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Cao Cueto, M. Co Author Listing * Logarithmical hopping encoding: A low computational complexity algorithm for image compression

Cao, A.[Angelina] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature Learning for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation
* Annual Review of In Situ Observations of Tropical Cyclone-Ocean Interaction in the Western North Pacific during 2023
* Breast mass segmentation based on information theory
* FWD: Real-time Novel View Synthesis with Forward Warping and Depth
* HexPlane: A Fast Representation for Dynamic Scenes
* Improved Telemanipulator Navigation During Display-Control Misalignments Using Augmented Reality Cues
* new color-based face detection and location by using support vector machine, A
* Robust information clustering incorporating spatial information for breast mass detection in digitized mammograms
* Text2Room: Extracting Textured 3D Meshes from 2D Text-to-Image Models
Includes: Cao, A.[Angelina] Cao, A.[Anzhou] Cao, A.[Aize] Cao, A.[Ang] Cao, A. Cao, A.[Aizeng]
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Cao, A.Q.[Anh Quan] Co Author Listing * MonoScene: Monocular 3D Semantic Scene Completion
* PCAM: Product of Cross-Attention Matrices for Rigid Registration of Point Clouds
* SceneRF: Self-Supervised Monocular 3D Scene Reconstruction with Radiance Fields
Includes: Cao, A.Q.[Anh Quan] Cao, A.Q.[Anh-Quan]

Cao, A.Z.[Ai Zhong] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Powdery Mildew Disease and Accurate Quantification of Its Severity Using Hyperspectral Images in Wheat
* Enhanced Turbulent Mixing in the Upper Ocean Induced by Super Typhoon Goni (2015)
* Modified Deterministic Annealing Algorithm for Robust Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Cao, A.Z.[Ai Zhong] Cao, A.Z.[Ai-Zhong] Cao, A.Z.[An-Zhou] Cao, A.Z.[Ai-Ze]

Cao, B.[Biao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Land Surface Temperature Scaling Problem: A Case Study of Airborne and Satellite Data over the Heihe Basin
* ApolloScape Dataset for Autonomous Driving, The
* Application of educational data mining on analysis of students' online learning behavior
* Area and Mass Changes of Glaciers in the West Kunlun Mountains Based on the Analysis of Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images and DEMs from 1970 to 2018
* Autoencoder-Based Collaborative Attention GAN for Multi-Modal Image Synthesis
* AutoEncoder-Driven Multimodal Collaborative Learning for Medical Image Synthesis
* Bias-based Universal Adversarial Patch Attack for Automatic Check-out
* Characterizing the Changes in Permafrost Thickness across Tibetan Plateau
* Comparing Different Light Use Efficiency Models to Estimate the Gross Primary Productivity of a Cork Oak Plantation in Northern China
* Comparison between Physical and Empirical Methods for Simulating Surface Brightness Temperature Time Series
* Comparison of the MuSyQ and MODIS Collection 6 Land Surface Temperature Products Over Barren Surfaces in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Convenient Measurement and Modified Model for Broadleaf Permittivity
* Correcting an Off-Nadir to a Nadir Land Surface Temperature Using a Multitemporal Thermal Infrared Kernel-Driven Model during Daytime
* Cross-Drone Transformer Network for Robust Single Object Tracking
* Curiosity-Driven Class-Incremental Learning via Adaptive Sample Selection
* Curse of Mis-Alignment in Face Recognition: Problem and a Novel Mis-Alignment Learning Solution
* Data-path unrolling with logic folding for area-time-efficient FPGA-based FAST corner detector
* Detection of Smoke from Straw Burning Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Data and an Improved YOLOv5s Algorithm
* Diversified Personalized Recommendation Optimization Based on Mobile Data
* Drone-Based RGB-Infrared Cross-Modality Vehicle Detection Via Uncertainty-Aware Learning
* Effects of Tree Trunks on the Directional Emissivity and Brightness Temperatures of a Leaf-Off Forest Using a Geometric Optical Model, The
* Estimation and Evaluation of 15 Minute, 40 Meter Surface Upward Longwave Radiation Downscaled from the Geostationary FY-4B AGRI
* Estimation of Surface Upward Longwave Radiation Using a Direct Physical Algorithm
* Estimation of Upward Longwave Radiation From Vegetated Surfaces Considering Thermal Directionality
* Evaluation of Atmospheric Correction Methods for the ASTER Temperature and Emissivity Separation Algorithm Using Ground Observation Networks in the HiWATER Experiment
* Evaluation of Four Kernel-Driven Models in the Thermal Infrared Band
* Evaluation of Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from FY-3B/VIRR Data in an Arid Area of Northwestern China
* Evaluation of Six High-Spatial Resolution Clear-Sky Surface Upward Longwave Radiation Estimation Methods with MODIS
* Expanding of Proglacial Lake Amplified the Frontal Ablation of Jiongpu Co Glacier since 1985, The
* Face photo-sketch synthesis via full-scale identity supervision
* Flood Monitoring in Rural Areas of the Pearl River Basin (China) Using Sentinel-1 SAR
* Geospatial Network Analysis and Origin-Destination Clustering of Bike-Sharing Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic
* Global Features are All You Need for Image Retrieval and Reranking
* Google Landmarks Dataset v2: A Large-Scale Benchmark for Instance-Level Recognition and Retrieval
* High-Resolution Monitoring of Glacier Mass Balance and Dynamics with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on the Ningchan No. 1 Glacier in the Qilian Mountains, China
* Illumination normalization for robust face recognition against varying lighting conditions
* Improved Microwave Semiempirical Model for the Dielectric Behavior of Moist Soils, An
* Information fusion in face identification
* Integrated Model of Summer and Winter for Chlorophyll-a Retrieval in the Pearl River Estuary Based on Hyperspectral Data, An
* Joint Optimization of Radio and Virtual Machine Resources With Uncertain User Demands in Mobile Cloud Computing
* Large-Scale Many-Objective Deployment Optimization of Edge Servers
* Learning a Prototype Discriminator With RBF for Multimodal Image Synthesis
* Learning Self-supervised Low-Rank Network for Single-Stage Weakly and Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Making satellite-derived empirical bathymetry independent of high-quality in-situ depth data: An assessment of four possible model calibration data
* Making satellite-derived empirical bathymetry independent of high-quality in-situ depth data: An assessment of four possible model calibration data
* Mapping Soil Erosion Dynamics (1990-2020) in the Pearl River Basin
* Mapping Suspended Sediment Changes in the Western Pacific Coasts
* Modeling Directional Brightness Temperature (DBT) over Crop Canopy with Effects of Intra-Row Heterogeneity
* Modeling the Distributions of Brightness Temperatures of a Cropland Study Area Using a Model that Combines Fast Radiosity and Energy Budget Methods
* Modeling the Temporal Variability of Thermal Emissions From Row-Planted Scenes Using a Radiosity and Energy Budget Method
* Modified Interactive Spectral Smooth Temperature Emissivity Separation Algorithm for Low-Temperature Surface, A
* Multi-modal Gated Mixture of Local-to-Global Experts for Dynamic Image Fusion
* Multiple Fisher Classifiers Combination for Face Recognition based on Grouping AdaBoosted Gabor Features
* New Directional Canopy Emissivity Model Based on Spectral Invariants, A
* Operational Split-Window Algorithm for Retrieving Land Surface Temperature from Geostationary Satellite Data: A Case Study on Himawari-8 AHI Data, An
* Optimization of Classified Municipal Waste Collection Based on the Internet of Connected Vehicles
* Path Length Correction for Improving Leaf Area Index Measurements Over Sloping Terrains: A Deep Analysis Through Computer Simulation
* Research on the Spatiotemporal Evolution of Mangrove Forests in the Hainan Island from 1991 to 2021 Based on SVM and Res-UNet Algorithms
* Resource Allocation in 5G IoV Architecture Based on SDN and Fog-Cloud Computing
* Retrieval of Leaf, Sunlit Soil, and Shaded Soil Component Temperatures Using Airborne Thermal Infrared Multiangle Observations
* Retrieval of Suspended Sediment Concentrations in the Pearl River Estuary Using Multi-Source Satellite Imagery
* Review the strength of gabor features for face recognition from the angle of its robustness to mis-alignment
* Robust Inversion Algorithm for Surface Leaf and Soil Temperatures Using the Vegetation Clumping Index, A
* Semantic-shape Adaptive Feature Modulation for Semantic Image Synthesis
* semi-empirical approach for modeling the vegetation thermal infrared directional anisotropy of canopies based on using vegetation indices, A
* Spatial Heterogeneity and the Increasing Trend of Vegetation and Their Driving Mechanisms in the Mountainous Area of Haihe River Basin
* Temperature-Based and Radiance-Based Validation of the Collection 6 MYD11 and MYD21 Land Surface Temperature Products Over Barren Surfaces in Northwestern China
* Tightly Coupled Bi-Level Coordination Framework for CAVs at Road Intersections, A
* Towards Universal Image Embeddings: A Large-Scale Dataset and Challenge for Generic Image Representations
* Unified Principal Component Analysis with generalized Covariance Matrix for face recognition
* Unsupervised Image Steganalysis Method Using Self-Learning Ensemble Discriminant Clustering
Includes: Cao, B.[Biao] Cao, B. Cao, B.[Bo] Cao, B.[Bing] Cao, B.[Bowen] Cao, B.[Bin] Cao, B.[Binhua] Cao, B.[Bingyi] Cao, B.[Bincai]
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Cao, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * DeLS-3D: Deep Localization and Segmentation with a 3D Semantic Map
Includes: Cao, B.B.[Bin Bin] Cao, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Cao, B.C.[Bin Cai] Co Author Listing * Biases Analysis and Calibration of ICESat-2/ATLAS Data Based on Crossover Adjustment Method
Includes: Cao, B.C.[Bin Cai] Cao, B.C.[Bin-Cai]

Cao, B.G.[Bing Gang] Co Author Listing * Position-sensing based a new docking system of RPRS
Includes: Cao, B.G.[Bing Gang] Cao, B.G.[Bing-Gang]

Cao, B.J.[Bei Jun] Co Author Listing * Character Recognition Algorithm Based on the Central Location and Polar Projection
* Diurnal Variation in Cloud and Precipitation Characteristics in Summer over the Tibetan Plateau and Sichuan Basin
Includes: Cao, B.J.[Bei Jun] Cao, B.J.[Bei-Jun] Cao, B.J.[Bang-Jun]

Cao, B.L.[Bei Lei] Co Author Listing * Rapid Mapping and Annual Dynamic Evaluation of Quality of Urban Green Spaces on Google Earth Engine
Includes: Cao, B.L.[Bei Lei] Cao, B.L.[Bei-Lei]

Cao, B.S.[Bai Song] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Classification via Spatial Shuffle-Based Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Cao, B.S.[Bai Song] Cao, B.S.[Bai-Song]

Cao, B.W.[Bi Wei] Co Author Listing * AlignVE: Visual Entailment Recognition Based on Alignment Relations
* Joint Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis Based on Cross-Modality Attention Mechanism
Includes: Cao, B.W.[Bi Wei] Cao, B.W.[Bi-Wei]

Cao, B.Y.[Bai Yang] Co Author Listing * Design of 8-Bit Serial Real-Time Decoder Based on Complex Programmable Logic Device
* Unifying Deep Local and Global Features for Image Search
Includes: Cao, B.Y.[Bai Yang] Cao, B.Y.[Bai-Yang] Cao, B.Y.[Bing-Yi]

Cao, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * 3D Guided Fine-Grained Face Manipulation
* Accelerating Magnetic Resonance T_1rho Mapping Using Simultaneously Spatial Patch-Based and Parametric Group-Based Low-Rank Tensors (SMART)
* Accurate 3D Face Reconstruction with Facial Component Tokens
* Adaptive ranking of perceptual aesthetics
* Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* Adversarial Dual-Student with Differentiable Spatial Warping for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Affine Transformation-Based Color Compression For Dynamic 3D Point Clouds
* Anchor-Free Tracker Based on Space-Time Memory Network
* Assessment of Long-Term Sensor Radiometric Degradation Using Time Series Analysis
* Assessment of Sea-Ice Classification Capabilities during Melting Period Using Airborne Multi-Frequency PolSAR Data
* Bag Detection and Retrieval in Street Shots
* Calibration Improvements in S-NPP VIIRS DNB Sensor Data Record Using Version 2 Reprocessing
* Characteristics of the Residual Surface Deformation of Multiple Abandoned Mined-Out Areas Based on a Field Investigation and SBAS-InSAR: A Case Study in Jilin, China
* Combine unlabeled with labeled MR images to measure acute ischemic stroke lesion by stepwise learning
* Comparative Study on Potential Landslide Identification with ALOS-2 and Sentinel-1A Data in Heavy Forest Reach, Upstream of the Jinsha River
* Compression of Sparse and Dense Dynamic Point Clouds: Methods and Standards
* Discriminative Part CNN for Pedestrian Detection
* Downscaling Land Surface Temperature in an Arid Area by Using Multiple Remote Sensing Indices with Random Forest Regression
* Dynamic Aggregated Network for Gait Recognition
* Evaluation of Arctic Sea Ice Drift Products Based on FY-3, HY-2, AMSR2, and SSMIS Radiometer Data
* Fine-grained Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Gait Recognition
* Forward and Backward Visual Fusion Approach to Motion Estimation with High Robustness and Low Cost
* GaitPart: Temporal Part-Based Model for Gait Recognition
* High-fidelity Face Tracking for AR/VR via Deep Lighting Adaptation
* hybrid approach to outlier detection based on boundary region, A
* Identification of the Potential Critical Slip Surface for Fractured Rock Slope Using the Floyd Algorithm
* In-Depth Exploration of Person Re-Identification and Gait Recognition in Cloth-Changing Conditions, An
* Influence of Radar Parameters and Sea State on Wind Wave-Induced Velocity in C-Band ATI SAR Ocean Surface Currents
* IR Feature Embedded BOF Indexing Method for Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval
* LDGAN: A Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Generation Method for Automatic Target Recognition
* Locating high-density clusters with noisy queries
* Makeup Removal via Bidirectional Tunable De-Makeup Network
* Measuring Landscape Albedo Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Mixed pooling and richer attention feature fusion for crack detection
* Modeling Infrared Radiometer Self-Emission With Application to MetOp/HIRS
* Multi-Frame GLMB Smoothing Based on the Image-Observation Sensor for Tracking Multiple Weak Targets Using Belief Propagation, A
* Multiscale Full-Waveform Dual-Parameter Inversion Based on Total Variation Regularization to On-Ground GPR Data
* Negative Latency Recognition Method for Fine-Grained Gestures Based on Terahertz Radar
* NeuWigs: A Neural Dynamic Model for Volumetric Hair Capture and Animation
* NOAA-20 VIIRS Reflective Solar Band Postlaunch Calibration Updates Two Years In-Orbit
* On-Orbit Calibration Assessment of AVHRR Longwave Channels on MetOp-A Using IASI
* Rapid Compaction Monitoring and Quality Control of Embankment Dam Construction Based on UAV Photogrammetry Technology: A Case Study
* Recaptured Screen Image Demoiréing in Raw Domain
* S-NPP VIIRS On-Orbit Calibration Coefficient Improvements With Yaw Maneuver Reanalysis
* Solving Occlusion Problem in Pedestrian Detection by Constructing Discriminative Part Layers
* Style Transfer Via Image Component Analysis
* StyleAvatar: Stylizing Animatable Head Avatars
* Suomi-NPP OMPS Nadir Mapper's Operational SDR Performance
* Supervised Raw Video Denoising With a Benchmark Dataset on Dynamic Scenes
* Surface Roughness-Induced Spectral Degradation of Multi-Spaceborne Solar Diffusers Due to Space Radiation Exposure
* Towards Photo-Realistic Facial Expression Manipulation
* Unsupervised HDR Image and Video Tone Mapping via Contrastive Learning
* Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion Based on the Multi-Scale Cumulative Frequency Strategy for Ground-Penetrating Radar Data: Application to Urban Underground Pipeline
Includes: Cao, C.[Chen] Cao, C.[Chentao] Cao, C.[Chengkun] Cao, C.[Chong] Cao, C.[Cong] Cao, C.[Chao] Cao, C. Cao, C.[Chenghui] Cao, C.[Chunshui] Cao, C.[Chuan] Cao, C.[Cungen] Cao, C.[Chang] Cao, C.[Chenghu] Cao, C.[Cen]
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Cao, C.C.[Chen Chen] Co Author Listing * Negative Air Ion (NAI) Dynamics over Zhejiang Province, China, Based on Multivariate Remote Sensing Products
Includes: Cao, C.C.[Chen Chen] Cao, C.C.[Chen-Chen]

Cao, C.F.[Chen Fei] Co Author Listing * Review of Multi-Sensor Fusion SLAM Systems Based on 3D LIDAR, A
Includes: Cao, C.F.[Chen Fei] Cao, C.F.[Chen-Fei]

Cao, C.G.[Chuan Gui] Co Author Listing * Classifying functional nuclear images with convolutional neural networks: A survey
* Least-squares-based fitting of paraboloids
* New Hypothesis Distinctiveness Measure for Better Ellipse Extraction
* New RHT-Based Ellipsoid Recovery Method
* New shape-based auroral oval segmentation driven by LLS-RHT
Includes: Cao, C.G.[Chuan Gui] Cao, C.G.[Chuan-Gui] Cao, C.G.[Chun-Guang]

Cao, C.G.L. Co Author Listing * Effect of Color-Contrasting Shadows on a Dynamic 3-D Laparoscopic Surgical Task, The

Cao, C.H.[Cheng Hui] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Ship Detection Performance with Full-, Compact- and Dual-Polarimetric SAR
* Compressive sensing MR imaging based on adaptive tight frame and reference image
* Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter Based on Track-before-Detect Measurement Model for Multiple-Weak-Target State Estimate Using Belief Propagation, A
* Hyperspectral image classification based on three-dimensional adaptive sampling and improved iterative shrinkage-threshold algorithm
* Identification of Fishing Vessel Types and Analysis of Seasonal Activities in the Northern South China Sea Based on AIS Data: A Case Study of 2018
* Multi-scale deep neural network for salient object detection
Includes: Cao, C.H.[Cheng Hui] Cao, C.H.[Cheng-Hui] Cao, C.H.[Chun-Hong] Cao, C.H.[Cheng-Hu]

Cao, C.J.[Cong Jun] Co Author Listing * Bow image retrieval method based on SSD target detection
* Hierarchically engineering quality-related perceptual features for understanding breast cancer
* Human emotion recognition by optimally fusing facial expression and speech feature
* Improving Transformer-based Image Matching by Cascaded Capturing Spatially Informative Keypoints
* Incremental Transformer Structure Enhanced Image Inpainting with Masking Positional Encoding
* Integrated Counterfactual Sample Generation and Filtering Approach for SAR Automatic Target Recognition with a Small Sample Set, An
* Learning a Sketch Tensor Space for Image Inpainting of Man-made Scenes
* Learning Prior Feature and Attention Enhanced Image Inpainting
* Lightweight Deep Neural Networks for Ship Target Detection in SAR Imagery
* Pixel2Mesh++: 3D Mesh Generation and Refinement From Multi-View Images
* Pixel2Mesh++: Multi-View 3D Mesh Generation via Deformation
* Rethinking Optical Flow from Geometric Matching Consistent Perspective
* ZITS++: Image Inpainting by Improving the Incremental Transformer on Structural Priors
Includes: Cao, C.J.[Cong Jun] Cao, C.J.[Cong-Jun] Cao, C.J.[Chen-Jie] Cao, C.J.[Chang-Jie]
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Cao, C.Q.[Cong Qi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Graph Convolutional Networks for Weakly Supervised Anomaly Detection in Videos
* Automatic Road Centerline Extraction from Imagery Using Road GPS Data
* Body Joint Guided 3-D Deep Convolutional Descriptors for Action Recognition
* Club Ideas and Exertions: Aggregating Local Predictions for Action Recognition
* Co-Occurrence Matters: Learning Action Relation for Temporal Action Localization
* Context Recovery and Knowledge Retrieval: A Novel Two-Stream Framework for Video Anomaly Detection
* Decoupling GCN with Dropgraph Module for Skeleton-based Action Recognition
* Efficient Imaging Method for Medium-Earth-Orbit Multichannel SAR-GMTI Systems, An
* Egocentric Gesture Recognition Using Recurrent 3D Convolutional Neural Networks with Spatiotemporal Transformer Modules
* EgoGesture: A New Dataset and Benchmark for Egocentric Hand Gesture Recognition
* Few-shot action recognition with implicit temporal alignment and pair similarity optimization
* HB-YOLO: An Improved YOLOv7 Algorithm for Dim-Object Tracking in Satellite Remote Sensing Videos
* Improved Swin Transformer-Based Model for Remote Sensing Object Detection and Instance Segmentation, An
* Learnable Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Video Anomaly Detection
* Learning to Compare Relation: Semantic Alignment for Few-Shot Learning
* Multiple Ship Tracking in Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning
* New Comprehensive Benchmark for Semi-supervised Video Anomaly Detection and Anticipation, A
* Research on Photon-Integrated Interferometric Remote Sensing Image Reconstruction Based on Compressed Sensing
* Skeleton-Based Action Recognition With Gated Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Cao, C.Q.[Cong Qi] Cao, C.Q.[Cong-Qi] Cao, C.Q.[Chu-Qing] Cao, C.Q.[Cui-Qian] Cao, C.Q.[Chang-Qing]
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Cao, C.R.[Cheng Rui] Co Author Listing * Fine-grained image inpainting with scale-enhanced generative adversarial network
Includes: Cao, C.R.[Cheng Rui] Cao, C.R.[Cheng-Rui]

Cao, C.S.[Chun Shui] Co Author Listing * Feedback Convolutional Neural Network for Visual Localization and Segmentation
* Gait Lateral Network: Learning Discriminative and Compact Representations for Gait Recognition
* GaitParsing: Human Semantic Parsing for Gait Recognition
* Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention with Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Cao, C.S.[Chun Shui] Cao, C.S.[Chun-Shui]

Cao, C.T.[Chi Thuan] Co Author Listing * Automatic following guidance system for motor vehicles
* High-Frequency Space Diffusion Model for Accelerated MRI
* Sparse Tensor-Based Multiscale Representation for Point Cloud Geometry Compression
Includes: Cao, C.T.[Chi Thuan] Cao, C.T.[Chi-Thuan] Cao, C.T.[Chen-Tao] Cao, C.T.[Chun-Tong]

Cao, C.X.[Chun Xiang] Co Author Listing * 20-Year Analysis of the Dynamics and Driving Factors of Grassland Desertification in Xilingol, China, A
* Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 1. Model Optimization and Testing over Continental USA
* Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 2. Site Based Testing of the Model
* Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 3. Model Optimization and Testing over Continental China
* Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Evolution Patterns of Grassland Health and Its Driving Factors in Xilingol
* Classification of LIDAR Point Cloud and Generation of DTM from LIDAR Height and Intensity Data In Forested Area
* Classification of Noise-Afflicted Remotely Sensed Data Using Three Machine-Learning Techniques: Effect of Different Levels and Types of Noise on Accuracy, The
* Estimates of Forest Canopy Height Using a Combination of ICESat-2/ATLAS Data and Stereo-Photogrammetry
* Estimation of PM2.5 Concentration across China Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data and Machine Learning Methods
* Impact of Environmental Exposure on Chronic Diseases in China and Assessment of Population Health Vulnerability
* Improved Forest Canopy Closure Estimation Using Multispectral Satellite Imagery within Google Earth Engine
* Mapping Canopy Heights of Poplar Plantations in Plain Areas Using ZY3-02 Stereo and Multispectral Data
* Mapping Fine-Scale Urban Spatial Population Distribution Based on High-Resolution Stereo Pair Images, Points of Interest, and Land Cover Data
* Mapping Forest Canopy Height over Continental China Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Novel Classification Technique of Landsat-8 OLI Image-Based Data Visualization: The Application of Andrews' Plots and Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning, A
* Random Forest Variable Importance Spectral Indices Scheme for Burnt Forest Recovery Monitoring: Multilevel RF-VIMP
* Regional Forest Volume Estimation by Expanding LiDAR Samples Using Multi-Sensor Satellite Data
* Remote Sensing Monitoring of Vegetation Dynamic Changes after Fire in the Greater Hinggan Mountain Area: The Algorithm and Application for Eliminating Phenological Impacts
* Retrieval and Comparison of Forest Leaf Area Index Based on Remote Sensing Data from AVNIR-2, Landsat-5 TM, MODIS, and PALSAR Sensors
* Spatio-Temporal Vegetation Dynamic and Persistence under Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors
* Spatiotemporal Distribution Pattern and Driving Factors Analysis of GPP in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region by Long-Term MODIS Data
* Studying the Association between Green Space Characteristics and Land Surface Temperature for Sustainable Urban Environments: An Analysis of Beijing and Islamabad
* Temporal Variations and Associated Remotely Sensed Environmental Variables of Dengue Fever in Chitwan District, Nepal
Includes: Cao, C.X.[Chun Xiang] Cao, C.X.[Chun-Xiang]
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Cao, C.Y.[Chang Yong] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Effects of Suomi NPP VIIRS M15/M16 Detector Radiometric Stability and Relative Spectral Response Variation on Striping
* Assessment of SNPP VIIRS VIS/NIR Radiometric Calibration Stability Using Aqua MODIS and Invariant Surface Targets
* Assessment of the Consistency and Stability of CrIS Infrared Observations Using COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation Data over Ocean
* Assessment of the NOAA S-NPP VIIRS Geolocation Reprocessing Improvements
* Assessment of the Reprocessed Suomi NPP VIIRS Enterprise Cloud Mask Product
* Comparison between the Suomi-NPP Day-Night Band and DMSP-OLS for Correlating Socio-Economic Variables at the Provincial Level in China
* Comparison of the Calibration Algorithms and SI Traceability of MODIS, VIIRS, GOES, and GOES-R ABI Sensors
* Consistency and Stability of SNPP ATMS Microwave Observations and COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation over Oceans
* Early On-Orbit Performance of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite Onboard the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) Satellite
* Effects of Solar Intrusion on the Calibration of the Metop-C Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A2 Channels
* Estimation of AMSU-A and MHS Antenna Emission from MetOp-A End-of-Life Deep Space View Test
* Evaluation of 10-Year NOAA/NASA Suomi NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS Reflective Solar Band (RSB) Sensor Data Records (SDR) over Deep Convective Clouds
* Evaluation of VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands Long-Term Calibration Stability and Inter-Sensor Consistency Using Radiative Transfer Modeling
* Experimental OMPS Radiance Assimilation through One-Dimensional Variational Analysis for Total Column Ozone in the Atmosphere
* Exploring VIIRS Night Light Long-Term Time Series with CNN/SI for Urban Change Detection and Aerosol Monitoring
* How Can Microwave Observations at 23.8 GHz Help in Acquiring Water Vapor in the Atmosphere over Land?
* Improved NOAA-20 Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite Day/Night Band Image Quality by Upgraded Gain Calibration
* Improving the Calibration of Suomi NPP VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands During Blackbody Warm-Up/Cool-Down
* Mission-Long Recalibrated Science Quality Suomi NPP VIIRS Radiometric Dataset Using Advanced Algorithms for Time Series Studies
* Monitoring the NOAA Operational VIIRS RSB and DNB Calibration Stability Using Monthly and Semi-Monthly Deep Convective Clouds Time Series
* New Method for Characterizing NOAA-20/S-NPP VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands Response Versus Scan Using On-Orbit Pitch Maneuver Data, A
* NOAA-20 and S-NPP VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands On-Orbit Calibration Algorithm Update and Long-Term Performance Inter-Comparison
* Overall-Distinctive GCN for Social Relation Recognition on Videos
* Performance of OMPS Nadir Profilers' Sensor Data Records
* Radiometric Inter-Consistency of VIIRS DNB on Suomi NPP and NOAA-20 from Observations of Reflected Lunar Lights over Deep Convective Clouds
* Radiometric Stability Monitoring of the Suomi NPP Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Reflective Solar Bands Using the Moon
* Reprocessed Suomi NPP Satellite Observations, The
* Reprocessing of Suomi NPP CrIS Sensor Data Records to Improve the Radiometric and Spectral Long-Term Accuracy and Stability
* S-NPP VIIRS Day Night Band On-Board Solar Diffuser Calibration Validation Using the Scheduled Lunar Collections
* S-NPP VIIRS Lunar Calibrations over 10 Years in Reflective Solar Bands (RSB)
* Sensor Stability for SST (3S): Toward Improved Long-Term Characterization of AVHRR Thermal Bands
* Simultaneous Radio Occultation Predictions for Inter-Satellite Comparison of Bending Angle Profiles from COSMIC-2 and GeoOptics
* Social Relation Graph Generation on Untrimmed Video
* Spectral Dependent Degradation of the Solar Diffuser on Suomi-NPP VIIRS Due to Surface Roughness-Induced Rayleigh Scattering
* Suomi NPP VIIRS Day/Night Band Stray Light Characterization and Correction Using Calibration View Data
* Suomi NPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands Operational Calibration Reprocessing
* Terra Vega Active Light Source: A First Step in a New Approach to Perform Nighttime Absolute Radiometric Calibrations and Early Results Calibrating the VIIRS DNB, The
* Verification and Validation of the COSMIC-2 Excess Phase and Bending Angle Algorithms for Data Quality Assurance at STAR
Includes: Cao, C.Y.[Chang Yong] Cao, C.Y.[Chang-Yong] Cao, C.Y.[Chen-Yu]
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Cao, C.Z.[Cheng Zhi] Co Author Listing * Event-Guided Person Re-Identification via Sparse-Dense Complementary Learning
* Generalized UAV Object Detection via Frequency Domain Disentanglement
* Joint classification and prediction of random curves using heavy-tailed process functional regression
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on RGBW Fusion: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* spatially constrained skew Student's-t mixture model for brain MR image segmentation and bias field correction, A
Includes: Cao, C.Z.[Cheng Zhi] Cao, C.Z.[Cheng-Zhi] Cao, C.Z.[Chun-Zheng]

Cao, D.[Daling] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Hydrological Validation of Merged Near-Real-Time Satellite Precipitation Estimates Based on the Gauge-Free Triple Collocation Approach
* AutoMine: An Unmanned Mine Dataset
* BERT-Based Deep Spatial-Temporal Network for Taxi Demand Prediction
* BEV-LaneDet: An Efficient 3D Lane Detection Based on Virtual Camera via Key-Points
* CenterNet3D: An Anchor Free Object Detector for Point Cloud
* Chromatic discrimination: differential contributions from two adapting fields
* CL3D: Camera-LiDAR 3D Object Detection With Point Feature Enhancement and Point-Guided Fusion
* CO2 Injection Deformation Monitoring Based on UAV and InSAR Technology: A Case Study of Shizhuang Town, Shanxi Province, China
* Cognitive-Based Crack Detection for Road Maintenance: An Integrated System in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
* Contributions of rhodopsin, cone opsins, and melanopsin to postreceptoral pathways inferred from natural image statistics
* Cooperative Lane-Change Motion Planning for Connected and Automated Vehicle Platoons in Multi-Lane Scenarios
* Coordination Optimization for Train Operation and Energy Infrastructure Control in a Metro System, A
* Crash Mitigation in Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles
* DA-RDD: Toward Domain Adaptive Road Damage Detection Across Different Countries
* Data-Mechanism Adaptive Switched Predictive Control for Heterogeneous Platoons With Wireless Communication Interruption
* Deep Learning for Image and Point Cloud Fusion in Autonomous Driving: A Review
* Deep Learning for Monitoring Agricultural Drought in South Asia Using Remote Sensing Data
* Deep Neural Network Based Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection for Autonomous Driving: A Survey
* Domain Balancing: Face Recognition on Long-Tailed Domains
* Driving Style Recognition for Intelligent Vehicle Control and Advanced Driver Assistance: A Survey
* Effect of rod-cone interactions on mesopic visual performance mediated by chromatic and luminance pathways
* Efficient Data-Driven Switched Predictive Control Strategy With Online Data for Vehicle Lateral Stabilization in Ice and Snow-Rutted Conditions, An
* Embodied Footprints: A Safety-Guaranteed Collision-Avoidance Model for Numerical Optimization-Based Trajectory Planning
* Estimating Terrain Slope from ICESat-2 Data in Forest Environments
* Evolutionary Decision-Making and Planning for Autonomous Driving: A Hybrid Augmented Intelligence Framework
* Fast Adapting Without Forgetting for Face Recognition
* GRNet: Geometric relation network for 3D object detection from point clouds
* Instance-Level Knowledge Transfer for Data-Driven Driver Model Adaptation With Homogeneous Domains
* Intelligent Cockpit for Intelligent Vehicle in Metaverse: A Case Study of Empathetic Auditory Regulation of Human Emotion
* Investigating the Identification and Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Camellia oleifera Plantations Using High-Resolution Imagery
* Lateral suppression of mesopic rod and cone flicker detection
* Learning Driving Models From Parallel End-to-End Driving Data Set
* Learning Meta Face Recognition in Unseen Domains
* Local Semantic-Aware Deep Hashing With Hamming-Isometric Quantization
* Milestones in Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Vehicles: Part I: Control, Computing System Design, Communication, HD Map, Testing, and Human Behaviors
* Milestones in Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Vehicles: Part II: Perception and Planning
* Multi-Modal Relational Graph for Cross-Modal Video Moment Retrieval
* Multimode Energy Management for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Buses Based on Driving Cycles Prediction
* Multiscale Filtering Method for Airborne LiDAR Data Using Modified 3D Alpha Shape, A
* New Deep Learning Neural Network Model for the Identification of InSAR Anomalous Deformation Areas, A
* novel cotton mapping index combining Sentinel-1 SAR and Sentinel-2 multispectral imagery, A
* Person-specific face tracking with online recognition
* Predicting Microblog Sentiments via Weakly Supervised Multimodal Deep Learning
* Probabilistic Model for Driving-Style-Recognition-Enabled Driver Steering Behaviors, A
* RDC-SLAM: A Real-Time Distributed Cooperative SLAM System Based on 3D LiDAR
* Re-ranking Person Re-identification with k-Reciprocal Encoding
* Relay Cooperative Transmission Algorithms for IoV Under Aggregated Interference
* Review of Estimation for Vehicle Tire-Road Interactions Toward Automated Driving, A
* Robust Longitudinal Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems: A Distributed H-Infinity Method
* Robust Min-Max Model Predictive Vehicle Platooning With Causal Disturbance Feedback
* SA-YOLOv3: An Efficient and Accurate Object Detector Using Self-Attention Mechanism for Autonomous Driving
* Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and its Associated Climate Factors Based on Remote Sensing
* Semantic-Edge-Supervised Single-Stage Detector for Oriented Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Sharing Traffic Priorities via Cyber-Physical-Social Intelligence: A Lane-Free Autonomous Intersection Management Method in Metaverse
* Stability and Scalability of Homogeneous Vehicular Platoon: Study on the Influence of Information Flow Topologies
* Structure Feature Extraction for Finger-Vein Recognition
* Surrounding Vehicle Detection Using an FPGA Panoramic Camera and Deep CNNs
* SVGformer: Representation Learning for Continuous Vector Graphics using Transformers
* Switching-Based Stochastic Model Predictive Control Approach for Modeling Driver Steering Skill
* TGNet: Geometric Graph CNN on 3-D Point Cloud Segmentation
* Toward Ensuring Safety for Autonomous Driving Perception: Standardization Progress, Research Advances, and Perspectives
* Toward the Ghosting Phenomenon in a Stereo-Based Map With a Collaborative RGB-D Repair
* Transfer Learning for Driver Model Adaptation in Lane-Changing Scenarios Using Manifold Alignment
* Two-Layer Potential-Field-Driven Model Predictive Shared Control Towards Driver-Automation Cooperation, A
* Uncertainties in Onboard Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicles: Challenges, Mitigation, and Perspectives
* V2VFormer++: Multi-Modal Vehicle-to-Vehicle Cooperative Perception via Global-Local Transformer
Includes: Cao, D.[Daling] Cao, D.[Dongpu] Cao, D.[Dun] Cao, D.[Dong] Cao, D.[Dingcai] Cao, D.[Dan] Cao, D.[Danni] Cao, D. Cao, D.[Di] Cao, D.[Da] Cao, D.[Dujuan] Cao, D.[Defu]
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Cao, D.C.[Ding Cai] Co Author Listing * S-cone discrimination in the presence of two adapting fields: data and model
Includes: Cao, D.C.[Ding Cai] Cao, D.C.[Ding-Cai]

Cao, D.D.[Dan Dan] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Method for Pavement Crack Identification Based on Limited Field Images, A
Includes: Cao, D.D.[Dan Dan] Cao, D.D.[Dan-Dan]

Cao, D.G.[Duan Guang] Co Author Listing * Stacking Ensemble Deep Learning Model for Building Extraction from Remote Sensing Images, A
Includes: Cao, D.G.[Duan Guang] Cao, D.G.[Duan-Guang]

Cao, D.J.[Dong Jie] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Fengyun-4A Lightning Mapping Imager (LMI) Performance during Multiple Convective Episodes over Beijing
* Lightning Activity Observed by the FengYun-4A Lightning Mapping Imager
Includes: Cao, D.J.[Dong Jie] Cao, D.J.[Dong-Jie]

Cao, D.L.[Dong Lin] Co Author Listing * Locating and recognizing multiple human actions by searching for maximum score subsequences
* Meta-action descriptor for action recognition in RGBD video
* new camera self-calibration method based on CSA, A
* Online semi-supervised compressive coding for robust visual tracking
* Self-Supervised Learning for Multimodal Non-Rigid 3D Shape Matching
* Sentiment analysis of Chinese micro-blog based on multi-modal correlation model
* Towards Robust Person Re-Identification by Defending Against Universal Attackers
* Unsupervised Deep Multi-Shape Matching
Includes: Cao, D.L.[Dong Lin] Cao, D.L.[Dong-Lin] Cao, D.L.[Dong-Liang]
8 for Cao, D.L.

Cao, D.M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of color images using a two-stage self-organizing network

Cao, D.P.[Dong Pu] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Critical Turning Point-Based Decision-Making and Planning for CAVH Intersection Management System
* Dynamic integration and online evaluation of vision-based lane detection algorithms
* JAXA Annual Forest Cover Maps for Vietnam during 2015-2018 Using ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 and Auxiliary Data
* Manoeuvre prediction and planning for automated and connected vehicles based on interaction and gaming awareness under uncertainty
* New Hybrid Firefly-PSO Optimized Random Subspace Tree Intelligence for Torrential Rainfall-Induced Flash Flood Susceptible Mapping, A
* Nonlinear Model Predictive Lateral Stability Control of Active Chassis for Intelligent Vehicles and Its FPGA Implementation
* Safety-Critical and Flexible Cooperative On-Ramp Merging Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic
* Spatiotemporal Evolution and Determinant Factors of the Intra-Regional Trade Community Structures of the Indian Ocean Region
* Spontaneous Driver Emotion Facial Expression (DEFE) Dataset for Intelligent Vehicles: Emotions Triggered by Video-Audio Clips in Driving Scenarios, A
* Uncertainty-Aware Decision-Making for Autonomous Driving at Uncontrolled Intersections
Includes: Cao, D.P.[Dong Pu] Cao, D.P.[Dong-Pu] Cao, D.P.[Duong Phan] Cao, D.P.[Dan-Ping]
10 for Cao, D.P.

