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Kohl, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * email: Kohl, C.[Charles]: ckohl AT sapient com
* Goal-Directed Control of Low Level Processes for Image Interpretation
Includes: Kohl, C.[Charles] Kohl, C.

Kohl, C.A.[Charles A.] Co Author Listing * Development of the Image Understanding Environment, The
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* Solving Diverse Image Understanding Problems Using the Image Understanding Environment
* Stellar Application of the IUE: Solar Feature Extraction, A
* Towards a Unified IU Environment: Coordination of Existing IU Tools with the IUE
Includes: Kohl, C.A.[Charles A.] Kohl, C.A.

Kohl, J. Co Author Listing * Internet of Things (IoT) Discovery Using Deep Neural Networks

Kohl, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced traveller information systems for intelligent future mobility: the case of Anachb in Vienna
* Assessment of Breast Cancer Histology Using Densely Connected Convolutional Networks
* Fully Convolutional Network and Region Proposal for Instance Identification with Egocentric Vision
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
Includes: Kohl, M. Kohl, M.[Matthias]

Kohl, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Interpreting Optical Mapping Recordings in the Ischemic Heart: A Combined Experimental and Computational Investigation
* Monte Carlo Simulations of Diffusion Weighted MRI in Myocardium: Validation and Sensitivity Analysis
* MTA Dataset for Multi Target Multi Camera Pedestrian Tracking by Weighted Distance Aggregation, The
* Regionally Optimised Mathematical Models of Cardiac Myocyte Orientation in Rat Hearts
* Sensitivity Analysis of Diffusion Tensor MRI in Simulated Rat Myocardium
Includes: Kohl, P.[Peter] Köhl, P. (Maybe also Koehl, P.)

Kohlbecher, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Gaze-based interaction in various environments

Kohlberger, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Unknown Objects, with Application to Baggage Security
* Convex set-based estimation of image flows
* Designing 3-D Nonlinear Diffusion Filters for High Performance Cluster Computing
* Diffusion-Snakes: Combining Statistical Shape Knowledge and Image Information in a Variational Framework
* Discontinuity-Preserving Computation of Variational Optic Flow in Real-Time
* Domain Decomposition for Parallel Variational Optical Flow Computation
* Domain Decomposition for Variational Optical-Flow Computation
* High performance cluster computing with 3-D nonlinear diffusion filters
* Multigrid Platform for Real-Time Motion Computation with Discontinuity-Preserving Variational Methods, A
* Nonlinear Shape Statistics in Mumford-Shah Based Segmentation
* Nonlinear Shape Statistics via Kernel Spaces
* Parallel Variational Motion Estimation by Domain Decomposition and Cluster Computing
* Real-Time Optic Flow Computation with Variational Methods
* Shape Statistics in Kernel Space for Variational Image Segmentation
* Variational Dense Motion Estimation Using the Helmholtz Decomposition
* Variational Optical Flow Computation in Real Time
Includes: Kohlberger, T.[Timo] Kohlberger, T.
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Kohlburn, G. Co Author Listing * Gestural Interactions of Embodied Educational Technology Using One-Shot Machine Learning

Kohle, R.[Roderick] Co Author Listing * Scene Depth Profiling Using Helmholtz Stereopsis
Includes: Kohle, R.[Roderick] Köhle, R.[Roderick] (Maybe also Koehle, R.)

Kohler, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Towards Efficient Time Stepping for Numerical Shape Correspondence
Includes: Kohler, A.[Alexander] Köhler, A.[Alexander] (Maybe also Koehler, A.)

Kohler, C. Co Author Listing * Axially Extended-Volume C-Arm CT Using a Reverse Helical Trajectory in the Interventional Room
* DLR HySU: A Benchmark Dataset for Spectral Unmixing
* Estimating Cluster Overlap on Manifolds and its Application to Neuropsychiatric Disorders
* Learning-based analysis of emotional impairments in schizophrenia
* Quantifying Facial Expression Abnormality in Schizophrenia by Combining 2D and 3D Features
* Selecting ghosts and queues from a car trackers output using a spatio-temporal query language
Includes: Kohler, C. Köhler, C.[Claas] (Maybe also Koehler, C.)Kohler, C.[Christian]

Kohler, D. Co Author Listing * Nonrigid Registration of 3-D Multichannel Microscopy Images of Cell Nuclei

Kohler, E.[Ekkehard] Co Author Listing * Graph Theoretic Approach for Shape from Shading, A
Includes: Kohler, E.[Ekkehard] Köhler, E.[Ekkehard] (Maybe also Koehler, E.)

