8.3.2 Complete Systems Derived from the Univ. Massachusetts Work

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Segmentation, Histogram. System: VISIONS.
See also University of Massachusetts VISIONS System.

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And: COINSTR 87-88. October 1987. Segmentation, Systems. Segmentation, Region Merging. This is the newest UMass segmentation ideas. The first step is to divide the region into overlapping sectors and generate thresholds based on their histograms. Adjacent thresholds are propagated if necessary and these are merged. The results are good, but the complexity is high. This uses a lot of the ideas from the earlier segmentation work and changes things since the earlier ideas did not work that well. BibRef

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Earlier: A3, A2, A1:
Region Growing in Textured Outdoor Scenes,
UMass-TR-75C-3, February 1975. Segmentation, Systems. Segmentation. Relaxation. Histogram guided is limited to initial threshold selection based on significant peaks, which, when there is substantial overlap, results in mixed assignments and in breaking up regions. All assignments are made all at once. (n-tuple of probability values) Relax to up date assignment vectors. Suppress very small regions. Checks each region (multi-model) individually. No references to Ohlander! A set of artificial image examples which should be trivial using OPR-thing diagonal and lines may be hard. They also introduce local segmentation (several (4) parts of the image and combine results at borders, also use local results to improve compatibility coefficients. BibRef

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Elsevier DOI Segmentation, Thresholds. Segmentation, Edges. Edges which correspond to real boundaries tend to have high contrast, so the optimum threshold is the one that detects more high contrast edges and fewer low contrast edges. BibRef 8104

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See also Studies in Global and Local Histogram Guided Relaxation Algorithms. for paper from this. BibRef

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Earlier: Add: A2, A3: Hanson, A.R., and Riseman, E.M., COINSTR 77-7, May 1977. Relaxation. Determine whether the segments are menaingful. BibRef

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Segmentation by Thresholding, Quantization, or Relaxation .

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