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Mandache, D. Co Author Listing * Lifecycle of a Neural Network in the Wild: A Multiple Instance Learning Study on Cancer Detection from Breast Biopsies Imaged with Novel Technique, The

Mandaglio, D.[Domenico] Co Author Listing * Learning to Active Learn by Gradient Variation based on Instance Importance

Mandai, S. Co Author Listing * Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Telugu: Database, Algorithm and Application

Mandai, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Filter coefficients of the fractional Hilbert transforms of biorthogonal wavelets
* Image separation using N-tree wavelet transforms

Mandakh, U. Co Author Listing * Spatial-Temporal Changes of Land Degradation Caused By Natural and Human Induced Factors: Case Study of Bulgan Province in Central Mongolia

Mandal, A. Co Author Listing * automated method for counting and characterizing red blood cells using mathematical morphology, An
* Gain-phase mismatch correction technique for I/Q channel receiver
* Mapping the Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Surface Ecological Status (USES): A Case Study of Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA), India
* New Method to Address Singularity Problem in Multimodal Data Analysis, A
Includes: Mandal, A. Mandal, A.[Amritakar] Mandal, A.[Asish] Mandal, A.[Ankita]

Mandal, A.K. Co Author Listing * Novel Approach to Identify Good Tracer Clouds From a Sequence of Satellite Images
* Pruned non-local means
Includes: Mandal, A.K. Mandal, A.K.[Amit K.]

Mandal, A.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of facial feature points in image sequences
* Features classification using geometrical deformation feature vector of support vector machine and active appearance algorithm for automatic facial expression recognition

Mandal, B.[Bappaditya] Co Author Listing * Complete discriminant evaluation and feature extraction in kernel space for face recognition
* Deep residual network with regularised fisher framework for detection of melanoma
* Deep Residual Network with Subclass Discriminant Analysis for Crowd Behavior Recognition
* Distinguishing Posed and Spontaneous Smiles by Facial Dynamics
* Efficient Retrieval from Large-Scale Egocentric Visual Data Using a Sparse Graph Representation
* Eigenfeature Regularization and Extraction in Face Recognition
* Evaluation of Descriptors and Distance Measures on Benchmarks and First-Person-View Videos for Face Identification
* FoodNet: Recognizing Foods Using Ensemble of Deep Networks
* Interleaved Deep Artifacts-Aware Attention Mechanism for Concrete Structural Defect Classification
* Kernelized dynamic convolution routing in spatial and channel interaction for attentive concrete defect recognition
* Multi-Deformation Aware Attention Learning for Concrete Structural Defect Classification
* Multi-Level Dual-Attention Based CNN for Macular Optical Coherence Tomography Classification
* Multimodal Multi-Stream Deep Learning for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Person re-identification using multiple first-person-views on wearable devices
* Person Reidentification Using Multiple Egocentric Views
* Prediction of eigenvalues and regularization of eigenfeatures for human face verification
* Regularized Discriminant Analysis for Holistic Human Activity Recognition
* Towards Detection of Bus Driver Fatigue Based on Robust Visual Analysis of Eye State
* Two-phase Dynamic Routing for Micro and Macro-level Equivariance in Multi-Column Capsule Networks
* Variance-guided attention-based twin deep network for cross-spectral periocular recognition
* Verification of human faces using predicted eigenvalues
* Wearable Face Recognition System on Google Glass for Assisting Social Interactions, A
* Whole space subclass discriminant analysis for face recognition
Includes: Mandal, B.[Bappaditya] Mandal, B. Mandal, B.[Bodhisatwa]
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Mandal, C.[Chittaranjan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Human Fall in Video
* Automatic Generation of Route Control Chart From Validated Signal Interlocking Plan
* Shape Recovery Using Dynamic Subdivision Surfaces
Includes: Mandal, C.[Chittaranjan] Mandal, C.[Chhandomay]

Mandal, C.K.[Chintan Kr.] Co Author Listing * Non-intersecting curved paths using Bezier curves in the 2D-Euclidean plane for multiple autonomous robots

Mandal, D. Co Author Listing * Aligned discriminative pose robust descriptors for face and object recognition
* Assessing Nitrogen Variability at Early Stages of Maize Using Mobile Fluorescence Sensing
* Autoencoder based novelty detection for generalized zero shot learning
* Comparison between Support Vector Machine and Water Cloud Model for Estimating Crop Leaf Area Index, A
* Cross-Modal Retrieval With Noisy Labels
* Dual-polarimetric descriptors from Sentinel-1 GRD SAR data for crop growth assessment
* Generalized Coupled Dictionary Learning Approach With Applications to Cross-Modal Matching
* Generalized Semantic Preserving Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Generalized Semantic Preserving Hashing for N-Label Cross-Modal Retrieval
* GrowBit: Incremental Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* hybrid backtracking search algorithm with wavelet mutation-based nonlinear system identification of Hammerstein models, A
* Label consistent matrix factorization based hashing for cross-modal retrieval
* Label Prediction Framework For Semi-Supervised Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Multi-class Novelty Detection Using Mix-up Technique
* Novel clustering schemes for full and compact polarimetric SAR data: An application for rice phenology characterization
* Novel Self-Supervised Re-labeling Approach for Training with Noisy Labels, A
* Out-Of-Distribution Detection for Generalized Zero-Shot Action Recognition
* Query specific re-ranking for improved cross-modal retrieval
* Radar Vegetation Index for Crop Monitoring Using Compact Polarimetric SAR Data, A
* Semi-Supervised Cross-Modal Retrieval With Label Prediction
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching in Canonical Space
* Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching RGBD Data
* Spatial-Temporal Land Loss Modeling and Simulation in a Vulnerable Coast: A Case Study in Coastal Louisiana
* Target Characterization and Scattering Power Decomposition for Full and Compact Polarimetric SAR Data
Includes: Mandal, D. Mandal, D.[Dipankar] Mandal, D.[Devraj] Mandal, D.[Debayan]
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Mandal, D.K. Co Author Listing * Descriptor Scoring for Feature Selection in Real-Time Visual SLAM