Kohler, G.[Gregor] Co Author Listing * MOOD 2020: A Public Benchmark for Out-of-Distribution Detection and Localization on Medical Images
Includes: Kohler, G.[Gregor] Köhler, G.[Gregor] (Maybe also Koehler, G.)

Kohler, J. Co Author Listing * full-spherical device for simultaneous geometry and reflectance acquisition, A
* High Quality and Memory Efficient Representation for Image Based 3D Reconstructions
* Learning Generative Models of Textured 3D Meshes from Real-World Images
* On the Analysis of the Phase Unwrapping Process in a D-InSAR Stack with Special Focus on the Estimation of a Motion Model
* One-Step Three-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping Approach Based on Small Baseline Subset Interferograms
* Robust and Accurate Non-parametric Estimation of Reflectance Using Basis Decomposition and Correction Functions
* Use of C-Band Ground Penetrating Radar to Determine Backscatter Sources Within Glaciers
Includes: Kohler, J. Kohler, J.[Jonas] Köhler, J.[Joël] (Maybe also Koehler, J.)Köhler, J.[Johannes] (Maybe also Koehler, J.)Kohler, J.[Jack]
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Kohler, J.M.[Jan Mathias] Co Author Listing * Interpretable and Fine-Grained Visual Explanations for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Power of Ensembles for Active Learning in Image Classification, The
* Weakly-supervised localization of diabetic retinopathy lesions in retinal fundus images
Includes: Kohler, J.M.[Jan Mathias] Kohler, J.M.[Jan M.] Köhler, J.M. (Maybe also Koehler, J.M.)

Kohler, K.[Klemens] Co Author Listing * Teamwork in Software Development and What Personality Has to Do with It: An Overview
Includes: Kohler, K.[Klemens] Köhler, K.[Klemens] (Maybe also Koehler, K.)

Kohler, L.[Lothar] Co Author Listing * Application of Copernicus Data for Climate-Relevant Urban Planning Using the Example of Water, Heat, and Vegetation
* Automated Hyperspectral Feature Selection and Classification of Wildlife Using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Kohler, L.[Lothar] Köhler, L.[Lothar] (Maybe also Koehler, L.)Kohler, L.[Leon]

Kohler, O.M.[Olaf Markus] Co Author Listing * On the Statistical Properties of Syndrome Trellis Coding
Includes: Kohler, O.M.[Olaf Markus] Köhler, O.M.[Olaf Markus] (Maybe also Koehler, O.M.)

Kohler, R.[Rolf] Co Author Listing * Depth Estimation Through a Generative Model of Light Field Synthesis
* Improving alpha matting and motion blurred foreground estimation
* Mask-Specific Inpainting with Deep Neural Networks
* Recording and Playback of Camera Shake: Benchmarking Blind Deconvolution with a Real-World Database
Includes: Kohler, R.[Rolf] Köhler, R.[Rolf] (Maybe also Koehler, R.)

Kohler, R.R.[Ralf R.] Co Author Listing * Integrating Non-Semantic Knowledge into Image Segmentation Processes
* Segmentation Processes in the VISIONS System
* Segmentation System Based on Thresholding, A
* Segmentation, Evaluation, and Natural Scenes
* Segmenting Images Using Localized Histograms and Region Merging
* VISIONS Image Operating System, The
Includes: Kohler, R.R.[Ralf R.] Kohler, R.R.

Kohler, S.[Sophie] Co Author Listing * Error Evaluation in a Stereovision-Based 3D Reconstruction System
* FPGA-GPU architecture for kernel SVM pedestrian detection
* Intentions of Vulnerable Road Users: Detection and Forecasting by Means of Machine Learning
* PVQM: A perceptual video quality measure
Includes: Kohler, S.[Sophie] Kohler, S.[Sebastian] Köhler, S. (Maybe also Koehler, S.)Kohler, S.