Cao, D.Q.[Dong Qing] Co Author Listing * Imaging sensor Modulation Transfer Function estimation
Includes: Cao, D.Q.[Dong Qing] Cao, D.Q.[Dong-Qing]

Cao, D.S.[Dian Sheng] Co Author Listing * Design and Verification of a Double-Grating Spectrometer System (DGSS) for Simultaneous Observation of Aerosols, Water Vapor and Clouds
Includes: Cao, D.S.[Dian Sheng] Cao, D.S.[Dian-Sheng]

Cao, D.W.[Dong Wen] Co Author Listing * Dual-Branch Remote Sensing Spatiotemporal Fusion Network Based on Selection Kernel Mechanism
* Enhanced Multi-Stream Remote Sensing Spatiotemporal Fusion Network Based on Transformer and Dilated Convolution
* Human motion recognition using support vector machines
* MSNet: A Multi-Stream Fusion Network for Remote Sensing Spatiotemporal Fusion Based on Transformer and Convolution
Includes: Cao, D.W.[Dong Wen] Cao, D.W.[Dong-Wen] Cao, D.W.[Dong-Wei]

Cao, D.Y.[Dan Yang] Co Author Listing * MIPI 2022 Challenge on RGB+TOF Depth Completion: Dataset and Report
* Self-Adaptive Gradient-Based Thresholding Method for Coal Fire Detection Based on ASTER Data: Part 2, Validation and Sensitivity Analysis
* Self-Adaptive Gradient-Based Thresholding Method for Coal Fire Detection Using ASTER Thermal Infrared Data, Part I: Methodology and Decadal Change Detection
Includes: Cao, D.Y.[Dan Yang] Cao, D.Y.[Dan-Yang] Cao, D.Y.[Dai-Yong]

Cao, E.[Enguo] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural network for smooth filtering detection
* RETRACTED: Chen et al. An Infrared Small Target Detection Method Based on a Weighted Human Visual Comparison Mechanism for Safety Monitoring
Includes: Cao, E.[Enguo] Cao, E.[Enling]

Cao, F. Co Author Listing * 2D Image-based reconstruction of shape deformation of biological structures using a level-set representation
* a contrario decision framework for motion detection, An
* a contrario Decision Framework for Region-Based Motion Detection, An
* A Contrario Decision Method for Shape Element Recognition, An
* advanced bidirectional reflectance factor (BRF) spectral approach for estimating flavonoid content in leaves of Ginkgo plantations, An
* Advanced Framework for Multi-Scale Forest Structural Parameter Estimations Based on UAS-LiDAR and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery in Forest Plantations of Northern China, An
* Assessment of Individual Tree Detection and Canopy Cover Estimation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based Light Detection and Ranging (UAV-LiDAR) Data in Planted Forests
* Automatic morphological detection of otolith nucleus
* Calibration of Automatic Sun Photometer with Temperature Correction in Field Environment
* Computer-assisted bone age assessment: image preprocessing and epiphyseal/metaphyseal ROI extraction
* Contrast Invariant Detection of Good Continuations, Corners and Terminators
* Dual Attention Network for Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Matching, A
* Efficient image compression based on side match vector quantization and digital inpainting
* Efficient Object Detection Algorithm Based on Improved YOLOv5 for High-Spatial-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, An
* Energy-Efficient Train Operation in Urban Rail Transit Using Real-Time Traffic Information
* Extracting Meaningful Curves from Images
* Extrapolation Assessment for Forest Structural Parameters in Planted Forests of Southern China by UAV-LiDAR Samples and Multispectral Satellite Imagery
* Extreme Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression: A Fast and Robust Framework for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Flexible Lossy Compression for Selective Encrypted Image With Image Inpainting
* general criterion for image similarity detection, A
* Geometrically Guided Exemplar-Based Inpainting
* Good continuations in digital image level lines
* Ground Deformation Monitoring over Xinjiang Coal Fire Area by an Adaptive ERA5-Corrected Stacking-InSAR Method
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Framework Based on Attention Mechanism and Adaptive Weighting
* Hybrid Truncated Norm Regularization Method for Matrix Completion, A
* Image Interpolation via Low-Rank Matrix Completion and Recovery
* Interpolating Orientation Fields: An Axiomatic Approach
* Interpolation of digital elevation models using AMLE and related methods
* Local Block Multilayer Sparse Extreme Learning Machine for Effective Feature Extraction and Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Locality Regularized Robust-PCRC: A Novel Simultaneous Feature Extraction and Classification Framework for Hyperspectral Images
* Maximality Principle Applied to a Contrario Motion Detection, A
* Modeling Heterogeneous Traffic Mixing Regular, Connected, and Connected-Autonomous Vehicles Under Connected Environment
* Monitoring Changes in the Transparency of the Largest Reservoir in Eastern China in the Past Decade, 2013-2020
* Monitoring Surface Subsidence Using Distributed Scatterer InSAR with an Improved Statistically Homogeneous Pixel Selection Method in Coalfield Fire Zones
* Morphological Scale Space and Mathematical Morphology
* MRI Estimation of T1 Relaxation Time Using a Constrained Optimization Algorithm
* multitask tensor-based relation network for cloth-changing person re-identification, A
* New Paradigm for Self-embedding Image Watermarking with Poisson Equation
* Nonlocaly Multi-Morphological Representation for Image Reconstruction From Compressive Measurements
* Novel Rank Approximation Method for Mixture Noise Removal of Hyperspectral Images, A
* Optimisation of fuel efficiency for freeway vehicles
* Orientation Interpolation and Applications
* Probabilistic parameter-free motion detection
* Real-time reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on hybrid embedding mechanism
* RTM3D: Real-time Monocular 3d Detection from Object Keypoints for Autonomous Driving
* Saving Energy and Improving Service Quality: Bicriteria Train Scheduling in Urban Rail Transit Systems
* Screen-shooting resistant image watermarking based on lightweight neural network in frequency domain
* Short-Arc Precise Orbit Determination of GEO Satellites Using VLBI and Transfer Ranging, The
* Theory of Shape Identification, A
* Unified Framework for Detecting Groups and Application to Shape Recognition, A
* Unsupervised Segmentation With an Adaptive Number of Clusters Using the SPAN/H/alpha/A Space and the Complex Wishart Clustering for Fully Polarimetric SAR Data Analysis, An
* Unsupervised thresholds for shape matching
* Variable Bandwidth Image Denoising Using Image-based Noise Models
* Variational Level-Set Reconstruction of Accretionary Morphogenesis from Images
* Visible watermark removal scheme based on reversible data hiding and image inpainting
Includes: Cao, F. Cao, F.[Frédéric] Cao, F.[Fuliang] Cao, F.[Fengmei] Cao, F.[Fei] Cao, F.[Frederic] Cao, F.[Fanzhi] Cao, F.[Fang] Cao, F.[Feng] Cao, F.[Faxian] Cao, F.[Fan] Cao, F.[Feidao] Cao, F.[Fen]
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Cao, F.F.[Fei Fei] Co Author Listing * Groundwater Storage Variations across Climate Zones from Southern Poland to Arctic Sweden: Comparing GRACE-GLDAS Models with Well Data
Includes: Cao, F.F.[Fei Fei] Cao, F.F.[Fei-Fei]

Cao, F.G.[Fu Gui] Co Author Listing * Trajectory planning and tracking control of unmanned ground vehicle leading by motion virtual leader on expressway
Includes: Cao, F.G.[Fu Gui] Cao, F.G.[Fu-Gui]

Cao, F.L.[Fei Long] Co Author Listing * Are Graph Convolutional Networks With Random Weights Feasible?
* Deep neural network compression through interpretability-based filter pruning
* Densely connected network with improved pyramidal bottleneck residual units for super-resolution
* Estimating forest structural attributes using UAV-LiDAR data in Ginkgo plantations
* Evaluation of Habitat Suitability for Asian Elephants in Sipsongpanna under Climate Change by Coupling Multi-Source Remote Sensing Products with MaxEnt Model
* Feature-Grouped Network With Spectral-Spatial Connected Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Image super-resolution via adaptive sparse representation and self-learning
* Long and Short-Range Dependency Graph Structure Learning Framework on Point Cloud
* Multi-view graph convolutional networks with attention mechanism
* Salient Object Detection Based on Visual Perceptual Saturation and Two-Stream Hybrid Networks
* Single image super-resolution based on adaptive convolutional sparse coding and convolutional neural networks
* Sparse representation for robust face recognition by dictionary decomposition
* Sparsity-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion via Adaptive Multi-Band Constraints
* Super-resolution reconstruction: Using non-local structure similarity and edge sharpness dictionary
* Super-resolution using neighbourhood regression with local structure prior
* Triplet teaching graph contrastive networks with self-evolving adaptive augmentation
Includes: Cao, F.L.[Fei Long] Cao, F.L.[Fei-Long] Cao, F.L.[Fu-Liang]
16 for Cao, F.L.

Cao, F.Q.[Fu Qing] Co Author Listing * Underwater Single-Photon Lidar Equipped with High-Sampling-Rate Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System
Includes: Cao, F.Q.[Fu Qing] Cao, F.Q.[Fu-Qing]

Cao, F.X.[Fa Xian] Co Author Listing * Dimensionality reduction based on determinantal point process and singular spectrum analysis for hyperspectral images
* Sparse Representation-Based Augmented Multinomial Logistic Extreme Learning Machine With Weighted Composite Features for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Cao, F.X.[Fa Xian] Cao, F.X.[Fa-Xian]

Cao, F.Y.[Fu Yuan] Co Author Listing * Discovering causally invariant features for out-of-distribution generalization
* Evaluating Classification Model Against Bayes Error Rate
* general elevating framework for label noise filters, A
* Impact of Cluster Representatives on the Convergence of the K-Modes Type Clustering, The
* novel attribute weighting algorithm for clustering high-dimensional categorical data, A
* Semi-Supervised Clustering With Constraints of Different Types From Multiple Information Sources
Includes: Cao, F.Y.[Fu Yuan] Cao, F.Y.[Fu-Yuan]

Cao, F.Z.[Fan Zhi] Co Author Listing * Noise Parameter Estimation Two-Stage Network for Single Infrared Dim Small Target Image Destriping
* Optical Co-Registration Method of Triaxial OPM-MEG and MRI
Includes: Cao, F.Z.[Fan Zhi] Cao, F.Z.[Fan-Zhi] Cao, F.Z.[Fu-Zhi]

Cao, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Acceleration of histogram-based contrast enhancement via selective downsampling
* Active Semi-Supervised Random Forest for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Adaptive Discrete Hypergraph Matching
* Agreement and Disagreement-Based Co-Learning with Dual Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Noisy Labels
* Animal Detection From Highly Cluttered Natural Scenes Using Spatiotemporal Object Region Proposals and Patch Verification
* CCANet: A Collaborative Cross-Modal Attention Network for RGB-D Crowd Counting
* Combining synthesis sparse with analysis sparse for single image super-resolution
* Compound Multiscale Weak Dense Network with Hybrid Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Deblurring Low-Light Images with Events
* Deep Learning-Based Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images: A Review
* DeLiEve-Net: Deblurring Low-light Images with Light Streaks and Local Events
* Double-Branch Network with Pyramidal Convolution and Iterative Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Dual Sparse Representation Graph-Based Copropagation for Semisupervised Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Effective image tampering localization with multi-scale ConvNeXt feature fusion
* EPLL image restoration with a bounded asymmetrical Student's-t mixture model
* Forensic estimation of gamma correction in digital images
* H2A2Net: A Hybrid Convolution and Hybrid Resolution Network with Double Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Hybrid Transformer-CNN for Real Image Denoising
* Hyperspectral classification via learnt features
* Improving Nighttime Light Imagery With Location-Based Social Media Data
* Impulse noise suppression with an augmentation of ordered difference noise detector and an adaptive variational method
* Learning relation-based features for fine-grained image retrieval
* Lw-Count: An Effective Lightweight Encoding-Decoding Crowd Counting Network
* Multi-modal subspace learning with dropout regularization for cross-modal recognition and retrieval
* Mumford-Shah Model Based Man-Made Objects Detection from Aerial Images
* Noniterative MAP Reconstruction Using Sparse Matrix Representations
* novel DCT domain transcoder for transcoding video streams with half-pixel motion vectors, A
* novel ensemble method for k-nearest neighbor, A
* On-Orbit Spatial Quality Evaluation and Image Restoration of FengYun-3C/MERSI
* Optical aerial image partitioning using level sets based on modified Chan-Vese model
* Physics Model-Based Scatter Correction in Multi-Source Interior Computed Tomography
* Reflection Removal With NIR and RGB Image Feature Fusion
* Robust detection of perceptually salient features on 3D meshes
* Robust Matching Area Selection for Terrain Matching Using Level Set Method
* Robust spatially constrained fuzzy c-means algorithm for brain MR image segmentation
* Single image super-resolution via adaptive sparse representation and low-rank constraint
* Sparse Matrix Transform for Covariance Estimation and Analysis of High Dimensional Signals, The
* Sparse-View CT Reconstruction Method Based on Combination of DenseNet and Deconvolution, A
* spatially constrained generative asymmetric Gaussian mixture model for image segmentation, A
* Subpixel Multilevel Scale Feature Learning and Adaptive Attention Constraint Fusion for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Task differentiation: Constructing robust branches for precise object detection
* Task-Driven Progressive Part Localization for Fine-Grained Object Recognition
* Task-driven progressive part localization for fine-grained recognition
* Teeth category classification via seven-layer deep convolutional neural network with max pooling and global average pooling
* Transferable adversarial attack on image tampering localization
* Two-Stage Level Set Evolution Scheme for Man-Made Objects Detection in Aerial Images, A
* Universal Mismatched Steganalysis Equipped With Progressive Intermediate Domains
* Unsharp Masking Sharpening Detection via Overshoot Artifacts Analysis
* Variational Method with a Noise Detector for Impulse Noise Removal, A
Includes: Cao, G.[Gang] Cao, G.[Guo] Cao, G.
49 for Cao, G.

Cao, G.C.[Guang Cheng] Co Author Listing * Image colourisation using linear neighbourhood propagation and weighted smoothing
Includes: Cao, G.C.[Guang Cheng] Cao, G.C.[Guang-Cheng]

Cao, G.F.[Gao Feng] Co Author Listing * Depth Estimation of Multi-Modal Scene Based on Multi-Scale Modulation
* Identifying active retrogressive thaw slumps from ArcticDEM
* Learning from data: A post classification method for annual land cover analysis in urban areas
* Towards Disentangling Latent Space for Unsupervised Semantic Face Editing
* Tweets or nighttime lights: Comparison for preeminence in estimating socioeconomic factors
Includes: Cao, G.F.[Gao Feng] Cao, G.F.[Gao-Feng] Cao, G.F.[Guo-Feng]

Cao, G.G.[Guo Gang] Co Author Listing * Salient object detection via compactness and objectness cues
Includes: Cao, G.G.[Guo Gang] Cao, G.G.[Guo-Gang]

Cao, G.H.[Gui Hong] Co Author Listing * WebQA: Multihop and Multimodal QA
Includes: Cao, G.H.[Gui Hong] Cao, G.H.[Gui-Hong]

Cao, G.J.[Guo Jin] Co Author Listing * VisDrone-DET2021: The Vision Meets Drone Object detection Challenge Results
* ViT-YOLO: Transformer-Based YOLO for Object Detection
Includes: Cao, G.J.[Guo Jin] Cao, G.J.[Guo-Jin]

Cao, G.L.[Guan Long] Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Ground-Based Cloud Image Classification Using Transformer, A
Includes: Cao, G.L.[Guan Long] Cao, G.L.[Guan-Long]

Cao, G.P.[Gui Ping] Co Author Listing * Strip-MLP: Efficient Token Interaction for Vision MLP
Includes: Cao, G.P.[Gui Ping] Cao, G.P.[Gui-Ping]

Cao, G.Q.[Guo Quan] Co Author Listing * Control study of low tube voltage computed tomography angiography (CTA) and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) in diagnosing intracranial micro-aneurysm
* Generalized Multi-View Embedding for Visual Recognition and Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Multi-View Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis for Image Retrieval and Recognition
* Neural class-specific regression for face verification
* Salient region detection with opponent color boosting
Includes: Cao, G.Q.[Guo Quan] Cao, G.Q.[Guo-Quan] Cao, G.Q.[Guan-Qun]

Cao, G.T.[Gui Tao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive weight multi-channel center similar deep hashing
* Texture Classification Based on the Fractal Performance of the Moment Feature Images
Includes: Cao, G.T.[Gui Tao] Cao, G.T.[Gui-Tao]

Cao, G.Y.[Gao Yu] Co Author Listing * Medical image contrast enhancement based on improved sparrow search algorithm
* Patch-based self-adaptive matting for high-resolution image and video
* RASNet: Renal automatic segmentation using an improved U-Net with multi-scale perception and attention unit
* Unsupervised Video Matting via Sparse and Low-Rank Representation
* Video Matting via Sparse and Low-Rank Representation
Includes: Cao, G.Y.[Gao Yu] Cao, G.Y.[Gao-Yu] Cao, G.Y.[Guang-Ying]

Cao, G.Z.[Guang Zhen] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Quantitative Retrieval of Soil Moisture Based on Multisource Data Fusion with Random Forests: A Case Study in the Zoige Region of the Tibetan Plateau
* Motion Blur Removal for UAV-Based Wind Turbine Blade Images Using Synthetic Datasets
* Physics-Based Method for Retrieving Land Surface Emissivities from FengYun-3D Microwave Radiation Imager Data, A
* Point Cloud Registration Based on Fast Point Feature Histogram Descriptors for 3D Reconstruction of Trees
Includes: Cao, G.Z.[Guang Zhen] Cao, G.Z.[Guang-Zhen] Cao, G.Z.[Guang-Zhong]

Cao, H.[Huaigu] Co Author Listing * Applying Discriminatively Optimized Feature Transform for HMM-based Off-Line Handwriting Recognition
* Approximate RBF kernel SVM and its applications in pedestrian classification
* Asymmetry-aware bilinear pooling in multi-modal data for head pose estimation
* Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition With Preference Learning Based on Intended and Multi-Modal Perceived Labels
* Autoencoder-Based Collaborative Attention GAN for Multi-Modal Image Synthesis
* BP Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in the Yellow River Mouth
* Bundle adjustment of satellite images based on an equivalent geometric sensor model with digital elevation model
* Confusion Network Based Recurrent Neural Network Language Modeling for Chinese OCR Error Detection
* CREMA-D: Crowd-Sourced Emotional Multimodal Actors Dataset
* cylindrical surface model to rectify the bound document image, A
* Deep RNN Framework for Visual Sequential Applications
* Deep-Learning-Based Error-Correction Method for Atmospheric Motion Vectors, A
* Detection of Data Hiding in Binary Text Images
* Detection of Tampering Inconsistencies on Mobile Photos
* Distributed edge-event-triggered consensus of multi-agent system under DoS attack
* effective post quantization rate estimation for HEVC intra encoder, An
* Estimating the Observation Area of a Stripmap SAR via an ISAR Image Sequence
* Event-Based Neuromorphic Vision for Autonomous Driving: A Paradigm Shift for Bio-Inspired Visual Sensing and Perception
* Fast and deterministic (3+1)DOF point set registration with gravity prior
* Feature Interaction Descriptor for Pedestrian Detection
* Frame-level Feature Tokenization Learning for Human Body Pose and Shape Estimation
* From Simulated to Visual Data: A Robust Low-Rank Tensor Completion Approach Using L_p-Regression for Outlier Resistance
* Globally Optimal Robust Radar Calibration in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Google Earth as a Powerful Tool for Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Applications: A Review
* Graph Clustering-Based Ensemble Method for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation
* Handwritten and Typewritten Text Identification and Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
* Handwritten Carbon Form Preprocessing Based on Markov Random Field
* Holistic Overview of Anticipatory Learning for the Internet of Moving Things: Research Challenges and Opportunities, A
* Hybrid image noise reduction algorithm based on genetic ant colony and PCNN
* Hybrid Seismic Inversion Based on Multi-Order Anisotropic Markov Random Field
* Improve the Performance of Transfer Learning Without Fine-Tuning Using Dissimilarity-Based Multi-view Learning for Breast Cancer Histology Images
* Improvements in BBN's HMM-Based Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition System
* Improvements in HMM Adaptation for Handwriting Recognition Using Writer Identification and Duration Adaptation
* Improving Text-image Matching with Adversarial Learning and Circle Loss for Multi-modal Steganography
* Influence of HNB Product Packaging Health Warning Design on Risk Perception Based on Eye Tracking
* Influence of the Color and Logo Position of HNB Products on User Experience Based on Eye Tracking
* Inspherenet: A Concise Representation and Classification Method for 3d Object
* Insulator Image Dataset Generation based on Generative Adversarial Network
* Investigation of mobile surroundings for visual attention based on image perception model
* IPTV Channel Zapping Recommendation With Attention Mechanism
* LFNet: Local Rotation Invariant Coordinate Frame for Robust Point Cloud Analysis
* Maximum Likelihood TDOA Estimation From Compressed Sensing Samples Without Reconstruction
* Modeling the EXIF-Image correlation for image manipulation detection
* Multi-modal Steganography Based on Semantic Relevancy
* Novel Random Forest Dissimilarity Measure for Multi-View Learning, A
* Obstacle Recognition and Localization Based on the Monocular Vision for Double Split Transmission Lines Inspection Robot
* OCR-Driven Writer Identification and Adaptation in an HMM Handwriting Recognition System
* On the Security of Secret Sharing Over a Ring and the Fast Implementation
* Online Structure Based Chinese Character Pre-Classification
* Operational Built-Up Areas Extraction for Cities in China Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Orthogonal Subspace Projection-Based Go-Decomposition Approach to Finding Low-Rank and Sparsity Matrices for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Pedestrian Recognition Using Second-Order HOG Feature
* Preprocessing of Low-Quality Handwritten Documents Using Markov Random Fields
* RAW tool identification through detected demosaicing regularity
* RBF Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in Lijin Section
* Rectifying the bound document image captured by the camera: A model based approach
* Robust Face Alignment via Inherent Relation Learning and Uncertainty Estimation
* Robust Page Segmentation Based on Smearing and Error Correction Unifying Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches
* Safe Reinforcement Learning-Based Motion Planning for Functional Mobile Robots Suffering Uncontrollable Mobile Robots
* Saliency detection by adaptive clustering
* Saliency detection using suitable variant of local and global consistency
* Salient object detection via spectral graph weighted low rank matrix recovery
* Self-Supervised Vessel Segmentation via Adversarial Learning
* Semi-Supervised Eye Makeup Transfer by Swapping Learned Representation
* shared-private sentiment analysis approach based on cross-modal information interaction, A
* Simulating Uneven Urban Spatial Expansion under Various Land Protection Strategies: Case Study on Southern Jiangsu Urban Agglomeration
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Urban Land Use Change in Typical Cities in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)
* Stochastic Segment Model Adaptation for Offline Handwriting Recognition
* Swin-unet: Unet-like Pure Transformer for Medical Image Segmentation
* Temporal Bayesian Fusion for Affect Sensing: Combining Video, Audio, and Lexical Modalities
* Text Extraction from Video Using Conditional Random Fields
* Unsupervised Deep Hashing With Fine-Grained Similarity-Preserving Contrastive Learning for Image Retrieval
* Unsupervised HMM Adaptation Using Page Style Clustering
* Urban Expansion and Its Impact on the Land Use Pattern in Xishuangbanna since the Reform and Opening up of China
* Vector Model Based Indexing and Retrieval of Handwritten Medical Forms
* Virtual samples and sparse representation-based classification algorithm for face recognition
Includes: Cao, H.[Huaigu] Cao, H.[Hui] Cao, H.[Hua] Cao, H.[Houwei] Cao, H.[Haifang] Cao, H.[Hanwen] Cao, H.[Hang] Cao, H. Cao, H.[Hong] Cao, H.[Huawei] Cao, H.[Hu] Cao, H.[Hung] Cao, H.[Huiliang] Cao, H.[Hongliu] Cao, H.[Han] Cao, H.[Huai] Cao, H.[Heng] Cao, H.[Huanhui] Cao, H.[Hai]
76 for Cao, H.

Cao, H.B.[Hong Bing] Co Author Listing * Improved DS acoustic-seismic modality fusion for ground-moving target classification in wireless sensor networks
Includes: Cao, H.B.[Hong Bing] Cao, H.B.[Hong-Bing]

Cao, H.C.[Hai Chao] Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Segmentation of Breast Masses Based on Mammography Images, A
Includes: Cao, H.C.[Hai Chao] Cao, H.C.[Hai-Chao]

Cao, H.D.[Hong Duan] Co Author Listing * Measurement of Two-Dimensional Small Angles Based on Interference Fringes
Includes: Cao, H.D.[Hong Duan] Cao, H.D.[Hong-Duan]

Cao, H.G.[Huai Gu] Co Author Listing * Automated image quality assessment for camera-captured OCR
* Detecting OOV Names in Arabic Handwritten Data
* Document image OCR accuracy prediction via latent Dirichlet allocation
* Document recognition and translation system for unconstrained Arabic documents
* Exploiting Stroke Orientation for CRF Based Binarization of Historical Documents
* Extracting information from handwritten content in census forms
* Integrating natural language processing with image document analysis: what we learned from two real-world applications
* Nested state indexing in pairwise Markov networks for fast handwritten document image rule-line removal
* probabilistic method for keyword retrieval in handwritten document images, A
* Unconstrained handwritten document retrieval
Includes: Cao, H.G.[Huai Gu] Cao, H.G.[Huai-Gu]
10 for Cao, H.G.

Cao, H.H.[Hong Hua] Co Author Listing * D-Calib: Calibration Software for Multiple Cameras System
* high-throughput MQ coder architecture based on dependence extraction method, A
* Memory-efficient high-speed VLSI implementation of multi-level discrete wavelet transform
* Self-Training With Progressive Representation Enhancement for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
Includes: Cao, H.H.[Hong Hua] Cao, H.H.[Hong-Hua] Cao, H.H.[Hai-Heng] Cao, H.H.[Huan-Huan]

Cao, H.J.[Hong Ji] Co Author Listing * DBSCAN and TD Integrated Wi-Fi Positioning Algorithm
* Fingerprint Positioning Method for Dual-Band Wi-Fi Based on Gaussian Process Regression and K-Nearest Neighbor
* Geomorphology, Mineralogy, and Geochronology of Mare Basalts and Non-Mare Materials around the Lunar Crisium Basin
* Improved Indoor Fingerprinting Localization Method Using Clustering Algorithm and Dynamic Compensation
* Indoor Positioning Method Using WiFi RTT Based on LOS Identification and Range Calibration
* Photometric Normalization of Chang'e-4 Visible and Near-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer Datasets: A Combined Study of In-Situ and Laboratory Spectral Measurements
* Research on HAR-Based Floor Positioning
* Surface Water Changes in Dongting Lake from 1975 to 2019 Based on Multisource Remote-Sensing Images
Includes: Cao, H.J.[Hong Ji] Cao, H.J.[Hong-Ji] Cao, H.J.[Hai-Jun] Cao, H.J.[Hong-Juan]
8 for Cao, H.J.

Cao, H.L.[Hong Liu] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Voting in Multi-view Learning for Radiomics Applications
* Random forest dissimilarity based multi-view learning for Radiomics application
* Sound Source Localization for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio Environments
* Time-Frequency Joint Time-Delay Difference Estimation Method for Signal Enhancement in the Distorted towed Hydrophone Array, A
* View's dependency and low-rank background-guided compressed sensing for multi-view image joint reconstruction
Includes: Cao, H.L.[Hong Liu] Cao, H.L.[Hong-Liu] Cao, H.L.[Han-Lin] Cao, H.L.[Hong-Li] Cao, H.L.[He-Ling]

Cao, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * MANet: A Network Architecture for Remote Sensing Spatiotemporal Fusion Based on Multiscale and Attention Mechanisms
Includes: Cao, H.M.[Hui Min] Cao, H.M.[Hui-Min]

Cao, H.Q. Co Author Listing * Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization Using a Directed Graph, A
* Lattice Labeling Algorithms for Vector Quantization
* Very low bit rate video coding using vector-based techniques
* Video Coding Algorithm Using Vector-Based Techniques, A
* Wavelet Analysis Reveals Phenology Mismatch between Leaf Phenology of Temperate Forest Plants and the Siberian Roe Deer Molting under Global Warming
Includes: Cao, H.Q. Cao, H.Q.[He-Qin]

Cao, H.S.[Hai Shuai] Co Author Listing * Design and Performance Evaluation of a 1550 nm All-Fiber Dual-Polarization Coherent Doppler Lidar for Atmospheric Aerosol Measurements, The
Includes: Cao, H.S.[Hai Shuai] Cao, H.S.[Hai-Shuai]

Cao, H.T.[Hao Tian] Co Author Listing * Cooperative vehicle localisation method based on the fusion of GPS, inter-vehicle distance, and bearing angle measurements
* Driver activity recognition using spatial-temporal graph convolutional LSTM networks with attention mechanism
* Dynamic Virtual Resource Allocation Mechanism for Survivable Services in Emerging NFV-Enabled Vehicular Networks
* Efficient Power Allocation Algorithm for Green Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Vehicular Network, An
* Enhancing Leaf Area Index Estimation with MODIS BRDF Data by Optimizing Directional Observations and Integrating PROSAIL and Ross–Li Models
* Intelligent Virtual Resource Allocation of QoS-Guaranteed Slices in B5G-Enabled VANETs for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Laser-based SLAM automatic parallel parking path planning and tracking for passenger vehicle
* Lookup Table Approach for Radiometric Calibration of Miniaturized Multispectral Camera Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Method of Multi-Angle Remote Sensing Observation Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Validation of BRDF, The
* Softwarized Resource Management and Allocation With Autonomous Awareness for 6G-Enabled Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Two-Layer Potential-Field-Driven Model Predictive Shared Control Towards Driver-Automation Cooperation, A
Includes: Cao, H.T.[Hao Tian] Cao, H.T.[Hao-Tian] Cao, H.T.[Hao-Tong] Cao, H.T.[Hong-Tao]
11 for Cao, H.T.

Cao, H.X.[Hong Xia] Co Author Listing * VO-LVV: A Novel Urban Regional Living Vegetation Volume Quantitative Estimation Model Based on the Voxel Measurement Method and an Octree Data Structure
Includes: Cao, H.X.[Hong Xia] Cao, H.X.[Hong-Xia]

Cao, H.Y.[Hui Ying] Co Author Listing * Adaptive probability filter for removing salt and pepper noises
* Analyzing Changes in Frozen Soil in the Source Region of the Yellow River Using the MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products
* Attention Where It Matters: Rethinking Visual Document Understanding with Selective Region Concentration
* deep learning semantic template matching framework for remote sensing image registration, A
* Evaluating the Vertical Accuracy of DEM Generated from ZiYuan-3 Stereo Images in Understanding the Tectonic Morphology of the Qianhe Basin, China
* Fractal and Multifractal Characteristics of Lineaments in the Qianhe Graben and Its Tectonic Significance Using Remote Sensing Images
* Iterative grouping median filter for removal of fixed value impulse noise
Includes: Cao, H.Y.[Hui Ying] Cao, H.Y.[Hui-Ying] Cao, H.Y.[Hui-Yu] Cao, H.Y.[Hao-Yu] Cao, H.Y.[Hong-Ye]
7 for Cao, H.Y.

Cao, H.Z.[Hao Zhi] Co Author Listing * Effective action recognition with embedded key point shifts
* Frequency-Azimuth Spectrum Estimation Method for Uniform Linear Array Based on Deconvolution, A
* Going Deeper into Recognizing Actions in Dark Environments: A Comprehensive Benchmark Study
* Multi-Modal Continual Test-Time Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-Source Video Domain Adaptation With Temporal Attentive Moment Alignment Network
* Partial Video Domain Adaptation with Partial Adversarial Temporal Attentive Network
* Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning by Video Incoherence Detection
* Source-Free Video Domain Adaptation by Learning Temporal Consistency for Action Recognition
Includes: Cao, H.Z.[Hao Zhi] Cao, H.Z.[Hao-Zhi] Cao, H.Z.[Huan-Zhi]
8 for Cao, H.Z.

Cao, J.[Jihan] Co Author Listing * 6G Based Intelligent Charging Management for Autonomous Electric Vehicles
* Adaptive Aggregation with Self-Attention Network for Gastrointestinal Image Classification
* Adaptive IMM Algorithm for a PD Radar with Improved Maneuvering Target Tracking Performance, An
* Adversarial Cross-Spectral Face Completion for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
* AMM: An Adaptive Online Map Matching Algorithm
* Analysis of the Variability and Influencing Factors of Ice Thickness during the Ablation Period in Qinghai Lake Using the GPR Ice Monitoring System
* Applications of QC and Merged Doppler Spectral Density Data from Ka-Band Cloud Radar to Microphysics Retrieval and Comparison with Airplane in Situ Observation
* Asphalt Pavement Health Prediction Based on Improved Transformer Network
* Asymmetric cross-modal hashing with high-level semantic similarity
* Attribute Restoration Framework for Anomaly Detection
* Attributing the Decline of Evapotranspiration over the Asian Monsoon Region during the Period 1950-2014 in CMIP6 Models
* Augmenting 3D Ultrasound Strain Elastography by combining Bayesian inference with local Polynomial fitting in Region-growing-based Motion Tracking
* Behind the Scene: Revealing the Secrets of Pre-trained Vision-and-language Models
* Boosting Dense Long-tailed Object Detection from Data-centric View
* BSNet: Bi-Similarity Network for Few-shot Fine-grained Image Classification
* Candidate box fusion based approach to adjust position of the candidate box for object detection
* CEAMP: A Cross-Domain Entity Authentication and Message Protection Framework for Intra-Vehicle Network
* Celeb-500K: A Large Training Dataset for Face Recognition
* CGNet: A Light-Weight Context Guided Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Channel Pruning Via Attention Module And Memory Curve
* Coding-Assisted Broadcast Scheduling via Memetic Computing in SDN-Based Vehicular Networks
* Collect and Select: Semantic Alignment Metric Learning for Few-Shot Learning
* Combining Optical, Fluorescence, Thermal Satellite, and Environmental Data to Predict County-Level Maize Yield in China Using Machine Learning Approaches
* Comparison of the Different Stages of Dust Events over Beijing in March 2021: The Effects of the Vertical Structure on Near-Surface Particle Concentration, A
* Consensus of Leader-Following Multiagent Systems: A Distributed Event-Triggered Impulsive Control Strategy
* Cross-Domain Adaptation for Animal Pose Estimation
* D2Det: Towards High Quality Object Detection and Instance Segmentation
* DanceTrack: Multi-Object Tracking in Uniform Appearance and Diverse Motion
* Deep Image Harmonization with Globally Guided Feature Transformation and Relation Distillation
* Deep Image Harmonization with Learnable Augmentation
* Deep intra-image contrastive learning for weakly supervised one-step person search
* Deep OC-Sort: Multi-Pedestrian Tracking by Adaptive Re-Identification
* Deep sparse feature selection for computer aided endoscopy diagnosis
* Delay Coprime Sampling: A Simplified Sub-Nyquist Sampling for Noisy Multi-Sinusoidal Signals
* dense multi-scale context and asymmetric pooling embedding network for smoke segmentation, A
* Dense Point Diffusion for 3D Object Detection
* Detecting Communities on Topic of Transportation With Sparse Crowd Annotations
* Detecting Taxi Trajectory Anomaly Based on Spatio-Temporal Relations
* Developing A Cloud-based Online Geospatial Information Sharing And Geoprocessing Platform To Facilitate Collaborative Education And Research
* Developing a New Method to Identify Flowering Dynamics of Rapeseed Using Landsat 8 and Sentinel-1/2
* Developing High-Resolution Crop Maps for Major Crops in the European Union Based on Transductive Transfer Learning and Limited Ground Data
* Disentangled Representation Learning of Makeup Portraits in the Wild
* Diurnal Precipitation Features over Complex Terrains along the Yangtze River in China Based on Long-Term TRMM and GPM Radar Products
* DVST: Deformable Voxel Set Transformer for 3D Object Detection from Point Clouds
* Dynamic traffic demand uncertainty prediction using radio-frequency identification data and link volume data
* Efficient ADMM-Based Algorithm for Regularized Minimax Approximation
* End-to-End Learnable Geometric Vision by Backpropagating PnP Optimization
* End-to-End Reconstruction-Classification Learning for Face Forgery Detection
* ESGN: Efficient Stereo Geometry Network for Fast 3D Object Detection
* Event-Based Frame Interpolation with Ad-hoc Deblurring
* Event-Based Secure Leader-Following Consensus Control for Multiagent Systems With Multiple Cyber Attacks
* Event-triggered optimisation of overtaking decision-making strategy for autonomous driving on highway
* Excavation Equipment Recognition Based on Novel Acoustic Statistical Features
* Exemplar Guided Cross-Spectral Face Hallucination via Mutual Information Disentanglement
* FaceInpainter: High Fidelity Face Adaptation to Heterogeneous Domains
* FDM: fast dense matching based on sparse matching
* Framework For Online Spatio-temporal Data Visualization Based On HTML5, A
* From Handcrafted to Deep Features for Pedestrian Detection: A Survey
* GAGCN: Generative adversarial graph convolutional network for non-homogeneous texture extension synthesis
* General Framework for Unmet Demand Prediction in On-Demand Transport Services, A
* General Relative Radiometric Correction Method for Vignetting Noise Drift, A
* Global-Scale Resource Survey and Performance Monitoring of Public OGC Web Map Services
* GPFL: Simultaneously Learning Global and Personalized Feature Information for Personalized Federated Learning
* Graph-based multi-space semantic correlation propagation for video retrieval
* Graph-based neural networks for explainable image privacy inference
* Group-Based Multicast Service Authentication and Data Transmission Scheme for 5G-V2X, A
* Heter-Train: A Distributed Training Framework Based on Semi-Asynchronous Parallel Mechanism for Heterogeneous Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Hierarchical feedback algorithm based on visual community discovery for interactive video retrieval
* Hierarchical Neural-Network Architecture for Handwritten Numeral Recognition, A
* Hierarchical Shot Detector
* High-Efficiency Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Traceability
* High-Level Semantic Networks for Multi-Scale Object Detection
* Hybrid Model for Natural Face De-Identiation with Adjustable Privacy, A
* Hyperspectral Video Target Tracking Based on Deep Edge Convolution Feature and Improved Context Filter
* IBC-Mirror Mode for Screen Content Coding for the Next Generation Video Coding Standards
* Identification and Driving Factor Analysis of Ecological-Economic Spatial Conflict in Nanjing Metropolitan Area Based on Remote Sensing Data, The
* Identifying the Contributions of Multi-Source Data for Winter Wheat Yield Prediction in China
* Image Manipulation Detection by Multi-View Multi-Scale Supervision
* Impact of Quasi-Biweekly Oscillation on Southeast Asian Cold Surge Rainfall Monitored by TRMM Satellite Observation
* Impacts of advanced driver assistance systems on commercial truck driver behaviour performance using naturalistic data
* Improved Multi-Sensor MTI Time-Series Fusion Method to Monitor the Subsidence of Beijing Subway Network during the Past 15 Years, An
* improved spread transform dither modulation for robust and secure watermarking, An
* Improved Spread Transform Dither Modulation: A New Modulation Technique for Secure Watermarking
* Improving defocus blur detection via adaptive supervision prior-tokens
* Improving Single Shot Object Detection With Feature Scale Unmixing
* Improving Subgraph Recognition with Variational Graph Information Bottleneck
* Informative Sample Mining Network for Multi-domain Image-to-image Translation
* Interpreting Disparate Privacy-Utility Tradeoff in Adversarial Learning via Attribute Correlation
* Land Subsidence Response to Different Land Use Types and Water Resource Utilization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China
* Latent Feature Pyramid Network for Object Detection
* Learning 3D Human Shape and Pose From Dense Body Parts
* Learning Multilayer Channel Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Learning to Diffuse: A New Perspective to Design PDEs for Visual Analysis
* Learning to Supervise Knowledge Retrieval Over a Tree Structure for Visual Question Answering
* Lightweight feature point detection network with channel enhancement
* Localization-aware logit mimicking for object detection in adverse weather conditions
* LSDIR: A Large Scale Dataset for Image Restoration
* M3ANet: Multi-Modal and Multi-Attention Fusion Network for Ship License Plate Recognition
* Matrix randomized autoencoder
* Merge-Swap Optimization Framework for Supervoxel Generation from Three-Dimensional Point Clouds
* Mixture correntropy for robust learning
* MSR-CNN: Applying motion salient region based descriptors for action recognition
* Multi-scale convolutional neural networks and saliency weight maps for infrared and visible image fusion
* Multi-Source Information Exchange Encoding With PCNN for Medical Image Fusion
* Multi-stream densely connected network for semantic segmentation
* Multicenter and Multichannel Pooling GCN for Early AD Diagnosis Based on Dual-Modality Fused Brain Network
* Multilinear Nonparametric Feature Analysis
* Multiresolutional Approach to 3D Object Recognition, A
* MV-JAR: Masked Voxel Jigsaw and Reconstruction for LiDAR-Based Self-Supervised Pre-Training
* MVSS-Net: Multi-View Multi-Scale Supervised Networks for Image Manipulation Detection
* NETNet: Neighbor Erasing and Transferring Network for Better Single Shot Object Detection
* New VVC Chroma Prediction Modes Based on Coloring with Inter-Channel Correlation
* Non-Equal Spacing Division of HSV Components for Wood Image Retrieval
* Novel De-Noising Method for Improving the Performance of Full-Waveform LiDAR Using Differential Optical Path, A
* novel fingerprint matching algorithm using Minutiae Phase Difference Feature, A
* novel method of fingerprint minutiae extraction based on Gabor phase, A
* Novel Sentiment Polarity Detection Framework for Chinese, A
* Novel Spatio-Temporal Synchronization Method of Roadside Asynchronous MMW Radar-Camera for Sensor Fusion, A
* Novel Visual and Statistical Image Features for Microblogs News Verification
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Super-Resolution (×4): Methods and Results
* Observation-Centric SORT: Rethinking SORT for Robust Multi-Object Tracking
* On Training Traffic Predictors via Broad Learning Structures: A Benchmark Study
* Once-for-All Budgeted Pruning Framework for ConvNets Considering Input Resolution, An
* Orthogonal sparse fractal coding algorithm based on image texture feature
* OSLNet: Deep Small-Sample Classification With an Orthogonal Softmax Layer
* PAD Model Based Facial Expression Analysis
* Painterly Image Harmonization via Adversarial Residual Learning
* Pairwise Body-Part Attention for Recognizing Human-Object Interactions
* Partially Shared Multi-task Convolutional Neural Network with Local Constraint for Face Attribute Learning
* Pedestrian Detection Inspired by Appearance Constancy and Shape Symmetry
* Perimeter Control of Multiregion Urban Traffic Networks With Time-Varying Delays
* Perpetual Humanoid Control for Real-time Simulated Avatars
* Polarimetry for Bionic Geolocation and Navigation Applications: A Review
* Precise Sensor Orientation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery With the Strip Constraint
* Prediction of Winter Wheat Yield Based on Multi-Source Data and Machine Learning in China
* Prior knowledge guided text to image generation
* Progressive Domain Expansion Network for Single Domain Generalization
* Progressive Open Space Expansion for Open-Set Model Attribution
* PSGAN: Pose and Expression Robust Spatial-Aware GAN for Customizable Makeup Transfer
* PSTR: End-to-End One-Step Person Search With Transformers
* P^2 Net: Augmented Parallel-Pyramid Net for Attention Guided Pose Estimation
* r-FACE: Reference guided face component editing
* Re-GAN: Data-Efficient GANs Training via Architectural Reconfiguration
* Real-Time Prediction of Seasonal Heteroscedasticity in Vehicular Traffic Flow Series
* Real-Time Stereo 3D Car Detection With Shape-Aware Non-Uniform Sampling
* Real-time vehicle back-up warning system with a single camera
* Recognition of Handwritten Numerals with Multiple Feature and Multistage Classifier
* Recursive optimization of spherical watermarking using transportation theory
* Relative Trajectory Estimation During Chang'e-2 Probe's Flyby of Asteroid Toutatis Using Dynamics, Optical, and Radio Constraints
* ReMarNet: Conjoint Relation and Margin Learning for Small-Sample Image Classification
* ReMix: Towards Image-to-Image Translation with Limited Data
* Response-Type Road Anomaly Detection and Evaluation Method for Steady Driving of Automated Vehicles, A
* Rethinking Low-Light Enhancement via Transformer-GAN
* S2CANet: A self-supervised infrared and visible image fusion based on co-attention network
* SAFL-Net: Semantic-Agnostic Feature Learning Network with Auxiliary Plugins for Image Manipulation Detection
* Saliency detection using two-stage scoring
* Satellite Pose Estimation with Deep Landmark Regression and Nonlinear Pose Refinement
* ScoreMix: A Scalable Augmentation Strategy for Training GANs With Limited Data
* Screen Content Video Quality Assessment Model Using Hybrid Spatiotemporal Features
* secure watermarking technique without loss of robustness, A
* Self-Training With Progressive Augmentation for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* Semantic-Aware Noise Driven Portrait Synthesis and Manipulation
* Semantic-aware self-supervised depth estimation for stereo 3D detection
* Sharp feature extraction in point clouds
* Sharp Features Extraction from Point Clouds
* Ship License Plate Super-Resolution in the Wild
* Short-term traffic flow prediction using fuzzy information granulation approach under different time intervals
* Single Haze Image Restoration Under Non-Uniform Dense Scattering Media
* Sipmask: Spatial Information Preservation for Fast Image and Video Instance Segmentation
* SipMaskv2: Enhanced Fast Image and Video Instance Segmentation
* SLPR: A Deep Learning Based Chinese Ship License Plate Recognition Framework
* Spectrum Reconstruction Method for Airborne Temporally-Spatially Modulated Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometers
* Statistical and neural classification of handwritten numerals: a comparative study
* Study on the performance of three-dimensional ghost image affected by target
* Synchronization of Neural Networks via Periodic Self-Triggered Impulsive Control and Its Application in Image Encryption
* Texture-based Fast Cu Size Decision and Intra Mode Decision Algorithm for Vvc
* TJU-DHD: A Diverse High-Resolution Dataset for Object Detection
* Total Variation With Joint Norms For Infrared and Visible Image Fusion, A
* Toward Generalizable Multispectral Pedestrian Detection
* Towards High Fidelity Face Frontalization in the Wild
* Towards Stable Human Pose Estimation via Cross-View Fusion and Foot Stabilization
* Tracking Beyond Detection: Learning a Global Response Map for End-to-End Multi-Object Tracking
* Tracking Web Video Topics: Discovery, Visualization, and Monitoring
* TrafficGAN: Network-Scale Deep Traffic Prediction With Generative Adversarial Nets
* Triply Supervised Decoder Networks for Joint Detection and Segmentation
* TSAR-MVS: Textureless-aware segmentation and correlative refinement guided multi-view stereo
* Uncertainty-guided self-ensembling model for semi-supervised segmentation of multiclass retinal fluid in optical coherence tomography images
* Variational method for joint optical flow estimation and edge-aware image restoration
* Vehicle License Plate Location Algorithm Based on Gray Level Variation and Color Features
* Video Instance Segmentation via Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Split Attention Transformer
* VideoMap: an interactive video retrieval system of MCG-ICT-CAS
* Virtual Spring Strategy for Cooperative Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles at Signal-Free Intersections, A
* Web Video Geolocation by Geotagged Social Resources
* Web-Based Traffic Sentiment Analysis: Methods and Applications
Includes: Cao, J.[Jihan] Cao, J.[Jing] Cao, J.[Jianyin] Cao, J.[Jie] Cao, J.[Jian] Cao, J.[Juan] Cao, J.[Junwu] Cao, J.[Jinde] Cao, J.[Jinkun] Cao, J.[Junkai] Cao, J.[Jize] Cao, J.[Jin] Cao, J. Cao, J.[Junyan] Cao, J.[Jiale] Cao, J.[Jun] Cao, J.[Jiahui] Cao, J.[Jiuwen] Cao, J.[Junyi] Cao, J.[Jiezhang] Cao, J.[Jianyong] Cao, J.[Jinyan] Cao, J.[Jiannong] Cao, J.[Jialu] Cao, J.[Ji] Cao, J.[Jinbo] Cao, J.[Jia] Cao, J.[Juming] Cao, J.[Jiakai]
194 for Cao, J.

