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Ryu, B. Co Author Listing * adaptive fusion scheme of color and edge features for background subtraction, An
* Content-Aware Dark Image Enhancement Through Channel Division
* Simultaneous Foreground Detection and Classification with Hybrid Features

Ryu, B.H. Co Author Listing * Reduction of False Alarm Rate in SAR-MTI Based on Weighted Kurtosis
* Robust Maritime Target Detector in Short Dwell Time
Includes: Ryu, B.H. Ryu, B.H.[Bo-Hyun]

Ryu, B.S. Co Author Listing * CAIR-2: Intelligent Mobile Robot for Guidance and Delivery
* Integration of Reactive Behaviors and Enhanced Topological Map for Robust Mobile Robot Navigation

Ryu, B.Y.[Byung Yong] Co Author Listing * Edge-segment-based Background Modeling: Non-parametric online background update
* Facial Expression Recognition with Active Local Shape Pattern and Learned-Size Block Representations
* Facial expression recognition with local prominent directional pattern
* Facial Expression Recognition with Neighborhood-Aware Edge Directional Pattern (NEDP)
* Local Directional Ternary Pattern for Facial Expression Recognition
* Unattended object detection based on edge-segment distributions
Includes: Ryu, B.Y.[Byung Yong] Ryu, B.Y.[Byung-Yong]

Ryu, C.[Chanseok] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Regression Models for Predicting Rice Yield and Protein Content Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Multispectral Imagery
* OSANet: Object Semantic Attention Network for Visual Sentiment Analysis
Includes: Ryu, C.[Chanseok] Ryu, C.[Chaeeun]

Ryu, C.W.[Chang Woo] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of the polynomial and spline fitting methods for the B0 correction of CEST MRI data acquired from human brains
* Computation of Fingerprint Similarity Measures Based on Bayesian Probability Modeling, A
* Design of Algorithm Development Interface for Fingerprint Verification Algorithms
* Enhancement of feature extraction for low-quality fingerprint images using stochastic resonance
* Quantitative susceptibility mapping in a diabetes mellitus rat model: Iron accumulation in the brain
* Super-template Generation Using Successive Bayesian Estimation for Fingerprint Enrollment
* Template Adaptation based Fingerprint Verification
Includes: Ryu, C.W.[Chang Woo] Ryu, C.W.[Chang-Woo] Ryu, C.W.[Choon-Woo]
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Ryu, D.[Dongryeol] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Crop Water Stress in Nectarine and Peach Orchards Using High-Resolution Imagery from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
* Analysis of Data Acquisition Time on Soil Moisture Retrieval From Multiangle L-Band Observations
* Clarifications on the Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S.
* Comparison of KOMPSAT-5 and Sentinel-1 Radar Data for Soil Moisture Estimations Using a New Semi-Empirical Model
* Dependence of CWSI-Based Plant Water Stress Estimation with Diurnal Acquisition Times in a Nectarine Orchard
* Enhancing the Accuracy and Temporal Transferability of Irrigated Cropping Field Classification Using Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Mapping Flooded Rice Paddies Using Time Series of MODIS Imagery in the Krishna River Basin, India
* Mapping Very-High-Resolution Evapotranspiration from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery
* Modeling Vegetation Water Stress over the Forest from Space: Temperature Vegetation Water Stress Index (TVWSI)
* New Drought Index for Soil Moisture Monitoring Based on MPDI-NDVI Trapezoid Space Using MODIS Data, A
* Normalized Temperature Drought Index (NTDI) for Soil Moisture Monitoring Using MODIS and Landsat-8 Data
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
* Parsimonious Gap-Filling Models for Sub-Daily Actual Evapotranspiration Observations from Eddy-Covariance Systems
* Real-time eye tracking using a smart camera
* Soil Moisture Active Passive Experiments (SMAPEx): Toward Soil Moisture Retrieval From the SMAP Mission, The
* Solving 3D Inverse Problems Using Pre-Trained 2D Diffusion Models
* Using Remote Sensing Techniques to Improve Hydrological Predictions in a Rapidly Changing World
* Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy Analysis of a Coastal Soil Chronosequence
Includes: Ryu, D.[Dongryeol] Ryu, D. Ryu, D.[Dohoon] Ryu, D.[Dongseok]
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Ryu, D.H.[Dong Hun] Co Author Listing * DeepRegularizer: Rapid Resolution Enhancement of Tomographic Imaging Using Deep Learning
Includes: Ryu, D.H.[Dong Hun] Ryu, D.H.[Dong-Hun]

