wise Similarity Knowledge Distillation for RSI Scene Classification
* RSAN: Residual Subtraction and Attention Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Segmentation for High-Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Imagery Using Improved Quadtree and Region Adjacency Graph Technique
* Self-Supervised Denoising for Real Satellite Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spatial-Spectral-Associative Contrastive Learning for Satellite Hyperspectral Image Classification with Transformers
* Using High-Frequency PAR Measurements to Assess the Quality of the SIF Derived from Continuous Field Observations
* Zipf's Law-Based Method for Mapping Urban Areas Using NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data, A
Includes: Zhao, H.R.[Heng Run] Zhao, H.R.[Heng-Run] Zhao, H.R.[Hua-Rong] Zhao, H.R.[Hao-Ran] Zhao, H.R.[Hong-Rui]
11 for Zhao, H.R.

Zhao, H.S.[Heng Shuang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Perspective Distillation for Semantic Segmentation
* Augmented Feedback in Semantic Segmentation Under Image Level Supervision
* Bidirectional Projection Network for Cross Dimension Scene Understanding
* BT2: Backward-compatible Training with Basis Transformation
* Compositing-Aware Image Search
* DecoupleNet: Decoupled Network for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Detecting Everything in the Open World: Towards Universal Object Detection
* Detection to Primary User Based on Radio Frequency Fingerprint in Cognitive Radio
* Distilling Knowledge via Knowledge Review
* Dynamic Divide-and-Conquer Adversarial Training for Robust Semantic Segmentation
* Exploring Self-Attention for Image Recognition
* FocalClick: Towards Practical Interactive Image Segmentation
* Fully Convolutional Networks for Panoptic Segmentation
* Fully Convolutional Networks for Panoptic Segmentation With Point-Based Supervision
* Generalized Few-shot Semantic Segmentation
* Hierarchical Point-Edge Interaction Network for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* ICNet for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation on High-Resolution Images
* Improved Faraday Rotation Estimation in Spaceborne PolSAR Data Using Total Variation Denoising
* Ionospheric Reconstructions Using Faraday Rotation in Spaceborne Polarimetric SAR Data
* LAVT: Language-Aware Vision Transformer for Referring Image Segmentation
* Masked Scene Contrast: A Scalable Framework for Unsupervised 3D Representation Learning
* Mod-Squad: Designing Mixtures of Experts As Modular Multi-Task Learners
* MTFormer: Multi-task Learning via Transformer and Cross-Task Reasoning
* Open World Entity Segmentation
* Open-vocabulary Panoptic Segmentation with Embedding Modulation
* PAConv: Position Adaptive Convolution with Dynamic Kernel Assembling on Point Clouds
* Patch-Based Separable Transformer for Visual Recognition
* PhysFormer++: Facial Video-Based Physiological Measurement with SlowFast Temporal Difference Transformer
* PhysFormer: Facial Video-based Physiological Measurement with Temporal Difference Transformer
* Point Transformer
* PointGroup: Dual-Set Point Grouping for 3D Instance Segmentation
* PointWeb: Enhancing Local Neighborhood Features for Point Cloud Processing
* Prior Guided Feature Enrichment Network for Few-Shot Segmentation
* PSANet: Point-wise Spatial Attention Network for Scene Parsing
* Rethinking Semantic Segmentation from a Sequence-to-Sequence Perspective with Transformers
* SegPGD: An Effective and Efficient Adversarial Attack for Evaluating and Boosting Segmentation Robustness
* SegStereo: Exploiting Semantic Information for Disparity Estimation
* Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation with Directional Context-aware Consistency
* Shrinking Class Space for Enhanced Certainty in Semi-Supervised Learning
* Stratified Transformer for 3D Point Cloud Segmentation
* UPSNet: A Unified Panoptic Segmentation Network
Includes: Zhao, H.S.[Heng Shuang] Zhao, H.S.[Heng-Shuang] Zhao, H.S.[Hang-Sheng] Zhao, H.S.[Hai-Sheng]
41 for Zhao, H.S.

Zhao, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Expression Classification
* Aerial photography flight quality assessment with GPS/INS and DEM data
* Analysis of Competition between Patterns by Using Fast Fourier Transform
* Analysis on Process Quality Control Technology of Geographical National Conditions Monitoring
* Application of Quality Management System In the Inspection Of National Major Surveying and Mapping Results, The
* Colorizing single-band thermal night vision images
* Construction Research and Application of Fundamental Geographic National Condition Monitoring Quality Control System
* Design and Performance Analysis of BDS-3 Integrity Concept
* Development of a Coordinate Transformation method for direct georeferencing in map projection frames
* Direct georeferencing of oblique and vertical imagery in different coordinate systems
* Dynamic Fusion Network for RGBT Tracking
* Dynamic Virtual Resource Allocation Mechanism for Survivable Services in Emerging NFV-Enabled Vehicular Networks
* Efficient Power Allocation Algorithm for Green Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Vehicular Network, An
* Full Life Data Quality Workflow Research and Project Practice, A
* Gradient-based conditional generative adversarial network for non-uniform blind deblurring via DenseResNet
* Horizontal Accuracy Assessment of Google Earth Data Over Typical Regions of Asia
* IG-Net: An Interaction Graph Network Model for Metro Passenger Flow Forecasting
* Image Stitching Based on Multi-Scale Meshes
* Incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Incremental PCA based face recognition
* Leveraging Line-point Consistence to Preserve Structures for Wide Parallax Image Stitching
* Local structure based supervised feature extraction
* Monitoring of Nitrogen and Grain Protein Content in Winter Wheat Based on Sentinel-2A Data
* Monitoring Quarry Area with Landsat Long Time-Series for Socioeconomic Study
* Novel Incremental Principal Component Analysis and Its Application for Face Recognition, A
* Object-Preserving Siamese Network for Single-Object Tracking on Point Clouds
* Optimal Locality Preserving Projection
* Optimal Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition, An
* PaCS: A Parallel Computation Framework for Field-Based Crowd Simulation
* Praxis on Data Quality Evaluation of Underground Pipeline, A
* Processing of Signals of Ring-Shaped Spots in Dielectric Barrier Discharge
* Quality Inspection of Satellite Imagery Block Adjustment Without GCP
* Quantitative Monitoring of Leaf Area Index in Rice Based on Hyperspectral Feature Bands and Ridge Regression Algorithm
* Regularized discriminant entropy analysis
* Research on Evaluation Method of Real Estate Registration Data Quality
* Research on Quality Framework of Real Scene 3d Model Based on Oblique Photogrammetry
* Research on the Methods of Quality Inspection for Published Charts Based on Entity Rules and Cartographic Specifications
* Supervised optimal locality preserving projection
* Using Neural Network to Identify the Severity of Wheat Fusarium Head Blight in the Field Environment
* WaterSmart-GIS: A Web Application of a Data Assimilation Model to Support Irrigation Research and Decision Making
Includes: Zhao, H.T.[Hai Tao] Zhao, H.T.[Hai-Tao] Zhao, H.T. Zhao, H.T.[Hong-Tian] Zhao, H.T.[Han-Tao] Zhao, H.T.[Hao-Tian] Zhao, H.T.[Hao-Teng]
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Zhao, H.V. Co Author Listing * Anti-Collusion Forensics of Multimedia Fingerprinting Using Orthogonal Modulation
* Behavior Forensics in Traitors within Traitors for Scalable Multimedia
* Block-based adaptive compressed sensing for video
* Cooperation and Coalition in Multimedia Fingerprinting Colluder Social Networks
* Cooperation Stimulation Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Wireless Live Video-Sharing Social Networks
* Fairness dynamics in multimedia colluders' social networks
* Fingerprint Multicast in Secure Video Streaming
* Forensic Analysis of Nonlinear Collusion Attacks for Multimedia Fingerprinting
* Game-theoretic analysis of maximum-payoff multiuser collusion
* Game-Theoretic Strategies and Equilibriums in Multimedia Fingerprinting Social Networks
* Incentive analysis for cooperative interactive multiview video streaming
* Landmarking for Navigational Streaming of Stored High-Dimensional Media
* Maximum Frame Rate Video Acquisition Using Adaptive Compressed Sensing
* Multi-User Collusion Behavior Forensics: Game Theoretic Formulation of Fairness Dynamics
* Object Shape Approximation and Contour Adaptive Depth Image Coding for Virtual View Synthesis
* Optimizing peer grouping for live free viewpoint video streaming
* Pollution-resistant peer-to-peer live streaming using trust management
* Resistance Analysis of Scalable Video Fingerprinting Systems Under Fair Collusion Attacks
* Risk Minimization in Traitors within Traitors in Multimedia Forensics
* Robust Opinion Control Under Network Perturbation
* Scalable Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics with Side Information
* Selfish Colluder Detection and Identification in Traitors within Traitors
Includes: Zhao, H.V. Zhao, H.V.[H. Vicky]
22 for Zhao, H.V.

Zhao, H.W.[Hai Wu] Co Author Listing * adaptive covariance-based edge diffusion image enlargement method, An
* Artificial intelligence based ensemble approach for intrusion detection systems
* Comparison of Regional Winter Wheat Mapping Results from Different Similarity Measurement Indicators of NDVI Time Series and Their Optimized Thresholds
* Distribution Consistency Loss for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Evaluation of Five Deep Learning Models for Crop Type Mapping Using Sentinel-2 Time Series Images with Missing Information
* Evaluation of Three Deep Learning Models for Early Crop Classification Using Sentinel-1A Imagery Time Series: A Case Study in Zhanjiang, China
* Generating Human Motion from Textual Descriptions with Discrete Representations
* Global Optimization: Combining Local Loss With Result Ranking Loss in Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Ground-Based Radar Interferometry for Monitoring the Dynamic Performance of a Multitrack Steel Truss High-Speed Railway Bridge
* Image Retrieval Based on Learning to Rank and Multiple Loss
* Multiple object tracking based on quadratic graph matching
* Octagonal Mapping Scheme for Panoramic Video Encoding
* ordinal relation preserving binary codes, The
* RAO-UNet: a residual attention and octave UNet for road crack detection via balance loss
* Road crack detection network under noise based on feature pyramid structure with feature enhancement (road crack detection under noise)
* Similarity Retention Loss (SRL) Based on Deep Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Super-resolution guided knowledge distillation for low-resolution image classification
* Toward Improving Image Retrieval via Global Saliency Weighted Feature
* TRS: Transformers for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Wise optimisation: deep image embedding by informative pair weighting and ranked list learning
Includes: Zhao, H.W.[Hai Wu] Zhao, H.W.[Hai-Wu] Zhao, H.W.[Hong-Wei] Zhao, H.W.[Han-Wei]
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Zhao, H.X.[Hong Xun] Co Author Listing * Camera Spectral Sensitivity and White Balance Estimation from Sky Images
* Efficient Method for Detecting Ghosts and Left Objects in Intelligent Video Surveillance, An
* In-Orbit Stereo Navigation Camera Self-Calibration Method for Planetary Rovers with Multiple Constraints, An
* MFCANet: A road scene segmentation network based on Multi-Scale feature fusion and context information aggregation
* Natural Images Pre-Trained Deep Learning Method for Seismic Random Noise Attenuation, A
* Real-time multiple-person tracking system
* Semi-Supervised Learning for Seismic Impedance Inversion Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* U-Net Based Multi-Scale Deformable Convolution Network for Seismic Random Noise Suppression, A
* unified Markov random field/marked point process image model and its application to computational materials, A
* Unified Numerical Scheme for Coupled Multiphysics Model, A
Includes: Zhao, H.X.[Hong Xun] Zhao, H.X.[Hong-Xun] Zhao, H.X.[Hui-Xi] Zhao, H.X.[Hong-Xi] Zhao, H.X.[Hai-Xia] Zhao, H.X.[Hung-Xin]
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Zhao, H.Y.[Hang Yue] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
* Artificial intelligence based ensemble approach for intrusion detection systems
* Asynchronous Localization for UASNs: An Unscented Transform-Based Method
* coarse-refine segmentation network for COVID-19 CT images, A
* Decision-Making Method of Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Environments Considering Traffic Laws
* Distribution Consistency Loss for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Dual similarity pre-training and domain difference encouragement learning for vehicle re-identification in the wild
* Efficient Attention: Attention with Linear Complexities
* Efficient Feature Extraction Network for Unsupervised Hyperspectral Change Detection, An
* Estimating Fractional Snow Cover in the Pan-Arctic Region Using Added Vegetation Extraction Algorithm
* Evaluating the Generalization Ability of Super-Resolution Networks
* Game-Theoretic Approach on Conflict Resolution of Autonomous Vehicles at Unsignalized Intersections, A
* Global Optimization: Combining Local Loss With Result Ranking Loss in Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Image Retrieval Based on Learning to Rank and Multiple Loss
* Impacts of Arc Length and ECOM Solar Radiation Pressure Models on BDS-3 Orbit Prediction
* IntegratedPIFu: Integrated Pixel Aligned Implicit Function for Single-View Human Reconstruction
* Inter-Domain Adaptation Label for Data Augmentation in Vehicle Re-Identification
* Low-Rank Modeling and Its Applications in Image Analysis
* MessyTable: Instance Association in Multiple Camera Views
* MSR-FAN: Multi-scale residual feature-aware network for crowd counting
* Need Only One More Point (NOOMP): Perspective Adaptation Crowd Counting in Complex Scenes
* PAND: Precise Action Recognition on Naturalistic Driving
* Performance Evaluation for Three Classes of Textural Coarseness
* Polarized Intensity Ratio Constraint Demosaicing for the Division of a Focal-Plane Polarimetric Image
* probabilistic relaxation labeling framework for reducing the noise effect in geometric biclustering of gene expression data, A
* Quantifying the Reliability and Uncertainty of Satellite, Reanalysis, and Merged Precipitation Products in Hydrological Simulations over the Topographically Diverse Basin in Southwest China
* Real-Time Incremental Video Mosaic Framework for UAV Remote Sensing, A
* Ref-NeuS: Ambiguity-Reduced Neural Implicit Surface Learning for Multi-View Reconstruction with Reflection
* Remote Sensing Image Matching for Unpiloted Aircraft Based on SIFT Arithmetic Operators
* Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation With Multiscale Perception
* Shape-Based Human Activity Recognition Using Edit Distance
* Similarity Retention Loss (SRL) Based on Deep Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Snow Cover Phenology Change and Response to Climate in China during 2000-2020
* Spatial-Spectral-Environmental Extraction Endmember Algorithm and Application in the MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Retrieval, The
* Study on Horse-Rider Interaction Based on Body Sensor Network in Competitive Equitation
* Swin Transformer-Based Encoding Booster Integrated in U-Shaped Network for Building Extraction, A
* Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of the Global Skylight Polarization Vector Field
* Threshold-Free Phase Segmentation and Zero Velocity Detection for Gait Analysis Using Foot-Mounted Inertial Sensors
* TPENAS: A Two-Phase Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Two-Stepwise Hierarchical Adaptive Threshold Method for Automatic Rapeseed Mapping over Jiangsu Using Harmonized Landsat/Sentinel-2
* Video Attribute Prototype Network: A New Perspective for Zero-Shot Video Classification
* Wise optimisation: deep image embedding by informative pair weighting and ranked list learning
Includes: Zhao, H.Y.[Hang Yue] Zhao, H.Y.[Hang-Yue] Zhao, H.Y.[Hao-Yu] Zhao, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Zhao, H.Y.[Hui-Ying] Zhao, H.Y.[Hai-Yu] Zhao, H.Y.[Hong-Yu] Zhao, H.Y.[Heng-Yuan] Zhao, H.Y.[Hai-Ying] Zhao, H.Y.[Hong-Ying] Zhao, H.Y.[Hong-Ya] Zhao, H.Y.[Hai-Yong] Zhao, H.Y.[Hong-Yang]
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Zhao, H.Z.[Hong Zhuan] Co Author Listing * ST TD outlier detection
* Transferring Pre-Trained Deep CNNs for Remote Scene Classification with General Features Learned from Linear PCA Network
Includes: Zhao, H.Z.[Hong Zhuan] Zhao, H.Z.[Hong-Zhuan] Zhao, H.Z.[Hui-Zhen]

Zhao, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * 2F-TP: Learning Flexible Spatiotemporal Dependency for Flexible Traffic Prediction
* 3D Face Reconstruction From A Single Image Assisted by 2D Face Images in the Wild
* 3D Implicit Transporter for Temporally Consistent Keypoint Discovery
* 3D pointcloud registration algorithm based on fast coherent point drift, A
* 3D Residual Interpolation for Spike Camera Demosaicing
* 3D-Aided Dual-Agent GANs for Unconstrained Face Recognition
* Accelerating information entropy-based feature selection using rough set theory with classified nested equivalence classes
* Accurate Monitoring of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in a Macrophytic Lake Using Time-Series Sentinel-2 Images
* Accurate vessel extraction via tensor completion of background layer in X-ray coronary angiograms
* Action Recognition based on Subdivision-Fusion Model
* Adaptive Background Modeling for Land and Water Composition Scenes
* Adaptive Sliding Mode Fault Tolerant Control for Autonomous Vehicle With Unknown Actuator Parameters and Saturated Tire Force Based on the Center of Percussion
* Adaptive Steering Torque Coupling Framework Considering Conflict Resolution for Human-Machine Shared Driving
* Adaptive Switching Event-Triggered Control for Active Suspension Systems With Acceleration Performance Constraint
* Adaptive Watermarking and Tree Structure Based Image Quality Estimation
* Advancing sun glint correction in high-resolution marine UAV RGB imagery for coral reef monitoring
* AdvMask: A sparse adversarial attack-based data augmentation method for image classification
* Affine Correspondences Between Multi-Camera Systems for 6DOF Relative Pose Estimation
* AI-GAN: Attack-Inspired Generation of Adversarial Examples
* Algorithm and VLSI Architecture of Edge-Directed Image Upscaling for 4k Display System
* Alternative Design for the Intersections With Limited Traffic Lanes and Queuing Space, An
* Analysis of saturation flow rate at tandem intersections using field data
* Analysis of the Work Resumption in China under the COVID-19 Epidemic Based on Night Time Lights Data, An
* Anti-UAV: A Large-Scale Benchmark for Vision-Based UAV Tracking
* Application of Micro-Computed Tomography With Iodine Staining to Cardiac Imaging, Segmentation, and Computational Model Development
* Application of Uni-Directional Microphone Array for Identifying English Pronunciation Errors
* Application Research of Remote Sensing Images in the Land Use Special Planning of Tourism Industry in Yunnan Province
* Approximate techniques in solving optimal camera placement problems
* Attennet: Deep Attention Based Retinal Disease Classification in OCT Images
* Aurora Image Classification Based on Multi-Feature Latent Dirichlet Allocation
* Automatic and Robust Skull Registration Based on Discrete Uniformization
* Automatic Method for Delimiting Deformation Area in InSAR Based on HNSW-DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm, An
* Automatic sports video genre categorization for broadcast videos
* Automatic Vehicle Tracking With Roadside LiDAR Data for the Connected-Vehicles System
* AutoReP: Automatic ReLU Replacement for Fast Private Network Inference
* Balanced Datasets Are Not Enough: Estimating and Mitigating Gender Bias in Deep Image Representations
* Bayesian Adversarial Spectral Clustering With Unknown Cluster Number
* Bayesian Optimized 1-Bit CNNs
* Bi-Level Model to Resolve Conflicting Transit Priority Requests at Urban Arterials, A
* Bit stream rewriting for SVC-to-AVC conversion
* Blind Image Deblurring With Joint Extreme Channels And L0-Regularized Intensity And Gradient Priors
* Certifiably Globally Optimal Solution to Generalized Essential Matrix Estimation, A
* Change Detection of Mangrove Forests in Coastal Guangdong during the Past Three Decades Based on Remote Sensing Data
* Changes in the End-of-Summer Snow Line Altitude of Summer-Accumulation-Type Glaciers in the Eastern Tien Shan Mountains from 1994 to 2016
* Characterization of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman using MERIS fluorescence data
* Characterizing the Survival-Associated Interactions Between Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Tumors From Pathological Images and Multi-Omics Data
* Chirp Spread Spectrum Toward the Nyquist Signaling Rate: Orthogonality Condition and Applications
* Classification of Diabetic Foot Based on Faster, The
* Classifier ensemble with relevance-based feature subset selection
* CLR: Channel-wise Lightweight Reprogramming for Continual Learning
* CNN-Based Indoor Occupant Localization via Active Scene Illumination
* Coherent DOA Estimation in Sea Surface Observation With Direction-Finding HF Radar
* Combined Hierarchical Learning Framework for Personalized Automatic Lane-Changing
* Comparative Analysis of Chinese HJ-1 CCD, GF-1 WFV and ZY-3 MUX Sensor Data for Leaf Area Index Estimations for Maize
* comparative study of performance for noisy roof edge detection, A
* Comparison of Classification Algorithms for Detecting Typical Coastal Reclamation in Guangdong Province with Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 Images
* Comparison of Two Phase Unwrapping Methods for PSP Time Series Analysis
* Complex Contourlet-CNN for polarimetric SAR image classification
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Inter-Turn Short Circuit Faults in PMSM Used for Electric Vehicles
* Computational Modelling of Low Voltage Resonant Drift of Scroll Waves in the Realistic Human Atria
* Conditional Generative Adversarial Network-Based Training Sample Set Improvement Model for the Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Conditional Sentence Generation and Cross-Modal Reranking for Sign Language Translation
* Contour Refinement and EG-GHT-Based Inshore Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Image
* Contrastive-Regulated CNN in the Complex Domain: A Method to Learn Physical Scattering Signatures From Flexible PolSAR Images
* Convolutional Neural Network and Guided Filtering for SAR Image Denoising
* Copula-Based Abrupt Variations Detection in the Relationship of Seasonal Vegetation-Climate in the Jing River Basin, China
* Copyright Labeling of Digitized Image Data
* Coupling Makes Better: An Intertwined Neural Network for Taxi and Ridesourcing Demand Co-Prediction
* Critical Scenario Search Method for Intelligent Vehicle Testing Based on the Social Cognitive Optimization Algorithm, A
* Crowd instability analysis using velocity-field based social force model
* Current Progress and Challenges in Large-Scale 3D Mitochondria Instance Segmentation
* Cutout with patch-loss augmentation for improving generative adversarial networks against instability
* Data-adaptive binary neural networks for efficient object detection and recognition
* Debiased Visual Question Answering via the perspective of question types
* Deep Census: AUV-Based Scallop Population Monitoring
* Deep forest auto-Encoder for resource-Centric attributes graph embedding
* Deep Learning on Spatial Rich Model for Steganalysis
* Deep Multiple Instance Learning-Based Spatial-Spectral Classification for PAN and MS Imagery
* Deep Portrait Delighting
* Deep robust multilevel semantic hashing for multi-label cross-modal retrieval
* Dense Attentive Feature Enhancement for Salient Object Detection
* Density peaks clustering algorithm based on fuzzy and weighted shared neighbor for uneven density datasets
* Density-based region search with arbitrary shape for object localisation
* Design of an Acceleration Redistribution Cooperative Strategy for Collision Avoidance System Based on Dynamic Weighted Multi-Objective Model Predictive Controller
* Detail-Preserving Smoothing Classifier Based on Conditional Random Fields for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Detecting the Turning Points of Grassland Autumn Phenology on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: Spatial Heterogeneity and Controls
* Detection Method of New Buildings Based on High Resolution Remote Images, A
* Detection of Carbon Use Efficiency Extremes and Analysis of Their Forming Climatic Conditions on a Global Scale Using a Remote Sensing-Based Model
* Detection of Road Surface Anomaly Using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing
* Detection of seagrass in optical shallow water with quickbird in the Xincun Bay, Hainan province, China
* Determining Relation Semantics by Mapping Relation Phrases to Knowledge Base
* Direction of Arrival Estimation with Nested Arrays in Presence of Impulsive Noise: A Correlation Entropy-Based Infinite Norm Strategy
* Discriminant Deep Belief Network for High-Resolution SAR Image Classification
* Distributed Adaptive Consensus Protocol for Connected Vehicle Platoon With Heterogeneous Time-Varying Delays and Switching Topologies
* Distributed model predictive control methods for intermodal transport cooperative planning based on ADMM
* Diverse Complementary Part Mining for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Diversified Personalized Recommendation Optimization Based on Mobile Data
* downscaled bathymetric mapping approach combining multitemporal Landsat-8 and high spatial resolution imagery: Demonstrations from clear to turbid waters, A
* DQN-based gradual fisheye image rectification
* Driver Behavior Characteristics Identification Strategies Based on Bionic Intelligent Algorithms
* Driver Distraction Detection Using Bidirectional Long Short-Term Network Based on Multiscale Entropy of EEG
* Dynamic Conditional Networks for Few-Shot Learning
* Edge Caching and Computation Management for Real-Time Internet of Vehicles: An Online and Distributed Approach
* Effect of DEM Interpolation Neighbourhood on Terrain Factors
* Effect of lane allocation on operational efficiency at weaving areas based on a cellular automaton model
* Effective Fusion Factor in FPN for Tiny Object Detection
* Efficient and Accurate Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile Npus, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Efficient Collective Spatial Keyword Query Processing on Road Networks
* Efficient Data-Driven Switched Predictive Control Strategy With Online Data for Vehicle Lateral Stabilization in Ice and Snow-Rutted Conditions, An
* efficient framework for deep learning-based light-defect image enhancement, An
* Efficient Object-Based Video Inpainting
* Efficient Solution to Non-Minimal Case Essential Matrix Estimation, An
* EGNet: Edge Guidance Network for Salient Object Detection
* Enabling Human-Centric Smart Cities: Crowdsourcing-Based Practice in China
* End-to-End and Localized Post-Processing Method for Correcting High-Resolution Remote Sensing Classification Result Images, An
* End-To-End Trainable Video Super-Resolution Based on a New Mechanism for Implicit Motion Estimation and Compensation
* Enforced block diagonal subspace clustering with closed form solution
* Estimating Leaf Area Index with Dynamic Leaf Optical Properties
* Estimation of Affective Level in the Wild with Multiple Memory Networks
* Estimation of Daily Average Downward Shortwave Radiation over Antarctica
* Estimation of Passenger Route Choice Pattern Using Smart Card Data for Complex Metro Systems
* Estimation of Salinity Content in Different Saline-Alkali Zones Based on Machine Learning Model Using FOD Pretreatment Method
* Estimation of Shortwave Solar Radiation on Clear-Sky Days for a Valley Glacier with Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Evaluating the Effectiveness of Using Vegetation Indices Based on Red-Edge Reflectance from Sentinel-2 to Estimate Gross Primary Productivity
* Evaluation of Global Decametric-Resolution LAI, FAPAR and FVC Estimates Derived from Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Explaining the semantics capturing capability of scene graph generation models
* Express waybill extraction on parcel images by logo matching
* Fast and Accurate Registration of Structured Point Clouds with Small Overlaps
* Fast Deep Perception Network for Remote Sensing Scene Classification, A
* Fast Exact/Quasi-Exact FBP Algorithms for Triple-Source Helical Cone-Beam CT
* Fast Simple Optical Flow Computation Approach Based on the 3-D Gradient, A
* Fast Universal Low Rank Representation
* Feature and Region Selection for Visual Learning
* Filtered Backprojection Algorithm for Triple-Source Helical Cone-Beam CT, A
* Fine-Grained Multi-human Parsing
* FineDance: A Fine-grained Choreography Dataset for 3D Full Body Dance Generation
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Fixed-Time and Fault-Tolerant Path-Following Control for Autonomous Vehicles With Unknown Parameters Subject to Prescribed Performance
* Flexible Voyage Scheduling and Coordinated Energy Management Strategy of All-Electric Ships and Seaport Microgrid
* Forecasting Ionospheric foF2 Based on Deep Learning Method
* FPS: Fast Path Planner Algorithm Based on Sparse Visibility Graph and Bidirectional Breadth-First Search
* Fully Automatic Left Atrium Segmentation From Late Gadolinium Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Dual Fully Convolutional Neural Network
* Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle Using Multi-Scale Fusion Learning
* Fused Speech Enhancement Framework for Robust Speaker Verification, A
* Fusion of Multi-Baseline and Multi-Orbit InSAR DEMs with Terrain Feature-Guided Filter
* Gap Filling for Historical Landsat NDVI Time Series by Integrating Climate Data
* Gapless-REMA100: A gapless 100-m reference elevation model of Antarctica with voids filled by multi-source DEMs
* GIS-Based Damage Evaluation Method for Explosives Road Transportation Accidents, A
* Global Land Cover Heterogeneity Characteristics at Moderate Resolution for Mixed Pixel Modeling and Inversion
* Global Land Surface Backscatter at Ku-Band Using Merged Jason1, Envisat, and Jason2 Data Sets
* Global Multi-Attention UResNeXt for Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Globally Optimal and Efficient Vanishing Point Estimation in Atlanta World
* Gradient Attention Balance Network: Mitigating Face Recognition Racial Bias via Gradient Attention
* Graph Convolutional Network With Unknown Class Number
* Grouping by Center: Predicting Centripetal Offsets for the Bottom-up Human Pose Estimation
* GSGAN: Learning controllable geospatial images generation
* Guided Locality Preserving Feature Matching for Remote Sensing Image Registration
* H-ProMed: Ultrasound image segmentation based on the evolutionary neural network and an improved principal curve
* Hazardous Scenario Enhanced Generation for Automated Vehicle Testing Based on Optimization Searching Method
* Haze Removal Using the Difference- Structure-Preservation Prior
* Heterogeneous Diversity Driven Active Learning for Multi-Object Tracking
* Hierarchical and Parallel Pipelined Heterogeneous SoC for Embedded Vision Processing
* Hierarchical Object-Focused and Grid-Based Deep Unsupervised Segmentation Method for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* High Performance Large Scale Face Recognition with Multi-cognition Softmax and Feature Retrieval
* High-Order Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Traffic Flow Prediction
* High-Resolution Image Classification Integrating Spectral-Spatial-Location Cues by Conditional Random Fields
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification Method Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Restricted Conditional Random Field
* Hong Kong World: Leveraging Structural Regularity for Line-Based SLAM
* HSP-MFL: A High-level Semantic Property driven Multi-task Feature Learning Network for unsupervised person Re-ID
* Human segmentation by fusing visible-light and thermal imaginary
* Human-Like Trajectory Planning Method on a Curve Based on the Driver Preview Mechanism, A
* Human-Machine Shared Steering Control for Vehicle Lane Keeping Systems via a Fuzzy Observer-Based Event-Triggered Method
* Hybrid key: An automatic tool for real-time high quality chroma keying
* hybrid method for ellipse detection in industrial images, A
* Hybrid Object-Oriented Conditional Random Field Classification Framework for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Hybrid optimization with unconstrained variables on partial point cloud registration
* Hybrid Rotation Averaging: A Fast and Robust Rotation Averaging Approach
* HyNet: Hyper-Scale Object Detection Network Framework for Multiple Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Hyperspectral Prediction of Soil Total Salt Content by Different Disturbance Degree under a Fractional-Order Differential Model with Differing Spectral Transformations
* iDAG: Invariant DAG Searching for Domain Generalization
* Image classification toward breast cancer using deeply-learned quality features
* Image Clustering via Deep Embedded Dimensionality Reduction and Probability-Based Triplet Loss
* Image Feature Matching via Progressive Vector Field Consensus
* Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on Digital Watermarking, An
* Image-Based Localization for Indoor Environment Using Mobile Phone
* Image-Based Model of Atrial Anatomy and Electrical Activation: A Computational Platform for Investigating Atrial Arrhythmia
* Image-to-Video Generation via 3D Facial Dynamics
* Impact of Built Environment Factors on Elderly People's Mobility Characteristics by Metro System Considering Spatial Heterogeneity, The
* Impacts of Green Fraction Changes on Surface Temperature and Carbon Emissions: Comparison under Forestation and Urbanization Reshaping Scenarios
* Improved atmospheric correction and chlorophyll-a remote sensing models for turbid waters in a dusty environment
* Improving generalization of double low-rank representation using Schatten-p norm
* Improving the Operational Efficiency of Buses With Dynamic Use of Exclusive Bus Lane at Isolated Intersections
* Improving Zero-shot Generalization and Robustness of Multi-Modal Models
* In Business Today and Tomorrow
* Incremental feature selection for dynamic incomplete data using sub-tolerance relations
* Individual Tree Species Classification Based on a Hierarchical Convolutional Neural Network and Multitemporal Google Earth Images
* Indoor 3d Point Clouds Semantic Segmentation Bases on Modified Pointnet Network
* Instance Annotation via Optimal BoW for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Integration of Linguistic and Geospatial Features Using Global Context Embedding for Automated Text Geocoding, The
* Inventory of Glacial Lake in the Southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Derived from Sentinel-1 SAR Image and Sentinel-2 MSI Image
* Investigating the effectiveness of data augmentation from similarity and diversity: An empirical study
* Investigating the Spatiotemporally Varying Correlation between Urban Spatial Patterns and Ecosystem Services: A Case Study of Nansihu Lake Basin, China
* IOU-enhanced Attention for End-to-end Task Specific Object Detection
* Iterative BRDF/NDVI Inversion Algorithm Based on A Posteriori Variance Estimation of Observation Errors, An
* Joint Face Image Restoration and Frontalization for Recognition
* Joint Model-Driven Unfolding Network for Degraded Low-Quality Color-Depth Images Enhancement, A
* Jointly Modeling Motion and Appearance Cues for Robust RGB-T Tracking
* Kernel Least Mean Square with Single Feedback
* Kernel Recursive Generalized Maximum Correntropy
* Know You at One Glance: A Compact Vector Representation for Low-Shot Learning
* Land Use Change and Hotspot Identification in Harbin-Changchun Urban Agglomeration in China from 1990 to 2020
* Land-Use/Land-Cover Change Detection Based on Class-Prior Object-Oriented Conditional Random Field Framework for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Layer-wise Searching for 1-bit Detectors
* Leaf Area Index Retrieval Combining HJ1/CCD and Landsat8/OLI Data in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Learning to Detect Head Movement in Unconstrained Remote Gaze Estimation in the Wild
* Learning to Identify Correct 2D-2D Line Correspondences on Sphere
* Learning View-Disentangled Human Pose Representation by Contrastive Cross-View Mutual Information Maximization
* LGB-PHY: An Evaporation Duct Height Prediction Model Based on Physically Constrained LightGBM Algorithm
* Limited-Range Few-View CT: Using Historical Images for ROI Reconstruction in Solitary Lung Nodules Follow-up Examination
* LMR: Learning a Two-Class Classifier for Mismatch Removal
* Local Domain Adaptation for Cross-Domain Activity Recognition
* Locality Preserving Matching
* Locating X-Ray Coronary Angiogram Keyframes via Long Short-Term Spatiotemporal Attention With Image-to-Patch Contrastive Learning
* Low-Rank Discriminant Embedding for Multiview Learning
* MagicFusion: Boosting Text-to-Image Generation Performance by Fusing Diffusion Models
* Maneuvering Target Tracking in the Case of Wakes
* Mapping Fragmented Impervious Surface Areas Overlooked by Global Land-Cover Products in the Liping County, Guizhou Province, China
* Matching based on variance minimization of component distances using edges of free-form surfaces
* Measuring Regularity of Individual Travel Patterns
* Medical image fusion based on improved sum-modified-Laplacian
* Medical image fusion based on nuclear norm minimization
* Method and Applications of Lidar Modeling for Virtual Testing of Intelligent Vehicles
* Method for Detection and Classification of Glass Defects in Low Resolution Images, A
* MFIALane: Multiscale Feature Information Aggregator Network for Lane Detection
* Millimeter-Wave Radar in-the-Loop Testing for Intelligent Vehicles
* Minimal Case Relative Pose Computation Using Ray-Point-Ray Features
* Minimal Cases for Computing the Generalized Relative Pose using Affine Correspondences
* Minimal Solutions for Relative Pose With a Single Affine Correspondence
* Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose Estimation of Multi-Camera Systems using Affine Correspondences
* Mismatch removal via coherent spatial mapping
* Mobile phone screen surface scratch detection based on optimized YOLOv5 model (OYm)
* Mobility Sharing as a Preference Matching Problem
* Modality Meets Long-Term Tracker: A Siamese Dual Fusion Framework for Tracking UAV
* model based on hierarchical safety distance algorithm for ACC control mode switching strategy, A
* Model predictive coordinated control of heavy-duty vehicle using non-linear three-directional coupled model
* Modeling and recognizing human trajectories with beta process hidden Markov models
* Modelling the operation of vehicles at signalised intersections with special width approach lane based on field data
* Modified Interactive Spectral Smooth Temperature Emissivity Separation Algorithm for Low-Temperature Surface, A
* MODIS-Based Mapping of Secchi Disk Depth Using a Qualitative Algorithm in the Shallow Arabian Gulf
* MODIS-Based Robust Satellite Technique (RST) for Timely Detection of Oil Spilled Areas, A
* Monitoring Ecological Conditions by Remote Sensing and Social Media Data: Sanya City (China) as Case Study
* Motion Estimation for Spike Camera Data Sequence via Spike Interval Analysis
* MSDN: Mutually Semantic Distillation Network for Zero-Shot Learning
* MSINet: Twins Contrastive Search of Multi-Scale Interaction for Object ReID
* Multi-Camera Surveillance with Visual Tagging and Generic Camera Placement
* multi-center study of ultrasound images using a fully automated segmentation architecture, A
* Multi-mode switching-based model predictive control approach for longitudinal autonomous driving with acceleration estimation
* Multi-Ridge Recognition Method Using Modified MOPSO Algorithm and its Application on Modal Parameter Identification, A
* Multi-Scale and Multi-Task Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Road Extraction
* Multi-Scale Spatial Attention Region Proposal Network for High-Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Multi-Stream Attention-Aware Convolutional Neural Network: Monitoring of Sand and Dust Storms from Ordinary Urban Surveillance Cameras, A
* Multilayer Projective Dictionary Pair Learning and Sparse Autoencoder for PolSAR Image Classification
* Multimodal medical image fusion by cloud model theory
* Multiscale Effects of Multimodal Public Facilities Accessibility on Housing Prices Based on MGWR: A Case Study of Wuhan, China
* Neural Dependencies Emerging from Learning Massive Categories
* Neuronal Population Reconstruction From Ultra-Scale Optical Microscopy Images via Progressive Learning
* New edge detection methods based on exponential filter
* New Strategy to Fuse Remote Sensing Data and Geochemical Data with Different Machine Learning Methods, A
* No-reference perceptual quality assessment of stereoscopic images based on binocular visual characteristics
* Non-Rigid Point Set Registration by Preserving Global and Local Structures
* Non-rigid visible and infrared face registration via regularized Gaussian fields criterion
* Nonlinear Effects of Landscape Patterns on Ecosystem Services at Multiple Scales Based on Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Models
* Nonrigid Image Deformation Using Moving Regularized Least Squares
* Novel Data-Driven Cardiac Gating Signal Extraction Method for PET, A
* Novel Method for Building Contour Extraction Based on CSAR Images, A
* Novel Object-Based Supervised Classification Method with Active Learning and Random Forest for PolSAR Imagery, A
* Novel Polynomial-Chaos-Based Kalman Filter, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
* Numerical Simulation Study on the Influence of Branching Structure of Longmen Shan Thrust Belt on the Nucleation of Mw7.9 Wenchuan Earthquake
* Object localization by density-based spatial clustering
* Objective Method with a Continuity Constraint for Improving Surface Velocity Estimates from the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager, An
* On-Orbit Calibration and Wet Tropospheric Correction of HY-2C Correction Microwave Radiometer
* On-Orbit Calibration Method for Correction Microwave Radiometer of the HY-2 Satellite Constellation
* On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration of Hyperspectral Sensors on Board Micro-Nano Satellite Constellation Based on RadCalNet Data
* One-Step Adaptive Spectral Clustering Networks
* Online and Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Streaming Data Using an Array of Sliding Windows and PDDs
* Online Kernel-Based Structured Output SVM for Early Expression Detection
* Optical Flow with Harmonic Constraint and Oriented Smoothness
* Optimal Decision Fusion for Urban Land-Use/Land-Cover Classification Based on Adaptive Differential Evolution Using Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Optimal filter for edge detection methods and results
* Optimal Sampling Design for Observing and Validating Long-Term Leaf Area Index with Temporal Variations in Spatial Heterogeneities, An
* Optimal Trajectory Planning Method for the Navigation of WIP Vehicles in Unknown Environments: Theory and Experiment
* P-Band UAV-SAR 4D Imaging: A Multi-Master Differential SAR Tomography Approach
* Periodic entropy coder initialization for wavefront decoding of video bitstream
* Personalized Car-Following Control Based on a Hybrid of Reinforcement Learning and Supervised Learning
* PLADE: A Plane-Based Descriptor for Point Cloud Registration With Small Overlap
* Point-to-Box Network for Accurate Object Detection via Single Point Supervision
* Poisson kernel: Avoiding self-smoothing in graph convolutional networks
* Prediction of Seedling Oilseed Rape Crop Phenotype by Drone-Derived Multimodal Data
* Preliminary Study on Mechanism of LAI Inversion Saturation, A
* Privacy-Preserving Indoor Localization via Active Scene Illumination
* ProFlip: Targeted Trojan Attack with Progressive Bit Flips
* Progressive Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Image-based Person Re-Identification
* Pyramided and optimized blurred shape model for plant leaf classification
* Quantifying Approach to Soil Salinity Based on a Radar Feature Space Model Using ALOS PALSAR-2 Data, A
* Quantum-behaved discrete multi-objective particle swarm optimization for complex network clustering
* Quasi-Globally Optimal and Efficient Vanishing Point Estimation in Manhattan World
* Quasi-Globally Optimal and Near/True Real-Time Vanishing Point Estimation in Manhattan World
* Radiative Transfer Model for Heterogeneous Agro-Forestry Scenarios, A
* Real-time video chroma keying: a parallel approach based on local texture and global colour distribution
* Recognizing Profile Faces by Imagining Frontal View
* RecursiveDet: End-to-End Region-based Recursive Object Detection
* Regional Analysis of Dominant Factors Influencing Leaf Chlorophyll Content in Complex Terrain Regions Using a Geographic Statistical Model
* Regional Contributions and Climate Attributions to Interannual Variation of Global Net Ecosystems Production by an ECOSYSTEM Processed Model Driven by Remote Sensing Data over the Past 35 Years
* Regional Leaf Area Index Retrieval Based on Remote Sensing: The Role of Radiative Transfer Model Selection
* Registration of 3-D Surface Data for Intra-Operative Guidance and Visualization in Frameless Stereotactic Neurosurgery
* Regularized vector field learning with sparse approximation for mismatch removal
* Relative Pose Estimation with a Single Affine Correspondence
* Research on a coordinated cornering brake control of three-axle heavy vehicles based on hardware-in-loop test
* Residual Pixel Attention Network for Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* Residual Signals Modeling for Layered Image/Video Softcast with Hybrid Digital-Analog Transmission
* Rethinking Sampling Strategies for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Rethinking the Person Localization for Single-Stage Multi-Person Pose Estimation
* Retrieving Surface Deformation of Mining Areas Using ZY-3 Stereo Imagery and DSMs
* RISSNet: Retain low-light image details and improve the structural similarity net
* Robust Coinversion Model for Soil Moisture Retrieval From Multisensor Data, A
* Robust Estimation of Absolute Camera Pose via Intersection Constraint and Flow Consensus
* Robust Estimation of Nonrigid Transformation for Point Set Registration
* Robust fast corner detector based on filled circle and outer ring mask
* Robust Fault-Tolerant Estimation of Sideslip and Roll Angles for Distributed Drive Electric Buses With Stochastic Passenger Mass
* Robust Feature Matching for Remote Sensing Image Registration via Locally Linear Transforming
* Robust Gain-Scheduling Path Following Control of Autonomous Vehicles Considering Stochastic Network-Induced Delay
* Robust LSTM-Autoencoders for Face De-Occlusion in the Wild
* robust method for vector field learning with application to mismatch removing, A
* Robust Multi-Frame Super-Resolution Based on Spatially Weighted Half-Quadratic Estimation and Adaptive BTV Regularization
* Robust Online Tracking With Meta-Updater
* Robust PCA Unrolling Network for Super-Resolution Vessel Extraction in X-Ray Coronary Angiography
* Robust Point Matching via Vector Field Consensus
* Robust Unscented Unbiased Minimum-Variance Estimator for Nonlinear System Dynamic State Estimation With Unknown Inputs
* Robust Video-Based Person Re-Identification by Hierarchical Mining
* RST Invariant Image Watermarking Algorithm With Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of the Watermarking Processes
* SAR Image Denoising via Sparse Representation in Shearlet Domain Based on Continuous Cycle Spinning
* SAR Multi-Angle Observation Method for Multipath Suppression in Enclosed Spaces
* Satellite-Observed Black Water Events off Southwest Florida: Implications for Coral Reef Health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
* Scene-Adaptive Real-Time Fast Dehazing and Detection in Driving Environment
* Sea Surface Salinity Variability in the Bering Sea in 2015-2020
* Segmental DCT Coefficient Reversal Based Anti-Collusion Audio Fingerprinting Mechanism
* Segmentation of the True Lumen of Aorta Dissection via Morphology-Constrained Stepwise Deep Mesh Regression
* Self-Supervised Neural Aggregation Networks for Human Parsing
* Self-Training Classification Framework with Spatial-Contextual Information for Local Climate Zones
* Semantic Boundary Detection With Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Sensitivity pruner: Filter-Level compression algorithm for deep neural networks
* SeqSense: Video Recommendation Using Topic Sequence Mining
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Shape-Aware Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Sig-NMS-Based Faster R-CNN Combining Transfer Learning for Small Target Detection in VHR Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Simplified Object-Based Deep Neural Network for Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Simulation of Land-Use Policies on Spatial Layout with the CLUE-S Model
* Single-Stage is Enough: Multi-Person Absolute 3D Pose Estimation
* Social Media Big Data Mining and Spatio-Temporal Analysis on Public Emotions for Disaster Mitigation
* Sparse Subspace Clustering-Based Feature Extraction for PolSAR Imagery Classification
* Spatial-Channel Collaborative Attention Network for Enhancement of Multiresolution Classification, A
* Spatial-Spectral Combination Method for Hyperspectral Band Selection, A
* Spatial-Spectral Fusion Based on Conditional Random Fields for the Fine Classification of Crops in UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Spatial-Spectral-Emissivity Land-Cover Classification Fusing Visible and Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spatial-Temporal Risk Field for Intelligent Connected Vehicle in Dynamic Traffic and Application in Trajectory Planning
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Passenger Travel Patterns in Massive Smart Card Data
* Spatio-Temporal Variability in the Radiative Forcing of Light-Absorbing Particles in Snow of 2003-2018 over the Northern Hemisphere from MODIS, The
* Spatiotemporally Varying Relationships between Urban Growth Patterns and Driving Factors in Xuzhou City, China
* Speckle Suppression Based on Sparse Representation with Non-Local Priors
* Speckle Suppression Based on Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization and Grey Theory
* Spectral Discrimination of Pumice Rafts in Optical MSI Imagery
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery with Cooperative Game
* Spk2ImgNet: Learning to Reconstruct Dynamic Scene from Continuous Spike Stream
* SPNet: Spectral Patching End-to-End Classification Network for UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Imagery With High Spatial and Spectral Resolutions
* Standard Quasi-Conformal Flattening of the Right and Left Atria
* State Representation Learning With Adjacent State Consistency Loss for Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Study on the Pretreatment of Soil Hyperspectral and Na+ Ion Data under Different Degrees of Human Activity Stress by Fractional-Order Derivatives
* Super Resolve Dynamic Scene from Continuous Spike Streams
* Superpixel-Based Multiple Local CNN for Panchromatic and Multispectral Image Classification
* Superpixel-Based Multiple Local CNN for Panchromatic and Multispectral Image Classification
* Switch and Refine: A Long-Term Tracking and Segmentation Framework
* Systematic Scheme for Automatic Airplane Detection from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, A
* Task Relation Networks
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Texture filtering based physically plausible image dehazing
* Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model for Image Animation
* Topological Nomenclature for 3D Shape Analysis in Connectomics, A
* Towards Age-Invariant Face Recognition
* Towards Compact 1-bit CNNs via Bayesian Learning
* Towards Pose Invariant Face Recognition in the Wild
* Traffic Impact Area Detection and Spatiotemporal Influence Assessment for Disaster Reduction Based on Social Media: A Case Study of the 2018 Beijing Rainstorm
* TransZero++: Cross Attribute-Guided Transformer for Zero-Shot Learning
* Triangulation of Well-Defined Points as a Constraint for Reliable Image Matching
* TripLe: Revisiting Pretrained Model Reuse and Progressive Learning for Efficient Vision Transformer Scaling and Searching
* TT U-Net: Temporal Transformer U-Net for Motion Artifact Reduction Using PAD (Pseudo All-Phase Clinical-Dataset) in Cardiac CT
* Two-Decade Variability of Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-a in the Northern South China Sea as Revealed by Reconstructed Cloud-Free Satellite Data
* Unambiguous Wind Direction Field Extraction Using a Compact Shipborne High-Frequency Radar
* Uncertainty in Bus Arrival Time Predictions: Treating Heteroscedasticity With a Metamodel Approach
* Unconstrained Face Recognition Using a Set-to-Set Distance Measure on Deep Learned Features
* Unified Object Detection Framework for Intelligent Retail Container Commodities, A
* unified perspective of classification-based loss and distance-based loss for cross-view gait recognition, A
* United Iterative Reconstruction for Spectral Computed Tomography
* Universal Encoder Rate Distortion Optimization Framework for Learned Compression, A
* Unprotected Left-Turn Behavior Model Capturing Path Variations at Intersections
* Unscented Kalman Filter-Based Unbiased Minimum-Variance Estimation for Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Inputs
* Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Traffic Surveillance Based on Background Modeling
* Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Hybrid Conditional Random Field Model for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Noise Resistible Mutual-training for Person Re-identification
* Unsupervised Learning Algorithm for Intelligent Image Analysis, An
* Urban scene understanding based on semantic and socioeconomic features: From high-resolution remote sensing imagery to multi-source geographic datasets
* Variation of Land Surface Phenology From 1982 to 2006 Along the Appalachian Trail, The
* Vehicle Re-Identification Based on Complementary Features
* Vehicle Selection and Resource Optimization for Federated Learning in Vehicular Edge Computing
* Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Considering Driver Uncertainty and Vehicle Dynamics Based on Dynamic Bayesian Network
* Velocity-Based Path Following Control for Autonomous Vehicles to Avoid Exceeding Road Friction Limits Using Sliding Mode Method
* Vertebrae Identification and Localization Utilizing Fully Convolutional Networks and a Hidden Markov Model
* Video Annotation for Visual Tracking via Selection and Refinement
* Video Retrieval Using High Level Features: Exploiting Query Matching and Confidence-Based Weighting
* Virtual Mirror Rendering With Stationary RGB-D Cameras and Stored 3-D Background
* Virtual Reality-Based Fuzzy Spatial Relation Knowledge Extraction Method for Observer-Centered Vague Location Descriptions
* VisDrone-SOT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Single-Object Tracking Challenge Results
* Visible-Thermal UAV Tracking: A Large-Scale Benchmark and New Baseline
* Vision-Based Anti-UAV Detection and Tracking
* Visual saliency detection using feature activity weighted decorrelation cues
* Visualisation of Multimodal Images for Neurosurgical Planning and Guidance
* Voice Interaction for Augmented Reality Navigation Interfaces with Natural Language Understanding
* Vulnerability Assessment of Coupled Transportation and Multi-Energy Networks Considering Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles
* Wavelet Transform Based Gaussian Point Spread Function Estimation
* Weakly Supervised Neuron Reconstruction From Optical Microscopy Images With Morphological Priors
* Weakly supervised object localization via maximal entropy randomwalk
* Weakly Supervised Phrase Localization with Multi-scale Anchored Transformer Network
* WindSat Radio-Frequency Interference Signature and Its Identification Over Greenland and Antarctic
* Wireless image and video soft transmission via perception-inspired power distortion optimization
Includes: Zhao, J.[Jie] Zhao, J.[Jian] Zhao, J.[Jing] Zhao, J.[Jiafu] Zhao, J.[Jun] Zhao, J.[Jiying] Zhao, J.[Ji] Zhao, J. Zhao, J.[Junsan] Zhao, J.[Jianchun] Zhao, J.[Jia] Zhao, J.[Jiahui] Zhao, J.[Junyong] Zhao, J.[Jiaping] Zhao, J.[Jiurui] Zhao, J.[Jin] Zhao, J.[Jichao] Zhao, J.[Junhe] Zhao, J.[Jiabao] Zhao, J.[Junhong] Zhao, J.[Jingnan] Zhao, J.[Jiong] Zhao, J.[Jerry] Zhao, J.[Junbo] Zhao, J.[Jiaoyan] Zhao, J.[Junfan] Zhao, J.[Junhua] Zhao, J.[Junan] Zhao, J.[Jieyu] Zhao, J.[Junsuo] Zhao, J.[Jibin] Zhao, J.[Junwu] Zhao, J.[Jiuwei] Zhao, J.[Jinqi] Zhao, J.[Jishen] Zhao, J.[Jifei] Zhao, J.[Jiaqi] Zhao, J.[Jiatao] Zhao, J.[Jiameng] Zhao, J.[Juan] Zhao, J.[Jiliang] Zhao, J.[Jiao] Zhao, J.[Jinwei] Zhao, J.[Jiufen] Zhao, J.[Juanping]
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Zhao, J.B.[Jian Bo] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the Simulated Procedure for Preparation of Dried Radix Rehmanniae Using IR-CWT-ICA Approach
* Characterization of Three Surges of the Kyagar Glacier, Karakoram
* Clean affinity matrix learning with rank equality constraint for multi-view subspace clustering
* ECA-ConvNeXt: A Rice Leaf Disease Identification Model Based on ConvNeXt
* Examining the Association of Economic Development with Intercity Multimodal Transport Demand in China: A Focus on Spatial Autoregressive Analysis
* High-Accuracy Slotted Hole Detector, A
* Learning Gait Parameters for Locomotion in Virtual Reality Systems
* Optimized Integer Aperture Bootstrapping for High-Integrity CDGNSS Applications
* Recent Advances in Light-Induced Thermoelastic Spectroscopy for Gas Sensing: A Review
Includes: Zhao, J.B.[Jian Bo] Zhao, J.B.[Jian-Bo] Zhao, J.B.[Jin-Biao] Zhao, J.B.[Jing-Bo] Zhao, J.B.[Jin-Bao] Zhao, J.B.[Ji-Bin]
9 for Zhao, J.B.

