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Konda, A. Co Author Listing * Copy move forgery detection with similar but genuine objects

Konda, K.R.[Krishna Reddy] Co Author Listing * Adaptive mode decision algorithm for inter layer coding in scalable video coding
* Smart Camera Reconfiguration in Assisted Home Environments for Elderly Care

Konda, M. Co Author Listing * Still image compression method based on adaptive block segmentation vector quantization technique

Konda, P.C.[Pavan Chandra] Co Author Listing * Physics-Enhanced Machine Learning for Virtual Fluorescence Microscopy

Konda, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Object discriminating apparatus and method therefor

Kondak, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Visual Perception of Property Rights in 3D

Kondam, N.R.[Namratha Reddy] Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Modeling and Analysis of Ancient Indian Structures

Kondapaneni, N.[Neehar] Co Author Listing * Visual Knowledge Tracing

Kondepudy, R.[Raghava] Co Author Listing * CCD camera calibration and noise estimation
* Modeling and Identifying 3-D Color Textures
* Radiometric CCD Camera Calibration and Noise Estimation
* Use of Invariants for Recognition of Three-Dimensional Color Textures
* Using moment invariants to analyze 3-D color textures
Includes: Kondepudy, R.[Raghava] Kondepudy, R.

Kondermann, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Confidence Measure for Optical Flows Based on Linear Subspace Projections, An
* On errors-in-variables regression with arbitrary covariance and its application to optical flow estimation
* Postprocessing of Optical Flows Via Surface Measures and Motion Inpainting
* Reconstructing Optical Flow Fields by Motion Inpainting
* Statistical Confidence Measure for Optical Flows, A