Kohler, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Binarization Driven Blind Deconvolution for Document Image Restoration
* Confidence-aware Levenberg-Marquardt optimization for joint motion estimation and super-resolution
* En Pi: Filtered Back-Projection Algorithm for Helical CT Using an n-rm Pi Acquisition
* Exploring the Open World Using Incremental Extreme Value Machines
* Gradient-Based Differential Approach for 3-D Motion Compensation in Interventional 2-D/3-D Image Fusion
* Guided Image Super-Resolution: A New Technique for Photogeometric Super-Resolution in Hybrid 3-D Range Imaging
* Learning from a Handful Volumes: MRI Resolution Enhancement with Volumetric Super-Resolution Forests
* n-PI-method for helical cone-beam CT, The
* Radon-Split Method for Helical Cone-Beam CT and Its Application to Nongated Reconstruction, The
* SR2: Super-Resolution With Structure-Aware Reconstruction
* Toward Bridging the Simulated-to-Real Gap: Benchmarking Super-Resolution on Real Data
* Training Researchers with the MOVING Platform
* Unified Bayesian Approach to Multi-Frame Super-Resolution and Single-Image Upsampling in Multi-Sensor Imaging, A
Includes: Kohler, T.[Thomas] Köhler, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Koehler, T.)Köhler, T. (Maybe also Koehler, T.)Kohler, T.
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Kohlhaas, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Robust, Marker-Based Head Tracking for Testing Cognitive Vehicles in the Loop

Kohlhammer, J.[Jorn] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Semantic Visualization for Bibliographic Entries
* Adaptive Visualization of Linked-Data
* Adaptive Visualization of Social Media Data for Policy Modeling
* Combining Computational Models and Interactive Visualization to Support Rational Decision Making
* Visual Access to Optimization Problems in Strategic Environmental Assessment
* Visual Verification of Hypotheses
Includes: Kohlhammer, J.[Jorn] Kohlhammer, J.[Jörn] Kohlhammer, J.[Joern]

Kohlhepp, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * evolutionary algorithm for the registration of 3-d surface representations, An
* Intrinsic line features and contour metric for locating 3-D objects in sparse, segmented range images
* Reconstruction and recognition of boundary representations from range images in SOMBRERO
* Towards Reliable Fusion of Segmented Surface Descriptions

Kohlhoff, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Deep Saliency Prior for Reducing Visual Distraction
* Learning from Unique Perspectives: User-aware Saliency Modeling

Kohlhoff, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Metamodels for an Efficient Characterization of Complex Driving Scenarios

Kohli, A.[Aditi] Co Author Listing * CNN based localisation of forged region in object-based forgery for HD videos

Kohli, A.P.S. Co Author Listing * Semantic Implicit Neural Scene Representations With Semi-Supervised Training

Kohli, D.[Divyani] Co Author Listing * Accounting for Training Data Error in Machine Learning Applied to Earth Observations
* Analysing Urban Development Patterns in a Conflict Zone: A Case Study of Kabul
* Comparing Human Versus Machine-Driven Cadastral Boundary Feature Extraction
* Coupling Uncertainties with Accuracy Assessment in Object-Based Slum Detections, Case Study: Jakarta, Indonesia
* Crowd-Driven and Automated Mapping of Field Boundaries in Highly Fragmented Agricultural Landscapes of Ethiopia with Very High Spatial Resolution Imagery
* Integrating Remote Sensing and Street View Imagery for Mapping Slums
* Scope of Earth-Observation to Improve the Consistency of the SDG Slum Indicator, The
* Transferability of Object-Oriented Image Analysis Methods for Slum Identification
8 for Kohli, D.

Kohli, G.[Gurjot] Co Author Listing * ECOSTRESS and CIMIS: A Comparison of Potential and Reference Evapotranspiration in Riverside County, California

Kohli, L.[Luv] Co Author Listing * Redirected touching: The effect of warping space on task performance
* Redirected Touching: Training and adaptation in warped virtual spaces
Includes: Kohli, L.[Luv] Kohli, L.