Zhao, J.B.J.[Jun Bo Jake] Co Author Listing * Retrieval-Augmented Convolutional Neural Networks Against Adversarial Examples
Includes: Zhao, J.B.J.[Jun Bo Jake] Zhao, J.B.J.[Jun-Bo Jake]

Zhao, J.C.[Jia Chen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive aggregation-distillation autoencoder for unsupervised anomaly detection
* Changes in Vegetation Greenness and Their Influencing Factors in Southern China
* Deep Multiple Instance Learning with Spatial Attention for ROP Case Classification, Instance Selection and Abnormality Localization
* Developing Long Time Series 1-km Land Cover Maps From 5-km AVHRR Data Using a Super-Resolution Method
* Dynamic Cooling Effects of Permanent Urban Green Spaces in Beijing, China
* Evaluation of 2-m Air Temperature and Surface Temperature from ERA5 and ERA-I Using Buoy Observations in the Arctic during 2010-2020
* Evaluation of Spatiotemporal Resilience and Resistance of Global Vegetation Responses to Climate Change
* Fast motion deblurring using gyroscopes and strong edge prediction
* Grassland Conservation Effectiveness of National Nature Reserves in Northern China
* Impact of Urbanization and Climate on Vegetation Coverage in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region of China
* Improved Backward Smoothing Method Based on Label Iterative Processing, An
* Influence of Melt Ponds on the SSMIS-Based Summer Sea Ice Concentrations in the Arctic
* PHLST5: A Practical and Improved Version of Polyharmonic Local Sine Transform
* Quantitatively Assessing and Attributing Land Use and Land Cover Changes on China's Loess Plateau
* Quantitatively Assessing the Impact of Driving Factors on Vegetation Cover Change in China's 32 Major Cities
* Resource Problem of Using Linear Layer Leakage Attack in Federated Learning, The
* Satellite-Based Sea Ice Navigation for Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
* Semi-Automatic Mapping of Tidal Cracks in the Fast Ice Region near Zhongshan Station in East Antarctica Using Landsat-8 OLI Imagery
* Sequential Joint State Estimation and Track Extraction Algorithm Based on Improved Backward Smoothing
* Shallow-Guided Transformer for Semantic Segmentation of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Extent and Thickness of Arctic Landfast Ice
* Superpixel Graph Label Transfer with Learned Distance Metric
* Vegetation Cover Change and Its Attribution in China from 2001 to 2018
Includes: Zhao, J.C.[Jia Chen] Zhao, J.C.[Jia-Chen] Zhao, J.C.[Jia-Cheng] Zhao, J.C.[Jian-Chun] Zhao, J.C.[Jie-Chen] Zhao, J.C.[Jia-Cai] Zhao, J.C.[Jiu-Chao] Zhao, J.C.[Ju-Cheng] Zhao, J.C.[Joshua C.] Zhao, J.C.[Jie-Cheng]
23 for Zhao, J.C.

Zhao, J.D.[Ji Dong] Co Author Listing * algorithm for semi-supervised learning in image retrieval, An
* Hessian optimal design for image retrieval
* Novel Lane Line Detection Algorithm for Driverless Geographic Information Perception Using Mixed-Attention Mechanism ResNet and Row Anchor Classification, A
* Review of Image Super-Resolution Approaches Based on Deep Learning and Applications in Remote Sensing, A
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Sparse Discriminative Graph Embedding
Includes: Zhao, J.D.[Ji Dong] Zhao, J.D.[Ji-Dong] Zhao, J.D.[Jin-Dong]

Zhao, J.F.[Jing Feng] Co Author Listing * Application of multimedia technology in water conservancy and hydropower engineering
* Automatic blur region segmentation approach using image matting
* improved differential box-counting method to estimate fractal dimensions of gray-level images, An
* Infrared imaging enhancement through local window-based saliency extraction with spatial weight
* Joint strong edge and multi-stream adaptive fusion network for non-uniform image deblurring
* Learning deep facial expression features from image and optical flow sequences using 3D CNN
* VisDrone-VDT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Video Detection and Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Zhao, J.F.[Jing Feng] Zhao, J.F.[Jing-Feng] Zhao, J.F.[Ju-Feng] Zhao, J.F.[Jia-Fei] Zhao, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Zhao, J.F.[Jian-Fei]
7 for Zhao, J.F.

Zhao, J.G.[Jin Gui] Co Author Listing * List Encoding of Vector Perturbation Precoding
* Radar Polarimetry Analysis Applied to Single-Hole Fully Polarimetric Borehole Radar
Includes: Zhao, J.G.[Jin Gui] Zhao, J.G.[Jin-Gui] Zhao, J.G.

Zhao, J.H.[Jian Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive localised region and edge-based active contour model using shape constraint and sub-global information for uterine fibroid segmentation in ultrasound-guided HIFU therapy
* Alleviating Data Sparsity Problems in Estimated Time of Arrival via Auxiliary Metric Learning
* Attention-Based Residual Network with Scattering Transform Features for Hyperspectral Unmixing with Limited Training Samples
* Automatic Method for Rice Mapping Based on Phenological Features with Sentinel-1 Time-Series Images, An
* Azimuth Signal-Reconstruction Method Based on Two-Step Projection Technology for Spaceborne Azimuth Multi-Channel High-Resolution and Wide-Swath SAR, An
* BodyFusion: Real-Time Capture of Human Motion and Surface Geometry Using a Single Depth Camera
* Bottom Detection from Backscatter Data of Conventional Side Scan Sonars through 1D-UNet
* Bubble Plume Target Detection Method of Multibeam Water Column Images Based on Bags of Visual Word Features
* Correntropy-based robust multilayer extreme learning machines
* Crop Classification Based on GDSSM-CNN Using Multi-Temporal RADARSAT-2 SAR with Limited Labeled Data
* DDBN: Dual detection branch network for semantic diversity predictions
* Delimitating Urban Commercial Central Districts by Combining Kernel Density Estimation and Road Intersections: A Case Study in Nanjing City, China
* Discrimination of Algal-Bloom Using Spaceborne SAR Observations of Great Lakes in China
* DoubleFusion: Real-Time Capture of Human Performances with Inner Body Shapes from a Single Depth Sensor
* Dynamic Origin-Destination Prediction in Urban Rail Systems: A Multi-Resolution Spatio-Temporal Deep Learning Approach
* Effective and efficient pixel-level detection for diverse video copy-move forgery types
* Efficient Model Selection for Mixtures of Probabilistic PCA Via Hierarchical BIC
* Estimating the Potential for Shared Autonomous Scooters
* Evaluating Metal Effects on the Reflectance Spectra of Plant Leaves during Different Seasons in Post-Mining Areas, China
* Evaluation of Coastline Changes under Human Intervention Using Multi-Temporal High-Resolution Images: A Case Study of the Zhoushan Islands, China
* Feature Representation Learning with Adaptive Displacement Generation and Transformer Fusion for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Feature Selection and Mislabeled Waveform Correction for Water-Land Discrimination Using Airborne Infrared Laser
* Fusion Strategy of 2D and 3D Information Based on Deep Learning: A Review, The
* FV-Net: learning a finger-vein feature representation based on a CNN
* Generalized Asymmetric Correntropy for Robust Adaptive Filtering: A Theoretical and Simulation Study
* High-Efficiency Determination of Coastline by Combination of Tidal Level and Coastal Zone DEM from UAV Tilt Photogrammetry
* Horizon Picking from SBP Images Using Physicals-Combined Deep Learning
* Hovercraft-Borne LiDAR and a Comprehensive Filtering Method for the Topographic Survey of Mudflats, A
* How Do Two- and Three-Dimensional Urban Structures Impact Seasonal Land Surface Temperatures at Various Spatial Scales? A Case Study for the Northern Part of Brooklyn, New York, USA
* Human Posture Reconstruction And Animation From Monocular Images Based On Genetic Algorithms
* Identification of Crop Type Based on C-AENN Using Time Series Sentinel-1A SAR Data
* Improved Model for Depth Bias Correction in Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry Systems
* Individual Mobility Prediction in Mass Transit Systems Using Smart Card Data: An Interpretable Activity-Based Hidden Markov Approach
* Integrated Horizon Picking Method for Obtaining the Main and Detailed Reflectors on Sub-Bottom Profiler Sonar Image, An
* Inversion of Soil Moisture on Farmland Areas Based on SSA-CNN Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Knowledge-Based Detection and Assessment of Damaged Roads Using Post-Disaster High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Modelling and simulation of hierarchical scheduling of real-time responsive customised bus
* Modified 2-D Notch Filter Based on Image Segmentation for RFI Mitigation in Synthetic Aperture Radar, A
* Mosaic method of side-scan sonar strip images using corresponding features
* New Approach to Urban Road Extraction Using High-Resolution Aerial Image, A
* New Method for Acquisition of High-Resolution Seabed Topography by Matching Seabed Classification Images, A
* New Radiometric Correction Method for Side-Scan Sonar Images in Consideration of Seabed Sediment Variation, A
* Non-Local Low-Rank Algorithm for Sub-Bottom Profile Sonar Image Denoising, A
* novel framework for background subtraction and foreground detection, A
* Novel Horizon Picking Method on Sub-Bottom Profiler Sonar Images, A
* Obtaining High-Resolution Seabed Topography and Surface Details by Co-Registration of Side-Scan Sonar and Multibeam Echo Sounder Images
* Pricing iterative optimization for multi-agent simulation of setting electric vehicle charging model in public parking lots
* Real-Time Bottom Tracking Using Side Scan Sonar Data Through One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks
* Real-Time Underwater Maritime Object Detection in Side-Scan Sonar Images Based on Transformer-YOLOv5
* Reconstructing Seabed Topography from Side-Scan Sonar Images with Self-Constraint
* Remote Sensing of Sub-Surface Suspended Sediment Concentration by Using the Range Bias of Green Surface Point of Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry
* Remote Sensing of Suspended Sediment Concentrations Based on the Waveform Decomposition of Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry
* Retrieval of Farmland Surface Soil Moisture Based on Feature Optimization and Machine Learning
* RSIMS: Large-Scale Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images Management System
* Satellite Remote Sensing Identification of Discolored Standing Trees for Pine Wilt Disease Based on Semi-Supervised Deep Learning
* Scattering Transform Framework for Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data
* Shallow Water Measurements Using a Single Green Laser Corrected by Building a Near Water Surface Penetration Model
* Side Scan Sonar Image Target Detection Algorithm Based on a Neutrosophic Set and Diffusion Maps, A
* Side-Scan Sonar Image Mosaic Using Couple Feature Points with Constraint of Track Line Positions
* SimulCap: Single-View Human Performance Capture With Cloth Simulation
* Soil Moisture Inversion Based on Data Augmentation Method Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Sparse least mean p-power algorithms for channel estimation in the presence of impulsive noise
* Spatio-Temporal Estimation of Rice Height Using Time Series Sentinel-1 Images
* Sub-Bottom Sediment Classification Using Reliable Instantaneous Frequency Calculation and Relaxation Time Estimation
* Synergy of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery for Crop Classification Based on DC-CNN
* UATNet: U-Shape Attention-Based Transformer Net for Meteorological Satellite Cloud Recognition
* Universal Automatic Bottom Tracking Method of Side Scan Sonar Data Based on Semantic Segmentation, A
* User personality prediction based on topic preference and sentiment analysis using LSTM model
* Water Stream Extraction via Feature-Fused Encoder-Decoder Network Based on SAR Images
* Water-Body Segmentation for SAR Images: Past, Current, and Future
* Zero-Shot Pipeline Detection for Sub-Bottom Profiler Data Based on Imaging Principles
Includes: Zhao, J.H.[Jian Hui] Zhao, J.H.[Jian-Hui] Zhao, J.H.[Jin-Hua] Zhao, J.H.[Jia-Hong] Zhao, J.H.[Jian-Hu] Zhao, J.H.[Ji-Hong] Zhao, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Zhao, J.H.[Jing-Hong] Zhao, J.H.[Jiang-Hong] Zhao, J.H.[Jun-Hong] Zhao, J.H.[Jiang-Hua] Zhao, J.H.[Jin-Huan] Zhao, J.H.[Jun-Hao] Zhao, J.H.[Jing-Hua]
71 for Zhao, J.H.

Zhao, J.J.[Juan Juan] Co Author Listing * AdvDiffuser: Natural Adversarial Example Synthesis with Diffusion Models
* Assessment of Night-Time Lighting for Global Terrestrial Protected and Wilderness Areas
* Blue-Sky Albedo Reduction and Associated Influencing Factors of Stable Land Cover Types in the Middle-High Latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere during 1982-2015
* Climate and Spring Phenology Effects on Autumn Phenology in the Greater Khingan Mountains, Northeastern China
* Closer Look at Video Sampling for Sequential Action Recognition, A
* Co-Seismic and Postseismic Fault Models of the 2018 Mw 6.4 Hualien Earthquake Occurred in the Junction of Collision and Subduction Boundaries Offshore Eastern Taiwan
* Comparison of land surface phenology in the Northern Hemisphere based on AVHRR GIMMS3g and MODIS datasets
* Comprehensive Investigation of Capabilities of the Left-Looking InSAR Observations in Coseismic Surface Deformation Mapping and Faulting Model Estimation Using Multi-Pass Measurements: An Example of the 2016 Kumamoto, Japan Earthquake
* Coseismic Faulting Model and Post-Seismic Surface Motion of the 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquake Doublet Revealed by InSAR and GPS Measurements
* Cost-Sensitive Deep Metric Learning for Fine-Grained Image Classification
* Dance With Flow: Two-In-One Stream Action Detection
* DARTSRepair: Core-failure-set guided DARTS for network robustness to common corruptions
* Deep Image Clustering with Category-style Representation
* Deep multi-task learning with relational attention for business success prediction
* Denoising for Dynamic Vision Sensor Based on Augmented Spatiotemporal Correlation
* Detecting the Temporal Scaling Behavior of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Time Series in China Using a Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
* Detection of Surface Crevasses over Antarctic Ice Shelves Using SAR Imagery and Deep Learning Method
* Directional high-pass filter for blurry image analysis
* DLT-Net: deep learning transmittance network for single image haze removal
* Embedded Feature Selection and Machine Learning Methods for Flash Flood Susceptibility-Mapping in the Mainstream Songhua River Basin, China
* Erosion-Based Approach Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Imagery for Grassland Restoration Patterns in a Plateau Mountainous Region, SW China, An
* Estimating Frost during Growing Season and Its Impact on the Velocity of Vegetation Greenup and Withering in Northeast China
* Evading DeepFake Detectors via Adversarial Statistical Consistency
* Fast Fine-Grained Image Classification via Weakly Supervised Discriminative Localization
* Fine-Grained Image Classification via Combining Vision and Language
* GLTC: A Metro Passenger Identification Method Across AFC Data and Sparse WiFi Data
* Heterogeneous Relational Complement for Vehicle Re-identification
* How to Build a Graph-Based Deep Learning Architecture in Traffic Domain: A Survey
* Improved spatial pyramid matching for scene recognition
* Integrated Approach for Mapping Three-Dimensional CoSeismic Displacement Fields from Sentinel-1 TOPS Data Based on DInSAR, POT, MAI and BOI Techniques: Application to the 2021 Mw 7.4 Maduo Earthquake, An
* Learning to Adversarially Blur Visual Object Tracking
* Lightweight DCT-Like Domain Forensics Model for Adversarial Example
* MDLF: A Multi-View-Based Deep Learning Framework for Individual Trip Destination Prediction in Public Transportation Systems
* Meta-ZSDETR: Zero-shot DETR with Meta-learning
* Motion blur detection based on lowest directional high-frequency energy
* Multi-Graph Convolutional Network for Relationship-Driven Stock Movement Prediction
* Object-Part Attention Model for Fine-Grained Image Classification
* Pixelated Semantic Colorization
* Post-Fire Vegetation Succession and Surface Energy Fluxes Derived from Remote Sensing
* Research on the application of body posture action feature extraction and recognition comparison
* Sensitivity of Green-Up Dates to Different Temperature Parameters in the Mongolian Plateau Grasslands, The
* SmsNet: A New Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Adversarial Example Detection
* Spatial and Temporal Changes in Vegetation Phenology at Middle and High Latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere over the Past Three Decades
* TAT: Targeted backdoor attacks against visual object tracking
* Temporal segment dropout for human action video recognition
* TubeR: Tubelet Transformer for Video Action Detection
* Tumour growth prediction of follow-up lung cancer via conditional recurrent variational autoencoder
* Unified Approach for Tracking UAVs in Infrared, A
* Variations of Land Surface Phenology in Northeast China and Its Responses to Climate Change from 1982 to 2013, The
* Vegetation Productivity Dynamics in Response to Climate Change and Human Activities under Different Topography and Land Cover in Northeast China
* Which and How Many Regions to Gaze: Focus Discriminative Regions for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Wildfires on the Mongolian Plateau: Identifying Drivers and Spatial Distributions to Predict Wildfire Probability
Includes: Zhao, J.J.[Juan Juan] Zhao, J.J.[Juan-Juan] Zhao, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Zhao, J.J.[Jun-Jie] Zhao, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Zhao, J.J.[Jiao-Jiao] Zhao, J.J.[Jie-Jie] Zhao, J.J.[Jia-Jia] Zhao, J.J.[Jing-Juan] Zhao, J.J.[Jia-Jian] Zhao, J.J.[Jia-Jun] Zhao, J.J.[Jin-Jian]
52 for Zhao, J.J.

Zhao, J.K.[Jian Kang] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction in dynamic scenes using the dynamic principal component analysis
* Development of scale and illumination invariant feature detector with application to UAV attitude estimation
* FFEDN: Feature Fusion Encoder Decoder Network for Crack Detection
* New OFDM Blind Synchronization Algorithm Suitable for PLC, A
* Robust background generation based on an effective frames selection method and an efficient background estimation procedure (FSBE)
Includes: Zhao, J.K.[Jian Kang] Zhao, J.K.[Jian-Kang] Zhao, J.K.[Jun-Kai]

Zhao, J.L.[Jun Long] Co Author Listing * a-EGAN: a-Energy distance GAN with an early stopping rule
* Assessment of feature fusion strategies in visual attention mechanism for saliency detection
* Content-based object organization for efficient image retrieval in image databases
* Craniofacial Reconstruction Using Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
* Dynamic visualization of complex flow fields using digital holographic interferometry
* Evaluation of the Consistency of MODIS Land Cover Product (MCD12Q1) Based on Chinese 30 m GlobeLand30 Datasets: A Case Study in Anhui Province, China
* Face recognition with Neighboring Discriminant Analysis
* Hybrid Dense Network with Dual Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Hydrological Characteristics Change of Hala Lake and Its Response to Climate Change, 1987-2018
* Illumination Ratio Image: Synthesizing and Recognition with Varying Illuminations
* Improving Soil Moisture Estimation by Identification of NDVI Thresholds Optimization: An Application to the Chinese Loess Plateau
* LBP Discriminant Analysis for Face Verification
* Level set methods, distance function and image segmentation
* Novel Adaptive Hybrid Fusion Network for Multiresolution Remote Sensing Images Classification, A
* RCCT-ASPPNet: Dual-Encoder Remote Image Segmentation Based on Transformer and ASPP
* SafeDrive: A New Model for Driving Risk Analysis Based on Crash Avoidance
* Scalable Biologically-Aware Skeleton Generation for Connectomic Volumes
* Segmentation of the True Lumen of Aorta Dissection via Morphology-Constrained Stepwise Deep Mesh Regression
* Semi-supervised double duelling broad reinforcement learning in support of traffic service in smart cities
* Soil Moisture Estimation for the Chinese Loess Plateau using MODIS-derived ATI and TVDI
* SPSE: A Smart Phone-Based Student Evaluation
* Study of the Impact of COVID-19 on Urban Contact Networks in China Based on Population Flows, A
* Watershed Segmentation Algorithm Based on LUV Color Space Region Merging for Extracting Slope Hazard Boundaries
* Watershed-Segmentation-Based Improved Algorithm for Extracting Cultivated Land Boundaries, A
Includes: Zhao, J.L.[Jun Long] Zhao, J.L.[Jun-Long] Zhao, J.L.[Jian-Li] Zhao, J.L.[J. Leon] Zhao, J.L.[Jun-Li] Zhao, J.L.[Jian-Lin] Zhao, J.L.[Jin-Ling] Zhao, J.L.[Jia-Li] Zhao, J.L.[Ji-Liang] Zhao, J.L.[Jing-Lin] Zhao, J.L.[Jing-Liang] Zhao, J.L.[Jia-Lin] Zhao, J.L.[Jin-Li]
24 for Zhao, J.L.

Zhao, J.M.[Jian Min] Co Author Listing * Digital Watermarking Algorithm and Implementation Based on Improved SVD, A
* Dual-Domain Prior-Driven Deep Network for Infrared Small-Target Detection
* Establishment of Plot-Yield Prediction Models in Soybean Breeding Programs Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Feature Interaction Learning Network for Cross-Spectral Image Patch Matching
* Gabor Feature Based Face Recognition Using Supervised Locality Preserving Projection
* Inverse Kinematics Positioning Using Nonlinear Programming for Highly Articulated Figures
* Multi-task Learning Framework for Emotion Recognition In-the-wild
* NMF with Log-Gabor Wavelets for Visualization
Includes: Zhao, J.M.[Jian Min] Zhao, J.M.[Jian-Min] Zhao, J.M.[Jin-Miao] Zhao, J.M.[Jin-Ming]
8 for Zhao, J.M.

Zhao, J.N.[Jian Nan] Co Author Listing * Attention and Prediction-Guided Motion Detection for Low-Contrast Small Moving Targets
* Heuristic Initialization for Active Contour Models in CT/MRI Image Processing
* Identification of Lunar Craters in the Chang'e-5 Landing Region Based on Kaguya TC Morning Map
* Lunar Mare Fecunditatis: A Science-Rich Region and a Concept Mission for Long-Distance Exploration
* New Evidence to Support Zephyria Tholus as a Composite Volcano on Mars
* PhD Learning: Learning with Pompeiu-hausdorff Distances for Video-based Vehicle Re-Identification
* Recognition of Occlusions in CT Images Using a Curve-Based Parameterization Method
* Uncovering the Relationship between Urban Road Network Topology and Taxi Drivers' Income: A Perspective from Spatial Design Network Analysis
* Unsupervised Machine Learning on Domes in the Lunar Gardner Region: Implications for Dome Classification and Local Magmatic Activities on the Moon
Includes: Zhao, J.N.[Jian Nan] Zhao, J.N.[Jian-Nan] Zhao, J.N.[Jian-Ning] Zhao, J.N.[Jia-Nan]
9 for Zhao, J.N.

Zhao, J.P.[Jia Ping] Co Author Listing * Decomposing time series with application to temporal segmentation
* EAutoDet: Efficient Architecture Search for Object Detection
* Effectively Utilizing the Category Labels for Image Captioning
* Fixation bank: Learning to reweight fixation candidates
* Improved Deep Learning of Object Category Using Pose Information
* Improved Generalized Hierarchical Estimation Framework with Geostatistics for Mapping Forest Parameters and Its Uncertainty: A Case Study of Forest Canopy Height, An
* Learning to Recognize Objects by Retaining Other Factors of Variation
* Learning visual variation for object recognition
* Multi-scale object detection in remote sensing imagery with convolutional neural networks
* Multimodal image matching using self similarity
* Pose Augmentation: Class-agnostic Object Pose Transformation for Object Recognition
* Rapid extraction and updating of road network from airborne LiDAR data
* Road network extraction from airborne LiDAR data using scene context
* shapeDTW: Shape Dynamic Time Warping
* View-invariant Probabilistic Embedding for Human Pose
* View-Invariant, Occlusion-Robust Probabilistic Embedding for Human Pose
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
Includes: Zhao, J.P.[Jia Ping] Zhao, J.P.[Jia-Ping] Zhao, J.P.[Juan-Ping] Zhao, J.P.[Jian-Ping] Zhao, J.P.[Jun-Peng]
17 for Zhao, J.P.

Zhao, J.Q.[Jun Qiao] Co Author Listing * Automatic Vector-Based Road Structure Mapping Using Multibeam LiDAR
* Blind Separation of Noisy Mixed Images Based on Wiener Filtering and Independent Component Analysis
* Computational Optimization of the Invariant Imbedding T Matrix Method for the Particles with N-Fold Symmetry, The
* Context-aware and part alignment for visible-infrared person re-identification
* Data-Driven Model on Google Earth Engine for Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in the Hengduan Mountains, the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, A
* Deep Multiple Instance Learning-Based Spatial-Spectral Classification for PAN and MS Imagery
* Dense Dual-path Network for Real-time Semantic Segmentation
* Discriminant Deep Belief Network for High-Resolution SAR Image Classification
* Feature Alignment for Robust Acoustic Scene Classification Across Devices
* Floor Identification With Commercial Smartphones In Wifi-based Indoor Localization System
* G-VIDO: A Vehicle Dynamics and Intermittent GNSS-Aided Visual-Inertial State Estimator for Autonomous Driving
* GAN-based person search via deep complementary classifier with center-constrained Triplet loss
* Global Change of Land-Sparing and Land-Sharing Patterns over the Past 30 Years: Evidence from Remote Sensing and Statistics
* HSW: Heuristic Shrink-wrapping for automatically repairing solid-based CityGML LOD2 building models
* Inter-Attribute awareness for pedestrian attribute recognition
* Investigation on Global Distribution of the Atmospheric Trapping Layer by Using Radio Occultation Dataset
* Ionospheric Kalman Filter Assimilation Based on Covariance Localization Technique
* Mathematical morphology-based generalization of complex 3D building models incorporating semantic relationships
* Mine Subsidence Monitoring Integrating DS-InSAR with UAV Photogrammetry Products: Case Studies on Hebei and Inner Mongolia
* Novel End-to-End Unsupervised Change Detection Method with Self-Adaptive Superpixel Segmentation for SAR Images, A
* Novel Method of Change Detection in Bi-Temporal PolSAR Data Using a Joint-Classification Classifier Based on a Similarity Measure, A
* Novel Method of Unsupervised Change Detection Using Multi-Temporal PolSAR Images, A
* Perception-Driven Simplification Methodology of 3D Complex Building Model
* Point cloud classification by dynamic graph CNN with adaptive feature fusion
* Range and variability of CBF in young adults: PC-MRI and ASL studies
* Rapid Mosaicking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images for Crop Growth Monitoring Using the SIFT Algorithm
* ResT-ReID: Transformer block-based residual learning for person re-identification
* Robust Loop Closure Selection Based on Inter-Robot and Intra-Robot Consistency for Multi-Robot Map Fusion
* Semi-automatic Road Extraction from SAR images using EKF and PF
* Semi-supervised blockwisely architecture search for efficient lightweight generative adversarial network
* Semi-supervised double sparse graphs based discriminant analysis for dimensionality reduction
* Semisupervised Discriminant Feature Learning for SAR Image Category via Sparse Ensemble
* Ship Detection and Feature Visualization Analysis Based on Lightweight CNN in VH and VV Polarization Images
* Show, Deconfound and Tell: Image Captioning with Causal Inference
* Site Selection Prediction for Coffee Shops Based on Multi-Source Space Data Using Machine Learning Techniques
* Spatial-Channel Enhanced Transformer for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Spatial-Temporal Based Multihead Self-Attention for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection
* Towards Semantic 3D City Modeling and Visual Explorations
* Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Test Statistic and KI from Multi-Temporal and Full Polarimetric SAR Images, An
* Unsupervised cross-domain person re-identification with self-attention and joint-flexible optimization
* Weakly Supervised Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation via Pseudo Mask Enhancement and Meta Learning
* Wheat Spike Detection Method in UAV Images Based on Improved YOLOv5, A
Includes: Zhao, J.Q.[Jun Qiao] Zhao, J.Q.[Jun-Qiao] Zhao, J.Q.[Jing-Qing] Zhao, J.Q.[Jia-Qi] Zhao, J.Q.[Jing-Qiao] Zhao, J.Q. Zhao, J.Q.[Jian-Qiao] Zhao, J.Q.[Jian-Qiang] Zhao, J.Q.[Jin-Qi] Zhao, J.Q.[Jun-Qi] Zhao, J.Q.[Jian-Qing]
42 for Zhao, J.Q.

Zhao, J.R.[Jia Rui] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Water Quality Changes in the Main Stream of the Yangtze River from Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Total Phosphorus and Nitrogen Dynamics and Influencing Factors in Dongting Lake Using Landsat Data
* Wave Height Field Extraction From First-Order Doppler Spectra of a Dual-Frequency Wide-Beam High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar
* Wave-Height Mapping From Second-Order Harmonic Peaks of Wide-Beam HF Radar Backscatter Spectra
Includes: Zhao, J.R.[Jia Rui] Zhao, J.R.[Jia-Rui] Zhao, J.R.[Jiu-Rui]

Zhao, J.S.[Jin Shuan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Threshold Algorithm Combining Shifting Window Difference and Forward-Backward Difference in Real-Time R-Wave Detection, An
* Context-Aware and Depthwise-based Detection on Orbit for Remote Sensing Image
* Deep Learning in Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction from Single RGB images: A Case Study on Tomato Quality Parameters
* Deep-Learning-Based Multispectral Image Reconstruction from Single Natural Color RGB Image: Enhancing UAV-Based Phenotyping
* Learning to Generate High-Quality Images for Homography Estimation
* Novel Pocket Intelligent One Lead ECG Monitor Based on Fingers Touching, A
* Transformer in UAV Image-Based Weed Mapping
Includes: Zhao, J.S.[Jin Shuan] Zhao, J.S.[Jin-Shuan] Zhao, J.S.[Jun-Suo] Zhao, J.S.[Jiang-San]
7 for Zhao, J.S.

Zhao, J.T.[Jian Ting] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Freeze-Thaw Cycles in an Endorheic Basin on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on SBAS-InSAR Technology
* Deep-Neural-Network-Based Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Retrieval from Landsat-8 Top of Atmosphere Data, A
* Retrieving Soil Moisture in the Permafrost Environment by Sentinel-1/2 Temporal Data on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Spatiotemporal Variations of Soil Temperature at 10 and 50 cm Depths in Permafrost Regions along the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor
Includes: Zhao, J.T.[Jian Ting] Zhao, J.T.[Jian-Ting] Zhao, J.T.[Jin-Tao]

Zhao, J.W.[Jin Wei] Co Author Listing * adaptive support vector regression based on a new sequence of unified orthogonal polynomials, An
* Analysis Of Multipath Pixels In SAR Images
* Apple color grading based on organization feature parameters
* Bi-Kernel Graph Neural Network with Adaptive Propagation Mechanism for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Closed-Loop Training for Projected GAN
* Deep-Learning-Based Method for Extracting an Arbitrary Number of Individual Power Lines from UAV-Mounted Laser Scanning Point Clouds, A
* DTSSD: Dual-Channel Transformer-Based Network for Point-Based 3D Object Detection
* Dynamic displacement monitoring of long-span bridges with a microwave radar interferometer
* Early diagnosis of cirrhosis via automatic location and geometric description of liver capsule
* Elevation Extraction and Deformation Monitoring by Multitemporal InSAR of Lupu Bridge in Shanghai
* Image super-resolution via adaptive sparse representation and self-learning
* Large-Scale Many-Objective Deployment Optimization of Edge Servers
* Learning adaptive spatial-temporal regularized correlation filters for visual tracking
* Multiple Human Association and Tracking From Egocentric and Complementary Top Views
* New Electrical Resistivity Tomography Scheme of Borehole-to-Surface-to-Cliff Detection and Imaging for Grotto Rock Structure, A
* Physical blob detector and Multi-Channel Color Shape Descriptor for human detection
* Physically based modeling and animation of landslides with MPM
* PSA-Det3D: Pillar set abstraction for 3D object detection
* Recursive RX with Extended Multi-Attribute Profiles for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* RGB-D Salient Object Detection With Ubiquitous Target Awareness
* Robust multi-view continuous subspace clustering
* Single image super-resolution based on adaptive convolutional sparse coding and convolutional neural networks
* Sparse representation for robust face recognition by dictionary decomposition
* Spatial and long-short temporal attention correlation filters for visual tracking
* Super-resolution reconstruction: Using non-local structure similarity and edge sharpness dictionary
* Traffic Abnormality Detection through Directional Motion Behavior Map
* Transformer-based Dual Relation Graph for Multi-label Image Recognition
* two-step approach to see-through bad weather for surveillance video quality enhancement, A
Includes: Zhao, J.W.[Jin Wei] Zhao, J.W.[Jin-Wei] Zhao, J.W. Zhao, J.W.[Jie-Wen] Zhao, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Zhao, J.W.[Jiang-Wei] Zhao, J.W.[Jing-Wen] Zhao, J.W.[Jian-Wang] Zhao, J.W.[Jia-Wei]
28 for Zhao, J.W.

Zhao, J.X.[Jing Xue] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Three-Cornered Hat (BTCH) Method: Improving the Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Estimation, A
* BeautyREC: Robust, Efficient, and Component-Specific Makeup Transfer
* Contrast Enhancement of Images on Retina by Adjusting Deconvolved Images
* Contrast Prior and Fluid Pyramid Integration for RGBD Salient Object Detection
* Extended Isomap for Manifold Topology Learning with SOINN Landmarks, An
* Fast star centroid extraction algorithm with sub-pixel accuracy based on FPGA
* Flow Simulations on 3D Segmented Images Using Reinitialization and Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation
* Hybrid of Deep Reinforcement Learning and Local Search for the Vehicle Routing Problems, A
* LUAI Challenge 2021 on Learning to Understand Aerial Images
* Modeling Transpiration with Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Observations via Carbon-Water Coupling Methods
* Object drift determination network based on dual-template joint decision-making in long-term visual tracking
* Participant Selection for Federated Learning With Heterogeneous Data in Intelligent Transport System
* Responses of Water Use Efficiency to Drought in Southwest China
* Robust Semantic Segmentation UNCV2023 Challenge Results, The
* SA-FlowNet: Event-based self-attention optical flow estimation with spiking-analogue neural networks
* Trajectory tracking and prediction of pedestrian's crossing intention using roadside LiDAR
Includes: Zhao, J.X.[Jing Xue] Zhao, J.X.[Jing-Xue] Zhao, J.X.[Ji-Xin] Zhao, J.X.[Jia-Xi] Zhao, J.X.[Jia-Xing] Zhao, J.X.[Jin-Xi] Zhao, J.X.[Jing-Xin] Zhao, J.X.[Jia-Xin] Zhao, J.X.[Jiu-Xia] Zhao, J.X.[Jia-Xuan] Zhao, J.X.[Jian-Xin] Zhao, J.X.[Jin-Xiu] Zhao, J.X.[Jun-Xuan]
16 for Zhao, J.X.

Zhao, J.Y.[Jin Yuan] Co Author Listing * Adversarial learning based attentional scene text recognizer
* Application of Radar Signal Processing System Based on DSP in the VTS
* Automatic generation of optimal road trajectory for the rescue vehicle in case of emergency on mountain freeway using reinforcement learning approach
* Changes in Water Surface Area during 1989-2017 in the Huai River Basin using Landsat Data and Google Earth Engine
* Cooperation: A new force for boosting generative adversarial nets with dual-network structure
* Deep Bayesian Sparse Subspace Clustering
* Document image binarization with cascaded generators of conditional generative adversarial networks
* Efficient spectral reconstruction using a trichromatic camera via sample optimization
* Enhanced deformable part model for pedestrian detection via joint state inference
* Fast algorithm for 2D fragment assembly based on partial EMD
* Ground Surface Freezing and Thawing Index Distribution in the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor and Factors Analysis Based on GeoDetector Technique
* hand gesture recognition system based on canonical superpixel-graph, A
* Hierarchical non-parametric Markov random field for image segmentation
* High Definition Real-Time Monitoring System Based on Embedded Network Streaming Media
* Intelligent Detection and Segmentation of Space-Borne SAR Radio Frequency Interference
* Intelligent Reconstruction of Radar Composite Reflectivity Based on Satellite Observations and Deep Learning
* Interactive image segmentation via multi-cue dynamic integration
* Joint Cuts and Matching of Partitions in One Graph
* Learning Unbiased Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation Networks Via Transductive Transfer
* Locally Linear Embedded Sparse Coding for Spectral Reconstruction From RGB Images
* Low-Dose CT Denoising via Sinogram Inner-Structure Transformer
* Mesh Convolution: A Novel Feature Extraction Method for 3D Nonrigid Object Classification
* Multi-manifold clustering: A graph-constrained deep nonparametric method
* Multispectral Video Semantic Segmentation: A Benchmark Dataset and Baseline
* Objective Assessment of Multiresolution Image Fusion Algorithms for Context Enhancement in Night Vision: A Comparative Study
* On the limits of second generation watermarks
* OPAL: Occlusion Pattern Aware Loss for Unsupervised Light Field Disparity Estimation
* Optimal multiresolution dynamic models generation based on triangle importance
* Personalized recommendation via inductive spatiotemporal graph neural network
* Polarimetric Multi-View Inverse Rendering
* Remote Monitoring System of Temperature and Humidity Based on GSM
* robust blind watermarking algorithm for depth-image-based rendering 3D images, A
* Robust contourlet-based blind watermarking for depth-image-based rendering 3D images
* Rotation, scaling, translation invariant image watermarking based on radon transform
* RST-invariant digital image watermarking based on log-polar mapping and phase correlation
* SA-GAN: A Second Order Attention Generator Adversarial Network with Region Aware Strategy for Real Satellite Images Super Resolution Reconstruction
* SAR-to-optical image translation based on improved CGAN
* Simulation of External Stray Light for FY-3C VIRR Combined with Satellite Orbit Attitude Model
* survey of RST invariant image watermarking algorithms, A
* Using Whole Slide Image Representations from Self-supervised Contrastive Learning for Melanoma Concordance Regression
* Video human segmentation based on multiple-cue integration
Includes: Zhao, J.Y.[Jin Yuan] Zhao, J.Y.[Jin-Yuan] Zhao, J.Y.[Ji-Yin] Zhao, J.Y.[Jian-You] Zhao, J.Y.[Jin-Yu] Zhao, J.Y.[Jie-Yu] Zhao, J.Y.[Jiu-Yang] Zhao, J.Y.[Jing-Yi] Zhao, J.Y.[Jia-Yi] Zhao, J.Y.[Jian-Yu] Zhao, J.Y.[Jie-Yi] Zhao, J.Y.[Jun-Yong] Zhao, J.Y.[Jia-Ying] Zhao, J.Y.[Ji-Ying] Zhao, J.Y.[Jia-Yin] Zhao, J.Y.[Jin-Ye] Zhao, J.Y.[Jun-Yuan]
41 for Zhao, J.Y.

Zhao, J.Z.[Ji Zhong] Co Author Listing * Co-MDA: Federated Multisource Domain Adaptation on Black-Box Models
* Land Cover Classification Method for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on NDVI Deep Learning Fusion Network, A
* objective assessment method based on multi-level factors for panoramic videos, An
* Robust Traffic Speed Inference With Ensemble Learning
* Template-Free 3D Reconstruction of Poorly-Textured Nonrigid Surfaces
Includes: Zhao, J.Z.[Ji Zhong] Zhao, J.Z.[Ji-Zhong] Zhao, J.Z.[Jing-Zheng] Zhao, J.Z.[Jun-Zhe]

Zhao, K.[Kun] Co Author Listing * 3D Vehicle Detection Using Multi-Level Fusion from Point Clouds and Images
* Activity guided multi-scales collaboration based on scaled-CNN for saliency prediction
* Adaptive Gaussian mixture model for identifying outliers in historical route travel times
* adaptive group LASSO based multi-label regression approach for facial expression analysis, An
* Alignment-Uniformity aware Representation Learning for Zero-shot Video Classification
* Assessment of the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Cover Crops Using Remote Sensing
* Background Subtraction: Model-Sharing Strategy Based on Temporal Variation Analysis
* Bayesian Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm for C-Band Polarimetric Radar, A
* Boosting separated softmax with discrimination for class incremental learning
* Bounding Boxes Are All We Need: Street View Image Classification via Context Encoding of Detected Buildings
* Building Extraction from Satellite Images Using Mask R-CNN with Building Boundary Regularization
* BézierPalm: A Free Lunch for Palmprint Recognition
* Cascaded Residual Density Network for Crowd Counting
* Chaotic World: A Large and Challenging Benchmark for Human Behavior Understanding in Chaotic Events
* Combining multi-wavelet and CNN for palmprint recognition against noise and misalignment
* Communication Efficient SGD via Gradient Sampling with Bayes Prior
* Comparison and Validation of Long Time Serial Global GEOV1 and Regional Australian MODIS Fractional Vegetation Cover Products Over the Australian Continent
* ContrastMask: Contrastive Learning to Segment Every Thing
* Convex class model on symmetric positive definite manifolds
* Correlation between Spectral Characteristics and Physicochemical Parameters of Soda-Saline Soils in Different States
* Credible Remote Sensing Scene Classification Using Evidential Fusion on Aerial-Ground Dual-View Images
* Data-Driven Approach to Assess Street Safety: Large-Scale Analysis of the Microscopic Design
* Data-Wise Spatial Regional Consistency Re-Enhancement for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Deep Adaptive Few Example Learning for Microscopy Image Cell Counting
* Deep Differentiable Random Forests for Age Estimation
* Deep Hough Transform for Semantic Line Detection
* Deep Inspection: An Electrical Distribution Pole Parts Study VIA Deep Neural Networks
* Deep Region and Multi-label Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Deep Regression Forests for Age Estimation
* DeepSkeleton: Learning Multi-Task Scale-Associated Deep Side Outputs for Object Skeleton Extraction in Natural Images
* Design on Validation Network of Remote Sensing Products in China
* DIODE: Dilatable Incremental Object Detection
* Distribution alignment for cross-device palmprint recognition
* Diurnal Variation Characteristics of Clouds and Precipitation during the Summer Season in Two Typical Climate Regions of the Tibetan Plateau
* Dynamics and Microphysical Characteristics of the Convection Producing the Record-Breaking Hourly Precipitation on 20 July 2021 in Zhengzhou, China, The
* Early Experience Toward Developing Computer Aided Diagnosis for Gram-Stained Smears Images, An
* EASNet: Searching Elastic and Accurate Network Architecture for Stereo Matching
* Effectiveness of the Reconstructed MODIS Typical-Angle Reflectances on Forest Biomass Estimation
* Effects of the Gully Land Consolidation Project on Geohazards on a Typical Watershed on the Loess Plateau of China
* Efficient Cell Labelling for Gram Stain WSIs
* Efficient clustering on Riemannian manifolds: A kernelised random projection approach
* Efficient DNN-Based Classification of Whole Slide Gram Stain Images for Microbiology
* Equilibrated Zeroth-Order Unrolled Deep Network for Parallel MR Imaging
* Evaluation and Improvement of SMOS and SMAP Soil Moisture Products for Soils with High Organic Matter over a Forested Area in Northeast China
* Evaluation of HY-2A Scatterometer Ocean Surface Wind Data during 2012-2018
* Faster ILOD: Incremental learning for object detectors based on faster RCNN
* Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning from an Open-Set Perspective
* Frequency Domain SIM Reconstruction Algorithm Using Reduced Number of Images, A
* From Certain to Uncertain: Toward Optimal Solution for Offline Multiple Object Tracking
* Gaze Target Estimation Inspired by Interactive Attention
* Geometric Primitive-Guided UAV Path Planning for High-Quality Image-Based Reconstruction
* Geometric Quality Improvement Method of Optical Remote Sensing Satellite Images Based on Rational Function Model
* Ground Filtering Algorithms for Airborne LiDAR Data: A Review of Critical Issues
* H-net: Unsupervised domain adaptation person re-identification network based on hierarchy
* High Performance, Spatiotemporal Statistical Analysis System Based on a Spatiotemporal Cloud Platform, A
* High-Performance Overlay Analysis of Massive Geographic Polygons That Considers Shape Complexity in a Cloud Environment
* High-Resolution Mapping of Freeze/Thaw Status in China via Fusion of MODIS and AMSR2 Data
* Hybrid Method to Estimate Specific Differential Phase and Rainfall With Linear Programming and Physics Constraints, A
* HypLiLoc: Towards Effective LiDAR Pose Regression with Hyperbolic Fusion
* Improving Time-Efficiency of Variational Specific Differential Phase Estimation
* Inexactly Matched Referring Expression Comprehension With Rationale
* Joint Patch and Multi-label Learning for Facial Action Unit and Holistic Expression Recognition
* Joint patch and multi-label learning for facial action unit detection
* Joint Topology-preserving and Feature-refinement Network for Curvilinear Structure Segmentation
* Landmark manifold: Revisiting the Riemannian manifold approach for facial emotion recognition
* Learning an Efficient Multimodal Depth Completion Model
* Learning Facial Action Units from Web Images with Scalable Weakly Supervised Clustering
* LipFormer: High-fidelity and Generalizable Talking Face Generation with A Pre-learned Facial Codebook
* Low-Rank Matrix Approximation with Manifold Regularization
* Manifold convex hull (MACH): Satisfying a need for SPD
* Manifold Enhanced 2-D Fuzzy Subspace Clustering for Image Data
* mDixon-Based Synthetic CT Generation for PET Attenuation Correction on Abdomen and Pelvis Jointly Using Transfer Fuzzy Clustering and Active Learning-Based Classification
* Merged U-Net for Bone Tumors X-Ray Images Segmentation
* Microphysical Characteristics of Three Convective Events with Intense Rainfall Observed by Polarimetric Radar and Disdrometer in Eastern China
* Microwave Unmixing With Video Segmentation for Inferring Broadleaf and Needleleaf Brightness Temperatures and Abundances From Mixed Forest Observations
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on RGB+TOF Depth Completion: Dataset and Report
* MISL: Multi-grained image-text semantic learning for text-guided image inpainting
* multi-label classification approach for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Multi-stage Neural Networks with Single-Sided Classifiers for False Positive Reduction and Its Evaluation Using Lung X-Ray CT Images
* Natural Adversarial Examples
* new method for camera stratified self-calibration under circular motion, A
* Nondestructive Conductivity Estimating Method for Saline-Alkali Land Based on Ground Penetrating Radar, A
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* NTIRE 2023 Quality Assessment of Video Enhancement Challenge
* Object Skeleton Extraction in Natural Images by Fusing Scale-Associated Deep Side Outputs
* Object-Preserving Siamese Network for Single-Object Tracking on Point Clouds
* Omni-supervised joint detection and pose estimation for wild animals
* On Spectral Unmixing Resolution Using Extended Support Vector Machines
* On-Board Real-Time Ship Detection in HISEA-1 SAR Images Based on CFAR and Lightweight Deep Learning
* Optimizing the F-Measure for Threshold-Free Salient Object Detection
* Optimizing the Link Directions of Personal Rapid Transit Network
* Polynomial Trajectory Predictions for Improved Learning Performance
* Predicting Daily Pm2.5 Using Weighted Long Short-term Memory Neural Network Model
* Progressive Refinement Network for Occluded Pedestrian Detection
* Prototype Network for Remote Sensing Validation in China, A
* Proximate control stream assisted video transcoding for heterogeneous content delivery network
* Quality-aware Pretrained Models for Blind Image Quality Assessment
* Quantifying the Impact of NDVIsoil Determination Methods and NDVIsoil Variability on the Estimation of Fractional Vegetation Cover in Northeast China
* Quantitative Analysis of Spectral Response to Soda Saline-Alkali Soil after Cracking Process: A Laboratory Procedure to Improve Soil Property Estimation
* Quantitative Impact of the Arable Land Protection Policy on the Landscape of Farmland Abandonment in Guangdong Province, The
* Random projections on manifolds of Symmetric Positive Definite matrices for image classification
* Realizing Low-Cost Flash Memory Based Video Caching in Content Delivery Systems
* Recognizing micro actions in videos by learning multi-layer local features
* RegularFace: Deep Face Recognition via Exclusive Regularization
* Regularised transfer learning for hyperspectral image classification
* Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on a Modified Self-organizing Neural Network with a Priori Knowledge
* Res2Net: A New Multi-Scale Backbone Architecture
* Research on video classification method of key pollution sources based on deep learning
* Retraining: A Simple Way to Improve the Ensemble Accuracy of Deep Neural Networks for Image Classification
* Retrieval of Vertical Foliage Profile and Leaf Area Index Using Transmitted Energy Information Derived from ICESat GLAS Data
* Retrieving Forest Canopy Elements Clumping Index Using ICESat GLAS Lidar Data
* Revisiting Radial Distortion Rectification in Polar-Coordinates: A New and Efficient Learning Perspective
* Robust Ellipse Fitting Based on Sparse Combination of Data Points
* Robust Graph Neural Diffusion for Image Matching
* Robust visual tracking by embedding combination and weighted-gradient optimization
* Robust Visual Tracking Via An Imbalance-Elimination Mechanism
* RPG-Palm: Realistic Pseudo-data Generation for Palmprint Recognition
* Scene classification for remote sensing images with self-attention augmented CNN
* Shallow-to-Deep Spatial-Spectral Feature Enhancement for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* SID: Incremental learning for anchor-free object detection via Selective and Inter-related Distillation
* Skull Optical Clearing Solution for Enhancing Ultrasonic and Photoacoustic Imaging
* SlideNet: Fast and Accurate Slide Quality Assessment Based on Deep Neural Networks
* Snow Particle Size Distribution From a 2-D Video Disdrometer and Radar Snowfall Estimation in East China
* SOS: Selective Objective Switch for Rapid Immunofluorescence Whole Slide Image Classification
* Structure and appearance preserving network flow for multi-object tracking
* Study on the Quantitative Precipitation Estimation of X-Band Dual-Polarization Phased Array Radar from Specific Differential Phase
* Successively alternate least square for low-rank matrix factorization with bounded missing data
* Synthesizing Diverse Human Motions in 3D Indoor Scenes
* Template matching via bipartite graph and graph attention mechanism
* Translate-to-Recognize Networks for RGB-D Scene Recognition
* Two-Stream Swin Transformer with Differentiable Sobel Operator for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Unsupervised Few-Shot Image Classification by Learning Features into Clustering Space
* Unsupervised Person Re-Identification Based on Measurement Axis
* Using Multi-Source Real Landform Data to Predict and Analyze Intercity Remote Interference of 5G Communication with Ducting and Troposcatter Effects
* Validation of a Multilag Estimator on NJU-CPOL and a Hybrid Approach for Improving Polarimetric Radar Data Quality
* Video Attribute Prototype Network: A New Perspective for Zero-Shot Video Classification
* Zoom-VQA: Patches, Frames and Clips Integration for Video Quality Assessment
Includes: Zhao, K.[Kun] Zhao, K.[Kai] Zhao, K.[Ke] Zhao, K.[Kaili] Zhao, K.[Kaiguang] Zhao, K. Zhao, K.[Kuangyi] Zhao, K.[Kang] Zhao, K.[Kaiyong] Zhao, K.[Kuanyao] Zhao, K.[Kankan] Zhao, K.[Kaikai] Zhao, K.[Kunxu] Zhao, K.[Keke] Zhao, K.[Kaifa] Zhao, K.[Keyang] Zhao, K.[Kejun] Zhao, K.[Kevin] Zhao, K.[Kaijie] Zhao, K.[Kefei] Zhao, K.[Kunrong] Zhao, K.[Keyao] Zhao, K.[Kexin] Zhao, K.[Kaifeng] Zhao, K.[Kaibo]
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Zhao, K.C. Co Author Listing * Construction and Test of Bio-inspired Imaging Polarization Navigation Prototype

Zhao, K.F.[Kai Feng] Co Author Listing * Compositional Human-Scene Interaction Synthesis with Semantic Control
Includes: Zhao, K.F.[Kai Feng] Zhao, K.F.[Kai-Feng]

Zhao, K.G.[Kai Guang] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of the Built-Up Environment on Nighttime Lights in China
* Assessment of the image misregistration effects on object-based change detection
* Bayesian Learning with Gaussian Processes for Supervised Classification of Hyperspectral Data
* From LiDAR Waveforms to Hyper Point Clouds: A Novel Data Product to Characterize Vegetation Structure
* Hierarchical Watershed Segmentation of Canopy Height Model for Multi-Scale Forest Inventory
* Influence of Varying Solar Zenith Angles on Land Surface Phenology Derived from Vegetation Indices: A Case Study in the Harvard Forest
* Mapping fine-scale human disturbances in a working landscape with Landsat time series on Google Earth Engine
* Photogrammetric UAV Mapping of Terrain under Dense Coastal Vegetation: An Object-Oriented Classification Ensemble Algorithm for Classification and Terrain Correction
* Retrieving the gap fraction, element clumping index, and leaf area index of individual trees using single-scan data from a terrestrial laser scanner
Includes: Zhao, K.G.[Kai Guang] Zhao, K.G.[Kai-Guang]
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Zhao, K.K.[Kang Kang] Co Author Listing * RGTransformer: Region-Graph Transformer for Image Representation and Few-Shot Classification
Includes: Zhao, K.K.[Kang Kang] Zhao, K.K.[Kang-Kang]

Zhao, K.L.[Kai Liang] Co Author Listing * GRACE Combined with WSD to Assess the Change in Drought Severity in Arid Asia
* GRACE Data Quantify Water Storage Changes in the Shiyang River Basin, an Inland River in the Arid Zone
* Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Cloud Water in the Yellow River Basin, China
Includes: Zhao, K.L.[Kai Liang] Zhao, K.L.[Kai-Liang]

Zhao, K.Q.[Ke Quan] Co Author Listing * unified model for the sparse optimal scoring problem, A
Includes: Zhao, K.Q.[Ke Quan] Zhao, K.Q.[Ke-Quan]

Zhao, K.S.[Kuang Shi] Co Author Listing * Accelerated 4D Mr Image Reconstruction Using Joint Higher Degree Total Variation And Local Low-Rank Constraints
Includes: Zhao, K.S.[Kuang Shi] Zhao, K.S.[Kuang-Shi]

Zhao, K.X.[Kai Xin] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Spatio-Temporal Variations and Impacts of Factors on Vegetation Water Use Efficiency Using STL Decomposition and Geodetector Method
* Spatial Pattern and Drivers of China's Public Cultural Facilities between 2012 and 2020 Based on POI and Statistical Data
Includes: Zhao, K.X.[Kai Xin] Zhao, K.X.[Kai-Xin] Zhao, K.X.[Kai-Xu]

Zhao, K.Y.[Kong Ya] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Image Super-Resolution via Global-Local Adjusting Dense Network
* Characterizing the Topographic Changes and Land Subsidence Associated with the Mountain Excavation and City Construction on the Chinese Loess Plateau
* Identifying Complex Junctions in a Road Network
* Refinement Co-supervision network for real-time semantic segmentation
Includes: Zhao, K.Y.[Kong Ya] Zhao, K.Y.[Kong-Ya] Zhao, K.Y.[Kuan-Yao] Zhao, K.Y.[Kong-Yang] Zhao, K.Y.[Kai-Yuan]

