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Naseem, I.[Imran] Co Author Listing * Face identification using linear regression
* Geometry Driven Semantic Labeling of Indoor Scenes
* Integrating Geometrical Context for Semantic Labeling of Indoor Scenes using RGBD Images
* Linear Regression for Face Recognition
* New Approach to Face Localization in the HSV Space Using the Gaussian Model, A
* Robust regression for face recognition
* Robust Regression for Face Recognition
* Sparse Representation for Ear Biometrics
* Sparse Representation for Speaker Identification
* Sparse Representation for Video-Based Face Recognition
* User Verification by Combining Speech and Face Biometrics in Video
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Naseem, U.[Usman] Co Author Listing * CrisisHateMM: Multimodal Analysis of Directed and Undirected Hate Speech in Text-Embedded Images from Russia-Ukraine Conflict
* WETM: A word embedding-based topic model with modified collapsed Gibbs sampling for short text

Naseer, E.[Ehtasham] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Detection of Oil Spills in Pakistan's Exclusive Economic Zone from January 2017 to December 2023

Naseer, M.[Muzammal] Co Author Listing * CLIP2Protect: Protecting Facial Privacy Using Text-Guided Makeup via Adversarial Latent Search
* FLIP: Cross-domain Face Anti-spoofing with Language Guidance
* Local Gradients Smoothing: Defense Against Localized Adversarial Attacks
* On Generating Transferable Targeted Perturbations
* Orthogonal Projection Loss
* PromptCAL: Contrastive Affinity Learning via Auxiliary Prompts for Generalized Novel Category Discovery
* Self-distilled Vision Transformer for Domain Generalization
* Self-regulating Prompts: Foundational Model Adaptation without Forgetting
* Self-supervised Approach for Adversarial Robustness, A
* Self-supervised Video Transformer
* Stylized Adversarial Defense
* Video-FocalNets: Spatio-Temporal Focal Modulation for Video Action Recognition
* Vita-CLIP: Video and text adaptive CLIP via Multimodal Prompting
Includes: Naseer, M.[Muzammal] Naseer, M.
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Nasello, C.[Carmelo] Co Author Listing * Comparison between Drifter and X-Band Wave Radar for Sea Surface Current Estimation, A

Naser, A.[Abdallah] Co Author Listing * Cyber security analysis of connected vehicles
* Privacy-Preserving, Thermal Vision With Human in the Loop Fall Detection Alert System

Naser, K.[Karam] Co Author Listing * Latent-Shift: Gradient of Entropy Helps Neural Codecs
* Local texture synthesis: A static texture coding algorithm fully compatible with HEVC
* Low complexity transform coding for depth maps in 3D video
* Modeling the perceptual distortion of dynamic textures and its application in HEVC
Includes: Naser, K.[Karam] Naser, K.

Naser, M.A. Co Author Listing * Improved Photoacoustic-Based Oxygen Saturation Estimation With SNR-Regularized Local Fluence Correction
* Using NDVI to Differentiate Wheat Genotypes Productivity Under Dryland and Irrigated Conditions
* Why is the Winner the Best?
Includes: Naser, M.A. Naser, M.A.[Mohammed A.]

Naserasadi, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Chaos game theory and its application for offline signature identification

Naserentin, V.[Vasilis] Co Author Listing * Towards Urban Digital Twins: A Workflow for Procedural Visualization Using Geospatial Data

Naseri Gorgoon, M. Co Author Listing * Agent-based Modelling for Ride Sharing Optimization Using A* Algorithm and Clustering Approach, An

Naseri, Z.[Zeinab] Co Author Listing * Lung HRCT pattern classification for cystic fibrosis using convolutional neural network

Nasersharif, B. Co Author Listing * feature transformation method based on multi objective particle swarm optimization for reducing support vector machine error, A
* Optimized discriminative transformations for speech features based on minimum classification error
Includes: Nasersharif, B. Nasersharif, B.[Babak]

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