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Hori, A.[Akihiro] Co Author Listing * TCCON Philippines: First Measurement Results, Satellite Data and Model Comparisons in Southeast Asia

Hori, C.[Chiori] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Multimodal Fusion for Video Description
* Audio Visual Scene-Aware Dialog
* Spatio-Temporal Ranked-Attention Networks for Video Captioning
Includes: Hori, C.[Chiori] Hori, C.

Hori, H. Co Author Listing * pel adaptive reduction of coding artifacts for MPEG video signals, A
* Rate conversion of MPEG coded video by re-quantization process

Hori, J.[Junichi] Co Author Listing * Development of a Communication Support Device Controlled by Eye Movements and Voluntary Eye Blink

Hori, K.[Kenta] Co Author Listing * Joint Detection for Potsherds of Broken Earthenware
* Qualitative map learning based on covisibility of objects
Includes: Hori, K.[Kenta] Hori, K.

Hori, M.[Maiya] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary Stereoscopic View Generation Using Multiple Omnidirectional Image Sequences
* Automatic Detection of Floating Macroalgae via Adaptive Thresholding Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Data with 10 m Spatial Resolution
* Effect of Permafrost Thawing on Discharge of the Kolyma River, Northeastern Siberia
* Measuring Refractive Properties of Human Vision by Showing 4D Light Fields
* Novel Stereoscopic View Generation by Image-Based Rendering Coordinated with Depth Information
* Person re-identification visualization tool for object tracking across non-overlapping cameras
* Regression Based Trajectory Learning and Prediction for Human Motion
* Removal of Moving Objects and Inconsistencies in Color Tone for an Omnidirectional Image Database
* Segmentation of Liver in Low-Contrast Images Using K-Means Clustering and Geodesic Active Contour Algorithms
* Tracking People with Active Cameras Using Variable Time-Step Decisions
* Vicarious calibration of GLI by ground observation data
Includes: Hori, M.[Maiya] Hori, M.[Masakazu] Hori, M.[Masahiro] Hori, M.[Megumi] Hori, M. Hori, M.[Masatoshi]
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Hori, O. Co Author Listing * Component-based robust face detection using AdaBoost and decision tree
* Cut Detection Technique from MPEG Compressed Video Using Likelihood Ratio Test
* Description method for spatio-temporal regions in a video and its application
* Discriminative Feature Co-Occurrence Selection for Object Detection
* Feature selection for reliable tracking using template matching
* High Quality Vectorization based on a Generic Object Model
* Improvement of video text recognition by character selection
* Joint Haar-like Features for Face Detection
* Line Drawing Interpretation Using Probabilistic Relaxation
* Line segment attribute recognition device having accuracy updating function
* Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
* Precise line detection from an engineering drawing using a figure fitting method based on contours and skeletons
* Probabilistic Approach to Fast and Robust Template Matching and its Application to Object Categorization, A
* Probabilistic relaxation method for line-drawing interpretation
* Quantitative Measurement of the Performance of Raster-to-Vector Conversion Algorithms
* Template matching method and image processing device
* Template update criterion for template matching of image sequences
Includes: Hori, O. Hori, O.[Osamu]
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Hori, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Silhouette-Based Synthetic Data Generation for 3D Human Pose Estimation With A Single Wrist-Mounted 360° Camera

Hori, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Activity of a Passenger in Response to a Car's Lateral Acceleration While Slalom Driving
* Stabilisation of fast QRD inverse-updates adaptive filtering algorithm

Hori, T.[Takafumi] Co Author Listing * 3D-Object Recognition Based on LLC Using Depth Spatial Pyramid
* Attention-Based Multimodal Fusion for Video Description
Includes: Hori, T.[Takafumi] Hori, T.[Takaaki]

