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8908 * Bayesian Approach to Reconstruction from Incomplete Projections of a Multiple Object 3D Domain, A
* Computer Perception of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Computing Motion and Structure from Noisy, Time-Varying Image Velocity Information
* Design Of Hexagonal Sampling Structures for Image Digitization and Their Use with Local Operators, The
* Digital Geometry for Hexagonal Pixels, A
* Distributed Associative Memory (DAM) for Bin-Picking
* Effect of Spatial Discretization of the Magnitude and Direction Response of Simple Differential Edge Operators on a Step Edge, The
* Effects of Sample Size in Classifier Design
* Efficient Parallel Implementation of the Hough Transform on a Distributed Memory System
* Feature Extraction for Boundary Models of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Forward look ahead techniques for tracking background and noise levels in scanned video images
* From Pixels to Features
* Hybrid Constraint Equation for Motion Extraction, The
* Image discrimination
* Image Processing for Primitive Image Features Recognition in the Case of Discontinuous Line Images of Printed Characters
* Image recognition audience measurement system and method
* Imaging device with hand wobble display circuit
* Integration of Active and Passive Sensing Techniques for Representing Three-Dimensional Objects
* Lookup Table Loadings for Image Processing with Controlled Knots
* Method for data reduction of digital image sequences
* Method of coding a video signal for transmission in a restricted bandwidth
* Method of compressing image signals using vector quantization
* New Interpretation of the Compass Gradient Edge Operators, A
* On the Detection of Dominant Points on Digital Curve
* Parallel Imperative and Functional Approaches to Visual Scene Labelling
* Perceptual Organization for Computer Vision
* Radial Projection: An Efficient Update Rule for Relaxation Labeling
* Recognition of Single 3D Curved Objects Using 2D Cross-Sectional Slice Shapes
* Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle from Two Orthogonal Projections
* Region recognizing device
* Robust Algorithm for Contrast Enhancement by Local Histogram Modification, A
* Shape Matching Using Curvature Processes
* Shape modeling system
* Simultaneous Parameter Estimation and Segmentation of Gibbs Random Fields Using Simulated Annealing
* Space Efficient Hierarchical Structures: Relatively Addressed Compact Quadtrees for GISs
* Systolic Algorithm for Extracting Regions from a Planar Graph, A
* Three-Dimensional Motion Estimation Using Shading Information in Multiple Frames
* Trace Inference, Curvature Consistency, and Curve Detection
* Vertex-Based Boundary Representations of Non-Manifold Geometric Models
* Visor and camera providing a parallax-free field-of-view image for a head-mounted eye movement measurement system
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