Kondermann, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Confidence Measure for Optical Flows Based on Linear Subspace Projections, An
* Are reflectance field renderings appropriate for optical flow evaluation?
* Complex Motion Models for Simple Optical Flow Estimation
* Creating Feasible Reflectance Data for Synthetic Optical Flow Datasets
* Dataset and Evaluation Methodology for Depth Estimation on 4D Light Fields, A
* Ensemble Learning for Confidence Measures in Stereo Vision
* GraphFlow: 6D Large Displacement Scene Flow via Graph Matching
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Performance Evaluation in Computer Vision
* HCI Benchmark Suite: Stereo and Flow Ground Truth with Uncertainties for Urban Autonomous Driving, The
* HCI Stereo Metrics: Geometry-Aware Performance Analysis of Stereo Algorithms, The
* High Accuracy TOF and Stereo Sensor Fusion at Interactive Rates
* Horn-Schunck Optical Flow with a Multi-Scale Strategy
* Movie dimensionalization via sparse user annotations
* On errors-in-variables regression with arbitrary covariance and its application to optical flow estimation
* On Performance Analysis of Optical Flow Algorithms
* Postprocessing of Optical Flows Via Surface Measures and Motion Inpainting
* Reflection Modeling for Passive Stereo
* Stereo Ground Truth with Error Bars
* Synthesizing Real World Stereo Challenges
* Time of flight motion compensation revisited
Includes: Kondermann, D.[Daniel] Kondermann, D.
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Kondi, L.P.[Lisimachos P.] Co Author Listing * 3D Based Video Coding in the Overcomplete Discrete Wavelet Transform Domain with Reduced Delay Requirements
* Accurate Distortion Estimation and Optimal Bandwidth Allocation for Scalable H.264 Video Transmission Over MIMO Systems
* Accurate image registration for MAP image super-resolution
* Balanced Multiple Description Video Coding Using Optimal Partitioning of the DCT Coefficients
* Cross-Layer Optimization for Video Transmission Over Multirate GMC-CDMA Wireless Links
* Cross-Layer Optimization with Power Control in DS-CDMA Visual Sensor Networks
* Dct/dwt blind multiplicative watermarking through student-t distribution
* Drift Control in Variable Bitrate Wireless Channels for Scalable Wavelet Based Video Coding in the Overcomplete Discretewavelet Transform Domain
* Drift controlled scalable wavelet based video coding in the overcomplete discrete wavelet transform domain
* Effective Resource Management in Visual Sensor Networks With MPSK
* Error concealment algorithms for compressed video
* fully robust framework for MAP image super-resolution, A
* Game-theoretic solutions through intelligent optimization for efficient resource management in wireless visual sensor networks
* GAME-theory-based cross-layer optimization for wireless DS-CDMA visual sensor networks
* Geometric Bargaining Approach for Optimizing Resource Allocation in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks
* Image Super-Resolution Algorithm for Different Error Levels Per Frame, An
* Images of the Athenian Sun: Highlights From ICIP 2018 in Greece
* Joint Optimal Object Shape Estimation and Encoding
* Joint source-channel coding for motion-compensated DCT-based SNR scalable video
* Joint Source-channel Coding for Scalable Video Over DS-CDMA Multipath Fading Channels
* Jointly Optimal Coding of Texture and Shape
* Layered video transmission over wireless multirate DS-CDMA links
* MAP based resolution enhancement of video sequences using a haber-markov random field image prior model
* Maximizing user utility in video streaming applications
* Motion-Related Resource Allocation in Dynamic Wireless Visual Sensor Network Environments
* MPEG-4 and Rate Distortion Based Shape Coding Techniques
* New Scaling Coefficients for Biorthogonal Filter to Control Distortion Variation in 3D Wavelet Based Video Coding
* New Temporal Filtering Scheme to Reduce Delay in Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* novel cumulative distortion metric and a no-reference sparse prediction model for packet prioritization in encoded video transmission, A
* On the improvement of no-reference mean opinion score estimation accuracy by following a frame-level regression approach
* On video SNR scalability
* operational rate-distortion optimal single-pass SNR scalable video coder, An
* Optimal Bit Allocation for Joint Contour-Based Shape Coding and Shape Adaptive Texture Coding
* Optimal Bit Allocation for Joint Texture-Aware Contour-Based Shape Coding and Shape-Adaptive Texture Coding
* Optimal Power Allocation for Scalable Video Transmission over Multirate GMC-CDMA Wireless Links
* optimal single pass SNR scalable video coder, An
* Preconditioning for Underdetermined Linear Systems with Sparse Solutions
* Priority-based cross-layer optimization for multihop DS-CDMA Visual Sensor Networks
* Quality Variation Control for Three-Dimensional Wavelet-Based Video Coders
* Quality-driven power control and resource allocation in wireless multi-rate Visual Sensor Networks
* Rate-Distortion Optimal Hybrid Scalable/Multiple-Description Video Codec, A
* Regularization Framework for Joint Blur Estimation and Super-Resolution of Video Sequences, A
* Resource management for wireless visual sensor networks based on individual video characteristics
* Scalable H.264 Wireless Video Transmission over MIMO-OFDM Channels
* Scalable Video Transmission Over Wireless DS-CDMA Channels Using Minimum TSC Spreading Codes
* Shape encoding for edge map image compression
* Shape Error Concealment Based on a Shape-Preserving Boundary Approximation
* Spread Spectrum Visual Sensor Network Resource Management Using an End-to-End Cross-Layer Design
Includes: Kondi, L.P.[Lisimachos P.] Kondi, L.P.
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Kondjo, H.K.[H. Koy] Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain

Kondlapudi, P. Co Author Listing * Ecological Driving System for Connected/Automated Vehicles Using a Two-Stage Control Hierarchy

Kondmann, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * DynamicEarthNet: Daily Multi-Spectral Satellite Dataset for Semantic Change Segmentation

Kondo, A. Co Author Listing * Improvement And Extension Of Shape Evaluation Criteria In Multi-scale Image Segmentation
* New Approach to Detect Core and Delta of the Fingerprint Using Extended Relational Graph, A
* Study on the SAR Data Observation Time For The Classification Of Planting Condition Of Paddy Fields, A

Kondo, D. Co Author Listing * Head motion transmission based on center of rotation

