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Girado, J.I.[Javier I.] Co Author Listing * Point-based Asynchronous Remote Visualization Framework For Real-time Virtual Reality, A

Giraldez, A.E. Co Author Listing * Smoothing of Coefficients in Wavelet Domain for Speckle Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

Giraldi, G.[Gilson] Co Author Listing * Music Score Binarization Based on Domain Knowledge
* Priori-Driven PCA, A

Giraldi, G.A.[Gilson A.] Co Author Listing * Age-related craniofacial differences based on spatio-temporal face image atlases
* Boundary Extraction Method based on Dual-T-Snakes and Dynamic Programming, A
* Combining Deep Learning and Multi-class Discriminant Analysis for Granite Tiles Classification
* Comparing Ranking Methods for Tensor Components in Multilinear and Concurrent Subspace Analysis with Applications in Face Images
* Dual-T-Snakes model for medical imaging segmentation
* Invariant Snakes And Initialization Of Deformable Models
* new ranking method for principal components analysis and its application to face image analysis, A
* New Technique for Binary Morphological Shape-Based Interpolation
* strategy based on non-extensive statistics to improve frame-matching algorithms under large viewpoint changes, A
* Surface Reconstruction Approach Based on Multi-resolution Methods and the T-Surfaces Framework, A
* Using Tsallis Entropy into a Bayesian Network for CBIR
Includes: Giraldi, G.A.[Gilson A.] Giraldi, G.A.[Gilson Antonio] Giraldi, G.A.
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Giraldo Forero, A.F.[Andres F.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization in Convolutional Neural Networks by Learning Curves Prediction
* Managing Imbalanced Data Sets in Multi-label Problems: A Case Study with the SMOTE Algorithm
Includes: Giraldo Forero, A.F.[Andres F.] Giraldo-Forero, A.F.[Andrés F.] Giraldo-Forero, A.F.[Andrés Felipe]

Giraldo Osorio, J.D.[Juan Diego] Co Author Listing * Editorial for Special Issue: Remote Sensing of Hydrological Processes: Modelling and Applications
Includes: Giraldo Osorio, J.D.[Juan Diego] Giraldo-Osorio, J.D.[Juan Diego]

Giraldo Zuluaga, J.H.[Jhony Heriberto] Co Author Listing * Camera-trap images segmentation using multi-layer robust principal component analysis
Includes: Giraldo Zuluaga, J.H.[Jhony Heriberto] Giraldo-Zuluaga, J.H.[Jhony-Heriberto]

Giraldo, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Deletion of (26,6)-Simple Points as Multivalued Retractions
* Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions
* Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions, Morphological Operations and Thinning Algorithms
* Digitizations preserving shape
* On the Composition of Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions
* Ronse deletability conditions and -retractions
* Thinning Algorithms as Multivalued NN -Retractions
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Giraldo, B.F.[Beatriz F.] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Cardiac and Respiratory System of Healthy Subjects in Supine and Sitting Position

Giraldo, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Towards a Sensitive Urban Wind Representation in Virtual Reality

Giraldo, J.[Jhony] Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field and Active Contour Image Segmentation Model for Animal Spots Patterns, A

Giraldo, J.H.[Jhony H.] Co Author Listing * Graph CNN for Moving Object Detection in Complex Environments from Unseen Videos
* Graph Moving Object Segmentation
* GraphBGS: Background Subtraction via Recovery of Graph Signals
* Hypergraph Convolutional Networks for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Moving Object Detection for Event-based Vision using Graph Spectral Clustering
* Semi-Supervised Background Subtraction Of Unseen Videos: Minimization of the Total Variation Of Graph Signals
Includes: Giraldo, J.H.[Jhony H.] Giraldo, J.H.

Giraldo, J.J.[Juan Jose] Co Author Listing * Correlated Chained Gaussian Processes for Modelling Citizens Mobility Using a Zero-Inflated Poisson Likelihood
* Peripheral Nerve Segmentation Using Speckle Removal and Bayesian Shape Models
Includes: Giraldo, J.J.[Juan Jose] Giraldo, J.J.[Juan-José] Giraldo, J.J.[Juan J.]

