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Ding, A.[Aqiang] Co Author Listing * Bi-Attention enhanced representation learning for image-text matching
* Development of the Direct-Estimation Albedo Algorithm for Snow-Free Landsat TM Albedo Retrievals Using Field Flux Measurements
* Revisiting Stereo Depth Estimation From a Sequence-to-Sequence Perspective with Transformers
Includes: Ding, A.[Aqiang] Ding, A. Ding, A.[Andy]

Ding, A.X.[An Xin] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Improved Ross-Li BRDF Models Emphasizing Albedo Estimates at Large Solar Angles Using POLDER Data
* Assessment of the Hotspot Effect for the PROSAIL Model With POLDER Hotspot Observations Based on the Hotspot-Enhanced Kernel-Driven BRDF Model
* Estimating Forest Canopy Height Using MODIS BRDF Data Emphasizing Typical-Angle Reflectances
* Evaluation of the Snow Albedo Retrieved from the Snow Kernel Improved the Ross-Roujean BRDF Model
* Influence of Snow on the Magnitude and Seasonal Variation of the Clumping Index Retrieved from MODIS BRDF Products
* Potential Investigation of Linking PROSAIL with the Ross-Li BRDF Model for Vegetation Characterization
Includes: Ding, A.X.[An Xin] Ding, A.X.[An-Xin]

Ding, B.[Bowen] Co Author Listing * Ant Colony Pheromone Mechanism-Based Passive Localization Using UAV Swarm
* ARGAN: Attentive Recurrent Generative Adversarial Network for Shadow Detection and Removal
* Detecting Manipulated Facial Videos: A Time Series Solution
* Efficient and Robust Framework for SAR Target Recognition by Hierarchically Fusing Global and Local Features, An
* Indoor Environment Reconstruction for Unmanned System Using Multiple Low-Cost Sensors
* Optimal 3D Convolutional Neural Network Based Lipreading Method, An
Includes: Ding, B.[Bowen] Ding, B. Ding, B.[Bin] Ding, B.[Biyun]

Ding, B.B.[Bei Bei] Co Author Listing * Developing an Automated Python Surface Energy Balance System (PySEBS) Software for Calculating Actual Evapotranspiration-Software Development and Application Case in Jilin Province, China
Includes: Ding, B.B.[Bei Bei] Ding, B.B.[Bei-Bei]

Ding, B.C.[Bei Chen] Co Author Listing * Attention guided deep features for accurate body mass index estimation
Includes: Ding, B.C.[Bei Chen] Ding, B.C.[Bei-Chen]

Ding, B.G.[Bao Gang] Co Author Listing * New Deep Neural Network Based on SwinT-FRM-ShipNet for SAR Ship Detection in Complex Near-Shore and Offshore Environments, A
Includes: Ding, B.G.[Bao Gang] Ding, B.G.[Bao-Gang]

Ding, B.H.[Bao Hong] Co Author Listing * Multi-Source Hydrological Data Products to Monitor High Asian River Basins and Regional Water Security
* Strict Validation of MODIS Lake Surface Water Temperature on the Tibetan Plateau, A
Includes: Ding, B.H.[Bao Hong] Ding, B.H.[Bao-Hong]

Ding, B.J.[Bing Jian] Co Author Listing * Residual Deformable Convolution for better image de-weathering
* Subcutaneous sweat pore estimation from optical coherence tomography
Includes: Ding, B.J.[Bing Jian] Ding, B.J.[Bing-Jian] Ding, B.J.[Bao-Jin]

Ding, B.S.[Bo Song] Co Author Listing * LTNet: Light Transfer Network for Depth Guided Image Relighting
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* U2D2Net: Unsupervised Unified Image Dehazing and Denoising Network for Single Hazy Image Enhancement
Includes: Ding, B.S.[Bo Song] Ding, B.S.[Bo-Song] Ding, B.S.[Bo-Sheng]

Ding, B.Y.[Bing Yue] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Evapotranspiration Models Using Different LAI and Meteorological Forcing Data from 1982 to 2017
* Exploiting Multi-View SAR Images for Robust Target Recognition
* Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of Physical and Anthropogenic Factors on Vegetation Spatial-Temporal Variation in Northern Tibet
* Sparsity constraint nearest subspace classifier for target recognition of SAR images
* Target Reconstruction Based on 3-D Scattering Center Model for Robust SAR ATR
Includes: Ding, B.Y.[Bing Yue] Ding, B.Y.[Bing-Yue] Ding, B.Y.[Bai-Yuan] Ding, B.Y.[Bo-Yang]

Ding, C.[Caiwen] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Dataset Distillation via Model Augmentation
* Accurate Localization of Oil Tanks in Remote Sensing Images via FGMRST-Based CNN
* ANLPT: Self-Adaptive and Non-Local Patch-Tensor Model for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Attributed Relational Graph Matching with Sparse Relaxation and Bistochastic Normalization
* Automatic Kernel Size Determination for Deep Neural Networks Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* AutoReP: Automatic ReLU Replacement for Fast Private Network Inference
* BDPK: Bayesian Dehazing Using Prior Knowledge
* Binary Constraint Preserving Graph Matching
* Boosting Few-Shot Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Pseudo-Label Learning
* C2S-RoadNet: Road Extraction Model with Depth-Wise Separable Convolution and Self-Attention
* Catching Both Gray and Black Swans: Open-set Supervised Anomaly Detection*
* Characteristics of the Multipath Scattering and the Application for Geometry Extraction in High-Resolution SAR Images, The
* Collaborative Sensing in a Distributed PTZ Camera Network
* Comparison between Different TomoSAR Imaging Models for Airborne Platform Flying at Low Altitude
* Context-aided unicity matching for person re-identification
* Convolutional Neural Networks Based Hyperspectral Image Classification Method with Adaptive Kernels
* Coupling Control of Traffic Signal and Entry Lane at Isolated Intersections Under the Mixed-Autonomy Traffic Environment
* CPS-Det: An Anchor-Free Based Rotation Detector for Ship Detection
* CV-GMTINet: GMTI Using a Deep Complex-Valued Convolutional Neural Network for Multichannel SAR-GMTI System
* DevNet: Deviation Aware Network for Lane Detection
* Discriminative high order SVD: Adaptive tensor subspace selection for image classification, clustering, and retrieval
* Distributed Camera Networks
* DMAGNet: Dual-path multi-scale attention guided network for medical image segmentation
* Dyadic transfer learning for cross-domain image classification
* Dynamic Cluster Formation Using Level Set Methods
* Effective Method of Infrared Maritime Target Enhancement and Detection with Multiple Maritime Scene, An
* Error analysis and 3D reconstruction using airborne array InSAR images
* Error Source Analysis and Correction of GF-3 Polarimetric Data
* Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information: Criteria of Max-Dependency, Max-Relevance, and Min-Redundancy
* First Attempt of SAR Visual-Inertial Odometry, The
* Focusing of Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR With Advanced Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm
* Gamma-Correction-Based Visibility Restoration for Single Hazy Images
* Graph Matching Based on Dot Product Representation of Graphs
* Graph-Laplacian PCA: Closed-Form Solution and Robustness
* Ground Subsidence, Driving Factors, and Risk Assessment of the Photovoltaic Power Generation and Greenhouse Planting (PPG&GP) Projects in Coal-Mining Areas of Xintai City Observed from a Multi-Temporal InSAR Perspective
* group lasso based sparse KNN classifier, A
* Heterogeneous Visual Features Fusion via Sparse Multimodal Machine
* HGA: Hierarchical Feature Extraction With Graph and Attention Mechanism for Linguistic Steganalysis
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Promotion Using Clustering Inspired Active Learning
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Promotion Using Dynamic Convolution Based on Structural Re-Parameterization
* IDBP: Image Dehazing Using Blended Priors Including Non-Local, Local, and Global Priors
* IDE: Image Dehazing and Exposure Using an Enhanced Atmospheric Scattering Model
* Identification of Stable Backscattering Features, Suitable for Maintaining Absolute Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Radiometric Calibration of Sentinel-1
* IDGCP: Image Dehazing Based on Gamma Correction Prior
* IDRLP: Image Dehazing Using Region Line Prior
* Image annotation using bi-relational graph of images and semantic labels
* Image annotation using multi-label correlated Green's function
* Image Categorization Using Directed Graphs
* Image Representation and Learning With Graph-Laplacian Tucker Tensor Decomposition
* Implementation of the OFDM Chirp Waveform on MIMO SAR Systems
* Improving the Image Quality of Moving Ships for GF-3NG Based on Simultaneous AIS Information
* Integrating Hybrid Pyramid Feature Fusion and Coordinate Attention for Effective Small Sample Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Knowledge-based automatic extraction of multi-structured light stripes
* Layover Detection Using Neural Network Based on Expert Knowledge
* Learning Oracle Attention for High-Fidelity Face Completion
* Method of Marine Moving Targets Detection in Multi-Channel ScanSAR System, A
* Mixed-Integer Program (MIP) for One-Way Multiple-Type Shared Electric Vehicles Allocation With Uncertain Demand, A
* ML-Based Radial Velocity Estimation Algorithm for Moving Targets in Spaceborne High-Resolution and Wide-Swath SAR Systems, An
* Moon Imaging Performance of FAST Radio Telescope in Bistatic Configuration with Other Radars
* Morphology of Rain Clusters Influencing Rainfall Intensity over Hainan Island
* Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach for Safe and Efficient Behavior Planning of Connected Autonomous Vehicles, A
* Multi-label Feature Transform for Image Classifications
* Multi-label Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Multi-label ReliefF and F-statistic feature selections for image annotation
* Multi-Resolution Transformer Network for Building and Road Segmentation of Remote Sensing Image
* Multi-Task Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Multicomponent Linear Frequency Modulation Signal-Separation Network for Multi-Moving-Target Imaging in the SAR-Ground-Moving-Target Indication System, A
* Non-Greedy L21-Norm Maximization for Principal Component Analysis
* Non-greedy Max-min Large Margin based on L1-norm
* Non-Local Feature Search Network for Building and Road Segmentation of Remote Sensing Image
* Omega-K Algorithm With Phase Error Compensation for Bistatic SAR of a Translational Invariant Case, An
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data: A Chirp-Modulated Back Projection Approach
* One-Pass Multi-Task Networks With Cross-Task Guided Attention for Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Online Social Behavior Modeling for Multi-target Tracking
* Opportunistic Image Acquisition of Individual and Group Activities in a Distributed Camera Network
* Parallel Architecture of Convolutional Bi-Directional LSTM Neural Networks for Network-Wide Metro Ridership Prediction
* Parameter Extraction Based on Deep Neural Network for SAR Target Simulation
* PCA-guided search for K-means
* Pitfalls in GPR Data Interpretation: False Reflectors Detected in Lunar Radar Cross Sections by Chang'e-3
* Platoon-Based Hierarchical Merging Control for On-Ramp Vehicles Under Connected Environment, A
* Precise Focusing of Airborne SAR Data With Wide Apertures Large Trajectory Deviations: A Chirp Modulated Back-Projection Approach
* Precursory 3D Displacement Patterns and Their Implicit Collapse Mechanism of the Ice-Rock Avalanche Events Occurred in Sedongpu Basin Revealed by Optical and SAR Observations, The
* Preliminary exploration of geometrical regularized SAR tomography
* Prioritizing Influential Factors for Freeway Incident Clearance Time Prediction Using the Gradient Boosting Decision Trees Method
* Progressive Context-Aware Graph Feature Learning for Target Re-Identification
* Radar Signal Processing for Sensing in Assisted Living: The challenges associated with real-time implementation of emerging algorithms
* Reality3DSketch: Rapid 3D Modeling of Objects From Single Freehand Sketches
* Relative Trajectory Estimation During Chang'e-2 Probe's Flyby of Asteroid Toutatis Using Dynamics, Optical, and Radio Constraints
* Residual Pattern Learning for Pixel-wise Out-of-Distribution Detection in Semantic Segmentation
* Robust Face Recognition via Multimodal Deep Face Representation
* Robust Index Based on Phenological Features to Extract Sugarcane from Multisource Remote Sensing Data, A
* Robust tensor factorization using R1 norm
* Robust Track Error Estimation Method for Airborne SAR Based on Accuracy Analysis Model, A
* Robust Track Estimation Method for Airborne SAR Based on Weak Navigation Information and Additional Envelope Errors, A
* Robust Tucker Tensor Decomposition for Effective Image Representation
* Routing Optimization by Considering Multiple Uses of Vehicles and Demand Uncertainty: A Real-World Case Study
* R_1-2-DPCA and Face Recognition
* Saliency Detection via A Graph Based Diffusion Model
* Sensing Travel Source-Sink Spatiotemporal Ranges Using Dockless Bicycle Trajectory via Density-Based Adaptive Clustering
* Sequential Order-Aware Coding-Based Robust Subspace Clustering for Human Action Recognition in Untrimmed Videos
* Simultaneous Image Classification and Annotation via Biased Random Walk on Tri-relational Graph
* Sparse multi-task regression and feature selection to identify brain imaging predictors for memory performance
* Spatio-Temporal Error Sources Analysis and Accuracy Improvement in Landsat 8 Image Ground Displacement Measurements
* Spatio-Temporal Feature Encoding for Traffic Accident Detection in VANET Environment
* Spatiotemporal Distribution and Main Influencing Factors of Grasshopper Potential Habitats in Two Steppe Types of Inner Mongolia, China
* SRSDD-v1.0: A High-Resolution SAR Rotation Ship Detection Dataset
* Structural projection points estimation and context priors for oil tank storage estimation in SAR image
* Symmetric two dimensional linear discriminant analysis (2DLDA)
* Temporal Interpolation of Satellite-Derived Leaf Area Index Time Series by Introducing Spatial-Temporal Constraints for Heterogeneous Grasslands
* Tensor reduction error analysis: Applications to video compression and classification
* Tensorized Bipartite Graph Learning for Multi-View Clustering
* Tracking and Activity Recognition Through Consensus in Distributed Camera Networks
* Transductive Semi-Supervised Deep Learning Using Min-Max Features
* Trunk-Branch Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning via l1-norm graph
* Using an ARIMA-GARCH Modeling Approach to Improve Subway Short-Term Ridership Forecasting Accounting for Dynamic Volatility
* Using normalized echo state network to detect abnormal ECG patterns
* You Need Multiple Exiting: Dynamic Early Exiting for Accelerating Unified Vision Language Model
Includes: Ding, C.[Caiwen] Ding, C.[Chibiao] Ding, C.[Cheng] Ding, C. Ding, C.[Chen] Ding, C.[Cong] Ding, C.[Choubo] Ding, C.[Chong] Ding, C.[Chuan] Ding, C.[Chang] Ding, C.[Chris] Ding, C.[Caifu] Ding, C.[Chao] Ding, C.[Changhao] Ding, C.[Can] Ding, C.[Chenghui] Ding, C.[Chaotao] Ding, C.[Chun]
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Ding, C.B.[Chi Biao] Co Author Listing * Automatic Color Correction for Multisource Remote Sensing Images with Wasserstein CNN
* Automatically Tracking Road Centerlines from Low-Frequency GPS Trajectory Data
* Channel Imbalances and Along-Track Baseline Estimation for the GF-3 Azimuth Multichannel Mode
* Comparative Study on Classification Features between High-Resolution and Polarimetric SAR Images through Unsupervised Classification Methods, A
* Deep Discriminative Representation Learning with Attention Map for Scene Classification
* Effects of Motion Compensation Residual Error and Polarization Distortion on UAV-Borne PolInSAR
* Extended Classification Course Improves Road Intersection Detection from Low-Frequency GPS Trajectory Data
* First Assessment of GF3-02 SAR Ocean Wind Retrieval
* Motion Phase Compensation Methods for Azimuth Ambiguity Suppression in HRWS SAR
* Multi-Rotor UAV-Borne PolInSAR Data Processing and Preliminary Analysis of Height Inversion in Urban Area
* Novel Imaging Scheme of Squint Multichannel SAR: First Result of GF-3 Satellite, A
* novel solution for stereo three-dimensional localization combined with geometric semantic constraints based on spaceborne SAR data, A
* Phase Imbalance Analysis of GF-3 Along-Track InSAR Data and Ocean Current Measurements
* SAR image classification based on spiking neural network through spike-time dependent plasticity and gradient descent
* Simultaneous Imaging Scheme of Stationary Clutter and Moving Targets for Maritime Scenarios with the First Chinese Dual-Channel Spaceborne SAR Sensor, A
* Sparse Bayesian Learning Based Three-Dimensional Imaging Algorithm for Off-Grid Air Targets in MIMO Radar Array
* Specific Emitter Identification Algorithm under Zero Sample Condition Based on Metric Learning, A
* TomoSAR 3D Reconstruction for Buildings Using Very Few Tracks of Observation: A Conditional Generative Adversarial Network Approach
* Urban 3D imaging using airborne TomoSAR: Contextual information-based approach in the statistical way
Includes: Ding, C.B.[Chi Biao] Ding, C.B.[Chi-Biao]
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Ding, C.C.[Chen Chen] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Deep Learning Segmentation Models for Detection of Pine Wilt Disease in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images
* Intelligent Identification of Moving Trajectory of Autonomous Vehicle Based on Friction Nano-Generator
* Mitigating errors of predicted delays of a train at neighbouring stops
* Prediction on transmission trajectory of COVID-19 based on particle swarm algorithm
Includes: Ding, C.C.[Chen Chen] Ding, C.C.[Chen-Chen] Ding, C.C.[Cai-Chang] Ding, C.C.[Chuan-Chen]

Ding, C.H.[Chun Hui] Co Author Listing * Face recognition in real-world surveillance videos with deep learning method
* Single sample per person face recognition with KPCANet and a weighted voting scheme
* Video Anomaly Detection Based on Adaptive Multiple Auto-Encoders
* Violence Detection in Video by Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ding, C.H.[Chun Hui] Ding, C.H.[Chun-Hui]

Ding, C.H.Q.[Chris H.Q.] Co Author Listing * Convex and Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations
* Extended linear regression for undersampled face recognition
* Generating and Weighting Semantically Consistent Sample Pairs for Ultrasound Contrastive Learning
* Nonnegative Locally Linear KNN model for image recognition, A
* Semi-Supervised Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation via Consistency Regularization and Average Update of Pseudo-Label
Includes: Ding, C.H.Q.[Chris H.Q.] Ding, C.H.Q.[Chris H. Q.]

Ding, C.J.[Chen Jing] Co Author Listing * ActFormer: A GAN-based Transformer towards General Action-Conditioned 3D Human Motion Generation
* L-Tracing: Fast Light Visibility Estimation on Neural Surfaces by Sphere Tracing
* Water-Quality Classification of Inland Lakes Using Landsat8 Images by Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ding, C.J.[Chen Jing] Ding, C.J.[Chen-Jing] Ding, C.J.[Chu-Jiang]

Ding, C.K.[Chen Kai] Co Author Listing * FALCON: A Fourier Transform Based Approach for Fast and Secure Convolutional Neural Network Predictions
Includes: Ding, C.K.[Chen Kai] Ding, C.K.[Chen-Kai]

Ding, C.Q.[Chun Qiu] Co Author Listing * Multi-Camera Color Correction via Hybrid Histogram Matching
Includes: Ding, C.Q.[Chun Qiu] Ding, C.Q.[Chun-Qiu]

Ding, C.T.[Chun Tao] Co Author Listing * Double adjacency graphs-based discriminant neighborhood embedding
* Mitigating Task Interference in Multi-Task Learning via Explicit Task Routing with Non-Learnable Primitives
* SAM-Adapter: Adapting Segment Anything in Underperformed Scenes
Includes: Ding, C.T.[Chun Tao] Ding, C.T.[Chun-Tao] Ding, C.T.[Chao-Tao]

Ding, C.W.[Chuan Wei] Co Author Listing * Continuous Human Motion Recognition With a Dynamic Range-Doppler Trajectory Method Based on FMCW Radar
* Learning Topics Using Semantic Locality
Includes: Ding, C.W.[Chuan Wei] Ding, C.W.[Chuan-Wei] Ding, C.W.[Cai-Wen]

Ding, C.X.[Chang Xing] Co Author Listing * Batch Coherence-Driven Network for Part-Aware Person Re-Identification
* Category-Level 6D Object Pose and Size Estimation Using Self-supervised Deep Prior Deformation Networks
* CDPM: Convolutional Deformable Part Models for Semantically Aligned Person Re-Identification
* Classification of single-view object point clouds
* Correcting the Triplet Selection Bias for Triplet Loss
* CPP-Net: Context-Aware Polygon Proposal Network for Nucleus Segmentation
* Discrete curve model for non-elastic shape analysis on shape manifold
* Distillation Using Oracle Queries for Transformer-based Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Dual-force convolutional neural networks for accurate brain tumor segmentation
* Few-Shot Head Swapping in the Wild
* Glance and Gaze: Inferring Action-aware Points for One-Stage Human-Object Interaction Detection
* GlobalAP: Global average precision optimization for person re-identification
* GPS-Net: Graph Property Sensing Network for Scene Graph Generation
* Harmonious Feature Learning for Interactive Hand-Object Pose Estimation
* HelixSurf: A Robust and Efficient Neural Implicit Surface Learning of Indoor Scenes with Iterative Intertwined Regularization
* HL-Net: Heterophily Learning Network for Scene Graph Generation
* Mining False Positive Examples for Text-Based Person Re-Identification
* Multi-Directional Multi-Level Dual-Cross Patterns for Robust Face Recognition
* Multi-Task Learning With Coarse Priors for Robust Part-Aware Person Re-Identification
* Polysemy Deciphering Network for Human-object Interaction Detection
* Polysemy Deciphering Network for Robust Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Pose-invariant face recognition with homography-based normalization
* Quality-Aware Part Models for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Report on the FG 2015 Video Person Recognition Evaluation
* RU-Net: Regularized Unrolling Network for Scene Graph Generation
* Special issue on Video Surveillance-oriented Biometrics
* Style Interleaved Learning for Generalizable Person Re-Identification
* Towards Hard-Positive Query Mining for DETR-Based Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Uncertainty-Aware Clustering for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Re-Identification
* Unified Pre-training with Pseudo Texts for Text-To-Image Person Re-identification
Includes: Ding, C.X.[Chang Xing] Ding, C.X.[Chang-Xing]
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Ding, C.Y.[Chun Yu] Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Signal Attenuation Characteristics in the Lunar Regolith Observed by the Lunar Regolith Penetrating Radar (LRPR) Onboard the Chang'E-5 Lander
* Flight Experiment Validation of Altitude Measurement Performance of MOSIR on Tianwen-1 Orbiter
* Graph-based relational reasoning in a latent space for skeleton-based action recognition
* In-Situ Radar Observation of Shallow Lunar Regolith at the Chang'E-5 Landing Site: Research Progress and Perspectives
* Novel Approach for Permittivity Estimation of Lunar Regolith Using the Lunar Penetrating Radar Onboard Chang'E-4 Rover, A
* Overlay Accelerator of DeepLab CNN for Spacecraft Image Segmentation on FPGA, An
* Radar Observation of the Lava Tubes on the Moon and Mars
* Water Ice Resources on the Shallow Subsurface of Mars: Indications to Rover-Mounted Radar Observation
Includes: Ding, C.Y.[Chun Yu] Ding, C.Y.[Chun-Yu] Ding, C.Y.[Chong-Yang] Ding, C.Y.[Chun-Yy]
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Ding, C.Z.[Cong Zhang] Co Author Listing * Continuous Human Activity Recognition through Parallelism LSTM with Multi-Frequency Spectrograms
Includes: Ding, C.Z.[Cong Zhang] Ding, C.Z.[Cong-Zhang]

