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Schu, M. Co Author Listing * Perception Adaptive Temporal TV-Noise Reduction Using Contour Preserving Prefilter Techniques

Schubel, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Image-Based Rendering Framework, A

Schubert, A. Co Author Listing * Dataset and Pipeline for Multi-view Light-Field Video
* Detection and Tracking of Facial Features in Real Time Using a Synergistic Approach of Spatio-Temporal Models and Generalized Hough-Transform Techniques
* Glacier surface velocity estimation using repeat TerraSAR-X images: Wavelet- vs. correlation-based image matching
* High Speed Sequential Illumination With Electronic Rolling Shutter Cameras
* In-Depth Verification of Sentinel-1 and TerraSAR-X Geolocation Accuracy Using the Australian Corner Reflector Array
* Influence of Atmospheric Path Delay on the Absolute Geolocation Accuracy of TerraSAR-X High-Resolution Products
* SAR And Oblique Aerial Optical Image Fusion for Urban Area Image Segmentation
* Sentinel-1A Product Geolocation Accuracy: Commissioning Phase Results
* Sentinel-1A/B Combined Product Geolocation Accuracy
Includes: Schubert, A. Schubert, A.[Adrian] Schubert, A.[Arno]
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Schubert, C.M.[Christine M.] Co Author Listing * ROC manifold for classification systems, The

Schubert, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Direct Sparse Odometry with Rolling Shutter
* Efficient Derivative Computation for Cumulative B-Splines on Lie Groups
* framework for cell movement image analysis, A
* Gradient-SDF: A Semi-Implicit Surface Representation for 3D Reconstruction
* Square Root Marginalization for Sliding-Window Bundle Adjustment
Includes: Schubert, D.[David] Schubert, D.

Schubert, F.[Falk] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking GPU-Based Phase Correlation for Homography-Based Registration of Aerial Imagery
* Combining High-Resolution Images With Low-Quality Videos
* hands-on approach to high-dynamic-range and superresolution fusion, A
* Revisiting Robust Visual Tracking Using Pixel-Wise Posteriors
* Robust Registration and Filtering for Moving Object Detection in Aerial Videos
* Segmentation Based Particle Filtering for Real-Time 2D Object Tracking
Includes: Schubert, F.[Falk] Schubert, F.

Schubert, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Cross-Seasonal Spectral Response from Kettle Holes: Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for Chlorophyll Estimation

Schubert, H.R.[Herman R.] Co Author Listing * Fast Computation of Greyscale Path Openings

Schubert, J. Co Author Listing * Lifting GIS maps into strong geometric context for scene understanding

Schubert, K. Co Author Listing * 200 MeV Proton Radiography Studies With a Hand Phantom Using a Prototype Proton CT Scanner

Schubert, K.E. Co Author Listing * Improved Method of Total Variation Superiorization Applied to Reconstruction in Proton Computed Tomography, An

Schubert, L.[Lenhart] Co Author Listing * Novel Computational Linguistic Measures, Dialogue System and the Development of SOPHIE: Standardized Online Patient for Healthcare Interaction Education

Schubert, L.A.[Lucas Andreas] Co Author Listing * Automatic Mapping of Center Line of Railway Tracks using Global Navigation Satellite System, Inertial Measurement Unit and Laser Scanner

Schubert, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Conifer Seedlings in Drone Imagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Correcting Imprecise Object Locations for Training Object Detectors in Remote Sensing Applications
* Diverse nearest neighbors queries using linear skylines
* Gradient-Based Quantification of Epistemic Uncertainty for Deep Object Detectors
* Knowledge extraction from crowdsourced data for the enrichment of road networks
* MapFormer: Boosting Change Detection by Using Pre-change Information
* Small-Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images with End-to-End Edge-Enhanced GAN and Object Detector Network
Includes: Schubert, M.[Matthias] Schubert, M.[Marius]
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Schubert, O. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Redundancy for Reliability Analysis of Sensor Perception in Automated Driving Vehicles

Schubert, P.[Per] Co Author Listing * Estimation of High-Resolution Surface Shortwave Radiative Fluxes Using SARA AOD over the Southern Great Plains

Schubert, R.[Ryan] Co Author Listing * Advances in Shader Lamps Avatars for telepresence
* Automated Quality Inspection of Microfluidic Chips Using Morphologic Techniques
* Evaluating the Utility of Driving: Toward Automated Decision Making Under Uncertainty
* Mixed Reality Technology Capabilities for Combat-Casualty Handoff Training
* Situation Assessment for Automatic Lane-Change Maneuvers
* Trabecular Bone Analysis in CT and X-Ray Images of the Proximal Femur for the Assessment of Local Bone Quality
Includes: Schubert, R.[Ryan] Schubert, R.[Rainer] Schubert, R.

Schubert, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Hyperdimensional computing as a framework for systematic aggregation of image descriptors

Schubert, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * field study investigating road safety effects of a front brake light, A

Schuberth, E. Co Author Listing * Image-Dependent Gamut Mapping as Optimization Problem

Schubiger Banz, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Interactive Editing of Live Visuals
Includes: Schubiger Banz, S.[Simon] Schubiger-Banz, S.[Simon]

Schubiger, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Maintaining Semantic Information across Generic 3D Model Editing Operations
* Semantically Enriched High Resolution LOD 3 Building Model Generation
* Visualizing the Relationship Between Human Mobility and Points of Interest
Includes: Schubiger, S.[Simon] Schubiger, S.

Schubin, M. Co Author Listing * What Sparked Video Research in 1877? The Overlooked Role of the Siemens Artificial Eye

Schubo, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Role of Implicit Context Information in Guiding Visual-Spatial Attention, The
Includes: Schubo, A.[Anna] Schubö, A.[Anna] (Maybe also Schuboe, A.)

Schuboe, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Neural Model of Human Texture Processing: Texture Segmentation vs. Visual Search, A

Schubotz, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * Do the Math: Making Mathematics in Wikipedia Computable

Schuch, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Towards Unified Online-Coupled Aerosol Parameterization for the Brazilian Global Atmospheric Model (BAM): Aerosol-Cloud Microphysical-Radiation Interactions

Schuch, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * ConvNet Regression for Fingerprint Orientations
* De-convolutional auto-encoder for enhancement of fingerprint samples
* Pixel-wise supervision for presentation attack detection on identity document cards
* Survey on features for fingerprint indexing
* Survey on the impact of fingerprint image enhancement

Schuchard, R.[Ross] Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing Street View Imagery: A Comparison of Mapillary and OpenStreetCam

Schuchert, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * 3D vs. 2D: On the Importance of Registration for Hallucinating Faces Under Unconstrained Poses
* Adaptive Contour Fitting for Pose-Invariant 3D Face Shape Reconstruction
* Capturing ground truth super-resolution data
* Comprehensive Analysis of Deep Learning-Based Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images
* comprehensive study on object proposals methods for vehicle detection in aerial images, A
* Deep cross-domain flying object classification for robust UAV detection
* Deep learning prototype domains for person re-identification
* Drone-vs-Bird detection challenge at IEEE AVSS2017
* Estimation of 3D Object Structure, Motion and Rotation Based on 4D Affine Optical Flow Using a Multi-camera Array
* Evaluation of binary keypoint descriptors
* Fast Deep Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images
* Fast, robust and automatic 3D face model reconstruction from videos
* Flying object detection for automatic UAV recognition
* Multi Feature Deconvolutional Faster R-CNN for Precise Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
* Patch-based facial texture super-resolution by fitting 3D face models
* Persistent multiple hypothesis tracking for wide area motion imagery
* Range Flow for Varying Illumination
* Range Flow in Varying Illumination: Algorithms and Comparisons
* Resolution-aware Constrained Local Model with mixture of local experts
* Robust 3D Patch-Based Face Hallucination
* Semantic Labeling Based Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
* Semantic labeling for improved vehicle detection in aerial imagery
* Simultaneous Estimation of Surface Motion, Depth and Slopes Under Changing Illumination
* Survey on Moving Object Detection for Wide Area Motion Imagery, A
Includes: Schuchert, T.[Tobias] Schuchert, T.
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Schucht, P. Co Author Listing * Visualization of White Matter Fiber Tracts of Brain Tissue Sections With Wide-Field Imaging Mueller Polarimetry

Schuchter, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Embedded hardware low cost JPEG 2000 video coding system: Hardware coder for surveillance type videos
* Fast motion estimation approaches for surveillance type videos in an inter-frame JPEG 2000-based adaptive video coding system

Schuck, P.W. Co Author Listing * Local Correlation Tracking and the Magnetic Induction Equation
* Tracking Magnetic Footpoints with the Magnetic Induction Equation
* Tracking Vector Magnetograms with the Magnetic Induction Equation
Includes: Schuck, P.W. Schuck, P.W.[Peter W.]

Schucker, J.[Jannis] Co Author Listing * Auto Encoding Explanatory Examples with Stochastic Paths
* Switching Dynamical Systems with Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Schucker, J.[Jannis] Schücker, J.[Jannis] (Maybe also Schuecker, J.)

Schuckers, M. Co Author Listing * Biometrics statistics: A foreword and introduction to the special issue

Schuckers, M.E.[Michael E.] Co Author Listing * Approximate Confidence Intervals for Estimation of Matching Error Rates of Biometric Identification Devices
* Calculation of a Composite DET Curve
* Comparing Human and Automatic Face Recognition Performance
* Curvewise DET Confidence Regions and Pointwise EER Confidence Intervals Using Radial Sweep Methodology
* Using The Beta-binomial Distribution To Assess Performance Of A Biometric Identification Device

Schuckers, S.[Stephanie] Co Author Listing * Group Leakage Overestimates Performance: A Case Study in Keystroke Dynamics
* High Fidelity Fingerprint Generation: Quality, Uniqueness, and Privacy
* Presentations and attacks, and spoofs, oh my
* Robust Color Texture Features Under Varying Illumination Conditions
* study on quality-adjusted impact of time lapse on iris recognition, A
* Texture Modeling for Synthetic Fingerprint Generation
Includes: Schuckers, S.[Stephanie] Schuckers, S.

Schuckers, S.A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Texture Analysis Schemes Under Nonideal Conditions
* Review of the Fingerprint Liveness Detection (LivDet) competition series: 2009 to 2015
Includes: Schuckers, S.A. Schuckers, S.A.[Stephanie A.]

Schuckers, S.A.C.[Stephanie A.C.] Co Author Listing * Characterization, Similarity Score and Uniqueness Associated with Perspiration Pattern
* Comparison of Classification Methods for Time-Series Detection of Perspiration as a Liveness Test in Fingerprint Devices
* Detecting Liveness in Fingerprint Scanners Using Wavelets: Results of the Test Dataset
* Determination of vitality from a non-invasive biomedical measurement for use in fingerprint scanners
* Empirical Mode Decomposition Liveness Check in Fingerprint Time Series Captures
* Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Local Ridge Frequencies and Multiresolution Texture Analysis Techniques
* First International Fingerprint Liveness Detection Competition: LivDet 2009
* Integrating a wavelet based perspiration liveness check with fingerprint recognition
* Iris quality assessment and bi-orthogonal wavelet based encoding for recognition
* Liveness Detection for Fingerprint Scanners Based on the Statistics of Wavelet Signal Processing
* novel biorthogonal wavelet network system for off-angle iris recognition, A
* Novel Region Based Liveness Detection Approach for Fingerprint Scanners, A
* On Techniques for Angle Compensation in Nonideal Iris Recognition
* Spoofing protection for fingerprint scanner by fusing ridge signal and valley noise
* Time-series detection of perspiration as a liveness test in fingerprint devices
* Towards integrating level-3 Features with perspiration pattern for robust fingerprint recognition
Includes: Schuckers, S.A.C.[Stephanie A.C.] Schuckers, S.A.C.[Stephanie A. C.]
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Schuckma, K. Co Author Listing * Geostatistical Seismic Analysis And Hazard Assessment; United Arab Emirates

Schuckman, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Creation of Digital Terrain Models Using an Adaptive Lidar Vegetation Point Removal Process
* Evaluation of Lidar-derived Elevation and Terrain Slope in Leaf-off Conditions, An

Schuckman, M.[Mason] Co Author Listing * Using Moffat Profiles to Register Astronomical Images

Schucknecht, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Detection of Grassland Mowing Events for Germany by Combining Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Investigating the Relationship between the Inter-Annual Variability of Satellite-Derived Vegetation Phenology and a Proxy of Biomass Production in the Sahel
* Phenology-Based Biomass Estimation to Support Rangeland Management in Semi-Arid Environments
* Remote sensing monitoring of land restoration interventions in semi-arid environments using a before-after control-impact statistical design
* Vegetation Greenness in Northeastern Brazil and Its Relation to ENSO Warm Events
Includes: Schucknecht, A.[Anne] Schucknecht, A.

