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Ferra, A.[Aina] Co Author Listing * Multiple Wavelet Pooling for CNNs
Includes: Ferra, A.[Aina] Ferrà, A.[Aina]

Ferra, E.F.[Enrique Fernandez] Co Author Listing * User-centric universal multimedia access in home networks
Includes: Ferra, E.F.[Enrique Fernandez] Ferrá, E.F.[Enrique Fernández]

Ferracani, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Events in crowded places: A smart service management
* Imaging Novecento. A Mobile App for Automatic Recognition of Artworks and Transfer of Artistic Styles
* Natural Interface for the Training of Medical Personnel in an Immersive and Virtual Reality System, A
* Passive Profiling and Natural Interaction Metaphors for Personalized Multimedia Museum Experiences

Ferraccioli, F.[Fausto] Co Author Listing * Tectonic Implications for the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains, East Antarctica, from Airborne Gravity and Magnetic Data

Ferracini, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * System and method for scaling a digital image

Ferracuti, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Collaborative design of a telerehabilitation system enabling virtual second opinion based on fuzzy logic
* comparative study of driver torque demand prediction methods, A

Ferrada, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Increasing the Resolution and Spectral Range of Measured Direct Irradiance Spectra for PV Applications

Ferradal, S. Co Author Listing * Generating Textures for 3D Head Models: A Wavelet-Based Approach

Ferradans Nogueira, P. Co Author Listing * Parcel-based image classification as a decision-making supporting tool for the Land Bank of Galicia (Spain)
Includes: Ferradans Nogueira, P. Ferradáns-Nogueira, P.

Ferradans, S.[Sira] Co Author Listing * Adaptive color transfer with relaxed optimal transport
* Algorithmic Analysis of Variational Models for Perceptual Local Contrast Enhancement, An
* Analysis of Visual Adaptation and Contrast Perception for Tone Mapping, An
* Compact representations of stationary dynamic textures
* Geometry-Based Demosaicking
* Image Quality Assessment Dataset for Portraits, An
* Regularized Discrete Optimal Transport
* Regularized Discrete Optimal Transport
* Static and Dynamic Texture Mixing Using Optimal Transport
* Synthesizing and Mixing Stationary Gaussian Texture Models
Includes: Ferradans, S.[Sira] Ferradans, S.
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Ferragamo, M.J. Co Author Listing * Composition of Biosonar Images for Target Recognition by Echolocating Bats

Ferragina, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Locality Filtering for Efficient Ride Sharing Platforms
* Recognition by Constructive Neural Algorithms
* Recognition of Hand-Written Rotated Digits by Neural Networks
Includes: Ferragina, P.[Paolo] Ferragina, P.

Ferraioli, G. Co Author Listing * Contextual Information-Based Multichannel Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry: Addressing DEM reconstruction using contextual information
* Differential SAR Tomography Reconstruction Robust to Temporal Decorrelation Effects
* Edge Detection Using Real and Imaginary Decomposition of SAR Data
* Enabling High-Resolution Micro-Vibration Detection Using Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Case Study for Pipeline Monitoring
* Estimation of Co-Seismic Surface Deformation Induced by 24 September 2019 Mirpur, Pakistan Earthquake along an Active Blind Fault Using Sentinel-1 TOPS Interferometry
* Extended Kalman Filter for Multichannel InSAR Height Reconstruction
* Fast GPU-Based Enhanced Wiener Filter for Despeckling SAR Data
* Multi-Objective CNN-Based Algorithm for SAR Despeckling
* Multichannel InSAR Building Edge Detection
* New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, A
* Parisar: Patch-Based Estimation and Regularized Inversion for Multibaseline SAR Interferometry
* Polarization Analysis of the Impact of Temporal Decorrelation in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Tomography
* Polarization Optimization for the Detection of Multiple Persistent Scatterers Using SAR Tomography
* Ratio-Based Nonlocal Anisotropic Despeckling Approach for SAR Images
* Sparsity Based Full Rank Polarimetric Reconstruction of Coherence Matrix T
* Urban Digital Elevation Model Reconstruction Using Very High Resolution Multichannel InSAR Data
Includes: Ferraioli, G. Ferraioli, G.[Giampaolo]
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Ferraiuolo, G. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Filtering Technique for SAR Interferometric Phase Fields, A
* Bayesian Regularization in Nonlinear Imaging: Reconstructions From Experimental Data in Nonlinearized Microwave Tomography
* DEM Reconstruction Accuracy in Multichannel SAR Interferometry
* effect of modified markov random fields on the local minima occurrence in microwave imaging, The
* Multichannel SAR Interferometry via Classical and Bayesian Estimation Techniques
* Statistical regularization in linearized microwave imaging through MRF-based MAP estimation: hyperparameter estimation and image computation
Includes: Ferraiuolo, G. Ferraiuolo, G.[Giancarlo]

Ferran, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
* Real-time user independent hand gesture recognition from time-of-flight camera video using static and dynamic models
Includes: Ferran, C.[Christian] Ferrán, C.[Christian]

Ferrand, B. Co Author Listing * Distributed Dimensonality-Based Rendering of LIDAR Point Clouds

Ferrand, G. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Parallel Transmit Array B1 Mapping in High Field MRI With Slice Undersampling and Interpolation by Kriging

Ferrand, P. Co Author Listing * Mi-Xing Oscillators for Phase Noise Reduction

Ferrandez Vicente, J.M.[J. Manuel] Co Author Listing * practical evaluation of the performance of the Impulse CoDeveloper HLS tool for implementing large-kernel 2-D filters, A
Includes: Ferrandez Vicente, J.M.[J. Manuel] Ferrández-Vicente, J.M.[J. Manuel]

Ferrandez, J. Co Author Listing * Model and hardware emulation of the first synapse of the retina using Discrete-Time Cellular Neural Networks

Ferrandiere, E.D. Co Author Listing * Application of the Morphological Geodesic Reconstruction to Image Sequence Analysis
* Nonlinear interpolators for old movie restoration
Includes: Ferrandiere, E.D. Ferrandiere, E.D.[E. Decenciere]

Ferrandiz, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * Drift of the Earth's Principal Axes of Inertia from GRACE and Satellite Laser Ranging Data
Includes: Ferrandiz, J.M.[Jose M.] Ferrándiz, J.M.[José M.]

Ferrando, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * CAPS: A New Method for the Identification of Different Surface Displacements in Landslide and Subsidence Environments through Correlation Analysis on Persistent Scatterers Time-Series from PSI
* Morphometric Analysis of Trail Network and Tourist Vulnerability in a Highly Frequented Protected Area

Ferrando, I.[Ilaria] Co Author Listing * FOSS Tools and Applications for Education in Geospatial Sciences
* Integrated Monitoring System Through 3D Laser Scanner And Traditional Instruments for Load Test On Arch Bridge, An
* Mago: a New Approach for Orthophotos Production Based On Adaptive Mesh Reconstruction
* Preliminary Results on Tropospheric ZTD Estimation by Smartphone
* Surveying and mapping a cave using 3d laser scanner: The open challenge with free and open source software
* U.PH.O and MAGO: Two Useful Instruments in Support of Photogrammetric UAV Survey
* Use of UAS for the Conservation of Historical Buildings in Case Of Emergencies
Includes: Ferrando, I.[Ilaria] Ferrando, I.
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Ferrando, S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Unattended and Stolen Objects in Video-Surveillance System
* New Method for Real Time Abandoned Object Detection and Owner Tracking, A

Ferrando, S.E.[Sebastian E.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive vector-valued martingales: applications to image compression

Ferrane, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * Audio-Video detection of the active speaker in meetings
* multi-modal perception based assistive robotic system for the elderly, A
* Multimodal Interaction Abilities for a Robot Companion
* particle swarm optimization inspired tracker applied to visual tracking, A
* Similarity-Based Approach for Audiovisual Document Classification Using Temporal Relation Analysis, A
Includes: Ferrane, I.[Isabelle] Ferrané, I.[Isabelle] Ferrané, I.

Ferrant, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Detection of Irrigated Crops from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data to Estimate Seasonal Groundwater Use in South India
* Extracting Soil Water Holding Capacity Parameters of a Distributed Agro-Hydrological Model from High Resolution Optical Satellite Observations Series
* Sentinel-1&2 Multitemporal Water Surface Detection Accuracies, Evaluated at Regional and Reservoirs Level

Ferrante, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * HMM Based Handwritten Word Recognition System by Using Singularities
* New Trends in Digital Scanning Processes
* Zoning Methods for Hand-Written Character Recognition: An Overview

Ferrante, A.P.[Aldo Pedro] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning and Geo-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Support Systems in Analysis of Complex Problems

Ferrante, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Displacement Monitoring in Airport Runways by Persistent Scatterers SAR Interferometry

Ferrante, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Georeferencing of COVID-19 Positive Nasopharyngeal Swabs to Support Emergency Management in an Area of Northern Italy

Ferrante, E. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and Segmentation
* AutoImplant 2020-First MICCAI Challenge on Automatic Cranial Implant Design
* Domain Generalization via Gradient Surgery
* Graph-Based Slice-to-Volume Deformable Registration
* Improving Anatomical Plausibility in Medical Image Segmentation via Hybrid Graph Neural Networks: Applications to Chest X-Ray Analysis
* Post-DAE: Anatomically Plausible Segmentation via Post-Processing With Denoising Autoencoders
Includes: Ferrante, E. Ferrante, E.[Enzo]

Ferrante, F. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Controller for DOS-Resilient String-Stable Vehicle Platoons, A
* Nonlinear Analysis of Stability and Safety of Optimal Velocity Model Vehicle Groups on Ring Roads
Includes: Ferrante, F. Ferrante, F.[Francesco]

Ferrante, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * VAESim: A probabilistic approach for self-supervised prototype discovery

Ferrante, N. Co Author Listing * Detection of moving objects through turbulent media. Decomposition of Oscillatory vs Non-Oscillatory spatio-temporal vector fields

Ferrante, N.B.[Nicholas B.] Co Author Listing * Open Turbulent Image Set (OTIS)

Ferrante, S.[Schuyler] Co Author Listing * Oculus Rift Versus HTC Vive: Usability Assessment from a Teleportation Task

Ferranti, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Can You Trust Your Pose? Confidence Estimation in Visual Localization

Ferrao, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Detection of Aruco Markers Using the Quadrilateral Sum Conjuncture
Includes: Ferrao, J.[Jose] Ferrão, J.[José]

Ferrao, V.T.[Victor Terra] Co Author Listing * Fast algorithm for real-time ground extraction from unorganized stereo point clouds
Includes: Ferrao, V.T.[Victor Terra] Ferrão, V.T.[Victor Terra]

Ferrar, V.[Vittorio] Co Author Listing * Towards Multi-View Object Class Detection

Ferrara, A. Co Author Listing * Comparing Internal Model Control and Sliding-Mode Approaches for Vehicle Yaw Control
* Cross-Comparison between Landsat 8 (OLI) and Landsat 7 (ETM+) Derived Vegetation Indices in a Mediterranean Environment
* Minimum sensor second-order sliding mode longitudinal control of passenger vehicles
* Towards Effective Geographic Ontology Matching
* Wheel Slip Control via Second-Order Sliding-Mode Generation
Includes: Ferrara, A. Ferrara, A.[Agostino] Ferrara, A.[Alfio]

Ferrara, C.[Carlotta] Co Author Listing * Estimated Biomass Loss Caused by the Vaia Windthrow in Northern Italy: Evaluation of Active and Passive Remote Sensing Options
* posteriori GPR Evaluation of Tree Stability: A Case Study in Rome (Italy), A

Ferrara, F. Co Author Listing * artificial neural network architecture for skeletal age assessment, An
* Real-time speckle image processing
Includes: Ferrara, F. Ferrara, F.[Fernando]

Ferrara, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptation of the Global Geoid Model EGM2008 on Campania Region (Italy) Based on Geodetic Network Points

Ferrara, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Stratospheric Smoke Particles over the Antarctica by Remote Sensing Instruments

Ferrara, K.W. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Functional Vascular Assessment With Ultrasound

Ferrara, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * BioLab-ICAO: A new benchmark to evaluate applications assessing face image compliance to ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard
* Butterfly Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging, A
* Face morphing detection in the presence of printing/scanning and heterogeneous image sources
* Fast and Accurate Palmprint Recognition System Based on Minutiae, A
* Fingerprint and On-Line Signature Verification Competitions at ICB 2009
* Fingerprint Indexing Based on Minutia Cylinder-Code
* Fingerprint scanner focusing estimation by Top Sharpening Index
* Hyperspectral SAR
* MCC: A baseline algorithm for fingerprint verification in FVC-onGoing
* Minutia Cylinder-Code: A New Representation and Matching Technique for Fingerprint Recognition
* On the Impact of Alterations on Face Photo Recognition Accuracy
* Shape and Motion Estimation from Near-Field Echo-Based Sensor Data
* Shape and Motion Reconstruction from 3D-to-1D Orthographically Projected Data via Object-Image Relations
* Single Frequency Inverse Obstacle Scattering: A Sparsity Constrained Linear Sampling Method Approach
Includes: Ferrara, M.[Matteo] Ferrara, M.[Matthew] Ferrara, M.
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Ferrara, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * Color Scratches Removal Using Human Perception
* Multiple parenting identification in image phylogeny
* Wide-angle and long-range real time pose estimation: A comparison between monocular and stereo vision systems
Includes: Ferrara, P.[Paola] Ferrara, P.[Pasquale]

Ferrara, R. Co Author Listing * European Space agency (ESA) Landsat MSS/TM/ETM+/OLI archive: 42 years of our history

Ferrara, S. Co Author Listing * 3d High-quality Modeling of Small and Complex Archaeological Inscribed Objects: Relevant Issues and Proposed Methodology
* 3d Modelling of The Mamari Tablet From The Rongorongo Corpus: Acquisition, Processing Issues, And Outcomes
* Next Frontier For MPEG-5 LCEVC: From HDR and Immersive Video to the Metaverse, The
* Overview of the Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC) Standard
* Verification Test of the Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC) Standard
Includes: Ferrara, S. Ferrara, S.[Simone]

Ferrara, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Oil-Contaminated Soil Modeling and Remediation Monitoring in Arid Areas Using Remote Sensing

Ferrare, R. Co Author Listing * New Technique Using Infrared Satellite Measurements to Improve the Accuracy of the CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Discrimination Method, A

Ferrare, R.A.[Richard A.] Co Author Listing * Use of A Neural Network-Based Ocean Body Radiative Transfer Model for Aerosol Retrievals from Multi-Angle Polarimetric Measurements

Ferrarese, F.P.[Francesca Pizzorni] Co Author Listing * Towards a diffusion image processing validation and accuracy prediction framework

Ferrarese, M. Co Author Listing * High Resolution Morphometric Reconstruction of Multimaterial Tiles of an Ancient Mosaic

Ferrarese, S. Co Author Listing * Methods to Retrieve the Cloud-Top Height in the Frame of the JEM-EUSO Mission

Ferraresso, C.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of NOAA/AVHRR multitemporal images, climate conditions and cultivated land of sugarcane fields applied to agricultural monitoring

Ferraretti, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Spot Detection in Images with Noisy Background