Ding, D.[Dayong] Co Author Listing * Attennet: Deep Attention Based Retinal Disease Classification in OCT Images
* Automatic Diagnosis of Glaucoma on Color Fundus Images Using Adaptive Mask Deep Network
* AV1 in-loop Filtering using a Wide-Activation Structured Residual Network
* Beyond audio and video retrieval: Topic-oriented multimedia summarization
* Beyond audio and video retrieval: Towards multimedia summarization
* BigDL 2.0: Seamless Scaling of AI Pipelines from Laptops to Distributed Cluster
* Coastal Dam Inundation Assessment for the Yellow River Delta: Measurements, Analysis and Scenario
* Corner-to-Center long-range context model for efficient learned image compression
* Disentangled Cross-Modal Transformer for RGB-D Salient Object Detection and Beyond
* Effects of Anthropogenic Emission Control and Meteorology Changes on the Inter-Annual Variations of PM2.5-AOD Relationship in China
* Effects of Meteorology Changes on Inter-Annual Variations of Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface PM2.5 in China: Implications for PM2.5 Remote Sensing
* Extracting the Tailings Ponds from High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images by Integrating a Deep Learning-Based Model
* Extraction of Submarine Gas Plume Based on Multibeam Water Column Point Cloud Model
* Four Models for Automatic Recognition of Left and Right Eye in Fundus Images
* Hierarchical Image Feature Compression for Machines via Feature Sparsity Learning
* Image Inpainting Using Nonlocal Texture Matching and Nonlinear Filtering
* Learn to Segment Retinal Lesions and Beyond
* Multi-Parameter Inversion of AIEM by Using Bi-Directional Deep Neural Network
* Perceptually aware image inpainting
* Potential Temporal and Spatial Trends of Oceanographic Conditions with the Bloom of Ulva Prolifera in the West of the Southern Yellow Sea
* Privacy-Preserving Platooning Control of Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems With Saturated Inputs
* Semi-supervised Keypoint Detector and Descriptor for Retinal Image Matching
* Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Services in the Yellow River Delta and Their Response to Multiple Drivers
* Super-Resolution Technique of Multi-Radar Fusion 2D Imaging Based on ExCoV Algorithm in Low SNR
* VisDrone-CC2021: The Vision Meets Drone Crowd Counting Challenge Results
* Weld-pool image centroid algorithm for seam-tracking vision model in arc-welding process
Includes: Ding, D.[Dayong] Ding, D. Ding, D.[Duo] Ding, D.[Ding] Ding, D.[Dong] Ding, D.[Dian] Ding, D.[Dan] Ding, D.[Dazhi] Ding, D.[Derui] Ding, D.[Dewen]
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Ding, D.D.[Dan Dan] Co Author Listing * Accelerating QTMT-based CU partition and intra mode decision for versatile video coding
* Advances in Video Compression System Using Deep Neural Network: A Review and Case Studies
* Biprediction-Based Video Quality Enhancement via Learning
* cost-efficient hardware architecture of deblocking filter in HEVC, A
* Decoder-Side Cross Resolution Synthesis for Video Compression Enhancement
* Guided CNN Restoration with Explicitly Signaled Linear Combination
* hardware-oriented IME algorithm and its implementation for HEVC, A
* Learning-Based Multi-Frame Video Quality Enhancement
* Lossy Point Cloud Geometry Compression via Region-Wise Processing
* Neural Adaptive Loop Filtering for Video Coding: Exploring Multi-Hypothesis Sample Refinement
* Neural Reference Synthesis for Inter Frame Coding
* Point Cloud Upsampling via Perturbation Learning
* progressive CNN in-loop filtering approach for inter frame coding, A
* Quadtree-based Guided CNN for AV1 In-loop Filtering
* Reconfigurable video coding framework and decoder reconfiguration instantiation of AVS
* reconfiguration system for video decoder, A
* Sparse Tensor-Based Multiscale Representation for Point Cloud Geometry Compression
* Switchable Deep Learning Approach for In-Loop Filtering in Video Coding, A
Includes: Ding, D.D.[Dan Dan] Ding, D.D.[Dan-Dan]
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Ding, D.J.[Da Jun] Co Author Listing * COIN: A Large-Scale Dataset for Comprehensive Instructional Video Analysis
Includes: Ding, D.J.[Da Jun] Ding, D.J.[Da-Jun]

Ding, D.Q.[De Qiu] Co Author Listing * Deep-Sea Seabed Sediment Classification Using Finely Processed Multibeam Backscatter Intensity Data in the Southwest Indian Ridge
Includes: Ding, D.Q.[De Qiu] Ding, D.Q.[De-Qiu]

Ding, D.S.[Ding Shiuan] Co Author Listing * Camera as weather sensor: Estimating weather information from single images
Includes: Ding, D.S.[Ding Shiuan] Ding, D.S.[Ding-Shiuan]

Ding, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * Identifying Crop Growth Stages from Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Data in Maize and Winter Wheat from Ground and Satellite Measurements
* Supervised dimensionality reduction technology of generalized discriminant component analysis and its kernelization forms
* TrajGen: Generating Realistic and Diverse Trajectories With Reactive and Feasible Agent Behaviors for Autonomous Driving
* What Can Expressive Semantics Tell: Retrieval Model for a Flash-Movie Search Engine
Includes: Ding, D.W.[Da Wei] Ding, D.W.[Da-Wei] Ding, D.W.[Deng-Wei]

Ding, D.Y.[Da Yong] Co Author Listing * Deep Multiple Instance Learning with Spatial Attention for ROP Case Classification, Instance Selection and Abnormality Localization
* Flexible Multiple Base Station Association and Activation for Downlink Heterogeneous Networks
* Laser Scar Detection in Fundus Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Probabilistic model supported rank aggregation for the semantic concept detection in video
Includes: Ding, D.Y.[Da Yong] Ding, D.Y.[Da-Yong] Ding, D.Y.

Ding, D.Z.[Dai Zong] Co Author Listing * CAP: Robust Point Cloud Classification via Semantic and Structural Modeling
* Geometrical Perspective on Image Style Transfer With Adversarial Learning, A
Includes: Ding, D.Z.[Dai Zong] Ding, D.Z.[Dai-Zong]

Ding, E.[Errui] Co Author Listing * 3D Pose Estimation for Fine-Grained Object Categories
* ACFNet: Attentional Class Feature Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Action Quality Assessment with Temporal Parsing Transformer
* AdaAttN: Revisit Attention Mechanism in Arbitrary Neural Style Transfer
* Adversarial Dual-Student with Differentiable Spatial Warping for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* AGO-Net: Association-Guided 3D Point Cloud Object Detection Network
* Ambiguity-Resistant Semi-Supervised Learning for Dense Object Detection
* ASCNet: Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning with Appearance-Speed Consistency
* Associate-3Ddet: Perceptual-to-Conceptual Association for 3D Point Cloud Object Detection
* Attentive Feedback Network for Boundary-Aware Salient Object Detection
* BMN: Boundary-Matching Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation
* Box-Grained Reranking Matching for Multi-Camera Multi-Target Tracking
* CAPE: Camera View Position Embedding for Multi-View 3D Object Detection
* CFCG: Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation via Cross-Fusion and Contour Guidance Supervision
* Chinese Street View Text: Large-Scale Chinese Text Reading With Partially Supervised Learning
* CODER: Coupled Diversity-Sensitive Momentum Contrastive Learning for Image-Text Retrieval
* Context-aware mathematical expression recognition: An end-to-end framework and a benchmark
* Delicate Textured Mesh Recovery from NeRF via Adaptive Surface Refinement
* Detecting Text in the Wild with Deep Character Embedding Network
* Devil is in the Task: Exploiting Reciprocal Appearance-Localization Features for Monocular 3D Object Detection, The
* Diverse Learner: Exploring Diverse Supervision for Semi-supervised Object Detection
* DOLG: Single-Stage Image Retrieval with Deep Orthogonal Fusion of Local and Global Features
* Drafting and Revision: Laplacian Pyramid Network for Fast High-Quality Artistic Style Transfer
* Dynamic Class Queue for Large Scale Face Recognition In the Wild
* EC-DARTS: Inducing Equalized and Consistent Optimization into DARTS
* Effective Invertible Arbitrary Image Rescaling
* Expressive Talking Head Generation with Granular Audio-Visual Control
* Few-Shot Font Generation by Learning Fine-Grained Local Styles
* Few-Shot Head Swapping in the Wild
* Fine-Grained Video Categorization with Redundancy Reduction Attention
* Forward Flow for Novel View Synthesis of Dynamic Scenes
* GitNet: Geometric Prior-Based Transformation for Birds-Eye-View Segmentation
* Going Beyond Real Data: A Robust Visual Representation for Vehicle Re-identification
* Gradient-based Sampling for Class Imbalanced Semi-supervised Object Detection
* Group DETR: Fast DETR Training with Group-Wise One-to-Many Assignment
* Group Pose: A Simple Baseline for End-to-End Multi-person Pose Estimation
* HD-Fusion: Detailed Text-to-3D Generation Leveraging Multiple Noise Estimation
* Human-Object Interaction Detection via Disentangled Transformer
* Image Inpainting by End-to-End Cascaded Refinement With Mask Awareness
* Image Inpainting With Learnable Bidirectional Attention Maps
* Implicit Sample Extension for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* LMR: A Large-Scale Multi-Reference Dataset for Reference-based Super-Resolution
* Look More Than Once: An Accurate Detector for Text of Arbitrary Shapes
* MixFormer: Mixing Features across Windows and Dimensions
* Monocular 3d Object Detection via Feature Domain Adaptation
* Multi-Attention Multi-Class Constraint for Fine-grained Image Recognition
* Multi-granularity Retrieval System for Natural Language-based Vehicle Retrieval, A
* Multi-Granularity Tracking with Modularlized Components for Unsupervised Vehicles Anomaly Detection
* Mutual Learning Method for Salient Object Detection With Intertwined Multi-Supervision, A
* Neural Color Operators for Sequential Image Retouching
* Neural Deformable Voxel Grid for Fast Optimization of Dynamic View Synthesis
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* Paint Transformer: Feed Forward Neural Painting with Stroke Prediction
* Part-aware Prototypical Graph Network for One-shot Skeleton-based Action Recognition
* Predict, Prevent, and Evaluate: Disentangled Text-Driven Image Manipulation Empowered by Pre-Trained Vision-Language Model
* PSVT: End-to-End Multi-Person 3D Pose and Shape Estimation with Progressive Video Transformers
* Revealing the Reciprocal Relations between Self-Supervised Stereo and Monocular Depth Estimation
* Robust and Online Vehicle Counting at Crowded Intersections
* Robust Movement-Specific Vehicle Counting at Crowded Intersections
* Robust Vehicle Re-identification via Rigid Structure Prior
* Rope3D: The Roadside Perception Dataset for Autonomous Driving and Monocular 3D Object Detection Task
* Semi-DETR: Semi-Supervised Object Detection with Detection Transformers
* STGAN: A Unified Selective Transfer Network for Arbitrary Image Attribute Editing
* StyleSwap: Style-Based Generator Empowers Robust Face Swapping
* StyleSync: High-Fidelity Generalized and Personalized Lip Sync in Style-Based Generator
* TextNet: Irregular Text Reading from Images with an End-to-End Trainable Network
* Towards Accurate Scene Text Recognition With Semantic Reasoning Networks
* Towards Bidirectional Arbitrary Image Rescaling: Joint Optimization and Cycle Idempotence
* TPM: Multiple object tracking with tracklet-plane matching
* UFO: Unified Feature Optimization
* Unsupervised Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification
* ViSTA: Vision and Scene Text Aggregation for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* WordSup: Exploiting Word Annotations for Character Based Text Detection
Includes: Ding, E.[Errui] Ding, E. Ding, E.[Erui]
74 for Ding, E.

Ding, E.R.[Er Rui] Co Author Listing * Graph-pcnn: Two Stage Human Pose Estimation with Graph Pose Refinement
* Perspective-Guided Convolution Networks for Crowd Counting
* Segment as Points for Efficient Online Multi-object Tracking and Segmentation
Includes: Ding, E.R.[Er Rui] Ding, E.R.[Er-Rui]

Ding, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of soft organs by flipping-free mesh deformation
* Adaptive RBF-AR Models Based on Multi-Innovation Least Squares Method
* affinity propagation based method for vector quantization codebook design, An
* Analysis of PM2.5 Synergistic Governance Path from a Socio-Economic Perspective: A Case Study of Guangdong Province
* Anti-Forensics for Face Swapping Videos via Adversarial Training
* Anti-forensics of Image Sharpening Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Automatic Segmentation of Femur Bones in Anterior-Posterior Pelvis X-Ray Images
* AutoTrack: Towards High-Performance Visual Tracking for UAV With Automatic Spatio-Temporal Regularization
* Broadcasting Steganography in the Blockchain
* Clustering by Directly Disentangling Latent Space
* Constructing a Regional Ionospheric TEC Model in China with Empirical Orthogonal Function and Dense GNSS Observation
* Convolutional Neural Network with Parallel Multi-Scale Spatial Pooling to Detect Temporal Changes in SAR Images, A
* Decadal Continuous Meteor-Radar Estimation of the Mesopause Gravity Wave Momentum Fluxes over Mohe: Capability Evaluation and Interannual Variation
* Detecting USM image sharpening by using CNN
* Edge Perpendicular Binary Coding for USM Sharpening Detection
* Effect of Space Objects on Ionospheric Observations: Perspective of SYISR, The
* efficient weak sharpening detection method for image forensics, An
* Enhancing Wheat Above-Ground Biomass Estimation Using UAV RGB Images and Machine Learning: Multi-Feature Combinations, Flight Height, and Algorithm Implications
* Exploring Multisource Feature Fusion and Stacking Ensemble Learning for Accurate Estimation of Maize Chlorophyll Content Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing
* ExS-GAN: Synthesizing Anti-Forensics Images via Extra Supervised GAN
* Feature-Based Approach to Large-Scale Freeway Congestion Detection Using Full Cellular Activity Data, A
* Fitting Nonlinear Signal Models Using the Increasing-Data Criterion
* Focused Lunar Imaging Experiment Using the Back Projection Algorithm Based on Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar
* Ground-Based SAR Moving Target Refocusing Based on Relative Speed for Monitoring Mine Slopes
* Hierarchical Least Squares Estimation Algorithm for Hammerstein-Wiener Systems
* Hybrid Prediction-Based Pixel-Value-Ordering Method for Reversible Data Hiding
* Initial Tropospheric Wind Observations by Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar
* Integration of Spectral Indices, Digital Elevation Data and Support Vector Machines for Land Use Classification in Hilly Areas
* Investigating and modelling the relationship between traffic volume and extracts from cellphone activity data
* Is Radar Phase Information Useful for Sea Ice Detection in the Marginal Ice Zone?
* Joint Parameter and Time-Delay Estimation for a Class of Nonlinear Time-Series Models
* Linguistic Steganalysis With Graph Neural Networks
* Local linear neighbor reconstruction for multi-view data
* Medical volume image summarization
* METEOR: Measurable Energy Map Toward the Estimation of Resampling Rate via a Convolutional Neural Network
* Mixed Graph Neural Network-Based Fake News Detection for Sustainable Vehicular Social Networks
* Modeling Nonlinear Processes Using the Radial Basis Function-Based State-Dependent Autoregressive Models
* Multi-Parameter Inversion of AIEM by Using Bi-Directional Deep Neural Network
* Multi-shot Temporal Event Localization: a Benchmark
* Neuro or Symbolic? Fine-Tuned Transformer With Unsupervised LDA Topic Clustering for Text Sentiment Analysis
* Novel Method for Detecting Image Sharpening Based on Local Binary Pattern, A
* On the Ion Line Calibration by Plasma Line in ISR Measurements
* On the Optimal Speed Profile for Eco-Driving on Curved Roads
* Optimal Adaptive Filtering Algorithm by Using the Fractional-Order Derivative
* Parameters-Transfer Identification for Dynamic Systems and Recursive Form
* Perceptual Enhancement for Autonomous Vehicles: Restoring Visually Degraded Images for Context Prediction via Adversarial Training
* Perceptual hash algorithm-based adaptive GOP selection algorithm for distributed compressive video sensing
* Platoon Trajectories Generation: A Unidirectional Interconnected LSTM-Based Car-Following Model
* Preliminary Results of the Three-Dimensional Plasma Drift Velocity at East Asian Low-Latitudes Observed by the Sanya Incoherent Scattering Radar (SYISR)
* PSOTSC: A Global-Oriented Trajectory Segmentation and Compression Algorithm Based on Swarm Intelligence
* Rail transit OD-matrix completion via manifold regularized tensor factorisation
* Real-time estimation for the parameters of Gaussian filtering via deep learning
* Removal of abdominal wall for 3D visualization and segmentation of organs in CT volume
* Research on Mask Wearing Detection Algorithm Based on Pedestrian Detection in the Post-Pandemic
* Scattering Coefficient for Shore-to-Air Bistatic High Frequency (HF) Radar Configurations as Applied to Ocean Observations, The
* Sea Echoes for Airborne HF/VHF Radar: Mathematical Model and Simulation
* Segmentation of 3D CT Volume Images Using a Single 2D Atlas
* Simulation of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar Tristatic System
* Static High Target-Induced False Alarm Suppression in Circular Synthetic Aperture Radar Moving Target Detection Based on Trajectory Features
* Study on the Method of Extracting Plasma Lines Based on Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar
* Ultra-Fine Grain Steel's Metallurgical Image Restoration Method Based on Improved Water-Growing
* Understanding and Modeling Urban Mobility Dynamics via Disentangled Representation Learning
* Validation and Evaluation of a Ship Echo-Based Array Phase Manifold Calibration Method for HF Surface Wave Radar DOA Estimation and Current Measurement
* Video Super-Resolution with Non-Local Alignment Network
* Weighted visual secret sharing for general access structures based on random grids
* XMP-Font: Self-Supervised Cross-Modality Pre-training for Few-Shot Font Generation
Includes: Ding, F.[Feng] Ding, F. Ding, F.[Fei] Ding, F.[Fan] Ding, F.[Fuhong]
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Ding, F.F.[Fei Fei] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Risk-Consistent Estimators
Includes: Ding, F.F.[Fei Fei] Ding, F.F.[Fei-Fei]

Ding, F.Q.[Fang Qiang] Co Author Listing * Hidden Gems: 4D Radar Scene Flow Learning Using Cross-Modal Supervision
Includes: Ding, F.Q.[Fang Qiang] Ding, F.Q.[Fang-Qiang]

Ding, F.Y.[Fang Yu] Co Author Listing * Simulating Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Terrorism Incidents on the Indochina Peninsula with GIS and the Random Forest Method
* Spatiotemporal Pattern and Driving Factors of Cyber Fraud Crime in China, The
Includes: Ding, F.Y.[Fang Yu] Ding, F.Y.[Fang-Yu]

Ding, G.[Gongchun] Co Author Listing * Accelerating QTMT-based CU partition and intra mode decision for versatile video coding
* ACNet: Strengthening the Kernel Skeletons for Powerful CNN via Asymmetric Convolution Blocks
* Affective Image Content Analysis: Two Decades Review and New Perspectives
* Confidence-based Visual Dispersal for Few-shot Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Continuous Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions via Multitask Shared Sparse Regression
* Deep3DSaliency: Deep Stereoscopic Video Saliency Detection Model by 3D Convolutional Networks
* Discrete Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions with Shared Sparse Learning
* Drone-Based Car Counting via Density Map Learning
* Emotional Semantics-Preserved and Feature-Aligned CycleGAN for Visual Emotion Adaptation
* Enhanced U-Transformer Networks for Automatic Pulmonary Vessel Segmentation in CT Images
* From Zero-Shot Learning to Conventional Supervised Classification: Unseen Visual Data Synthesis
* IMRAM: Iterative Matching With Recurrent Attention Memory for Cross-Modal Image-Text Retrieval
* Low-Complexity Joint 2-D DOA and TOA Estimation for Multipath OFDM Signals
* Margin-aware rectified augmentation for long-tailed recognition
* Multi-feature deep information bottleneck network for breast cancer classification in contrast enhanced spectral mammography
* NDDR-LCS: A Multi-Task Learning Method for Classification of Carotid Plaques
* new extracting algorithm of k nearest neighbors searching for point clouds, A
* PANDA: A Gigapixel-Level Human-Centric Video Dataset
* Personality-Assisted Multi-Task Learning for Generic and Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment
* Predicting Personalized Image Emotion Perceptions in Social Networks
* Quadtree-based Guided CNN for AV1 In-loop Filtering
* Real-Time Multimedia Social Event Detection in Microblog
* Real-Time Scalable Visual Tracking via Quadrangle Kernelized Correlation Filters
* RepMLPNet: Hierarchical Vision MLP with Re-parameterized Locality
* ResRep: Lossless CNN Pruning via Decoupling Remembering and Forgetting
* Toward Label-Efficient Emotion and Sentiment Analysis
* Unsupervised Deep Video Hashing via Balanced Code for Large-Scale Video Retrieval
* Where to Prune: Using LSTM to Guide Data-Dependent Soft Pruning
* Wireless 3D Surgical Navigation and Tracking System With 100µm Accuracy Using Magnetic-Field Gradient-Based Localization
Includes: Ding, G.[Gongchun] Ding, G. Ding, G.[Guiguang] Ding, G.[Gang] Ding, G.[Guocheng] Ding, G.[Guofu] Ding, G.[Grace]
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Ding, G.C.[Guan Chen] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Boundary Localization method for Naturalistic Driving Action Recognition, A
* Crowd Counting via Unsupervised Cross-Domain Feature Adaptation
* Dual-Modality Vehicle Anomaly Detection via Bilateral Trajectory Tracing
* Efficient and Accurate Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile Npus, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* First Challenge on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Satellite Videos: Methods and Results, The
* VisDrone-CC2021: The Vision Meets Drone Crowd Counting Challenge Results
Includes: Ding, G.C.[Guan Chen] Ding, G.C.[Guan-Chen]

Ding, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Feature Affinity-Based Pseudo Labeling for Semi-Supervised Person Re-Identification
* Feature mask network for person re-identification
* Leveraging Action Affinity and Continuity for Semi-supervised Temporal Action Segmentation
* Multi-View Label Prediction for Unsupervised Learning Person Re-Identification
* Temporal Action Segmentation With High-Level Complex Activity Labels
* Temporal Action Segmentation: An Analysis of Modern Techniques
Includes: Ding, G.D.[Guo Dong] Ding, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Ding, G.G.[Gui Guang] Co Author Listing * Box-Level Active Detection
* Centripetal SGD for Pruning Very Deep Convolutional Networks With Complicated Structure
* Collective Matrix Factorization Hashing for Multimodal Data
* Cross-View Retrieval via Probability-Based Semantics-Preserving Hashing
* DECODE: Deep Confidence Network for Robust Image Classification
* Deep image compression with multi-stage representation
* Diverse Branch Block: Building a Convolution as an Inception-like Unit
* Dynamic Selective Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Emotion Recognition From Multiple Modalities: Fundamentals and methodologies
* Image tag completion via dual-view linear sparse reconstructions
* Image Tag Completion via Image-Specific and Tag-Specific Linear Sparse Reconstructions
* Large-Scale Cross-Modality Search via Collective Matrix Factorization Hashing
* Learning From Multiple Experts: Self-paced Knowledge Distillation for Long-tailed Classification
* Learning to Hash With Optimized Anchor Embedding for Scalable Retrieval
* Learning Transformation-Invariant Local Descriptors With Low-Coupling Binary Codes
* MADAN: Multi-source Adversarial Domain Aggregation Network for Domain Adaptation
* Multi-source image auto-annotation
* On Aggregation of Unsupervised Deep Binary Descriptor With Weak Bits
* Optimized projection for hashing
* Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment via Meta-Learning With Bilevel Gradient Optimization
* RepVGG: Making VGG-style ConvNets Great Again
* Robust Quantization for General Similarity Search
* Scaling Up Your Kernels to 31X31: Revisiting Large Kernel Design in CNNs
* Semantics-preserving hashing for cross-view retrieval
* Sequential Discrete Hashing for Scalable Cross-Modality Similarity Retrieval
* STS: Spatial-Temporal-Semantic Personalized Location Recommendation
* Transfer Feature Learning with Joint Distribution Adaptation
* Transfer Joint Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Transfer Sparse Coding for Robust Image Representation
* Zero-Shot Learning With Transferred Samples
* Zero-shot multi-label learning via label factorisation
Includes: Ding, G.G.[Gui Guang] Ding, G.G.[Gui-Guang]
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Ding, G.Q.[Guan Qun] Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection in video sequences: A benchmark and computational model
* Attribute Group Editing for Reliable Few-shot Image Generation
* FBNet: FeedBack-Recursive CNN for Saliency Detection
* SalFBNet: Learning pseudo-saliency distribution via feedback convolutional networks
Includes: Ding, G.Q.[Guan Qun] Ding, G.Q.[Guan-Qun] Ding, G.Q.[Guan-Qi]

Ding, G.T.[Guang Tai] Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation with Improved Generative Adversarial Networks
* Dual attention convolutional network for action recognition
* Scale specified single shot multibox detector
Includes: Ding, G.T.[Guang Tai] Ding, G.T.[Guang-Tai]

Ding, G.Y.[Gang Yi] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Action Synchronization in Complex Background
* Optimal feature combination analysis for crowd saliency prediction
* Reconstruction of a Complex Mirror Surface from a Single Image
* Shape from Specular Flow with Near-Field Environment Motion Field
* Symbiotic Black-Box Tracker
Includes: Ding, G.Y.[Gang Yi] Ding, G.Y.[Gang-Yi]