Schuderer, F. Co Author Listing * Regional Lung Perfusion Analysis in Experimental ARDS by Electrical Impedance and Computed Tomography

Schudlo, L.C. Co Author Listing * Physiological Detection of Affective States in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Schuegraf, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Automatic Building Footprint Extraction from Multi-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Using a Hybrid FCN

Schueler, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Camera Mote with a High-Performance Parallel Processor for Real-Time Frame-Based Video Processing
* Implementation of auto-rectification and depth estimation of stereo video in a real-time smart camera system
* Self-rectification and depth estimation of stereo video in a real-time smart camera system
* Toward low latency gesture control using smart camera network

Schueler, C.[Carl] Co Author Listing * Monitoring coastal ocean color with low-cost CubeSats

Schuer, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Embedded image processing system for cloud-based applications

Schuermann, J.[Juergen] Co Author Listing * decision theoretic approach to hierarchical classifier design, A
* Reading Machines
* Text Recognition: From Pixels to Meaning
* Towards the Understanding of Printed Documents
Includes: Schuermann, J.[Juergen] Schuermann, J.

Schuermann, R.T. Co Author Listing * Geovisualization of Local and Regional Migration Using Web-mined Demographics

Schuessler, M. Co Author Listing * Automating performance optimization for script word recognition systems

Schuessler, O. Co Author Listing * Information Content in the Oxygen A-Band for the Retrieval of Macrophysical Cloud Parameters

Schuette, A.[Arjan] Co Author Listing * KidsRoom, The
* KidsRoom: A Perceptually-Based Interactive and Immersive Story Environment, The

Schuette, W.[Wade] Co Author Listing * Glass patterns in image alignment and analysis

Schuettemeyer, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * 2013 FLEX: US Airborne Campaign at the Parker Tract Loblolly Pine Plantation in North Carolina, USA, The
* Hyplant-Derived Sun-Induced Fluorescence: A New Opportunity to Disentangle Complex Vegetation Signals from Diverse Vegetation Types
* Modification of Local Urban Aerosol Properties by Long-Range Transport of Biomass Burning Aerosol
* Spectral Fitting Algorithm to Retrieve the Fluorescence Spectrum from Canopy Radiance, A
* Synergistic Use of Multispectral Data and Crop Growth Modelling for Spatial and Temporal Evapotranspiration Estimations

Schuetz, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Multi-Feature Matching Algorithm for Free-Form 3D Surface Registration

Schuetz, C.G.[Christoph Georg] Co Author Listing * Towards Informed Watermarking of Personal Health Sensor Data for Data Leakage Detection

Schuetz, O. Co Author Listing * Enhanced 3-D-reconstruction algorithm for C-arm systems suitable for interventional procedures

Schuetz, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Multi-Task Deep Learning for Image Segmentation Using Recursive Approximation Tasks

Schueunders, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation and Modelling of Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Gels

Schuff, N. Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic Image Registration of Diffusion MRI Using Spherical Harmonics
* Improved Model-Based Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging
* Joint Independent Component Analysis of Brain Perfusion and Structural Magnetic Resonance Images in Dementia
Includes: Schuff, N. Schuff, N.[Norbert]

Schuff, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Computation and Visualization of Local Deformation for Multiphase Metallic Materials by Infimal Convolution of TV-Type Functionals
* Removal of curtaining effects by a variational model with directional forward differences

Schuffert, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Quality Assessment of Roof Planes Extracted from Height Data for Solar Energy Systems by the EAGLE Platform

Schuffler, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithm for Cell Nucleus Classification of Renal Cell Carcinoma, A
Includes: Schuffler, P.[Peter] Schüffler, P.[Peter] (Maybe also Schueffler, P.)

Schuffler, P.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Crohn's Disease Tissues From Abdominal MRI
* Computational TMA Analysis and Cell Nucleus Classification of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Includes: Schuffler, P.J. Schüffler, P.J.[Peter J.] (Maybe also Schueffler, P.J.)

Schug, D. Co Author Listing * Digital Preclinical PET/MRI Insert and Initial Results, A

Schugerl, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Object Re-detection Using SIFT and MPEG-7 Color Descriptors
Includes: Schugerl, P.[Philipp] Schügerl, P.[Philipp] (Maybe also Schuegerl, P.)

Schugk, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * 3D range scan enhancement using image-based methods

Schuh, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Heart Coverage Estimation for Short-Axis Cine Cardiac MR Images
* Learning-Based Quality Control for Cardiac MR Images
* Probabilistic Edge Map (PEM) for 3D Ultrasound Image Registration and Multi-atlas Left Ventricle Segmentation
Includes: Schuh, A.[Andreas] Schuh, A.

Schuh, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Alternative Approach for Tsunami Early Warning Indicated by Gravity Wave Effects on Ionosphere
* Analyzing the Ionospheric Irregularities Caused by the September 2017 Geomagnetic Storm Using Ground-Based GNSS, Swarm, and FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data near the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly in East Africa
* Assessment of Different Stochastic Models for Inter-System Bias between GPS and BDS
* Comparative Study on the Solar Radiation Pressure Modeling in GPS Precise Orbit Determination, A
* Decentralized Processing Schema for Efficient and Robust Real-time Multi-GNSS Satellite Clock Estimation, A
* Detecting and Repairing Inter-system Bias Jumps with Satellite Clock Preprocessing
* Diagnostics of Es Layer Scintillation Observations Using FS3/COSMIC Data: Dependence on Sampling Spatial Scale
* Drift of the Earth's Principal Axes of Inertia from GRACE and Satellite Laser Ranging Data
* High-Rate GPS Seismology Using Real-Time Precise Point Positioning With Ambiguity Resolution
* Improving Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Prediction with Accelerometer Data
* Initial Assessment of Precise Point Positioning with LEO Enhanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems (LeGNSS)
* Interferometric Path Models for GNSS Ground-based Phase Altimetry
* Ionospheric Scintillation Prediction on S4 and ROTI Parameters Using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
* Mitigation of Unmodeled Error to Improve the Accuracy of Multi-GNSS PPP for Crustal Deformation Monitoring
* Multi-GNSS Combined Precise Point Positioning Using Additional Observations with Opposite Weight for Real-Time Quality Control
* Multi-GNSS Meteorology: Real-Time Retrieving of Atmospheric Water Vapor from BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, and GPS Observations
* Performance Evaluation of VTEC GIMs for Regional Applications during Different Solar Activity Periods, Using RING TEC Values
* Precise Onboard Real-Time Orbit Determination with a Low-Cost Single-Frequency GPS/BDS Receiver
* Real-Time Tropospheric Delay Retrieval from Multi-GNSS PPP Ambiguity Resolution: Validation with Final Troposphere Products and a Numerical Weather Model
* Real-Time Tropospheric Delays Retrieved from Multi-GNSS Observations and IGS Real-Time Product Streams
* Sea-Ice Concentration Derived From GNSS Reflection Measurements in Fram Strait
* Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Ionospheric Irregularities Derived from Regional and Global ROTI Maps
Includes: Schuh, H.[Harald] Schuh, H.
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Schuh, L.A.[Leila A.] Co Author Listing * Empirical Bayesian Approach to Quantify Multi-Scale Spatial Structural Diversity in Remote Sensing Data, An

Schuh, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval on compressed images: Can we tell the difference?
* large-scale solar image dataset with labeled event regions, A

Schuh, W.D.[Wolf Dieter] Co Author Listing * On the Analysis of the Phase Unwrapping Process in a D-InSAR Stack with Special Focus on the Estimation of a Motion Model
* One-Step Three-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping Approach Based on Small Baseline Subset Interferograms
Includes: Schuh, W.D.[Wolf Dieter] Schuh, W.D.[Wolf-Dieter]

Schuhler, C. Co Author Listing * Robot Trajectory Planning Using OLP and Structured Light 3D Machine Vision

Schuhmacher, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * View-Based Recognition of Faces in Man and Machine: Re-visiting Inter-extra-Ortho

Schuhmann, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Reproducible Scaling Laws for Contrastive Language-Image Learning

Schuhr, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Photographs in Cultural Heritage
* 3d Textured Modelling of Both Exterior And Interior of Korean Styled Architectures
* Filling gaps in cultural heritage documentation by 3D photography
* Imaging a Sustainable Future in 3D
* Recording, Documentation and Application of Stereo Views in Cultural Heritage
Includes: Schuhr, W. Schuhr, W.[Walter]

Schuind, F. Co Author Listing * Novel Technique for Distal Locking of Intramedullary Nail Based on Two Non-constrained Fluoroscopic Images and Navigation, A

Schukat Talamazzini, E.G. Co Author Listing * Object recognition from 2D images using Kohonen self-organized feature maps
* Off-Line Cursive Handwriting Recognition Using Hidden Markov-Models
* Off-line recognition of cursive script produced by a cooperative writer
* Speaker adaptation using semi-continuous hidden Markov models
Includes: Schukat Talamazzini, E.G. Schukat-Talamazzini, E.G.

Schukat, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Exploration for a Group of Self-Interested Robots
* Traffic light control using deep policy-gradient and value-function-based reinforcement learning

Schulam, P.F.[Peter Franz] Co Author Listing * Beyond audio and video retrieval: Towards multimedia summarization

Schulbe, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Towards a Building Information Modeling System for Identification and Retrofit Planning of Stone Damages
Includes: Schulbe, R.[Robert] Schülbe, R.[Robert] (Maybe also Schuelbe, R.)

Schulc, A. Co Author Listing * Analysing Affective Behavior in the First ABAW 2020 Competition
* Automatic Measurement of Visual Attention to Video Content using Deep Learning
Includes: Schulc, A. Schulc, A.[Attila]

Schuldhaus, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * Classification of surfaces and inclinations during outdoor running using shoe-mounted inertial sensors

Schuldt, A. Co Author Listing * Retrieving Shapes Efficiently by a Qualitative Shape Descriptor: The Scope Histogram

Schuldt, B.[Bernhard] Co Author Listing * Predicting Tree Sap Flux and Stomatal Conductance from Drone-Recorded Surface Temperatures in a Mixed Agroforestry System: A Machine Learning Approach

Schuldt, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * L5IN: Overview of an Indoor Navigation Pilot Project
* Local velocity-adapted motion events for spatio-temporal recognition
* Recognizing human actions: a local SVM approach
Includes: Schuldt, C.[Caroline] Schuldt, C.[Christian]

Schuldt, H.[Heiko] Co Author Listing * Combining Boolean and Multimedia Retrieval in VITRIVR for Large-scale Video Search
* Competitive Interactive Video Retrieval in Virtual Reality with VITRIVR-VR
* Competitive Video Retrieval with VITRIVR
* Dealing with Ambiguous Queries in Multimodal Video Retrieval
* Deep Learning-Based Concept Detection in vitrivr
* Enhanced Retrieval and Browsing in the IMOTION System
* Exploring Effective Interactive Text-Based Video Search in vitrivr
* Free-Form Multi-Modal Multimedia Retrieval (4MR)
* iAutoMotion: an Autonomous Content-Based Video Retrieval Engine
* IMOTION: A Content-Based Video Retrieval Engine
* IMOTION: Searching for Video Sequences Using Multi-Shot Sketch Queries
* Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the image distortion model
* Long Tail of Web Video, The
* Multi-modal Interactive Video Retrieval with Temporal Queries
* Multi-Modal Video Retrieval in Virtual Reality with VITRIVR-VR
* On the User-Centric Comparative Remote Evaluation of Interactive Video Search Systems
* Searching in Video Collections Using Sketches and Sample Images: The Cineast System
* System for Interactive Multimedia Retrieval Evaluations, A
* Towards Explainable Interactive Multi-modal Video Retrieval with Vitrivr
* Traceable Asynchronous Workflows in Video Retrieval with vitrivr-VR
* V3C: A Research Video Collection
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Schule, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Binary Tomography by Iterating Linear Programs from Noisy Projections
* Binary Tomography with Deblurring
Includes: Schule, T.[Thomas] Schüle, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Schuele, T.)