Ferrari, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Bacterial colony counting with Convolutional Neural Networks in Digital Microbiology Imaging
* Bivariate Gamma Distributions for Image Registration and Change Detection
* Blind and Fully Constrained Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images
* Boosted Tracking in Video
* complete system for NN classification based on a VLSI array processor, A
* Deep Deconvolution for Traffic Analysis With Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data
* Detection of astrophysical sources in hyperspectral data. Applications to the MUSE instrument
* Distribution strategies for very large 3D image deconvolution algorithms
* Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data With Vector-Valued Kernel Functions
* Online change-point detection with kernels
* PAINTER: A spatiospectral image reconstruction algorithm for optical interferometry
* Real-Time Probabilistic Tracking of Faces in Video
* Technical innovations for the diagnosis and the rehabilitation of motor and perceptive impairments of the child with Cerebral Palsy
* Variance Stabilizing Transformations for Intensity Estimators of Shot Noise
* VLSI Array Processor Accelerator for K-NN Classification, A
Includes: Ferrari, A.[Alessandro] Ferrari, A. Ferrari, A.[André] Ferrari, A.[Andre]
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Ferrari, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * 3DMM for Accurate Reconstruction of Depth Data
* Automatic Generation of Semantic Parts for Face Image Synthesis
* Deep 3D morphable model refinement via progressive growing of conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Dictionary Learning-Based 3D Morphable Shape Model, A
* Effective 3D based frontalization for unconstrained face recognition
* Extended YouTube Faces: A Dataset for Heterogeneous Open-Set Face Identification
* Florence 4D Facial Expression Dataset, The
* Florence multi-resolution 3D facial expression dataset, The
* FrankenMask: Manipulating semantic masks with transformers for face parts editing
* Generating Multiple 4D Expression Transitions by Learning Face Landmark Trajectories
* Inner Eye Canthus Localization for Human Body Temperature Screening
* Investigating Nuisance Factors in Face Recognition with DCNN Representation
* Investigating Nuisances in DCNN-Based Face Recognition
* Learning Landmarks Motion from Speech for Speaker-agnostic 3d Talking Heads Generation
* Pose Independent Face Recognition by Localizing Local Binary Patterns via Deformation Components
* Probability Guided Maxout
* Rendering Realistic Subject-Dependent Expression Images by Learning 3DMM Deformation Coefficients
* Sparse and Locally Coherent Morphable Face Model for Dense Semantic Correspondence Across Heterogeneous 3D Faces, A
* Sparse to Dense Dynamic 3D Facial Expression Generation
* What makes you, you? Analyzing Recognition by Swapping Face Parts
Includes: Ferrari, C.[Claudio] Ferrari, C.
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Ferrari, D. Co Author Listing * Systolic Convolver for Parallel, Multiresolution Edge Detection, A

Ferrari, E.[Elia] Co Author Listing * Search Engine for Open Geospatial Consortium Web Services Improving Discoverability through Natural Language Processing-Based Processing and Ranking

Ferrari, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * 3D Data Acquisition and Modelling of Complex Heritage Buildings
* CH Digital Documentation and 3D Survey to Foster the European Integration Process: The Case Study of Geguti Palace in Kutaisi, Georgia
* Critical Analysis And Digital Reconstructions of Alberti's Architectures By the Use of 3D Morphometric Integrated Survey Database
* Digital Cultural Heritage: Semantic Enrichment and Modelling in BIM Environment
* Digital Morphometric Survey for Documentation, Conservation and Restoration Works: The MUDI Project
* Inferences on the 2021 Ongoing Volcanic Unrest at Vulcano Island (Italy) through a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Surveillance Network
* Integrated Data Capturing Requirements for 3D Semantic Modelling Of Cultural Heritage: the Inception Protocol
* Semantic Web Technologies Meet BIM for Accessing and Understanding Cultural Heritage
* Visually Guided Mobile Robot Acting in Indoor Environments, A
Includes: Ferrari, F.[Federico] Ferrari, F. Ferrari, F.[Ferruccio]
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Ferrari, G. Co Author Listing * Allocation Strategies for Distributed Video Surveillance Networks
* Inertial BSN-Based Characterization and Automatic UPDRS Evaluation of the Gait Task of Parkinsonians
* Recognition driven burst transmissions in distributed third generation surveillance systems
* Smart City as an Urban Intelligent Digital System: The Case of Parma
* Using the Pupillary Reflex as a Diabetes Occurrence Screening Aid Tool through Neural Networks
Includes: Ferrari, G. Ferrari, G.[Gianluigi] Ferrari, G.[Giselle]

Ferrari, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Integrated GPR and ERT Surveys for the Investigation of the External Sectors of the Castle of Melfi (Potenza, Italy)
* Non-Destructive Diagnosis on the Masaccio Frescoes at the Brancacci Chapel, Church of Santa Maria del Carmine (Florence)

Ferrari, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Automatic Eyes and Nose Detection Using Curvature Analysis
* One-Shot 3D-Gradient Method Applied to Face Recognition
Includes: Ferrari, J.[Jose] Ferrari, J.[José]

Ferrari, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * 3D curvature analysis with a novel one-shot technique
* Plume Segmentation from UV Camera Images for SO2 Emission Rate Quantification on Cloud Days
Includes: Ferrari, J.A.[Jose A.] Ferrari, J.A.[José A.]

Ferrari, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Discovering City Dynamics through Sports Tracking Applications
* History, Geometry, Structure: Interdisciplinary Analysis of A Historical Bridge
* Integrating EfficientNet into an HAFNet Structure for Building Mapping in High-Resolution Optical Earth Observation Data
* Towards Effective Project Documentation, Transparency, and Data-Driven Decision-making Through BIM-Blockchain Based Applications
Includes: Ferrari, L.[Laura] Ferrari, L. Ferrari, L.[Luca]

Ferrari, L.A. Co Author Listing * Curve and Surface Generation and Refinement: Based on a High-Speed Derivative Algorithm
* Efficient Algorithms for the Implementation of General B-Splines
* Efficient Two-Dimensional Filters Using B-Spline Functions
* Fast Recursive Algorithm for Binary-Valued Two-Dimensional Filters, A
* Minimal Rectangular Partitions of Digitized Blobs
* Note on Duhamel Integrals and Running Average Filters, A
* Recursive Algorithms for Implementing Digital Image Filters
* Simple Algorithms and Architectures for B-Spline Interpolation
Includes: Ferrari, L.A. Ferrari, L.A.[Leonard A.]
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Ferrari, M. Co Author Listing * Colored visual tags: a robust approach for augmented reality
* Long-Term Spatiotemporal Variability of Whitings in Lake Geneva from Multispectral Remote Sensing and Machine Learning
* Multiple object tracking under heavy occlusions by using kalman filters based on shape matching
* SEM Image Analysis for Quality Control of Nanoparticles
Includes: Ferrari, M. Ferrari, M.[Michele]

Ferrari, R.[Renata] Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Precision of Habitat Structural Complexity Metrics Derived from Underwater Photogrammetry
* Knowledge Gaps and Impact of Future Satellite Missions to Facilitate Monitoring of Changes in the Arctic Ocean
* Optimising Sampling Strategies in Coral Reefs Using Large-Area Mosaics
* Quantifying Multiscale Habitat Structural Complexity: A Cost-Effective Framework for Underwater 3D Modelling
Includes: Ferrari, R.[Renata] Ferrari, R.[Ramiro]

Ferrari, R.J. Co Author Listing * Analysis of asymmetry in mammograms via directional filtering with gabor wavelets
* Automatic Identification of the Pectoral Muscle in Mammograms
* Detection of the midsagittal plane in MR images using a sheetness measure from eigenanalysis of local 3D phase congruency responses
* Initialization of deformable models in 3D magnetic resonance images guided by automatically detected phase congruency point landmarks
* Real-time detection of steam in video images
Includes: Ferrari, R.J. Ferrari, R.J.[Ricardo José]

Ferrari, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Surface Reconstruction: Multi-Scale Hierarchical Approaches
* Cell Multi-Bernoulli (Cell-MB) Sensor Control for Multi-Object Search-While-Tracking (SWT)
* Comparison of Information Functions and Search Strategies for Sensor Planning in Target Classification, A
* Enhanced vector quantization for data reduction and filtering
* Fast Foveating Cameras for Dense Adaptive Resolution
* Geologic Mapping and Age Determinations of Tsiolkovskiy Crater
* Grad2 VAE: An Explainable Variational Autoencoder Model Based on Online Attentions Preserving Curvatures of Representations
* Information-Driven Sensor Path Planning by Approximate Cell Decomposition for Multiple Targets in Cluttered Workspace
* Integrated Geologic Map of the Rembrandt Basin, on Mercury, as a Starting Point for Stratigraphic Analysis, An
* Mapping and Monitoring Urban Environment through Sentinel-1 SAR Data: A Case Study in the Veneto Region (Italy)
* Unsupervised Learning From Limited Available Data by ß-NMF and Dual Autoencoder
Includes: Ferrari, S. Ferrari, S.[Silvia] Ferrari, S.[Sabrina] Ferrari, S.[Stefano]
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Ferrari, V.[Vittorio] Co Author Listing * 2D Articulated Human Pose Estimation and Retrieval in (Almost) Unconstrained Still Images
* 3D Modeling and Registration Under Wide Baseline Conditions
* Accurate Object Detection with Deformable Shape Models Learnt from Images
* Action Tubelet Detector for Spatio-Temporal Action Localization
* Active Learning for Human Pose Estimation
* Active learning for semantic segmentation with expected change
* active search strategy for efficient object class detection, An
* Agile Modeling: From Concept to Classifier in Minutes
* Analysing Domain Shift Factors between Videos and Images for Object Detection
* Analyzing the Layout of Composite Textures
* Appearance Sharing for Collective Human Pose Estimation
* Articulated motion discovery using pairs of trajectories
* Associative Embeddings for Large-Scale Knowledge Transfer with Self-Assessment
* Automatically Selecting Inference Algorithms for Discrete Energy Minimisation
* Behavior Discovery and Alignment of Articulated Object Classes from Unstructured Video
* Better appearance models for pictorial structures
* Beyond SOT: Tracking Multiple Generic Objects at Once
* C-Flow: Conditional Generative Flow Models for Images and 3D Point Clouds
* CAD-Estate: Large-scale CAD Model Annotation in RGB Videos
* ClassCut for Unsupervised Class Segmentation
* Closed-Form Approximate CRF Training for Scalable Image Segmentation
* COCO-Stuff: Thing and Stuff Classes in Context
* Combining Image-Level and Segment-Level Models for Automatic Annotation
* Composite Texture Descriptions
* Composite Texture Synthesis
* Connecting Vision and Language with Localized Narratives
* Connecting Vision and Language with Video Localized Narratives
* Context Forest for Object Class Detection
* Continuous Adaptation for Interactive Object Segmentation by Learning from Corrections
* Corenet: Coherent 3d Scene Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image
* DeFMO: Deblurring and Shape Recovery of Fast Moving Objects
* Depth-From-Recognition: Inferring Meta-data by Cognitive Feedback
* Detecting People Looking at Each Other in Videos
* Detecting Visual Relationships Using Box Attention
* Devil is in the Decoder: Classification, Regression and GANs, The
* Discovering object aspects from video
* Discovering the Physical Parts of an Articulated Object Class from Multiple Videos
* Do Semantic Parts Emerge in Convolutional Neural Networks?
* Efficient Mining of Frequent and Distinctive Feature Configurations
* Efficient Object Annotation via Speaking and Pointing
* Efficient video annotation with visual interpolation and frame selection guidance
* Encyclopedic VQA: Visual questions about detailed properties of fine-grained categories
* End-to-End Training of Object Class Detectors for Mean Average Precision
* Explicit Modeling of Human-Object Interactions in Realistic Videos
* Extreme Clicking for Efficient Object Annotation
* Factors of Influence for Transfer Learning Across Diverse Appearance Domains and Task Types
* Fast Energy Minimization Using Learned State Filters
* Fast indexing for image retrieval based on local appearance with re-ranking
* Fast Object Class Labelling via Speech
* Fast Object Segmentation in Unconstrained Video
* Figure-ground segmentation by transferring window masks
* From Images to Shape Models for Object Detection
* From Points to Multi-Object 3D Reconstruction
* Global and efficient self-similarity for object classification and detection
* Groups of Adjacent Contour Segments for Object Detection
* Has My Algorithm Succeeded? An Evaluator for Human Pose Estimators
* Here's looking at you, kid. Detecting people looking at each other in videos
* How Hard Can It Be? Estimating the Difficulty of Visual Search in an Image
* How Stable Are Transferability Metrics Evaluations?
* Human Pose Co-Estimation and Applications
* ImageNet Auto-Annotation with Segmentation Propagation
* Integrating multiple model views for object recognition
* Interactive Full Image Segmentation by Considering All Regions Jointly
* Introduction to the CVIU special issue on 'Parts and Attributes: Mid-level representation for object recognition, scene classification and object detection'
* Joint Calibration for Semantic Segmentation
* Joint calibration of Ensemble of Exemplar SVMs
* Joint Learning of Object and Action Detectors
* Large-Scale Database of Images and Captions for Automatic Face Naming, A
* Large-Scale Interactive Object Segmentation With Human Annotators
* Large-scale knowledge transfer for object localization in ImageNet
* Learning Intelligent Dialogs for Bounding Box Annotation
* Learning object class detectors from weakly annotated video
* Learning Semantic Part-Based Models from Google Images
* Learning Single-Image 3D Reconstruction by Generative Modelling of Shape, Pose and Shading
* Learning to approximate global shape priors for figure-ground segmentation
* Localizing Objects While Learning Their Appearance
* Measuring the Objectness of Image Windows
* Missing Link: Finding Label Relations Across Datasets, The
* Motion-from-Blur: 3D Shape and Motion Estimation of Motion-blurred Objects in Videos
* Multi-View Photometric Stereo Revisited
* Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Uncalibrated Deep Photometric Stereo
* Neural Radiance Fields Approach to Deep Multi-View Photometric Stereo
* Neural Voxel Renderer: Learning an Accurate and Controllable Rendering Tool
* Object Detection by Contour Segment Networks
* Object localization in ImageNet by looking out of the window
* Objects as Context for Detecting Their Semantic Parts
* Open Images Dataset V4, The
* Parallel Composite Texture Synthesis
* Pose search: Retrieving people using their pose
* Progressive search space reduction for human pose estimation
* Projected Augmented Reality to Guide Manual Precision Tasks: An Alternative to Head Mounted Displays
* RayTran: 3D Pose Estimation and Shape Reconstruction of Multiple Objects from Videos with Ray-Traced Transformers
* Real-Time Affine Region Tracking and Coplanar Grouping
* Region-Based Semantic Segmentation with End-to-End Training
* Revisiting Knowledge Transfer for Training Object Class Detectors
* Segmentation Propagation in ImageNet
* Semantic segmentation of urban scenes by learning local class interactions
* Shape-from-recognition: Recognition enables meta-data transfer
* Simultaneous Object Recognition and Segmentation by Image Exploration
* Simultaneous Object Recognition and Segmentation from Single or Multiple Model Views
* Situational object boundary detection
* Special Issue: Advances in Architectures and Theories for Computer Vision
* Telling the What while Pointing to the Where: Multimodal Queries for Image Retrieval
* Tracking by 3D Model Estimation of Unknown Objects in Videos
* Training Object Class Detectors from Eye Tracking Data
* Training Object Class Detectors with Click Supervision
* Training object detectors from few weakly-labeled and many unlabeled images
* Transferability Estimation using Bhattacharyya Class Separability
* Transferability Metrics for Selecting Source Model Ensembles
* Uncalibrated Neural Inverse Rendering for Photometric Stereo of General Surfaces
* Uncertainty-Aware Deep Multi-View Photometric Stereo
* Urban Radiance Fields
* Vid2CAD: CAD Model Alignment Using Multi-View Constraints from Videos
* Video Mining with Frequent Itemset Configurations
* Video retrieval by mimicking poses
* Video Temporal Alignment for Object Viewpoint
* Visual and semantic similarity in ImageNet
* Visually Grounded Meaning Representations
* We Are Family: Joint Pose Estimation of Multiple Persons
* We Don't Need No Bounding-Boxes: Training Object Class Detectors Using Only Human Verification
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Interactions between Humans and Objects
* Weakly Supervised Localization and Learning with Generic Knowledge
* Weakly Supervised Object Localization Using Size Estimates
* Weakly Supervised Object Localization Using Things and Stuff Transfer
* Weakly supervised semantic segmentation with a multi-image model
* Weakly supervised structured output learning for semantic segmentation
* What is an object?
* What's going on? Discovering spatio-temporal dependencies in dynamic scenes
* What's the Point: Semantic Segmentation with Point Supervision
* Wide-baseline multiple-view correspondences
* Wide-Baseline Stereo Matching with Line Segments
* Workshop on Interactive and Adaptive Learning in an Open World
Includes: Ferrari, V.[Vittorio] Ferrari, V. Ferrari, V.[Vincenzo]
132 for Ferrari, V.