Ding, H. Co Author Listing * Accurate Facial Parts Localization and Deep Learning for 3D Facial Expression Recognition
* Adaptive importance sampling for estimating multi-component chirp signal parameters in colored noise
* Applications of QC and Merged Doppler Spectral Density Data from Ka-Band Cloud Radar to Microphysics Retrieval and Comparison with Airplane in Situ Observation
* Arterial Spin Labeling Images Synthesis From sMRI Using Unbalanced Deep Discriminant Learning
* Automatic Radiofrequency Ablation Planning for Liver Tumors With Multiple Constraints Based on Set Covering
* Bi-Directional Dermoscopic Feature Learning and Multi-Scale Consistent Decision Fusion for Skin Lesion Segmentation
* Boundary-Aware Feature Propagation for Scene Segmentation
* Brain-Computer Interface-Based Vehicle Destination Selection System Using P300 and SSVEP Signals, A
* Cellular Automata Based Land-Use Change Simulation Considering Spatio-Temporal Influence Heterogeneity of Light Rail Transit Construction: A Case in Nanjing, China
* Common Mode Component and Its Potential Effect on GPS-Inferred Three-Dimensional Crustal Deformations in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau
* Deeply Shape-guided Cascade for Instance Segmentation
* Dermoscopic Image Segmentation Through the Enhanced High-Level Parsing and Class Weighted Loss
* Detecting Cardiovascular Disease from Mammograms With Deep Learning
* Detection of Catchment-Scale Gully-Affected Areas Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the Chinese Loess Plateau
* Double-Factor Tensor Cascaded-Rank Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Dual Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection Under Nonfull Annotation
* Efficient Maintenance of Continuous Queries for Trajectories
* Establishment and Preliminary Application of the Forward Modeling Method for Doppler Spectral Density of Ice Particles
* Evaluating Image Precision of Acoustical Imaging Diffraction by Focused Ultrasound Beam
* Evaluation of Mangrove Wetlands Protection Patterns in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Using Time-Series Landsat Imageries
* Evaluation of Three Different Machine Learning Methods for Object-Based Artificial Terrace Mapping: A Case Study of the Loess Plateau, China
* Extraction of Terraces on the Loess Plateau from High-Resolution DEMs and Imagery Utilizing Object-Based Image Analysis
* FaceNet2ExpNet: Regularizing a Deep Face Recognition Net for Expression Recognition
* Faster Segmentation Algorithm for Optical Coherence Tomography Images with Guaranteed Smoothness
* Few-shot Medical Image Segmentation with Cycle-resemblance Attention
* Finding rigid sub-structure patterns from 3D point-sets
* Fine-Scale Improved Carbon Bookkeeping Model Using Landsat Time Series for Subtropical Forest, Southern China
* Floating Small Target Identification Method Based on Doppler Time Series Information, A
* Gauging Association Patterns of Chromosome Territories via Chromatic Median
* GNSS Aided Long-Range 3D Displacement Sensing for High-Rise Structures with Two Non-Overlapping Cameras
* GOCE-Derived Coseismic Gravity Gradient Changes Caused by the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
* HoPPF: A novel local surface descriptor for 3D object recognition
* Image Fusion Based on Memristive Neural Network
* Influence Selection for Active Learning
* Interannual and Seasonal Vegetation Changes and Influencing Factors in the Extra-High Mountainous Areas of Southern Tibet
* Inversion of Glacier 3D Displacement from Sentinel-1 and Landsat 8 Images Based on Variance Component Estimation: A Case Study in Shishapangma Peak, Tibet, China
* JEMImE: A Serious Game to Teach Children with ASD How to Adequately Produce Facial Expressions
* Joint Margin, Cograph, and Label Constraints for Semisupervised Scene Parsing From Point Clouds
* Large-Scale Detection of the Tableland Areas and Erosion-Vulnerable Hotspots on the Chinese Loess Plateau
* Learning Self-Consistency for Deepfake Detection
* Learning spatially regularized similarity for robust visual tracking
* Location emotion recognition for travel recommendation based on social network
* LQGDNet: A Local Quaternion and Global Deep Network for Facial Depression Recognition
* Mapping Algal Blooms in Aquatic Ecosystems Using Long-Term Landsat Data: A Case Study of Yuqiao Reservoir from 1984-2022
* Monitoring Monthly Net-Pen Aquaculture Dynamics of Shallow Lakes Using Sentinel-1 Data: Case Study of Shallow Lakes in Jiangsu Province, China
* Multi-Layer NMPC for Battery Thermal Management Optimization Strategy of Connected Electric Vehicle Integrated With Waste Heat Recovery
* Multi-way Multi-level Kernel Modeling for Neuroimaging Classification
* Multiple color image encryption based on cascaded quaternion gyrator transforms
* Neural Network AEROsol Retrieval for Geostationary Satellite (NNAeroG) Based on Temporal, Spatial and Spectral Measurements
* OBIA-Based Extraction of Artificial Terrace Damages in the Loess Plateau of China from UAV Photogrammetry
* Object-based Method For Chinese Landform Types Classification, An
* Occluded Facial Expression Recognition Using Self-supervised Learning
* Off-axis quantitative phase imaging processing using CUDA: Toward real-time applications
* Optimized Segmentation Based on the Weighted Aggregation Method for Loess Bank Gully Mapping
* Optimizing Back-Propagation Neural Network to Retrieve Sea Surface Temperature Based on Improved Sparrow Search Algorithm
* PGUNeT: Covid-19 CT Image Segmentation Using GAN and Feature Pyramid
* Phase regression approach for estimating the parameters of a noisy multifrequency signal
* PolyFormer: Referring Image Segmentation as Sequential Polygon Generation
* Real-Time Predictive Cruise Control for Eco-Driving Taking into Account Traffic Constraints
* Reverse-Time Migration Based Optical Imaging
* Scale robust point matching-Net: End-to-end scale point matching using Lie group
* Self-Supervised Transformers for Unsupervised SAR Complex Interference Detection Using Canny Edge Detector
* Semantic Correlation Promoted Shape-Variant Context for Segmentation
* Semantic Segmentation With Context Encoding and Multi-Path Decoding
* Similarity measures of full polarimetric SAR images fusion for improved SAR image matching
* Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM)
* Subgraph learning for graph matching
* Superposition Assessment Framework of Multi-Source Traffic Risks for Mega-Events Using Risk Field Model and Time-Series Generative Adversarial Networks, A
* TICMR: Total Image Constrained Material Reconstruction via Nonlocal Total Variation Regularization for Spectral CT
* Toward Achieving Robust Low-Level and High-Level Scene Parsing
* UAV-Based Terrain Modeling under Vegetation in the Chinese Loess Plateau: A Deep Learning and Terrain Correction Ensemble Framework
* Using a Head-up Display-Based Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential Brain: Computer Interface to Control a Simulated Vehicle
* YOLOv5s-DNF: A lighter and real-time method for detecting surface defects in steel
Includes: Ding, H. Ding, H.[Hong] Ding, H.[Han] Ding, H.[Hu] Ding, H.[Hao] Ding, H.[Haiyong] Ding, H.[Heyan] Ding, H.[Hui] Ding, H.[Huan] Ding, H.[Huilan] Ding, H.[Hai] Ding, H.[Haonan] Ding, H.[Henghui] Ding, H.[Heng]
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Ding, H.D.[Hai Dong] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty-based Thin Cloud Removal Network via Conditional Variational Autoencoders
* Wavelet Integrated Convolutional Neural Network for Thin Cloud Removal in Remote Sensing Images
* WSAMF-Net: Wavelet Spatial Attention-Based MultiStream Feedback Network for Single Image Dehazing
Includes: Ding, H.D.[Hai Dong] Ding, H.D.[Hai-Dong] Ding, H.D.[Hao-Dong]

Ding, H.F.[Hai Feng] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Capability of Sentinel-2 Imagery for Iron-Bearing Minerals Mapping: A Case Study in the Cuprite Area, Nevada
* Comprehensive Assessment of the Pansharpening of the Nighttime Light Imagery of the Glimmer Imager of the Sustainable Development Science Satellite 1, A
* Research on Scale Improvement of Geochemical Exploration Based on Remote Sensing Image Fusion
Includes: Ding, H.F.[Hai Feng] Ding, H.F.[Hai-Feng]

Ding, H.H.[Heng Hui] Co Author Listing * Betrayed by Captions: Joint Caption Grounding and Generation for Open Vocabulary Instance Segmentation
* Closer Look at Few-shot Image Generation, A
* Coarse-to-Fine Feature Mining for Video Semantic Segmentation
* Context Contrasted Feature and Gated Multi-scale Aggregation for Scene Segmentation
* Deep Geometrized Cartoon Line Inbetweening
* Deep Interactive Image Matting With Feature Propagation
* Discovering Human Interactions with Large-Vocabulary Objects via Query and Multi-Scale Detection
* Distilling Knowledge From Object Classification to Aesthetics Assessment
* Else-Net: Elastic Semantic Network for Continual Action Recognition from Skeleton Data
* Expediting Large-Scale Vision Transformer for Dense Prediction Without Fine-Tuning
* Feature Boosting Network For 3D Pose Estimation
* Federated Incremental Semantic Segmentation
* Few-Shot Segmentation With Optimal Transport Matching and Message Flow
* Global Knowledge Calibration for Fast Open-Vocabulary Segmentation
* Gradient-Semantic Compensation for Incremental Semantic Segmentation
* GRES: Generalized Referring Expression Segmentation
* Improving Video Instance Segmentation via Temporal Pyramid Routing
* Instance-Specific Feature Propagation for Referring Segmentation
* Interaction via Bi-directional Graph of Semantic Region Affinity for Scene Parsing
* Knowledge-aware deep framework for collaborative skin lesion segmentation and melanoma recognition
* LCReg: Long-tailed image classification with Latent Categories based Recognition
* Learning Transferable Human-Object Interaction Detector with Natural Language Supervision
* Mask-Free Video Instance Segmentation
* Meta Navigator: Search for a Good Adaptation Policy for Few-shot Learning
* MeViS: A Large-scale Benchmark for Video Segmentation with Motion Expressions
* MINE: Towards Continuous Depth MPI with NeRF for Novel View Synthesis
* MOSE: A New Dataset for Video Object Segmentation in Complex Scenes
* Multi-Modal Mutual Attention and Iterative Interaction for Referring Image Segmentation
* OVTrack: Open-Vocabulary Multiple Object Tracking
* Phraseclick: Toward Achieving Flexible Interactive Segmentation by Phrase and Click
* Primitive Generation and Semantic-Related Alignment for Universal Zero-Shot Segmentation
* Primitive3D: 3D Object Dataset Synthesis from Randomly Assembled Primitives
* Prototype Adaption and Projection for Few- and Zero-Shot 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Prototypical Matching and Open Set Rejection for Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Self-regularized prototypical network for few-shot semantic segmentation
* Semantic-Promoted Debiasing and Background Disambiguation for Zero-Shot Instance Segmentation
* Spatial feature mapping for 6DoF object pose estimation
* Toward Robust Referring Image Segmentation
* Towards Enhancing Fine-grained Details for Image Matting
* Towards Open Vocabulary Learning: A Survey
* Tracking Every Thing in the Wild
* Unified 3D Human Motion Synthesis Model via Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder*, A
* VGSG: Vision-Guided Semantic-Group Network for Text-Based Person Search
* Video Mask Transfiner for High-Quality Video Instance Segmentation
* Vision-Language Transformer and Query Generation for Referring Segmentation
* VLT: Vision-Language Transformer and Query Generation for Referring Segmentation
Includes: Ding, H.H.[Heng Hui] Ding, H.H.[Heng-Hui]
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Ding, H.J.[Hao Jie] Co Author Listing * DropQueries: A Simple Way to Discover Comprehensive Segment Representations
* Hierarchical facial landmark localization via cascaded random binary patterns
* Learning Boundary and Appearance for Video Object Cutout
* Motion intent recognition of individual fingers based on mechanomyogram
* Research on Prediction of Surface Deformation in Mining Areas Based on TPE-Optimized Integrated Models and Multi-Temporal InSAR
Includes: Ding, H.J.[Hao Jie] Ding, H.J.[Hao-Jie] Ding, H.J.[Hui-Jun] Ding, H.J.[Hong-Jun]

Ding, H.K.[Hong Kai] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear circumference-based robust ellipse detection in low-SNR images
Includes: Ding, H.K.[Hong Kai] Ding, H.K.[Hong-Kai]

Ding, H.L.[Hui Lin] Co Author Listing * Focus On Details: Online Multi-Object Tracking with Diverse Fine-Grained Representation
Includes: Ding, H.L.[Hui Lin] Ding, H.L.[Hui-Lin]

Ding, H.N.[Hao Nan] Co Author Listing * FY-4A/AGRI Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval Capability Test and Validation Based on NNAeroG
Includes: Ding, H.N.[Hao Nan] Ding, H.N.[Hao-Nan]

Ding, H.R.[Hao Ran] Co Author Listing * InAction: Interpretable Action Decision Making for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Ding, H.R.[Hao Ran] Ding, H.R.[Hao-Ran]

Ding, H.S.[Hai Song] Co Author Listing * Compressing CNN-DBLSTM models for OCR with teacher-student learning and Tucker decomposition
Includes: Ding, H.S.[Hai Song] Ding, H.S.[Hai-Song]

Ding, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * Cooperative chassis control system of electric vehicles for agility and stability improvements
* Event-triggered optimisation of overtaking decision-making strategy for autonomous driving on highway
* Fast velocity trajectory planning and control algorithm of intelligent 4WD electric vehicle for energy saving using time-based MPC
* Planning flexible and smooth paths for lane-changing manoeuvres of autonomous vehicles
Includes: Ding, H.T.[Hai Tao] Ding, H.T.[Hai-Tao]

Ding, H.W.[Hong Wei] Co Author Listing * Total Variation With Joint Norms For Infrared and Visible Image Fusion, A
* TRC-YOLO: A real-time detection method for lightweight targets based on mobile devices
* Trident-YOLO: Improving the precision and speed of mobile device object detection
Includes: Ding, H.W.[Hong Wei] Ding, H.W.[Hong-Wei]

Ding, H.X.[Hai Xin] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Knowledge Interaction Network for Referring Image Segmentation
* Boosting One-Stage License Plate Detector via Self-Constrained Contrastive Aggregation
* Continued Monitoring and Modeling of Xingfeng Solid Waste Landfill Settlement, China, Based on Multiplatform SAR Images
* efficient multimodal 2D + 3D feature-based approach to automatic facial expression recognition, An
* End-to-End Contrastive License Plate Detector, An
* Facial ethnicity classification based on boosted local texture and shape descriptions
* Facial image-based gender classification using Local Circular Patterns
* Local circular patterns for multi-modal facial gender and ethnicity classification
* Scene-Driven Multitask Parallel Attention Network for Building Extraction in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Ding, H.X.[Hai Xin] Ding, H.X.[Hai-Xin] Ding, H.X.[Hao-Xuan] Ding, H.X.[Hua-Xiang] Ding, H.X.[Hua-Xiong]
9 for Ding, H.X.

Ding, H.Y.[Hai Yong] Co Author Listing * Bias Analysis and Correction for Ill-Posed Inversion Problem with Sparsity Regularization Based on L1 Norm for Azimuth Super-Resolution of Radar Forward-Looking Imaging
* Object-Oriented Change Detection Method Based on Spectral-Spatial-Saliency Change Information and Fuzzy Integral Decision Fusion for HR Remote Sensing Images
* Probability Model-based Method for Land Cover Change Detection Using Multi-Spectral Remotely Sensed Images, A
* RACDNet: Resolution- and Alignment-Aware Change Detection Network for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* SemiCDNet: A Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network for Change Detection in High Resolution Remote-Sensing Images
* Vegetation Phenology Influenced by Rapid Urbanization of The Yangtze Delta Region
Includes: Ding, H.Y.[Hai Yong] Ding, H.Y.[Hai-Yong]

Ding, H.Z.[Heng Zhou] Co Author Listing * Mobile Video Capture of Multi-page Documents
Includes: Ding, H.Z.[Heng Zhou] Ding, H.Z.[Heng-Zhou]

Ding, I.J.[Ing Jr] Co Author Listing * Incremental MLLR speaker adaptation by fuzzy logic control
* Speaker adaptation based on MAP estimation using fuzzy controller
Includes: Ding, I.J.[Ing Jr] Ding, I.J.[Ing-Jr]

Ding, J.[Jian] Co Author Listing * Abnormal crowd behavior detection using high-frequency and spatio-temporal features
* Accessibility measure of bus transit networks
* Advanced Lane-Keeping Assistance System With Switchable Assistance Modes, An
* algorithm based on LBPV and MIL for left atrial thrombi detection using transesophageal echocardiography, An
* Align Deep Features for Oriented Object Detection
* Analysis on the Spatio-Temporal Changes of LST and Its Influencing Factors Based on VIC Model in the Arid Region from 1960 to 2017: An Example of the Ebinur Lake Watershed, Xinjiang, China
* Approach to High Frame Rate Radar Imaging Through Electronically Displaced-Phase-Center Antenna, An
* Atmospheric correction algorithm based on deep learning with spatial-spectral feature constraints for broadband optical satellites: Examples from the HY-1C Coastal Zone Imager
* Automatic breast ultrasound image segmentation: A survey
* Automatic Pear Extraction from High-Resolution Images by a Visual Attention Mechanism Network
* Capability of Integrating Optical and Microwave Data for Detecting Soil Moisture in an Oasis Region, The
* Category-aware Allocation Transformer for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Classification of Oriental and European Scripts by Using Characteristic Features
* Classifying Individual Shrub Species in UAV Images: A Case Study of the Gobi Region of Northwest China
* Decentralized Trust Management System for Intelligent Transportation Environments, A
* Decoupling Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Deep Learning Approach in the Discrete Cosine Transform Domain to Median Filtering Forensics, A
* Deeply Unsupervised Patch Re-Identification for Pre-Training Object Detectors
* DetCo: Unsupervised Contrastive Learning for Object Detection
* Detection and Analysis of the Variation in the Minimum Ecological Instream Flow Requirement in the Chinese Northwestern Inland Arid Region by Using a New Remote Sensing Method
* Differentiating Between Oriental and European Scripts by Statistical Features
* Digital Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon Using Sentinel Series Data: A Case Study of the Ebinur Lake Watershed in Xinjiang
* Digital-Simulation Model for a Full-Polarized Microwave Radiometer System and Its Calibration, A
* Discriminative Hough context model for object detection
* DOTA: A Large-Scale Dataset for Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Downscale Inversion of Soil Moisture during Vegetation Growth Period in Ebinur Lake Watershed
* Du-Bus: A Realtime Bus Waiting Time Estimation System Based On Multi-Source Data
* Dynamic Coarse-to-Fine Learning for Oriented Tiny Object Detection
* Ecological Impacts of Land Use Change in the Arid Tarim River Basin of China
* Estimating Agricultural Soil Moisture Content through UAV-Based Hyperspectral Images in the Arid Region
* Estimating Fractional Vegetation Cover of Row Crops from High Spatial Resolution Image
* Estimation and Spatiotemporal Evolution Analysis of Actual Evapotranspiration in Turpan and Hami Cities Based on Multi-Source Data
* Evaluation of Total Nitrogen in Water via Airborne Hyperspectral Data: Potential of Fractional Order Discretization Algorithm and Discrete Wavelet Transform Analysis
* Expanding Low-Density Latent Regions for Open-Set Object Detection
* Exploring PlanetScope Satellite Capabilities for Soil Salinity Estimation and Mapping in Arid Regions Oases
* Exploring the Potential of Optical Polarization Remote Sensing for Oil Spill Detection: A Case Study of Deepwater Horizon
* Focusing Parallel Bistatic SAR Data Using the Analytic Transfer Function in the Wavenumber Domain
* Global Ocean Chlorophyll-a Concentrations Derived From COCTS Onboard the HY-1C Satellite and Their Preliminary Evaluation
* HGFormer: Hierarchical Grouping Transformer for Domain Generalized Semantic Segmentation
* High-Accuracy Recognition and Localization of Moving Targets in an Indoor Environment Using Binocular Stereo Vision
* Human Detection In Dense Scene Of Classrooms
* Hybrid Framework for Tumor Saliency Estimation, A
* ICPR2018 Contest on Object Detection in Aerial Images (ODAI-18)
* Improve the Estimation of Monocular Vision 6-DOF Pose Based on the Fusion of Camera and Laser Rangefinder
* Improved Efficiency on Adaptive Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression Using Range-Adjusting Scheme, Increasingly Adjusting Step, and Mutual-Learning Scheme
* Improving Coherence of Complex Image Pairs Obtained by Along-Track Bistatic SARs Using Range-Azimuth Prefiltering
* Inversion of HY-1C-COCTS Ocean Color Remote Sensing Products from High-Latitude Seas, The
* IR Feature Embedded BOF Indexing Method for Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval
* Joint optimization combining the capacity of subway on-board energy storage device and timetable
* Learning Feature Fusion for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification
* Learning RoI Transformer for Oriented Object Detection in Aerial Images
* LUAI Challenge 2021 on Learning to Understand Aerial Images
* L_1 Regularization in Two-Layer Neural Networks
* Mask OBB: A Semantic Attention-Based Mask Oriented Bounding Box Representation for Multi-Category Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Measurement-Based Markov Modeling for Multi-Link Channels in Railway Communication Systems
* Modified omega-k Algorithm for HS-SAR Small-Aperture Data Imaging, A
* Multi-manifold discriminant local spline embedding
* Multialgorithm Fusion Image Processing for High Speed Railway Dropper Failure-Defect Detection
* Multirobot Cooperative Path Optimization Approach for Multiobjective Coverage in a Congestion Risk Environment
* NN-based atmospheric correction algorithm for Landsat/TM thermal infrared data, An
* Normalized Correlation-Based Quantization Modulation for Robust Watermarking
* novel video salient object extraction method based on visual attention, A
* Object Detection in Aerial Images: A Large-Scale Benchmark and Challenges
* On Collaborative Compressive Sensing Systems: The Framework, Design, and Algorithm
* On the Information of Feature Maps and Pruning of Deep Neural Networks
* Online Learning of Spatial-Temporal Convolution Response for Robust Real-Time Tracking
* Penetration effect of connected and automated vehicles on cooperative on-ramp merging
* PMHLD: Patch Map-Based Hybrid Learning DehazeNet for Single Image Haze Removal
* Polarized Remote Inversion of the Refractive Index of Marine Spilled Oil From PARASOL Images Under Sunglint
* Prototype-oriented Contrastive Adaption Network for Cross-domain Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Rate Gradient Approximation Attack Threats Deep Spiking Neural Networks
* Real-Time Micro-expression Detection in Unlabeled Long Videos Using Optical Flow and LSTM Neural Network
* Red Tide Detection Method for HY-1D Coastal Zone Imager Based on U-Net Convolutional Neural Network
* ReDet: A Rotation-equivariant Detector for Aerial Object Detection
* Reference-free Adaptive Attitude Determination Method Using Low-cost Marg Sensors
* Robust Rotation Interpolation Based on So(n) Geodesic Distance
* Robust Sparse Imaging Algorithm Using Joint MIMO Array Manifold and Array Channel Outliers, A
* RTS-LCSS: A New Method for Real-Time Monitoring of Pantograph Structure
* Rule-Based Cooperative Merging Strategy for Connected and Automated Vehicles, A
* SAIL: A Deep-Learning-Based System for Automatic Gait Assessment From TUG Videos
* saliency model for automated tumor detection in breast ultrasound images, A
* Saliency-based content-aware lifestyle image mosaics
* Scale-Based Connected Coherence Tree Algorithm for Image Segmentation, A
* SCTrans: Self-align and cross-align transformer for few-shot segmentation
* Semantic Encoding Out-of-Distribution Classifier for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning, A
* Spatial and Temporal Variation in Water Use Efficiency and Ecosystem Photosynthetic Efficiency in Central Asia
* Spatial Simulation and Prediction of Land Use/Land Cover in the Transnational Ili-Balkhash Basin
* Spatio-Temporal Changes in Water Use Efficiency and Its Driving Factors in Central Asia (2001-2021)
* Traffic Modeling Based on Data-Driven Method for Simulation Test of Autonomous Driving
* Two-Stage OD Flow Prediction for Emergency in Urban Rail Transit
* Video SAR Moving Target Indication Using Deep Neural Network
* Visual Salience Learning via Low Rank Matrix Recovery
Includes: Ding, J.[Jian] Ding, J.[Jishiyu] Ding, J. Ding, J.[Jianrui] Ding, J.[Jianli] Ding, J.[Jing] Ding, J.[Jinren] Ding, J.[Jie] Ding, J.[Jia] Ding, J.[Juxia] Ding, J.[Jin] Ding, J.[Jilie] Ding, J.[Jundi] Ding, J.[Jianhao] Ding, J.[Jieru] Ding, J.[Jun] Ding, J.[Jiayu] Ding, J.[Juan] Ding, J.[Jiacun]
92 for Ding, J.