Schulein, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Distortion-tolerant 3D recognition of underwater objects using neural networks

Schuler, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Mask-Specific Inpainting with Deep Neural Networks
* Probabilistic Progress Bars

Schuler, C.J.[Christian J.] Co Author Listing * Blind Correction of Optical Aberrations
* Fast removal of non-uniform camera shake
* Image denoising: Can plain neural networks compete with BM3D?
* Learning How to Combine Internal and External Denoising Methods
* Learning to Deblur
* Machine Learning Approach for Non-blind Image Deconvolution, A
* Non-stationary correction of optical aberrations
7 for Schuler, C.J.

Schuler, D. Co Author Listing * Texture and speckle statistics in polarimetric SAR synthesized images

Schuler, D.L. Co Author Listing * Compensation of Terrain Azimuthal Slope Effects in Geophysical Parameter Studies Using Polarimetric SAR Data
* On the estimation of radar polarization orientation shifts induced by terrain slopes
* Polarimetric SAR Data Compensation for Terrain Azimuth Slope Variation
* Scattering-Model-Based Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric SAR Data
* Surface roughness and slope measurements using polarimetric SAR data
* Target Detection and Texture Segmentation in Polarimetric SAR Images Using a Wavelet Frame: Theoretical Aspects
* Topographic Mapping Using Polarimetric SAR Data
* Unsupervised Classification Using Polarimetric Decomposition and the Complex Wishart Classifier
8 for Schuler, D.L.

Schuler, H.[Helmut] Co Author Listing * Brachflachenmonitoring im sudlichen Pfalzerwald mit Hilfe hochauflosender Satelliten- und LIDAR-Daten

Schuler, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Extending Color Vision Methods to Bands Beyond the Visible
* multiple server scheme for fingerprint fuzzy vaults, A
* Secure Fingerprint Matching with Generic Local Structures
Includes: Schuler, J.[Jonathan] Schuler, J.[Jim]

SchUler, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Combining 2d Feature Tracking And Volume Reconstruction For Online Video-based Human Motion Capture
Includes: SchUler, P.[Pascal] SchÜler, P.[Pascal] (Maybe also SchUeler, P.)

Schuler, S.[Steffen] Co Author Listing * Correcting Undersampled Cardiac Sources in Equivalent Double Layer Forward Simulations
* Hexagonal Wavelet Representations for Recognizing Complex Annotations
* Orthonormal wavelet representations for recognized complex annotations
* Spatial Downsampling of Surface Sources in the Forward Problem of Electrocardiography
Includes: Schuler, S.[Steffen] Schuler, S.

Schuler, T.V.[Thomas V.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Informational Value of MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Area Using Fuzzy Logic Based Ensemble Smoother Data Assimilation Frameworks

Schulerud, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography
* Automatic Segmentation of Overlapping Fish Using Shape Priors
* Bias of Error Rates in Linear Discriminant Analysis Caused by Feature Selection and Sample Size
* Prognosis of Cervical Cancer Using Image Analysis of Cell Nuclei
* Texture classification of mouse liver cell nuclei using invariant moments of consistent regions
Includes: Schulerud, H.[Helene] Schulerud, H.

Schulien, J.A.[Jennifer A.] Co Author Listing * Annual and Interannual Variability in the Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient and Turbidity in Urbanized Washington Lake from 2013 to 2022 Assessed Using Landsat-8/9

Schull, M.[Mitchell] Co Author Listing * Evapotranspiration Data Product from NESDIS GET-D System Upgraded for GOES-16 ABI Observations

Schull, M.A.[Mitchell A.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Impact of Land Thermal Infrared Observation on Regional Weather Forecasts Using Two Different Data Assimilation Approaches, An
* Assessment of the NOAA S-NPP VIIRS Geolocation Reprocessing Improvements

Schullcke, B. Co Author Listing * EIT Imaging Regularization Based on Spectral Graph Wavelets

Schuller, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Applying Bayes Markov chains for the detection of ATM related scenarios
* Applying multi layer homography for multi camera person tracking
* Asynchronous and Event-Based Fusion Systems for Affect Recognition on Naturalistic Data in Comparison to Conventional Approaches
* Autoencoder-based Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Being bored? Recognising natural interest by extensive audiovisual integration for real-life application
* Building Autonomous Sensitive Artificial Listeners
* Categorical and dimensional affect analysis in continuous input: Current trends and future directions
* Come and have an emotional workout with sensitive artificial listeners!
* Context-Sensitive Learning for Enhanced Audiovisual Emotion Classification
* Continuous Estimation of Emotions in Speech by Dynamic Cooperative Speaker Models
* Cross-Corpus Acoustic Emotion Recognition: Variances and Strategies
* Curriculum Learning Approach for Pain Intensity Recognition from Facial Expressions, A
* Deep Affect Prediction in-the-Wild: Aff-Wild Database and Challenge, Deep Architectures, and Beyond
* Deep Structured Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* DeepCoder: Semi-Parametric Variational Autoencoders for Automatic Facial Action Coding
* Detecting road surface wetness from audio: A deep learning approach
* Distributing Recognition in Computational Paralinguistics
* Dynamic Difficulty Awareness Training for Continuous Emotion Prediction
* EmoBed: Strengthening Monomodal Emotion Recognition via Training with Crossmodal Emotion Embeddings
* Emotion representation, analysis and synthesis in continuous space: A survey
* Ethics and Good Practice in Computational Paralinguistics
* Exploring Spatial-Temporal Representations for fNIRS-based Intimacy Detection via an Attention-enhanced Cascade Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network
* Fitbeat: COVID-19 estimation based on wristband heart rate using a contrastive convolutional auto-encoder
* GMs in On-Line Handwritten Whiteboard Note Recognition: The Influence of Implementation and Modeling
* Godfather vs. Chaos: Comparing Linguistic Analysis Based on On-line Knowledge Sources and Bags-of-N-Grams for Movie Review Valence Estimation, The
* Guest Editorial Neurosymbolic AI for Sentiment Analysis
* Guest editorial: Multimodal sentiment analysis and mining in the wild
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on Naturalistic Affect Resources for System Building and Evaluation
* harAGE: A Novel Multimodal Smartwatch-based Dataset for Human Activity Recognition
* Holistic Affect Recognition Using PaNDA: Paralinguistic Non-Metric Dimensional Analysis
* Introduction To The Special Issue On Affect Analysis In Continuous Input
* Latent-Based Adversarial Neural Networks for Facial Affect Estimations
* Linked Source and Target Domain Subspace Feature Transfer Learning -- Exemplified by Speech Emotion Recognition
* LSTM-Modeling of continuous emotions in an audiovisual affect recognition framework
* Microexpressions: A Chance for Computers to Beat Humans at Detecting Hidden Emotions?
* Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in Car Reviews (MuSe-CaR) Dataset: Collection, Insights and Improvements, The
* Multiple Camera Person Tracking in multiple layers combining 2D and 3D information
* Online Driver Distraction Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory
* Prediction of asynchronous dimensional emotion ratings from audiovisual and physiological data
* Recognition of Affect in the Wild Using Deep Neural Networks
* Recognizing Affect from Linguistic Information in 3D Continuous Space
* Self Supervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Cross-Corpus and Cross-Language Speech Emotion Recognition
* SEWA DB: A Rich Database for Audio-Visual Emotion and Sentiment Research in the Wild
* Strength modelling for real-worldautomatic continuous affect recognition from audiovisual signals
* String-based audiovisual fusion of behavioural events for the assessment of dimensional affect
* Submotions for Hidden Markov Model Based Dynamic Facial Action Recognition
* Survey of Deep Representation Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition
* survey of multimodal sentiment analysis, A
* Switching Linear Dynamic Models for Noise Robust In-Car Speech Recognition
* Synthesising 3D Facial Motion from In-the-Wild Speech
* TUM Gait from Audio, Image and Depth (GAID) database: Multimodal recognition of subjects and traits, The
* Universum Autoencoder-Based Domain Adaptation for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Voice of Leadership: Models and Performances of Automatic Analysis in Online Speeches, The
* What Affective Computing Reveals about Autistic Children's Facial Expressions of Joy or Fear
* YouTube Movie Reviews: Sentiment Analysis in an Audio-Visual Context
Includes: Schuller, B.[Bjorn] Schuller, B. Schuller, B.[Björn] Schuller, B.[Bjoern]
55 for Schuller, B.

Schuller, B.W.[Bjorn W.] Co Author Listing * Affective Image Content Analysis: Two Decades Review and New Perspectives
* Age of Artificial Emotional Intelligence, The
* AI-Based human audio processing for COVID-19: A comprehensive overview
* Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things for the Elderly: From Assisted Living to Health-Care Monitoring
* Audio-Visual Gated-Sequenced Neural Networks for Affect Recognition
* CAA-Net: Conditional Atrous CNNs With Attention for Explainable Device-Robust Acoustic Scene Classification
* COLD Fusion: Calibrated and Ordinal Latent Distribution Fusion for Uncertainty-Aware Multimodal Emotion Recognition
* Connecting Subspace Learning and Extreme Learning Machine in Speech Emotion Recognition
* Dawn of the Transformer Era in Speech Emotion Recognition: Closing the Valence Gap
* Deep Canonical Time Warping
* Deep Canonical Time Warping for Simultaneous Alignment and Representation Learning of Sequences
* Deep Learning for Mobile Mental Health: Challenges and recent advances
* Deep Matrix Factorization Method for Learning Attribute Representations, A
* Dual Attention and Element Recalibration Networks for Automatic Depression Level Prediction
* EmoNet: A Transfer Learning Framework for Multi-Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition
* Emotion Intensity and its Control for Emotional Voice Conversion
* End-to-End Video-to-Speech Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Exploring Zero-Shot Emotion Recognition in Speech Using Semantic-Embedding Prototypes
* Geneva Minimalistic Acoustic Parameter Set (GeMAPS) for Voice Research and Affective Computing, The
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Affective Speech and Language Synthesis, Generation, and Conversion
* Introduction to the Special Issue on MMAC: Multimodal Affective Computing of Large-Scale Multimedia Data
* Learning Multimodal Representations for Drowsiness Detection
* MixedEmotions: An Open-Source Toolbox for Multimodal Emotion Analysis
* Multi-Task Semi-Supervised Adversarial Autoencoding for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Multitask Learning From Augmented Auxiliary Data for Improving Speech Emotion Recognition
* Selective Element and Two Orders Vectorization Networks for Automatic Depression Severity Diagnosis via Facial Changes
* Sentiment Analysis and Topic Recognition in Video Transcriptions
* Speech Denoising and Compensation for Hearing Aids Using an FTCRN-Based Metric GAN
* Speech Synthesis With Mixed Emotions
* Time-Continuous Audiovisual Fusion with Recurrence vs Attention for In-The-Wild Affect Recognition
Includes: Schuller, B.W.[Bjorn W.] Schuller, B.W.[Björn W.] Schuller, B.W. Schuller, B.W.[Bjoern W.]
30 for Schuller, B.W.

Schuller, D. Co Author Listing * Age of Artificial Emotional Intelligence, The

Schuller, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Park marking-based vehicle self-localization with a fisheye topview system

Schuller, L.[Lothar] Co Author Listing * Surface Albedo Retrieval from 40-Years of Earth Observations through the EUMETSAT/LSA SAF and EU/C3S Programmes: The Versatile Algorithm of PYALUS
Includes: Schuller, L.[Lothar] Schüller, L.[Lothar] (Maybe also Schueller, L.)

Schulman, D. Co Author Listing * Empathic Touch by Relational Agents

Schulmann, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Seeing through shadow: Modelling surface irradiance for topographic correction of Landsat ETM+ data

Schult, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation of Humans in Point Clouds with Synthetic Data
* DualConvMesh-Net: Joint Geodesic and Euclidean Convolutions on 3D Meshes
* Know What Your Neighbors Do: 3D Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
* Mix3D: Out-of-Context Data Augmentation for 3D Scenes

Schulte Austum, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Fast Logo Detection and Recognition in Document Images
Includes: Schulte Austum, M.[Matthias] Schulte-Austum, M.[Matthias]

Schulte Tigges, J.[Joschua] Co Author Listing * Prototyping and Evaluation of Infrastructure-Assisted Transition of Control for Cooperative Automated Vehicles
Includes: Schulte Tigges, J.[Joschua] Schulte-Tigges, J.[Joschua]

Schulte, A. Co Author Listing * Transparency for a Workload-Adaptive Cognitive Agent in a Manned-Unmanned Teaming Application

Schulte, C.P. Co Author Listing * Modeling Light Reflection for Computer Color Vision

Schulte, M.J. Co Author Listing * Generation and Visualization of Four-Dimensional MR Angiography Data Using an Undersampled 3-D Projection Trajectory

Schulte, N. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Filter-Wheel Cameras: Geometric Distortion Model and Compensation Algorithms

Schulte, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Gated Graph Neural Networks for Scene Graph Generation
* Image Caption Generation with Hierarchical Contextual Visual Spatial Attention
Includes: Schulte, O.[Oliver] Schulte, O.