Cao, J.B.[Jin Bin] Co Author Listing * Are the Significant Ionospheric Anomalies Associated with the 2007 Great Deep-Focus Undersea Jakarta-Java Earthquake?
* Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework Strategized by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Multi-Vessel Full Communication Connection
Includes: Cao, J.B.[Jin Bin] Cao, J.B.[Jin-Bin] Cao, J.B.[Jia-Bao]

Cao, J.C.[Jing Chao] Co Author Listing * Content-oriented image quality assessment with multi-label SVM classifier
* Improvement and Impacts of Forest Canopy Parameters on Noah-MP Land Surface Model from UAV-Based Photogrammetry
* Pseudo-Mono for Monocular 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
* Truncated attention-aware proposal networks with multi-scale dilation for temporal action detection
* UAV-LiDAR Measurement of Vegetation Canopy Structure Parameters and Their Impact on Land-Air Exchange Simulation Based on Noah-MP Model
* UIQI: A Comprehensive Quality Evaluation Index for Underwater Images
Includes: Cao, J.C.[Jing Chao] Cao, J.C.[Jing-Chao] Cao, J.C.[Jia-Chen] Cao, J.C.[Jie-Cheng]

Cao, J.D.[Jin Dong] Co Author Listing * Exploring low-resource medical image classification with weakly supervised prompt learning
* FuseGAN: Learning to Fuse Multi-Focus Image via Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Wavelet-Based Frequency-Dividing Interactive CNN for Image Classification
Includes: Cao, J.D.[Jin Dong] Cao, J.D.[Jin-Dong] Cao, J.D.[Jin-De] Cao, J.D.[Ji-Dong]

Cao, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Demonstration of First Cross-Support Interferometry Tracking in China Mars Mission
* Assessment of the Accessibility of Multiple Public Service Facilities and Its Correlation with Housing Prices Using an Improved 2SFCA Method: A Case Study of Jinan City, China, An
* Boundary-induced and scene-aggregated network for monocular depth prediction
* City buses' future velocity prediction for multiple driving cycle: A meta supervised learning solution
* DLTTA: Dynamic Learning Rate for Test-Time Adaptation on Cross-Domain Medical Images
* First Observations of Mars Atmosphere and Ionosphere with Tianwen-1 Radio-Occultation Technique on 5 August 2021
* generative adversarial network model fused with a self-attention mechanism for the super-resolution reconstruction of ancient murals, A
* Impact of Attitude Model, Phase Wind-Up and Phase Center Variation on Precise Orbit and Clock Offset Determination of GRACE-FO and CentiSpace-1
* Improved wavelet prediction superresolution reconstruction based on U-Net
* integrated two-dimensional merging trajectory optimization model for automated vehicles considering mixed traffic flow, An
* Learning to Weight Samples for Dynamic Early-Exiting Networks
* Multidimensional particle swarm optimization-based unsupervised planar segmentation algorithm of unorganized point clouds
* Research on the Impact of BDS-2/3 Receiver ISB on LEO Satellite POD
* Retrieving Doppler Frequency via Local Correlation Method of Segmented Modeling
* ultrasonic imaging guided medical robot system for microwave ablation therapy, An
Includes: Cao, J.F.[Jian Feng] Cao, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Cao, J.F.[Jian-Fei] Cao, J.F.[Jun-Feng] Cao, J.F.[Jian-Fang] Cao, J.F.[Jian-Fu] Cao, J.F.[Jun-Fang]
15 for Cao, J.F.

Cao, J.G. Co Author Listing * Image-adaptive Watermark Based on a Redundant Wavelet Transform, An
* Survey on Multimodal Large Language Models for Autonomous Driving, A
Includes: Cao, J.G. Cao, J.G.[Jian-Guo]

Cao, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * Active Navigation System for a Rubber-Tapping Robot Based on Trunk Detection
* Analysis of Landsat-8 OLI Imagery for Estimating Exposed Bedrock Fractions in Typical Karst Regions of Southwest China Using a Karst Bare-Rock Index
* Anomaly Detection for In-Vehicle Network Using Self-Supervised Learning With Vehicle-Cloud Collaboration Update
* Coupling cell detection and tracking by temporal feedback
* Identifying Establishment Year and Pre-Conversion Land Cover of Rubber Plantations on Hainan Island, China Using Landsat Data during 1987-2015
* IRA-FSOD: Instant-Response and Accurate Few-Shot Object Detector
* Masked Spiking Transformer
* Product quality on-line inspecting for the pressed protuberant character on a metal tag
* Real-Time Method for Railway Track Detection and 3D Fitting Based on Camera and LiDAR Fusion Sensing, A
* Spiking Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models
* Time Series of Landsat Imagery Shows Vegetation Recovery in Two Fragile Karst Watersheds in Southwest China from 1988 to 2016
Includes: Cao, J.H.[Jian Hua] Cao, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Cao, J.H.[Jin-Hui] Cao, J.H.[Jia-Hui] Cao, J.H.[Jun-Hao] Cao, J.H.[Jia-Hang] Cao, J.H.[Jian-Hai] Cao, J.H.[Jing-Hao]
11 for Cao, J.H.

Cao, J.J.[Jun Jie] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Partial Differential Equation Learning for Visual Saliency Detection
* Consistent Sparse Representation for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Cooperative Sensing and Heterogeneous Information Fusion in VCPS: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Cross-architecture Knowledge Distillation
* ECDS: An effective shape signature using electrical charge distribution on the shape
* Effect of DEM Interpolation Neighbourhood on Terrain Factors
* Endmember Initialization Scheme for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Its Application in Hyperspectral Unmixing, An
* Facial Expression Recognition In-the-wild with Deep Pre-trained Models
* generalized nonlocal mean framework with object-level cues for saliency detection, A
* Harmonic mean normalized Laplace-Beltrami spectral descriptor
* HEp-2 cell pattern classification with discriminative dictionary learning
* Identification of Active Gully Erosion Sites in the Loess Plateau of China Using MF-DFA
* Identifying Mangrove Species Using Field Close-Range Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging and Machine-Learning Techniques
* Improving the Forecasting of Winter Wheat Yields in Northern China with Machine Learning-Dynamical Hybrid Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Ensemble Prediction
* Integrated Duranton and Overman Index and Local Duranton and Overman Index Framework for Industrial Spatial Agglomeration Pattern Analysis, An
* Integration of GF2 Optical, GF3 SAR, and UAV Data for Estimating Aboveground Biomass of China's Largest Artificially Planted Mangroves
* Knowledge Distillation via Instance Relationship Graph
* Learning to Explore Distillability and Sparsability: A Joint Framework for Model Compression
* Low-rank image completion with entropy features
* Mesh saliency detection via double absorbing Markov chain in feature space
* Multi-Year Analyses of Columnar Aerosol Optical and Microphysical Properties in Xi'an, a Megacity in Northwestern China
* noise-detection based AdaBoost algorithm for mislabeled data, A
* OBIA-Based Extraction of Artificial Terrace Damages in the Loess Plateau of China from UAV Photogrammetry
* Object level image saliency by hierarchical segmentation
* Object-Based Mangrove Species Classification Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Images and Digital Surface Models
* Online Low-Rank Representation Learning for Joint Multi-Subspace Recovery and Clustering
* Real-time simulation of satellite attitude control based on low cost embedded system
* Sensitivity of Myocardial Stiffness Estimates to Inter-observer Variability in LV Geometric Modelling
* SMPR: Single-stage multi-person pose regression
* Spatial-Temporal Variation in Paddy Evapotranspiration in Subtropical Climate Regions Based on the SEBAL Model: A Case Study of the Ganfu Plain Irrigation System, Southern China
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Soil Moisture Variation in the Jiangsu Water Supply Area of the South-to-North Water Diversion Using ESA CCI Data
* Structure-Preserving Texture Smoothing via Adaptive Patches
* Topographic Spatial Variation Analysis of Loess Shoulder Lines in the Loess Plateau of China Based on MF-DFA
* Versatile surface detail editing via Laplacian coordinates
Includes: Cao, J.J.[Jun Jie] Cao, J.J.[Jun-Jie] Cao, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Cao, J.J.[Jia-Jiong] Cao, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Cao, J.J.[Jun-Jun] Cao, J.J.[Jun-Ji] Cao, J.J.[Jia-Jia] Cao, J.J.[Jie Jane]
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Cao, J.L.[Ju Liang] Co Author Listing * Airborne Gravity Data Denoising Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition: A Case Study for SGA-WZ Greenland Test Data
* Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking System Based on Spatial-Temporal Filtering
* Progressive Data Mining and Adaptive Weighted Multi-Model Ensemble for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Real-Time Neural Light Field on Mobile Devices
* Taking a Look at Small-Scale Pedestrians and Occluded Pedestrians
* Track to Detect and Segment: An Online Multi-Object Tracker
Includes: Cao, J.L.[Ju Liang] Cao, J.L.[Ju-Liang] Cao, J.L.[Jun-Liang] Cao, J.L.[Jun-Li] Cao, J.L.[Jia-Le]

Cao, J.M.[Jin Meng] Co Author Listing * Counting Challenging Crowds Robustly Using a Multi-Column Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network
* Crowd Counting from a Still Image Using Multi-scale Fully Convolutional Network with Adaptive Human-Shaped Kernel
* DO-Conv: Depthwise Over-Parameterized Convolutional Layer
* How to Simulate Carbon Sequestration Potential of Forest Vegetation? A Forest Carbon Sequestration Model across a Typical Mountain City in China
* On Road Vehicle Detection Using an Improved Faster RCNN Framework with Small-Size Region Up-Scaling Strategy
* ShapeConv: Shape-aware Convolutional Layer for Indoor RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Cao, J.M.[Jin Meng] Cao, J.M.[Jin-Meng] Cao, J.M.[Jin-Ming] Cao, J.M.[Jia-Meng]

Cao, J.N.[Jian Nong] Co Author Listing * Efficient Data Scheduling Scheme for P2P Storage-Constrained IPTV System, An
* Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): Challenges, Solutions, and Future Directions
* Multi-Constraint Adversarial Networks for Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Spatial-Spectral Feature Fusion Coupled with Multi-Scale Segmentation Voting Decision for Detecting Land Cover Change with VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Transfer for Urban Crowd Flow Prediction via Deep Attentive Adaptation Networks
Includes: Cao, J.N.[Jian Nong] Cao, J.N.[Jian-Nong]

Cao, J.P.[Jian Ping] Co Author Listing * Growing Spatially Embedded Social Networks for Activity-Travel Analysis Based on Artificial Transportation Systems
* Modeling China's Prefecture-Level Economy Using VIIRS Imagery and Spatial Methods
* novel face recognition method based on fusion of LBP and HOG, A
Includes: Cao, J.P.[Jian Ping] Cao, J.P.[Jian-Ping] Cao, J.P.[Ji-Ping] Cao, J.P.[Jin-Pei]

Cao, J.Q.[Ji Qiu] Co Author Listing * Establishment of Plot-Yield Prediction Models in Soybean Breeding Programs Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Cao, J.Q.[Ji Qiu] Cao, J.Q.[Ji-Qiu]

Cao, J.R.[Jian Rong] Co Author Listing * robust shot transition detection method based on support vector machine in compressed domain, A
Includes: Cao, J.R.[Jian Rong] Cao, J.R.[Jian-Rong]

Cao, J.S.[Jin Shan] Co Author Listing * Expandable On-Board Real-Time Edge Computing Architecture for Luojia3 Intelligent Remote Sensing Satellite
* Field Investigation on Gully Erosion and Implications for Changes in Sediment Delivery Processes in Some Tributaries of the Upper Yellow River in China, A
* GCL-YOLO: A GhostConv-Based Lightweight YOLO Network for UAV Small Object Detection
* Geometric Calibration Of Ziyuan-3 Three-line Cameras Combining Ground Control Points And Lines
* Identifying the Driving Impact Factors on Water Yield Service in Mountainous Areas of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in China
* Internal Geometric Quality Improvement of Optical Remote Sensing Satellite Images with Image Reorientation
* MKANet: An Efficient Network with Sobel Boundary Loss for Land-Cover Classification of Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery
* Nonlinear bias compensation of ZiYuan-3 satellite imagery with cubic splines
* Tri-Stereo Model Orientation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Combining Ground Control Points and Lines
Includes: Cao, J.S.[Jin Shan] Cao, J.S.[Jin-Shan] Cao, J.S.[Jian-Sheng]
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Cao, J.T.[Jian Ting] Co Author Listing * Brain-Machine Coupled Learning Method for Facial Emotion Recognition
* High-order tensor completion via gradient-based optimization under tensor train format
* Interval Fuzzy Controller for Vehicle Active Suspension Systems, An
Includes: Cao, J.T.[Jian Ting] Cao, J.T.[Jian-Ting] Cao, J.T.[Jiang-Tao]

Cao, J.W.[Jiong Wei] Co Author Listing * Application of Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer in Retrieving Meteorological Characteristics of Tibet Plateau
* DDistill-SR: Reparameterized Dynamic Distillation Network for Lightweight Image Super-Resolution
* Exploiting Deep Cross-Slice Features from CT Images for Multi-Class Pneumonia Classification
* Fuzzy SLIC: Fuzzy Simple Linear Iterative Clustering
* Hierarchical Latent Concept Discovery for Video Event Detection
* Leveraging Weak Semantic Relevance for Complex Video Event Classification
* Neighbourhood Watch: Referring Expression Comprehension via Language-Guided Graph Attention Networks
* Part-Guided Attention Learning for Vehicle Instance Retrieval
* Robust High-Order Manifold Constrained Low Rank Representation for Subspace Clustering
* Robust Object Tracking Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles in Complex Scenes
* Scalable Video Event Retrieval by Visual State Binary Embedding
* Transformer-Based End-to-End Automatic Speech Recognition Algorithm, A
Includes: Cao, J.W.[Jiong Wei] Cao, J.W.[Jiong-Wei] Cao, J.W.[Jiu-Wen] Cao, J.W.[Jia-Wang] Cao, J.W.[Jie-Wei] Cao, J.W.[Jing-Wei]
12 for Cao, J.W.

Cao, J.X.[Jiu Xin] Co Author Listing * AlignVE: Visual Entailment Recognition Based on Alignment Relations
* Beam-Space Post-Doppler Reduced-Dimension STAP Based on Sparse Bayesian Learning
* BR-GAN: A Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Model Combined With Behavior Recognition
* Comprehensive Survey and Taxonomy on Single Image Dehazing Based on Deep Learning, A
* Detecting and Analyzing the Displacement of a Small-Magnitude Earthquake Cluster in Rong County, China by the GACOS Based InSAR Technology
* Joint Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis Based on Cross-Modality Attention Mechanism
* MRI reconstruction using a joint constraint in patch-based total variational framework
* Q-Factor Estimation by Compensation of Amplitude Spectra in Synchrosqueezed Wavelet Domain
* Scene-Aware Label Graph Learning for Multi-Label Image Classification
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Ecological Condition in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Remotely Sensed Ecological Index
* Surface Solar Radiation Resource Evaluation of Xizang Region Based on Station Observation and High-Resolution Satellite Dataset
Includes: Cao, J.X.[Jiu Xin] Cao, J.X.[Jiu-Xin] Cao, J.X.[Jun-Xiang] Cao, J.X.[Jin Xin] Cao, J.X.[Jun-Xing] Cao, J.X.[Jian-Xin] Cao, J.X. Cao, J.X.[Jia-Xi] Cao, J.X.[Jin-Xin]
11 for Cao, J.X.

Cao, J.Y.[Jing Yi] Co Author Listing * Broad Area Target Search System for Ship Detection via Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Divide and Conquer: a Two-Step Method for High Quality Face De-identification with Model Explainability
* Flood Detection in Dual-Polarization SAR Images Based on Multi-Scale Deeplab Model
* IdentityMask: Deep Motion Flow Guided Reversible Face Video De-Identification
* Improved On-Orbit MTF Measurement Method Based on Point Source Arrays
* Personalized and Invertible Face De-identification by Disentangled Identity Information Manipulation
* Prior Knowledge-Aware Fusion Network for Prediction of Macrovascular Invasion in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
* Survey of Change Detection Methods Based on Remote Sensing Images for Multi-Source and Multi-Objective Scenarios, A
Includes: Cao, J.Y.[Jing Yi] Cao, J.Y.[Jing-Yi] Cao, J.Y.[Jia-Yi] Cao, J.Y.[Jia-Yang] Cao, J.Y.[Jian-Yun]
8 for Cao, J.Y.

Cao, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive feedback connection with a single-level feature for object detection
* Adaptive graph regularization method based on least square regression for clustering
* CiaoSR: Continuous Implicit Attention-in-Attention Network for Arbitrary-Scale Image Super-Resolution
* Closed-Loop Matters: Dual Regression Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Comparison Of Urban Human Movements Inferring From Multi-source Spatial-temporal Data
* Cross-scale feature fusion connection for a YOLO detector
* Denoising Diffusion Models for Plug-and-Play Image Restoration
* End-to-end learning interpolation for object tracking in low frame-rate video
* Generative Low-Bitwidth Data Free Quantization
* Hierarchical Semantic-Guided Contextual Structure-Aware Network for Spectral Satellite Image Dehazing
* Highly accurate 3D reconstruction based on a precise and robust binocular camera calibration method
* HiIndex: An Efficient Spatial Index for Rapid Visualization of Large-Scale Geographic Vector Data
* Improving Generative Adversarial Networks With Local Coordinate Coding
* Integrating Aerial and Street View Images for Urban Land Use Classification
* Local difference-based active contour model for medical image segmentation and bias correction
* Local information-based fast approximate spectral clustering
* MAP-MRF inference based on extended junction tree representation
* MHSAN: Multi-view hierarchical self-attention network for 3D shape recognition
* MIMN-DPP: Maximum-information and minimum-noise determinantal point processes for unsupervised hyperspectral band selection
* Non-linear calibration optimisation based on the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
* Non-rigid point set registration by high-dimensional representation
* novel online fingerprint segmentation method based on frame-difference, A
* Portraying Urban Functional Zones by Coupling Remote Sensing Imagery and Human Sensing Data
* Real-time long-term tracker with tracking-verification-detection-refinement
* Reference-Based Image Super-Resolution with Deformable Attention Transformer
* Rotation-aware correlation filters for robust visual tracking
* SwinIR: Image Restoration Using Swin Transformer
* Temporal Constraint Background-Aware Correlation Filter With Saliency Map
* Towards Interpretable Video Super-Resolution via Alternating Optimization
* Visual Tracking Via Temporally-Regularized Context-Aware Correlation Filters
* VRT: A Video Restoration Transformer
* WPE: Weighted prototype estimation for few-shot learning
Includes: Cao, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Cao, J.Z.[Jian-Zhong] Cao, J.Z.[Jiang-Zhong] Cao, J.Z.[Jie-Zhang] Cao, J.Z.[Jin-Zhou] Cao, J.Z.[Jing-Zhi]
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Cao, K.[Ke] Co Author Listing * 360BEV: Panoramic Semantic Mapping for Indoor Bird's-Eye View
* 3D Fingerprint Phantoms
* 3D Graph Anatomy Geometry-Integrated Network for Pancreatic Mass Segmentation, Diagnosis, and Quantitative Patient Management
* Adaptive fusion of biometric and biographic information for identity de-duplication
* Automated Latent Fingerprint Recognition
* Biomass Estimation of Milk Vetch Using UAV Hyperspectral Imagery and Machine Learning
* Delving Deep Into Hybrid Annotations for 3D Human Recovery in the Wild
* Disaster Image Classification by Fusing Multimodal Social Media Data
* Dynamic analysis of fluid-structure interaction for the biped robot running on water
* Estimation of Fingerprint Orientation Field by Weighted 2D Fourier Expansion Model
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Extracting building patterns with multilevel graph partition and building grouping
* Few-Shot Video Classification via Temporal Alignment
* Fingerprint classification by a hierarchical classifier
* Fingerprint Matching Based on Neighboring Information and Penalized Logistic Regression
* Fusion-competition framework of local topology and global texture for head pose estimation
* Generalization of the Dark Channel Prior for Single Image Restoration
* Generalized minimum error entropy for robust learning
* Global Cyclone and Anticyclone Detection Model Based on Remotely Sensed Wind Field and Deep Learning
* HCTO: Optimality-aware LiDAR inertial odometry with hybrid continuous time optimization for compact wearable mapping system
* Improved Res-UNet Model for Tree Species Classification Using Airborne High-Resolution Images, An
* Improving efficiency of fingerprint matching by minutiae indexing
* Infant-ID: Fingerprints for Global Good
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Fengyun-3D Medium Resolution Spectral Imager II (FY-3D MERSI-II) Data with the Improved Two-Factor Split-Window Algorithm
* Latent Fingerprint Matching: Performance Gain via Feedback from Exemplar Prints
* Learning a Fixed-Length Fingerprint Representation
* Learning Temporal Action Proposals With Fewer Labels
* Minutia handedness: A novel global feature for minutiae-based fingerprint matching
* Monitoring the Distribution and Variations of City Size Based on Night-Time Light Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Yangtze River Delta of China
* Motion-Compensated Mega-Voltage Cone Beam CT Using the Deformation Derived Directly From 2D Projection Images
* Multi-directional broad learning system for the unsupervised stereo matching method
* novel ant colony optimization algorithm for large-distorted fingerprint matching, A
* Novel Fingerprint Template Protection Scheme Based on Distance Projection Coding, A
* novel matching algorithm for distorted fingerprints based on penalized quadratic model, A
* On the Reconstruction of Face Images from Deep Face Templates
* Open Scene Understanding: Grounded Situation Recognition Meets Segment Anything for Helping People with Visual Impairments
* Phase-Rotated Spectral Correlation Detection for Spectrum Sensing at Low SNR Regimes
* Pluralistic Face Inpainting With Transformation of Attribute Information
* Pose-Robust Face Recognition via Deep Residual Equivariant Mapping
* PyPose: A Library for Robot Learning with Physics-based Optimization
* RaspiReader: Open Source Fingerprint Reader
* Research on the Etalon Effect in Dispersive Hyperspectral VNIR Imagers Using Back-Illuminated CCDs
* score-level fusion method with prior knowledge for fingerprint matching, A
* Security-Enhanced Fuzzy Fingerprint Vault Based on Minutiae's Local Ridge Information
* Segmentation and Enhancement of Latent Fingerprints: A Coarse to Fine Ridge Structure Dictionary
* Similar Formation Control via Range and Odometry Measurements
* Spatial Multi-Objective Land Use Optimization toward Livability Based on Boundary-Based Genetic Algorithm: A Case Study in Singapore
* Spatio-Temporal Visual Analysis for Urban Traffic Characters Based on Video Surveillance Camera Data
* Structure-Aware Graph Convolution Network for Point Cloud Parsing
* Surface Defect Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network, A
* trend pattern assessment approach to microarray gene expression profiling data analysis, A
* Underwater Image Restoration using Deep Networks to Estimate Background Light and Scene Depth
* Unifying Vascular Information in Intensity-Based Nonrigid Lung CT Registration
* Using a Convolutional Neural Network and Mid-Infrared Spectral Images to Predict the Carbon Dioxide Content of Ship Exhaust
Includes: Cao, K.[Ke] Cao, K.[Kai] Cao, K. Cao, K.[Kaibin] Cao, K.[Kui] Cao, K.[Kun] Cao, K.[Kaili] Cao, K.[Kunlin] Cao, K.[Keyan] Cao, K.[Kailang] Cao, K.[Kajia]
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Cao, K.C.[Kai Cheng] Co Author Listing * Microwave Coincidence Imaging Based on Attributed Scattering Model
Includes: Cao, K.C.[Kai Cheng] Cao, K.C.[Kai-Cheng]

Cao, K.D.[Kai Di] Co Author Listing * TransGaGa: Geometry-Aware Unsupervised Image-To-Image Translation
Includes: Cao, K.D.[Kai Di] Cao, K.D.[Kai-Di]

Cao, K.L.[Kun Ling] Co Author Listing * DDNet: 3D densely connected convolutional networks with feature pyramids for nasopharyngeal carcinoma segmentation
* HE2LM-AD: Hierarchical and efficient attitude determination framework with adaptive error compensation module based on ELM network
* Mixed Feature Prediction on Boundary Learning for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Temporal Self-Ensembling Teacher for Semi-Supervised Object Detection
Includes: Cao, K.L.[Kun Ling] Cao, K.L.[Kun-Ling] Cao, K.L.[Kai-Lang] Cao, K.L.[Kun-Lin]

Cao, K.P.[Kun Peng] Co Author Listing * EmergEventMine: End-to-End Chinese Emergency Event Extraction Using a Deep Adversarial Network
Includes: Cao, K.P.[Kun Peng] Cao, K.P.[Kun-Peng]

Cao, K.Y.[Kai Yang] Co Author Listing * First Challenge on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Satellite Videos: Methods and Results, The
* Smaller Target Detection Algorithms Based on YOLOv5 in Safety Helmet Wearing Detection
Includes: Cao, K.Y.[Kai Yang] Cao, K.Y.[Kai-Yang]

Cao, L.[Lin] Co Author Listing * 3D Forest Mapping Using A Low-Cost UAV Laser Scanning System: Investigation and Comparison
* Aboveground Biomass Estimation of Individual Trees in a Coastal Planted Forest Using Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* advanced bidirectional reflectance factor (BRF) spectral approach for estimating flavonoid content in leaves of Ginkgo plantations, An
* Advanced Framework for Multi-Scale Forest Structural Parameter Estimations Based on UAS-LiDAR and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery in Forest Plantations of Northern China, An
* Advanced Terrain Vegetation Signal Detection Approach for Forest Structural Parameters Estimation Using ICESat-2 Data, An
* Assessing the 3-D Structure of Bamboo Forests Using an Advanced Pseudo-Vertical Waveform Approach Based on Airborne Full-Waveform LiDAR Data
* Assessment of Individual Tree Detection and Canopy Cover Estimation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based Light Detection and Ranging (UAV-LiDAR) Data in Planted Forests
* Assimilation of Jason-2 Significant Wave Height Data in the North Indian Ocean Using the Ensemble Optimal Interpolation, The
* Attention Based Speaker-independent Audio-visual Deep Learning Model for Speech Enhancement, An
* Automated Hierarchical Approach for Three-Dimensional Segmentation of Single Trees Using UAV LiDAR Data, An
* Bridged Transformer for Vision and Point Cloud 3D Object Detection
* Building and Using Personal Knowledge Graph to Improve Suicidal Ideation Detection on Social Media
* Combining Tracking and Remote Sensing to Identify Critical Year-Round Site, Habitat Use and Migratory Connectivity of a Threatened Waterbird Species
* Complex singular value decomposition based stereoscopic image quality assessment
* Content-based multiple bitstream image transmission over noisy channels
* Context-Associative Hierarchical Memory Model for Human Activity Recognition and Prediction
* Correlation Analysis of Subsidence Monitoring By D-insar And The Change of Urban Construction Land, The
* Coupling a Physical Replica with a Digital Twin: A Comparison of Participatory Decision-Making Methods in an Urban Park Environment
* Cross-Comparison of Radiation Response Characteristics between the FY-4B/AGRI and GK-2A/AMI in China
* Cross-layer optimization for 3-D video transmission over cooperative relay systems
* Cross-Modality Microblog Sentiment Prediction via Bi-Layer Multimodal Hypergraph Learning
* DAISY descriptor based multi-view stereo method for large-scale scenes, A
* Decoding Spontaneous Informal Spaces in Old Residential Communities: A Drone and Space Syntax Perspective
* Deep Multidilation Temporal and Spatial Dependence Modeling in Stereoscopic 3-D EEG for Visual Discomfort Assessment
* Diffusion Height and Order of Sulfur Dioxide and Bromine Monoxide Plumes from the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Volcanic Eruption
* Dispelling the Gorilla Arm Syndrome: The Viability of Prolonged Gesture Interactions
* Distributed STBC With Soft Information Relay Based on Gaussian Approximation
* efficient feature pyramid attention network for person re-identification, An
* Equalized Global Graph Model-Based Approach for Multicamera Object Tracking, An
* Estimating Canopy Structure and Biomass in Bamboo Forests Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Estimating forest structural attributes using UAV-LiDAR data in Ginkgo plantations
* Estimating Forest Structural Parameters Using Canopy Metrics Derived from Airborne LiDAR Data in Subtropical Forests
* Estimating the Horizontal and Vertical Distributions of Pigments in Canopies of Ginkgo Plantation Based on UAV-Borne LiDAR, Hyperspectral Data by Coupling PROSAIL Model
* Estimating Tree Volume Distributions in Subtropical Forests Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Estimation of Forest Structural Attributes Using Spectral Indices and Point Clouds from UAS-Based Multispectral and RGB Imageries
* Estimation of the Living Vegetation Volume (LVV) for Individual Urban Street Trees Based on Vehicle-Mounted LiDAR Data
* Evaluation of Habitat Suitability for Asian Elephants in Sipsongpanna under Climate Change by Coupling Multi-Source Remote Sensing Products with MaxEnt Model
* Extraction of Forest Structural Parameters by the Comparison of Structure from Motion (SfM) and Backpack Laser Scanning (BLS) Point Clouds
* Extraction of Leaf Biophysical Attributes Based on a Computer Graphic-based Algorithm Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Extrapolation Assessment for Forest Structural Parameters in Planted Forests of Southern China by UAV-LiDAR Samples and Multispectral Satellite Imagery
* Formalization and Verification of Group Behavior Interactions
* FRNet: DCNN for Real-Time Distracted Driving Detection Toward Embedded Deployment
* Full Convolution Neural Network Combined with Contextual Feature Representation for Cropland Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Gaze-Aided Eye Detection via Appearance Learning
* GIHS-based spectral preservation fusion method for remote sensing images using edge restored spectral modulation, A
* Global Structure and Adaptive Weight Aware ICP Algorithm for Image Registration, A
* Hierarchical Filtered Motion for Action Recognition in Crowded Videos
* High-Resolution Mining-Induced Geo-Hazard Mapping Using Random Forest: A Case Study of Liaojiaping Orefield, Central China
* Image Segmentation by MAP-ML Estimations
* Image Transmission Over Noisy Channels: TCQ-Based Coding Schemes
* Image-Based Appraisal of Real Estate Properties
* Increasing Atmospheric Aridity Moderates the Accelerated Rate of Vegetation Green-Up Induced by Rising CO2 and Warming
* Integral sliding mode controller for pressure stabilization in hydrodynamic system with hydraulic accumulator
* Integrating Airborne LiDAR and Optical Data to Estimate Forest Aboveground Biomass in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of China
* Joint Denoising and Super-Resolution via Generative Adversarial Training
* Learning Users Inner Thoughts and Emotion Changes for Social Media Based Suicide Risk Detection
* Mapping Coastal Aquaculture Ponds of China Using Sentinel SAR Images in 2020 and Google Earth Engine
* Marker-free coregistration of UAV and backpack LiDAR point clouds in forested areas
* Marker-Less UAV-LiDAR Strip Alignment in Plantation Forests Based on Topological Persistence Analysis of Clustered Canopy Cover
* Max-Confidence Boosting With Uncertainty for Visual Tracking
* Mining Fashion Outfit Composition Using an End-to-End Deep Learning Approach on Set Data
* MLS-GAN: Multi-Level Semantic Guided Image Colorization
* Monitoring of Drought Stress in Chinese Forests Based on Satellite Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Multi-Source Remote Sensing Indices
* Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Spatial Frequency in Discrete Cosine Transform Domain
* Multi-Task Collaborative Network for Joint Referring Expression Comprehension and Segmentation
* Multi-user VR Experience for Creating and Trading Non-fungible Tokens
* Multifaceted Approach to Social Multimedia-Based Prediction of Elections, A
* Multimodal Token Fusion for Vision Transformers
* Noise Correlation Effect on Detection: Signals in Equicorrelated or Autoregressive(1) Gaussian
* Nonlinear Characteristics of NPP Based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition from 1982 to 2015-A Case Study of Six Coastal Provinces in Southeast China
* Novel Approach for Retrieving Tree Leaf Area from Ground-Based LiDAR, A
* Novel Hybrid Attention-Driven Multistream Hierarchical Graph Embedding Network for Remote Sensing Object Detection, A
* Novel Product Coding and Decoding Scheme for Wireless Image Transmission, A
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* On the Unequal Error Protection for Progressive Image Transmission
* OPT-SAR-MS2Net: A Multi-Source Multi-Scale Siamese Network for Land Object Classification Using Remote Sensing Images
* Phenotypic Traits Extraction and Genetic Characteristics Assessment of Eucalyptus Trials Based on UAV-Borne LiDAR and RGB Images
* Potentials and Limits of Vegetation Indices With BRDF Signatures for Soil-Noise Resistance and Estimation of Leaf Area Index
* Prediction of Forest Structural Parameters Using Airborne Full-Waveform LiDAR and Hyperspectral Data in Subtropical Forests
* Radar High-Resolution Range Profile Rejection Based on Deep Multi-Modal Support Vector Data Description
* Real-Time Bimanual Interaction Across Virtual Workspaces
* Real-Time Recurrent Tactile Recognition: Momentum Batch-Sequential Echo State Networks
* Retrieval of Aerodynamic Parameters in Rubber Tree Forests Based on the Computer Simulation Technique and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Road Garbage Segmentation With Deep Supervision and High Fusion Network for Cleaning Vehicles
* Road Network Extraction via Aperiodic Directional Structure Measurement
* Robust Image Transmission Based on Wavelet Tree Coding and EREC
* Robust Joint Source-Channel Coding for Image Transmission Over Wireless Channels
* Robust multiple description image coding over wireless networks based on wavelet tree coding, error resilient entropy coding, and error concealment
* Robust Subspace Clustering by Logarithmic Hyperbolic Cosine Function
* Robust watermarking algorithm for medical images based on accelerated-KAZE discrete cosine transform
* self-adaptive mean shift tree-segmentation method Using UAV LiDAR data, A
* Sketch face recognition based on light semantic Transformer network
* Sparse Coding and Dictionary Learning with Linear Dynamical Systems
* Spatial-based Approach for Groups of Objects, A
* SST Forecast Skills Based on Hybrid Deep Learning Models: With Applications to the South China Sea
* strongest schema learning GA and its application to multilevel thresholding, The
* Study of subjective and objective quality assessment for screen content images
* Superior Clone Selection in a Eucalyptus Trial Using Forest Phenotyping Technology via UAV-Based DAP Point Clouds and Multispectral Images
* Superpixel Segmentation Using Gaussian Mixture Model
* Supervision Adaptation Balancing In-Distribution Generalization and Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Support vector machine with orthogonal Chebyshev kernel
* Toward Optimal Manifold Hashing via Discrete Locally Linear Embedding
* Tree Species Classification in Subtropical Natural Forests Using High-Resolution UAV RGB and SuperView-1 Multispectral Imageries Based on Deep Learning Network Approaches: A Case Study within the Baima Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve, China
* Tree-Species Classification in Subtropical Forests Using Airborne Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Turbo Codes-Based Image Transmission for Channels With Multiple Types of Distortion
* Unstructured road detection via combining the model-based and feature-based methods
* Upscaling Forest Canopy Height Estimation Using Waveform-Calibrated GEDI Spaceborne LiDAR and Sentinel-2 Data
* Using Small-Footprint Discrete and Full-Waveform Airborne LiDAR Metrics to Estimate Total Biomass and Biomass Components in Subtropical Forests
* Variability of Kuroshio Surface Axis Northeast of Taiwan Island Derived from Satellite Altimeter Data
* Video Quality Assessment of Danmaku-Based Video Saliency Regions
* Video2GIF: Automatic Generation of Animated GIFs from Video
* Visual tracking using locality-constrained linear coding under a particle filtering framework
* Weakly Supervised Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images via Multiple Instance Ranking
* Web-Scale Multimedia Information Networks
Includes: Cao, L.[Lin] Cao, L.[Lei] Cao, L.[Li] Cao, L.[Lele] Cao, L. Cao, L.[Longbing] Cao, L.[Le] Cao, L.[Lizhou] Cao, L.[Libo] Cao, L.[Lisai] Cao, L.[Lu] Cao, L.[Luodan] Cao, L.[Liean] Cao, L.[Liu] Cao, L.[Lili] Cao, L.[Lige] Cao, L.[Lijia] Cao, L.[Lina]
114 for Cao, L.

