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Webel, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Augmented reality supporting user-centric building information management

Weber, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * dual-source approach for 3D human pose estimation from single images, A
* Dual-Source Approach for 3D Pose Estimation from a Single Image, A
* Edge Preserving and Noise Reducing Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Efficient Unsupervised Temporal Segmentation of Motion Data
* Imaging polarimetry in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration
* MANGO: Mobile Augmented Reality with Functional Eating Guidance and Food Awareness
* Photo-Realistic Rendering of Blond Hair
* Requirements on Long-Term Accessibility and Preservation of Research Results with Particular Regard to Their Provenance
* Sparse Reconstruction of the Magnetic Particle Imaging System Matrix
* System Characterization of a Highly Integrated Preclinical Hybrid MPI-MRI Scanner
* Towards a Digital Infrastructure for Illustrated Handwritten Archives
* Towards Cross-Modal Comparison of Human Motion Data
Includes: Weber, A.[Andreas] Weber, A. Weber, A.[Anke] Weber, A.[Anna]
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Weber, B. Co Author Listing * Air Quality Monitoring and Data Management In Germany: Status Quo And Suggestions for Improvement
* Oblique Random Forests for 3-D Vessel Detection Using Steerable Filters and Orthogonal Subspace Filtering
* Transferability of multi- and hyperspectral optical biocrust indices
* Visual servoing using triangulation with an omnidirectional multi-camera system
* Wiener Guided DIP for Unsupervised Blind Image Deconvolution
Includes: Weber, B. Weber, B.[Bruno]

Weber, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Architectural Historical 4D Documentation of the Old-Segeberg Town House by Photogrammetry, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Historical Analysis
* DALSA: Domain Adaptation for Supervised Learning From Sparsely Annotated MR Images
* Generic Model to Exploit Urban Regulation Knowledge, A
* Ha Long: Cam Pha Cities Evolution Analysis Utilizing Remote Sensing Data
* Implementations and Implications of Foveated Vision
* Inertia-Constrained Pixel-by-Pixel Nonnegative Matrix Factorisation: A Hyperspectral Unmixing Method Dealing with Intra-Class Variability
* Model-Based Spatial Reasoning for Hierarchically Organized Structured Objects
* New Approach for Road Extraction from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images Using the Quaternionic Wavelet
* NURBS Skeleton: A New Shape Representation Scheme Using Skeletonization and NURBS Curves Modeling
* Partial Linear NMF-Based Unmixing Methods for Detection and Area Estimation of Photovoltaic Panels in Urban Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
* Simulating Imaging Spectroscopy in Tropical Forest with 3D Radiative Transfer Modeling
* Transforming 2D Radar Remote Sensor Information from a UAV into a 3D World-View
* Urban Road Extraction from High-Resolution Optical Satellite Images
* Visual Distant Supervision for Scene Graph Generation
Includes: Weber, C.[Christoph] Weber, C. Weber, C.[Christiane] Weber, C.[Cornelius]
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Weber, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Interactive deformable models with quadratic bases in Bernstein-Bézier-form

Weber, D.M. Co Author Listing * Quadratic Gabor filters for object detection

Weber, D.R. Co Author Listing * Application of Redundancy Reduction to Television Bandwidth Compression
* Electronic half-tone generating means for facsimile reproduction system
Includes: Weber, D.R. Weber, D.R.[Donald R.]

Weber, E.[Ethan] Co Author Listing * Detecting Natural Disasters, Damage, and Incidents in the Wild
* From Historical City Models to Interactive 3D GIS Requirements and Approaches Using the Example of the City of Solothurn
* Incidents1M: A Large-Scale Dataset of Images With Natural Disasters, Damage, and Incidents
* Integrated Multi-Modal Antenna With Coupled Radiating Structures (I-MARS) for 7T pTx Body MRI
* Nerfbusters: Removing Ghostly Artifacts from Casually Captured NeRFs
* One Where They Reconstructed 3D Humans and Environments in TV Shows, The
* Scaling up instance annotation via label propagation
* Studying Bias in GANs Through the Lens of Race
Includes: Weber, E.[Ethan] Weber, E.[Erich] Weber, E.[Ewald]
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Weber, E.J.[Eliseu J.] Co Author Listing * GEOBIA Approach for Multitemporal Land-Cover and Land-Use Change Analysis in a Tropical Watershed in the Southeastern Amazon, A
* Reconstructing Three Decades of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Brazilian Biomes with Landsat Archive and Earth Engine

Weber, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Affective Automotive User Interfaces-Reviewing the State of Driver Affect Research and Emotion Regulation in the Car
* Face Location by Template Matching with a Quadratic Discriminant Function
* Pedestrian Models for Autonomous Driving Part II: High-Level Models of Human Behavior
Includes: Weber, F.[Florian] Weber, F.