Mandal, D.P. Co Author Listing * Analysis of IRS Imagery for Detecting Man-Made Objects with a Multivalued Recognition System
* Machine Interpretation of Patterns: Image Analysis and Data Mining
* Partitioning of Feature Space for Pattern Classification
* Selection of Alpha for Alpha Hull in R-2
Includes: Mandal, D.P. Mandal, D.P.[Deba Prasad]

Mandal, K.[Kallol] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for distributing network bandwidth on a video server for transmission of bit streams across multiple network interfaces connected to a single internet protocol (IP) network

Mandal, M Co Author Listing * Introduction to the ICME 2011 Special Issue

Mandal, M.[Murari] Co Author Listing * 3DCD: Scene Independent End-to-End Spatiotemporal Feature Learning Framework for Change Detection in Unseen Videos
* 3DFR: A Swift 3D Feature Reductionist Framework for Scene Independent Change Detection
* ANTIC: Antithetic isomeric cluster patterns for medical image retrieval and change detection
* Automated analysis and diagnosis of skin melanoma on whole slide histopathological images
* Automated segmentation of the epidermis area in skin whole slide histopathological images
* CANDID: Robust Change Dynamics and Deterministic Update Policy for Dynamic Background Subtraction
* Deep learning on compressed sensing measurements in pneumonia detection
* Detection of melanocytes in skin histopathological images using radial line scanning
* Domain-Aware Unsupervised Hyperspectral Reconstruction for Aerial Image Dehazing
* Empirical Review of Deep Learning Frameworks for Change Detection: Model Design, Experimental Frameworks, Challenges and Research Needs, An
* Epidermis segmentation in skin histopathological images based on thickness measurement and k-means algorithm
* Helping Visually Impaired People Take Better Quality Pictures
* HIDeGan: A Hyperspectral-guided Image Dehazing GAN
* Improved Fluid Vector Flow for Cavity Segmentation in Chest Radiographs, An
* MotionRec: A Unified Deep Framework for Moving Object Recognition
* Novel coarse-to-fine dual scale technique for tuberculosis cavity detection in chest radiographs
* Novel wavelet-based QIM data hiding technique for tamper detection and correction of digital images
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* Optimal Design of Noise-Enhanced Binary Threshold Detector Under AUC Measure
* Partial rank aggregation using multiobjective genetic algorithm: Application in ranking genes
* Patch-VQ: Patching Up the Video Quality Problem
* Regional adaptive affinitive patterns (RADAP) with logical operators for facial expression recognition
* ReViewNet: A Fast and Resource Optimized Network for Enabling Safe Autonomous Driving in Hazy Weather Conditions
* Robust Technique for Motion-Based Video Sequences Temporal Alignment, A
* Scene Independency Matters: An Empirical Study of Scene Dependent and Scene Independent Evaluation for CNN-Based Change Detection
* SSSDET: Simple Short and Shallow Network for Resource Efficient Vehicle Detection in Aerial Scenes
* TheiaNet: Towards fast and inexpensive CNN design choices for image dehazing
* Workflow Based Process Visual Analyzer (ProVisZer) for Teaching and Learning, A
Includes: Mandal, M.[Murari] Mandal, M. Mandal, M.[Mrinal] Mandal, M.[Maniratnam]
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Mandal, M.K.[Mrinal K.] Co Author Listing * Choice of low resolution sample sets for efficient super-resolution signal reconstruction
* comparison of non-orthogonal and orthogonal fractal decoding, A
* Confidence Measure for Temporal Registration of Recurrent Non-uniform Samples
* critical evaluation of image and video indexing techniques in the compressed domain, A
* Efficient Channel Protection for JPEG2000 Bitstream
* Efficient congestion control for streaming scalable video over unreliable IP networks
* Efficient Hodge-Helmholtz decomposition of motion fields
* Efficient video sequences alignment using unbiased bidirectional dynamic time warping
* embedded wavelet image coder with parallel encoding and sequential decoding of bit-planes, An
* Error resiliency schemes in H.264/AVC standard
* Fast Wavelet Histogram Techniques for Image Indexing
* Gaussian and Laplacian of Gaussian weighting functions for robust feature based tracking
* Human Activity Recognition Based on Silhouette Directionality
* Illumination Invariant Image Indexing Using Moments and Wavelets
* Image Based Temporal Registration of MRI Data for Medical Visualization
* Improving Data Recovery in MPEG-4
* Low bit-rate multimedia communication
* Low Bit-Rate Object-based Multi-view Video Coding using MVC
* Multiresolution Motion Estimation Techniques for Video Compression
* Multiscale Boundary Identification for Medical Images
* new decoding algorithm based on range block mean and contrast scaling, A
* Optimization of Symmetric Transfer Error for Sub-frame Video Synchronization
* Prioritized Region of Interest Coding in JPEG2000
* Robust KLT tracking with Gaussian and laplacian of Gaussian weighting functions
* Robust wireless transmission of regions of interest in jpeg2000
* Sparse representation based multi-frame image super-resolution reconstruction using adaptive weighted features
* Special issue on emerging H.264/AVC video coding standard
* Temporal Alignment of Time Varying MRI Datasets for High Resolution Medical Visualization
* Video indexing in the wavelet compressed domain
* Video Segmentation in the Wavelet Compressed Domain
* Wavelet-Based Image-Coding Using Nonlinear Interpolative Vector Quantization
Includes: Mandal, M.K.[Mrinal K.] Mandal, M.K. Mandal, M.K.[Mrinal Kanti]
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Mandal, P. Co Author Listing * Clustering-based Bangla spell checker
* Image Restoration of Phase Contrast Nano Scale X-ray CT Images
Includes: Mandal, P. Mandal, P.[Pratiti]