Cao, L.B.[Long Bing] Co Author Listing * bi-modal face recognition framework integrating facial expression with facial appearance, A
* convergence theorem for graph shift-type algorithms, A
* Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection: A Review
* efficient color quantization based on generic roughness measure, An
* F-NSP+: A fast negative sequential patterns mining method with self-adaptive data storage
* Fast Local Histogram Specification
* Learning Multiaspect Traffic Couplings by Multirelational Graph Attention Networks for Traffic Prediction
* Multi-label learning based on iterative label propagation over graph
* Revealing the Distributional Vulnerability of Discriminators by Implicit Generators
* Social Image Analysis From a Non-IID Perspective
* TRASMIL: A local anomaly detection framework based on trajectory segmentation and multi-instance learning
* Unsupervised Heterogeneous Coupling Learning for Categorical Representation
Includes: Cao, L.B.[Long Bing] Cao, L.B.[Long-Bing] Cao, L.B.
12 for Cao, L.B.

Cao, L.C.[Liang Cai] Co Author Listing * Digital holography and 3D imaging: Introduction to the Applied Optics and Journal of the Optical Society of America A joint feature issue 2018
* Digital Holography and 3D Imaging: Introduction to the joint feature issue in Applied Optics and Journal of the Optical Society of America A 2019
* Retinal image enhancement with artifact reduction and structure retention
Includes: Cao, L.C.[Liang Cai] Cao, L.C.[Liang-Cai] Cao, L.C.[Lv-Chen]

Cao, L.D.[Li Dan] Co Author Listing * Improved Listless Zerotree Image Compression Algorithm and Application
Includes: Cao, L.D.[Li Dan] Cao, L.D.[Li-Dan]

Cao, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * Classification of High-Altitude Flying Objects Based on Radiation Characteristics with Attention-Convolutional Neural Network and Gated Recurrent Unit Network
* Cycling Trajectory-Based Navigation Independent of Road Network Data Support
* Infrared Moving Small Target Detection Based on Space-Time Combination in Complex Scenes
* Infrared Small-Target Detection Based on Radiation Characteristics with a Multimodal Feature Fusion Network
* Lightweight Pedestrian Detection Network for UAV Remote Sensing Images Based on Strideless Pooling
* NHNet: A non-local hierarchical network for image denoising
* Robust Algorithm Based on Phase Congruency for Optical and SAR Image Registration in Suburban Areas, A
Includes: Cao, L.H.[Li Hua] Cao, L.H.[Li-Hua] Cao, L.H.[Lian-Hai] Cao, L.H.[Li-Hong]
7 for Cao, L.H.

Cao, L.J.[Liu Juan] Co Author Listing * Active Teacher for Semi-Supervised Object Detection
* Adaptive Combination of Multiple Features for Robust Tracking in Real Scene, An
* API-net: Robust Generative Classifier via a Single Discriminator
* Architecture Disentanglement for Deep Neural Networks
* ARM: Any-Time Super-Resolution Method
* Bilateral Knowledge Interaction Network for Referring Image Segmentation
* Category-aware Allocation Transformer for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* CoTeRe-net: Discovering Collaborative Ternary Relations in Videos
* Cyclic Guidance for Weakly Supervised Joint Detection and Segmentation
* Detection and Identification of Mesoscale Eddies in the South China Sea Based on an Artificial Neural Network Model: YOLOF and Remotely Sensed Data
* DistilPose: Tokenized Pose Regression with Heatmap Distillation
* EC-DARTS: Inducing Equalized and Consistent Optimization into DARTS
* Fast and robust homography estimation method with algebraic outlier rejection
* FishNet: Fish visual recognition with one stage multi-task learning
* High-capacity reversible watermarking scheme of 2D-vector data
* Human behavior recognition based on 3D features and hidden markov models
* Image-to-image Translation via Hierarchical Style Disentanglement
* InterFormer Real-time Interactive Image Segmentation
* ISTR: Mask-Embedding-Based Instance Segmentation Transformer
* Iterative embedding-based reversible watermarking for 2D-vector maps
* Joint Depth and Semantic Inference from a Single Image via Elastic Conditional Random Field
* Joint optimization coding for level and map information in H.264/AVC
* Knowledge Condensation Distillation
* Knowledge-based automatic extraction of multi-structured light stripes
* Knowledge-Driven Generative Adversarial Network for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Large scale crowd analysis based on convolutional neural network
* Modified support vector novelty detector using training data with outliers
* Multi-Branch Distance-Sensitive Self-Attention Network for Image Captioning
* Nonlinear scrambling-based reversible watermarking for 2D-vector maps
* novel solution for multi-camera object tracking, A
* Parallel Detection-and-Segmentation Learning for Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation
* Prioritized Subnet Sampling for Resource-Adaptive Supernet Training
* Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition with Learnable Privacy Budgets in Frequency Domain
* Pseudo-Label Alignment for Semi-Supervised Instance Segmentation
* SDD-FIQA: Unsupervised Face Image Quality Assessment with Similarity Distribution Distance
* SeqTR: A Simple Yet Universal Network for Visual Grounding
* Super Vision Transformer
* Toward Joint Thing-and-Stuff Mining for Weakly Supervised Panoptic Segmentation
* Towards Lightweight Transformer Via Group-Wise Transformation for Vision-and-Language Tasks
* Towards Optimal Structured CNN Pruning via Generative Adversarial Learning
* Vehicle Detection in High-Resolution Aerial Images Based on Fast Sparse Representation Classification and Multiorder Feature
* Vehicle Detection in High-Resolution Aerial Images via Sparse Representation and Superpixels
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Weakly supervised sparse coding with geometric consistency pooling
* Weakly supervised topic grouping of YouTube search results
* Weakly supervised vehicle detection in satellite images via multi-instance discriminative learning
* You Only Segment Once: Towards Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation
Includes: Cao, L.J.[Liu Juan] Cao, L.J.[Liu-Juan] Cao, L.J.[Li-Jun] Cao, L.J.[Liang-Jie] Cao, L.J.[Ling-Juan] Cao, L.J.[Li-Jia] Cao, L.J.[Li-Jie] Cao, L.J.[Li-Juan] Cao, L.J.[Li Juan]
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Cao, L.L.[Liang Liang] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Reconstruction from a Single 2D Line Drawing without Hidden Lines
* Accurate and efficient reconstruction of 3D faces from stereo images
* Action detection in complex scenes with spatial and temporal ambiguities
* Annotating collections of photos using hierarchical event and scene models
* Automated Axon Segmentation from Highly Noisy Microscopic Videos
* Automatic Adaptation of Object Detectors to New Domains Using Self-Training
* Automatic Segmentation of Lung Fields from Radiographic Images of SARS Patients Using a New Graph Cuts Algorithm
* Beyond Mahalanobis distance: Learning second-order discriminant function for people verification
* Cross-dataset action detection
* Degen Generalized Cylinders and Their Properties
* Designing Category-Level Attributes for Discriminative Visual Recognition
* Efficient Maximum Appearance Search for Large-Scale Object Detection
* End-to-End Instance-Level Human Parsing by Segmenting Persons
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Memex Question Answering
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Guest Editorial: Special issue on large scale multimedia semantic indexing
* Heterogeneous feature machines for visual recognition
* Hierarchical Feature Pooling with Structure Learning: A New Method for Pedestrian Detection
* Image Annotation Within the Context of Personal Photo Collections Using Hierarchical Event and Scene Models
* Iterative MAP and ML Estimations for Image Segmentation
* Label-efficient Learning on Point Clouds Using Approximate Convex Decompositions
* Large-Scale Geosocial Multimedia
* Large-scale image classification: Fast feature extraction and SVM training
* Large-scale video event classification using dynamic temporal pyramid matching of visual semantics
* Learning from Noisy Labels with Distillation
* Learning Locally-Adaptive Decision Functions for Person Verification
* Learning mid-level features from object hierarchy for image classification
* Limited Sampling Reference Frame for MaskTrack R-CNN
* locality correlation preserving support vector machine, A
* Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Network for Fast Face Detection
* Multiple feature fusion by subspace learning
* Optimization-Based Extreme Learning Machine with Multi-kernel Learning Approach for Classification
* Performance of Seven Gridded Precipitation Products over Arid Central Asia and Subregions
* Plane-Based Optimization for 3D Object Reconstruction from Single Line Drawings
* Product image recognition with guidance learning and noisy supervision
* Responses to the Comments on Plane-Based Optimization for 3D Object Reconstruction from Single Line Drawings
* Scene Aligned Pooling for Complex Video Recognition
* spatial-color layout feature for representing galaxy images, A
* Spatially Coherent Latent Topic Model for Concurrent Segmentation and Classification of Objects and Scenes
* TGIF: A New Dataset and Benchmark on Animated GIF Description
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge Results - PBVS 2022
* What the Back of the Object Looks Like: 3D Reconstruction from Line Drawings without Hidden Lines
Includes: Cao, L.L.[Liang Liang] Cao, L.L.[Liang-Liang] Cao, L.L.[Lei-Lei] Cao, L.L.[Lin-Lin] Cao, L.L.[Le-Le]
42 for Cao, L.L.

Cao, L.P.[Li Peng] Co Author Listing * Layered SOTIF Analysis and 3 sigma-Criterion-Based Adaptive EKF for Lidar-Based Multi-Sensor Fusion Localization System on Foggy Days
* novel and quick SVM-based multi-class classifier, A
* Recovering shape and motion by a dynamic system for low-rank matrix approximation in L_1 norm
Includes: Cao, L.P.[Li Peng] Cao, L.P.[Li-Peng] Cao, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Cao, L.Q.[Li Qin] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection in Airborne Fourier Transform Thermal Infrared Spectrometer Images Based on Emissivity and a Segmented Low-Rank Prior
* Color Consistency Processing Method for HY-1C Images of Antarctica, A
* Crops Fine Classification in Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Multi-Feature Fusion and Deep Learning
* Directive local color transfer based on dynamic look-up table
* face detection and location method based on Feature Binding, A
* Field-Based High-Quality Emissivity Spectra Measurement Using a Fourier Transform Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imager
* Hyperspectral Image Kernel Sparse Subspace Clustering With Spatial Max Pooling Operation
* Monitoring of Urban Black-Odor Water Based on Nemerow Index and Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Regression Using UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Optical flow-assisted multi-level fusion network for Light Field image angular reconstruction
* Pre-Trained AlexNet Architecture with Pyramid Pooling and Supervision for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Self-Training Classification Framework with Spatial-Contextual Information for Local Climate Zones
Includes: Cao, L.Q.[Li Qin] Cao, L.Q.[Li-Qin] Cao, L.Q.[Li-Qun]
11 for Cao, L.Q.

Cao, L.Y.[Li Ying] Co Author Listing * Dimensionality Reduction and Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Feature Extraction
* Regional Model for Predicting Tropospheric Delay and Weighted Mean Temperature in China Based on GRAPES_MESO Forecasting Products, A
Includes: Cao, L.Y.[Li Ying] Cao, L.Y.[Li-Ying]

Cao, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Co Author Listing * Description of Evolutional Changes in Image Time Sequences Using MPEG-7 Visual Descriptors
* Global Spatiotemporal Distribution of the Mid-Tropospheric CO2 Concentration and Analysis of the Controlling Factors, The
* Multimodal Interface for Virtual Information Environments, A
* Urban Land-Cover Dynamics in Arid China Based on High-Resolution Urban Land Mapping Products
Includes: Cao, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Cao, L.Z.[Ling-Zhi] Cao, L.Z.[Liang-Zhong] Cao, L.Z.[Li-Zhou]

Cao, M.[Mengdi] Co Author Listing * algorithm for detecting dense small objects in aerial photography based on coordinate position attention module, An
* All You Need Is a Second Look: Towards Arbitrary-Shaped Text Detection
* Analysis of the Cycling Flow Between Origin and Destination for Dockless Shared Bicycles Based on Singular Value Decomposition
* Anomaly Detection in Road Networks Using Sliding-Window Tensor Factorization
* Blur Interpolation Transformer for Real-World Motion from Blur
* CoLA: Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization with Snippet Contrastive Learning
* Concept-Aware Video Captioning: Describing Videos With Effective Prior Information
* Context-aided unicity matching for person re-identification
* Convex Discriminant Semantic Correlation Analysis for Cross-View Recognition, A
* Deep Motion Prior for Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Developing DCE-CT to Quantify Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity in Breast Tumors With Differing Angiogenic Phenotype
* Diagnostic Regions Attention Network (DRA-Net) for Histopathology WSI Recommendation and Retrieval
* dryness index TSWDI based on land surface temperature, sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, and water balance, A
* Dual-ERP Representation for Object Detection in 360° Images
* Effects of Free-Floating Shared Bicycles on Urban Public Transportation
* efficient and reliable coarse-to-fine approach for asphalt pavement crack detection, An
* Efficient Image-Text Retrieval via Keyword-Guided Pre-Screening
* EfficientSCI: Densely Connected Network with Space-time Factorization for Large-scale Video Snapshot Compressive Imaging
* Empowering Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Large-scale Pre-trained Vision-Language Models
* From Groups to Co-Traveler Sets: Pair Matching Based Person Re-identification Framework
* Functional imaging in small animals using X-ray computed Tomography: Study of physiologic measurement reproducibility
* G2L: Semantically Aligned and Uniform Video Grounding via Geodesic and Game Theory
* HCTO: Optimality-aware LiDAR inertial odometry with hybrid continuous time optimization for compact wearable mapping system
* Hyperspectral Super-Resolution Via Joint Regularization of Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition
* Improving the Performance of Automated Rooftop Extraction through Geospatial Stratified and Optimized Sampling
* Iterative Proposal Refinement for Weakly-Supervised Video Grounding
* Kernel Attention Transformer for Histopathology Whole Slide Image Analysis and Assistant Cancer Diagnosis
* Latent Heterogeneous Graph Network for Incomplete Multi-View Learning
* LocVTP: Video-Text Pre-training for Temporal Localization
* Multi-object detection and behavior recognition from motion 3D data
* Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Fusion Based on Regularized Coupled Non-Negative Block-Term Tensor Decomposition
* OSRT: Omnidirectional Image Super-Resolution with Distortion-aware Transformer
* Prioritizing Abandoned Mine Lands Rehabilitation: Combining Landscape Connectivity and Pattern Indices with Scenario Analysis Using Land-Use Modeling
* Progressive Bilateral-Context Driven Model for Post-Processing Person Re-Identification
* Progressive Context-Aware Graph Feature Learning for Target Re-Identification
* Ranking Loss: A Novel Metric Learning Method for Person Re-identification
* Region-specific Metric Learning for Person Re-identification
* Response to Letter Regarding Article: Developing DCE-CT to Quantify Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity in Breast Tumors With Differing Angiogenic Phenotype
* RR-Net: Relation Reasoning for End-to-End Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Similar Formation Control via Range and Odometry Measurements
* Single Image Deraining Integrating Physics Model and Density-Oriented Conditional GAN Refinement
* Spatial-Temporal Transformer for Video Snapshot Compressive Imaging
* Synergic learning for noise-insensitive webly-supervised temporal action localization
* Synergizing Low Rank Representation and Deep Learning for Automatic Pavement Crack Detection
* Towards fast and kernelized orthogonal discriminant analysis on person re-identification
* Towards long-term, high-accuracy, and continuous satellite total and fine-mode aerosol records: Enhanced Land General Aerosol (e-LaGA) retrieval algorithm for VIIRS
* Two-Stage Density-Aware Single Image Deraining Method, A
* UniFaceGAN: A Unified Framework for Temporally Consistent Facial Video Editing
* Unpaired Multi-domain Attribute Translation of 3D Facial Shapes with a Square and Symmetric Geometric Map
* Unsupervised Pre-training for Temporal Action Localization Tasks
* Vision-Based Plane Estimation and Following for Building Inspection with Autonomous UAV
Includes: Cao, M.[Mengdi] Cao, M.[Meng] Cao, M.[Min] Cao, M. Cao, M.[Mingdeng] Cao, M.[Manhong] Cao, M.[Miao] Cao, M.[Minsong] Cao, M.[Muqing] Cao, M.[Ming] Cao, M.[Michael] Cao, M.[Mengdan]
51 for Cao, M.

Cao, M.C.[Ming Chun] Co Author Listing * Ego Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Based on Time-Feature Encoding and Physics-Intention Decoding
Includes: Cao, M.C.[Ming Chun] Cao, M.C.[Ming-Chun]

Cao, M.D.[Ming Deng] Co Author Listing * Bringing Rolling Shutter Images Alive with Dual Reversed Distortion
* Comprehensive Validation and Comparison of Three VIIRS Aerosol Products over the Ocean on a Global Scale
* Learning Adaptive Warping for RealWorld Rolling Shutter Correction
* MANIQA: Multi-dimension Attention Network for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* MasaCtrl: Tuning-Free Mutual Self-Attention Control for Consistent Image Synthesis and Editing
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on 360° Omnidirectional Image and Video Super-Resolution: Datasets, Methods and Results
* Polarized Color Image Denoising
* Region-Adaptive Deformable Network for Image Quality Assessment
* StyleHEAT: One-Shot High-Resolution Editable Talking Face Generation via Pre-trained StyleGAN
* Towards Real-world Video Deblurring by Exploring Blur Formation Process
* VDTR: Video Deblurring With Transformer
Includes: Cao, M.D.[Ming Deng] Cao, M.D.[Ming-Deng] Cao, M.D.[Meng-Dan]
13 for Cao, M.D.

Cao, M.H.[Ming Hua] Co Author Listing * Research on the restoration of motion-blurred images of Ochotona curzoniae
Includes: Cao, M.H.[Ming Hua] Cao, M.H.[Ming-Hua]

Cao, M.J.[Min Jun] Co Author Listing * Stacking Ensemble Learning Method to Classify the Patterns of Complex Road Junctions, A
Includes: Cao, M.J.[Min Jun] Cao, M.J.[Min-Jun]

Cao, M.L.[Man Liang] Co Author Listing * PanoSwin: a Pano-style Swin Transformer for Panorama Understanding
Includes: Cao, M.L.[Man Liang] Cao, M.L.[Man-Liang]

Cao, M.M.[Miao Miao] Co Author Listing * DeepGAL: Intelligent Vehicle Control for Traffic Congestion Alleviation at Intersections
* Estimation for Refined Carbon Storage of Urban Green Space and Minimum Spatial Mapping Scale in a Plain City of China
* Gain With No Pain: Exploring Intelligent Traffic Signal Control for Emergency Vehicles, A
* IKONOS Image-Based Extraction of the Distribution Area of Stellera chamaejasme L. in Qilian County of Qinghai Province, China
* Landslide Characteristics and Evolution: What We Can Learn from Three Adjacent Landslides
* Monitoring the Spatial and Temporal Variations in The Water Surface and Floating Algal Bloom Areas in Dongting Lake Using a Long-Term MODIS Image Time Series
* Robust remote sensing retrieval of key eutrophication indicators in coastal waters based on explainable machine learning
* Spatial and Temporal Evolution of the Infiltration Characteristics of a Loess Landslide
* Topographic Changes, Surface Deformation and Movement Process before, during and after a Rotational Landslide
Includes: Cao, M.M.[Miao Miao] Cao, M.M.[Miao-Miao] Cao, M.M.[Meng-Meng] Cao, M.M.[Ming-Ming]
9 for Cao, M.M.

Cao, M.Q.[Meng Qing] Co Author Listing * Dynamic convolutional capsule network for In-loop filtering in HEVC video codec
* STMixer: A One-Stage Sparse Action Detector
Includes: Cao, M.Q.[Meng Qing] Cao, M.Q.[Meng-Qing] Cao, M.Q.[Meng-Qi]

Cao, M.S.[Ming Sheng] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Sample Attack and Defense Method for Encrypted Traffic Data
* C2FResMorph: A high-performance framework for unsupervised 2D medical image registration
Includes: Cao, M.S.[Ming Sheng] Cao, M.S.[Ming-Sheng]

Cao, M.W.[Ming Wei] Co Author Listing * Constructing big panorama from video sequence based on deep local feature
* Joint 3D Reconstruction and Object Tracking for Traffic Video Analysis Under IoV Environment
Includes: Cao, M.W.[Ming Wei] Cao, M.W.[Ming-Wei]

Cao, M.X.[Meng Xin] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Cross-Domain Spectral Semantic Relation Transformer
Includes: Cao, M.X.[Meng Xin] Cao, M.X.[Meng-Xin]

Cao, M.Y.[Mao Yong] Co Author Listing * Characteristic Analysis of 2D Lag-Complex Logistic Map and Its Application in Image Encryption
* Deep Learning-Based Framework for Automated Extraction of Building Footprint Polygons from Very High-Resolution Aerial Imagery, A
* Identifying Leaf Phenology of Deciduous Broadleaf Forests from PhenoCam Images Using a Convolutional Neural Network Regression Method
* Locating the Ultrasonic Echo Head Wave of Bottom Sediment in Drilling Hole Based on Local SNR
* Spherical parameter detection based on hierarchical Hough transform
Includes: Cao, M.Y.[Mao Yong] Cao, M.Y.[Mao-Yong] Cao, M.Y.[Meng-Ying] Cao, M.Y.

Cao, M.Z.[Ming Zhu] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Evapotranspiration and Its Components across China Based on a Modified Priestley-Taylor Algorithm Using Monthly Multi-Layer Soil Moisture Data
Includes: Cao, M.Z.[Ming Zhu] Cao, M.Z.[Ming-Zhu]

Cao, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Bring Clipart to Life
* CSDL-Net: An iterative network based on compressed sensing and deep learning
* Effective Error Concealment Method Based on the Scene Change, An
* Estimation of Dissolved Organic Carbon Using Sentinel-2 in the Eutrophic Lake Ebinur, China
* Estimation of Residual Motion Errors in Airborne SAR Interferometry Based on Time-Domain Backprojection and Multisquint Techniques
* Estimation of Water Level Changes of Large-Scale Amazon Wetlands Using ALOS2 ScanSAR Differential Interferometry
* Guest Editorial: Visual Analytics in Multimedia: Opportunities and Research Challenges
* Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on Maximum Correntropy Unscented Information Filter
* Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on Reconstructed Observation Model and Particle Filter
* Interactive Context-Aware Anomaly Detection Guided by User Feedback
* Learning Multiple Relative Attributes With Humans in the Loop
* Light-Powered Smart Camera With Compressed Domain Gesture Detection, A
* Multisystem Interferometric Data Fusion Framework: A Three-Step Sensing Approach
* Novel Method for Deformation Estimation Based on Multibaseline InSAR Phase Unwrapping, A
* Optimal Auction Design With Quantized Bids
* Optimal Baseline Design for Multibaseline InSAR Phase Unwrapping
* Phase-Decomposition-Based PSInSAR Processing Method, A
* Survey on Visual Analytics of Social Media Data, A
Includes: Cao, N.[Nan] Cao, N.[Ning] Cao, N.[Naixin] Cao, N.
18 for Cao, N.

Cao, N.N.[Nan Nan] Co Author Listing * New Forest Aboveground Biomass Maps of China Integrating Multiple Datasets
Includes: Cao, N.N.[Nan Nan] Cao, N.N.[Nan-Nan]

Cao, N.T.[Nhan Thi] Co Author Listing * effective facial expression recognition approach for intelligent game systems, An

Cao, P.[Pan] Co Author Listing * Alternating Rate Profile Optimization in Single Stream MIMO Interference Channels
* Analysing driving efficiency of mandatory lane change decision for autonomous vehicles
* Attention in Attention: Modeling Context Correlation for Efficient Video Classification
* Collaborative Self-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Low-Quality Medical Image Enhancement, A
* Debiased Subjective Assessment of Real-World Image Enhancement
* Energy-Efficient Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Processing Unit for Multiple-Standard Video Decoding, An
* Facial Expression Recognition Based On Gabor Wavelet Transformation And Elastic Templates Matching
* Hierarchical Approach for Integrating Merging Sequencing and Trajectory Optimization for Connected and Automated Vehicles, A
* Image Arbitrary-Ratio Down- and Up-Sampling Scheme Exploiting DCT Low Frequency Components and Sparsity in High Frequency Components
* Information Recognition of Printed Quantum Dots Matrix Image under Uncorrected Conditions
* L2,1-l1 regularized nonlinear multi-task representation learning based cognitive performance prediction of Alzheimer's disease
* Low-Complexity Energy Efficiency Optimization with Statistical CSI in Two-Hop MIMO Systems
* Low-quality image binarization method based on threshold array system
* Magnetic Resonance-Guided Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation System With a Whole Brain Coil Array for Nonhuman Primates at 3 T, A
* Multi-Itinerary Optimization as Cloud Service
* multi-kernel based framework for heterogeneous feature selection and over-sampling for computer-aided detection of pulmonary nodules, A
* Multi-label borderline oversampling technique
* Multi-View Frustum Pointnet for Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
* New Hardware and Software Co-Design of JPEG2000 Encoder, A
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Parallelism Analysis of H.264 Decoder and Realization on a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable SoC
* Real-time detection of end-of-queue shockwaves on freeways using probe vehicles with spacing equipment
* Reference Image-Assisted Auxiliary Feature Fusion in Image Inpainting
* Research and Display of The Restoration of Zhaoxi-ling Based On VR And AR Technology
* Robust and Efficient Minutia-Based Fingerprint Matching Algorithm, A
* Sparse shared structure based multi-task learning for MRI based cognitive performance prediction of Alzheimer's disease
* Spatio-temporal Transformer for 3D Human Motion Prediction, A
* Targeted Supervised Contrastive Learning for Long-Tailed Recognition
* TCGM: An Information-theoretic Framework for Semi-supervised Multi-modality Learning
* Universal Mismatched Steganalysis Equipped With Progressive Intermediate Domains
* WATB: Wild Animal Tracking Benchmark
* What Decreases Editing Capability? Domain-Specific Hybrid Refinement for Improved GAN Inversion
Includes: Cao, P.[Pan] Cao, P.[Peng] Cao, P.[Pei] Cao, P.[Peibei] Cao, P. Cao, P.[Peiwei] Cao, P.[Pu] Cao, P.[Ping]
33 for Cao, P.

Cao, P.B.[Pei Bei] Co Author Listing * Heart ID: Human Identification Based on Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures of the Heart Using Deep Learning
Includes: Cao, P.B.[Pei Bei] Cao, P.B.[Pei-Bei]

Cao, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Pruning rPPG Networks: Toward Small Dense Network with Limited Number of Training Samples
Includes: Cao, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Cao, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Cao, P.F.[Pan Feng] Co Author Listing * GraphRevisedIE: Multimodal information extraction with graph-revised network
Includes: Cao, P.F.[Pan Feng] Cao, P.F.[Pan-Feng]

Cao, P.L.[Peng Lin] Co Author Listing * Variable-Gain Fixed-Time Convergent and Robust ZNN Model for Image Fusion: Design, Analysis, and Verification, A
Includes: Cao, P.L.[Peng Lin] Cao, P.L.[Peng-Lin]

Cao, P.P.[Ping Ping] Co Author Listing * Multi-label image recognition with two-stream dynamic graph convolution networks
Includes: Cao, P.P.[Ping Ping] Cao, P.P.[Ping-Ping]

Cao, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * 3-D Coronary Vessel Extraction Using a Novel Minimum Path Based Region Growing
* Application of Multispectral Camera in Monitoring the Quality Parameters of Fresh Tea Leaves
* Attention-Aware Face Hallucination via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Automated Video Face Labelling for Films and TV Material
* Automatic Vehicle Detection Method Based on Traffic Videos, An
* Bi-Nuclear Tensor Schatten-p Norm Minimization for Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* CODON: On Orchestrating Cross-Domain Attentions for Depth Super-Resolution
* Combined Holistic and Local Patches for Recovering 6D Object Pose
* Conversion of the Vertical Profile of Reflectivity From Ku-Band to C-Band Based on the Drop Size Distribution Measurements of the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar
* Coordination Conflicts between Urban Resilience and Urban Land Evolution in Chinese Hilly City of Mianyang
* Curve-Like Structure Extraction Using Minimal Path Propagation With Backtracking
* DearKD: Data-Efficient Early Knowledge Distillation for Vision Transformers
* Deep Unsupervised Hashing with Semantic Consistency Learning
* Developing an Active Canopy Sensor-Based Integrated Precision Rice Management System for Improving Grain Yield and Quality, Nitrogen Use Efficiency, and Lodging Resistance
* Differential phase calibration of linearly polarized weather radars with simultaneous transmission/reception for estimation of circular depolarization ratio
* EAF-WGAN: Enhanced Alignment Fusion-Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network for Turbulent Image Restoration
* Effect of Vegetation Carryover and Climate Variability on the Seasonal Growth of Vegetation in the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Yellow River Basin
* Evaluation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Rice Growth Monitoring
* Experimental Study on Field Spectral Measurements to Determine Appropriate Daily Time for Distinguishing Fractional Vegetation Cover, An
* Focusing Analysis of the Pinhole Photon Sieve: Individual Far-Field Model
* Gabor texture representation method for face recognition using the Gamma and generalized Gaussian models
* Generating Holistic 3D Human Motion from Speech
* Graph-based dimensionality reduction for KNN-based image annotation
* How Does Noise Help Robustness? Explanation and Exploration under the Neural SDE Framework
* Hybrid CNN-Transformer Network With Circular Feature Interaction for Acute Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation on Non-Contrast CT Scans
* Identification of the Urban Dry Islands Effect in Beijing: Evidence from Satellite and Ground Observations
* Improve Unsupervised Deep Hashing Via Masked Contrastive Learning
* Improved ENSO and PDO Prediction Skill Resulting from Finer Parameterization Schemes in a CGCM
* Improved Multi-Sensor MTI Time-Series Fusion Method to Monitor the Subsidence of Beijing Subway Network during the Past 15 Years, An
* Integrating Multiple Source Data to Enhance Variation and Weaken the Blooming Effect of DMSP-OLS Light
* Intercomparison of Precipitation Estimates From WSR-88D Radar and TRMM Measurement Over Continental United States
* Interpretable Video Captioning via Trajectory Structured Localization
* Land Subsidence Response to Different Land Use Types and Water Resource Utilization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China
* Large-Scale Land Subsidence Monitoring and Prediction Based on SBAS-InSAR Technology with Time-Series Sentinel-1A Satellite Data
* Learning Sequence Representations by Non-local Recurrent Neural Memory
* Map Matching for Sparse Automatic Vehicle Identification Data
* MMFace: A Multi-Metric Regression Network for Unconstrained Face Reconstruction
* Multi-Angle Detection of Spatial Differences in Tea Physiological Parameters
* Multi-feature Late Fusion for Image Tagging
* Mutual Relative Position Learning Transformer for Cross-View Geo-Localization
* New Approach to Detect Ground Clutter Mixed With Weather Signals, A
* Non-Local Recurrent Neural Memory for Supervised Sequence Modeling
* Optimal Decision Fusion for Urban Land-Use/Land-Cover Classification Based on Adaptive Differential Evolution Using Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Part-Based Gaussian Reweighted Approach for Occluded Vehicle Detection, A
* Penalized-Likelihood Reconstruction With High-Fidelity Measurement Models for High-Resolution Cone-Beam Imaging
* PGAN: Part-Based Nondirect Coupling Embedded GAN for Person Reidentification
* Potential of RapidEye and WorldView-2 Satellite Data for Improving Rice Nitrogen Status Monitoring at Different Growth Stages
* Push for Center Learning via Orthogonalization and Subspace Masking for Person Re-Identification
* ReAct: Temporal Action Detection with Relational Queries
* Real-Time Illegal Parking Detection Algorithm in Urban Environments
* Recognizing Focal Liver Lesions in CEUS With Dynamically Trained Latent Structured Models
* Region-Based Near-Duplicate Image Retrieval with Geometric Consistency
* Robustness Meets Low-Rankness: Unified Entropy and Tensor Learning for Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* Similarity Metric Learning for Face Recognition
* Soil Moisture Retrieval from the CyGNSS Data Based on a Bilinear Regression
* Template adaptation for face verification and identification
* TriDet: Temporal Action Detection with Relative Boundary Modeling
* Unsupervised Deep Hashing With Deep Semantic Distillation
* Updated version of an interim connection space LabPQR for spectral color reproduction: LabLab
* VGGFace2: A Dataset for Recognising Faces across Pose and Age
* View Vertically: A Hierarchical Network for Trajectory Prediction via Fourier Spectrums
Includes: Cao, Q.[Qing] Cao, Q.[Qiong] Cao, Q. Cao, Q.[Qi] Cao, Q.[Qiang] Cao, Q.[Qian] Cao, Q.[Quanliang] Cao, Q.[Qun] Cao, Q.[Qiaozhuoran] Cao, Q.[QiAn]
61 for Cao, Q.

Cao, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Combining Color Indices and Textures of UAV-Based Digital Imagery for Rice LAI Estimation
* Estimation of Rice Growth Parameters Based on Linear Mixed-Effect Model Using Multispectral Images from Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Evaluation of One-Class Support Vector Classification for Mapping the Paddy Rice Planting Area in Jiangsu Province of China from Landsat 8 OLI Imagery
* In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status Using Proximal Fluorescence Canopy Sensor at Different Growth Stages
* Predicting Rice Grain Yield Based on Dynamic Changes in Vegetation Indexes during Early to Mid-Growth Stages
* Use of an Active Canopy Sensor Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Monitor the Growth and Nitrogen Status of Winter Wheat
* Wheat Growth Monitoring and Yield Estimation based on Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Includes: Cao, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Cao, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
7 for Cao, Q.A.

Cao, Q.B.[Qiao Bo] Co Author Listing * Development of A Rigorous Model for Bathymetric Mapping from Multispectral Satellite-Images, The
Includes: Cao, Q.B.[Qiao Bo] Cao, Q.B.[Qiao-Bo]

Cao, Q.C.[Qi Chun] Co Author Listing * Non-Uniform Attention Network for Multi-modal Sentiment Analysis
Includes: Cao, Q.C.[Qi Chun] Cao, Q.C.[Qi-Chun]

Cao, Q.G.[Qiang Gang] Co Author Listing * GroupFormer: Group Activity Recognition with Clustered Spatial-Temporal Transformer
Includes: Cao, Q.G.[Qiang Gang] Cao, Q.G.[Qiang-Gang]

Cao, Q.J.[Qing Jie] Co Author Listing * Residual attention-based tracking-by-detection network with attention-driven data augmentation
* Switching impulse noise filter based on Laplacian convolution and pixels grouping for color images
Includes: Cao, Q.J.[Qing Jie] Cao, Q.J.[Qing-Jie]

Cao, Q.L.[Qing Long] Co Author Listing * Break the Bias: Delving Semantic Transform Invariance for Few-Shot Segmentation
* Exploring Relationship Between Face and Trustworthy Impression Using Mid-level Facial Features
* Is Your First Impression Reliable? Trustworthy Analysis Using Facial Traits in Portraits
* Learning Non-target Knowledge for Few-shot Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Cao, Q.L.[Qing Long] Cao, Q.L.[Qing-Long] Cao, Q.L.[Qing-Lei]

Cao, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Co Author Listing * Retraction: A novel semi-supervised method for airborne LiDAR point cloud classification
Includes: Cao, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Cao, Q.M.[Qi-Ming]

Cao, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Co Author Listing * Effect of Moisture Content on Calculated Dielectric Properties of Asphalt Concrete Pavements from Ground-Penetrating Radar Measurements
* Enabling the Big Earth Observation Data via Cloud Computing and DGGS: Opportunities and Challenges
* Precision Evaluation Index System for Remote Sensing Data Sampling Based on Hexagonal Discrete Grids, A
* Semi-Supervised Deep Transfer Learning for Benign-Malignant Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules in Chest CT Images
Includes: Cao, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Cao, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing] Cao, Q.Q.[Qian-Qian] Cao, Q.Q.[Qi-Qi]

Cao, Q.S.[Qing Song] Co Author Listing * Seismic-Q Compensation by Iterative Time-Domain Deconvolution
Includes: Cao, Q.S.[Qing Song] Cao, Q.S.[Qing-Song]

Cao, Q.W.[Qian Wen] Co Author Listing * Concept-Enhanced Relation Network for Video Visual Relation Inference
* Uncertainty of Nighttime Light Data in Estimating Carbon Dioxide Emissions in China: A Comparison between DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS, The
* VSRN: Visual-Semantic Relation Network for Video Visual Relation Inference
Includes: Cao, Q.W.[Qian Wen] Cao, Q.W.[Qian-Wen] Cao, Q.W.[Qi-Wen]

Cao, Q.X.[Qing Xing] Co Author Listing * Face Hallucination by Attentive Sequence Optimization with Reinforcement Learning
* facial texture analysis for the automatic portrait drawing, The
* GhostCount: A lightweight convolution network based on high-altitude video for vehicle instantaneous counting in dense traffic scenes
* Holistic and local patch framework for 6D object pose estimation in RGB-D images
* Interpretable Visual Question Answering by Reasoning on Dependency Trees
* Linguistically Routing Capsule Network for Out-of-distribution Visual Question Answering
* Visual Question Reasoning on General Dependency Tree
Includes: Cao, Q.X.[Qing Xing] Cao, Q.X.[Qing-Xing] Cao, Q.X.[Qi-Xin] Cao, Q.X.[Qian-Xia]
7 for Cao, Q.X.