Zhao, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * 2021 Mw6.7 Lake Hovsgol (Mongolia) Earthquake: Irregular Normal Faulting with Slip Partitioning Controlled by an Adjacent Strike-Slip Fault, The
* 2DCCA: A Novel Method for Small Sample Size Face Recognition
* 3D Measurements in Cargo Inspection with a Gamma-Ray Linear Pushbroom Stereo System
* A3T-GCN: Attention Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Forecasting
* Absolute Orientation Based on Distance Kernel Functions
* Accuracy Evaluation of Ionospheric Delay from Multi-Scale Reference Networks and Its Augmentation to PPP during Low Solar Activity
* Accurate 3D Left-Right Brain Hemisphere Segmentation in MR Images Based on Shape Bottlenecks and Partial Volume Estimation
* Acoustic Word Embedding Based on Multi-Head Attention Quadruplet Network
* Adaptive and Fast CFAR Algorithm Based on Automatic Censoring for Target Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images, An
* Adaptive Hybrid Attention Based Convolutional Neural Net for Intelligent Transportation Object Recognition, An
* Advanced Motion Vector Difference Coding Beyond AV1
* Airborne Gravity Data Denoising Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition: A Case Study for SGA-WZ Greenland Test Data
* Algorithm Based on the Standard Deviation of Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures for Monitoring Soil Surface Freeze/Thaw State on the Tibetan Plateau, An
* AM-GM Algorithm for Evaluating, Analyzing, and Correcting the Spatial Scaling Bias of the Leaf Area Index
* Analysis of Hypersonic Platform-Borne SAR Imaging: A Physical Perspective
* Analysis of the Evolution of Public Sentiment and Spatio-Temporal Dynamics Regarding Building Collapse Accidents Based on Sina Weibo Data, An
* Analysis of the Uniqueness and Similarity of City Landscapes Based on Deep Style Learning
* Application of Surfer Software in the Teaching Practice of Atmospheric Science, The
* Approach on Advanced Unscented Kalman Filter From Mobile Robot-SLAM, An
* Are Multimodal Transformers Robust to Missing Modality?
* Assessing the Defoliation of Pine Forests in a Long Time-Series and Spatiotemporal Prediction of the Defoliation Using Landsat Data
* Assessing the Long-Term Evolution of Abandoned Salinized Farmland via Temporal Remote Sensing Data
* Attention-Based Dense LSTM for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Autofocus Technique for High-Resolution Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery, An
* Automatic Defect Detection of Pavement Diseases
* Automatic Detection of Cerebral Microbleeds From MR Images via 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automatic Identification and Dynamic Monitoring of Open-Pit Mines Based on Improved Mask R-CNN and Transfer Learning
* Automatic Segmentation of Acute Ischemic Stroke From DWI Using 3-D Fully Convolutional DenseNets
* Automatic targeted-domain spatiotemporal event detection in twitter
* Background-Insensitive Scene Text Recognition with Text Semantic Segmentation
* BDS Satellite Clock Prediction Considering Periodic Variations
* BETA: Beacon-Based Traffic-Aware Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Blind spectral unmixing based on sparse component analysis for hyperspectral remote sensing imagery
* Boosting landmark retrieval baseline with burstiness detection
* Bridging the Gap between Spatial and Spectral Domains: A Unified Framework for Graph Neural Networks
* Building Extraction from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data with Density of Projected Points on Polar Grid and Adaptive Threshold
* CDADNet: Context-guided dense attentional dilated network for crowd counting
* Cformer: An underwater image enhancement hybrid network combining convolution and transformer
* Characteristics of Freeze-Thaw Cycles in an Endorheic Basin on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on SBAS-InSAR Technology
* Childhood Leukemia Classification via Information Bottleneck Enhanced Hierarchical Multi-Instance Learning
* Closed-Form Solution of Principal Line for Camera Calibration Based on Orthogonal Vanishing Points
* Closely Coupled Object Detection and Segmentation
* Cloud-Device Collaborative Adaptation to Continual Changing Environments in the Real-World
* Co-polarization channel imbalance phase estimation by corner-reflector-like targets
* Coherent Auto-Calibration of APE and NsRCM under Fast Back-Projection Image Formation for Airborne SAR Imaging in Highly-Squint Angle
* COIN: A Large-Scale Dataset for Comprehensive Instructional Video Analysis
* Colour morphological operators based on formal concept analysis
* Combining Fractional Cover Images with One-Class Classifiers Enables Near Real-Time Monitoring of Fallows in the Northern Grains Region of Australia
* Compact Band Weighting Module Based on Attention-Driven for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Compact Polarimetric Response of Rape (Brassica napus L.) at C-Band: Analysis and Growth Parameters Inversion
* Comparative Study of Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Bagging PU Learning in Class-Prior Probability Shift Datasets, A
* Comparison of Different Machine Learning Methods to Reconstruct Daily Evapotranspiration Time Series Estimated by Thermal-Infrared Remote Sensing, A
* Complete three-phase detection framework for identifying abnormal cervical cells
* COMPOSER: Compositional Reasoning of Group Activity in Videos with Keypoint-Only Modality
* Concrete CT Image Segmentation Using Modified Metropolis Dynamics
* Connecting Subspace Learning and Extreme Learning Machine in Speech Emotion Recognition
* Continuity Enhancement Method for Real-Time PPP Based on Zero-Baseline Constraint of Multi-Receiver
* Convergence comparison of least squares based bearing-only SLAM algorithms using different landmark parametrizations
* Cooperative Multitask Learning for Sparsity-Driven SAR Imagery and Nonsystematic Error Autocalibration
* CPM: A general feature dependency pattern mining framework for contrast multivariate time series
* Creative and diverse artwork generation using adversarial networks
* Cryptanalysis on an Image Scrambling Encryption Scheme Based on Pixel Bit
* Cultivated Land Quality Evaluated Using the RNN Algorithm Based on Multisource Data
* Deep Dive into Gradients: Better Optimization for 3D Object Detection with Gradient-Corrected IoU Supervision
* Deep Fusion uNet for Mapping Forests at Tree Species Levels with Multi-Temporal High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, A
* Deep Learning-Based Forgery Attack on Document Images
* Deep Symmetric Network for Underexposed Image Enhancement with Recurrent Attentional Learning
* Deeply-Learned Part-Aligned Representations for Person Re-identification
* DeepSaliency: Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Model for Salient Object Detection
* Detail enhancement of image super-resolution based on detail synthesis
* Detecting and Analyzing the Displacement of a Small-Magnitude Earthquake Cluster in Rong County, China by the GACOS Based InSAR Technology
* DGS-SLAM: A Fast and Robust RGBD SLAM in Dynamic Environments Combined by Geometric and Semantic Information
* Diurnal Response of Sun-Induced Fluorescence and PRI to Water Stress in Maize Using a Near-Surface Remote Sensing Platform
* Diverse Image Style Transfer via Invertible Cross-Space Mapping
* Diversified Arbitrary Style Transfer via Deep Feature Perturbation
* Diversified text-to-image generation via deep mutual information estimation
* Double Propagation Stereo Matching for Urban 3-D Reconstruction From Satellite Imagery
* DPSDA-Net: Dual-Path Convolutional Neural Network with Strip Dilated Attention Module for Road Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Dressed Human Modeling, Detection, and Parts Localization
* Driver drowsiness detection using facial dynamic fusion information and a DBN
* DSPOTE: Density-induced Selection Probability-based Oversampling TEchnique for Imbalanced Learning
* Dual Alignment Self-Supervised Incomplete Multi-View Subspace Clustering Network
* Dual-Perspective Fusion Network for Aspect-Based Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* DualAST: Dual Style-Learning Networks for Artistic Style Transfer
* dynamic slice control scheme for slice-parallel video encoding, A
* dynamical model with adaptive pixel moving for microarray images segmentation, A
* Effective Fingerprint-Based Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on Extreme Values, An
* effective two-dimensional linear discriminant analysis with locality preserving approach for image recognition, An
* Effects of Coherence Calculation on Forest Height Estimation Using Sinc Model, The
* Effects of Ecological Programs and Other Factors on Soil Wind Erosion between 1981-2020
* Efficient Algorithm of Facial Expression Recognition by Tsg-rnn Network, An
* efficient algorithm to compute eigenimages in PCA-based vision systems, An
* efficient algorithm to solve the small sample size problem for LDA, An
* Efficient and High Path Quality Autonomous Exploration and Trajectory Planning of UAV in an Unknown Environment
* Efficient image completion method based on alternating direction theory
* efficient key-frame-free prediction method for MGS of H.264/SVC, An
* Efficient Procedure for Removing Random-Valued Impulse Noise in Images, An
* Efficient Screen Content Coding Based on Convolutional Neural Network Guided by a Large-Scale Database
* Enabling the Big Earth Observation Data via Cloud Computing and DGGS: Opportunities and Challenges
* Encoding multi-granularity structural information for joint Chinese word segmentation and POS tagging
* End-to-End Deep Fusion Model for Mapping Forests at Tree Species Levels with High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, An
* Enhanced Ctu-Level Inter Prediction with Deep Frame Rate Up-Conversion for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Enhanced ISAR Imaging by Exploiting the Continuity of the Target Scene
* Enhanced Motion-Compensated Video Coding With Deep Virtual Reference Frame Generation
* Enhanced Surveillance Video Compression With Dual Reference Frames Generation
* Enhanced Temporal Motion Derivation Beyond VVC
* Establishment and Extension of a Fast Descriptor for Point Cloud Registration
* Estimating Human Pose Efficiently by Parallel Pyramid Networks
* Estimating Surface Soil Heat Flux in Permafrost Regions Using Remote Sensing-Based Models on the Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau under Clear-Sky Conditions
* Estimation of Dry Matter and N Nutrient Status of Choy Sum by Analyzing Canopy Images and Plant Height Information
* Estimation of Soil Heavy Metal Content Using Hyperspectral Data
* Evaluate and improve the quality of neural style transfer
* Evaluating the Impact of Soil Enthalpy upon the Thawing Process of the Active Layer in Permafrost Regions of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using CLM5.0
* Evaluating the Performance of Sentinel-3A OLCI Land Products for Gross Primary Productivity Estimation Using AmeriFlux Data
* Evaluation of Original and Water Stress-Incorporated Modified Weather Research and Forecasting Vegetation Photosynthesis and Respiration Model in Simulating CO2 Flux and Concentration Variability over the Tibetan Plateau
* Evaluation of Reasonable Stocking Rate Based on the Relative Contribution of Climate Change and Grazing Activities to the Productivity of Alpine Grasslands in Qinghai Province
* Evaluation of the Performance of CLM5.0 in Soil Hydrothermal Dynamics in Permafrost Regions on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Evaluation of Three Long-Term Remotely Sensed Precipitation Estimates for Meteorological Drought Monitoring over China
* Event Prediction in the Big Data Era: A Systematic Survey
* Exemplar based Deep Discriminative and Shareable Feature Learning for scene image classification
* Exemplar-Based Denoising: A Unified Low-Rank Recovery Framework
* Exploiting Unlabeled Data with Vision and Language Models for Object Detection
* Exploring Dynamic Routing As A Pooling Layer
* Exploring Zero-Shot Emotion Recognition in Speech Using Semantic-Embedding Prototypes
* Extraction of Rocky Desertification Information in the Karst Area Based on the Red-NIR-SWIR Spectral Feature Space
* Extraction of Street Curbs from Mobile Laser Scanning Data in Urban Areas, The
* Eye-Gaze-Guided Vision Transformer for Rectifying Shortcut Learning
* Face recognition using common faces method
* fast intra coding algorithm for HEVC, A
* Fast intra-encoding algorithm for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Fast mode decision algorithm for intra prediction in HEVC
* Fast Signal Timing Algorithm for Individual Oversaturated Intersections, A
* Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning via Class-Aware Bilateral Distillation
* Fisher discrimination-based L_2,1-norm sparse representation for face recognition
* Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation Using Multi-Features Extracted by Fitting Vertical Backscattered Power Profile of Tomographic SAR
* Forest Height Estimation Approach Combining P-Band and X-Band Interferometric SAR Data
* Forest height retrieval using P-band airborne multi-baseline SAR data: A novel phase compensation method
* From External to Internal: Structuring Image for Text-to-Image Attributes Manipulation
* FTS: a feature-preserving trajectory synthesis model
* Fuzzy self-adaptive proportional-integral-derivative control strategy for ramp metering at distance downstream bottlenecks
* Gamma/X-ray linear pushbroom stereo for 3D cargo inspection
* Generalized pyramid co-attention with learnable aggregation net for video question answering
* Geometric Accuracy Evaluation of the Zy-3 Stereo Mapping Satellite For 8 Years
* Geometry-Aware Scene Text Detection with Instance Transformation Network
* Global Matching with Overlapping Attention for Optical Flow Estimation
* Global semantic enhancement network for video captioning
* GLStyleNet: exquisite style transfer combining global and local pyramid features
* Ground Deformation and Permafrost Degradation in the Source Region of the Yellow River, in the Northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* GSAP: A Global Structure Attention Pooling Method for Graph-Based Visual Place Recognition
* GuessWhich? Visual dialog with attentive memory network
* Guided filter-based images fusion algorithm for CT and MRI medical images
* Handwritten Data Clustering Using Agents Competition in Networks
* Heterogeneous Feature Selection With Multi-Modal Deep Neural Networks and Sparse Group LASSO
* Heterogeneous Knowledge Network for Visual Dialog
* HexTile: A Hexagonal DGGS-Based Map Tile Algorithm for Visualizing Big Remote Sensing Data in Spark
* HFA-GTNet: Hierarchical Fusion Adaptive Graph Transformer network for dance action recognition
* Hierarchical Classification of Polarimetric SAR Image Based on Statistical Region Merging
* Hierarchical Semantic Structure Preserving Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Hierarchically Self-supervised Transformer for Human Skeleton Representation Learning
* High Efficient Implementation of Image Matching Algorithm
* High-Accuracy Real-Time Kinematic Positioning with Multiple Rover Receivers Sharing Common Clock
* High-precision rotation angle measurement method based on monocular vision
* Hippocampus Segmentation Based on Iterative Local Linear Mapping With Representative and Local Structure-Preserved Feature Embedding
* HSI-BERT: Hyperspectral Image Classification Using the Bidirectional Encoder Representation From Transformers
* Human body pose estimation using silhouette shape analysis
* Hybrid attention mechanism for few-shot relational learning of knowledge graphs
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Dense Pyramidal Convolution and Multi-Feature Fusion
* Hyperspectral Images Weakly Supervised Classification with Noisy Labels
* Hyperspectral Unmixing Network Accounting for Spectral Variability Based on a Modified Scaled and a Perturbed Linear Mixing Model
* Image deformation based on contour using moving integral least squares
* Image Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures with Gaussian-Hermite PDF in Steerable Pyramid Domain
* Image Denoising Using Trivariate Shrinkage Filter in the Wavelet Domain and Joint Bilateral Filter in the Spatial Domain
* Image Noise Reduction via Geometric Multiscale Ridgelet Support Vector Transform and Dictionary Learning
* Impact of Global Warming on Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity: A Numerical Investigation
* Impact of the Spatial Domain Size on the Performance of the Ts-VI Triangle Method in Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Estimation
* Improved Generalized Hierarchical Estimation Framework with Geostatistics for Mapping Forest Parameters and Its Uncertainty: A Case Study of Forest Canopy Height, An
* Improved Intra Coding Beyond AV1 Using Adaptive Prediction Angles and Reference Lines
* Improved intra transform skip mode in HEVC
* Improved Multi-GNSS PPP Partial Ambiguity Resolution Method Based on Two-Step Sorting Criterion
* Improved Three-Step Semi-Empirical Radiometric Terrain Correction Approach for Supervised Classification of PolSAR Data, The
* Improvement of the Radiative Transfer Model Component of a Land Data Assimilation System and Its Validation on Different Land Characteristics, An
* Improving Estimation of Soil Moisture Content Using a Modified Soil Thermal Inertia Model
* Improving the Triple-Carrier Ambiguity Resolution with a New Ionosphere-Free and Variance-Restricted Method
* Incomplete Multi-View Clustering With Complete View Guidance
* Incremental multi-view correlated feature learning based on non-negative matrix factorisation
* Influence of FY-4A High-Frequency LST Data on Data Assimilation in a Climate Model, The
* Informative Feature Disentanglement for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Initial Performance Evaluation of Mixed Multi-Frequency Undifferenced and Uncombined BDS-2/3 Precise Point Positioning under Urban Environmental Conditions, The
* InSAR 3-D Coseismic Displacement Field of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Nepal Earthquake: Insights into Complex Fault Kinematics during the Event
* InSAR Constrained Downdip and Updip Afterslip Following the 2015 Nepal Earthquake: New Insights into Moment Budget of the Main Himalayan Thrust
* Inspection and Image Analysis of Nickel Sulphide Inclusions in Toughened Glass Panels
* Instance recognition of street trees from urban point clouds using a three-stage neural network
* Integrating parametric and non-parametric models for scene labeling
* Integrating prediction and reconstruction for anomaly detection
* Intelligent Content Caching Strategy in Autonomous Driving Toward 6G
* Inter-annual Difference of Land Surface Phenology (LSP) Transaction Dates Using Time Series Landsat Images
* Investigating the Impact of Using IR Bands on Early Fire Smoke Detection from Landsat Imagery with a Lightweight CNN Model
* Investigation Into the Stochasticity of Batch Whitening, An
* Investigation of a Small Landslide in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by InSAR and Absolute Deformation Model
* Irrigation Cooling Effect on Local Temperatures in the North China Plain Based on an Improved Detection Method
* Iterative figure-ground discrimination
* Joint Patch Weighting and Moment Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Micro-Expression Recognition
* JSNet++: Dynamic Filters and Pointwise Correlation for 3D Point Cloud Instance and Semantic Segmentation
* Kalman Filter for Spatial-Temporal Regularized Correlation Filters
* Knowledge As Priors: Cross-Modal Knowledge Generalization for Datasets Without Superior Knowledge
* KST-GCN: A Knowledge-Driven Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Forecasting
* L2-SIFT: SIFT feature extraction and matching for large images in large-scale aerial photogrammetry
* LandQv2: A MapReduce-Based System for Processing Arable Land Quality Big Data
* Landslide Deformation Extraction from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data with Weighted Least Squares Regularization Iteration Solution
* Laplacian Salience-Gated Feature Pyramid Network for Accurate Liver Vessel Segmentation
* Large-scale monocular SLAM by local bundle adjustment and map joining
* Large-scale point cloud contour extraction via 3D guided multi-conditional generative adversarial network
* Learn from each other to Classify better: Cross-layer mutual attention learning for fine-grained visual classification
* Learning a Two-Dimensional Fuzzy Discriminant Locality Preserving Subspace for Visual Recognition
* Learning best views of 3D shapes from sketch contour
* Learning Discriminative and Shareable Features for Scene Classification
* Learning Dual Multi-Scale Manifold Ranking for Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Images
* Learning from Semantic Alignment between Unpaired Multiviews for Egocentric Video Recognition
* Learning Object Detectors With Semi-Annotated Weak Labels
* Learning Spatial-Temporal Embeddings for Sequential Point Cloud Frame Interpolation
* Learning to Acquire the Quality of Human Pose Estimation
* Learning to Forecast and Refine Residual Motion for Image-to-Video Generation
* Learning to Learn Single Domain Generalization
* Learning View-Disentangled Human Pose Representation by Contrastive Cross-View Mutual Information Maximization
* Leveraging Prior-Knowledge for Weakly Supervised Object Detection Under a Collaborative Self-Paced Curriculum Learning Framework
* LIF-Seg: LiDAR and Camera Image Fusion for 3D LiDAR Semantic Segmentation
* Line matching based on planar homography for stereo aerial images
* Linear Mixture Analysis for Hyperspectral Imagery in the Presence of Less Prevalent Materials
* Linear SFM: A hierarchical approach to solving structure-from-motion problems by decoupling the linear and nonlinear components
* Locally nearest neighbor classifiers for pattern classification
* Long-Term Changes in Water Body Area Dynamic and Driving Factors in the Middle-Lower Yangtze Plain Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* LPR-Net: Recognizing Chinese license plate in complex environments
* LSTM-Based Remote Sensing Inversion of Largescale Sand Wave Topography of the Taiwan Banks
* Machine learning methods for research highlight prediction in biomedical effects of nanomaterial application
* MAGI: Multi-Annotated Explanation-Guided Learning
* MAGVA: An Open-Set Fault Diagnosis Model Based on Multi-Hop Attentive Graph Variational Autoencoder for Autonomous Vehicles
* Mapping Surficial Soil Particle Size Fractions in Alpine Permafrost Regions of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* MCANet: Multiscale Cross-Modality Attention Network for Multispectral Pedestrian Detection
* Method for Correcting the Closest Point of Approach Index During Vessel Encounters Based on Dimension Data From AIS, A
* Mining Multi-View Clustering Space With Interpretable Space Search Constraint
* MixNet: A Better Promising Approach for Chromosome Classification based on Aggregated Residual Architecture
* Mode-dependent pixel-wise motion refinement for HEVC
* model-based approach for human head-and-shoulder segmentation, A
* Modified two-dimensional Otsu image segmentation algorithm and fast realisation
* More Than Just Attention: Improving Cross-Modal Attentions with Contrastive Constraints for Image-Text Matching
* Mosaic image method: a local and global method
* Motif Discovery and Feature Selection for CRF-based Activity Recognition
* Multi-Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Video Deblurring
* Multi-dimensional Graph Neural Network for Sequential Recommendation
* Multi-focus image fusion with Geometrical Sparse Representation
* Multi-instance learning via instance-based and bag-based representation transformations
* Multi-label Aerial Image Classification Based on Image-Specific Concept Graphs
* Multi-scale Residual Interaction for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Multi-Site Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2019 Challenge
* Multi-task learning for object keypoints detection and classification
* multi-view object tracking using triplet model, A
* Multi-View Robust Feature Learning for Data Clustering
* Multilabel Aerial Image Classification With a Concept Attention Graph Neural Network
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Multimodal medical image fusion based on the spectral total variation and local structural patch measurement
* Multiple feature subspaces analysis for single sample per person face recognition
* Multiple-Instance Learning with Empirical Estimation Guided Instance Selection
* Mvfi-net: Motion-aware Video Frame Interpolation Network
* New Adaptable All-in-One Strategy for Estimating Advanced Tropospheric Parameters and Using Real-Time Orbits and Clocks
* New Method for Estimating Soil Fertility Using Extreme Gradient Boosting and a Backpropagation Neural Network, A
* New Scrambling Evaluation Scheme Based on Spatial Distribution Entropy and Centroid Difference of Bit-Plane, A
* Non-local Method for Robust Noisy Image Completion, A
* non-supervised method for shoreline extraction using high resolution SAR image, A
* Novel Cost Optimization Strategy for SDN-Enabled UAV-Assisted Vehicular Computation Offloading, A
* Novel Deep Q-Learning-Based Air-Assisted Vehicular Caching Scheme for Safe Autonomous Driving, A
* novel hybrid model of ARIMA-MCC and CKDE-GARCH for urban short-term traffic flow prediction, A
* Novel Low-Cost GNSS Solution for the Real-Time Deformation Monitoring of Cable Saddle Pushing: A Case Study of Guojiatuo Suspension Bridge, A
* Novel Prediction-Based Temporal Graph Routing Algorithm for Software-Defined Vehicular Networks, A
* Object proposal by multi-branch hierarchical segmentation
* Object-Based Markov Random Field with Partition-Global Alternately Updated for Semantic Segmentation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image, An
* Occlusion Aware Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow
* Ocean Wind and Current Retrievals Based on Satellite SAR Measurements in Conjunction with Buoy and HF Radar Data
* On Characteristics and Mixing Effects of Internal Solitary Waves in the Northern Yellow Sea as Revealed by Satellite and In Situ Observations
* One-Stage Image Inpainting with Hybrid Attention
* Online flu epidemiological deep modeling on disease contact network
* OrtDet: An Orientation Robust Detector via Transformer for Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Out-of-Domain Generalization From a Single Source: An Uncertainty Quantification Approach
* Parallel AMVP candidate list construction for HEVC
* Partition-Based Detection of Urban Villages Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery in Guangzhou, China, A
* PAR^2Net: End-to-End Panoramic Image Reflection Removal
* PDA: Proxy-based domain adaptation for few-shot image recognition
* Pedestrian Classification from Moving Platforms Using Cyclic Motion Pattern
* Pedestrian Crossing Intention Prediction From Surveillance Videos for Over-the-Horizon Safety Warning
* Performance Analysis of Zero-Difference GPS L1/L2/L5 and Galileo E1/E5a/E5b/E6 Point Positioning Using CNES Uncombined Bias Products
* Performance Evaluation of Troposphere Estimated from Galileo-Only Multi-Frequency Observations
* Performance of Airborne C-Band PolInSAR Data on Forest Growth Stage Types Classification, The
* Performance of GLASS and MODIS Satellite Albedo Products in Diagnosing Albedo Variations during Different Time Scales and Special Weather Conditions in the Tibetan Plateau
* Permafrost Ground Ice Melting and Deformation Time Series Revealed by Sentinel-1 InSAR in the Tanggula Mountain Region on the Tibetan Plateau
* Persistent Stereo Visual Localization on Cross-Modal Invariant Map
* Point-to-Surface Upscaling Algorithms for Snow Depth Ground Observations
* Polarimetric calibration for the distributed Gaofen-3 product by an improved unitary zero helix framework
* Polarimetric SAR Calibration and Residual Error Estimation When Corner Reflectors Are Unavailable
* Pose Estimation of Non-Cooperative Space Targets Based on Cross-Source Point Cloud Fusion
* Position-Domain Non-Gaussian Error Overbounding for ARAIM
* Precision Evaluation Index System for Remote Sensing Data Sampling Based on Hexagonal Discrete Grids, A
* PRED: A Parallel Network for Handling Multiple Degradations via Single Model in Single Image Super-Resolution
* Prediction of Cross-Regional Landslide Susceptibility Based on Pixel Transfer Learning, The
* Prediction of Soil Nutrient Contents Using Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
* Proof and Application of Discriminating Ocean Oil Spills and Seawater Based on Polarization Ratio Using Quad-Polarization Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Pseudo 2D String Matching Technique for High Efficiency Screen Content Coding
* Pulmonary nodule risk classification in adenocarcinoma from CT images using deep CNN with scale transfer module
* Pyramid Channel-based Feature Attention Network for image dehazing
* Qualitative and Quantitative Car Tracking from a Range Image Sequence
* Race to Improve Radar Imagery: An overview of recent progress in statistical sparsity-based techniques, The
* Radiometric Terrain Correction Method Based on RPC Model for Polarimetric SAR Data
* Random Forest Model for Drought: Monitoring and Validation for Grassland Drought Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data, A
* Random Matching Pursuit for Image Watermarking
* Rape (Brassica napus L.) Growth Monitoring and Mapping Based on Radarsat-2 Time-Series Data
* Rapid, Accurate and Machine-Agnostic Segmentation and Quantification Method for CT-Based COVID-19 Diagnosis, A
* Rate-Scalable Object-Based Wavelet Codec with Implicit Shape Coding
* Real-Time Face Recognition using Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization for LDA
* Real-time head orientation estimation using neural networks
* Real-Time Moving Object Segmentation and Classification From HEVC Compressed Surveillance Video
* Real-Time Scene-Aware LiDAR Point Cloud Compression Using Semantic Prior Representation
* Real-Time Source Modeling of the 2022 Mw 6.6 Menyuan, China Earthquake with High-Rate GNSS Observations
* Rear-End Collision Risk Evaluation and Control Scheme Using a Bayesian Network Model, A
* Region Adaptive Inter-Color Prediction Approach to RGB 4:4:4 Intra Coding
* Reliable and Scalable Routing Under Hybrid SDVN Architecture: A Graph Learning Based Method
* Remote Sensing Extraction of Lakes on the Tibetan Plateau Based on the Google Earth Engine and Deep Learning
* Remote Sensing-Detected Changes in Precipitation over the Source Region of Three Rivers in the Recent Two Decades
* Representation learning of image composition for aesthetic prediction
* Research on Blunder Detection Methods of Pseudorange Observation in GNSS Observation Domain
* Research on SVM Based Classification for Welding Defects in Radiographic Testing
* Response of Vegetation to Regional Climate Change on the Tibetan Plateau Based on Remote Sensing Products and the Dynamic Global Vegetation Model, The
* Rethinking Fast Fourier Convolution in Image Inpainting
* Rethinking Multi-Contrast MRI Super-Resolution: Rectangle-Window Cross-Attention Transformer and Arbitrary-Scale Upsampling
* Retrieving Soil Moisture in the Permafrost Environment by Sentinel-1/2 Temporal Data on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Risk Assessment of Urban Floods Based on a SWMM-MIKE21-Coupled Model Using GF-2 Data
* Robust power line extraction from aerial image using object-based Gaussian-Markov random field with gravity property parameters
* Robust Scheme for Sparse Reflectivity Recovering From Uniformly Quantized Seismic Data, A
* S2R-tree: a pivot-based indexing structure for semantic-aware spatial keyword search
* Salience based hierarchical fuzzy representation for object recognition
* Salient Feature Extraction Algorithm for Speech Emotion Recognition, A
* Scale and Landscape Features Matter for Understanding Waterbird Habitat Selection
* Scatter Matrix Based Domain Adaptation for Bi-Temporal Polarimetric SAR Images
* Sea Ice Detection from RADARSAT-2 Quad-Polarization SAR Imagery Based on Co- and Cross-Polarization Ratio
* Segmentation and Appearance Model Building from an Image Sequence
* Semantic Graph Convolutional Networks for 3D Human Pose Regression
* Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Cloud Based on Spatial Eight-Quadrant Kernel Convolution
* Semi-Decoupled Partitioning for Video Coding Beyond AV1
* Shape From Polarization With Distant Lighting Estimation
* Shape matching algorithm based on shape contexts
* Ship Detection and Feature Visualization Analysis Based on Lightweight CNN in VH and VV Polarization Images
* Signal restoration combining Tikhonov regularization and multilevel method with thresholding strategy
* Simplified AMVP for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Simulation and Assessment of Daily Evapotranspiration in the Heihe River Basin over a Long Time Series Based on TSEB-SM
* Single Image Haze Removal Based on a Simple Additive Model With Haze Smoothness Prior
* SIRV-Based High-Resolution PolSAR Image Speckle Suppression via Dual-Domain Filtering
* Size and Location Matter: A New Baseline for Salient Object Detection
* Skellam distribution based adaptive two-stage non-local methods for photon-limited poisson noisy image reconstruction
* Small-Sized Ship Detection Nearshore Based on Lightweight Active Learning Model with a Small Number of Labeled Data for SAR Imagery
* Soil Moisture Calibration Equations for Active Layer GPR Detection: A Case Study Specially for the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Permafrost Regions
* Soil Texture and Its Relationship with Environmental Factors on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Sparse-Based Transformer Network With Associated Spatiotemporal Feature for Micro-Expression Recognition, A
* Spatial Correlations of Land Use Carbon Emissions in Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration: A Perspective from City Level Using Remote Sensing Data
* Spatial Event Forecasting in Social Media With Geographically Hierarchical Regularization
* Spatiotemporal Patterns and Regional Differences in Soil Thermal Conductivity on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Spatiotemporal Variations of Soil Temperature at 10 and 50 cm Depths in Permafrost Regions along the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor
* Spectral Features Based on Local Hu Moments of Gabor Spectrograms for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Speech Denoising and Compensation for Hearing Aids Using an FTCRN-Based Metric GAN
* SPIDER: A Social Computing Inspired Predictive Routing Scheme for Softwarized Vehicular Networks
* SpineParseNet: Spine Parsing for Volumetric MR Image by a Two-Stage Segmentation Framework With Semantic Image Representation
* Spring Phenology Outweighs Temperature for Controlling the Autumn Phenology in the Yellow River Basin
* Statistical Evaluation of the Performance of Gridded Daily Precipitation Products from Reanalysis Data, Satellite Estimates, and Merged Analyses over Global Land
* Stereo Matching and 3D Visualization for Gamma-Ray Cargo Inspection
* Stereo- and neural network-based pedestrian detection
* Study of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Retrieval Method Based on Normalized Sensitivity
* Study of the Buried Basin C-H, Based on the Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* StyleDiffusion: Controllable Disentangled Style Transfer via Diffusion Models
* Super Augmented Nested Arrays: A New Sparse Array for Improved DOA Estimation Accuracy
* Superpixels extracted via region fusion with boundary constraint
* Superresolution SAR Imaging Algorithm Based on MVM and Weighted Norm Extrapolation
* Sustainable and Transferable Traffic Sign Recognition for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* SVASeg: Sparse Voxel-Based Attention for 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Synchronous Control of Vehicle Following Behavior and Distance Under the Safe and Efficient Steady-Following State: Two Case Studies of High-Speed Train Following Control
* Systematic Survey on Deep Generative Models for Graph Generation, A
* T-GCN: A Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Prediction
* Task-specific Inconsistency Alignment for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* TCM-Net: Mixed Global-Local Learning for Salient Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Tensor Subspace Learning and Classification: Tensor Local Discriminant Embedding for Hyperspectral Image
* Theoretical analysis of illumination in PCA-based vision systems
* Thermal Responses of the Largest Freshwater Lake in the Tibetan Plateau and Its Nearby Saline Lake to Climate Change
* Three-Step Semi-Empirical Radiometric Terrain Correction Approach for PolSAR Data Applied to Forested Areas
* Time-Oriented Joint Clustering and UAV Trajectory Planning in UAV-Assisted WSNs: Leveraging Parallel Transmission and Variable Velocity Scheme
* Towards Image-to-Video Translation: A Structure-Aware Approach via Multi-stage Generative Adversarial Networks
* Towards Interactive Facial Image Inpainting by Text or Exemplar Image
* Tracking Human Pose Using Max-Margin Markov Models
* Two-Level Integrity-Monitoring Method for Multi-Source Information Fusion Navigation
* UCTGAN: Diverse Image Inpainting Based on Unsupervised Cross-Space Translation
* Ultra-Low Complexity and High Efficiency Approach for Lossless Alpha Channel Coding, An
* Uncertainty Quantification of Satellite Soil Moisture Retrieved Precipitation in the Central Tibetan Plateau
* Unified Density-aware Image Dehazing and Object Detection in Real-world Hazy Scenes
* Unified Object Detection Framework for Intelligent Retail Container Commodities, A
* Unified Visual Relationship Detection with Vision and Language Models
* Unitary Algorithm for Nonseparable Linear Canonical Transforms Applied to Iterative Phase Retrieval
* Universal String Matching Approach to Screen Content Coding, A
* Unsupervised Multiview Nonnegative Correlated Feature Learning for Data Clustering
* Unsupervised Optical Flow Estimation for Lidar Image Sequences, An
* URNet: A U-Shaped Residual Network for Lightweight Image Super-Resolution
* Using Anatomic Magnetic Resonance Image Information to Enhance Visualization and Interpretation of Functional Images: A Comparison of Methods Applied to Clinical Arterial Spin Labeling Images
* Using the whole body for multi-channel gestural interface
* Vegetation Mapping in the Permafrost Region: A Case Study on the Central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Vertebrae Identification and Localization Utilizing Fully Convolutional Networks and a Hidden Markov Model
* Vessel segmentation using prior shape based on tensor analysis for inhomogeneous intensity and weak-edge images
* Video Deblurring via Spatiotemporal Pyramid Network and Adversarial Gradient Prior
* View-invariant Probabilistic Embedding for Human Pose
* View-Invariant, Occlusion-Robust Probabilistic Embedding for Human Pose
* Visual question answering with attention transfer and a cross-modal gating mechanism
* When Multi-Focus Image Fusion Networks Meet Traditional Edge-Preservation Technology
* Zonation of Mountain Frozen Ground under Aspect Adjustment Revealed by Ground-Penetrating Radar Survey: A Case Study of a Small Catchment in the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River, Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, The
Includes: Zhao, L.[Li] Zhao, L.[Ling] Zhao, L.[Liang] Zhao, L.[Lewen] Zhao, L.[Lu] Zhao, L.[Lasheng] Zhao, L. Zhao, L.[Lin] Zhao, L.[Lei] Zhao, L.[Long] Zhao, L.[Liya] Zhao, L.[Langyue] Zhao, L.[Lingran] Zhao, L.[Lili] Zhao, L.[Lidu] Zhao, L.[Liebin] Zhao, L.[Lingli] Zhao, L.[Lifan] Zhao, L.[Lulu] Zhao, L.[Leyang] Zhao, L.[Like] Zhao, L.[Lindu] Zhao, L.[Lanlin] Zhao, L.[Longshan] Zhao, L.[Linglan] Zhao, L.[Lingna] Zhao, L.[Liaoying] Zhao, L.[Lingjun] Zhao, L.[Longjiao] Zhao, L.[Liu] Zhao, L.[Lina] Zhao, L.[Letian] Zhao, L.[Liangbin] Zhao, L.[Liyue] Zhao, L.[Linchang] Zhao, L.[Leina] Zhao, L.[Le] Zhao, L.[Lijiang] Zhao, L.[Lidong] Zhao, L.[Lanxin] Zhao, L.[Libo]
415 for Zhao, L.

Zhao, L.B.[Liang Bo] Co Author Listing * Phase Imbalance Analysis of GF-3 Along-Track InSAR Data and Ocean Current Measurements
* Phase Mismatch Calibration for Dual-Channel Sliding Spotlight SAR-GMTI
* Quality Control of DLG and MAP Product
* Robust Clutter Suppression and Radial Velocity Estimation for High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR-GMTI
* Study on the Quality Control Methods of Cluster-Based Remote Sensing Image Processing
Includes: Zhao, L.B.[Liang Bo] Zhao, L.B.[Liang-Bo] Zhao, L.B.

Zhao, L.C.[Li Chen] Co Author Listing * 3DJCG: A Unified Framework for Joint Dense Captioning and Visual Grounding on 3D Point Clouds
* 3DVG-Transformer: Relation Modeling for Visual Grounding on Point Clouds
* Color Channel Fusion Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Combining Spectral and Textural Information from UAV RGB Images for Leaf Area Index Monitoring in Kiwifruit Orchard
* Efficient Method for Estimating Wheat Heading Dates Using UAV Images, An
* Finer Classification of Crops by Fusing UAV Images and Sentinel-2A Data
* In-season crop type identification using optimal feature knowledge graph
* Integrating the Continuous Wavelet Transform and a Convolutional Neural Network to Identify Vineyard Using Time Series Satellite Images
* Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle from Two Orthogonal Projections
* robust image representation method against illumination and occlusion variations, A
* Siamese networks with an online reweighted example for imbalanced data learning
* Toward Explainable 3D Grounded Visual Question Answering: A New Benchmark and Strong Baseline
* Transformer3D-Det: Improving 3D Object Detection by Vote Refinement
* VL-SAT: Visual-Linguistic Semantics Assisted Training for 3D Semantic Scene Graph Prediction in Point Cloud
Includes: Zhao, L.C.[Li Chen] Zhao, L.C.[Li-Chen] Zhao, L.C.[Ling-Chao] Zhao, L.C.[Long-Cai] Zhao, L.C.[Li-Cheng] Zhao, L.C. Zhao, L.C.[Lin-Chang]
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Zhao, L.F.[Li Fei] Co Author Listing * Cross-Dimension Attention Guided Self-Supervised Remote Sensing Single-Image Super-Resolution
* Dictionary learning and similarity regularization based image noise reduction
* GCT: Graph Co-Training for Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Learning
* Hierarchical Sparse Signal Recovery by Variational Bayesian Inference
* Improved Auto-Calibration Algorithm Based on Sparse Bayesian Learning Framework, An
* Multi-mode human-machine cooperative control for lane departure prevention based on steering assistance and differential braking
* Novel Approach for Storm Detection Based on 3-D Radar Image Data, A
* Quasi-Polar-Based FFBP Algorithm for Miniature UAV SAR Imaging Without Navigational Data
* Saliency-Guided Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution
* SAR Ground Moving Target Imaging Algorithm Based on Parametric and Dynamic Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Three-Dimensional Simulation Model for Synergistically Simulating Urban Horizontal Expansion and Vertical Growth
* Upscaling of Latent Heat Flux in Heihe River Basin Based on Transfer Learning Model
Includes: Zhao, L.F.[Li Fei] Zhao, L.F.[Li-Fei] Zhao, L.F.[Lin-Fang] Zhao, L.F.[Li-Fan] Zhao, L.F.[Lin-Feng] Zhao, L.F.[Li-Feng] Zhao, L.F.[Li-Fang]
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Zhao, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Least-Squares Collocation Algorithm Considering Distance Scale Factor for GPS Crustal Velocity Field Fitting and Estimation
* Comparison of Marine Gravity Measurements from Shipborne and Satellite Altimetry in the Arctic Ocean
* First Estimate Biosiliceous Sedimentation Flux in the Pearl River Estuary from 2000-2020 by Satellite Remote Sensing
* Fishery Resource Evaluation with Hydroacoustic and Remote Sensing in Yangjiang Coastal Waters in Summer
* Interannual, Seasonal, and Monthly Variability of Sea Surface Temperature Fronts in Offshore China from 1982-2021
* Learning global and local features using graph neural networks for person re-identification
* Multi-Source SAR-Based Surface Deformation Monitoring and Groundwater Relationship Analysis in the Yellow River Delta, China
* Ontology-Based Driving Decision Making: A Feasibility Study at Uncontrolled Intersections
* Study of the Track-Train Continuous Information Transmission Process in a High-Speed Railway
* Unmanned Airship Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing System for Low-Altitude and High Spatial Resolution Monitoring of Urban Thermal Environments: Integration and an Experiment, An
* variational level set segmentation formulation based on signal model for images in the presence of intensity inhomogeneity, A
Includes: Zhao, L.H.[Li Hua] Zhao, L.H.[Li-Hua] Zhao, L.H.[Li-Hong] Zhao, L.H.[Lin-Hong] Zhao, L.H.[Li-Hui] Zhao, L.H.[Lin-Hai]
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Zhao, L.J.[Liu Jun] Co Author Listing * Abrupt motion tracking using a visual saliency embedded particle filter
* AF-EMS Detector: Improve the Multi-Scale Detection Performance of the Anchor-Free Detector
* Affine invariant fusion feature extraction based on geometry descriptor and BIT for object recognition
* Aircraft-LBDet: Multi-Task Aircraft Detection with Landmark and Bounding Box Detection
* Application and Analyses of Airborne LIDAR Technology in Topographic Survey of Tidal Flat And Coastal Zone
* Auto-Weighted Structured Graph-Based Regression Method for Heterogeneous Change Detection
* Chinese High Resolution Satellite Data and GIS-Based Assessment of Landslide Susceptibility along Highway G30 in Guozigou Valley Using Logistic Regression and MaxEnt Model
* CO-Net: Learning Multiple Point Cloud Tasks at Once with A Cohesive Network
* Contour matching using the affine-invariant support point set
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Depth Image Artifact Removal
* Data Processing of Gravity Base Network in Plateau Area: The Case of Qinghai Province, China
* Deep ladder reconstruction-classification network for unsupervised domain adaptation
* Dynamic Pseudo-Label Generation for Weakly Supervised Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Dynamic Remote Sensing Data-Driven Approach for Oil Spill Simulation in the Sea, A
* Extended local binary patterns for texture classification
* Image enhancement via texture protection Retinex
* Increasing Shape Bias to Improve the Precision of Center Pivot Irrigation System Detection
* Joint Clustering and Discriminative Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Joint depth map super-resolution method via deep hybrid-cross guidance filter
* Joint iterative guidance filtering for compressed depth images
* Joint Model-Driven Unfolding Network for Degraded Low-Quality Color-Depth Images Enhancement, A
* Learning a virtual codec based on deep convolutional neural network to compress image
* Learning Local Similarity with Spatial Interrelations on Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Local Features Augmenting for Better Image Retrieval
* Marine Mixed Layer Height Detection Using Ship-Borne Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Based on Constant Turbulence Threshold
* MMFuse: A multi-scale infrared and visible images fusion algorithm based on morphological reconstruction and membership filtering
* MRANet: Multi-atrous residual attention Network for stereo image super-resolution
* Multiple cues-based active contours for target contour tracking under sophisticated background
* Multiple Description Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Compression
* OAMatcher: An overlapping areas-based network with label credibility for robust and accurate feature matching
* OFVL-MS: Once for Visual Localization across Multiple Indoor Scenes
* On-Demand Scalable Model for Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Processing in a Cloud GIS, An
* Point-NAS: A Novel Neural Architecture Search Framework for Point Cloud Analysis
* Pose Refinement of Occluded 3D Objects Based on Visible Surface Extraction
* Power allocation based on finite-horizon optimization for vehicle-to-roadside communications
* Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification Using CNN-CapsNet
* Research on Vision-Based Service Robot Oriented Facial Expression Recognition
* Rethinking the Rotation Invariance of Local Convolutional Features for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* SAR Target Classification Based on Sample Spectral Regularization
* scattering similarity based classification scheme for land applications of polarimetric SAR image, A
* segmentation algorithm for SAR images based on the anisotropic heat diffusion equation, A
* Simultaneous color-depth super-resolution with conditional generative adversarial networks
* SR-Net: Saliency Region Representation Network for Vehicle Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Structural sparse representation-based semi-supervised learning and edge detection proposal for visual tracking
* Transferable Discriminative Feature Mining for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Two-stage filtering of compressed depth images with Markov Random Field
* Using Classifier Discrepancy for Cross-Domain Image Retrieval
* WTS: A Weakly towards Strongly Supervised Learning Framework for Remote Sensing Land Cover Classification Using Segmentation Models
Includes: Zhao, L.J.[Liu Jun] Zhao, L.J.[Liu-Jun] Zhao, L.J.[Liang-Jin] Zhao, L.J.[Li-Jun] Zhao, L.J.[Li-Jian] Zhao, L.J.[Ling-Jun] Zhao, L.J.[Liang-Jun] Zhao, L.J.[Li-Jiang] Zhao, L.J.[Long-Jiao] Zhao, L.J.[Li-Jie] Zhao, L.J.[Li-Juan]
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Zhao, L.L.[Ling Li] Co Author Listing * Active Pairwise Constraint Learning in Constrained Time-Series Clustering for Crop Mapping from Airborne SAR Imagery
* Adaptive Distance-Weighted Voronoi Tessellation for Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
* BIM Adoption in the Cambodian Construction Industry: Key Drivers and Barriers
* Camera Invariant Feature Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Capability of Phenology-Based Sentinel-2 Composites for Rubber Plantation Mapping in a Large Area with Complex Vegetation Landscapes
* Class-wise Metric Scaling for Improved Few-Shot Classification
* Deep Learning Based Super Resolution Using Significant and General Regions
* Digital Watermarking Scheme Based On Texture Measures In Wavelet Domain, A
* Dynamic Forecast of Desert Locust Presence Using Machine Learning with a Multivariate Time Lag Sliding Window Technique
* Evaluating the Capability of Sentinel-1 Data in the Classification of Canola and Wheat at Different Growth Stages and in Different Years
* Global Weighted Least-Squares Optimization Framework for Speckle Filtering of PolSAR Imagery, A
* Handwritten Character Extraction Algorithm for Multi-language Document Image, A
* High-Quality Instance-Segmentation Network for Floating-Algae Detection Using RGB Images, A
* Highway Alignment Optimization: An Integrated BIM and GIS Approach
* Integrated BIM-GIS Method for Planning of Water Distribution System, An
* Landscape-Based Habitat Suitability Model (LHS Model) for Oriental Migratory Locust Area Extraction at Large Scales: A Case Study along the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River, A
* Multi-Scale Attentive Aggregation for LiDAR Point Cloud Segmentation
* NESZ Estimation and Calibration for Gaofen-3 Polarimetric Products by the Minimum Noise Envelope Estimator
* Novel Deep Forest-Based Active Transfer Learning Method for PolSAR Images, A
* Outbreak Mechanism of Locust Plagues under Dynamic Drought and Flood Environments Based on Time Series Remote Sensing Data: Implication for Identifying Potential High-Risk Locust Areas
* potential of linear discriminative Laplacian eigenmaps dimensionality reduction in polarimetric SAR classification for agricultural areas, The
* Radiometric and Polarimetric Quality Validation of Gaofen-3 over a Five-Year Operation Period
* real-time typhoon eye detection method based on deep learning for meteorological information forensics, A
* Residual Convolutional Neural Network for Polarimetric SAR Image Super-Resolution, A
* SSIR: Spatial shuffle multi-head self-attention for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Stability Analysis of Unmixing-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Model: A Case of Land Surface Temperature Product Downscaling
* Use of SSU/MSU Satellite Observations to Validate Upper Atmospheric Temperature Trends in CMIP5 Simulations
Includes: Zhao, L.L.[Ling Li] Zhao, L.L.[Ling-Li] Zhao, L.L.[Long-Long] Zhao, L.L.[Lin-Lin] Zhao, L.L.[Ling-Ling] Zhao, L.L.[Ling-Lan] Zhao, L.L.[Li-Ling] Zhao, L.L.[Liu-Liu] Zhao, L.L.[Liang-Liang] Zhao, L.L.[Li-Long]
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Zhao, L.M.[Li Min] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Mission Planning Method for Optical Imaging Satellites Based on Real-Time Cloud Cover Information
* Estimating Ground-Level Ozone Concentrations in Eastern China Using Satellite-Based Precursors
* FY-4A/AGRI Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval Capability Test and Validation Based on NNAeroG
* Global comparison of diverse scaling factors and regression models for downscaling Landsat-8 thermal data
* Ground Ammonia Concentrations over China Derived from Satellite and Atmospheric Transport Modeling
* Improved U-Net Network for Sandy Road Extraction from Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Modeling Spatio-temporal Land Transformation and Its Associated Impacts on land Surface Temperature (LST)
* Multi-Scale Ship Detection Algorithm Based on a Lightweight Neural Network for Spaceborne SAR Images
* Multi-Task Structure-Aware Context Modeling for Robust Keypoint-Based Object Tracking
* Neural Network AEROsol Retrieval for Geostationary Satellite (NNAeroG) Based on Temporal, Spatial and Spectral Measurements
* Preflight Radiometric Calibration of TIS Sensor Onboard SDG-1 Satellite and Estimation of Its LST Retrieval Ability
* Progressive Spatio-Temporal Prototype Matching for Text-Video Retrieval
* Weakly Supervised Learning with Side Information for Noisy Labeled Images
Includes: Zhao, L.M.[Li Min] Zhao, L.M.[Li-Min] Zhao, L.M. Zhao, L.M.[Li-Ming]
13 for Zhao, L.M.

Zhao, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of Polynomial RFM Adjustment Models for Worldview-1 Imagery
* Equal Value String and Copy Above String Based String Prediction for SCC in AVS3
* Fast intra coding in AVS3 based on direct non-first pre-coding skip
* FusionPillars: A 3D Object Detection Network with Cross-Fusion and Self-Fusion
* Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of GeoEye-1 Stereo Image Pair
* Inspection and Image Analysis of Nickel Sulphide Inclusions in Toughened Glass Panels
* New Method for Uncertainty Evaluation of Centroid Detection, A
* Remote Sensing of Planetary Boundary Layer Thermodynamic and Material Structures over a Large Steel Plant, China
* String Prediction for 4:2:0 Format Screen Content Coding and Its Implementation in AVS3
* SWDC-4 Large Format Digital Aerial Camera System
* Ultralow Complexity String Matching Approach to Screen Content Coding in AVS3, An
Includes: Zhao, L.P.[Li Ping] Zhao, L.P.[Li-Ping] Zhao, L.P.
11 for Zhao, L.P.

Zhao, L.Q.[Lin Qing] Co Author Listing * Dense Hybrid Proposal Modulation for Lane Detection
* Developing an Active Canopy Sensor-Based Integrated Precision Rice Management System for Improving Grain Yield and Quality, Nitrogen Use Efficiency, and Lodging Resistance
* Development Status and Service Performance Preliminary Analysis for BDSBAS
* Electrical Structure of Southwestern Longmenshan Fault Zone: Insights into Seismogenic Structure of 2013 and 2022 Lushan Earthquakes
* Learning cross-task relations for panoptic driving perception
* Learning Hybrid Semantic Affinity for Point Cloud Segmentation
* Multi-semantic hypergraph neural network for effective few-shot learning
* Pseudorange Bias Analysis and Preliminary Service Performance Evaluation of BDSBAS
* Structure-Aware Cross-Modal Transformer for Depth Completion
* SurroundOcc: Multi-Camera 3D Occupancy Prediction for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Zhao, L.Q.[Lin Qing] Zhao, L.Q.[Lin-Qing] Zhao, L.Q.[Li-Qin] Zhao, L.Q.[Li-Qian] Zhao, L.Q.[Ling-Qiang] Zhao, L.Q.[Liu-Qing]
10 for Zhao, L.Q.

Zhao, L.R.[Ling Ran] Co Author Listing * Application of Improved Instance Segmentation Algorithm Based on VoVNet-v2 in Open-Pit Mines Remote Sensing Pre-Survey
* Change Detection Needs Neighborhood Interaction in Transformer
* Panoramic Image Reflection Removal
* Spherical Wave Decomposition Based Polar Format Algorithm for ArcSAR Imaging
Includes: Zhao, L.R.[Ling Ran] Zhao, L.R.[Ling-Ran]

Zhao, L.T.[Ling Tian] Co Author Listing * UAV- and Machine Learning-Based Retrieval of Wheat SPAD Values at the Overwintering Stage for Variety Screening
Includes: Zhao, L.T.[Ling Tian] Zhao, L.T.[Ling-Tian]

Zhao, L.X.[Lan Xin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Speech Intelligibility Enhancement for Far-and-Near-end Noise Environments Based on Self-attention StarGAN
* CNN-Based Layer-Adaptive GCPs Extraction Method for TIR Remote Sensing Images, A
* Forest Above-Ground Biomass Inversion Using Optical and SAR Images Based on a Multi-Step Feature Optimized Inversion Model
* Graphics2RAW: Mapping Computer Graphics Images to Sensor RAW Images
* Maneuvering Target Detection Based on Subspace Subaperture Joint Coherent Integration
* Speech Intelligibility Enhancement By Non-Parallel Speech Style Conversion Using CWT and iMetricGAN Based CycleGAN
Includes: Zhao, L.X.[Lan Xin] Zhao, L.X.[Lan-Xin] Zhao, L.X.[Li-Xing] Zhao, L.X.[Li-Xian] Zhao, L.X.[Lu-Xi] Zhao, L.X.[Lang-Xu]

Zhao, L.Y.[Liao Ying] Co Author Listing * Band Priority Index: A Feature Selection Framework for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Blind nonlinear hyperspectral unmixing based on constrained kernel nonnegative matrix factorization
* Compton back-scattering imaging
* Correntropy-Based Spatial-Spectral Robust Sparsity-Regularized Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Discovering the Representative Subset with Low Redundancy for Hyperspectral Feature Selection
* EBARec-BS: Effective Band Attention Reconstruction Network for Hyperspectral Imagery Band Selection
* Editorial: Special Section on deep image and video understanding
* Exploring the Intrinsic Probability Distribution for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Gated Autoencoder Network for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Geometry-Based Band Selection Approach for Hyperspectral Image Analysis, A
* Hyperspectral Feature Selection for SOM Prediction Using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Multiple Subset Evaluation Strategies
* Hyperspectral Unmixing Based on Incremental Kernel Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Importance-weighted label prediction for active learning with noisy annotations
* Infrared Small Target Detection via Modified Random Walks
* Iterative Scale-Invariant Feature Transform for Remote Sensing Image Registration
* Local line directional pattern for palmprint recognition
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Data-Guided Constraints For Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Novel Coarse-to-Fine Scheme for Remote Sensing Image Registration Based on SIFT and Phase Correlation, A
* Optical Remote Sensing Image Registration Using Spatial-Consistency and Average Regional Information Divergence Minimization via Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
* Parameterized Nonlinear Least Squares for Unsupervised Nonlinear Spectral Unmixing
* Pop-up Modelling of Hazy Scenes
* Recursive Local Summation of RX Detection for Hyperspectral Image Using Sliding Windows
* Spectral-Spatial Robust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* YOLOD: A Target Detection Method for UAV Aerial Imagery
Includes: Zhao, L.Y.[Liao Ying] Zhao, L.Y.[Liao-Ying] Zhao, L.Y.[Lin-Yun] Zhao, L.Y.[Lan-Ying] Zhao, L.Y.[Lin-Ya] Zhao, L.Y.[Li-Yue] Zhao, L.Y.[Ling-Yun] Zhao, L.Y.[Lang-Yue]
24 for Zhao, L.Y.