Mandal, P.D.[Paramita De_Sekhar] Co Author Listing * Recognition of electrical symbols in document images using morphology and geometric analysis
* Topological simplification of electrical circuits by super-component analysis

Mandal, P.K.[Pravat Kumar] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Report on Machine Learning-Based Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Using Multi-Modal Neuroimaging Data, A
* Optimal Particle-Filter-Based Detector
* Riemann-Langevin Particle Filtering in Track-Before-Detect
* Surface fitting in SPECT imaging useful for detecting Parkinson's Disease and Scans Without Evidence of Dopaminergic Deficit
Includes: Mandal, P.K.[Pravat Kumar] Mandal, P.K.

Mandal, P.P. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

Mandal, R. Co Author Listing * Class Probability-based Visual and Contextual Feature Integration for Image Parsing
* Date field extraction from handwritten documents using HMMs
* Date field extraction in handwritten documents
* Fully Convolutional Neural Network with Relation Aware Context Information for Image Parsing
* General and Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Face-Space Approach to Emotion Recognition
* ICDAR2015 Competition on Video Script Identification (CVSI 2015)
* Multi-lingual text recognition from video frames
* Signature Segmentation from Machine Printed Documents Using Conditional Random Field
Includes: Mandal, R. Mandal, R.[Ranju]
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Mandal, S.[Sandipan] Co Author Listing * Aging speech recognition with speaker adaptation techniques: Study on medium vocabulary continuous Bengali speech
* ASKME: adaptive sampling with knowledge-driven vectorization of mechanical engineering drawings
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page and index pages from document images
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page from document images
* Automated segmentation and classification of chemical and other equations from document images
* Automated segmentation of math-zones from document images
* Automatic rectification of warped Bangla document images
* Binarisation of Colour Map Images through Extraction of Regions
* Complete System for Detection and Identification of Tabular Structures from Document Images, A
* Depth Map Restoration From Undersampled Data
* Detection and Segmentation of Table of Contents and Index Pages from Document Images
* Edge preserving single image super resolution in sparse environment
* Employing structural and statistical information to learn dictionary(s) for single image super-resolution in sparse domain
* Exploring Discriminative HMM States for Improved Recognition of Online Handwriting
* fast technique for vectorization of engineering drawings using morphology and digital straightness, A
* Group-Based Image Inpainting Using Patch Refinement in MRF Framework, A
* Handwritten Bangla character recognition in machine-printed forms using gradient information and Haar wavelet
* Hierarchical example-based range-image super-resolution with edge-preservation
* hierarchical method for automated identification and segmentation of forms, A
* Image deblurring in super-resolution framework
* improved discriminative region selection methodology for online handwriting recognition, An
* Improving Optoacoustic Image Quality via Geometric Pixel Super-Resolution Approach
* Local Proximity for Enhanced Visibility in Haze
* Majority voting-based hybrid feature selection in machine learning paradigm for epilepsy detection using EEG
* Multi-criteria online frame-subset selection for autonomous vehicle videos
* Multilevel weighted enhancement for underwater image dehazing
* Multiple Pyramids Based Image Inpainting Using Local Patch Statistics and Steering Kernel Feature
* On Investigating the Dynamical Factors Modulating Surface Chlorophyll-a Variability along the South Java Coast
* Patch sparsity based image inpainting using local patch statistics and steering kernel descriptor
* Persistent 1-Cycles: Definition, Computation, and Its Application
* Representation and reconstruction of map regions
* Scale-Recurrent Multi-residual Dense Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Seasonal and Tidal Variability of Surface Currents in the Western Andaman Sea Using HF Radars and Buoy Observations During 2016-2017
* Segmentation of Text and Graphics from Document Images
* simple and effective table detection system from document images, A
* theoretical justification of warping generation for dewarping using CNN, A
* Two-Step Image Inpainting Algorithm Using Tensor SVD, A
* Underwater Image Color Correction Using Ensemble Colorization Network
* Visual Quality Enhancement in Optoacoustic Tomography Using Active Contour Segmentation Priors
Includes: Mandal, S.[Sandipan] Mandal, S.[Sekhar] Mandal, S. Mandal, S.[Sayan] Mandal, S.[Srimanta] Mandal, S.[Subhasis] Mandal, S.[Sunandan] Mandal, S.[Samiran]
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Mandal, S.K. Co Author Listing * Study of process dynamics in Floatex density separator based on computational intelligent vision

Mandal, S.K.D.[Shyamal Kumar Das] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting
* Image Inpainting Through Metric Labeling via Guided Patch Mixing
* Modified Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting via Primal-Dual Optimization

Mandal, T.[Tanaya] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition by Curvelet Based Feature Extraction
* Face recognition using curvelet based PCA

Mandal, U.K. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Technology Based Soil Loss Estimation for Sustainable Urban Development of Butwal Submetropolitan City, Nepal
* Spectral Color Indices Based Geospatial Modeling Of Soil Organic Matter In Chitwan District, Nepal
Includes: Mandal, U.K. Mandal, U.K.[Umesh K.]

