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Vettel, J.M. Co Author Listing * Fusing Multiple Neuroimaging Modalities to Assess Group Differences in Perception-Action Coupling
* ReeBundle: A Method for Topological Modeling of White Matter Pathways Using Diffusion MRI
Includes: Vettel, J.M. Vettel, J.M.[Jean M.]

Vetter, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * In Memorium: Gunter Menz

Vetter, C. Co Author Listing * 1D-3D Registration for Intra-Operative Nuclear Imaging in Radio-Guided Surgery

Vetter, K.[Katja] Co Author Listing * Large Scale Experiments on Fingerprint Liveness Detection

Vetter, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Roughness Derivation for Flood Simulations: A Comparison of Orthophotos, LiDAR and Crowdsourced Geodata
* Medical imaging: examples of clinical applications
* Modification of High Resolution Airborne Laser Scanning DTMs for Drainage Network Delineation
* ROPES: a semiautomated segmentation method for accelerated analysis of three-dimensional echocardiographic data
* Vertical Vegetation Structure Analysis and Hydraulic Roughness Determination Using Dense ALS Point Cloud Data: A Voxel Based Approach
Includes: Vetter, M.[Michael] Vetter, M.

Vetter, R.[Ron] Co Author Listing * Authentication by Biometric Verification

Vetter, S. Co Author Listing * Integration of digital image analysis for automated measurements into a photogrammetric stereo evaluation system
* Wavelet-Based Inpainting for Object Removal from Image Series
Includes: Vetter, S. Vetter, S.[Sebastian]