Zhao, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Streaming of 360 Videos With Perfect, Imperfect, and Unknown FoV Viewing Probabilities in Wireless Networks
* BAD-NeRF: Bundle Adjusted Deblur Neural Radiance Fields
* Estimating the Observation Area of a Stripmap SAR via an ISAR Image Sequence
Includes: Zhao, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Zhao, L.Z.[Ling-Zhi] Zhao, L.Z.[Ling-Zhe] Zhao, L.Z.[Li-Zhi]

Zhao, M.[Min] Co Author Listing * Accurate and efficient vehicle detection framework based on SSD algorithm
* adaptive image compression algorithm based on joint clustering algorithm and deep learning, An
* Adaptively Meshed Video Stabilization
* Adversarial Analysis for Source Camera Identification
* Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing of Nighttime Light Observations: Advances, Challenges, and Perspectives
* Are You Confident That You Have Successfully Generated Adversarial Examples?
* Assessing Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Urbanization Dynamics in Southeast Asia Using Time Series of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Assessment of the Capability of Sentinel-2 Imagery for Iron-Bearing Minerals Mapping: A Case Study in the Cuprite Area, Nevada
* Automatic Person Annotation of Family Photo Album
* Automatic Registration of Images With Inconsistent Content Through Line-Support Region Segmentation and Geometrical Outlier Removal
* Bifurcation Localization in 3D Images via Evolutionary Geometric Deformable Templates
* Boosting the Performance of Video Compression Artifact Reduction with Reference Frame Proposals and Frequency Domain Information
* Building a Series of Consistent Night-Time Light Data (1992-2018) in Southeast Asia by Integrating DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS
* Camera Placement Based on Vehicle Traffic for Better City Security Surveillance
* Classification and saliency detection by semi-supervised low-rank representation
* CNN-Based Anomaly Detection for Face Presentation Attack Detection with Multi-Channel Images
* Combined Longitudinal and Lateral Control for Heterogeneous Nodes in Mixed Vehicle Platoon Under V2I Communication
* Cooperation of Boundary Attention and Negative Matrix L1 Regularization Loss Function for Polyp Segmentation
* Cooperative driving modelling in the vicinity of traffic signals based on intelligent driver model
* Critical configurations of lines to geometry determination of three cameras
* Critical line-set configurations to epipolar geometry determination and application to image line transfer
* Cyber-physical description and CPS-based pinning approach of mixed traffic
* DBSCAN and TD Integrated Wi-Fi Positioning Algorithm
* Defect inspection of medicine vials using LBP features and SVM classifier
* DSANet: A Deep Supervision-Based Simple Attention Network for Efficient Semantic Segmentation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Effective image tampering localization with multi-scale ConvNeXt feature fusion
* End-to-End Framework for Clothing Collocation Based on Semantic Feature Fusion, An
* Exploring Overall Contextual Information for Image Captioning in Human-Like Cognitive Style
* Exploring Spatial Features of Population Activities and Functional Facilities in Rail Transit Station Realm Based on Real-Time Positioning Data: A Case of Xi'an Metro Line 2
* Face Alignment with Unified Subspace Optimization of Active Statistical Models
* Fast Adversarial Training with Smooth Convergence
* Fast and Effective Method for Unsupervised Segmentation Evaluation of Remote Sensing Images, A
* Fast enhancement algorithm of highway tunnel image based on constraint of imaging model
* Feature Fusion Super Resolution Network with Gradient Guidance
* First Challenge on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Satellite Videos: Methods and Results, The
* First Year On-Orbit Calibration of the Chinese Environmental Trace Gas Monitoring Instrument Onboard GaoFen-5
* Fish Detecting Using YOLOv4 and CVAE in Aquaculture Ponds with a Non-Uniform Strong Reflection Background
* Fluorescence Line Height Extraction Algorithm for the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager
* Fused 3-Stage Image Segmentation for Pleural Effusion Cell Clusters
* Fusion of texture, color and gradient information for stereo matching cost computation
* GDP Spatialization and Economic Differences in South China Based on NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Imagery
* GIS-Based Simulation Methodology for Evaluating Ship Encounters Probability to Improve Maritime Traffic Safety
* Gradient magnitude similarity for tone-mapped image quality assessment
* Graph based spatiotemporal saliency detection incorporating low and high level features
* Guided Deep Generative Model-Based Spatial Regularization for Multiband Imaging Inverse Problems
* Human-Like Control for Automated Vehicles and Avoiding Vehicle Face-Off in Unprotected Left Turn Scenarios
* Hybrid Transformer-CNN for Real Image Denoising
* Hybrid-NET: A fusion of DenseNet169 and advanced machine learning classifiers for enhanced brain tumor diagnosis
* Hyperspectral Unmixing Via Plug-And-Play Priors
* Image inpainting with salient structure completion and texture propagation
* Improved SwinTrack single target tracking algorithm based on spatio-temporal feature fusion
* Indoor Floor Localization Based on Multi-Intelligent Sensors
* Inductive learning in hand pose recognition
* Instrumentation design of an image fusion based on biorthogonal wavelet
* Integration of Physics-Based and Data-Driven Models for Hyperspectral Image Unmixing: A summary of current methods
* Land Cover and Crop Classification Based on Red Edge Indices Features of GF-6 WFV Time Series Data
* Large scale learning and recognition of faces in web videos
* Learning the Distribution-Based Temporal Knowledge with Low Rank Response Reasoning for UAV Visual Tracking
* Learning-Based Framework for Error Compensation in 3D Printing, A
* Leveraging Tree Statistics for Extracting Anatomical Trees from 3D Medical Images
* LGT-Net: Indoor Panoramic Room Layout Estimation with Geometry-Aware Transformer Network
* Lidar- and UAV-Based Vertical Observation of Spring Ozone and Particulate Matter in Nanjing, China
* Light Field Reconstruction Using Deep Convolutional Network on EPI
* Mapping Forage Biomass and Quality of the Inner Mongolia Grasslands by Combining Field Measurements and Sentinel-2 Observations
* Mapping Irish Water Bodies: Comparison of Platforms, Indices and Water Body Type
* Markovian mixture face recognition with discriminative face alignment
* Mobility-Aware Multi-Hop Task Offloading for Autonomous Driving in Vehicular Edge Computing and Networks
* Morphable Face Reconstruction with Multiple Images
* MozzieNet: A deep learning approach to efficiently detect malaria parasites in blood smear images
* Multi-Model Fusion Framework for NIR-to-RGB Translation, A
* Multi-scale local-temporal similarity fusion for continuous sign language recognition
* Mutually Guided Dual-Task Network for Scene Text Detection
* New Lane Keeping Method Based on Human-Simulated Intelligent Control, A
* New Series of Biorthogonal Wavelet Filters for Image Compression, A
* Noncontact 3-D Speckle Contrast Diffuse Correlation Tomography of Tissue Blood Flow Distribution
* novel image retrieval method based on multi-trend structure descriptor, A
* Novel No-Reference Quality Assessment Model of Tone-Mapped HDR Image, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Object Detection in Hyperspectral Images
* Observer-Based Double Closed-Loop Control for Mixed Vehicle Groups: A Macro and Micro Perspective
* Oil Well Detection under Occlusion in Remote Sensing Images Using the Improved YOLOv5 Model
* Online Multiobject Tracking Network for Autonomous Driving in Areas Facing Epidemic, An
* Optimization of Dynamic UEP Schemes for Embedded Image Sources in Noisy Channels
* Performance evaluation and optimization of embedded image sources over noisy channels
* Person-Specific Face Spoofing Detection Based on a Siamese Network
* Plug-and-Play Priors Framework for Hyperspectral Unmixing, A
* Preflight Evaluation of the Performance of the Chinese Environmental Trace Gas Monitoring Instrument (EMI) by Spectral Analyses of Nitrogen Dioxide
* Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition Using Random Frequency Components
* Progressive graph-signal sampling and encoding for static 3D geometry representation
* PWStableNet: Learning Pixel-Wise Warping Maps for Video Stabilization
* QoE-Driven Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Dynamic Adaptive Streaming of Scalable Videos Over HTTP
* Quantifying the Spatial Ratio of Streets in Beijing Based on Street-View Images
* Quantizing Oriented Object Detection Network via Outlier-Aware Quantization and IoU Approximation
* Quasi-Equilibrium Feature Pyramid Network for Salient Object Detection
* Range Adaptation for 3D Object Detection in LiDAR
* Rank Classification of Linear Line Structure in Determining Trifocal Tensor
* Rank Classification of Linear Line Structures from Images by Trifocal Tensor Determinability
* Real-Time High-Quality Complete System for Depth Image-Based Rendering on FPGA, A
* Reduced-Rank DOA Estimation Algorithms Based on Alternating Low-Rank Decomposition
* Regional Mapping of Plantation Extent Using Multisensor Imagery
* Research of Parallel Magnetic Field Tomography Based on Finite Element Method, The
* Research on the Performance of an Active Rotating Tropospheric and Stratospheric Doppler Wind Lidar Transmitter and Receiver
* Retinal Image Classification via Vasculature-Guided Sequential Attention
* Revealing the Influence of the Fine-Scale Built Environment on Urban Rail Ridership with a Semiparametric GWPR Model
* RFVTM: A Recovery and Filtering Vertex Trichotomy Matching for Remote Sensing Image Registration
* RIEVL: Recursive Induction Learning in Hand Gesture Recognition
* Robust Ellipse Fitting Using Hierarchical Gaussian Mixture Models
* Robust Infrared Maritime Target Detection Based on Visual Attention and Spatiotemporal Filtering
* Rotary Platform Mounted Doppler Lidar for Wind Measurements in Upper Troposphere and Stratosphere, A
* ScudWare: A Semantic and Adaptive Middleware Platform for Smart Vehicle Space
* Shadow Detection with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Short-term traffic flow prediction approach incorporating vehicle functions from RFID-ELP data for urban road sections
* Siamese Graph Attention Networks for robust visual object tracking
* ST TD outlier detection
* Stabilization of Traffic Videos Based on Both Foreground and Background Feature Trajectories
* Subspace analysis and optimization for AAM based face alignment
* SURE-Type Functionals as Criteria for Parametric PSF Estimation
* Taxonomic classification for web-based videos
* Text detection in images using sparse representation with discriminative dictionaries
* Through-Wall Human Mesh Recovery Using Radio Signals
* Through-Wall Human Pose Estimation Using Radio Signals
* Tour the world: Building a web-scale landmark recognition engine
* Toward Guaranteed Video Experience: Service-Aware Downlink Resource Allocation in Mobile Edge Networks
* Towards Unbiased Volume Rendering of Neural Implicit Surfaces with Geometry Priors
* Triple Attention For Robust Video Crowd Counting
* Two-dimensional extended attribute grammar method for the recognition of hand-printed chinese characters
* Two-stage Multimodality Fusion for High-performance Text-based Visual Question Answering
* Using Tabu Search to Avoid Concave Obstacles for Source Location
* VarGFaceNet: An Efficient Variable Group Convolutional Neural Network for Lightweight Face Recognition
* Visual Synset: Towards a higher-level visual representation
* Visual-Texual Emotion Analysis With Deep Coupled Video and Danmu Neural Networks
* WhiteNNer-Blind Image Denoising via Noise Whiteness Priors
* YouTubeCat: Learning to categorize wild web videos
* YouTubeEvent: On large-scale video event classification
Includes: Zhao, M.[Min] Zhao, M.[Meng] Zhao, M.[Minda] Zhao, M.[Mengnan] Zhao, M.[Molei] Zhao, M.[Ming] Zhao, M. Zhao, M.[Minyi] Zhao, M.[Miaoyun] Zhao, M.[Manqi] Zhao, M.[Meiqi] Zhao, M.[Maofan] Zhao, M.[Mo] Zhao, M.[Mandan] Zhao, M.[Mengying] Zhao, M.[Minyan] Zhao, M.[Mengyi] Zhao, M.[Mengbiao] Zhao, M.[Man] Zhao, M.[Mei] Zhao, M.[Meide] Zhao, M.[Mengshi]
135 for Zhao, M.

Zhao, M.B.[Ming Bo] Co Author Listing * Bilinear Embedding Label Propagation: Towards Scalable Prediction of Image Labels
* Clothes image caption generation with attribute detection and visual attention model
* Compact Graph based Semi-Supervised Learning for Medical Diagnosis in Alzheimer's Disease
* Constrained large Margin Local Projection algorithms and extensions for multimodal dimensionality reduction
* Discriminative sparse flexible manifold embedding with novel graph for robust visual representation and label propagation
* Joint Low-Rank and Sparse Principal Feature Coding for Enhanced Robust Representation and Visual Classification
* Large-Scale Database for Chemical Structure Recognition and Preliminary Evaluation, A
* Mixed-Supervised Scene Text Detection With Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
* Multi-Scale Neighborhood Feature Extraction and Aggregation for Point Cloud Segmentation
* NDDR-CNN: Layerwise Feature Fusing in Multi-Task CNNs by Neural Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction
* Pairwise Sparsity Preserving Embedding for Unsupervised Subspace Learning and Classification
* Projective Label Propagation by Label Embedding
* regional distance regression network for monocular object distance estimation, A
* Robust Adaptive Label Propagation by Double Matrix Decomposition
* Robust Neighborhood Preserving Projection by Nuclear/L2,1-Norm Regularization for Image Feature Extraction
* Semi-Supervised Image Classification Based on Local and Global Regression
* Soft label based Linear Discriminant Analysis for image recognition and retrieval
* Spatiotemporal Tree Filtering for Enhancing Image Change Detection
* Texts as points: Scene text detection with point supervision
* Trace ratio criterion based generalized discriminative learning for semi-supervised dimensionality reduction
* Trace Ratio Linear Discriminant Analysis for Medical Diagnosis: A Case Study of Dementia
* Transformed Neighborhood Propagation
* two-dimensional Neighborhood Preserving Projection for appearance-based face recognition, A
Includes: Zhao, M.B.[Ming Bo] Zhao, M.B.[Ming-Bo] Zhao, M.B.[Meng-Biao] Zhao, M.B.[Ming-Bi]
23 for Zhao, M.B.

Zhao, M.C.[Meng Chen] Co Author Listing * Co-speech Gesture Synthesis by Reinforcement Learning with Contrastive Pretrained Rewards
* new mesh simplification algorithm combining half-edge data structure with modified quadric error metric, A
* QoE-driven optimization for cloud-assisted DASH-based scalable interactive multiview video streaming over wireless network
Includes: Zhao, M.C.[Meng Chen] Zhao, M.C.[Meng-Chen] Zhao, M.C.[Ming-Chang] Zhao, M.C.[Min-Cheng]

Zhao, M.D.[Man Dan] Co Author Listing * Deep convolutional networks super-resolution method for reconstructing high frequency information of the single image
* Discriminative Identity-Feature Exploring and Differential Aware Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
Includes: Zhao, M.D.[Man Dan] Zhao, M.D.[Man-Dan] Zhao, M.D.[Ming-De]

Zhao, M.F.[Mao Fan] Co Author Listing * Developing a Method to Extract Building 3D Information from GF-7 Data
* Exploring the Impact of Seasonality on Urban Land-Cover Mapping Using Multi-Season Sentinel-1A and GF-1 WFV Images in a Subtropical Monsoon-Climate Region
* Tighten the Bolts and Nuts on GPP Estimations from Sites to the Globe: An Assessment of Remote Sensing Based LUE Models and Supporting Data Fields
Includes: Zhao, M.F.[Mao Fan] Zhao, M.F.[Mao-Fan] Zhao, M.F.[Mei-Fang]

Zhao, M.G.[Men Gao] Co Author Listing * new framework of action recognition with discriminative parts, spatio-temporal and causal interaction descriptors, A
Includes: Zhao, M.G.[Men Gao] Zhao, M.G.[Men-Gao]

Zhao, M.H.[Ming Hua] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Defense via Perturbation-Disentanglement in Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Attack-invariant attention feature for adversarial defense in hyperspectral image classification
* comprehensive survey: Image deraining and stereo-matching task-driven performance analysis, A
* Event-Based Low-Illumination Image Enhancement
* Explainable scale distillation for hyperspectral image classification
* Gated Content-Oriented Residual Dense Network for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution, A
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution by Deep Spatial-Spectral Exploitation
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution under the Guidance of Deep Gradient Information
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via Intrafusion Network
* Land Cover Change Detection With Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images: Review, Progress, and Perspective
* new image decomposition approach using pixel-wise analysis sparsity model, A
* Normalised gamma transformation-based contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalisation with colour correction for sand-dust image enhancement
* pyramid non-local enhanced residual dense network for single image de-raining, A
* RNVE: A Real Nighttime Vision Enhancement Benchmark and Dual-Stream Fusion Network
* Salient target detection in hyperspectral image based on visual attention
* Selection of Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) Optimal Band Combinations for Mapping Alteration Zones
* two-stage method for single image de-raining based on attention smoothed dilated network, A
Includes: Zhao, M.H.[Ming Hua] Zhao, M.H.[Ming-Hua] Zhao, M.H.[Ming-Hao]
17 for Zhao, M.H.

Zhao, M.J.[Meng Jie] Co Author Listing * Face verification based on deep Bayesian convolutional neural network in unconstrained environment
* Improving 3D Object Detection with Channel-wise Transformer
* Infrared Small-Target Detection Based on Multiple Morphological Profiles
* LA3: Efficient Label-Aware AutoAugment
* PDR: Progressive Depth Regularization for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Pre-Launch Radiometric Characterization of EMI-2 on the GaoFen-5 Series of Satellites
* Preflight Evaluation of the Environmental Trace Gases Monitoring Instrument with Nadir and Limb Modes (EMI-NL) Based on Measurements of Standard NO2 Sample Gas
* Rethinking IoU-based Optimization for Single-stage 3D Object Detection
* Search-Map-Search: A Frame Selection Paradigm for Action Recognition
* Sensitivity Analysis of Ozone Profiles Retrieved from SCIAMACHY Limb Radiance Based on the Weighted Multiplicative Algebraic Reconstruction Technique
* Three-Order Tensor Creation and Tucker Decomposition for Infrared Small-Target Detection
* Validation of EMI-2 Radiometric Performance with TROPOMI over Dome C Site in Antarctica
Includes: Zhao, M.J.[Meng Jie] Zhao, M.J.[Meng-Jie] Zhao, M.J.[Min-Jian] Zhao, M.J.[Ming-Jing] Zhao, M.J.[Ming-Jun] Zhao, M.J.[Min-Jie]
12 for Zhao, M.J.

Zhao, M.L.[Meng Lu] Co Author Listing * Attention-based Graph Neural Network for the Classification of Parkinson's Disease
Includes: Zhao, M.L.[Meng Lu] Zhao, M.L.[Meng-Lu]

Zhao, M.M.[Mu Ming] Co Author Listing * Decorrelation-stretch based cloud detection for total sky images
* Emotion Recognition Using Wireless Signals
* Generic Approach to Eco-Driving of Connected Automated Vehicles in Mixed Urban Traffic and Heterogeneous Power Conditions, A
* Generic Approaches to Estimating Freeway Traffic State and Percentage of Connected Vehicles With Fixed and Mobile Sensing
* Improving Visual Relationship Detection With Two-Stage Correlation Exploitation
* Leveraging Heterogeneous Auxiliary Tasks to Assist Crowd Counting
* Making the Invisible Visible: Action Recognition Through Walls and Occlusions
* robust and unified land surface phenology algorithm for diverse biomes and growth cycles in China by using harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery, A
* Scale-Aware Crowd Counting via Depth-Embedded Convolutional Neural Networks
* Towards Locally Consistent Object Counting with Constrained Multi-stage Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Zhao, M.M.[Mu Ming] Zhao, M.M.[Mu-Ming] Zhao, M.M.[Ming-Min] Zhao, M.M.[Ming-Ming] Zhao, M.M.[Miao-Miao]
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Zhao, M.Q.[Ming Quan] Co Author Listing * multi-scene deep learning model for image aesthetic evaluation, A
Includes: Zhao, M.Q.[Ming Quan] Zhao, M.Q.[Ming-Quan]

Zhao, M.S.[Man Suo] Co Author Listing * adaptive thresholding method for binarization of blueprint images, An
* Comparing MODIS Net Primary Production Estimates with Terrestrial National Forest Inventory Data in Austria
* Creating a Regional MODIS Satellite-Driven Net Primary Production Dataset for European Forests
* Long-Term Post-Disturbance Forest Recovery in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Analyzed Using Landsat Time Series Stack
* NASA's MODIS/VIIRS Global Water Reservoir Product Suite from Moderate Resolution Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Zhao, M.S.[Man Suo] Zhao, M.S.[Man-Suo] Zhao, M.S.[Mao-Sheng]

Zhao, M.T.[Ming Tian] Co Author Listing * Cost-Sensitive Top-Down/Bottom-Up Inference for Multiscale Activity Recognition
* Learning Artistic Lighting Template from Portrait Photographs
Includes: Zhao, M.T.[Ming Tian] Zhao, M.T.[Ming-Tian]

Zhao, M.W.[Ming Wei] Co Author Listing * Effective Identification of Terrain Positions from Gridded DEM Data Using Multimodal Classification Integration
* Improved BLG Tree for Trajectory Compression with Constraints of Road Networks, An
* Parallel Channel Identification and Elimination Method Based on the Spatial Position Relationship of Different Channels
* Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Heterogeneity of Vegetation Phenology in the Yangtze River Delta
Includes: Zhao, M.W.[Ming Wei] Zhao, M.W.[Ming-Wei]

Zhao, M.X.[Ming Xin] Co Author Listing * Exploring Structural Sparsity in CNN via Selective Penalty
* Hybrid Language Model for Handwritten Chinese Sentence Recognition, A
* Mesh Cutout
* Modified Multi-Mode Target Tracker for High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar
* Regional-Scale Monitoring of Wheat Stripe Rust Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Detectors
* Robust detection of perceptually salient features on 3D meshes
* Spatiotemporal Distribution and Main Influencing Factors of Grasshopper Potential Habitats in Two Steppe Types of Inner Mongolia, China
Includes: Zhao, M.X.[Ming Xin] Zhao, M.X.[Ming-Xin] Zhao, M.X.[Ming-Xi] Zhao, M.X.[Meng-Xiao] Zhao, M.X.[Ming-Xian]
7 for Zhao, M.X.

Zhao, M.Y.[Meng Yuan] Co Author Listing * Abnormal-Aware Loss and Full Distillation for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Based on Knowledge Distillation
* Adaptive Hierarchical Dense Matching of Multi-View Airborne Oblique Imagery
* Coherent chord computation and cross ratio for accurate ellipse detection
* Deep multi-view spectral clustering via ensemble
* Ecosystem Service Synergies Promote Ecological Tea Gardens: A Case Study in Fuzhou, China
* Exploiting Spatial-temporal Correlations for Video Anomaly Detection
* FDM: fast dense matching based on sparse matching
* GraphFit: Learning Multi-scale Graph-Convolutional Representation for Point Cloud Normal Estimation
* GraphReg: Dynamical Point Cloud Registration With Geometry-Aware Graph Signal Processing
* Hybrid Real-Time Visual Tracking Using Compressive RGB-D Features, A
* Identification of the Potential Critical Slip Surface for Fractured Rock Slope Using the Floyd Algorithm
* LFNAT 2023 Challenge on Light Field Depth Estimation: Methods and Results
* Mapping the Population Density in Mainland China using NPP/VIIRS and Points-Of-Interest Data Based on a Random Forests Model
* Multi-scale active patches fusion based on spatiotemporal LBP-TOP for micro-expression recognition
* Multi-task Deep Learning for Cerebrovascular Disease Classification and MRI-to-PET Translation
* Multi-view Semantic Information Guidance for Light Field Image Segmentation
* occlusion-resistant circle detector using inscribed triangles, An
* On line quality inspection in tailor welded blank based on laws texture energy and structured light
* PiSLTRc: Position-Informed Sign Language Transformer With Content-Aware Convolution
* Structure-Aware Surface Reconstruction via Primitive Assembly
* Two-Stage Alignments Framework for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Time Series Data
* Using Earth Observation for Monitoring SDG 11.3.1-Ratio of Land Consumption Rate to Population Growth Rate in Mainland China
Includes: Zhao, M.Y.[Meng Yuan] Zhao, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan] Zhao, M.Y. Zhao, M.Y.[Ming-Yang] Zhao, M.Y.[Ming-Yu] Zhao, M.Y.[Ming-Yue] Zhao, M.Y.[Meng-Yang] Zhao, M.Y.[Ming-Yuan] Zhao, M.Y.[Min-Yan] Zhao, M.Y.[Meng-Yao] Zhao, M.Y.[Moss Y.] Zhao, M.Y.[Meng-Yi]
22 for Zhao, M.Y.

Zhao, M.Z.[Meng Zhu] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
* Reflectance Anisotropy from MODIS for Albedo Retrieval from a Single Directional Reflectance
Includes: Zhao, M.Z.[Meng Zhu] Zhao, M.Z.[Meng-Zhu] Zhao, M.Z.[Meng-Zhuo]

Zhao, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Attack and Defense on Deep Learning for Air Transportation Communication Jamming
* APPOS: An adaptive partial occlusion segmentation method for multiple vehicles tracking
* Changes in Long-Term PM2.5 Pollution in the Urban and Suburban Areas of China's Three Largest Urban Agglomerations from 2000 to 2020
* Crop Row Segmentation and Detection in Paddy Fields Based on Treble-Classification Otsu and Double-Dimensional Clustering Method
* Delay management and energy consumption minimisation on a single-track railway
* Description of the Color Image by Using Stable View Points
* Deterministic Construction of Real-Valued Ternary Sensing Matrices Using Optical Orthogonal Codes
* Efficient Downscaling Scheme for High-Resolution Precipitation Estimates over a High Mountainous Watershed, An
* Efficient Energy and Delay Tradeoff for Vessel Communications in SDN Based Maritime Wireless Networks
* Evaluation and Comparison of Six High-Resolution Daily Precipitation Products in Mainland China
* Evaluation of Eight High-Resolution Gridded Precipitation Products in the Heihe River Basin, Northwest China
* Evaluation of Evapotranspiration Models Using Different LAI and Meteorological Forcing Data from 1982 to 2017
* Examining the Influence of Crop Residue Burning on Local PM2.5 Concentrations in Heilongjiang Province Using Ground Observation and Remote Sensing Data
* Fast Single Image Super-Resolution Using a New Analytical Solution for L_2- L_2 Problems
* Few-shot 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Field test of train trajectory optimisation on a metro line
* Fuzzy Adaptive Protective Control for High-Speed Trains: An Outstretched Error Feedback Approach
* Generalized Few-Shot Point Cloud Segmentation Via Geometric Words
* How Do the Start Date, End Date, and Frequency of Precipitation Change across China under Warming?
* Improving Nighttime Light Imagery With Location-Based Social Media Data
* Learning content-social influential features for influence analysis
* Least Squares Compactly Supported Radial Basis Function for Digital Terrain Model Interpolation from Airborne Lidar Point Clouds
* Mapping China's Electronic Power Consumption Using Points of Interest and Remote Sensing Data
* Mapping of Urban Surface Water Bodies from Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery at 10 m Resolution via NDWI-Based Image Sharpening
* Modeling of Driver Cut-in Behavior Towards a Platoon
* Modified U-Net Model for Predicting the Sea Surface Salinity over the Western Pacific Ocean, A
* Multiple Train Trajectory Optimization to Minimize Energy Consumption and Delay, A
* Nano-scale context-sensitive semantic segmentation
* New HASM-Based Downscaling Method for High-Resolution Precipitation Estimates, A
* PDR: Progressive Depth Regularization for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Power Flow Optimization and Control Strategy for Energy Router in Dual Mode Traction Power Supply System
* PS2-Net: A Locally and Globally Aware Network for Point-Based Semantic Segmentation
* Resilient Distributed Event-Triggered Platooning Control of Connected Vehicles Under Denial-of-Service Attacks
* Rethinking IoU-based Optimization for Single-stage 3D Object Detection
* RGB-T object tracking: Benchmark and baseline
* Robust Interpolation of DEMs From Lidar-Derived Elevation Data
* Safety monitor for train-centric CBTC system
* Self-Training Classification Framework with Spatial-Contextual Information for Local Climate Zones
* SESS: Self-Ensembling Semi-Supervised 3D Object Detection
* Simulation Study on the Design of a Novel Automated Container Terminal, A
* SmartDrive: Traction Energy Optimization and Applications in Rail Systems
* Spatiotemporal Variations of Global Human-Perceived Heatwave Risks and their Driving Factors Based on Machine Learning
* Style-Hallucinated Dual Consistency Learning for Domain Generalized Semantic Segmentation
* Style-Hallucinated Dual Consistency Learning: A Unified Framework for Visual Domain Generalization
* Teaching with Soft Label Smoothing for Mitigating Noisy Labels in Facial Expressions
* VideoWhisper: Toward Discriminative Unsupervised Video Feature Learning With Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Networks
* Visual Tracking via Patch-Based Absorbing Markov Chain
* WCE-DCGAN: A data augmentation method based on wireless capsule endoscopy images for gastrointestinal disease detection
Includes: Zhao, N.[Nan] Zhao, N.[Na] Zhao, N.[Ning] Zhao, N. Zhao, N.[Naizhuo] Zhao, N.[Nanbin]
48 for Zhao, N.

Zhao, N.N.[Ning Ning] Co Author Listing * Joint Segmentation and Deconvolution of Ultrasound Images Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model Based on Generalized Gaussian Priors
* Restoration of ultrasound images using a hierarchical Bayesian model with a generalized Gaussian prior
* Weighted co-occurrence phase histogram for iris recognition
Includes: Zhao, N.N.[Ning Ning] Zhao, N.N.[Ning-Ning] Zhao, N.N.[Nan-Nan]

Zhao, N.X.[Nan Xuan] Co Author Listing * AssetField: Assets Mining and Reconfiguration in Ground Feature Plane Representation
* BlockPlanner: City Block Generation with Vectorized Graph Representation
* Bring Clipart to Life
* BungeeNeRF: Progressive Neural Radiance Field for Extreme Multi-scale Scene Rendering
* Cali-NCE: Boosting Cross-modal Video Representation Learning with Calibrated Alignment
* Delving Deep into Many-to-many Attention for Few-shot Video Object Segmentation
* Grid-guided Neural Radiance Fields for Large Urban Scenes
* How Much Time Do You Have? Modeling Multi-Duration Saliency
* Learning Skeletal Graph Neural Networks for Hard 3D Pose Estimation
* Neural Preset for Color Style Transfer
* Panel-Page-Aware Comic Genre Understanding
* TransRank: Self-supervised Video Representation Learning via Ranking-based Transformation Recognition
Includes: Zhao, N.X.[Nan Xuan] Zhao, N.X.[Nan-Xuan]
12 for Zhao, N.X.

Zhao, N.Y.[Ning Yuan] Co Author Listing * FusionNet: A Convolution-Transformer Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Reconstruction and analysis of multi-pose face images based on nonlinear dimensionality reduction
Includes: Zhao, N.Y.[Ning Yuan] Zhao, N.Y.[Ning-Yuan] Zhao, N.Y.[Nan-Yuan]

Zhao, N.Z.[Nai Zhuo] Co Author Listing * Correcting Incompatible DN Values and Geometric Errors in Nighttime Lights Time-Series Images
* Population Mapping with Multisensor Remote Sensing Images and Point-Of-Interest Data
* Tweets or nighttime lights: Comparison for preeminence in estimating socioeconomic factors
Includes: Zhao, N.Z.[Nai Zhuo] Zhao, N.Z.[Nai-Zhuo]

Zhao, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * 3D multi-resolution deep learning model for diagnosis of multiple pathological types on pulmonary nodules
* Achieving on-Mobile Real-Time Super-Resolution with Neural Architecture and Pruning Search
* Action density based frame sampling for human action recognition in videos
* Actionness-Guided Transformer for Anchor-Free Temporal Action Localization
* Adaptive Mutual Supervision for Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Blockchain-Enabled Conditional Decentralized Vehicular Crowdsensing System
* Bottom-up Temporal Action Localization with Mutual Regularization
* Collaborative Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Diagnosis
* Comparing World City Networks by Language: A Complex-Network Approach
* Compiler-Aware Neural Architecture Search for On-Mobile Real-time Super-Resolution
* Contour-based Separation of Vertically Attached Traffic Signs, A
* Deep tree neural network for multiple-time-step prediction of short-term speed and confidence estimation
* DeepLogic: Joint Learning of Neural Perception and Logical Reasoning
* Developing the Remote Sensing-Gash Analytical Model for Estimating Vegetation Rainfall Interception at Very High Resolution: A Case Study in the Heihe River Basin
* Directional-Edge-Based Real-Time Object Tracking System Employing Multiple Candidate-Location Generation, A
* Distilling Vision-Language Pre-Training to Collaborate with Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Divide and Conquer for Single-frame Temporal Action Localization
* ECCVideo: A Scalable Edge Cloud Collaborative Video Analysis System
* Efficient and Accurate Method for Different Configurations Railway Extraction Based on Mobile Laser Scanning, An
* Estimating Crop Albedo in the Application of a Physical Model Based on the Law of Energy Conservation and Spectral Invariants
* Estimating Scattering Coefficient in a Large and Complex Terrain through Multifactor Association
* Exploring Robustness of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Fine-Grained Visual Categorization: A Spatial-Frequency Feature Fusion Perspective
* GEN-Lanenet: A Generalized and Scalable Approach for 3d Lane Detection
* Graph Convolutional Module for Temporal Action Localization in Videos
* Graph Convolutional Networks for Temporal Action Localization
* Graph-Based Temporal Attention Framework for Multi-Sensor Traffic Flow Forecasting, A
* How Spatial Resolution Affects Forest Phenology and Tree-Species Classification Based on Satellite and Up-Scaled Time-Series Images
* Image registration for quality assessment of projection displays
* Improved SiamCAR with ranking-based pruning and optimization for efficient UAV tracking
* Incentive Mechanism of Incorporating Supervision Game for Federated Learning in Autonomous Driving, An
* Inferring Emotional Tags From Social Images With User Demographics
* Interactively Motion-Assisted Network for Multiple Object Tracking in Complex Traffic Scenes, An
* LexLIP: Lexicon-Bottlenecked Language-Image Pre-Training for Large-Scale Image-Text Sparse Retrieval
* Location Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms in Location-Based Services: A Comprehensive Survey
* Mesoscale Structure in Urban-Rural Mobility Networks in the Pearl River Delta Area: A Weighted Stochastic Block Modeling Analysis
* More or Less (MoL): Defending against Multiple Perturbation Attacks on Deep Neural Networks through Model Ensemble and Compression
* Multi-Focus Image Fusion with Joint Guided Image Filtering
* Multistage Decision Optimization Approach for Train Timetable Rescheduling Under Uncertain Disruptions in a High-Speed Railway Network, A
* neglected background cues can facilitate finger vein recognition, The
* new terrain matching method for estimating laser pointing and ranging systematic biases for spaceborne photon-counting laser altimeters, A
* No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Based On Visual Attention Mechanism
* NPAS: A Compiler-aware Framework of Unified Network Pruning and Architecture Search for Beyond Real-Time Mobile Acceleration
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* Occlusion-aware depth estimation for light field using multi-orientation EPIs
* On the Design of Black-Box Adversarial Examples by Leveraging Gradient-Free Optimization and Operator Splitting Method
* On the Pitfall of Mixup for Uncertainty Calibration
* Optimizing Nitrogen Management with Deep Reinforcement Learning and Crop Simulations
* Pareto-aware Neural Architecture Generation for Diverse Computational Budgets
* Per-pixel translational symmetry detection, optimization, and segmentation
* PFNet: Large-Scale Traffic Forecasting With Progressive Spatio-Temporal Fusion
* Physics Informed Deep Reinforcement Learning for Aircraft Conflict Resolution
* Power analysis of the Huffman decoding tree
* Prediction of Hourly Effect of Land Use on Crime
* Protection Effect and Vacancy of the Ecological Protection Redline: A Case Study in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China
* Pruning Parameterization with Bi-level Optimization for Efficient Semantic Segmentation on the Edge
* Quadratically Constrained Ambiguity Suppression Algorithm for APC/Multichannel SAR Systems With Nonuniform Spatial Sampling
* Query by Strings and Return Ranking Word Regions with Only One Look
* Rectilinear parsing of architecture in urban environment
* Research of Location Algorithm Model Based on Fuzzy Identification with Stratified Synchronization and Cooperative Difference, The
* RGB-Z: Mapping a Sparse Depth Map to a High Resolution RGB Camera Image
* Road Extraction from Remote Sensing Images Using the Inner Convolution Integrated Encoder-Decoder Network and Directional Conditional Random Fields
* Robust salient object detection for RGB images
* Salient object detection via hybrid upsampling and hybrid loss computing
* SAR Image segmentation based on convolutional-wavelet neural network and markov random field
* Seasonal Variation in the Mesospheric Ca Layer and Ca+ Layer Simultaneously Observed over Beijing (40.41°N, 116.01°E)
* SIW Quasi-Pyramid Horn Antenna Based on Patch Coupling Feed for Automotive Radar Sensors, An
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Vegetation GPP over the Great Khingan Mountains Using GLASS Products from 1982 to 2015
* Study of Persistent Haze Pollution in Winter over Jinan (China) Based on Ground-Based and Satellite Observations
* Study of the Remote Sensing Model of FAPAR over Rugged Terrains
* SVIP: Sequence VerIfication for Procedures in Videos
* Towards Accurate and Compact Architectures via Neural Architecture Transformer
* Training-free NAS for 3d Point Cloud Processing
* Translation symmetry detection in a fronto-parallel view
* Universal-to-Specific Framework for Complex Action Recognition
* Validation of Soil Moisture from Various Sources and Its Influence Factors in the Tibetan Plateau, The
* Verifiability and Predictability: Interpreting Utilities of Network Architectures for Point Cloud Processing
* Weakly-Supervised Action Localization by Hierarchically-structured Latent Attention Modeling
* zero-watermark algorithm for multiple images based on visual cryptography and image fusion, A
Includes: Zhao, P.[Peng] Zhao, P.[Pu] Zhao, P.[Peisen] Zhao, P.[Pincan] Zhao, P. Zhao, P.[Po] Zhao, P.[Peilin] Zhao, P.[Peitao] Zhao, P.[Peize] Zhao, P.[Ping] Zhao, P.[Pengsen] Zhao, P.[Pengyang] Zhao, P.[Pufan] Zhao, P.[Pan] Zhao, P.[Peiyi] Zhao, P.[Peter] Zhao, P.[Pengchao]
79 for Zhao, P.

Zhao, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Approach of Identifying and Extracting Urban Commercial Areas Using the Nighttime Lights Satellite Imagery, An
* Audio Matters in Video Super-Resolution by Implicit Semantic Guidance
* Discovering the Ancient Tomb under the Forest Using Machine Learning with Timing-Series Features of Sentinel Images: Taking Baling Mountain in Jingzhou as an Example
* Extracting a Connected River Network from DEM by Incorporating Surface River Occurrence Data and Sentinel-2 Imagery in the Danjiangkou Reservoir Area
* GIS-Based Forest Fire Risk Model: A Case Study in Laoshan National Forest Park, Nanjing
* Panoramic Image and Three-Axis Laser Scanner Integrated Approach for Indoor 3D Mapping
* Robust point cloud registration based on topological graph and Cauchy weighted lq-norm
* Smooth Transition Algorithm for Adjacent Panoramic Viewpoints Using Matched Delaunay Triangular Patches, A
* UAV-based panoramic oblique photogrammetry (POP) approach using spherical projection, A
Includes: Zhao, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Zhao, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]
9 for Zhao, P.C.

Zhao, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Suppression Based on Joint Optimization for Multichannel Hybrid and +/-pi/4 Quad-Pol SAR Systems
* Ambiguity Suppression of Cross-Pol Signals by DPCA With DBF Reflector for Hybrid/±p/4 Quad-Pol SAR
* Cascade AdaBoost Classifiers with Stage Optimization for Face Detection
* Isotropic Self-Supervised Learning for Driver Drowsiness Detection With Attention-Based Multimodal Fusion
* Multi-Stream Convolutional Neural Network for SAR Automatic Target Recognition
* PerfHD: Efficient ViT Architecture Performance Ranking using Hyperdimensional Computing
* Towards a more flexible demand responsive transit service with compensation mechanism considering boundedly rational passengers
* Vision-based vehicle behaviour analysis: a structured learning approach via convolutional neural networks
Includes: Zhao, P.F.[Peng Fei] Zhao, P.F.[Peng-Fei]
8 for Zhao, P.F.

Zhao, P.H.[Ping Hua] Co Author Listing * Intrinsic flexibility exploiting for scalable video streaming over multi-channel wireless networks
* Learning Target-specific Response Attention for Siamese Network Based Visual Tracking
* SSIM-Based Error-Resilient Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Video Streaming
* SSIM-based error-resilient rate-distortion optimization of H.264/AVC video coding for wireless streaming
* Utility-Based H.264/SVC Video Streaming Over Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks
Includes: Zhao, P.H.[Ping Hua] Zhao, P.H.[Ping-Hua] Zhao, P.H.[Peng-Hui]

Zhao, P.J.[Peng Jun] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Urban Drivable and Walkable Street Networks of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network
* Automated Simulation Framework for Urban Wind Environments Based on Aerial Point Clouds and Deep Learning
* High-quality face image generation based on generative adversarial networks
* P2-Net: Joint Description and Detection of Local Features for Pixel and Point Matching
* Semantic-Enhanced Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-Scale Urban Functional-Feature Identification Based on Human Mobility
* Zero-Redundancy Sparse Array Configuration Design Based on Sum-Difference Coarray
Includes: Zhao, P.J.[Peng Jun] Zhao, P.J.[Peng-Jun] Zhao, P.J.[Peng-Ju] Zhao, P.J.[Pei-Jun] Zhao, P.J.[Pin-Jiao]

Zhao, P.L.[Pei Lin] Co Author Listing * Class-Conditional Sharpness-Aware Minimization for Deep Long-Tailed Recognition
* Context-Aware Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Local features are not lonely: Laplacian sparse coding for image classification
* Online Multiple Kernel Similarity Learning for Visual Search
Includes: Zhao, P.L.[Pei Lin] Zhao, P.L.[Pei-Lin]

Zhao, P.M.[Pu Ming] Co Author Listing * New Global Bi-Directional Motion Compensation Frame Interpolation for Rate Control in H.264/AVC CODEC, A
Includes: Zhao, P.M.[Pu Ming] Zhao, P.M.[Pu-Ming]

Zhao, P.P.[Peng Peng] Co Author Listing * Active learning with label correlation exploration for multi-label image classification
* CA-PMG: Channel attention and progressive multi-granularity training network for fine-grained visual classification
* Collective spatial keyword search on activity trajectories
* Examining Spectral Reflectance Saturation in Landsat Imagery and Corresponding Solutions to Improve Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation
* Long-Term Baseflow Responses to Projected Climate Change in the Weihe River Basin, Loess Plateau, China
* Multi-dimensional Graph Neural Network for Sequential Recommendation
* Multi-label active learning for image classification
* Multi-label active learning with label correlation for image classification
* S2R-tree: a pivot-based indexing structure for semantic-aware spatial keyword search
* Saliency Guided Gradient Similarity for Fast Perceptual Blur Assessment
* Siamese Transformer for Saliency Prediction Based on Multi-Prior Enhancement and Cross-Modal Attention Collaboration
Includes: Zhao, P.P.[Peng Peng] Zhao, P.P.[Peng-Peng] Zhao, P.P.[Pei-Pei] Zhao, P.P.[Pan-Pan]
11 for Zhao, P.P.

Zhao, P.Q.[Pei Qiang] Co Author Listing * Individual and Interactive Influences of Anthropogenic and Ecological Factors on Forest PM2.5 Concentrations at an Urban Scale
Includes: Zhao, P.Q.[Pei Qiang] Zhao, P.Q.[Pei-Qiang]

Zhao, P.R.[Pei Ran] Co Author Listing * Multispectral LiDAR Point Cloud Classification Using SE-PointNet++
Includes: Zhao, P.R.[Pei Ran] Zhao, P.R.[Pei-Ran]

Zhao, P.S.[Pei Sen] Co Author Listing * Progressive privileged knowledge distillation for online action detection
* Prune Spatio-temporal Tokens by Semantic-aware Temporal Accumulation
Includes: Zhao, P.S.[Pei Sen] Zhao, P.S.[Pei-Sen]

Zhao, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Co Author Listing * Detecting Anomalous Trajectories and Behavior Patterns Using Hierarchical Clustering from Taxi GPS Data
* GIS-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Variable Importance Analysis Using Artificial Intelligent Training-Based Methods, A
* Interactions between Bus, Metro, and Taxi Use before and after the Chinese Spring Festival
* Understanding Urban Traffic Flow Characteristics From The Network Centrality Perspective At Different Granularities
* Vector Field Approach to Estimating Environmental Exposure Using Human Activity Data, A
Includes: Zhao, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Zhao, P.X.[Peng-Xiang] Zhao, P.X.

Zhao, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Co Author Listing * Differentiable Feature Aggregation Search for Knowledge Distillation
* EIFNet: An Explicit and Implicit Feature Fusion Network for Finger Vein Verification
* Exploiting Multiperspective Driven Hierarchical Content-Aware Network for Finger Vein Verification
* TSDM: Tracking by SiamRPN++ with a Depth-refiner and a Mask-generator
* VPCFormer: A transformer-based multi-view finger vein recognition model and a new benchmark
Includes: Zhao, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Zhao, P.Y.[Peng-Yu] Zhao, P.Y.[Peng-Yang] Zhao, P.Y.[Peng-Yao]

Zhao, P.Z.[Pan Zi] Co Author Listing * LMFNet: A Lightweight Multiscale Fusion Network With Hierarchical Structure for Low-Quality 3-D Face Recognition
Includes: Zhao, P.Z.[Pan Zi] Zhao, P.Z.[Pan-Zi]