Ferrarini, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Biclustering of Expression Microarray Data with Topic Models
* UAV Remote Sensing for High-Throughput Phenotyping and for Yield Prediction of Miscanthus by Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Ferrarini, A.[Alberto] Ferrarini, A.[Andrea]

Ferrarini, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Assessing Capsule Networks with Biased Data
* Assessing the performance bounds of local feature detectors: Taking inspiration from electronics design practices
* Automatic Selection of the Optimal Local Feature Detector
* Performance characterization of image feature detectors in relation to the scene content utilizing a large image database
Includes: Ferrarini, B.[Bruno] Ferrarini, B.

Ferrarini, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Image-based rendering of intersecting surfaces for dynamic comparative visualization

Ferrario, D. Co Author Listing * No-reference quality metric for depth maps

Ferrario, F. Co Author Listing * Low-cost DGPS Assisted Aerial Triangulation for Sub-decimetric Accuracy With Non-RTK UAVs
* Semantic Validation of Social Media Geographic Information: A Case Study On Instagram Data for Expo Milano 2015

Ferrario, M.F.[Maria Francesca] Co Author Listing * Rapid Mapping of Landslides Induced by Heavy Rainfall in the Emilia-Romagna (Italy) Region in May 2023
* Regression Analysis of Subsidence in the Como Basin (Northern Italy): New Insights on Natural and Anthropic Drivers from InSAR Data

Ferrario, R.[Roberta] Co Author Listing * Just the Way You Chat: Linking Personality, Style and Recognizability in Chats
* Multi-scale f-formation discovery for group detection
* Semantic-Analysis Object Recognition: Automatic Training Set Generation Using Textual Tags
* Semantically-driven automatic creation of training sets for object recognition
* Viewing the Viewers: A Novel Challenge for Automated Crowd Analysis

Ferraris, C. Co Author Listing * complexity-bounded motion estimation algorithm, A

Ferraris, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Automatic Processing Chain for Near Real-Time Mapping of Burned Forest Areas Using Sentinel-2 Data, An
* Complete Meteo/Hydro/Hydraulic Chain Application to Support Early Warning and Monitoring Systems: The Apollo Medicane Use Case, A
* Tool for Pre-Operational Daily Mapping of Floods and Permanent Water Using Sentinel-1 Data, A

Ferraris, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate Small Deformation Exponential Approximant to Integrate Large Velocity Fields: Application to Image Registration

Ferraris, V.[Vinicius] Co Author Listing * Coupled dictionary learning for unsupervised change detection between multimodal remote sensing images
* Detecting Changes Between Optical Images of Different Spatial and Spectral Resolutions: A Fusion-Based Approach
Includes: Ferraris, V.[Vinicius] Ferraris, V.

Ferraro Petrillo, U.[Umberto] Co Author Listing * PNU Spoofing: a menace for biometrics authentication systems?
* PNU-based technique to detect forged regions in digital images, A
Includes: Ferraro Petrillo, U.[Umberto] Ferraro-Petrillo, U.[Umberto] Ferraro Petrillo, U.

Ferraro, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Enriched Music Representations With Multiple Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning

Ferraro, C.[Carmela] Co Author Listing * Multidisciplinary Analysis of Ground Movements: An Underground Gas Storage Case Study

Ferraro, D. Co Author Listing * Deep Census: AUV-Based Scallop Population Monitoring

Ferraro, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Practical Cross-modal Manifold Alignment for Robotic Grounded Language Learning
* Recognizing manipulation actions in arts and crafts shows using domain-specific visual and textual cues
* Spatial Exploration Indicators in the Remote Assessment of Visual Neglect
Includes: Ferraro, F.[Frank] Ferraro, F.[Francis] Ferraro, F.[Federica]

Ferraro, G.[Gabriela] Co Author Listing * M2SGD: Learning to Learn Important Weights
* Plastic and Stable Gated Classifiers for Continual Learning

Ferraro, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Active Sampling of Gaze-Shifts, The
* Ecological Sampling of Gaze Shifts
* Elements of a Fuzzy Geometry for Visual Space
* Encoding Visual Information Using Anisotropic Transformations
* Entropy Production in Colour Images
* Entropy-based representation of image information
* Gaze shift behavior on video as composite information foraging
* Gaze shifts as dynamical random sampling
* Generalized Spatio-Chromatic Diffusion
* Global Topological Properties of Images Derived from Local Curvature Features
* Image contrast enhancement via entropy production
* Image Segmentation via Multiresolution Diffused Expectation-Maximisation
* Image Warping for Shape Recovery and Recognition
* Inference of moving forms via Belief Propagation
* information-theoretic approach to active vision, An
* Isotropic Versus Anisotropic Encoding of Visual Information
* Local Structure in Images from Entropy Production
* Modelling eye-movement control via a constrained search approach
* Motion Estimation via Belief Propagation
* On the Representation of Image Structures via Scale Space Entropy Conditions
* On the Representation of Visual Information
* Relating image warping to 3D geometrical deformations
* Surface Shape from Warping
* Towards Modelling an Attention-Based Text Localization Process
* Variational Bayes Approach to Image Segmentation, A
* Visual information from anisotropic transformations
Includes: Ferraro, M.[Mario] Ferraro, M.
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Ferraro, N. Co Author Listing * Information properties in fine-to-coarse image transformations

Ferraro, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * Adaptive transformations for color hologram display
* Comparative study of multi-look processing for phase map de-noising in digital Fresnel holographic interferometry
* Diagnostic Tools for Lab-on-Chip Applications Based on Coherent Imaging Microscopy
* Numerical Manipulation of Digital Holograms for 3-D Imaging and Display: An Overview
* Spatial Positioning Token (SPToken) for Smart Mobility
Includes: Ferraro, P.[Pietro] Ferraro, P.

Ferraro, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Rockfall Phenomena Contributing to the Evolution of a Pocket Beach Area Using Traditional and Remotely Acquired Data (Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, Southern Italy)
* Ground-based Assessment of Snowfall Detection over Land Using Polarimetric High Frequency Microwave Measurements
* Study of Two Impactful Heavy Rainfall Events in the Southern Appalachian Mountains during Early 2020, Part I; Societal Impacts, Synoptic Overview, and Historical Context, A
* Study of Two Impactful Heavy Rainfall Events in the Southern Appalachian Mountains during Early 2020, Part II; Regional Overview, Rainfall Evolution, and Satellite QPE Utility, A
Includes: Ferraro, R.[Riccardo] Ferraro, R.[Ralph]

Ferraro, R.R.[Ralph R.] Co Author Listing * AMSU-Based Hydrological Bundle Climate Data Record: Description and Comparison with Other Data Sets, The
* Correcting Geolocation Errors for Microwave Instruments Aboard NOAA Satellites
* Cross-Scan Asymmetry of AMSU-A Window Channels: Characterization, Correction, and Verification
* Evaluating Instrumental Inhomogeneities in Global Radiosonde Upper Tropospheric Humidity Data Using Microwave Satellite Data
* Hailstorm Detection by Satellite Microwave Radiometers
* Inter-Calibration of AMSU-A Window Channels
* Intercalibration and Validation of Observations From ATMS and SAPHIR Microwave Sounders
* New Method for Generating the SMOPS Blended Satellite Soil Moisture Data Product without Relying on a Model Climatology, A
* New Method for Hail Detection from the GPM Constellation: A Prospect for a Global Hailstorm Climatology, A
* Retrieving Layer-Averaged Tropospheric Humidity From Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder Water Vapor Channels
Includes: Ferraro, R.R.[Ralph R.] Ferraro, R.R.
10 for Ferraro, R.R.

Ferras, M. Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Open-Source Acoustic Simulator for Speaker Recognition, A
Includes: Ferras, M. Ferràs, M.

Ferrater, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Lateral Offset Quality Rating along Low Slip Rate Faults: Application to the Alhama de Murcia Fault (SE Iberian Peninsula)

Ferrato, L.J.[Lisa Jen] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Lake Mead Surface Area Changes from 1972 to 2009
Includes: Ferrato, L.J.[Lisa Jen] Ferrato, L.J.[Lisa-Jen]

Ferraton, M. Co Author Listing * Active Lighting Applied to Shape from Polarization

Ferraz, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of forest structure using a mean-shift based algorithm
* Airborne Lidar Estimation of Aboveground Forest Biomass in the Absence of Field Inventory
* Canopy Density Model: A New ALS-Derived Product to Generate Multilayer Crown Cover Maps
* Comparative Assessment of the Performance of Individual Tree Crowns Delineation Algorithms from ALS Data in Tropical Forests, A
* Fusion of NASA Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) Lidar Time Series over Mountain Forest Landscapes
* Impacts of Airborne Lidar Pulse Density on Estimating Biomass Stocks and Changes in a Selectively Logged Tropical Forest
* International Benchmarking of the Individual Tree Detection Methods for Modeling 3-D Canopy Structure for Silviculture and Forest Ecology Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Large-scale road detection in forested mountainous areas using airborne topographic lidar data
Includes: Ferraz, A.[Antonio] Ferraz, A.[António] Ferraz, A.
8 for Ferraz, A.

Ferraz, A.S.[Antonio Santana] Co Author Listing * Multi-sensor prediction of Eucalyptus stand volume: A support vector approach
Includes: Ferraz, A.S.[Antonio Santana] Ferraz, A.S.[Antônio Santana]

Ferraz, C.A.G. Co Author Listing * Perceptual video quality assessment for adaptive streaming encoding

Ferraz, C.T.[Carolina Toledo] Co Author Listing * Edge-Preserving Multigrid-Like Technique for Image Denoising, An

Ferraz, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Concealed object detection and segmentation over millimetric waves images
* Density-Based Data Reduction Algorithm for Robust Estimators, A
* Discriminative Learning of Deep Convolutional Feature Point Descriptors
* Dissociating rigid and articulated motion for hand tracking
* Fast and robust monocular 3D deformable shape estimation for inextensible and smooth surfaces
* Leveraging Feature Uncertainty in the PnP Problem
* Multiple Kernel Two-Step Tracking
* Scale Invariant Interest Point Detector for Discriminative Blob Detection, A
* sparse curvature-based detector of affine invariant blobs, A
* Structure Restriction for Tracking Through Multiple Views and Occlusions
* Very Fast Solution to the PnP Problem with Algebraic Outlier Rejection
Includes: Ferraz, L.[Luis] Ferraz, L.
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Ferraz, L.T.D.[Leonardo T. D.] Co Author Listing * Privacy-Preserving Certificate Linkage/Revocation in VANETs Without Linkage Authorities

Ferraz, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Parallel Image Compression on Edge GPUs

Ferraz, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Bi-manual gesture interaction for 3D cloud point selection and annotation using COTS
* Monitoring Complex Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems at Regional Scale in Brazil: A Big Earth Observation Data Approach

Ferraz, R.P.D.[Rodrigo P.D.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring thirty years of small water reservoirs proliferation in the southern Brazilian Amazon with Landsat time series
* Remote Sensing and Cropping Practices: A Review
Includes: Ferraz, R.P.D.[Rodrigo P.D.] Ferraz, R.P.D.[Rodrigo P. D.]

Ferraz, R.S. Co Author Listing * Data Integration Acquired From Micro-UAV And Terrestrial Laser Scanner For The 3d Mapping Of Jesuit Ruins Of São Miguel Das Missões

Ferrazzi, E. Co Author Listing * Computational Patient-Specific Models Based on 3-D Ultrasound Data to Quantify Uterine Arterial Flow During Pregnancy

Ferrazzoli, P. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the SMAP Soil Emission Model and Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithms for a Tibetan Desert Ecosystem
* Calibration of the Envisat Radar Altimeter Receiver by a Passive Technique, The
* Introduction to the Special Issue on the 12th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing Applications (MicroRad 2012)
* L-Band Microwave Emission of Soil Freeze-Thaw Process in the Third Pole Environment
* Microwave Vegetation Index from Multi-Angular Observations and Its Application in Vegetation Properties Retrieval: Theoretical Modelling
* Modeling Microwave Emission of Corn Crop Considering Leaf Shape and Orientation Under the Physical Optics Approximation
* On the SAR Backscatter of Burned Forests: A Model-Based Study in C-Band, Over Burned Pine Canopies
* Soil Moisture Estimation by SAR in Alpine Fields Using Gaussian Process Regressor Trained by Model Simulations
* Use of Satellite Radar Bistatic Measurements for Crop Monitoring: A Simulation Study on Corn Fields
Includes: Ferrazzoli, P. Ferrazzoli, P.[Paolo]
9 for Ferrazzoli, P.

Ferre, D.K. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition in Highly-Integrated Circuits

Ferre, E. Co Author Listing * Efficient architecture for collision detection between heterogeneous data structures application for vision-guided robots

Ferre, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Identifying an autoregressive process disturbed by a moving-average noise using inner-outer factorization
* Optimal cross-correlated moments' selection using mixed integer non-linear programming for a novel efficient spectrum sensing approach
Includes: Ferre, G.[Guillaume] Ferré, G.[Guillaume] Ferre, G.

