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Sheidani, S.[Sorour] Co Author Listing * Blind multipurpose watermarking with insertion of a single watermark: A generic construction based on verifiable threshold secret sharing

Sheik, N.A.[Noaman Akbar] Co Author Listing * Plane-Based Robust Registration of a Building Scan with Its BIM
* Registration of Building Scan with IFC-Based BIM Using the Corner Points

Sheikh Abdullah, S.N.H.[Siti Norul Huda] Co Author Listing * Vanishing region loss for crowd density estimation

Sheikh Akbari, A. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Based Multiscale Edge Detection
* Multiscale fuzzy reasoning (MFR) for automatic object extraction

Sheikh Mohammad Zadeh, A.[Abbas] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach to Urban Street Functionality Prediction Based on Centrality Measures and Stacked Denoising Autoencoder, A

Sheikh Omar, O.A.[Omar Ali] Co Author Listing * Supervised Domain Adaptation using Graph Embedding
* Supervised Domain Adaptation: A Graph Embedding Perspective and a Rectified Experimental Protocol
Includes: Sheikh Omar, O.A.[Omar Ali] Sheikh-Omar, O.A.[Omar Ali]

Sheikh, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Single cell mass measurement from deformation of nanofork

Sheikh, A.M. Co Author Listing * Distributed Scheduling for Low-Delay and Loss-Resilient Media Streaming With Network Coding

Sheikh, H. Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Deghosting in High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Photosequencing of Motion Blur using Short and Long Exposures
* Sensor-realistic Synthetic Data Engine for Multi-frame High Dynamic Range Photography

Sheikh, H.R. Co Author Listing * Detecting Spread Spectrum Watermarks Using Natural Scene Statistics
* Image Information and Visual Quality
* Image Quality Assessment: From Error Visibility to Structural Similarity
* Information Fidelity Criterion for Image Quality Assessment Using Natural Scene Statistics, An
* Joint Source-Channel Distortion Model for JPEG Compressed Images, A
* No-reference perceptual quality assessment of JPEG compressed images
* No-Reference Quality Assessment Using Natural Scene Statistics: JPEG2000
* Quality-Aware Images
* Real-time foveation techniques for low bit rate video coding
* Revisiting Dead Leaves Model: Training With Synthetic Data
* Statistical Evaluation of Recent Full Reference Image Quality Assessment Algorithms, A
Includes: Sheikh, H.R. Sheikh, H.R.[Hamid R.]
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Sheikh, J.[Javad] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study of Clustering-Based Techniques for Detecting Abnormal Vessel Behavior, A

Sheikh, L.T.[Leila Taghavi] Co Author Listing * method for eye detection based on SVD transforms, A

Sheikh, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Drone-Based Characterization of Seagrass Habitats in the Tropical Waters of Zanzibar
* Exploring the Space of a Human Action
* Synergies Between Transportation Systems, Energy Hub and the Grid in Smart Cities
Includes: Sheikh, M.[Mohammed] Sheikh, M.[Mumtaz] Sheikh, M.[Morteza]

Sheikh, M.A.[Mona A.] Co Author Listing * Blind Error-Free Detection of Transform-Domain Watermarks
* StandardSim: A Synthetic Dataset for Retail Environments
Includes: Sheikh, M.A.[Mona A.] Sheikh, M.A.[Mohammed Azeem]

Sheikh, R.[Rasha] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Semantic Segmentation with Label Propagation

Sheikh, U.U. Co Author Listing * 3D shape descriptor for object recognition based on Kinect-like depth image
* Enhanced Rotational Feature Points Matching using Orientation Correction
* linked list run-length-based single-pass connected component analysis for real-time embedded hardware, A
* Micro-expression recognition: an updated review of current trends, challenges and solutions
Includes: Sheikh, U.U. Sheikh, U.U.[Usman U.] Sheikh, U.U.[Usman Ullah]