Kohli, N.[Naman] Co Author Listing * Age Gap Reducer-GAN for Recognizing Age-Separated Faces
* Effect of illicit drug abuse on face recognition
* Face Presentation Attack with Latex Masks in Multispectral Videos
* Face Verification with Disguise Variations via Deep Disguise Recognizer
* Fusion of Handcrafted and Deep Learning Features for Large-Scale Multiple Iris Presentation Attack Detection
* Hierarchical Representation Learning for Kinship Verification
* Incremental approach for multi-modal face expression recognition system using deep neural networks
* Iris Presentation Attack via Textured Contact Lens in Unconstrained Environment
* Supervised Mixed Norm Autoencoder for Kinship Verification in Unconstrained Videos
* Unraveling Human Perception of Facial Aging Using Eye Gaze
Includes: Kohli, N.[Naman] Kohli, N. Kohli, N.[Narendra]
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Kohli, P.[Pushmeet] Co Author Listing * 3D Scene Understanding by Voxel-CRF
* Achieving Robustness in the Wild via Adversarial Mixing With Disentangled Representations
* Associative hierarchical CRFs for object class image segmentation
* Associative Hierarchical Random Fields
* Compressible Motion Fields
* Computationally bounded retrieval
* Conditional regression forests for human pose estimation
* Contour Completion Model for Augmenting Surface Reconstructions, A
* Convex Discrete-Continuous Approach for Markov Random Fields, A
* Curvature Prior for MRF-based Segmentation and Shape Inpainting
* Decision tree fields
* Deep Disentangled Representations for Volumetric Reconstruction
* DeepContext: Context-Encoding Neural Pathways for 3D Holistic Scene Understanding
* Dynamic Graph Cuts for Efficient Inference in Markov Random Fields
* Dynamic Hybrid Algorithms for MAP Inference in Discrete MRFs
* Efficient Continuous Relaxations for Dense CRF
* Efficient Energy Minimization for Enforcing Label Statistics
* Efficient Human Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
* Efficient Regression of General-Activity Human Poses from Depth Images
* Efficient Relaxations for Dense CRFs with Sparse Higher-Order Potentials
* Efficiently Solving Dynamic Markov Random Fields Using Graph Cuts
* Energy minimization for linear envelope MRFs
* Energy Minimization under Constraints on Label Counts
* Exact inference in multi-label CRFs with higher order cliques
* Fast and accurate scene text understanding with image binarization and off-the-shelf OCR
* Filter Forests for Learning Data-Dependent Convolutional Kernels
* GeoF: Geodesic Forests for Learning Coupled Predictors
* Geometric Image Parsing in Man-Made Environments
* Gesture Recognition Portfolios for Personalization
* Global Patch Collider, The
* Graph Cut Based Inference with Co-occurrence Statistics
* Higher-order density consistency potentials for Discrete Tomography
* Image Binarization for End-to-End Text Understanding in Natural Images
* Image Segmentation Using Higher-Order Correlation Clustering
* Image segmentation with a bounding box prior
* Indoor Segmentation and Support Inference from RGBD Images
* Inference Methods for CRFs with Co-occurrence Statistics
* Knowing When to Stop: Evaluation and Verification of Conformity to Output-Size Specifications
* Large-Lexicon Attribute-Consistent Text Recognition in Natural Images
* Latent Hough Transform for Object Detection
* Layered Scene Decomposition via the Occlusion-CRF
* Learning an interactive segmentation system
* Learning CRFs Using Graph Cuts
* Learning to Efficiently Detect Repeatable Interest Points in Depth Data
* Learning to Navigate the Energy Landscape
* Making the right moves: Guiding alpha-expansion using local primal-dual gaps
* Measuring uncertainty in graph cut solutions
* Measuring Uncertainty in Graph Cut Solutions: Efficiently Computing Min-marginal Energies Using Dynamic Graph Cuts
* Minimizing sparse higher order energy functions of discrete variables
* Motion Segmentation of Truncated Signed Distance Function Based Volumetric Surfaces
* Multi-output Learning for Camera Relocalization
* Multi-utility Learning: Structured-Output Learning with Multiple Annotation-Specific Loss Functions
* Neural Scene De-rendering
* Non-parametric Higher-Order Random Fields for Image Segmentation
* OBJCUT for Face Detection
* Object stereo: Joint stereo matching and object segmentation
* Opening the Black Box: Hierarchical Sampling Optimization for Estimating Human Hand Pose
* Opening the Black Box: Hierarchical Sampling Optimization for Hand Pose Estimation
* Overcoming Occlusion with Inverse Graphics
* P3 and Beyond: Move Making Algorithms for Solving Higher Order Functions
* P3 and Beyond: Solving Energies with Higher Order Cliques
* Perceptually Inspired Layout-Aware Losses for Image Segmentation
* perceptually motivated online benchmark for image matting, A
* Picture: A probabilistic programming language for scene perception
* PoseCut: Simultaneous Segmentation and 3D Pose Estimation of Humans Using Dynamic Graph-Cuts
* Principled Deep Random Field Model for Image Segmentation, A
* Putting MAP Back on the Map
* Raster-to-Vector: Revisiting Floorplan Transformation
* Real-Time Face Reconstruction from a Single Depth Image
* Realistic Dynamic Facial Textures from a Single Image Using GANs
* Reduce, reuse & recycle: Efficiently solving multi-label MRFs
* Relating Things and Stuff by High-Order Potential Modeling
* Relating Things and Stuff via ObjectProperty Interactions
* Robust Higher Order Potentials for Enforcing Label Consistency
* Scalable Verified Training for Provably Robust Image Classification
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Pose Estimation of Humans Using Dynamic Graph Cuts
* Sparse projections for high-dimensional binary codes
* Spatial Inference Machines
* spatially varying PSF-based prior for alpha matting, A
* Surface stereo with soft segmentation
* Synthetic training in object detection
* Task-Specific Image Partitioning
* Towards Robust Image Classification Using Sequential Attention Models
* Transforming Image Completion
* TriangleFlow: Optical Flow with Triangulation-Based Higher-Order Likelihoods
* Uncertainty Driven Multi-scale Optimization
* User-Centric Learning and Evaluation of Interactive Segmentation Systems
* Using Strong Shape Priors for Stereo
* Variable grouping for energy minimization
* Vision-as-Inverse-Graphics: Obtaining a Rich 3D Explanation of a Scene from a Single Image
Includes: Kohli, P.[Pushmeet] Kohli, P.
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Kohli, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Multibranch Reconstruction Error (MbRE) Intrusion Detection Architecture for Intelligent Edge-Based Policing in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Kohlmann, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * SculptUp: A rapid, immersive 3D modeling environment
* Virtual exertions: A user interface combining visual information, kinesthetics and biofeedback for virtual object manipulation

