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7905 * Apparatus for performing a discrete cosine transform of an input signal
* Automatic Stereo Reconstruction of Man-Made Targets
* Composite Classifier System Design: Concepts and Methodology, A
* Destriping Satellite Images
* Digital Processing of Aerial Images
* Generation of Polygons Representing Circles, Ellipses and Hyperbolas, The
* Image Segmentation and Clustering
* Image Segmentation and Image Models
* MENT: A Maximum Entropy Algorithm for Reconstructing a Source from Projection Data
* Method and apparatus for automatic extraction of fingerprint cores and tri-radii
* Qualitative Design and Evaluation of Enhancement/Thresholding Edge Detector
* Range Data Analysis Guided by a Junction Dictionary
* Reconstruction of Fan-Beam Data by Filtering the Back-Projection, The
* Segmentation of Static and Dynamic Scenes
* Statistical and Structural Approaches to Texture
* Using Enhanced Spherical Images for Object Representation
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