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Enge, H.D. Co Author Listing * Integration of terrestrial laserscanning, digital photogrammetry and geostatistical methods for high-resolution modelling of geological outcrops

Enge, P. Co Author Listing * GNSS Multipath and Jamming Mitigation Using High-Mask-Angle Antennas and Multiple Constellations

Engedy, G. Co Author Listing * Planning Tripoli Metro Network By The Use Of Remote Sensing Imagery

Engel, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation by Classifier-Driven Merging of Oversegmented Images
* Improved Accuracy and Robustness of a Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation Method Based on Merging Superpixels

Engel, C.[Chermelle] Co Author Listing * Estimating Fire Background Temperature at a Geostationary Scale: An Evaluation of Contextual Methods for AHI-8

Engel, C.B.[Chermelle B.] Co Author Listing * Fire Radiative Power (FRP) Values for Biogeographical Region and Individual Geostationary HHMMSS Threshold (BRIGHT) Hotspots Derived from the Advanced Himawari Imager (AH
* Real-Time Detection of Daytime and Night-Time Fire Hotspots from Geostationary Satellites
* Seasonal-Window Ensemble-Based Thresholding Technique Used to Detect Active Fires in Geostationary Remotely Sensed Data, A

Engel, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * Attack Against Image-Based Selective Bitplane Encryption, An
* Medial Features for Superpixel Segmentation
* Robust Algorithm for Segmenting Deformable Linear Objects from Video Image Sequences, A
* Scale-invariant medial features based on gradient vector flow fields
* Shape centered interest points for feature grouping
* Using Moffat Profiles to Register Astronomical Images
Includes: Engel, D.[Dominik] Engel, D.[David] Engel, D. Engel, D.[Don]

Engel, E. Co Author Listing * Classification of Hebrew Calligraphic Handwriting Styles: Preliminary Results

Engel, G.[Giora] Co Author Listing * Minimal Aspect Distortion (MAD) Mosaicing of Long Scenes
* Space-Variant Active Vision and Visually Guided Robotics: Design and Construction of a High-Performance Miniature Vehicle
Includes: Engel, G.[Giora] Engel, G.

Engel, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Classifying cervix tissue patterns with texture analysis
* Direct Sparse Odometry
* LSD-SLAM: Large-Scale Direct Monocular SLAM
* Semi-dense Visual Odometry for a Monocular Camera
* Texture analysis for classification of cervix lesions
Includes: Engel, J.[John] Engel, J.[Jakob] Engel, J.

Engel, J.I. Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Vision-Based System for Real-Time Traffic Monitoring, A

Engel, J.J.[Jakob J.] Co Author Listing * Long-term Visual Map Sparsification with Heterogeneous GNN

Engel, K.[Karin] Co Author Listing * Efficient Image Segmentation Using Pairwise Pixel Similarities
* Finding Landmarks in the Functional Brain using Feature Reduction and Alignment Techniques
* Hierarchical vibrations for part-based recognition of complex objects
* Hierarchical Vibrations: A Structural Decomposition Approach for Image Analysis
* Parcellation of the Auditory Cortex into Landmark-Related Regions of Interest
* Part-based localisation and segmentation of landmark-related auditory cortical regions
* Pre-Integrated Non-Photorealistic Volume Rendering
* Segmentation of the Midbrain in Transcranial Sonographies using a Two-Component Deformable Mode
* Stable Structural Deformations
* Two-level Dynamic Model for The Representation And Recognition of Cortical Folding Patterns, A
Includes: Engel, K.[Karin] Engel, K.[Klaus]
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Engel, K.J. Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of Photon-Counting Based K-Edge Imaging in X-ray Computed Tomography

Engel, M. Co Author Listing * Reconfigurable Platform for Magnetic Resonance Data Acquisition and Processing, A

Engel, M.V.[Marina V.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for the Reconstruction of the Ground Surface Reflectance in the Visible and Near IR Ranges from MODIS Satellite Data with Allowance for the Influence of Ground Surface Inhomogeneity on the Adjacency Effect and of Multiple Radiation Reflection

Engel, P. Co Author Listing * Development of an Open-Source Automatic Deformation Monitoring System for Geodetical and Geotechnical Measurements

Engel, P.M.[Paulo Martins] Co Author Listing * Concept Formation Using Incremental Gaussian Mixture Models

Engel, R. Co Author Listing * B-spline snakes and a JAVA interface: an intuitive tool for general contour outlining

Engel, T. Co Author Listing * Detection of abnormal behaviour in a surveillance environment using control charts
* How Road and Mobile Networks Correlate: Estimating Urban Traffic Using Handovers
* Multi-Task Multi-Domain Learning for Digital Staining and Classification of Leukocytes
* RADAR Project: A Service for Research Data Archival and Publication, The
* Smartphone-Based Adaptive Driving Maneuver Detection: A Large-Scale Evaluation Study
* Survey on Privacy-Preserving Electronic Toll Collection Schemes for Intelligent Transportation Systems, A
Includes: Engel, T. Engel, T.[Thomas]