Ryu, D.I.[Dong Il] Co Author Listing * Efficient Unified Demosaicing for Bayer and Non-Bayer Patterned Image Sensors
Includes: Ryu, D.I.[Dong Il] Ryu, D.I.[Dong-Il]

Ryu, D.J.[Dong June] Co Author Listing * DeepDBSCAN: Deep Density-Based Clustering for Geo-Tagged Photos

Ryu, D.M.[Dong Min] Co Author Listing * DeepRegularizer: Rapid Resolution Enhancement of Tomographic Imaging Using Deep Learning
Includes: Ryu, D.M.[Dong Min] Ryu, D.M.[Dong-Min]

Ryu, D.S.[Dong Sung] Co Author Listing * Automated Procedure for Word Balloon Placement in Cinema Comics, An
* Parameter-Free Geometric Document Layout Analysis
* Parameter-independent Geometric Document Layout Analysis
Includes: Ryu, D.S.[Dong Sung] Ryu, D.S.[Dong-Sung] Ryu, D.S.[Dae-Seok] Ryu, D.S.

Ryu, D.W.[Dong Woo] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Based Approach for Spatial Estimation Using the Spatial Features of Coordinate Information, A
Includes: Ryu, D.W.[Dong Woo] Ryu, D.W.[Dong-Woo]

Ryu, E.S.[Eun Seok] Co Author Listing * Entropy-Constrained Implicit Neural Representations for Deep Image Compression
* Power aware HEVC streaming for mobile
* QoS optimal real-time video streaming in distributed wireless image-sensing platforms
* Stochastic stable buffer control for quality-adaptive HEVC video transmission in enterprise WLAN architectures
Includes: Ryu, E.S.[Eun Seok] Ryu, E.S.[Eun-Seok]

Ryu, G.H.[Geun Hyeok] Co Author Listing * Optimal Interpolation of Precipitable Water Using Low Earth Orbit and Numerical Weather Prediction Data
Includes: Ryu, G.H.[Geun Hyeok] Ryu, G.H.[Geun-Hyeok]

Ryu, H.[Hyunsurk] Co Author Listing * BshapeNet: Object detection and instance segmentation with bounding shape masks
* Computationally efficient, real-time motion recognition based on bio-inspired visual and cognitive processing
* GAPNet: Generic-Attribute-Pose Network For Fine-Grained Visual Categorization Using Multi-Attribute Attention Module
* Generative Bias for Robust Visual Question Answering
* Performance Improvement of Deep Learning Based Gesture Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Demosaicing Technique
* Real-time motion estimation based on event-based vision sensor
* Scene Understanding Networks for Autonomous Driving Based on Around View Monitoring System
* Sound Source Localization is All about Cross-Modal Alignment
* Tongue diagnosis method for extraction of effective region and classification of tongue coating
* Touchless hand gesture UI with instantaneous responses
Includes: Ryu, H.[Hyunsurk] Ryu, H. Ryu, H.[Hyeonggon]
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Ryu, H.C.[Han Cheol] Co Author Listing * AIM 2022 Challenge on Instagram Filter Removal: Methods and Results
* CAIR: Fast and Lightweight Multi-scale Color Attention Network for Instagram Filter Removal
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
Includes: Ryu, H.C.[Han Cheol] Ryu, H.C.[Han-Cheol]