Kohlmann, K. Co Author Listing * Corner Detection in Natural Images Based on the 2-D Hilbert Transform

Kohlmeyer, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Immersive Molecular Visualization and Interactive Modeling with Commodity Hardware

Kohlmeyer, K.[Kay] Co Author Listing * 3D Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of Archaeological Artifacts
* Interacting with Simulated Archaeological Assets

Kohlmyer, S. Co Author Listing * Application and Evaluation of a Measured Spatially Variant System Model for PET Image Reconstruction

Kohlrausch, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * New Class of Elastic Body Splines for Nonrigid Registration of Medical Images, A

Kohlschutter, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Automatic Human Body Parts Detection in a 2d Anthropometric System
Includes: Kohlschutter, T.[Tomas] Kohlschütter, T.[Tomáš] (Maybe also Kohlschuetter, T.)

Kohlsdorf, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * MAGIC 2.0: A web tool for false positive prediction and prevention for gesture recognition systems

Kohlus, J.[Jorn] Co Author Listing * Classification Scheme for Sediments and Habitats on Exposed Intertidal Flats with Multi-Frequency Polarimetric SAR, A
Includes: Kohlus, J.[Jorn] Kohlus, J.[Jörn]

Kohlus, R. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of multi-spectral images using the combined classifier approach
* Supervised segmentation of textures in backscatter images

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