Mandal, V.[Vishal] Co Author Listing * Vision-based System for Traffic Anomaly Detection using Deep Learning and Decision Trees, A

Mandalakis, M.[Manolis] Co Author Listing * Phytoplankton Phenology in the Coastal Zone of Cyprus, Based on Remote Sensing and In Situ Observations

Mandalapu, D.[Dinesh] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hand Pose Recognition Using Depth Data
* Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition and Spotting Using Sub-gesture Modeling, A
* On-line Handwriting Recognition of Indian Scripts: The First Benchmark
Includes: Mandalapu, D.[Dinesh] Mandalapu, D.

Mandallaz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Double-Sampling Extension of the German National Forest Inventory for Design-Based Small Area Estimation on Forest District Levels, A

Mandana, K.M. Co Author Listing * Data mining approach for coronary artery disease screening

Mandanas, F.[Fotios] Co Author Listing * M-estimators for robust multidimensional scaling employing L2,1 norm regularization

Mandanayake, A. Co Author Listing * MISR stereoscopic image matchers: techniques and results

Mandanici, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * 2nd Edition of Instrumenting Smart City Applications with Big Sensing and Earth Observatory Data: Tools, Methods and Techniques
* Aerial Thermography for Energetic Modelling of Cities
* Integration of Aerial Thermal Imagery, LiDAR Data and Ground Surveys for Surface Temperature Mapping in Urban Environments
* Integration of Geomatics Techniques for Digitizing Highly Relevant Geological And Cultural Heritage Sites: the Case of San Leo (Italy)
* Mapping of Aluminum Concentration in Bauxite Mining Residues Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Metric Accuracy of Digital Elevation Models from WorldView-3 Stereo-Pairs in Urban Areas
* Multi-Image and Multi-Sensor Change Detection for Long-Term Monitoring of Arid Environments With Landsat Series
* Object-Oriented Approach to the Classification of Roofing Materials Using Very High-Resolution Satellite Stereo-Pairs, An
* Preliminary Comparison of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 Imagery for a Combined Use
* Structure from Motion for aerial thermal imagery at city scale: Pre-processing, camera calibration, accuracy assessment
* Super-Resolution of Thermal Images Using an Automatic Total Variation Based Method
* Technical Challenges for Multi-Temporal and Multi-Sensor Image Processing Surveyed by UAV for Mapping and Monitoring in Precision Agriculture
Includes: Mandanici, E.[Emanuele] Mandanici, E.
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Mandapati, G. Co Author Listing * Autofocusing of Through-the-Wall Radar Imagery Under Unknown Wall Characteristics

Mandarino, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Assessment of Riverbed Planform Adjustments, Channelization, and Associated Land Use/Land Cover Changes: The Ingauna Alluvial-Coastal Plain Case (Liguria, Italy)

Mandarino, D. Co Author Listing * Change Detection on Comparametrically Related Images

Mandarino, D.A. Co Author Listing * semiparametric model for accurate camera response function modeling and exposure estimation from comparametric data, A

Mandarino, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Potential of GPM IMERG Precipitation Estimates to Monitor Natural Disaster Triggers in Urban Areas: The Case of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mandasari, M.I. Co Author Listing * Score calibration in face recognition

Mandava, A.K.[Ajay K.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Non-linear Diffusion in Wavelet Domain
* Sky Segmentation by Fusing Clustering with Neural Networks
Includes: Mandava, A.K.[Ajay K.] Mandava, A.K.[Ajay Kumar]

Mandava, R.[Rajeswari] Co Author Listing * Bayesian belief network learning algorithms for modeling contextual relationships in natural imagery: a comparative study
* Optimizing Kernel Functions Using Transfer Learning from Unlabeled Data

Mandava, R.K.[Ravi Kumar] Co Author Listing * Push recovery system and balancing of a biped robot on steadily increasing slope of an inclined plane

Mandaviya, C.[Chirag] Co Author Listing * Can Machines Learn to Map Creative Videos to Marketing Campaigns?

Mandayam, N.[Narayan] Co Author Listing * Computer vision methods for visual MIMO optical system
* Dynamic and invisible messaging for visual MIMO
* Optimal radiometric calibration for camera-display communication
* Phase messaging method for time-of-flight cameras
Includes: Mandayam, N.[Narayan] Mandayam, N.

Mandea, M.[Mioara] Co Author Listing * GRACE: Gravity Data for Understanding the Deep Earth's Interior

Mandel, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Development of an Operational Calibration Methodology for the Landsat Thermal Data Archive and Initial Testing of the Atmospheric Compensation Component of a Land Surface Temperature (LST) Product from the Archive
* Machine Learning Estimation of Fire Arrival Time from Level-2 Active Fires Satellite Data
Includes: Mandel, J.[John] Mandel, J.[Jan]

Mandel, K. Co Author Listing * On-Line Compensation of Mobile Robot Docking Errors

Mandel, M.I. Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Interactive Multimedia Retrieval
* Distributed Occlusion Reasoning for Tracking with Nonparametric Belief Propogation
* Visual Hand Tracking Using Nonparametric Belief Propagation
Includes: Mandel, M.I. Mandel, M.I.[Michael I.]