Ding, J.C.[Jian Chuan] Co Author Listing * Monocular Camera-Based Complex Obstacle Avoidance via Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Spiking Transformers for Event-based Single Object Tracking
Includes: Ding, J.C.[Jian Chuan] Ding, J.C.[Jian-Chuan]

Ding, J.D.[Jun Di] Co Author Listing * CCTA-based region-wise segmentation
* Exploiting Intensity Inhomogeneity to Extract Textured Objects from Natural Scenes
* Inhomogeneity-embedded active contour for natural image segmentation
* Object Extraction from Bounding Box Prior with Double Sparse Reconstruction
* Object segmentation using low-rank representation with multiple block-diagonal priors
* prior-based graph for salient object detection, A
* tree-structured framework for purifying complex clusters with structural roles of individual data, A
Includes: Ding, J.D.[Jun Di] Ding, J.D.[Jun-Di]
7 for Ding, J.D.

Ding, J.F.[Jun Feng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Matching of Multimodal Remote Sensing Images via Learned Unstructured Road Feature
* Enhancing GNSS Deformation Monitoring Forecasting with a Combined VMD-CNN-LSTM Deep Learning Model
* ESC-Net: Alleviating Triple Sparsity on 3D LiDAR Point Clouds for Extreme Sparse Scene Completion
* Evaluation of Seed Emergence Uniformity of Mechanically Sown Wheat with UAV RGB Imagery
* Progressive Data Mining and Adaptive Weighted Multi-Model Ensemble for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Remote Monitoring System of Temperature and Humidity Based on GSM
Includes: Ding, J.F.[Jun Feng] Ding, J.F.[Jun-Feng] Ding, J.F.[Jin-Feng] Ding, J.F.[Ji-Feng]

Ding, J.G.[Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Emotion Arousal Assessment Based on Multimodal Physiological Signals for Game Users
* Spectral-Temporal Transformer for Hyperspectral Image Change Detection
Includes: Ding, J.G.[Jian Guo] Ding, J.G.[Jian-Guo] Ding, J.G.[Ji-Gang]

Ding, J.H.[Jia Hao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Privacy Preserving Deep Learning Algorithms for Medical Data
* case restoration approach to named entity tagging in degraded documents, A
* Estimation Of Regional Forest Aboveground Biomass Combining Icesat-glas Waveforms And Hj-1a/hsi Hyperspectral Imageries
* Fast predictive motion estimation algorithm with adaptive search mode based on motion type classification
* Geometric Accuracy Analysis of Regional Block Adjustment Using GF-7 Stereo Images without GCPs
* Pattern recognition and classification of two cancer cell lines by diffraction imaging at multiple pixel distances
* PreciseDebias: An Automatic Prompt Engineering Approach for Generative AI to Mitigate Image Demographic Biases
* Tensor-Train-Based Incremental High Order Dominant Z-Eigen Decomposition for Multi-Modal Intelligent Transportation Prediction
Includes: Ding, J.H.[Jia Hao] Ding, J.H.[Jia-Hao] Ding, J.H.[Ji-Hong] Ding, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Ding, J.H.[Jing-Hua] Ding, J.H.[Jian-Hang] Ding, J.H.[Jun-Hua]
8 for Ding, J.H.

Ding, J.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Golomb Code for Joint Geometrically Distributed Data and Its Application in Image Coding
* ALL Snow Removed: Single Image Desnowing Algorithm Using Hierarchical Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Representation and Contradict Channel Loss
* Asymmetric fourier descriptor of non-closed segments
* Blur kernel estimation using normalized color-line priors
* Color Images Enhancement using Weighted Histogram Separation
* Color Pattern Recognition by Quaternion Correlation
* Context-based adaptive zigzag scanning for image coding
* Contrastive learning of graph encoder for accelerating pedestrian trajectory prediction training
* DCT-Based Image Protection using Dual-Domain Bi-Watermarking Algorithm
* Deep Learning Based EBCOT Source Symbol Prediction Technique for JPEG2000 Image Compression Architecture
* Deep Priors Inside an Unrolled and Adaptive Deconvolution Model
* DesmokeNet: A Two-Stage Smoke Removal Pipeline Based on Self-Attentive Feature Consensus and Multi-Level Contrastive Regularization
* EGRA-NeRF: Edge-Guided Ray Allocation for Neural Radiance Fields
* Facial age estimation based on label-sensitive learning and age-oriented regression
* Frontalization and adaptive exponential ensemble rule for deep-learning-based facial expression recognition system
* Generic Image Segmentation in Fully Convolutional Networks by Superpixel Merging Map
* How can UAV bridge the gap between ground and satellite observations for quantifying the biomass of desert shrub community?
* Image retrieval based on classified vector quantization using color local thresholding classifier
* Improved Harris' Algorithm for Corner and Edge Detections
* Improved implementation algorithms of the two-dimensional nonseparable linear canonical transform
* Improved reversible integer-to-integer color transforms
* Jstasr: Joint Size and Transparency-aware Snow Removal Algorithm Based on Modified Partial Convolution and Veiling Effect Removal
* Learning Multiple Adverse Weather Removal via Two-stage Knowledge Learning and Multi-contrastive Regularization: Toward a Unified Model
* Local prediction based adaptive scanning for JPEG and H.264/AVC intra coding
* Missing Recovery: Single Image Reflection Removal Based on Auxiliary Prior Learning
* Muscle injury determination by image segmentation
* new adaptive coefficient scanning based on local and global prediction, A
* New Approach of Matrix Factorization on Complex Domain for Data Representation, A
* New Corner Detection Algorithm by Tangent and Vertical Axes and Case Table
* Occluded face recognition using low-rank regression with generalized gradient direction
* PMS-Net: Robust Haze Removal Based on Patch Map for Single Images
* Precision Efficient Method for Collapsed Building Detection in Post-Earthquake UAV Images Based on the Improved NMS Algorithm and Faster R-CNN, A
* Quadtree classified vector quantization based image retrieval scheme
* Quaternion matrix singular value decomposition and its applications for color image processing
* Reversible Integer Color Transform
* Reversible Integer Color Transform with Bit-Constraint
* Robust in-plane and out-of-plane face detection algorithm using frontal face detector and symmetry extension
* RVSL: Robust Vehicle Similarity Learning in Real Hazy Scenes Based on Semi-supervised Learning
* Salient Region Detection Improved by Principle Component Analysis and Boundary Information
* Single Image Reflection Removal Based on Bi-Channels Prior
* So-BRIEF: Fast recognition of rectangular objects
* Space-Time Analysis of Vehicle Theft Patterns in Shanghai, China
* Spectral-Temporal Receptive Field-Based Descriptors and Hierarchical Cascade Deep Belief Network for Guitar Playing Technique Classification
* Two-Dimensional Orthogonal DCT Expansion in Trapezoid and Triangular Blocks and Modified JPEG Image Compression
* UAV- and Machine Learning-Based Retrieval of Wheat SPAD Values at the Overwintering Stage for Variety Screening
Includes: Ding, J.J. Ding, J.J.[Jian-Jiun] Ding, J.J.[Jia-Jun] Ding, J.J.[Jun-Jie] Ding, J.J.[Jian Jiun] Ding, J.J.[Jiu-Jie]
45 for Ding, J.J.

Ding, J.L.[Jian Li] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Regional Snow Avalanches with Scattering and Interference of C-band SAR Data
* Ecosystem Resistance and Resilience after Dry and Wet Events across Central Asia Based on Remote Sensing Data
* GAN-SR Anomaly Detection Model Based on Imbalanced Data
* Identifying Reservoirs and Estimating Evaporation Losses in a Large Arid Inland Basin in Northwestern China
* LDANet: A Lightweight Dynamic Addition Network for Rural Road Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
* Monitoring Oasis Cotton Fields Expansion in Arid Zones Using the Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in the Ogan-Kucha River Oasis, Xinjiang, China
* Monitoring Soil Salinization in Keriya River Basin, Northwestern China Using Passive Reflective and Active Microwave Remote Sensing Data
* Multiple operating mode ANFIS modelling for speed control of HSEMU
* NN-based algorithm for estimation of water vapor content using AVHRR data over ocean, A
* Retrieval of Fine-Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) in Semiarid Urban Areas Using Landsat Data: A Case Study in Urumqi, NW China
* SIGNet: A Siamese Graph Convolutional Network for Multi-Class Urban Change Detection
* Spatiotemporal Changes in Ecological Quality and Its Associated Driving Factors in Central Asia
* Using Apparent Electrical Conductivity as Indicator for Investigating Potential Spatial Variation of Soil Salinity across Seven Oases along Tarim River in Southern Xinjiang, China
* Visual Saliency Oriented Vehicle Scale Estimation
* WFS-SVM Model for Soil Salinity Mapping in Keriya Oasis, Northwestern China Using Polarimetric Decomposition and Fully PolSAR Data, A
Includes: Ding, J.L.[Jian Li] Ding, J.L.[Jian-Li] Ding, J.L.[Jin-Liang] Ding, J.L.[Ji-Lie] Ding, J.L.[Jia-Li]
15 for Ding, J.L.

Ding, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Co Author Listing * Multi-Objective Geoacoustic Inversion of Modal-Dispersion and Waveform Envelope Data Based on Wasserstein Metric, A
* Railway Track Recognition Based on Radar Cross-Section Statistical Characterization Using mmWave Radar
* Reconstruction of Human-Induced Forest Loss in China during 1900-2000
Includes: Ding, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Ding, J.Q.[Jia-Qi] Ding, J.Q.[Jie-Qiong]

Ding, J.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive group-of-pictures and scene change detection methods based on existing H.264 advanced video coding information
* Bed Status Detection for Elder-Care Center
* Breast Anatomy Enriched Tumor Saliency Estimation
* Camera Array Management Based on UPnP Security
* Class-Based Search Algorithm for Inter Mode Prediction of H.264/AVC
* EISeg: Effective interactive segmentation
* Neutro-Connectedness Cut
* Selective Intra Block Size Decision and Fast Intra Mode Decision Algorithms for H.264/AVC Encoder
* Unsupervised saliency estimation based on robust hypotheses
Includes: Ding, J.R. Ding, J.R.[Jiun-Ren] Ding, J.R.[Jian-Rui]
9 for Ding, J.R.

Ding, J.S.[Ji Sheng] Co Author Listing * Artificial Reef Detection Method for Multibeam Sonar Imagery Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Generative data augmentation by conditional inpainting for multi-class object detection in infrared images
* Modeling of Correlated Complex Sea Clutter Using Unsupervised Phase Retrieval
* SHAtropE: A Regional Gridded ZTD Model for China and the Surrounding Areas
* SOLVER: Scene-Object Interrelated Visual Emotion Reasoning Network
* Spatial-Temporal Variability of Global GNSS-Derived Precipitable Water Vapor (1994-2020) and Climate Implications
* Video SAR Image Despeckling by Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Ding, J.S.[Ji Sheng] Ding, J.S.[Ji-Sheng] Ding, J.S.[Ji-Shiyu] Ding, J.S.[Jin-Shan] Ding, J.S.[Jun-Sheng]
7 for Ding, J.S.

Ding, J.T.[Jing Ting] Co Author Listing * Cross-architecture Knowledge Distillation
* Facial Expression Recognition In-the-wild with Deep Pre-trained Models
* Inconsistency-Based Multi-Task Cooperative Learning for Emotion Recognition
* Real-time stereo vision system using adaptive weight cost aggregation approach
* unified rectification method for single viewpoint multi-camera system, A
Includes: Ding, J.T.[Jing Ting] Ding, J.T.[Jing-Ting]

Ding, J.W.[Jian Wen] Co Author Listing * Cell Edge User Capacity-Coverage Reliability Tradeoff for 5G-R Systems With Overlapped Linear Coverage
* Decision Fusion of D-InSAR and Pixel Offset Tracking for Coal Mining Deformation Monitoring
* enhanced depth map based rendering method with directional depth filter and image inpainting, An
* Evaluating Image Precision of Acoustical Imaging Diffraction by Focused Ultrasound Beam
* Hyperspectral anomaly detection based on variational background inference and generative adversarial network
* Hyperspectral Feature Selection for SOM Prediction Using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Multiple Subset Evaluation Strategies
* LEO Satellite Downlink Distributed Jamming Optimization Method Using a Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm
* Modeling Complex Scenes for Accurate Moving Objects Segmentation
* multi-image Joint Re-ranking framework with updateable Image Pool for person re-identification, A
* Prediction of MCI to AD conversion using Laplace Eigenmaps learned from FDG and MRI images of AD patients and healthy controls
* QoS-Aware User Association and Transmission Scheduling for Millimeter-Wave Train-Ground Communications
* Robust Depth Image Based Rendering Scheme for Stereoscopic View Synthesis with Adaptive Domain Transform Based Filtering Framework, A
* Robust object tracking via online learning of adaptive appearance manifold
* Severely Blurred Object Tracking by Learning Deep Image Representations
* Tracking Blurred Object with Data-Driven Tracker
Includes: Ding, J.W.[Jian Wen] Ding, J.W.[Jian-Wen] Ding, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Ding, J.W.[Jin-Wen] Ding, J.W.[Jia-Wei] Ding, J.W.[Jun-Wei] Ding, J.W.[Jian Wei]
15 for Ding, J.W.

Ding, J.X.[Jin Xin] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Physical-Optical Properties under Different Stages of Continuous Wet Weather over the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China
* Data Processing and Analysis of Eight-Beam Wind Profile Coherent Wind Measurement Lidar
Includes: Ding, J.X.[Jin Xin] Ding, J.X.[Jin-Xin]

Ding, J.Y.[Jie Ying] Co Author Listing * Air Quality over China
* Estimating Rural Electric Power Consumption Using NPP-VIIRS Night-Time Light, Toponym and POI Data in Ethnic Minority Areas of China
* Graph label prediction based on local structure characteristics representation
* Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Mapping: Construction and Analysis of Ethnic Minority Development Index
* Simulator Attack+ for Black-Box Adversarial Attack
Includes: Ding, J.Y.[Jie Ying] Ding, J.Y.[Jie-Ying] Ding, J.Y.[Jie-Yu] Ding, J.Y.[Jing-Yi] Ding, J.Y.[Jian-Yu]

Ding, J.Z.[Jing Zhao] Co Author Listing * On the Characterization and Forecasting of Ground Displacements of Ocean-Reclaimed Lands
Includes: Ding, J.Z.[Jing Zhao] Ding, J.Z.[Jing-Zhao]

Ding, K. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Image Reconstruction Procedure for Food Microstructure Evaluation
* Active contours driven by local pre-fitting energy for fast image segmentation
* Adaptive Structure and Texture Similarity Metric for Image Quality Assessment and Optimization
* AMVH: Asymmetric Multi-Valued hashing
* Anti-Noise Performance and Parameter Estimation Accuracy of FFT and FT Discrete Spectrum Correction
* Character-SIFT: A Novel Feature for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Cross-Modal Hashing via Rank-Order Preserving
* Deep Hierarchical Encoder-Decoder Network for Image Captioning
* Deep Learning for Ultrasound Beamforming in Flexible Array Transducer
* Dense semantic embedding network for image captioning
* Don't Forget Me: Accurate Background Recovery for Text Removal via Modeling Local-Global Context
* Efficient Multiple Feature Fusion With Hashing for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification: A Comparative Study
* Efficient similarity learning for asymmetric hashing
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Exploiting Graph and Geodesic Distance Constraint for Deep Learning-Based Visual Odometry
* Fast And Robust Algorithm For Road Edges Extraction From Lidar Data, A
* Global and Regional Variations and Main Drivers of Aerosol Loadings over Land during 1980-2018
* Improving Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition via Similar Symbol Distinguishing
* Improving Land Use/Land Cover Classification by Integrating Pixel Unmixing and Decision Tree Methods
* Incremental MQDF Learning for Writer Adaptive Handwriting Recognition
* Influence of South-to-North Water Diversion on Land Subsidence in North China Plain Revealed by Using Geodetic Measurements
* Intermittent Estimator-Based Mixed Passive and H8 Control for High-Speed Train With Actuator Stochastic Fault
* Investigation of Imaginary Stroke Techinique for Cursive Online Handwriting Chinese Character Recognition, An
* kNN Hashing with Factorized Neighborhood Representation
* M6Doc: A Large-Scale Multi-Format, Multi-Type, Multi-Layout, Multi-Language, Multi-Annotation Category Dataset for Modern Document Layout Analysis
* MGM-AE: Self-Supervised Learning on 3D Shape Using Mesh Graph Masked Autoencoders
* Mutual-optimization Towards Generative Adversarial Networks For Robust Speech Recognition
* Network-Based Modeling and Sampling Guaranteed Cost Control for Unmanned Surface Vehicle Systems Under Stochastic Cyber-Attacks
* New Approach for Synthesis and Recognition of Large Scale Handwritten Chinese Words, A
* New Approach to Evaluate Drug Treatment Response of Ovarian Cancer Patients Based on Deformable Image Registration, A
* New Method for Rotation Free Method for Online Unconstrained Handwritten Chinese Word Recognition: A Holistic Approach, A
* Nonlinear Asymmetric Multi-Valued Hashing
* Normal Faulting in the 2020 Mw 6.2 Yutian Event: Implications for Ongoing E-W Thinning in Northern Tibet
* novel method for image classification based on bag of visual words, A
* Novel Method for Plane Extraction from Low-Resolution Inhomogeneous Point Clouds and its Application to a Customized Low-Cost Mobile Mapping System, A
* Optimum inpainting for depth map based on L_0 total variation
* Packdet: Packed Long-Head Object Detector
* Pairwise-svm For On-board Urban Road Lidar Classification
* Phase regression approach for estimating the parameters of a noisy multifrequency signal
* Probabilistic 3D Model Retrieval System Using Sphere Image, A
* Rapid Landslide Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Using SHAP-OPT-XGBoost
* SCUT-COUCH2009: A comprehensive online unconstrained Chinese handwriting database and benchmark evaluation
* sketch-based 3D model retrieval system, A
* Source Model and Stress Disturbance of the 2017 Jiuzhaigou Mw 6.5 Earthquake Constrained by InSAR and GPS Measurements
* Sphere Image for 3-D Model Retrieval
* SwinTextSpotter: Scene Text Spotting via Better Synergy between Text Detection and Text Recognition
* Text-Visual Prompting for Efficient 2D Temporal Video Grounding
* Time Series Analysis of Land Cover Change Using Remotely Sensed and Multisource Urban Data Based on Machine Learning: A Case Study of Shenzhen, China from 1979 to 2022
* Towards a Fully Automated 3D Reconstruction System Based on LiDAR and GNSS in Challenging Scenarios
* tree-based model with branch parallel decoding for handwritten mathematical expression recognition, A
* Triangular Prism Spatial Interpolation Method for Mapping Geological Property Fields, A
* Unifying Vascular Information in Intensity-Based Nonrigid Lung CT Registration
* Visual Detection and Association Tracking of Dim Small Ship Targets from Optical Image Sequences of Geostationary Satellite Using Multispectral Radiation Characteristics
* Writer Adaptive Online Handwriting Recognition Using Incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis
Includes: Ding, K. Ding, K.[Keyan] Ding, K.[Kun] Ding, K.[Kang] Ding, K.[Kai] Ding, K.[Kou] Ding, K.[Kaihua] Ding, K.[Kui] Ding, K.[Kaize] Ding, K.[Ke] Ding, K.[Keliang] Ding, K.[Kaimeng]
54 for Ding, K.

Ding, K.H.[Kai Hua] Co Author Listing * Extracting Seasonal Signals in GNSS Coordinate Time Series via Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization
* Microwave emission and scattering of foam based on Monte Carlo simulations of dense media
* Microwave Scattering and Medium Characterization for Terrestrial Snow With QCA-Mie and Bicontinuous Models: Comparison Studies
* Spatiotemporal Filtering for Continuous GPS Coordinate Time Series in Mainland China by Using Independent Component Analysis
Includes: Ding, K.H.[Kai Hua] Ding, K.H.[Kai-Hua] Ding, K.H.[Kung-Hau] Ding, K.H.

Ding, K.M.[Kai Meng] Co Author Listing * AAU-Net: Attention-Based Asymmetric U-Net for Subject-Sensitive Hashing of Remote Sensing Images
* Subject-Sensitive Perceptual Hash Based on MUM-Net for the Integrity Authentication of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images, A
Includes: Ding, K.M.[Kai Meng] Ding, K.M.[Kai-Meng]

Ding, K.Q.[Ke Qin] Co Author Listing * Perceptually Weighted Rate Distortion Optimization for Video-Based Point Cloud Compression
Includes: Ding, K.Q.[Ke Qin] Ding, K.Q.[Ke-Qin]

Ding, K.W.[Kai Wen] Co Author Listing * Wide-Area and Real-Time Object Search System of UAV
Includes: Ding, K.W.[Kai Wen] Ding, K.W.[Kai-Wen]

Ding, K.Y.[Ke Yan] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Full-Reference Image Quality Models for Optimization of Image Processing Systems
* Image Quality Assessment: Unifying Structure and Texture Similarity
* Multi-Source-Data-Assisted AUV for Path Cruising: An Energy-Efficient DDPG Approach, A
* Specific Windows Search for Multi-Ship and Multi-Scale Wake Detection in SAR Images
Includes: Ding, K.Y.[Ke Yan] Ding, K.Y.[Ke-Yan] Ding, K.Y.[Kai-Yang]