Giraldo, L.F.[Luis Felipe] Co Author Listing * Information Optimization and Transferable State Abstractions in Deep Reinforcement Learning

Giraldo, L.G.S. Co Author Listing * Group-Wise Point-Set Registration Based on Renyi's Second Order Entropy
* Multivariate Extension of Matrix-Based Rényi's alpha-Order Entropy Functional
Includes: Giraldo, L.G.S. Giraldo, L.G.S.[Luis Gonzalo Sánchez]

Giraldo, L.S.[Luis Sanchez] Co Author Listing * Functional Feature Selection by Weighted Projections in Pathological Voice Detection
* Information Theoretic Shape Matching
* Recursive Online Kernel PCA Algorithm, A
Includes: Giraldo, L.S.[Luis Sanchez] Giraldo, L.S.[Luis Sánchez]

Giralt Rueda, J.M.[Juan Miguel] Co Author Listing * Complementary Differences in Primary Production and Phenology among Vegetation Types Increase Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change and Grazing Pressure in an Iconic Mediterranean Ecosystem
Includes: Giralt Rueda, J.M.[Juan Miguel] Giralt-Rueda, J.M.[Juan Miguel]

Giralt, G. Co Author Listing * Multi-Level Planning and Navigation System for a Mobile Robot; A First Approach to HILARE, A

Girao, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Satellite Image Time-Series for Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection Using Refined Open Source Data in a Rural Region
* Review of the Challenges of Using Deep Learning Algorithms to Support Decision-Making in Agricultural Activities, A
Includes: Girao, I.[Ines] Girão, I.[Inês]

Girao, K.T.[Karen T.] Co Author Listing * tetratricopeptide repeats (TPR)-like superfamily of proteins in Leishmania spp., as revealed by multi-relational data mining, The

Girard Ardhuin, F. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Arctic Sea Ice Drift Estimation Merging Radiometer and Scatterometer Data
Includes: Girard Ardhuin, F. Girard-Ardhuin, F.

Girard Hughes, E. Co Author Listing * Cardiac C-Arm CT: A Unified Framework for Motion Estimation and Dynamic CT
Includes: Girard Hughes, E. Girard-Hughes, E.

Girard, A. Co Author Listing * Collaborative adjustment of selection areas for polygonal modelling
* Combining spaceborne SAR images with 3D point clouds for infrastructure monitoring applications
* Foliar Spectra and Traits of Bog Plants across Nitrogen Deposition Gradients
* Interaction-Aware Trajectory Prediction and Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Forced Merge Scenarios
* Potential Game-Based Decision-Making for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Girard, A. Girard, A.[Alexandre] Girard, A.[Alizée] Girard, A.[Anouck]

Girard, A.L. Co Author Listing * On the applicability of modern algebra techniques to adaptive pattern recognition
* Parameter estimation and learning/classification threshold optimization applied to maxentropic adaptive pattern recognition

Girard, A.R.[Anouck R.] Co Author Listing * Game-Theoretic Modeling of Multi-Vehicle Interactions at Uncontrolled Intersections
* Game-Theoretic Modeling of Traffic in Unsignalized Intersection Network for Autonomous Vehicle Control Verification and Validation
* Stability Analysis of Runway Schedules
Includes: Girard, A.R.[Anouck R.] Girard, A.R.

Girard, B.[Blaise] Co Author Listing * Integration of Corner Reflectors for the Monitoring of Mountain Glacier Areas with Sentinel-1 Time Series
* On-line fusion of trackers for single-object tracking
Includes: Girard, B.[Blaise] Girard, B.[Benoît]

Girard, C. Co Author Listing * Curvelet Based Contrast Enhancement in Fluoroscopic Sequences
* Fluorosocopic sequence denoising using a motion compensated multi-scale temporal filtering
* Image denoising using contextual modeling of curvelet coefficients
* Spatio-Temporal Multiscale Denoising of Fluoroscopic Sequence

Girard, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Measuring Spatial and Temporal Gravelled Forest Road Degradation in the Boreal Forest
* Phenology-Based Mapping of an Alien Invasive Species Using Time Series of Multispectral Satellite Data: A Case-Study with Glossy Buckthorn in Québec, Canada
Includes: Girard, F.[Francois] Girard, F.[François]

Girard, G. Co Author Listing * Learning Global Brain Microstructure Maps Using Trainable Sparse Encoders

Girard, J.[Jeffrey] Co Author Listing * Goals, Tasks, and Bonds: Toward the Computational Assessment of Therapist Versus Client Perception of Working Alliance