Ferre, J.C.[Jean Christophe] Co Author Listing * MRI Estimation of T1 Relaxation Time Using a Constrained Optimization Algorithm
* Robust Cerebral Blood Flow Map Estimation in Arterial Spin Labeling
Includes: Ferre, J.C.[Jean Christophe] Ferré, J.C.[Jean-Christophe]

Ferre, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Compact and Portable Exoskeleton for Shoulder and Elbow Assistance for Workers and Prospective Use in Space, A

Ferre, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Fusion Methods for Side Information Generation in Multi-View Distributed Video Coding Systems
* video error resilience redundant slices algorithm and its performance relative to other fixed redundancy schemes, A

Ferrec, Y.[Yann] Co Author Listing * Infrared Hyperspectral and Ultraviolet Remote Measurements of Volcanic Gas Plume at Mt Etna during IMAGETNA Campaign

Ferree, T.C. Co Author Listing * Weighted regularization in electrical impedance tomography with applications to acute cerebral stroke

Ferreira da Silva, R. Co Author Listing * Virtual Imaging Platform for Multi-Modality Medical Image Simulation, A

Ferreira de Carvalho, A.P.[Ana Paula] Co Author Listing * Probability Density Components Analysis: A New Approach to Treatment and Classification of SAR Images

Ferreira de Carvalho, O.L.[Osmar Luiz] Co Author Listing * Deep Semantic Segmentation of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems from Remotely Sensed Data
* Instance Segmentation for Large, Multi-Channel Remote Sensing Imagery Using Mask-RCNN and a Mosaicking Approach

Ferreira de Mendonca, L.F. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Glacier Variations In The Southern Patagonia Icefield Utilizing Images Landsat 7 Etm+
Includes: Ferreira de Mendonca, L.F. Ferreira de Mendonça, L.F.

Ferreira de Souza, K.J.[Kleber Jacques] Co Author Listing * Graph-based hierarchical video segmentation based on a simple dissimilarity measure
* Unified Transition Detection Based on Bipartite Graph Matching Approach, An

Ferreira Gomes, J.[Joana] Co Author Listing * Towards Automatic Rat's Gait Analysis Under Suboptimal Illumination Conditions
Includes: Ferreira Gomes, J.[Joana] Ferreira-Gomes, J.[Joana]

Ferreira Jorge, D.S.[Daniel Schaffer] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Atmospheric Correction Methods for Sentinel-2 MSI Images Applied to Amazon Floodplain Lakes

Ferreira Junior, P.E.[Perfilino E.] Co Author Listing * Comparative analysis of Green's functions of 1D matching equations for motion synthesis, A

Ferreira Randi, M.A.[Marco Antonio] Co Author Listing * Processing and Visualization of Light Microscope Images

Ferreira Rosa, A.G.[Amanda Gadelha] Co Author Listing * Measuring COVID-19 Vulnerability for Northeast Brazilian Municipalities: Social, Economic, and Demographic Factors Based on Multiple Criteria and Spatial Analysis

Ferreira Vieira, R. Co Author Listing * Digital Heritage: Academic Research in Brazil in The Last Five Years

Ferreira, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Underwater Mine Modelling in the ¡ vamos ! Project
* Advances in EEG-Based Biometry
* Assessing Phytoplankton Bloom Phenology in Upwelling-Influenced Regions Using Ocean Color Remote Sensing
* Automatic Corneal Nerves Recognition for Earlier Diagnosis and Follow-Up of Diabetic Neuropathy
* Behavior Knowledge Space-Based Fusion for Copy-Move Forgery Detection
* comparison of methods for sketch-based 3D shape retrieval, A
* Computing the Medial Axis Transform in Parallel with Eight Scan Operations
* Estimating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Power Plant Water Vapor Plumes Using Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning
* Evaluation of immersive visualization techniques for 3D object retrieval
* Evaluation of SMOS L4 Sea Surface Salinity Product in the Western Iberian Coast
* Framework For 3d Object Retrieval Algorithm Analysis, A
* Going deeper into copy-move forgery detection: Exploring image telltales via multi-scale analysis and voting processes
* Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Based on Gene Fragment Competition for Polyphonic Music Transcription
* Implantation of voicing on whispered speech using frequency-domain parametric modelling of source and filter information
* Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Multispectral Imagery for Siltation Monitoring in Reservoirs
* Mid-air interactions above stereoscopic interactive tables
* multiple camera methodology for automatic localization and tracking of futsal players, A
* Multiscale and Multi-Perturbation Blind Forensic Technique for Median Detecting, A
* OC4-SO: A New Chlorophyll-a Algorithm for the Western Antarctic Peninsula Using Multi-Sensor Satellite Data
* Parallel Complexity of the Medial Axis Transform
* Predictive Medicine Using Interpretable Recurrent Neural Networks
* Preface to Special Issue on 3DOR 2011
* ReST-Net: Diverse Activation Modules and Parallel Subnets-Based CNN for Spatial Image Steganalysis
* Semi-automatic Tool to Identify Heterogeneity Zones in LGE-CMR and Incorporate the Result into a 3D Model of the Left Ventricle
* Thesaurus-based 3D Object Retrieval with Part-in-Whole Matching
* Towards An Immersive Interface For 3d Object Retrieval
* Ultra-Fast Parallel Contour Tracing, With Application To Thinning
Includes: Ferreira, A. Ferreira, A.[António] Ferreira, A.[Afonso] Ferreira, A.[Ana] Ferreira, A.[Alfredo] Ferreira, A.[Andr©] Ferreira, A.[Anselmo] Ferreira, A.[Anibal] Ferreira, A.[Alexandre] Ferreira, A.[André]
27 for Ferreira, A.

Ferreira, A.C.S.J.V. Co Author Listing * Multi-temporal Analysis of Land Use and Vegetation Cover in SÃo Francisco Do Sul and ItapoÁ, Santa Catarina State - Brazil: Implications to Groundwater Contamination

Ferreira, A.G. Co Author Listing * Hypercube Algorithms for Parallel-Processing of Pointer-Based Quadtrees

Ferreira, A.J.[Artur J.] Co Author Listing * Class-adapted image compression using independent component analysis
* Efficient feature selection filters for high-dimensional data
* Exploiting the Bin-Class Histograms for Feature Selection on Discrete Data
* Incremental Bit Allocation Strategy for Supervised Feature Discretization, An
* On the use of independent component analysis for image compression
* unsupervised approach to feature discretization and selection, An
* Unsupervised Joint Feature Discretization and Selection
7 for Ferreira, A.J.

Ferreira, A.L. Co Author Listing * Gender and age-related differences in the perception of in-vehicle mobile phone usage among Portuguese drivers

Ferreira, A.M.[Antonio Mota] Co Author Listing * Face Detection Based on Skin Color in Video Images with Dynamic Background
Includes: Ferreira, A.M.[Antonio Mota] Ferreira, A.M.[António Mota]

Ferreira, A.R.[Alvaro R.] Co Author Listing * Creating Classifier Ensembles through Meta-heuristic Algorithms for Aerial Scene Classification
Includes: Ferreira, A.R.[Alvaro R.] Ferreira, Á.R.[Álvaro R.]

Ferreira, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Deep learning approaches for workout repetition counting and validation
* Earth Observation Satellite Imagery Information Based Decision Support Using Machine Learning
* Exploring Workout Repetition Counting and Validation Through Deep Learning
* Transformers for Workout Video Segmentation
* What Is the Role of Annotations in the Detection of Dermoscopic Structures?
Includes: Ferreira, B.[Bruno] Ferreira, B.[Bárbara]

Ferreira, B.C.L.[Bruno Carlos Luis] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Question Answering for Domain-Agnostic Information Extraction
Includes: Ferreira, B.C.L.[Bruno Carlos Luis] Ferreira, B.C.L.[Bruno Carlos Luís]

Ferreira, B.M.[Bruno Miguel] Co Author Listing * Cross-Sensor Quality Assurance for Marine Observatories

Ferreira, B.P.[Beatrice Padovani] Co Author Listing * Coral Reef Mapping with Remote Sensing and Machine Learning: A Nurture and Nature Analysis in Marine Protected Areas

Ferreira, B.V.[Bruno V.] Co Author Listing * Wearable computing for railway environments: proposal and evaluation of a safety solution

Ferreira, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Based Approach for Automatic Cardiac Cycle Estimation in Ultrasound Images of the Carotid
* Pattern-Recognition Using Sequential Matched Filtering of Wavelet Coefficients
Includes: Ferreira, C.[Carmen] Ferreira, C.

Ferreira, C.A.[Carlos A.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Breast Cancer Histology Images Through Transfer Learning Using a Pre-trained Inception Resnet V2

Ferreira, C.B.R.[Cristiane B. R.] Co Author Listing * Where's Wally: A Gigapixel Image Study for Face Recognition in Crowds

Ferreira, C.D. Co Author Listing * Relevance feedback based on genetic programming for image retrieval

Ferreira, C.E. Co Author Listing * Column Generation Approach for the Graph Matching Problem, A
* Combinatorial Optimization Technique for the Sequential Decomposition of Erosions and Dilations, A
Includes: Ferreira, C.E. Ferreira, C.E.[Carlos Eduardo]

Ferreira, C.L.[Claudio Lima] Co Author Listing * Drawing Memories: Intersections Between the Sites of Memory and the Memories of Places
Includes: Ferreira, C.L.[Claudio Lima] Ferreira, C.L.[Cláudio Lima]

Ferreira, C.S.S.[Carla Sofia Santos] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Ability to Identify New Constructions in Urban Areas Using Images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Google Earth, and Sentinel-2
* Modeling and Estimating the Land Surface Temperature (LST) Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning (Case Study: Yazd, Iran)
* Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Global Gridded Evapotranspiration Datasets across Iran
* Use of Landsat 8 and UAV Images to Assess Changes in Temperature and Evapotranspiration by Economic Trees following Foliar Spraying with Light-Reflecting Compounds

Ferreira, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Cyberdivisions Produced by the Design of VGI under the Platform Economy: The Case of the Restaurant Sector in TripAdvisor, The
* DeepSolfège: Recognizing Solfège Hand Signs Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ferreira, D.[Daniela] Ferreira, D.[Dominic]

Ferreira, D.D.[Diogo Daniel] Co Author Listing * Breaking Text-Based CAPTCHA with Sparse Convolutional Neural Networks

Ferreira, D.F.[Danilo F.] Co Author Listing * Wearable computing for railway environments: proposal and evaluation of a safety solution

Ferreira, D.J. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Responsive Web Design's Impact on Blind Users

Ferreira, D.L. Co Author Listing * Scale-Free Properties of Human Mobility and Applications to Intelligent Transportation Systems
* User Community Identification Through Fine-Grained Mobility Records for Smart City Applications
Includes: Ferreira, D.L. Ferreira, D.L.[Danielle L.]

Ferreira, D.P.L.[Daniela Portes L.] Co Author Listing * Bregman Divergence Applied to Hierarchical Segmentation Problems

Ferreira, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Classification of Basic Human Emotions from Electroencephalography Data
* Predicting Microhabitat Suitability for an Endangered Small Mammal Using Sentinel-2 Data
* Soil Moisture Retrieval in Bare Agricultural Areas Using Sentinel-1 Images
* Water Surface and Velocity Measurement-River and Flume
Includes: Ferreira, E.[Enrique] Ferreira, E.[Eduardo] Ferreira, E.[Emmanuel] Ferreira, E.

Ferreira, F. Co Author Listing * Statistics of spatial cone-excitation ratios in natural scenes
* survey on real-time motion estimation techniques for underwater robots, A
* Uvsq-Sat NG, a New CubeSat Pathfinder for Monitoring Earth Outgoing Energy and Greenhouse Gases
* Winning Solutions and Post-Challenge Analyses of the ChaLearn AutoDL Challenge 2019
Includes: Ferreira, F. Ferreira, F.[Fausto] Ferreira, F.[Frédéric] Ferreira, F.[Fabio]

Ferreira, F.I.M. Co Author Listing * High Energy Resolution Hyperspectral X-Ray Imaging for Low-Dose Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography

Ferreira, F.J.F.[Francisco J. F.] Co Author Listing * Could Airborne Geophysical Data Be Used to Improve Predictive Modeling of Agronomic Soil Properties in Tropical Hillslope Area?

Ferreira, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Automatic image registration for arm radiographies
* Identification and Classification of Routine Locations Using Anonymized Mobile Communication Data
Includes: Ferreira, G.[Gabriel] Ferreira, G.[Gonçalo]

Ferreira, G.A.V.S.[Gabriel A. V. S.] Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Approaches for LEMP Classification

Ferreira, G.B.A. Co Author Listing * Novel Semi-Supervised Detection Approach with Weak Annotation, A

Ferreira, H.E.J.[Hugo Enrique Junez] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Rainfall via IMERG-FR and Its Relationship with the Records of a Rain Gauge Network with Spatio-Temporal Variation, Case of Study: Mexican Semi-Arid Region
Includes: Ferreira, H.E.J.[Hugo Enrique Junez] Ferreira, H.E.J.[Hugo Enrique Júnez]

Ferreira, H.H.[Hermes H.] Co Author Listing * Efficient 2D Tikhonov smoothness regularization with recursive filtering

Ferreira, J. Co Author Listing * Do As I Do: Transferring Human Motion and Appearance between Monocular Videos with Spatial and Temporal Constraints
* Extended-alphabet finite-context models
* Impact of the Acquisition Time on ECG Compression-Based Biometric Identification Systems
* Medium Guardian for Enhanced Dependability in Safety-Critical Wireless Systems, A
* Shape-Aware Retargeting Approach to Transfer Human Motion and Appearance in Monocular Videos, A
* ViTS: Video Tagging System from Massive Web Multimedia Collections
* Wearable computing for railway environments: proposal and evaluation of a safety solution
Includes: Ferreira, J. Ferreira, J.[Jacqueline] Ferreira, J.[João] Ferreira, Jr., J.[Jair]
7 for Ferreira, J.

Ferreira, J.A.[Jodavid A.] Co Author Listing * PolSAR Models with Multimodal Intensities

Ferreira, J.C.[Joao C.] Co Author Listing * Data Analytics Process over Road Accidents Data: A Case Study of Lisbon City
* Geometry-Aware Neighborhood Search for Learning Local Models for Image Superresolution
* Impact of Driving Styles on Fuel Consumption: A Data-Warehouse-and-Data-Mining-Based Discovery Process, The
* Scalable hardware architecture for disparity map computation and object location in real-time
* Single image super-resolution using sparse representations with structure constraints
* Skew Angle Detection and Correction in Text Images Using RGB Gradient
* Stereo Vision Methods: From Development to the Evaluation of Disparity Maps
Includes: Ferreira, J.C.[Joao C.] Ferreira, J.C. Ferreira, J.C.[João Canas] Ferreira, J.C.[Júlio César] Ferreira, J.C.[Julio Cesar]
7 for Ferreira, J.C.

Ferreira, J.F.[Joao Filipe] Co Author Listing * Active Exploration Using Bayesian Models for Multimodal Perception
* Bayesian Framework for Active Artificial Perception, A
* Bayesian real-time perception algorithms on GPU: Real-time implementation of Bayesian models for multimodal perception using CUDA
* Tele-3D-developing a handheld scanner using structured light projection
* Three-Dimensional Planar Profile Registration in 3D Scanning
Includes: Ferreira, J.F.[Joao Filipe] Ferreira, J.F.[João Filipe] Ferreira, J.F.

