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Aubrecht, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Multi-Sensor Nighttime Earth Observation Data for Identification of Mixed vs. Residential Use in Urban Areas
* Roughness Mapping on Various Vertical Scales Based on Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Aubrecht, C.[Christoph] Aubrecht, C.

Aubreton, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * 3D Scanner for Transparent Glass, A
* Hardware Computation of Moment Functions in a Silicon Retina using Binary Patterns
* Hardware Implementation of Moment Functions in a CMOS Retina: Application to Pattern Recognition
* Infrared system for 3D scanning of metallic surfaces
* new method for implementing moment functions in a CMOS retina, A
* Salient point characterization for low resolution meshes
* SUSAN 3D operator, principal saliency degrees and directions extraction and a brief study on the robustness to noise
Includes: Aubreton, O.[Olivier] Aubreton, O.
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Aubreville, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Iterative Cross-Scanner Registration for Whole Slide Images

Aubrey, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Cardiff Conversation Database (CCDb): A Database of Natural Dyadic Conversations
* Face Speaks: Contextual and Temporal Sensitivity to Backchannel Responses, The
* Facial and Vocal Cues in Perceptions of Trustworthiness
* Facial expression recognition in dynamic sequences: An integrated approach
* Interference Reduction in Reverberant Speech Separation With Visual Voice Activity Detection
* Mapping and manipulating facial dynamics
* Visual voice activity detection with optical flow
Includes: Aubrey, A.J.[Andrew J.] Aubrey, A.J.
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Aubrey, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Contrasting Instructional Strategies Suited to a Detection Task: Examining Differences in Subjective Workload

Aubrun, S.[Sandrine] Co Author Listing * Evidence of Ocean Waves Signature in the Space-Time Turbulent Spectra of the Lower Marine Atmosphere Measured by a Scanning LiDAR
* Quantification and Correction of Wave-Induced Turbulence Intensity Bias for a Floating LIDAR System

Aubry Kientz, M.[Melaine] Co Author Listing * Comparative Assessment of the Performance of Individual Tree Crowns Delineation Algorithms from ALS Data in Tropical Forests, A
* Quantitative Airborne Inventories in Dense Tropical Forest Using Imaging Spectroscopy
Includes: Aubry Kientz, M.[Melaine] Aubry-Kientz, M.[Mélaine]

Aubry, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection of Point-Like Targets in the Presence of Homogeneous Clutter and Subspace Interference
* Coincidence of Maximal Invariants for Two Adaptive Radar Detection Problems
* Design of Constant Modulus Discrete Phase Radar Waveforms Subject to Multi-Spectral Constraints
* EL Approach for Similarity Parameter Selection in KA Covariance Matrix Estimation, An
* Forcing Multiple Spectral Compatibility Constraints in Radar Waveforms
* Hidden Convexity in Robust Waveform and Receive Filter Bank Optimization Under Range Unambiguous Clutter
* New Optimality Property of the Capon Estimator, A
* New Results on Generalized Fractional Programming Problems With Toeplitz Quadratics
* Spaceborne Radar Sensor Architecture for Debris Detection and Tracking
* Toeplitz Structured Covariance Matrix Estimation for Radar Applications
* Ultrasound Matrix Imaging: Part I: The Focused Reflection Matrix, the F-Factor and the Role of Multiple Scattering
* Ultrasound Matrix Imaging: Part II: The Distortion Matrix for Aberration Correction Over Multiple Isoplanatic Patches
Includes: Aubry, A. Aubry, A.[Augusto] Aubry, A.[Alexandre]
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Aubry, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * 3D-CODED: 3D Correspondences by Deep Deformation
* Anisotropic Laplace-Beltrami Operators for Shape Analysis
* Automatic 3D Car Model Alignment for Mixed Image-Based Rendering
* Bilinear Image Translation for Temporal Analysis of Photo Collections
* CosyPose: Consistent Multi-view Multi-object 6d Pose Estimation
* Crafting a multi-task CNN for viewpoint estimation
* Decoupling photometry and geometry in dense variational camera calibration
* Deep Exemplar 2D-3D Detection by Adapting from Real to Rendered Views
* Deep Multi-View Stereo Gone Wild
* Discovering Visual Patterns in Art Collections With Spatially-Consistent Feature Learning
* Ergonomic Analysis of the Workplace of Physically Disabled Individuals, The
* Fast and Robust Pyramid-based Image Processing
* Focal Length and Object Pose Estimation via Render and Compare
* Impact of Base Dataset Design on Few-shot Image Classification
* Improving neural implicit surfaces geometry with patch warping
* Large-Scale Historical Watermark Recognition: dataset and a new consistency-based approach
* Learning Co-segmentation by Segment Swapping for Retrieval and Discovery
* Learning Dense Correspondence via 3D-Guided Cycle Consistency
* Learning to Guide Local Feature Matches
* Modeling Joint Synergies to Synthesize Realistic Movements
* Online Segmentation of LiDAR Sequences: Dataset and Algorithm
* Papier-Mache Approach to Learning 3D Surface Generation, A
* Pose-Consistent 3D Shape Segmentation Based on a Quantum Mechanical Feature Descriptor
* RANSAC-flow: Generic Two-stage Image Alignment
* Representing Shape Collections With Alignment-Aware Linear Models
* Seeing 3D Chairs: Exemplar Part-Based 2D-3D Alignment Using a Large Dataset of CAD Models
* Share with Thy Neighbors: Single-View Reconstruction by Cross-Instance Consistency
* Single-view robot pose and joint angle estimation via render & compare
* Spatially-Consistent Feature Matching and Learning for Heritage Image Analysis
* Super-Resolution Framework for High-Accuracy Multiview Reconstruction, A
* Surprising image compositions
* Understanding Deep Features with Computer-Generated Imagery
* Unsupervised Image Decomposition in Vector Layers
* Unsupervised Layered Image Decomposition into Object Prototypes
* Virtual Training for a Real Application: Accurate Object-Robot Relative Localization Without Calibration
* wave kernel signature: A quantum mechanical approach to shape analysis, The
Includes: Aubry, M.[Mathieu] Aubry, M. Aubry, M.[Matthieu]
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Aubry, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Parallel Strip Segment Recognition and Application to Metallic Tubular Object Measure

Aubry, P. Co Author Listing * 3-D Short-Range Imaging With Irregular MIMO Arrays Using NUFFT-Based Range Migration Algorithm
* Efficient Implementation of GPR Data Inversion in Case of Spatially Varying Antenna Polarizations
* Wavenumber-Domain Multiband Signal Fusion With Matrix-Pencil Approach for High-Resolution Imaging
Includes: Aubry, P. Aubry, P.[Pascal]

Aubry, P.J. Co Author Listing * Texture-Based Automatic Separation of Echoes from Distributed Moving Targets in UWB Radar Signals

Aubry, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Building Hierarchical Solid Models from Sensor Data

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