Ryu, H.G.[Hyeong Gon] Co Author Listing * Less Can Be More: Sound Source Localization With a Classification Model
Includes: Ryu, H.G.[Hyeong Gon] Ryu, H.G.[Hyeong-Gon]

Ryu, H.H.[Ho Hyeong] Co Author Listing * Prefiltering and Postfiltering Based on Global Motion Compensation for Improving Coding Efficiency in H.264 and HEVC Codecs

Ryu, H.J.[Han Jin] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Classification for Image-Based Face Detection
* Efficient Method for Text Detection in Video Based on Stroke Width Similarity, An
* Flicker Reduction in Intra Coded Frames of H.264/AVC
Includes: Ryu, H.J.[Han Jin] Ryu, H.J.[Han-Jin]

Ryu, H.S.[Han Sol] Co Author Listing * Flood Monitoring Using Satellite-Based RGB Composite Imagery and Refractive Index Retrieval in Visible and Near-Infrared Bands
* Gesture recognition system based on Adaptive Resonance Theory
* New TDOA-Based Three-Dimensional Positioning Method for 3GPP LTE System
* Sea Fog Detection Based on Normalized Difference Snow Index Using Advanced Himawari Imager Observations
Includes: Ryu, H.S.[Han Sol] Ryu, H.S.[Han-Sol] Ryu, H.S.[Hyun-Surk] Ryu, H.S.[Hyun-Seok]

Ryu, J.[Jeha] Co Author Listing * 3DTV System using Depth Image-Based Video in the MPEG-4 Multimedia Framework
* Conditional Distribution Learning with Neural Networks and its Application to Universal Image Denoising
* Construction of a haptic-enabled broadcasting system based on the MPEG-V standard
* Dual aggregated feature pyramid network for multi label classification
* Effects of Beach Nourishment Project on Coastal Geomorphology and Mangrove Dynamics in Southern Louisiana, USA
* efficient computational algorithm for Hausdorff distance based on points-ruling-out and systematic random sampling, An
* Fast Alpha-Tree Algorithm for Extreme Dynamic Range Pixel Dissimilarities, A
* feasibility study of a portable intraoperative specimen imaging X-ray system based on carbon nanotube field emitters, A
* Front view gait recognition using Spherical Space Model with Human Point Clouds
* Gramian Attention Heads are Strong yet Efficient Vision Learners
* Impact of Visual-Haptic Spatial Discrepancy on Targeting Performance
* Improved H.264/AVC lossless intra compression using multiple partition prediction for 4X4 intra block
* Interactive Multi-Class Tiny-Object Detection
* Investigation of Simultaneous Effects of Aerosol Properties and Aerosol Peak Height on the Air Mass Factors for Space-Borne NO2 Retrievals
* Language-Independent Text-Line Extraction Algorithm for Handwritten Documents
* Noise Reduction in CMOS Image Sensor Using Cellular Neural Networks with a Genetic Algorithm
* OCELOT: Overlapped Cell on Tissue Dataset for Histopathology
* RCV2023 Challenges: Benchmarking Model Training and Inference for Resource-Constrained Deep Learning
* sEMG Signal-Based Lower Limb Human Motion Detection Using a Top and Slope Feature Extraction Algorithm
* SSM-HPC: Front View Gait Recognition Using Spherical Space Model with Human Point Clouds
* SSPP-DAN: Deep domain adaptation network for face recognition with single sample per person
* Unsupervised Face Domain Transfer for Low-Resolution Face Recognition
* Visual Guidance for a Spatial Discrepancy Problem of in Encountered-Type Haptic Display
* Word Segmentation Method for Handwritten Documents based on Structured Learning
Includes: Ryu, J.[Jeha] Ryu, J. Ryu, J.[Jongbin] Ryu, J.[Junghyung] Ryu, J.[Jegoon] Ryu, J.[Jiwoo] Ryu, J.[Jehwang] Ryu, J.[Jewoong] Ryu, J.[Jeongun] Ryu, J.[Jaeyong] Ryu, J.[Junwhan] Ryu, J.[Jaehwan]
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Ryu, J.B.[Jong Bin] Co Author Listing * DFT-based Transformation Invariant Pooling Layer for Visual Classification
* End-to-End Learning for Omnidirectional Stereo Matching With Uncertainty Prior
* OmniMVS: End-to-End Learning for Omnidirectional Stereo Matching
* Robust Asymmetric Loss for Multi-Label Long-Tailed Learning
Includes: Ryu, J.B.[Jong Bin] Ryu, J.B.[Jong-Bin]