Sheikh, Y.[Yaser] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Reduction Using Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programming
* 3D Pose-by-Detection of Vehicles via Discriminatively Reduced Ensembles of Correlation Filters
* 3D Reconstruction of a Moving Point from a Series of 2D Projections
* 3D reconstruction of a smooth articulated trajectory from a monocular image sequence
* 3D Trajectory Reconstruction under Perspective Projection
* 4D Visualization of Dynamic Events From Unconstrained Multi-View Videos
* Audio- and Gaze-driven Facial Animation of Codec Avatars
* Background Subtraction for Freely Moving Cameras
* Bayesian Modeling of Dynamic Scenes for Object Detection
* Bayesian Object Detection in Dynamic Scenes
* Convolutional Pose Machines
* Deep ROC Analysis and AUC as Balanced Average Accuracy, for Improved Classifier Selection, Audit and Explanation
* Deltille Grids for Geometric Camera Calibration
* Efficient Online Multi-Person 2D Pose Tracking With Recurrent Spatio-Temporal Affinity Fields
* Expressive Telepresence via Modular Codec Avatars
* Geodetic Alignment of Aerial Video Frames
* Hand Keypoint Detection in Single Images Using Multiview Bootstrapping
* High-fidelity Face Tracking for AR/VR via Deep Lighting Adaptation
* How Useful Is Photo-Realistic Rendering for Visual Learning?
* In defense of orthonormality constraints for nonrigid structure from motion
* Kronecker-Markov Prior for Dynamic 3D Reconstruction
* LBS Autoencoder: Self-Supervised Fitting of Articulated Meshes to Point Clouds
* Learning Patch Reconstructability for Accelerating Multi-view Stereo
* Linear motion estimation for systems of articulated planes
* Linearized Motion Estimation for Articulated Planes
* MAP Visibility Estimation for Large-Scale Dynamic 3D Reconstruction
* MeshTalk: 3D Face Animation from Speech using Cross-Modality Disentanglement
* Modeling Facial Geometry Using Compositional VAEs
* Monocular Object Detection Using 3D Geometric Primitives
* Monocular Total Capture: Posing Face, Body, and Hands in the Wild
* On the Direct Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix
* On the Spacetime Geometry of Galilean Cameras
* On the Use of Computable Features for Film Classification
* OpenPose: Realtime Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation Using Part Affinity Fields
* Panoptic Studio: A Massively Multiview System for Social Interaction Capture
* Panoptic Studio: A Massively Multiview System for Social Motion Capture
* Photogeometric Scene Flow for High-Detail Dynamic 3D Reconstruction
* Physical querying with multi-modal sensing
* Pixel Codec Avatars
* Point-less calibration: Camera parameters from gradient-based alignment to edge images
* Pose Machines: Articulated Pose Estimation via Inference Machines
* Predicting Primary Gaze Behavior Using Social Saliency Fields
* Realtime Multi-person 2D Pose Estimation Using Part Affinity Fields
* Reconstructing 3D Human Pose from 2D Image Landmarks
* Recycle-GAN: Unsupervised Video Retargeting
* Representing and Discovering Adversarial Team Behaviors Using Player Roles
* Self-Supervised Multi-View Person Association and its Applications
* Semantic film preview classification using low-level computable features
* Separable Spatiotemporal Priors for Convex Reconstruction of Time-Varying 3D Point Clouds
* Separating Texture and Illumination for Single-Shot Structured Light Reconstruction
* Shape from Dynamic Texture for Planes
* Shapes and Context: In-The-Wild Image Synthesis and Manipulation
* Single-Network Whole-Body Pose Estimation
* Spatiotemporal Bundle Adjustment for Dynamic 3D Human Reconstruction in the Wild
* Spatiotemporal Bundle Adjustment for Dynamic 3D Reconstruction
* Strand-Accurate Multi-View Hair Capture
* Structure from motion blur in low light
* Structure from Recurrent Motion: From Rigidity to Recurrency
* Supervision by Registration and Triangulation for Landmark Detection
* Supervision-by-Registration: An Unsupervised Approach to Improve the Precision of Facial Landmark Detectors
* Talking With Hands 16.2M: A Large-Scale Dataset of Synchronized Body-Finger Motion and Audio for Conversational Motion Analysis and Synthesis
* Texture Illumination Separation for Single-Shot Structured Light Reconstruction
* Total Capture: A 3D Deformation Model for Tracking Faces, Hands, and Bodies
* Towards Social Artificial Intelligence: Nonverbal Social Signal Prediction in a Triadic Interaction
* Tracking Human Pose by Tracking Symmetric Parts
* Trajectory Space: A Dual Representation for Nonrigid Structure from Motion
Includes: Sheikh, Y.[Yaser] Sheikh, Y. Sheikh, Y.[Yusuf]
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Sheikh, Y.A.[Yaser A.] Co Author Listing * CASEE: A Hierarchical Event Representation for the Analysis of Videos
* COCOA: Alignment, Object Detection, Object Tracking and Indexing of Aerial Videos
* Exploring the Space of a Human Action
* Matching Trajectories of Anatomical Landmarks Under Viewpoint, Anthropometric and Temporal Transforms
* Mode-seeking by Medoidshifts
* Modeling the product manifold of posture and motion
* Object Tracking across Multiple Independently Moving Aerial Cameras
* On the sustained tracking of human motion
* On the use of anthropometry in the invariant analysis of human actions
* Trajectory Association across Multiple Airborne Cameras
* Trajectory Association across Non-overlapping Moving Cameras in Planar Scenes
Includes: Sheikh, Y.A.[Yaser A.] Sheikh, Y.A.[Yaser Ajmal]
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Sheikhaei, S.[Samad] Co Author Listing * FPGA implementation of an adaptive window size image impulse noise suppression system