Cao, Q.Z.[Qi Zhi] Co Author Listing * Be an Excellent Student: Review, Preview, and Correction
* Image processing for CT-assisted reverse engineering and part characterization
Includes: Cao, Q.Z.[Qi Zhi] Cao, Q.Z.[Qi-Zhi]

Cao, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * 3D map-guided single indoor image localization refinement
* Action-Centric Relation Transformer Network for Video Question Answering
* Automatic Tunnel Crack Inspection Using an Efficient Mobile Imaging Module and a Lightweight CNN
* Comparison Of Urban Human Movements Inferring From Multi-source Spatial-temporal Data
* contextual conditional random field network for monocular depth estimation, A
* Deep learning-based remote and social sensing data fusion for urban region function recognition
* End-to-End Fovea Localisation in Colour Fundus Images With a Hierarchical Deep Regression Network
* Evaluating Multi-scale Over-segment and Its Contribution to Real Scene Stereo Matching by High-Order MRFs
* Feature back-projection guided residual refinement for real-time stereo matching network
* How Does Scale Effect Influence Spring Vegetation Phenology Estimated from Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indexes?
* Improving synthetic 3D model-aided indoor image localization via domain adaptation
* Indoor Topological Localization Using a Visual Landmark Sequence
* Integrating Aerial and Street View Images for Urban Land Use Classification
* Integration of 3D Gaussian Splatting and Neural Radiance Fields in Virtual Reality Fire Fighting
* Joint Prostate Cancer Detection and Gleason Score Prediction in mp-MRI via FocalNet
* Learn then match: A fast coarse-to-fine depth image-based indoor localization framework for dark environments via deep learning and keypoint-based geometry alignment
* Method Based on Temporal Component Decomposition for Estimating 1-km All-Weather Land Surface Temperature by Merging Satellite Thermal Infrared and Passive Microwave Observations, A
* MiniNet: An extremely lightweight convolutional neural network for real-time unsupervised monocular depth estimation
* Model of Stroke Extraction from Chinese Character Images, A
* New Cross-Fusion Method to Automatically Determine the Optimal Input Image Pairs for NDVI Spatiotemporal Data Fusion, A
* Novel Approach for ISAR Cross-Range Scaling Based on the Multidelay Discrete Polynomial- Phase Transform Combined With Keystone Transform
* Observation of Precipitation during Cooling with Ka-Band Cloud Radar in Wuhan, China, An
* Performance of select color-difference formulas in the blue region
* practical approach to reconstruct high-quality Landsat NDVI time-series data by gap filling and the Savitzky-Golay filter, A
* Proactive integrated traffic control to mitigate congestion at toll plazas
* Prostate Cancer Inference via Weakly-Supervised Learning using a Large Collection of Negative MRI
* Reconstructing High-Spatiotemporal-Resolution (30 m and 8-Days) NDVI Time-Series Data for the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau from 2000-2020
* Removal of Interfering Strokes in Double-Sided Document Images
* Restoration of Archival Documents Using a Wavelet Technique
* Restoration of Information Obscured by Mountainous Shadows Through Landsat TM/ETM+ Images Without the Use of DEM Data: A New Method
* RubiksNet: Learnable 3D-Shift for Efficient Video Action Recognition
* Seasonal and Diurnal Changes of Air Temperature and Water Vapor Observed with a Microwave Radiometer in Wuhan, China
* Separation of overlapping text from graphics
* Sim-to-Real 6D Object Pose Estimation via Iterative Self-training for Robotic Bin Picking
* Spatio-Temporal Schedule-Based Neural Network for Urban Taxi Waiting Time Prediction, A
* Structure-guided camera localization for indoor environments
* Supplementary Module to Improve Accuracy of the Quality Assessment Band in Landsat Cloud Images, A
* Uncertainty of Vegetation Green-Up Date Estimated from Vegetation Indices Due to Snowmelt at Northern Middle and High Latitudes
* Wavelet Approach to Double-sided Document Image Pair Processing, A
* Within-Season Crop Identification by the Fusion of Spectral Time-Series Data and Historical Crop Planting Data
Includes: Cao, R.[Rui] Cao, R. Cao, R.[Renxuan] Cao, R.[Ruyin] Cao, R.[Ruochen] Cao, R.[Rang] Cao, R.[Rong] Cao, R.[Ruini] Cao, R.[Ryan]
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Cao, R.C.[Rui Chen] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Impact of Land Reclamation on the Tide in the Guangxi Beibu Gulf
Includes: Cao, R.C.[Rui Chen] Cao, R.C.[Rui-Chen]

Cao, R.J.[Rong Jin] Co Author Listing * Dictionary Learning- and Total Variation-Based High-Light-Efficiency Snapshot Multi-Aperture Spectral Imaging
Includes: Cao, R.J.[Rong Jin] Cao, R.J.[Rong-Jin]

Cao, R.L.[Run Long] Co Author Listing * SAM-Adapter: Adapting Segment Anything in Underperformed Scenes
Includes: Cao, R.L.[Run Long] Cao, R.L.[Run-Long]

Cao, R.M.[Rui Ming] Co Author Listing * Extraction of an Explanatory Graph to Interpret a CNN
* Mining And-Or Graphs for Graph Matching and Object Discovery
* Mining Interpretable AOG Representations From Convolutional Networks via Active Question Answering
* Mining Object Parts from CNNs via Active Question-Answering
Includes: Cao, R.M.[Rui Ming] Cao, R.M.[Rui-Ming]

Cao, R.S.[Rui Sheng] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Graph to Abstract Syntax Tree Framework for Text-to-SQL, A
Includes: Cao, R.S.[Rui Sheng] Cao, R.S.[Rui-Sheng]

Cao, R.X.[Ran Xing] Co Author Listing * Impacts of a Large Water Transfer Project on a Waterbird Community in the Receiving Dam: A Case Study of Miyun Reservoir, China, The
* Simulation of the Urban Jobs-Housing Location Selection and Spatial Relationship Using a Multi-Agent Approach
Includes: Cao, R.X.[Ran Xing] Cao, R.X.[Ran-Xing] Cao, R.X.[Ruo-Xin]

Cao, R.Y.[Ru Yin] Co Author Listing * Overview of Ecosystem Changes in Tibetan and Other Alpine Regions from Earth Observation, An
Includes: Cao, R.Y.[Ru Yin] Cao, R.Y.[Ru-Yin]

Cao, S. Co Author Listing * Abstraction hierarchy and self annotation update for fine grained activity recognition
* Activity recognition and prediction with pose based discriminative patch model
* Affine-Function Transformation-Based Object Matching for Vehicle Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* Assessing the Temporal Response of Tropical Dry Forests to Meteorological Drought
* Augmented-Reality-Based Indoor Navigation: A Comparative Analysis of Handheld Devices Versus Google Glass
* Boosting Structure Consistency for Multispectral and Multimodal Image Registration
* CAST: Cross-Modal Retrieval and Visual Conditioning for image captioning
* Comparison of Terrain Indices toward Their Ability in Assisting Surface Water Mapping from Sentinel-1 Data, A
* Conquering Data Variations in Resolution: A Slice-Aware Multi-Branch Decoder Network
* Constructing a Learning Map with Lattice for a Programming Course
* Cross Domain Multi-modal Dataset for Robust Face Anti-spoofing, A
* Deep Hybrid Models for Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Dynamic Micro-Expression Recognition Using Knowledge Distillation
* E2-capsule neural networks for facial expression recognition using AU-aware attention
* Evaluation of MODIS DT, DB, and MAIAC Aerosol Products over Different Land Cover Types in the Yangtze River Delta of China
* Exploring deep learning based solutions in fine grained activity recognition in the wild
* Fast human detection using Node-Combined Part Detector
* Filter Pruning via Automatic Pruning Rate Search
* Forecasting Human Pose and Motion with Multibody Dynamic Model
* Functional Classification of Urban Parks Based on Urban Functional Zone and Crowd-Sourced Geographical Data
* Geometric Stitching Method for Double Cameras with Weak Convergence Geometry
* Global centralised and structured discriminative non-negative matrix factorisation for hyperspectral unmixing
* Graph-Based Discriminative Learning for Location Recognition
* Gray Image Skeletonization with Hollow Preprocessing Using Distance Transformation
* Group Tracking: Exploring Mutual Relations for Multiple Object Tracking
* high-performance and lightweight framework for real-time facial expression recognition, A
* Homography Loss for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* How Do Two- and Three-Dimensional Urban Structures Impact Seasonal Land Surface Temperatures at Various Spatial Scales? A Case Study for the Northern Part of Brooklyn, New York, USA
* Improving estimation of urban land cover fractions with rigorous spatial endmember modeling
* Integrating Aerial LiDAR and Very-High-Resolution Images for Urban Functional Zone Mapping
* Inversion of the Full-Depth Temperature Profile Based on Few Depth-Fixed Temperatures
* Joint classification and prediction of random curves using heavy-tailed process functional regression
* Learning to Match Images in Large-Scale Collections
* Local Climate Zone Classification Using Daytime Zhuhai-1 Hyperspectral Imagery and Nighttime Light Data
* LT-Net: Label Transfer by Learning Reversible Voxel-Wise Correspondence for One-Shot Medical Image Segmentation
* Mapping Rice Seasonality in the Mekong Delta with Multi-Year Envisat ASAR WSM Data
* Mapping tropical dry forest succession using multiple criteria spectral mixture analysis
* Minimal Scene Descriptions from Structure from Motion Models
* Modular Lightweight Network for Road Object Detection Using a Feature Fusion Approach
* Multi View Facial Action Unit Detection Based on CNN and BLSTM-RNN
* Novel Hydrocarbon Detection Approach via High-Resolution Frequency-Dependent AVO Inversion Based on Variational Mode Decomposition, A
* Predicting drivers' direction sign reading reaction time using an integrated cognitive architecture
* Promptlearner-clip: Contrastive Multi-modal Action Representation Learning with Context Optimization
* Radiometric calibration assessments for UAS-borne multispectral cameras: Laboratory and field protocols
* Research on CSR-DCF Tracking Algorithm based on YOLO Detection, A
* Rethinking Transformer-based Set Prediction for Object Detection
* Rift Racers - Effect of Balancing and Competition on Exertion, Enjoyment, and Motivation in an Immersive Exergame
* Satellite-Based Flood Mapping through Bayesian Inference from a Sentinel-1 SAR Datacube
* Scene Aware Detection and Block Assignment Tracking in crowded scenes
* Sentinel-1 Backscatter Datacube for Global Land Monitoring Applications, A
* Slice-to-slice context transfer and uncertain region calibration network for shadow detection in remote sensing imagery
* SRBPSwin: Single-Image Super-Resolution for Remote Sensing Images Using a Global Residual Multi-Attention Hybrid Back-Projection Network Based on the Swin Transformer
* Street-Scene Tree Segmentation from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Super-resolution reconstruction based on multisource bidirectional similarity and non-local similarity matching
* ThinNet: An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Object Detection
* Toward Global Soil Moisture Monitoring With Sentinel-1: Harnessing Assets and Overcoming Obstacles
* Transfer Learning-Based Approach to Estimating Missing Pairs of On/Off Ramp Flows, A
* Transform-Sensing Array Based on Wavelets
* TS2-Net: Token Shift and Selection Transformer for Text-Video Retrieval
* UAV small target detection algorithm based on an improved YOLOv5s model
* Urban Functional Zone Classification Using Light-Detection-and-Ranging Point Clouds, Aerial Images, and Point-of-Interest Data
* Utilising Sentinel-1's orbital stability for efficient pre-processing of sigma nought backscatter
* Video stabilisation based on modelling of motion imaging
* Vision-Enhanced and Consensus-Aware Transformer for Image Captioning
Includes: Cao, S. Cao, S.[Shuang] Cao, S.[Sen] Cao, S.[Shan] Cao, S.[Senmao] Cao, S.[Shuai] Cao, S.[Senqi] Cao, S.[Siming] Cao, S.[Shusheng] Cao, S.[Song] Cao, S.[Su] Cao, S.[Sifan] Cao, S.[Shuxin] Cao, S.[Shen] Cao, S.[Shisong] Cao, S.[Shoulian] Cao, S.[Shuren] Cao, S.[Shi] Cao, S.[Shengcao] Cao, S.[Sheng] Cao, S.[Shaohan] Cao, S.[Shenyi] Cao, S.[Shengming] Cao, S.[Shihai]
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Cao, S.C.[Shu Cheng] Co Author Listing * AbdomenCT-1K: Is Abdominal Organ Segmentation a Solved Problem?
* Contrastive Mean Teacher for Domain Adaptive Object Detectors
Includes: Cao, S.C.[Shu Cheng] Cao, S.C.[Shu-Cheng] Cao, S.C.[Sheng-Cao]

Cao, S.D.[Shi Dong] Co Author Listing * DiffFashion: Reference-Based Fashion Design With Structure-Aware Transfer by Diffusion Models
* Image Reference-guided Fashion Design with Structure-aware Transfer by Diffusion Models
Includes: Cao, S.D.[Shi Dong] Cao, S.D.[Shi-Dong]

Cao, S.J.[Sheng Jiao] Co Author Listing * Automated Assembly of Shredded Pieces From Multiple Photos
* SeerNet: Predicting Convolutional Neural Network Feature-Map Sparsity Through Low-Bit Quantization
Includes: Cao, S.J.[Sheng Jiao] Cao, S.J.[Sheng-Jiao] Cao, S.J.[Shi-Jie]

Cao, S.K.[Shu Kai] Co Author Listing * Flow field texture representation-based motion segmentation for crowd counting
Includes: Cao, S.K.[Shu Kai] Cao, S.K.[Shu-Kai]

Cao, S.L.[Shuang Liang] Co Author Listing * Deep Generalized Learning Model for PET Image Reconstruction
* Low-Cost Single-Frequency DGNSS/DBA Combined Positioning Research and Performance Evaluation
* PrivacySignal: Privacy-Preserving Traffic Signal Control for Intelligent Transportation System
Includes: Cao, S.L.[Shuang Liang] Cao, S.L.[Shuang-Liang] Cao, S.L.[Shi-Long] Cao, S.L.[Shuang-Long]

Cao, S.M.[Shao Meng] Co Author Listing * Landmark-based multi-region ensemble convolutional neural networks for bone age assessment
Includes: Cao, S.M.[Shao Meng] Cao, S.M.[Shao-Meng]

Cao, S.P.[Sheng Peng] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Vegetation Changes at Multiple Time Scales in the Qilian Mountains
Includes: Cao, S.P.[Sheng Peng] Cao, S.P.[Sheng-Peng]

Cao, S.Q.[Shu Qiang] Co Author Listing * E2E-LOAD: End-to-End Long-form Online Action Detection
* Subpixel Snow Mapping Using Daily AVHRR/2 Data over Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Includes: Cao, S.Q.[Shu Qiang] Cao, S.Q.[Shu-Qiang] Cao, S.Q.[Shu-Qin]

Cao, S.S.[Shi Song] Co Author Listing * Identifying Major Diurnal Patterns and Drivers of Surface Urban Heat Island Intensities across Local Climate Zones
* Influence of Sky View Factor on Daytime and Nighttime Urban Land Surface Temperature in Different Spatial-Temporal Scales: A Case Study of Beijing, The
* Local Climate Zone Classification by Seasonal and Diurnal Satellite Observations: An Integration of Daytime Thermal Infrared Multispectral Imageries and High-Resolution Night-Time Light Data
* Multi-level monitoring of three-dimensional building changes for megacities: Trajectory, morphology, and landscape
* Point2Roof: End-to-end 3D building roof modeling from airborne LiDAR point clouds
* Urban Sprawl and Changes in Land-Use Efficiency in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, China from 2000 to 2020: A Spatiotemporal Analysis Using Earth Observation Data
Includes: Cao, S.S.[Shi Song] Cao, S.S.[Shi-Song] Cao, S.S.[Shao-Sheng]

Cao, S.S.Y.[Shearin Shuo Ying] Co Author Listing * Joint spatio-temporal registration and microvasculature segmentation of retinal angiogram sequences
* Microvasculature Segmentation of Co-Registered Retinal Angiogram Sequences
Includes: Cao, S.S.Y.[Shearin Shuo Ying] Cao, S.S.Y.[Shearin Shuo-Ying]

Cao, S.T.[Shun Tian] Co Author Listing * Application Research on Remote Intelligent Monitoring System of Greenhouse Based on ZIGBEE WSN
Includes: Cao, S.T.[Shun Tian] Cao, S.T.[Shun-Tian]

Cao, S.X.[Shu Xin] Co Author Listing * Improving Representation Consistency with Pairwise Loss for Masked Face Recognition
* Optimal bi-directional seam carving for compressibility-aware image retargeting
* Robust visual tracking via CAMShift and structural local sparse appearance model
* STDFormer: Spatial-Temporal Motion Transformer for Multiple Object Tracking
Includes: Cao, S.X.[Shu Xin] Cao, S.X.[Shu-Xin] Cao, S.X.[Song-Xiao] Cao, S.X.[Shi-Xiang]

Cao, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Feature Point Cloud for Depth Completion
* BEVPlace: Learning LiDAR-based Place Recognition using Bird's Eye View Images
* Bridging Domains and Resolutions: Deep Learning-Based Land Cover Mapping without Matched Labels
* Efficient-VQGAN: Towards High-Resolution Image Generation with Efficient Vision Transformers
* Frequency-Domain Deep Guided Image Denoising
* Infrared dim target detection via mode-k1k2 extension tensor tubal rank under complex ocean environment
* Infrared Small Target Detection via Non-Convex Rank Approximation Minimization Joint L_2,1 Norm
* Iterative Deep Homography Estimation
* Local Convergence Index-Based Infrared Small Target Detection against Complex Scenes
* Radar Characteristics and Causal Analysis of Two Consecutive Tornado Events Associated with Heavy Precipitation during the Mei-Yu Season
* Recurrent Homography Estimation Using Homography-Guided Image Warping and Focus Transformer
* Region-aware RGB and near-infrared image fusion
* Structure Aggregation for Cross-Spectral Stereo Image Guided Denoising
* TFCD-Net: Target and False Alarm Collaborative Detection Network for Infrared Imagery
* UCDnet: Double U-Shaped Segmentation Network Cascade Centroid Map Prediction for Infrared Weak Small Target Detection
* Understanding Spatial-Temporal Interactions of Ecosystem Services and Their Drivers in a Multi-Scale Perspective of Miluo Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Wavelet-Packet-Based Radar Waveform for High Resolution in Range and Velocity Detection, A
Includes: Cao, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Cao, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Cao, S.Y.[Shu-Yi] Cao, S.Y.[Shi-Yue] Cao, S.Y.[Si-Ying] Cao, S.Y.[Shu-Ya] Cao, S.Y.[Shen-Yi] Cao, S.Y.[Shi-Yi] Cao, S.Y.[Si-Yang]
17 for Cao, S.Y.

Cao, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Learning for Multiscale Crowd Counting Under Complex Scenes
* Anomaly Detection under Distribution Shift
* Bootstrap Motion Forecasting With Self-Consistent Constraints
* Crack image detection based on fractional differential and fractal dimension
* Detection of People With Camouflage Pattern Via Dense Deconvolution Network
* DGECN++: A Depth-Guided Edge Convolutional Network for End-to-End 6D Pose Estimation via Attention Mechanism
* DGECN: A Depth-Guided Edge Convolutional Network for End-to-End 6D Pose Estimation
* Efficient Point Cloud Segmentation with Geometry-Aware Sparse Networks
* ElasticViT: Conflict-aware Supernet Training for Deploying Fast Vision Transformer on Diverse Mobile Devices
* Generated Pseudo-Labels Guided by Background Skeletons for Overcoming Under-Segmentation in Overlapping Particle Objects
* HVNet: Hybrid Voxel Network for LiDAR Based 3D Object Detection
* Improvement of Decorrelation-Based OCT Angiography by an Adaptive Spatial-Temporal Kernel in Monitoring Stimulus-Evoked Hemodynamic Responses
* Multi-scale Generative Adversarial Networks for Crowd Counting
* NeTO: Neural Reconstruction of Transparent Objects with Self-Occlusion Aware Refraction-Tracing
* Pavement Crack Detection Based on 3D Edge Representation and Data Communication With Digital Twins
* Perception in Disparity: An Efficient Navigation Framework for Autonomous Vehicles With Stereo Cameras
* Registration for Correlative Microscopy Using Image Analogies
* SpaceEvo: Hardware-Friendly Search Space Design for Efficient INT8 Inference
* TexFusion: Synthesizing 3D Textures with Text-Guided Image Diffusion Models
* Ultrasound Speckle Reduction via Super Resolution and Nonlinear Diffusion
Includes: Cao, T.[Tao] Cao, T.[Tri] Cao, T.[Tongyi] Cao, T.[Ting] Cao, T. Cao, T.[Tuo] Cao, T.[Teng] Cao, T.[Tian] Cao, T.[Tianshi]
20 for Cao, T.

Cao, T.P.[Tam Phuong] Co Author Listing * Fast buffering for FPGA implementation of vision-based object recognition systems
* Fast Vision-Based Object Recognition Using Combined Integral Map
* Implementation of real-time pedestrian detection on FPGA
* Real-Time Vision-Based Stop Sign Detection System on FPGA

Cao, T.S.[Tie Sheng] Co Author Listing * Novel Level Set Initialization Method, A
Includes: Cao, T.S.[Tie Sheng] Cao, T.S.[Tie-Sheng]

Cao, T.T.[Tong Tong] Co Author Listing * GPA-3D: Geometry-aware Prototype Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive 3D Object Detection from Point Clouds
* Image-Based Air Quality Analysis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* SARFish Dataset and Challenge, The
* Towards Universal LiDAR-Based 3D Object Detection by Multi-Domain Knowledge Transfer
Includes: Cao, T.T.[Tong Tong] Cao, T.T.[Tong-Tong] Cao, T.T.[Ting-Ting] Cao, T.T.[Tri-Tan]

Cao, T.W.[Tian Wei] Co Author Listing * Meta-Wrapper: Differentiable Wrapping Operator for User Interest Selection in CTR Prediction
* Mitigating Confounding Bias in Practical Recommender Systems With Partially Inaccessible Exposure Status
Includes: Cao, T.W.[Tian Wei] Cao, T.W.[Tian-Wei]

Cao, T.Y.[Tian Yue] Co Author Listing * CaT: Weakly Supervised Object Detection with Category Transfer
* DRINet: A Dual-Representation Iterative Learning Network for Point Cloud Segmentation
* Generating Adversarial Examples in Audio Classification with Generative Adversarial Network
* PSS: Progressive Sample Selection for Open-World Visual Representation Learning
* quantum-inspired noise reduction method based on noise feature codebook, A
* Saliency Detection With a Three-Stage Hierarchical Network
* self-distillation object segmentation method via frequency domain knowledge augmentation, A
* SO-softmax loss for discriminable embedding learning in CNNs
* Spatial-temporal slowfast graph convolutional network for skeleton-based action recognition
* SVQNet: Sparse Voxel-Adjacent Query Network for 4D Spatio-Temporal LiDAR Semantic Segmentation
* TPCN: Temporal Point Cloud Networks for Motion Forecasting
Includes: Cao, T.Y.[Tian Yue] Cao, T.Y.[Tian-Yue] Cao, T.Y.[Tong-Yi] Cao, T.Y.[Tie-Yong]
11 for Cao, T.Y.

Cao, V.T.[Van Toan] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Registration Based on the Vector Field Representation
* Approach for Local Comparison of Deformable 3D Models, An
* eSphere: extracting spheres from unorganized point clouds
Includes: Cao, V.T.[Van Toan] Cao, V.T.[Van-Toan]

Cao, W. Co Author Listing * 3D-GLCM CNN: A 3-Dimensional Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrix-Based CNN Model for Polyp Classification via CT Colonography
* Analysis and Evaluation of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on Prevention and Control of COVID-19: A Case Study of Wuhan City
* Animal Detection From Highly Cluttered Natural Scenes Using Spatiotemporal Object Region Proposals and Patch Verification
* Assessment of Six Machine Learning Methods for Predicting Gross Primary Productivity in Grassland
* Causal Narrative Comprehension: A New Perspective for Emotion Cause Extraction
* Classification of High Resolution Optical and SAR Fusion Image Using Fuzzy Knowledge and Object-Oriented Paradigm
* Conditional Joint Decision and Estimation With Application to Joint Tracking and Classification
* Cross-domain Semantic Feature Learning via Adversarial Adaptation Networks
* CSIE: Coded Strip-patterns Image Enhancement Embedded in Structured Light-Based Methods
* Did Ecological Restoration Hit Its Mark? Monitoring and Assessing Ecological Changes in the Grain for Green Program Region Using Multi-source Satellite Images
* Edge/Structure-Preserving Texture Filter via Relative Bilateral Filtering With a Conditional Constraint
* Extended Object Tracking and Classification Using Radar and ESM Sensor Data
* Few-Shot Class-Incremental Audio Classification Using Dynamically Expanded Classifier With Self-Attention Modified Prototypes
* Fuzzy Logic-based Approach For The Detection Of Flooded Vegetation By Means Of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, A
* Generating Target Image-Label Pairs for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Hybrid Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Label Similarity for Solving Point-Feature Label Placement Problem, A
* ICD: VHR-Oriented Interactive Change-Detection Algorithm
* Integrated Assessments of Land Degradation in the Three-Rivers Headwater Region of China from 2000 to 2020
* Joint Tracking and Identification Based on Constrained Joint Decision and Estimation
* KISS+ for Rapid and Accurate Pedestrian Re-Identification
* Landslides Extraction From Diverse Remote Sensing Data Sources Using Semantic Reasoning Scheme
* Low-Dose Dynamic Cerebral Perfusion Computed Tomography Reconstruction via Kronecker-Basis-Representation Tensor Sparsity Regularization
* Management Method of Multi-Granularity Dimensions for Spatiotemporal Data, A
* Mask Cross-Modal Hashing Networks
* Measuring Multiresolution Surface Roughness Using V-System
* Model Adaptation: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Without Source Data
* MPEG-2 to WMV Transcoder With Adaptive Error Compensation and Dynamic Switches
* Multi-Scale Fusion of Two Large-Exposure-Ratio Images
* Nonconvex-Sparsity and Nonlocal-Smoothness-Based Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Novel Approach for Mining Spatiotemporal Explicit and Implicit Information in Multiscale Spatiotemporal Data, A
* Novel Hybrid Intelligent SOPDEL Model with Comprehensive Data Preprocessing for Long-Time-Series Climate Prediction, A
* Novel Sparsity Measure for Tensor Recovery, A
* Optical character correction of large-curvature annular sector text in polar coordinate system
* Optimizing the Land Use and Land Cover Pattern to Increase Its Contribution to Carbon Neutrality
* Power Allocation and Performance Analysis in Overlay Cognitive Cooperative V2V Communication System With Outdated CSI
* Predict Seasonal Maximum Freezing Depth Changes Using Machine Learning in China over the Last 50 Years
* Real-Time Moving Object Segmentation and Classification From HEVC Compressed Surveillance Video
* Restoration of Individual Tree Missing Point Cloud Based on Local Features of Point Cloud
* Review of Deep Learning in Multiscale Agricultural Sensing, A
* Saliency detection using Multi-layer graph ranking and combined neural networks
* Satellite-Observed Energy Budget Change of Deforestation in Northeastern China and its Climate Implications
* Sensitivity Evaluation of Time Series InSAR Monitoring Results for Landslide Detection
* Task-Driven Progressive Part Localization for Fine-Grained Object Recognition
* Task-driven progressive part localization for fine-grained recognition
* Total Variation Regularized Tensor RPCA for Background Subtraction From Compressive Measurements
* TransFS: Face Swapping Using Transformer
* Underwater Image Vision Enhancement Algorithm Based on Contour Bougie Morphology, An
* Using vector building maps to aid in generating seams for low-attitude aerial orthoimage mosaicking: Advantages in avoiding the crossing of buildings
* Weight-Adapted Convolution Neural Network for Facial Expression Recognition in Human-Robot Interaction
Includes: Cao, W. Cao, W.[Wen] Cao, W.[Wei] Cao, W.[Wenchang] Cao, W.[Wanyu] Cao, W.[Wangbin] Cao, W.[Wujing] Cao, W.[Wang]
49 for Cao, W.

Cao, W.B.[Wen Bo] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Manifold Clustering By Dimensionality
* Quadratic Discriminant Revisited
Includes: Cao, W.B.[Wen Bo] Cao, W.B.[Wen-Bo]

Cao, W.C.[Wu Chun] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Epidemical Surveillance and Response System Based on GIS and Information Technique, A
* Concealing Fingerprint-Biometric Data into Audio Signals for Identify Authentication
* Few-Shot Speaker Identification Using Lightweight Prototypical Network With Feature Grouping and Interaction
* Identification of Electronic Disguised Voices in the Noisy Environment
Includes: Cao, W.C.[Wu Chun] Cao, W.C.[Wu-Chun] Cao, W.C.[Wen-Cheng] Cao, W.C.[Wen-Chang]

Cao, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Detecting Urban Events by Considering Long Temporal Dependency of Sentiment Strength in Geotagged Social Media Data
* Identification and Driving Factor Analysis of Ecological-Economic Spatial Conflict in Nanjing Metropolitan Area Based on Remote Sensing Data, The
* Survey of Object Detection for UAVs Based on Deep Learning, A
Includes: Cao, W.D.[Wei Dong] Cao, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Cao, W.F.[Wen Fei] Co Author Listing * Fast image deconvolution using closed-form thresholding formulas of regularization
* Learning a convolutional neural network for non-uniform motion blur removal
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Cao, W.F.[Wen Fei] Cao, W.F.[Wen-Fei] Cao, W.F.[Wei-Feng]

Cao, W.G.[Wei Guo] Co Author Listing * Moment invariants to affine transformation of colours
Includes: Cao, W.G.[Wei Guo] Cao, W.G.[Wei-Guo]

Cao, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * Influence of FY-4A High-Frequency LST Data on Data Assimilation in a Climate Model, The
* Quantile-Matching Approach to Improving Radar Quantitative Precipitation Estimation in South China, The
* Speech Personality Recognition Based on Annotation Classification Using Log-Likelihood Distance and Extraction of Essential Audio Features
* Statistical Evaluation of the Performance of Gridded Daily Precipitation Products from Reanalysis Data, Satellite Estimates, and Merged Analyses over Global Land
Includes: Cao, W.H.[Wei Hua] Cao, W.H.[Wei-Hua]

Cao, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * Changes in Net Primary Productivity and Factor Detection in China's Yellow River Basin from 2000 to 2019
* Cross-Domain Few-Shot classification via class-shared and class-specific dictionaries
* Impact of Spatial Resolution on the Classification of Vegetation Types in Highly Fragmented Planting Areas Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Images, The
* Learning Neural Proto-Face Field for Disentangled 3D Face Modeling in the Wild
* Novel Multi-Scale Feature Map Fusion for Oil Spill Detection of SAR Remote Sensing, A
* Physically-guided Disentangled Implicit Rendering for 3D Face Modeling
* QTN: Quaternion Transformer Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Remote Sensing of Soil Organic Carbon at Regional Scale Based on Deep Learning: A Case Study of Agro-Pastoral Ecotone in Northern China
* Road Extraction from Remote Sensing Imagery with Spatial Attention Based on Swin Transformer
* Saliency-Guided Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution
* SAR Image Classification Using Fully Connected Conditional Random Fields Combined with Deep Learning and Superpixel Boundary Constraint
* SAR Image Classification Using Greedy Hierarchical Learning With Unsupervised Stacked CAEs
* Self-Paced Hard Task-Example Mining for Few-Shot Classification
Includes: Cao, W.J.[Wen Jie] Cao, W.J.[Wen-Jie] Cao, W.J.[Wei-Jia] Cao, W.J.[Wei-Jian]
13 for Cao, W.J.

Cao, W.M.[Wen Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive weight multi-channel center similar deep hashing
* Constellational contour parsing for deformable object detection
* Cycle optimization metric learning for few-shot classification
* DDAT: Dual domain adaptive translation for low-resolution face verification in the wild
* GA-SURF: A new Speeded-Up robust feature extraction algorithm for multispectral images based on geometric algebra
* Geometric algebra-based multiview interaction networks for 3D human motion prediction
* Inner-Imaging Networks: Put Lenses Into Convolutional Structure
* KTransGAN: Variational Inference-Based Knowledge Transfer for Unsupervised Conditional Generative Learning
* Learned Model Composition With Critical Sample Look-Ahead for Semi-Supervised Learning on Small Sets of Labeled Samples
* Multi-Semantics Aggregation Network Based on the Dynamic-Attention Mechanism for 3D Human Motion Prediction
* PCFN: Progressive Cross-Modal Fusion Network for Human Pose Transfer
* residual generator: An improved divergence minimization framework for GAN, The
* Self-guided information for few-shot classification
* Simplified unsupervised image translation for semantic segmentation adaptation
* Spatial Assembly Networks for Image Representation Learning
* Spatiotemporal Progressive Inward-Outward Aggregation Network for skeleton-based action recognition
* Unsupervised discriminative feature learning via finding a clustering-friendly embedding space
* Unsupervised Multi-task Learning with Hierarchical Data Structure
Includes: Cao, W.M.[Wen Ming] Cao, W.M.[Wen-Ming]
18 for Cao, W.M.

Cao, W.P.[Wan Peng] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the center of rotation and 3D motion parameters from stereo sequence images and virtual validation using three-COMERO
* illumination-independent edge detection and fuzzy enhancement algorithm based on wavelet transform for non-uniform weak illumination images, An
* Sustainable and Transferable Traffic Sign Recognition for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Includes: Cao, W.P.[Wan Peng] Cao, W.P.[Wan-Peng] Cao, W.P.[Wei-Peng]

Cao, W.Q.[Wei Qun] Co Author Listing * Design Review In A Distributed Collaborative Virtual Environment
Includes: Cao, W.Q.[Wei Qun] Cao, W.Q.[Wei-Qun]

Cao, W.T.[Wen Ting] Co Author Listing * Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing of Nighttime Light Observations: Advances, Challenges, and Perspectives
* Characterizing annual dynamics of urban form at the horizontal and vertical dimensions using long-term Landsat time series data
* Cost-efficient bathymetric mapping method based on massive active-passive remote sensing data
* Exponential Algorithm for Bottom Reflectance Retrieval in Clear Optically Shallow Waters from Multispectral Imagery without Ground Data, An
* Long time-series remote sensing analysis of the periodic cycle evolution of the inlets and ebb-tidal delta of Xincun Lagoon, Hainan Island, China
* Mapping Annual Tidal Flat Loss and Gain in the Micro-Tidal Area Integrating Dual Full-Time Series Spectral Indices
* Remote Sensing Analysis of Erosion in Arctic Coastal Areas of Alaska and Eastern Siberia
Includes: Cao, W.T.[Wen Ting] Cao, W.T.[Wen-Ting]
7 for Cao, W.T.

Cao, W.W.[Wei Wei] Co Author Listing * BALQUE: Batch active learning by querying unstable examples with calibrated confidence
* IMTCN: An Interpretable Flight Safety Analysis and Prediction Model Based on Multi-Scale Temporal Convolutional Networks
Includes: Cao, W.W.[Wei Wei] Cao, W.W.[Wei-Wei]

Cao, W.X.[Wei Xing] Co Author Listing * Automated in-season mapping of winter wheat in China with training data generation and model transfer
* Combining Color Indices and Textures of UAV-Based Digital Imagery for Rice LAI Estimation
* Combining Remote Sensing and Meteorological Data for Improved Rice Plant Potassium Content Estimation
* Comparative Assessment of Different Modeling Algorithms for Estimating Leaf Nitrogen Content in Winter Wheat Using Multispectral Images from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, A
* Comparison of Satellite-Derived Phytoplankton Size Classes Using In-Situ Measurements in the South China Sea
* Development of a Novel Bidirectional Canopy Reflectance Model for Row-Planted Rice and Wheat
* Difference and Potential of the Upward and Downward Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence on Detecting Leaf Nitrogen Concentration in Wheat
* Diurnal Variation of the Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient for Downwelling Irradiance at 490 nm in Coastal East China Sea
* Early Detection of Powdery Mildew Disease and Accurate Quantification of Its Severity Using Hyperspectral Images in Wheat
* Enhancing the Nitrogen Signals of Rice Canopies across Critical Growth Stages through the Integration of Textural and Spectral Information from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Multispectral Imagery
* Estimating Leaf Area Index with a New Vegetation Index Considering the Influence of Rice Panicles
* Estimating the Augmented Reflectance Ratio of the Ocean Surface When Whitecaps Appear
* Estimating the Leaf Nitrogen Content with a New Feature Extracted from the Ultra-High Spectral and Spatial Resolution Images in Wheat
* Estimation of Canopy Biomass Components in Paddy Rice from Combined Optical and SAR Data Using Multi-Target Gaussian Regressor Stacking
* Estimation of Rice Growth Parameters Based on Linear Mixed-Effect Model Using Multispectral Images from Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Estimation of Rice Leaf Area Index Utilizing a Kalman Filter Fusion Methodology Based on Multi-Spectral Data Obtained from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
* Evaluation of Diverse Convolutional Neural Networks and Training Strategies for Wheat Leaf Disease Identification with Field-Acquired Photographs
* Evaluation of One-Class Support Vector Classification for Mapping the Paddy Rice Planting Area in Jiangsu Province of China from Landsat 8 OLI Imagery
* Evaluation of Post-Tunneling Aging Buildings Using the InSAR Nonuniform Settlement Index
* Evaluation of RGB, Color-Infrared and Multispectral Images Acquired from Unmanned Aerial Systems for the Estimation of Nitrogen Accumulation in Rice
* Evaluation of Six Algorithms to Monitor Wheat Leaf Nitrogen Concentration
* Evaluation of Three Techniques for Correcting the Spatial Scaling Bias of Leaf Area Index
* Exploring the Vertical Distribution of Structural Parameters and Light Radiation in Rice Canopies by the Coupling Model and Remote Sensing
* Generating Red-Edge Images at 3 M Spatial Resolution by Fusing Sentinel-2 and Planet Satellite Products
* Hyperspectral Reflectance Proxies to Diagnose In-Field Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat with Machine Learning
* Inversion of rice canopy chlorophyll content and leaf area index based on coupling of radiative transfer and Bayesian network models
* Predicting grain yield in rice using multi-temporal vegetation indices from UAV-based multispectral and digital imagery
* Predicting Rice Grain Yield Based on Dynamic Changes in Vegetation Indexes during Early to Mid-Growth Stages
* Preface: Recent Advances in Remote Sensing for Crop Growth Monitoring
* Rapid Mosaicking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images for Crop Growth Monitoring Using the SIFT Algorithm
* Retrieving Phytoplankton Size Class from the Absorption Coefficient and Chlorophyll A Concentration Based on Support Vector Machine
* RSARE: A physically-based vegetation index for estimating wheat green LAI to mitigate the impact of leaf chlorophyll content and residue-soil background
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Surface Phytoplankton Carbon and Carbon-to-Chlorophyll a Ratio in the South China Sea Based on Satellite Data
* Spectroscopic Estimation of Biomass in Canopy Components of Paddy Rice Using Dry Matter and Chlorophyll Indices
* Spectrum- and RGB-D-Based Image Fusion for the Prediction of Nitrogen Accumulation in Wheat
* Study of the Profile Distribution of the Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient and Secchi Disk Depth in the Northwestern South China Sea
* Use of an Active Canopy Sensor Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Monitor the Growth and Nitrogen Status of Winter Wheat
* Vegetation Growth Dynamic and Sensitivity to Changing Climate in a Watershed in Northern China
* Vertical Variability of Total and Size-Partitioned Phytoplankton Carbon in the South China Sea
* Wheat Growth Monitoring and Yield Estimation based on Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Wheat Spike Detection Method in UAV Images Based on Improved YOLOv5, A
* Wheat Yield Robust Prediction in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain by Coupling Multi-Source Data with Ensemble Model under Different Irrigation and Extreme Weather Events
* WREP: A wavelet-based technique for extracting the red edge position from reflectance spectra for estimating leaf and canopy chlorophyll contents of cereal crops
Includes: Cao, W.X.[Wei Xing] Cao, W.X.[Wei-Xing] Cao, W.X.[Wen-Xi] Cao, W.X. Cao, W.X.[Wen-Xu]
43 for Cao, W.X.