Kondo, E. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic localization for mobile robots using incomplete maps
* Use of Viewpoint Information for Example Selection in CBIR
Includes: Kondo, E. Kondo, E.[Eiji]

Kondo, H.[Hiroaki] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Gross Primary Productivity Derived from GIMMS NDVI3g, GIMMS, and MODIS in Southeast Asia
* Development of an Automated Method for the Detection of Chronic Lacunar Infarct Regions in Brain MR Images
* Region-Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Relative navigation of an AUV using a light-section ranging system
* Sub-Daily Natural CO2 Flux Simulation Based on Satellite Data: Diurnal and Seasonal Pattern Comparisons to Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions in the Greater Tokyo Area
* System for Real-Time Extraction of Image Outlines, A
* Tracking Accuracy Evaluation of Electromagnetic Sensor-Based Colonoscope Tracking Method
Includes: Kondo, H.[Hiroaki] Kondo, H.[Hiroshi] Kondo, H.
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Kondo, I.[Ikumi] Co Author Listing * Toward Building a Data-Driven System For Detecting Mounting Actions of Black Beef Cattle

Kondo, K. Co Author Listing * accurate noise detector for image restoration, An
* Color Image Classification Using Block Matching and Learning
* Color Image Classification Using Locally Linear Manifolds and Learning
* Content-Aware Image Retargeting Incorporated with Letterboxing
* Depth Map Estimation Using Census Transform for Light Field Cameras
* Design and Performance Analysis of a Skin-Stretcher Device for Urging Head Rotation
* efficient phase retrieval method using snakes for image reconstruction, An
* Extraction of the vertebral foramen of the third lumbar vertebra with snakes
* Feedback Control Model of a Gesture-Based Pointing Interface for a Large Display
* Free-Form Mirror Design Inspired by Photometric Stereo
* Gray-scale Character Recognition by Gabor Jets Projection
* Hotspot Modeling of Hand-Machine Interaction Experiences from a Head-Mounted RGB-D Camera
* Hotspots detection for machine operation in egocentric vision
* Hotspots Integrating of Expert and Beginner Experiences of Machine Operations through Egocentric Vision
* Image Restoration by Wiener Filtering in the Presence of Signal Dependent Noise
* Interactive Segmentation of the Cerebral Lobes With Fuzzy Inference in 3T MR Images
* Non-Linear Distance Filter for Modeling Effect of a Large Pointer Used in a Gesture-Based Pointing Interface
* Robust Estimation of Knee Kinematics After Total Knee Arthroplasty with Evolutional Computing Approach
* Siamese-structure Deep Neural Network Recognizing Changes in Facial Expression According to the Degree of Smiling
* Speech Intelligibility Estimation Method Using a Non-reference Feature Set, A
* Synchronized Ego-Motion Recovery of Two Face-to-Face Cameras
* Target image enhancement using representative line in MR cholangiography images
* Transcranial Ultrasonography System for Visualizing Skull and Brain Surface Aided by Fuzzy Expert System
Includes: Kondo, K. Kondo, K.[Kazuki] Kondo, K.[Katsuya] Kondo, K.[Kazuaki] Kondo, K.[Kazuhiro]
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Kondo, M.[Mitsuru] Co Author Listing * Bayesian MCMC On-line Signature Verification, A
* Recent Changes in Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity in Asia from 1982 to 2011
Includes: Kondo, M.[Mitsuru] Kondo, M.[Masayuki]

Kondo, N. Co Author Listing * Efficient Training for Automatic Defect Classification by Image Augmentation

