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PESIPS93 * *Performance Evaluation of Signal And Image Processing Systems
* Analytical Modeling for Automatic Target Recognition Performance Evaluation
* Applications Of Image Metrics In Dynamic Scene Adaptation
* Automatic Target Recognition Algorithm Performance Evaluation: The Bottleneck in the Development Life Cycle
* Background Characterization Techniques for Target Detection Using Scene Metrics and Pattern Recognition
* Comparative Evaluation of Different Techniques in Image Vector Quantization
* Experimental Design Methodology: The Scientific Tool for Performance Evaluation
* Image Characterization for Automatic Target Recognition Algorithm Evaluations
* Image Metrics Approach to Understanding Effects of Terrain and Environment on Performance of Thermal Target Acquisition Systems
* Normalized Clutter Measure for Images, A
* Performance Evaluation Of A Texture-Based Segmentation Algorithm
* Performance Evaluation of Some Methods for Off-Line Detection of Changes In Autoregressive Signals
* Performance Evaluations of Correlations of Digital Images Using Different Separability Measures
* Performance of the Hough Transform and Its Relationship to Statistical Signal Detection Theory
* Perspective on Automatic Target Recognition Evaluation Technology, A
* Role of Performance Evaluation in Automated Image Algorithm Generation, The
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