Cao, W.Z.[Wen Zhi] Co Author Listing * Rank consistent ordinal regression for neural networks with application to age estimation
* Response of Ecosystem Carbon-Water Fluxes to Extreme Drought in West Asia
Includes: Cao, W.Z.[Wen Zhi] Cao, W.Z.[Wen-Zhi]

Cao, X. Co Author Listing * 3D Body Pose and Shape Estimation from Multi-View Images With Limb Geometric Constraint
* Accurate 3D reconstruction via surface-consistency
* Acquisition of High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Video with a Hybrid Camera System
* Adaptive 3D content generation via depth video based rendering
* Adaptive Noisy Label-Correction Method Based on Selective Loss for Hyperspectral Image-Classification Problem, An
* Adversarial Refinement Network for Human Motion Prediction
* Adversarial Semantic Data Augmentation for Human Pose Estimation
* AMS-Net: An Attention-Based Multi-Scale Network for Classification of 3D Terracotta Warrior Fragments
* Analysis and Applications of GlobeLand30: A Review
* Analysis of the Spatial Distribution and Deformation Types of Active Landslides in the Upper Jinsha River, China, Using Integrated Remote Sensing Technologies
* Anatomy and Geometry Constrained One-stage Framework for 3d Human Pose Estimation
* Aperture Diffraction for Compact Snapshot Spectral Imaging
* Assessment of Multiple Scattering in the Reflectance of Semiarid Shrublands
* Attentional Neural Fields for Crowd Counting
* Audio-Driven Emotional Video Portraits
* Background Noise Filtering and Distribution Dividing for Crowd Counting
* BCOT: A Markerless High-Precision 3D Object Tracking Benchmark
* BeiDou Code Pseudorange Precision Estimation and Time Correlation Analysis from Trimble Net-R9 and ComNav 708 Receivers
* Bilateral Normal Integration
* Blind Face Restoration for Under-Display Camera via Dictionary Guided Transformer
* Blind optical aberration correction by exploring geometric and visual priors
* CAggNet: Crossing Aggregation Network for Medical Image Segmentation
* CFRWD-GAN for SAR-to-Optical Image Translation
* Cluster-Based Co-Saliency Detection
* Color Restoration for Full-Waveform Multispectral LiDAR Data
* Computational Snapshot Multispectral Cameras: Toward dynamic capture of the spectral world
* Continuous depth estimation for multi-view stereo
* Contributions of Various Temporal Components of Large-Scale Parameters in Tropical Cyclone Genesis over the North Indian Ocean
* Converting 2D Video to 3D: An Efficient Path to a 3D Experience
* Correcting the Saturation Effect in DMSP/OLS Stable Nighttime Light Products Based on Radiance-Calibrated Data
* Correlation-Based Tracking of Multiple Targets With Hierarchical Layered Structure
* Crowd Counting with Deep Negative Correlation Learning
* CUNet: A Compact Unsupervised Network For Image Classification
* Cyberphysical System With Virtual Reality for Intelligent Motion Recognition and Training
* Deep Multi-Scale Context Aware Feature Aggregation for Curved Scene Text Detection
* Deep Video Dehazing With Semantic Segmentation
* DeepCoder: A deep neural network based video compression
* Denoising Hyperspectral Image With Non-i.i.d. Noise Structure
* Detailed Avatar Recovery From Single Image
* Detailed Human Shape Estimation From a Single Image by Hierarchical Mesh Deformation
* Detection of Root Orientation Using Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Detection of Sudden Pedestrian Crossings for Driving Assistance Systems
* Developing a Pixel-Scale Corrected Nighttime Light Dataset (PCNL, 1992-2021) Combining DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS
* DINER: Disorder-Invariant Implicit Neural Representation
* Disc-Aware Ensemble Network for Glaucoma Screening From Fundus Image
* Disorder-Invariant Implicit Neural Representation
* Drive as You Speak: Enabling Human-Like Interaction with Large Language Models in Autonomous Vehicles
* Dual-Sampling Attention Network for Diagnosis of COVID-19 From Community Acquired Pneumonia
* Dynamic Target Tracking Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Based on Trajectory Prediction
* ECON: Explicit Clothed humans Optimized via Normal integration
* Efficient Method for High-Quality Removal of Nonuniform Blur in the Wavelet Domain
* Efficient Method For Multiple-Circle Detection, An
* End-to-End Learnt Image Compression via Non-Local Attention Optimization and Improved Context Modeling
* End-to-End Neural Video Coding Using a Compound Spatiotemporal Representation
* Entropy Optimized Deep Feature Compression
* ERF-RTMDet: An Improved Small Object Detection Method in Remote Sensing Images
* Explore Spatio-Temporal Aggregation for Insubstantial Object Detection: Benchmark Dataset and Baseline
* Exploring Video Denoising in Thermal Infrared Imaging: Physics-Inspired Noise Generator, Dataset, and Model
* Face Video Deblurring Using 3D Facial Priors
* FaceScape: 3D Facial Dataset and Benchmark for Single-View 3D Face Reconstruction
* FaceScape: A Large-Scale High Quality 3D Face Dataset and Detailed Riggable 3D Face Prediction
* Fashion Parsing With Video Context
* Fast reconstruction of fluorescence molecular tomography via a permissible region extraction strategy
* Flexible Multi-View Dimensionality Co-Reduction
* Fluorescence Tomography Reconstruction With Simultaneous Positron Emission Tomography Priors
* Focal Text: an Accurate Text Detection with Focal Loss
* Foreign Object Debris Detection on Airfield Pavement Using Region Based Convolution Neural Network
* game-theoretic approach to sub-vertex registration, A
* Gated Fusion Network for Single Image Dehazing
* Geometric Occlusion Analysis in Depth Estimation Using Integral Guided Filter for Light-Field Image
* Glance and Stare: Trapping Flying Birds in Aerial Videos by Adaptive Deep Spatio-Temporal Features
* Global land cover mapping at 30M resolution: A POK-based operational approach
* GPR-Based Automatic Identification of Root Zones of Influence Using HDBSCAN
* Graphical Evolutionary Game Approach to Social Learning, A
* Guest Editorial Introduction to Special Section on Modern Reversible Data Hiding and Watermarking
* Halftone Image Watermarking by Content Aware Double-Sided Embedding Error Diffusion
* High Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Patch-Level Sparse Representation
* High resolution multispectral video capture with a hybrid camera system
* High-fidelity 3D Face Generation from Natural Language Descriptions
* Holons Visual Representation for Image Retrieval
* Human Parsing With Pyramidical Gather-Excite Context
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via Non-Negative Structured Sparse Representation
* Hyperspectral Imaging With Random Printed Mask
* Illumination invariant extraction for face recognition using neighboring wavelet coefficients
* Image Deblurring via Extreme Channels Prior
* Improving Multispectral Pedestrian Detection by Addressing Modality Imbalance Problems
* Inference With Collaborative Model for Interactive Tumor Segmentation in Medical Image Sequences
* Influence of Radiation Stress on Upper-Layer Ocean Temperature under Geostrophic Condition
* Intelligent Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Mining Transportation With Electric Locomotive via Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything and Vehicular Edge Computing, An
* Interactive Contour Extraction via Sketch-Alike Dense-Validation Optimization
* Interactive Screen Video Streaming-Based Pervasive Mobile Workstyle
* Iterative Feedback Estimation of Depth and Radiance from Defocused Images
* Iterative Haze Optimized Transformation for Automatic Cloud/Haze Detection of Landsat Imagery, An
* Joint Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation Based on Multi-Label Deep Network and Polar Transformation
* Joint residual pyramid for joint image super-resolution
* Landslide Hazard Assessment Combined with InSAR Deformation: A Case Study in the Zagunao River Basin, Sichuan Province, Southwestern China
* Learning Interleaved Cascade of Shrinkage Fields for Joint Image Dehazing and Denoising
* Learning Structural Representations via Dynamic Object Landmarks Discovery for Sketch Recognition and Retrieval
* Limits of brightness and color distortions based on subjective evaluation of stereoscopic images
* Long-Short-Term Features for Dynamic Scene Classification
* Low-Rank Matrix Factorization under General Mixture Noise Distributions
* MACP: Efficient Model Adaptation for Cooperative Perception
* Mapping plastic greenhouse with medium spatial resolution satellite data: Development of a new spectral index
* Mapping Shrub Coverage in Xilin Gol Grassland with Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Mapping Winter Wheat in North China Using Sentinel 2A/B Data: A Method Based on Phenology-Time Weighted Dynamic Time Warping
* Metrology from Vertical Objects
* Model-Agnostic Metric for Zero-Shot Learning
* Modeling peripheral vision impact on perceptual quality of immersive images
* Modeling the impact of spatial resolutions on perceptual quality of immersive image/video
* Modeling the Perceptual Quality of Immersive Images Rendered on Head Mounted Displays: Resolution and Compression
* Modified Dynamic Routing Convolutional Neural Network for Pan-Sharpening
* MoFaNeRF: Morphable Facial Neural Radiance Field
* Multi-Scale Aggregation Network for Direct Face Alignment
* Multi-View Azimuth Stereo via Tangent Space Consistency
* Multimodal Affective States Recognition Based on Multiscale CNNs and Biologically Inspired Decision Fusion Model
* Multimodal Gesture Recognition Based on the ResC3D Network
* Multiple Semantic Matching on Augmented N-Partite Graph for Object Co-Segmentation
* Multispectral focal stack acquisition using a chromatic aberration enlarged camera
* Multispectral Image Intrinsic Decomposition via Subspace Constraint
* Multiview video depth estimation using spacial-temporal consistency
* Neural Video Coding Using Multiscale Motion Compensation and Spatiotemporal Context Model
* New Method for Identifying the Central Business Districts with Nighttime Light Radiance and Angular Effects, A
* Nonlinear Unmixing via Deep Autoencoder Networks for Generalized Bilinear Model
* Normal Integration via Inverse Plane Fitting with Minimum Point-to-Plane Distance
* Novel Cloud Removal Method Based on IHOT and the Cloud Trajectories for Landsat Imagery, A
* Novel Derived Mode for Block Partitioning Structure in Video Coding, A
* Novel Method for Semi-automatic 2D to 3D Video Conversion, A
* Novel Spectral Linear Transformation to Estimate Non-photosynthetic Vegetation Coverage In North Asian Steppe, A
* Object-Level High-Order Contextual Descriptor Based on Semantic, Spatial, and Scale Cues, An
* Objective quality assessment of depth image based rendering in 3DTV system
* On the Power of Gradual Network Alignment Using Dual-Perception Similarities
* Online Multi-Object Tracking Using Hierarchical Constraints for Complex Scenarios
* Online Rain/Snow Removal From Surveillance Videos
* Output Constraint Transfer for Kernelized Correlation Filter in Tracking
* Path planning for autonomous underwater vehicle in time-varying current
* Pelvic Organ Segmentation Using Distinctive Curve Guided Fully Convolutional Networks
* Performing scalable lossy compression on pixel encrypted images
* Point Cloud Colorization Based on Densely Annotated 3D Shape Dataset
* PointStaClu: A Deep Point Cloud Clustering Method Based on Stable Cluster Discrimination
* Polarimetric SAR Image Semantic Segmentation With 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform and Markov Random Field
* Prism-based System for Multispectral Video Acquisition, A
* Prism-Mask System for Multispectral Video Acquisition, A
* Proactive Drone-Cell Deployment: Overload Relief for a Cellular Network Under Flash Crowd Traffic
* PSNet: A Style Transfer Network for Point Cloud Stylization on Geometry and Color
* Pyramid NeRF: Frequency Guided Fast Radiance Field Optimization
* Quadtree Based Nonsquare Block Structure for Inter Frame Coding in High Efficiency Video Coding
* Region-Adaptive Deformable Registration of CT/MRI Pelvic Images via Learning-Based Image Synthesis
* Regularity Preserved Superpixels and Supervoxels
* Relational Attention Network for Crowd Counting
* Remote Sensing Application in Ecological Restoration Monitoring: A Systematic Review
* Remote Sensing Index for Mapping Canola Flowers Using MODIS Data
* Replacing the Red Band with the Red-SWIR Band (0.74 rho red+0.26 rho swir) Can Reduce the Sensitivity of Vegetation Indices to Soil Background
* Rescaling-Assisted Super-Resolution for Medium-Low Resolution Remote Sensing Ship Detection
* Resolution-Enhanced Lensless Color Shadow Imaging Microscopy Based on Large Field-of-View Submicron-Pixel Imaging Sensors
* Reversible Data Hiding With Brightness Preserving Contrast Enhancement by Two-Dimensional Histogram Modification
* review of regional and Global scale Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) mapping products generated from satellite remote sensing, A
* Revised depth map estimation for multi-view stereo
* RIO: Rotation-equivariance supervised learning of robust inertial odometry
* Robust Face Clustering Via Tensor Decomposition
* Robust Low-Rank Matrix Factorization Under General Mixture Noise Distributions
* Robust multi-view stereo synthesized by various parameters model
* Robust Online Tracking via Contrastive Spatio-Temporal Aware Network
* Root-Soil Water Relationship Is Spatially Anisotropic in Shrub-Encroached Grassland in North China: Evidence from GPR Investigation, The
* Self-Training Strategy Based on Finite Element Method for Adaptive Bioluminescence Tomography Reconstruction
* Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Sparse Self-Attention and Feature Alignment
* Shape and Albedo Recovery by Your Phone using Stereoscopic Flash and No-Flash Photography
* Single image dehazing algorithm using generative adversarial network based on feature pyramid network
* SketchNet: Sketch Classification with Web Images
* SLOAN: Scale-Adaptive Orientation Attention Network for Scene Text Recognition
* Sparse Photometric 3D Face Reconstruction Guided by Morphable Models
* Spectral Reconstruction From Dispersive Blur: A Novel Light Efficient Spectral Imager
* Split Multiplicative Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* SPPD: A Novel Reassembly Method for 3D Terracotta Warrior Fragments Based on Fracture Surface Information
* Squeezed Trajectory Design for Peak RF and Integrated RF Power Reduction in Parallel Transmission MRI
* Stereoscopic Flash and No-Flash Photography for Shape and Albedo Recovery
* Structured Saliency Fusion Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory
* Superpixel Segmentation for Polsar Images Based on Hexagon Initialization and Edge Refinement
* Superpixel-Based Multiple Local CNN for Panchromatic and Multispectral Image Classification
* Survey on Multimodal Large Language Models for Autonomous Driving, A
* Task-Aware Attention Model for Clothing Attribute Prediction
* Text Co-Detection in Multi-View Scene
* Threat Assessment Strategy of Human-in-the-Loop Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Under Uncertain Events
* Total Variation Regularized RPCA for Irregularly Moving Object Detection Under Dynamic Background
* Toward Naturalistic 2D-to-3D Conversion
* Tree Root Automatic Recognition in Ground Penetrating Radar Profiles Based on Randomized Hough Transform
* Uncertainty Aware Temporal-Ensembling Model for Semi-Supervised ABUS Mass Segmentation
* Underwater Image Dehazing Using The Color Space Dimensionality Reduction Prior
* Unsupervised Detection of Pulmonary Opacities for Computer-Aided Diagnosis of COVID-19 on CT Images
* Vehicle Detection by a Context-Aware Multichannel Feature Pyramid
* Video-Based Outdoor Human Reconstruction
* View Extrapolation of Human Body from a Single Image
* Vision field capture for advanced 3DTV applications
* Wavelet-based network for high dynamic range imaging
* YoTube: Searching Action Proposal Via Recurrent and Static Regression Networks
* You Only Need The Image: Unsupervised Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation With Co-Guidance Network
Includes: Cao, X. Cao, X.[Xun] Cao, X.[Xiangyong] Cao, X.[Xuan] Cao, X.[Xin] Cao, X.[Xiong] Cao, X.[Xinyun] Cao, X.[Xu] Cao, X.[Xiaocun] Cao, X.[Xi] Cao, X.[Xiang] Cao, X.[Xuhui] Cao, X.[Xinyan] Cao, X.[Xianghai] Cao, X.[Xuyue] Cao, X.[Xiya] Cao, X.[Xiao] Cao, X.[Xilei]
195 for Cao, X.

Cao, X.B.[Xian Bin] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Vehicle Detection in Low-Altitude Airborne Urban Video
* Airport Capacity Prediction With Multisource Features: A Temporal Deep Learning Approach
* ASiam: adaptive Siamese regression tracking with adversarial template generation and motion-based failure recovery
* Attentional Kernel Encoding Networks for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Boosting Variational Inference With Margin Learning for Few-Shot Scene-Adaptive Anomaly Detection
* Cross-Domain Attention Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Crowd Counting
* Crowd Counting and Density Estimation by Trellis Encoder-Decoder Networks
* DCP-NAS: Discrepant Child-Parent Neural Architecture Search for 1-bit CNNs
* Deep Unsupervised Learning Approach for Airspace Complexity Evaluation, A
* Efficient Tree Classifier Ensemble-Based Approach for Pedestrian Detection, An
* Fast Nearest Subspace Search via Random Angular Hashing
* Few-shot Semantic Segmentation with Democratic Attention Networks
* IDa-Det: An Information Discrepancy-Aware Distillation for 1-Bit Detectors
* Image Registration and Fusion of Visible and Infrared Integrated Camera for Medium-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing
* IncreACO: Incrementally Learned Automatic Check-out with Photorealistic Exemplar Augmentation
* KLT Feature Based Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Airborne Videos
* Latent Domain Generation for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Object Counting
* Learning Foreground Information Bottleneck for few-shot semantic segmentation
* Linear SVM classification using boosting HOG features for vehicle detection in low-altitude airborne videos
* Long-range Attention Network for Multi-View Stereo
* Low-Cost Pedestrian-Detection System With a Single Optical Camera, A
* Model-Free Tracking With Deep Appearance and Motion Features Integration
* Modulated Convolutional Networks
* Mr-SDM: a novel statistical deformable model for object deformation
* NAS-Count: Counting-by-density with Neural Architecture Search
* Object detection and tracking under Complex environment using deep learning-based LPM
* One-two-one networks for compression artifacts reduction in remote sensing
* Representation Disparity-aware Distillation for 3D Object Detection
* Robust object tracking using least absolute deviation
* Spatial-Temporal Approach for Multi-Airport Traffic Flow Prediction Through Causality Graphs, A
* Supervised Local Descriptor Learning for Human Action Recognition
* Variational Prototype Inference for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Vehicle Detection and Motion Analysis in Low-Altitude Airborne Video Under Urban Environment
* Vehicle detection and tracking in airborne videos by multi-motion layer analysis
* Visual Attention Accelerated Vehicle Detection in Low-Altitude Airborne Video of Urban Environment
Includes: Cao, X.B.[Xian Bin] Cao, X.B.[Xian-Bin]
35 for Cao, X.B.

Cao, X.C.[Xiao Chun] Co Author Listing * Accurate Scene Text Detection Via Scale-Aware Data Augmentation and Shape Similarity Constraint
* Accurate Transmission Estimation for Removing Haze and Noise From a Single Image
* ACE: Anchor-Free Corner Evolution for Real-Time Arbitrarily-Oriented Object Detection
* Action recognition based on spatial-temporal pyramid sparse coding
* Action recognition using 3D DAISY descriptor
* Action Recognition Using Subtensor Constraint
* Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Graph Enhanced Vision-Language Representation for Video QA
* AIParsing: Anchor-Free Instance-Level Human Parsing
* Attention-Guided Collaborative Counting
* AUC-Oriented Domain Adaptation: From Theory to Algorithm
* Augmenting Image Descriptions Using Structured Prediction Output
* Automated visual analysis in large scale sensor networks
* Automatic geo-registration of maritime video feeds
* Binarized Mode Seeking for Scalable Visual Pattern Discovery
* Boosting Fast Adversarial Training With Learnable Adversarial Initialization
* Calibrating Freely Moving Cameras
* Camera calibration and geo-location estimation from two shadow trajectories
* Camera Calibration and Light Source Estimation from Images with Shadows
* Camera calibration and light source orientation from solar shadows
* Camera Calibration from Two Shadow Trajectories
* Camera Calibration Using Symmetric Objects
* Camera calibration without metric information using 1D objects
* Camera Motion Quantification and Alignment
* CIR-Net: Cross-Modality Interaction and Refinement for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Co-Saliency Detection for RGBD Images Based on Multi-Constraint Feature Matching and Cross Label Propagation
* Cognition Guided Human-Object Relationship Detection
* ComDefend: An Efficient Image Compression Model to Defend Adversarial Examples
* Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis of Single Image Deraining: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives, A
* Configuring Mixed Reality Environment
* Constrained Multi-View Video Face Clustering
* Contrastive Multi-View Learning for 3D Shape Clustering
* Correcting Optical Aberration via Depth-Aware Point Spread Functions
* Creating Realistic Shadows of Composited Objects
* Deblurring Dynamic Scenes via Spatially Varying Recurrent Neural Networks
* Deep Robust Subjective Visual Property Prediction in Crowdsourcing
* Dense Attention Fluid Network for Salient Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Detecting image forgeries using metrology
* Dist-PU: Positive-Unlabeled Learning from a Label Distribution Perspective
* Diversity-induced Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Easy Camera Calibration From Inter-Image Homographies
* Efficient Adversarial Attacks for Visual Object Tracking
* Efficient Data Driven Algorithm for Multi-Sensor Alignment, An
* Embedded omni-vision navigator based on multi-object tracking
* Enhancing Sketch-Based Image Retrieval by CNN Semantic Re-Ranking
* Entity-Graph Enhanced Cross-Modal Pretraining for Instance-Level Product Retrieval
* Evaluating Visual Properties via Robust HodgeRank
* Event-Aware Video Deraining via Multi-Patch Progressive Learning
* Exploring the Robustness of Human Parsers Toward Common Corruptions
* F-TPE: Flexible Thumbnail-Preserving Encryption Based on Multi-Pixel Sum-Preserving Encryption
* Face Restoration via Plug-and-Play 3D Facial Priors
* Face Super-resolution Guided by 3d Facial Priors
* Facial Kinship Verification: A Comprehensive Review and Outlook
* Fast Ultra High-Definition Video Deblurring via Multi-scale Separable Network
* FIND: A Neat Flip Invariant Descriptor
* flexible framework of adaptive method selection for image saliency detection, A
* Focal Network for Image Restoration
* Freeze/Thaw-Induced Deformation Monitoring and Assessment of the Slope in Permafrost Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanner and GNSS
* From Social to Individuals: A Parsimonious Path of Multi-Level Models for Crowdsourced Preference Aggregation
* Gaussian Model for 3D Mesh Steganography
* Generalized Latent Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* Geo-location estimation from two shadow trajectories
* Geometry of a Non-Overlapping Multi-Camera Network
* Global Spatio-Temporal Representation for Action Recognition, A
* Good match exploration using triangle constraint
* Hierarchical Density-Aware Dehazing Network
* HSCS: Hierarchical Sparsity Based Co-saliency Detection for RGBD Images
* Hyperlink-Aware Object Retrieval
* Image Deblurring via Enhanced Low-Rank Prior
* Image Restoration via Frequency Selection
* Image Retrieval and Ranking via Consistently Reconstructing Multi-attribute Queries
* Intelligent Tool Condition Monitoring Based on Multi-Scale Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network
* Lagrangian relaxation graph matching
* Large-Scale Multiple-Objective Method for Black-box Attack Against Object Detection, A
* LAS-AT: Adversarial Training with Learnable Attack Strategy
* Latent Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Learning Deep Lucas-Kanade Siamese Network for Visual Tracking
* Learning Disentangled Representations for Identity Preserving Surveillance Face Camouflage
* Learning With Multiclass AUC: Theory and Algorithms
* Lightweight Image Super-Resolution with Superpixel Token Interaction
* Lip Segmentation under MAP-MRF Framework with Automatic Selection of Local Observation Scale and Number of Segments
* Low-Light Image Enhancement via a Deep Hybrid Network
* Low-Rank Tensor Constrained Multiview Subspace Clustering
* Map-based Active Leader-Follower Surveillance System
* MAP-MRF based lip segmentation without true segment number
* Matching-CNN meets KNN: Quasi-parametric human parsing
* MaxMatch: Semi-Supervised Learning With Worst-Case Consistency
* Metrology in Uncalibrated Images Given One Vanishing Point
* MIFT: A framework for feature descriptors to be mirror reflection invariant
* MIFT: A Mirror Reflection Invariant Feature Descriptor
* Multi-Exposure Image Fusion via Deformable Self-Attention
* Multi-Scale Separable Network for Ultra-High-Definition Video Deblurring
* Multiple Adverse Weather Conditions Adaptation for Object Detection via Causal Intervention
* Not All Samples are Trustworthy: Towards Deep Robust SVP Prediction
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Object clique representation for scene classification
* Omni-Directional Surveillance for Unmanned Water Vehicles
* Optimizing Partial Area Under the Top-k Curve: Theory and Practice
* Optimizing Two-Way Partial AUC With an End-to-End Framework
* Parallel Rectangle Flip Attack: A Query-based Black-box Attack against Object Detection
* Photographic Composite Detection Using Two Circles
* Poisoning Attack Against Estimating From Pairwise Comparisons
* Positive-Unlabeled Learning With Label Distribution Alignment
* Principled Design of Image Representation: Towards Forensic Tasks, A
* Prior-Guided Adversarial Initialization for Fast Adversarial Training
* Progressive Contour Regression for Arbitrary-Shape Scene Text Detection
* Pyramid Architecture Search for Real-Time Image Deblurring
* Quadratic projection based feature extraction with its application to biometric recognition
* Rethinking Collaborative Metric Learning: Toward an Efficient Alternative Without Negative Sampling
* Rethinking Label Flipping Attack: From Sample Masking to Sample Thresholding
* Revisiting AUC-Oriented Adversarial Training With Loss-Agnostic Perturbations
* Robust Foreground Detection Using Smoothness and Arbitrariness Constraints
* Robust Separation of Reflection from Multiple Images
* Robust Target Tracking by Online Random Forests and Superpixels
* Saliency Detection for Stereoscopic Images Based on Depth Confidence Analysis and Multiple Cues Fusion
* Scene Text Deblurring Using Text-Specific Multiscale Dictionaries
* Self-Adaptively Weighted Co-Saliency Detection via Rank Constraint
* Self-calibration from turn-table sequences in presence of zoom and focus
* Self-Calibration Using Constant Camera Motion
* Semantic-Aware Dehazing Network With Adaptive Feature Fusion
* Shape-Preserving Object Depth Control for Stereoscopic Images
* Simple calibration without metric information using an isoceles trapezoid
* Single Image Dehazing via Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks
* Single Image Dehazing via Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks with Holistic Edges
* Single Image Deraining: A Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis
* Single Image Super-Resolution via a Holistic Attention Network
* Sketch Based Image Retrieval Via Image-Aided Cross Domain Learning
* SLED: Semantic Label Embedding Dictionary Representation for Multilabel Image Annotation
* Sparse Dictionary Learning for Edit Propagation of High-Resolution Images
* SRGAT: Single Image Super-Resolution with Graph Attention Network
* STGL: Spatial-Temporal Graph Representation and Learning for Visual Tracking
* Structural Correlation Filter for Robust Visual Tracking
* Survey of Orthogonal Moments for Image Representation: Theory, Implementation, and Evaluation, A
* Susceptibility Prediction of Post-Fire Debris Flows in Xichang, China, Using a Logistic Regression Model from a Spatiotemporal Perspective
* SYM-FISH: A Symmetry-Aware Flip Invariant Sketch Histogram Shape Descriptor
* Symmetry Constraint for Foreground Extraction
* Synthesizing Reflections of Inserted Objects
* Tale of HodgeRank and Spectral Method: Target Attack Against Rank Aggregation is the Fixed Point of Adversarial Game, A
* Task-Feature Collaborative Learning with Application to Personalized Attribute Prediction
* Tensorized Multi-view Subspace Representation Learning
* Triangle-Constraint for Finding More Good Features
* Ultra-High-Definition Image Dehazing via Multi-Guided Bilateral Learning
* Ultra-High-Definition Image HDR Reconstruction via Collaborative Bilateral Learning
* Under-Display Camera Image Enhancement via Cascaded Curve Estimation
* Unified Dictionary Learning and Region Tagging with Hierarchical Sparse Representation
* Video Completion for Perspective Camera Under Constrained Motion
* Video Deblurring via Semantic Segmentation and Pixel-Wise Non-linear Kernel
* Video dehazing with spatial and temporal coherence
* Video Editing with Temporal, Spatial and Appearance Consistency
* Video Super-Resolution via a Spatio-Temporal Alignment Network
* Video synchronization and its application to object transfer
* View invariant action recognition using weighted fundamental ratios
* Visual Object Tracking With Partition Loss Schemes
* Visual Word Pairs for Similar Image Search
* Water Reflection Detection Using a Flip Invariant Shape Detector
* Watermark Vaccine: Adversarial Attacks to Prevent Watermark Removal
Includes: Cao, X.C.[Xiao Chun] Cao, X.C.[Xiao-Chun] Cao, X.C.[Xue-Cheng] Cao, X.C.[Xin-Cheng] Cao, X.C.[Xi-Chao]
156 for Cao, X.C.

Cao, X.D.[Xu Dong] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Face Revisited: A Joint Formulation
* Blessing of Dimensionality: High-Dimensional Feature and Its Efficient Compression for Face Verification
* Efficient Joint Formulation for Bayesian Face Verification, An
* Face Alignment at 3000 FPS via Regressing Local Binary Features
* Face Alignment by Explicit Shape Regression
* Face Alignment via Regressing Local Binary Features
* Global refinement of random forest
* Joint Cascade Face Detection and Alignment
* Key Volume Mining Deep Framework for Action Recognition, A
* Learning Discriminative Reconstructions for Unsupervised Outlier Removal
* Practical Transfer Learning Algorithm for Face Verification, A
* Well Begun Is Half Done: Generating High-Quality Seeds for Automatic Image Dataset Construction from Web
Includes: Cao, X.D.[Xu Dong] Cao, X.D.[Xu-Dong]
12 for Cao, X.D.

Cao, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Co Author Listing * AdaNS: Adaptive negative sampling for unsupervised graph representation learning
* Attention aware cost volume pyramid based multi-view stereo network for 3D reconstruction
* Calibrating GloVe model on the principle of Zipf's law
* Comparison of UAV RGB and Multispectral Imaging in Phenotyping for Stay Green of Wheat Population, A
* Data-Efficient Learning via Minimizing Hyperspherical Energy
* Distribution Disagreement via Lorentzian Focal Representation
* Hyperbolic Uncertainty Aware Semantic Segmentation
* Improving Augmentation Consistency for Graph Contrastive Learning
* Improving generalization of double low-rank representation using Schatten-p norm
* Object-Centric Unsupervised Image Captioning
* Pairwise registration of TLS point clouds using covariance descriptors and a non-cooperative game
* Poincaré Fréchet mean
* Scale estimation-based visual tracking with optimized convolutional activation features
* Study on the Impact of the Doppler Shift for CO2 Lidar Remote Sensing
Includes: Cao, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Cao, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Cao, X.F.[Xue-Feng] Cao, X.F.[Xue-Fei] Cao, X.F.[Xiao-Fei] Cao, X.F.[Xi-Feng]
14 for Cao, X.F.

Cao, X.H.[Xiang Hai] Co Author Listing * AC-WGAN-GP: Generating Labeled Samples for Improving Hyperspectral Image Classification with Small-Samples
* Adversarial Representation Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Small-Sized Labeled Set
* Aerosol Optical Radiation Properties in Kunming (the Low-Latitude Plateau of China) and Their Relationship to the Monsoon Circulation Index
* Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Multiclass Spatial-Spectral Generative Adversarial Networks
* Combining Siamese Network and Regression Network for Visual Tracking
* Convolutional Neural Network Based on Bandwise-Independent Convolution and Hard Thresholding for Hyperspectral Band Selection
* CSANet: Cross-Scale Axial Attention Network for Road Segmentation
* Deep Fully Convolutional Network-Based Spatial Distribution Prediction for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Deep morphological simplification network (MS-Net) for guided registration of brain magnetic resonance images
* Deep Reinforcement Learning for Semisupervised Hyperspectral Band Selection
* Fast hyperspectral band selection based on spatial feature extraction
* Generative Adversarial Networks Based on Collaborative Learning and Attention Mechanism for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* HF-UNet: Learning Hierarchically Inter-Task Relevance in Multi-Task U-Net for Accurate Prostate Segmentation in CT Images
* Illumination-insensitive features for face recognition
* improved retinal modeling for illumination face recognition, An
* Learning Appearance and Shape Evolution for Infant Image Registration in the First Year of Life
* Learning to Drive Like Human Beings: A Method Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Multi-Resolution Blending Considering Changed Regions for Orthoimage Mosaicking, A
* new design in iterative image deblurring for improved robustness and performance, A
* New Iterative Triclass Thresholding Technique in Image Segmentation, A
* Optimal controller location in wireless sensor and actuator networks
* Radar Intra-Pulse Signal Modulation Classification with Contrastive Learning
* SAR Image Change Detection Based on Deep Denoising and CNN
* Simple yet Effective Model for Zero-Shot Learning, A
* TaG-Net: Topology-Aware Graph Network for Centerline-Based Vessel Labeling
* Wave Period Parameterization of Ocean Waves and Its Application to Ocean Wave Simulations, The
Includes: Cao, X.H.[Xiang Hai] Cao, X.H.[Xiang-Hai] Cao, X.H.[Xiao-Hang] Cao, X.H.[Xue-Hong] Cao, X.H.[Xiao-Huan] Cao, X.H.[Xuan-Hao] Cao, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Cao, X.H.[Xin-Hua] Cao, X.H.[Xiang-Hui] Cao, X.H. Cao, X.H.[Xu-Hui]
26 for Cao, X.H.

Cao, X.J.[Xiao Jie] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Spatial Interpolation and Regression Analysis Models for an Estimation of Monthly Near Surface Air Temperature in China
* Comparison of Wintertime Atmospheric Boundary Layer Heights Determined by Tethered Balloon Soundings and Lidar at the Site of SACOL, A
* Optical Properties and Vertical Distribution of Aerosols Using Polarization Lidar and Sun Photometer over Lanzhou Suburb in Northwest China
Includes: Cao, X.J.[Xiao Jie] Cao, X.J.[Xiao-Jie] Cao, X.J.[Xian-Jie]

Cao, X.K.[Xin Kun] Co Author Listing * Scale Aggregation Network for Accurate and Efficient Crowd Counting
Includes: Cao, X.K.[Xin Kun] Cao, X.K.[Xin-Kun]

Cao, X.L.[Xu Long] Co Author Listing * Efficient End-to-End 3D Voxel Reconstruction based on Neural Architecture Search, An
* Polygonal 3D Layout Reconstruction of an Indoor Environment via Voxel-Based Room Segmentation and Space Partition, The
* Weighted Space-Frequency Time-Reversal Imaging for Multiple Targets
Includes: Cao, X.L.[Xu Long] Cao, X.L.[Xu-Long] Cao, X.L.[Xin-Liang] Cao, X.L.[Xue-Lin]

Cao, X.M.[Xiao Meng] Co Author Listing * Automotive Radar-Based Vehicle Tracking Using Data-Region Association
* Deformation of the Crust and Upper Mantle beneath the North China Craton and Its Adjacent Areas Constrained by Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocity and Azimuthal Anisotropy
* Interpreting vulnerabilities of multi-instance learning to adversarial perturbations
* Land Cover Mapping in Southwestern China Using the HC-MMK Approach
* Tracking of Rectangular Object Using Key Points With Regionally Concentrated Measurements
Includes: Cao, X.M.[Xiao Meng] Cao, X.M.[Xiao-Meng] Cao, X.M.[Xiao-Man] Cao, X.M.[Xue-Mei] Cao, X.M.[Xiao-Min]

Cao, X.N.[Xuan Nam] Co Author Listing * Pefnet: Positional Embedding Feature for Polyp Segmentation
Includes: Cao, X.N.[Xuan Nam] Cao, X.N.[Xuan-Nam]

Cao, X.P. Co Author Listing * Approximate Orthogonal Distance Regression Method for Fitting Quadric Surfaces to Range Data
* Subpixel Edge Detector Using Expectation of First-Order Derivatives
Includes: Cao, X.P. Cao, X.P.[Xing-Ping]

Cao, X.Q.[Xiao Qun] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of Sentinel-1 Derived Sea Surface Winds for Typhoon Forecasting
* DP-CSM: Efficient Differentially Private Synthesis for Human Mobility Trajectory with Coresets and Staircase Mechanism
* Human Body Parts Tracking Using Sequential Markov Random Fields
* Statistical power of Fisher test for the detection of short periodic gene expression profiles
* Type-2 fuzzy labeled latent Dirichlet allocation for human action categorization
Includes: Cao, X.Q.[Xiao Qun] Cao, X.Q.[Xiao-Qun] Cao, X.Q.[Xiao-Qian] Cao, X.Q.[Xiao-Qin]

Cao, X.R.[Xiao Rui] Co Author Listing * Improvement of Homing Missile Guidance Performance Using Fuzzy Adaptive IMM Radome Slope Estimation
* Short Distance Intra Coding Scheme for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Singular vector decomposition based adaptive transform for motion compensation residuals
Includes: Cao, X.R.[Xiao Rui] Cao, X.R.[Xiao-Rui] Cao, X.R.[Xiao-Ran]

Cao, X.S.[Xiao Shu] Co Author Listing * Applying Decision Trees to Examine the Nonlinear Effects of Multiscale Transport Accessibility on Rural Poverty in China
* Exploring the Evolution of the Accessibility of Educational Facilities and Its Influencing Factors in Mountainous Areas: A Case Study of the Rocky Desertification Area in Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guizhou
* Exploring the Spatial Determinants of Rural Poverty in the Interprovincial Border Areas of the Loess Plateau in China: A Village-Level Analysis Using Geographically Weighted Regression
* iNAS: Integral NAS for Device-Aware Salient Object Detection
* Long-Tailed Class Incremental Learning
Includes: Cao, X.S.[Xiao Shu] Cao, X.S.[Xiao-Shu] Cao, X.S.[Xu-Sheng]

Cao, X.T.[Xiao Teng] Co Author Listing * Spatial Pattern and Drivers of China's Public Cultural Facilities between 2012 and 2020 Based on POI and Statistical Data
Includes: Cao, X.T.[Xiao Teng] Cao, X.T.[Xiao-Teng]

Cao, X.W.[Xue Wei] Co Author Listing * greedy-based multiquadric method for LiDAR-derived ground data reduction, A
* No embedding: A novel image cryptosystem for meaningful encryption
* Phenological Changes and Driving Forces of Lake Ice in Central Asia from 2002 to 2020
Includes: Cao, X.W.[Xue Wei] Cao, X.W.[Xue-Wei] Cao, X.W.[Xing-Wu] Cao, X.W.[Xing-Wen]

Cao, X.X.[Xing Xing] Co Author Listing * ADAM Challenge: Detecting Age-Related Macular Degeneration from Fundus Images
* Effective Barcode Hunter via Semantic Segmentation in the Wild
* Multimodal Affective States Recognition Based on Multiscale CNNs and Biologically Inspired Decision Fusion Model
Includes: Cao, X.X.[Xing Xing] Cao, X.X.[Xing-Xing] Cao, X.X.[Xi-Xin]

Cao, X.Y.[Xin Yue] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Characteristics in Different Dust Events Based on a 532 nm and 355 nm Polarization Lidar in Beijing, The
* Application of Deep Learning in Multitemporal Remote Sensing Image Classification
* BDS-3/Galileo Time and Frequency Transfer with Quad-Frequency Precise Point Positioning
* Controlling the Rain: from Removal to Rendering
* Discovering influential factors in variational autoencoders
* Fast intra coding in AVS3 based on direct non-first pre-coding skip
* Gesture segmentation based on monocular vision using skin color and motion cues
* Hyperspectral Denoising Using Asymmetric Noise Modeling Deep Image Prior
* Hyperspectral Image Classification With Convolutional Neural Network and Active Learning
* Hyperspectral Image Classification With Markov Random Fields and a Convolutional Neural Network
* Impact of Eclipsing GNSS Satellites on the Precise Point Positioning, The
* Improved Method of Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Multi-Frequency SNR Data, An
* Learning An Explicit Weighting Scheme for Adapting Complex HSI Noise
* Learning Fine-Grained Segmentation of 3D Shapes without Part Labels
* Memory-Augmented Deep Unfolding Network for Guided Image Super-resolution
* MPAF: Model Poisoning Attacks to Federated Learning based on Fake Clients
* New Strategy for Extracting ENSO Related Signals in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere from GNSS RO Specific Humidity Observations, A
* Online tracking of ants based on deep association metrics: Method, dataset and evaluation
* Optimal Tropospheric Tomography Method Based on the Multi-GNSS Observations, An
* PanFlowNet: A Flow-Based Deep Network for Pan-sharpening
* Probability-based Global Cross-modal Upsampling for Pansharpening
* Research on Urban Carrying Capacity Based on Multisource Data Fusion: A Case Study of Shanghai
* Retrieval of Fine-Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) in Semiarid Urban Areas Using Landsat Data: A Case Study in Urumqi, NW China
* Spatiotemporal Variations in Drought and Vegetation Response in Inner Mongolia from 1982 to 2019
* Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification via Robust Low-Rank Feature Extraction and Markov Random Field
* Stable Local-Smooth Principal Component Pursuit
* TRQ3DNet: A 3D Quasi-Recurrent and Transformer Based Network for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Unbalanced Analysis of Economic Urbanization: A Case Study of Typical Cities in China, The
* Underwater image enhancement with global-local networks and compressed-histogram equalization
* Using BDS MEO and IGSO Satellite SNR Observations to Measure Soil Moisture Fluctuations Based on the Satellite Repeat Period
Includes: Cao, X.Y.[Xin Yue] Cao, X.Y.[Xin-Yue] Cao, X.Y.[Xu-Yue] Cao, X.Y.[Xin-Yun] Cao, X.Y.[Xue-Yun] Cao, X.Y.[Xiang-Yong] Cao, X.Y.[Xue-Yan] Cao, X.Y.[Xin-Yan] Cao, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Cao, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Cao, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Cao, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Cao, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi]
30 for Cao, X.Y.

Cao, X.Z.[Xiao Zhong] Co Author Listing * Compact Sparse Coding for Ground-Based Cloud Classification
* Cross-Domain Ground-Based Cloud Classification Based on Transfer of Local Features and Discriminative Metric Learning
* DSCA: A Dual Semantic Correlation Alignment Method for domain adaptation object detection
* Ground-Based Remote Sensing Cloud Classification via Context Graph Attention Network
* Learning Discriminative Features for Ground-Based Cloud Classification via Mutual Information Maximization
* Multimodal Ground-Based Cloud Classification Using Joint Fusion Convolutional Neural Network
* Multimodal Ground-Based Remote Sensing Cloud Classification via Learning Heterogeneous Deep Features
* Polynomial Preconditioners for Regularized Linear Inverse Problems
* Timbre model of software musical instrument based on sine interpolation
Includes: Cao, X.Z.[Xiao Zhong] Cao, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhong] Cao, X.Z.[Xin-Zhi] Cao, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhi] Cao, X.Z.[Xi-Zheng]
9 for Cao, X.Z.