Ryu, J.G.[Je Goon] Co Author Listing * Novel Modeling and Evaluating for RTS Noise on CMOS Image Sensor in Motion Picture, A
Includes: Ryu, J.G.[Je Goon] Ryu, J.G.[Je-Goon]

Ryu, J.H.[Jung Hee] Co Author Listing * Auto-generation of Geographic Cognitive Maps for Browsing Personal Multimedia
* Color laser printer identification by analyzing statistical features on discrete wavelet transform
* Decadal Measurements of the First Geostationary Ocean Color Satellite (GOCI) Compared with MODIS and VIIRS Data
* Deep gradual flash fusion for low-light enhancement
* Deep Learning of High-Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery for Classifying Halophyte Species: A Comparative Study for Small Patches and Mixed Vegetation
* Different Agricultural Responses to Extreme Drought Events in Neighboring Counties of South and North Korea
* Generation of a Large-Scale Surface Sediment Classification Map Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Data: A Case Study at the Hwang-do Tidal Flat, Korea
* Ghost-Free Deep High-Dynamic-Range Imaging Using Focus Pixels for Complex Motion Scenes
* Inter-Comparison of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Measured from Different Footprint Sizes in Cropland
* Local and Global Collaboration for Object Detection Enhancement with Information Redundancy
* Novel Low-Dose Dual-Energy Imaging Method for a Fast-Rotating Gantry-Type CT Scanner, A
* Performances of Vegetation Indices on Paddy Rice at Elevated Air Temperature, Heat Stress, and Herbicide Damage
* Quantification of Margalefidinium polykrikoides Blooms along the South Coast of Korea Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Satellite-Based Evaluation of the Post-Fire Recovery Process from the Worst Forest Fire Case in South Korea
* Special Issue on Selected Papers from the International Symposium on Remote Sensing 2018
* Statistical Analysis for Tidal Flat Classification and Topography Using Multitemporal SAR Backscattering Coefficients
* Synergistic Effect of Multi-Sensor Data on the Detection of Margalefidinium polykrikoides in the South Sea of Korea
Includes: Ryu, J.H.[Jung Hee] Ryu, J.H.[Jung-Hee] Ryu, J.H.[Jin-Ho] Ryu, J.H.[Joo-Hyung] Ryu, J.H.[Je-Ho] Ryu, J.H.[Jae-Hyun] Ryu, J.H.[Jung-Hun] Ryu, J.H.[Jong-Hyun]
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Ryu, J.W.[Junh Wan] Co Author Listing * Multispectral interaction convolutional neural network for pedestrian detection
Includes: Ryu, J.W.[Junh Wan] Ryu, J.W.[Junh-Wan]

Ryu, J.Y.[Jea Yong] Co Author Listing * Development of Raman Lidar for Remote Sensing of CO2 Leakage at an Artificial Carbon Capture and Storage Site
Includes: Ryu, J.Y.[Jea Yong] Ryu, J.Y.[Jea-Yong]

Ryu, K.[Kwanwoong] Co Author Listing * Design of an Emergency Wake-up Alert System Utilizing Digital Television Guard Band
* Instant Domain Augmentation for LiDAR Semantic Segmentation
* K-space refinement in deep learning MR reconstruction via regularizing scan specific SPIRiT-based self consistency
* Why is the Winner the Best?
Includes: Ryu, K.[Kwanwoong] Ryu, K.[Kwonyoung] Ryu, K.[Kanghyun] Ryu, K.