Vetter, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Vetter, T.[Thomas]: Thomas Vetter AT unibas ch
* 3D Face Model for Pose and Illumination Invariant Face Recognition, A
* 3D Object Recognition: Symmetry and Virtual Views
* 3D Probabilistic Feature Point Model for Object Detection and Recognition
* 3D Reconstruction of Human Faces from Occluding Contours
* 3D Shape and 2D Surface Textures of Human Faces: The Role of Averages in Attractiveness and Age
* Background modeling for generative image models
* Bootstrapping Algorithm for Learning Linear Models of Object Classes, A
* Closest Point Proposal for MCMC-based Probabilistic Surface Registration, A
* Combining PCA and LFA for Surface Reconstruction from a Sparse Set of Control Points
* Curvature Guided Level Set Registration Using Adaptive Finite Elements
* Efficient Face Detection by a Cascaded Support Vector Machine Using Haar-Like Features
* Efficient Global Illumination for Morphable Models
* Efficient, robust and accurate fitting of a 3d morphable model
* Empirically Analyzing the Effect of Dataset Biases on Deep Face Recognition Systems
* Error-Controlled Model Approximation for Gaussian Process Morphable Models
* Estimating 3D Shape and Texture Using Pixel Intensity, Edges, Specular Highlights, Texture Constraints and a Prior
* Estimating Coloured 3-D Face Models from Single Images: An Example-Based Approach
* Expression invariant 3D face recognition with a Morphable Model
* Face identification across different poses and illuminations with a 3D morphable model
* Face Identification by Fitting a 3D Morphable Model Using Linear Shape and Texture Error Functions
* Face recognition based on fitting a 3D morphable model
* Face Recognition Based on Frontal Views Generated from Non-Frontal Images
* Face Recognition Using 3-D Models: Pose and Illumination
* Face Reconstruction from a Small Number of Feature Points
* Face Reconstruction from Skull Shapes and Physical Attributes
* Gaussian Process Morphable Models
* GraphTrack: Fast and globally optimal tracking in videos
* Greedy Structure Learning of Hierarchical Compositional Models
* Image Segmentation with a Statistical Appearance Model and a Generic Mumford-Shah Inspired Outside Model
* Image Synthesis from a Single Example Image
* Implicit Boundary Learning for Connectomics
* Learning novel views to a single face image
* Learning the Appearance of Faces: A Morphable Model for the Analysis and Synthesis of Images
* Linear Object Classes and Image Synthesis from a Single Example Image
* Local Regression Based Statistical Model Fitting
* Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Automated Face Image Analysis
* Method and apparatus for the processing of images
* Monte Carlo Strategy to Integrate Detection and Model-Based Face Analysis, A
* Morphable Face Models - An Open Framework
* morphable model for the synthesis of 3-D Faces, A
* Multiview Reconstruction of Complex Organic Shapes
* Occlusion-aware 3D Morphable Face Models
* Occlusion-Aware 3D Morphable Models and an Illumination Prior for Face Image Analysis
* On compositional Image Alignment, with an application to Active Appearance Models
* Optimal landmark detection using shape models and branch and bound
* Optimal Step Nonrigid ICP Algorithms for Surface Registration
* Over-Complete Wavelet Approximation of a Support Vector Machine for Efficient Classification
* Parametric Freckle Model for Faces, A
* Pose Normalization for Eye Gaze Estimation and Facial Attribute Description from Still Images
* Probabilistic Compositional Active Basis Models for Robust Pattern Recognition
* Probabilistic Joint Face-Skull Modelling for Facial Reconstruction
* Recognition and Structure from one 2D Model View: Observations on Prototypes, Object Classes and Symmetries
* Reconstructing High Quality Face-Surfaces using Model Based Stereo
* Registration of Expressions Data using a 3D Morphable Model
* Regularized 3D morphable models
* Robust Model-based Face Reconstruction through Weakly-Supervised Outlier Segmentation
* Separation of Texture and Shape in Images of Faces for Image-Coding and Synthesis
* Skin Detail Analysis for Face Recognition
* statistical deformation prior for non-rigid image and shape registration, A
* statistical method for robust 3D surface reconstruction from sparse data, A
* Symmetric 3D Objects are an Easy Case for 2D Object Recognition
* Synthesis of Novel Views from a Single Face Image
* Unsupervised Footwear Impression Analysis and Retrieval from Crime Scene Data
* Using Landmarks as a Deformation Prior for Hybrid Image Registration
* Using Object Probabilities in Deformable Model Fitting
* Variational Image Registration Using Inhomogeneous Regularization
* View-Based Models of 3D Object Recognition and Class-Specific Invariances
* Wavelet Frame Accelerated Reduced Support Vector Machines
* Wavelet Reduced Support Vector Regression for Efficient and Robust Head Pose Estimation
* Weight, Sex, and Facial Expressions: On the Manipulation of Attributes in Generative 3D Face Models
Includes: Vetter, T.[Thomas] Vetter, T.
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Vetterli, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization without side information
* Adaptive Scalar Quantization without Side Information
* Adaptive Transforms for Image-Coding Using Spatially Varying Wavelet Packets
* Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding for Image Denoising and Compression
* All-digital high definition television: Dream or reality?
* Approximation Power of Directionlets
* Best Wavelet Packet Bases in a Rate-Distortion Sense
* Binary Space Partitioning Tree Representation of Images
* Bit allocation for dependent quantization with applications to multiresolution and MPEG video coders
* Bits From Photons: Oversampled Image Acquisition Using Binary Poisson Statistics
* Bound and Conquer: Improving Triangulation by Enforcing Consistency
* Combined multiresolution source coding and modulation for digital broadcast of HDTV
* Comments on Interpolative multiresolution coding of advanced television with compatible subchannels
* Contourlet Transform: An Efficient Directional Multiresolution Image Representation, The
* Contourlets: a directional multiresolution image representation
* Demosaicking by Alternating Projections: Theory and Fast One-Step Implementation
* Designing color filter arrays for the joint capture of visible and near-infrared images
* Directional wavelet transforms and frames
* Directionlets: Anisotropic Multidirectional Representation With Separable Filtering
* Discrete multi-directional wavelet bases
* Disparity dependent segmentation based stereo image coding
* Distributed Successive Refinement of Multiview Images Using Broadcast Advantage
* Efficient algorithms for embedded rendering of terrain models
* Event-driven video coding for outdoor wireless monitoring cameras
* Exact Local Reconstruction Algorithms for Signals with Finite Rate of Innovation
* Fast Fourier transforms: A tutorial review and a state of the art
* FCO sampling of digital video using perfect reconstruction filter banks
* finite ridgelet transform for image representation, The
* Footprints and Edgeprints for Image Denoising and Compression
* Frequency Domain Approach to Registration of Aliased Images with Application to Super-resolution, A
* From Local to Global Parameter Estimation in Panoramic Photographic Reconstruction
* Geometrical image denoising using quadtree segmentation
* Grobner Bases and Multidimensional FIR Multirate Systems
* How is the weather: Automatic inference from images
* Image Compression Using Binary Space Partitioning Trees
* Image Denoising via Lossy Compression and Wavelet Thresholding
* Interpolative multiresolution coding of advance television with compatible subchannels
* Joint Mesh and Texture Compression Using Marginal Analysis
* Joint source/channel coding for multicast packet video
* Layered DCT coder for Internet video, A
* Layered transmission of signals over power-constrained wireless channels
* Locally Adaptive Wavelet-Based Image Interpolation
* Low-Complexity Video Coding for Receiver-Driven Layered Multicast
* Low-Rate Reduced Complexity Image Compression using Directionlets
* Matching pursuit for compression and application to motion compensated video coding
* Mesh Optimization Using Global Error with Application to Geometry Simplification
* Method and system for combining video sequences with spatio-temporal alignment
* Motion compensation of motion vectors
* Multichannel sampling of low light level scenes with unknown shifts
* Multiple copy image denoising via wavelet thresholding
* Multiple description transform coding of images
* On the accuracy of point localisation in a circular camera-array
* On the Bandlimitedness of the Plenoptic Function
* On the Bandwidth of the Plenoptic Function
* On the Compression of Two-dimensional Piecewise Smooth Functions
* On the Information Rate of the Plenoptic Function
* Optimal trellis-based buffered compression and fast approximations
* Outlier modeling in image matching
* Past, Present, and Future of Image and Multidimensional Signal-Processing, The
* Perfect reconstruction filter banks for HDTV representation and coding
* Pyramidal Directional Filter Banks and Curvelets
* Quadtrees for Embedded Surface Visualization: Constraints and Efficient Data Structures
* Rate-distortion optimal fast thresholding with complete JPEG/MPEG decoder compatibility
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Tree-Structured Compression Algorithms for Piecewise Polynomial Images
* Reproducible research in signal processing
* Sampling and interpolation of the plenoptic function
* Set Theoretic Compression with an Application to Image Coding
* Shapes From Pixels
* Significance tree image coding using balanced multiwavelets
* Soft Caching: Image Caching in a Rate-Distortion Framework
* Space-Frequency Quantization for Image Compression With Directionlets
* Space-Frequency Quantization using Directionlets
* Spatial Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding for Image Denoising
* Spatially Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding with Context Modeling for Image Denoising
* Special Issue on Image Sequence Compression
* Subspace-based methods for image registration and super-resolution
* Super-Resolution from Highly Undersampled Images
* Three-Dimensional Cubic Barcodes
* Tomographic Approach for Parametric Estimation of Local Diffusive Sources and Application to Heat Diffusion
* Transform coding using adaptive bases and quantization
* Vector Quantization of Image Subbands: A Survey
* Video Multicast Over Fair Queueing Networks
* VITRAIL: Acquisition, Modeling, and Rendering of Stained Glass
* Wavelet Thresholding for Multiple Noisy Image Copies
* Wavelet-based texture retrieval using generalized Gaussian density and Kullback-Leibler distance
* Wavelets and Signal Processing
* Wavelets, Subband Coding, and Best Bases
Includes: Vetterli, M. Vetterli, M.[Martin]
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Vetterling, W.T. Co Author Listing * Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing

Vettigli, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Context Information for Image Description

Vettore, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling of Girifalco Fortress
* Accuracy Enhancement of Unmanned Helicopter Positioning with Low Cost System
* Assessment of a Portable Tof Camera and Comparison With Smartphone Stereo Vision
* Case Study of Pedestrian Positioning with UWB and UAV Cameras, A
* Comparison of Data Classification Techniques Applied to TLS Point Clouds
* Comparison Of Discrete Return And Waveform Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Dense Vegetation Filtering
* Comparison of Uwb and Motion Capture UAV Indoor Positioning, A
* Data Optimization for 3d Modeling and Analysis of a Fortress Architecture
* Development Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle At Padova University
* Digital photogrammetry and TLS data fusion applied to cultural heritage 3D modelling
* Effective 3D modeling of heritage sites
* Filtering of TLS Point Clouds for the Generation of DTM in Salt-Marsh Areas
* From Survey to FEM Analysis for Documentation of Built Heritage: The Case Study of Villa Revedin-bolasco
* From Tls Survey to 3D Solid Modeling for Documentation of Built Heritage: the Case Study of Porta Savonarola in Padua
* Geo-Spatial Support for Assessment of Anthropic Impact on Biodiversity
* Geodatabase For Multisource Data Applied To Cultural Heritage: The Case Study Of Villa Revedin Bolasco, A
* Ground filtering and vegetation mapping using multi-return terrestrial laser scanning
* Health Monitoring of Complex Structure Using TLS and Photogrammetry
* Initial Evaluation of The Potential of Smartphone Stereo-vision In Museum Visits
* ISVD-based Euclidian structure from motion for smartphones, An
* low cost RC-Heli UAV for mapping applications, A
* Low Cost UWB Based Solution for Direct Georeferencing UAV Photogrammetry, A
* On the use of INS to improve Feature Matching
* Open source application for interactive exploration of Cultural Heritage 3D models on the web, An
* Photogrammetric Reconstruction With Bayesian Information
* Processing lidar waveform data for 3D visual assessment of forest environments
* Small Footprint Full-Waveform Metrics Contribution to the Prediction of Biomass in Tropical Forests
* UAV Positioning and Collision Avoidance Based on RSS Measurements
* UAV UWB Positioning Close to Building Facades: A Case Study
* Uavs Enhanced Navigation in Outdoor Gnss Denied Environment Using Uwb And Monocular Camera Systems
* Vegetation Characteristics Using Multi-Return Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Waveform Analysis For The Extraction Of Post-fire Vegetation Characteristics
Includes: Vettore, A. Vettore, A.[Antonio]
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Vettoruzzo, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Advances and Challenges in Meta-Learning: A Technical Review

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