Schulte, R. Co Author Listing * 200 MeV Proton Radiography Studies With a Hand Phantom Using a Prototype Proton CT Scanner
* Reinforcement Learning Helps SLAM: Learning to Build Maps

Schulte, R.F.[Rolf F.] Co Author Listing * Variational Manifold Learning From Incomplete Data: Application to Multislice Dynamic MRI

Schulte, R.W. Co Author Listing * Improved Method of Total Variation Superiorization Applied to Reconstruction in Proton Computed Tomography, An

Schulte, S. Co Author Listing * Color Image Retrieval using Fuzzy Similarity Measures and Fuzzy Partitions
* Combined Wavelet-Domain and Motion-Compensated Video Denoising Based on Video Codec Motion Estimation Methods
* fuzzy filter for the removal of random impulse noise in image sequences, A
* Fuzzy Impulse Noise Detection and Reduction Method, A
* Fuzzy Noise Reduction Method for Color Images, A
* Fuzzy Two-Step Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction From Color Images
* Histogram-based fuzzy colour filter for image restoration
* Image Similarity: From Fuzzy Sets to Color Image Applications
* Morphological Image Interpolation to Magnify Images with Sharp Edges
* New Fuzzy Additive Noise Reduction Method, A
* New Fuzzy Color Correlated Impulse Noise Reduction Method, A
* New Fuzzy Filter for the Reduction of Randomly Valued Impulse Noise, A
* New Fuzzy Impulse Noise Detection Method for Colour Images, A
* New Fuzzy Motion and Detail Adaptive Video Filter, A
* New Fuzzy Multi-channel Filter for the Reduction of Impulse Noise, A
* New Fuzzy-Based Wavelet Shrinkage Image Denoising Technique, A
* Soft-Switching Approach to Improve Visual Quality of Colour Image Smoothing Filters, A
* Vector Morphological Operators for Colour Images
Includes: Schulte, S. Schulte, S.[Stefan]
18 for Schulte, S.

Schulten, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Immersive Molecular Visualization and Interactive Modeling with Commodity Hardware
* Immersive Out-of-Core Visualization of Large-Size and Long-Timescale Molecular Dynamics Trajectories
* Speech/Gesture Interface to a Visual Computing Environment for Molecular Biologists
Includes: Schulten, K.[Klaus] Schulten, K.

Schulter, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Accurate Object Detection with Joint Classification-Regression Random Forests
* Alternating Decision Forests
* Alternating Regression Forests for Object Detection and Pose Estimation
* Conditioned Regression Models for Non-blind Single Image Super-Resolution
* Controllable Dynamic Multi-Task Architectures
* Deep Network Flow for Multi-object Tracking
* Discriminative Hough Forests for Object Detection
* Domain Adaptation for Structured Output via Discriminative Patch Representations
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Using Weak Labels
* Efficient Controllable Multi-Task Architectures
* Exploiting Unlabeled Data with Vision and Language Models for Object Detection
* Fast and accurate image upscaling with super-resolution forests
* Hough Forests Revisited: An Approach to Multiple Instance Tracking from Multiple Cameras
* Hybrid One-Shot 3D Hand Pose Estimation by Exploiting Uncertainties
* Improving classifiers with unlabeled weakly-related videos
* Learning to Adapt Structured Output Space for Semantic Segmentation
* Learning to Look around Objects for Top-View Representations of Outdoor Scenes
* Memory Warps for Long-Term Online Video Representations and Anticipation
* MM-TTA: Multi-Modal Test-Time Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-cue learning and visualization of unusual events
* NeurOCS: Neural NOCS Supervision for Monocular 3D Object Localization
* Object Detection with a Unified Label Space from Multiple Datasets
* OmniLabel: A Challenging Benchmark for Language-Based Object Detection
* On Generalizing Beyond Domains in Cross-Domain Continual Learning
* On-line Hough Forests
* Ordinal Random Forests for Object Detection
* OUTLIER: Online learning and visualization of unusual events
* Parametric Top-View Representation of Complex Road Scenes, A
* Peek-a-Boo: Occlusion Reasoning in Indoor Scenes With Plane Representations
* Q: How to Specialize Large Vision-Language Models to Data-Scarce VQA Tasks? A: Self-Train on Unlabeled Images!
* Shuffle and Attend: Video Domain Adaptation
* Single-Stream Multi-level Alignment for Vision-Language Pretraining
* Understanding Road Layout From Videos as a Whole
* Unsupervised Object Discovery and Segmentation in Videos
Includes: Schulter, S.[Samuel] Schulter, S.
34 for Schulter, S.

Schultheis, U.[Udo] Co Author Listing * Comparison of a two-handed interface to a wand interface and a mouse interface for fundamental 3D tasks

Schultheiss, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Finding the Unknown: Novelty Detection with Extreme Value Signatures of Deep Neural Activations

Schulthess, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Classification and evaluation of filters for wavelet coded videostreams
* Self Learning Video Filters for Wavelet Coded Video Streams

Schulthess, U.[Urs] Co Author Listing * Identification of Mung Bean in a Smallholder Farming Setting of Coastal South Asia Using Manned Aircraft Photography and Sentinel-2 Images
* Multi-Temporal and Spectral Analysis of High-Resolution Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery for Precision Agriculture: Assessment of Wheat Grain Yield and Grain Protein Content
* Optimal Sample Size and Composition for Crop Classification with Sen2-Agri's Random Forest Classifier
* Remote Sensing Based Simple Models of GPP in Both Disturbed and Undisturbed Piñon-Juniper Woodlands in the Southwestern U.S.
* Using Sentinel-2 to Track Field-Level Tillage Practices at Regional Scales in Smallholder Systems

Schultmann, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Quality of UAV-Based Images for the Thermographic Analysis of Buildings

Schultz Stellenfleth, J. Co Author Listing * wavelet-based algorithm to estimate ocean wave group parameters from radar images, A
Includes: Schultz Stellenfleth, J. Schultz-Stellenfleth, J.

Schultz, A. Co Author Listing * Spatial language for human-robot dialogs

Schultz, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Cloud Cover Assessment for Operational Crop Monitoring Systems in Tropical Areas
* Self-Guided Segmentation and Classification of Multi-Temporal Landsat 8 Images for Crop Type Mapping in Southeastern Brazil

Schultz, B.W. Co Author Listing * Progressive Discrimination: An Automatic Method for Mapping Individual Targets in Hyperspectral Imagery

Schultz, C. Co Author Listing * Geometric Matching of 3D Objects, Assessing the Range of Successful Configurations

Schultz, C.J. Co Author Listing * Oriented Gaussian Mixture Models for Nonrigid 2D/3D Coronary Artery Registration

Schultz, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric learning vector quantization for efficient nearest neighbor classification in dynamic time warping spaces
* Nonsmooth analysis and subgradient methods for averaging in dynamic time warping spaces

Schultz, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Magnitude of the Amazonian Forest Blowdowns and Post-Disturbance Recovery Using Landsat-8 and Time Series of PlanetScope Satellite Constellation Data

Schultz, E. Co Author Listing * General-purpose object recognition in 3D volume data sets using gray-scale invariants: Classification of airborne pollen-grains recorded with a confocal laser scanning microscope

Schultz, E.B. Co Author Listing * Landsat stand basal area classification suitable for automating stratification of forest into statistically efficient strata, A

Schultz, G. Co Author Listing * Radial Imaging With Multipolar Magnetic Encoding Fields

Schultz, H.[Howard] Co Author Listing * email: Schultz, H.[Howard]: hschultz AT cs umass edu
* Ascender II: A Framework for Reconstruction of Scenes from Aerial Images
* Automatic Geo-Correction of Video Mosaics for Environmental Monitoring
* Automatic In Situ Identification of Plankton
* efficient method for geo-referenced video mosaicing for environmental monitoring, An
* Error characterization of Parallel Perspective Stereo Mosaics
* Error Detection and DEM Fusion using Self-Consistency
* Mosaic generation for under vehicle inspection
* Parallel-Perspective Stereo Mosaics
* Progress in Computer Vision at the University of Massachusetts (1998)
* Progress in Computer Vision at the University of Massachusetts, 1997
* Retrieving Shape Information from Multiple Images of a Specular Surface
* Theory and Practice in Making Seamless Stereo Mosaics from Airborne Video
Includes: Schultz, H.[Howard] Schultz, H.
13 for Schultz, H.

Schultz, H.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Buildings and Terrain from Aerial Images
* Building Reconstruction from Optical and Range Images
* Daedalus Battlefield Visualization System
* Knowledge Directed Reconstruction from Multiple Aerial Images
* Recent Advances in 3D Reconstruction Techniques Using Aerial Images
* Scene Reconstruction Research: Towards an Automatic System
* Site Modeling Using IFSAR and Electro-Optical Images
* Terrain Reconstruction from Oblique Views
* Terrain Reconstruction from Widely Separated Images
* Three-Dimensional Grouping and Information Fusion for Site Modeling from Aerial Images
* Three-Dimensional Grouping for Site Modeling from Aerial Images
* UMass Ascender System for 3D Site Model Construction, The
* Using 3D Features to Improve Terrain Classification
Includes: Schultz, H.J. Schultz, H.J.[Howard J.]
13 for Schultz, H.J.

Schultz, J. Co Author Listing * BrainTrek: An immersive environment for investigating neuronal tissue
* In Memorium: Gunter Menz
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval for Agricultural Areas Using a Novel UAV Platform Equipped with a Thermal Infrared and Multispectral Sensor
* Registration of 3D+t Coronary CTA and Monoplane 2D+t X-Ray Angiography
Includes: Schultz, J. Schultz, J.[Johannes]

Schultz, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * ConvGeN: A convex space learning approach for deep-generative oversampling and imbalanced classification of small tabular datasets
* Initial Approach to Segmentation and Analysis of Nerve Cells using Ridge Detection, An
Includes: Schultz, K.[Kristian] Schultz, K.

Schultz, K.L.[Kevin L.] Co Author Listing * Locating regions in a target image using color matching, luminance pattern matching and hue plane pattern matching

Schultz, L.A.[Lori A.] Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment of Extreme Weather Events Using Synthetic Aperture Radar and Auxiliary Data: A Case Study
* Random Forest Classification of Inundation Following Hurricane Florence (2018) via L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar and Ancillary Datasets

Schultz, L.J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Image Reconstruction for Improving Detection Performance of Muon Tomography
* Statistical image reconstruction for muon tomography using Gaussian scale mixture model
* Statistical Reconstruction for Cosmic Ray Muon Tomography

Schultz, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Airport Departure Metering Under Spatial-Temporal Airside Interactions, A
* Forest Cover and Vegetation Degradation Detection in the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area Using BFAST Monitor
* Global Burned Area Mapping From European Satellites: The Esa Fire_cci Project
* Private Vehicles Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimation at Street Level for Berlin Based on Open Data
* Use of Automated Change Detection and VGI Sources for Identifying and Validating Urban Land Use Change
Includes: Schultz, M.[Michael] Schultz, M.

Schultz, N.[Nette] Co Author Listing * 2D vector-cycle deformable templates
* Bimodal histogram transformation based on maximum likelihood parameter estimates in univariate Gaussian mixtures
* General Scheme for Training and Optimization of the Grenander Deformable Template Model, A

Schultz, P.F. Co Author Listing * Combining multiple visual processing streams for locating and classifying objects in video
* Sparse encoding of binocular images for depth inference
* symmetry-breaking generative model of a simple-cell/complex-cell hierarchy, A
Includes: Schultz, P.F. Schultz, P.F.[Peter F.]

Schultz, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Facial Expression Perception-Production Link Using Real-Time Automated Facial Expression Recognition
* Face detection with a Viola-Jones based hybrid network
* Peak Geodesic Concentration: A measure of WM complexity in HARDI
* Structural Connectivity Analysis Using Finsler Geometry
Includes: Schultz, R.[Robert] Schultz, R.