Ryu, K.H. Co Author Listing * Efficient Block Matching for Removing Impulse Noise
* New shape-based texture descriptors for rotation invariant texture classification
Includes: Ryu, K.H. Ryu, K.H.[Keun Ho]

Ryu, K.W.[Kwan Woo] Co Author Listing * Simulation of Artificial Winds Using a Hardware Illumination Technique

Ryu, M.[Moonwook] Co Author Listing * LSTC-rPPG: Long Short-Term Convolutional Network for Remote Photoplethysmography

Ryu, M.S.[Min Soo] Co Author Listing * Fine-Motion Estimation Using Ego/Exo-Cameras
* Optimized projection patterns for stereo systems
Includes: Ryu, M.S.[Min Soo] Ryu, M.S.[Min-Soo]

Ryu, O.[Oseok] Co Author Listing * Style Transfer Using Optimal Transport Via Wasserstein Distance

Ryu, S.[Sungho] Co Author Listing * Automatic Completion of Korean Words for Open Vocabulary Pen Interface
* Classification of Crop Lodging with Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix
* Improved Conversion Relationship between Tropical Cyclone Intensity Index and Maximum Wind Speed for the Advanced Dvorak Technique in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean Using SMAP Data, An
* language model using variable length tokens for open-vocabulary Hangul text recognition, A
* Large-scale Localization Datasets in Crowded Indoor Spaces
* Learning the Lexicon from raw texts for open-vocabulary Korean word recognition
* MASC-Net: Multi-scale Anisotropic Sparse Convolutional Network for Sparse Depth Densification
* Optimal Control for Speed Harmonization of Automated Vehicles
* Pixel-Weighting Method for Discriminating Objects of Different Sizes in an Image Captured from a Single Camera, A
* Retinal Blood Vessel Caliber Estimation for Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Images Based on 3D Superellipsoid Modeling
* Robust word recognition for museum archive card indexing
* Sparse edit propagation for high resolution image using support vector machines
* Speed harmonisation and merge control using connected automated vehicles on a highway lane closure: a reinforcement learning approach
* Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index-Based Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithm Developed for Geo-KOMPSAT-2A
Includes: Ryu, S.[Sungho] Ryu, S. Ryu, S.[Sumin] Ryu, S.[Soohyun] Ryu, S.[Sangrim] Ryu, S.[Sukyoung] Ryu, S.[Seungchul] Ryu, S.[Seunghan]
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Ryu, S.C.[Seung Chul] Co Author Listing * ABFT: Anisotropic binary feature transform based on structure tensor space
* Adaptive competition for motion vector prediction in multi-view video coding
* Contextual information based visual saliency model
* DASC: Dense adaptive self-correlation descriptor for multi-modal and multi-spectral correspondence
* Depth-based direct mode for multiview video coding
* LAT: Local area transform for cross modal correspondence matching
* Local self-similarity frequency descriptor for multispectral feature matching
* No-reference perceptual blur model based on inherent sharpness
* No-Reference Quality Assessment for Stereoscopic Images Based on Binocular Quality Perception
* Randomized Global Transformation Approach for Dense Correspondence
* Robust Stereo Matching Using Probabilistic Laplacian Surface Propagation
* Stereoscopic image quality metric based on binocular perception model
* Synthesis quality prediction model based on distortion intolerance
Includes: Ryu, S.C.[Seung Chul] Ryu, S.C.[Seung-Chul]
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Ryu, S.H.[Seong Han] Co Author Listing * Neural sentence embedding using only in-domain sentences for out-of-domain sentence detection in dialog systems
* Shape Reconstruction Using Estimated Surface Reflectance Properties
* Shape Recovery of Hybrid Reflectance Surface Using Neural Network
Includes: Ryu, S.H.[Seong Han] Ryu, S.H.[Seong-Han] Ryu, S.H.