Hori, Y. Co Author Listing * Application of SFM and laser scanning technology to the description of mosaics piece by piece
* Comparison With Accuracy of Terrestrial Laser Scanner By Using Point Cloud Aligned With Shape Matching and Best Fitting Methods
* effective SVD-based image tampering detection and self-recovery using active watermarking, An
* Laser scanning in Ostia: A comparative study of accuracy of the drawings in 1950s and field survey on tall structures
* Laser Scanning of a Monolithic Column During Processing in Middle Egypt
* real-time multi face detection technique using positive-negative lines-of-face template, A
* Visualization of the Construction of Ancient Roman Buildings in Ostia Using Point Cloud Data
Includes: Hori, Y. Hori, Y.[Yoshiaki]
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Horiba, I. Co Author Listing * Discrimination of the road condition toward understanding of vehicle driving environments
* Extraction of Left Ventricular Contours From Left Ventriculograms by Means of a Neural Edge Detector
* Fast Connected-component Labeling Based on Sequential Local Operations in the Course of Forward Raster Scan Followed by Backward Raster Scan
* Linear-time connected-component labeling based on sequential local operations
* Neural edge enhancer for supervised edge enhancement from noisy images
Includes: Horiba, I. Horiba, I.[Isao]

Horie, F.[Fuma] Co Author Listing * Synthetic Scene Character Generator and Ensemble Scheme with the Random Image Feature Method for Japanese and Chinese Scene Character Recognition
* Synthetic Scene Character Generator and Multi-Scale Voting Classifier for Japanese Scene Character Recognition

Horie, H. Co Author Listing * Architectural design of a bi-level image high speed codec
* Assessments of Doppler Velocity Errors of EarthCARE Cloud Profiling Radar Using Global Cloud System Resolving Simulations: Effects of Doppler Broadening and Folding
* Simulation of EarthCARE Spaceborne Doppler Radar Products Using Ground-Based and Airborne Data: Effects of Aliasing and Nonuniform Beam-Filling
Includes: Horie, H. Horie, H.[Hiroaki]

Horie, K.[Kei] Co Author Listing * Collapsed Building Detection Using 3D Point Clouds and Deep Learning
* Use of Multi-Temporal LiDAR Data to Extract Collapsed Buildings and to Monitor Their Removal Process after the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

Horie, R.[Ryota] Co Author Listing * Multiplayer VR Live Concert With Information Exchange Through Feedback Modulated by EEG Signals, A

Horie, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Object recognition system and abnormality detection system using image processing

Horiguchi, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Road Obstacle Detection Method Based on an Autoencoder with Semantic Segmentation

Horiguchi, S.[Susumu] Co Author Listing * fully unsupervised color textured image segmentation algorithm using weighted mean histograms features, A
* log-normal distribution of the size of objects in daily meal images and its application to the efficient reduction of object proposals, The
* Multi-resolutional optical flow estimation with local optimization
* Omnidirectional Pedestrian Detection by Rotation Invariant Training
* Personalized Classifier for Food Image Recognition
* Region Extraction Using Competition of Multiple Active Contour Models
* Significance of Softmax-Based Features in Comparison to Distance Metric Learning-Based Features
Includes: Horiguchi, S.[Susumu] Horiguchi, S. Horiguchi, S.[Shota]
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Horii, A. Co Author Listing * Depth from Defocusing
* Focusing Mechanism in the KTH Head-Eye System, The

Horii, K. Co Author Listing * Human-Centered Neural Network Model with Discriminative Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis for Image Classification, A

Horii, Y. Co Author Listing * Framework of Cow Calving Monitoring System Using a Single Depth Camera
* Speaker detection using the timing structure of lip motion and sound
Includes: Horii, Y. Horii, Y.[Yu]

Horikawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Bispectrum-based Feature of 2D and 3D Images Invariant to Similarity Transformations
* Comparison of Combining Methods of Correlation Kernels in kPCA and kCCA for Texture Classification with Kansei Information
* Comparison of support vector machines with autocorrelation kernels for invariant texture classification
* Invariant Noisy Texture Classification with Bispectrum-based Features from Projections
* Pattern Recognition with Invariance to Similarity Transformations Based on the Third-Order Correlation
Includes: Horikawa, Y. Horikawa, Y.[Yo]