Girard, J.M.[Jeffrey M.] Co Author Listing * BP4D-Spontaneous: a high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database
* Continuous AU intensity estimation using localized, sparse facial feature space
* Criteria and metrics for thresholded AU detection
* Estimating smile intensity: A better way
* FERA 2017 - Addressing Head Pose in the Third Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge
* high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database, A
* Historical Heterogeneity Predicts Smiling: Evidence from Large-Scale Observational Analyses
* How much training data for facial action unit detection?
* Multimodal Spontaneous Emotion Corpus for Human Behavior Analysis
* Nonverbal social withdrawal in depression: Evidence from manual and automatic analyses
* Open-Source Software for Continuous Measurement and Media Annotation
* Real-time dense 3D face alignment from 2D video with automatic facial action unit coding
* Sayette Group Formation Task (GFT) Spontaneous Facial Expression Database
* Social risk and depression: Evidence from manual and automatic facial expression analysis
Includes: Girard, J.M.[Jeffrey M.] Girard, J.M.
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Girard, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Aligning and Updating Cadaster Maps with Aerial Images by Multi-task, Multi-resolution Deep Learning
* Drift anticipation with forgetting to improve evolving fuzzy system
* Evaluation of children cursive handwritten words for e-education
* Logo Detection Using Painting Based Representation and Probability Features
* Multimodal Image Alignment Through a Multiscale Chain of Neural Networks with Application to Remote Sensing
* Polygonal Building Extraction by Frame Field Learning
* Preface: the 2020 Edition of the XXIVth ISPRS Congress
Includes: Girard, N.[Nicolas] Girard, N.[Nathalie] Girard, N.
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Girard, P.R. Co Author Listing * 3-D biquaternionic analytic signal and application to envelope detection in 3-D ultrasound imaging

Girard, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Classification of Grasslands from High Resolution Satellite Image Time Series Using Gaussian Mean Map Kernels
* Potential of Sentinel-2 and SPOT5 (Take5) time series for the estimation of grasslands biodiversity indices
* Spectro-Temporal Heterogeneity Measures from Dense High Spatial Resolution Satellite Image Time Series: Application to Grassland Species Diversity Estimation
Includes: Girard, S.[Stephane] Girard, S.[Stéphane] Girard, S.

Girard, S.C. Co Author Listing * Building and Training Radiographic Models for Flexible Object Identification from Incomplete Data
* Intrinsic dimension estimation by maximum likelihood in isotropic probabilistic PCA
* Nonlinear Modeling of Scattered Multivariate Data and Its Application to Shape Change
* Object Localization by Subspace Clustering of Local Descriptors
* Robust supervised classification with mixture models: Learning from data with uncertain labels
Includes: Girard, S.C. Girard, S.C.[Stéphane C.] Girard, S.C.[Stephane C.]

Girard, T.M. Co Author Listing * Astrometry with Reconstructed Hubble-Space-Telescope Planetary Camera (WF/PC-1) Images

Girardeau Montaut, D. Co Author Listing * Change detection on point cloud data acquired with a ground laser scanner
* Facets: A Cloudcompare Plugin To Extract Geological Planes From Unstructured 3d Point Clouds
Includes: Girardeau Montaut, D. Girardeau-Montaut, D.

Girardet, V. Co Author Listing * 3d Indoor Documentation of The Winter Garden in The Earthenware Museum At Sarreguemines (france)

Girardi, G. Co Author Listing * 3D WebGIS and Visualization Issues for Architectures and Large Sites
* Web-based Interactive Tool for Multi-Resolution 3D Models of a Maya Archaeological Site, A

Girardi, P. Co Author Listing * Target Identification Comparison of Bayesian and Dempster-Shafer Multisensor Fusion, A

Girardi, R.[Romullo] Co Author Listing * IMEVR: An MVC Framework for Military Training VR Simulators

Girardi, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Recording for 2D Delivering: The Employment of 3D Models for Studies and Analyses
* 3D Virtual reconstruction and visualization of complex architectures: The 3D-ARCH project

Girardin, G.[Gouenou] Co Author Listing * 3D characterization of hot metallic shells during industrial forging

Girardin, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Measuring Spatial and Temporal Gravelled Forest Road Degradation in the Boreal Forest

Girase, H.[Harshayu] Co Author Listing * From Goals, Waypoints & Paths To Long Term Human Trajectory Forecasting
* It Is Not the Journey But the Destination: Endpoint Conditioned Trajectory Prediction
* LOKI: Long Term and Key Intentions for Trajectory Prediction

Giraud, F. Co Author Listing * Acquire High Quality Meshes of Scale Models for an Automatic Modelling Process

