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RSE( Vol No. ) * *Remote Sensing of Environment

RSE(1) * Using Radar Imagery for Crop Discrimination: A Statistical and Conditional Probability Study

RSE(12) * Supervised Pixel Relaxation Labeling as a Means for Utilizing Ancillary Information in the Classification of Remote Sensing Image Data

RSE(123) * Automatic extraction of shorelines from Landsat TM and ETM multi-temporal images with subpixel precision

RSE(13) * Land Observational Sensors in Perspective

RSE(16) * Binary Tree Feature Selection Technique for Limited Training Set Size, A

RSE(18) * Extraction of Drainage Networks by Using the Consistent Labeling Technique
* Sun-view angle effects on reflectance factor of corn canopies

RSE(3) * Combined Spectral and Spatial Processing of ERTS Imagery Data

RSE(54) * 3-Camera Multispectral Digital Video Imaging-System, A
* Improved Fuzzy-Logic Segmentation of Sea-Ice, Clouds, and Ocean in Remotely-Sensed Arctic Imagery, An

RSE(57) * Classification of Remote Sensing Images Having High Spectral Resolution
* Classifier Performance and MAP Accuracy

RSE(59) * 3-Dimensional Model for Calculating Reflection Functions of Inhomogeneous and Orographically Structured Natural Landscapes, A
* Comparison of Single-Stage and Multistage Classification Approaches for Cover Type Mapping with TM and Spot Data
* Investigation of the Selection of Texture Features for Crop Discrimination Using SAR Imagery, An

RSE(61) * Conversion of Nadir, Narrow-Band Reflectance in Red and Near-Infrared Channels to Hemispherical Surface Albedo
* Decision Tree Classification of Land-Cover from Remotely-Sensed Data
* Lossy Compression of Hyperspectral Data Using Vector Quantization
* Opportunities and Limitations for Image Based Remote Sensing in Precision Crop Management

RSE(62) * Spatial Thresholds, Image-Objects, and Upscaling: A Multiscale Evaluation

RSE(63) * Application of Spectral Mixture Analysis and Image Fusion Techniques for Image Sharpening
* Comparison of Four Algorithms for Change Detection in an Urban Environment, A

RSE(64) * Computer Aided Recognition of Relief Patterns on Radar Images Using a Syntax Analysis
* Design and Analysis for Thematic Map Accuracy Assessment: Fundamental Principles

RSE(65) * Imaging Spectroscopy and the Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)

RSE(67) * Correction of Surface Roughness and Topographic Effects on Airborne SAR in Mountainous Rangeland Areas

RSE(68) * Calibration of Space-Multispectral Imaging Sensors: A Review
* Relative Calibration of Multitemporal Landsat Data for Forest Cover Change Detection

RSE(69) * Compensation of Terrain Azimuthal Slope Effects in Geophysical Parameter Studies Using Polarimetric SAR Data
* Improving AVHRR Resolution Through Data Cumulation for Mapping Polar Ice Sheets

RSE(70) * Change detection using adaptive fuzzy neural networks: Environmental damage assessment after the Gulf war
* neural network method for mixture estimation for vegetation mapping, A
* Operational atmospheric correction of Landsat TM data

RSE(71) * Evaluation of Two Applications of Spectral Mixing Models to Image Fusion
* Surface Albedos and Angle-Corrected NDVI from AVHRR Observations of South America

RSE(72) * Front-Following Algorithm for AVHRR SST Imagery, A
* Hyperspectral Mixture Modeling for Quantifying Sparse Vegetation Cover in Arid Environments

RSE(74) * Combining Multiple Classifiers. An Application Using Spatial and Remotely Sensed Information for Land Cover Type Mapping
* Effects of Digital Elevation Model Accuracy on Hydrologic Predictions
* Evaluating the Effects of Subpixel Heterogeneity on Pixel Average Fluxes
* Evaluation of Fuzzy Partitions
* Multiple Criteria for Evaluating Machine Learning Algorithms for Land Cover Classification from Satellite Data

RSE(75) * Classification and Change Detection Using Landsat TM Data. When and How to Correct Atmospheric Effects?
* Comparison of Parametric Classification Procedures of Remotely Sensed Data Applied on Different Landscape Units, A