Weber, F.M.[Frank M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Cardiac CTs - Personalized Atrial Models Augmented with Electrophysiological Structures
* Hybrid Method for Automatic Anatomical Variant Detection and Segmentation, A
* Modeling Atrial Fiber Orientation in Patient-Specific Geometries: A Semi-automatic Rule-Based Approach

Weber, G. Co Author Listing * Exploration of Location-Aware You-Are-Here Maps on a Pin-Matrix Display
* Template based classification of multi-touch gestures
Includes: Weber, G. Weber, G.[Gerhard]

Weber, G.H. Co Author Listing * High-Quality Volume Rendering of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data

Weber, H.[Helga] Co Author Listing * Drifting Effects of NOAA Satellites on Long-Term Active Fire Records of Europe
* Editable Indoor Lighting Estimation
* Hand and object segmentation from RGB-D images for interaction with planar surfaces
* Learning to Estimate Indoor Lighting from 3D Objects
* Low-cost license plate detection using a calibrated camera
* Radial Imaging With Multipolar Magnetic Encoding Fields
Includes: Weber, H.[Helga] Weber, H.[Henrique] Weber, H.

Weber, H.X.[Hans X.] Co Author Listing * System and method for inserting content into an image sequence

Weber, I.[Immanuel] Co Author Listing * Artificial and beneficial: Exploiting artificial images for aerial vehicle detection
* How to Make a Pizza: Learning a Compositional Layer-Based GAN Model
* Hyper-parameter optimization in classification: To-do or not-to-do
* Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food Images
* Non-Traditional Data Sources: Providing Insights into Sustainable Development
* Observing Water Surface Temperature from Two Different Airborne Platforms over Temporarily Flooded Wadden Areas at the Elbe Estuary: Methods for Corrections and Analysis
* Pantir: A Dual Camera Setup for Precise Georeferencing and Mosaicing of Thermal Aerial Images
* Recipe1M+: A Dataset for Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food Images
Includes: Weber, I.[Immanuel] Weber, I.[Ingmar] Weber, I.[Ingo] Weber, I.
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Weber, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Weber, J.[Joseph]: weber AT vision caltech edu
* Deep Learning Techniques Applied to the Cattle Brand Recognition
* Fast quasi-flat zones filtering using area threshold and region merging
* Multimodal and Multitemporal Land Use/Land Cover Semantic Segmentation on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery: An Application on a MultiSenGE Dataset
* Multivariate Hit-or-Miss Transform for Conjoint Spatial and Spectral Template Matching, A
* Revisiting Component Tree Based Segmentation Using Meaningful Photometric Informations
* Scene Partitioning via Statistic-Based Region Growing
* Spatial and spectral morphological template matching
* Symbol spotting for technical documents: An efficient template-matching approach
* Tree Leaves Extraction in Natural Images: Comparative Study of Preprocessing Tools and Segmentation Methods
* Vectorial Quasi-flat Zones for Color Image Simplification
Includes: Weber, J.[Joseph] Weber, J.[Juliano] Weber, J.[Jonathan] Weber, J.
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Weber, J.W.[Joseph W.] Co Author Listing * Integrated Stereo-Based Approach to Automatic Vehicle Guidance, An
* Rigid-Body Segmentation and Shape-Description from Dense Optical-Flow Under Weak Perspective
* Robust Computation of Optical-Flow in a Multiscale Differential Framework
* Robust Multiple Car Tracking with Occlusion Reasoning
* Smart Cars and Smart Roads
* Towards Robust Automatic Traffic Scene Analysis in Real-Time

Weber, K. Co Author Listing * Insect Inspired Behaviours for the Autonomous Control of Mobile Robots
* Insect-Based Approach to Robotic Homing, An

Weber, K.A.[Karon A.] Co Author Listing * Interactively producing indices into image and gesture-based data using unrecognized graphical objects

Weber, K.E.[Karsten E.] Co Author Listing * Estimating regional noise on neural network predictions

Weber, K.M.[Kathryn M.] Co Author Listing * UAS-SfM for Coastal Research: Geomorphic Feature Extraction and Land Cover Classification from High-Resolution Elevation and Optical Imagery

Weber, K.T. Co Author Listing * RECOVER: An Automated, Cloud-Based Decision Support System for Post-Fire Rehabilitation Planning
* Spatiotemporal Trends in Wildfires across the Western United States (1950-2019)
Includes: Weber, K.T. Weber, K.T.[Keith T.]

