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Logacheva, E.[Elizaveta] Co Author Listing * DeepLandscape: Adversarial Modeling of Landscape Videos
* Label Denoising with Large Ensembles of Heterogeneous Neural Networks
* Resolution-robust Large Mask Inpainting with Fourier Convolutions

Logan, B.F. Co Author Listing * Information in the Zero Crossings of Bandpass Signals
Includes: Logan, B.F. Logan, Jr., B.F.

Logan, B.J. Co Author Listing * At What Price Inaccuracy

Logan, C.L. Co Author Listing * estimation-theoretic technique for motion-compensated synthetic-aperture array imaging, An

Logan, R. Co Author Listing * Implementing Dempster's Rule for Hierarchical Evidence

Logan, R.D.[Riley D.] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction Based on Inter-Band Redundancy Analysis and Greedy Spectral Selection
* UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imaging for River Algae Pigment Estimation

Logan, S.R.[Stephen R.] Co Author Listing * Moving to Automated Tree Inventory: Comparison of UAS-Derived Lidar and Photogrammetric Data with Manual Ground Estimates

Logan, T. Co Author Listing * Obtaining accurate change detection results from high-resolution satellite sensors

Logan, Y.Y.[Yash Yee] Co Author Listing * Patient Aware Active Learning for Fine-Grained OCT Classification
Includes: Logan, Y.Y.[Yash Yee] Logan, Y.Y.[Yash-Yee]

Loganathan, D. Co Author Listing * 3D image sensing for bit plane method of progressive transmission

Loganathan, E. Co Author Listing * Automated identification of centromere position and centromere index(CI) of human chromosome images

Loganathan, P.R.[Priyadarshini Ravandhu] Co Author Listing * Development of electrochemical biosensor for breast cancer detection using gold nanoparticle doped CA 15-3 antibody and antigen interaction

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