RSE(76) * Vicarious calibration of airborne hyperspectral sensors in operational environments

RSE(77) * AirMISR laboratory calibration and in-flight performance results
* Calibrating images from different dates to like-value digital counts
* generalized approach to the vicarious calibration of multiple Earth observation sensors using hyperspectral data, A
* Monitoring urban land cover change: An expert system approach to land cover classification of semiarid to arid urban centers
* Unified approach to absolute radiometric calibration in the solar-reflective range

RSE(78) * Landsat 7 mission: Terrestrial research and applications for the 21st century, The

RSE(79) * Super-resolution land cover pattern prediction using a Hopfield neural network

RSE(81) * Effects of spectral response function on surface reflectance and NDVI measured with moderate resolution satellite sensors
* Measuring and modeling water column effects on hyperspectral reflectance in a coral reef environment
* Multitemporal analysis of urban reflectance
* Pixel- and site-based calibration and validation methods for evaluating supervised classification of remotely sensed data

RSE(82) * Automated tree crown detection and delineation in high-resolution digital camera imagery of coniferous forest regeneration
* Calibration of ocean color scanners: How much error is acceptable in the near infrared?
* Image segment-based spectral features in the estimation of timber volume
* Radiometric normalization of multitemporal high-resolution satellite images with quality control for land cover change detection

RSE(83) * overview of MODIS Land data processing and product status, An
* Special issue on the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS): a new generation of land surface monitoring

RSE(84) * cross-calibration of GMS-5 thermal channels against ATSR-2, A
* Gaussian mixture discriminant analysis and sub-pixel land cover characterization in remote sensing
* Land surface albedo retrieval via kernel-based BRDF modeling: I. Statistical inversion method and model comparison
* Land surface albedo retrieval via kernel-based BRDF modeling: II. An optimal design scheme for the angular sampling
* Optimum pixel size for hyperspectral studies of ecosystem function in southern California chaparral and grassland
* Spatial analysis of radiometric fractions from high-resolution multispectral imagery for modelling individual tree crown and forest canopy structure and health

RSE(85) * Detection and analysis of individual leaf-off tree crowns in small footprint, high sampling density lidar data from the eastern deciduous forest in North America
* Waterline mapping in flooded vegetation from airborne SAR imagery

RSE(86) * Continuum-based classification of remotely sensed imagery to describe urban sprawl on a watershed scale
* Reduction of false alarm rate in automatic forest fire infrared surveillance systems
* Spatiotemporal Form of Urban Growth: Measurement, Analysis and Modeling, The

RSE(87) * Mapping urban change in the UK using satellite radar interferometry
* Simulation of hyperspectral and directional radiance images using coupled biophysical and atmospheric radiative transfer models

RSE(88) * Comparison of BRDF models with a fuzzy inference system for correction of bidirectional effects
* Empirical comparison of Landsat 7 and IKONOS multispectral measurements for selected Earth Observation System (EOS) validation sites
* Generalizing the definition of the bi-directional reflectance distribution function
* High spatial resolution satellite observations for validation of MODIS land products: IKONOS observations acquired under the NASA Scientific Data Purchase
* High spatial resolution spectral mixture analysis of urban reflectance
* IKONOS geometric characterization
* IKONOS satellite, imagery, and products
* IKONOS spatial resolution and image interpretability characterization
* Intercalibration of vegetation indices from different sensor systems
* Monitoring of slow ground deformation by ERS radar interferometry on the Vauvert salt mine (France): Comparison with ground-based measurement
* new direction in Earth observations from space: IKONOS, A
* Radiometric characterization of IKONOS multispectral imagery
* Validation of surface height from shuttle radar topography mission using shuttle laser altimeter
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RSE(89) * effect of crown shape on the reflectance of coniferous stands, The
* Local radiometric correction of digital aerial photographs for multi-source forest inventory
* Robust estimation of BRDF model parameters

RSE(9) * Discrimination of Winter Wheat Using a Growth-State Signature, The

RSE(93) * Toward intelligent training of supervised image classifications: Directing training data acquisition for SVM classification

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