Mandel, T.[Travis] Co Author Listing * Comparing Interpretation of High-Resolution Aerial Imagery by Humans and Artificial Intelligence to Detect an Invasive Tree Species
* Detection confidence driven multi-object tracking to recover reliable tracks from unreliable detections

Mandel, W. Co Author Listing * 3-D Morphology Prediction of Progressive Spinal Deformities From Probabilistic Modeling of Discriminant Manifolds
* Image-Guided Tethering Spine Surgery With Outcome Prediction Using Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Networks

Mandel, Z. Co Author Listing * Multi-Camera Topology Recovery from Coherent Motion

Mandelbaum, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * email: Mandelbaum, R.[Robert]: robert AT sarnoff com
* Combining EMS-Vision and Horopter Stereo for Obstacle Avoidance of Autonomous Vehicle
* Correlation-based Estimation of Ego-Motion and Structure from Motion and Stereo
* Image Alignment for Precise Camera Fixation and Aim
* Method and apparatus for estimating scene structure and ego-motion from multiple images of a scene using correlation
* Method and apparatus for fixating a camera on a target point using image alignment
* Real-time Stereo Processing, Obstacle Detection and Terrain Reconstruction from a Vehicle-mounted Moving Stereo Pair of Cameras
* Stereo Depth Estimation: A Confidence Interval Approach
* Stereo-based vision system for automotive imminent collision detection
* Techniques for Autonomous, Off-Road Navigation
Includes: Mandelbaum, R.[Robert] Mandelbaum, R.
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Mandelbrot, B.B. Co Author Listing * art of fractal landscapes, The
* Comment on Computer Rendering of Stochastic Models
* Fractal Geometry of Nature, The
* Fractals: Form, Chance, and Dimension

Mandeljc, R.[Rok] Co Author Listing * AGs: Local descriptors derived from the dependent effects model
* Dana36: A Multi-camera Image Dataset for Object Identification in Surveillance Scenarios
* Non-sequential Multi-view Detection, Localization and Identification of People Using Multi-modal Feature Maps
* Visual re-identification across large, distributed camera networks

Mandell, A. Co Author Listing * Mita: An Information Extraction Approach to the Analysis of Free-Form Text in Life-Insurance Applications

Mandella, M.J. Co Author Listing * Software-Based Phase Control, Video-Rate Imaging, and Real-Time Mosaicing With a Lissajous-Scanned Confocal Microscope

Mandelli, A. Co Author Listing * Digital Twin and 3d Documentation of a Theban Tomb At Deir Al-medina (Egypt) Using a Multi-lenses Photogrammetric Approach
* Digitalization of Ancient Egyptian Coffins: a Discussion Over Different Techniques for Recording Fine Details, The
* Emergency Survey of Remote and Endangered Archaeological Sites
* Integration of 3D Models And Diagnostic Analyses Through A Conservation-oriented Information System
* New Idea of BIM System for Visualization, Web Sharing and Using Huge Complex 3D Models for Facility Management., A
* Sharing High-resolution Models And Information On Web: The Web Module Of Bim3dsg System
* Testing Different Survey Techniques to Model Architectonic Narrow Spaces
* Towards the Enhancement of minor Archaeological Heritage
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Mandelli, S. Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Fast Source Device Identification
* Deep Image Prior Amplitude SAR Image Anonymization
* Detecting GAN-Generated Images by Orthogonal Training of Multiple CNNs
* Inpainting-Based camera anonymization
* Modified Fourier-Mellin Approach For Source Device Identification On Stabilized Videos, A
* Super-Resolution of BVOC Maps by Adapting Deep Learning Methods
* Video Face Manipulation Detection Through Ensemble of CNNs
Includes: Mandelli, S. Mandelli, S.[Sara]
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Mandelmilch, M.[Moshe] Co Author Listing * Sequential PCA-based Classification of Mediterranean Forest Plants using Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Mander, L.[Luke] Co Author Listing * Geometry of Large Tundra Lakes Observed in Historical Maps and Satellite Images, The

Mander, S. Co Author Listing * Survey Methods for Earthquake Damages in the Camera Degli Sposi of Mantegna (Mantova)

Mander, U.[Ulo] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Trapezoid Models Using Optical and Thermal Satellite Imagery for Water Table Depth Monitoring in Estonian Bogs, A
* Satellite Determination of Peatland Water Table Temporal Dynamics by Localizing Representative Pixels of A SWIR-Based Moisture Index
Includes: Mander, U.[Ulo] Mander, ▄.[▄lo]

Manderle, L.[Logan] Co Author Listing * Keypoint-based Gaze Tracking
* Uncertainty-Aware Gaze Tracking for Assisted Living Environments

Manders, A.[Astrid] Co Author Listing * Comparison of S5P/TROPOMI Inferred NO2 Surface Concentrations with In Situ Measurements over Central Europe

Manders, C. Co Author Listing * Camera response function recovery from different illuminations of identical subject matter
* Compression Method for Arbitrary Precision Floating-Point Images, A
* Fast and efficient video signature generation and matching for online video sharing
* Robust hand tracking using a skin tone and depth joint probability model
Includes: Manders, C. Manders, C.[Corey]

Manderscheid, J.[Jacques] Co Author Listing * Speed Invariant Time Surface for Learning to Detect Corner Points With Event-Based Cameras

Manderson, T. Co Author Listing * Gaze Selection for Enhanced Visual Odometry During Navigation
* Texture-Aware SLAM Using Stereo Imagery and Inertial Information
Includes: Manderson, T. Manderson, T.[Travis]

Mandeville, A.[Alexia] Co Author Listing * Remote Touch: Humanizing Social Interactions in Technology Through Multimodal Interfaces
* Using iBeacons for Location-Based Tracking in Alternate Reality Games: A Pilot Study