Ferreira, J.P.K.[Joao Pedro Klock] Co Author Listing * Fast-forward video based on semantic extraction
* Making a long story short: A multi-importance fast-forwarding egocentric videos with the emphasis on relevant objects
* Towards Semantic Fast-Forward and Stabilized Egocentric Videos
* Weighted Sparse Sampling and Smoothing Frame Transition Approach for Semantic Fast-Forward First-Person Videos, A
Includes: Ferreira, J.P.K.[Joao Pedro Klock] Ferreira, J.P.K.[João P.K.]

Ferreira, J.R. Co Author Listing * Dynamical analysis of freeway traffic

Ferreira, J.V. Co Author Listing * Real-time Collision Risk Estimation based on Pearson's Correlation Coefficient

Ferreira, K.[Karine] Co Author Listing * Identifying Spatiotemporal Patterns in Land Use and Cover Samples from Satellite Image Time Series
* Improved identification of abdominal aortic aneurysm using the Kernelized Expectation Maximization algorithm
* Satellite Image Time Series Analysis for Big Earth Observation Data
Includes: Ferreira, K.[Karine] Ferreira, K.[Kelley]

Ferreira, K.R.[Karine R.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Cloud Cover Detection Algorithms on Sentinel-2 Images of the Amazon Tropical Forest
* Earth Observation Data Cubes for Brazil: Requirements, Methodology and Products
* Overview of Platforms for Big Earth Observation Data Management and Analysis, An
* Quality control and class noise reduction of satellite image time series
* TerraBrasilis: A Spatial Data Analytics Infrastructure for Large-Scale Thematic Mapping
Includes: Ferreira, K.R.[Karine R.] Ferreira, K.R.[Karine Reis]

Ferreira, L.[Lino] Co Author Listing * 3D key-frame extraction method based on visual saliency
* Accuracy Improvements in the Orientation of ALOS PRISM Images Using IOP Estimation and UCL Kepler Platform Model
* Assessing the Spatial and Occupation Dynamics of the Brazilian Pasturelands Based on the Automated Classification of MODIS Images from 2000 to 2016
* Biophysical Properties of Cultivated Pastures in the Brazilian Savanna Biome: An Analysis in the Spatial-Temporal Domains Based on Ground and Satellite Data
* Developing and Validating a Statistical Model for Travel Mode Identification on Smartphones
* Distribution Patterns of Burned Areas in the Brazilian Biomes: An Analysis Based on Satellite Data for the 2002-2010 Period
* generic framework for optimal 2D/3D key-frame extraction driven by aggregated saliency maps, A
* Next Generation Mapping: Combining Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, and Big Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Ferreira, L.[Lino] Ferreira, L.[Luiz] Ferreira, L.[Laerte] Ferreira, L.
8 for Ferreira, L.

Ferreira, L.C. Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Inspection Defects in Commercial Eggs Using Computer Vision, A

Ferreira, L.G.[Laerte G.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Pasture Degradation in the Brazilian Cerrado Based on the Analysis of MODIS NDVI Time-Series
* Assessing the Wall-to-Wall Spatial and Qualitative Dynamics of the Brazilian Pasturelands 2010-2018, Based on the Analysis of the Landsat Data Archive
* Reconstructing Three Decades of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Brazilian Biomes with Landsat Archive and Earth Engine
* seasonal carbon and water balances of the Cerrado environment of Brazil: Past, present, and future influences of land cover and land use, The
* Woody Aboveground Biomass Mapping of the Brazilian Savanna with a Multi-Sensor and Machine Learning Approach
Includes: Ferreira, L.G.[Laerte G.] Ferreira, L.G.[Laerte Guimaraes]

Ferreira, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Arteriovenous Nicking Identification by Color Fundus Images Analysis
* Automatic Object Extraction Over Multiscale Edge Field for Multimedia Retrieval
* Can ride-sharing become attractive? A case study of taxi-sharing employing a simulation modelling approach
* Generic Shape/Texture Descriptor Over Multiscale Edge Field: 2-D Walking Ant Histogram, A
* ITS for Sustainable Mobility: A Survey on Applications and Impact Assessment Tools
* Making Vehicles Transparent Through V2V Video Streaming
* On the Impact of Virtual Traffic Lights on Carbon Emissions Mitigation
* One-sided Radial-Fundamental Matrix Estimation
* Predicting Taxi-Passenger Demand Using Streaming Data
* Principal Axes-Based Asymmetry Assessment Methodology for Skin Lesion Image Analysis
Includes: Ferreira, M.[Manuel] Ferreira, M. Ferreira, M.[Márcia]
10 for Ferreira, M.

Ferreira, M.C.[Marta Campos] Co Author Listing * Anda: An Innovative Micro-Location Mobile Ticketing Solution Based on NFC and BLE Technologies
* Influence of Topographic and Hydrographic Factors on the Spatial Distribution of Leptospirosis Disease in São Paulo County, Brazil: An Approach Using Geospatial Techniques and GIS Analysis
* Land Use and Land Cover Classification in the Northern Region of Mozambique Based on Landsat Time Series and Machine Learning
Includes: Ferreira, M.C.[Marta Campos] Ferreira, M.C. Ferreira, M.C.[Marcos César]

Ferreira, M.E.[Manuel E.] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Estimation in Amazonian Tropical Forests: a Comparison of Aircraft- and GatorEye UAV-borne LiDAR Data in the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve in Acre, Brazil
* Forest Restoration Monitoring Protocol with a Low-Cost Remotely Piloted Aircraft: Lessons Learned from a Case Study in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
* Integrated Fire Management as a Renewing Agent of Native Vegetation and Inhibitor of Invasive Plants in Vereda Habitats: Diagnosis by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
* Mapping Key Indicators of Forest Restoration in the Amazon Using a Low-Cost Drone and Artificial Intelligence
* Satellite, UAV, and Geophysical Data to Identify Surface and Subsurface Hydrodynamics of Geographically Isolated Wetlands: Understanding an Undervalued Ecosystem at the Atlantic Forest-Cerrado Interface of Brazil
Includes: Ferreira, M.E.[Manuel E.] Ferreira, M.E.[Manuel Eduardo]

Ferreira, M.F.M. Co Author Listing * Influence of Topographic and Hydrographic Factors on the Spatial Distribution of Leptospirosis Disease in São Paulo County, Brazil: An Approach Using Geospatial Techniques and GIS Analysis

Ferreira, M.J.R.[Marcio J.R.] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of textured images through the use of quantization and modal analysis

Ferreira, M.P.[Matheus Pinheiro] Co Author Listing * Advances in multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing of mangrove species: A synthesis and study case on airborne and multisource spaceborne imagery
* Deep learning-based individual tree crown delineation in mangrove forests using very-high-resolution satellite imagery
* Individual tree crown delineation in a highly diverse tropical forest using very high resolution satellite images
* Landsat-Based Land Use Change Assessment in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Forest Transition and Sugarcane Expansion
* On the Use of Shortwave Infrared for Tree Species Discrimination in Tropical Semideciduous Forest
* Post-Hurricane Damage Severity Classification at the Individual Tree Level Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Deep Learning
* supervised approach for simultaneous segmentation and classification of remote sensing images, A
* Tree Crown Delineation Algorithm Based on a Convolutional Neural Network
* Tree species classification in tropical forests using visible to shortwave infrared WorldView-3 images and texture analysis
Includes: Ferreira, M.P.[Matheus Pinheiro] Ferreira, M.P.[Matheus P.]
9 for Ferreira, M.P.

Ferreira, M.R.[Mylena R.] Co Author Listing * Wearable computing for railway environments: proposal and evaluation of a safety solution

Ferreira, M.R.P.[Marcelo R.P.] Co Author Listing * Gaussian kernel c-means hard clustering algorithms with automated computation of the width hyper-parameters
* Kernel-based hard clustering methods in the feature space with automatic variable weighting
* Kernel-based hard clustering methods with kernelization of the metric and automatic weighting of the variables

Ferreira, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Spectral discrimination of giant reed (Arundo donax L.): A seasonal study in riparian areas

Ferreira, N.C. Co Author Listing * Iterative crystal efficiency calculation in fully 3-D PET
* Long-Term Landsat-Based Monthly Burned Area Dataset for the Brazilian Biomes Using Deep Learning
Includes: Ferreira, N.C. Ferreira, N.C.[Nilson Clementino]

Ferreira, N.M.F.[N. M. Fonseca] Co Author Listing * Introducing the fractional-order Darwinian PSO

Ferreira, P.[Paulo] Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of Nanoparticles in BF TEM Images by U-Net Binarization and Branch and Bound
* Group'n Route: An Edge Learning-Based Clustering and Efficient Routing Scheme Leveraging Social Strength for the Internet of Vehicles
Includes: Ferreira, P.[Paulo] Ferreira, P.[Pedro]

Ferreira, P.E. Co Author Listing * Video Interpolation Through Green's Functions of Matching Equations

Ferreira, P.H.G.[Pedro Henrique Guimaraes] Co Author Listing * Deep Semantic Segmentation of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems from Remotely Sensed Data
* Instance Segmentation for Large, Multi-Channel Remote Sensing Imagery Using Mask-RCNN and a Mosaicking Approach
* Rice Crop Detection Using LSTM, Bi-LSTM, and Machine Learning Models from Sentinel-1 Time Series
Includes: Ferreira, P.H.G.[Pedro Henrique Guimaraes] Ferreira, P.H.G.[Pedro Henrique Guimarães]

Ferreira, P.J.S.G.[Paulo Jorge S.G.] Co Author Listing * duality of two recent image interpolation methods, The
* Errorless restoration algorithms for band-limited images
* Image similarity using the normalized compression distance based on finite context models
* Locating and Correcting Errors in Images
* Low-Cost System to Detect Bunches of Grapes in Natural Environment from Color Images, A
* Method to Detect Repeated Unknown Patterns in an Image, A
* New Compressor for Measuring Distances among Images, A
* stability of certain image restoration problems: Quantitative results, The
* Stable DFT codes and frames
* Superoscillations with Optimal Numerical Stability
* Three-dimensional noisy image restoration using filtered extrapolation and deconvolution
* Two fast extrapolation/superresolution algorithms
* Visualization of Distinct DNA Regions of the Modern Human Relatively to a Neanderthal Genome
* Why does histogram packing improve lossless compression rates?
Includes: Ferreira, P.J.S.G.[Paulo Jorge S.G.] Ferreira, P.J.S.G. Ferreira, P.J.S.G.[Paulo J.S.G.] Ferreira, P.J.S.G.[Paulo J. S. G.]
14 for Ferreira, P.J.S.G.

Ferreira, P.M.[Pedro M.] Co Author Listing * Deep learning approaches for workout repetition counting and validation
* DeSIRe: Deep Signer-Invariant Representations for Sign Language Recognition
* Exploring Workout Repetition Counting and Validation Through Deep Learning
* Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Fingerprint Segmentation, A
* Multimodal Learning for Sign Language Recognition
* Wide Spread of Algorithms for Automatic Segmentation of Dermoscopic Images, A

Ferreira, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Accurate and fast micro lenses depth maps from a 3D point cloud in light field cameras
* Fast and Accurate Micro Lenses Depth Maps for Multi-focus Light Field Cameras
* On Stereo Confidence Measures for Global Methods: Evaluation, New Model and Integration into Occupancy Grids
* Optimal Multi-frame Correspondence with Assignment Tensors
* Scalable Feature Extraction for Visual Surveillance
* Shape From Motion of Nonrigid Objects: The Case of Isometrically Deformable Flat Surfaces
* Smart surveillance framework: A versatile tool for video analysis
* Stereo Reconstruction of a Submerged Scene
* Topological Auto-Calibration of Central Imaging Sensors
* Uncertainty analysis of the DLT-Lines calibration algorithm for cameras with radial distortion
* Urban Land Cover Classification Using Optical VHR Data and the Knowledge-Based System Interimage
Includes: Ferreira, R.[Rodrigo] Ferreira, R. Ferreira, R.[Renato] Ferreira, R.[Ricardo]
11 for Ferreira, R.

Ferreira, R.M.L.[Rui M. L.] Co Author Listing * Web GIS Platform to Modeling, Simulate and Analyze Flood Events: The RiverCure Portal, A

Ferreira, R.R.[Rosaria Rodrigues] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Ecosystem Productivity in a Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest (Caatinga) Using Flux Tower Measurements and Remote Sensing Data
* WUE and CO2 Estimations by Eddy Covariance and Remote Sensing in Different Tropical Biomes
Includes: Ferreira, R.R.[Rosaria Rodrigues] Ferreira, R.R.[Rosária Rodrigues] Ferreira, R.R.[Rosaria R.]

Ferreira, R.S.[Rodrigo S.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Velocity Analysis Using a Hybrid Regression Approach With Convolutional Neural Networks
* Classification Algorithms for Big Data Analysis, A Map Reduce Approach
* Cognitive Approaches and Optical Multispectral Data for Semiautomated Classification of Landforms in a Rugged Mountainous Area
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data with the Interimage System: Major Characteristics and Recent Developments
* Multiresolution Segmentation: A Parallel Approach for High Resolution Image Segmentation in Multicore Architectures
* Similarity Metrics for Genetic Adaptation of Segmentation Parameters
Includes: Ferreira, R.S.[Rodrigo S.] Ferreira, R.S.

Ferreira, R.U.[Renan U.] Co Author Listing * Efficiency improvements for a geometric-partition-based video coder
* Geometry Coding for Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds Using Octrees and Multiple Contexts
* Mixed spatial and SNR scalability for TVM geometry coding
* Video super-resolution based on local invariant features matching
Includes: Ferreira, R.U.[Renan U.] Ferreira, R.U.

Ferreira, R.U.B.[Renan U. B.] Co Author Listing * Differential Transform for Video-Based Plenoptic Point Cloud Coding
* Memory-Friendly Segmentation Refinement for Video-Based Point Cloud Compression

Ferreira, S.[Silvio] Co Author Listing * Embedded Application for Degraded Text Recognition, An
* Embedded reading device for blind people: a user-centered design
* Multifunctional Reading Assistant for the Visually Impaired, A
Includes: Ferreira, S.[Silvio] Ferreira, S.

Ferreira, S.B.[Sofia B.] Co Author Listing * How Do Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites Affect Coral Assemblages?

Ferreira, S.J.[Sabino J.] Co Author Listing * Finding Deformable Shapes Using Loopy Belief Propagation

Ferreira, T.A.E. Co Author Listing * Improved Evolutionary Hybrid Method for Designing Morphological Operators
* Improving Image Vector Quantization with a Genetic Accelerated K-Means Algorithm
Includes: Ferreira, T.A.E. Ferreira, T.A.E.[Tiago A. E.]