Horikis, T.P.[Theodoros P.] Co Author Listing * Self-Fourier functions and self-Fourier operators

Horikoshi, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Parts Decomposition from Sparse Range Data Information Criterion
* Feature Extraction of Temporal Texture Based on Spatiotemporal Motion Trajectory
* Image Sequence Retrieval for Forecasting Weather Radar Echo Pattern
* Image Velocity Estimation from Trajectory Surface in Spatiotemporal Space
* Memory-based forecasting of complex natural patterns by retrieving similar image sequences
* Multi-Scale Structure from Multi-Views by d{2}G Filtered 3D Voting
Includes: Horikoshi, T. Horikoshi, T.[Tsutomu]

Horimatsu, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Camera-Based Recognition of Characters and Pictograms

Horimoto, S. Co Author Listing * Real-time hand shape recognition for human interface

Horino, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Programmable image processor

Horio, K.[Keiichi] Co Author Listing * Tuna Nutriment Tracking using Trajectory Mapping in Application to Aquaculture Fish Tank

Horion, S. Co Author Listing * Assessing Land Degradation/Recovery in the African Sahel from Long-Term Earth Observation Based Primary Productivity and Precipitation Relationships
* Global Biogeographical Pattern of Ecosystem Functional Types Derived From Earth Observation Data
* Global Ecosystem Response Types Derived from the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index and FPAR3g Series
* Thirty Years of Land Cover and Fraction Cover Changes over the Sudano-Sahel Using Landsat Time Series
* Tracking Sustainable Restoration in Agro-Pastoral Ecotone of Northwest China
* Uncovering Dryland Woody Dynamics Using Optical, Microwave, and Field Data: Prolonged Above-Average Rainfall Paradoxically Contributes to Woody Plant Die-Off in the Western Sahel
Includes: Horion, S. Horion, S.[Stephanie] Horion, S.[Stéphanie]

Horisaki, R. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Compressed Sensing and DNN Based Reconstruction For Ghost Motion Imaging, A
* Compound-eye-based multidimensional imager
* Computational photography and compressive holography
Includes: Horisaki, R. Horisaki, R.[Ryoichi]

Horita, D.[Daichi] Co Author Listing * Fast Nonlinear Image Unblending
* Restorable Visible and Infrared Image Fusion
* Translation of Illustration Artist Style Using Sailormoonredraw Data

Horita, Y. Co Author Listing * Active One-Shot Scan for Wide Depth Range Using a Light Field Projector Based on Coded Aperture
* algorithm using projection onto subspace of prior distributions for long-wavelength sound wave CT, An
* Coded aperture for projector and camera for robust 3D measurement
* Efficient distinction of road surface conditions using surveillance camera images in night time
* High quality panoramic image generation using multiple panoramic annular lens images
* Image Quality Evaluation Model Based on Local Features and Segmentation
* Impact of subjective dataset on the performance of image quality metrics
* No reference image quality assessment for JPEG2000 based on spatial features
* NR objective continuous video quality assessment model based on frame quality measure
* Objective picture quality scale for video coding
* Omni-directional Polarization Image Sensor Based on an Omni-directional Camera and a Polarization Filter
* Optimized Aperture for Estimating Depth from Projector's Defocus
* Picture quality evaluation model for color coded images: Considering observing points and local feature of image
* Quality Evaluation Method Considering Time Transition of Coded Video Quality
* Recent advances in vision modeling for image and video processing
* Region segmentation using K-mean clustering and genetic algorithms
* Spatial Features Based No Reference Image Quality Assessment for JPEG2000
* Structured light with coded aperture for wide range 3D measurement
Includes: Horita, Y. Horita, Y.[Yuuki] Horita, Y.[Yuukou]
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Horiuchi, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * Construction of Experimental System SPIDAR-HS for Designing VR Guidelines Based on Physiological Behavior Measurement