Schultz, R.C. Co Author Listing * Progressive Band Processing of Constrained Energy Minimization for Subpixel Detection

Schultz, R.R. Co Author Listing * Bayesian approach to image expansion for improved definition, A
* Bayesian Estimation of Subpixel-Resolution Motion Fields and High-Resolution Video Stills
* Extraction of High-Resolution Frames from Video Sequences
* Extraction of high-resolution video stills from MPEG image sequences
* GPU-CPU implementation for super-resolution mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) surveillance video
* Image Mosaicking from Uncooled Thermal IR Video Captured by a Small UAV
* Maximum likelihood parameter estimation for non-Gaussian prior signal models
* Stochastic modeling and estimation of multispectral image data
* Super-resolution enhancement of native digital video versus digitized NTSC sequences
* Super-resolution mosaicking of UAV surveillance video
* Super-Resolution Mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Surveillance Video Using Levenberg Marquardt (LM) Algorithm
* Tracking occluded targets in high-similarity background: An online training, non-local appearance model and periodic hybrid particle filter with projective transformation
Includes: Schultz, R.R. Schultz, R.R.[Richard R.] Schultz, R.R.[Richard. R.]
12 for Schultz, R.R.

Schultz, R.T. Co Author Listing * Can Facial Pose and Expression Be Separated With Weak Perspective Camera?
* Discovering Synchronized Subsets of Sequences: A Large Scale Solution
* Inequality-Constrained 3D Morphable Face Model Fitting
* Inequality-constrained and Robust 3d Face Model Fitting
* Segmentation and Measurement of the Cortex from 3-D MR Images Using Coupled-Surfaces Propagation
* Volumetric Layer Segmentation Using Coupled Surfaces Propagation
Includes: Schultz, R.T. Schultz, R.T.[Robert T.]

Schultz, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Registration with probabilistic correspondences: Accurate and robust registration for pathological and inhomogeneous medical data

Schultz, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * BundleMAP: Anatomically localized classification, regression, and hypothesis testing in diffusion MRI
* BundleMAP: Anatomically Localized Features from dMRI for Detection of Disease
* Dark Glacier Surface of Greenland's Largest Floating Tongue Governed by High Local Deposition of Dust
* Differential Geometry and Orientation Analysis in Image Processing
* Flexible Segmentation and Smoothing of DT-MRI Fields Through a Customizable Structure Tensor
* infodemiological framework for tracking the spread of SARS-CoV-2 using integrated public data, An
* Lossless PDE-Based Compression of 3D Medical Images
* Multi-scale Anisotropic Fourth-Order Diffusion Improves Ridge and Valley Localization
* Multimodal Recognition of Cognitive Workload for Multitasking in the Car
* Selecting relevant features for human motion recognition
* Using Eigenvalue Derivatives for Edge Detection in DT-MRI Data
Includes: Schultz, T.[Thomas] Schultz, T.[Timm] Schultz, T.[Timothy] Schultz, T.[Tanja] Schultz, T.
11 for Schultz, T.

Schultz, W. Co Author Listing * Predicting the imagined contents using brain activation

Schultze Kool, L.J. Co Author Listing * Interactive Histogram Equalization

Schultze, B. Co Author Listing * 200 MeV Proton Radiography Studies With a Hand Phantom Using a Prototype Proton CT Scanner
* Improved Method of Total Variation Superiorization Applied to Reconstruction in Proton Computed Tomography, An

Schultze, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * POETICON enacted scenario corpus: A tool for human and computational experiments on action understanding, The

Schultze, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D UWB radar super-resolution imaging for a bi-static antenna configuration

Schulz de Lima, R.[Rodolfo] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Continuous Image Processing

Schulz Mirbach, H. Co Author Listing * Constructing invariant features by averaging techniques
* On the existence of complete invariant feature spaces in pattern recognition
Includes: Schulz Mirbach, H. Schulz-Mirbach, H.

Schulz Stellenfleth, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Measurements of Sea Surface Properties in the German Bight
* Study of Coastal Effects Relevant for Offshore Wind Energy Using Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
* Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimated From Wide-Swath SAR Images
Includes: Schulz Stellenfleth, J.[Johannes] Schulz-Stellenfleth, J.[Johannes] Schulz-Stellenfleth, J.

Schulz, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Combined Head Localization and Head Pose Estimation for Video-Based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Nature of the Ny-Alesund Wind Field Analysed by High-Resolution Windlidar Data, The
* On the empirical rate-distortion performance of Compressive Sensing
* Self-Supervised Representation Learning for CAD
* Sliding-Windows for Rapid Object Class Localization: A Parallel Technique
* Visualization of Regression Models Using Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction
* VR Office Applying Modern Search and Filter Concepts for Knowledge Workers, A
Includes: Schulz, A.[Andreas] Schulz, A.[Alexander] Schulz, A.[Adriana] Schulz, A.[André]
7 for Schulz, A.

Schulz, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Boosting with a Joint Feature Pool from Different Sensors
* Distributed Multirobot Exploration and Mapping
* Experiences with an interactive museum tour-guide robot
* Expert Surgeons Can Smoothly Control Robotic Tools With a Discrete Control Interface
* Land use mapping using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series in a heterogeneous landscape in Niger, Sahel
* Realtime Hierarchical Clustering Based on Boundary and Surface Statistics
* Smoothness of Surgical Tool Tip Motion Correlates to Skill in Endovascular Tasks
* Tracking Multiple Moving Objects with a Mobile Robot
Includes: Schulz, D.[Dirk] Schulz, D. Schulz, D.[Dario]
8 for Schulz, D.

Schulz, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Plants Don't Walk on the Street: Common-Sense Reasoning for Reliable Semantic Segmentation

Schulz, F.[Frederick] Co Author Listing * Seizing the Treasure: Transferring Knowledge in Invoice Analysis

Schulz, G.[Gundula] Co Author Listing * Inferring Grassland Drought Stress with Unsupervised Learning from Airborne Hyperspectral VNIR Imagery

Schulz, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Convex Hulls in a 3-Dimensional Space
* Dense real-time mapping of object-class semantics from RGB-D video
* Local motion analysis in 4D lung CT using fast groupwise registration
* Motion Compensation and Plane Tracking for Kinematic MR-Imaging
* Multipath fading effects on integrated video, voice and data transmission in hybrid-code BPSK-DS/CDMA systems
* Polyhedral Surface Approximation of Non-convex Voxel Sets through the Modification of Convex Hulls
* Segmentation of Collagen Fiber Bundles in 3D by Waterfall on Orientations
* Semantic segmentation priors for object discovery
* Tell, Draw, and Repeat: Generating and Modifying Images Based on Continual Linguistic Instruction
Includes: Schulz, H.[Henrik] Schulz, H.[Hannes] Schulz, H. Schulz, H.[Heinrich] Schulz, H.[Holger] Schulz, H.[Haiko]
9 for Schulz, H.

Schulz, H.J.[Hans Jorg] Co Author Listing * Interactive Presentation of Geo-Spatial Climate Data in Multi-Display Environments
* Towards a Contextualized Visual Analysis of Heterogeneous Manufacturing Data
Includes: Schulz, H.J.[Hans Jorg] Schulz, H.J.[Hans-Jörg]

Schulz, H.M.[Hans Martin] Co Author Listing * Precipitation Retrieval over the Tibetan Plateau from the Geostationary Orbit: Part 1: Precipitation Area Delineation with Elektro-L2 and Insat-3D

Schulz, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Computation strategies for volume local binary patterns applied to action recognition

Schulz, J. Co Author Listing * Airborne Technologies for Disaster Management
* Assessment of the EUMETSAT Multi Decadal Land Surface Albedo Data Record from Meteosat Observations
* Climate Data Records from Meteosat First Generation Part III: Recalibration and Uncertainty Tracing of the Visible Channel on Meteosat-2-7 Using Reconstructed, Spectrally Changing Response Functions
* Cloud Detection with Historical Geostationary Satellite Sensors for Climate Applications
* Fast Scalar and Vectorial Grayscale Based Invariant Features for 3D Cell Nuclei Localization and Classification
* Non-linear Hypothesis Testing of Geometric Object Properties of Shapes Applied to Hippocampi
* On the Methods for Recalibrating Geostationary Longwave Channels Using Polar Orbiting Infrared Sounders
* Quality Assurance Framework Development Based on Six New ECV Data Products to Enhance User Confidence for Climate Applications
* Recalibration of over 35 Years of Infrared and Water Vapor Channel Radiances of the JMA Geostationary Satellites
* Towards a Traceable Climate Service: Assessment of Quality and Usability of Essential Climate Variables
Includes: Schulz, J. Schulz, J.[Jörg] Schulz, J.[Janina] Schulz, J.[Jörn]
10 for Schulz, J.

Schulz, K. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of Simulated SAR Signatures of Debris for the Usage In Damage Detection
* Building recognition based on airborne and space borne InSAR data
* Building Recognition From Multi-Aspect High-Resolution InSAR Data in Urban Areas
* Building Reconstruction from InSAR Data by Detail Analysis Of Phase Profiles
* Concept to Analyze the Displacement Time Series of Individual Persistent Scatterers
* Context-based Urban Terrain Reconstruction From Images And Videos
* Ecological Framework for Evaluating Map Errors Using Fuzzy Sets, An
* Fast Selection of Small and Precise Candidate Sets from Dictionaries for Text Correction Tasks
* Improvement of Land Cover Classification by Thermal Remote Sensing, The
* InSAR Deformation Analysis with Distributed Scatterers: A Review Complemented by New Advances
* InSAR Phase Profiles at Building Location
* Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
* Monitoring of the Vegetation Composition in Rewetted Peatland with Iterative Decision Tree Classification of Satellite Imagery
* On the Classifier Performance for Simulation Based Debris Detection In SAR Imagery
* Retrieval of Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Soil Water Content (WC) Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing under Controlled Glass House Conditions for Spring Barley and Sugar Beet
* SAR Image Segmentation Using Morphological Attribute Profiles
* Scale-specific Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Approach in Environmental Research
* Spatio-Temporal LAI Modelling by Integrating Climate and MODIS LAI Data in a Mesoscale Catchment
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, II
* Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, III
* Strategies for PS Processing of Large Sentinel-1 Datasets
* Supervised Classification of Agricultural Land Cover Using a Modified k-NN Technique (MNN) and Landsat Remote Sensing Imagery
* Supervised Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery Using a Modified k-NN Technique
* Using Morphological Differential Attribute Profiles for Change Categorization in High Resolution SAR Images
Includes: Schulz, K. Schulz, K.[Keith] Schulz, K.[Karsten] Schulz, K.[Klaus]
24 for Schulz, K.

Schulz, K.U. Co Author Listing * corpus for comparative evaluation of OCR software and postcorrection techniques, A
* Deriving Symbol Dependent Edit Weights for Text Correction: The Use of Error Dictionaries
* Fast string correction with Levenshtein automata
* Genre as noise: noise in genre
* Lexical postcorrection of OCR-results: The Web as a Dynamic Secondary Dictionary?
* same is not the same: Postcorrection of alphabet confusion errors in mixed-alphabet OCR recognition, The
* Stable methods for recognizing acronym-expansion pairs: From rule sets to hidden Markov models
* Successfully detecting and correcting false friends using channel profiles
* Towards information retrieval on historical document collections: The role of matching procedures and special lexica
Includes: Schulz, K.U. Schulz, K.U.[Klaus U.]
9 for Schulz, K.U.

Schulz, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)
* Frequency of Low Clouds in Taiwan Retrieved from MODIS Data and Its Relation to Cloud Forest Occurrence
Includes: Schulz, M.[Michael] Schulz, M.[Martin]

Schulz, P. Co Author Listing * Modeling QoE for Buffered Video Streaming in Interference-Limited Cellular Networks

Schulz, R. Co Author Listing * Designing and Evaluating Quality of Life Technologies: An Interdisciplinary Approach
* SpatialDETR: Robust Scalable Transformer-Based 3D Object Detection From Multi-view Camera Images With Global Cross-Sensor Attention
Includes: Schulz, R. Schulz, R.[Richard]

Schulz, R.A. Co Author Listing * tuning fork artifact in computerized tomography, The

Schulz, R.B. Co Author Listing * Experimental fluorescence tomography of tissues with noncontact measurements
* Hybrid System for Simultaneous Fluorescence and X-Ray Computed Tomography

Schulz, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Auto Exposure Control for Multiple-Slope Cameras
* Automatic Motion Segmentation for Human Motion Synthesis
* Combined Visual Exploration of 2d Ground Radar and 3D Point Cloud Data For Road Environments
* GIS-based Digital Applications on Maintenance and Preservation for traditional Chinese Gardens
Includes: Schulz, S.[Simon] Schulz, S.[Sebastian] Schulz, S.