Mandeville, J.R. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for a Fast Confocal Optical Inspection System
* Image registration for automated inspection of printed circuit patterns using CAD reference data
* Novel Method for Analysis of Printed Circuit Images

Mandhare, S.[Shubham] Co Author Listing * Melanoma skin cancer identification with amalgamated TSBTC and BTC colour features using ensemble of machine learning algorithms

Mandi, C.[Chinmayee] Co Author Listing * LightNet: Generative Model for Enhancement of Low-Light Images
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering

Mandic, D. Co Author Listing * Bivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition for Unbalanced Real-World Signals
* Convolutional Neural Networks Demystified: A Matched Filtering Perspective-Based Tutorial
* On the Intrinsic Relationship Between the Least Mean Square and Kalman Filters
* Reciprocal GAN Through Characteristic Functions (RCF-GAN)
Includes: Mandic, D. Mandic, D.[Danilo]

Mandic, D.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Diffusion Augmented CLMS Algorithm for Distributed Filtering of Noncircular Complex Signals, An
* Biometrics from Brain Electrical Activity: A Machine Learning Approach
* Blind Separation of Dependent Sources with a Bounded Component Analysis Deflationary Algorithm
* Class of Online Censoring Based Quaternion-Valued Least Mean Square Algorithms, A
* Complementary Cost Functions for Complex and Quaternion Widely Linear Estimation
* Complementary Mean Square Analysis of Augmented CLMS for Second-Order Noncircular Gaussian Signals
* Complex Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Complex-Valued Nonlinear Adaptive Filters With Applications in alpha-Stable Environments
* Demystifying the Coherence Index in Compressive Sensing
* Design of Positive-Definite Quaternion Kernels
* Distributed Adaptive Filtering of alpha-Stable Signals
* Distributed Particle Filtering of alpha-Stable Signals
* Dynamically-Sampled Bivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Fractional-Order Correntropy Adaptive Filters for Distributed Processing of Alpha-Stable Signals
* Fusion of visual and thermal images using complex extension of EMD
* Higher Order Partial Least Squares (HOPLS): A Generalized Multilinear Regression Method
* Multivariate Empirical Mode DecompositionBased Approach to Pansharpening, A
* Online Censoring Based Weighted-Frequency Fourier Linear Combiner for Estimation of Pathological Hand Tremors
* posteriori error learning in nonlinear adaptive filters, A
* Posteriori Real-Time Recurrent Learning Schemes for a Recurrent Neural Network Based Nonlinear Predictor
* Quaternion Gradient Operator and Its Applications, A
* Selective Time-Frequency Reassignment Based on Synchrosqueezing
* Signal nonlinearity in fMRI: a comparison between BOLD and MION
* Steady-State Behavior of General Complex-Valued Diffusion LMS Strategies
* Understanding the Basis of Graph Convolutional Neural Networks via an Intuitive Matched Filtering Approach
* Widely Linear Complex Unscented Kalman Filter, A
Includes: Mandic, D.P. Mandic, D.P.[Danilo P.]
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Mandic, L. Co Author Listing * Case study: Digital offset printing- resolution and color reproduction
* impact of boundary conditions in patient-specific coronary blood flow simulation, The
* Influence of background and surround on image color matching
* Model of Degradation of Color Values in a Reproduction Process, The
Includes: Mandic, L. Mandic, L.[Lidija]

Mandic, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Using Exploratory Spatial Analysis to Understand the Patterns of Adolescents' Active Transport to School and Contributory Factors

Mandic, V.[Vuk] Co Author Listing * Linear Inversion Approach to Measuring the Composition and Directionality of the Seismic Noise Field, A

Mandija, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Acceleration Strategies for MR-STAT: Achieving High-Resolution Reconstructions on a Desktop PC Within 3 Minutes

Mandikal, P.[Priyanka] Co Author Listing * 3D-PSRNet: Part Segmented 3D Point Cloud Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Cross-Conditioned Recurrent Networks for Long-Term Synthesis of Inter-Person Human Motion Interactions
* Dense 3D Point Cloud Reconstruction Using a Deep Pyramid Network
Includes: Mandikal, P.[Priyanka] Mandikal, P.

Mandilaras, T. Co Author Listing * Modular Mobile Mapping Platform for Complex Indoor and Outdoor Environments, A

Mandile, E.[Erika] Co Author Listing * Typing in Mid Air: Assessing One- and Two-Handed Text Input Methods of the Microsoft HoloLens 2

Mandira, B.[Burak] Co Author Listing * Identity Unbiased Deception Detection by 2D-to-3D Face Reconstruction

Mandjes, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Estimating Probability Distributions of Travel Times by Fitting a Markovian Velocity Model

Mandla, V.R. Co Author Listing * Image based 3D city modeling: Comparative study
* Virtual 3D City Modeling: Techniques and Applications