Cao, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * 2D nonrigid partial shape matching using MCMC and contour subdivision
* 3D Layout encoding network for spatial-aware 3D saliency modelling
* 3D Superalloy Grain Segmentation Using a Multichannel Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Algorithm
* Accessibility Assessment of Buildings Based on Multi-Source Spatial Data: Taking Wuhan as a Case Study
* Accuracy Evaluation and Analysis of GNSS Tropospheric Delay Inversion from Meteorological Reanalysis Data
* Adaboost-based detection and segmentation of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds struts in IVOCT images
* Additive Adversarial Learning for Unbiased Authentication
* Addressing Heterogeneity in Federated Learning via Distributional Transformation
* Advanced Soil Organic Matter Prediction with a Regional Soil NIR Spectral Library Using Long Short-Term Memory-Convolutional Neural Networks: A Case Study
* Adversarial Training Lattice LSTM for Named Entity Recognition of Rail Fault Texts
* All are Worth Words: A ViT Backbone for Diffusion Models
* Analysis of Ocean Tide Loading in Differential InSAR Measurements
* Application of Machine-Learning-Based Fusion Model in Visibility Forecast: A Case Study of Shanghai, China
* AS-Net: Class-Aware Assistance and Suppression Network for Few-Shot Learning
* Attention-based spatial-temporal hierarchical ConvLSTM network for action recognition in videos
* Attention-based video object segmentation algorithm
* Audio-visual event classification via spatial-temporal-audio words
* Automatic chessboard corner detection method
* Automatic inpainting by removing fence-like structures in RGBD images
* Background Activation Suppression for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Background Activation Suppression for Weakly Supervised Object Localization and Semantic Segmentation
* Bayesian Correlation Filter Learning With Gaussian Scale Mixture Model for Visual Tracking
* Bayesian pot-assembly from fragments as problems in perceptual-grouping and geometric-learning
* Beacon trust management system and fake data detection in vehicular ad-hoc networks
* BiaS: Incorporating Biased Knowledge to Boost Unsupervised Image Anomaly Localization
* Bibliometric Analysis of the Permafrost Research: Developments, Impacts, and Trends
* Bilateral Markov mesh random field and its application to image restoration
* Blur kernel estimation using blurry structure
* Calculation Method for the Hyperspectral Imaging of Targets Utilizing a Ray-Tracing Algorithm, A
* Camouflaged Instance Segmentation In-the-Wild: Dataset, Method, and Benchmark Suite
* CEC: Cluster Embedding Coding for H.264 Steganography
* Characteristics and Driving Mechanism of Regional Ecosystem Assets Change in the Process of Rapid Urbanization: A Case Study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration
* Chronological classification of ancient paintings using appearance and shape features
* Classification of gait anomalies from kinect
* Close-Form Iterative Algorithm for Depth Inferring from a Single Image, A
* Closer Look at Local Aggregation Operators in Point Cloud Analysis, A
* CNN-Transformer for visual-tactile fusion applied in road recognition of autonomous vehicles
* Co-occurrent Structural Edge Detection for Color-Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution
* coarse-to-fine weakly supervised learning method for green plastic cover segmentation using high-resolution remote sensing images, A
* Color Image Encryption Based on Hyper-Chaos
* Comparison of Macro- and Microphysical Properties in Precipitating and Non-Precipitating Clouds over Central-Eastern China during Warm Season
* Complex background modeling based on Texture Pattern Flow with adaptive threshold propagation
* Comprehensive Survey and Taxonomy on Single Image Dehazing Based on Deep Learning, A
* Computationally Tractable Stochastic Image Modeling Based on Symmetric Markov Mesh Random Fields
* Contrast Prior and Fluid Pyramid Integration for RGBD Salient Object Detection
* Cooperative Control of Metro Trains to Minimize Net Energy Consumption
* Correlation-Aware Deep Tracking
* Coupling Data- and Knowledge-Driven Methods for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Human-Modified Environments: A Case Study from Wanzhou County, Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
* CrackTree: Automatic crack detection from pavement images
* Cross Burg Entropy Maximization and Its Application to Ringing Suppression in Image Reconstruction
* Cross-domain recognition by identifying compact joint subspaces
* Cross-Iteration Batch Normalization
* Cross-Modal Hamming Hashing
* Crowd Distribution Estimation with Multi-scale Recursive Convolutional Neural Network
* Cyber security analysis of connected vehicles
* Data Hiding in H.264/AVC Video Files Using the Coded Block Pattern
* Decoupling-and-Aggregating for Image Exposure Correction
* Deep Cauchy Hashing for Hamming Space Retrieval
* deep CNN method for underwater image enhancement, A
* Deep Degradation Prior for Low-Quality Image Classification
* Deep Fashion3d: A Dataset and Benchmark for 3d Garment Reconstruction from Single Images
* Deep Incubation: Training Large Models by Divide-and-Conquering
* Deep Inhomogeneous Regularization For Transfer Learning
* Deep Learning Based Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds Detection in IVOCT Images
* Deep Multiple-Attribute-Perceived Network for Real-World Texture Recognition
* Deep Palette-based Color Decomposition for Image Recoloring with Aesthetic Suggestion
* Deep Smoothed Projected Landweber Network for Block-Based Image Compressive Sensing
* Deep Structure-Revealed Network for Texture Recognition
* Deep Texton-Coherence Network for Camouflaged Object Detection
* Deep Visual-Semantic Quantization for Efficient Image Retrieval
* DenseUNet: densely connected UNet for electron microscopy image segmentation
* Design and Verification of a Rail-Borne Energy Harvester for Powering Wireless Sensor Networks in the Railway Industry
* DETR-based Layered Clothing Segmentation and Fine-Grained Attribute Recognition
* Diffeomorphic Matching of Diffusion Tensor Images
* Digital image restoration by exposure-splitting and registration
* Digital Multi-Focusing From a Single Photograph Taken With an Uncalibrated Conventional Camera
* DILRS: Domain-Incremental Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* DisasterGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Remote Sensing Disaster Image Generation
* Disentangled Non-local Neural Networks
* Distance Based Leakage Alignment for Side Channel Attacks
* Distilling Reflection Dynamics for Single-Image Reflection Removal
* Distraction-Aware Shadow Detection
* Distribution and Degradation Processes of Isolated Permafrost near Buried Oil Pipelines by Means of Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Ground Temperature Monitoring: A Case Study of Da Xing'anling Mountains, Northeast China
* Divergent Climate Sensitivities of the Alpine Grasslands to Early Growing Season Precipitation on the Tibetan Plateau
* DMA-Net: DeepLab With Multi-Scale Attention for Pavement Crack Segmentation
* DML-GANR: Deep Metric Learning With Generative Adversarial Network Regularization for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* DNN-Based Channel Model for Network Planning in Train Control Systems, A
* Dreaming to Prune Image Deraining Networks
* Dual-FSM GI LiDAR Imaging Control Method Based on Two-Dimensional Flexible Turntable Composite Axis Tracking, A
* Dynamic Estimation of Spin Spacecraft Based on Multiple-Station ISAR Images
* Dynamic Manga: Animating Still Manga via Camera Movement
* E-MLB: Multilevel Benchmark for Event-Based Camera Denoising
* Edge Computing Framework for Cooperative Video Processing in Multimedia IoT Systems
* Edge-Weighted Centroid Voronoi Tessellation with Propagation of Consistency Constraint for 3D Grain Segmentation in Microscopic Superalloy Images
* Edgel index for large-scale sketch-based image search
* Effective Strip Noise Removal for Low-Textured Infrared Images Based on 1-D Guided Filtering
* Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Irregularly Shaped Clusters, An
* EGNet: Edge Guidance Network for Salient Object Detection
* End-to-End Neural Network for Multi-line License Plate Recognition, An
* Energy-Efficient Train Operation Approach by Integrating the Metro Timetabling and Eco-Driving, An
* Enhanced object detection via fusion with prior beliefs from image classification
* Enhancing Video QoE Over High-Speed Train Using Segment-Based Prefetching and Caching
* Estimating Depth From Monocular Images as Classification Using Deep Fully Convolutional Residual Networks
* EV Charging Management System Concerning Drivers' Trip Duration and Mobility Uncertainty, An
* EVA: Exploring the Limits of Masked Visual Representation Learning at Scale
* Exploiting Depth From Single Monocular Images for Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Exploiting Facial Symmetry to Expose Deepfakes
* Exploratory Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural Networks for Semi-Supervised Node Classification
* Extraction and Merging of Stroke Structure of Chinese Characters
* Facial expression recognition based on diffeomorphic matching
* Fast Adaptive Self-Supervised Underwater Image Enhancement
* Fast and Resource-Efficient Hardware Implementation of Modified Line Segment Detector
* Fast depth estimation from single image using structured forest
* Fast Frequency-Diverse Radar Imaging Based on Adaptive Sampling Iterative Soft-Thresholding Deep Unfolding Network
* Fast Haze Removal for Nighttime Image Using Maximum Reflectance Prior
* Fast kNN Search in Weighted Hamming Space With Multiple Tables
* Feature Aggregation Networks Based on Dual Attention Capsules for Visual Object Tracking
* Feature fusion network for long-tailed visual recognition
* Feature selection for low bit rate mobile augmented reality applications
* Flow Watermarking for Antinoise and Multistream Tracing in Anonymous Networks
* Food Photo Recognition for Dietary Tracking: System and Experiment
* FoodMask: Real-time food instance counting, segmentation and recognition
* Frame Augmented Alternating Attention Network for Video Question Answering
* Free-shape subwindow search for object localization
* Full body tracking using an agent-based architecture
* Fusion Strategy of 2D and 3D Information Based on Deep Learning: A Review, The
* Fusion-Based Low-Light Image Enhancement
* GAR: Graph Assisted Reasoning for Object Detection
* GCNet: Non-Local Networks Meet Squeeze-Excitation Networks and Beyond
* General Data Search Algorithms for Earth Simulation Systems with Cyclic Boundaries
* General Distributed Hash Learning on Image Descriptors for k-Nearest Neighbor Search
* Generalized Fake Image Detection Method Based on Gated Hierarchical Multi-Task Learning
* Geo-Graph-Indistinguishability: Location Privacy on Road Networks with Differential Privacy
* GIFMarking: The robust watermarking for animated GIF based deep learning
* Global Change of Land-Sparing and Land-Sharing Patterns over the Past 30 Years: Evidence from Remote Sensing and Statistics
* Global Context Networks
* Grain Segmentation of 3D Superalloy Images Using Multichannel EWCVT under Human Annotation Constraints
* Grounded Affordance from Exocentric View
* Grounding 3D Object Affordance from 2D Interactions in Images
* Group-Free 3D Object Detection via Transformers
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Pattern Recognition Technologies for Anti-Terrorism Applications
* Guided Image-to-Image Translation by Discriminator-Generator Communication
* Hardware-Aware Design of Speed-Up Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Ship Target Detection Networks
* Hash Learning With Variable Quantization for Large-Scale Retrieval
* HashGAN: Deep Learning to Hash with Pair Conditional Wasserstein GAN
* Heterogeneous image change detection using Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis
* High-Resolution SAR Image Classification Using Context-Aware Encoder Network and Hybrid Conditional Random Field Model
* High-Resolution SAR Image Classification Using Multi-Scale Deep Feature Fusion and Covariance Pooling Manifold Network
* How Do Two- and Three-Dimensional Urban Structures Impact Seasonal Land Surface Temperatures at Various Spatial Scales? A Case Study for the Northern Part of Brooklyn, New York, USA
* Human Action Classification Based on Silhouette Indexed Interest Points for Multiple Domains
* iCLIP: Bridging Image Classification and Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training for Visual Recognition
* Image Denoising Based on Hierarchical Markov Random Field
* Image Enhancement Driven by Object Characteristics and Dense Feature Reuse Network for Ship Target Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Image guided depth enhancement via deep fusion and local linear regularizaron
* Image Retrieval via Gated Multiscale NetVLAD for Social Media Applications
* Images Speak in Images: A Generalist Painter for In-Context Visual Learning
* Improved BlendMask: Nuclei instance segmentation for medical microscopy images
* improved multiple manoeuver management protocol for platoon mobility in vehicular ad hoc networks, An
* Improved side information generation algorithm based on naive Bayesian theory for distributed video coding
* Improved single image dehazing using segmentation
* Improving CLIP Fine-tuning Performance
* Incentive Mechanism for Cooperative Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Multicast Based on Contract Theory
* Incorporating Bioclimatic Zones into Informing Ecological Networks for Better Biodiversity Conservation
* Incorporating Semi-Supervised and Positive-Unlabeled Learning for Boosting Full Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Influence of Cyclic Pneumatic Brake on the Longitudinal Dynamics of Heavy-Haul Combined Trains
* Information Hiding Using CAVLC: Misconceptions and a Detection Strategy
* Instance-Aware Scene Layout Forecasting
* Integral Object Mining via Online Attention Accumulation
* Inverse Synthetic Aperture LiDAR Imaging of Rough Targets under Small Rotation Angles
* Inversion for Inhomogeneous Surface Duct without a Base Layer Based on Ocean-Scattered Low-Elevation BDS Signals
* iterative method for optical flow estimation with motion blur, An
* JIFF: Jointly-aligned Implicit Face Function for High Quality Single View Clothed Human Reconstruction
* Joint Optimization of k-t Sampling Pattern and Reconstruction of DCE MRI for Pharmacokinetic Parameter Estimation
* Label Image Constrained Multiatlas Selection
* Label-efficient Deep Learning-based Semantic Segmentation of Building Point Clouds At Lod3 Level
* Landslide Characterization Applying Sentinel-1 Images and InSAR Technique: The Muyubao Landslide in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
* Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping of Fiber Orientations
* Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping of Vector Fields
* Latent Relationship Guided Stacked Sparse Autoencoder for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Learning Affordance Grounding from Exocentric Images
* Learning spatio-temporal context via hierarchical features for visual tracking
* Learning to Hash With Dimension Analysis Based Quantizer for Image Retrieval
* Learning to Memorize Feature Hallucination for One-Shot Image Generation
* Leverage Interactive Affinity for Affordance Learning
* Leveraging Batch Normalization for Vision Transformers
* Light Multiscale Conventional Neural Network for MP3 Steganalysis
* Lightweight Adaptive Feature De-Drifting for Compressed Image Classification
* Lightweight Wavelet-Based Network for JPEG Artifacts Removal
* Locally focused magnetic resonance imaging
* Location error resilient geographical routing for vehicular ad-hoc networks
* Location information verification using transferable belief model for geographic routing in vehicular ad hoc networks
* Long-Range Feature Dependencies Capturing for Low-Resolution Image Classification
* Look Deeper into Depth: Monocular Depth Estimation with Semantic Booster and Attention-Driven Loss
* Low-cost, high-speed computer vision using NVIDIA's CUDA architecture
* Manipulated Face Detection and Localization Based on Semantic Segmentation
* Maskpan: Mask Prior Guided Network For Pansharpening
* Maximum-Margin Hamming Hashing
* MEC Intelligence Driven Electro-Mobility Management for Battery Switch Service
* Memory Enhanced Global-Local Aggregation for Video Object Detection
* Method Based on Improved iForest for Trunk Extraction and Denoising of Individual Street Trees, A
* Minimal Non-Linear Camera Pose Estimation Method Using Lines for SLAM Application
* Monotonic Regression: A New Way for Correlating Subjective and Objective Ratings in Image Quality Research
* MRFN: Multi-Receptive-Field Network for Fast and Accurate Single Image Super-Resolution
* MRFN: Multi-Receptive-Field Network for Fast and Accurate Single Image Super-Resolution
* MT4MTL-KD: A Multi-Teacher Knowledge Distillation Framework for Triplet Recognition
* Multi-atlas Segmentation with Learning-Based Label Fusion
* Multi-Bitrate Video Caching for D2D-Enabled Cellular Networks
* Multi-focus Image Fusion by Nonsubsampled Shearlet Transform
* Multi-grained Spatio-Temporal Features Perceived Network for Event-based Lip-Reading
* Multi-Perspective Assessment Method with a Dynamic Benchmark for Human Activity Impacts on Alpine Ecosystem under Climate Change, A
* Multichannel Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation algorithm for 3D super-alloy image segmentation, A
* Multimodal Object Detection by Channel Switching and Spatial Attention
* Multiscale Decomposition Prediction of Propagation Loss in Oceanic Tropospheric Ducts
* Mutual Information Boosted Precipitation Nowcasting from Radar Images
* Nature-Based Solutions vs. Human-Induced Approaches for Alpine Grassland Ecosystem: Climate-Help Overwhelms Human Act to Promote Ecological Restoration in the Three-River-Source Region of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Negative Margin Matters: Understanding Margin in Few-Shot Classification
* new closed loop method of super-resolution for multi-view images, A
* Night-Time Scene Parsing With a Large Real Dataset
* Nighttime haze removal based on a new imaging model
* Noise-based Selection of Robust Inherited Model for Accurate Continual Learning
* Nonlinear Antiswing Control of Shipboard Boom Cranes Using MPC-Based Auto-Tuning Mechanism With Full State Constraints
* nonlinear manifold learning framework for real-time motion estimation using low-cost sensors, A
* Novel Bipartite Consensus Tracking Control for Multiagent Systems Under Sensor Deception Attacks, A
* Novel Completion Algorithm for Color Images and Videos Based on Tensor Train Rank, A
* Novel Dynamic Segmentation for Human-Posture Learning System Using Hidden Logistic Regression
* Novel Heuristic Emergency Path Planning Method Based on Vector Grid Map, A
* Novel Hierarchical Model of Attention: Maximizing Information Acquisition, A
* novel micro-expression detection algorithm based on BERT and 3DCNN, A
* novel self-boosting dual-branch model for pedestrian attribute recognition, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object-Level Scene Context Prediction
* On Data Scaling in Masked Image Modeling
* On Exploring Multiplicity of Primitives and Attributes for Texture Recognition in the Wild
* One-Shot Object Affordance Detection in the Wild
* One-Shot Texture Retrieval Using Global Grouping Metric
* Optical-and-Radar Image Fusion for Dynamic Estimation of Spin Satellites
* Optimal Design of Tractive Layout for Minimizing the Insufficient Displacement of Railway Turnout
* Optimization of Variable-Current Charging Strategy Based on SOC Segmentation for Li-ion Battery
* P3DC-shot: Prior-driven discrete data calibration for nearest-neighbor few-shot classification
* Pan-Sharpening Based On Parallel Pyramid Convolutional Neural Network
* Parallel Computing Framework for Large-Scale Air Traffic Flow Optimization, A
* Partial Transfer Learning with Selective Adversarial Networks
* Patch-based Selection and Refinement for Early Object Detection
* People Re-Identification by Multi-Branch CNN with Multi-Scale Features
* Performance analysis of a novel GPU computation-to-core mapping scheme for robust facet image modeling
* Physics-Guided ISO-Dependent Sensor Noise Modeling for Extreme Low-Light Photography
* Pixel-Wise PolSAR Image Classification via a Novel Complex-Valued Deep Fully Convolutional Network
* PixTextGAN: structure aware text image synthesis for license plate recognition
* PolSAR Image Classification Using a Superpixel-Based Composite Kernel and Elastic Net
* Population of Degrading Small Impact Craters in the Chang'E-4 Landing Area Using Descent and Ground Images
* PR-MPTCP: Context-aware QoE-oriented multipath TCP partial reliability extension for real-time multimedia applications
* practical algorithm for automatic chessboard corner detection, A
* Precise Orbit Determination for BeiDou GEO/IGSO Satellites during Orbit Maneuvering with Pseudo-Stochastic Pulses
* Prediction Mode-Based Information Hiding Approach for H.264/AVC Videos Minimizing the Impacts on Rate-Distortion Optimization, A
* Preliminary Study on InSAR-Based Uplift or Subsidence Monitoring and Stability Evaluation of Ground Surface in the Permafrost Zone of the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor, China
* Prime Sample Attention in Object Detection
* Probabilistic interactive segmentation using multiphase level sets
* Propagate Yourself: Exploring Pixel-Level Consistency for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning
* QoE-based node selection strategy for edge computing enabled Internet-of-Vehicles (EC-IoV)
* Railway Automatic Switch Stationary Contacts Wear Detection Under Few-Shot Occasions
* Random Shuffling Data for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Siamese and Knowledge Distillation Network
* Real-World Super-Resolution via Kernel Estimation and Noise Injection
* Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
* Regional Contribution and Attribution of the Interannual Variation of Net Primary Production in the Yellow River Basin, China
* Relation fusion propagation network for transductive few-shot learning
* Research on classification and influencing factors of metro commuting patterns by combining smart card data and household travel survey data
* Research on the Characteristics of Thermosyphon Embankment Damage and Permafrost Distribution Based on Ground-Penetrating Radar: A Case Study of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway
* Research on the Method of Urban Jobs-Housing Space Recognition Combining Trajectory and POI Data
* Rethinking the Route Towards Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Revealing the Dark Secrets of Masked Image Modeling
* Robust Control for Dynamic Train Regulation in Fully Automatic Operation System Under Uncertain Wireless Transmissions
* Robust Cruise Control for the Heavy Haul Train Subject to Disturbance and Actuator Saturation
* robust data-model dual-driven fusion with uncertainty estimation for LiDAR-IMU localization system, A
* Robust Object Detection via Adversarial Novel Style Exploration
* S2N: Suppression-Strengthen Network for Event-Based Recognition Under Variant Illuminations
* SA-YOLOv3: An Efficient and Accurate Object Detector Using Self-Attention Mechanism for Autonomous Driving
* Salient object detection with image-level binary supervision
* SAR and Optical Image Registration Using Nonlinear Diffusion and Phase Congruency Structural Descriptor
* Scalable Distributed Hashing for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Scale balance for prototype-based binary quantization
* SDFL-FC: Semisupervised Deep Feature Learning With Feature Consistency for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* SeedFormer: Patch Seeds Based Point Cloud Completion with Upsample Transformer
* SegGPT: Towards Segmenting Everything In Context
* Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Four-Chamber View Echocardiogram Images
* Self-Organizing Pathway Expansion for Non-Exemplar Class-Incremental Learning
* Self-Promoted Prototype Refinement for Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
* Self-Supervised Remote Sensing Image Dehazing Network Based on Zero-Shot Learning
* Self-supervised video representation learning by maximizing mutual information
* Self-Sustaining Representation Expansion for Non-Exemplar Class-Incremental Learning
* Sensor-Augmented Neural Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming on UAVs
* SeSDF: Self-Evolved Signed Distance Field for Implicit 3D Clothed Human Reconstruction
* Short-Term Travel Speed Prediction for Urban Expressways: Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network Models
* Siamese Network Combined with Attention Mechanism for Object Tracking
* SimMIM: a Simple Framework for Masked Image Modeling
* Simple Approach and Benchmark for 21,000-Category Object Detection, A
* Simple Baseline for Open-Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation with Pre-trained Vision-Language Model, A
* Simulation and Driving Factor Analysis of Satellite-Observed Terrestrial Water Storage Anomaly in the Pearl River Basin Using Deep Learning
* simultaneous method for 3D video super-resolution and high-quality depth estimation, A
* Single Image Multi-focusing Based on Local Blur Estimation
* Skew detection and correction in document images based on straight-line fitting
* SLCRF: Subspace Learning With Conditional Random Field for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Small Object Detection Algorithm for Railway Scene
* Sound-Based Fault Diagnosis Method for Railway Point Machines Based on Two-Stage Feature Selection Strategy and Ensemble Classifier, A
* Spatial-Aware Token for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Spatial-bag-of-features
* Spatial-Temporal Relation Networks for Multi-Object Tracking
* Spatiotemporal Evolution of Residential Exposure to Green Space in Beijing
* Spectral mesh deformation
* Superedge grouping for object localization by combining appearance and shape information
* Surface Evolution under Curvature Flows
* Survey on cooperatively V2X downloading for intelligent transport systems
* Swin Transformer V2: Scaling Up Capacity and Resolution
* Swin Transformer: Hierarchical Vision Transformer using Shifted Windows
* Task-Driven Webpage Saliency
* Taxi-Cruising Recommendation via Real-Time Information and Historical Trajectory Data
* Tell Me Where I Am: Object-Level Scene Context Prediction
* Textural Adaptive Learning-Based Super Resolution for Human Face Images
* Toward Pre-Empted EV Charging Recommendation Through V2V-Based Reservation System
* Towards Data-Efficient Detection Transformers
* Towards Handling Sudden Changes in Feature Maps During Depth Estimation
* Tracking Imaging Control Method for Dual-FSM 3D GISC LiDAR, A
* Trajectory Optimization for High-Speed Trains via a Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach
* Transferable Representation Learning with Deep Adaptation Networks
* Tream Single Shot Spatial-Temporal Action Detection
* tri-attention enhanced graph convolutional network for skeleton-based action recognition, A
* TX-CNN: Detecting tuberculosis in chest X-ray images using convolutional neural network
* UJ-FLAC: Unsupervised Joint Feature Learning and Clustering for Dynamic Driving Cycles Construction
* Uncertainty-Aware Optimal Transport for Semantically Coherent Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Understanding 3d Point Cloud Deep Neural Networks By Visualization Techniques
* Understanding the Diversity of Urban-Rural Fringe Development in a Fast Urbanizing Region of China
* Understanding the Diversity of Urban-Rural Fringe Development in a Fast Urbanizing Region of China
* Underwater stereo image enhancement using a new physical model
* Unified Scheme for Super-Resolution and Depth Estimation From Asymmetric Stereoscopic Video, A
* Unpaired Learning of Deep Image Denoising
* Unveiling tampering traces: Enhancing image reconstruction errors for visualization
* Upper Body Tracking and 3D Gesture Reconstruction Using Agent-Based Architecture
* Using citing information to understand the logical structure of document images
* Validation of MODIS Temperature and Emissivity Products Based on Ground-Based Mid-Wave Hyperspectral Imaging Measurement in the Northwestern Plateau Region of Qinghai, China
* Validation of MODIS Temperature and Emissivity Products Based on Ground-Based Mid-Wave Hyperspectral Imaging Measurement in the Northwestern Plateau Region of Qinghai, China
* Vanishing and Renewal Landscape of Urban Villages Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing: The Case of Haidian District in Beijing, The
* Video segmentation scheme based on AMC
* Video Steganalysis Exploiting Motion Vector Reversion-Based Features
* Video Swin Transformer
* VisDrone-DET2021: The Vision Meets Drone Object detection Challenge Results
* Vision-Based Robot Path Planning with Deep Learning
* Visual Explanations for Exposing Potential Inconsistency of Deepfakes
* Visual Model Approach for Parsing Colonoscopy Videos, A
* Visual tracking via dynamic weighting with pyramid-redetection based Siamese networks
* Visual-Attention-Based Background Modeling for Detecting Infrequently Moving Objects
* WDBSTF: A Weighted Dual-Branch Spatiotemporal Fusion Network Based on Complementarity between Super-Resolution and Change Prediction
* Weakly-Supervised Salient Object Detection With Saliency Bounding Boxes
* Weather-Dependent Nonlinear Microwave Behavior of Seasonal High-Elevation Snowpacks
Includes: Cao, Y.[Yu] Cao, Y.[Yang] Cao, Y.[Yanjia] Cao, Y. Cao, Y.[Yuren] Cao, Y.[Yinzhi] Cao, Y.[Yan] Cao, Y.[Yuan] Cao, Y.[Yue] Cao, Y.[Yunmeng] Cao, Y.[Yi] Cao, Y.[Ying] Cao, Y.[Yunkang] Cao, Y.[Yapeng] Cao, Y.[Yisen] Cao, Y.[Yubo] Cao, Y.[Yanni] Cao, Y.[Ya] Cao, Y.[Yaoguang] Cao, Y.[Yinxia] Cao, Y.[Yun] Cao, Y.[Yanan] Cao, Y.[Yao] Cao, Y.[Yong] Cao, Y.[Yice] Cao, Y.[Yuee] Cao, Y.[Yuanjiang] Cao, Y.[Ye] Cao, Y.[Yue'e] Cao, Y.[Yunhua] Cao, Y.[Yukang] Cao, Y.[Yuchi] Cao, Y.[Yewen] Cao, Y.[Yilu] Cao, Y.[Yameng] Cao, Y.[Yungang] Cao, Y.[Yumin] Cao, Y.[Yeer] Cao, Y.[Yefan] Cao, Y.[Yaru] Cao, Y.[Yueqian]
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Cao, Y.B.[Yi Bing] Co Author Listing * Network Patterns of Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration in China Based on Baidu Migration Data
* Rainfall Induced Shallow Landslide Temporal Probability Modelling and Early Warning Research in Mountains Areas: A Case Study of Qin-Ba Mountains, Western China
* Research on Collapse Detection in Old Coal Mine Goafs Based on Space-Sky-Earth Remote Sensing Survey
* Wide Area Detection and Distribution Characteristics of Landslides along Sichuan Expressways
Includes: Cao, Y.B.[Yi Bing] Cao, Y.B.[Yi-Bing] Cao, Y.B.[Yan-Bo]

Cao, Y.C.[Yun Chang] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of GNSS PWV with NCAR-RTFDDA to Improve Prediction of a Landfall Typhoon
* Case Study of the 3D Water Vapor Tomography Model Based on a Fast Voxel Traversal Algorithm for Ray Tracing, A
* CEDR: Contrastive Embedding Distribution Refinement for 3D point cloud representation
* Classifying functional nuclear images with convolutional neural networks: A survey
* EFFNet: Enhanced Feature Foreground Network for Video Smoke Source Prediction and Detection
* High-Precision GNSS PWV and Its Variation Characteristics in China Based on Individual Station Meteorological Data
* Meta-BNS FOR Adversarial Data-Free Quantization
* Re-mine, Learn and Reason: Exploring the Cross-modal Semantic Correlations for Language-guided HOI detection
* Special Issue Retraction: Improved artificial bee colony algorithm with opposition-based learning
* SPECT bone scan image classification by fusing multi-attention mechanism with deep residual networks
* Towards better small object detection in UAV scenes: Aggregating more object-oriented information
Includes: Cao, Y.C.[Yun Chang] Cao, Y.C.[Yun-Chang] Cao, Y.C.[Yi-Chao] Cao, Y.C.[Yong-Chun] Cao, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Cao, Y.C.[Yong-Cun]
11 for Cao, Y.C.

Cao, Y.D.[Ying Dian] Co Author Listing * Generalizing to the Open World: Deep Visual Odometry with Online Adaptation
* Matching Image with Multiple Local Features
* SC-wLS: Towards Interpretable Feed-forward Camera Re-localization
* Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry With Online Adaptation
* Sequential Adversarial Learning for Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry
* Weakly supervised locality sensitive hashing for duplicate image retrieval
Includes: Cao, Y.D.[Ying Dian] Cao, Y.D.[Ying-Dian] Cao, Y.D.[Yu-Dong]

Cao, Y.F.[Yi Fei] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Model for Early Detection of Anthracnose in Strawberry Plants Based on Hyperspectral Imaging Technology, A
* Estimating the Clear-Sky Longwave Downward Radiation in the Arctic from FengYun-3D MERSI-2 Data
* Exploring the Potential of Active Learning for Automatic Identification of Marine Oil Spills Using 10-Year (2004-2013) RADARSAT Data
* Flash Flood Susceptibility Assessment Based on Geodetector, Certainty Factor, and Logistic Regression Analyses in Fujian Province, China
* Individual Surveillance Around Parked Aircraft at Nighttime: Thermal Infrared Vision-Based Human Action Recognition
* Joint prediction of monocular depth and structure using planar and parallax geometry
* low-latency DMM-1 encoder for 3D-HEVC, A
* Multi-cue combination network for action-based video classification
* Multi-focus image fusion based on non-negative sparse representation and patch-level consistency rectification
* Satellite Observational Evidence of Contrasting Changes in Northern Eurasian Wildfires from 2003 to 2020
* Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Driving Force Analysis of Flash Floods in Fujian Province
* Surface Shortwave Net Radiation Estimation from FengYun-3 MERSI Data
* Using Segmentation With Multi-Scale Selective Kernel for Visual Object Tracking
* Visual tracking using Locality-constrained Linear Coding and saliency map for visible light and infrared image sequences
* Visual tracking using locality-constrained linear coding under a particle filtering framework
Includes: Cao, Y.F.[Yi Fei] Cao, Y.F.[Yi-Fei] Cao, Y.F.[Yun-Feng] Cao, Y.F.[Yong-Feng] Cao, Y.F.[Yi-Fan]
15 for Cao, Y.F.

Cao, Y.G.[Yin Gui] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Land Use and Cover Change and Carbon Storage in China's Ecological Conservation Pilot Zone: A Case Study in Fujian Province
* enhanced relation-aware global-local attention network for escaping human detection in indoor smoke scenarios, An
* Fusion Visualization Method for Disaster Information Based on Self-Explanatory Symbols and Photorealistic Scene Cooperation, A
* Quantitative Evaluation of Grassland SOS Estimation Accuracy Based on Different MODIS-Landsat Spatio-Temporal Fusion Datasets
Includes: Cao, Y.G.[Yin Gui] Cao, Y.G.[Yin-Gui] Cao, Y.G.[Yun-Gang]

Cao, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Refining-Aggregation-Separation Framework for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Semantic Segmentation
* Automatic Bifurcation angle calculation in intravascular optical coherence tomography images
* Calculation Method for the Hyperspectral Imaging of Targets Utilizing a Ray-Tracing Algorithm, A
* Clustering Optimization for Triple-Frequency Combined Observations of BDS-3 Based on Improved PSO-FCM Algorithm
* Coherent Integration Method for Moving Target Detection in Frequency Agile Signal-Based Passive Bistatic Radar, A
* Corrections of Mesoscale Eddies and Kuroshio Extension Surface Velocities Derived from Satellite Altimeters
* Cycle Consistency Based Pseudo Label and Fine Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* DAResNet Based on double-layer residual block for restoring industrial blurred images
* Dual feature enhanced video super-resolution network based on low-light scenarios
* Fast Inversion of Air-Coupled Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave (SASW) Using in situ Particle Displacement
* Global Wave Height Slowdown Trend during a Recent Global Warming Slowdown
* High-Resolution Forward-Looking Multichannel SAR Imagery With Array Deviation Angle Calibration
* Multi-Modal Image Registration Based on Phase Exponent Differences of the Gaussian Pyramid
* Neural random subspace
* Numerical Simulation and Observational Data Analysis of Mesoscale Eddy Effects on Surface Waves in the South China Sea
* Over-exposure Correction via Exposure and Scene Information Disentanglement
* Parallel BRDF-based infrared radiation simulation of aerial targets implemented on Intel Xeon processor and Xeon Phi coprocessor
* Parametric Azimuth-Variant Motion Compensation for Forward-Looking Multichannel SAR Imagery
* Putting images on a manifold for atlas-based image segmentation
* Robust Clutter Suppression and Ground Moving Target Imaging Method for a Multichannel SAR with High-Squint Angle Mounted on Hypersonic Vehicle
* Robust GMTI Scheme for Highly Squinted Hypersonic Vehicle-Borne Multichannel SAR in Dive Mode
* Seesaw Loss for Long-Tailed Instance Segmentation
* SGM-Net: Skeleton-guided multimodal network for action recognition
* Side-aware Boundary Localization for More Precise Object Detection
* Snow Water Equivalent Retrieval Framework Coupling 1D Hydrology and Passive Microwave Radiative Transfer Models, A
* Sparse Reconstruction-Based Joint Signal Processing for MIMO-OFDM-IM Integrated Radar and Communication Systems
* Sparsity-Based Joint Array Calibration and Ambiguity Resolving for Forward-Looking Multi-Channel SAR Imagery
* Spatio-Temporal Evolution of River Island Based on Landsat Satellite Imagery, Hydrodynamic Numerical Simulation and Observed Data, The
* Study of infrared reflection characteristics of aerial target using MODIS data on GPU
* Synergistic Self-supervised and Quantization Learning
* Three Guidelines You Should Know for Universally Slimmable Self-Supervised Learning
* Tobias: A Random CNN Sees Objects
* Training Vision Transformers with only 2040 Images
* V3Det: Vast Vocabulary Visual Detection Dataset
* Video Shadow Detection via Spatio-Temporal Interpolation Consistency Training
* View-Normalized and Subject-Independent Skeleton Generation for Action Recognition
* Worst Case Matters for Few-Shot Recognition
Includes: Cao, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Cao, Y.H.[Yi-Hong] Cao, Y.H.[Yi-Hui] Cao, Y.H.[Yun-Hua] Cao, Y.H.[Yu-Hua] Cao, Y.H.[Yun-He] Cao, Y.H.[Yu-Han] Cao, Y.H.[Yi-Hao] Cao, Y.H.[Ying-Hong] Cao, Y.H.[Yi-Hang] Cao, Y.H.[Yun-Hao] Cao, Y.H.[Yu-Hui] Cao, Y.H.[Yu-Hang] Cao, Y.H.[Yuan-Hao]
37 for Cao, Y.H.

Cao, Y.J.[Yi Jing] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Drought Index for Assessing Droughts Using a Water Balance Method: A Case Study in Jilin Province, Northeast China, An
* Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Variations and Driving Factors of Typical Tail-Reach Wetlands in the Ili-Balkhash Basin, Central Asia
* Bio-inspired contour detection model based on multi-bandwidth fusion and logarithmic texture inhibition
* Characterizing the Up-To-Date Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Xiong'an New Area from 2017 to 2020 Using the Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Images on Google Earth Engine
* Contour detection model based on neuron behaviour in primary visual cortex
* Contour detection model using linear and non-linear modulation based on non-CRF suppression
* Crop Classification and Growth Monitoring in Coal Mining Subsidence Water Areas Based on Sentinel Satellite
* Direct Assimilation of Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer Clear-Sky Radiance Data and Its Impact on the Forecast of Heavy Rainfall
* Extraction of Rivers and Lakes On Tibetan Plateau Based On Google Earth Engine
* Learning Crisp Boundaries Using Deep Refinement Network and Adaptive Weighting Loss
* Learning generalized visual odometry using position-aware optical flow and geometric bundle adjustment
* LVP-net: A deep network of learning visual pathway for edge detection
* Modified Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index (mTVDI) for Agricultural Drought Assessment Based on MODIS Data: A Case Study in Northeast China, A
* MP2020: Visual quality assessment database for macro photography images
* Multi-scale contour detection model based on fixational eye movement mechanism
* Nighttime Thermal Infrared Image Colorization With Feedback-Based Object Appearance Learning
* novel part-level feature extraction method for fine-grained vehicle recognition, A
* Optimizing ZNCC calculation in binocular stereo matching
* Regional Maize Yield Hierarchical Linear Model Combining Landsat 8 Vegetative Indices and Meteorological Data: Case Study in Jilin Province, A
* Semi-Empirical Chlorophyll-a Retrieval Algorithm Considering the Effects of Sun Glint, Bottom Reflectance, and Non-Algal Particles in the Optically Shallow Water Zones of Sanya Bay Using SPOT6 Data, A
* SRes-NeRF: Improved Neural Radiance Fields for Realism and Accuracy of Specular Reflections
* Unsupervised Visual Odometry and Action Integration for PointGoal Navigation in Indoor Environment
Includes: Cao, Y.J.[Yi Jing] Cao, Y.J.[Yi-Jing] Cao, Y.J.[Yi-Jie] Cao, Y.J.[Yi-Jun] Cao, Y.J.[Yu-Jia] Cao, Y.J.[Ying-Jia] Cao, Y.J.[Yu-Jie] Cao, Y.J. Cao, Y.J.[Yang-Jie]
22 for Cao, Y.J.

Cao, Y.K.[Yong Kang] Co Author Listing * As-Built BIM for a Fifteenth-Century Chinese Brick Structure at Various LoDs
* Data processing workflows from low-cost digital survey to various applications: three case studies of Chinese historic architecture
* Heterogeneous Reinforcement Learning Network for Aspect-Based Sentiment Classification With External Knowledge
Includes: Cao, Y.K.[Yong Kang] Cao, Y.K.[Yong-Kang] Cao, Y.K. Cao, Y.K.[Yu-Kun]

Cao, Y.L.[Ya Ling] Co Author Listing * Above-Ground Biomass Estimation for Coniferous Forests in Northern China Using Regression Kriging and Landsat 9 Images
* Accurate Salient Object Detection via Dense Recurrent Connections and Residual-Based Hierarchical Feature Integration
* AdvDO: Realistic Adversarial Attacks for Trajectory Prediction
* BDS-3 Integrity Risk Modeling and Probability Evaluation
* Box-level segmentation supervised deep neural networks for accurate and real-time multispectral pedestrian detection
* Cascaded Deep Networks With Multiple Receptive Fields for Infrared Image Super-Resolution
* Construction Progress and Aviation Flight Test of BDSBAS
* Design and Performance Analysis of BDS-3 Integrity Concept
* Development Status and Service Performance Preliminary Analysis for BDSBAS
* Hybrid Post-Training Quantization for Super-Resolution Neural Network Compression
* Joint entropy-based motion segmentation for 3D animations
* Multi-Modal Image Fusion via Deep Laplacian Pyramid Hybrid Network
* multi-scale non-uniformity correction method based on wavelet decomposition and guided filtering for uncooled long wave infrared camera, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Demosaicing Challenge and Data Set
* Performance Analysis of BDS-3 SAIM and Enhancement Research on Autonomous Satellite Ephemeris Monitoring
* Pseudorange Bias Analysis and Preliminary Service Performance Evaluation of BDSBAS
* Rice Leaf Blast Classification Method Based on Fused Features and One-Dimensional Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Single image super-resolution based on progressive fusion of orientation-aware features
* Study on Pseudorange Biases in BDS B1I/B3I Signals and the Impacts on Beidou Wide Area Differential Services, A
Includes: Cao, Y.L.[Ya Ling] Cao, Y.L.[Ya-Ling] Cao, Y.L.[Yan-Long] Cao, Y.L.[Yu-Long] Cao, Y.L.[Yue-Ling] Cao, Y.L.[You-Long] Cao, Y.L.[Yuan-Long] Cao, Y.L.[Ying-Li]
21 for Cao, Y.L.