Schulz, S.D.[Simon Daniel] Co Author Listing * ConvNet Regression for Fingerprint Orientations
* De-convolutional auto-encoder for enhancement of fingerprint samples
* Survey on the impact of fingerprint image enhancement
Includes: Schulz, S.D.[Simon Daniel] Schulz, S.D.[Simon-Daniel]

Schulz, T.J. Co Author Listing * Approach for reconstructing anisoplanatic adaptive optics images
* Coherent array imaging with sparse arrays
* Deblurring subject to nonnegativity constraints
* Fast Algorithm for Maximum-Likelihood Imaging with Coherent Speckle Measurements, A
* Image Reconstruction and Restoration
* Optimal Sharpness Function for SAR Autofocus
* Phase-error compensation through multiframe blind deconvolution
* Phase-error correction for coherent array imaging systems
Includes: Schulz, T.J. Schulz, T.J.[Timothy J.]
8 for Schulz, T.J.

Schulz, V. Co Author Listing * Digital Preclinical PET/MRI Insert and Initial Results, A
* Hybrid MPI-MRI System for Dual-Modal In Situ Cardiovascular Assessments of Real-Time 3D Blood Flow Quantification: A Pre-Clinical In Vivo Feasibility Investigation
* Joint Reconstruction of Tracer Distribution and Background in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Self-Normalization Reconstruction Technique for PET Scans Using the Positron Emission Data, A
* Simultaneous Reconstruction of Activity and Attenuation for PET/MR
* System Characterization of a Highly Integrated Preclinical Hybrid MPI-MRI Scanner

Schulz, V.H.[Victor Hugo] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Mission of a 6U CubeSat with a 5-Meter Resolution for Wildfire Image Classification Using Convolution Neural Network Approach

Schulz, W. Co Author Listing * Future role of cost-benefit analysis in intelligent transport system-research
* Pedestrian Recognition from a Moving Catadioptric Camera
Includes: Schulz, W. Schulz, W.[Wolfgang]

Schulze Bruninghoff, D.[Damian] Co Author Listing * Multisite and Multitemporal Grassland Yield Estimation Using UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Data
* Potentials and Limitations of WorldView-3 Data for the Detection of Invasive Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl. in Semi-Natural Grasslands
* Predicting Forage Quality of Grasslands Using UAV-Borne Imaging Spectroscopy
Includes: Schulze Bruninghoff, D.[Damian] Schulze-Brüninghoff, D.[Damian] (Maybe also Schulze-Brueninghoff, D.)

Schulze, A. Co Author Listing * Concepts and Technologies for a Comprehensive Information System for Historical Research and Heritage Documentation

Schulze, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Eye-tracker based part-image selection for image retrieval
* Identifying relevant frames in weakly labeled videos for training concept detectors
* Learning automatic concept detectors from online video
* Scene-based image retrieval by transitive matching
* System That Learns to Tag Videos by Watching Youtube, A

Schulze, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Generation and performance assessment of the global TanDEM-X digital elevation model
* Tandem-X Mission: Overview, Status and Outlook
* TanDEM-X Pol-InSAR Performance for Forest Height Estimation
Includes: Schulze, D.[Daniel] Schulze, D.

Schulze, E.[Ekkehard] Co Author Listing * Using Lateral Coupled Snakes for Modeling the Contours of Worms

Schulze, E.C. Co Author Listing * Visualization of Mobile Mapping Data via Parallax Scrolling

Schulze, F. Co Author Listing * 3D object retrieval in an atlas of neuronal structures
* Similarity Based Object Retrieval Of Composite Neuronal Structures
Includes: Schulze, F. Schulze, F.[Florian]

Schulze, H.[Hendrik] Co Author Listing * Extending Embodied Interactions in Mixed Reality Environments

Schulze, J. Co Author Listing * Dual spherical spline: A new representation of ruled surface optimization
* Virtual reality interaction using mobile devices

Schulze, J.P.[Jurgen P.] Co Author Listing * CaveCAD: Architectural design in the CAVE
* Democratizing rendering for multiple viewers in surround VR systems
* Disambiguation of Horizontal Direction for Video Conference Systems
* Observing change in crowded data sets in 3D space: Visualizing gene expression in human tissues
* Real-time Contrast Enhancement for 3d Medical Images Using Histogram Equalization
* Realistic 3D Modeling of the Liver from MRI Images
* Virtual Excavation: Combining 3D Immersive Virtual Reality and Geophysical Surveying, A
Includes: Schulze, J.P.[Jurgen P.] Schulze, J.P.[Jürgen P.] Schulze, J.P.
7 for Schulze, J.P.

Schulze, K. Co Author Listing * Situation Assessment for Automatic Lane-Change Maneuvers

Schulze, M. Co Author Listing * 3d-camera Based Navigation Of A Mobile Robot In An Agricultural Environment
* Image-Based Navigation of Forest Harvesters
* optical triangulation method for height measurements on non-stationary water surfaces, An
* Performance Evaluation of a System for Semi-Automatic Building Extraction using Adaptable Primitives
* Reliable Multilane Detection and Classification by Utilizing CNN as a Regression Network
* State-wide Calculation of Terrain-visualisations and Automatic Map Generation for Archaeological Objects
Includes: Schulze, M. Schulze, M.[Matthias]

Schulze, M.A. Co Author Listing * morphology-based filter structure for edge-enhancing smoothing, A

Schulze, M.J. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of a Low-Cost Platform for Positioning and Navigation

Schulze, R. Co Author Listing * Lunar Mini-RF Radars: Hybrid Polarimetric Architecture and Initial Results, The

Schulze, S.[Stephanie] Co Author Listing * Effects of Embodiment in Virtual Reality on Implicit Gender Bias, The

Schulze, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Inverse Procedural Modeling of Knitwear
* Off-the-shelf sensor integration for mono-SLAM on smart devices
* Sensor Fusion for Sparse SLAM with Descriptor Pooling
Includes: Schulze, T.[Thomas] Schulze, T.[Timo]

Schulze, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Music Generation with Markov Models

Schulze, Y. Co Author Listing * Image thresholding framework based on two-dimensional digital fractional integration and Legendre moments'

Schumacher, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Two stage Real-Time stereo correspondence algorithm and FPGA architecture using a modified Generalized Hough transform

Schumacher, J. Co Author Listing * Active Learning of Ensemble Classifiers for Gesture Recognition
* L-Band SAR Backscatter Related to Forest Cover, Height and Aboveground Biomass at Multiple Spatial Scales across Denmark
Includes: Schumacher, J. Schumacher, J.[Johannes]

Schumacher, M.[Matthaeus] Co Author Listing * Exploration of the correlations of attributes and features in faces
* Hallucination of facial details from degraded images using 3D face models
* Iterative ICA-Based Reconstruction Method to Produce Consistent Time-Variable Total Water Storage Fields Using GRACE and Swarm Satellite Data, An
* Recovery of Rapid Water Mass Changes (RWMC) by Kalman Filtering of GRACE Observations
* SARSense Campaign: Air- and Space-Borne C- and L-Band SAR for the Analysis of Soil and Plant Parameters in Agriculture, The
Includes: Schumacher, M.[Matthaeus] Schumacher, M.[Maike]

Schumacher, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Estimation in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region?
* Scalable, Multi-Stream MPEG-4 Video Decoder for Conferencing and Surveillance Applications, A
* Texture classification using neural networks and discrete wavelet transform
Includes: Schumacher, P.[Paul] Schumacher, P.

Schumacher, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamics Estimation Filter for Pose and Motion Estimation in Orbit, A
* Film language
Includes: Schumacher, R. Schumacher, R.[Rod]

Schuman, J.S. Co Author Listing * Alignment of 3-D Optical Coherence Tomography Scans to Correct Eye Movement Using a Particle Filtering
* Method to Estimate Biomechanics and Mechanical Properties of Optic Nerve Head Tissues From Parameters Measurable Using Optical Coherence Tomography, A

Schumann Olsen, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * System for Estimation of Pin Bone Positions in Pre-rigor Salmon
* System for Reading Braille Embossed on Beverage Can Lids for Authentication
Includes: Schumann Olsen, H.[Henrik] Schumann-Olsen, H.[Henrik]

Schumann, A.[Arne] Co Author Listing * Contextual Constraints for Person Retrieval in Camera Networks
* Deep cross-domain flying object classification for robust UAV detection
* Deep learning prototype domains for person re-identification
* Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge at ICIAP 2021
* Drone-vs-Bird detection challenge at IEEE AVSS2017
* Evaluation Of Design Choices For Pedestrian Attribute Recognition In Video, An
* FastAER Det: Fast Aerial Embedded Real-Time Detection
* Few-Shot Supervised Prototype Alignment for Pedestrian Detection on Fisheye Images
* Flying object detection for automatic UAV recognition
* Large Scale Vehicle Re-Identification by Knowledge Transfer from Simulated Data and Temporal Attention
* MTA Dataset for Multi Target Multi Camera Pedestrian Tracking by Weighted Distance Aggregation, The
* Multi Feature Deconvolutional Faster R-CNN for Precise Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
* Person Re-identification by Deep Learning Attribute-Complementary Information
* Person tracking-by-detection with efficient selection of part-detectors
* Pose-Sensitive Embedding for Person Re-identification with Expanded Cross Neighborhood Re-ranking, A
* Search Area Reduction Fast-RCNN for Fast Vehicle Detection in Large Aerial Imagery
* Semantic Labeling Based Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
* Semantic labeling for improved vehicle detection in aerial imagery
* SkyScapes: Fine-Grained Semantic Understanding of Aerial Scenes
* soft-biometrics dataset for person tracking and re-identification, A
* Statistical Anomaly Detection in Mean and Variation of Energy Consumption
* Transferring attributes for person re-identification
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-VDT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Video Detection and Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Schumann, A.[Arne] Schumann, A. Schumann, A.[Anika]
25 for Schumann, A.

Schumann, A.W.[Arnold W.] Co Author Listing * Design and Development of a Smart Variable Rate Sprayer Using Deep Learning
* Detection of a Potato Disease (Early Blight) Using Artificial Intelligence
* Hair Fescue and Sheep Sorrel Identification Using Deep Learning in Wild Blueberry Production

Schumann, E.T.[Eduardo Torres] Co Author Listing * Stable methods for recognizing acronym-expansion pairs: From rule sets to hidden Markov models

Schumann, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Automated Surface Runoff Estimation with the Spectral Unmixing of Remotely Sensed Multispectral Imagery
* Comparison of remotely sensed water stages from LiDAR, topographic contours and SRTM
* Detection and Segmentation of Quasi-Planar Surfaces Through Expectation Maximization Under a Planar Homography Constraint
* Flow Duration Curve from Satellite: Potential of a Lifetime SWOT Mission
* High-Resolution 3-D Flood Information From Radar Imagery for Flood Hazard Management
* Surface Water Dynamics from Space: A Round Robin Intercomparison of Using Optical and SAR High-Resolution Satellite Observations for Regional Surface Water Detection
* Towards a High-resolution Drone-based 3d Mapping Dataset to Optimise Flood Hazard Modelling
* Utility of Spaceborne Radar to Render Flood Inundation Maps Based on Multialgorithm Ensembles, The
Includes: Schumann, G.[Guy] Schumann, G. Schumann, G.[Gabriel]
8 for Schumann, G.

Schumann, G.J.P.[Guy J P.] Co Author Listing * Assisting Flood Disaster Response with Earth Observation Data and Products: A Critical Assessment
* Change Detection Approach to Flood Mapping in Urban Areas Using TerraSAR-X, A
* Flood Mapping Based on Synthetic Aperture Radar: An Assessment of Established Approaches
* Near Real-Time Flood Detection in Urban and Rural Areas Using High-Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Preface: Remote Sensing for Flood Mapping and Monitoring of Flood Dynamics
* Preface: Remote Sensing in Flood Monitoring and Management
* Rapid Mapping of Small-Scale River-Floodplain Environments Using UAV SfM Supports Classical Theory
Includes: Schumann, G.J.P.[Guy J P.] Schumann, G.J.P.[Guy J-P.] Schumann, G.J.P. Schumann, G.J.P.[Guy J.P.]
7 for Schumann, G.J.P.