Horiuchi, T.[Takahiko] Co Author Listing * email: Horiuchi, T.[Takahiko]: tah AT iwate-pu ac jp
* 3-Dimensional Approach to Thresholding Seal Impressions
* accurate algorithm for color to gray and back, An
* Accurate reversible color-to-gray mapping algorithm without distortion conditions
* Automatic Seal Verification by Calculating Distance Between 2D and 3D Patterns
* Automatic seal verification by evaluating positive cost
* Automatic Seal Verification Using Three-Dimensional Reference Seals
* Class Selective Rejection Rule to Minimize the Maximum Distance Between Selected Classes
* Color Gamut Extension by Projector-Camera System
* Color Image Coding by Colorization Approach
* Color image recovery system from printed gray image
* Colorization algorithm for grayscale image by propagating seed pixels
* Colorization algorithm using probabilistic relaxation
* Computing Motion Using Analog VLSI Vision Chips: An Experimental Comparison among Different Approaches
* Data Fitting by Spline Functions Using the Biorthonormal Basis of the B-spline Basis
* Decision Rule for Pattern Classification by Integrating Interval Feature Values
* Development of a Dynamic Relighting System for Moving Planar Objects with Unknown Reflectance
* Effective Method for Illumination-Invariant Representation of Color Images, An
* Estimation of bispectral Donaldson matrices of fluorescent objects by using two illuminant projections
* Estimation of color for gray-level image by probabilistic relaxation
* Estimation of Multiple Illuminants Based on Specular Highlight Detection
* Estimation of multiple light sources from specular highlights
* Eye-Gaze Detection from Monocular Camera Image Using Parametric Template Matching
* Eyegaze Detection from Monocular Camera Image for Eyegaze Communication System
* Faxed form identification using histogram of the hough-space
* Haze Transfer Between Images Based on Dark Channel Prior
* HDR Image Quality Enhancement Based on Spatially Variant Retinal Response
* HDR Spectral Imaging System for Time-Varying Omnidirectional Scene, An
* Illumination-invariant representation for natural color images and its application
* Invariant representation for spectral reflectance images and its application
* Makeup Skin Appearance Reproduction by Spectral Projection Mapping
* Material Classification for Printed Circuit Boards by Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* Material Classification for Printed Circuit Boards by Spectral Imaging System
* Measurement and Modeling of Bidirectional Characteristics of Fluorescent Objects
* Measuring Spectral Reflectance and 3D Shape Using Multi-primary Image Projector
* Multi-Level Confined Error Diffusion Algorithm for Flat Panel Display
* On speeding candidate selection in handprinted chinese character recognition
* Pattern Classification Method by Integrating Interval Feature Values
* Precise Analysis of Spectral Reflectance Properties of Cosmetic Foundation
* Precise Estimation of Painting Surfaces for Digital Archiving
* Reversible Color-to-Gray Mapping with Resistance to JPEG Encoding
* Robust Relaxation Method for Structural Matching Under Uncertainty
* Scalable Image Coding By Spline Approximation For a Gray-Scale Image
* Similarity measure of labelled images
* Spectral image analysis of mutual illumination between florescent objects
* Spectral imaging by synchronizing capture and illumination
* Spectral Invariant Representation for Spectral Reflectance Image
* Spectral reconstruction of fluorescent objects with mutual illumination effects
* Surface reconstruction of oil paintings for digital archiving
* Two-Dimensional Extension of Nonlinear Normalization Method Using Line Density for Character Recognition
* Unsupervised Material Classification of Printed Circuit Boards Using Dimension-Reduced Spectral Information
* Video Smoke Removal Based on Smoke Imaging Model and Space-Time Pixel Compensation
Includes: Horiuchi, T.[Takahiko] Horiuchi, T.
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Horiuchi, Y.[Yusuke] Co Author Listing * Differentiable Rendering-based Pose-Conditioned Human Image Generation
* Spectral Normalization and Relativistic Adversarial Training for Conditional Pose Generation with Self-Attention

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