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Book * *Active Perception
* *Exploratory Vision: The Active Eye
* *Geometric Invariance in Computer Vision
* *Shape from Shading
* *Vision and Navigation, the Carnegie Mellon NAVLAB
* *Vision-based Vehicle Guidance
* *Visual Navigation
* 3D Dynamic Scene Analysis: A Stereo Based Approach
* 3D Model Recognition from Stereoscopic Cues
* Active Computer Vision by Cooperative Focusing and Stereo
* Advances in Statistical Pattern Recognition
* Applications of Spatial Data Structures
* Artificial Vision for Mobile Robots: Stereo Vision and Multisensory Perception
* Color and Color Perception
* Computer Analysis of Scenes of 3-D Curved Objects
* Computer Vision in Electronics Applications
* Computing Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision
* Data Structure and Algorithms 2: Graphs Algorithms and NP-Completeness
* Describing and Recognizing 3-D Objects Using Surface Properties
* Design and Analysis of Spatial Data Structures
* Elements of Photogrammetry
* Experiments in the Machine Interpretation of Visual Motion
* Fish Quality Control by Computer Vision
* Fractal Geometry of Nature, The
* Fractals: Form, Chance, and Dimension
* From Images to Surfaces: A Computational Study of the Human Early Visual System
* Handbook of Non-Topographic Photogrammetry
* Image Analysis and Mathematical Morphology
* Intelligent Image Processing in Prolog
* Interpretation of Visual Motion, The
* Interpretation of Visual Motion: A Computational Study
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Outdoor Natural Color Scenes
* Machine Interpretation of Line Drawings
* Manual of Photogrammetry
* Manual of Photogrammetry
* Mathematical Theory of Evidence, A
* Measurement of Visual Motion, The
* Model-Based Computer Vision
* Natural Object Recognition
* Object Recognition by Computer: The Role of Geometric Constraints
* Perception of the Visual World, The
* Principles of Gestalt Psychology
* Pyramid Framework for Early Vision: Multiresolution Computer Vision, A
* Questions of Uniqueness and Resolution in Reconstruction from Projections
* Remote Sensing: The Quantitative Approach
* SIGMA: A Knowledge-Based Aerial Image Understanding System
* Surfaces in Range Image Understanding
* Taxonomy for Texture Description and Identification, A
* Textures
* Visual Detection of Motion
* Wavelet Basics
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