Schumann, H.[Heidrun] Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh Exploration for Smart Visual Interfaces
* Applying Augmented Reality Techniques in the Field of Interactive Collaborative Design
* Compliant Interframe Coding for Motion-JPEG2000
* Efficient Rendering of High-Detailed Objects Using a Reduced Multi-resolution Hierarchy
* Flexible Polygon Representation of Multiple Overlapping Regions of Interest for Wavelet-based Image Coding, A
* Flexible, dynamic and compliant region of interest coding in JPEG2000
* Interactive Presentation of Geo-Spatial Climate Data in Multi-Display Environments
* Navigation Recommendations for Exploring Hierarchical Graphs
* Novel Infrastructure for Supporting Display Ecologies, A
* Physical Navigation to Support Graph Exploration on a Large High-Resolution Display
* Supporting Display Scalability by Redundant Mapping
* Supporting presentation and discussion of visualization results in smart meeting rooms
* Visual analysis of retinal changes with optical coherence tomography
* Visualization of Features in 3D Terrain
Includes: Schumann, H.[Heidrun] Schumann, H.[Hagen]
14 for Schumann, H.

Schumann, J. Co Author Listing * Gathering of data under laboratory conditions for the deep analysis of pedestrian dynamics in crowds

Schumann, L.[Lea] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in Car Reviews (MuSe-CaR) Dataset: Collection, Insights and Improvements, The

Schumann, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Initialization of Model-based Camera Tracking with Analysis-by-Synthesis

Schumann, S.[Steffen] Co Author Listing * Finding Deformable Shapes by Correspondence-Free Instantiation and Registration of Statistical Shape Models

Schumann, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * FPGA design for image processing using a GUI of a web-based VHDL Code Generator

Schumann, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * New Volcanic Ash Satellite Retrieval VACOS Using MSG/SEVIRI and Artificial Neural Networks: 2. Validation, The

Schumich, A. Co Author Listing * WGAN Latent Space Embeddings for Blast Identification in Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Schumm, A. Co Author Listing * Realistic Film Noise Generation Based on Experimental Noise Spectra

Schumm, B.E.[Bryce E.] Co Author Listing * Wave optics simulations of synthetic aperture ladar performance through turbulence

Schumm, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Gait Similarity: User Authentication and Real-World Challenge

Schunck, B.G.[Brian G.] Co Author Listing * email: Schunck, B.G.[Brian G.]: Brian Schunck AT adept com
* Application of robust sequential edge detection and linking to boundaries of low contrast lesions in medical images
* Computing Oriented Texture Fields
* Constraints on Optical Flow Computation
* Determining Optical Flow
* Determining Optical Flow: A Retrospective
* Discontinuity Preserving Surface Reconstruction
* Dynamic Stereo with Self-Calibration
* Edge Detection with Gaussian Filters at Multiple Scales
* Image Flow Constraint Equation, The
* Image Flow Continuity Equations for Motion and Density
* Image Flow Segmentation and Estimation by Constraint Line Clustering
* Image Flow: Fundamentals and Algorithms
* Image Flow: Fundamentals and Future Research
* Interpolating Cubic Spline Contours by Minimizing Second Derivative Discontinuity
* Machine Vision
* Motion Constraint Equation for Optical Flow, The
* Motion Segmentation and Estimation by Constraint Line Filtering
* Multi-Dimensional Robust Edge Detection
* Nonparametric Algorithm for Edge Localization, A
* On Robust Edge Detection
* Optimal Contour Approximation by Deformable Piecewise Cubic Splines
* Quadratic Filter and Feature Detection
* Recovering A Boundary-Level Structural Description From Dynamic Stereo
* Robust Computational Vision
* Robust Dynamic Stereo for Incremental Disparity Map Refinement
* Robust Estimation of Image Flow
* Robust Method for Surface Reconstruction, A
* Surface Approximation Using Weighted Splines
* Surface Reconstruction Using Neural Networks
* Two-Stage Algorithm for Discontinuity-Preserving Surface Reconstruction, A
Includes: Schunck, B.G.[Brian G.] Schunck, B.G. Schunck, B.G.[Brian G] Schunck, B.G.[Brian]
31 for Schunck, B.G.

Schunert, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Assignment of Persistent Scatterers to Buildings
* Evaluation of InSAR DEM from High-Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data
* Grouping of Persistent Scatterers in high-resolution SAR data of urban scenes
* Matching Persistent Scatterers To Buildings
* Validation of DEMS Derived from High Resolution SAR Data: A Case Study on Barcelona
Includes: Schunert, A.[Alexander] Schunert, A.

Schunk, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Rain Microstructure Parameters Vary with Large-Scale Weather Conditions in Lausanne, Switzerland

Schunn, C. Co Author Listing * Integrating perceptual and cognitive modeling for adaptive and intelligent human-computer interaction

Schuon, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * 3D shape scanning with a time-of-flight camera
* Algorithms for 3D Shape Scanning with a Depth Camera
* High-quality scanning using time-of-flight depth superresolution
* HPU, The
* LidarBoost: Depth superresolution for ToF 3D shape scanning

Schupfer, J. Co Author Listing * Discrete-Continuous ADMM for Transductive Inference in Higher-Order MRFs
Includes: Schupfer, J. Schüpfer, J. (Maybe also Schuepfer, J.)

Schupp, S. Co Author Listing * Discrete Approach for Active Contours for Biomedical Applications
* Fast statistical level sets image segmentation for biomedical applications
* Graph-based tools for microscopic cellular image segmentation
* Image Segmentation Via Multiple Active Contour Models and Fuzzy Clustering with Biomedical Applications
* Using active contours and mathematical morphology tools for quantification of immunohistochemical images
Includes: Schupp, S. Schüpp, S. (Maybe also Schuepp, S.)Schupp, S.[Sophie] Schüpp, S.[Sophie] (Maybe also Schuepp, S.)

Schurholz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Mapping Cover and Counting Trees from Aerial Images of a Mangrove Forest Using Artificial Intelligence
Includes: Schurholz, D.[Daniel] Schürholz, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Schuerholz, D.)

Schurischuster, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Image-based Classification of Honeybees
* In-Time 3D Reconstruction and Instance Segmentation from Monocular Sensor Data
* Preliminary Study of Image Analysis for Parasite Detection on Honey Bees, A

Schurmann, C. Co Author Listing * City2navigation (C2N): A New Service for Digital, Future-proof Urban Traffic Management
Includes: Schurmann, C. Schürmann, C. (Maybe also Schuermann, C.)

Schurmann, D. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Charging in Residential Areas
Includes: Schurmann, D. Schürmann, D. (Maybe also Schuermann, D.)

Schurmann, J. Co Author Listing * Automated classification of cytological specimens based on features extracted from nuclei images
* Combining the Classification Results of Independent Classifiers Based on the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
* Document Analysis: From Pixels to Contents
Includes: Schurmann, J. Schürmann, J. (Maybe also Schuermann, J.)

Schurmann, S. Co Author Listing * Motor Protein Function in Skeletal Muscle: A Multiple Scale Approach to Contractility

Schurmann, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Toward Holistic Energy Management Strategies for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Heavy-Duty Applications
Includes: Schurmann, T.[Tobias] Schürmann, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Schuermann, T.)

Schurr, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * In Memorium: Gunter Menz
* Root growth analysis in physiological coordinates
* Study of Dynamical Processes with Tensor-Based Spatiotemporal Image Processing Techniques
Includes: Schurr, U.[Ulrich] Schurr, U.

Schuss, Z. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Surface and Stochastic Dynamics from a Planar Projection of Trajectories

Schussler, S. Co Author Listing * Improvements on obstacle detection in the pantograph gauge due to the recognition of steady arms

Schuster Amft, C.[Corina] Co Author Listing * Activity Patterns in Stroke Patients: Is There a Trend in Behaviour During Rehabilitation?
Includes: Schuster Amft, C.[Corina] Schuster-Amft, C.[Corina]

Schuster, C. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Change Detection Analysis for the Monitoring of Habitats in the Framework of the Natura 2000 Directive with Multi-Temporal Satellite Data
* Towards Detecting Swath Events in TerraSAR-X Time Series to Establish NATURA 2000 Grassland Habitat Swath Management as Monitoring Parameter

Schuster, D. Co Author Listing * Intellix: End-User Trained Information Extraction for Document Archiving

Schuster, G.[Glenn] Co Author Listing * Panoramic full-frame imaging with monocentric lenses and curved fiber bundles
* Wide-Field-of-View Monocentric Light Field Camera, A
Includes: Schuster, G.[Glenn] Schuster, G.

Schuster, G.L.[Gregory L.] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Experiment for the Statistical Evaluation of Aerosol Retrieval (STEAR) Algorithms, A

Schuster, G.M.[Guido M.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Boundary Encoding Scheme which is Optimal in the Rate-Distortion Sense, An
* Efficient frame vector selection based on ordered sets
* efficient rate-distortion optimal shape coding approach utilizing a skeleton-based decomposition, An
* Jointly Optimal Inter-mode Shape Coding and VLC Selection
* mathematical model for shape coding with B-splines, A
* MINMAX optimal video summarization
* Motion Compensated Shape Error Concealment
* MPEG-4 and Rate Distortion Based Shape Coding Techniques
* New Results on Efficient Optimal Multilevel Image Thresholding
* Object-based video compression scheme with optimal bit allocation among shape, motion and texture
* Optimal Polygonal Boundary Encoding Scheme in the Rate-Distortion Sense, An
* Optimal Quadtree-based Motion Estimation and Motion-compensated Interpolation Scheme for Video Compression, An
* Optimal video summarization with a bit budget constraint
* Rate-Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation for Object-Based Video Coding
* Rate-distortion optimal video summary generation
* recursive shape error concealment algorithm, A
* Robust circle detection using a weighted MSE estimator
* Robust line detection using a weighted MSE estimator
* Scalable, self-organizing 3D camera network for non-intrusive people tracking and counting
* Shape Coding Using Temporal Correlation and Joint VLC Optimization
* Shape error concealment using Hermite splines
* Simultaneous optimal boundary encoding and variable-length code selection
* Spatially disjoint source channel coding: taking advantage of the current dial-up architecture for video over the Internet
* Spline-based boundary loss concealment
* Video Compression Scheme with Optimal Bit Allocation Among Segmentation, Motion, and Residual Error, A
* Video Summarization for Multiple Path Communication
Includes: Schuster, G.M.[Guido M.] Schuster, G.M. Schuster, G.M.[Guido M]
26 for Schuster, G.M.

Schuster, G.T.[Gerard T.] Co Author Listing * Skeletonized Wave-Equation Refraction Inversion With Autoencoded Waveforms

Schuster, H.F.[Hanns Florian] Co Author Listing * Detectability of Buildings in Aerial Images over Scale Space
* Voxel-Based Quality Evaluation of Photogrammetric Building Acquisitions
Includes: Schuster, H.F.[Hanns Florian] Schuster, H.F.[Hanns-Florian] Schuster, H.F.

Schuster, J.C. Co Author Listing * Re-writing the Construction History of Boughton House (Northamptonshire, Uk) with the Help of Docu-tools®

Schuster, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Geometry-Based and Gabor-Wavelets-Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Multi-Layer Perceptron
* Deep Learning for Acoustic Modeling in Parametric Speech Generation: A systematic review of existing techniques and future trends
* Integrating Vision-Based Behaviors with an Autonomous Robot
* Intelligibility of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate: Evaluation by Speech Recognition Techniques
* New Approach to Video Sequence Recognition Based On Statistical Methods, A
* Transfer learning helps to improve the accuracy to classify patients with different speech disorders in different languages
* Vision Based Person Tracking with a Mobile Robot
Includes: Schuster, M. Schuster, M.[Matthias] Schuster, M.[Maria]
7 for Schuster, M.

Schuster, O. Co Author Listing * Tensor-driven Active Contour Model for Moving Object Segmentation, A

Schuster, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Attribution-aware Weight Transfer: A Warm-Start Initialization for Class-Incremental Semantic Segmentation
* Deep Temporal Fusion Framework for Scene Flow Using a Learnable Motion Model and Occlusions, A
* FlowFields++: Accurate Optical Flow Correspondences Meet Robust Interpolation
* HPERL: 3D Human Pose Estimation from RGB and LiDAR
* Multi-cue learning and visualization of unusual events
* New Calibration Scheme For Panoramic Line Scanner
* Object Permanence in Object Detection Leveraging Temporal Priors at Inference Time
* OUTLIER: Online learning and visualization of unusual events
* ResFPN: Residual Skip Connections in Multi-Resolution Feature Pyramid Networks for Accurate Dense Pixel Matching
* SceneFlowFields++: Multi-frame Matching, Visibility Prediction, and Robust Interpolation for Scene Flow Estimation
* SceneFlowFields: Dense Interpolation of Sparse Scene Flow Correspondences
* SDC - Stacked Dilated Convolution: A Unified Descriptor Network for Dense Matching Tasks
* Self-Superflow: Self-Supervised Scene Flow Prediction in Stereo Sequences
* SSGP: Sparse Spatial Guided Propagation for Robust and Generic Interpolation
* Steering a Robot with Vanishing Points
* Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows
Includes: Schuster, R.[Rene] Schuster, R.[René] Schuster, R.
16 for Schuster, R.