Ferreira, T.M.[Tiago Miguel] Co Author Listing * Characterisation of the Historic Urban Landscape through the Aristotelian Four Causes: Towards Comprehensive GIS Databases
* On the Use of Web Mapping Platforms to Support the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Old Urban Areas

Ferreira, T.N. Co Author Listing * Volumetric SRP with Refinement Step for Sound Source Localization, A

Ferreira, V. Co Author Listing * Graphical Data Flow Based in Tls and Photogrammetry for Consolidation Studies of Historical Sites. The Case Study of Juromenha Fortress In Portugal
* Historical Heritage Maintenance via Scan-to-BIM Approaches: A Case Study of the Lisbon Agricultural Exhibition Pavilion
* Motion Compensation Hardware Accelerator Architecture for H.264/AVC
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry for Heritage Conservation: Case Study of The Historical Walls of Lagos, Portugal
Includes: Ferreira, V. Ferreira, V.[Victor] Ferreira, V.[Valter]

Ferreira, V.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Robustness of Iterative Restoration Methods with Respect to Variations of the Point Spread Function

Ferreira, V.C.T.[Veridianna Cristina Teodoro] Co Author Listing * Inclusive Design and Textile Technology in the Everyday Lives of Wheelchair Dependent

Ferreira, V.G.[Vagner G.] Co Author Listing * Detecting Moving Vehicles from Satellite-Based Videos by Tracklet Feature Classification
* Estimating and Assessing Monthly Water Level Changes of Reservoirs and Lakes in Jiangsu Province Using Sentinel-3 Radar Altimetry Data
* Estimating Total Discharge in the Yangtze River Basin Using Satellite-Based Observations
* Extracting Individual Bricks from a Laser Scan Point Cloud of an Unorganized Pile of Bricks
* Introducing an Improved GRACE Global Point-Mass Solution: A Case Study in Antarctica
* Monitoring Groundwater Variations from Satellite Gravimetry and Hydrological Models: A Comparison with in-situ Measurements in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States
* Prospects for Imaging Terrestrial Water Storage in South America Using Daily GPS Observations
* Range Image Technique for Change Analysis of Rock Slopes Using Dense Point Cloud Data
8 for Ferreira, V.G.

Ferreira, W.D.[William D.] Co Author Listing * Where's Wally: A Gigapixel Image Study for Face Recognition in Crowds

Ferreira, Z.A.[Zuleide Alves] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study about Vertical Accuracy of Four Freely Available Digital Elevation Models: A Case Study in the Balsas River Watershed, Brazil, A

Ferreiro Arman, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Classifiers for Vegetation and Forest Mapping with Low Resolution Multiespectral Imagery
* Grading Textured Surfaces with Automated Soft Clustering in a Supervised SOM
* Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Precision Viticulture
* SOFM improves a real time quality assurance machine vision system, A
* Tensor-Driven Hyperspectral Denoising: A Strong Link for Classification Chains?
Includes: Ferreiro Arman, M.[Marcos] Ferreiro-Armán, M.[Marcos] Ferreiro-Armán, M. Ferreiro-Arman, M.[Marcos]

Ferreiro Lera, G.B.[Giovanni Breogan] Co Author Listing * Unveiling Deviations from IPCC Temperature Projections through Bayesian Downscaling and Assessment of CMIP6 General Circulation Models in a Climate-Vulnerable Region
Includes: Ferreiro Lera, G.B.[Giovanni Breogan] Ferreiro-Lera, G.B.[Giovanni-Breogán]

Ferreiro, D.S.[Dunia Suarez] Co Author Listing * Modelling of Urban Environments
Includes: Ferreiro, D.S.[Dunia Suarez] Ferreiro, D.S.[Dunia Suàrez]

Ferreiros, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Frequency features and GMM-UBM approach for gait-based person identification using smartphone inertial signals

Ferrell, A.[Anastasiya] Co Author Listing * Designing Virtual Environments for Smoking Cessation: A Preliminary Investigation

Ferrell, C. Co Author Listing * Orientation Behavior Using Registered Topographic Maps

Ferrell, R.[Regina] Co Author Listing * Expanding Accurate Person Recognition to New Altitudes and Ranges: The BRIAR Dataset

Ferrell, R.K.[Regina K.] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Image Retrieval for Semiconductor Process Characterization

Ferrelle, P.M.[Paul M.] Co Author Listing * Recursive Block Coding for Image Data Compression

Ferrente, F. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Ferrentino, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, A
* On the Effects of the Incidence Angle on the L-Band Multi-Polarisation Scattering of a Small Ship

Ferrer Ballester, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Hand Geometry Based Recognition with a MLP Classifier
* Offline Signature Verification Based on Pseudo-Cepstral Coefficients
* Sclera Recognition: A Survey
Includes: Ferrer Ballester, M.A.[Miguel A.] Ferrer-Ballester, M.A.[Miguel A.] Ferrer Ballester, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Ferrer Ballester, M.A.

Ferrer Garcia, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Body-Related Attentional Bias in Anorexia Nervosa and Body Dissatisfaction in Females: An Eye-Tracking and Virtual Reality New Paradigm
* Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa Through Virtual Reality-based Body Exposure and Reduction of Attentional Bias
Includes: Ferrer Garcia, M.[Marta] Ferrer-Garcia, M.[Marta]

Ferrer Gonzalez, E.[Ezequiel] Co Author Listing * UAV Photogrammetry Accuracy Assessment for Corridor Mapping Based on the Number and Distribution of Ground Control Points
Includes: Ferrer Gonzalez, E.[Ezequiel] Ferrer-González, E.[Ezequiel]

Ferrer, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Defect Detection in Random Colour Textures Using the MIA T2 Defect Maps
* Performance evaluation of soft color texture descriptors for surface grading using experimental design and logistic regression

Ferrer, B.[Belen] Co Author Listing * Use of High-Quality and Common Commercial Mirrors for Scanning Close-Range Surfaces Using 3D Laser Scanners: A Laboratory Experiment
Includes: Ferrer, B.[Belen] Ferrer, B.[Belén]

Ferrer, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Using dynamic time warping of T0 contours in the evaluation of cycle-to-cycle Pitch Detection Algorithms

Ferrer, C.A.[Carlos A.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Time and Frequency Domain-Based Methods for the Estimation of Harmonics-to-Noise-Ratios in Voice Signals
* From Speech Quality Measures to Speaker Recognition Performance
* Improvements to the HNR Estimation Based-on Generalized Variogram
* Improving Dysarthria Classification by Pattern Recognition Techniques Based on a Bionic Model

Ferrer, C.C.[Cristian Canton] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Threats to DeepFake Detection: A Practical Perspective
* All the people around me: Face discovery in egocentric photo-streams
* Casual Conversations v2 Dataset: A diverse, large benchmark for measuring fairness and robustness in audio/vision/speech models, The
* Casual Conversations: A dataset for measuring fairness in AI
* Deep Poisoning: Towards Robust Image Data Sharing against Visual Disclosure
* Eye In-painting with Exemplar Generative Adversarial Networks
* Generating High Fidelity Data from Low-density Regions using Diffusion Models
* Towards social pattern characterization in egocentric photo-streams
* Whac-A-Mole Dilemma: Shortcuts Come in Multiples Where Mitigating One Amplifies Others, A
Includes: Ferrer, C.C.[Cristian Canton] Ferrer, C.C.
9 for Ferrer, C.C.

Ferrer, C.D.R. Co Author Listing * Read-the-game skill evaluation by analyzing head orientation in immersive VR

Ferrer, E.[Estel] Co Author Listing * Interferometric Orbit Determination System for Geosynchronous SAR Missions: Experimental Proof of Concept

Ferrer, G.[Gonzalo] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Human Motion Intentionality Prediction in urban environments
* NeSS-ST: Detecting Good and Stable Keypoints with a Neural Stability Score and the Shi-Tomasi detector
* SmartPortraits: Depth Powered Handheld Smartphone Dataset of Human Portraits for State Estimation, Reconstruction and Synthesis

Ferrer, G.J. Co Author Listing * Effective Field of View Paradigm: Adding Representation to a Reactive System, The

Ferrer, M.[Miquel] Co Author Listing * approximate algorithm for median graph computation using graph embedding, An
* Approximation of Graph Edit Distance in Quadratic Time
* Bounding the Size of the Median Graph
* Combination of OCR Engines for Page Segmentation Based on Performance Evaluation
* Computing the Barycenter Graph by Means of the Graph Edit Distance
* Conductance Electrical Model for Representing and Matching Weighted Undirected Graphs, A
* Editorial for the Special Issue on Graph-based representations in pattern recognition
* Evaluation of Spectral-Based Methods for Median Graph Computation
* Exact Median Graph Computation Via Graph Embedding
* First Step Towards Exact Graph Edit Distance Using Bipartite Graph Matching, A
* Generalized Median Graph Computation by Means of Graph Embedding in Vector Spaces
* Generalized Median String Computation by Means of String Embedding in Vector Spaces
* generic framework for median graph computation based on a recursive embedding approach, A
* Graph-Based k-Means Clustering: A Comparison of the Set Median versus the Generalized Median Graph
* Improving Bipartite Graph Matching by Assessing the Assignment Confidence
* Iterative Algorithm for Approximate Median Graph Computation, An
* Median Graph Computation by Means of a Genetic Approach Based on Minimum Common Supergraph and Maximum Common Subgraph
* Median graph: A new exact algorithm using a distance based on the maximum common subgraph
* Median graphs: A genetic approach based on new theoretical properties
* On the Relation Between the Median and the Maximum Common Subgraph of a Set of Graphs
* Predicting the correctness of node assignments in bipartite graph matching
* Recursive Embedding Approach to Median Graph Computation, A
* Segmentation robust to the vignette effect for machine vision systems
* Spectral Median Graphs Applied to Graphical Symbol Recognition
* Synthesis of Median Spectral Graph
* Virtual Reality for Training Diagnostic Skills in Anorexia Nervosa: A Usability Assessment
Includes: Ferrer, M.[Miquel] Ferrer, M. Ferrer, M.[Marta]
26 for Ferrer, M.

Ferrer, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * 4NSigComp2010 Off-line Signature Verification Competition: Scenario 2, The
* Anthropomorphic Features for On-Line Signatures
* Approaching the intra-class variability in multi-script static signature evaluation
* Automatic Student Verification System Utilising Off-Line Thai Name Components, An
* BeCAPTCHA-Type: Biometric Keystroke Data Generation for Improved Bot Detection
* Behavioral Handwriting Model for Static and Dynamic Signature Synthesis, A
* Behaviour of dynamic and static feature dependences in constrained signatures
* Dynamic Signature Verification System Based on One Real Signature
* Dynamically enhanced static handwriting representation for Parkinson's disease detection
* Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases by Handwritten Signature Analysis
* Extending the kinematic theory of rapid movements with new primitives
* framework for liveness detection for direct attacks in the visible spectrum for multimodal ocular biometrics, A
* Generation of Duplicated Off-Line Signature Images for Verification Systems
* Human or Machine? It Is Not What You Write, But How You Write It
* iDeLog: Iterative Dual Spatial and Kinematic Extraction of Sigma-Lognormal Parameters
* Incorporating color information for reliable palmprint authentication
* Interdigital palm region for biometric identification
* Inverse biometrics: A case study in hand geometry authentication
* LBP Based Line-Wise Script Identification
* Multi-script versus single-script scenarios in automatic off-line signature verification
* Off-line Handwritten Signature GPDS-960 Corpus
* Off-line Signature Verification Based on Gray Level Information Using Wavelet Transform and Texture Features
* Off-line signature verification based on grey level information using texture features
* Off-line Signature Verification System Performance against Image Acquisition Resolution
* Offline geometric parameters for automatic signature verification using fixed-point arithmetic
* On-line signature recognition through the combination of real dynamic data and synthetically generated static data
* Perspective Analysis of Handwritten Signature Technology, A
* Review of Automatic Fault Diagnosis Systems Using Audio and Vibration Signals
* Robust score normalization for DTW-based on-line signature verification
* SM-DTW: Stability Modulated Dynamic Time Warping for signature verification
* Static and Dynamic Synthesis of Bengali and Devanagari Signatures
* Static Signature Synthesis: A Neuromotor Inspired Approach for Biometrics
* Survey on Traffic Light Detection, A
* Synthesis of large scale hand-shape databases for biometric applications
* Temporal evolution in synthetic handwriting
* Thai Automatic signature verification System Employing Textural Features
* Towards an automatic on-line signature verifier using only one reference per signer
* Towards contactless palmprint authentication
* Towards Stroke Patients' Upper-limb Automatic Motor Assessment Using Smartwatches
* Two-steps perceptual important points estimator in 8-connected curves from handwritten signature
* Wide band spectroscopic skin detection for contactless hand biometrics
Includes: Ferrer, M.A.[Miguel A.] Ferrer, M.A. Ferrer, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Ferrer, M.Á.[Miguel Ángel]
41 for Ferrer, M.A.

Ferrer, M.I.[Maria Inmaculada] Co Author Listing * Brahan Project High Frequency Radar Ocean Measurements: Currents, Winds, Waves and Their Interactions

Ferrer, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Holocene Erosional Processes in a Highly Exposed Intertidal Sandstone Reef Inferred from Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Ferrer, N.[Nicolas] Ferrer, N.[Nicolás]

Ferrer, X. Co Author Listing * Transparency for Whom? Assessing Discriminatory Artificial Intelligence

Ferrera Cobos, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variability of the PAR/GHI Ratio and PAR Modeling Based on Two Satellite Estimates
* Combination of Models to Generate the First PAR Maps for Spain
Includes: Ferrera Cobos, F.[Francisco] Ferrera-Cobos, F.[Francisco]

Ferrera, C.M.[Charissa M.] Co Author Listing * Multispectral-based Imaging and Machine Learning for Noninvasive Blood Loss Estimation

Ferrera, M. Co Author Listing * Fast Stereo Disparity Maps Refinement By Fusion of Data-Based And Model-Based Estimations
* Hyperspectral 3D Mapping of Underwater Environments
Includes: Ferrera, M. Ferrera, M.[Maxime]

Ferreras, A. Co Author Listing * Motion Vector Size-Compensation Based Method for Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding

Ferreri, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Multi-Modal RGB-D Scene Recognition Across Domains

Ferrero, C. Co Author Listing * AI4GEO: A Data Intelligence Platform for 3d Geospatial Mapping
* Corridor Mapping of Sandy Coastal Foredunes with UAS Photogrammetry and Mobile Laser Scanning
Includes: Ferrero, C. Ferrero, C.[Cédrik]

Ferrero, R. Co Author Listing * Toner Savings Based on Quasi-Random Sequences and a Perceptual Study for Green Printing

Ferres, D.[Dolors] Co Author Listing * Chronology of the 2014-2016 Eruptive Phase of Volcán de Colima and Volume Estimation of Associated Lava Flows and Pyroclastic Flows Based on Optical Multi-Sensors
Includes: Ferres, D.[Dolors] Ferrés, D.[Dolors]

Ferres, J.L.[Juan Lavista] Co Author Listing * NonSTOP: A NonSTationary Online Prediction Method for Time Series

Ferres, J.M.L.[Juan M. Lavista] Co Author Listing * Fast building segmentation from satellite imagery and few local labels
* Rapid building damage assessment workflow: An implementation for the 2023 Rolling Fork, Mississippi tornado event

Ferret, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * TIAM - A Metric for Evaluating Alignment in Text-to-Image Generation

Ferretti, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Comments on Influence of the Statistical Properties of Phase and Intensity on Closure Phase
* COSMO-SkyMed Constellation Monitors the Costa Concordia Wreck, The
* Exploitation of Amplitude and Phase of Satellite SAR Images for Landslide Mapping: The Case of Montescaglioso (South Italy)
* Higher-Order Permanent Scatterers Analysis
* Monitoring Ground Instabilities Using SAR Satellite Data: A Practical Approach
* Multibaseline InSAR DEM Reconstruction: The Wavelet Approach
* New Algorithm for Processing Interferometric Data-Stacks: SqueeSAR, A
* Nonlinear Subsidence Rate Estimation Using Permanent Scatterers in Differential SAR Interferometry
* Permanent scatterers in SAR interferometry
* SAR Calibration Aided by Permanent Scatterers
* SAR monitoring of progressive and seasonal ground deformation using the permanent scatterers technique
* Semi-Automatic Identification and Pre-Screening of Geological-Geotechnical Deformational Processes Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Datasets
* Submillimeter Accuracy of InSAR Time Series: Experimental Validation
* Urban-Target Recognition by Means of Repeated Spaceborne SAR Images
Includes: Ferretti, A.[Alessandro] Ferretti, A.
14 for Ferretti, A.