Zhao, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * 2015-2016 Ground Displacements of the Shanghai Coastal Area Inferred from a Combined COSMO-SkyMed/Sentinel-1 DInSAR Analysis, The
* 8 January 2022, Menyuan Earthquake in Qinghai, China: A Representative Event in the Qilian-Haiyuan Fault Zone Observed Using Sentinel-1 SAR Images, The
* Acquiring 3D motion trajectories of large numbers of swarming animals
* adaptive clustering approach for group detection in the crowd, An
* Adversarial Robust Model Compression using In-Train Pruning
* AiR: Attention with Reasoning Capability
* Ambiguity Resolution for Long Baseline in a Network with BDS-3 Quad-Frequency Ionosphere-Weighted Model
* Anomaly Detection for Urban Vehicle GNSS Observation with a Hybrid Machine Learning System
* Anticipating Where People will Look Using Adversarial Networks
* Application of Reflected Guided Borehole Radar Waves to Detection of Subhorizontal Structures, An
* Assessing the Long-Term Evolution of Abandoned Salinized Farmland via Temporal Remote Sensing Data
* Assessing the Performance of Multi-GNSS PPP-RTK in the Local Area
* Assessment of Quad-Frequency Long-Baseline Positioning with BeiDou-3 and Galileo Observations
* Attention in Reasoning: Dataset, Analysis, and Modeling
* Attention LSTM for Scene Graph Generation
* Attention-Based Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening With Privileged Modality
* Attentive Systems: A Survey
* Attribute-restricted latent topic model for person re-identification
* Bayesian CP Factorization of Incomplete Tensors with Automatic Rank Determination
* Blind Image Super-resolution with Elaborate Degradation Modeling on Noise and Kernel
* Body Emotion-Based Human-Robot Interaction, A
* Boosted Attention: Leveraging Human Attention for Image Captioning
* Building Extraction Based on U-net and Conditional Random Fields
* Changes of Chinese Coastal Regions Induced by Land Reclamation as Revealed through TanDEM-X DEM and InSAR Analyses
* Characteristics of BD3 Global Service Satellites: POD, Open Service Signal and Atomic Clock Performance
* Characteristics of BeiDou-3 Experimental Satellite Clocks
* Characterization of GNSS Signals Tracked by the iGMAS Network Considering Recent BDS-3 Satellites
* Characterizing the Seasonal Crustal Motion in Tianshan Area Using GPS, GRACE and Surface Loading Models
* CJAM: Convolutional Neural Network Joint Attention Mechanism in Gait Recognition
* Closed-Form Solution to Retinex with Nonlocal Texture Constraints, A
* CNN-SIFT Hybrid Pedestrian Navigation Method Based on First-Person Vision, A
* Co-Tracking Using Semi-Supervised Support Vector Machines
* Comprehensive Analysis of Environmental Loading Effects on Vertical GPS Time Series in Yunnan, Southwest China, A
* Comprehensive Evaluation of 4-Parameter Diurnal Temperature Cycle Models with In Situ and MODIS LST over Alpine Meadows in the Tibetan Plateau, A
* Considering Inter-Frequency Clock Bias for BDS Triple-Frequency Precise Point Positioning
* Consistency Analysis of the GNSS Antenna Phase Center Correction Models
* Construction and Analysis of Ecological Security Patterns in the Southern Anhui Region of China from a Circuit Theory Perspective
* Construction of Regional Ecological Security Patterns Based on Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Circuit Theory
* Context-Interactive CNN for Person Re-Identification
* Contextualized CNN for Scene-Aware Depth Estimation From Single RGB Image
* Continuous Action Recognition and Segmentation in Untrimmed Videos
* Cross-session Specific Emitter Identification using Adversarial Domain Adaptation with Wasserstein distance
* Cross-Supervised Joint-Event-Extraction with Heterogeneous Information Networks
* Cross-View Contextual Relation Transferred Network for Unsupervised Vehicle Tracking in Drone Videos
* Decision Boundary Optimization for Few-shot Class-Incremental Learning
* Deep compression of probabilistic graphical networks
* Deep Future Gaze: Gaze Anticipation on Egocentric Videos Using Adversarial Networks
* Deep Multimodality Learning for UAV Video Aesthetic Quality Assessment
* Denoising Hyperspectral Image With Non-i.i.d. Noise Structure
* Dense Correspondence of 3d Facial Point Clouds Via Neural Network Fitting
* Detection Features as Attention (Defat): A Keypoint-Free Approach to Amur Tiger Re-Identification
* Differential Earth Mover's Distance with Its Applications to Visual Tracking
* Differential EMD Tracking
* Direction Concentration Learning: Enhancing Congruency in Machine Learning
* Discovering influential factors in variational autoencoders
* Disentangling Features in 3D Face Shapes for Joint Face Reconstruction and Recognition
* Divide and Conquer: Answering Questions with Object Factorization and Compositional Reasoning
* DNeRV: Modeling Inherent Dynamics via Difference Neural Representation for Videos
* Domain Progressive 3D Residual Convolution Network to Improve Low-Dose CT Imaging
* Dual Adversarial Network: Toward Real-world Noise Removal and Noise Generation
* Dual-Glance Model for Deciphering Social Relationships
* EEG-Based Cognitive Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications: Developments and Challenges
* efficient color image classification method using gradient magnitude based angle cooccurrence matrix, An
* Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution via Hybrid Residual Feature Learning with Compact Back-Projection Network
* Efficient Traffic State Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks
* Embedding 3D Geometric Features for Rigid Object Part Segmentation
* Emotional Attention: A Study of Image Sentiment and Visual Attention
* Emotional Attention: From Eye Tracking to Computational Modeling
* Emulation of MBOC in GALILEO with SIMULINK
* Energy Flow Domain Reverse-Time Migration for Borehole Radar
* Enhanced 3DTV Regularization and Its Applications on HSI Denoising and Compressed Sensing
* Estimating the Fractional Cycle Biases for GPS Triple-Frequency Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution Based on IGS Ultra-Rapid Predicted Orbits
* Estimation of Intrinsic Image Sequences from Image+Depth Video
* Evaluation of BDS-3 Orbit Determination Strategies Using Ground-Tracking and Inter-Satellite Link Observation
* Evaluation of Dense 3D Reconstruction from 2D Face Images in the Wild
* Evolving Mean Shift with Adaptive Bandwidth: A Fast and Noise Robust Approach
* Explicit Knowledge Incorporation for Visual Reasoning
* Face Illumination Manipulation Using a Single Reference Image by Adaptive Layer Decomposition
* Fantastic Answers and Where to Find Them: Immersive Question-Directed Visual Attention
* feature consistency driven attention erasing network for fine-grained image retrieval, A
* Feature reconstruction and metric based network for few-shot object detection
* Filter Clustering for Compressing CNN Model With Better Feature Diversity
* Flexible Clustered Multi-Task Learning by Learning Representative Tasks
* Flood Monitoring in the Middle and Lower Basin of the Yangtze River Using Google Earth Engine and Machine Learning Methods
* Four-branch Siamese network based on sketch-specific data augmentation for sketch recognition
* Fourier Series Expansion Based Filter Parametrization for Equivariant Convolutions
* Foveated neural network: Gaze prediction on egocentric videos
* From External to Internal: Structuring Image for Text-to-Image Attributes Manipulation
* From Rain Generation to Rain Removal
* Full-Spectrum-Knowledge-Aware Tensor Model for Energy-Resolved CT Iterative Reconstruction
* Gaussian Label Distribution Learning for Spherical Image Object Detection
* Generation of long-term InSAR ground displacement time-series through a novel multi-sensor data merging technique: The case study of the Shanghai coastal area
* Geographical position spoofing detection based on camera sensor fingerprint
* Global Ionosphere Mapping and Differential Code Bias Estimation during Low and High Solar Activity Periods with GIMAS Software
* GPS and BeiDou Differential Code Bias Estimation Using Fengyun-3C Satellite Onboard GNSS Observations
* GradMix: Multi-source Transfer across Domains and Tasks
* High-resolution 3D imaging of microvascular architecture in human glioma tissues using X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography as a potential adjunct to histopathology
* Human 3D Motion Recognition Based on Spatial-Temporal Context of Joints
* hybrid evolutionary algorithm for multiobjective sparse reconstruction, A
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration under Complex Multi-Band Noises
* IF-GAN: Generative Adversarial Network for Identity Preserving Facial Image Inpainting and Frontalization
* Image Visual Realism: From Human Perception to Machine Computation
* Impacts on Noise Analyses of GNSS Position Time Series Caused by Seasonal Signal, Weight Matrix, Offset, and Helmert Transformation Parameters
* Implementation Of An Agricultural Environmental Information System (aeis) For The Sanjiang Plain, Ne-china
* Improve robustness of sparse PCA by L1-norm maximization
* Improved Multipath Mitigation Method and Its Application in Real-Time Bridge Deformation Monitoring, An
* Improved Rainfall Forecasting Model Based on GNSS Observations, An
* Improving the Orbits of the BDS-2 IGSO and MEO Satellites with Compensating Thermal Radiation Pressure Parameters
* Infrared small-dim target detection based on Markov random field guided noise modeling
* Integrated Analysis of the Combined Risk of Ground Subsidence, Sea Level Rise, and Natural Hazards in Coastal and Delta River Regions
* Interact as You Intend: Intention-Driven Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Interactive Segmentation as Gaussian Process Classification
* Interpretable Relative Squeezing bottleneck design for compact convolutional neural networks model
* Iterative Double Laplacian-Scaled Low-Rank Optimization for Under-Sampled and Noisy Signal Recovery
* Iterative Robust Visual Grounding with Masked Reference based Centerpoint Supervision
* JL-DCF: Joint Learning and Densely-Cooperative Fusion Framework for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Joint-Confidence-Guided Multi-Task Learning for 3D Reconstruction and Understanding From Monocular Camera
* Kronecker-Basis-Representation Based Tensor Sparsity and Its Applications to Tensor Recovery
* KXNet: A Model-Driven Deep Neural Network for Blind Super-Resolution
* Label Consistent Quadratic Surrogate model for visual saliency prediction
* Landmark-Based 3D Face Reconstruction from an Arbitrary Number of Unconstrained Images
* Learn by Oneself: Exploiting Weight-Sharing Potential in Knowledge Distillation Guided Ensemble Network
* Learn Sparse Dictionaries for Edit Propagation
* Learning An Explicit Weighting Scheme for Adapting Complex HSI Noise
* Learning to Detect Human-Object Interactions With Knowledge
* Learning to Focus and Discriminate for Fine-Grained Classification
* Learning to Learn From Noisy Labeled Data
* Learning to Minimize the Remainder in Supervised Learning
* Learning to Share Latent Tasks for Action Recognition
* Learning Visual Attention to Identify People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
* Lightweight Landslide Detection Network for Emergency Scenarios
* Linked Component Analysis From Matrices to High-Order Tensors: Applications to Biomedical Data
* Local Metric Learning in 2D/3D Deformable Registration With Application in the Abdomen
* Local Regression Learning via Forest Classification for 2D/3D Deformable Registration
* Low-Rank Matrix Factorization under General Mixture Noise Distributions
* MAWKDN: A Multimodal Fusion Wavelet Knowledge Distillation Approach Based on Cross-View Attention for Action Recognition
* Maximally Using GPS Observation for Water Vapor Tomography
* MHF-Net: An Interpretable Deep Network for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Fusion
* MLR-SNet: Transferable LR Schedules for Heterogeneous Tasks
* Model-Driven Deep Neural Network for Single Image Rain Removal, A
* Motion Observability Analysis of the Simplified Color Correlogram for Visual Tracking
* motion observable representation using color correlogram and its applications to tracking, A
* Multi-Camera Saliency
* Multi-Exposure Image Fusion Based on Information-Theoretic Channel
* Multi-layer linear model for top-down modulation of visual attention in natural egocentric vision
* Multi-Object Tracking Using Online Metric Learning with Long Short-Term Memory
* Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Fusion by MS/HS Fusion Net
* Multispectral Images Denoising by Intrinsic Tensor Sparsity Regularization
* n-reference Transfer Learning for Saliency Prediction
* New Approach to Earth's Gravity Field Modeling Using GPS-Derived Kinematic Orbits and Baselines, A
* New Datasets and Models for Contextual Reasoning in Visual Dialog
* Non-Linear 3d Reconstruction For Compressive X-Ray Tomosynthesis
* Nonconvex-Sparsity and Nonlocal-Smoothness-Based Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Novel Approach to Doppler Centroid and Channel Errors Estimation in Azimuth Multi-Channel SAR, A
* Novel ATR Classifier Exploiting Pose Estimation, A
* Novel Sparsity Measure for Tensor Recovery, A
* Object Tracking using Color Correlogram
* On Mugshot-based Arbitrary View Face Recognition
* On the Characterization and Forecasting of Ground Displacements of Ocean-Reclaimed Lands
* On the Exploitation of Remote Sensing Technologies for the Monitoring of Coastal and River Delta Regions
* On the Frequency Dispersion in DBF SAR and Digital Scalloped Beamforming
* Online Rain/Snow Removal From Surveillance Videos
* Overview of the Applications of Earth Observation Satellite Data: Impacts and Future Trends, An
* P-DIFF: Learning Classifier with Noisy Labels based on Probability Difference Distributions
* PANDORA: A Panoramic Detection Dataset for Object with Orientation
* Panoramic Light Field From Hand-Held Video and Its Sampling for Real-Time Rendering
* Paradigm for Building Generalized Models of Human Image Perception through Data Fusion, A
* Part Based Human Tracking In A Multiple Cues Fusion Framework
* Part-level attention networks for cross-domain person re-identification
* Performance Evaluation of Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning and Its Use in the Android Smartphone
* Performance of Single-Epoch EWL/WL/NL Ambiguity-Fixed Precise Point Positioning with Regional Atmosphere Modelling
* Phase Center Corrections for BDS IGSO and MEO Satellites in IGb14 and IGSR3 Frame
* Pooling Scores of Neighboring Points for Improved 3D Point Cloud Segmentation
* Pose Estimation for SAR Automatic Target Recognition
* Pose-Guided Complementary Features Learning for Amur Tiger Re-Identification
* Pose-indexed based multi-view method for face alignment
* PoseFormerV2: Exploring Frequency Domain for Efficient and Robust 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Potential Contributors to CME and Optimal Noise Model Analysis in the Chinese Region Based on Different HYDL Models
* Precise Orbit Determination of FY-3C with Calibration of Orbit Biases in BeiDou GEO Satellites
* Predicting Eye Fixations on Webpage With an Ensemble of Early Features and High-Level Representations from Deep Network
* Predicting Human Scanpaths in Visual Question Answering
* Probabilistic Graphlet Transfer for Photo Cropping
* Progress and Trends in the Application of Google Earth and Google Earth Engine
* Quantitative Evaluation of Environmental Loading Induced Displacement Products for Correcting GNSS Time Series in CMONOC
* Query and Attention Augmentation for Knowledge-Based Explainable Reasoning
* Question classification based on co-training style semi-supervised learning
* Radar Target Recognition Using a Radial Basis Function Neural-Network
* Real-Time 2D/3D Deformable Registration Using Metric Learning
* Reconstructing 3D Motion Trajectories of Particle Swarms by Global Correspondence Selection
* Reduced-Dynamic Precise Orbit Determination of Haiyang-2B Altimetry Satellite Using a Refined Empirical Acceleration Model
* Refinet: A Deep Segmentation Assisted Refinement Network for Salient Object Detection
* Research on the Algorithm of License Plate Recognition Based on MPGAN Haze Weather
* REX: Reasoning-aware and Grounded Explanation
* Robust Low-Dose CT Sinogram Preprocessing via Exploiting Noise-Generating Mechanism
* Robust Low-Rank Matrix Factorization Under General Mixture Noise Distributions
* Robust Tensor Factorization with Unknown Noise
* SALICON: Reducing the Semantic Gap in Saliency Prediction by Adapting Deep Neural Networks
* SALICON: Saliency in Context
* Saliency in Crowd
* Saliency Prediction with Active Semantic Segmentation
* Saliency Prediction with External Knowledge
* Searching for Unknown Anomalies in Hierarchical Data Streams
* Segment-Based Disparity Refinement With Occlusion Handling for Stereo Matching
* Select informative features for recognition
* Self-Distillation for Few-Shot Image Captioning
* Self-Paced Multiple-Instance Learning Framework for Co-Saliency Detection, A
* Semantic Segmentation of Aerial Imagery via Split-Attention Networks with Disentangled Nonlocal and Edge Supervision
* Semi-Supervised Transfer Learning for Image Rain Removal
* Semi-Supervised Video Deraining with Dynamical Rain Generator
* Shallowing Deep Networks: Layer-Wise Pruning Based on Feature Representations
* Should We Encode Rain Streaks in Video as Deterministic or Stochastic?
* Signal-Preserving Erratic Noise Attenuation via Iterative Robust Sparsity-Promoting Filter
* Similarity Distillation Guided Feature Refinement Network for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation, A
* Single-Epoch Decimeter-Level Precise Point Positioning with a Galileo Five-Frequency Ionosphere-Reduced Combination
* Snow Cover Phenology Change and Response to Climate in China during 2000-2020
* Solar Radiation Pressure Models for BeiDou-3 I2-S Satellite: Comparison and Augmentation
* Spatial Pyramid Based Graph Reasoning for Semantic Segmentation
* Spherical Centralized Quantization for Fast Image Retrieval
* Spherical Superpixel Segmentation
* Structure-Level 3D Building Model Encoding Method for Progressive Transmission
* Style Elimination and Information Restitution for generalizable person re-identification
* Supervised multi-modal dictionary learning for clothing representation
* Temporal-Spatial Characteristics of Drought in the Loess Plateau Using the Remote-Sensed TRMM Precipitation Data from 1998 to 2014, The
* Topology-Preserving Simplification Method for 3D Building Models, A
* Toward Multi-Granularity Decision-Making: Explicit Visual Reasoning with Hierarchical Knowledge
* TPH-YOLOv5++: Boosting Object Detection on Drone-Captured Scenarios with Cross-Layer Asymmetric Transformer
* TPH-YOLOv5: Improved YOLOv5 Based on Transformer Prediction Head for Object Detection on Drone-Captured Scenarios
* Underwater Image Enhancement Using Adaptive Retinal Mechanisms
* Unsupervised approximate-semantic vocabulary learning for human action and video classification
* Use of C-/X-Band Time-Gapped SAR Data and Geotechnical Models for the Study of Shanghai's Ocean-Reclaimed Lands through the SBAS-DInSAR Technique, The
* Variational Representation Learning for Vehicle Re-Identificati
* Video Based Real-Time Pedestrian Detection on Zebra Cross
* Video Rain Streak Removal by Multiscale Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Video Storytelling: Textual Summaries for Events
* View-Dependent Progressive Transmission Method for 3D Building Models
* VisDrone-DET2021: The Vision Meets Drone Object detection Challenge Results
* Visual Social Relationship Recognition
* VisualHow: Multimodal Problem Solving
* Weakly Supervised Photo Cropping
* Webpage Saliency
Includes: Zhao, Q.[Qing] Zhao, Q.[Qiang] Zhao, Q.[Qi] Zhao, Q. Zhao, Q.[Qile] Zhao, Q.[Qilu] Zhao, Q.[Qian] Zhao, Q.[Qunfei] Zhao, Q.[Qiudong] Zhao, Q.[Qinglin] Zhao, Q.[Qiyang] Zhao, Q.[Qinghang] Zhao, Q.[Qike] Zhao, Q.[Qianru] Zhao, Q.[Qiong] Zhao, Q.[Quan] Zhao, Q.[QiHao] Zhao, Q.[Qun] Zhao, Q.[Qitao] Zhao, Q.[Qin]
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Zhao, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection for Images Using Auto-encoder Based Sparse Representation
* Cube2Video: Navigate Between Cubic Panoramas in Real-Time
* Design of an End-to-End Dual Mode Driver Distraction Detection System
* Interest Point Detection Method Based on Multi-Scale Gabor Filters
* Light Field Reconstruction Using Dynamically Generated Filters
* new feature selection method based on a validity index of feature subset, A
* Source Parameters of the 2003-2004 Bange Earthquake Sequence, Central Tibet, China, Estimated from InSAR Data
* Spherical Superpixels: Benchmark and Evaluation
* SPHORB: A Fast and Robust Binary Feature on the Sphere
* Stone images retrieval based on color histogram
* study of frame complexity prediction and rate control in H.264 encoder, The
Includes: Zhao, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Zhao, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
11 for Zhao, Q.A.

Zhao, Q.B.[Qi Bin] Co Author Listing * BAFN: Bi-Direction Attention Based Fusion Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* Editorial to The Special Issue on Tensor Image Processing
* Efficient Nonnegative Tucker Decompositions: Algorithms and Uniqueness
* Efficient Tensor Robust PCA Under Hybrid Model of Tucker and Tensor Train
* Guaranteed Matrix Completion Under Multiple Linear Transformations
* Guaranteed Robust Tensor Completion via *L-SVD with Applications to Remote Sensing Data
* Hierarchical Factorization Strategy for High-Order Tensor and Application to Data Completion
* High-order tensor completion via gradient-based optimization under tensor train format
* Higher Order Partial Least Squares (HOPLS): A Generalized Multilinear Regression Method
* Hyperspectral super-resolution via coupled tensor ring factorization
* Learning from Incomplete Features by Simultaneous Training of Neural Networks and Sparse Coding
* Non-Local Meets Global: An Integrated Paradigm for Hyperspectral Denoising
* Non-Local Meets Global: An Iterative Paradigm for Hyperspectral Image Restoration
* Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations: An algorithmic perspective
* Remote Sensing Image Reconstruction Using Tensor Ring Completion and Total Variation
* TPFN: Applying Outer Product Along Time to Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Fusion on Incomplete Data
Includes: Zhao, Q.B.[Qi Bin] Zhao, Q.B.[Qi-Bin]
16 for Zhao, Q.B.

Zhao, Q.C.[Qing Chao] Co Author Listing * Advanced Echo Separation Scheme for Space-Time Waveform-Encoding SAR Based on Digital Beamforming and Blind Source Separation, An
* Density Division Face Clustering Based on Graph Convolutional Networks
* Digital Beamforming Synthetic Aperture Radar (DBSAR): Experiments and Performance Analysis in Support of 16-Channel Airborne X-Band SAR Data
* Efficient Supervised Image Clustering Based on Density Division and Graph Neural Networks
* High-Resolution PM2.5 Concentrations Estimation Based on Stacked Ensemble Learning Model Using Multi-Source Satellite TOA Data
* Novel Echo Separation Scheme for Space-Time Waveform-Encoding SAR Based on the Second-Order Cone Programming (SOCP) Beamformer, A
* Sensitivity Analysis of Canopy Structural and Radiative Transfer Parameters to Reconstructed Maize Structures Based on Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Ship Target Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on E2YOLOX-VFL
* stretching transform-based automatic nonrigid registration system for cerebrovascular digital subtraction angiography images, A
Includes: Zhao, Q.C.[Qing Chao] Zhao, Q.C.[Qing-Chao] Zhao, Q.C.[Qi-Chao] Zhao, Q.C.[Qi-Chang] Zhao, Q.C.[Qiao-Chu]
9 for Zhao, Q.C.

Zhao, Q.D.[Qiu Dong] Co Author Listing * Attributing Evapotranspiration Changes with an Extended Budyko Framework Considering Glacier Changes in a Cryospheric-Dominated Watershed
* Influence of Topographic Shading on the Mass Balance of the High Mountain Asia Glaciers
Includes: Zhao, Q.D.[Qiu Dong] Zhao, Q.D.[Qiu-Dong]

Zhao, Q.F.[Qun Fei] Co Author Listing * Crown Segmentation From Computed Tomography Images With Metal Artifacts
* Dynamic gesture recognition by directional pulse coupled neural networks for human-robot interaction in real time
* Efficient Multi-Organ Segmentation From 3D Abdominal CT Images With Lightweight Network and Knowledge Distillation
* Fast Pattern Detection Using Normalized Neural Networks and Cross-Correlation in the Frequency Domain
* Hierarchical Superpixel Segmentation by Parallel CRTrees Labeling
* Sparse-to-Local-Dense Matching for Geometry-Guided Correspondence Estimation
Includes: Zhao, Q.F.[Qun Fei] Zhao, Q.F.[Qun-Fei] Zhao, Q.F.[Qian-Fei] Zhao, Q.F.[Qiang-Fu]

Zhao, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Co Author Listing * Blind Separation of Noisy Mixed Images Based on Wiener Filtering and Independent Component Analysis
* Coupling Regular Tessellation with RJMCMC Algorithm to Segment SAR Image With Unknown Number Of Classes
* Entropy-kl Strategy For Estimating Number Of Classes In Image Segmentation Issues, An
* fuzzy clustering image segmentation algorithm based on Hidden Markov Random Field models and Voronoi Tessellation, A
* Hierarchical Transmission Tower Detection from High-Resolution SAR Image
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Partitioned Random Projection Algorithm
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Tighter Random Projection with Minimal Intra-Class Variance Algorithm
* Irregular Tessellation and Statistical Modeling Based Regionalized Segmentation for SAR Intensity Image
* MDCS: More Diverse Experts with Consistency Self-distillation for Long-tailed Recognition
* Optimizing Management Practices to Reduce Sediment Connectivity between Forest Roads and Streams in a Mountainous Watershed
* Random Projection Based Bias-corrected Fuzzy C-means Algorithm For Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
* Response of Sediment Connectivity to Altered Convergence Processes Induced by Forest Roads in Mountainous Watershed
* Snow Depth Inversion in Forest Areas from Sentinel-1 Data Based on Phase Deviation Correction
* Urban Riverway Extraction from High-Resolution SAR Image Based on Blocking Segmentation and Discontinuity Connection
Includes: Zhao, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Zhao, Q.H.[Qing-Hua] Zhao, Q.H. Zhao, Q.H.[Quan-Hua] Zhao, Q.H.[Qi-Hao] Zhao, Q.H.[Qing-He]
14 for Zhao, Q.H.

Zhao, Q.J.[Qi Jun] Co Author Listing * 3D Semantic Subspace Traverser: Empowering 3D Generative Model with Shape Editing Capability
* Abrupt motion tracking using a visual saliency embedded particle filter
* Adaptive fingerprint pore modeling and extraction
* Adaptive pore model for fingerprint pore extraction
* Blind image quality assessment by relative gradient statistics and adaboosting neural network
* Combined training strategy for low-resolution face recognition with limited application-specific data
* comparative study on quality assessment of high resolution fingerprint images, A
* Comprehensive Feature Enhancement Module for Single-Shot Object Detector
* Contour tracking via on-line discriminative active contours
* Curvature and singularity driven diffusion for oriented pattern enhancement with singular points
* Data Classification on Multiple Manifolds
* Depth-Cooperated Trimodal Network for Video Salient Object Detection
* Detection method of eyes opening and closing ratio for driver's fatigue monitoring
* Direct Pore Matching for Fingerprint Recognition
* Dual-Attention Deep Discriminative Domain Generalization Model for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Examining Land Use and Land Cover Spatiotemporal Change and Driving Forces in Beijing from 1978 to 2010
* Examplar coherent 3D face reconstruction from forensic mugshot database
* Facial expression recognition on multiple manifolds
* fast evolutionary pursuit algorithm based on linearly combining vectors, A
* Feature extraction using two-dimensional neighborhood margin and variation embedding
* Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Multiple Static Features and Random Forests
* Fingerprint Pore Matching Based on Sparse Representation
* High resolution partial fingerprint alignment using pore-valley descriptors
* Image Processing-Based Crystal Diameter Detection for Czochralski Method
* Improved AM-FM-Based Approach for Reconstructing Fingerprints from Minutiae, An
* Improved Data Augmentation of Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Pollen Grains Classification
* Improving Estimates of Grassland Fractional Vegetation Cover Based on a Pixel Dichotomy Model: A Case Study in Inner Mongolia, China
* Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction
* Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction with Application to Face Recognition
* Learning Multi-Granularity Features for Re-Identifying Figures in Portrait Thangka Images
* Learning Residue-Aware Correlation Filters and Refining Scale Estimates with the GrabCut for Real-Time UAV Tracking
* Learning residue-aware correlation filters and refining scale for real-time UAV tracking
* LSTPNet: Long short-term perception network for dynamic facial expression recognition in the wild
* Mtnas: Search Multi-task Networks for Autonomous Driving
* Multimodal Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation Without Independent Style Encoder
* Multiple cues-based active contours for target contour tracking under sophisticated background
* Mutual-Guidance Transformer-Embedding Network for Video Salient Object Detection
* New Integrated Vegetation Index for the Estimation of Winter Wheat Leaf Chlorophyll Content, A
* novel hierarchical fingerprint matching approach, A
* Objectness-based smoothing stochastic sampling and coherence approximate nearest neighbor for visual tracking
* On the utility of extended fingerprint features: A study on pores
* Online Learned Player Recognition Model Based Soccer Player Tracking and Labeling for Long-Shot Scenes
* Optimal Leaf Biochemical Selection for Mapping Species Diversity Based on Imaging Spectroscopy, The
* Parallel versus Hierarchical Fusion of Extended Fingerprint Features
* PCA-based watermarking scheme for tamper-proof of web pages, A
* PCA-based web page watermarking
* Point in, Box Out: Beyond Counting Persons in Crowds
* Quantitative analysis of human facial beauty using geometric features
* Robust object tracking via online Principal Component-Canonical Correlation Analysis (P3CA)
* Segmenting similar shapes via weighted group-similarity active contours
* Siamese Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection and Beyond
* Spatial Downscaling of Land Surface Temperature Based on a Multi-Factor Geographically Weighted Machine Learning Model
* Structural sparse representation-based semi-supervised learning and edge detection proposal for visual tracking
* UIALN: Enhancement for Underwater Image With Artificial Light
* Unsupervised 3D Animal Canonical Pose Estimation with Geometric Self-Supervision
* Unsupervised Homography Estimation with Coplanarity-Aware GAN
* variational image segmentation method exploring both intensity means and texture patterns, A
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-VDT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Video Detection and Tracking Challenge Results
* Visual tracking tracker via object proposals and co-trained kernelized correlation filters
* Weakly-supervised Reconstruction of 3d Objects with Large Shape Variation from Single In-the-wild Images
* Weighted two-step aggregated VLAD for image retrieval
Includes: Zhao, Q.J.[Qi Jun] Zhao, Q.J.[Qi-Jun] Zhao, Q.J.[Qing-Jie] Zhao, Q.J.[Qi-Jie] Zhao, Q.J.[Qian-Jun]
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Zhao, Q.K.[Qian Kun] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Fusion Self-Supervised Deep Odometry and Depth Estimation
Includes: Zhao, Q.K.[Qian Kun] Zhao, Q.K.[Qian-Kun]

Zhao, Q.L.[Qing Lin] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Attentional Bias of Non-Drug Reward in Abstinent Heroin Addicts: An ERP Study
* CLEAR: Comprehensive Learning Enabled Adversarial Reconstruction for Subtle Structure Enhanced Low-Dose CT Imaging
* Digital Twin for Transportation Big Data: A Reinforcement Learning-Based Network Traffic Prediction Approach
* Improvement of Downward Continuation Values of Airborne Gravity Data in Taiwan
* Investigation on an Integrated Evacuation Route Planning Method Based on Real-Time Data Acquisition for High-Rise Building Fire
* Local linear neighbor reconstruction for multi-view data
* Robust Vascular Segmentation for Raw Complex Images of Laser Speckle Contrast Based on Weakly Supervised Learning
Includes: Zhao, Q.L.[Qing Lin] Zhao, Q.L.[Qing-Lin] Zhao, Q.L.[Qian-Long] Zhao, Q.L.[Qi-Long] Zhao, Q.L.[Quan-Lai] Zhao, Q.L.[Qian-Li] Zhao, Q.L.[Qing-Liang]
7 for Zhao, Q.L.

Zhao, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Co Author Listing * Iteratively Optimized Patch Label Inference Network for Automatic Pavement Distress Detection, An
Includes: Zhao, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Zhao, Q.M.[Qi-Ming]

Zhao, Q.P.[Qin Ping] Co Author Listing * 10 Scientific Problems in Virtual Reality
* Approximating global illumination on mesostructure surfaces with height gradient maps
* Automatic registration of multiple range images based on cycle space
* Automatic sub-category partitioning and parts localization for learning a robust object model
* Centroid index: Cluster level similarity measure
* Deformable model for estimating clothed and naked human shapes from a single image
* efficient key-frame-free prediction method for MGS of H.264/SVC, An
* Efficiently consistent affinity propagation for 3D shapes co-segmentation
* Face illumination transfer through edge-preserving filters
* Geodesic Propagation for Semantic Labeling
* grid-growing clustering algorithm for geo-spatial data, A
* Image Matting with Local and Nonlocal Smooth Priors
* Image Segmentation and Recognition for Multi-Class Chinese Food
* Keyword clustering for automatic categorization
* Knee Point Detection in BIC for Detecting the Number of Clusters
* Learning Artistic Lighting Template from Portrait Photographs
* Learning Templates for Artistic Portrait Lighting Analysis
* Long-Short Temporal-Spatial Clues Excited Network for Robust Person Re-identification
* Meta Transfer Learning for Adaptive Vehicle Tracking in UAV Videos
* Multi-scale, multi-level, heterogeneous features extraction and classification of volumetric medical images
* Novel Material-Aware Feature Descriptor for Volumetric Image Registration in Diffusion Tensor Space, A
* Occlusion cues for image scene layering
* Optimizing neighborhood projection with relaxation factor for inextensible cloth simulation
* Partial similarity based nonparametric scene parsing in certain environment
* Random swap EM algorithm for finite mixture models in image segmentation
* Random swap EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture models
* Real-time 3D scene reconstruction with dynamically moving object using a single depth camera
* Real-Time Accurate Stereo Matching Using Modified Two-Pass Aggregation and Winner-Take-All Guided Dynamic Programming
* Rectilinear parsing of architecture in urban environment
* RSEM: An Accelerated Algorithm on Repeated EM
* Shape2Motion: Joint Analysis of Motion Parts and Attributes From 3D Shapes
* Sparse Dictionary Learning for Edit Propagation of High-Resolution Images
* Supervised Geodesic Propagation for Semantic Label Transfer
Includes: Zhao, Q.P.[Qin Ping] Zhao, Q.P.[Qin-Ping] Zhao, Q.P.[Qin-Pei]
33 for Zhao, Q.P.

Zhao, Q.Q.[Qi Qi] Co Author Listing * Application of Ecosystem Service Bundles and Tour Experience in Land Use Management: A Case Study of Xiaohuangshan Mountain (China)
* Evolution Response of Ecosystem Cultural Services under Different Scenarios Based on System Dynamics, The
* Flexible Gabor-Based Superpixel-Level Unsupervised LDA for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Spatial-temporal representation for video re-identification via key images
* Three-Dimensional Urban Land Cover Classification by Prior-Level Fusion of LiDAR Point Cloud and Optical Imagery
* Visible-infrared person re-identification using high utilization mismatch amending triplet loss
Includes: Zhao, Q.Q.[Qi Qi] Zhao, Q.Q.[Qi-Qi] Zhao, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing] Zhao, Q.Q.[Qian-Qian]

Zhao, Q.S.[Qiu Shi] Co Author Listing * Contactless palmprint verification based on SIFT and iterative RANSAC
* Cuboid CNN Model with an Attention Mechanism for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition, A
* Deformed Palmprint Matching Based on Stable Regions
* Editorial for the Special Issue: Remote Sensing of Urban Ecology and Sustainability
* Geographically Weighted Regression Approach to Understanding Urbanization Impacts on Urban Warming and Cooling: A Case Study of Las Vegas, A
* Green Vegetation Cover Has Steadily Increased since Establishment of Community Forests in Western Chitwan, Nepal
* Rooftop Surface Temperature Analysis in an Urban Residential Environment
* SIFT-based contactless palmprint verification approach using iterative RANSAC and local palmprint descriptors, A
Includes: Zhao, Q.S.[Qiu Shi] Zhao, Q.S.[Qiu-Shi] Zhao, Q.S.[Qing-Song] Zhao, Q.S.[Qun-Shan]
8 for Zhao, Q.S.

Zhao, Q.W.[Qing Wei] Co Author Listing * ASQ: An Ultra-Low Bit Rate ASR-Oriented Speech Quantization Method
* Decision-Tree-Based Online Speaker Clustering, A
* So-DAS: A Two-Step Soft-Direction-Aware Speech Separation Framework
* Sports Type Determination Based on Keyword Spotting
* Variational Convolutional Neural Network Pruning
Includes: Zhao, Q.W.[Qing Wei] Zhao, Q.W.[Qing-Wei] Zhao, Q.W.[Qi-Wei]

Zhao, Q.X.[Qing Xue] Co Author Listing * Breast cancer diagnosis based on a new improved Elman neural network optimized by meta-heuristics
* Effects of Driving Factors on Forest Aboveground Biomass (AGB) in China's Loess Plateau by Using Spatial Regression Models
* High-Resolution Resistivity Imaging of a Transversely Uneven Gas Hydrate Reservoir: A Case in the Qiongdongnan Basin, South China Sea
Includes: Zhao, Q.X.[Qing Xue] Zhao, Q.X.[Qing-Xue] Zhao, Q.X.[Qing-Xia] Zhao, Q.X.[Qing-Xian]

Zhao, Q.Y.[Qian Ying] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Empirical Algorithms for Shallow Water Bathymetry Using Multi-Spectral Imagery of Pearl River Delta Coast, China
* Classifying Images of Classical Architectures: Chinese vs. European
* Construction and Optimisation of Ecological Networks in High-Density Central Urban Areas: The Case of Fuzhou City, China
* Cracking BING and Beyond
* Disentangling Normal Aging From Severity of Disease via Weak Supervision on Longitudinal MRI
* Georeferencing Multi-source Geospatial Data Using Multi-temporal TerraSAR-X Imagery: a Case Study in Qixing Farm, Northeast China
* Identifying Auxiliary or Adversarial Tasks Using Necessary Condition Analysis for Adversarial Multi-task Video Understanding
* Investigating Within-Field Variability of Rice from High Resolution Satellite Imagery in Qixing Farm County, Northeast China
* Metadata Normalization
* Parsing Fashion Image into Mid-Level Semantic Parts Based on Chain-Conditional Random Fields
* Receptive Field Based Image Modeling Method for Interactive Segmentation
* Representation Learning with Statistical Independence to Mitigate Bias
* Robustness Verification of Classification Deep Neural Networks via Linear Programming
* Segmenting natural images with the least effort as humans
* Semasuperpixel: A Multi-Channel Probability-Driven Superpixel Segmentation Method
* survey on deep learning methods for scene flow estimation, A
Includes: Zhao, Q.Y.[Qian Ying] Zhao, Q.Y.[Qian-Ying] Zhao, Q.Y.[Qi Yang] Zhao, Q.Y.[Qiu-Yue] Zhao, Q.Y.[Qi-Yang] Zhao, Q.Y.[Qing-Yu] Zhao, Q.Y.[Quan-Ying] Zhao, Q.Y.[Qing-Ye] Zhao, Q.Y.[Qing-Yun]
16 for Zhao, Q.Y.

Zhao, Q.Z.[Qing Zhi] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Analysis and Validation of the Atmospheric Weighted Mean Temperature Models in China
* Comprehensive Precipitable Water Vapor Retrieval and Application Platform Based on Various Water Vapor Detection Techniques
* Embedding a Mathematical OCR Module into OCRopus
* Global Conversion Factor Model for Mapping Zenith Total Delay onto Precipitable Water, A
* High-Precision Potential Evapotranspiration Model Using GNSS Observation
* Hourly Rainfall Forecast Model Using Supervised Learning Algorithm
* Improved Carrier-Smoothing Code Algorithm for BDS Satellites with SICB, An
* Investigation of Extreme Weather Impact on Precipitable Water Vapor and Vegetation Growth: A Case Study in Zhejiang China, An
* Locating the Ultrasonic Echo Head Wave of Bottom Sediment in Drilling Hole Based on Local SNR
* New Approach of the Global Navigation Satellite System Tomography for Any Size of GNSS Network, A
* New Typhoon-Monitoring Method Using Precipitation Water Vapor, A
* Novel ENSO Monitoring Method using Precipitable Water Vapor and Temperature in Southeast China, A
* Optimal Tropospheric Tomography Method Based on the Multi-GNSS Observations, An
* Real-Time GNSS-Derived PWV for Typhoon Characterizations: A Case Study for Super Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong
* Regional GNSS-Derived SPCI: Verification and Improvement in Yunnan, China
* Troposphere Water Vapour Tomography: A Horizontal Parameterised Approach
* Tropospheric Tomography Method with a Novel Height Factor Model Including Two Parts: Isotropic and Anisotropic Height Factors, A
Includes: Zhao, Q.Z.[Qing Zhi] Zhao, Q.Z.[Qing-Zhi] Zhao, Q.Z.[Qin-Zheng] Zhao, Q.Z.[Qing-Zhu]
17 for Zhao, Q.Z.

Zhao, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * AdaCos: Adaptively Scaling Cosine Logits for Effectively Learning Deep Face Representations
* Adaptive Segmentation of Textured Images by Using the Coupled Markov Random Field Model
* Advancing Referring Expression Segmentation Beyond Single Image
* Adversarial Thumbnail-Preserving Transformation for Facial Images Based on GAN
* Align Representations with Base: A New Approach to Self-Supervised Learning
* Atmospheric Effect Correction for InSAR With Wavelet Decomposition-Based Correlation Analysis Between Multipolarization Interferograms
* Attention-Aware Compositional Network for Person Re-identification
* AutoMA: Towards Automatic Model Augmentation for Transferable Adversarial Attacks
* Balancing Logit Variation for Long-Tailed Semantic Segmentation
* Bayesian Adversarial Human Motion Synthesis
* Bayesian Graph Convolution LSTM for Skeleton Based Action Recognition
* Bayesian Hierarchical Dynamic Model for Human Action Recognition
* Bayesian sparse hierarchical model for image denoising
* Beyond Background Feature Extraction: An Anomaly Detection Algorithm Inspired by Slowly Varying Signal Analysis
* Bilateral Ordinal Relevance Multi-instance Regression for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* Binarized Convolutional Neural Networks with Separable Filters for Efficient Hardware Acceleration
* Building Efficient Deep Neural Networks With Unitary Group Convolutions
* Calibration and Data Quality Assurance Technical Advancements for Quantitative Remote Sensing in the DRAGON 4 Project
* Castle in the Sky: Dynamic Sky Replacement and Harmonization in Videos
* COCAS+: Large-Scale Clothes-Changing Person Re-Identification With Clothes Templates
* COCAS: A Large-Scale Clothes Changing Person Dataset for Re-Identification
* Continual Representation Learning for Biometric Identification
* CORA: Adapting CLIP for Open-Vocabulary Detection with Region Prompting and Anchor Pre-Matching
* Counterfactual Intervention Feature Transfer for Visible-Infrared Person Re-identification
* Counting Vehicles from Semantic Regions
* Coupled Hidden Markov Model for Electrocorticographic Signal Classification
* Crossing-Line Crowd Counting with Two-Phase Deep Neural Networks
* Current Activity of the Long Point Fault in Houston, Texas Constrained by Continuous GPS Measurements (2013-2018)
* Cyberbullying Detection Based on Semantic-Enhanced Marginalized Denoising Auto-Encoder
* Deep Cross-Modal Representation Learning and Distillation for Illumination-Invariant Pedestrian Detection
* Deep Multi-task Learning for Facial Expression Recognition and Synthesis Based on Selective Feature Sharing
* Deep Progressive Convolutional Neural Network for Blind Super-Resolution With Multiple Degradations
* DeepReID: Deep Filter Pairing Neural Network for Person Re-identification
* Density-Aware Feature Embedding for Face Clustering
* Domain Invariant Masked Autoencoders for Self-supervised Learning from Multi-domains
* Effective Crop-Paste Pipeline for Few-shot Object Detection, An
* Efficient Structured Pruning and Architecture Searching for Group Convolution
* Encoder-Decoder with a Residual Network for Fusing Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Remote Sensing Images, An
* Enhanced Attention Tracking With Multi-Branch Network for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Enhancement of a CNN-Based Denoiser Based on Spatial and Spectral Analysis
* Ensemble-Based Cascaded Constrained Energy Minimization for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* Estimating High Resolution Daily Air Temperature Based on Remote Sensing Products and Climate Reanalysis Datasets over Glacierized Basins: A Case Study in the Langtang Valley, Nepal
* Exploiting Block-Sparsity for Hyperspectral Kronecker Compressive Sensing: A Tensor-Based Bayesian Method
* Exploiting Deep Cross-Slice Features from CT Images for Multi-Class Pneumonia Classification
* Explore the Power of Synthetic Data on Few-shot Object Detection
* Exploring the Point Feature Relation on Point Cloud for Multi-View Stereo
* F-TPE: Flexible Thumbnail-Preserving Encryption Based on Multi-Pixel Sum-Preserving Encryption
* Facial Expression Intensity Estimation Using Ordinal Information
* Fast Matching Method for the SAR Images with Large Viewing Angles Based on Inertial Navigation Information and Neighborhood Structure Consensus, A
* Fast Star Identification Algorithm of Star Sensors in the LIS Mode, A
* Feature Erasing and Diffusion Network for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* From Features to Semantics: Some Preliminary Results
* Fusion Despeckling Based on Surface Variation Anisotropic Diffusion Filter and Ratio Image Filter
* Generalizing Eye Tracking With Bayesian Adversarial Learning
* Geometry-Aware Facial Expression Recognition via Attentive Graph Convolutional Networks
* GOM20: A Stable Geodetic Reference Frame for Subsidence, Faulting, and Sea-Level Rise Studies along the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
* HF-TPE: High-Fidelity Thumbnail- Preserving Encryption
* Hidden Markov Random Field Based Approach for Off-line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Hierarchical Generative Model for Eye Image Synthesis and Eye Gaze Estimation, A
* Human Computer Interaction with Head Pose, Eye Gaze and Body Gestures
* Human Preference Score: Better Aligning Text-to-image Models with Human Preference
* Human Reidentification with Transferred Metric Learning
* HumanBench: Towards General Human-Centric Perception with Projector Assisted Pretraining
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via a Sparsity Score Estimation Framework
* Identifiable Face Privacy Protection via Virtual Identity Transformation
* Immersive System with Multi-Modal Human-Computer Interaction, An
* Impact of BRDF Spatiotemporal Smoothing on Land Surface Albedo Estimation
* Improve the Estimation of Monocular Vision 6-DOF Pose Based on the Fusion of Camera and Laser Rangefinder
* Improvement and Assessment of the Absolute Positioning Accuracy of Chinese High-Resolution SAR Satellites
* Interactive Context-Aware Anomaly Detection Guided by User Feedback
* Interest points based collaborative tracking
* Invertible Image Decolorization
* Investigating the Ground Deformation and Source Model of the Yangbajing Geothermal Field in Tibet, China with the WLS InSAR Technique
* Iterative Approach to Near-Uniform Group-Delay Error Design of FIR Filters, An
* Joint Spine Segmentation and Noise Removal From Ultrasound Volume Projection Images With Selective Feature Sharing
* Kd-Tree-Based Outlier Detection Method for Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Learning Mid-level Filters for Person Re-identification
* Learning to Cluster Faces via Confidence and Connectivity Estimation
* Measure4dhand: Dynamic Hand Measurement Extraction from 4D Scans
* MEGAN: Memory Enhanced Graph Attention Network for Space-Time Video Super-Resolution
* Memory-Based Neighbourhood Embedding for Visual Recognition
* Method for Generating Variable-Scale Maps for Small Displays, A
* MIAD: A Maintenance Inspection Dataset for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* Motion Estimation for Spike Camera Data Sequence via Spike Interval Analysis
* MRDFlow: Unsupervised Optical Flow Estimation Network With Multi-Scale Recurrent Decoder
* Multilingual articulatory features augmentation learning
* Multiview Convolutional Neural Networks for Multidocument Extractive Summarization
* Negotiating the semantic gap: from feature maps to semantic landscapes
* Neighborhood Discriminant Hashing for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
* nested U-shape network with multi-scale upsample attention for robust retinal vascular segmentation, A
* Novel Fully Convolutional Auto-Encoder Based on Dual Clustering and Latent Feature Adversarial Consistency for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection, A
* Optical Flow Estimation Between Images of Different Resolutions via Variational Method
* Optical Flow Estimation for Spiking Camera
* Optimal Transmission Topology Construction and Secure Linear Network Coding Design for Virtual-Source Multicast With Integral Link Rates
* Optimization approach to the aircraft weight and balance problem with the centre of gravity envelope constraints
* P2SGrad: Refined Gradients for Optimizing Deep Face Models
* Panic Propagation Dynamics of High-Density Crowd Based on Information Entropy and Aw-Rascle Model
* Person Re-identification by Salience Matching
* Person Re-Identification by Saliency Learning
* PointNeuron: 3D Neuron Reconstruction via Geometry and Topology Learning of Point Clouds
* PRA-TPE: Perfectly Recoverable Approximate Thumbnail-Preserving Image Encryption
* Progressive Correspondence Pruning by Consensus Learning
* Progressive Dual-Attention Residual Network for Salient Object Detection
* Progressive Motion Representation Distillation With Two-Branch Networks for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* RBF-Softmax: Learning Deep Representative Prototypes with Radial Basis Function Softmax
* Recover the Residual of Residual: Recurrent Residual Refinement Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Relative Contrastive Loss for Unsupervised Representation Learning
* Retrieving Sub-Canopy Terrain from ICESat-2 Data Based on the RNR-DCM Filtering and Erroneous Ground Photons Correction Approach
* Review of Root Zone Soil Moisture Estimation Methods Based on Remote Sensing, A
* Revisiting the Transferability of Supervised Pretraining: An MLP Perspective
* robust background regression based score estimation algorithm for hyperspectral anomaly detection, A
* Robust Localization of Retinal Lesions via Weakly-supervised Learning
* Robust Partial Fingerprint Recognition
* Robust PCT Method Based on Complex Least Squares Adjustment Method, A
* Robust signal identification for dynamic pattern classification
* Safety Performance Evaluation for Civil Aviation Maintenance Department
* Saliency detection by multi-context deep learning
* Scale-Aware Spatio-Temporal Relation Learning for Video Anomaly Detection
* Segmenting lung parenchyma from CT images with gray correlation-based clustering
* Self-supervising Fine-grained Region Similarities for Large-scale Image Localization
* Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Unreliable Pseudo-Labels
* SimCVD: Simple Contrastive Voxel-Wise Representation Distillation for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
* Sparse to Dense Motion Transfer for Face Image Animation
* SparseMAE: Sparse Training Meets Masked Autoencoders
* Spatial Distribution Assessment of Terrorist Attack Types Based on I-MLKNN Model
* Spatial-Temporal Graphs Plus Transformers for Geometry-Guided Facial Expression Recognition
* Spectral-Spatial Residual Network for Fusing Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Remote Sensing Images
* Strategy for Accelerating Multiway Greedy Compressive Sensing Reconstruction
* Structured sparse K-means clustering via Laplacian smoothing
* SVD based linear filtering in DCT domain
* SWPT: Spherical Window-based Point Cloud Transformer
* TCRNet: A Trifurcated Cascaded Refinement Network for Salient Object Detection
* Temporal Pattern Localization using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
* Three-stage Training Pipeline with Patch Random Drop for Few-shot Object Detection
* Towards Improving the Anti-Attack Capability of the Rangenet++
* Underlying Topography Estimation over Forest Areas Using High-Resolution P-Band Single-Baseline PolInSAR Data
* Underlying Topography Estimation Over Forest Areas Using Single-Baseline InSAR Data
* Uni6D: A Unified CNN Framework without Projection Breakdown for 6D Pose Estimation
* Unifying Visual Contrastive Learning for Object Recognition from a Graph Perspective
* UniHCP: A Unified Model for Human-Centric Perceptions
* UniVIP: A Unified Framework for Self-Supervised Visual Pre-training
* Unsupervised Salience Learning for Person Re-identification
* Updating Production Line System for National Topographical Database At 1:50k of China Based On Digital Map Generalization, An
* Using Remote Sensing to Identify Urban Fringe Areas and Their Spatial Pattern of Educational Resources: A Case Study of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle
* Wavelet Decomposition and Polynomial Fitting-Based Method for the Estimation of Time-Varying Residual Motion Error in Airborne Interferometric SAR, A
* Wind turbine fault prediction using soft label SVM
* Zero-Shot Text-to-Parameter Translation for Game Character Auto-Creation
Includes: Zhao, R.[Rui] Zhao, R. Zhao, R.[Ruoyu] Zhao, R.[Ritchie] Zhao, R.[Ran] Zhao, R.[Ruibin] Zhao, R.[Ruiwei] Zhao, R.[Rong] Zhao, R.[Rujin] Zhao, R.[Ruishan] Zhao, R.[Ruihan] Zhao, R.[Ruohan] Zhao, R.[Ren] Zhao, R.[Runkai] Zhao, R.[Ruxin] Zhao, R.[Ruiqi] Zhao, R.[Ruifang] Zhao, R.[Renbo] Zhao, R.[Rongkun]
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Zhao, R.B.[Ruo Bing] Co Author Listing * Image and Spectrum Based Deep Feature Analysis for Particle Matter Estimation with Weather Informatio
* Localization of Pointed-At Word in Printed Documents via a Single Neural Network
* Lung segmentation based on random forest and multi-scale edge detection
* Novel superpixel-based algorithm for segmenting lung images via convolutional neural network and random forest
Includes: Zhao, R.B.[Ruo Bing] Zhao, R.B.[Ruo-Bing] Zhao, R.B.[Ru-Bin] Zhao, R.B.[Rui-Bin]

Zhao, R.C.[Rong Chun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Gait Recognition using Dynamic Variance Features
* Blob Tracking with Adaptive Feature Selection and Accurate Scale Determination
* Curve Mapping Based Illumination Adjustment for Face Detection
* EGDCL: An Adaptive Curriculum Learning Framework for Unbiased Glaucoma Diagnosis
* fast 2D entropic thresholding method by wavelet decomposition, A
* Feature Points Detection Using Combined Character Along Principal Orientation
* fractal-based relaxation algorithm for shape from terrain image, A
* Image Segmentation Based on Combination of the Global and Local Information
* Image segmentation by clustering of spatial patterns
* Image Thresholding by Maximizing the Index of Nonfuzziness of the 2-D Grayscale Histogram
* Improving Knowledge Distillation via Category Structure
* Learning from Real Images to Model Lighting Variations for Face Images
* Learning-based algorithm selection for image segmentation
* Localisation and segmentation of optic disc with the fractional-order Darwinian particle swarm optimisation algorithm
* Match between normalization schemes and feature sets for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Morphology-Based Multifractal Estimation for Texture Segmentation
* Multifractal signature estimation for textured image segmentation
* Novel Gait Recognition Method Via Fusing Shape and Kinematics Features, A
* Novel Human Gait Recognition Method by Segmenting and Extracting the Region Variance Feature, A
* Novel robust zero-watermarking scheme for digital rights management of 3D videos
* Perception Based Lighting Balance for Face Detection
* Perception-Based Lighting Adjustment of Image Sequences
* QP_TR Trust Region Blob Tracking Through Scale-Space
* QP_TR Trust Region Blob Tracking Through Scale-Space with Automatic Selection of Features
* Re-lighting and Compensation for Face Images
* Robust Shape-Based Head Tracking
Includes: Zhao, R.C.[Rong Chun] Zhao, R.C.[Rong-Chun] Zhao, R.C.[Rong-Chang]
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Zhao, R.H. Co Author Listing * Accurate Method for Recognition of Printed Chinese Characters, An

Zhao, R.J.[Rui Jing] Co Author Listing * AS-Net: Class-Aware Assistance and Suppression Network for Few-Shot Learning
* Multi-Attention Transformer for Naturalistic Driving Action Recognition
Includes: Zhao, R.J.[Rui Jing] Zhao, R.J.[Rui-Jing] Zhao, R.J.[Rui-Jie]

Zhao, R.K.[Rong Kai] Co Author Listing * cluster-assisted global optimization method for high resolution medical image registration, A
* Mapping a Paddy Rice Area in a Cloudy and Rainy Region Using Spatiotemporal Data Fusion and a Phenology-Based Algorithm
Includes: Zhao, R.K.[Rong Kai] Zhao, R.K.[Rong-Kai] Zhao, R.K.[Rong-Kun]

Zhao, R.L.[Ren Liang] Co Author Listing * Voronoi-based k-order neighbour relations for spatial analysis
Includes: Zhao, R.L.[Ren Liang] Zhao, R.L.[Ren-Liang]

Zhao, R.M.[Ruo Mei] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Chlorophyll Concentration in Potato Crop by Coupling Continuous Wavelet Transform and Spectral Variable Optimization
Includes: Zhao, R.M.[Ruo Mei] Zhao, R.M.[Ruo-Mei]

Zhao, R.N.[Ruo Nan] Co Author Listing * Lightweight Tensor Deep Computation Model With Its Application in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* New Strategy for Extracting 3D Deformation of Mining Areas from a Single-Geometry Synthetic Aperture Radar Dataset, A
* Tensor-Based Truthful Incentive Mechanism for Blockchain-Enabled Space-Air-Ground Integrated Vehicular Crowdsensing, A
Includes: Zhao, R.N.[Ruo Nan] Zhao, R.N.[Ruo-Nan]

Zhao, R.Q.[Rui Qi] Co Author Listing * Fast and Precise Face Alignment and 3D Shape Reconstruction from a Single 2D Image
* Labeled Graph Kernel for Behavior Analysis
* Simple, Fast and Highly-Accurate Algorithm to Recover 3D Shape from 2D Landmarks on a Single Image, A
* Tensor Dictionary Self-Taught Learning Classification Method for Hyperspectral Image
Includes: Zhao, R.Q.[Rui Qi] Zhao, R.Q.[Rui-Qi] Zhao, R.Q.[Rong-Qiang]

Zhao, R.S.[Rui Shan] Co Author Listing * Multimode Hybrid Geometric Calibration of Spaceborne SAR Considering Atmospheric Propagation Delay
* Simulation Analysis of the Geometric Positioning Accuracy for MEO- and HEO-SAR Satellites
* Speckle Suppression by Weighted Euclidean Distance Anisotropic Diffusion
* Stability Analysis of Geometric Positioning Accuracy of YG-13 Satellite
* Stitching images of dual-cameras onboard satellite
Includes: Zhao, R.S.[Rui Shan] Zhao, R.S.[Rui-Shan]

Zhao, R.W.[Rui Wei] Co Author Listing * CREAM: Weakly Supervised Object Localization via Class RE-Activation Mapping
* Model selection for partial least squares based dimension reduction
* Regional Gating Neural Networks for Multi-label Image Classification
Includes: Zhao, R.W.[Rui Wei] Zhao, R.W.[Rui-Wei]

Zhao, R.X.[Rui Xue] Co Author Listing * Estimation of 1-km Resolution All-Sky Instantaneous Erythemal UV-B with MODIS Data Based on a Deep Learning Method
* Saliency detection based on background seeds by object proposals and extended random walk
* Satellite Estimation of pCO2 and Quantification of CO2 Fluxes in China's Chagan Lake in the Context of Climate Change
* Validation and Evaluation of GRACE-FO Estimates with In Situ Bottom Pressure Array Measurements in the South China Sea
Includes: Zhao, R.X.[Rui Xue] Zhao, R.X.[Rui-Xue] Zhao, R.X.[Run-Xia] Zhao, R.X.[Rui-Xiang]

Zhao, R.Y.[Rong Yong] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Behavior Detection Based on Dynamic Pedestrian Centroid Model: Case Study on U-Turn and Fall-Down
* Disturbance Propagation Model of Pedestrian Fall Behavior in a Pedestrian Crowd and Elimination Mechanism Analysis
* Dynamic Crowd Accident-Risk Assessment Based on Internal Energy and Information Entropy for Large-Scale Crowd Flow Considering COVID-19 Epidemic
* Image-Based Crowd Stability Analysis Using Improved Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network
* Lyapunov-Based Crowd Stability Analysis for Asymmetric Pedestrian Merging Layout at T-Shaped Street Junction
* Macroscopic View: Crowd Evacuation Dynamics at T-Shaped Street Junctions Using a Modified Aw-Rascle Traffic Flow Model
* Methodological Framework to Retrospectively Obtain Downscaled Precipitation Estimates over the Tibetan Plateau, A
* PaI-Net: A modified U-Net of reducing semantic gap for surgical instrument segmentation
* Quantitative Estimation of Soil Salinity Using UAV-Borne Hyperspectral and Satellite Multispectral Images
Includes: Zhao, R.Y.[Rong Yong] Zhao, R.Y.[Rong-Yong] Zhao, R.Y.[Rui-Ying] Zhao, R.Y.[Rui-Yi]
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Zhao, R.Z.[Rui Zhen] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Clustering for Camera Source Identification via Row-Sparsity Optimization
* Block-based image matching for image retrieval
* Contextual Hashing for Large-Scale Image Search
* Convolution of Convolution: Let Kernels Spatially Collaborate
* Downstream-agnostic Adversarial Examples
* Dual-scale weighted structural local sparse appearance model for object tracking
* Hessian Semi-Supervised Sparse Feature Selection Based on L_2,1/2 -Matrix Norm
* Multiview Hessian Semisupervised Sparse Feature Selection for Multimedia Analysis
* Reweighted Low-Rank Matrix Analysis With Structural Smoothness for Image Denoising
* Robust Generalized Low-Rank Decomposition of Multimatrices for Image Recovery
Includes: Zhao, R.Z.[Rui Zhen] Zhao, R.Z.[Rui-Zhen] Zhao, R.Z.[Rong-Zhen] Zhao, R.Z.[Rui-Zhi]
10 for Zhao, R.Z.