Ding, L.[Liu] Co Author Listing * 3D face sparse reconstruction based on local linear fitting
* 3D georegistration of wide area motion imagery by combining SFM and chamfer alignment of vehicle detections to vector roadmaps
* Accurate Matching Method for Projecting Vector Data into Surveillance Video to Monitor and Protect Cultivated Land, An
* Accurate Recognition of Building Rooftops and Assessment of Long-Term Carbon Emission Reduction from Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems Fusing GF-2 and Multi-Source Data
* Adaptive Laplacian eigenfunctions as bases for regression analysis
* Adaptive Neural Network-Based Tracking Control for Full-State Constrained Wheeled Mobile Robotic System
* Adaptive Partial Reinforcement Learning Neural Network-Based Tracking Control for Wheeled Mobile Robotic Systems
* Adversarial Shape Learning for Building Extraction in VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Application of Compressive Sensing to Refractivity Retrieval Using Networked Weather Radars
* Assessments of the Above-Ocean Atmospheric CO2 Detection Capability of the GAS Instrument Onboard the Next-Generation FengYun-3H Satellite
* Cloud and Snow Segmentation in Satellite Images Using an Encoder-Decoder Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* CNN model for real time hand pose estimation, A
* Comparative analysis of homologous buildings using range imaging
* Comprehensive Machine Learning Study to Classify Precipitation Type over Land from Global Precipitation Measurement Microwave Imager (GPM-GMI) Measurements, A
* Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Based on Standardized Group Sparse Representation
* Constrained Inversion and Spectral Unmixing in Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography
* Continuous Pose Normalization for Pose-Robust Face Recognition
* Convolutional neural networks for multispectral pedestrian detection
* CRSNet: Cloud and Cloud Shadow Refinement Segmentation Networks for Remote Sensing Imagery
* DeepMapping2: Self-Supervised Large-Scale LiDAR Map Optimization
* DeepMapping: Unsupervised Map Estimation From Multiple Point Clouds
* Design and Realization of Multi-Functional Gateway Based on SingleChip
* Development of the Chinese Space-Based Radiometric Benchmark Mission LIBRA
* Dip Filter and Random Noise Suppression for GPR B-Scan Data Based on a Hybrid Method in f-x Domain
* DiResNet: Direction-Aware Residual Network for Road Extraction in VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Domain Incremental Object Detection Based on Feature Space Topology Preserving Strategy
* Dual-Master/Single-Slave Haptic Teleoperation System for Semiautonomous Bilateral Control of Hexapod Robot Subject to Deformable Rough Terrain
* Dynamic Contrastive Distillation for Image-Text Retrieval
* Efficient 3-D Model-Based Reconstruction Scheme for Arbitrary Optoacoustic Acquisition Geometries
* Efficient Federated Learning Via Local Adaptive Amended Optimizer With Linear Speedup
* Efficient Halftoning via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Enhancing Interactive Image Segmentation with Automatic Label Set Augmentation
* ES2FL: Ensemble Self-Supervised Feature Learning for Small Sample Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Evaluation of Drifting Snow Susceptibility Based on GIS and GA-BP Algorithms
* Evaluation of the Accuracy of Spectral Calibration Light Source on Spectral Radiance Acquired by the Greenhouse-Gases Absorption Spectrometer-2 (GAS-2)
* Features versus Context: An Approach for Precise and Detailed Detection and Delineation of Faces and Facial Features
* FH-Net: A Fast Hierarchical Network for Scene Flow Estimation on Real-World Point Clouds
* Fine-tuning Global Model via Data-Free Knowledge Distillation for Non-IID Federated Learning
* From Video to Hyperspectral: Hyperspectral Image-Level Feature Extraction with Transfer Learning
* FusionRCNN: LiDAR-Camera Fusion for Two-Stage 3D Object Detection
* GAN-SR Anomaly Detection Model Based on Imbalanced Data
* GNSS Aided Long-Range 3D Displacement Sensing for High-Rise Structures with Two Non-Overlapping Cameras
* Graph clustering network with structure embedding enhanced
* Halftoning with Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
* HazeRD: An outdoor scene dataset and benchmark for single image dehazing
* High-Fidelity Component Substitution Pansharpening by the Fitting of Substitution Data
* High-Order Model and Dynamic Filtering for Frame Rate Up-Conversion
* Hybrid Zero Block Detection for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Identification and Counting of Sugarcane Seedlings in the Field Using Improved Faster R-CNN
* Image Quality Assessment Using Directional Anisotropy Structure Measurement
* Improved Content-Based Music Recommending Method with Weighted Tags, An
* Inferring social relations from visual concepts
* integer programming approach to visual compliance, An
* Interactive Image Segmentation Using Dirichlet Process Multiple-View Learning
* Interactive image segmentation using probabilistic hypergraphs
* Joint Coding of Local and Global Deep Features in Videos for Visual Search
* Knowledge-Aided 2-D Autofocus for Spotlight SAR Filtered Backprojection Imagery
* LANet: Local Attention Embedding to Improve the Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
* Learning Relations among Movie Characters: A Social Network Perspective
* Lithium-Rich Pegmatite Detection Integrating High-Resolution and Hyperspectral Satellite Data in Zhawulong Area, Western Sichuan, China
* Mixed-Noise Removal in Images Based on a Convolutional Neural Network
* Model-Based Reconstruction of Large Three-Dimensional Optoacoustic Datasets
* Modeling the Leaf Area Index of Inner Mongolia Grassland Based on Machine Learning Regression Algorithms Incorporating Empirical Knowledge
* Modelling and recognition of the linguistic components in American Sign Language
* Monitoring and Evaluating Restoration Vegetation Status in Mine Region Using Remote Sensing Data: Case Study in Inner Mongolia, China
* MS-AGAN: Road Extraction via Multi-Scale Information Fusion and Asymmetric Generative Adversarial Networks from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images under Complex Backgrounds
* MsSVT++: Mixed-Scale Sparse Voxel Transformer With Center Voting for 3D Object Detection
* Multi-agent dueling Q-learning with mean field and value decomposition
* Multi-Level Attention Interactive Network for Cloud and Snow Detection Segmentation
* Multi-Pose Image Fusion Research Based on Structured Block and Edge Superposition, A
* Multi-Scale Context Aggregation for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
* Multi-task based object tracking via a collaborative model
* New Semi-Analytical MC Model for Oceanic LIDAR Inelastic Signals, A
* Normalized Projection Models for Geostationary Remote Sensing Satellite: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis (January 2019)
* Novel Deep Learning Pipeline for Retinal Vessel Detection In Fluorescein Angiography, A
* Novel Joint Rate Allocation Scheme of Multiple Streams, A
* Object Detection Based on Adaptive Feature-Aware Method in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Parameter-Efficient and Student-Friendly Knowledge Distillation
* Patrol Routing Expression, Execution, Evaluation, and Engagement
* Perception matters: Exploring imperceptible and transferable anti-forensics for GAN-generated fake face imagery detection
* Piecewise-Stationary Motion Modeling and Iterative Smoothing to Track Heterogeneous Particle Motions in Dense Environments
* Precise detailed detection of faces and facial features
* Prelaunch Calibration and Radiometric Performance of the Advanced MERSI II on FengYun-3D
* Probabilistic mixtures of differential profiles for shape recognition
* Rate-Performance-Loss Optimization for Inter-Frame Deep Feature Coding From Videos
* Real-Time Model-Based Inversion in Cross-Sectional Optoacoustic Tomography
* Real-Time UAV Tracking Based on PSR Stability
* Recovering the linguistic components of the manual signs in American Sign Language
* Research about security mechanism in wireless sensor network
* Research of Seismogenic Structures of the 2016 and 2022 Menyuan Earthquakes, in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau
* Research on Face recognition based on Grey Wolf algorithm optimization
* Research on the Temperature Transfer Relationship Between Miniature Fixed-Point and Blackbody for On-Orbit Infrared Remote Sensor Calibration
* Retinal Vessel Detection in Wide-Field Fluorescein Angiography with Deep Neural Networks: A Novel Training Data Generation Approach
* Robust Multi-Agent Communication With Graph Information Bottleneck Optimization
* robust visual tracking method via local feature extraction and saliency detection, A
* Sample-adaptive Augmentation for Point Cloud Recognition Against Real-world Corruptions
* Sampling-Based Density Peaks Clustering Algorithm for Large-Scale Data, A
* Scale-Aware RPN for Vehicle Detection
* Scene Classification Using Hierarchical Wasserstein CNN
* SD-Conv: Towards the Parameter-Efficiency of Dynamic Convolution
* SDFL-FC: Semisupervised Deep Feature Learning With Feature Consistency for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Semantic Segmentation of Large-Size VHR Remote Sensing Images Using a Two-Stage Multiscale Training Architecture
* SMNet: Symmetric Multi-Task Network for Semantic Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on CNN and Transformer
* Survey of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Applications for Flash Floods, A
* Survey of spectral clustering based on graph theory
* Three-Dimensional Shape and Motion Reconstruction for the Analysis of American Sign Language
* Translation invariance-based super resolution method for mixed resolution multiview video
* Unified quality assessment of natural and screen content images via adaptive weighting on double scales
* Using UAV LiDAR to Extract Vegetation Parameters of Inner Mongolian Grassland
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Single-Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
* Volume image registration by template matching
* Weakly-Supervised Action Segmentation with Iterative Soft Boundary Assignment
* Weakly-Supervised Vessel Detection in Ultra-Widefield Fundus Photography via Iterative Multi-Modal Registration and Learning
Includes: Ding, L.[Liu] Ding, L. Ding, L.[Lin] Ding, L.[Lei] Ding, L.[Lu] Ding, L.[Leah] Ding, L.[Li] Ding, L.[Liang] Ding, L.[Lusheng] Ding, L.[Liya] Ding, L.[Lihe] Ding, L.[Ling] Ding, L.[Luwei] Ding, L.[Lisha] Ding, L.[Lan]
116 for Ding, L.

Ding, L.F.[Li Fu] Co Author Listing * Computation-Free Motion Estimation with Inter-View Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding
* Content-Aware Prediction Algorithm With Inter-View Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding
* Efficient Stereo Video Coding System for Immersive Teleconference with Two-Stage Hybrid Disparity Estimation Algorithm
* Feasibility Study of Map-Based Dashboard for Spatiotemporal Knowledge Acquisition and Analysis, A
* Framework Uniting Ontology-Based Geodata Integration and Geovisual Analytics, A
* Geo-Tagged Social Media Data-Based Analytical Approach for Perceiving Impacts of Social Events
* Geospatial Network Analysis and Origin-Destination Clustering of Bike-Sharing Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic
* Joint Prediction Algorithm and Architecture for Stereo Video Hybrid Coding Systems
* Large-Scale Database for Chemical Structure Recognition and Preliminary Evaluation, A
* Ontology-Based Framework for Geospatial Integration and Querying of Raster Data Cube Using Virtual Knowledge Graphs, An
* Single iteration view interpolation for multiview video applications
* Visualization and Analysis of Transport Accessibility Changes Based on Time Cartograms
Includes: Ding, L.F.[Li Fu] Ding, L.F.[Li-Fu] Ding, L.F.[Lin-Fang] Ding, L.F. Ding, L.F.[Long-Fei]
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Ding, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * Adoption of improved neural network blade pattern recognition in prevention and control of corona virus disease-19 pandemic
* PC-PINet: Partial Re-identification Network for People Counting with Overlapping Cameras
* regional distance regression network for monocular object distance estimation, A
Includes: Ding, L.H.[Li Hua] Ding, L.H.[Li-Hua] Ding, L.H.[Lai-Hui] Ding, L.H.[Liang-Hui]

Ding, L.J.[Liang Jing] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection with Annealing for Computer Vision and Big Data Learning
* Learning a Quality-Based Ranking for Feature Point Trajectories
* Motion Segmentation by Velocity Clustering with Estimation of Subspace Dimension
* On the Canny edge detector
Includes: Ding, L.J.[Liang Jing] Ding, L.J.[Liang-Jing] Ding, L.J.[Li-Jun]

Ding, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * LIME-Based Data Selection Method for SAR Images Generation Using GAN
Includes: Ding, L.L.[Lin Lin] Ding, L.L.[Lin-Lin]

Ding, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Data embedding in digital images using critical functions
Includes: Ding, L.P.[Li Ping] Ding, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Ding, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Co Author Listing * Generation of Spatial-Temporal Panoramas with a Single Moving Camera
* Influences of Climate Change and Human Activities on NDVI Changes in China
Includes: Ding, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Ding, L.Q.[Li-Qiang] Ding, L.Q.[Liu-Qian]

Ding, L.R.[Li Rong] Co Author Listing * Practical Cross-View Image Matching Method between UAV and Satellite for UAV-Based Geo-Localization, A
* Removing temperature drift and temporal variation in thermal infrared images of a UAV uncooled thermal infrared imager
* robust registration method for UAV thermal infrared and visible images taken by dual-cameras, A
Includes: Ding, L.R.[Li Rong] Ding, L.R.[Li-Rong]

Ding, L.W.[Li Wang] Co Author Listing * Eagle-Eyed Multitask CNNs for Aerial Image Retrieval and Scene Classification
* Similarity-Based Unsupervised Deep Transfer Learning for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
Includes: Ding, L.W.[Li Wang] Ding, L.W.[Li-Wang]

Ding, L.X.[Li Xin] Co Author Listing * Image representation using block compressive sensing for compression applications
* Intrinsic dimensionality estimation based on manifold assumption
Includes: Ding, L.X.[Li Xin] Ding, L.X.[Li-Xin]

Ding, L.Y.[Lai Yan] Co Author Listing * PLNet: Plane and Line Priors for Unsupervised Indoor Depth Estimation
Includes: Ding, L.Y.[Lai Yan] Ding, L.Y.[Lai-Yan]

Ding, L.Z.[Li Zhong] Co Author Listing * Fast Cross-Validation for Kernel-Based Algorithms
Includes: Ding, L.Z.[Li Zhong] Ding, L.Z.[Li-Zhong]

Ding, M.[Meng] Co Author Listing * Articulated and Generalized Gaussian Kernel Correlation for Human Pose Estimation
* Articulated Gaussian kernel correlation for human pose estimation
* Attention Guided Global Enhancement and Local Refinement Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Automatic registration of aerial imagery with untextured 3D LiDAR models
* CamNet: Coarse-to-Fine Retrieval for Camera Re-Localization
* Content-aware copying and pasting in images
* Deep learning assisted robust visual tracking with adaptive particle filtering
* Dense Semantic Labeling with Atrous Spatial Pyramid Pooling and Decoder for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Digital Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon Using UAV Images and Soil Properties in a Thermo-Erosion Gully on the Tibetan Plateau
* enhanced vision transformer with wavelet position embedding for histopathological image classification, An
* Fast Human Pose Tracking with a Single Depth Sensor Using Sum of Gaussians Models
* Federated Learning in Intelligent Transportation Systems: Recent Applications and Open Problems
* Generalized Sum of Gaussians for Real-Time Human Pose Tracking from a Single Depth Sensor
* Imaging of Local Rough Surfaces by the Linear Sampling Method with Near-Field Data
* Implicit Neural Representation for Cooperative Low-light Image Enhancement
* Improved approach for time-based taxi trajectory planning towards conflict-free, efficient and fluent airport ground movement
* Individual Surveillance Around Parked Aircraft at Nighttime: Thermal Infrared Vision-Based Human Action Recognition
* Influence of Supraglacial Lakes on Accuracy of Inversion of Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt Data in Different Passive Microwave Bands
* Learn to Unlearn: Insights Into Machine Unlearning
* Multi-layer joint gait-pose manifold for human motion modeling
* Multilayer Joint Gait-Pose Manifolds for Human Gait Motion Modeling
* New Sparse Collaborative Low-Rank Prior Knowledge Representation for Thick Cloud Removal in Remote Sensing Images, A
* Non-rigid Point Set Registration with Global-Local Topology Preservation
* Phase Angle-Encoded and Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Three-Dimensional Route Planning for UAV
* Proactive Deepfake Defence via Identity Watermarking
* Quaternion-type moments combining both color and depth information for RGB-D object recognition
* Real-Time Dense Semantic Labeling with Dual-Path Framework for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Regional Assessment of Soil Moisture Active Passive Enhanced L3 Soil Moisture Product and Its Application in Agriculture
* Robust Optimization as Data Augmentation for Large-scale Graphs
* Route Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the Sea Using Hybrid Differential Evolution and Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
* Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Network Interpolating and Denoising Seismic Signals Simultaneously
* Spatiotemporal traffic data imputation by synergizing low tensor ring rank and nonlocal subspace regularization
* Structure-guided manifold learning for video-based motion estimation
* Suitability of texture features to assess changes in trabecular bone architecture
* TI2Net: Temporal Identity Inconsistency Network for Deepfake Detection
* TIR-YOLO-ADAS: A thermal infrared object detection framework for advanced driver assistance systems
* Video-Based Human Walking Estimation Using Joint Gait and Pose Manifolds
* Visual tracking using Locality-constrained Linear Coding and saliency map for visible light and infrared image sequences
* Visual tracking using locality-constrained linear coding under a particle filtering framework
* Voxel-Based Fully Convolution Network and Continuous Max-Flow for Carotid Vessel-Wall-Volume Segmentation From 3D Ultrasound Images, A
Includes: Ding, M.[Meng] Ding, M.[Min] Ding, M. Ding, M.[Mengkai] Ding, M.[Meidan] Ding, M.[Ming] Ding, M.[Moxuan] Ding, M.[Minghu] Ding, M.[Mengru] Ding, M.[Maohua] Ding, M.[Mucong] Ding, M.[Mu]
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Ding, M.F.[Ming Fei] Co Author Listing * Approach for Predicting Global Ionospheric TEC Using Machine Learning, An
* Ionospheric TEC Forecasting Model Based on a CNN-LSTM-Attention Mechanism Neural Network, An
Includes: Ding, M.F.[Ming Fei] Ding, M.F.[Ming-Fei]

Ding, M.H.[Ming Hu] Co Author Listing * Application of Machine Learning for Simulation of Air Temperature at Dome A
* Distributed Stochastic Algorithm Based on Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Path Planning of Multi-UAV Cooperative Area Search
* Dynamic Evolution Modeling of a Lake-Terminating Glacier in the Western Himalayas Using a Two-Dimensional Higher-Order Flowline Model
* Effective Dynamic Constrained Two-Archive Evolutionary Algorithm for Cooperative Search-Track Mission Planning by UAV Swarms in Air Intelligent Transportation, An
* Mass Balance Reconstruction for Laohugou Glacier No. 12 from 1980 to 2020, Western Qilian Mountains, China
* Reconstruction of Near-Surface Air Temperature over the Greenland Ice Sheet Based on MODIS Data and Machine Learning Approaches
Includes: Ding, M.H.[Ming Hu] Ding, M.H.[Ming-Hu] Ding, M.H.[Ming-Hui]

Ding, M.J.[Ming Jun] Co Author Listing * Decline in Planting Areas of Double-Season Rice by Half in Southern China over the Last Two Decades
* Factors Driving Changes in Vegetation in Mt. Qomolangma (Everest): Implications for the Management of Protected Areas
* Mapping Changing Population Distribution on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau since 2000 with Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing and Point-of-Interest Data
* Multiple Perspective Response of Vegetation to Drought on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, The
* Phenology-Based Rice Paddy Mapping Using Multi-Source Satellite Imagery and a Fusion Algorithm Applied to the Poyang Lake Plain, Southern China
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Vegetation Greenness Change and Associated Climatic and Anthropogenic Drivers on the Tibetan Plateau during 2000-2015
Includes: Ding, M.J.[Ming Jun] Ding, M.J.[Ming-Jun]

Ding, M.K.[Ming Kai] Co Author Listing * Azimuth Resolution Improvement and Target Parameters Inversion for Distributed Shipborne High Frequency Hybrid Sky-Surface Wave Radar
Includes: Ding, M.K.[Ming Kai] Ding, M.K.[Ming-Kai]

Ding, M.L.[Ming Li] Co Author Listing * Beyond Weakly Supervised: Pseudo Ground Truths Mining for Missing Bounding-Boxes Object Detection
* Boosting Long-tailed Object Detection via Step-wise Learning on Smooth-tail Data
* Class-incremental object detection
* Classification of Southern Corn Rust Severity Based on Leaf-Level Hyperspectral Data Collected under Solar Illumination
* Continual Attentive Fusion for Incremental Learning in Semantic Segmentation
* Deep Feature Fusion via Two-Stream Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Detecting small faces in the wild based on generative adversarial network and contextual information
* Finding Tiny Faces in the Wild with Generative Adversarial Network
* Group Convolutional Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Learning a strong detector for action localization in videos
* Multi-task Generative Adversarial Network for Detecting Small Objects in the Wild
* SOD-MTGAN: Small Object Detection via Multi-Task Generative Adversarial Network
* ThumbDet: One thumbnail image is enough for object detection
* Transformer-Based Attention Networks for Continuous Pixel-Wise Prediction
* Uncertainty-Aware Contrastive Distillation for Incremental Semantic Segmentation
* Uncertainty-Aware Graph-Guided Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Vital information is only worth one thumbnail: Towards efficient human pose estimation
* W-Band Active Phased Array Miniaturized Scan-SAR with High Resolution on Multi-Rotor UAVs, A
* W2F: A Weakly-Supervised to Fully-Supervised Framework for Object Detection
* Weakly-supervised object detection via mining pseudo ground truth bounding-boxes
Includes: Ding, M.L.[Ming Li] Ding, M.L.[Ming-Li] Ding, M.L.[Ming-Liang] Ding, M.L.[Man-Lai]
20 for Ding, M.L.

Ding, M.M.[Meng Meng] Co Author Listing * Video-based document image scanning using a mobile device
Includes: Ding, M.M.[Meng Meng] Ding, M.M.[Meng-Meng]

Ding, M.N.[Meng Na] Co Author Listing * Objective quality assessment of synthesized images by local variation measurement
Includes: Ding, M.N.[Meng Na] Ding, M.N.[Meng-Na]

Ding, M.T.[Ming Tao] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Sustainable Livelihood and Geographic Detection of Settlement Sites in Ethnically Contiguous Poverty-Stricken Areas in the Aba Prefecture, China
* deep learning semantic template matching framework for remote sensing image registration, A
* Efficient User-Friendly Integration Tool for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on Support Vector Machines: SVM-LSM Toolbox, An
* Wide Area Detection and Distribution Characteristics of Landslides along Sichuan Expressways
Includes: Ding, M.T.[Ming Tao] Ding, M.T.[Ming-Tao]

Ding, M.X.[Meng Xiang] Co Author Listing * Learn by Yourself: A Feature-Augmented Self-Distillation Convolutional Neural Network for Remote Sensing Scene Image Classification
Includes: Ding, M.X.[Meng Xiang] Ding, M.X.[Meng-Xiang]

Ding, M.Y.[Ming Yue] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of free-formed line-like objects using NURBS representation
* Context Autoencoder for Self-supervised Representation Learning
* Cross-Domain Mapping Learning for Transductive Zero-Shot Learning
* DaViT: Dual Attention Vision Transformers
* Deep gradient prior network for DEM super-resolution: Transfer learning from image to DEM
* Dense Hybrid Recurrent Multi-view Stereo Net with Dynamic Consistency Checking
* Domain-Adaptive Few-Shot Learning
* EC2: Emergent Communication for Embodied Control
* F-DARTS: Foveated Differentiable Architecture Search Based Multimodal Medical Image Fusion
* Face-Focused Cross-Stream Network for Deception Detection in Videos
* HR-NAS: Searching Efficient High-Resolution Neural Architectures with Lightweight Transformers
* Improved Codebook Edge-Detection
* L2M-GAN: Learning to Manipulate Latent Space Semantics for Facial Attribute Editing
* Learning a Dynamic High-Resolution Network for Multi-Scale Pedestrian Detection
* Learning Depth-Guided Convolutions for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Method of Boundary Extraction Based on Schrödinger Equation
* Mod-Squad: Designing Mixtures of Experts As Modular Multi-Task Learners
* Nonlocal similarity based DEM super resolution
* PolarMask++: Enhanced Polar Representation for Single-Shot Instance Segmentation and Beyond
* Pyramid Multi-view Stereo Net with Self-adaptive View Aggregation
* Robust Semi-Supervised 3D Medical Image Segmentation With Diverse Joint-Task Learning and Decoupled Inter-Student Learning
* Segmenting Transparent Objects in the Wild
* TextPSG: Panoptic Scene Graph Generation from Textual Descriptions
* Unique Solution of Projective Invariants of 6 Points from 4 Uncalibrated Images, The
* Using Space Continuity and Orientation Constraints for Range Data-Acquisition
* Variations in the Spatial Distribution of Smart Parcel Lockers in the Central Metropolitan Region of Tianjin, China: A Comparative Analysis before and after COVID-19
* Visual Dependency Transformers: Dependency Tree Emerges from Reversed Attention
Includes: Ding, M.Y.[Ming Yue] Ding, M.Y.[Ming-Yue] Ding, M.Y.[Ming-Yu] Ding, M.Y. Ding, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan] Ding, M.Y.[Ming-Yune] Ding, M.Y.[Meng-Yue]
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Ding, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Non-Uniform Vertical Stratification Method for Troposphere Water Vapor Tomography, An
* Adaptive Voxel-Based Model for the Dynamic Determination of Tomographic Region
* Analysis of Aerosol Radiative Forcing over Beijing under Different Air Quality Conditions Using Ground-Based Sun-Photometers between 2013 and 2015
* CHMATCH: Contrastive Hierarchical Matching and Robust Adaptive Threshold Boosted Semi-Supervised Learning
* Conceptual 12M: Pushing Web-Scale Image-Text Pre-Training To Recognize Long-Tail Visual Concepts
* Cooperative Moving-Target Enclosing of Networked Vehicles With Constant Linear Velocities
* Crime Risk Analysis of Tangible Cultural Heritage in China from a Spatial Perspective
* Differential Topic Models
* Evolution Patterns of Cooling Island Effect in Blue-Green Space under Different Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Scenarios
* finite element contour approach to affine invariant shape representation, A
* Framework for Combining Lateral and Longitudinal Acceleration to Assess Driving Styles Using Unsupervised Approach, A
* High-precision real-time urine crystallization recognition based on dilated bilinear space pyramid ConvNext
* Image Captioning With Controllable and Adaptive Length Levels
* Improving Robust Generalization by Direct PAC-Bayesian Bound Minimization
* Incorporating Self-attention Mechanism and Multi-task Learning into Scene Text Detection
* Large-Scale Object Classification Using Label Relation Graphs
* Length-controllable Image Captioning
* Mapping Forest Abrupt Disturbance Events in Southeastern China: Comparisons and Tradeoffs of Landsat Time Series Analysis Algorithms
* Modeling Traffic Control Agency Decision Behavior for Multimodal Manual Signal Control Under Event Occurrences
* Near-Ultraviolet to Near-Infrared Band Thresholds Cloud Detection Algorithm for TANSAT-CAPI
* Neighbor-Guided Consistent and Contrastive Learning for Semi-Supervised Action Recognition
* Network Expansion For Practical Training Acceleration
* New Approach of the Global Navigation Satellite System Tomography for Any Size of GNSS Network, A
* New Method for the Rapid Determination of Fire Disturbance Events Using GEE and the VCT Algorithm: A Case Study in Southwestern and Northeastern China, A
* Node-Based Optimization of GNSS Tomography with a Minimum Bounding Box Algorithm
* PACTran: PAC-Bayesian Metrics for Estimating the Transferability of Pretrained Models to Classification Tasks
* Probabilistic Label Relation Graphs with Ising Models
* Regulatory Effect Evaluation of Warming and Cooling Factors on Urban Land Surface Temperature Based on Multi-Source Satellite Data
* Simulating the Impact of Urban Surface Evapotranspiration on the Urban Heat Island Effect Using the Modified RS-PM Model: A Case Study of Xuzhou, China
* Simulation of Cooling Island Effect in Blue-Green Space Based on Multi-Scale Coupling Model
* Source-Free Domain Adaptation via Distribution Estimation
* Spatial Effects of Landscape Patterns of Urban Patches with Different Vegetation Fractions on Urban Thermal Environment
* Survey on Video Action Recognition in Sports: Datasets, Methods and Applications, A
* Systematic Review of Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Crime Prediction Methods, A
* TP-LSD: Tri-points Based Line Segment Detector
* Tropospheric Tomography Method with a Novel Height Factor Model Including Two Parts: Isotropic and Anisotropic Height Factors, A
* Upright-Net: Learning Upright Orientation for 3D Point Cloud
Includes: Ding, N.[Nan] Ding, N.[Ning] Ding, N. Ding, N.[Na] Ding, N.[Naikan]
37 for Ding, N.