Engelbrecht, A.P.[Andries P.] Co Author Listing * Clustering data in an uncertain environment using an artificial immune system
* SIGT: Synthetic Image Generation Tool for Clustering Algorithms

Engelbrecht, H.A.[Herman A.] Co Author Listing * BINet: A binary inpainting network for deep patch-based image compression
* Efficient backward decoding of high-order hidden Markov models
* Unsupervised Feature Learning for Speech Using Correspondence and Siamese Networks
Includes: Engelbrecht, H.A.[Herman A.] Engelbrecht, H.A.

Engelbrecht, J. Co Author Listing * Parameters Affecting Interferometric Coherence: The Case of a Dynamic Agricultural Region
* Robust SAR Speckle Tracking Workflow for Measuring and Interpreting the 3D Surface Displacement of Landslides, A
* Role of Earth Observation, with a Focus on SAR Interferometry, for Sinkhole Hazard Assessment, The
* Simple Normalized Difference Approach to Burnt Area Mapping Using Multi-Polarisation C-Band SAR, A
* Survey of smartphone-based sensing in vehicles for intelligent transportation system applications
Includes: Engelbrecht, J. Engelbrecht, J.[Jeanine]

Engelbrecht, J.R.[Jan R.] Co Author Listing * Polyhedral Object Recognition Using Hough-Space Features

Engelbrecht, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Designing the Visualization of Information

Engelcke, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Semantic Segmentation with Submanifold Sparse Convolutional Networks

Engeldrum, P.G.[Peter G.] Co Author Listing * Method and system for fast image correction
* Method and system for improved internet color
* System and method for providing high fidelity color images

Engelen, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Automated Land-Use Map Production from Aerial Photographs of Puerto Rico Using a Contextual Reclassification Algorithm
* Incorporating Land-Use Mapping Uncertainty in Remote Sensing Based Calibration of Land-Use Change Models
Includes: Engelen, G.[Guy] Engelen, G.

Engeler, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Learning from Multiple Annotator Noisy Labels via Sample-Wise Label Fusion

Engelhardt, D.[Doreen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive User Experience in the Car: Levels of Adaptivity and Adaptive HMI Design

Engelhardt, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment of transmission electron microscope images using markers
* On the alignment of transmission electron microscope images without fiducial markers

Engelhardt, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic MRI Cardiac Multi-Structures Segmentation and Diagnosis: Is the Problem Solved?
* Towards Automatic Assessment of the Mitral Valve Coaptation Zone from 4D Ultrasound
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation From Axial to Short-Axis Multi-Slice Cardiac MR Images by Incorporating Pretrained Task Networks
* Why is the Winner the Best?
Includes: Engelhardt, S. Engelhardt, S.[Sandy]

Engelhardt, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Coding of arbitrarily shaped image segments based on a generalized orthogonal transform

Engelhardt, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Challenges of Mapping Sustainable Development Goals Indicators Data

Engelhorn, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Glaucoma Classification Based on Histogram Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Measures in the Optic Radiation

Engelke, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * detection-driven and sparsity-constrained deformable model for fascia lata labeling and thigh inter-muscular adipose quantification, A
* new accurate and precise 3-D segmentation method for skeletal structures in volumetric CT data, A
Includes: Engelke, K.[Klaus] Engelke, K.

Engelke, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Augmented reality supporting user-centric building information management
* Augmented Reality Views: Discussing the Utility of Visual Elements by Mediation Means in Industrial AR from a Design Perspective
* census-based stereo vision algorithm using modified Semi-Global Matching and plane fitting to improve matching quality, A
Includes: Engelke, T.[Timo] Engelke, T.[Tobias]

Engelke, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Analysing inter-observer saliency variations in task-free viewing of natural images
* Comparative Study of Fixation Density Maps
* How Does Image Content Affect the Added Value of Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Assessment?
* Human observer confidence in image quality assessment
* Pareto optimal weighting of structural impairments for wireless imaging quality assessment
* Perceived interest and overt visual attention in natural images
* Perceptual Relevance Based Image Retargeting
* Psychophysical assessment of perceived interest in natural images: The ROI-D database
* Recent advances in vision modeling for image and video processing
* Reduced-reference metric design for objective perceptual quality assessment in wireless imaging
* Subjective quality of SVC-coded videos with different error-patterns concealed using spatial scalability
* Utilising objective perceptual image quality metrics for implicit link adaptation
* Visual Attention in Quality Assessment
Includes: Engelke, U.[Ulrich] Engelke, U.
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Engelken, E. Co Author Listing * Elimination of bias in the FIR-median hybrid filter