Ferretti, D. Co Author Listing * Gis Analysis of The Seismic Damage On Historical Masonry Spires

Ferretti, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * CAPS: A New Method for the Identification of Different Surface Displacements in Landslide and Subsidence Environments through Correlation Analysis on Persistent Scatterers Time-Series from PSI
* general tool for the evaluation of spiral CT interpolation algorithms: revisiting the effect of pitch in multislice CT, A
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and Statistical Analysis of Time-Series for Landslide Monitoring: Application to Santo Stefano d'Aveto (Liguria, NW Italy)
Includes: Ferretti, G.[Gabriele] Ferretti, G.

Ferretti, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study of Extracting Tissue Textures From a Previous Full-Dose CT Database as Prior Knowledge for Bayesian Reconstruction of Current Low-Dose CT Images, A

Ferretti, L. Co Author Listing * Indoor Localization System for Telehomecare Applications, An

Ferretti, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Compression Based on Regions of Interest and a Modified Contrast Sensitivity Function
* Architecture for Image Compression Through Wavelet Transform, An
* Benchmarking Hough Transform Architectures for Real-Time
* CCMS: A Greedy Approach to Motif Extraction
* compact wavelet index for retrieval in image database, A
* Handling Complex Events in Surveillance Tasks
* hierarchical compression engine, A
* Hierarchical multi-microcomputer systems
* Novel Watermarking Algorithm for Image Authentication: Robustness Against Common Attacks and JPEG2000 Compression, A
* On the Synthesis of a Controller for Handling Borders in Systolic Architectures for 1-d Discrete Wavelet Transform
* parallel pipelined implementation of LOCO-I for JPEG-LS, A
* Progress in Image Analysis and Processing
* pyramidal approach to convex hull and filling algorithms, A
* Pyramidal Architectures for Computer Vision
* Quantitative assessment of qualitative color perception in image database retrieval
* Query translation based on equivalence classes for heterogeneous multimedia repositories using XML and semantic annotation
* Shape Detection with Limited Memory
* space saving approach to the Hough transform, A
* Systolic Merging and Ranking of Votes for the Generalized Hough Transform
* taxonomy for image authentication techniques and its application to the current state of the art, A
* Template-Matching Operator for Edge-Points Detection in Digital Pictures, A
* Towards an Automatic Construction of Object Recognition Strategies
* Wavelet transform architectures: A system level review
Includes: Ferretti, M. Ferretti, M.[Marco]
23 for Ferretti, M.

Ferretti, R.[Roberta] Co Author Listing * Color Spaces in Data Fusion of Multi-temporal Images
* Lake Environmental Data Harvester (LED) for Alpine Lake Monitoring with Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs)
* Monitoring of Sea-Ice-Atmosphere Interface in the Proximity of Arctic Tidewater Glaciers: The Contribution of Marine Robotics
* Optimizing and Evaluating a Graph-Based Segmentation of MRI Wrist Bones
* Semi-Lagrangian scheme for area preserving flows, A
Includes: Ferretti, R.[Roberta] Ferretti, R.[Roberto]

Ferretti, S. Co Author Listing * Clustering of Musical Pieces Through Complex Networks: An Assessment Over Guitar Solos
* Intervehicular Communication Architecture for Safety and Entertainment, An

Ferretti, V. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised mouse behavior analysis: A data-driven study of mice interactions

Ferreyra Ramirez, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * EEG Pattern Recognition: An Efficient Improvement Combination of ERD/ERS/Laterality Features to Create a Self-paced BCI System
* Granger-causality: An efficient single user movement recognition using a smartphone accelerometer sensor
Includes: Ferreyra Ramirez, A.[Andres] Ferreyra-Ramírez, A.[Andrés] Ferreyra-Ramirez, A.[Andrés]

Ferreyra, M.F.G.[Maria Fernanda Garcia] Co Author Listing * Satellite-based view of the aerosol spatial and temporal variability in the Córdoba region (Argentina) using over ten years of high-resolution data
Includes: Ferreyra, M.F.G.[Maria Fernanda Garcia] Ferreyra, M.F.G.[María Fernanda García]

Ferrez, P.W.[Pierre W.] Co Author Listing * Non-invasive Brain-Actuated Interaction

Ferri de Collibus, M. Co Author Listing * How the amplitude modulation of n-laser stimuli could change our way to observe submerged and emerged worlds
* Multi-wavelengths 3d Laser Scanning for Pigment and Structural Studies On The Frescoed Ceiling the Triumph of Divine Providence

Ferri, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * How Reliable Is Structure from Motion (SfM) over Time and between Observers? A Case Study Using Coral Reef Bommies

Ferri, C. Co Author Listing * experimental comparison of performance measures for classification, An

Ferri, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Detection of Cardiac Akinesis in Echocardiograms

Ferri, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Moving GeoPQL: a pictorial language towards spatio-temporal queries
* Query Processing of Geosocial Data in Location-Based Social Networks

Ferri, F.J.[Francesc J.] Co Author Listing * About Combining Metric Learning and Prototype Generation
* Active Contour Model for the Automatic Detection of the Fovea in Fluorescein Angiographies, An
* Adaptive motion estimation and video vector quantization based on spatiotemporal non-linearities of human perception
* Advances in the statistical methodology for the selection of image descriptors for visual pattern representation and classification
* Another Move Toward the Minimum Consistent Subset: A Tabu Search Approach to the Condensed Nearest Neighbor Rule
* Automatic Detection and Characterization of Acoustic Plane-Wave Reflections Using Circular Microphone Arrays
* Cluster-based Merging Strategy for Nearest Prototype Classifiers, A
* Colour Image Segmentation and Labeling Through Multiedit-Condensing
* Colour Segmentation Based on a Light Reflection Model to Locate Citrus Fruits for Robotic Harvesting
* Combining similarity measures in content-based image retrieval
* Complexity reduction in efficient prototype-based classification
* Drug Activity Characterization Using One-Class Support Vector Machines with Counterexamples
* efficient prototype merging strategy for the condensed 1-NN rule through class-conditional hierarchical clustering, An
* Empirical Evaluation of Common Vector Based Classification Methods and Some Extensions, An
* Estimating feature discriminant power in decision tree classifiers
* experimental comparison between consistency-based and adaptive prototype replacement schemes, An
* Fast Kernel Generalized Discriminative Common Vectors for Feature Extraction
* Feature Set Decomposition Method for the Construction of Multi-classifier Systems Trained with High-Dimensional Data, A
* Floating Search Methods for Feature Selection with Nonmonotonic Criterion Functions
* Image Recognition through Incremental Discriminative Common Vectors
* improved distance-based relevance feedback strategy for image retrieval, An
* Improving distance based image retrieval using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
* Improving Nearest Neighbor Based Multi-target Prediction Through Metric Learning
* Improving the k-NCN classification rule through heuristic modifications
* Initializing Normal Mixtures of Densities
* Learning combined similarity measures from user data for image retrieval
* Learning vector quantization with alternative distance criteria
* Multi-conformation Aproach of ENM-NMA Dynamic-based Descriptors for HIV Drug Resistance Prediction
* naive relevance feedback model for content-based image retrieval using multiple similarity measures, A
* NSGA Based Approach for Content Based Image Retrieval, A
* Null Space Based Image Recognition Using Incremental Eigendecomposition
* On the Performance of Deep Learning Models for Respiratory Sound Classification Trained on Unbalanced Data
* On the Use of Neighborhood Based Nonparametric Classifiers
* Online Metric Learning Approach through Margin Maximization, An
* Online Metric Learning Methods Using Soft Margins and Least Squares Formulations
* Open-Set Recognition and Few-Shot Learning Dataset for Audio Event Classification in Domestic Environments, An
* Perceptual feedback in multigrid motion estimation using an improved DCT quantization
* Perceptual regularization functionals for natural image restoration
* Perceptually and Statistically Decorrelated Features for Image Representation: Application to Transform Coding
* Prototype Selection for the Nearest-Neighbor Rule Through Proximity Graphs
* Random Extension for Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction and Metric Learning, A
* Regularization Operators for Natural Images Based on Nonlinear Perception Models
* role of perceptual contrast non-linearities in image transform quantization, The
* Scaling Up a Metric Learning Algorithm for Image Recognition and Representation
* Small sample size effects in the use of editing techniques
* Using Geometric Information in Prototype Selection for the Nearest Neighbour Rule
* Using proximity and spatial homogeneity in neighbourhood-based classifiers
* Variable-Size Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Estimation Using a Perceptual-Based Splitting Criterion
* Voronoi-Diagram-Based Approach to Oblique Decision Tree Induction, A
Includes: Ferri, F.J.[Francesc J.] Ferri, F.J.
49 for Ferri, F.J.

Ferri, G. Co Author Listing * Coflex: Flexible Bracelet Anti Covid-19 to Protect Construction Workers

Ferri, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Comparing Persistence Diagrams Through Complex Vectors
* Complete Keypics Experiment with Size Functions, A
* Feasibility Study for a Persistent Homology-Based k-Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm in Melanoma Detection, A
* Leukocyte classifications by size functions
* Persistence Modules, Shape Description, and Completeness
* Progress in Persistence for Shape Analysis
* Projective Pose Estimation of Linear and Quadratic Primitives in Monocular Computer Vision
* Size Functions for Image Retrieval: A Demonstrator on Randomly Generated Curves
* Special section on computational topology in image context
Includes: Ferri, M.[Massimo] Ferri, M.
9 for Ferri, M.

Ferri, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Kernelized Structural Classification for 3D Dogs Body Parts Detection

Ferri, R.[Raffaele] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning to Predict Cognitive Decline of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Using EEG Markers: A Preliminary Study

Ferriby, H.[Hannah] Co Author Listing * Expanding the Application of Sentinel-2 Chlorophyll Monitoring across United States Lakes
* Harnessing Machine Learning Techniques for Mapping Aquaculture Waterbodies in Bangladesh

Ferrie, F. Co Author Listing * Active Vision in the Era of Convolutional Neural Networks

Ferrie, F.P.[Frank P.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ferrie, F.P.[Frank P.]: ferrie AT cim mcgill ca
* Active Exploration: Knowing When We're Wrong
* Active Object Recognition: Looking for Differences
* Active Recognition: Using Uncertainty to Reduce Ambiguity
* Active Surface Reconstruction Using the Gradient Strategy
* Anisotropic Interpolation of Sparse Images
* Attentive Visual Servoing in the MPEG compressed domain for Un-calibrated Motion Parameter Estimation of Road Traffic
* Automatic registration of mobile LiDAR and spherical panoramas
* Autonomous Exploration: Driven by Uncertainty
* Autonomous Recognition: Driven by Ambiguity
* Better Correspondence by Registration
* Bimodal information analysis for emotion recognition
* Blind super-resolution using a learning-based approach
* Camera localization and building reconstruction from single monocular images
* Cell Tracking: A Modeling and Minimization Approach
* Comparison of Super-Resolution Algorithms Using Image Quality Measures
* Context-Consistent stereo matching
* Curvature Consistency Improves Local Shading Analysis
* Darboux Frames, Snakes, and Super-Quadrics: Geometry from the Bottom Up
* Decoupling Spatial Pattern and its Movement Via Complex Factorization Over Orthogonal Filter Pairs
* Deriving Coarse 3-D Models of Objects
* Edge Localization in Surface Reconstruction Using Optimal Estimation Theory
* Enhanced 3D Representation Using a Hybrid Model
* Entropy-based gaze planning
* Estimating pose through local geometry
* Evaluation of Shape Description Metrics Applied to Human Silhouette Tracking
* Fast and regularized local metric for query-based operations
* Feature Extraction for 3D Model Building and Recognition
* Finding the Parts of Objects in Range Images
* From Parametric Warping to the Cooperation of Local Features and Global Models
* From Uncertainty to Visual Exploration
* Generalizing Generative Models: Application to Image Super-Resolution
* Hybrid Approach to 3D Representation, A
* Image-Based Model Updating
* Informative Views and Sequential Recognition
* integrated range-sensing, segmentation and registration framework for the characterization of intra-surgical brain deformations in image-guided surgery, An
* Integrating Information from Multiple Views
* Interactive Visual Dialog
* Interpolating Sparse GPS Measurements Via Relaxation Labeling and Belief Propagation for the Redeployment of Ambulances
* Local Metric Learning on Manifolds with Application to Query-Based Operations
* Mapping Local Image Deformations into Depth
* Minimum Volume Ellipsoid Metric, The
* Model-Based Road Sign Identification System, A
* Modified Divergences for Gaussian Densities
* Monocular Optical Flow for Real-Time Vision Systems
* Motion and Surface Recovery Using Curvature and Motion Consistency
* Motion Consistency for Image-Based Rendering
* new upsampling method for mobile LiDAR data, A
* On the Sequential Accumulation of Evidence
* On The Sequential Determination of Model Misfit
* Parametric Shape-Recognition Using a Probabilistic Inverse-Theory
* Pareto discriminant analysis
* Pareto models for discriminative multiclass linear dimensionality reduction
* Partitioning Range Images Using Curvature and Scale
* Photo Hull Regularized Stereo
* Photo Hull regularized stereo
* Piecing Together the 3D Shape of Moving Objects: An Overview
* PSF Recovery from Examples for Blind Super-Resolution
* Recognizing Objects From Curvilinear Motion
* Recognizing Volumetric Objects in the Presence of Uncertainty
* Recovery of Volumetric Object Descriptions from Laser Rangefinder Images
* Relaxed Exponential Kernels for Unsupervised Learning
* Self-Calibration and Metric Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Situational Awareness for Manufacturing Applications
* Sparse image reconstruction by two phase RBM learning: Application to mine planning
* Steerable kernels for arbitrarily-sampled spaces
* Structure Guided Salient Region Detector
* Surface Recovery from Range Images Using Curvature and Motion Consistency
* Tessellation of Ground-Based LIDAR Data for ICP Registration
* Towards 3D human posture estimation using multiple kinects despite self-contacts
* Towards direct recovery of shape and motion parameters from image sequences
* Towards Robust Voxel-Coloring: Handling Camera Calibration Errors and Partial Emptiness of Surface Voxels
* Training Database Adequacy Analysis for Learning-Based Super-Resolution
* Uncertain Views
* Uncertainty in Pose Estimation: A Bayesian Approach
* Viewpoint Selection by Navigation through Entropy Maps
* Where and Why Local Shading Analysis Works
* Window detection from mobile LiDAR data
Includes: Ferrie, F.P.[Frank P.] Ferrie, F.P.
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Ferrie, J. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Algorithm for the Segmentation of Three-dimensional Magnetic Resonance Brain Images

Ferrier, G. Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Technology Cluster, The
* On the Atmospheric Correction of Antarctic Airborne Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Ferrier, G. Ferrier, G.[Graham]

Ferrier, J. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of ISCCP Multisatellite Radiance Calibration for Geostationary Imager Visible Channels Using the Moon

Ferrier, N. Co Author Listing * Towards Automated Transcription of Label Text from Pinned Insect Collections
* Two-Stage Framework for Compound Figure Separation, A
Includes: Ferrier, N. Ferrier, N.[Nicola]

Ferrier, N.J.[Nicola J.] Co Author Listing * Achieving a Fitts Law Relationship for Visual Guided Reaching
* Bayesian Approach for Automatic Joint Parameter Estimation in 3D Image Reconstruction from Multi-Focus Microscope
* Direct Mapping of Visual Input to Motor Torques
* Harvard Binocular Head, The
* high throughput robot system for machine vision based plant phenotype studies, A
* Image Based Metrology for Quantitative Analysis of Local Structural Similarity of Nanostructures
* Interior Point Method for Nonnegative Sparse Signal Reconstruction, An
* Modal Control of an Attentive Vision System
* Multidimensional Motion Segmentation and Identification
* Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
* Repetitive motion analysis: segmentation and event classification
* simple linear method to obtain eight ordering of scene points, A
Includes: Ferrier, N.J.[Nicola J.] Ferrier, N.J.
12 for Ferrier, N.J.

