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8001 * Algorithm for Vector Quantizer Design, An
* Apparatus and method for monitoring sports contests
* Area Segmentation of Images Using Edge Points
* Character reading system
* Edge and Region Analysis for Digital Image Data
* Edge Detection in Textures
* Extracting and Labeling Boundary Segments in Natural Scenes
* Fingerprint identification method and apparatus
* Method for Automating the Visual Inspection of Printed Wiring Boards, A
* Nosing Around the Neighborhood: A New System Structure and Classification Rule for Recognition in Partially Exposed Environments
* On a Method of Binary Picture Representation and its Application to Data Compression
* Photometric Method for Determining Surface Orientation from Multiple Images
* Real-Time Video Tracking System, A
* Relaxation Method for Multispectral Pixel Classification, A
* Specialized Edge-Trackers for Contour Extraction and Line-Thinning
* Statistical Models for the Image Restoration Problem
* Stochastic Image Models Generated by Random Tessellations of the Plane
* System for extracting shape features from an image
* Textured Image Segmentation
* Three-Dimensional Skeletonization: Principle and Algorithm
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