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Daud Khan, S. Co Author Listing * Texture-based feature mining for crowd density estimation: A study

Daud Khan, S. Co Author Listing * Extracting descriptive motion information from crowd scenes
* Real-Time Drone Surveillance and Population Estimation of Marine Animals from Aerial Imagery
* study on detecting drones using deep convolutional neural networks, A

Daud, A.[Abdulateef] Co Author Listing * Region-Based Deep Learning Approach to Automated Retail Checkout, A

Daud, H.[Hamza] Co Author Listing * Integrating Machine Learning Ensembles for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Northern Pakistan
* Modeling of Electromagnetic Waves Using Statistical and Numerical Techniques
Includes: Daud, H.[Hamza] Daud, H.[Hanita]

Daud, K.A.M.[Khairul Azhar Mat] Co Author Listing * Documentation Strategy for Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Cultural Heritage Institutions: Mak Yong Performing Art Collection

Daud, M.M.[M. Mat] Co Author Listing * pre-processing approach for efficient feature matching process in extreme illumination scenario, A

Daud, S. Co Author Listing * Drone-vs-Bird detection challenge at IEEE AVSS2017

Daudet, L. Co Author Listing * Blind Denoising with Random Greedy Pursuits
* Fast Phase Retrieval for High Dimensions: A Block-Based Approach
* Hybrid representations for audiophonic signal encoding
* Robust Phase Retrieval with the Swept Approximate Message Passing (prSAMP) Algorithm
Includes: Daudet, L. Daudet, L.[Laurent]

Daudpota, S.M.[Sher Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Video genre identification using clustering-based shot detection algorithm

Daudt, R.C.[Rodrigo Caye] Co Author Listing * BiasBed: Rigorous Texture Bias Evaluation
* Guided Depth Super-Resolution by Deep Anisotropic Diffusion
* Multitask learning for large-scale semantic change detection
* Snow depth estimation at country-scale with high spatial and temporal resolution

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