Kondo, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of the Carotid Artery Location from Volumetric Ultrasound Images Using Anatomical Position-Dependent LBP Features
* automatic lung cancer detection from X-ray images obtained through yearly serial mass survey, An
* Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Focal Liver Lesions Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography With Perflubutane Microbubbles
* Detection of roads from satellite image using the optimal search
* Fractal image compression by the classification in the wavelet transform domain
* Model of Handwriting Process and Its Analysis
* Model of Human Estimation of 3D Shape from Shading Information Using Zero Crossings, A
* New Method of Estimating Shape from Shading by Using a Constraint at Zero-Crossings of Image Brightness, A
* Off-line handwritten Thai characters from word script
* Performance evaluation of a geometric correction method for multi-projector display using SIFT and Phase-Only Correlation
* Physically-Correct Light-Field Factorization for Perspective Images
* Recognition of Handprinted Thai Characters Using Loop Structures
* robust road profile estimation method for low texture stereo images, A
* Shape and Source from Shading Using Zero Crossings
* Structure analysis of handwriting using opposing relations
* Theory of Image Restoration for Linear Spatial Degradation Using Multiresolution Analysis, A
* Tree structured hybrid intra prediction
* Video Coding with Super-Resolution Post-Processing
Includes: Kondo, S.[Satoshi] Kondo, S. Kondo, S.[Shu] Kondo, S.[Shozo]
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Kondo, T.[Tetsujiro] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for detecting a motion of a picture of a television signal
* Apparatus for generating motion control signal from image signal
* Automatic Circuit Diagram Reader with Loop-Structure-Based Symbol Recognition, An
* Automatic human face detection and recognition under non-uniform illumination
* Automatic Inspection System for Printed Wiring Board Masks, An
* Block Matching Technique Using Unit Gradient Vectors, A
* Electronic image stabilization apparatus
* From Coarse to Fine Correspondence of 3D Facial Images
* Geological Mapping By Combining Spectral Unmixing And Cluster Analysis For Hyperspectral Data
* Gradient orientation pattern matching with the Hamming distance
* Headlight recognition for night-time traffic surveillance using spatial-temporal information
* High efficiency encoding system
* High efficiency technique for coding a digital video signal
* Identification apparatus
* Image pickup apparatus with interpolation and edge enhancement of pickup signal varying with zoom magnification
* Image Processing Algorithms for an Auto Focus System for Slit Lamp Microscopy
* Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium
* Image signal interpolating apparatus
* Image signal processing apparatus and recording/reproducing apparatus
* Incremental Tracking of Human Actions from Multiple Views
* Inferior alveolar canal segmentation in cone beam computed tomography images using an adaptive diffusion flow active contour model
* innovative of pyramid-based fusion for generating the HDR images in common display devices, An
* Less-Visible Contrast Enhancement Based on Non-Linear Scaling Function and Singular Value Decomposition
* Method and apparatus for separating/generating background and motion object planes
* Method for detecting a movement of a television signal
* Model-Based Multi-Stage Compression of Human Face Images
* Motion determining apparatus, method thereof, and picture information converting apparatus
* proposal of ambient light estimation methods for skin region detection, A
* Real-Time Motion Estimation and Compensation LSI with Wide Search Range for MPEG2 Video Encoding, A
* Robust matching of 3D contours using iterative closest point algorithm improved by M-estimation
* Skill Recognition
* Tooth Segmentation of Dental Study Models Using Range Images
Includes: Kondo, T.[Tetsujiro] Kondo, T. Kondo, T.[Toshiaki] Kondo, T.[Takashi] Kondo, T.[Takuya] Kondo, T.[Tomonori]
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Kondo, Y.[Yuhi] Co Author Listing * Accurate Polarimetric BRDF for Real Polarization Scene Rendering
* Crack Segmentation for Low-Resolution Images using Joint Learning with Super- Resolution
* Degree-of-linear-polarization-based Color Constancy
* Detection of Methane Emission from a Local Source Using GOSAT Target Observations
* fast hough transform based on C3TR using shift operation, A
* NTIRE 2022 Burst Super-Resolution Challenge
* Performance evaluation of 32 kbits/s real-time and dual-direction video communication system for wireless channels
* Recognizing Multiple Objects via Regression Incorporating the Co-occurrence of Categories
* Simultaneous Acquisition of High Quality RGB Image and Polarization Information using a Sparse Polarization Sensor
* System for Real-Time Extraction of Image Outlines, A
* Variabilities in PM2.5 and Black Carbon Surface Concentrations Reproduced by Aerosol Optical Properties Estimated by In-Situ Data, Ground Based Remote Sensing and Modeling
* Voluntary Activities and Online Education for Digital Heritage Inventory Development After the Great East Japan Earthquake
Includes: Kondo, Y.[Yuhi] Kondo, Y.[Yuki] Kondo, Y.[Yutaka] Kondo, Y.
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Kondoh, A.[Akihiko] Co Author Listing * Cropland Mapping Using Fusion of Multi-Sensor Data in a Complex Urban/Peri-Urban Area
* Evaluation of the Simard et al. 2011 Global Canopy Height Map in Boreal Forests
* Improving Remote Estimation of Vegetation Phenology Using GCOM-C/SGLI Land Surface Reflectance Data
* Interactions among the Phenological Events of Winter Wheat in the North China Plain-Based on Field Data and Improved MODIS Estimation
* Inventory of Glaciers in the Shaksgam Valley of the Chinese Karakoram Mountains, 1970-2014
* Quantifying Water Consumption through the Satellite Estimation of Land Use/Land Cover and Groundwater Storage Changes in a Hyper-Arid Region of Egypt
* Rapid Exposure Assessment Of Nationwide River Flood For Disaster Risk Reduction
Includes: Kondoh, A.[Akihiko] Kondoh, A.
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Kondoh, N.[Nobuhiro] Co Author Listing * Virtual Fashion Show Using Real-Time Markerless Motion Capture