Mandlburger, G. Co Author Listing * Airborne Laser Bathymetry for Documentation of Submerged Archaeological Sites in Shallow Water
* Applying 3d Affine Transformation And Least Squares Matching For Airborne Laser Scanning Strips Adjustment Without GNSS/IMU Trajectory Data
* Automatic Break Line Determination for the Generation of a DTM Along the River Main
* Case Study of UAS Borne Laser Scanning for Measurement of Tree Stem Diameter, A
* Concept and Performance Evaluation of a Novel UAV-Borne Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR Sensor
* Dense Image Matching vs. Airborne Laser Scanning: Comparison of two methods for deriving terrain models
* Design and evaluation of a full-wave surface and bottom-detection algorithm for LiDAR bathymetry of very shallow waters
* Efficient Loading and Visualization of Massive Feature-rich Point Clouds Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures
* Evaluation Of A Novel UAV-borne Topo-bathymetric Laser Profiler
* Integrated trajectory estimation for 3D kinematic mapping with GNSS, INS and imaging sensors: A framework and review
* Investigating adjustment of Airborne Laser Scanning strips without usage of GNSS/IMU trajectory data
* Land cover dependent derivation of Digital Surface Models from airborne laser scanning data
* Mapping of Water Surface Levels and Slopes with Single Photon Lidar - A Case Study At the River Rhine
* Modification of High Resolution Airborne Laser Scanning DTMs for Drainage Network Delineation
* On the Feasibility of Water Surface Mapping with Single Photon LiDAR
* Opals Data Manager: Efficient Data Management for Processing Large Airborne Laser Scanning Projects, The
* Orientation and Processing of Airborne Laser Scanning data (OPALS): Concept and first results of a comprehensive ALS software
* Quality checking of ALS Projects Using Statistics of Strip Differences
* Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR for Monitoring River Morphodynamics and Instream Habitats: A Case Study at the Pielach River
* Vertical Vegetation Structure Analysis and Hydraulic Roughness Determination Using Dense ALS Point Cloud Data: A Voxel Based Approach
Includes: Mandlburger, G. Mandlburger, G.[Gottfried]
20 for Mandlburger, G.

Mandle, G.[Gary] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for processing camera an image produced by a video camera to correct for undesired motion of the video camera

Mandle, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Segmentation of Satellite Imagery Identifies Aquatic Vegetation Associated with Snail Intermediate Hosts of Schistosomiasis in Senegal, Africa

Mandlebaum, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Fully automated iris recognition system utilizing wide and narrow fields of view

Mandler, E. Co Author Listing * Combining the Classification Results of Independent Classifiers Based on the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
* Comparison of Gaussian Distribution and Polynomial Classifiers in a Hidden Markov Model Based System for the Recognition of Cursive Script, A
* comparison of two approaches for combining the votes of cooperating classifiers, A
* Document Analysis: From Pixels to Contents
* One-Pass Encoding of Connected Components in Multi-Valued Images
* Reject Management in a Handwriting Recognition System
* Towards the Understanding of Printed Documents
7 for Mandler, E.

Mandli, K.T.[Kyle T.] Co Author Listing * Evolution and Controls of Large Glacial Lakes in the Nepal Himalaya

Mandloi, A.[Ayush] Co Author Listing * novel DeepML framework for multi-classification of breast cancer based on transfer learning, A

Mandloi, S.[Shubham] Co Author Listing * CoroNetGAN: Controlled Pruning of GANs via Hypernetworks
* Evaluating and Bench-marking Object Detection Models for Traffic Sign and Traffic Light Datasets

Mandol, M.K. Co Author Listing * Context-modeled wavelet difference reduction coding based on fractional bit-plane partitioning
* Novel embedded image coding algorithms based on wavelet difference reduction

Mandolesi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Can Commercial Low-Cost Drones and Open-Source GIS Technologies Be Suitable for Semi-Automatic Weed Mapping for Smart Farming? A Case Study in NE Italy

Mandonnet, E. Co Author Listing * Image Guided Personalization of Reaction-Diffusion Type Tumor Growth Models Using Modified Anisotropic Eikonal Equations

Mandow, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * 3D registration of laser range scenes by coincidence of coarse binary cubes
* Fast range-independent spherical subsampling of 3D laser scanner points and data reduction performance evaluation for scene registration

Mandra, S. Co Author Listing * Quantum Annealing Applied to De-Conflicting Optimal Trajectories for Air Traffic Management
Includes: Mandra, S. MandrÓ, S.

Mandrake, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Analyzing multi-domain learning for enhanced rockfall mapping in known and unknown planetary domains
* Superpixel Endmember Detection
Includes: Mandrake, L.[Lukas] Mandrake, L.

Mandreoli, F.[Federica] Co Author Listing * Beyond Schema Versioning: A Flexible Model for Spatio-Temporal Schema Selection
* reasoning engine for intruders' localization in wide open areas using a network of cameras and RFIDs, A

Mandrici, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Integrating Multiple Spatial Datasets to Assess Protected Areas: Lessons Learnt from the Digital Observatory for Protected Area (DOPA)

Mandriota, C. Co Author Listing * Filter-based feature selection for rail defect detection
* Rail Corrugation Detection by Gabor Filtering

Mandrone, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Thermo-Physical and Geo-Mechanical Characterization of Faulted Carbonate Rock Masses (Valdieri, Italy)

Mandrone, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Agreement Index for Burned Area Mapping: Integration of Multiple Spectral Indices Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Images

Mandroux, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Single Date Wind Turbine Detection on Sentinel-2 Optical Images

Mandrup, C.M.[Camilla Maria] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Abdominal Fat in MRI-Scans, Using Graph-Cuts and Image Derived Energies

Mandt, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Advances in Variational Inference
* Complete Recipe for Diffusion Generative Models, A
* Computationally-Efficient Neural Image Compression with Shallow Decoders
* Factorized Variational Autoencoders for Modeling Audience Reactions to Movies
* Insights From Generative Modeling for Neural Video Compression
* Introduction to Neural Data Compression, An
* Supervised Compression for Resource-Constrained Edge Computing Systems
7 for Mandt, S.