Ding, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Conservative Wasserstein Training for Pose Estimation
* Effective near-duplicate image retrieval with image-specific visual phrase selection
* Light and Faster Regional Convolutional Neural Network for Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images, A
* NeFF: Neural Feature Fields for Few-Shot View Synthesis Addressing the Shape-Radiance Ambiguity
* Study and Application of HHT in Vibration Signal Analysis of Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System, A
Includes: Ding, P.[Peng] Ding, P.[Pei]

Ding, P.L.K.[Pak Lun Kevin] Co Author Listing * Color image demosaicking using inter-channel correlation and nonlocal self-similarity
* Compressive Sensing Reconstruction of Correlated Images Using Joint Regularization
* Convex dictionary learning for single image super-resolution
* Improving Batch Normalization with Skewness Reduction for Deep Neural Networks
* Improving Robustness of Random Forest Under Label Noise
* Single Image Super Resolution Using Joint Regularization
* Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Network for Joint Demosaicking and Super-Resolution, A
Includes: Ding, P.L.K.[Pak Lun Kevin] Ding, P.L.K.[P. L. Kevin] Ding, P.L.K.
7 for Ding, P.L.K.

Ding, P.P.[Ping Ping] Co Author Listing * Multifrequency Bayesian compressive sensing methods for microwave imaging

Ding, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Co Author Listing * Instance-Incremental Scene Graph Generation From Real-World Point Clouds via Normalizing Flows
* Towards More Realistic Human Motion Prediction With Attention to Motion Coordination
* TrajectoryCNN: A New Spatio-Temporal Feature Learning Network for Human Motion Prediction
Includes: Ding, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Ding, P.X.[Peng-Xiang]

Ding, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Blind Quality Enhancement for Compressed Video
* Combination of overlap-driven adjustment and Phong model for LiDAR intensity correction
* Content Harvest Network: Optimizing First Mile for Crowdsourced Live Streaming
* Evaluation and Intercomparison of High-Resolution Satellite Precipitation Estimates: GPM, TRMM, and CMORPH in the Tianshan Mountain Area
* GCSANet: Arbitrary Style Transfer With Global Context Self-Attentional Network
* Improving Urban Land Cover Classification with Combined Use of Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 Imagery
* Low-Complexity CTU Partition Structure Decision and Fast Intra Mode Decision for Versatile Video Coding
* Neuropsychiatric Disorders Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network
* On the Performance of Independent Processing of Independent Data Sets for Distributed Detection
* optimal diagnosis system for melanoma dermoscopy images based on enhanced design of horse herd optimizer, An
* PARM: An Efficient Algorithm to Mine Association Rules From Spatial Data
* Patch-Wise Spatial-Temporal Quality Enhancement for HEVC Compressed Video
* PointVector: A Vector Representation In Point Cloud Analysis
* Public Goods Game Theory-Based Approach to Cooperation in VANETs Under a High Vehicle Density Condition, A
* Research on Generalized RQD of Rock Mass Based on 3D Slope Model Established by Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry
* Screen content image quality assessment based on convolutional neural networks
* Siamese Multiscale Attention Decoding Network for Building Change Detection on High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, A
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using GNSS-IR Based on Empirical Modal Decomposition and Cross-Correlation Satellite Selection
* VRFCNN: Virtual Reference Frame Generation Network for Quality SHVC
* Weakly-supervised Instance Segmentation via Class-agnostic Learning with Salient Images
Includes: Ding, Q.[Qing] Ding, Q.[Qiong] Ding, Q. Ding, Q.[Qian] Ding, Q.[Qichuan] Ding, Q.[Qilu] Ding, Q.[Quan] Ding, Q.[Qi] Ding, Q.[Qin]
20 for Ding, Q.

Ding, Q.C.[Qi Chuan] Co Author Listing * Augmented two stream network for robust action recognition adaptive to various action videos
Includes: Ding, Q.C.[Qi Chuan] Ding, Q.C.[Qi-Chuan]

Ding, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Co Author Listing * Learning Adjustable Reduced Downsampling Network for Small Object Detection in Urban Environments
* Step-by-step pipeline processing approach for line segment detection
Includes: Ding, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Ding, Q.H.[Qing-Hua] Ding, Q.H.[Qing-Hai]

Ding, Q.J.[Qiu Ji] Co Author Listing * Retrieving Vertical Cloud Radar Reflectivity from MODIS Cloud Products with CGAN: An Evaluation for Different Cloud Types and Latitudes
Includes: Ding, Q.J.[Qiu Ji] Ding, Q.J.[Qiu-Ji]

Ding, Q.K.[Qian Kun] Co Author Listing * Data Association Between Event Streams and Intensity Frames Under Diverse Baselines
Includes: Ding, Q.K.[Qian Kun] Ding, Q.K.[Qian-Kun]

Ding, Q.N.[Qian Nan] Co Author Listing * Relative Contributions of Climate and Grazing on the Dynamics of Grassland NPP and PUE on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, The
Includes: Ding, Q.N.[Qian Nan] Ding, Q.N.[Qian-Nan]

Ding, Q.Q.[Qi Qi] Co Author Listing * CF-YOLO: Cross Fusion YOLO for Object Detection in Adverse Weather with a High-Quality Real Snow Dataset
* Shortened Model for Logan Reference Plot Implemented via the Self-Supervised Neural Network for Parametric PET Imaging, A
Includes: Ding, Q.Q.[Qi Qi] Ding, Q.Q.[Qi-Qi] Ding, Q.Q.[Qiao-Qiao]

Ding, Q.T.[Qing Tang] Co Author Listing * Not All Patches Are Equal: Hierarchical Dataset Condensation for Single Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Ding, Q.T.[Qing Tang] Ding, Q.T.[Qing-Tang]

Ding, Q.Z.[Qing Zhu] Co Author Listing * Efficient evaluation of shortest travel-time path queries through spatial mashups
Includes: Ding, Q.Z.[Qing Zhu] Ding, Q.Z.[Qing-Zhu]

Ding, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Modeling from Concept Sketches of Human Characters with Minimal User Interaction
* Adversarial Path Sampling for Recommender Systems
* Assessment of the Impact of Pacific Inflow on Sea Surface Temperature Prior to the Freeze-Up Period over the Bering Sea
* Audio-Visual Keyword Spotting Based on Multidimensional Convolutional Neural Network
* Base-Derivative Framework for Cross-Modality RGB-Infrared Person Re-Identification, A
* Cellular Binary Neural Network for Accurate Image Classification and Semantic Segmentation
* Co-Evolution of Pose and Mesh for 3D Human Body Estimation from Video
* Collaborative Multi-Dynamic Pattern Modeling for Human Motion Prediction
* DODA: Data-Oriented Sim-to-Real Domain Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* EDD-Net: An Efficient Defect Detection Network
* End-To-End Visual Place Recognition Based on Deep Metric Learning and Self-Adaptively Enhanced Similarity Metric
* Exploiting Temporal Contexts With Strided Transformer for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Fast mode decision for inter prediction in H.264
* Giant Panda Identification
* HMFCA-Net: Hierarchical multi-frequency based Channel attention net for mobile phone surface defect detection
* Joint Optimization of Data Transmission and Energy Harvesting in Relay Satellite Networks
* LC-BiDet: Laterally Connected Binary Detector with Efficient Image Processing
* Mobile Phone Surface Defect Detection Based on Improved Faster R-CNN
* MRS-Net+ for Enhancing Face Quality of Compressed Videos
* Multi-Source SAR-Based Surface Deformation Monitoring and Groundwater Relationship Analysis in the Yellow River Delta, China
* New Multiple-Target Tracking Strategy Using Domain Knowledge and Optimization
* PAConv: Position Adaptive Convolution with Dynamic Kernel Assembling on Point Clouds
* PLA: Language-Driven Open-Vocabulary 3D Scene Understanding
* Robust Hand Tracking with Hough Forest and Multi-cue Flocks of Features
* Screen content video quality assessment based on spatiotemporal sparse feature
* Sensitivity Evaluation of Time Series InSAR Monitoring Results for Landslide Detection
* Spatio-Temporal Point Processes With Attention for Traffic Congestion Event Modeling
* Towards Domain Generalization In Underwater Object Detection
* Towards Efficient Model Compression via Learned Global Ranking
* Two-Step Block Adjustment Method for DSM Accuracy Improvement with Elevation Control of ICESat-2 Data, A
* VertexSerum: Poisoning Graph Neural Networks for Link Inference
* ViP: Virtual Pooling for Accelerating CNN-based Image Classification and Object Detection
* Weakly-Supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation With Cross-View U-Shaped Graph Convolutional Network
Includes: Ding, R. Ding, R.[Rui] Ding, R.[Runwei] Ding, R.[Runyu] Ding, R.[Rong] Ding, R.[Renwei] Ding, R.[Ruibo] Ding, R.[Ruyi] Ding, R.[Rongli]
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Ding, R.H.[Rong Hua] Co Author Listing * PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals Using Modified Partial Transmit Sequences
Includes: Ding, R.H.[Rong Hua] Ding, R.H.[Rong-Hua]

Ding, R.J.[Ren Jie] Co Author Listing * Branch Aggregation Attention Network for Robotic Surgical Instrument Segmentation
Includes: Ding, R.J.[Ren Jie] Ding, R.J.[Ren-Jie]

Ding, R.Q.[Rong Qi] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study of Weight Sharing in Graph Networks for 3d Human Pose Estimation, A
Includes: Ding, R.Q.[Rong Qi] Ding, R.Q.[Rong-Qi]

Ding, R.S.[Ri Sheng] Co Author Listing * Crop Water Stress Index as a Proxy of Phenotyping Maize Performance under Combined Water and Salt Stress
Includes: Ding, R.S.[Ri Sheng] Ding, R.S.[Ri-Sheng]

Ding, R.T.[Run Tao] Co Author Listing * Smart wavelet image coding: X-tree approach
Includes: Ding, R.T.[Run Tao] Ding, R.T.[Run-Tao]

Ding, R.W.[Run Wei] Co Author Listing * Grouped Temporal Enhancement Module for Human Action Recognition
* Spatial-Temporal Data Augmentation Based on LSTM Autoencoder Network for Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
Includes: Ding, R.W.[Run Wei] Ding, R.W.[Run-Wei]

Ding, R.X.[Ru Xi] Co Author Listing * Patch-based locality-enhanced collaborative representation for face recognition
* Variational Feature Representation-based Classification for face recognition with single sample per person
Includes: Ding, R.X.[Ru Xi] Ding, R.X.[Ru-Xi]

Ding, R.Z.[Rui Zhou] Co Author Listing * Regularizing Activation Distribution for Training Binarized Deep Networks
Includes: Ding, R.Z.[Rui Zhou] Ding, R.Z.[Rui-Zhou]

Ding, S.[Shuai] Co Author Listing * 3D hand pose estimation and reconstruction based on multi-feature fusion
* 3DMOTFormer: Graph Transformer for Online 3D Multi-Object Tracking
* ABD-Net: Attentive but Diverse Person Re-Identification
* Accurate Approach for Microaneurysm Detection in Digital Fundus Images, An
* Accurate vessel extraction via tensor completion of background layer in X-ray coronary angiograms
* Color texture analysis using the wavelet-based hidden Markov model
* DCA-based sparse coding for video summarization with MCP, A
* Detecting Vegetation Change in the Pearl River Delta Region Based on Time Series Segmentation and Residual Trend Analysis (TSS-RESTREND) and MODIS NDVI
* DTCWT based medical ultrasound images despeckling using LS parameter optimization
* E-MLB: Multilevel Benchmark for Event-Based Camera Denoising
* Emotion Recognition With Multimodal Transformer Fusion Framework Based on Acoustic and Lexical Information
* Enhancing Intrinsic Adversarial Robustness via Feature Pyramid Decoder
* Facial Video-Based Remote Physiological Measurement via Self-Supervised Learning
* Gaze prediction for first-person videos based on inverse non-negative sparse coding with determinant sparse measure
* Horizontal Geolocation Error Evaluation and Correction on Full-Waveform LiDAR Footprints via Waveform Matching
* Learning-based JNCD prediction for quality-wise perceptual quantization in HEVC
* LEGO-Net: Learning Regular Rearrangements of Objects in Rooms
* Leveraging Multimodal Semantic Fusion for Gastric Cancer Screening via Hierarchical Attention Mechanism
* Locating X-Ray Coronary Angiogram Keyframes via Long Short-Term Spatiotemporal Attention With Image-to-Patch Contrastive Learning
* Long-term Monitoring of Environmental Changes Along China-Europe Railway Express (CER Express) Using Multi-source Remotely Sensed Data
* NDVI time series and Markov chains to model the change of fuzzy vegetative drought classes
* novel density peaks clustering algorithm for mixed data, A
* Polsar data online classification based on multi-view learning
* Progressive and Combined Building Simplification Approach with Local Structure Classification and Backtracking Strategy, A
* Range Adaptation for 3D Object Detection in LiDAR
* Recent Improvements to Suomi NPP Ozone Mapper Profiler Suite Nadir Mapper Sensor Data Records
* Research on fingerprint classification based on twin support vector machine
* Robust PCA Unrolling Network for Super-Resolution Vessel Extraction in X-Ray Coronary Angiography
* Robust video-based face recognition by sequential sample consensus
* Score-CAM: Score-Weighted Visual Explanations for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Semantic-Preserving Surgical Video Retrieval With Phase and Behavior Coordinated Hashing
* Semantics Meets Temporal Correspondence: Self-supervised Object-centric Learning in Videos
* Sequential Sample Consensus: A Robust Algorithm for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Simultaneous body part and motion identification for human-following robots
* Survey of spectral clustering based on graph theory
* Topological vascular tree segmentation for retinal images using shortest path connection
* Towards recovery of conditional vectors from conditional generative adversarial networks
* Two-Step Method of Pavement Pothole and Raveling Detection and Segmentation Based on Deep Learning, The
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection with Class Label Shift Weighted Local Features
Includes: Ding, S.[Shuai] Ding, S.[Shuxiao] Ding, S. Ding, S.[Shan] Ding, S.[Song] Ding, S.[Siyi] Ding, S.[Shuxue] Ding, S.[Sheng] Ding, S.[Saizhe] Ding, S.[Shifei] Ding, S.[Sitong] Ding, S.[Sijie] Ding, S.[Su] Ding, S.[Sihao] Ding, S.[Shuangrui] Ding, S.[Shuo]
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Ding, S.C.[Shu Chen] Co Author Listing * encoder-decoder framework with dynamic convolution for weakly supervised instance segmentation, An
Includes: Ding, S.C.[Shu Chen] Ding, S.C.[Shu-Chen]

Ding, S.F.[Shi Fei] Co Author Listing * Blind video quality assessment based on multilevel video perception
* Collaborative filtering model for enhancing fingerprint image
* Combining Gabor filtering and classification dictionaries learning for fingerprint enhancement
* Discrete space reinforcement learning algorithm based on support vector machine classification
* Fingerprint image super resolution using sparse representation with ridge pattern prior by classification coupled dictionaries
* Graph clustering network with structure embedding enhanced
* Identification of Ice Floes and Calculation of Sea Ice Concentration Based on a Deep Learning Method, The
* Image segmentation algorithm based on superpixel clustering
* Multi-agent dueling Q-learning with mean field and value decomposition
* new method for constructing granular neural networks based on rule extraction and extreme learning machine, A
* NSCT-PCNN image fusion based on image gradient motivation
* Research on adaptive local feature enhancement in convolutional neural networks
* Robust Multi-Agent Communication With Graph Information Bottleneck Optimization
* Sampling-Based Density Peaks Clustering Algorithm for Large-Scale Data, A
* Super-pixel image segmentation algorithm based on adaptive equalisation feature parameters
* Weighted linear loss multiple birth support vector machine based on information granulation for multi-class classification
Includes: Ding, S.F.[Shi Fei] Ding, S.F.[Shi-Fei] Ding, S.F.[Shi-Feng]
16 for Ding, S.F.

Ding, S.H.[Shou Hong] Co Author Listing * BézierPalm: A Free Lunch for Palmprint Recognition
* Contrastive Pseudo Learning for Open-World DeepFake Attribution
* ContrastMask: Contrastive Learning to Segment Every Thing
* Delving into Data: Effectively Substitute Training for Black-box Attack
* Detecting Camouflaged Object in Frequency Domain
* Disentangled High Quality Salient Object Detection
* DistilPose: Tokenized Pose Regression with Heatmap Distillation
* Domain Adaptive Person Search
* Dual-stream Framework for 3D Mask Face Presentation Attack Detection, A
* ECO-TR: Efficient Correspondences Finding via Coarse-to-Fine Refinement
* Eigen-Aging Reference Coding for Cross-Age Face Verification and Retrieval
* End-to-end Efficient Framework for Remote Physiological Signal Sensing, An
* End-to-End Reconstruction-Classification Learning for Face Forgery Detection
* Entropy-Driven Sampling and Training Scheme for Conditional Diffusion Generation
* Evaluation-oriented Knowledge Distillation for Deep Face Recognition
* Exploring Frequency Adversarial Attacks for Face Forgery Detection
* Face Anti-spoofing via Disentangled Representation Learning
* Generative Domain Adaptation for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Hierarchical Contrastive Inconsistency Learning for Deepfake Video Detection
* Information Theoretic Approach for Attention-Driven Face Forgery Detection, An
* Instance-Aware Domain Generalization for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Integrated tone and structure refinement for high-fidelity colour transfer
* Intrinsic image estimation using near- L0 sparse optimization
* Mutually Reinforcing Structure with Proposal Contrastive Consistency for Few-Shot Object Detection
* Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition Using Random Frequency Components
* Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition with Learnable Privacy Budgets in Frequency Domain
* Probabilistic Knowledge Distillation of Face Ensembles
* Re-Thinking the Relations in Co-Saliency Detection
* Real-time terahertz scanning imaging by use of a pyroelectric array camera and image denoising
* Rethinking the Learning Paradigm for Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition
* RPG-Palm: Realistic Pseudo-data Generation for Palmprint Recognition
* Shape Matters: Deformable Patch Attack
* Sibling-Attack: Rethinking Transferable Adversarial Attacks against Face Recognition
* Similarity metric learning for face verification using sigmoid decision function
* SonarGuard: Ultrasonic Face Liveness Detection on Mobile Devices
* Toward Stable Co-Saliency Detection and Object Co-Segmentation
* Towards Efficient Data Free Blackbox Adversarial Attack
* Towards Practical Certifiable Patch Defense with Vision Transformer
Includes: Ding, S.H.[Shou Hong] Ding, S.H.[Shou-Hong] Ding, S.H.[Sheng-Hui]
38 for Ding, S.H.

Ding, S.H.H.[Steven H. H.] Co Author Listing * AdaptIDS: Adaptive Intrusion Detection for Mission-Critical Aerospace Vehicles
* Learning Stylometric Representations for Authorship Analysis
Includes: Ding, S.H.H.[Steven H. H.] Ding, S.H.H.

Ding, S.M.[Shu Min] Co Author Listing * Learning compact ConvNets through filter pruning based on the saliency of a feature map
* Triple critical feature capture network: A triple critical feature capture network for weakly supervised object detection
Includes: Ding, S.M.[Shu Min] Ding, S.M.[Shu-Min] Ding, S.M.[Shun-Min]

Ding, S.Q.[Si Qi] Co Author Listing * Realize Generative Yet Complete Latent Representation for Incomplete Multi-View Learning
Includes: Ding, S.Q.[Si Qi] Ding, S.Q.[Si-Qi]

Ding, S.R.[Shuang Rui] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Self-supervised Video Representation Learning via Multi-level Feature Optimization
* Motion-aware Contrastive Video Representation Learning via Foreground-background Merging
* Prune Spatio-temporal Tokens by Semantic-aware Temporal Accumulation
* Static and Dynamic Concepts for Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning
Includes: Ding, S.R.[Shuang Rui] Ding, S.R.[Shuang-Rui]

Ding, S.S.[Shan Shan] Co Author Listing * Cognitive Antenna Selection in MIMO Imaging Radar
* Cognitive MIMO Imaging Radar Based on Doppler Filtering Waveform Separation
* Pseudo-Data Based Self-Supervised Federated Learning for Classification of Histopathological Images
Includes: Ding, S.S.[Shan Shan] Ding, S.S.[Shan-Shan] Ding, S.S.[Sai-Sai]

Ding, S.T.[Song Tao] Co Author Listing * Edge computing enabled video segmentation for real-time traffic monitoring in internet of vehicles
* Image caption generation with high-level image features
* Optimal layout algorithm for reusing solar cell fragments
* Spatial-Convolution Spectral-Transformer Interactive Network for Large-Scale Fast Refined Land Cover Classification and Mapping Based on ZY1-02D Satellite Hyperspectral Imagery
* Visual Question Answering Model Based on Visual Relationship Detection
Includes: Ding, S.T.[Song Tao] Ding, S.T.[Song-Tao] Ding, S.T.[Shan-Ting]

Ding, S.W.[Shao Wen] Co Author Listing * Large scale object's measurement method research based on multi-view Reconstruction
* PATROL: Privacy-Oriented Pruning for Collaborative Inference Against Model Inversion Attacks
* Relative pose measurement of Satellite and rocket based on photogrammetry
Includes: Ding, S.W.[Shao Wen] Ding, S.W.[Shao-Wen] Ding, S.W.[Shi-Wei]

Ding, S.X.[Shu Xue] Co Author Listing * Blind Spectral Unmixing Based on Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Combine unlabeled with labeled MR images to measure acute ischemic stroke lesion by stepwise learning
* Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis for Traction Systems in High-Speed Trains: A Survey, Challenges, and Perspectives
* family of the subgradient algorithm with several cosparsity inducing functions to the cosparse recovery problem, A
* Hierarchical Structure-Based Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control of Multiple 3-DOF Laboratory Helicopters
Includes: Ding, S.X.[Shu Xue] Ding, S.X.[Shu-Xue] Ding, S.X.[Steven X.]

Ding, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Denoising Autoencoders with Network Structure Optimization for the High-Fidelity Attenuation of Random GPR Noise
* Deep feature learning with relative distance comparison for person re-identification
* DRL-Based Joint Path Planning and Jamming Power Allocation Optimization for Suppressing Netted Radar System
* Identification Method for Spring Maize in Northeast China Based on Spectral and Phenological Features, An
* Optimizing Management Practices to Reduce Sediment Connectivity between Forest Roads and Streams in a Mountainous Watershed
* Response of Sediment Connectivity to Altered Convergence Processes Induced by Forest Roads in Mountainous Watershed
* Texture Segmentation using LBP embedded Region Competition
* Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion Based on the Multi-Scale Cumulative Frequency Strategy for Ground-Penetrating Radar Data: Application to Urban Underground Pipeline
Includes: Ding, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Ding, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Ding, S.Y.[Sheng-Yong] Ding, S.Y.[Si-Yang] Ding, S.Y.[Sheng-Yan] Ding, S.Y.[Si-Yi]
8 for Ding, S.Y.

Ding, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Fast track matching and event detection
* Identifying Oceanic Responses with Validated Satellite Observations after the Passage of Typhoons in the Northern South China Sea
* Impacts of Extreme-High-Temperature Events on Vegetation in North China
* Learning to Parse Wireframes in Images of Man-Made Environments
* Longtime Coherent Integration Algorithm for High-Speed Maneuvering Target Detection Using Space-Based Bistatic Radar
* Rank Minimization Approach to Video Inpainting, A
* Recovery of Lost Color and Depth Frames in Multiview Videos
* Research of biogas power generator system based on internet technology
* robust identification approach to gait recognition, A
* Stability of CubeSat Clocks and Their Impacts on GNSS Radio Occultation
* Visual Language Pretrained Multiple Instance Zero-Shot Transfer for Histopathology Images
Includes: Ding, T.[Tao] Ding, T.[Ting] Ding, T. Ding, T.[Tong] Ding, T.[Tan]
11 for Ding, T.