Kondoh, S. Co Author Listing * Calibration, Level 1 Processing, and Radiometric Validation for TANSO-FTS TIR on GOSAT

Kondor, D. Co Author Listing * Estimating Savings in Parking Demand Using Shared Vehicles for Home-Work Commuting
* Estimating the Potential for Shared Autonomous Scooters
Includes: Kondor, D. Kondor, D.[Dániel]

Kondor, R. Co Author Listing * Incremental Multiresolution Matrix Factorization Algorithm, The

Kondori, F.A.[Farid Abedan] Co Author Listing * 3D Gestural Interaction for Stereoscopic Visualization on Mobile Devices
* Direct hand pose estimation for immersive gestural interaction
* Direct Method for 3D Hand Pose Recovery, A
* Experiencing real 3D gestural interaction with mobile devices
* Head operated electric wheelchair
Includes: Kondori, F.A.[Farid Abedan] Kondori, F.A.[F. Abedan]

Kondou, H. Co Author Listing * Study on water leak detection using wavelet instantaneous cross-correlation

Kondou, S. Co Author Listing * Restoration of a Poissonian-Gaussian color moving-image sequence with virtual multiplex imaging and super-resolution deblurring

Kondou, Y.[Youhei] Co Author Listing * Study of Early Screening Method of Dementia and Its Systemization