Weber, L.[Leander] Co Author Listing * Measurably Stronger Explanation Reliability Via Model Canonization
* Shortcomings of Top-Down Randomization-Based Sanity Checks for Evaluations of Deep Neural Network Explanations
* Understanding Integrated Gradients with SmoothTaylor for Deep Neural Network Attribution

Weber, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * 4D Panoptic LiDAR Segmentation
* a.SCAtch: A Sketch-Based Retrieval for Architectural Floor Plans
* Adversarial Vulnerability of Temporal Feature Networks for Object Detection
* Automatic analysis and sketch-based retrieval of architectural floor plans
* Axially Elongated Field-Free Point Data Acquisition in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* DynamicEarthNet: Daily Multi-Spectral Satellite Dataset for Semantic Change Segmentation
* Electronic Field Free Line Rotation and Relaxation Deconvolution in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Exploring the Use of DSCOVR/EPIC Satellite Observations to Monitor Vegetation Phenology
* fast stereo matching algorithm suitable for embedded real-time systems, A
* Faster subgraph isomorphism detection by well-founded total order indexing
* Improved Automatic Analysis of Architectural Floor Plans
* Indexing with Well-Founded Total Order for Faster Subgraph Isomorphism Detection
* Integrating Digital Pens in Breast Imaging for Instant Knowledge Acquisition
* LiverDefense: how to employ a tower defense game as a customisable research tool
* LSTM-Based Early Recognition of Motion Patterns
* MCS for Online Mode Detection: Evaluation on Pen-Enabled Multi-Touch Interfaces
* Observer Dependent Lossy Image Compression
* Part-based clothing segmentation for person retrieval
* Positive tensor factorization
* Practical Method for Estimation of Point Light-Sources, A
* Probabilistic Approach to Object Recognition Using Local Photometry and Global Geometry, A
* Simulation Sickness Related to Virtual Reality Driving Simulation
* Sparse Finite Element Level-Sets for Anisotropic Boundary Detection in 3D Images
* Sparse Finite Elements for Geodesic Contours with Level-Sets
* TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Revolution in Spaceborne Radar
* TerraSAR-X Value Added Image Products
* Text/Graphics Segmentation in Architectural Floor Plans
* Towards a Complete Dense Geometric and Photometric Reconstruction under Varying Pose and Illumination
* Towards Automatic Discovery of Object Categories
* Unsupervised Learning of Models for Recognition
* Unsupervised motion pattern learning for motion segmentation
* Using Mixture of Expert Models to Gain Insights into Semantic Segmentation
* very fast census-based stereo matching implementation on a graphics processing unit, A
* Viewpoint-Invariant Learning and Detection of Human Heads
* Visual Person Understanding Through Multi-task and Multi-dataset Learning
* VR Evaluation of Motion Sickness Solution in Automated Driving
* What Do Planar Shadows Tell Us About Scene Geometry?
* WorldDEM: A Novel Global Foundation Layer
Includes: Weber, M.[Mark] Weber, M.[Markus] Weber, M.[Michael] Weber, M. Weber, M.[Maridee] Weber, M.[Maurice] Weber, M.[Martin] Weber, M.[Marco]
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Weber, M.A. Co Author Listing * Brain Tumor Cell Density Estimation from Multi-modal MR Images Based on a Synthetic Tumor Growth Model
* Cloud-Based Evaluation of Anatomical Structure Segmentation and Landmark Detection Algorithms: VISCERAL Anatomy Benchmarks
* Comparative Validation of Graphical Models for Learning Tumor Segmentations from Noisy Manual Annotations
* Creating a Large-Scale Silver Corpus from Multiple Algorithmic Segmentations
* Generative Probabilistic Model and Discriminative Extensions for Brain Lesion Segmentation: With Application to Tumor and Stroke, A
* Image Guided Personalization of Reaction-Diffusion Type Tumor Growth Models Using Modified Anisotropic Eikonal Equations
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Semi-supervised Tumor Detection in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Images Using Discriminative Random Fields
Includes: Weber, M.A. Weber, M.A.[Marc-André]
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Weber, M.E. Co Author Listing * Command and Control for Multifunction Phased Array Radar

Weber, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Development of a GIS Methodology to Identify Oxbows and Former Stream Meanders from LiDAR-Derived Digital Elevation Models, The
* Down to the Rivers: A Geophysical Investigation at etiolles (France) to Reconstruct the Magdalenian Occupation
Includes: Weber, M.J.[Michael J.] Weber, M.J.[Mara-Julia]

Weber, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Detail-Preserving Pooling in Deep Networks

Weber, P. Co Author Listing * Combined Ultrasound and Optoacoustic System for Real-Time High-Contrast Vascular Imaging in Vivo
* Traceable Asynchronous Workflows in Video Retrieval with vitrivr-VR
Includes: Weber, P. Weber, P.[Philipp]

Weber, P.G. Co Author Listing * Modeling the MTI Electro-Optic System Sensitivity and Resolution
* Multispectral Thermal Imager: Mission and Applications Overview

Weber, P.L.[Peter Lystbæk] Co Author Listing * Visible Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Pedotransfer Function Well Predict Soil Sorption Coefficient of Glyphosate

Weber, P.P.[Philip P.] Co Author Listing * Democratizing rendering for multiple viewers in surround VR systems
* Observing change in crowded data sets in 3D space: Visualizing gene expression in human tissues
* Virtual Excavation: Combining 3D Immersive Virtual Reality and Geophysical Surveying, A
Includes: Weber, P.P.[Philip P.] Weber, P.P.