Zhao, S.[Sisi] Co Author Listing * 3D Compensation Method for the Systematic Errors of Kinect V2, A
* 3D object tracking via boundary constrained region-based model
* 3S Technologies and Application for Dynamic Monitoring Soil and Water Loss In the Yangtze River Basin, China
* ABMDRNet: Adaptive-weighted Bi-directional Modality Difference Reduction Network for RGB-T Semantic Segmentation
* Accelerated Particle Filter for Real-Time Visual Tracking With Decision Fusion
* Algorithm to Retrieve Total Precipitable Water Vapor in the Atmosphere from FengYun 3D Medium Resolution Spectral Imager 2 (FY-3D MERSI-2) Data, An
* Alias-Free Arrays
* ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Automatic Analysis of Human Body Representations in Western Art
* AVT: Au-Assisted Visual Transformer for Facial Expression Recognition
* Belif: Blind Quality Evaluator Of Light Field Image With Tensor Structure Variation Index
* Boosting Adversarial Transferability With Learnable Patch-Wise Masks
* Boosting the Transferability of Adversarial Samples via Attention
* Building Volumetric Appearance Models of Fabric Using Micro CT Imaging
* CapDet: Unifying Dense Captioning and Open-World Detection Pretraining
* Causal Narrative Comprehension: A New Perspective for Emotion Cause Extraction
* Clean-Label Backdoor Attacks on Video Recognition Models
* Closed-Form Two-Way TOA Localization and Synchronization for User Devices With Motion and Clock Drift
* ClothesNet: An Information-Rich 3D Garment Model Repository with Simulated Clothes Environment
* Co-Attention Fusion Network for Multimodal Skin Cancer Diagnosis
* Complex background modeling and motion detection based on Texture Pattern Flow
* Continual Object Detection via Prototypical Task Correlation Guided Gating Mechanism
* Continuous Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions via Multitask Shared Sparse Regression
* Contrastive Active Learning Under Class Distribution Mismatch
* Contrastive Coding for Active Learning under Class Distribution Mismatch
* Cross-Modal 360° Depth Completion and Reconstruction for Large-Scale Indoor Environment
* Dehazing Evaluation: Real-World Benchmark Datasets, Criteria, and Baselines
* Dehazing Evaluation: Real-World Benchmark Datasets, Criteria, and Baselines
* Detection of AIS Closing Behavior and MMSI Spoofing Behavior of Ships Based on Spatiotemporal Data
* Direct Quantification of Coronary Artery Stenosis Through Hierarchical Attentive Multi-View Learning
* Discovering Interpretable Latent Space Directions of GANs Beyond Binary Attributes
* Discrete Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions with Shared Sparse Learning
* Distribution-aware Adaptive Multi-bit Quantization
* Domain Randomization and Pyramid Consistency: Simulation-to-Real Generalization Without Accessing Target Domain Data
* Doppler Estimation Based on Dual-HFM Signal and Speed Spectrum Scanning
* Dynamic Particle Filter Framework for Robust Object Tracking
* Effective extraction of ventricles and myocardium objects from cardiac magnetic resonance images with a multi-task learning U-Net
* Effects of Irrigation Projects on the Classification of Yellow River Terrace Landslides and their Failure Modes: A Case Study of Heitai Terrace
* Efficient Particle Scale Space for Robust Tracking
* Enhanced Accuracy and Robustness via Multi-teacher Adversarial Distillation
* Ensemble selection with joint spectral clustering and structural sparsity
* ES-Net: Erasing Salient Parts to Learn More in Re-Identification
* Estimating FAPAR of Rice Growth Period Using Radiation Transfer Model Coupled with the WOFOST Model for Analyzing Heavy Metal Stress
* Estimating offshore oil production using DMSP-OLS annual composites
* Examining the Spatially Varying Relationships between Landslide Susceptibility and Conditioning Factors Using a Geographical Random Forest Approach: A Case Study in Liangshan, China
* Exploring Coherent Motion Patterns via Structured Trajectory Learning for Crowd Mood Modeling
* Fast Computation of Discrete Optimal FIR Estimates in White Gaussian Noise
* Feature Divide-and-Conquer Network for RGB-T Semantic Segmentation, A
* Field Line Detection Based on Local-precise Extracting and Modified Hough Transform
* Fine-Grained Domain Adaptation for Aspect Category Level Sentiment Analysis
* Fisher Information Guidance for Learned Time-of-Flight Imaging
* Flood Discharge Prediction Based on Remote-Sensed Spatiotemporal Features Fusion and Graph Attention
* FM-3DFR: Facial Manipulation-Based 3-D Face Reconstruction
* Fused Method of Machine Learning and Dynamic Time Warping for Road Anomalies Detection, A
* General Exact Reconstruction for Cone-Beam CT via Backprojection-Filtration, A
* Generating Facial Line-drawing with Convolutional Neural Networks
* GMAT-DU: Traffic Anomaly Prediction With Fine Spatiotemporal Granularity in Sparse Data
* GroupSeeker: An Applicable Framework for Travel Companion Discovery from Vast Trajectory Data
* GrowCLIP: Data-aware Automatic Model Growing for Large-scale Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training
* hierarchical and multi-view registration of serial histopathological images, A
* HiFace: High-Fidelity 3D Face Reconstruction by Learning Static and Dynamic Details
* High-Level Semantic Networks for Multi-Scale Object Detection
* High-Precision Vehicle Navigation in Urban Environments Using an MEM's IMU and Single-Frequency GPS Receiver
* Hybrid Regularizations for Multi-Aspect Category Sentiment Analysis
* Identifying the Lambertian Property of Ground Surfaces in the Thermal Infrared Region via Field Experiments
* Imaging for High-Resolution Wide-Swath Spaceborne SAR Using Cubic Filtering and NUFFT Based on Circular Orbit Approximation
* Impact of Water Level Fluctuations on Landslide Deformation at Longyangxia Reservoir, Qinghai Province, China
* Improved Mono-Window Algorithm for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Sensor Data, An
* Interaction and Alignment for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Investigation on Vertical Position and Sound Velocity Variation for GNSS/Acoustic Seafloor Geodetic Calibration Based on Moving Survey Data
* Kernel Similarity Modeling of Texture Pattern Flow for Motion Detection in Complex Background
* Large-Scale Land Subsidence Monitoring and Prediction Based on SBAS-InSAR Technology with Time-Series Sentinel-1A Satellite Data
* Latent Heterogeneous Graph Network for Incomplete Multi-View Learning
* Learning Complete and Discriminative Direction Pattern for Robust Palmprint Recognition
* Light field image coding via linear approximation prior
* Light field image coding with hybrid scan order
* Local Derivative Pattern Versus Local Binary Pattern: Face Recognition with High-Order Local Pattern Descriptor
* Low-Rank Subspace Representation from Optimal Coded-Aperture for Unsupervised Classification of Hypersepctral Imagery
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Mixed Integer Linear Models
* Methane Emissions in Boreal Forest Fire Regions: Assessment of Five Biomass-Burning Emission Inventories Based on Carbon Sensing Satellites
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on Under-Display Camera Image Restoration: Methods and Results
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on Nighttime Flare Removal: Methods and Results
* Modality Synergy Complement Learning with Cascaded Aggregation for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Modeling Task fMRI Data Via Deep Convolutional Autoencoder
* Monitoring and Comparative Analysis of Hohhot Subway Subsidence Using StaMPS-PS Based on Two DEMS
* Multi-granularity episodic contrastive learning for few-shot learning
* Multi-scale MAP Estimation of High-Resolution Images
* Neural-PBIR Reconstruction of Shape, Material, and Illumination
* New Approach to Recognition of Both Handwritten and Multi-Font Printed Chinese Characters, A
* Next Frontier For MPEG-5 LCEVC: From HDR and Immersive Video to the Metaverse, The
* No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment on both complex contourlet and spatial domain via Kernel ELM
* Noise-Aware Framework for Robust Visual Tracking
* Nonnegative coding based ensemble tracking
* Novel Coarse-to-Fine Scheme for Automatic Image Registration Based on SIFT and Mutual Information, A
* Novel Method for AI-Assisted INS/GNSS Navigation System Based on CNN-GRU and CKF during GNSS Outage, A
* Novel Workflow for Crop Type Mapping with a Time Series of Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical Images in the Google Earth Engine, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Denoising: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Super-Resolution (×4): Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2023 Quality Assessment of Video Enhancement Challenge
* Numerical Study of Global ELF Electromagnetic Wave Propagation with Respect to Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
* Occluded Face Recognition in the Wild by Identity-Diversity Inpainting
* On the Iterative Computation of Error Matrix in Unbiased FIR Filtering
* On the risk of manual annotations in 3D confocal microscopy image segmentation
* One-Pot Multi-frame Denoising
* Optimal and Unbiased Filtering With Colored Process Noise Using State Differencing
* Optimal bi-directional seam carving for compressibility-aware image retargeting
* Ozone Profile Retrievals From the Cross-Track Infrared Sounder
* Parameters-Transfer Identification for Dynamic Systems and Recursive Form
* Part-Aware Framework for Robust Object Tracking
* Perceptual Evaluation of Light Field Image
* Perimeter Control With State-Dependent Delays: Optimal Control Model and Computational Method
* Personality-Assisted Multi-Task Learning for Generic and Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment
* Photosequencing of Motion Blur using Short and Long Exposures
* Popularity-aware collective keyword queries in road networks
* Possible Seismo-Ionospheric Perturbations Recorded by the China-Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, The
* Power Allocation and Performance Analysis in Overlay Cognitive Cooperative V2V Communication System With Outdated CSI
* Practical Wide-Angle Portraits Correction with Deep Structured Models
* Predicting Personalized Image Emotion Perceptions in Social Networks
* Processing Laser Point Cloud in Fully Mechanized Mining Face Based on DGCNN
* PyPose: A Library for Robot Learning with Physics-based Optimization
* Real-Time Scalable Visual Tracking via Quadrangle Kernelized Correlation Filters
* Recursive Cascaded Networks for Unsupervised Medical Image Registration
* RefineDNet: A Weakly Supervised Refinement Framework for Single Image Dehazing
* Region segmentation of sheep ribs based on fully convolutional neural network
* Res2-unet: An Enhanced Network for Generalized Nuclear Segmentation in Pathological Images
* Research of the Dual-Band Log-Linear Analysis Model Based on Physics for Bathymetry without In-Situ Depth Data in the South China Sea
* Response of Grassland Degradation to Drought at Different Time-Scales in Qinghai Province: Spatio-Temporal Characteristics, Correlation, and Implications
* Retinal Image Segmentation Based on Multiple Features Method
* Robust Position Estimation Method in the Integrated Navigation System via Factor Graph, A
* Robust q-LAG Unbiased FIR Smoother for LTV Systems and Recursive Forms
* Robust Template-Based Non-Rigid Motion Tracking Using Local Coordinate Regularization
* Robust Vehicle Positioning Based on Multi-Epoch and Multi-Antenna TOAs in Harsh Environments
* Robust Visual Tracking via Hierarchical Particle Filter and Ensemble Deep Features
* Scalable Hash From Triplet Loss Feature Aggregation For Video De-duplication
* Scene-aware refinement network for unsupervised monocular depth estimation in ultra-low altitude oblique photography of UAV
* SDM: Semantic Distortion Measurement for Video Encryption
* Seamless 3D Surround View with a Novel Burger Model
* Secrecy Sum Rate Optimization for Downlink MIMO Nonorthogonal Multiple Access Systems
* Self-Learning With Rectification Strategy for Human Parsing
* Semi-Structural Interview-Based Chinese Multimodal Depression Corpus Towards Automatic Preliminary Screening of Depressive Disorders
* Semi-Supervised Learning via Weight-aware Distillation under Class Distribution Mismatch
* Semi-Supervised Pixel-Level Scene Text Segmentation by Mutually Guided Network
* Semi-Supervised Wide-Angle Portraits Correction by Multi-Scale Transformer
* Semidefinite Programming Two-Way TOA Localization for User Devices With Motion and Clock Drift
* Simulation of Low-Frequency Scattering From Penetrable Objects in Layered Medium by Current and Charge Integral Equations
* Single image dehazing algorithm using generative adversarial network based on feature pyramid network
* Snow Grain-Size Estimation Using Hyperion Imagery in a Typical Area of the Heihe River Basin, China
* SNR-Adaptive OCT Angiography Enabled by Statistical Characterization of Intensity and Decorrelation With Multi-Variate Time Series Model
* Spaceborne/Stationary Bistatic SAR Imaging With TerraSAR-X as an Illuminator in Staring-Spotlight Mode
* Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Absorbing Aerosols over East Asia, The
* Spatio-Temporal Dynamics, Driving Mechanism, and Management Strategies for International Students in China under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiatives, The
* Spatio-Temporal Tube Kernel for actor retrieval
* Spatiotemporal Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Estimation of Aerial Video Saliency
* Spectrum-irrelevant fine-grained representation for visible-infrared person re-identification
* Speech Bandwidth Extension Using Recurrent Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machines
* SqueezeNext: Hardware-Aware Neural Network Design
* Stockpile modelling using mobile laser scanner for quality grade control in stockpile management
* Stratosphere-to-Troposphere Transport Related to Rossby Wave Breaking and Its Impact on Summertime Ground-Level Ozone in Eastern China, The
* Street Patrol Routing Optimization in Smart City Management Based on Genetic Algorithm: A Case in Zhengzhou, China
* STTK-based video object recognition
* Study of Side Lobes Suppression for Using Pulse Compression in Weather Radar
* Super-Resolution of 3-D GPR Signals to Estimate Thin Asphalt Overlay Thickness Using the XCMP Method
* Superclass Learning with Representation Enhancement
* Teleimmersive Audio-Visual Communication Using Commodity Hardware
* Texture Analysis Based Fusion Experiments Using High-resolution SAR and Optical Imagery
* Thermal infrared pedestrian tracking using joint siamese network and exemplar prediction model
* Toward Better Accuracy-Efficiency Trade-Offs: Divide and Co-Training
* Towards Adaptive Semantic Segmentation By Progressive Feature Refinement
* Towards Global Explanations of Convolutional Neural Networks With Concept Attribution
* Towards Occlusion Handling: Object Tracking With Background Estimation
* Tracking the Vegetation Change Trajectory over Large-Surface Coal Mines in the Jungar Coalfield Using Landsat Time-Series Data
* Tradeoffs Between Cost and Performance for CDN Provisioning Based on Coordinate Transformation
* Two-Layer Potential-Field-Driven Model Predictive Shared Control Towards Driver-Automation Cooperation, A
* Two-Step Correction Based on In-Situ Sound Speed Measurements for USBL Precise Real-Time Positioning
* Understanding the Robustness of 3D Object Detection with Bird'View Representations in Autonomous Driving
* Unified Maximum Likelihood Form for Bias Constrained FIR Filters
* Using Multimodal Contrastive Knowledge Distillation for Video-Text Retrieval
* VAST: Vivify Your Talking Avatar via Zero-Shot Expressive Facial Style Transfer
* Vegetation Greenness Trend in Dry Seasons and Its Responses to Temperature and Precipitation in Mara River Basin, Africa
* Vehicle Scheduling of Single-Line Bus Service Using Operational Strategies
* Venc Design and Velocity Estimation for Phase Contrast MRI
* Video semantic segmentation via feature propagation with holistic attention
* Wireless video traffic bottleneck coordination with a DASH SAND framework
* X-ray CT metal artifact reduction using wavelets: An application for imaging total hip prostheses
* Zero-Shot Emotion Recognition via Affective Structural Embedding
Includes: Zhao, S.[Sisi] Zhao, S.[Song] Zhao, S. Zhao, S.[Shenlu] Zhao, S.[Shuhe] Zhao, S.[Shen] Zhao, S.[Shu] Zhao, S.[Sirui] Zhao, S.[Shiji] Zhao, S.[Shuang] Zhao, S.[Sihao] Zhao, S.[Siheng] Zhao, S.[Suyun] Zhao, S.[Shuwen] Zhao, S.[Shuai] Zhao, S.[Sijie] Zhao, S.[Sophia] Zhao, S.[Shufen] Zhao, S.[Saishuai] Zhao, S.[Shiwan] Zhao, S.[Sha] Zhao, S.[Sheng] Zhao, S.[Sanyuan] Zhao, S.[Shan] Zhao, S.[Siyan] Zhao, S.[Suiyi] Zhao, S.[Sihai] Zhao, S.[Shubin] Zhao, S.[Shiruo] Zhao, S.[Shenghu] Zhao, S.[Sujie] Zhao, S.[Shiling] Zhao, S.[Shufan] Zhao, S.[Shuo] Zhao, S.[Shi] Zhao, S.[Shunyi] Zhao, S.[Sen] Zhao, S.[Shuhuan] Zhao, S.[Shuanfeng] Zhao, S.[Shibo] Zhao, S.[Shubing] Zhao, S.[Shenghui] Zhao, S.[Shuman] Zhao, S.[Sidong] Zhao, S.[Shuji] Zhao, S.[Shuyun] Zhao, S.[Shengkui]
189 for Zhao, S.

Zhao, S.B.[Shu Bin] Co Author Listing * Hough-Domain Image Registration By Metaheuristics
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Using Spatial-Spectral-Based Union Dictionary and Improved Saliency Weight
* Image Registration by Simulating Human Vision
* Street Tree Information Extraction and Dynamics Analysis From Mobile Lidar Point Cloud
* Wavelet-domain HMT-based image superresolution
Includes: Zhao, S.B.[Shu Bin] Zhao, S.B.[Shu-Bin] Zhao, S.B.[Shao-Bo] Zhao, S.B.

Zhao, S.C.[Si Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D Pose Estimation Based on Reinforce Learning for 2D Image-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Affective Image Content Analysis: Two Decades Review and New Perspectives
* Affective Video Classification Based on Spatio-temporal Feature Fusion
* APSE: Attention-Aware Polarity-Sensitive Embedding for Emotion-Based Image Retrieval
* Attention-Aware Polarity Sensitive Embedding for Affective Image Retrieval
* Beyond particle flow: Bag of Trajectory Graphs for dense crowd event recognition
* C-GCN: Correlation Based Graph Convolutional Network for Audio-Video Emotion Recognition
* CLN: Cross-Domain Learning Network for 2D Image-Based 3D Shape Retrieval
* Confidence-based Visual Dispersal for Few-shot Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Deep Correlated Joint Network for 2-D Image-Based 3-D Model Retrieval
* Discovering Latent Discriminative Patterns for Multi-Mode Event Representation
* Distillation, Ensemble and Selection for Building a Better and Faster Siamese Based Tracker
* Distinctive action sketch
* Domain-Invariant Disentangled Network for Generalizable Object Detection
* Emotion Recognition From Multiple Modalities: Fundamentals and methodologies
* Emotional Semantics-Preserved and Feature-Aligned CycleGAN for Visual Emotion Adaptation
* Evaluating attributed personality traits from scene perception probability
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Graph-Regularized Structured Support Vector Machine for Object Tracking
* Hybrid support vector machines for robust object tracking
* Introduction to the Special Issue on MMAC: Multimodal Affective Computing of Large-Scale Multimedia Data
* Learning Descriptors With Cube Loss for View-Based 3-D Object Retrieval
* MADAN: Multi-source Adversarial Domain Aggregation Network for Domain Adaptation
* MagFace: A Universal Representation for Face Recognition and Quality Assessment
* Multi-Local-Task Learning with Global Regularization for Object Tracking
* Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Object Detection
* Multimedia Social Event Detection in Microblog
* Multimodal Emotion Classification With Multi-Level Semantic Reasoning Network
* Multimodal Sentiment Analysis With Image-Text Interaction Network
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Object Tracking With Multi-View Support Vector Machines
* Overlap Loss: Rethinking Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation in Crowded Scenes
* Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment via Meta-Learning With Bilevel Gradient Optimization
* Pooling the Convolutional Layers in Deep ConvNets for Video Action Recognition
* Predicting discrete probability distribution of image emotions
* Rate-Compatible Codes via Recursive BMST for Content-Sharing in Intelligent Vehicular Network
* Real-Time Multimedia Social Event Detection in Microblog
* Representing dense crowd patterns using bag of trajectory graphs
* Residential floor plan recognition and reconstruction
* Self-expressive tracking
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Shift: A Zero FLOP, Zero Parameter Alternative to Spatial Convolutions
* Single Object Tracking With Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine
* Spatio-temporal Contrastive Domain Adaptation for Action Recognition
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Toward Label-Efficient Emotion and Sentiment Analysis
* TVENet: Temporal variance embedding network for fine-grained action representation
* Unlocking the Emotional World of Visual Media: An Overview of the Science, Research, and Impact of Understanding Emotion
* Using Segmentation With Multi-Scale Selective Kernel for Visual Object Tracking
Includes: Zhao, S.C.[Si Cheng] Zhao, S.C.[Si-Cheng] Zhao, S.C.[Shao-Chuan] Zhao, S.C.[Si-Cong] Zhao, S.C.[Shi-Chao] Zhao, S.C.[Shan-Cheng] Zhao, S.C.[Sheng-Chu]
49 for Zhao, S.C.

Zhao, S.D.[Si Dong] Co Author Listing * Key Factors Driving the Development of New Towns by Mother Cities and Regions: Evidence from China, The
* Study on Fractal Characteristics of Migration-Population Flow: Evidence from Egypt
Includes: Zhao, S.D.[Si Dong] Zhao, S.D.[Si-Dong]

Zhao, S.F.[Shi Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm with Nulls Widening, An
* Detecting of Driver's Drowsiness Using Multiwavelet Packet Energy Spectrum
* Investigation of Precursors in VLF Subionospheric Signals Related to Strong Earthquakes (M > 7) in Western China and Possible Explanations
* Landslide Mapping and Causes of Landslides in the China-Nepal Transportation Corridor Based on Remote Sensing Technology
* Two-Stage Real-Time Optimized EV Battery Cooling Control Based on Hierarchical and Iterative Dynamic Programming and MPC, A
Includes: Zhao, S.F.[Shi Feng] Zhao, S.F.[Shi-Feng] Zhao, S.F.[Shuan-Feng] Zhao, S.F.[Shu-Fan] Zhao, S.F.[Shu-Fen] Zhao, S.F.[Shuo-Feng]

Zhao, S.G.[Shu Guang] Co Author Listing * Cervical image classification based on image segmentation preprocessing and a CapsNet network model
* COVSeg-NET: A deep convolution neural network for COVID-19 lung CT image segmentation
* Design and Testing of a LIDAR Platform for a UAV for Heritage Mapping, The
* PAG-YOLO: A Portable Attention-Guided YOLO Network for Small Ship Detection
* SparseShift-GCN: High precision skeleton-based action recognition
Includes: Zhao, S.G.[Shu Guang] Zhao, S.G.[Shu-Guang] Zhao, S.G. Zhao, S.G.[Sheng-Gang]

Zhao, S.H.[Shao Hua] Co Author Listing * 250-m Aerosol Retrieval from FY-3 Satellite in Guangzhou
* Accurate 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes with Fourier transform assisted phase shifting
* Adaptive feature fusion for visual object tracking
* adaptive weighted fusion model with two subspaces for facial expression recognition, An
* Aesthetic composition represetation for portrait photographing recommendation
* Dense single-shot 3D scanning via stereoscopic fringe analysis
* Discriminative feature learning-based pixel difference representation for facial expression recognition
* Estimating Land Surface Temperature from Landsat-8 Data using the NOAA JPSS Enterprise Algorithm
* Estimation of Winter Wheat Residue Coverage Using Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Images
* Extended common molecular and discriminative atom dictionary based sparse representation for face recognition
* Fast and Effective Irregular Stripe Removal Method for Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3), A
* Global Gravity Reconstruction Method for Mercury Employing Deep Convolutional Neural Network, A
* high accuracy rate commercial flight coupon recognition system, A
* Individual-free representation-based classification for facial expression recognition
* Iterative Contrastive Learning for Single Image Raindrop Removal
* Kernel collaboration representation-based manifold regularized model for unconstrained face recognition
* Modeling 3D synthetic view dissimilarity
* MODIS-Based Estimation of Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux over North America Using Three Machine Learning Algorithms
* Practical Split-Window Algorithm for Estimating Land Surface Temperature from Landsat 8 Data, A
* Review of Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring in China, A
* Revisiting Adversarial Robustness Distillation: Robust Soft Labels Make Student Better
* Robust RGB-T Tracking via Consistency Regulated Scene Perception
* Salient object detection via sparse representation and multi-layer contour zooming
* Strategy for aesthetic photography recommendation via collaborative composition model
* Symmetrical lattice generative adversarial network for remote sensing images compression
* Validation and Application of the Modified Satellite-Based Priestley-Taylor Algorithm for Mapping Terrestrial Evapotranspiration
Includes: Zhao, S.H.[Shao Hua] Zhao, S.H.[Shao-Hua] Zhao, S.H.[Sheng-Hui] Zhao, S.H.[Shaoc-Huan] Zhao, S.H.[Shu-Huan] Zhao, S.H.[Sic-Heng] Zhao, S.H.[Shu-He] Zhao, S.H.[Shu-Heng] Zhao, S.H.[Shan-Heng] Zhao, S.H.[Sheng-Hao] Zhao, S.H.[Shang-Hong] Zhao, S.H.[Shi-Hao] Zhao, S.H.[Shi-Hui]
26 for Zhao, S.H.

Zhao, S.J.[Shi Jie] Co Author Listing * 3D Hierarchical Refinement and Augmentation for Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Pose From Monocular Video
* Accurate classification of nodules and non-nodules from computed tomography images based on radiomics and machine learning algorithms
* AIM 2022 Challenge on Super-resolution of Compressed Image and Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Automatic detection and segmentation of lung nodules in different locations from CT images based on adaptive a-hull algorithm and DenseNet convolutional network
* Cross-Domain Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes via Multi-Level Feature Alignment
* Data Collection for Target Localization in Ocean Monitoring Radar-Communication Networks
* Development of a Parameterized Model to Estimate Microwave Radiation Response Depth of Frozen Soil
* Dielectric Properties of Saline Soils and an Improved Dielectric Model in C-Band
* Efficient Selective Context Network for Accurate Object Detection
* Embedding-Driven Multi-Hop Spatio-Temporal Attention Network for Traffic Prediction, An
* Estimating Corn Canopy Water Content From Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI): An Optimized NDWI-Based Scheme and Its Feasibility for Retrieving Corn VWC
* Exploring Brain Hemodynamic Response Patterns via Deep Recurrent Autoencoder
* Fast ship detection based on lightweight YOLOv5 network
* Gravimetric Vegetation Water Content Estimation for Corn Using L-Band Bi-Angular, Dual-Polarized Brightness Temperatures and Leaf Area Index
* Hybrid Transformer and CNN Attention Network for Stereo Image Super-resolution
* Improving Matching Accuracy of Underwater Gravity Matching Navigation Based on Iterative Optimal Annulus Point Method with a Novel Grid Topology
* Improving Matching Efficiency and Out-of-domain Reliability of Underwater Gravity Matching Navigation Based on a Novel Soft-margin Local Semicircular-domain Re-searching Model
* Joint error control and power allocation for video transmission over CDMA networks with multiuser detection
* Modeling of the Permittivity of Holly Leaves in Frozen Environments
* Multi-patch Learning: Looking More Pixels in the Training Phase
* Multi-Vehicle Collaborative Learning for Trajectory Prediction With Spatio-Temporal Tensor Fusion
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Super-Resolution and Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on 360° Omnidirectional Image and Video Super-Resolution: Datasets, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* OPDN: Omnidirectional Position-aware Deformable Network for Omnidirectional Image Super-Resolution
* Place-Centered Bus Accessibility Time Series Classification with Floating Car Data: An Actual Isochrone and Dynamic Time Warping Distance-Based k-Medoids Method
* Recognizing Brain States Using Deep Sparse Recurrent Neural Network
* Remote sensing image segmentation using geodesic-kernel functions and multi-feature spaces
* Supervised Dictionary Learning for Inferring Concurrent Brain Networks
* Time-sync comments denoising via graph convolutional and contextual encoding
Includes: Zhao, S.J.[Shi Jie] Zhao, S.J.[Shi-Jie] Zhao, S.J.[Shu-Jun] Zhao, S.J.[Sheng-Jie] Zhao, S.J.[Shao-Jie] Zhao, S.J.[Shi-Jia] Zhao, S.J.[Si-Jia]
32 for Zhao, S.J.

Zhao, S.L.[San Lung] Co Author Listing * High-precision two-kernel Chinese character recognition in general document processing systems
* Human Silhouette Extraction based on HMM
* Joint Re-Detection and Re-Identification for Multi-Object Tracking
* Patching Your Clothes: Semantic-Aware Learning for Cloth-Changed Person Re-Identification
* Uncertainty in Upscaling In Situ Soil Moisture Observations to Multiscale Pixel Estimations with Kriging at the Field Level
Includes: Zhao, S.L.[San Lung] Zhao, S.L.[San-Lung] Zhao, S.L.[Shi-Lei] Zhao, S.L.[Sheng-Li]

Zhao, S.M.[Shang Min] Co Author Listing * Comparative Assessment of Three Nonlinear Approaches for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in a Coal Mine Area
* Fusion Scheme and Implementation Based on SRTM1, ASTER GDEM V3, and AW3D30
* Methodology Research in Exploring Geothermal Resources by Using Infrared Remote Sensing
* Model Simulation and Prediction of Decadal Mountain Permafrost Distribution Based on Remote Sensing Data in the Qilian Mountains from the 1990s to the 2040s
* Motion-blurred image restoration framework based on parameter estimation and fuzzy radial basis function neural networks
* Quantitative Analysis of Land Subsidence and Its Effect on Vegetation in Xishan Coalfield of Shanxi Province
* Spectral-Spatial Feature Partitioned Extraction Based on CNN for Multispectral Image Compression
* Understanding Urban Traffic Flow Characteristics From The Network Centrality Perspective At Different Granularities
Includes: Zhao, S.M.[Shang Min] Zhao, S.M.[Shang-Min] Zhao, S.M.[Sheng-Min] Zhao, S.M.[Shun-Min] Zhao, S.M.
8 for Zhao, S.M.

Zhao, S.N.[Shang Nan] Co Author Listing * improved Kernelized Correlation Filter tracking algorithm based on multi-channel memory model, An
* Water Balance Analysis of Hulun Lake, a Semi-Arid UNESCO Wetland, Using Multi-Source Data
Includes: Zhao, S.N.[Shang Nan] Zhao, S.N.[Shang-Nan] Zhao, S.N.[Sheng-Nan]

Zhao, S.P.[Shuang Ping] Co Author Listing * combined image denoising method, A
* Deep discriminative representation for generic palmprint recognition
* Exploiting Multiperspective Driven Hierarchical Content-Aware Network for Finger Vein Verification
* Forecasting of Short-Term Daily Tourist Flow Based on Seasonal Clustering Method and PSO-LSSVM
* GPU-based implementation on super-resolution reconstruction, A
* Intrinsic and Complete Structure Learning Based Incomplete Multiview Clustering
* Joint discriminative feature learning for multimodal finger recognition
* Jointly Learning Multiple Curvature Descriptor for 3D Palmprint Recognition
* Learning modality-invariant binary descriptor for crossing palmprint to palm-vein recognition
* Learning Sparse and Discriminative Multimodal Feature Codes for Finger Recognition
* Low-rank inter-class sparsity based semi-flexible target least squares regression for feature representation
* Mask-guided multiscale feature aggregation network for hand gesture recognition
* neglected background cues can facilitate finger vein recognition, The
* Open-set iris recognition based on deep learning
* Robust and adaptive algorithm for hyperspectral palmprint region of interest extraction
* Towards pen-holding hand pose recognition: A new benchmark and a coarse-to-fine PHHP recognition network
* VPCFormer: A transformer-based multi-view finger vein recognition model and a new benchmark
Includes: Zhao, S.P.[Shuang Ping] Zhao, S.P.[Shuang-Ping] Zhao, S.P.[Shu-Ping] Zhao, S.P.[Shi-Peng]
17 for Zhao, S.P.

Zhao, S.Q.[San Qiang] Co Author Listing * Automated Face Pose Estimation Using Elastic Energy Models
* Automatic On-Site Fire Ant Screening System, An
* CatTrack: Single-Stage Category-Level 6D Object Pose Tracking via Convolution and Vision Transformer
* comparative evaluation of Average Face on holistic and local face recognition approaches, A
* Cooling Effect of Urban Green Spaces in Metacities: A Case Study of Beijing, China's Capital, The
* Enhance the Alignment Accuracy of Active Shape Models Using Elastic Graph Matching
* Establishing point correspondence using multidirectional binary pattern for face recognition
* Evaluation of the Spatiotemporal Change of Ecological Quality under the Context of Urban Expansion: A Case Study of Typical Urban Agglomerations in China
* Gabor feature constrained statistical model for efficient landmark localization and face recognition
* Grassland Conservation Effectiveness of National Nature Reserves in Northern China
* High-Order Circular Derivative Pattern for Image Representation and Recognition
* Hybrid Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Label Similarity for Solving Point-Feature Label Placement Problem, A
* On averaging face images for recognition under pose variations
* Performance Evaluation of Micropattern Representation on Gabor Features for Face Recognition
* Quantitatively Assessing the Impact of Driving Factors on Vegetation Cover Change in China's 32 Major Cities
* Reconstruction of a Monthly 1 km NDVI Time Series Product in China Using Random Forest Methodology
* Significant jet point for facial image representation and recognition
* Sobel-LBP
* Synchronization, Decoupling, and Regime Shift of Urban Thermal Conditions in Xi'an, an Ancient City in China under Rapid Expansion
* Textural Hausdorff Distance for wider-range tolerance to pose variation and misalignment in 2D face recognition
Includes: Zhao, S.Q.[San Qiang] Zhao, S.Q.[San-Qiang] Zhao, S.Q.[Shi-Qi] Zhao, S.Q.[Shu-Qing] Zhao, S.Q.[Si-Qing] Zhao, S.Q.[Si-Qi]
20 for Zhao, S.Q.

Zhao, S.R.[Sheng Rong] Co Author Listing * Multiframe super-resolution based on half-quadratic prior with artifacts suppress
* novel multi-image super-resolution reconstruction method using anisotropic fractional order adaptive norm, A
Includes: Zhao, S.R.[Sheng Rong] Zhao, S.R.[Sheng-Rong]

Zhao, S.S.[Shan Shan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Context-Aware Multi-Modal Network for Depth Completion
* Anomaly Identification From Super-low Frequency Electromagnetic Data For The Coalbed Methane Detection
* Blind denoising using dense hybrid convolutional network
* Deep Corner
* Deep Group-Wise Fully Convolutional Network for Co-Saliency Detection With Graph Propagation
* DeepSolo: Let Transformer Decoder with Explicit Points Solo for Text Spotting
* FIBA: Frequency-Injection based Backdoor Attack in Medical Image Analysis
* Geometry-Aware Symmetric Domain Adaptation for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Hierarchical Point-based Active Learning for Semi-supervised Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Mapping of Urban Surface Water Bodies from Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery at 10 m Resolution via NDWI-Based Image Sharpening
* MeshMAE: Masked Autoencoders for 3D Mesh Data Analysis
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* Recent Advances for Quantum Neural Networks in Generative Learning
* Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Assisted Radar Deception Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
* Short-term and Long-term Context Aggregation Network for Video Inpainting
* Subset Selection Strategies Based on Target Positioning Characteristics for Anti-Jamming Technology
Includes: Zhao, S.S.[Shan Shan] Zhao, S.S.[Shan-Shan] Zhao, S.S.
16 for Zhao, S.S.

Zhao, S.T.[Shi Tao] Co Author Listing * DMA-Net: Dual multi-instance attention network for X-ray image classification
* Simulation of Diffuse Solar Radiation with Tree-Based Evolutionary Hybrid Models and Satellite Data
Includes: Zhao, S.T.[Shi Tao] Zhao, S.T.[Shi-Tao] Zhao, S.T.[Shu-Ting]

Zhao, S.W.[Sheng Wei] Co Author Listing * CMFG: Cross-model Fine-grained Feature Interaction for Text-video Retrieval
* Data-Mining Based Video Shot Classification Method, A
* Efficient Low-Resolution Face Recognition via Bridge Distillation
* Gram matrix based representation for image retrieval
* Hydraulic Fracture Scattering Simulation by Thin Dielectric Structure-Based Higher Order Surface Integral Equations
* Low-Resolution Face Recognition in the Wild via Selective Knowledge Distillation
* Multi-Source Multi-Label Learning for User Profiling in Online Games
* Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Denoising by Combining Spatial-Spectral Information, A
* Omni-Frequency Channel-Selection Representations for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* P3SGD: Patient Privacy Preserving SGD for Regularizing Deep CNNs in Pathological Image Classification
* RCV2023 Challenges: Benchmarking Model Training and Inference for Resource-Constrained Deep Learning
* S2dnas: Transforming Static Cnn Model for Dynamic Inference via Neural Architecture Search
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Spatial-Spectral Joint Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Based on a Two-Branch 3D Convolutional Autoencoder and Spatial Filtering
* Use of a Stable Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network (SSRGAN) on Remote Sensing Images, The
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Zhao, S.W.[Sheng Wei] Zhao, S.W.[Sheng-Wei] Zhao, S.W.[Shi-Wei] Zhao, S.W.[Shan-Wei] Zhao, S.W.[Si-Wei] Zhao, S.W.[Shi-Wan]
16 for Zhao, S.W.

Zhao, S.X.[Shi Xuan] Co Author Listing * Learning to Adapt to Light
* Local and Global Feature Disentangled Network: Toward Classification of Benign-Malignant Thyroid Nodules From Ultrasound Image, A
* Quality Assessment of Global Ocean Island Datasets
* Retinal Layer Segmentation in OCT Images With Boundary Regression and Feature Polarization
* Retinal Vessel Segmentation With Skeletal Prior and Contrastive Loss
* SCOAT-Net: A novel network for segmenting COVID-19 lung opacification from CT images
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Compound Dry and Hot Events and Its Effects on NDVI in Inner Mongolia, China
Includes: Zhao, S.X.[Shi Xuan] Zhao, S.X.[Shi-Xuan] Zhao, S.X.[Shen-Xin] Zhao, S.X.[Shui-Xia]
7 for Zhao, S.X.

Zhao, S.Y.[Shi Yu] Co Author Listing * Bearing-Only Formation Control With Prespecified Convergence Time
* CNN-Based Depth Estimation Approach with Multi-scale Sub-pixel Convolutions and a Smoothness Constraint, A
* Cross-Modality Person Re-Identification via Modality Confusion and Center Aggregation
* Deep Animation Video Interpolation in the Wild
* Deep Learning-Based Robust Change Detection Approach for Very High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images with Multiple Features, A
* Deeply Supervised Salient Object Detection with Short Connections
* Disentangled representation learning and residual GAN for age-invariant face verification
* domain specific knowledge extraction transformer method for multisource satellite-borne SAR images ship detection, A
* Efficient Light Deep Network for Street Scene Parsing
* End-to-End SAR Deep Learning Imaging Method Based on Sparse Optimization
* Evaluating Long-Term Variability of the Arctic Stratospheric Polar Vortex Simulated by CMIP6 Models
* Exploiting Unlabeled Data with Vision and Language Models for Object Detection
* Feldkamp-type cone-beam tomography in the wavelet framework
* Generalized Asymmetric Correntropy for Robust Adaptive Filtering: A Theoretical and Simulation Study
* Global Matching with Overlapping Attention for Optical Flow Estimation
* Handwritten Chinese character segmentation using a two-stage approach
* Improved Method for the Evaluation and Local Multi-Scale Optimization of the Automatic Extraction of Slope Units in Complex Terrains, An
* Learning Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation Through Visual Attention
* Learning Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation Through Visual Attention
* Long-Term Trends and Interannual Variability in Surface Ozone Levels in Beijing from 1995 to 2020, The
* Lunar Mare Fecunditatis: A Science-Rich Region and a Concept Mission for Long-Distance Exploration
* Mapping Outburst Floods Using a Collaborative Learning Method Based on Temporally Dense Optical and SAR Data: A Case Study with the Baige Landslide Dam on the Jinsha River, Tibet
* Mask Guided Spatial-Temporal Fusion Network for Multiple Object Tracking
* MaskFlownet: Asymmetric Feature Matching With Learnable Occlusion Mask
* Multiblock-fusion scheme for face recognition
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
* OmniLabel: A Challenging Benchmark for Language-Based Object Detection
* PVNAS: 3D Neural Architecture Search With Point-Voxel Convolution
* Pyramid Dilated Deeper ConvLSTM for Video Salient Object Detection
* Real-time and light-weighted unsupervised video object segmentation network
* Robust Eye Detection under Active Infrared Illumination
* Salient Object Detection with Pyramid Attention and Salient Edges
* Scene text recognition using residual convolutional recurrent neural network
* Searching Efficient 3d Architectures with Sparse Point-voxel Convolution
* Simulation of Atmospheric Visibility Impairment
* stable long-term object tracking method with re-detection strategy, A
* Tidal Flat Extraction and Change Analysis Based on the RF-W Model: A Case Study of Jiaozhou Bay, East China
* Two-stage segmentation of unconstrained handwritten Chinese characters
* Various density light field image coding based on distortion minimization interpolation
Includes: Zhao, S.Y.[Shi Yu] Zhao, S.Y.[Shi-Yu] Zhao, S.Y.[San-Yuan] Zhao, S.Y.[Sheng-Yin] Zhao, S.Y.[Shu-Yang] Zhao, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Zhao, S.Y.[Si-Yi] Zhao, S.Y.[Shi-Ying] Zhao, S.Y.[Shu-Yuan] Zhao, S.Y.[Shu-Yan] Zhao, S.Y.[Shu-Yun] Zhao, S.Y.[Shuang-Ye] Zhao, S.Y.[Sheng-Yu] Zhao, S.Y.[Shu-Yi] Zhao, S.Y.[Shi-Yi] Zhao, S.Y.[Sheng-Yang]
39 for Zhao, S.Y.

Zhao, S.Z.[Sheng Zhe] Co Author Listing * Action-ViT: Pedestrian Intent Prediction in Traffic Scenes
* Digital Twin Tracking Dataset (DTTD): A New RGB+Depth 3D Dataset for Longer-Range Object Tracking Applications
* Do Not Disturb Me: Person Re-identification Under the Interference of Other Pedestrians
* HTD-Net: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Novel Method for Virtual Restoration of Cultural Relics with Complex Geometric Structure Based on Multiscale Spatial Geometry
* Weakly Supervised Text-based Person Re-Identification
Includes: Zhao, S.Z.[Sheng Zhe] Zhao, S.Z.[Sheng-Zhe] Zhao, S.Z.[Seth Z.] Zhao, S.Z.[Shi-Zhen] Zhao, S.Z.[Shi-Zhi] Zhao, S.Z.[Si-Zhong]

Zhao, T. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction of Human Body Shape From a Single Commodity Depth Camera
* 3D Rigid Registration of Patient Body Surface Point Clouds by Integer Linear Programming
* 3D tracking of human locomotion: a tracking as recognition approach
* Acoustic Seafloor Classification Using the Weyl Transform of Multibeam Echosounder Backscatter Mosaic
* Adaptive and Optimized RDF Query Interface for Distributed WFS Data
* Adversarial Defense via Learning to Generate Diverse Attacks
* Attribute-Guided Feature Learning Network for Vehicle Reidentification
* Background-Click Supervision for Temporal Action Localization
* Bayesian human segmentation in crowded situations
* Camera Calibration from Video of a Walking Human
* Car Detection in Low Resolution Aerial Images
* Complexity Control for HEVC Inter Coding Based on Two-Level Complexity Allocation and Mode Sorting
* Comprehensive Analysis of Rough Soil Surface Scattering and Emission Predicted by AIEM With Comparison to Numerical Simulations and Experimental Measurements, A
* Comprehensive Implementation of Road Surface Classification for Vehicle Driving Assistance: Dataset, Models, and Deployment, A
* Cross-Modal Recurrent Semantic Comprehension for Referring Image Segmentation
* CTU-Level Complexity Control for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Curve Mapping Based Illumination Adjustment for Face Detection
* Detecting Curves in Very Noisy Images Using Fourier-Argand Moments
* Dilated U-Block for Lightweight Indoor Depth Completion With Sobel Edge
* DIME: An Online Tool for the Visual Comparison of Cross-modal Retrieval Models
* Dust and Smoke Detection for Multi-Channel Imagers
* dynamic object filtering approach based on object detection and geometric constraint between frames, A
* Exploring Simple and Transferable Recognition-Aware Image Processing
* Fast Full-Search-Equivalent Pattern Matching Using Asymmetric Haar Wavelet Packets
* Feature selection for linear support vector machines
* Fourier-Argand Representation: An Optimal Basis of Steerable Patterns, The
* Framework and operation of digital twin smart freeway
* Full-Polarization Radar Image Reconstruction Method with Orthogonal Coding Apertures, A
* Higher-order memory guided temporal random walk for dynamic heterogeneous network embedding
* Image Retargeting Quality Assessment Based on Registration Confidence Measure and Noticeability-Based Pooling
* Interest filter vs. interest operator: Face recognition using Fisher linear discriminant based on interest filter representation
* Learning features on robotic surgical tools
* Low PMEPR OFDM Radar Waveform Design Using the Iterative Least Squares Algorithm
* Mapping the Lithological Features and Ore-Controlling Structures Related to Ni-Cu Mineralization in the Eastern Tian Shan, NW China from ASTER Data
* neural-network based autonomous navigation system using mobile robots, A
* New Hybrid Snow Light Scattering Model Based on Geometric Optics Theory and Vector Radiative Transfer Theory, A
* Novel Null Space-Based Kernel Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition, A
* Novel shrinking residual convolutional neural network for efficient accurate stereo matching
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* Object Type Recognition for Automated Analysis of Protein Subcellular Location
* PEA265: Perceptual Assessment of Video Compression Artifacts
* Potential of Estimating Surface Soil Moisture With the Triangle-Based Empirical Relationship Model
* Pyramid Feature Attention Network for Saliency Detection
* Rate Control Optimization for Temporal-Layer Scalable Video Coding
* Re-lighting and Compensation for Face Images
* Real-Time Wide Area Multi-Camera Stereo Tracking
* refined object detection method based on HTM, A
* Registration and matching method for directed point set with orientation attributes and local information
* Robust Pan, Tilt and Zoom Estimation for PTZ Camera by Using Meta Data and/or Frame-to-Frame Correspondences
* Saliency Detection With Spaces of Background-Based Distribution
* Segmentation and Tracking of Multiple Humans in Complex Situations
* Segmentation and Tracking of Multiple Humans in Crowded Environments
* Segmentation of the Color Milk Somatic Cells Images, The
* Self-calibration of a camera from video of a walking human
* Semantic Segmentation of Urban Buildings from VHR Remote Sensing Imagery Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Semi-Reference Sonar Image Quality Assessment Based on Task and Visual Perception
* Small-Sample Seabed Sediment Classification Based on Deep Learning
* Small-Scale Linguistic Steganalysis for Multi-Concealed Scenarios
* SODA: Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization Based on Astute Background Response and Self-Distillation Learning
* Stochastic human segmentation from a static camera
* study on combining local field potential and single unit activity for better neural decoding, A
* Support vector machine classification combined with multimodal magnetic resonance imaging in detection of patients with schizophrenia
* Synchrosqueezing S-Transform and Its Application in Seismic Spectral Decomposition
* Toward a sentient environment: Real-time wide area multiple human tracking with identities
* Towards Improving Query Performance of Web Feature Services (WFS) for Disaster Response
* Tracking Multiple Humans in Complex Situations
* Tracking multiple humans in crowded environment
* Using Simulated Training Data of Voxel-Level Generative Models to Improve 3D Neuron Reconstruction
* Video system for human attribute analysis using compact convolutional neural network
* Visually Consistent Color Correction for Stereoscopic Images and Videos
Includes: Zhao, T. Zhao, T.[Tao] Zhao, T.[Ting] Zhao, T.[Tian] Zhao, T.[Tong] Zhao, T.[Taijin] Zhao, T.[Tuo] Zhao, T.[Tony] Zhao, T.[Tiehua] Zhao, T.[Teng] Zhao, T.[Tongtong] Zhao, T.[Taiyin] Zhao, T.[Tengyun]
70 for Zhao, T.

Zhao, T.B.[Tie Biao] Co Author Listing * Example-based image super-resolution via blur kernel estimation and variational reconstruction
Includes: Zhao, T.B.[Tie Biao] Zhao, T.B.[Tie-Biao]

Zhao, T.C.[Tian Chen] Co Author Listing * Ada3D: Exploiting the Spatial Redundancy with Adaptive Inference for Efficient 3D Object Detection
* CodedVTR: Codebook-based Sparse Voxel Transformer with Geometric Guidance
* DSA: More Efficient Budgeted Pruning via Differentiable Sparsity Allocation
* Generic Graph-based Neural Architecture Encoding Scheme for Predictor-based NAS, A
* Generic Graph-Based Neural Architecture Encoding Scheme With Multifaceted Information, A
* Learning Self-Consistency for Deepfake Detection
* Satellite-Based Sea Ice Navigation for Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
* Semi-Automatic Mapping of Tidal Cracks in the Fast Ice Region near Zhongshan Station in East Antarctica Using Landsat-8 OLI Imagery
Includes: Zhao, T.C.[Tian Chen] Zhao, T.C.[Tian-Chen] Zhao, T.C.[Tian-Cheng]
8 for Zhao, T.C.

Zhao, T.G.[Ting Gang] Co Author Listing * Novel Estimation Method of Water Surface Micro-Amplitude Wave Frequency for Cross-Media Communication, A
Includes: Zhao, T.G.[Ting Gang] Zhao, T.G.[Ting-Gang]

Zhao, T.H.[Tian Hao] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction and Object Detection for HoloLens
* adaptive-weight hybrid relevance feedback approach for content based image retrieval, An
* Cascaded regression using landmark displacement for 3D face reconstruction
* Detecting Spatiotemporal Features and Rationalities of Urban Expansions within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area of China from 1987 to 2017 Using Time-Series Landsat Images and Socioeconomic Data
* Model-based face reconstruction using SIFT flow registration and spherical harmonics
* Optimizing Living Material Delivery During the COVID-19 Outbreak
* Sparse autoencoder for unsupervised nucleus detection and representation in histopathology images
Includes: Zhao, T.H.[Tian Hao] Zhao, T.H.[Tian-Hao] Zhao, T.H.[Tian-Hong]
7 for Zhao, T.H.

Zhao, T.J.[Tie Jun] Co Author Listing * actively decoupled dual transceiver coil system for continuous ASL at 7 T, An
* Application of Augmented Reality Technology on Museum Exhibition: A Museum Display Project in Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs, The
* Atmospheric Effect Analysis and Correction of the Microwave Vegetation Index
* Can the Accuracy of Fine-Resolution Precipitation Products Be Assessed from the Surrounding Water Balance and Drought Chain (WBDC) in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau?
* CLUE: Contrastive language-guided learning for referring video object segmentation
* Deep Attention Neural Tensor Network for Visual Question Answering
* Disturbed Augmentation Invariance for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning
* Effect of Solar-Cloud-Satellite Geometry on Land Surface Shortwave Radiation Derived from Remotely Sensed Data
* Estimating Snow Water Equivalent with Backscattering at X and Ku Band Based on Absorption Loss
* Global Soil Moisture Retrievals From the Chinese FY-3D Microwave Radiation Imager
* High-Resolution Mapping of Freeze/Thaw Status in China via Fusion of MODIS and AMSR2 Data
* Impact of Soil Permittivity and Temperature Profile on L-Band Microwave Emission of Frozen Soil
* Leveraging Visual Prompts To Guide Language Modeling for Referring Video Object Segmentation
* Look-Into-Object: Self-Supervised Structure Modeling for Object Recognition
* Mathematical Assessment of the Effects of Substituting the Band Radiative Transfer Equation (RTE) for the Spectral RTE in the Applications of Earth's Surface Temperature Retrievals from Spaceborne Infrared Imageries
* Microwave Vegetation Index from Multi-Angular Observations and Its Application in Vegetation Properties Retrieval: Theoretical Modelling
* Multi-Source Hydrological Data Products to Monitor High Asian River Basins and Regional Water Security
* Observing Earth's water cycle from space
* Rebuilding Long Time Series Global Soil Moisture Products Using the Neural Network Adopting the Microwave Vegetation Index
* Responsive Listening Head Generation: A Benchmark Dataset and Baseline
* Snow Density Retrieval in Quebec Using Space-Borne SMOS Observations
* Soil Moisture Mapping from Satellites: An Intercomparison of SMAP, SMOS, FY3B, AMSR2, and ESA CCI over Two Dense Network Regions at Different Spatial Scales
* Soil Moisture Remote Sensing across Scales
Includes: Zhao, T.J.[Tie Jun] Zhao, T.J.[Tie-Jun] Zhao, T.J.[Tian-Jiao] Zhao, T.J.[Tian-Jie] Zhao, T.J.[Tai-Jin]
23 for Zhao, T.J.

Zhao, T.L.[Tian Li] Co Author Listing * APRIL: Finding the Achilles' Heel on Privacy for Vision Transformers
* BitStream: An efficient framework for inference of binary neural networks on CPUs
* Changes in the Distribution Pattern of PM2.5 Pollution over Central China
* Cross-Border Transport of PM2.5 from the Southeast Asian Biomass Burning Emissions and Its Impact on Air Pollution in Yunnan Plateau, Southwest China, The
* Dust Radiative Effect Characteristics during a Typical Springtime Dust Storm with Persistent Floating Dust in the Tarim Basin, Northwest China
* Effect of Vertical Wind Shear on PM2.5 Changes over a Receptor Region in Central China
* Evaluations of Surface PM10 Concentration and Chemical Compositions in MERRA-2 Aerosol Reanalysis over Central and Eastern China
* Interdecadal Changes in Aerosol Optical Depth over Pakistan Based on the MERRA-2 Reanalysis Data during 1980-2018
* Multi-granularity Pruning for Model Acceleration on Mobile Devices
* Synergistic Effect of Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Regional Transport on Aggravating Air Pollution in the Twain-Hu Basin: A Case Study
* Unsupervised segmentation of low depth of field images based on L0 regularized matting model
* Vertical Structures of Dust Aerosols over East Asia Based on CALIPSO Retrievals
Includes: Zhao, T.L.[Tian Li] Zhao, T.L.[Tian-Li] Zhao, T.L.[Tian-Liang] Zhao, T.L.[Tian-Le]
12 for Zhao, T.L.

Zhao, T.M.[Tian Ming] Co Author Listing * APUNet: Attention-guided upsampling network for sparse and non-uniform point cloud
* GF-Detection: Fusion with GAN of Infrared and Visible Images for Vehicle Detection at Nighttime
* Patch-guided point matching for point cloud registration with low overlap
* RIBAC: Towards Robust and Imperceptible Backdoor Attack against Compact DNN
Includes: Zhao, T.M.[Tian Ming] Zhao, T.M.[Tian-Ming]

Zhao, T.Q.[Tian Qing] Co Author Listing * Action density based frame sampling for human action recognition in videos
* Monocular Depth Estimation With Augmented Ordinal Depth Relationships
Includes: Zhao, T.Q.[Tian Qing] Zhao, T.Q.[Tian-Qing] Zhao, T.Q.[Tian-Qi]

Zhao, T.R.[Tian Rui] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Image Change Detection Based on Deep Image Translation and Feature Refinement-Aggregation
Includes: Zhao, T.R.[Tian Rui] Zhao, T.R.[Tian-Rui]

Zhao, T.S.[Tie Song] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Quantization Parameter Cascading in HEVC Hierarchical Coding
* Adaptive search range control in H.265/HEVC with error propagation resilience and hierarchical adjustment
* Deep hybrid model for single image dehazing and detail refinement
* Deep Quality Assessment of Compressed Videos: A Subjective and Objective Study
* Display-Independent Quality Assessment for HDR Images, A
* Distillation-Based Utility Assessment for Compacted Underwater Information
* Distortion-Aware Self-Supervised Indoor 360° Depth Estimation via Hybrid Projection Fusion and Structural Regularities
* Efficient VVC Intra Prediction Based on Deep Feature Fusion and Probability Estimation
* Embedding Regularizer Learning for Multi-View Semi-Supervised Classification
* Fast inter-layer mode decision in Scalable Video Coding
* Fast Mode Decision Based on Mode Adaptation
* Flexible Complexity Optimization in Multiview Video Coding
* H.264/SVC Mode Decision Based on Optimal Stopping Theory
* Hierarchical B-picture mode decision in H.264/SVC
* High Efficiency Vibrotactile Codec Based on Gate Recurrent Network
* Joint Learning of Latent Similarity and Local Embedding for Multi-View Clustering
* Joint Shared-and-Specific Information for Deep Multi-View Clustering
* Lambda-Domain VVC Rate Control Based on Nash Equilibrium
* Learning-Based Quality Assessment for Image Super-Resolution
* Lightweight Semi-supervised Network for Single Image Rain Removal
* LMQFormer: A Laplace-Prior-Guided Mask Query Transformer for Lightweight Snow Removal
* Low-Light Image Enhancement via Stage-Transformer-Guided Network
* Matting-Based Residual Optimization for Structurally Consistent Image Color Correction
* Multi-View Data Fusion Oriented Clustering via Nuclear Norm Minimization
* Multiview Coding Mode Decision With Hybrid Optimal Stopping Model
* Objective Quality Assessment for Color-to-Gray Image Conversion
* Predictive and distribution-oriented fast motion estimation for H.264/AVC
* Priority pyramid based bit allocation for multiview video coding
* Probability-based coding mode prediction for H.264/AVC
* Saliency-Aware Spatio-Temporal Artifact Detection for Compressed Video Quality Assessment
* Single image rain removal via multi-module deep grid network
* Single image reflection removal based on structure-texture layering
* SSIM-Variation-Based Complexity Optimization for Versatile Video Coding
* UIF: An Objective Quality Assessment for Underwater Image Enhancement
* Underwater Image Enhancement With Lightweight Cascaded Network
Includes: Zhao, T.S.[Tie Song] Zhao, T.S.[Tie-Song] Zhao, T.S. Zhao, T.S.[Tei-Song]
35 for Zhao, T.S.

Zhao, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Applying machine learning to screen for acute myocardial infarction-related biomarkers and immune infiltration features and validate it clinically and experimentally
* Emotion Recognition Based on Brain Connectivity Reservoir and Valence Lateralization for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
* Exploring the influence of traveller information on macroscopic fundamental diagrams
* Guiding intelligent surveillance system by learning-by-synthesis gaze estimation
* Mixture variational autoencoders
* model-based reinforcement learning method based on conditional generative adversarial networks, A
* multi-scenario text generation method based on meta reinforcement learning, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Stroke-based stylization by learning sequential drawing examples
Includes: Zhao, T.T.[Ting Ting] Zhao, T.T.[Ting-Ting] Zhao, T.T.[Tian-Tian] Zhao, T.T.[Tong-Tong]
10 for Zhao, T.T.