Kondoz, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multiview Video Delivery Using Hybrid Networking
* Facilitating interaction with stereoscopic 3D display devices
* How do users select stereoscopic 3D content?
* Multimodal Data Processing System for LiDAR-Based Human Activity Recognition, A
* Multimodal Perception-Driven Self Evolving Autonomous Ground Vehicle, A
* new reduced reference metric for color plus depth 3D video, A
* Predicting head trajectories in 360deg virtual reality videos
* Quality of interaction experience in stereoscopic 3D TV
* Robust video communication using Random Linear Network Coding with Pre-Coding and Interleaving
* Selective motion vector redundancies for improved error resilience in HEVC
* Toward an Impairment Metric for Stereoscopic Video: A Full-Reference Video Quality Metric to Assess Compressed Stereoscopic Video
* Two-Stage Approach for Robust HEVC Coding and Streaming, A
Includes: Kondoz, A. Kondoz, A.[Ahmet]
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Kondoz, A.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptation-aware encryption of scalable H.264/AVC video for content security
* Adaptive 3D multi-view video streaming over P2P networks
* Adaptive streaming of multi-view video over P2P networks
* Advanced Adaptation Techniques for Improved Video Perception
* Ambient Illumination as a Context for Video Bit Rate Adaptation Decision Taking
* approach to immersive audio rendering with wave field synthesis for 3D multimedia content, An
* Automatic scalable face model design for 2D model-based video coding
* Automatic Single View-Based 3-D Face Synthesis for Unsupervised Multimedia Applications
* Bit-Rate Adaptive Downsampling for the Coding of Multi-View Video with Depth Information
* Closed Loop Motion Compensation for Video Coding Standards
* Depth based object prioritisation for 3D video communication over Wireless LAN
* disocclusion replacement approach to subjective assessment for depth map quality evaluation, A
* Enhanced reconstruction algorithm for unidirectional distributed video coding
* Error Resilience Improvement for Block Transform Video Coders
* Error-resilient video transcoding for robust internetwork communications using GPRS
* Extended VQM model for predicting 3D video quality considering ambient illumination context
* Fast analysis of scalable video for adaptive browsing interfaces
* Flexible generation of video summaries from layered video bit-streams
* Impact of depth map spatial resolution on 3D video quality and depth perception
* Improved Decoding Algorithm for DVC Over Multipath Error Prone Wireless Channels, An
* Improved line spectral frequency estimation through anti-aliasing filtering
* Integration of harmonic and analysis by synthesis coders
* Investigation of the effects of finite precision conversion on linear predictive coefficients
* Multi bearer channel resource allocation for optimised transmission of video objects
* Multichannel Audio Coding Based on Analysis by Synthesis
* novel depth map quality metric and its usage in depth map coding, A
* Novel Frame Concealment Method for Depth Maps Using Corresponding Colour Motion Vectors, A
* Object tracking in surveillance videos using compressed domain features from scalable bit-streams
* Perceptual Video Quality Metric for 3D video quality assessment
* Platform for Context-Aware and Digital Rights Management-Enabled Content Adaptation, A
* Reference picture selection using checkerboard pattern for resilient video coding
* scalable multi-view audiovisual entertainment framework with content-aware distribution, A
* Sensitivity Analysis of the Human Visual System for Depth Cues in Stereoscopic 3-D Displays
* Special issue on distributed video coding
* Temporal Subsampling Approach for Multiview Depth Map Compression, A
* Utilisation of edge adaptive upsampling in compression of depth map videos for enhanced free-viewpoint rendering
Includes: Kondoz, A.M. Kondoz, A.M.[Ahmet M.] Kondoz, A.M.[Ahmed M.]
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Kondra, S.[Shripad] Co Author Listing * Human activity modeling by spatio temporal textural appearance
* Multi-scale Kernel Operators for Reflection and Rotation Symmetry: Further Achievements
* Texture Classification Using Three Circular Filters

Kondracka, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Detection of Soil Pipes Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Kondrad, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Low complexity unsupervised multi-camera color calibration with application to panoramic video capturing

Kondragunta, S.[Shobha] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Satellite AOD during the 2020 Wildfire Season in the Western U.S.
* Biomass Burning in Africa: An Investigation of Fire Radiative Power Missed by MODIS Using the 375 m VIIRS Active Fire Product
* Estimation of Biomass Burned Areas Using Multiple-Satellite-Observed Active Fires
* Examining the Economic and Environmental Impacts of COVID-19 Using Earth Observation Data
Includes: Kondragunta, S.[Shobha] Kondragunta, S.

Kondratenko, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Ensembling Neural Networks for Digital Pathology Images Classification and Segmentation

Kondratev, A.Y.[Alexandr Y.] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of laser-induced structures in live cell fluorescent microscopy images using snakes with geometric constraints

Kondratiev, S.V. Co Author Listing * Superresolution Contour Reconstruction Approach to a Linear Thermal Expansion Measurement

Kondratyuk, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * MoViNets: Mobile Video Networks for Efficient Video Recognition

Konduri, S. Co Author Listing * Benefits of V2V Communication for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
* Vehicle platooning with constant spacing strategies and multiple vehicle look ahead information
Includes: Konduri, S. Konduri, S.[Shyamprasad]

Kondyli, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of data-driven performance measures for comparing and ranking traffic bottlenecks

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