Giraud, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology

Giraud, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Classification of Atlantic Coastal Sand Dune Vegetation Using In Situ, UAV, and Airborne Hyperspectral Data
* Coastal Sand Dunes Monitoring by Low Vegetation Cover Classification and Digital Elevation Model Improvement Using Synchronized Hyperspectral and Full-Waveform LiDAR Remote Sensing
* Full-Waveform LiDAR Fast Analysis of a Moderately Turbid Bay in Western France
* Full-Waveform LiDAR Pixel Analysis for Low-Growing Vegetation Mapping of Coastal Foredunes in Western France
* Microphytobenthos Biomass and Diversity Mapping at Different Spatial Scales with a Hyperspectral Optical Model
* Tucker Decomposition Based on a Tensor Train of Coupled and Constrained CP Cores
Includes: Giraud, M.[Manuel] Giraud, M.[Maxence]

Giraud, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Editorial of the special issue on Computational Image Editing
* Generalization of the shortest path approach for superpixel segmentation of omnidirectional images
* Generalized Shortest Path-based Superpixels for Accurate Segmentation of Spherical Images
* Multi-scale superpatch matching using dual superpixel descriptors
* Robust shape regularity criteria for superpixel evaluation
* Robust superpixels using color and contour features along linear path
* SCALP: Superpixels with Contour Adherence using Linear Path
* SuperPatchMatch: An Algorithm for Robust Correspondences Using Superpixel Patches
* Superpixel-based color transfer
* Texture-Aware Superpixel Segmentation
Includes: Giraud, R.[Remi] Giraud, R.[Rémi] Giraud, R.
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Giraudet, A.[Aurelien] Co Author Listing * Scenarizing CADastre Exquisse: A Crossover between Snoezeling in Hospitals/Domes, and Authoring/Experiencing Soundful Comic Strips
Includes: Giraudet, A.[Aurelien] Giraudet, A.[Aurélien]

Giraudo, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Ghost Stochastic Resonance for a Neuron with a Pair of Periodic Inputs

Giraudon, G. Co Author Listing * 2-D digital curve analysis: A regularity measure
* Accurate Corner Detection: An Analytical Study
* Adaptive window algorithm for aerial image stereo
* Automatic-Generation of High-Resolution Urban Zone Digital Elevation Models
* Computational Approach for Corner and Vertex Detection, A
* Contribution To Multisensor Fusion Formalization
* Deterministic pseudo-annealing: Optimization in Markov-Random-Fields an application to pixel classification
* Edge Detection from Local Negative Maximum of Second Derivative
* Following Corners on Curves and Surfaces in the Scale Space
* High-Resolution Stereo for the Detection of Buildings
* Image processing on a SIMD/SPMD architecture: OPSILA
* Image redundancy and classification
* Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion
* Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion Using a Multispecialist Architecture
* Model Based Region Segmentation Using Cooccurrence Matrices
* Multi-Specialist Architecture for Sensor Fusion in Remote Sensing, A
* Multiscale Analysis Model Applied to Natural Surfaces, A
* Multiscale Regularity Measure as a Geometric Criterion for Image Segmentation, A
* On Corner and Vertex Detection
* Performing Segmentation of Ultrasound Images Using Temporal Information
* Reasoning Strategies for 3D Object Detection
* Road Extraction Guided by a Cartographic Database
* Road Modeling Based on a Cartographic Database for Aerial Image Interpretation
* Scene analysis system
* Segmentation of echocardiographic images with Markov random fields
* Singularity Analysis and Derivative Scale-Space
* Spatial Context in an Image Analysis System
* Stereo Matching Using Contextual Line Region Primitives
* Toward Robust Analysis of Satellite Images Using Map Information: Application to Urban Area Detection
Includes: Giraudon, G. Giraudon, G.[Gerard] Giraudon, G.[Gérard]
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Giraudoux, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Developing the Role of Earth Observation in Spatio-Temporal Mosquito Modelling to Identify Malaria Hot-Spots
* On the Synergistic Use of Optical and SAR Time-Series Satellite Data for Small Mammal Disease Host Mapping

Girault, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Generating labels for regression of subjective constructs using triplet embeddings
* Region Adaptive Graph Fourier Transform for 3D Point Clouds
* Translation on Graphs: An Isometric Shift Operator
Includes: Girault, B.[Benjamin] Girault, B.

Girault, J. Co Author Listing * Multifractal analysis based on discrete wavelet for texture classification: Application to medical magnetic resonance imaging

Girault, J.M.[Jean Marc] Co Author Listing * Laplacian pyramid decomposition-type method for resolution enhancement of ultrasound images
Includes: Girault, J.M.[Jean Marc] Girault, J.M.[Jean-Marc]

Girault, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Biometric Fuzzy Extractors Made Practical: A Proposal Based on FingerCodes

Giray, T. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Pollen-Bearing Bees from Video Using Convolutional Neural Network

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