Ferrier, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Plant species richness prediction from DESIS hyperspectral data: A comparison study on feature extraction procedures and regression models

Ferrigno, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * Accurately measuring human movement using articulated ICP with soft-joint constraints and a repository of articulated models
* Enhancing Digital Cephalic Radiography With Mixture Models and Local Gamma Correction
* Markerless Motion Capture through Visual Hull, Articulated ICP and Subject Specific Model Generation
Includes: Ferrigno, G.[Giancarlo] Ferrigno, G.

Ferrigno, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * novel PCA-based approach for building on-board sensor classifiers for water contaminant detection, A

Ferris, D.[Daron] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) for Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnosis: A New System Design in Medical Image Processing
* Image Processing Tools for the Enhancement of Concealed Weapon Detection
* Multi-scale decomposition tool for Content Based Image Retrieval
* On Classification of Multispectral Infrared Image Data
* Registration and fusion of infrared and millimeter wave images for concealed weapon detection
Includes: Ferris, D.[Daron] Ferris, D.[David] Ferris, D.

Ferris, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Using Brain Imaging to Interpret Student Problem Solving

Ferris, M.H. Co Author Listing * Extension of no-reference deblurring methods through image fusion
* ROC curve analysis for validating objective image fusion metrics

Ferris, T.K.[Thomas K.] Co Author Listing * Investigating Redundant Encoding Methods for Tactile Messaging in Multitask Scenarios
* Supporting Multitracking Performance With Novel Visual, Auditory, and Tactile Displays

Ferrise, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * CalD3r and MenD3s: Spontaneous 3D facial expression databases
* haptic-based immersive environment for shape analysis and modelling, An
* Indoor Mobile Mapping System and Crowd Simulation to Support School Reopening Because of Covid-19: A Case Study
Includes: Ferrise, F.[Francesco] Ferrise, F.

Ferro Famil, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * 3-D Characterization of Urban Areas Using High-Resolution Polarimetric SAR Tomographic Techniques and a Minimal Number of Acquisitions
* Analysis of the Double-Bounce Interaction between a Random Volume and an Underlying Ground, Using a Controlled High-Resolution PolTomoSAR Experiment
* Building profile reconstruction using TerraSAR-X data time-series and tomographic techniques
* Co-Cross-Polarization Coherence Over the Sea Surface From Sentinel-1 SAR Data: Perspectives for Mission Calibration and Wind Field Retrieval
* Estimation of Forest Structure, Ground, and Canopy Layer Characteristics From Multibaseline Polarimetric Interferometric SAR Data
* Evaluating P-Band TomoSAR for Biomass Retrieval in Boreal Forest
* Forest Height Estimation Using a Single-Pass Airborne L-Band Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR System and Tomographic Techniques
* Lossless and Sufficient Psi-Invariant Decomposition of Random Reciprocal Target
* Multi-Temporal Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric P-Band SAR Data over Dense Tropical Forests: Study Case in French Guiana for the BIOMASS Mission
* Multicriteria Accuracy Assessment of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) Produced by Airborne P-Band Polarimetric SAR Tomography in Tropical Rainforests
* New Coherent Similarity Measure for Temporal Multichannel Scene Characterization, A
* Orientation Angle Preserving A Posteriori Polarimetric SAR Calibration
* Phase Calibration of Airborne Tomographic SAR Data via Phase Center Double Localization
* Point Target Classification via Fast Lossless and Sufficient Omega-Psi-Phi Invariant Decomposition of High-Resolution and Fully Polarimetric SAR/ISAR Data
* Polarimetric Approaches for Persistent Scatterers Interferometry
* Scattering-Model-Based Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric SAR Data
* Ship Discrimination Using Polarimetric SAR Data and Coherent Time-Frequency Analysis
* Sparsity Based Full Rank Polarimetric Reconstruction of Coherence Matrix T
* Spatially Nonstationary Anisotropic Texture Analysis in SAR Images
* Theme issue on 'Mapping with SAR: Techniques and applications'
* Three-Dimensional Imaging and Scattering Mechanism Estimation Over Urban Scenes Using Dual-Baseline Polarimetric InSAR Observations at L-Band
* Tomographic Imaging of Fjord Ice Using a Very High Resolution Ground-Based SAR System
* Under-Foliage Object Imaging Using SAR Tomography and Polarimetric Spectral Estimators
* Unsupervised Terrain Classification Preserving Polarimetric Scattering Characteristics
* Urban Area Tomography Using a Sparse Representation Based Two-Dimensional Spectral Analysis Technique
* Urban Land Use Information Extraction Using the Ultrahigh-Resolution Chinese Airborne SAR Imagery
* Urban surface reconstruction in SAR tomography by graph-cuts
* Validation of Sea-Ice Topographic Heights Derived From TanDEM-X Interferometric SAR Data With Results From Laser Profiler and Photogrammetry
Includes: Ferro Famil, L.[Laurent] Ferro-Famil, L.[Laurent] Ferro-Famil, L. Ferro Famil, L.
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Ferro, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Radar Sounder Signals for the Automatic Detection and Characterization of Subsurface Features
* Automatic Detection and Reconstruction of Building Radar Footprints From Single VHR SAR Images
* Automatic Extraction and Analysis of Ice Layering in Radar Sounder Data
* Automatic Method for Subglacial Lake Detection in Ice Sheet Radar Sounder Data, An
* Best-Match Retrieval for Structured Images
* Novel Technique for the Automatic Detection of Surface Clutter Returns in Radar Sounder Data, A
* Subsurface Radar Sounding of the Jovian Moon Ganymede
Includes: Ferro, A. Ferro, A.[Alfredo]
7 for Ferro, A.

Ferro, C.J.S.[Christopher J.S.] Co Author Listing * Scale and Texture in Digital Image Classification

Ferro, J. Co Author Listing * Sparse Decomposition and Modeling of Anatomical Shape Variation

Ferro, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Automatic Assessment of Leishmania Infection Indexes on In Vitro Macrophage Cell Cultures
* Automatic Spectral Unmixing of Leishmania Infection Macrophage Cell Cultures Image
* Multinuclear Cell Analysis Using Laplacian of Gaussian and Delaunay Graphs
Includes: Ferro, L.[Luis] Ferro, L.[Luís]

Ferro, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Abstracting Stone Walls for Visualization and Analysis

Ferro, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Adapted Meshes for Image Segmentation: Application to Three-Dimensional Medical Data

Ferro, N.D.[Nicola Dal] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Hail Damage Using Crop Models and Remote Sensing

Ferro, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Specchieri Marven Dataset: An Abbreviation-Rich Dataset in Venetian Idiom, The

Ferrone, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Differential Reflectivity Calibration Using Vertical Profiles in Rain and Snow

Ferrone, C. Co Author Listing * Statistics of Optical Coherence Tomography Data From Human Retina

Ferrone, M. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporally Constrained Reconstruction for Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MRI Using Kinetic Models

Ferroni, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Far3Det: Towards Far-Field 3D Detection
* Fast Neural Scene Flow
* Learning to Zoom and Unzoom
* Pix2Map: Cross-Modal Retrieval for Inferring Street Maps from Images
* Sampling-Free Epistemic Uncertainty Estimation Using Approximated Variance Propagation
* SUDS: Scalable Urban Dynamic Scenes

Ferroudji, K.[Karim] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Technique of the Branch-Cut and the Quality-Guided for Insar Phase Unwrapping

Ferrucci, F. Co Author Listing * Combined Use of SEVIRI and MODIS for Detecting, Measuring, and Monitoring Active Lava Flows at Erupting Volcanoes
* development of hierarchical visual languages, The
* Embedding Google Maps APIs into WebRatio for the Automatic Generation of Web GIS Applications
* Impact of Dynamic Emissivity-Temperature Trends on Spaceborne Data: Applications to the 2001 Mount Etna Eruption, The
* New Investigation of a Tropical Cyclone: Observational and Turbulence Analysis for the Faraji Hurricane
* Role of Emissivity in Lava Flow Distance-to-Run Estimates from Satellite-Based Volcano Monitoring
* Spaceborne EO and a Combination of Inverse and Forward Modelling for Monitoring Lava Flow Advance
Includes: Ferrucci, F. Ferrucci, F.[Filomena] Ferrucci, F.[Fabrizio]
7 for Ferrucci, F.

Ferrucci, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Automated abdominal fat quantification and food residue removal in CT

Ferry, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * Detect Audio-Video Temporal Synchronization Errors in Advertisements (Ads)
* Noise-Free Audio Signal Processing in Noisy Environment: A Hardware and Algorithm Solution
* Scalable Deep Neural Network to Detect Low Quality Images Without a Reference, A

Ferry, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification of Relations in Quebec Heritage Data
Includes: Ferry, F.[Francois] Ferry, F.[François]

Ferry, G.[Gillian] Co Author Listing * Discriminant analysis using non-metric multidimensional scaling

Ferryanto, S. Co Author Listing * Kolmogorov-Smirnov Type Statistic for Detecting Structural-Changes of Textures, A

Ferrydiansyah, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Natural Pose Generation from a Reduced Dimension Motion Capture Data Space

Ferryman, J. Co Author Listing * Analysis of LIDAR Data Fused with Co-Registered Bands
* Deep trajectory representation-based clustering for motion pattern extraction in videos
* Instantaneous threat detection based on a semantic representation of activities, zones and trajectories
* PETS 2016: Dataset and Challenge
* PETS 2017: Dataset and Challenge
* PROTECT: Pervasive and useR fOcused biomeTrics bordEr projeCT: A Case Study
Includes: Ferryman, J. Ferryman, J.[James]

Ferryman, J.M.[James M.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ferryman, J.M.[James M.]: J M Ferryman AT reading ac uk
* Abnormal behaviour detection on queue analysis from stereo cameras
* Activity recognition and localization on a truck parking lot
* Analysis of full-waveform LiDAR data for classification of an orange orchard scene
* annotation-free method for evaluating privacy protection techniques in videos, An
* Biologically-inspired robust motion segmentation using mutual information
* CHP Toolkit: Case Study of LAIe Sensitivity to Discontinuity of Canopy Cover in Fruit Plantations
* Combined Bayesian Markovian Approach for Behaviour Recognition, A
* Communication Mechanisms and Middleware for Distributed Video Surveillance
* Cross Validation and Segment Support for Stereo Belief Propagati
* Detecting threat behaviours
* Distributed Multi-camera Surveillance for Aircraft Servicing Operations
* Enhancing change detection in low-quality surveillance footage using markov random fields
* Evaluation of Motion Segmentation Quality for Aircraft Activity Surveillance
* Evaluation of object tracking for aircraft activity surveillance
* Faster learning via optimised adaboost
* Generic Deformable Model for Vehicle Recognition, A
* Global-to-Local Histogram Match Culling for Epipolar Geometry Estimation
* Group stochastic search for object detection and tracking
* Impact of (segmentation) quality on long vs. short-timespan assessments in iris recognition performance
* Learning Enhanced 3d Models for Vehicle Tracking
* Loitering Behaviour Detection of Boats at Sea
* Meeting detection in video through semantic analysis
* method for performance diagnosis and evaluation of video trackers, A
* Multicamera object detection and tracking with object size estimation
* Multicamera trajectory analysis for semantic behaviour characterisation
* Novel Shape Feature for Fast Region-Based Pedestrian Recognition, A
* On fusion for robust motion segmentation
* Performance evaluation of crowd image analysis using the PETS2009 dataset
* Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
* PETS 2014: Dataset and challenge
* PETS 2015: Datasets and challenge
* PETS Metrics: On-Line Performance Evaluation Service
* PETS2009 and Winter-PETS 2009 results: A combined evaluation
* PETS2009: Dataset and challenge
* PETS2010 and PETS2009 Evaluation of Results Using Individual Ground Truthed Single Views
* PETS2010: Dataset and Challenge
* Pose and Structure Recovery using Active Models
* ReadingAct RGB-D action dataset and human action recognition from local features
* Real-Time Scene Understanding System for Airport Apron Monitoring, A
* Robust abandoned object detection integrating wide area visual surveillance and social context
* Robust background model for pixel based people counting using a single uncalibrated camera
* Robust multimodal face and fingerprint fusion in the presence of spoofing attacks
* SAFEE On-Board Threat Detection System, The
* Saliency-Based Detection for Maritime Object Tracking
* Semantic Modelling for Behaviour Characterisation and Threat Detection
* Supplementing Markov Chains with Additional Features for Behavioural Analysis
* Suppression of Detection Ghosts in Homography Based Pedestrian Detection
* Surveillance Camera Calibration from Observations of a Pedestrian
* survey of human motion analysis using depth imagery, A
* Temporally stable feature clusters for maritime object tracking in visible and thermal imagery
* Tracking performance evaluation on PETS 2015 Challenge datasets
* unified approach to the recognition of complex actions from sequences of zone-crossings, A
* Unsupervised Activity Extraction on Long-Term Video Recordings Employing Soft Computing Relations
* Validation of Canopy Height Profile methodology for small-footprint full-waveform airborne LiDAR data in a discontinuous canopy environment
* Vehicle subtype, make and model classification from side profile video
* Vehicle Tracking with Applications to Collision Alert
* Video Activity Extraction and Reporting with Incremental Unsupervised Learning
* Video surveillance for aircraft activity monitoring
* Video Surveillance: Past, Present, and Now the Future
* Video understanding for complex activity recognition
* Visual Object Recognition Using Deformable Models of Vehicles
* Visual Surveillance for Aircraft Activity Monitoring
* Visual Surveillance for Moving Vehicles
* ViTBAT: Video tracking and behavior annotation tool
Includes: Ferryman, J.M.[James M.] Ferryman, J.M.
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Ferryman, T.A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach for the Segmentation of SAR Images Using Dynamically Selected Neighborhoods, A

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