Zhao, T.W.[Ting Wei] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on Wetland Vegetation in the Dunhuang Yangguan National Nature Reserve in Northwest China Using Landsat Derived NDVI
Includes: Zhao, T.W.[Ting Wei] Zhao, T.W.[Ting-Wei]

Zhao, T.X.[Tai Xiang] Co Author Listing * frequent itemset storing structure, A
Includes: Zhao, T.X.[Tai Xiang] Zhao, T.X.[Tai-Xiang]

Zhao, T.Y.[Tian Yi] Co Author Listing * 3D Graph Anatomy Geometry-Integrated Network for Pancreatic Mass Segmentation, Diagnosis, and Quantitative Patient Management
* Deep Mixture of Diverse Experts for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* Embedding Visual Hierarchy With Deep Networks for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* fuzzy spectral clustering algorithm for hyperspectral image classification, A
* HD-MTL: Hierarchical Deep Multi-Task Learning for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* Image encryption using linear weighted fractional-order transform
* Improved Winter Wheat Spatial Distribution Extraction Using A Convolutional Neural Network and Partly Connected Conditional Random Field
* Lithium-Bearing Pegmatite Identification, Based on Spectral Analysis and Machine Learning: A Case Study of the Dahongliutan Area, NW China
* Multi-Agent Tensor Fusion for Contextual Trajectory Prediction
* Multi-View Robust Feature Learning for Data Clustering
* State Representation Learning With Adjacent State Consistency Loss for Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Trajectory Prediction with Latent Belief Energy-Based Model
* Weakly Supervised Cell Segmentation by Point Annotation
Includes: Zhao, T.Y.[Tian Yi] Zhao, T.Y.[Tian-Yi] Zhao, T.Y.[Tian-Yu] Zhao, T.Y.[Tie-Yu] Zhao, T.Y.[Tong-Yang] Zhao, T.Y.[Tian-Yang]
13 for Zhao, T.Y.

Zhao, T.Z.[Tong Zhou] Co Author Listing * AHP-based Physical Fitness Assessment Model for College Students, An
* Anti-Air-Weapon-Oriented Knowledge Graph Construction Method, An
* Correction of Terrain Effects on Forest Canopy Height Estimation Using ICESat-2 and High Spatial Resolution Images
* Improved Genetic-Ant Colony Fusion Algorithm
* Improved Method for Collaborative Multi-UAV Search Region Division, An
* Improved Method for the UAV Coverage Path Planning, An
* Improved prototypical network for active few-shot learning
* MoCA: Incorporating domain pretraining and cross attention for textbook question answering
* Research on Lightweight Network of Human Posture Estimation for Physical Training
* Retrieval of DTM under Complex Forest Stand Based on Spaceborne LiDAR Fusion Photon Correction
* Target-level Sentiment Analysis Based on Image and Text Fusion
Includes: Zhao, T.Z.[Tong Zhou] Zhao, T.Z.[Tong-Zhou] Zhao, T.Z.[Tian-Zhong] Zhao, T.Z.[Tian-Zhe]
11 for Zhao, T.Z.

Zhao, V. Co Author Listing * Anchor View Allocation for Collaborative Free Viewpoint Video Streaming

Zhao, W. Co Author Listing * 3d Model Enhanced Face Recognition
* 3D Motion Consistency Analysis for Segmentation in 2D Video Projection
* Active Collision Avoidance Strategy Considering Motion Uncertainty of the pedestrian
* Adaboost-based detection and segmentation of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds struts in IVOCT images
* Adaptive Filter for Deep Learning Networks on Large-Scale Point Cloud, An
* advanced gradient histogram and its application for contrast and gradient enhancement, An
* Analysis of Drought Characteristics Projections for the Tibetan Plateau Based on the GFDL-ESM2M Climate Model
* Analysis of Land Surface Temperature Trends in the Central Himalayan Region Based on MODIS Products, An
* Arg-Cnn: An Attention-Based Network for Plant Identification
* Assessment of satellite ocean color products of MERIS, MODIS and SeaWiFS along the East China Coast (in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea)
* Augmenting Crop Detection for Precision Agriculture with Deep Visual Transfer Learning: A Case Study of Bale Detection
* Automated Bale Mapping Using Machine Learning and Photogrammetry
* Automated Point Set Registration Framework for Multimodal Retinal Image, An
* Automatic Bifurcation angle calculation in intravascular optical coherence tomography images
* Balanced One-Stage Object Detection by Enhancing the Effect of Positive Samples
* Benchmark Dataset for Segmenting Liver, Vasculature and Lesions from Large-scale Computed Tomography Data, A
* Bi-Polar Mask for Joint Cell and Nuclei Instance Segmentation
* Blind Restoration of Remote Sensing Images by a Combination of Automatic Knife-Edge Detection and Alternating Minimization
* Classification of Pneumoconiosis on HRCT Images for Computer-Aided Diagnosis
* Coarse-to-Fine Network for Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images, A
* Combination of contrast limited adaptive histogram equalisation and discrete wavelet transform for image enhancement
* Comparison between Physical and Empirical Methods for Simulating Surface Brightness Temperature Time Series
* Conditional Single-View Shape Generation for Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction
* Confidence-based Iterative Solver of Depths and Surface Normals for Deep Multi-view Stereo, A
* Constrained Optimization Approach for Image Gradient Enhancement, A
* Constraining Depth Map Geometry for Multi-View Stereo: A Dual-Depth Approach with Saddle-shaped Depth Cells
* Content-Sensitive Supervoxels via Uniform Tessellations on Video Manifolds
* Context-Aware Locality Measure for Inlier Pool Enrichment in Stepwise Image Registration, A
* Correlation-Guided Attention for Corner Detection Based Visual Tracking
* Cost-Constrained Sampling Strategy in Support of LAI Product Validation in Mountainous Areas, A
* Cross-Domain Image Captioning via Cross-Modal Retrieval and Model Adaptation
* Cross-Site Severity Assessment of COVID-19 From CT Images via Domain Adaptation
* Cycle GAN-Based Attack on Recaptured Images to Fool both Human and Machine
* Delineation Evaluation and Variation of Debris-Covered Glaciers Based on the Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images, Take Glaciers in the Eastern Tomur Peak Region for Example
* Depth-Distilled Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* Discriminative Feature Learning for Unsupervised Change Detection in Heterogeneous Images Based on a Coupled Neural Network
* Disturbance Observer-Based Adaptive Finite-Time Attitude Tracking Control for Rigid Spacecraft
* Double-Branch Multi-Attention Mechanism Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Downscaling Method for Improving the Spatial Resolution of AMSR-E Derived Soil Moisture Product Based on MSG-SEVIRI Data, A
* Dynamic Control of Fraud Information Spreading in Mobile Social Networks
* Dynamic Simulation Method of High-Speed Railway Engineering Construction Processes Based on Virtual Geographic Environment
* Effective CU Size Decision Method for HEVC Encoders, An
* Efficient On-Ramp Merging Strategy for Connected and Automated Vehicles in Multi-Lane Traffic, An
* Embedding Global Contrastive and Local Location in Self-Supervised Learning
* Enhanced three-dimensional U-Net with graph-based refining for segmentation of gastrointestinal stromal tumours
* Entropy maximisation histogram modification scheme for image enhancement
* Evaluation of Inter-System Bias between BDS-2 and BDS-3 Satellites and Its Impact on Precise Point Positioning
* Evaluation of Sea Surface Temperature From the HY-2 Scanning Microwave Radiometer
* Exploiting Low-Rank Latent Gaussian Graphical Model Estimation for Visual Sentiment Distributions
* Extraction of Street Pole-Like Objects Based on Plane Filtering From Mobile LiDAR Data
* Face Recognition: A Literature Survey
* Face Similarity Space as Perceived by Humans and Artificial Systems
* Fast Full-frame Video Stabilization with Iterative Optimization
* Feature-Aware Uniform Tessellations on Video Manifold for Content-Sensitive Supervoxels
* Full-Scene Defocus Blur Detection With DeFBD+ via Multi-Level Distillation Learning
* Gap-Free LST Generation for MODIS/Terra LST Product Using a Random Forest-Based Reconstruction Method
* Generalizable Crowd Counting via Diverse Context Style Learning
* GSPN: Generative Shape Proposal Network for 3D Instance Segmentation in Point Cloud
* Hand gesture understanding by weakly-supervised fusing shallow/deep image attributes
* Heuristic Distributed Task Allocation Method for Multivehicle Multitask Problems and Its Application to Search and Rescue Scenario, A
* Hierarchical long-tailed classification based on multi-granularity knowledge transfer driven by multi-scale feature fusion
* Human-Centered Activity Tracking System: Toward a Healthier Workplace, A
* Human-Vehicle Game Stability Control Strategy Considering Drivers' Steering Characteristics, A
* Image Restoration Under Significant Additive Noise
* Image stitching method by multi-feature constrained alignment and colour adjustment
* Image-Scale-Symmetric Cooperative Network for Defocus Blur Detection
* Improved visual/infrared colour fusion method with double-opponency colour constancy mechanism
* Improving Robustness of License Plates Automatic Recognition in Natural Scenes
* Incorporating Metric Learning and Adversarial Network for Seasonal Invariant Change Detection
* Innovative CFAR detector with effective parameter estimation method for generalised gamma distribution and iterative sliding window strategy
* Instance-Level Relative Saliency Ranking With Graph Reasoning
* Integrated Threat Assessment Algorithm for Decision-Making of Autonomous Driving Vehicles, An
* Is Super-Resolution with Optical Flow Feasible?
* Joint Channel Reliability and Correlation Filters Learning for Visual Tracking
* Joint Syntax Representation Learning and Visual Cue Translation for Video Captioning
* K-anonymous clustering algorithm based on the analytic hierarchy process, A
* Knowledge as action: A cognitive framework for indoor scene classification
* Land Cover Mapping in Southwestern China Using the HC-MMK Approach
* Lane-changing decision method based Nash Q-learning with considering the interaction of surrounding vehicles
* Learning Deep Network for Detecting 3D Object Keypoints and 6D Poses
* Learning Deep Network for Detecting 3D Object Keypoints and 6D Poses
* Learning Probabilistic Coordinate Fields for Robust Correspondences
* Learning Quality-aware Dynamic Memory for Video Object Segmentation
* Learning Specific and General Realm Feature Representations for Image Fusion
* Less Is More: Surgical Phase Recognition From Timestamp Supervision
* Light Field Saliency Detection with Dual Local Graph Learning and Reciprocative Guidance
* Long-term background memory based on Gaussian mixture model
* M5L: Multi-Modal Multi-Margin Metric Learning for RGBT Tracking
* Making the torch lighter: Areinforced active sampling framework for image classification
* Mandarin Text-to-Speech Front-End With Lightweight Distilled Convolution Network
* Mapping Forest Growing Stem Volume Using Novel Feature Evaluation Criteria Based on Spectral Saturation in Planted Chinese Fir Forest
* May the torcher light our way: A negative-accelerated active learning framework for image classification
* MetaFusion: Infrared and Visible Image Fusion via Meta-Feature Embedding from Object Detection
* MM-net: Learning Adaptive Meta-metric for Few-shot Biometric Recognition
* Modeling and Assessment of GPS/Galileo/BDS Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution
* Modeling Canopy Reflectance Over Sloping Terrain Based on Path Length Correction
* Modeling Motion with Multi-Modal Features for Text-Based Video Segmentation
* Multi-Focus Image Fusion With a Natural Enhancement via a Joint Multi-Level Deeply Supervised Convolutional Neural Network
* Multi-grained Temporal Prototype Learning for Few-shot Video Object Segmentation
* Multi-level context-adaptive correlation tracking
* Multi-Objective Optimization for Resource Allocation in Vehicular Cloud Computing Networks
* Multisensor Image Fusion and Enhancement in Spectral Total Variation Domain
* Multitask Learning for Cross-Domain Image Captioning
* Multiterminal Video Coding
* N-STGAT: Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Network Based Network Intrusion Detection for Near-Earth Remote Sensing
* NerfingMVS: Guided Optimization of Neural Radiance Fields for Indoor Multi-view Stereo
* new framework for identifying differentially expressed genes, A
* Normalization of the temporal effect on the MODIS land surface temperature product using random forest regression
* Novel Multi-Model Decision Fusion Network for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images, A
* Novel Two-Step Registration Method for Remote Sensing Images Based on Deep and Local Features, A
* Nowhere to Disguise: Spot Camouflaged Objects via Saliency Attribute Transfer
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object Detection in High-Resolution Panchromatic Images Using Deep Models and Spatial Template Matching
* Optimisation-based training of evolutionary convolution neural network for visual classification applications
* Overview of The Planetary Atmospheric Spectral Telescope (PAST) In The Scientific Experimental System in Near-space (SENSE), The
* ParticleSfM: Exploiting Dense Point Trajectories for Localizing Moving Cameras in the Wild
* Path Length Correction for Improving Leaf Area Index Measurements Over Sloping Terrains: A Deep Analysis Through Computer Simulation
* Performance Evaluation of the Triangle-Based Empirical Soil Moisture Relationship Models Based on Landsat-5 TM Data and In Situ Measurements
* Point-and-Shoot All-in-Focus Photo Synthesis From Smartphone Camera Pair
* Pose Guided Person Image Generation Based on Pose Skeleton Sequence and 3D Convolution
* Potential Habitats and Their Conservation Status for Swan Geese (Anser cygnoides) along the East Asian Flyway
* Potential of Estimating Surface Soil Moisture With the Triangle-Based Empirical Relationship Model
* Quantitative Inspection on Spatio-Temporal Variation of Remote Sensing-Based Estimates of Land Surface Evapotranspiration in South Asia, A
* Ratio-Based Multitemporal SAR Images Denoising: RABASAR
* Real-Time Vehicle Navigation Algorithm in Sensor Network Environments, A
* Region-of-interest based coding scheme for synthesized video
* Representation Learning With Class Level Autoencoder for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis
* Research on Large-Scale Urban Shrinkage and Expansion in the Yellow River Affected Area Using Night Light Data
* Retrieval of High Spatiotemporal Resolution Leaf Area Index with Gaussian Processes, Wireless Sensor Network, and Satellite Data Fusion
* Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature With Topographic Effect Correction From Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Data in Mountainous Areas
* Retrieval of Sea Surface Temperature From HY-2A Scanning Microwave Radiometer
* robust hole-filling algorithm for triangular mesh, A
* Robust Space-Time Joint Sparse Processing Method with Airborne Active Array for Severely Inhomogeneous Clutter Suppression
* Robust Tracking and Redetection: Collaboratively Modeling the Target and Its Context
* Robust Traffic Prediction From Spatial-Temporal Data Based on Conditional Distribution Learning
* Rotation-Oriented Collaborative Self-Supervised Learning for Retinal Disease Diagnosis
* Salient Object Detection With Spatiotemporal Background Priors for Video
* SCOAT-Net: A novel network for segmenting COVID-19 lung opacification from CT images
* Security Consideration for Deep Learning-Based Image Forensics
* Self-generated Defocus Blur Detection via Dual Adversarial Discriminators
* Sensitivity Analysis of Vegetation Reflectance to Biochemical and Biophysical Variables at Leaf, Canopy, and Regional Scales
* Sensitivity Assessment of Spatial Resolution Difference in DEM for Soil Erosion Estimation Based on UAV Observations: An Experiment on Agriculture Terraces in the Middle Hill of Nepal
* SKNet: Detecting Rotated Ships as Keypoints in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Source camera identification based on content-adaptive fusion residual networks
* Spatial Downscaling of MSG Downward Shortwave Radiation Product Under Clear-Sky Condition
* Spatial-Temporal Adaptive Feature Weighted Correlation Filter for Visual Tracking
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Green Spaces and Their Equity along Urban-Rural Gradients in the Xi'an Metropolitan Area, China
* Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Image Classification: A Dimension Reduction and Deep Learning Approach
* Subpixel Inundation Mapping Using Landsat-8 OLI and UAV Data for a Wetland Region on the Zoige Plateau, China
* Sudden Track Turning of Typhoon Prapiroon (2012) Enhanced the Upper Ocean Response
* Super-fusion: a super-resolution method based on fusion
* Superpixel-Based Multiple Local CNN for Panchromatic and Multispectral Image Classification
* Surface Soil Water Content Estimation from Thermal Remote Sensing based on the Temporal Variation of Land Surface Temperature
* Synergetic Algorithm for Mid-Morning Land Surface Soil and Vegetation Temperatures Estimation Using MSG-SEVIRI Products and TERRA-MODIS Products, A
* Synergistic learning of lung lobe segmentation and hierarchical multi-instance classification for automated severity assessment of COVID-19 in CT images
* System and method for focusing, imaging and measuring areas on a workpiece engraved by an engraver
* Target Tracking Control of UAV Through Deep Reinforcement Learning
* TelecomNet: Tag-Based Weakly-Supervised Modally Cooperative Hashing Network for Image Retrieval
* Temporal Information Extraction for Afforestation in the Middle Section of the Yarlung Zangbo River Using Time-Series Landsat Images Based on Google Earth Engine
* Texture Variation Adaptive Image Denoising With Nonlocal PCA
* Topic-aware video summarization using multimodal transformer
* Topographic Correction for Landsat 8 OLI Vegetation Reflectances Through Path Length Correction: A Comparison Between Explicit and Implicit Methods
* Toward Gaze-Based Map Interactions: Determining the Dwell Time and Buffer Size for the Gaze-Based Selection of Map Features
* Towards Better Generalization: Joint Depth-Pose Learning Without PoseNet
* Towards Weakly-Supervised Focus Region Detection via Recurrent Constraint Network
* Trends in Forest Greening and Its Spatial Correlation with Bioclimatic and Environmental Factors in the Greater Mekong Subregion from 2001 to 2020
* Triangle Space-Based Surface Soil Moisture Estimation by the Synergistic Use of In Situ Measurements and Optical/Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing: An Alternative to Conventional Validations
* Two-Terminal Video Coding
* United Defocus Blur Detection and Deblurring via Adversarial Promoting Learning
* Unsupervised SAR Image Segmentation Using Higher Order Neighborhood-Based Triplet Markov Fields Model
* User-Customizable Urban Traffic Information Collection Method Based on Wireless Sensor Networks, A
* Value-Consistent Method for Downscaling SMAP Passive Soil Moisture With MODIS Products Using Self-Adaptive Window, A
* Video Multicast over Heterogeneous Networks Based on Distributed Source Coding Principles
* Virtual Avatar-Based Life Coaching for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
* Visual Tracking by Structurally Optimizing Pre-Trained CNN
* Weakly Supervised Video Salient Object Detection
* Weighted Distance Based Sensor Selection for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
* When Epipolar Constraint Meets Non-local Operators in Multi-View Stereo
Includes: Zhao, W. Zhao, W.[Wei] Zhao, W.[Wanzhong] Zhao, W.[Wanbi] Zhao, W.[Wennan] Zhao, W.[Wang] Zhao, W.[Weiyue] Zhao, W.[Weibo] Zhao, W.[Wenda] Zhao, W.[Weishuang] Zhao, W.[Wen] Zhao, W.[Wenyi] Zhao, W.[Wangbo] Zhao, W.[Wanguo] Zhao, W.[Wanyu] Zhao, W.[Weike] Zhao, W.[Weihu] Zhao, W.[Wudong] Zhao, W.[Wentian] Zhao, W.[Wendi]
178 for Zhao, W.

Zhao, W.B.[Wen Bin] Co Author Listing * Analyzing and visualizing scientific research collaboration network with core node evaluation and community detection based on network embedding
* Box-Aware Feature Enhancement for Single Object Tracking on Point Clouds
* cross-modal crowd counting method combining CNN and cross-modal transformer, A
* Hierarchical Routing Mixture of Experts
* Improving Neural Network Efficiency via Post-training Quantization with Adaptive Floating-Point
* Light Weight Model for Active Speaker Detection, A
* Method Combining Line Detection and Semantic Segmentation for Power Line Extraction from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images, A
* NormalNet: Learning-Based Mesh Normal Denoising via Local Partition Normalization
* Prediction of Potential Geothermal Disaster Areas along the Yunnan-Tibet Railway Project
* SCG: Saliency and Contour Guided Salient Instance Segmentation
* Self-Supervised Arbitrary-Scale Implicit Point Clouds Upsampling
* Self-Supervised Arbitrary-Scale Point Clouds Upsampling via Implicit Neural Representation
* Sign-Agnostic Implicit Learning of Surface Self-Similarities for Shape Modeling and Reconstruction from Raw Point Clouds
* Towards Content-independent Multi-reference Super-resolution: Adaptive Pattern Matching and Feature Aggregation
* Variability of Summer Atmospheric Water Cycle over the Tibetan Plateau and Its Response to the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool, The
* Weighted Information Models for the Quantitative Prediction and Evaluation of the Geothermal Anomaly Area in the Plateau: A Case Study of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway
Includes: Zhao, W.B.[Wen Bin] Zhao, W.B.[Wen-Bin] Zhao, W.B.[Wei-Bing] Zhao, W.B.[Wei-Bo] Zhao, W.B.[Wen-Bo] Zhao, W.B.[Wan-Bing] Zhao, W.B.[Wang-Bo]
16 for Zhao, W.B.

Zhao, W.C.[Wei Chao] Co Author Listing * Model-Aware Gesture-to-Gesture Translation
* Multi-modal Sign Language Spotting by Multi/one-shot Learning
* Robust 3D Marker Localization Using Multi-Spectrum Sequences
* SignBERT+: Hand-Model-Aware Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Sign Language Understanding
* SignBERT: Pre-Training of Hand-Model-Aware Representation for Sign Language Recognition
* Tumour localisation in ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation using improved gradient and direction vector flow
Includes: Zhao, W.C.[Wei Chao] Zhao, W.C.[Wei-Chao] Zhao, W.C.[Wen-Chuang] Zhao, W.C.[Wen-Cheng]

Zhao, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * adaptive framework for saliency detection, An
* Context-Aware Gaussian Fields for Non-rigid Point Set Registration
* Defocus Blur Detection via Boosting Diversity of Deep Ensemble Networks
* Defocus Blur Detection via Multi-stream Bottom-Top-Bottom Fully Convolutional Network
* Defocus Blur Detection via Multi-Stream Bottom-Top-Bottom Network
* Dempster-Shafer theory-based hierarchical saliency detection
* Enhancing Diversity of Defocus Blur Detectors via Cross-Ensemble Network
* Retinal fundus image registration framework using Bayesian integration and asymmetric Gaussian mixture model
* robust non-rigid point set registration method based on asymmetric gaussian representation, A
* Robust Point Matching Using Mixture of Asymmetric Gaussians for Nonrigid Transformation
* Salient object detection using coarse-to-fine processing
Includes: Zhao, W.D.[Wei Dong] Zhao, W.D.[Wei-Dong] Zhao, W.D.[Wen-Da]
11 for Zhao, W.D.

Zhao, W.F.[Wu Fan] Co Author Listing * Building outline delineation: From aerial images to polygons with an improved end-to-end learning framework
* Building Outline Delineation: From Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery to Polygons with An Improved End-to-end Learning Framework
* Building Outline Extraction From Aerial Imagery and Digital Surface Model with a Frame Field Learning Framework
* Building Polygon Extraction from Aerial Images and Digital Surface Models with a Frame Field Learning Framework
* Exploring the Characteristics of an Intra-Urban Bus Service Network: A Case Study of Shenzhen, China
* Extracting planar roof structures from very high resolution images using graph neural networks
* Identifying Urban Functional Regions from High-Resolution Satellite Images Using a Context-Aware Segmentation Network
* Nonuniform illumination correction for underwater images through a pseudo-siamese network
* Object-based Method For Chinese Landform Types Classification, An
* Pruning for image segmentation: Improving computational efficiency for large-scale remote sensing applications
* Semantic-aware unsupervised domain adaptation for height estimation from single-view aerial images
* Soil and Rockfill Dams Safety Assessment for Henan Province: Monitoring, Analysis and Prediction
Includes: Zhao, W.F.[Wu Fan] Zhao, W.F.[Wu-Fan] Zhao, W.F.[Wei-Feng] Zhao, W.F.[Wen-Feng] Zhao, W.F.[Wen-Fei]
12 for Zhao, W.F.

Zhao, W.G.[Wei Guang] Co Author Listing * Divide and Conquer: 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation With Point-Wise Binarization
* Massive Maritime Path Planning: A Contextual Online Learning Approach
* Two-Stage Crack Detection Method for Concrete Bridges Using Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Visual Inspection Method for Subway Tunnel Cracks Based on Multi-Kernel Convolution Cascade Enhancement Learning
Includes: Zhao, W.G.[Wei Guang] Zhao, W.G.[Wei-Guang] Zhao, W.G.[Wei-Gang]

Zhao, W.H.[Wen Hui] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of Downscaled Far Red Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence from the Canopy to Leaf Level for Drought Monitoring in Winter Wheat
* Characteristics of Aerosol Types in Beijing and the Associations with Air Pollution from 2004 to 2015
* DR-Net: An Improved Network for Building Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Dynamic Characteristics Monitoring of Large Wind Turbine Blades Based on Target-Free DSST Vision Algorithm and UAV
* Exceptional Drought across Southeastern Australia Caused by Extreme Lack of Precipitation and Its Impacts on NDVI and SIF in 2018
* Exploring the Ability of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence for Drought Monitoring Based on an Intelligent Irrigation Control System
* GNSS RTK/UWB/DBA Fusion Positioning Method and Its Performance Evaluation
* Higher Sensitivity of NIRv,Rad in Detecting Net Primary Productivity of C4 Than that of C3: Evidence from Ground Measurements of Wheat and Maize
* Higher UHI Intensity, Higher Urban Temperature? A Synthetical Analysis of Urban Heat Environment in Urban Megaregion
* Impacts of Growth and Environmental Parameters on Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence at Seasonal and Diurnal Scales, The
* Integrating Backdating and Transfer Learning in an Object-Based Framework for High Resolution Image Classification and Change Analysis
* Interstation Undifferenced Real-Time Time Transfer Method with Refined Modeling of Receiver Clock, An
* Low-Cost Single-Frequency DGNSS/DBA Combined Positioning Research and Performance Evaluation
* Nonlinear Relationship Between the Yield of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photosynthetic Efficiency in Senescent Crops
* Real-Time Estimation of GPS-BDS Inter-System Biases: An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
* Relationship of Gross Primary Productivity with NDVI Rather than Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Is Weakened under the Stress of Drought, The
* Research on Tightly Coupled Multi-Antenna GNSS/MEMS Single-Frequency Single-Epoch Attitude Determination in Urban Environment
Includes: Zhao, W.H.[Wen Hui] Zhao, W.H.[Wen-Hui] Zhao, W.H.[Wen-Hai] Zhao, W.H.[Wen-Hao]
17 for Zhao, W.H.

Zhao, W.J.[Wen Ji] Co Author Listing * Above-bottom biomass retrieval of aquatic plants with regression models and SfM data acquired by a UAV platform-A case study in Wild Duck Lake Wetland, Beijing, China
* Accurate Monitoring of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in a Macrophytic Lake Using Time-Series Sentinel-2 Images
* Boundary-Area Enhanced Module for Instance Segmentation
* Characteristics of Aerosol Types in Beijing and the Associations with Air Pollution from 2004 to 2015
* Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques in Inferring Phytoplankton Size Classes
* Comparison of Satellite-Derived Phytoplankton Size Classes Using In-Situ Measurements in the South China Sea
* Distributional barycenter problem through data-driven flows
* Diurnal Variation of Light Absorption in the Yellow River Estuary
* efficient image aesthetic analysis system using Hadoop, An
* Estimation of Gully Growth Rate and Erosion Amount Using UAV and Worldview-3 Images in Yimeng Mountain Area, China
* General Data Search Algorithms for Earth Simulation Systems with Cyclic Boundaries
* Hardware architecture of the fast mode decision algorithm for H.265/HEVC
* Hierarchical Structure-Based Fast Mode Decision for H.265/HEVC
* Improved Hybrid Method for Enhanced Road Feature Selection in Map Generalization, An
* LIRA: Learnable, Imperceptible and Robust Backdoor Attacks
* Multi-level monitoring of three-dimensional building changes for megacities: Trajectory, morphology, and landscape
* NDVI Retrieval Method Based on a Double-Attention Recurrent Neural Network for Cloudy Regions, An
* Radar-based multipoint displacement measurements of a 1200-m-long suspension bridge
* Regional Patterns of Vegetation Dynamics and Their Sensitivity to Climate Variability in the Yangtze River Basin
* Retrieving Phytoplankton Size Class from the Absorption Coefficient and Chlorophyll A Concentration Based on Support Vector Machine
* Soil Salinity Inversion Model of Oasis in Arid Area Based on UAV Multispectral Remote Sensing
* Spatiotemporal Hierarchical Analysis Method for Urban Traffic Congestion Optimization Based on Calculation of Road Carrying Capacity in Spatial Grids, A
* Topographic Correction of ZY-3 Satellite Images and Its Effects on Estimation of Shrub Leaf Biomass in Mountainous Areas
Includes: Zhao, W.J.[Wen Ji] Zhao, W.J.[Wen-Ji] Zhao, W.J.[Wei-Ji] Zhao, W.J.[Wen-Jing] Zhao, W.J.[Wen-Jun] Zhao, W.J.[Wei-Jian] Zhao, W.J.[Wei-Jun] Zhao, W.J.[Wei-Jie] Zhao, W.J.[Wen-Ju] Zhao, W.J.[Wen-Jie]
23 for Zhao, W.J.

Zhao, W.K.[Wen Ke] Co Author Listing * Multi-Frequency GPR Data Fusion with Genetic Algorithms for Archaeological Prospection
Includes: Zhao, W.K.[Wen Ke] Zhao, W.K.[Wen-Ke]

Zhao, W.L.[Wan Lei] Co Author Listing * Affine hull based target representation for visual tracking
* AMixer: Adaptive Weight Mixing for Self-Attention Free Vision Transformers
* ANFIS-EKF-Based Single-Beacon Localization Algorithm for AUV
* Approximate k-NN Graph Construction: A Generic Online Approach
* Co-Saliency Detection via Co-Salient Object Discovery and Recovery
* Coherent bag-of audio words model for efficient large-scale video copy detection
* Data-Driven Approaches to Community-Contributed Video Applications
* DenseCLIP: Language-Guided Dense Prediction with Context-Aware Prompting
* DiffSwap: High-Fidelity and Controllable Face Swapping via 3D-Aware Masked Diffusion
* DiffTalk: Crafting Diffusion Models for Generalized Audio-Driven Portraits Animation
* Dynamic sampling for deep metric learning
* Dynamic Spatial Sparsification for Efficient Vision Transformers and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Fast Covariant VLAD for Image Search
* Flip-Invariant SIFT for Copy and Object Detection
* GFNet: Global Filter Networks for Visual Recognition
* Group-aware Contrastive Regression for Action Quality Assessment
* Instance search via instance level segmentation and feature representation
* Keyframe Retrieval by Keypoints: Can Point-to-Point Matching Help?
* Motion Segmentation Via a Sparsity Constraint
* Near-Duplicate Keyframe Identification With Interest Point Matching and Pattern Learning
* Near-duplicate keyframe retrieval with visual keywords and semantic context
* Novel Deep Q-Learning-Based Air-Assisted Vehicular Caching Scheme for Safe Autonomous Driving, A
* Object Discovery via Cohesion Measurement
* On the Annotation of Web Videos by Efficient Near-Duplicate Search
* Scale-Rotation Invariant Pattern Entropy for Keypoint-Based Near-Duplicate Detection
* Shape-Aware Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Towards Interpretable Deep Metric Learning with Structural Matching
* Unleashing Text-to-Image Diffusion Models for Visual Perception
* VideoABC: A Real-World Video Dataset for Abductive Visual Reasoning
Includes: Zhao, W.L.[Wan Lei] Zhao, W.L.[Wan-Lei] Zhao, W.L.[Wen-Liang] Zhao, W.L.[Wan-Long] Zhao, W.L. Zhao, W.L.[Wei-Liang]
29 for Zhao, W.L.

Zhao, W.N.[Wei Nan] Co Author Listing * Palmprint Acquisition Device with Time-Sharing Light Source Used in Personal Verification, A
Includes: Zhao, W.N.[Wei Nan] Zhao, W.N.[Wei-Nan]

Zhao, W.P.[Wei Ping] Co Author Listing * Effects of Climate and Land Use/Land Cover Changes on Water Yield Services in the Dongjiang Lake Basin
Includes: Zhao, W.P.[Wei Ping] Zhao, W.P.[Wei-Ping]

Zhao, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Co Author Listing * CoMER: Modeling Coverage for Transformer-Based Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
* ConSlide: Asynchronous Hierarchical Interaction Transformer with Breakup-Reorganize Rehearsal for Continual Whole Slide Image Analysis
* Deep Multiple Instance Hashing for Fast Multi-Object Image Search
* Deep reinforcement learning based active safety control for distributed drive electric vehicles
* Diagnosis for Transformer Faults Based on Combinatorial Bayes Network
* Enhanced three-dimensional U-Net with graph-based refining for segmentation of gastrointestinal stromal tumours
* Evaluation of Spatiotemporal Variations of Global Fractional Vegetation Cover Based on GIMMS NDVI Data from 1982 to 2011
* Exploring the Best-Matching Plant Traits and Environmental Factors for Vegetation Indices in Estimates of Global Gross Primary Productivity
* Gestalt laws based tracklets analysis for human crowd understanding
* Guided Filter Network for Semantic Image Segmentation
* Joint crowd detection and semantic scene modeling using a Gestalt laws-based similarity
* Joint semantic-geometric learning for polygonal building segmentation from high-resolution remote sensing images
* Keypoint-graph-driven learning framework for object pose estimation
* Local Effects of Forests on Temperatures across Europe
* Observed Impacts of Wind Farms on Local Vegetation Growth in Northern China, The
* Palmprint recognition using a modified competitive code with distinctive extended neighbourhood
* TelecomNet: Tag-Based Weakly-Supervised Modally Cooperative Hashing Network for Image Retrieval
Includes: Zhao, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Zhao, W.Q.[Wen-Qi] Zhao, W.Q.[Wei-Qin] Zhao, W.Q.[Wan-Qing] Zhao, W.Q.[Wen-Qiang] Zhao, W.Q.[Wen-Qing] Zhao, W.Q.[Wen-Qian] Zhao, W.Q.[Wei-Qing] Zhao, W.Q.[Wei-Qi] Zhao, W.Q.[Wei-Qiang]
17 for Zhao, W.Q.

Zhao, W.Q.A.[Wei Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Gain-scheduling control of dynamic lateral lane change for automated and connected vehicles based on the multipoint preview
* Successive minutia-free mosaicking for small-sized fingerprint recognition
Includes: Zhao, W.Q.A.[Wei Qi Ang] Zhao, W.Q.A.[Wei-Qi-Ang]

Zhao, W.R.[Wei Rong] Co Author Listing * Aircraft tracking based on fully conventional network and Kalman filter
Includes: Zhao, W.R.[Wei Rong] Zhao, W.R.[Wei-Rong]

Zhao, W.S.[Wei Song] Co Author Listing * Consistent Sub-Decision Network for Low-Quality Masked Face Recognition
Includes: Zhao, W.S.[Wei Song] Zhao, W.S.[Wei-Song]

Zhao, W.T.[Wen Tian] Co Author Listing * Boosting Entity-Aware Image Captioning With Multi-Modal Knowledge Graph
* Co-Saliency Detection With Co-Attention Fully Convolutional Network
* Evaluating Deep Learning for Image Classification in Adversarial Environment
* How to Make a BLT Sandwich? Learning VQA towards Understanding Web Instructional Videos
* Improve CAM with Auto-Adapted Segmentation and Co-Supervised Augmentation
* Learning Cooperative Neural Modules for Stylized Image Captioning
* Self-Calibrated Cross Attention Network for Few-Shot Segmentation
* Texture classification using uniform rotation invariant gradient
Includes: Zhao, W.T.[Wen Tian] Zhao, W.T.[Wen-Tian] Zhao, W.T.[Wen-Ting] Zhao, W.T.[Wen-Tao] Zhao, W.T.[Wen-Teng]
8 for Zhao, W.T.

Zhao, W.W.[Wen Wu] Co Author Listing * Key Areas of Ecological Restoration in Inner Mongolia Based on Ecosystem Vulnerability and Ecosystem Service
* Multiple Greenness Indexes Revealed the Vegetation Greening during the Growing Season and Winter on the Tibetan Plateau despite Regional Variations
* Spatial Consistency Assessments for Global Land-Cover Datasets: A Comparison among GLC2000, CCI LC, MCD12, GLOBCOVER and GLCNMO
Includes: Zhao, W.W.[Wen Wu] Zhao, W.W.[Wen-Wu]

Zhao, W.X.[Wei Xiong] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Evaluation of Spatial Distribution and Temporal Trend of NO2, SO2 and AOD Using Satellite Observations over South and East Asia from 2011 to 2021
* End-to-end feature fusion Siamese network for adaptive visual tracking
* GraFormer: Graph-oriented Transformer for 3D Pose Estimation
* Investigating the Relationship between Air Pollutants and Meteorological Parameters Using Satellite Data over Bangladesh
* Unleashing the Power of Gradient Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Zero-Shot NAS
Includes: Zhao, W.X.[Wei Xiong] Zhao, W.X.[Wei-Xiong] Zhao, W.X.[Wei-Xuan] Zhao, W.X.[Wei-Xi] Zhao, W.X.[Wen-Xiao]

Zhao, W.Y.[Wei Yue] Co Author Listing * A2B: Anchor to Barycentric Coordinate for Robust Correspondence
* Alignment of Continuous Video onto 3D Point Clouds
* Can Vehicle Become a New Pattern for Roadside Camera Calibration?
* Cascaded Microwave Frequency Transfer over 300-km Fiber Link with Instability at the 10-18 Level
* Discriminant Analysis of Principal Components for Face Recognition
* Discriminant Component Analysis for Face Recognition
* Effects of Camera Alignment Errors on Stereoscopic Depth Estimates
* Efficient Scene-based Nonuniformity Correction and Enhancement
* Empirical Performance Analysis of Linear Discriminant Classifiers
* Face Processing: Advanced Modeling and Methods
* Illumination-Insensitive Face Recognition using Symmetric Shape-from-Shading
* Improving the Robustness of Subspace FR System
* Iris on the Move: Acquisition of Images for Iris Recognition in Less Constrained Environments
* Lighting estimation of a convex Lambertian object using weighted spherical harmonic frames
* Linear Discriminant Analysis of MPF for Face Recognition
* Model-Based Interpretation of Stereo Imagery of Textured Surfaces
* Motion-based spatial-temporal image repairing
* Performance Perturbation Analysis of Eigen-systems
* Real-Time Video Georegistration
* reliable descriptor for face objects in visual content, A
* Robust Face Recognition Using Symmetric Shape-from-Shading
* Robust Image Based Face Recognition
* Robust Image-based 3d Face Recognition
* S2-aware network for visual recognition
* Scene-based nonuniformity correction and enhancement: Pixel statistics and subpixel motion
* Scene-based nonuniformity correction using local constant statistics
* SFS Based View Synthesis for Robust Face Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Characteristics and Differences in Snow Density between the Tibet Plateau and the Arctic
* Subspace Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Super-resolution with significant illumination change
* Super-resolving compressed video with large artifacts
* Symmetric Shape-from-Shading Using Self-Ratio Image
* Three Dimensional Deformation of Mining Area Detection by InSAR and Probability Integral Model
* Unconstrained Face Recognition
* Urban area change detection based on generalized likelihood ratio test
* Using Partial Shape Knowledge for Stereo Reconstruction
* Video Georegistration: Algorithm and Quantitative Evaluation
Includes: Zhao, W.Y.[Wei Yue] Zhao, W.Y.[Wei-Yue] Zhao, W.Y.[Wen-Yi] Zhao, W.Y.[Wen-Yong] Zhao, W.Y.[Wen-Yu] Zhao, W.Y. Zhao, W.Y.[Wei-Ying]
37 for Zhao, W.Y.

Zhao, W.Z.[Wen Zhi] Co Author Listing * Change in Net Ecosystem Productivity and its Driving Mechanism in a Mountain Ecosystem of Arid Regions, Northwest China, The
* Contextually guided very-high-resolution imagery classification with semantic segments
* Continual Contrastive Learning for Cross-Dataset Scene Classification
* Crop Mapping from Sentinel-1 Polarimetric Time-Series with a Deep Neural Network
* Cross-Modal Retrieval and Semantic Refinement for Remote Sensing Image Captioning
* Driving Authority Allocation Strategy Based on Driving Authority Real-Time Allocation Domain
* Dynamic Estimation of Optical Flow Field Using Objective Functions
* Exploring semantic elements for urban scene recognition: Deep integration of high-resolution imagery and OpenStreetMap (OSM)
* Grid-based DBSCAN: Indexing and inference
* High Resolution Distribution Dataset of Double-Season Paddy Rice in China
* Impact of the Dates of Input Image Pairs on Spatio-Temporal Fusion for Time Series with Different Temporal Variation Patterns
* Improved IOHMM-Based Stochastic Driver Lane-Changing Model, An
* Investigating long-term vehicle speed prediction based on BP-LSTM algorithms
* Land Cover Mapping with Higher Order Graph-Based Co-Occurrence Model
* Learning multiscale and deep representations for classifying remotely sensed imagery
* Link Ecological and Social Composite Systems to Construct Sustainable Landscape Patterns: A New Framework Based on Ecosystem Service Flows
* Mapping and Evaluating Human Pressure Changes in the Qilian Mountains
* Mapping Crop Rotation by Using Deeply Synergistic Optical and SAR Time Series
* Mapping Large-Scale Forest Disturbance Types with Multi-Temporal CNN Framework
* Measurement of dynamic vibration in cycling using portable terminal measurement system
* Multi-objective optimisation of electro-hydraulic braking system based on MOEA/D algorithm
* Predicting Crop Growth Patterns with Spatial-Temporal Deep Feature Exploration for Early Mapping
* Sample Generation with Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Adaptation Network (SaGAAN) for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Satellite-Based Method for National Winter Wheat Yield Estimating in China, A
* Seeing What You Miss: Vision-Language Pre-training with Semantic Completion Learning
* SR-Net: Saliency Region Representation Network for Vehicle Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* TAQ: Top-K Attention-Aware Quantization for Vision Transformers
* VisDrone-DET2021: The Vision Meets Drone Object detection Challenge Results
* WB-DETR: Transformer-Based Detector without Backbone
Includes: Zhao, W.Z.[Wen Zhi] Zhao, W.Z.[Wen-Zhi] Zhao, W.Z.[Wen-Zhe] Zhao, W.Z.[Wan-Zhong] Zhao, W.Z.[Wei-Zhao] Zhao, W.Z.[Wei-Zhong] Zhao, W.Z.[Wen-Zhen] Zhao, W.Z.[Wen-Zhong]
29 for Zhao, W.Z.