Ryu, S.J.[Seung Jin] Co Author Listing * Detecting Re-captured Videos Using Shot-Based Photo Response Non-Uniformity
* Detecting Trace of Seam Carving for Forensic Analysis
* Discrimination of similar characters using nonlinear normalization based on regional importance measure
* Estimation of linear transformation by analyzing the periodicity of interpolation
* Vector Watermarking Robust to Both Global and Local Geometrical Distortions
Includes: Ryu, S.J.[Seung Jin] Ryu, S.J.[Seung-Jin] Ryu, S.J.[Sang-Jin] Ryu, S.J.

Ryu, S.K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Residual DPCM Using an L_1 Robust Linear Prediction in Screen Content Video Coding
* Machine Learning-Based Fast Angular Prediction Mode Decision Technique in Video Coding
Includes: Ryu, S.K. Ryu, S.K.[Soo-Kyung]

Ryu, S.Y.[Seon Young] Co Author Listing * Olfactory identification and white matter integrity in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: A preliminary study

Ryu, T.[Toshin] Co Author Listing * Identification of Basic Behavioral Activities by Heterogeneous Sensors of In-Home Monitoring System

Ryu, T.H.[Tae Hun] Co Author Listing * Identification of Amaranthus Species Using Visible-Near-Infrared (Vis-NIR) Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Methods
Includes: Ryu, T.H.[Tae Hun] Ryu, T.H.[Tae-Hun]

Ryu, T.K.[Tae Kyung] Co Author Listing * Fast Full Search Algorithm for Motion Estimation Using Priority of Matching Scan, A
* Fast PDE Algorithm Using Adaptive Matching Scan Order for Real-Time Video Coding, A
Includes: Ryu, T.K.[Tae Kyung] Ryu, T.K.[Tae-Kyung]

Ryu, W.[Won] Co Author Listing * Extracting Graphics Information for Better Video Compression

Ryu, W.J.[Woo Ju] Co Author Listing * Real-Time 3D Head Tracking Under Rapidly Changing Pose, Head Movement and Illumination
* Robust 3D Head Tracking and Its Applications
Includes: Ryu, W.J.[Woo Ju] Ryu, W.J.[Woo-Ju]

Ryu, W.S.[Wi Sun] Co Author Listing * Improving 3D Imaging with Pre-Trained Perpendicular 2D Diffusion Models
Includes: Ryu, W.S.[Wi Sun] Ryu, W.S.[Wi-Sun]

Ryu, Y.[Youngsuk] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Motion Generation from the Text Via Gesture Action Classification and the Autoregressive Model
* Development and Initial Results of a Brain PET Insert for Simultaneous 7-Tesla PET/MRI Using an FPGA-Only Signal Digitization Method
* Exploring Google Street View with deep learning for crop type mapping
* Flash Translation Layer for NAND Flash-Based Multimedia Storage Devices, A
* Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra
* Merging multiple sensing platforms and deep learning empowers individual tree mapping and species detection at the city scale
* robust license-plate extraction method under complex image conditions, A
* Super resolution of historic Landsat imagery using a dual generative adversarial network (GAN) model with CubeSat constellation imagery for spatially enhanced long-term vegetation monitoring
* Uncertainty quantification in land surface temperature retrieved from Himawari-8/AHI data by operational algorithms
Includes: Ryu, Y.[Youngsuk] Ryu, Y.[Yeunchul] Ryu, Y.[Youngryel] Ryu, Y. Ryu, Y.[Younbok]
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Ryu, Y.G. Co Author Listing * Robust Online Digital Image Stabilization Based on Point-Feature Trajectory Without Accumulative Global Motion Estimation

Ryu, Y.K. Co Author Listing * New Optical Measuring System for Solder Joint Inspection

Ryu, Y.S.[Yeon Sik] Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of eye and mouth fields from a face image using eigenfeatures and multilayer perceptrons
* Simple hybrid classifier for face recognition with adaptively generated virtual data
Includes: Ryu, Y.S.[Yeon Sik] Ryu, Y.S.[Yeon-Sik]

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