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CVS78 * *Computer Vision Systems
* Approach to Knowledge-Directed Scene Analysis, An
* Characterization and Requirements of Computer vision Systems
* Hierarchical Relaxation for Waveform Parsing
* Knowledge-Based Computer Vision System, A
* On the Representation of Natural Scenes
* Partially Ordered World Model and Natural Outdoor Scenes, A
* Pragmatic Aspects of Machine Vision
* Recognition Cones, and Some Test Results; The Imminent Arrival of Well-Structured Parallel-Serial computers; Positions, and Positions on Positions
* Recognition of Man-Made Objects Using Edge Cues
* Recovering Intrinsic Scene Characteristics from Images
* Regular Hierarchical Image and Processing Structures in Machine Vision
* Representing Visual Information: A Computational Approach
* Segmentation of Natural Scenes
* Surface Curvature and Applications of the Dual Representation
* Vertical and Horizontal Processes in Low Level Vision
* Vision Research Strategy: Black Magic, Metaphors, Mechanisms, Miniworlds, and Maps
* VISIONS: A computer System for Interpreting Scenes
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