Ding, T.F.[Tie Fu] Co Author Listing * Deviation of Color Matching Algorithm in the Field of Full-Color LED Display, The
* Self-Adaptive Threshold Canny Operator in Color Image Edge Detection
Includes: Ding, T.F.[Tie Fu] Ding, T.F.[Tie-Fu]

Ding, T.H. Co Author Listing * Iris segmentation for non-cooperative recognition systems
* Liveness detection for iris recognition using multispectral images
Includes: Ding, T.H. Ding, T.H.[Tian-Huai]

Ding, T.J. Co Author Listing * 64-Point Fourier-Transform Chip for Video Motion Compensation Using Phase Correlation, A
* Efficient Maximal Coding Rate Reduction by Variational Forms
* Robust Homography Estimation via Dual Principal Component Pursuit
* Unsupervised Manifold Linearizing and Clustering
Includes: Ding, T.J. Ding, T.J.[Tian-Jiao]

Ding, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * EmoSet: A Large-scale Visual Emotion Dataset with Rich Attributes
Includes: Ding, T.T.[Ting Ting] Ding, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Ding, T.Y.[Tian Yu] Co Author Listing * CDFI: Compression-Driven Network Design for Frame Interpolation
* RSTT: Real-time Spatial Temporal Transformer for Space-Time Video Super-Resolution
Includes: Ding, T.Y.[Tian Yu] Ding, T.Y.[Tian-Yu]

Ding, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh Automatic Blanking and Split Technology in Urban Planning
* Adaptive Directional Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Image Coding
* Airport Knowledge-Based Method for Accurate Change Analysis of Airport Runways in VHR Remote Sensing Images, An
* Aligning Multi-Sequence CMR Towards Fully Automated Myocardial Pathology Segmentation
* Automatic Cycle Averaging for Denoising Approximately Periodic Spatiotemporal Signals
* Biomass Burning in Northeast China over Two Decades: Temporal Trends and Geographic Patterns
* Carrier Phase-Based Precise Heading and Pitch Estimation Using a Low-Cost GNSS Receiver
* Collaborative Projection and Reconstruction Using Intrinsic Structure of Compressive Light Field Sensing
* Complex Spatial-Temporal Attention Aggregation For Video Person Re-Identification
* Controlling patterns of geospatial phenomena
* Efficient and Scalable Simulation Model for Autonomous Vehicles With Economical Hardware, An
* Fast Digital Orthophoto Generation: A Comparative Study of Explicit and Implicit Methods
* framework for regional association rule mining and scoping in spatial datasets, A
* Grayscale-Thermal Tracking via Inverse Sparse Representation-Based Collaborative Encoding
* Guest Editorial Special Section on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence for Multimedia Computing
* Heterogeneous Graph Contrastive Learning Network for Personalized Micro-Video Recommendation
* HiT: Hierarchical Transformer with Momentum Contrast for Video-Text Retrieval
* Improving Vision-and-Language Reasoning via Spatial Relations Modeling
* Learning a Proposal Classifier for Multiple Object Tracking
* Local discriminative distance metrics ensemble learning
* Multi-Source Causal Feature Selection
* Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Segmentation
* new courtesy amount recognition module of a Check Reading System, A
* night low-illumination image enhancement model based on small probability area filtering and lossless mapping enhancement, A
* Novel Digital Image Hiding Technology Based on Tangram and Conway's Game, A
* Online Feature Selection with Streaming Features
* Prediction gradients for feature extraction and analysis from convolutionalat neural networks
* Robust optical flow for Driver Assistance
* Tomographic image sequence reconstruction by edge-preserving interslice MAP methods
* Two dimensional analysis sparse model
* VIS-based native video processing on UltraSPARC
* Visual Localization for Autonomous Driving: Mapping the Accurated Location in the City Maze
Includes: Ding, W. Ding, W.[Wei] Ding, W.[Wangbin] Ding, W.[Wenkui] Ding, W.[Wu] Ding, W.[Weifu] Ding, W.[Wenpeng]
32 for Ding, W.

Ding, W.B.[Wen Bo] Co Author Listing * Consistent attack: Universal adversarial perturbation on embodied vision navigation
* Multi-Organ Registration With Continual Learning
* Understanding the Robustness of 3D Object Detection with Bird'View Representations in Autonomous Driving
Includes: Ding, W.B.[Wen Bo] Ding, W.B.[Wen-Bo] Ding, W.B.[Wang-Bin]

Ding, W.C.[Wei Chao] Co Author Listing * Cross on Cross Attention: Deep Fusion Transformer for Image Captioning
* Identifying commuters based on random forest of smartcard data
* PIP: Planning-informed Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Ding, W.C.[Wei Chao] Ding, W.C.[Wei-Chao] Ding, W.C.[Wen-Chao]

Ding, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) for Autonomous Driving: Concept and Analysis
Includes: Ding, W.D.[Wei Dong] Ding, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Ding, W.H.[Wen Hua] Co Author Listing * HDR video quality assessment: Perceptual evaluation of compressed HDR video
* Survey on Safety-Critical Driving Scenario Generation: A Methodological Perspective, A
Includes: Ding, W.H.[Wen Hua] Ding, W.H.[Wen-Hua] Ding, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

Ding, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Vectorized HD-map Construction with Piecewise Bézier Curve
* PivotNet: Vectorized Pivot Learning for End-to-end HD Map Construction
* Polynomial Universal Adversarial Perturbations for Person Re-Identification
* Resilient Distributed Kalman Filtering Under Bidirectional Stealthy Attack, A
* Reversible image data hiding based on scalable difference expansion
Includes: Ding, W.J.[Wen Jie] Ding, W.J.[Wen-Jie] Ding, W.J.[Wen-Jia]

Ding, W.L.[Wei Li] Co Author Listing * Efficient vanishing point detection method in complex urban road environments
* Hamate classification method based on feature-enhanced residual network and probabilistic joint judgment
* novel automatic annotation method for whole slide pathological images combined clustering and edge detection technique, A
* OTLines: A novel line-detection algorithm without the interference of smooth curves
* Tropical Cyclones Tracking Based on Satellite Cloud Images: Database and Comprehensive Study
Includes: Ding, W.L.[Wei Li] Ding, W.L.[Wei-Li] Ding, W.L.[Wei-Long]

Ding, W.M.[Wan Meng] Co Author Listing * Secret Image Sharing for (k, k) Threshold Based on Chinese Remainder Theorem and Image Characteristics
Includes: Ding, W.M.[Wan Meng] Ding, W.M.[Wan-Meng]

Ding, W.P.[Wen Peng] Co Author Listing * 2D nonlocal sparse representation for image denoising
* Adaptive intra modes reduction by clustering for H.264/AVC
* Compound image compression by multi-stage prediction
* comprehensive survey of multi-view video summarization, A
* Content adaptive interpolation filters based on HEVC framework
* Data preprocessing and feature selection techniques in gait recognition: A comparative study of machine learning and deep learning approaches
* DNS Rebinding Threat Modeling and Security Analysis for Local Area Network of Maritime Transportation Systems
* Enable Efficient Compound Image Compression in H.264/AVC Intra Coding
* Fast mode dependent directional transform via butterfly-style transform and integer lifting steps
* Hash-Based Block Matching for Screen Content Coding
* Internal-video mode dependent directional transform
* Intrusion Detection for Maritime Transportation Systems With Batch Federated Aggregation
* Learning adaptive filter banks for hierarchical image representation
* MR images reconstruction based on TVWL2-L1 model
* Multiscale collaborative representation for face recognition via class-information fusion
* Neighborhood Rough Residual Network-Based Outlier Detection Method in IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems
* new image deblurring algorithm with less ringing artifacts via error variance estimation and soft decision, A
* Optimizing collaborative sparse dictionary for compressive light field photography
* practical algorithm for tanner graph based image interpolation, A
* Respiration Motion State Estimation on 4D CT Rib Cage Images
* Reward shaping with hierarchical graph topology
* Robust deep fuzzy K-means clustering for image data
* Screen Content Coding Based on HEVC Framework
* Single image super-resolution via 2D nonlocal sparse representation
* Street View Text Recognition With Deep Learning for Urban Scene Understanding in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* UnbiasNet: Vehicle Re-Identification Oriented Unbiased Feature Enhancement by Using Causal Effect
* Uncovering Hidden Vulnerabilities in Convolutional Neural Networks through Graph-based Adversarial Robustness Evaluation
Includes: Ding, W.P.[Wen Peng] Ding, W.P.[Wen-Peng] Ding, W.P.[Wei-Ping]
27 for Ding, W.P.

Ding, W.Q.[Wen Qing] Co Author Listing * Lithium-Rich Pegmatite Detection Integrating High-Resolution and Hyperspectral Satellite Data in Zhawulong Area, Western Sichuan, China
Includes: Ding, W.Q.[Wen Qing] Ding, W.Q.[Wen-Qing]

Ding, W.R.[Wen Rui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mixture Regression Network with Local Counting Map for Crowd Counting
* Aggregation Signature for Small Object Tracking
* Cam-Net: Compressed Attentive Multi-Granularity Network For Dynamic Scene Classification
* Circulant Binary Convolutional Networks: Enhancing the Performance of 1-Bit DCNNs With Circulant Back Propagation
* ERN: Edge Loss Reinforced Semantic Segmentation Network for Remote Sensing Images
* Frequency learning attention networks based on deep learning for automatic modulation classification in wireless communication
* Haze removal for unmanned aerial vehicle aerial video based on spatial-temporal coherence optimisation
* Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Anomaly Detection in Videos, A
* Hourglass-Shape Network Based Semantic Segmentation for High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Hybrid Gabor Convolutional Networks
* Image Registration and Fusion of Visible and Infrared Integrated Camera for Medium-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing
* Learning modulation filter networks for weak signal detection in noise
* Metadata-Assisted Global Motion Estimation for Medium-Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Applications
* Multi-Person Pose Tracking With Sparse Key-Point Flow Estimation and Hierarchical Graph Distance Minimization
* Multiscale Correlation Networks Based on Deep Learning for Automatic Modulation Classification
* RB-Net: Training Highly Accurate and Efficient Binary Neural Networks With Reshaped Point-Wise Convolution and Balanced Activation
* Rectified Binary Convolutional Networks with Generative Adversarial Learning
* Restoration of Defocus Blur Image Based on Global Phase Coherence
* Semi-supervised Multi-task Learning for Semantics and Depth
* Superpixel Labeling Priors and MRF for Aerial Video Segmentation
* Towards Accurate Binary Neural Networks via Modeling Contextual Dependencies
* Unsupervised Spatio-Temporal Multi-Human Detection and Recognition in Complex Scene
* VisDrone-SOT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Single-Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Ding, W.R.[Wen Rui] Ding, W.R.[Wen-Rui]
23 for Ding, W.R.

Ding, W.T.[Wan Ting] Co Author Listing * Coordinated decisions of discretionary lane change between connected and automated vehicles on freeways: a game theory-based lane change strategy
Includes: Ding, W.T.[Wan Ting] Ding, W.T.[Wan-Ting]

Ding, W.W.[Wen Wen] Co Author Listing * Global Relational Reasoning with Spatial Temporal Graph Interaction Networks for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Graph-based relational reasoning in a latent space for skeleton-based action recognition
* Human action recognition using similarity degree between postures and spectral learning
* Human action recognition using spectral embedding to similarity degree between postures
* Learning hierarchical spatio-temporal pattern for human activity prediction
* Profile HMMs for skeleton-based human action recognition
* STFC: Spatio-Temporal Feature Chain for Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* Tensor-based linear dynamical systems for action recognition from 3D skeletons
* Weak label for fast online visual tracking
Includes: Ding, W.W.[Wen Wen] Ding, W.W.[Wen-Wen]
9 for Ding, W.W.

Ding, W.X.[Wen Xiang] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Based Noninvasive Quantification of Single-Imaging Session Dual-Tracer 18F-FDG and 68Ga-DOTATATE Dynamic PET-CT in Oncology
* Shortened Model for Logan Reference Plot Implemented via the Self-Supervised Neural Network for Parametric PET Imaging, A
* Unusual Fish Assemblages Associated with Environmental Changes in the East China Sea in February and March 2017
* Virtual Reality Video Quality Assessment Based on 3d Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ding, W.X.[Wen Xiang] Ding, W.X.[Wen-Xiang] Ding, W.X.[Wen-Xin]

Ding, W.Y.[Wen Yu] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale and multi-patch transformer for sandstorm image enhancement
* Rethinking precision of pseudo label: Test-time adaptation via complementary learning
* Validation of Fengyun4A Temperature and Humidity Profile Products by Radiosonde Observations, A
Includes: Ding, W.Y.[Wen Yu] Ding, W.Y.[Wen-Yu] Ding, W.Y.[Wei-Yang] Ding, W.Y.[Wei-Yu]

Ding, W.Z.[Wen Zheng] Co Author Listing * Ultrashort Microwave-Pumped Real-Time Thermoacoustic Breast Tumor Imaging System
Includes: Ding, W.Z.[Wen Zheng] Ding, W.Z.[Wen-Zheng]

Ding, X. Co Author Listing * 3D LiDAR Map Compression for Efficient Localization on Resource Constrained Vehicles
* 3D Spatially Weighted Network for Segmentation of Brain Tissue From MRI, A
* ACNet: Strengthening the Kernel Skeletons for Powerful CNN via Asymmetric Convolution Blocks
* Adaptively Learning Facial Expression Representation via C-F Labels and Distillation
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* Analysis, Understanding and Representation of Chinese Newspaper with Complex Layout
* ARG Representation for Chinese Characters and a Radical Extraction Based on the Representation, An
* Bayesian Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Camera model identification with residual neural network
* Coherent Targets Parameter Estimation for EVS-MIMO Radar
* Collaborative Consistent Knowledge Distillation Framework for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification Network
* Comments on Test Methods of Encryption and Decryption Speeds of Image Cryptosystems
* Compressed sensing MRI using total variation regularization with K-space decomposition
* Compressed Sensing MRI with Joint Image-Level and Patch-Level Priors
* Compressive Sensing Reconstruction for Video: An Adaptive Approach Based on Motion Estimation
* Continuous Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks: Novel Empirical Losses and Label Input Mechanisms
* Deep Blind Hyperspectral Image Fusion
* Discovery of the Fastest Ice Flow along the Central Flow Line of Austre Lovénbreen, a Poly-thermal Valley Glacier in Svalbard
* DiscrimLoss: A Universal Loss for Hard Samples and Incorrect Samples Discrimination
* Distributed Coordination of Space-Ground Multiresources for Remote Sensing Missions
* Earth Observation Task Representation Model Supporting Dynamic Demand for Flood Disaster Monitoring and Management, An
* Effective and Practical Classifier Fusion Strategy for Improving Handwritten Character Recognition, An
* End-to-End Partial Convolutions Neural Networks for Dunhuang Grottoes Wall-Painting Restoration
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Permanent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Persistent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry ast
* Exploring the Distribution Patterns of Flickr Photos
* Generalized-KFCS: Motion estimation enhanced Kalman filtered compressive sensing for video
* Gray-scale Character Image Recognition Based on Fuzzy DCT Transform Features
* Group Feedback Capsule Network
* Hamate classification method based on feature-enhanced residual network and probabilistic joint judgment
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using MFNN Based Multiexpert Combination Strategy
* Harmonizing Transferability and Discriminability for Adapting Object Detectors
* High-Speed Simultaneous Image Distortion Correction Transformations for a Multicamera Cylindrical Panorama Real-time Video System Using FPGA
* Hybrid Approach for Unbiased Coherence Estimation for Multitemporal InSAR
* Identification of Motion-Compensated Frame Rate Up-Conversion Based on Residual Signals
* Improving Saliency Detection Based on Modeling Photographer's Intention
* Improving the Accuracy of Flood Susceptibility Prediction by Combining Machine Learning Models and the Expanded Flood Inventory Data
* InSAR Coherence Estimation for Small Data Sets and Its Impact on Temporal Decorrelation Extraction
* JPEG Artifacts Reduction via Deep Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Latest Geodetic Changes of Austre Lovénbreen and Pedersenbreen, Svalbard
* Learn to Recover Visible Color for Video Surveillance in a Day
* LinK: Linear Kernel for LiDAR-based 3D Perception
* Lymph Node Metastasis Prediction From Whole Slide Images With Transformer-Guided Multiinstance Learning and Knowledge Transfer
* Method for Segmentation of Cursive Handwritings and Its Application to Character Shape Extraction, A
* Minimizing Height Effects in MTInSAR for Deformation Detection Over Built Areas
* Monitoring Spatial-Temporal Variations in River Width in the Aral Sea Basin with Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning Combining Hierarchical Context and its Application to Image Annotation
* Multi-scale Feature Extraction and Nested-subset Classifier Design for High Accuracy Handwritten Character Recognition
* Novel Frontal Facial Synthesis Algorithm Based on Individual Residual Face, A
* Novel Multitemporal InSAR Model for Joint Estimation of Deformation Rates and Orbital Errors, A
* Offline Real-World Wireless Interference Signal Classification Algorithm Utilizing Denoising Diffusion Probability Model
* PanNet: A Deep Network Architecture for Pan-Sharpening
* Perception matters: Exploring imperceptible and transferable anti-forensics for GAN-generated fake face imagery detection
* Persistent Stereo Visual Localization on Cross-Modal Invariant Map
* Pixel-Wise MTInSAR Estimator for Integration of Coherent Point Selection and Unwrapped Phase Vector Recovery
* Point Cloud Saliency Detection by Local and Global Feature Fusion
* Polarimetric SAR Calibration and Residual Error Estimation When Corner Reflectors Are Unavailable
* Recognizing On-Line Handwritten Chinese Character via FARG Matching
* Robust Localization of Interpolated Frames by Motion-Compensated Frame Interpolation Based on an Artifact Indicated Map and Tchebichef Moments
* scalable and format-compliant encryption scheme for H.264/SVC bitstreams, A
* Selective Tracking and Detection Framework with Target Enhanced Feature, A
* Shared-Specific Feature Learning With Bottleneck Fusion Transformer for Multi-Modal Whole Slide Image Analysis
* State of Mapillary: An Exploratory Analysis, The
* Suppression of Coherence Matrix Bias for Phase Linking and Ambiguity Detection in MTInSAR
* Toward Mitigating Stratified Tropospheric Delays in Multitemporal InSAR: A Quadtree Aided Joint Model
* Trend analysis of traffic management based on literature data mining and graph analysis tools
* Unimodal Stopping Model-Based Early SKIP Mode Decision for High-Efficiency Video Coding
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation using Deep Networks with Cross-Grafted Stacks
* Using an Integer Least Squares Estimator to Connect Isolated InSAR Fringes in Earthquake Slip Inversion
* Vehicle Logo Recognition System Based on Convolutional Neural Networks With a Pretraining Strategy
* Watch You Under Low-Resolution and Low-Illumination: Face Enhancement via Bi-Factor Degradation Decoupling
* Web Objectionable Video Recognition Based on Deep Multi-Instance Learning With Representative Prototypes Selection
Includes: Ding, X. Ding, X.[Xuan] Ding, X.[Xueke] Ding, X.[Xiurui] Ding, X.[Xiong] Ding, X.[Xin] Ding, X.[Xi] Ding, X.[Xiao] Ding, X.[Xu] Ding, X.[Xiangyi] Ding, X.[Xiang] Ding, X.[Xuhui] Ding, X.[Xuhua] Ding, X.[Xiaoe]
72 for Ding, X.

Ding, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * Experimental Research on Accuracy of Aerotriangulation for UAV Imagery
* passenger flow status identification based on image and WiFi detection for urban rail transit stations, The
* Segmentation and Reconstruction of Buildings with Aerial Oblique Photography Point Clouds
* UAV Aerial Photography Technology in Island Topographic Mapping
Includes: Ding, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Ding, X.B.[Xiao-Bing] Ding, X.B. Ding, X.B.[Xiao-Bo]

Ding, X.D.[Xiang Dong] Co Author Listing * Triplet network framework based automatic assessment of simulation quality for respiratory droplet propagation, A
Includes: Ding, X.D.[Xiang Dong] Ding, X.D.[Xiang-Dong]

Ding, X.F.[Xue Feng] Co Author Listing * Depth-aware image vectorization and editing
* Large-Scale WSNs Resource Scheduling Algorithm in Smart Transportation Monitoring Based on Differential Ion Coevolution and Multi-Objective Decomposition
* SCARF: A Semantic Constrained Attention Refinement Network for Semantic Segmentation
* SRRNet: A Semantic Representation Refinement Network for Image Segmentation
Includes: Ding, X.F.[Xue Feng] Ding, X.F.[Xue-Feng] Ding, X.F.[Xiao-Feng]

Ding, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Capsule Network for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Classification, An
* Artificial Intelligence for Dunhuang Cultural Heritage Protection: The Project and the Dataset
* Bayesian Nonparametric Dictionary Learning for Compressed Sensing MRI
* Clearing the Skies: A Deep Network Architecture for Single-Image Rain Removal
* Color image enhancement with a human visual system based adaptive filter
* Compressed sensing MRI with Bayesian dictionary learning
* compressed sensing-based pan-sharpening using joint data fidelity and blind blurring kernel estimation, A
* Consistent Posterior Distributions Under Vessel-Mixing: A Regularization for Cross-Domain Retinal Artery/Vein Classification
* Contourlet Based MR Image Reconstruction via Reweighted L1-Minimization
* Cost-Effective Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images With Deep Active Learning and Web Data
* Crowd Density Estimation Using Fusion of Multi-Layer Features
* Deep Information Sharing Network for Multi-Contrast Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction, A
* Diverse Branch Block: Building a Convolution as an Inception-like Unit
* Dual Bipartite Graph Learning: A General Approach for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Dual Domain Multi-Task Model for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Enhanced features in image manipulation detection
* FreeCOS: Self-Supervised Learning from Fractals and Unlabeled Images for Curvilinear Object Segmentation
* Harmonizing Pathological and Normal Pixels for Pseudo-Healthy Synthesis
* I3Net: Implicit Instance-Invariant Network for Adapting One-Stage Object Detectors
* Image enhancement using divide-and-conquer strategy
* Iterative Geometry Encoding Volume for Stereo Matching
* Joint Image and Feature Levels Disentanglement for Generalizable Vehicle Re-identification
* Joint Under-Sampling Pattern Optimization and Content-Based Reconstruction Network for Fast MRI Reconstruction
* Knowledge Condensation Distillation
* Learning a Simple Low-Light Image Enhancer from Paired Low-Light Instances
* Look More Than Once: An Accurate Detector for Text of Arbitrary Shapes
* Low Bit Rate Compression of Facial Images Based on Adaptive Over-Complete Sparse Representation
* Multiple-instance discriminant analysis
* Multiscale Approach to Deep Blind Image Quality Assessment, A
* novel framework method for non-blind deconvolution using subspace images priors, A
* Pan-sharpening based on nonparametric Bayesian adaptive dictionary learning
* Pan-Sharpening with a Hyper-Laplacian Penalty
* Performance Evaluation of Cluster Validity Indices (CVIs) on Multi/Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Datasets
* Probabilistic Method for Image Enhancement With Simultaneous Illumination and Reflectance Estimation, A
* Progressive Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Radar HRRP Unseen Class Recognition Based on the Joint Dictionary Learning
* Rain O'er Me: Synthesizing Real Rain to Derain With Data Distillation
* Relation Matters: Foreground-Aware Graph-Based Relational Reasoning for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Removing Rain from Single Images via a Deep Detail Network
* RepMLPNet: Hierarchical Vision MLP with Re-parameterized Locality
* RepVGG: Making VGG-style ConvNets Great Again
* ResRep: Lossless CNN Pruning via Decoupling Remembering and Forgetting
* retinex-based enhancing approach for single underwater image, A
* Saliency Detection With Spaces of Background-Based Distribution
* Scaling Up Your Kernels to 31X31: Revisiting Large Kernel Design in CNNs
* Segmentation-Aware Deep Fusion Network for Compressed Sensing MRI, A
* Self-Supervised Method for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion, A
* Self-Supervised Video-Based Action Recognition With Disturbances
* Simple Siamese Framework for Vibration Signal Representations, A
* Slide deep reinforcement learning networks: Application for left ventricle segmentation
* Successive Graph Convolutional Network for Image De-raining
* TRAR: Routing the Attention Spans in Transformer for Visual Question Answering
* Twice Mixing: A rank learning based quality assessment approach for underwater image enhancement
* Uncertainty Inspired Underwater Image Enhancement
* Underwater Image Enhancement and Super-Resolution Using Implicit Neural Networks
* Unsupervised Video-Based Action Recognition With Imagining Motion and Perceiving Appearance
* Urban Parcel Grouping Method Based on Urban Form and Functional Connectivity Characterisation
* Variational Pan-Sharpening With Local Gradient Constraints, A
* Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images From Labeled Web-Nature Data Using Deep Transfer Learning
* Weighted Variational Model for Simultaneous Reflectance and Illumination Estimation, A
Includes: Ding, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Ding, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Ding, X.H.[Xiao-Hong] Ding, X.H.[Xing-Hao] Ding, X.H.[Xing Hao] Ding, X.H.[Xiao-Han] Ding, X.H.[Xiao-Huan] Ding, X.H.[Xiao-Hua]
60 for Ding, X.H.

