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Bano, J. Co Author Listing * Simulation of the Abdominal Wall and Its Arteries after Pneumoperitoneum for Guidance of Port Positioning in Laparoscopic Surgery

Bano, S. Co Author Listing * Finding Time Together: Detection and Classification of Focused Interaction in Egocentric Video
* Hybrid Loss with Network Trimming for Disease Recognition in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
* Truck active reversing control strategy based on modified particle filter and multi-sensors environment perception
Includes: Bano, S. Bano, S.[Sophia] Bano, S.[Shehar]

Banon, F.P.[Filiberto Pla] Co Author Listing * View Synthesis for Real Scene Visualisation on Autostereoscopic Displays
Includes: Banon, F.P.[Filiberto Pla] Ban, F.P.[Filiberto Pla]

Banon, G.[Gerald] Co Author Listing * ISMM 2007 Special Issue

Banon, G.J.F. Co Author Listing * MMACH: A Mathematical Morphology Toolbox for the Khoros System
* Multispectral Image Data Fusion Under a Bayesian-Approach

Banos, I.H.[Ivette H.] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of GPSRO Bending Angle Profiles into the Brazilian Global Atmospheric Model

Banos, O.[Oresti] Co Author Listing * NIC: A Robust Background Extraction Algorithm for Foreground Detection in Dynamic Scenes

Banov, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Single- and Multi-Date Crop Identification Using PROBA-V 100 and 300 m S1 Products on Zlatia Test Site, Bulgaria

Banow, R. Co Author Listing * Reduced-Time Facsimile Transmission by Digital Coding

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