Manduca, A. Co Author Listing * Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE) With Various Ultrasound Push Beams
* Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE): A Novel Method for Two-Dimensional Shear Elasticity Imaging of Soft Tissues
* External Vibration Multi-Directional Ultrasound Shearwave Elastography (EVMUSE): Application in Liver Fibrosis Staging
* Highly Undersampled Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction via Homotopic 0-Minimization
* Imaging elastic properties of biological tissues by low-frequency harmonic vibration
* Improved Shear Wave Motion Detection Using Pulse-Inversion Harmonic Imaging With a Phased Array Transducer
* Local wavelength estimation for magnetic resonance elastography
* Multi-spectral medical image visualization with self-organizing maps
* Multispectral Image Visualization With Nonlinear Projections
* Optimized Homomorphic Unsharp Masking for MR Grayscale Inhomogeneity Correction
* Probe Oscillation Shear Elastography (PROSE): A High Frame-Rate Method for Two-Dimensional Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography
* Probe Oscillation Shear Wave Elastography: Initial In Vivo Results in Liver
* Shear Modulus Decomposition Algorithm in Magnetic Resonance Elastography
* Surface generation for virtual reality displays with a limited polygonal budget
* Ultrasound Small Vessel Imaging With Block-Wise Adaptive Local Clutter Filtering
Includes: Manduca, A. Manduca, A.[Armando]
15 for Manduca, A.

Manduchi, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Manduchi, R.[Roberto]: manduchi AT soe ucsc edu
* 3D Spatial Layout Propagation in a Video Sequence
* Active Triangulation in the Outdoors: A Photometric Analysis
* Bayesian Fusion of Color and Texture Segmentations
* Bilateral Filtering for Gray and Color Images
* CC-RANSAC: Fitting planes in the presence of multiple surfaces in range data
* Classification experiments on real-world texture
* Cluster Grouping Technique for Texture Segmentation, A
* Color Barcode Decoding in the Presence of Specular Reflection
* Color Targets: Fiducials to Help Visually Impaired People Find Their Way by Camera Phone
* Computer) Vision Without Sight
* Distinctiveness maps for image matching
* Dynamic Environment Exploration Using a Virtual White Cane
* EyeGAN: Gaze-Preserving, Mask-Mediated Eye Image Synthesis
* fast and robust text spotter, A
* Fast Image Motion Computation on an Embedded Computer
* Fast image motion segmentation for surveillance applications
* Fast single-frequency time-of-flight range imaging
* From cross-country autonomous navigation to intelligent deep space communications: visual sensor processing at JPL
* High Information Rate and Efficient Color Barcode Decoding
* Hybrid Joint-Separable Multibody Tracking
* Independent Component Analysis of Textures
* Indoor Manhattan spatial layout recovery from monocular videos via line matching
* Invariant operators, small samples, and the bias-variance dilemma
* Learning Outdoor Color Classification
* Learning Outdoor Color Classification from Just One Training Image
* Mixture Models and the Segmentation of Multimodal Textures
* Multi-planar Fitting in an Indoor Manhattan World
* Multi-planar Monocular Reconstruction of Manhattan Indoor Scenes
* Multistage sampling structure conversion of video signals
* New Structural Constraint and its Application in Wide Baseline Matching, A
* novel approach for color barcode decoding using smart phones, A
* On the Bayes fusion of visual features
* On the determination of all the sublattices of preassigned index and its application to multidimensional subsampling
* One-Shot Optimal Exposure Control
* Planar Structures from Line Correspondences in a Manhattan World
* Probabilistic 3D data usion for adaptive resolution surface generation
* Probabilistic Phase Unwrapping for Single-Frequency Time-of-Flight Range Cameras
* Pyramidal implementation of deformable kernels
* Reading 1D Barcodes with Mobile Phones Using Deformable Templates
* Reading challenging barcodes with cameras
* Real Time Camera Phone Guidance for Compliant Document Image Acquisition without Sight
* Robust and Accurate Text Stroke Segmentation
* Robust curb and ramp detection for safe parking using the Canesta TOF camera
* Robust real-time detection of multi-color markers on a cell phone
* Rotational Invariant Operators Based on Steerable Filter Banks
* Spectral characteristics and motion-compensated restoration of composite frames
* Stereo Matching as a Nearest-Neighbor Problem
* Stereo without Search
* Subject Guided Eye Image Synthesis with Application to Gaze Redirection
* Supervised Parametric Classification of Aerial LiDAR Data
* theory of color barcodes, A
* Tool for Range Sensing and Environment Discovery for the Blind, A
* Ultra-Low-Power Contrast-Based Integrated Camera Node and its Application as a People Counter, An
* Wide baseline feature matching using the cross-epipolar ordering constraint
Includes: Manduchi, R.[Roberto] Manduchi, R.
56 for Manduchi, R.

Manduhu, M. Co Author Listing * Work Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Exact Euclidean Distance Transform, A

Mandujano, C.E. Co Author Listing * Cross-power spectrum phase for automated registration of multi/hyperspectral data-cubes for efficient information retrieval

Mandula, N.[Naren] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Vegetation Change and Its Potential Drivers in Inner Mongolia from 2000 to 2019
* NDVI Indicates Long-Term Dynamics of Vegetation and Its Driving Forces from Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors in Mongolian Plateau
* Vegetation Dynamics and Its Response to Extreme Climate on the Inner Mongolian Plateau during 1982-2020

Mandyam, G. Co Author Listing * Lossless Image Compression Using Predictive Codebooks
* Lossless Image Compression Using the Discrete Cosine Transform

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