Weber, R. Co Author Listing * 4D reconstruction of the left ventricle during a single heart beat from ultrasound imaging
* Efficient Computation of the Outer Hull of a Discrete Path
* Embedded Feature Selection for Support Vector Machines: State-of-the-Art and Future Challenges
* Generalized black hole clustering algorithm
* Kinematic ZTD Estimation from Train-Borne Single-Frequency GNSS: Validation and Assimilation
* Machine Learning-Based Estimation of Hourly GNSS Precipitable Water Vapour
* Semantic video analysis for psychological research on violence in computer games
* Semi-supervised Constrained Clustering with Cluster Outlier Filtering
* Unsupervised Adaptation of a Person-Specific Manifold of Facial Expressions
Includes: Weber, R. Weber, R.[Romaine] Weber, R.[Richard] Weber, R.[Robert] Weber, R.[Rene]
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Weber, R.M.[Romann M.] Co Author Listing * Controllable Inversion of Black-Box Face Recognition Models via Diffusion
* Self-Supervised Effective Resolution Estimation with Adversarial Augmentations

Weber, R.S.[Ron Shapira] Co Author Listing * Cyclic Diffeomorphic Transformer Nets for Contour Alignment
* Deep Moving-Camera Background Model, A

Weber, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Binary Tomography by Iterating Linear Programs from Noisy Projections
* Binary Tomography with Deblurring
* Coopertive surveillance in video sensor networks
* design of an animal PET: flexible geometry for achieving optimal spatial resolution or high sensitivity, The
* Efficient reconfigurable entropy coder for embedded multi-standards video adaptation
* Embedded and Programmable System Based FPGA for Real Time MPEG Stream Buffer Analysis, An
* Improved Model for Estimating the Meteorological Visibility from a Road Surface Luminance Curve, An
* Linear array processors with multiple access modes memory for real-time image processing
* Parallel Architecture Dedicated to Connected Component Analysis
* Power Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction
* RECOVER: An Automated, Cloud-Based Decision Support System for Post-Fire Rehabilitation Planning
* Tracking-Based Visibility Estimation
* Traffic Dynamics at Intersections Subject to Random Misperception
* Visualization of Resource Allocation in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Includes: Weber, S.[Stefan] Weber, S.[Steven] Weber, S. Weber, S.[Simon]
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Weber, S.A.T.[Silke A.T.] Co Author Listing * Binary Krill Herd Approach for Feature Selection, A
* Hierarchical Learning Using Deep Optimum-Path Forest
* Parkinson's Disease Identification Using Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Includes: Weber, S.A.T.[Silke A.T.] Weber, S.A.T.[Silke A. T.]

Weber, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic registration of unordered point clouds acquired by Kinect sensors using an overlap heuristic
* Coherent MIMO to Improve Aperture Synthesis Radar Imaging of Field-Aligned Irregularities: First Results at Jicamarca
* Computing Reconstruction Kernels for Circular 3-D Cone Beam Tomography
* Detection and Classification of Gateways for the Acquisition of Structured Robot Maps
* DoMars16k: A Diverse Dataset for Weakly Supervised Geomorphologic Analysis on Mars
* Multimodal Neural Networks: RGB-D for Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection
* Sparse Signal Recovery in MIMO Specular Meteor Radars With Waveform Diversity
Includes: Weber, T. Weber, T.[Thomas] Weber, T.[Tobias]
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Weber, T.K.D.[Tobias K. D.] Co Author Listing * Combining Crop Modeling with Remote Sensing Data Using a Particle Filtering Technique to Produce Real-Time Forecasts of Winter Wheat Yields under Uncertain Boundary Conditions

Weber, U.[Ute] Co Author Listing * Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
* Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces

Weber, V.[Valentin] Co Author Listing * Managing Inhomogeneity in the Control Point Network during Staking Out Cadastral Boundaries in Austria
* MolGrapher: Graph-based Visual Recognition of Chemical Structures
Includes: Weber, V.[Valentin] Weber, V.[Valery]

Weber, W.G. Co Author Listing * Psychological Criteria for the Evaluation of Different Forms of Group Work in Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Weber, W.J.[William Joseph] Co Author Listing * Application of LISA Gravitational Reference Sensor Hardware to Future Intersatellite Geodesy Missions

Webering, F.[Fritz] Co Author Listing * Markerless camera-based vertical jump height measurement using OpenPose

Webers, C.[Christfried] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral and Rgb Dataset for Building Façade Segmentation, A

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