7.9 Review, Comparison, Evaluation of Texture Analysis Techniques

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Texture. Human Texture Recognition.
See also Texture Based Segmentation Techniques.

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HTML Version.

Texture Data,
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The KTH-TIPS and KTH-TIPS2 image databases,
2006. Dataset, Texture.
WWW Link. Textures under varying illumination, pose and scale. Extension of:
See also CUReT: Columbia-Utrecht Reflectance and Texture Database.

TILDA: Textile Texture Database,
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Describable Textures Dataset (DTD),
2014 Dataset, Texture.
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See also Describing Textures in the Wild.

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See also Textural Features for Image Classification.
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See also Textural Features for Image Classification. ), Autoregressive, Daubechies wavelets, Eigenfilter, etc. No one approach did best, some did better on some images, worse on others. An important comment regards separation of test and training data, do not trust results that test on training data.
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