Sheikhan, M.[Mansour] Co Author Listing * Modification of supervised OPF-based intrusion detection systems using unsupervised learning and social network concept

Sheikhi, A. Co Author Listing * Detection and compensation of image sequence jitter due to an unstable ccd camera for video tracking of a moving target
* Satellite Images for Monitoring Mangrove Cover Changes in a Fast Growing Economic Region in Southern Peninsular Malaysia
Includes: Sheikhi, A. Sheikhi, A.[Afsaneh]

Sheikhi, G.[Ghazaal] Co Author Listing * Supervised Feature Embedding for Classification by Learning Rank-based Neighborhoods

Sheikhi, S.[Samira] Co Author Listing * Combining dynamic head pose-gaze mapping with the robot conversational state for attention recognition in human-robot interactions
* Evaluation of Background Subtraction Methods
Includes: Sheikhi, S.[Samira] Sheikhi, S.

Sheikhian, H. Co Author Listing * Integrated Estimation of Seismic Physical Vulnerability of Tehran Using Rule Based Granular Computing

Sheikho, K.M. Co Author Listing * Image to Image Registration to Produce High Resolution Images
* New method in study disease spread using GIS modeling
Includes: Sheikho, K.M. Sheikho, K.M.[Kamel M.]

Sheikholeslami, A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Face Detection and Lip Feature Extraction Using Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

Sheikholeslami, G.[Gholamhosein] Co Author Listing * Feature Visualization and Analysis for Image Classification and Retrieval
* Image Decomposition and Representation in Large Image Database Systems
* Multi-Resolution Content-Based Retrieval Approach for Geographic Images, A
* Supporting Content-Based Retrieval in Large Image Database-Systems
Includes: Sheikholeslami, G.[Gholamhosein] Sheikholeslami, G.

Sheikholeslami, S.[Sina] Co Author Listing * Scalable Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation Data Using Hopsworks

Sheikhpour, R.[Razieh] Co Author Listing * Survey on semi-supervised feature selection methods, A

Sheikhzadeh, F.[Fahime] Co Author Listing * Spatial dispersion of lesions as a surrogate biomarker for disability in multiple sclerosis

Sheikhzadeh, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Incremental relevance sample-feature machine: A fast marginal likelihood maximization approach for joint feature selection and classification

Sheimy, N. Co Author Listing * Comparison And Analysis Of Nonlinear Least Squares Methods For Vision Based Navigation (VBN) Algorithms

Shein, E.[Esther] Co Author Listing * Preserving the Past with Immersive Technologies
* State of Fakery, The
* Using Makeup to Block Surveillance
* Who Owns 3D Scans of Historic Sites?

Sheinberg, I.[Israel] Co Author Listing * INPUT 2 Document Reader (a new optical character recognition system), The

Sheinin, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Computational Imaging on the Electric Grid
* Computational Imaging on the Electric Grid
* Diffraction Line Imaging
* Dual-Shutter Optical Vibration Sensing
* Next Best Underwater View, The

Sheinin, R.L. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Three-Dimensional Scene Images on the Knowledge of their Texture Features

Sheinin, V. Co Author Listing * Low Rate Uniform Scalar Quantization of Memoryless Gaussian Sources
* Rate and decoding power constrained video coding scheme for mobile multimedia players

Sheinvald, J. Co Author Listing * Detecting parameterized curve segments using MDL and the Hough transform
* Feature selection with stochastic complexity
* modeling approach to feature selection, A
* On The Magic Of Slide
* Unsupervised image segmentation using the minimum description length principle

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