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Balu, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Concept Activation Vectors for Generating User-Defined 3D Shapes

Balu, N. Co Author Listing * Why is the Winner the Best?

Baluev, R.V. Co Author Listing * On the Detection of Periodic Components in Observational and Experimental Data

Baluja, S.[Shumeet] Co Author Listing * Adding Non-Linear Context to Deep Networks
* Beyond Near Duplicates: Learning Hash Codes for Efficient Similar-Image Retrieval
* Boosting Sex Identification Performance
* Canonical image selection from the web
* Detecting Ads in Video Streams Using Acoustic and Visual Cues
* Dynamic Relevance: Vision-Based Focus of Attention Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Efficient face orientation discrimination
* Expectation-Based Selective Attention
* Finding Images and Line-Drawings in Document-Scanning Systems
* Hiding Images within Images
* Human Face Detection in Visual Scenes
* Learning to Render Better Image Previews
* Learning typographic style: from discrimination to synthesis
* Massively Parallel Road Follower, A
* Memory-based Face Recognition for Visitor Identification
* Neural Network-Based Face Detection
* Non-Intrusive Gaze Tracking Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Representing Images in 200 Bytes: Compression via Triangulation
* Rotation Invariant Neural Network-based Face Detection
* Virtues of Peer Pressure: A Simple Method for Discovering High-Value Mistakes, The
* VisualRank: Applying PageRank to Large-Scale Image Search
* Waveprint: Efficient wavelet-based audio fingerprinting
Includes: Baluja, S.[Shumeet] Baluja, S.
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Balunovic, M.[Mislav] Co Author Listing * Latent Space Smoothing for Individually Fair Representations
* Robustness Certification for Point Cloud Models

Balure, C.S.[Chandra Shaker] Co Author Listing * Guidance-based improved depth upsampling with better initial estimate

Baluwala, H.Y.[Habib Y.] Co Author Listing * Non-rigid chest image registration with preservation of topology and rigid structures

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