Zhao, X. Co Author Listing * 3D Body Pose and Shape Estimation from Multi-View Images With Limb Geometric Constraint
* 3D facial expression recognition: A perspective on promises and challenges
* 3D Statistical Facial Feature Model and Its Application on Locating Facial Landmarks, A
* 3D Vehicle Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Bounding Box Similarity Measurement
* 3D-2D face recognition with pose and illumination normalization
* 3D/4D facial expression analysis: An advanced annotated face model approach
* 4D facial expression recognition
* Accurate Landmarking of Three-Dimensional Facial Data in the Presence of Facial Expressions and Occlusions Using a Three-Dimensional Statistical Facial Feature Model
* Action Recognition Based on Binary Latent Variable Models
* Active and Contrastive Learning Framework for Fine-Grained Off-Road Semantic Segmentation, An
* Active Learning for Open-set Annotation
* Adaptive appearance learning for human pose estimation
* Adaptive Double-Layered Embedding Scheme for MP3 Steganography, An
* Adaptive Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Transmission in Wireless Fading Channel
* Adaptive Local Thresholding with Fuzzy-Validity-Guided Spatial Partitioning
* Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter for Target Tracking in the Presence of Nonlinear Systems Involving Model Mismatches
* Advanced Motion Vector Difference Coding Beyond AV1
* Algorithm of Feature Selection and Feature Weighting Adjustment Based on Chinese FrameNet, An
* Anatomy and Geometry Constrained One-stage Framework for 3d Human Pose Estimation
* Application of Machine Learning for Simulation of Air Temperature at Dome A
* Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Heritage Conservation in Yungang Grotto
* Assessing the Impacts of Urbanization on Albedo in Jing-Jin-Ji Region of China
* Assessment of Sentinel-2 MSI Spectral Band Reflectances for Estimating Fractional Vegetation Cover
* Assimilation of Remotely-Sensed Leaf Area Index into a Dynamic Vegetation Model for Gross Primary Productivity Estimation
* ASTER and GF-5 Satellite Data for Mapping Hydrothermal Alteration Minerals in the Longtoushan Pb-Zn Deposit, SW China
* Atmospheric correction algorithm based on deep learning with spatial-spectral feature constraints for broadband optical satellites: Examples from the HY-1C Coastal Zone Imager
* Atmospheric Correction Model for Water-Land Boundary Adjacency Effects in Landsat-8 Multispectral Images and Its Impact on Bathymetric Remote Sensing
* Attention CoupleNet: Fully Convolutional Attention Coupling Network for Object Detection
* Attention-Based Monocular Depth Estimation Considering Global and Local Information in Remote Sensing Images
* Attention-Based Multiview Re-Observation Fusion Network for Skeletal Action Recognition
* Automatic 3D Facial Expression Recognition Based on a Bayesian Belief Net and a Statistical Facial Feature Model
* Automatic Motion-Blurred Hand Matting for Human Soft Segmentation in Videos
* Automatically Extract Semi-Transparent Motion-Blurred Hand From a Single Image
* Benchmarking asymmetric 3D-2D face recognition systems
* BESRGAN: Boundary equilibrium face super-resolution generative adversarial networks
* Bibliographic Analysis and Collaboration Patterns of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Between 2000 and 2015, A
* Bibliographic and Coauthorship Analysis of IEEE T-ITS Literature Between 2014 and 2016, A
* Bidirectional Convolutional Recurrent Sparse Network (BCRSN): An Efficient Model for Music Emotion Recognition
* Bimodal gender recognition from face and fingerprint
* Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing
* Boosting Image Steganalysis Under Universal Deep Learning Architecture Incorporating Ensemble Classification Strategy
* Bridging the Gap Between Detection and Tracking: A Unified Approach
* BSN: Boundary Sensitive Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation
* Building hierarchical structures for 3D scenes with repeated elements
* Can GPM IMERG Capture Extreme Precipitation in North China Plain?
* Cascaded Pyramid Mining Network for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* CAT: Corner Aided Tracking With Deep Regression Network
* CEC: Cluster Embedding Coding for H.264 Steganography
* Changes in Vegetation Greenness and Their Influencing Factors in Southern China
* Cloud Removal in Remote Sensing Using Sequential-Based Diffusion Models
* Clusterformer: Cluster-based Transformer for 3D Object Detection in Point Clouds
* combinational algorithm for connected-component labeling and Euler number computing, A
* Combining Disease Mechanism and Machine Learning to Predict Wheat Fusarium Head Blight
* ComNet: Combinational Neural Network for Object Detection in UAV-Borne Thermal Images
* Comparison between AMSR2 Sea Ice Concentration Products and Pseudo-Ship Observations of the Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Edge on Cloud-Free Days
* Computationally efficient demosaicing filter estimation for forensic camera model identification
* Conditional Convolutional Neural Network for Modality-Aware Face Recognition
* Configuration-Transition-Based Connected-Component Labeling
* connected-component labeling problem: A review of state-of-the-art algorithms, The
* Context De-Confounded Emotion Recognition
* Context-Adaptive Secondary Transform for Video Coding
* Context-Associative Hierarchical Memory Model for Human Activity Recognition and Prediction
* Continuous Action Recognition and Segmentation in Untrimmed Videos
* Contrasting Responses of Planted and Natural Forests to Drought Intensity in Yunnan, China
* Convolutional Fusion Network for Face Verification in the Wild
* Cooperative Game Approach to Optimal Merging Sequence and on-Ramp Merging Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles
* Correntropy-Induced Robust Low-Rank Hypergraph
* Cost efficient subcategory-aware CNN for object detection
* CoupleNet: Coupling Global Structure with Local Parts for Object Detection
* Data matching of building polygons at multiple map scales improved by contextual information and relaxation
* Data-Mechanism Adaptive Switched Predictive Control for Heterogeneous Platoons With Wireless Communication Interruption
* Deep Crisp Boundaries
* Deep Crisp Boundaries: From Boundaries to Higher-Level Tasks
* Deep fully convolutional regression networks for single image haze removal
* Deep Learning vs. Traditional Algorithms for Saliency Prediction of Distorted Images
* Densely Connected Single-Shot Detector
* Derived disparity vector based NBDV for 3D-AVC
* Design and Implementation of the Three-Dimensional Observation System for Adult Zebrafish
* Design of Safety Petri Net Controllers for Deadlock Prevention at a Class of Road Intersections
* Detect coherent motions in crowd scenes based on tracklets association
* Detecting anti-forensic attacks on demosaicing-based camera model identification
* Detecting Motion Patterns in Dynamic Crowd Scenes
* Detecting Spatially Non-Stationary between Vegetation and Related Factors in the Yellow River Basin from 1986 to 2021 Using Multiscale Geographically Weighted Regression Based on Landsat
* Developing Long Time Series 1-km Land Cover Maps From 5-km AVHRR Data Using a Super-Resolution Method
* Development and Validation of an Unsupervised Feature Learning System for Leukocyte Characterization and Classification: A Multi-Hospital Study
* Direction-of-Arrival Estimation over Sea Surface from Radar Scattering Based on Convolutional Neural Network
* Discrete Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions with Shared Sparse Learning
* Discriminative estimation of 3D human pose using Gaussian processes
* Discriminative representation combinations for accurate face spoofing detection
* discriminative tracklets representation for crowd analysis, A
* Dual Roles of Water Availability in Forest Vigor: A Multiperspective Analysis in China
* Dynamic Cooling Effects of Permanent Urban Green Spaces in Beijing, China
* Dynamic Rerouting Behavior and Its Impact on Dynamic Traffic Patterns
* Dynamic Texture Classification Using Unsupervised 3D Filter Learning and Local Binary Encoding
* Dynamic texture recognition using multiscale PCA-learned filters
* Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Volume Local Binary Count Patterns With an Application to 2D Face Spoofing Detection
* EdgeStereo: A Context Integrated Residual Pyramid Network for Stereo Matching
* EdgeStereo: An Effective Multi-task Learning Network for Stereo Matching and Edge Detection
* Effects of Climate Factors and Human Activities on the Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency throughout Northern China
* Effects of Warming Hiatuses on Vegetation Growth in the Northern Hemisphere
* Efficient and Robust Learning for Sustainable and Reacquisition-Enabled Hand Tracking
* Efficient Data-Driven Switched Predictive Control Strategy With Online Data for Vehicle Lateral Stabilization in Ice and Snow-Rutted Conditions, An
* efficient multimodal 2D + 3D feature-based approach to automatic facial expression recognition, An
* Efficient Temporal-Spatial Feature Grouping For Video Action Recognition
* efficient two-scan algorithm for computing basic shape features of objects in a binary image, An
* Efficient Two-Scan Labeling Algorithm for Binary Hexagonal Images, An
* Efficient Vector-Raster Overlay Algorithm for High-Accuracy and High-Efficiency Surface Area Calculations of Irregularly Shaped Land Use Patches, An
* Efficient-VQGAN: Towards High-Resolution Image Generation with Efficient Vision Transformers
* Emotion Recognition by Edge-Weighted Hypergraph Neural Network
* Energy Minimization Based Alternate Sampling and Clustering for Geometric Model Fitting
* Enforcing Temporal Consistency in Video Depth Estimation
* Enhancing Multi-modal Features Using Local Self-attention for 3D Object Detection
* Estimating Reservoir Release Using Multi-Source Satellite Datasets and Hydrological Modeling Techniques
* Estimation of the All-Wave All-Sky Land Surface Daily Net Radiation at Mid-Low Latitudes from MODIS Data Based on ERA5 Constraints
* ETAD: Training Action Detection End to End on a Laptop
* Evaluation of Spatiotemporal Resilience and Resistance of Global Vegetation Responses to Climate Change
* Evaluation of Spatiotemporal Variations of Global Fractional Vegetation Cover Based on GIMMS NDVI Data from 1982 to 2011
* Evaluation of Surface Upward Longwave Radiation in the CMIP6 Models with Ground and Satellite Observations
* Evaluation of the Accuracy of the Field Quadrat Survey of Alpine Grassland Fractional Vegetation Cover Based on the Satellite Remote Sensing Pixel Scale
* Evaluation of the Spatiotemporal Change of Ecological Quality under the Context of Urban Expansion: A Case Study of Typical Urban Agglomerations in China
* Exploring Categorical Regularization for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Exploring Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolution for Video-Based Human-Object Interaction Recognition
* Exploring the Relationship between the Eco-Environmental Quality and Urbanization by Utilizing Sentinel and Landsat Data: A Case Study of the Yellow River Basin
* Extended Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (E-ART) for Dual Spectral CT, An
* Face spoofing detection by fusing binocular depth and spatial pyramid coding micro-texture features
* Facial Age Estimation with Images in the Wild
* fast algorithm for integrating connected-component labeling and euler number computation, A
* Fast and Secure Steganography Based on J-UNIWARD
* Fast DST-VII/DCT-VIII With Dual Implementation Support for Versatile Video Coding
* Fast Ionogram Observations of Ascending Thin Layers Locally Transported from the E to F Region at Equatorial and Low Latitudes
* Fast Simple Optical Flow Computation Approach Based on the 3-D Gradient, A
* FastDeRain: A Novel Video Rain Streak Removal Method Using Directional Gradient Priors
* Feasibility Analysis of Openstack and Dynamips Application Fusion
* Feature coding via vector difference for image classification
* Few-Shot SAR-ATR Based on Instance-Aware Transformer
* FFD Augmentor: Towards Few-shot Oracle Character Recognition from Scratch
* Fine-grained Visible Watermark Removal
* Focal Boundary Guided Salient Object Detection
* Freecam3d: Snapshot Structured Light 3d with Freely-moving Cameras
* Further Improvement on Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm, A
* FusePose: IMU-Vision Sensor Fusion in Kinematic Space for Parametric Human Pose Estimation
* Generating High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Fractional Vegetation Cover by Fusing GF-1 WFV and MODIS Data
* Generative Estimation of 3D Human Pose Using Shape Contexts Matching
* Generative tracking of 3D human motion by hierarchical annealed genetic algorithm
* GLASS Daytime All-Wave Net Radiation Product: Algorithm Development and Preliminary Validation
* Glaucoma screening pipeline based on clinical measurements and hidden features
* Global Instance Tracking: Locating Target More Like Humans
* Global Land Surface Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation Using General Regression Neural Networks From MODIS Surface Reflectance
* Global Land Surface Satellite (GLASS) Remote Sensing Data Processing System and Products, The
* GLRP: Global and local contrastive learning based on relative position for medical image segmentation on cardiac MRI
* GOT-10k: A Large High-Diversity Benchmark for Generic Object Tracking in the Wild
* Grassland Conservation Effectiveness of National Nature Reserves in Northern China
* GVCNN: Group-View Convolutional Neural Networks for 3D Shape Recognition
* Hallucinating uncertain motion and future for static image action recognition
* Halo-free image enhancement through multi-scale detail sharpening and single-scale contrast stretching
* Heat Flux Sources Analysis to the Ross Ice Shelf Polynya Ice Production Time Series and the Impact of Wind Forcing
* Heterogeneous Traffic Mixing Regular and Connected Vehicles: Modeling and Stabilization
* Hierarchical Knowledge Guided Learning for Real-World Retinal Disease Recognition
* Hierarchical line segment matching for wide-baseline images via exploiting viewpoint robust local structure and geometric constraints
* HLRTF: Hierarchical Low-Rank Tensor Factorization for Inverse Problems in Multi-Dimensional Imaging
* Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of Mixed Traffic and Its Implications for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
* Human Carving: A Parsing-Based Framework for 3d Human Reconstruction
* Human Motion Tracking by Temporal-Spatial Local Gaussian Process Experts
* Human Pose Regression Through Multiview Visual Fusion
* Human-Centric Image Cropping with Partition-Aware and Content-Preserving Features
* Human-Like Shared Driving Strategy in Lane-Changing Scenario Using Cooperative LPV/MPC, A
* Hybrid of Deep Reinforcement Learning and Local Search for the Vehicle Routing Problems, A
* Hybrids of Support Vector Regression with Grey Wolf Optimizer and Firefly Algorithm for Spatial Prediction of Landslide Susceptibility
* Illumination alignment using lighting ratio: Application to 3D-2D face recognition
* Illumination Normalization Using Self-lighting Ratios for 3D2D Face Recognition
* Image captioning via proximal policy optimization
* Image Registration Method Using Deep Residual Network Features for Multisource High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, An
* Impact of Urbanization and Climate on Vegetation Coverage in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region of China
* improved algorithm using weighted guided coefficient and union self-adaptive image enhancement for single image haze removal, An
* Improved Intra Coding Beyond AV1 Using Adaptive Prediction Angles and Reference Lines
* Improvement of Ice Surface Temperature Retrieval by Integrating Landsat 8/TIRS and Operation IceBridge Observations
* Improving Medical Images Classification With Label Noise Using Dual-Uncertainty Estimation
* Improving Shadow Suppression for Illumination Robust Face Recognition
* Inductive Multi-Hypergraph Learning and Its Application on View-Based 3D Object Classification
* Inferring Edges from Weights in the Debye Model
* Integrated Global-Local Metric Learning for Person Re-identification
* Inter-Calibration of Passive Microwave Satellite Brightness Temperatures Observed by F13 SSM/I and F17 SSMIS for the Retrieval of Snow Depth on Arctic First-Year Sea Ice
* Inter-comparisons Among Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration Products From Fy-3d Mwri and Amsr2
* Interactive Visual Exploration of Human Mobility Correlation Based on Smart Card Data
* Intra Prediction and Mode Coding in VVC
* IPAD: Intensity Potential for Adaptive De-Quantization
* Irregular Travel Groups Detection Based on Cascade Clustering in Urban Subway
* Iterative Residual Network for Structured Edge Detection
* ITS-Frame: A Framework for Multi-Aspect Analysis in the Field of Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Joint Classification of Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Using Hierarchical Random Walk and Deep CNN Architecture
* Joint Learning of Local and Global Context for Temporal Action Proposal Generation
* Joint Multilabel Classification With Community-Aware Label Graph Learning
* Joint Separable and Non-Separable Transforms for Next-Generation Video Coding
* Land cover classification of finer resolution remote sensing data integrating temporal features from time series coarser resolution data
* Latest Geodetic Changes of Austre Lovénbreen and Pedersenbreen, Svalbard
* Leaf Area Index Estimation Algorithm for GF-5 Hyperspectral Data Based on Different Feature Selection and Machine Learning Methods
* Learnable Chamfer Distance for point cloud reconstruction
* Learning Category- and Instance-Aware Pixel Embedding for Fast Panoptic Segmentation
* Learning Robust Facial Landmark Detection via Hierarchical Structured Ensemble
* Learning temporally correlated representations using LSTMS for visual tracking
* LED: Localization-Quality Estimation Embedded Detector
* Leveraging Regular Fundus Images for Training UWF Fundus Diagnosis Models via Adversarial Learning and Pseudo-Labeling
* Lightweight feature point detection network with channel enhancement
* Local Effects of Forests on Temperatures across Europe
* Local Hypersphere Coding Based on Edges between Visual Words
* Locality-Sensitive Deconvolution Networks with Gated Fusion for RGB-D Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* Long short-term memory and convolutional neural network for abnormal driving behaviour recognition
* Long Time Series Land Cover Classification in China from 1982 to 2015 Based on Bi-LSTM Deep Learning
* Long-Time-Series Global Land Surface Satellite Leaf Area Index Product Derived From MODIS and AVHRR Surface Reflectance
* Mapping Forage Biomass and Quality of the Inner Mongolia Grasslands by Combining Field Measurements and Sentinel-2 Observations
* Measuring Crowd Collectiveness by Macroscopic and Microscopic Motion Consistencies
* Measuring the Urban Land Surface Temperature Variations Under Zhengzhou City Expansion Using Landsat-Like Data
* Memory-Augmented Transformer for Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation
* Metaballs-based physical modeling and deformation of organs for virtual surgery
* Method for Detection and Classification of Glass Defects in Low Resolution Images, A
* Method for Extracting Lake Water Using ViTenc-UNet: Taking Typical Lakes on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as Examples, A
* Metric for Quantifying Image Quality Induced Saliency Variation, A
* Minimizing Illumination Differences for 3D to 2D Face Recognition Using Lighting Maps
* Mislgan: An Anti-Forensic Camera Model Falsification Framework Using A Generative Adversarial Network
* Mixed Noise Removal in Hyperspectral Image via Low-Fibered-Rank Regularization
* Model Selection for Parametric Surfaces Approximating 3D Point Clouds for Deformation Analysis
* Modeling Pedestrian Tactical and Operational Decisions Under Risk and Uncertainty: A Two-Layer Model Framework
* Monitoring And Analysis of the Chinese Traditional Architecture Painting Decay: the Case of Jilan Pavilion in the Summer Palace, The
* Motion pattern analysis in crowded scenes based on hybrid generative-discriminative feature maps
* Motion-Aware Memory Network for Fast Video Salient Object Detection
* Movement Enhancement toward Multi-Scale Video Feature Representation for Temporal Action Detection
* Multi-Branch Feature Fusion Strategy Based on an Attention Mechanism for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification, A
* Multi-Lane Coordinated Control Strategy of Connected and Automated Vehicles for On-Ramp Merging Area Based on Cooperative Game
* Multi-objective optimal cooperative driving for connected and automated vehicles at non-signalised intersection
* Multi-scale Gaussian Difference Preprocessing and Dual Stream CNN-transformer Hybrid Network for Skin Lesion Segmentation
* Multimedia Retrieval via Deep Learning to Rank
* Multiple direct mode for intra coding
* Multiple-Branches Faster RCNN for Human Parts Detection and Pose Estimation
* Multiple-Regression Model Considering Deformation Information for Atmospheric Phase Screen Compensation in Ground-Based SAR, A
* Multiview and 3D Video Compression Using Neighboring Block Based Disparity Vectors
* Mutual Information Maximization for Effective Lip Reading
* Neighboring block based disparity vector derivation for 3D-AVC
* Nested Graph Cut for Automatic Segmentation of High-Frequency Ultrasound Images of the Mouse Embryo
* Neural Radiance Fields for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Novel View Synthesis
* New Connected-Component Labeling Algorithm, A
* New Contourlet Transform With Adaptive Directional Partitioning, A
* New Insights into the Pulang Porphyry Copper Deposit in Southwest China: Indication of Alteration Minerals Detected Using ASTER and WorldView-3 Data
* new metric for measuring image-based 3D reconstruction, A
* New Polarization Image Demosaicking Algorithm by Exploiting Inter-Channel Correlations With Guided Filtering, A
* Not All Models Are Equal: Predicting Model Transferability in a Self-challenging Fisher Space
* Novel Fast Self-restoration Semi-fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Image Content Authentication Resistant to JPEG Compression, A
* Novel intra prediction via position-dependent filtering
* Novel Statistical Modeling, Analysis and Implementation of Rate-Distortion Estimation for H.264/AVC Coders
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* Object Detection In UAV-Borne Thermal Images Using Boundary-aware Saliency Maps
* Observed Impacts of Wind Farms on Local Vegetation Growth in Northern China, The
* On a Particular Family of Differential Beamformers With Cardioid-Like and No-Null Patterns
* On post-clustering evaluation and modification
* On-Ramp Merging Strategies of Connected and Automated Vehicles Considering Communication Delay
* Online Cost Efficient Customer Recognition System for Retail Analytics
* Opencc: An open Benchmark data set for Corpus Callosum Segmentation and Evaluation
* Operational Approach for Generating the Global Land Surface Downward Shortwave Radiation Product From MODIS Data, An
* Optimization of Computational Intelligence Models for Landslide Susceptibility Evaluation
* Oriented Spatial Transformer Network for Pedestrian Detection Using Fish-Eye Camera
* PanopticDepth: A Unified Framework for Depth-aware Panoptic Segmentation
* Parallelized Annealed Particle Filter for real-time marker-less motion tracking via heterogeneous computing
* Parameter optimisation of path-following fuzzy controller for a six-wheel lunar rover
* Passive Image-Splicing Detection by a 2-D Noncausal Markov Model
* Pattern Classification Approaches To Matching Building Polygons At Multiple Scales
* People Counting System Based on Face Detection and Tracking in a Video, A
* Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Bivariate Statistical-Based Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Spatial Prediction of Landslides
* Person re-identification by free energy score space encoding
* Pointer-type meter automatic reading from complex environment based on visual saliency
* Position dependent prediction combination for intra-frame video coding
* Precise 2.5D facial landmarking via an analysis by synthesis approach
* Projected Generative Adversarial Network for Point Cloud Completion
* Prototype based feature learning for face image set classification
* Proximal Remote Sensing-Based Vegetation Indices for Monitoring Mango Tree Stem Sap Flux Density
* Pseudo Mask Augmented Object Detection
* Putting the Anchors Efficiently: Geometric Constrained Pedestrian Detection
* Quadrifocal Tensor SFM Photogrammetry Positioning and Calibration Technique for HOFS Aerial Sensors, A
* Quantification of Extensional Uncertainty of Segmented Image Objects by Random Sets
* Quantifying the Spatial Heterogeneity and Driving Factors of Aboveground Forest Biomass in the Urban Area of Xi'an, China
* Quantitatively Assessing and Attributing Land Use and Land Cover Changes on China's Loess Plateau
* Quantitatively Assessing the Impact of Driving Factors on Vegetation Cover Change in China's 32 Major Cities
* Quantized Segmentation of Fibrotic Tissue of Left Atrial from Delay-Enhancement MRI Images Using Level-Set and Graph-Cut
* Query Adaptive Similarity Measure for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Radiometric cross Calibration of Gaofen-1 WFV Cameras Using Landsat-8 OLI Images: A Simple Image-Based Method
* Rain Streaks Removal for Single Image Via Directional Total Variation Regularization
* RangeIoUDet: Range Image based Real-Time 3D Object Detector Optimized by Intersection over Union
* Real-Time Forecasting of Dockless Scooter-Sharing Demand: A Spatio-Temporal Multi-Graph Transformer Approach
* Reconstruction of a Monthly 1 km NDVI Time Series Product in China Using Random Forest Methodology
* Recurrent Prediction With Spatio-Temporal Attention for Crowd Attribute Recognition
* Red Tide Detection Method for HY-1D Coastal Zone Imager Based on U-Net Convolutional Neural Network
* Relationship Between Landcover Pattern And Surface Net Radiation In An Coastal City
* Research and Design of Navigation Simulator Dome Laboratory
* Research of Computer Assisted Astronomical Positioning Algorithm
* Research on identification and classification of grassland forage based on deep learning and attention mechanisms
* Residual Dilation Based Feature Pyramid Network
* Responses of Natural Vegetation to Different Stages of Extreme Drought during 2009-2010 in Southwestern China
* Retraction Note: Texture-guided volumetric deformation and visualization using 3D moving least squares
* RGB-D Fusion for Point-Cloud-Based 3d Human Pose Estimation
* Robust CAPTCHAs Towards Malicious OCR
* Robust Lane Detection using Two-stage Feature Extraction with Curve Fitting
* Robust shape-constrained active contour for whole heart segmentation in 3-D CT images for radiotherapy planning
* Salient coding for image classification
* Salient Object Detection based on CNN Fusion of Two Types of Saliency Models
* SAR Image Despeckling by the Use of Variational Methods With Adaptive Nonlocal Functionals
* Scale-aware limited deformable convolutional neural networks for traffic sign detection and classification
* Scientific Operations of Snow Eagle 601 in Antarctica in the Past Five Austral Seasons, The
* SDTAN: Scalable Deep Time-Aware Attention Network for Interpretable Hard Landing Prediction
* Secure Outsourced SIFT: Accurate and Efficient Privacy-Preserving Image SIFT Feature Extraction
* Self-Learning Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Principal Component Analysis and Random Matching
* Self-Navigated Three-Dimensional Ultrashort Echo Time Technique for Motion-Corrected Skull MRI
* Semantic Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Data in Dynamic Scene Using Semi-Supervised Learning
* Semantic windows mining in sliding window based object detection
* Semi-Decoupled Partitioning for Video Coding Beyond AV1
* Semi-supervised face recognition with LDA self-training
* Semi-supervised learning and feature evaluation for RGB-D object recognition
* Semi-supervised Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Shared-Private Memory Networks For Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* Short-term passenger flow forecast of urban rail transit based on GPR and KRR
* Simultaneous Face Detection and Head Pose Estimation: A Fast and Unified Framework
* Single Image Dehazing Using Bounded Channel Difference Prior
* Single Image Depth Estimation With Normal Guided Scale Invariant Deep Convolutional Fields
* Size-Adaptive Texture Atlas Generation and Remapping for 3D Urban Building Models
* Skeleton Neural Networks via Low-Rank Guided Filter Pruning
* SOTVerse: A User-Defined Task Space of Single Object Tracking
* Sparse Coding on Local Spatial-Temporal Volumes for Human Action Recognition
* Spatial Distribution Extraction Method for Winter Wheat Based on Improved U-Net, A
* Spatial Upscaling of Tree-Ring-Based Forest Response to Drought with Satellite Data
* Spatio-Temporal Variability and Model Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of Ice Production in Ross Ice Shelf Polynya from 2003 to 2015
* Speed behaviour of right-turn drivers at signalized intersections in China
* SSAP: Single-Shot Instance Segmentation With Affinity Pyramid
* SSAP: Single-Shot Instance Segmentation With Affinity Pyramid
* SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation System for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation
* ST-PN: A Spatial Transformed Prototypical Network for Few-Shot SAR Image Classification
* Structural Similarity Quality Metrics in a Coding Context: Exploring the Space of Realistic Distortions
* Structural Triangulation: A Closed-Form Solution to Constrained 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Study of Saccadic Eye Movements in Diagnostic Imaging
* subspace co-training framework for multi-view clustering, A
* Surface Shortwave Net Radiation Estimation from Landsat TM/ETM+ Data Using Four Machine Learning Algorithms
* Synergizing Low Rank Representation and Deep Learning for Automatic Pavement Crack Detection
* Temporal action localization with two-stream segment-based RNN
* Temporal Regularized Spatial Attention for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Temporal-adaptive sparse feature aggregation for video object detection
* Temporal-Spatial Local Gaussian Process Experts for Human Pose Estimation
* Temporally consistent reconstruction of 3D clothed human surface with warp field
* Temporally Efficient Vision Transformer for Video Instance Segmentation
* Text From Corners: A Novel Approach to Detect Text and Caption in Videos
* Texture based sub-PU motion inheritance for depth coding
* Texture mode dependent depth coding in 3D-HEVC
* Toward Universal Stripe Removal via Wavelet-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Towards Comprehensive Representation Enhancement in Semantics-Guided Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* Towards Vivid and Diverse Image Colorization with Generative Color Prior
* Tracking 3D Human Motion in Compact Base Space
* Trajectories as Topics: Multi-Object Tracking by Topic Discovery
* Transferable Knowledge-Based Multi-Granularity Fusion Network for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Detection
* Transform Coding in the VVC Standard
* TravelNet: Self-supervised Physically Plausible Hand Motion Learning from Monocular Color Images
* Trip Pricing Scheme for Electric Vehicle Sharing Network With Demand Prediction
* True-Color Three-Dimensional Imaging and Target Classification BASED on Hyperspectral LiDAR
* TSI: Temporal Scale Invariant Network for Action Proposal Generation
* Two-Cylinder and Multi-Ring GBSSM for Realizing and Modeling of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wideband MIMO Channels
* Uncertainty-Aware Unsupervised Image Deblurring with Deep Residual Prior
* Underwater Image Restoration Based on a Parallel Convolutional Neural Network
* unified probabilistic framework for automatic 3D facial expression analysis based on a Bayesian belief inference and statistical feature models, A
* Unified Secondary Transform for Intra Coding Beyond AV1
* Unified wedgelet genenration for depth coding in 3D-HEVC
* Usability Study of Low-Cost Wireless Brain-Computer Interface for Cursor Control Using Online Linear Model, A
* Using Benford's Law Divergence and Neural Networks for Classification and Source Identification of Biometric Images
* Vegetation Cover Change and Its Attribution in China from 2001 to 2018
* Vertical Profiles of Particle Number Size Distribution and Variation Characteristics at the Eastern Slope of the Tibetan Plateau
* Video Coding With Rate-Distortion Optimized Transform
* Video Steganalysis Exploiting Motion Vector Reversion-Based Features
* View consistency aware holistic triangulation for 3D human pose estimation
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
* Weakly Supervised Adaptive Triplet Loss for Deep Metric Learning, A
* What Challenges Does the Full-Touch HMI Mode Bring to Driver's Lateral Control Ability? A Comparative Study Based on Real Roads
* ZBS: Zero-Shot Background Subtraction via Instance-Level Background Modeling and Foreground Selection
Includes: Zhao, X. Zhao, X.[Xi] Zhao, X.[Xiangmo] Zhao, X.[Xu] Zhao, X.[Xijun] Zhao, X.[Xun] Zhao, X.[Xin] Zhao, X.[Xiang] Zhao, X.[Xingke] Zhao, X.[Xiao] Zhao, X.[Xiaohu] Zhao, X.[Xian] Zhao, X.[Xing] Zhao, X.[Xue] Zhao, X.[Xie] Zhao, X.[Xiuyi] Zhao, X.[Xuning] Zhao, X.[Xia] Zhao, X.[Xiaoke] Zhao, X.[Xiukuan] Zhao, X.[Xinyi] Zhao, X.[Xuan] Zhao, X.[Xile] Zhao, X.[Xiangrui] Zhao, X.[Xincan] Zhao, X.[Xili] Zhao, X.[Xiuyang] Zhao, X.[Xilei] Zhao, X.[Xuanhe] Zhao, X.[Xinbin] Zhao, X.[Xueli] Zhao, X.[Xuran] Zhao, X.[Xianbing] Zhao, X.[Xuhui] Zhao, X.[Xingmin] Zhao, X.[Xing=Bing]
377 for Zhao, X.

Zhao, X.A.[Xi An] Co Author Listing * Multi-Direction Extracting Method of the Building Contour Based on Point Cloud of the Terrestrial Laser Scanner, A
Includes: Zhao, X.A.[Xi An] Zhao, X.A.[Xi-An]

Zhao, X.B.[Xian Bin] Co Author Listing * Climatology of Cloud Base Height Retrieved from Long-Term Geostationary Satellite Observations
* Domain Decomposition for Large-Scale Viscoacoustic Wave Simulation Using Localized Pseudo-Spectral Method
* Exploring High-Order Spatio-Temporal Correlations From Skeleton for Person Re-Identification
* Graph Learning on Millions of Data in Seconds: Label Propagation Acceleration on Graph Using Data Distribution
* HAW: Hardware-Aware Point Selection for Efficient Winograd Convolution
* Hypergraph Learning: Methods and Practices
* Knowledge Conditioned Variational Learning for One-Class Facial Expression Recognition
* Markov chain based computational visual attention model that learns from eye tracking data
* Non-linear and selective fusion of cross-modal images
* Object Detection of Tobacco-Related Information Based on Visual Features
* Representative band selection for hyperspectral image classification
* SF-GAN: Face De-Identification Method Without Losing Facial Attribute Information
* Strong and Robust Skeleton-Based Gait Recognition Method with Gait Periodicity Priors, A
* Structure Evolution on Manifold for Graph Learning
* Survey on Facial Expression Recognition: History, Applications, and Challenges
* Target Detection Adapting to Spectral Variability in Multi-Temporal Hyperspectral Images Using Implicit Contrastive Learning
* View-Aware Geometry-Structure Joint Learning for Single-View 3D Shape Reconstruction
* View-Guided Point Cloud Completion
Includes: Zhao, X.B.[Xian Bin] Zhao, X.B.[Xian-Bin] Zhao, X.B.[Xue-Bin] Zhao, X.B.[Xi-Bin] Zhao, X.B.[Xiong-Bo] Zhao, X.B.[Xin-Bo] Zhao, X.B.[Xing-Bo] Zhao, X.B.[Xia-Bin]
18 for Zhao, X.B.

Zhao, X.C.[Xiang Chen] Co Author Listing * CenterFormer: Center-Based Transformer for 3D Object Detection
* Directional gradients integration image for illumination insensitive face representation
* Normalgan: Learning Detailed 3d Human from a Single RGB-D Image
* Urban rail transit passenger flow forecast based on LSTM with enhanced long-term features
Includes: Zhao, X.C.[Xiang Chen] Zhao, X.C.[Xiang-Chen] Zhao, X.C.[Xiao-Chao] Zhao, X.C.[Xiao-Chen]

Zhao, X.D.[Xu Dong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive background estimation of outdoor illumination variations for foreground detection
* C2 AM: Contrastive learning of Class-agnostic Activation Map for Weakly Supervised Object Localization and Semantic Segmentation
* Comparison of Different Regression Algorithms for Downscaling Monthly Satellite-Based Precipitation over North China, A
* Comparison of ECV and SMOS Soil Moisture Products Based on OzNet Monitoring Network, A
* Comprehensive Study on Third Order Statistical Features for Image Splicing Detection, A
* Detecting Digital Image Splicing in Chroma Spaces
* Distributed Scheme for Image Splicing Detection, A
* Estimating Fractional Vegetation Cover Changes in Desert Regions Using RGB Data
* Image splicing detection based on noncausal Markov model
* iterative method for maximum entropy regularization reconstruction in MRI, An
* Long-term background memory based on Gaussian mixture model
* Mapping Urban Areas with Integration of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light and MODIS Data Using Machine Learning Techniques
* MLRSNet: A multi-label high spatial resolution remote sensing dataset for semantic scene understanding
* New Urban Index for Expressing Inner-City Patterns Based on MODIS LST and EVI Regulated DMSP/OLS NTL, A
* Reconstructing Satellite-Based Monthly Precipitation over Northeast China Using Machine Learning Algorithms
* Removal of dynamic weather conditions based on variable time window
* Resilient Distributed Event-Triggered Platooning Control of Connected Vehicles Under Denial-of-Service Attacks
* Sea-Land Clutter Classification Based on Graph Spectrum Features
* Spatial Downscaling Algorithm for Satellite-Based Precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau Based on NDVI, DEM, and Land Surface Temperature, A
* time, space and color-based classification of different weather conditions, A
Includes: Zhao, X.D.[Xu Dong] Zhao, X.D.[Xu-Dong] Zhao, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Zhao, X.D.[Xiao-Dan] Zhao, X.D.[Xiao-Di] Zhao, X.D.
20 for Zhao, X.D.

Zhao, X.F.[Xian Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive MP3 Steganography Using Equal Length Entropy Codes Substitution
* Adaptive Video Steganography Based on Intra-prediction Mode and Cost Assignment, An
* Analysis of the Atmospheric Duct Existence Factors in Tropical Cyclones Based on the SHAP Interpretation of Extreme Gradient Boosting Predictions
* Attention-Based Deep Learning Framework for Trip Destination Prediction of Sharing Bike, An
* augmented Lagrangian method for fast gradient vector flow computation, An
* Average Gradient-Based Adversarial Attack
* Content-Aware Robust JPEG Steganography for Lossy Channels Using LPCNet
* Convolutional Neural Network for Larger JPEG Images Steganalysis
* Data Hiding in H.264/AVC Video Files Using the Coded Block Pattern
* Daytime Sea Fog Detection Based on a Two-Stage Neural Network
* deep learning approach to patch-based image inpainting forensics, A
* Deep Residual Multi-scale Convolutional Network for Spatial Steganalysis, A
* Deepfake Video Detection Using Audio-visual Consistency
* Detecting facial manipulated videos based on set convolutional neural networks
* Embedding Strategy for Batch Adaptive Steganography
* Employing PLSA model and max-bisection for refining image annotation
* Exploiting Facial Symmetry to Expose Deepfakes
* Fast gradient vector flow computation based on augmented Lagrangian method
* Generalized Method for Constructing and Proving Zero-Knowledge Watermark Proof Systems, A
* Generating JPEG Steganographic Adversarial Example via Segmented Adversarial Embedding
* High-performance Steganographic Coding Based on Sub-polarized Channel
* Highly accurate real-time image steganalysis based on GPU
* hybrid feature selection method using both filter and wrapper in mammography CAD, A
* Improved JPEG Phase-Aware Steganalysis Features Using Multiple Filter Sizes and Difference Images
* Improving Audio Steganalysis Using Deep Residual Networks
* Improving spatial image adaptive steganalysis incorporating the embedding impact on the feature
* Improving the Robustness of JPEG Steganography With Robustness Cost
* Information Hiding Using CAVLC: Misconceptions and a Detection Strategy
* ISTEGO100K: Large-scale Image Steganalysis Dataset
* LGB-PHY: An Evaporation Duct Height Prediction Model Based on Physically Constrained LightGBM Algorithm
* Light Multiscale Conventional Neural Network for MP3 Steganalysis
* Manipulated Face Detection and Localization Based on Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-class JPEG Image Steganalysis by Ensemble Linear SVM Classifier
* Multi-Objective Geoacoustic Inversion of Modal-Dispersion and Waveform Envelope Data Based on Wasserstein Metric, A
* Neighbourhood sensitive preserving embedding for pattern classification
* New Steganalytic Approach for AMR Steganography Based on Block-wise of Pulse Position Distribution and Neighboring Joint Density
* Non-Degraded Adaptive HEVC Steganography by Advanced Motion Vector Prediction
* Novel Robust Image Forensics Algorithm Based on L1-Norm Estimation, A
* On the Sharing-based Model of Steganography
* Pitch Delay Based Adaptive Steganography for AMR Speech Stream
* Prediction Mode-Based Information Hiding Approach for H.264/AVC Videos Minimizing the Impacts on Rate-Distortion Optimization, A
* Reliable Pooled Steganalysis Using Fine-Grained Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
* Scale Conversion Model Based on Deep Learning of UAV Images, A
* Secure Robust JPEG Steganography Based on AutoEncoder With Adaptive BCH Encoding
* Steganalytic feature based adversarial embedding for adaptive JPEG steganography
* Steganography Based on Adaptive Pixel-Value Differencing Scheme Revisited
* Study on Surface Reflectance Sampling Method and Uncertainty Based on Airborne Hyperspectral Images
* Towards the Public but Noninvertible Watermarking
* Visual Explanations for Exposing Potential Inconsistency of Deepfakes
* Voice Conversion Using Learnable Similarity-guided Masked Autoencoder
* Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Grid-Based Travel-Demand-Pattern Clustering: Case Study of Beijing Bicycle-Sharing System
* YOLO-ViT-Based Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Infrared Vehicle Target Detection
Includes: Zhao, X.F.[Xian Feng] Zhao, X.F.[Xian-Feng] Zhao, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Zhao, X.F.[Xiao-Fei] Zhao, X.F.[Xue-Feng]
52 for Zhao, X.F.

Zhao, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Co Author Listing * 3D Tracker-Level Fusion for Robust RGB-D Tracking
* Annotating semantic tags of locations in location-based social networks
* Beyond Crack: Fine-Grained Pavement Defect Segmentation Using Three-Stream Neural Networks
* Carrier-based sensor deployment by a mobile robot for wireless sensor networks
* Improved H2 controller design for Markov jump linear system with general transition probabilities
* motion controller for a pan-tilt camera on an autonomous helicopter, A
* Online RGB-D tracking via detection-learning-segmentation
* Phase Variable Based Recognition of Human Locomotor Activities Across Diverse Gait Patterns
* Prototype-Based Generalized Zero-Shot Learning Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition, A
* Riemannian dynamic generalized space quantization learning
* Survey of single-target visual tracking methods based on online learning
* TB-Net: A Three-Stream Boundary-Aware Network for Fine-Grained Pavement Disease Segmentation
Includes: Zhao, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Zhao, X.G.[Xiao-Guang] Zhao, X.G.[Xiang-Guo] Zhao, X.G.[Xin-Gang]
12 for Zhao, X.G.

Zhao, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Augmented Multi-Scale Spatiotemporal Inconsistency Magnifier for Generalized DeepFake Detection
* Complex number-based image quality assessment using singular value decomposition
* Design and analysis of a 2-DOF micro-motion stage based on flexural hinges
* Driver Glance Behavior Modeling Based on Semi-Supervised Clustering and Piecewise Aggregate Representation
* Evaluating Influential Nodes in Social Networks by Local Centrality with a Coefficient
* Evaluation of the Connected Vehicle Environment Effectiveness at Tunnel Entrance
* Geometrical flow-guided fast beamlet transform for crack detection
* Impact of connected vehicle environment on driving performance: A case of an extra-long tunnel scenario
* Internal Tides and Their Intraseasonal Variability on the Continental Slope Northeast of Taiwan Island Derived from Mooring Observations and Satellite Data
* lp-ICP Coastline Inflection Method for Geolocation Error Estimation in FY-3 MWRI Data
* novel low false alarm rate pedestrian detection framework based on single depth images, A
* Towards Domain Generalization for Multi-view 3D Object Detection in Bird-Eye-View
* Variability of Kuroshio Surface Axis Northeast of Taiwan Island Derived from Satellite Altimeter Data
Includes: Zhao, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Zhao, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Zhao, X.H.[Xin-Hua] Zhao, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Zhao, X.H.[Xing-Hui] Zhao, X.H.[Xin-Hai]
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Zhao, X.J.[Xue Jing] Co Author Listing * Additive margin networks with adaptive feature recalibration and its applications in Brain Stroke CT Image classification
* Channel Imbalance Calibration Based on the Zero Helix of Bragg-like Targets
* Consistent and diverse multi-View subspace clustering with structure constraint
* Exploiting Explanations for Model Inversion Attacks
* Generating diverse augmented attributes for generalized zero shot learning
* improved fast marching method and its application in Alzheimer's disease, An
* Learning Internal Semantics with Expanded Categories for Generative Zero-shot Learning
* Manifold-Contrastive Broad Learning System for Wheelset Bearing Fault Diagnosis
* Modeling the Hourly Distribution of Population at a High Spatiotemporal Resolution Using Subway Smart Card Data: A Case Study in the Central Area of Beijing
* Novel and efficient local coordinated freeway ramp metering strategy with simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation-based parameter learning
* On optimal freeway local ramp metering using fuzzy logic control with particle swarm optimisation
* On Video Recommendation over Social Network
* On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Symbols
* On-Road Vehicle Tracking Using Part-Based Particle Filter
* Organizational Geosocial Network: A Graph Machine Learning Approach Integrating Geographic and Public Policy Information for Studying the Development of Social Organizations in China
* Real-time ballistocardiographic artifact reduction using the k-teager energy operator detector and multi-channel referenced adaptive noise cancelling
* VisDrone-VID2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Video Challenge Results
Includes: Zhao, X.J.[Xue Jing] Zhao, X.J.[Xue-Jing] Zhao, X.J.[Xing-Jie] Zhao, X.J.[Xiao-Jie] Zhao, X.J.[Xue-Jun] Zhao, X.J.[Xiu-Juan] Zhao, X.J.[Xin-Jie] Zhao, X.J.[Xiao-Jian] Zhao, X.J.[Xue-Jin] Zhao, X.J.[Xi-Jun]
17 for Zhao, X.J.

Zhao, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Co Author Listing * First Results From the Rotating Fan Beam Scatterometer Onboard CFOSAT
* Ionospheric Nighttime Enhancements at Low Latitudes Challenge Performance of the Global Ionospheric Maps
* Network Patterns of Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration in China Based on Baidu Migration Data
Includes: Zhao, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Zhao, X.K.[Xiao-Kang] Zhao, X.K.[Xiu-Kuan] Zhao, X.K.[Xin-Ke]

Zhao, X.L.[Xiao Le] Co Author Listing * Accurate MR image super-resolution via lightweight lateral inhibition network
* AFLNet: Adversarial focal loss network for RGB-D salient object detection
* Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Nonlinear Image Restoration Problems
* Boosting Single Image Super-Resolution via Partial Channel Shifting
* Changing Patterns of Lakes on The Southern Tibetan Plateau Based on Multi-Source Satellite Data
* Channel Splitting Network for Single MR Image Super-Resolution
* Characteristics of spatial-temporal sprawl in specific Chinese coastal cities from 1979 to 2013
* Collaborations Patterns and Productivity Analysis for IEEE T-ITS Between 2010 and 2013
* Color-Sensitivity-Based Rate-Distortion Optimization for H.265/HEVC
* Deblurring and Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Images
* Directional L_0 Sparse Modeling for Image Stripe Noise Removal
* Double Reweighted Sparse Regression and Graph Regularization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Double-Factor-Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Factorization for Mixed Noise Removal in Hyperspectral Image
* Evaluation of the 2010 MODIS Collection 5.1 Land Cover Type Product over China
* Evolution of Influence Ranges of Neolithic-Bronze Age Cities in the Songshan Mountain Region of Central China Based on GIS Spatial Analysis
* Exemplar-based image inpainting using adaptive two-stage structure-tensor based priority function and nonlocal filtering
* Feasibility Analysis of Automatic Classification on Land Use Change Dynamic Monitoring
* Feature Selection and Mislabeled Waveform Correction for Water-Land Discrimination Using Airborne Infrared Laser
* Framelet Representation of Tensor Nuclear Norm for Third-Order Tensor Completion
* Framelet-Based Iterative Pan-Sharpening Approach, A
* Group-based truncated L1_2 model for image inpainting
* Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion via Nonlocal Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition and Spectral Unmixing
* Hyperspectral Compressive Snapshot Reconstruction via Coupled Low-Rank Subspace Representation and Self-Supervised Deep Network
* Hyperspectral Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Using Subspace-Based Nonlocal Tensor Ring Decomposition
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration by Tensor Fibered Rank Constrained Optimization and Plug-and-Play Regularization
* Identifying Grassland Distribution in a Mountainous Region in Southwest China Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images
* Image fusion via dynamic gradient sparsity and anisotropic spectral-spatial total variation
* Improved Model for Depth Bias Correction in Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry Systems
* Individual Wave Propagations in Ionosphere and Troposphere Triggered by the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Underwater Volcano Eruption on 15 January 2022
* Joint-Sparse-Blocks and Low-Rank Representation for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Laplace function based nonconvex surrogate for low-rank tensor completion
* Large Kernel Distillation Network for Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution
* Learnable Group-Tube Transform Induced Tensor Nuclear Norm and Its Application for Tensor Completion, A
* Low complexity inter coding scheme for Versatile Video Coding (VVC)
* Low-Rank Tensor Completion Method for Implicitly Low-Rank Visual Data
* Mapping Crop Distribution Patterns and Changes in China from 2000 to 2015 by Fusing Remote-Sensing, Statistics, and Knowledge-Based Crop Phenology
* Measuring Terrain Information Using Multifractal and Wavelets in Terrain Navigation
* Microscopic image enhancement of Chinese Herbal Medicine based on fuzzy set
* Multi-Dimensional Visual Data Completion via Low-Rank Tensor Representation Under Coupled Transform
* Multiplicative Noise and Blur Removal by Framelet Decomposition and l_1 -Based L-Curve Method
* Multispectral Image Denoising via Nonlocal Multitask Sparse Learning
* New Convex Optimization Model for Multiplicative Noise and Blur Removal, A
* new method of MCI extraction with multi-temporal MODIS EVI data, A
* Non-Local Robust Quaternion Matrix Completion for Large-Scale Color Image and Video Inpainting
* Non-rigid Object Tracking as Salient Region Segmentation and Association
* Nonlocal Tensor-Based Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Nonlocal Tensor-Ring Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Novel Tensor-Based Video Rain Streaks Removal Approach via Utilizing Discriminatively Intrinsic Priors, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object-Based Mapping of Gullies Using Optical Images: A Case Study in the Black Soil Region, Northeast of China
* Occlusion-Aware Region-Based 3D Pose Tracking of Objects With Temporally Consistent Polar-Based Local Partitioning
* Optimization approach to the aircraft weight and balance problem with the centre of gravity envelope constraints
* Patched-tube unitary transform for robust tensor completion
* Pseudo 3D Auto-Correlation Network for Real Image Denoising
* Pseudolite Constellation Optimization for Seamless Train Positioning in GNSS-Challenged Railway Stations
* Reconciling Hand-Crafted and Self-Supervised Deep Priors for Video Directional Rain Streaks Removal
* Remote Sensing of Sub-Surface Suspended Sediment Concentration by Using the Range Bias of Green Surface Point of Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry
* Remote Sensing of Suspended Sediment Concentrations Based on the Waveform Decomposition of Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry
* Research on the Impact of BDS-2/3 Receiver ISB on LEO Satellite POD
* Residual Dense Network Based on Channel-Spatial Attention for the Scene Classification of a High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Revealing the Potential of Deep Learning for Detecting Submarine Pipelines in Side-Scan Sonar Images: An Investigation of Pre-Training Datasets
* Self-expressive tracking
* Self-Supervised Nonlinear Transform-Based Tensor Nuclear Norm for Multi-Dimensional Image Recovery
* Shallow Water Measurements Using a Single Green Laser Corrected by Building a Near Water Surface Penetration Model
* Signal restoration combining Tikhonov regularization and multilevel method with thresholding strategy
* Spatial-spectral-temporal connective tensor network decomposition for thick cloud removal
* Stripe noise removal of remote sensing images by total variation regularization and group sparsity constraint
* Study on the Classification and Change Detection Methods of Drylands in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions
* Suitability of Remote Sensing Images at Different Resolutions for Mapping of Gullies in the Black Soil Region, Northeast China, The
* Tensor Completion via Complementary Global, Local, and Nonlocal Priors
* Tensor Factorization with Total Variation and Tikhonov Regularization for Low-Rank Tensor Completion in Imaging Data
* Tensor Subspace Representation-Based Method for Hyperspectral Image Denoising, A
* total variation and group sparsity based tensor optimization model for video rain streak removal, A
* Unsupervised Deraining: Where Contrastive Learning Meets Self-similarity
* Untrained Low-Rank Neural Network Prior for Multi-Dimensional Image Recovery
* Weighted Low-Rank Tensor Recovery for Hyperspectral Image Restoration
* Wide Weighted Attention Multi-Scale Network for Accurate MR Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Zhao, X.L.[Xiao Le] Zhao, X.L.[Xiao-Le] Zhao, X.L.[Xiao-Li] Zhao, X.L.[Xi-Le] Zhao, X.L.[Xue-Liang] Zhao, X.L. Zhao, X.L.[Xiang-Li] Zhao, X.L.[Xing-Lei] Zhao, X.L.[Xiao-Lin] Zhao, X.L.[Xiao-Long] Zhao, X.L.[Xiang-Ling] Zhao, X.L.[Xing-Long] Zhao, X.L.[Xiao-Lei]
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Zhao, X.M.[Xiao Mei] Co Author Listing * 3D-Yoga: A 3D Yoga Dataset for Visual-based Hierarchical Sports Action Analysis
* Adaptive Distance-Weighted Voronoi Tessellation for Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
* ALIKE: Accurate and Lightweight Keypoint Detection and Descriptor Extraction
* application of balloon snake model in the extraction of parasite image contour, The
* balanced random learning strategy for CNN based Landsat image segmentation under imbalanced and noisy labels, A
* Big Data Scalability Issues in WAAS
* Classification of hand-wrist maturity level based on similarity matching
* Classifying protein sequences using hydropathy blocks
* Co-VAE: Drug-Target Binding Affinity Prediction by Co-Regularized Variational Autoencoders
* Combination of modified U-Net and domain adaptation for road detection
* Deep learning-based panoptic segmentation: Recent advances and perspectives
* domain-adaptive method with cycle perceptual consistency adversarial networks for vehicle target detection in foggy weather, A
* Efficient multilevel image segmentation through fuzzy entropy maximization and graph cut optimization
* End-to-end autonomous driving decision model joined by attention mechanism and spatiotemporal features
* Entropy-kl Strategy For Estimating Number Of Classes In Image Segmentation Issues, An
* Exploring the Potential of vis-NIR Spectroscopy as a Covariate in Soil Organic Matter Mapping
* Eye localization method based on contour detection and D-S evidence theory
* Flight delay forecasting and analysis of direct and indirect factors
* fuzzy clustering image segmentation algorithm based on Hidden Markov Random Field models and Voronoi Tessellation, A
* GAIM: Graph-aware Feature Interactional Model for Spam Movie Review Detection
* Generative Multiplane Images: Making a 2D GAN 3D-Aware
* Highway Traffic Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Improved GAN in Complex Weather Conditions, A
* Illumination-insensitive image representation via synergistic weighted center-surround receptive field model and Weber law
* Initialization and Alignment for Adversarial Texture Optimization
* Integrated Longitudinal and Lateral Hierarchical Control of Cooperative Merging of Connected and Automated Vehicles at On-Ramps
* Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Based Neural Network For High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
* Invariant-Feature Based Object Tracking Using Discrete Dynamic Swarm Optimization
* Joint vehicle detection and distance prediction via monocular depth estimation
* Kernelized Temporal Cut for Online Temporal Segmentation and Recognition
* Locality-sensitive kernel sparse representation classification for face recognition
* Modelling heterogeneous traffic dynamics by considering the influence of V2V safety messages
* Multi-receptive field graph convolutional neural networks for pedestrian detection
* Multispectral Image Segmentation Based on a Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Combined with Tsallis Entropy and a Gaussian Mixture Model
* Multivariate Laplace Filter: A heavy-tailed model for target tracking
* Novel Chinese Sarcasm Detection Model Based on Retrospective Reader, A
* Probabilistic Spatial Distribution Prior Based Attentional Keypoints Matching Network
* pyramid input augmented multi-scale CNN for GGO detection in 3D lung CT images, A
* Remote sensing image segmentation using geodesic-kernel functions and multi-feature spaces
* Robust unsupervised motion pattern inference from video and applications
* Safety assessment of vehicle behaviour based on the improved D-S evidence theory
* Security design for Instant Messaging system based on RSA and triple DES
* Single sample description based on Gabor fusion
* Sparse Non-negative Pattern Learning for image representation
* Spontaneous Speech Emotion Recognition Using Multiscale Deep Convolutional LSTM
* Structured Time Series Analysis for Human Action Segmentation and Recognition
* Surprising Effectiveness of Visual Odometry Techniques for Embodied PointGoal Navigation, The
* TasselNetV3: Explainable Plant Counting With Guided Upsampling and Background Suppression
* Tracking many vehicles in wide area aerial surveillance
* Tracking Using Motion Patterns for Very Crowded Scenes
* Transferable Deep Learning from Time Series of Landsat Data for National Land-Cover Mapping with Noisy Labels: A Case Study of China
* V2V-based method for the detection of road traffic congestion
* Vehicle-Road Environment Perception Under Low-Visibility Condition Based on Polarization Features via Deep Learning
Includes: Zhao, X.M.[Xiao Mei] Zhao, X.M.[Xiao-Mei] Zhao, X.M.[Xue-Mei] Zhao, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Zhao, X.M.[Xiao-Min] Zhao, X.M.[Xing-Ming] Zhao, X.M.[Xiang-Mo] Zhao, X.M.[Xi-Meng] Zhao, X.M.[Xue-Min] Zhao, X.M.[Xin-Ming]
52 for Zhao, X.M.

Zhao, X.N.[Xiao Ning] Co Author Listing * Combination of Hyperspectral and Machine Learning to Invert Soil Electrical Conductivity
* Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration in a Semiarid Region Based on GRACE Gravity Satellite Data: A Case Study in Loess Plateau
* Inversion of Different Cultivated Soil Types' Salinity Using Hyperspectral Data and Machine Learning
* Lossy Compression of Bilevel Images Based on Markov Random Fields
* Practical Approach to Motion Estimation for Omnidirectional Vision, A
* SeeTek: Very Large-Scale Open-set Logo Recognition with Text-Aware Metric Learning
* Structural texture similarity metrics for retrieval applications
Includes: Zhao, X.N.[Xiao Ning] Zhao, X.N.[Xiao-Ning] Zhao, X.N.[Xi-Ning] Zhao, X.N.[Xiao-Nan]
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Zhao, X.O.[Xia Obin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Iterated Shrinkage Thresholding-Based LP-Norm Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Imagery Target Detection
* Lossless Image Compression Using Super-Spatial Structure Prediction
Includes: Zhao, X.O.[Xia Obin] Zhao, X.O.[Xia-Obin] Zhao, X.O.

Zhao, X.P.[Xue Peng] Co Author Listing * Climatology Analysis of Aerosol Effect on Marine Water Cloud from Long-Term Satellite Climate Data Records
* Climatology Perspective of Sensitive Regimes and Active Regions of Aerosol Indirect Effect for Cirrus Clouds over the Global Oceans
* Cooperative Ramp Merging Design and Field Implementation: A Digital Twin Approach Based on Vehicle-to-Cloud Communication
* Cyber Mobility Mirror: A Deep Learning-Based Real-World Object Perception Platform Using Roadside LiDAR
* Error Estimation of Pathfinder Version 5.3 Level-3C SST Using Extended Triple Collocation Analysis
* Eye feature point detection based on single convolutional neural network
* Field Model-Based Cultural Diffusion Patterns and GIS Spatial Analysis Study on the Spatial Diffusion Patterns of Qijia Culture in China
* Game Theory-Based Ramp Merging for Mixed Traffic With Unity-SUMO Co-Simulation
* Refined Model for Quad-Polarimetric Reconstruction from Compact Polarimetric Data, A
* Satellite Climate Data Records: Development, Applications, and Societal Benefits
Includes: Zhao, X.P.[Xue Peng] Zhao, X.P.[Xue-Peng] Zhao, X.P.[Xuan-Peng] Zhao, X.P.[Xiao-Peng]
10 for Zhao, X.P.

Zhao, X.Q.[Xiao Qi] Co Author Listing * CAVER: Cross-Modal View-Mixed Transformer for Bi-Modal Salient Object Detection
* Establishment of Plot-Yield Prediction Models in Soybean Breeding Programs Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Extracting Information on Rocky Desertification from Satellite Images: A Comparative Study
* Hierarchical Dynamic Filtering Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Improved progressive TIN densification filtering algorithm for airborne LiDAR data in forested areas
* Isomer: Isomerous Transformer for Zero-shot Video Object Segmentation
* Joint Learning of Salient Object Detection, Depth Estimation and Contour Extraction
* Mapping Global Forest Aboveground Biomass with Spaceborne LiDAR, Optical Imagery, and Forest Inventory Data
* Multi-Scale Interactive Network for Salient Object Detection
* Multiple Kernel-Based Multi-Instance Learning Algorithm for Image Classification
* RDEPS: A Combined Reaction-Diffusion Equation and Photometric Similarity Filter for Optical Image Restoration
* Retrieving Soybean Leaf Area Index from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Analysis of RF, ANN, and SVM Regression Models
* Single Stream Network for Robust and Real-time RGB-D Salient Object Detection, A
* Sliding Window Detection and Analysis Method of Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Time Series: A Case Study of the Torch Festival in Yunnan Province, China
* Sub-Nyquist Sampling and Gridless Frequency Estimation Based on Channelization
* Suppress and Balance: A Simple Gated Network for Salient Object Detection
* Weight-guided class complementing for long-tailed image recognition
* Weight-Guided Loss for Long-Tailed Object Detection and Instance Segmentation
* Zoom In and Out: A Mixed-scale Triplet Network for Camouflaged Object Detection
Includes: Zhao, X.Q.[Xiao Qi] Zhao, X.Q.[Xiao-Qi] Zhao, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Zhao, X.Q.[Xiao-Qian] Zhao, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiang] Zhao, X.Q.[Xue-Qing] Zhao, X.Q.[Xin-Qiao]
19 for Zhao, X.Q.

Zhao, X.R.[Xiao Ru] Co Author Listing * Cognitive Antenna Selection in MIMO Imaging Radar
* Cognitive MIMO Imaging Radar Based on Doppler Filtering Waveform Separation
* Learning Contextual Causality between Daily Events from Time-consecutive Images
* Learning to Train a Point Cloud Reconstruction Network Without Matching
* RFNet: Recurrent Forward Network for Dense Point Cloud Completion
* Small Object Detection Algorithm for Railway Scene
* SuperLine3D: Self-supervised Line Segmentation and Description for LiDAR Point Cloud
* Video State-Changing Object Segmentation
Includes: Zhao, X.R.[Xiao Ru] Zhao, X.R.[Xiao-Ru] Zhao, X.R.[Xin-Ran] Zhao, X.R.[Xiang-Rui] Zhao, X.R.[Xiao-Ran]
8 for Zhao, X.R.

Zhao, X.S. Co Author Listing * 3d Documentation And Data Management In The Dazu Thousand-hand Bodhisattva Statue In China
* Compositing the Minimum NDVI for Daily Water Surface Mapping
* Comprehensive Measurement of Progress toward Local SDGs with Geospatial Information: Methodology and Lessons Learned, A
* Correlation Analysis and Reconstruction of the Geometric Evaluation Indicator System of the Discrete Global Grid
* Estimating the Gross Primary Production and Evapotranspiration of Rice Paddy Fields in the Sub-Tropical Region of China Using a Remotely-Sensed Based Water-Carbon Coupled Model
* Evaluation and Comparison of Long-Term MODIS C5.1 and C6 Products against AERONET Observations over China
* Evaluation of Reanalysis Datasets for Solar Radiation with In Situ Observations at a Location over the Gobi Region of Xinjiang, China
* Extracting Urban Ground Object Information From Images And Lidar Data
* Geospatial Disaggregation of Population Data in Supporting SDG Assessments: A Case Study from Deqing County, China
* GtoG Direct Coding Mapping Method for Multi-Type Global Discrete Grids Based on Space Filling Curves, A
* Hyperspectral Inversion of Phragmites Communis Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Stoichiometry Using Three Models
* Image caption model of double LSTM with scene factors
* Multi-task learning using variational auto-encoder for sentiment classification
* Similarity Index Based Approach for Identifying Similar Grotto Statues to Support Virtual Restoration
* Validation of Multiple Soil Moisture Products over an Intensive Agricultural Region: Overall Accuracy and Diverse Responses to Precipitation and Irrigation Events
* Virtual Restoration of Stained Chinese Paintings Using Patch-Based Color Constrained Poisson Editing with Selected Hyperspectral Feature Bands
Includes: Zhao, X.S. Zhao, X.S.[Xiao-Song] Zhao, X.S.[Xue-Sheng] Zhao, X.S.[Xue-Shang] Zhao, X.S.[Xin-Sheng] Zhao, X.S.[Xi-Shun]
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Zhao, X.T.[Xiang Tong] Co Author Listing * Extraction Method for Large Gradient Three-Dimensional Displacements of Mining Areas Using Single-Track InSAR, Boltzmann Function, and Subsidence Characteristics, An
* Handwritten English Word Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Haze removal for unmanned aerial vehicle aerial video based on spatial-temporal coherence optimisation
Includes: Zhao, X.T.[Xiang Tong] Zhao, X.T.[Xiang-Tong] Zhao, X.T.[Xin-Ting] Zhao, X.T.[Xin-Tao]

Zhao, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Active Random Forests: An Application to Autonomous Unfolding of Clothes
* Anomaly Detection for Urban Vehicle GNSS Observation with a Hybrid Machine Learning System
* Assessment of Galileo FOC + IOV Signals and Geometry-Based Single-Epoch Resolution of Quad-Frequency Carrier Ambiguities
* Bi-label Propagation for Generic Multiple Object Tracking
* Cascaded Shape Space Pruning for Robust Facial Landmark Detection
* Clustering ensemble selection for categorical data based on internal validity indices
* Context constrained facial landmark localization based on discontinuous Haar-like feature
* Context modeling for facial landmark detection based on Non-Adjacent Rectangle (NAR) Haar-like feature
* Coupling Alignments with Recognition for Still-to-Video Face Recognition
* Effective High-Performance Multiway Spatial Join Algorithm with Spark, An
* Efficient Simulation of Cuboid Object in Multiplanar Layered Medium by Improved Spectrum Integral Method
* Fast Adaptive Local Subspace Learning With Regressive Regularization
* Fast Locality Discriminant Analysis With Adaptive Manifold Embedding
* Few-shot learning with relation propagation and constraint
* Improved Vicarious Calibration Method Based on Multi-Grayscale Targets, An
* Joint Face Alignment: Rescue Bad Alignments with Good Ones by Regularized Re-fitting
* Locality-Constrained Active Appearance Model
* MM-UrbanFAC: Urban Functional Area Classification Model Based on Multimodal Machine Learning
* Multi-Scale Flow Field Mapping Method Based on Real-Time Feature Streamlines
* Performance of Multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning Time and Frequency Transfer with Clock Modeling
* Power Allocation and Performance Analysis in Overlay Cognitive Cooperative V2V Communication System With Outdated CSI
* Progressive split-merge super resolution for hyperspectral imagery with group attention and gradient guidance
* Single-Difference Multipath Hemispherical Map for Multipath Mitigation in BDS-2/BDS-3 Short Baseline Positioning, A
* Temporal Speciation Network for Few-Shot Object Detection
* Topic-Aware Deep Auto-Encoders (TDA) for Face Alignment
* Trajectory Data Mining via Cluster Analyses for Tropical Cyclones That Affect the South China Sea
* Unified Face Analysis by Iterative Multi-output Random Forests
* Unsupervised Change Detection from Remotely Sensed Images Based on Multi-Scale Visual Saliency Coarse-to-Fine Fusion
* Visual Cluster Grounding for Image Captioning
Includes: Zhao, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Zhao, X.W.[Xiao-Wei] Zhao, X.W.[Xing-Wang] Zhao, X.W.[Xian-Wei] Zhao, X.W.[Xun-Wang] Zhao, X.W.[Xiao-Wen] Zhao, X.W.[Xiang-Wei] Zhao, X.W.[Xiong-Wen]
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Zhao, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Co Author Listing * Active Crowd Counting with Limited Supervision
* Exploration of the spatiotemporal heterogeneity of metro ridership prompted by built environment: A multi-source fusion perspective
* Fast inter-prediction mode decision algorithm for HEVC
* Graph Convolutional Network with Early Attention Module for Skeleton-based Action Prediction, A
* Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking System for AI City Challenge 2022
* Novel Two-Stage Knowledge Distillation Framework for Skeleton-Based Action Prediction, A
* Perceptual Image Compression using Relativistic Average Least Squares GANs
* Robust multiple color images encryption using discrete Fourier transforms and chaotic map
Includes: Zhao, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Zhao, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao] Zhao, X.X.[Xiao-Xuan] Zhao, X.X.[Xiao-Xin] Zhao, X.X.[Xiao-Xue] Zhao, X.X.[Xing-Xing] Zhao, X.X.[Xiong-Xin] Zhao, X.X.[Xiao-Xu]
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Zhao, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Co Author Listing * Affinity Propagation Based on Structural Similarity Index and Local Outlier Factor for Hyperspectral Image Clustering
* Assessing the Impact of Corona-Virus-19 on Nitro