Cao, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Co Author Listing * Convenient Tool for District Heating Route Optimization Based on Parallel Ant Colony System Algorithm and 3D WebGIS, A
* Evaluation of Tidal Effect in Long-Strip DInSAR Measurements Based on GPS Network and Tidal Models
* Lane-level short-term travel speed prediction for urban expressways: An attentive spatio-temporal deep learning approach
* New Weighting Method by Considering the Physical Characteristics of Atmospheric Turbulence and Decorrelation Noise in SBAS-InSAR, A
Includes: Cao, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Cao, Y.M.[Yu-Ming] Cao, Y.M.[Yun-Meng] Cao, Y.M.[Yu-Min]

Cao, Y.P.[Yan Peng] Co Author Listing * Accurate Salient Object Detection via Dense Recurrent Connections and Residual-Based Hierarchical Feature Integration
* Active and incremental learning for semantic ALS point cloud segmentation
* Arterial Stiffness Probed by Dynamic Ultrasound Elastography Characterizes Waveform of Blood Pressure
* Assessment of Freeze-Thaw Hazards and Water Features along the China-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline in Permafrost Regions
* Box-level segmentation supervised deep neural networks for accurate and real-time multispectral pedestrian detection
* Cascaded Deep Networks With Multiple Receptive Fields for Infrared Image Super-Resolution
* Cycle4Completion: Unpaired Point Cloud Completion using Cycle Transformation with Missing Region Coding
* Damage Properties of the Block-Stone Embankment in the Qinghai-Tibet Highway Using Ground-Penetrating Radar Imagery
* Descriptor evaluation and feature regression for multimodal image analysis
* DoubleField: Bridging the Neural Surface and Radiance Fields for High-fidelity Human Reconstruction and Rendering
* Dream3D: Zero-Shot Text-to-3D Synthesis Using 3D Shape Prior and Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
* Feature Regression for Multimodal Image Analysis
* GRACE Gravity Satellite Observations of Terrestrial Water Storage Changes for Drought Characterization in the Arid Land of Northwestern China
* HOSNeRF: Dynamic Human-Object-Scene Neural Radiance Fields from a Single Video
* HRDFuse: Monocular 360° Depth Estimation by Collaboratively Learning Holistic-with-Regional Depth Distributions
* Improved feature extraction and matching in urban environments based on 3D viewpoint normalization
* Learning to Reconstruct High-Quality 3D Shapes with Cascaded Fully Convolutional Networks
* Local and global encoder network for semantic segmentation of Airborne laser scanning point clouds
* Multi-Modal Image Fusion via Deep Laplacian Pyramid Hybrid Network
* Multi-Range View Aggregation Network With Vision Transformer Feature Fusion for 3D Object Retrieval
* multi-scale non-uniformity correction method based on wavelet decomposition and guided filtering for uncooled long wave infrared camera, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Demosaicing Challenge and Data Set
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
* OmniZoomer: Learning to Move and Zoom in on Sphere at High-Resolution
* Orthogonal Spatial Binary Coding Method for High-Speed 3D Measurement
* PMP-Net++: Point Cloud Completion by Transformer-Enhanced Multi-Step Point Moving Paths
* PMP-Net: Point Cloud Completion by Learning Multi-step Point Moving Paths
* Robust alignment of wide baseline terrestrial laser scans via 3D viewpoint normalization
* Robust feature correspondences from a large set of unsorted wide baseline images
* Robust Wide Baseline Scene Alignment Based on 3D Viewpoint Normalization
* Route Plans for UAV Aerial Surveys according to Different DEMs in Complex Mountainous Surroundings: A Case Study in the Zheduoshan Mountains, China
* Single image super-resolution based on progressive fusion of orientation-aware features
* Snowflake Point Deconvolution for Point Cloud Completion and Generation With Skip-Transformer
* SnowflakeNet: Point Cloud Completion by Snowflake Point Deconvolution with Skip-Transformer
* Speech2Lip: High-fidelity Speech to Lip Generation by Learning from a Short Video
* SurfelNeRF: Neural Surfel Radiance Fields for Online Photorealistic Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes
* SWENet: A Physics-Informed Deep Neural Network (PINN) for Shear Wave Elastography
* Temporal Phase Unwrapping Based on Unequal Phase-Shifting Code
* Uncertainty-Aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Object Detection
* Vehicle Ego-Motion Estimation by using Pulse-Coupled Neural Network
* Viewpoint invariant features from single images using 3D geometry
Includes: Cao, Y.P.[Yan Peng] Cao, Y.P.[Yan-Peng] Cao, Y.P.[Yan-Ping] Cao, Y.P.[Ya-Peng] Cao, Y.P.[Yan-Pei] Cao, Y.P.[Yi-Ping]
43 for Cao, Y.P.

Cao, Y.Q.[Yu Qin] Co Author Listing * Attention-Guided Neural Networks for Full-Reference and No-Reference Audio-Visual Quality Assessment
* Audio-Visual Quality Assessment for User Generated Content: Database and Method
* Bibliometric Analysis of Intelligent Agent Researches During 2010-2020 Based on VOS Viewer, A
* Blind Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on ICA and Image Dividing Blocks, A
* Color Random Valued Impulse Noise Removal Based on Quaternion Convolutional Attention Denoising Network
* Deep Neural Networks for Full-Reference and No-Reference Audio-Visual Quality Assessment
* Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Based on Attention Mechanism for UAV Autonomous Navigation, A
* Image Visually Meaningful Cryptography Based on Julia Set Generating and Information Hiding
* Matrix permutation meets block compressed sensing
* Method of Multi-Angle Remote Sensing Observation Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Validation of BRDF, The
* New Blind Selection Approach for Lunar Landing Zones Based on Engineering Constraints Using Sliding Window, A
* NTIRE 2023 Quality Assessment of Video Enhancement Challenge
* Selection of Whole-Moon Landing Zones Based on Weights of Evidence and Fractals
* Spiking Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Energy-Efficient Object Recognition
* Stereoscopic Monitoring Methods for Flood Disasters Based on ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Subjective and Objective Audio-Visual Quality Assessment for User Generated Content
* VDPVE: VQA Dataset for Perceptual Video Enhancement
Includes: Cao, Y.Q.[Yu Qin] Cao, Y.Q.[Yu-Qin] Cao, Y.Q.[Ya-Qin] Cao, Y.Q.[Yu-Qiang] Cao, Y.Q.[Yi-Qin] Cao, Y.Q.[Yuan-Qiang] Cao, Y.Q.[Yong-Qiang]
17 for Cao, Y.Q.

Cao, Y.Q.A.[Yu Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Optimal Permutation Based Block Compressed Sensing for Image Compression Applications
Includes: Cao, Y.Q.A.[Yu Qi Ang] Cao, Y.Q.A.[Yu-Qi-Ang]

Cao, Y.R.[Yun Rui] Co Author Listing * End-to-end Tangut character database building and recognition method
Includes: Cao, Y.R.[Yun Rui] Cao, Y.R.[Yun-Rui]

Cao, Y.S.[Yan Shuai] Co Author Listing * Efficient Optimization for Sparse Gaussian Process Regression
* Fair and accurate age prediction using distribution aware data curation and augmentation
* Integrated Inspection on PCB Manufacturing in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
Includes: Cao, Y.S.[Yan Shuai] Cao, Y.S.[Yan-Shuai] Cao, Y.S.[Yu-Shi] Cao, Y.S.[Yan-Song]

Cao, Y.T.[Yi Ting] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Learning Guided Task Relatedness Refinement for Multi-Task Deep Learning
* Knowledge-Aware Federated Active Learning with Non-IID Data
* NTIRE 2022 Burst Super-Resolution Challenge
* RBGAN: Realistic-generation and balanced-utility GAN for face de-identification
* Symbiotic Adversarial Learning for Attribute-based Person Search
* Two Algorithms for the Detection and Tracking of Moving Vehicle Targets in Aerial Infrared Image Sequences
Includes: Cao, Y.T.[Yi Ting] Cao, Y.T.[Yi-Ting] Cao, Y.T.[Yu-Tong] Cao, Y.T.[Yun-Tian] Cao, Y.T.[Yu-Tian]

Cao, Y.W.[Yong Wang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Polycentric Spatial Structure in the Urban Agglomeration of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Based on Multi-Source Big Data Fusion
* Heterogeneity of Spatial Distribution and Factors Influencing Unattended Locker Points in Guangzhou, China: The Case of Hive Box
* Identifying the Spatial Range of the Pearl River Delta Urban Agglomeration by Fusing Nighttime Light Data with Weibo Sign-In Data
* Integration of Point Clouds from 360° Videos and Deep Learning Techniques for Rapid Documentation and Classification in Historical City Centers
* Reinforced, Incremental and Cross-Lingual Event Detection From Social Messages
* Toolkit to Support Dynamic Social Network Visualization, A
* Using Geographic Ontologies and Geo-Characterization to Represent Geographic Scenarios
Includes: Cao, Y.W.[Yong Wang] Cao, Y.W.[Yong-Wang] Cao, Y.W.[Yu-Wei] Cao, Y.W.[Yi-Wei]
7 for Cao, Y.W.

Cao, Y.X.[Yong Xing] Co Author Listing * Automatic power line extraction from high resolution remote sensing imagery based on an improved Radon transform
* Extraction and Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Impervious Surfaces over Dongying Based on Landsat Data
* HDM-RRT: A Fast HD-Map-Guided Motion Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Driving in the Campus Environment
* Quarterly Monitoring of Suspected Illegal Human Activities In National Nature Reserves of China with Sentinel-2 and High-resolution Images On the Cloud Platform
* Removing Moving Objects without Registration from 3D LiDAR Data Using Range Flow Coupled with IMU Measurements
Includes: Cao, Y.X.[Yong Xing] Cao, Y.X.[Yong-Xing] Cao, Y.X.[Yu-Xi] Cao, Y.X.[Yin-Xuan]

Cao, Y.Y.[Yun Yun] Co Author Listing * Linking Between Image Sequences and Related Digital Maps
* Local Binary Pattern features for pedestrian detection at night/dark environment
* Proposal of Real World Video Stream Description Language(VSDL-RW) and Its Application
* Robust fault detection observer design for LPV systems
* Stagged multi-scale LBP for pedestrian detection
* ultrasonic imaging guided medical robot system for microwave ablation therapy, An
* Vector of Locally and Adaptively Aggregated Descriptors for Image Feature Representation
Includes: Cao, Y.Y.[Yun Yun] Cao, Y.Y.[Yun-Yun] Cao, Y.Y.[Yong-Yan] Cao, Y.Y.[Ying-Yu] Cao, Y.Y.[Yun-Yin]
7 for Cao, Y.Y.

Cao, Y.Z.[Yi Zhen] Co Author Listing * Gamma-enhanced Spatial Attention Network for Efficient High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Image Based Detection of Pedestrian Crossing, An
* Mixed Structure with 3D Multi-Shortcut-Link Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multi-complementary and unlabeled learning for arbitrary losses and models
* NTIRE 2022 Burst Super-Resolution Challenge
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Methods and Results
* Patchattack: A Black-box Texture-based Attack with Reinforcement Learning
* Spatio-Temporal Two-stage Fusion for video question answering
* Spatiotemporal Patterns and Morphological Characteristics of Ulva prolifera Distribution in the Yellow Sea, China in 2016-2018
Includes: Cao, Y.Z.[Yi Zhen] Cao, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhen] Cao, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhen] Cao, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhi] Cao, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhou] Cao, Y.Z.[Yin-Zhi] Cao, Y.Z.[Yang-Ze] Cao, Y.Z.[Ying-Zhi]
9 for Cao, Y.Z.

Cao, Y.Z.H.[Yuan Zhou Han] Co Author Listing * CMAN: Leaning Global Structure Correlation for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Exploiting Temporal Consistency for Real-Time Video Depth Estimation
* Monocular Depth Estimation With Augmented Ordinal Depth Relationships
* Random Sub-Samples Generation for Self-Supervised Real Image Denoising
* Temporal Pyramid Pooling-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Action Recognition
* Weakly Supervised Object Detection With Class Prototypical Network
Includes: Cao, Y.Z.H.[Yuan Zhou Han] Cao, Y.Z.H.[Yuan-Zhou-Han]

Cao, Z.[Zhiyu] Co Author Listing * 3D-FEGNet: A feature enhanced point cloud generation network from a single image
* 3DV: 3D Dynamic Voxel for Action Recognition in Depth Video
* A2J: Anchor-to-Joint Regression Network for 3D Articulated Pose Estimation From a Single Depth Image
* Absorption Pruning of Deep Neural Network for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* AiTARs-Net: A novel network for detecting arbitrary-oriented transverse aeolian ridges from Tianwen-1 HiRIC images
* Aligning 2.5D Scene Fragments With Distinctive Local Geometric Features and Voting-Based Correspondences
* Binoboost: Boosting Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Prediction with Binocular Guidance
* CameraNet: A Two-Stage Framework for Effective Camera ISP Learning
* Circular Shift: An Effective Data Augmentation Method For Convolutional Neural Network On Image Classification
* Class Boundary Exemplar Selection Based Incremental Learning for Automatic Target Recognition
* Combining Cylindrical Voxel and Mask R-CNN for Automatic Detection of Water Leakages in Shield Tunnel Point Clouds
* Comprehensive Framework of Early and Late Fusion for Image-Sentence Retrieval
* Confidence-Aware Reinforcement Learning for Self-Driving Cars
* Counting Fish in Sonar Images
* Counting Objects by Blockwise Classification
* DCR: Disentangled component representation for sketch generation
* Decoupled Two-Stage Crowd Counting and Beyond
* Deep Gesture Video Generation With Learning on Regions of Interest
* DeepLIMa: Deep Learning Based Lesion Identification in Mammograms
* Dense Attention Pyramid Networks for Multi-Scale Ship Detection in SAR Images
* Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance System Based on Rapid Instance Segmentation Network
* Dynamically Conservative Self-Driving Planner for Long-Tail Cases
* Effects of satellite temporal resolutions on the remote derivation of trends in phytoplankton blooms in inland waters
* Egocentric Prediction of Action Target in 3D
* Embarrassingly Simple Approach to Visual Domain Adaptation, An
* Encoding Conversion Algorithm of Quaternary Triangular Mesh
* Enhancing Car-Following Performance in Traffic Oscillations Using Expert Demonstration Reinforcement Learning
* Enhancing Transferability of Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Variable Speed Limit Control Using Transfer Learning
* Estimates of Power Shortages and Affected Populations during the Initial Period of the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict
* Exploiting Attribute Dependency for Attribute Assignment in Crowded Scenes
* FashionSAP: Symbols and Attributes Prompt for Fine-Grained Fashion Vision-Language Pre-Training
* Fast Variational Bayesian Inference for Temporally Correlated Sparse Signal Recovery
* FastMask: Segment Multi-scale Object Candidates in One Shot
* Few-Shot Video Classification via Temporal Alignment
* Finding the Shortest Path in Stochastic Vehicle Routing: A Cardinality Minimization Approach
* Fine-grained maize cultivar identification using filter-specific convolutional activations
* Flexible Architecture for Extracting Metro Tunnel Cross Sections from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds, A
* Floating Small Target Identification Method Based on Doppler Time Series Information, A
* FPB: Improving Multi-Scale Feature Representation Inside Convolutional Layer Via Feature Pyramid Block
* Full-Body Articulated Human-Object Interaction
* General Autonomous Driving Planner Adaptive to Scenario Characteristics, A
* Grid Anchor Based Image Cropping: A New Benchmark and An Efficient Model
* HiFT: Hierarchical Feature Transformer for Aerial Tracking
* Highway Exiting Planner for Automated Vehicles Using Reinforcement Learning
* Hybrid L1-L0 Layer Decomposition Model for Tone Mapping, A
* Identify, Estimate and Bound the Uncertainty of Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving
* Image Dynamics-Based Visual Servoing for Quadrotors Tracking a Target With a Nonlinear Trajectory Observer
* Image Feature Correspondence Selection: A Comparative Study and a New Contribution
* Image Segmentation Using Active Contours With Normally Biased GVF External Force
* Innovative Remote Sensing Identification of Cyanobacterial Blooms Inspired from Pseudo Water Color
* Intelligent Line Segment Perception With Cortex-Like Mechanisms
* Label2Label: A Language Modeling Framework for Multi-attribute Learning
* LDGAN: A Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Generation Method for Automatic Target Recognition
* Learning a Single Tucker Decomposition Network for Lossy Image Compression With Multiple Bits-per-Pixel Rates
* Learning Independent Object Motion From Unlabelled Stereoscopic Videos
* Light-Field Image Superresolution Using a Combined Deep CNN Based on EPI
* Long Short-Term Memory Network for Sparse Spatiotemporal EEG Source Imaging, A
* Long-term Human Motion Prediction with Scene Context
* Mean-Variance Loss for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Mobility Viewer: An Eulerian Approach for Studying Urban Crowd Flow
* Monocular Relative Depth Perception with Web Stereo Data Supervision
* Multi-modality fusion learning for the automatic diagnosis of optic neuropathy
* Multiphase SAR Image Segmentation With G^0-Statistical-Model-Based Active Contours
* Negative Latency Recognition Method for Fine-Grained Gestures Based on Terahertz Radar
* New Cost-Effective VLSI Implementation of a 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform and Its Inverse
* Nonrigid Registration of Volumetric Images Using Ranked Order Statistics
* Novel Multi-Candidate Multi-Correlation Coefficient Algorithm for GOCI-Derived Sea-Surface Current Vector with OSU Tidal Model, A
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* OpenPose: Realtime Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation Using Part Affinity Fields
* P2B: Point-to-Box Network for 3D Object Tracking in Point Clouds
* Partial Feature Selection and Alignment for Multi-Source Domain Adaptation
* PNNUAD: Perception Neural Networks Uncertainty Aware Decision-Making for Autonomous Vehicle
* Polarimetric Contextual Classification of PolSAR Images Using Sparse Representation and Superpixels
* Positioning Based on Integration of Muti-Sensor Systems Using Kalman Filter and Least Square Adjustment
* Realtime Multi-person 2D Pose Estimation Using Part Affinity Fields
* Reconstructing Hand-Object Interactions in the Wild
* Reconstruction of Historical Land Use and Urban Flood Simulation in Xi'an, Shannxi, China
* Reliable and Efficient Image Cropping: A Grid Anchor Based Approach
* Reliable Autonomous Driving Environment Model With Unified State-Extended Boundary
* Reliable Mutual Distillation for Medical Image Segmentation Under Imperfect Annotations
* Robust Evidential Multisource Data Fusion Approach Based on Cooperative Game Theory and Its Application in EEG, A
* Robust Hyperspectral Unmixing with Practical Learning-Based Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Robust Learning Through Cross-Task Consistency
* Robust Shape-Aware Rib Fracture Detection and Segmentation Framework With Contrastive Learning, A
* Robust support vector machines based on the rescaled hinge loss function
* Salient Object Detection via Deep Hierarchical Context Aggregation and Multi-Layer Supervision
* Scalable Multi-Consistency Feature Matching with Non-Cooperative Games
* Semantic Traffic Law Adaptive Decision-Making for Self-Driving Vehicles
* Semi-Physical Approach for Downscaling Satellite Soil Moisture Data in a Typical Cold Alpine Area, Northwest China, A
* Semi-supervised Video Paragraph Grounding with Contrastive Encoder
* Ship Detection in Large-Scale SAR Images Via Spatial Shuffle-Group Enhance Attention
* Spatially Non-Stationary Relationships between Changing Environment and Water Yield Services in Watersheds of China's Climate Transition Zones
* stepwise framework for interpolating land surface temperature under cloudy conditions based on the solar-cloud-satellite geometry, A
* Structure-Guided Ranking Loss for Single Image Depth Prediction
* Supervised Fine-Grained Cloud Detection and Recognition in Whole-Sky Images
* System and Experiments of Model-Driven Motion Planning and Control for Autonomous Vehicles
* TCTrack: Temporal Contexts for Aerial Tracking
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Multiplatform Stereo Data With Variance Component Estimation
* TORE: Token Reduction for Efficient Human Mesh Recovery with Transformer
* Toward Real-World Single Image Super-Resolution: A New Benchmark and a New Model
* Towards Real-World Visual Tracking With Temporal Contexts
* Tunnel Reconstruction With Block Level Precision by Combining Data-Driven Segmentation and Model-Driven Assembly
* UltraHi-PrNet: An Ultra-High Precision Deep Learning Network for Dense Multi-Scale Target Detection in SAR Images
* Unified Framework for Vehicle Rerouting and Traffic Light Control to Reduce Traffic Congestion, A
* Unified Probabilistic Formulation of Image Aesthetic Assessment, A
* Unsupervised class-to-class translation for domain variations
* Urban Flood-Related Remote Sensing: Research Trends, Gaps and Opportunities
* Using Multi-Source Geospatial Information to Reduce the Saturation Problem of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Video Background Completion Using Motion-Guided Pixel Assignment Optimization
* Visual Leader-Following Approach With a T-D-R Framework for Quadruped Robots, A
* What Can Help Pedestrian Detection?
* When Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Meets Tensor Representations
* Zero-shot Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition with hierarchical decomposition embedding
* Zonotoptic Fault Estimation for Discrete-Time LPV Systems With Bounded Parametric Uncertainty
Includes: Cao, Z.[Zhiyu] Cao, Z. Cao, Z.[Zongjie] Cao, Z.[Zhen] Cao, Z.[Zuo] Cao, Z.[Zhong] Cao, Z.[Zhengcai] Cao, Z.[Ziang] Cao, Z.[Zening] Cao, Z.[Zehong] Cao, Z.[Zheng] Cao, Z.[Zhao] Cao, Z.[Zhexuan] Cao, Z.[Zisheng] Cao, Z.[Zhe] Cao, Z.[Zhenyi] Cao, Z.[Zuowei] Cao, Z.[Zeyu] Cao, Z.[Zetao] Cao, Z.[Zhiyi]
114 for Cao, Z.

Cao, Z.C.[Zhi Cheng] Co Author Listing * Compact and Cancelable Fingerprint Binary Codes Generation via One Permutation Hashing
* Direction Control and Adaptive Path Following of 3-D Snake-Like Robot Motion
* Fusion of operators for heterogeneous periocular recognition at varying ranges
* Indexing-Min-Max Hashing: Relaxing the Security-Performance Tradeoff for Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Multi-Object Tracking Algorithm With Center-Based Feature Extraction and Occlusion Handling, A
* Ordered and fixed-length bit-string fingerprint representation with minutia vicinity combined feature and spectral clustering
* Palmprint recognition using a modified competitive code with distinctive extended neighbourhood
* Rapid Detection of Blind Roads and Crosswalks by Using a Lightweight Semantic Segmentation Network
* Safety-Guaranteed and Development Cost- Minimized Scheduling of DAG Functionality in an Automotive System
* Successive minutia-free mosaicking for small-sized fingerprint recognition
Includes: Cao, Z.C.[Zhi Cheng] Cao, Z.C.[Zhi-Cheng] Cao, Z.C.[Zheng-Cai]
10 for Cao, Z.C.

Cao, Z.C.X.[Zhi Cheng X.] Co Author Listing * Matching heterogeneous periocular regions: Short and long standoff distances
Includes: Cao, Z.C.X.[Zhi Cheng X.] Cao, Z.C.X.[Zhi-Cheng X.]

Cao, Z.D.[Zi Dong] Co Author Listing * Both Style and Distortion Matter: Dual-Path Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Panoramic Semantic Segmentation
* HRDFuse: Monocular 360° Depth Estimation by Collaboratively Learning Holistic-with-Regional Depth Distributions
* OmniZoomer: Learning to Move and Zoom in on Sphere at High-Resolution
* Self-Supervised Depth Completion via Adaptive Sampling and Relative Consistency
Includes: Cao, Z.D.[Zi Dong] Cao, Z.D.[Zi-Dong]

Cao, Z.F.[Zhen Fu] Co Author Listing * SAVE: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Service Bundle Authentication in Self-Organizing Vehicular Social Networks
Includes: Cao, Z.F.[Zhen Fu] Cao, Z.F.[Zhen-Fu]

Cao, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Co Author Listing * 3D Cinemagraphy from a Single Image
* 3D Instances as 1D Kernels
* A2B: Anchor to Barycentric Coordinate for Robust Correspondence
* A2J-Transformer: Anchor-to-Joint Transformer Network for 3D Interacting Hand Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image
* Adobe Boxes: Locating Object Proposals Using Object Adobes
* Advance One-Shot Multispectral Instance Detection With Text's Supervision
* Beyond local phase quantization: Mid-level blurred image representation using fisher vector
* Blurred image recognition using domain adaptation
* BokehMe: When Neural Rendering Meets Classical Rendering
* C3P: Cross-Domain Pose Prior Propagation for Weakly Supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Class-attribute inconsistency learning for novelty detection
* Composing Photos Like a Photographer
* Constraining Depth Map Geometry for Multi-View Stereo: A Dual-Depth Approach with Saddle-shaped Depth Cells
* Context-Aware Candidates for Image Cropping
* Cost-sensitive deep forest for price prediction
* Cptnet: Cascade Pose Transform Network for Single Image Talking Head Animation
* Deep Attention-Based Classification Network for Robust Depth Prediction
* Deep Reinforcement Learning for Solving the Heterogeneous Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
* DeepCloud: Ground-Based Cloud Image Categorization Using Deep Convolutional Features
* Determination of the Downwelling Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient of Lake Water with the Sentinel-3A OLCI
* Discriminate Clearer To Rank Better: Image Cropping By Amplifying View-Wise Differences
* Dynamic Color Transform for Wheat Head Detection
* Effect of Satellite Temporal Resolution on Long-Term Suspended Particulate Matter in Inland Lakes
* effect of spatial information characterization on 3D local feature descriptors: A quantitative evaluation, The
* Effects of broad bandwidth on the remote sensing of inland waters: Implications for high spatial resolution satellite data applications
* Efficient Single-image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Embedded System-on-Chip Architecture for Real-time Visual Detection and Matching, An
* End-to-End Video Gaze Estimation via Capturing Head-Face-Eye Spatial-Temporal Interaction Context
* Entropic image thresholding based on GLGM histogram
* Entropic thresholding based on gray-level spatial correlation histogram
* Exploiting Distilled Learning for Deep Siamese Tracking
* FADE: Fusing the Assets of Decoder and Encoder for Task-Agnostic Upsampling
* Fast and Accurate Single-Image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Fast Full-frame Video Stabilization with Iterative Optimization
* Finding the faster path in vehicle routing
* From Open Set to Closed Set: Counting Objects by Spatial Divide-and-Conquer
* From Open Set to Closed Set: Supervised Spatial Divide-and-Conquer for Object Counting
* GP3: Gaussian Process Path Planning for Reliable Shortest Path in Transportation Networks
* Ground-based cloud image categorization using deep convolutional visual features
* Heterogeneous Attentions for Solving Pickup and Delivery Problem via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Highly Efficient Vehicle Taillight Detection Approach Based on Deep Learning, A
* HyproGAN: Breaking the Dimensional Wall from Human to Anime
* Image classification using HTM cortical learning algorithms
* Image Cropping Assisted By Modeling Inter-Patch Relations
* Improving the Performance of Transportation Networks: A Semi-Centralized Pricing Approach
* Interactive Portrait Bokeh Rendering System
* Knowledge Distillation for Fast and Accurate Monocular Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices
* Large motion anime head animation using a cascade pose transform network
* Learning Probabilistic Coordinate Fields for Robust Correspondences
* Learning to Solve 3-D Bin Packing Problem via Deep Reinforcement Learning and Constraint Programming
* Learning to Solve Multiple-TSP With Time Window and Rejections via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Learning to Upsample by Learning to Sample
* Lens-to-Lens Bokeh Effect Transformation. NTIRE 2023 Challenge Report
* MAT: Multianchor Visual Tracking With Selective Search Region
* Matching Is Not Enough: A Two-Stage Framework for Category-Agnostic Pose Estimation
* Measuring Generalisation to Unseen Viewpoints, Articulations, Shapes and Objects for 3d Hand Pose Estimation Under Hand-object Interaction
* Monitoring inland water via Sentinel satellite constellation: A review and perspective
* Monocular Depth Estimation With Augmented Ordinal Depth Relationships
* MPIB: An MPI-Based Bokeh Rendering Framework for Realistic Partial Occlusion Effects
* Multi-Direction Convolution for Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-scale region-based saliency detection using W2 distance on N-dimensional normal distributions
* Multisize Superpixel Approach for Salient Object Detection Based on Multivariate Normal Distribution Estimation, A
* Neural Airport Ground Handling
* Neural Video Depth Stabilizer
* NM-Net: Mining Reliable Neighbors for Robust Feature Correspondences
* NSSNet: Scale-Aware Object Counting With Non-Scale Suppression
* Parallel Network to Learn Novelty from the Known
* Point-and-Shoot All-in-Focus Photo Synthesis From Smartphone Camera Pair
* Point-Query Quadtree for Crowd Counting, Localization, and More
* Ranking 3D feature correspondences via consistency voting
* Real-time Multi-person Eyeblink Detection in the Wild for Untrimmed Video
* Reinforced Adaptation Network for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Remote Estimation of Trophic State Index for Inland Waters Using Landsat-8 OLI Imagery
* Remote Estimation of Water Clarity and Suspended Particulate Matter in Qinghai Lake from 2001 to 2020 Using MODIS Images
* Remote Sensing Estimation of Lake Total Phosphorus Concentration Based on MODIS: A Case Study of Lake Hongze
* Represent, Compare, and Learn: A Similarity-Aware Framework for Class-Agnostic Counting
* Retrievals of Chlorophyll-a from GOCI and GOCI-II Data in Optically Complex Lakes
* Robust LiDAR-Camera Alignment With Modality Adapted Local-to-Global Representation
* Robust Object Detection with Inaccurate Bounding Boxes
* Rotation invariant point cloud analysis: Where local geometry meets global topology
* Rotational contour signatures for both real-valued and binary feature representations of 3D local shape
* Rotational contour signatures for robust local surface description
* Selective Bokeh Effect Transformation
* Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 Observations for Harmful Algae Blooms in a Small Eutrophic Lake
* SIERRA: A robust bilateral feature upsampler for dense prediction
* Sparse-to-dense Depth Completion Revisited: Sampling Strategy and Graph Construction
* SYMMNERF: Learning to Explore Symmetry Prior for Single-view View Synthesis
* TasselNetV3: Explainable Plant Counting With Guided Upsampling and Background Suppression
* Thirty-Four-Year Record (1987-2021) of the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Algal Blooms in Lake Dianchi from Multi-Source Remote Sensing Insights
* TOLDI: An effective and robust approach for 3D local shape description
* Toward Efficient and Robust Metrics for RANSAC Hypotheses and 3D Rigid Registration
* Toward the Repeatability and Robustness of the Local Reference Frame for 3D Shape Matching: An Evaluation
* Towards Robust Monocular Depth Estimation: A New Baseline and Benchmark
* TransView: Inside, Outside, and Across the Cropping View Boundaries
* Two-dimensional subspace alignment for convolutional activations adaptation
* VisDrone-CC2021: The Vision Meets Drone Crowd Counting Challenge Results
* ViTA: Video Transformer Adaptor for Robust Video Depth Estimation
* Weighing Counts: Sequential Crowd Counting by Reinforcement Learning
* When Epipolar Constraint Meets Non-local Operators in Multi-View Stereo
Includes: Cao, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Cao, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo] Cao, Z.G.[Zhi-Guang] Cao, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang]
99 for Cao, Z.G.

Cao, Z.H.[Zhi Hui] Co Author Listing * Compressed Sensing-Based Multitarget CFAR Detection Algorithm for FMCW Radar
* Higher Order Fractal Belief Rényi Divergence With Its Applications in Pattern Classification
* MaskHunter: real-time object detection of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic
* Research on the Real-Time Ambiguity Resolution Algorithm of GPS/Galileo/BDS Based on CNES Real-Time Products
* RF-Based Drone Detection Enhancement via a Generalized Denoising and Interference-Removal Framework
* Two-attribute e-commerce image classification based on a convolutional neural network
Includes: Cao, Z.H.[Zhi Hui] Cao, Z.H.[Zhi-Hui] Cao, Z.H.[Ze-Hong] Cao, Z.H.[Zhi-Hao] Cao, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua] Cao, Z.H.[Zi-Han]

Cao, Z.J.[Zong Jie] Co Author Listing * D-ATR for SAR Images Based on Deep Neural Networks
* From Big to Small: Adaptive Learning to Partial-Set Domains
* Gaussian meta-feature balanced aggregation for few-shot synthetic aperture radar target detection
* HashNet: Deep Learning to Hash by Continuation
* Integrated Counterfactual Sample Generation and Filtering Approach for SAR Automatic Target Recognition with a Small Sample Set, An
* Learning to Detect Open Classes for Universal Domain Adaptation
* Learning to Transfer Examples for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Leveraging Large-Scale Weakly Labeled Data for Semi-Supervised Mass Detection in Mammograms
* Lightweight Deep Neural Networks for Ship Target Detection in SAR Imagery
* M3AN: Multitask Multirange Multisubgraph Attention Network for Condition-Aware Traffic Prediction
* MetaSets: Meta-Learning on Point Sets for Generalizable Representations
* Multi-Layer Abstraction Saliency for Airport Detection in SAR Images
* Multi-Scale Proposal Generation for Ship Detection in SAR Images
* Omni-Training: Bridging Pre-Training and Meta-Training for Few-Shot Learning
* Open Domain Generalization with Domain-Augmented Meta-Learning
* Open Set Incremental Learning for Automatic Target Recognition
* Partial Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Partial Transfer Learning with Selective Adversarial Networks
* Saliency detection of targets in polarimetric SAR images based on globally weighted perturbation filters
* SAR Image Recognition with Monogenic Scale Selection-Based Weighted Multi-task Joint Sparse Representation
* SAR Target Recognition in Large Scene Images via Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks
* SAR Target Recognition via Incremental Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Semi-Supervised 3d Object Detection Via Adaptive Pseudo-Labeling
* Separate to Adapt: Open Set Domain Adaptation via Progressive Separation
* Staged cluster transformers for intracranial aneurysms segmentation from structure fused 3D MRA
* Subdictionary-Based Joint Sparse Representation for SAR Target Recognition Using Multilevel Reconstruction
* Synthetic guided domain adaptive and edge aware network for crowd counting
* Target Detection in High-Resolution SAR Image via Iterating Outliers and Recursing Saliency Depth
* Transferable Query Selection for Active Domain Adaptation
* Transferable Representation Learning with Deep Adaptation Networks
* Universal Domain Adaptation
Includes: Cao, Z.J.[Zong Jie] Cao, Z.J.[Zong-Jie] Cao, Z.J.[Zhang-Jie] Cao, Z.J.[Zhen-Jie] Cao, Z.J.[Zi-Jian] Cao, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie] Cao, Z.J.[Zhi-Jian]
31 for Cao, Z.J.

Cao, Z.K.[Zi Kai] Co Author Listing * Design method of PID-type model predictive iterative learning control based on the two-dimensional generalized predictive control scheme
Includes: Cao, Z.K.[Zi Kai] Cao, Z.K.[Zi-Kai]

Cao, Z.L.[Zuo Liang] Co Author Listing * Embedded omni-vision navigator based on multi-object tracking
* Target Recognition and Tracking in Outdoor Environment
* Vector-valued Chan-Vese model driven by local histogram for texture segmentation
Includes: Cao, Z.L.[Zuo Liang] Cao, Z.L.[Zuo-Liang]

Cao, Z.M.[Zhi Min] Co Author Listing * Delving Deep Into Coarse-to-Fine Framework for Facial Landmark Localization
* Extensive Facial Landmark Localization with Coarse-to-Fine Convolutional Network Cascade
* Face recognition with learning-based descriptor
* GridFace: Face Rectification via Learning Local Homography Transformations
Includes: Cao, Z.M.[Zhi Min] Cao, Z.M.[Zhi-Min]

Cao, Z.N.[Ze Ning] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Buffer Analysis Method Based on the 3D Discrete Global Grid System, A
Includes: Cao, Z.N.[Ze Ning] Cao, Z.N.[Ze-Ning]

Cao, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Co Author Listing * no-reference sharpness metric based on the notion of relative blur for Gaussian blurred image, A
* Pose Awareness Solution for Estimating Pedestrian Walking Speed, A
* Robust deblurring based on prediction of informative structure
* Survey on Multimodal Large Language Models for Autonomous Driving, A
Includes: Cao, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Cao, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng]

Cao, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Co Author Listing * Category-Level 6D Object Pose Estimation With Structure Encoder and Reasoning Attention
* Characteristics and Applications of the Ground-Based X Band Low Elevation Angle Brightness Temperatures under Low Sea State Based on Measured Data
* Dynamic Rigid Bodies Mining and Motion Estimation Based on Monocular Camera
* Efficient Image-Text Retrieval via Keyword-Guided Pre-Screening
* Fast Orientation Estimation Approach of Natural Images, A
* Feature-Related Searching Control Model for Curve Detection
* Learning Error-Driven Curriculum for Crowd Counting
* Multiple-Object Tracking in Large-Scale Scene
* Pixel-Wise Grasp Detection via Twin Deconvolution and Multi-Dimensional Attention
* Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Object Detection via Adaptive Pseudo Labeling
* Two-Stream CNN With Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation for Robotic Grasping, A
Includes: Cao, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Cao, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] Cao, Z.Q.[Zhong-Qing] Cao, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiang] Cao, Z.Q.[Zhuo-Qun]
11 for Cao, Z.Q.

Cao, Z.S.[Zhen Song] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric HDO Abundance Measurements in the Tibetan Plateau Based on Laser Heterodyne Radiometer
* Decomposition in Hidden Markov Models for Activity Recognition
* Distributed Feedback Interband Cascade Laser Based Laser Heterodyne Radiometer for Column Density of HDO and CH4 Measurements at Dunhuang, Northwest of China
* Impact of Lock-In Time Constant on Remote Monitoring of Trace Gas in the Atmospheric Column Using Laser Heterodyne Radiometer (LHR)
* Learning Image-Adaptive 3D Lookup Tables for High Performance Photo Enhancement in Real-Time
* Stroke extraction based on ambiguous zone detection: a preprocessing step to recover dynamic information from handwritten Chinese characters
Includes: Cao, Z.S.[Zhen Song] Cao, Z.S.[Zhen-Song] Cao, Z.S.[Zi-Sheng] Cao, Z.S.[Zhong-Sheng]

Cao, Z.T.[Zheng Tao] Co Author Listing * Inferring Cognitive State of Pilot's Brain Under Different Maneuvers During Flight
Includes: Cao, Z.T.[Zheng Tao] Cao, Z.T.[Zheng-Tao]

Cao, Z.W.[Ze Wei] Co Author Listing * Deep 1D Landmark Representation Learning for Space Target Pose Estimation
* DG-Labeler and DGL-MOTS Dataset: Boost the Autonomous Driving Perception
* E2VPT: An Effective and Efficient Approach for Visual Prompt Tuning
* Haze Removal of Railway Monitoring Images Using Multi-Scale Residual Network
* Joint Secure Offloading and Resource Allocation for Vehicular Edge Computing Network: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
* NOMA-Assisted Secure Offloading for Vehicular Edge Computing Networks With Asynchronous Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Physical Attack on Monocular Depth Estimation with Optimal Adversarial Patches
* Railway Intrusion Detection Based on Machine Vision: A Survey, Challenges, and Perspectives
* Robust Data Modelling Using Thin Plate Splines
* robust learning control for SISO nonlinear systems with T-S fuzzy model: C02-robust control, A
* Robust Model Fitting Using Higher Than Minimal Subset Sampling
* TF-Blender: Temporal Feature Blender for Video Object Detection
* Towards Unbiased Label Distribution Learning for Facial Pose Estimation Using Anisotropic Spherical Gaussian
* Vector-based Representation to Enhance Head Pose Estimation, A
Includes: Cao, Z.W.[Ze Wei] Cao, Z.W.[Ze-Wei] Cao, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen] Cao, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei] Cao, Z.W.[Zhen-Wei]
14 for Cao, Z.W.

Cao, Z.X.[Zhen Xiang] Co Author Listing * Face Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* Novel Loss for Change Point Detection Models With Time-Invariant Representations, A
* Risk Assessment of Urban Floods Based on a SWMM-MIKE21-Coupled Model Using GF-2 Data
Includes: Cao, Z.X.[Zhen Xiang] Cao, Z.X.[Zhen-Xiang] Cao, Z.X.[Zheng-Xiong]

Cao, Z.Y.[Zhi Ying] Co Author Listing * C3Net: Cross-Modal Feature Recalibrated, Cross-Scale Semantic Aggregated and Compact Network for Semantic Segmentation of Multi-Modal High-Resolution Aerial Images
* Construction and Optimization of Three-Dimensional Disaster Scenes within Mobile Virtual Reality
* Fast generative adversarial networks model for masked image restoration
* Generative adversarial networks model for visible watermark removal
* Infrared dim target detection via mode-k1k2 extension tensor tubal rank under complex ocean environment
* Line Matching Algorithm for Aerial Image Combining image and object space similarity constraints
* MRGAN: A generative adversarial networks model for global mosaic removal
* Novel Approach to Obtain Diurnal Variation of Bio-Optical Properties in Moving Water Parcel Using Integrated Drifting Buoy and GOCI Data: A Case Study in Yellow and East China Seas, A
* Synchronous Assimilation of Tidal Current-Related Data Obtained Using Coastal Acoustic Tomography and High-Frequency Radar in the Xiangshan Bay, China
* Tracking a Rain-Induced Low-Salinity Pool in the South China Sea Using Satellite and Quasi-Lagrangian Field Observations
* Virtual Geographic Environment for Debris Flow Risk Analysis in Residential Areas, A
Includes: Cao, Z.Y.[Zhi Ying] Cao, Z.Y.[Zhi-Ying] Cao, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Cao, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yi] Cao, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yang] Cao, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yi] Cao, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong]
11 for Cao, Z.Y.

Cao, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhong] Co Author Listing * Object SLAM With Robust Quadric Initialization and Mapping for Dynamic Outdoors
Includes: Cao, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhong] Cao, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhong]

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