Schuster, T. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Requires Multiple Strategies (but Only One Network)
* Tomographic Reconstruction of the Curl and Divergence of 2D Vector Fields Taking Refractions into Account
Includes: Schuster, T. Schuster, T.[Thomas]

Schusterreiter, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * two-fly tracker that solves occlusions by dynamic programming: computational analysis of Drosophila courtship behaviour, A

Schut, A.G.T. Co Author Listing * Building Interactivity In Higher Education To Support Student Engagement In Spatial Problem Solving and Programming
* Quantifying Fertilizer Application Response Variability with VHR Satellite NDVI Time Series in a Rainfed Smallholder Cropping System of Mali
Includes: Schut, A.G.T. Schut, A.G.T.[Antonius G. T.]

Schut, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * UAV-Based Mapping of Banana Land Area for Village-Level Decision-Support in Rwanda

Schut, M.H.[Marleen H.] Co Author Listing * Computing Emotion Awareness Through Facial Electromyography

Schutera, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Cuepervision: self-supervised learning for continuous domain adaptation without catastrophic forgetting

Schutgens, N. Co Author Listing * Estimating Aerosol Emissions by Assimilating Remote Sensing Observations into a Global Transport Model

Schutt, B.[Brigitta] Co Author Listing * Implications of Fire Management in the Andean Paramo: A Preliminary Assessment Using Satellite Remote Sensing, The
* Modeling Gully Erosion Susceptibility to Evaluate Human Impact on a Local Landscape System in Tigray, Ethiopia
* Predicting the Impact of Future Land Use and Climate Change on Potential Soil Erosion Risk in an Urban District of the Harare Metropolitan Province, Zimbabwe
Includes: Schutt, B.[Brigitta] Schütt, B.[Brigitta] (Maybe also Schuett, B.)

Schutt, K.T.[Kristof T.] Co Author Listing * Higher-Order Explanations of Graph Neural Networks via Relevant Walks
Includes: Schutt, K.T.[Kristof T.] Schütt, K.T.[Kristof T.] (Maybe also Schuett, K.T.)

Schutt, O.[Ole] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Lunar Surface Reconstruction
Includes: Schutt, O.[Ole] Schütt, O.[Ole] (Maybe also Schuett, O.)

Schutte, G. Co Author Listing * Triangulation Method for 3D-Measurement of Specular Surfaces, A

Schutte, H. Co Author Listing * Scene Matching with Translation Invariant Transforms

Schutte, K.[Klamer] Co Author Listing * email: Schutte, K.[Klamer]: klamer AT ph tn tudelft nl
* Accurate Mosaicking of Scanned Maps, or How to Generate a Virtual A0 Scanner
* Activity recognition and localization on a truck parking lot
* Are current long-term video understanding datasets long-term?
* Automated Textual Descriptions for a Wide Range of Video Events with 48 Human Actions
* Blind late fusion in multimedia event retrieval
* Cameras a Tool for the Interactive Generation of a 3D Scene Model
* Cluster Centers Provide Good First Labels for Object Detection
* Combined Estimation of Geometric Object Parameters and Complex Object Description, Using the Predictor-Corrector Method in Combination with Specialised Cost Matrices, The
* Comparison Levels for Iterative Estimators for Model-Based Recognition of Manmade Objects in Remote Sensing Images
* Complex threat detection: Learning vs. rules, using a hierarchy of features
* Correlations between 48 human actions improve their detection
* Efficient Transfer by Robust Label Selection and Learning with Pseudo-Labels
* Evaluation of Comparison Levels in Iterative Estimators
* Finding map correspondence using geometric models
* Global Intensity Correction in Dynamic Scenes
* Hypothesizing a 3-D Scene from a Segmented Aerial Image
* Infrared hyperspectral imaging of ship plumes
* Instantaneous threat detection based on a semantic representation of activities, zones and trajectories
* Knowledge Based Recognition of Man-Made Objects
* Knowledge Engineering in Remote Sensing and Knowledge Based Systems in GIS
* Likelihood-based object detection and object tracking using color histograms and EM
* Linear colour correction for multiple illumination changes and non-overlapping cameras
* Memory Efficient Skeletonization of Utility Maps
* Model Based Image Analysis, Using Solid Modelling and Ray Tracing
* Model Driven Approach to Extract Buildings from Multi-View Aerial Imagery, A
* Model-Based Recognition and Parameter Estimation of Buildings from Multi-View Aerial Imagery Using Multi-Segmentation
* Multi-Scale Adaptive Gain Control of IR Images
* Multiframe Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Small Moving Objects
* Multiview 3d Markerless Human Pose Estimation from Openpose Skeletons
* Optimal Cache Usage for Separable Image-Processing Algorithms on General-Purpose Workstations
* Probabilistic classication between foreground objects and background
* Recognition of Buildings from Aerial Images
* Recognition of Long-Term Behaviors by Parsing Sequences of Short-Term Actions with a Stochastic Regular Grammar
* Region Growing with Planar Facets
* Robust Fusion of Irregularly Sampled Data Using Adaptive Normalized Convolution
* Selection of negative samples and two-stage combination of multiple features for action detection in thousands of videos
* Solution to the Correspondence Problem in Multi-View Imagery, A
* Spatio-temporal layout of human actions for improved bag-of-words action detection
* Super-resolution of faces using the epipolar constraint
* Super-Resolution on Moving Objects and Background
* Super-Resolution on small moving objects
* Turbulence compensation enhances long-range imagery
* Turbulence mitigation methods for sea scenario imaging
* unified approach to the recognition of complex actions from sequences of zone-crossings, A
* Vehicle Recognition in Infrared Images Using Shared Weight Neural Networks
* Video BagNet: short temporal receptive fields increase robustness in long-term action recognition
Includes: Schutte, K.[Klamer] Schutte, K. Schütte, K.[Kurt] (Maybe also Schuette, K.)
47 for Schutte, K.

Schutte, S.[Sander] Co Author Listing * Digitisation and 3D Reconstruction of 30 Year Old Microscopic Sections of Human Embryo, Foetus and Orbit

Schuttemeyer, D. Co Author Listing * FLuorescence EXplorer Mission Concept: ESA's Earth Explorer 8, The
* High-Performance Airborne Imaging Spectrometer HyPlant: From Raw Images to Top-of-Canopy Reflectance and Fluorescence Products: Introduction of an Automatized Processing Chain, The
* Impact of Atmospheric Optical Properties on Net Ecosystem Productivity of Peatland in Poland
* SARSense Campaign: Air- and Space-Borne C- and L-Band SAR for the Analysis of Soil and Plant Parameters in Agriculture, The
* Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)-Based Methods for Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) Retrieval with Non-Imaging Spectrometers: State of the Art
Includes: Schuttemeyer, D. Schüttemeyer, D. (Maybe also Schuettemeyer, D.)Schüttemeyer, D.[Dirk] (Maybe also Schuettemeyer, D.)

Schuttemeyer, J. Co Author Listing * new image coding technique unifying fractal and transform coding, A

Schutten, R.J.[Robert J.] Co Author Listing * Motion estimation
* Motion estimation and motion-compensated interpolition
* Real-Time 2-3 Pull-Down Elimination Applying Motion Estimation/Compensation in a Programmable Device
Includes: Schutten, R.J.[Robert J.] Schutten, R.J.

Schutter, B.D. Co Author Listing * Introduction to the Special Issue on the 16th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 13)

Schutter, K.[Kyle] Co Author Listing * Utilizing image-based features in biomedical document classification

Schutz, A.[Aurelien] Co Author Listing * Centroid-based texture classification using the SIRV representation
* multimodal approach to music transcription, A
* PAINTER: A spatiospectral image reconstruction algorithm for optical interferometry
Includes: Schutz, A.[Aurelien] Schutz, A.[Antony]

Schutz, A.J.[Aurelien J.] Co Author Listing * k-MLE for mixtures of generalized Gaussians

Schutz, B.E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Elevation Change Detection Methods From ICESat Altimetry Over the Greenland Ice Sheet

Schutz, E.L.D.[Emili Louise Diconcili] Co Author Listing * Application of Hydro-Based Morphological Models for Environmental Assessment of Watersheds

Schutz, F. Co Author Listing * Motion Field Segmentation to Improve Moving Edges Reconstruction in Video Coding, A

Schutz, M.[Mina] Co Author Listing * Automatic Fake News Detection with Pre-trained Transformer Models
* Efficient Loading and Visualization of Massive Feature-rich Point Clouds Without Hierarchical Acceleration Structures
* Matching Error Based Criterion of Region Merging for Joint Motion Estimation and Segmentation Techniques
* Testbed for Vision-Based Networked Control Systems, A
Includes: Schutz, M.[Mina] Schütz, M.[Mina] (Maybe also Schuetz, M.)Schütz, M. (Maybe also Schuetz, M.)Schutz, M.[Markus] Schütz, M.[Michael] (Maybe also Schuetz, M.)

Schutz, N.[Narayan] Co Author Listing * Trainable Spectrally Initializable Matrix Transformations in Convolutional Neural Networks

Schutze, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
* Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces
* Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked to Biodiversity: Part III: Traits, Processes and Remote Sensing Characteristics
Includes: Schutze, C.[Claudia] Schütze, C.[Claudia] (Maybe also Schuetze, C.)

Schutze, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Direct Calibration by Fitting of Cuboids to a Single Image Using Differential Evolution
Includes: Schutze, O.[Oliver] Schütze, O.[Oliver] (Maybe also Schuetze, O.)

Schutze, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * 3D-Sutra: Interactive Analysis Tool For A Web-Atlas of Scanned Sutra Inscriptions In China
* Approaches for geometrical and semantic modelling of huge unstructured 3D point clouds
* Asserting the Precise Position of 3D and Multispectral Acquisition Systems for Multisensor Registration Applied to Cultural Heritage Analysis
* Use of Local Surface Curvature Estimation for Adaptive Vision System Based on Active Light Projection
Includes: Schutze, R.[Rainer] Schütze, R.[Rainer] (Maybe also Schuetze, R.)

Schuur, B. Co Author Listing * Frequency Selective Update for Video Coding

Schuur, K.[Klaas] Co Author Listing * comparative study of 3D transmission formats for 4K auto-stereoscopic displays, A
* Shape Adaptive DCT with Block Based DC Separation and Delta-DC Correction
Includes: Schuur, K.[Klaas] Schuur, K.

Schuur, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * INTRALOG- intelligent autonomous truck applications in logistics; single and double articulated autonomous rearward docking on DCs

Schuurman, D.C. Co Author Listing * comparison of PCA and ICA for object recognition under varying illumination, A
* Robust Subspace Position Measurement Using Localized Sub-Windows
* Video-rate eigen space method for position tracking and remote monitoring
Includes: Schuurman, D.C. Schuurman, D.C.[Derek C.]

Schuurman, J.G.[Jan Gerrit] Co Author Listing * Video Content Foraging

Schuurmans, D. Co Author Listing * Face alignment using statistical models and wavelet features
* Fast normalized cut with linear constraints
* Graphical Models and Point Pattern Matching
* Online Discriminative Approach to Background Subtraction, An
* Real-Time Discriminative Background Subtraction
* Semi-Supervised Zero-Shot Classification with Label Representation Learning
* Tangent-Corrected Embedding
Includes: Schuurmans, D. Schuurmans, D.[Dale]
7 for Schuurmans, D.

Schuurmans, H.[Hanneke] Co Author Listing * Towards Estimating Land Evaporation at Field Scales Using GLEAM

Schuurmans, M.[Mathijs] Co Author Listing * Safe, learning-based MPC for highway driving under lane-change uncertainty: A distributionally robust approach

Schuwerack, P.M.[Petra Manuela] Co Author Listing * Nocturnal Surface Urban Heat Island over Greater Cairo: Spatial Morphology, Temporal Trends and Links to Land-Atmosphere Influences
Includes: Schuwerack, P.M.[Petra Manuela] Schuwerack, P.M.[Petra-Manuela]

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