Engell Norregard, M.[Morten] Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Monocular Human Motion Analysis in End-Effector Space
Includes: Engell Norregard, M.[Morten] Engell-Nørregård, M.[Morten]

Engelmann, F.[Francis] Co Author Listing * 3D Bird's-Eye-View Instance Segmentation
* 3D-MPA: Multi-Proposal Aggregation for 3D Semantic Instance Segmentation
* 4d-stop: Panoptic Segmentation of 4d Lidar Using Spatio-temporal Object Proposal Generation and Aggregation
* Box2Mask: Weakly Supervised 3D Semantic Instance Segmentation using Bounding Boxes
* Connecting the Dots: Floorplan Reconstruction Using Two-Level Queries
* DualConvMesh-Net: Joint Geodesic and Euclidean Convolutions on 3D Meshes
* Exploring Spatial Context for 3D Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
* From Points to Multi-Object 3D Reconstruction
* Joint Object Pose Estimation and Shape Reconstruction in Urban Street Scenes Using 3D Shape Priors
* Know What Your Neighbors Do: 3D Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
* Mix3D: Out-of-Context Data Augmentation for 3D Scenes
* SAMP: Shape and Motion Priors for 4D Vehicle Reconstruction
Includes: Engelmann, F.[Francis] Engelmann, F.
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Engelmann, R.[Ronny] Co Author Listing * Advection of Biomass Burning Aerosols towards the Southern Hemispheric Mid-Latitude Station of Punta Arenas as Observed with Multiwavelength Polarization Raman Lidar
* Effect of Heat Wave Conditions on Aerosol Optical Properties Derived from Satellite and Ground-Based Remote Sensing over Poland

Engelmann, R.H.[Rudolph H.] Co Author Listing * Optical character recognition device

Engels, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Automatic annotation of unique locations from video and text
* Automatic Occlusion Removal from Facades for 3D Urban Reconstruction
* Bundle Adjustment Rules
* Detailed Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
* Efficient Minimal Solution for Infinitesimal Camera Motion, An
* Global Uncertainty in Epipolar Geometry via Fully and Partially Data-Driven Sampling
* Near Real-time Stereo for Weakly-Textured Scenes
* Recent developments on direct relative orientation
* Towards Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
Includes: Engels, C.[Chris] Engels, C. Engels, C.[Christopher]
9 for Engels, C.

Engels, F. Co Author Listing * Advances in Automotive Radar: A framework on computationally efficient high-resolution frequency estimation

Engels, G.[Gregor] Co Author Listing * Generating Physically Sound Training Data for Image Recognition of Additively Manufactured Parts

Engels, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Development of a low-cost sensor system for use on gyrocopters
* Distance-Weighted Graph-Cut Method for the Segmentation of Laser Point Clouds, A
* Generation of Roof Topologies Using Plane Fitting with RANSAC
* Level of Detail in 3D Building Reconstruction from LIDAR Data
* Pansharpening Of Hyperspectral Images In Urban Areas
* Segmentation of Laser Point Clouds in Urban Areas by a Modified Normalized Cut Method
* Vibrations of a Gyrocopter: An Analysis Using IMUS
Includes: Engels, J.[Johannes] Engels, J.
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Engels, M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Memory Organization for Scalable Texture Codecs in MPEG-4

Engelsberg, A. Co Author Listing * Towards the Automotive HMI of the Future: Overview of the AIDE-Integrated Project Results

Engelsma, J.J.[Joshua J.] Co Author Listing * Infant-ID: Fingerprints for Global Good
* Learning a Fixed-Length Fingerprint Representation
* PrintsGAN: Synthetic Fingerprint Generator
* RaspiReader: Open Source Fingerprint Reader
Includes: Engelsma, J.J.[Joshua J.] Engelsma, J.J.[Joshua James]

Engelstad, A.C.[Anita C.] Co Author Listing * Seven Decades of Coastal Change at Barter Island, Alaska: Exploring the Importance of Waves and Temperature on Erosion of Coastal Permafrost Bluffs

Engelstad, P.[Paal] Co Author Listing * Using bandwidth aggregation to improve the performance of quality-adaptive streaming

Engen, G. Co Author Listing * Comparing SAR-Based Short Time-Lag Cross Correlation and Doppler-Derived Sea Ice Drift Velocities
* Efficient Full Aperture Processing of TOPS Mode Data Using the Moving Band Chirp Z-Transform
* Novel Approach to SAR Ocean Wind Retrieval, A
* Ocean Wind Doppler Model Based on the Generalized Curvature Ocean Surface Scattering Model, An
* Onto a Skewness Approach to the Generalized Curvature Ocean Surface Scattering Model

Engert, T. Co Author Listing * Position Sensitive gamma-Ray Scintillator Detector With Enhanced Spatial Resolution, Linearity, and Field of View, A

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