Ding, X.J.[Xiao Juan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Poplar Looper (Apocheima cinerarius Erschoff) Infestation on Euphrates (Populus euphratica) Using Time-Series MODIS NDVI Data Based on the Wavelet Transform and Discriminant Analysis
* Asymmetric cross-modal hashing with high-level semantic similarity
* Cross-Domain Latent Modulation for Variational Transfer Learning
* Disperse Asymmetric Subspace Relation Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Vessel Images using Leaking Perturbations
Includes: Ding, X.J.[Xiao Juan] Ding, X.J.[Xiao-Juan] Ding, X.J.[Xiao-Jian] Ding, X.J.[Xue-Jie]

Ding, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Co Author Listing * novel stumpage detection method for forest harvesting based on multi-sensor fusion, A
Includes: Ding, X.K.[Xiao Kang] Ding, X.K.[Xiao-Kang]

Ding, X.L. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Multipath Pixels In SAR Images
* bridge-tailored multi-temporal DInSAR approach for remote exploration of deformation characteristics and mechanisms of complexly structured bridges, A
* Characterization of Active Layer Thickening Rate over the Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Permafrost Region Using ALOS Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, 2007-2009
* Co-polarization channel imbalance phase estimation by corner-reflector-like targets
* comparison of waveform processing algorithms for single-wavelength LiDAR bathymetry, A
* convolutional neural network based on noise residual for seam carving detection, A
* Dynamic displacement monitoring of long-span bridges with a microwave radar interferometer
* efficient forgery detection algorithm for object removal by exemplar-based image inpainting, An
* Elevation Extraction and Deformation Monitoring by Multitemporal InSAR of Lupu Bridge in Shanghai
* Estimating Leymus chinensis Loss Caused by Oedaleus decorus asiaticus Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
* Estimation of 3-D Surface Displacement Based on InSAR and Deformation Modeling
* Experimental Study of Accuracy of High-Rate GNSS in Context of Structural Health Monitoring
* Extraction and Analysis of Grasshopper Potential Habitat in Hulunbuir Based on the Maximum Entropy Model
* Fast Statistically Homogeneous Pixel Selection for Covariance Matrix Estimation for Multitemporal InSAR
* Global Validation of MODIS C6 and C6.1 Merged Aerosol Products over Diverse Vegetated Surfaces
* Ground Deformation and Its Causes in Abbottabad City, Pakistan from Sentinel-1A Data and MT-InSAR
* Ground settlement monitoring based on temporarily coherent points between two SAR acquisitions
* Hierarchical prediction-based motion vector refinement for video frame-rate up-conversion
* High-Rise Building Layover Exploitation with Non-Local Frequency Estimation in SAR Interferograms
* hybrid method for optimization of the adaptive Goldstein filter, A
* Improved filtering parameter determination for the Goldstein radar interferogram filter
* Improved optical image matching time series inversion approach for monitoring dune migration in North Sinai Sand Sea: Algorithm procedure, application, and validation
* Investigating Seasonal Effects of Dominant Driving Factors on Urban Land Surface Temperature in a Snow-Climate City in China
* Investigation of Slow-Moving Artificial Slope Failure with Multi-Temporal InSAR by Combining Persistent and Distributed Scatterers: A Case Study in Northern Taiwan
* Investigation of Slow-Moving Landslides from ALOS/PALSAR Images with TCPInSAR: A Case Study of Oso, USA
* Kalman-Filter-Based Approach for Multisensor, Multitrack, and Multitemporal InSAR
* Least Squares-Based Filter for Remote Sensing Image Noise Reduction
* Mapping and Characterizing Thermal Dilation of Civil Infrastructures with Multi-Temporal X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry
* Monitoring of Recent Land Subsidence and Ground Fissures in Xi'an With SAR Interferometry
* Multi-Antenna Global Navigation Satellite System/Inertial Measurement Unit Tight Integration for Measuring Displacement and Vibration in Structural Health Monitoring
* Multi-Satellite SBAS for Retrieving Long-Term Ground Displacement Time Series, A
* Multi-Temporal InSAR Data Fusion for Investigating Mining Subsidence
* Recent Accelerating Glacier Mass Loss of the Geladandong Mountain, Inner Tibetan Plateau, Estimated from ZiYuan-3 and TanDEM-X Measurements
* Remote Sensing of Glacier Change in the Central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Relationship with Changing Climate
* Robust detection of dehazed images via dual-stream CNNs with adaptive feature fusion
* Robust Estimating Three-Dimensional Ground Motions from Fusion of InSAR and GPS Measurements
* Robust Surface Matching for Automated Detection of Local Deformations Using Least-Median-of-Squares Estimator
* Self-learning residual model for fast intra CU size decision in 3D-HEVC
* Spatial and Temporal Variability of Grassland Grasshopper Habitat Suitability and Its Main Influencing Factors
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Dune Velocities and Corresponding Uncertainties, Detected from Optical Image Matching in the North Sinai Sand Sea, Egypt
* Three Decades of Coastal Changes in Sindh, Pakistan (1989-2018): A Geospatial Assessment
* Three- and Four-Dimensional Topographic Measurement and Validation
* Towards Slow-Moving Landslide Monitoring by Integrating Multi-Sensor InSAR Time Series Datasets: The Zhouqu Case Study, China
* Use of Multiplatform SAR Imagery in Mining Deformation Monitoring with Dense Vegetation Coverage: A Case Study in the Fengfeng Mining Area, China
* Vertical Ground Displacements and Its Impact on Erosion along the Karachi Coastline, Pakistan
Includes: Ding, X.L. Ding, X.L.[Xiao-Li] Ding, X.L.[Xiang-Ling] Ding, X.L.[Xiao-Long] Ding, X.L.[Xiu-Li]
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Ding, X.M.[Xin Miao] Co Author Listing * Context-aware horror video scene recognition via cost-sensitive sparse coding
* Embedded Online Palmprint Verification System Based on Ethernet
* Hierarchical Model Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Action Recognition, A
* Horror Video Scene Recognition Based on Multi-view Multi-instance Learning
* Multi-Perspective Cost-Sensitive Context-Aware Multi-Instance Sparse Coding and Its Application to Sensitive Video Recognition
* Multi-Scale Low-Discriminative Feature Reactivation for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Multi-View Multi-Instance Learning Based on Joint Sparse Representation and Multi-View Dictionary Learning
* Novel Emotional Saliency Map to Model Emotional Attention Mechanism, A
* self-adaptive weighted affinity propagation clustering for key frames extraction on human action recognition, A
Includes: Ding, X.M.[Xin Miao] Ding, X.M.[Xin-Miao] Ding, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Ding, X.M.[Xue-Ming]
9 for Ding, X.M.

Ding, X.O.[Xia Ohan] Co Author Listing * Centripetal SGD for Pruning Very Deep Convolutional Networks With Complicated Structure
Includes: Ding, X.O.[Xia Ohan] Ding, X.O.[Xia-Ohan]

Ding, X.P.[Xin Peng] Co Author Listing * Boosting Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization with Text Information
* Cyclical Self-Supervision for Semi-Supervised Ejection Fraction Prediction From Echocardiogram Videos
* Exploring Language Hierarchy for Video Grounding
* Exploring Segment-Level Semantics for Online Phase Recognition From Surgical Videos
* GraphEcho: Graph-Driven Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Echocardiogram Video Segmentation
* KFC: An Efficient Framework for Semi-Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Learning Shadow Correspondence for Video Shadow Detection
* Less Is More: Surgical Phase Recognition From Timestamp Supervision
* Multi-Hierarchical Category Supervision for Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Support-Set Based Cross-Supervision for Video Grounding
Includes: Ding, X.P.[Xin Peng] Ding, X.P.[Xin-Peng]
10 for Ding, X.P.

Ding, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Co Author Listing * 3D face sparse reconstruction based on local linear fitting
* 3D LiDAR-Based Global Localization Using Siamese Neural Network
* 3D+2D Face Localization Using Boosting in Multi-Modal Feature Space
* Action and Gait Recognition From Recovered 3-D Human Joints
* AdaBoost Tracker Embedded in Adaptive Particle Filtering
* Adaptive Confidence Transform Based Classifier Combination for Chinese Character Recognition
* Adaptive particle filter with body part segmentation for full body tracking
* Adaptive Sparse Vector Tracking Via Online Bayesian Learning
* Analyzing the information entropy of states to optimize the number of states in an HMM-based off-line handwritten Arabic word recognizer
* Application of Bi-gram Driven Chinese Handwritten Character Segmentation for an Address Reading System
* Applying Preattentive Visual Guidance in Document Image Analysis
* Arbitrary warped document image restoration based on segmentation and Thin-Plate Splines
* Asymmetric Real Adaboost
* automatic performance evaluation method for document page segmentation, An
* Automatic performance evaluation of printed Chinese character recognition systems
* Automatic text location in natural scene images
* Bhattacharyya boosting
* Character extraction and recognition in natural scene images
* Character Independent Font Recognition on a Single Chinese Character
* Chinese handwriting recognition using hidden Markov models
* Context Driven Chinese String Segmentation and Recognition
* Contextual post-processing based on the confusion matrix in offline handwritten Chinese script recognition
* Continuous Pose Normalization for Pose-Robust Face Recognition
* Cross-Language Sensitive Words Distribution Map: A Novel Recognition-Based Document Understanding Method for Uighur and Tibetan
* cylindrical surface model to rectify the bound document image, A
* Deformable 3-D model based vehicle matching with weighted Hausdorff and EDA in traffic surveillance
* Detecting Human Action as the Spatio-Temporal Tube of Maximum Mutual Information
* Deterministic Optimality for Robust Vehicle Localization Using Visual Measurements
* Development of Recognition Engine for Baby Faces
* Discriminant local feature analysis of facial images
* discriminative cascade CNN model for offline handwritten digit recognition, A
* Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction for Multi-Dimensional Sequences
* Discriminative Prototype Learning in Open Set Face Recognition
* Discriminative Transformation for Multi-Dimensional Temporal Sequences
* Document digitization technology and its application for digital library in China
* estimation of error bounds and feature selection in large character set recognition, The
* Eye/eyes tracking based on a unified deformable template and particle filtering
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face detection based on hierarchical support vector machines
* Feature representation for statistical-learning-based object detection: A review
* Form frame line detection with directional single-connected chain
* Full body tracking-based human action recognition
* Gabor filters-based feature extraction for character recognition
* Handwritten character recognition using gradient feature and quadratic classifier with multiple discrimination schemes
* Head Pose Estimation Based on Random Forests for Multiclass Classification
* Heteroscedastic max-min distance analysis
* Heteroscedastic Max-Min Distance Analysis for Dimensionality Reduction
* hidden Markov model based segmentation and recognition algorithm for Chinese handwritten address character strings, A
* hierarchical algorithm with multi-feature fusion for facial expression recognition, A
* Hierarchical Dynamic Parsing and Encoding for Action Recognition
* Human Detection Based on Fusion of Histograms of Oriented Gradients and Main Partial Features
* Human head reconstruction based on elastic deformable 3D model
* Importance sampling based discriminative learning for large scale offline handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Improve Handwritten Character Recognition Performance by Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Improved Method Based on Weighted Grid Micro-structure Feature for Text-Independent Writer Recognition, An
* Improved Scene Text Extraction Method Using Conditional Random Field and Optical Character Recognition, An
* Improvement of ICA based probability density estimation for pattern recognition
* Incorporating Generic Learning to Design Discriminative Classifier Adaptable for Unknown Subject in Face Verification
* Iris Localization with Dual Coarse-to-fine Strategy
* Learning Cascaded Shared-Boost Classifiers for Part-Based Object Detection
* Linear Sequence Discriminant Analysis: A Model-Based Dimensionality Reduction Method for Vector Sequences
* Location and interpretation of destination addresses on handwritten Chinese envelopes
* Minimum classification error training for handwritten character recognition
* MQDF Discriminative Learning Based Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Multi-Biometrics Fusion for Identity Verification
* Multi-font printed Mongolian document recognition system
* Multi-Queue Merging Scheme And Its Application in Arabic Script Segmentation
* Multi-scale Text Line Segmentation Method in Freestyle Handwritten Documents, A
* Multilingual document recognition research and its application in China
* Novel Baseline-independent Feature Set for Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* Novel Segmentation and Recognition Algorithm for Chinese Handwritten Address Character Strings, A
* Novel Short Merged Off-line Handwritten Chinese Character String Segmentation Algorithm Using Hidden Markov Model, A
* Off-line Chinese Writer Retrieval System Based on Text-sensitive Writer Identification, An
* Off-Line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Based on Crossing Line Feature
* Offline Handwritten Arabic Character Segmentation with Probabilistic Model
* Offline handwritten character recognition based on discriminative training of orthogonal Gaussian mixture model
* Offline Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using Orthogonal Gaussian Mixture Model
* On Improvement of Feature Extraction Algorithms for Discriminative Pattern Classification
* On-line handwritten Chinese word recognition based on lexicon
* Optimized gabor filter based feature extraction for character recognition
* Part Detection, Description and Selection Based on Hidden Conditional Random Fields
* Partially Corrective AdaBoost
* Person-independent head pose estimation based on random forest regression
* Pose adaptive LDA based face recognition
* Pose robust face tracking by combining view-based AAMs and temporal filters
* Real-time rotation invariant face detection based on cost-sensitive AdaBoost
* Rectifying the bound document image captured by the camera: A model based approach
* Regional Characteristics of Cloud Properties over the Loess Plateau
* Rejection algorithm for mis-segmented characters in multilingual document recognition
* Restoring camera-captured distorted document images
* Robust Image Restoration via Adaptive Low-Rank Approximation and Joint Kernel Regression
* Robust precise eye location under probabilistic framework
* Segmentation-Driven Offline Handwritten Chinese and Arabic Script Recognition
* Similar Pattern Discriminant Analysis for Improving Chinese Character Recognition Accuracy
* Substring Alignment Method for Lexicon Based Handwritten Chinese String Recognition and Its Application to Address Line Recognition
* Sufficient Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Suffix Tree Based Handwritten Chinese Address Recognition System, A
* Symmetrical PCA in face recognition
* Topic Language Model Adaption for Recognition of Homologous Offline Handwritten Chinese Text Image
* universal method for single character type recognition, A
* Unsupervised Hierarchical Dynamic Parsing and Encoding for Action Recognition
* Visual Tracker Using Sequential Bayesian Learning: Discriminative, Generative, and Hybrid
* Writer Identification of Chinese Handwriting Using Grid Microstructure Feature
* Writer identification using directional element features and linear transform
Includes: Ding, X.Q.[Xiao Qing] Ding, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Ding, X.Q.[Xia-Qing] Ding, X.Q.[Xioa-Qing] Ding, X.Q. Ding, X.Q.[Xue-Qian]
104 for Ding, X.Q.

Ding, X.R.[Xian Rong] Co Author Listing * Geomorphic Evolution of Radial Sand Ridges in the South Yellow Sea Observed from Satellites
Includes: Ding, X.R.[Xian Rong] Ding, X.R.[Xian-Rong]

Ding, X.S.[Xiao Song] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Remote-Sensing Reflectance Products from Multiple Ocean Color Missions in Highly Turbid Water (Hangzhou Bay)
* Marine Heatwave and Terrestrial Drought Reduced CO2 Uptake in the East China Sea in 2022
Includes: Ding, X.S.[Xiao Song] Ding, X.S.[Xiao-Song]

Ding, X.T.[Xue Tao] Co Author Listing * Predictive-Reactive Optimization Framework With Feedback-Based Knowledge Distillation for On-Demand Food Delivery, A
Includes: Ding, X.T.[Xue Tao] Ding, X.T.[Xue-Tao]

Ding, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Classification of Lung Nodule Malignancy Risk on Computed Tomography Images Using Convolutional Neural Network: A Comparison Between 2D and 3D Strategies
* Colorization Using Quaternion Algebra with Automatic Scribble Generation
Includes: Ding, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Ding, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Ding, X.X.[Xing Xing] Co Author Listing * Small Water Body Detection and Water Quality Variations with Changing Human Activity Intensity in Wuhan
Includes: Ding, X.X.[Xing Xing] Ding, X.X.[Xing-Xing]

Ding, X.Y.[Xiao Ying] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual saliency prediction for movie viewing in immersive environments: Dataset and benchmarks
* Cascade of Tasks for facial expression analysis
* Depth-aware total variation regularization for underwater image dehazing
* DOC: Text Recognition via Dual Adaptation and Clustering
* Facial Action Unit Event Detection by Cascade of Tasks
* GUDCP: Generalization of Underwater Dark Channel Prior for Underwater Image Restoration
* Improved Generalized Hierarchical Estimation Framework with Geostatistics for Mapping Forest Parameters and Its Uncertainty: A Case Study of Forest Canopy Height, An
* IntraFace
* Methods of Sandy Land Detection in a Sparse-Vegetation Scene Based on the Fusion of HJ-2A Hyperspectral and GF-3 SAR Data
* quantitative evaluation of lung nodule spiculation based on image enhancement, A
* Towards 3D Colored Mesh Saliency: Database and Benchmarks
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Class Aggregation for Text Recognition
Includes: Ding, X.Y.[Xiao Ying] Ding, X.Y.[Xiao-Ying] Ding, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Ding, X.Y.[Xue-Yan] Ding, X.Y.[Xue-Ying] Ding, X.Y.[Xiang-Yuan] Ding, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun]
12 for Ding, X.Y.

Ding, X.Z.[Xiao Zhong] Co Author Listing * Interpretation of Geological Features and Volcanic Activity in the Tsiolkovsky Region of the Moon
* Research on Camera Calibration Technology Based on Deep Neural Network in Mine Environment
* Research on Kinect Calibration and Depth Error Compensation Based on BP Neural Network
* Split-Frequency Filter Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
Includes: Ding, X.Z.[Xiao Zhong] Ding, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhong] Ding, X.Z.[Xian-Zhi] Ding, X.Z.[Xue-Zhuan]

Ding, Y. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement of Slant Estimation for Handwritten Words
* Accurate And Fast Building Detection Using Binary Bag-of-features
* Adversarial Sample Attack and Defense Method for Encrypted Traffic Data
* Affection-Based Dynamic Leader Selection Model for Formation Control in Multirobot Systems, An
* Anti-aliasing Semantic Reconstruction for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* AP-CNN: Weakly Supervised Attention Pyramid Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Application and research of enterprise level contract system based on localization platform
* Application of slant correction to handwritten Japanese address recognition
* Application Research of Docker Based on Mesos Application Container Cluster
* Architectural Scene Rapid Reconstruction Based on Features
* Artifact-Free Wavelet Denoising: Non-convex Sparse Regularization, Convex Optimization
* Assessing the Potential of IMERG and TMPA Satellite Precipitation Products for Flood Simulations and Frequency Analyses over a Typical Humid Basin in South China
* Attend Who is Weak: Pruning-assisted Medical Image Localization under Sophisticated and Implicit Imbalances
* Audio-Driven Laughter Behavior Controller
* Augmentation Strategies for Learning with Noisy Labels
* Augmented Equivariant Attention Networks for Microscopy Image Transformation
* BAFN: Bi-Direction Attention Based Fusion Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* Bi-Kernel Graph Neural Network with Adaptive Propagation Mechanism for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Bibliometric Analysis of Intelligent Agent Researches During 2010-2020 Based on VOS Viewer, A
* Bilinear Supervised Hashing Based on 2D Image Features
* BPJDet: Extended Object Representation for Generic Body-Part Joint Detection
* C2FResMorph: A high-performance framework for unsupervised 2D medical image registration
* Caption-Aided Product Detection via Collaborative Pseudo-Label Harmonization
* cascaded framework with cross-modality transfer learning for whole heart segmentation, A
* CDNet: Centripetal Direction Network for Nuclear Instance Segmentation
* Class Probability Propagation of Supervised Information Based on Sparse Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Images
* Collaborative model tracking with robust occlusion handling
* Compact And Hybrid Feature Description for Building Extraction
* Comparison of Mean Dynamic Topography Modeling from Multivariate Objective Analysis and Rigorous Least Squares Method
* Complete Shape from Imperfect Contour: A Rule-Based Approach
* Context-Aware Natural Integration of Advertisement Object
* Continuous Emotion Recognition using Visual-audio-linguistic Information: A Technical Report for ABAW3
* Continuous Emotion Recognition with Audio-visual Leader-follower Attentive Fusion
* Convergence Analysis of Cooperative Braking Control for Interconnected Vehicle Systems
* Critical Assessment Of Object Segmentation In Aerial Image Using Geo-Hausdorff Distance
* Cross-contrast mutual fusion network for joint MRI reconstruction and super-resolution
* Cross-Modality Knowledge Distillation Network for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* CST Framework: A Robust and Portable Finger Motion Tracking Framework
* CTVSR: Collaborative Spatial-Temporal Transformer for Video Super-Resolution
* Decentralized Model for Spatial Data Digital Rights Management, A
* Deep forest auto-Encoder for resource-Centric attributes graph embedding
* Depth-Aware Saliency Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Detecting Facial Action Units From Global-Local Fine-Grained Expressions
* Detection Method of Artificial Area From High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based On Multi Scale And Multi Feature Fusion, A
* Direct Virtual Viewpoint Synthesis from Multiple Viewpoints
* Discriminating Possible Causes of Microwave Brightness Temperature Positive Anomalies Related With May 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Sequence
* Distribution-Sensitive Information Retention for Accurate Binary Neural Network
* Diverse Sample Generation: Pushing the Limit of Generative Data-Free Quantization
* Dual Temporal Transformers for Fine-Grained Dangerous Action Recognition
* Dynamic Perception Framework for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Dynamic-difference based generative adversarial network for coal-rock fracture evolution prediction
* Effective Fusion Factor in FPN for Tiny Object Detection
* Effective Super-Resolution Methods for Paired Electron Microscopic Images
* Empirical study of Data-Free Quantization's Tuning Robustness, An
* Energy-Efficient Locomotive Operation for Chinese Mainline Railways by Fuzzy Predictive Control
* Epsilon Stereo Pairs
* Estimating the Applicability of NDVI and SIF to Gross Primary Productivity and Grain-Yield Monitoring in China
* Estimation of Daily Seamless PM2.5 Concentrations with Climate Feature in Hubei Province, China
* Estimation of Daily Seamless PM2.5 Concentrations with Climate Feature in Hubei Province, China
* Exploring Endogenous Shift for Cross-domain Detection: A Large-scale Benchmark and Perturbation Suppression Network
* Extrusion Approach Based on Non-Overlapping Footprints (EABNOF) for the Construction of Geometric Models and Topologies in 3D Cadasters
* Face identity and expression consistency for game character face swapping
* Fair P2P Scalable Video Streaming Scheme Using Improved Priority Index Assignment and Multi-hierarchical Topology, A
* fast back-projection algorithm for bistatic SAR imaging, A
* Flow-guided One-shot Talking Face Generation with a High-resolution Audio-visual Dataset
* FReeNet: Multi-Identity Face Reenactment
* FSRSS-Net: High-Resolution Mapping of Buildings from Middle-Resolution Satellite Images Using a Super-Resolution Semantic Segmentation Network
* Full-Process Adaptive Encoding and Decoding Framework for Remote Sensing Images Based on Compression Sensing
* Geometric Configuration Design and Fast Imaging for Multistatic Forward-Looking SAR Based on Wavenumber Spectrum Formation Approach
* geometry and texture coupled flexible generalization of urban building models, A
* Global to Local Double Embedding Method for Multi-person Pose Estimation, A
* GrainSpace: A Large-scale Dataset for Fine-grained and Domain-adaptive Recognition of Cereal Grains
* Graph Regularized Autoencoder and its Application in Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* Guided image filtering using signal subspace projection
* Image quality assessment based on multi-feature extraction and synthesis with support vector regression
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Multi-Order Local Features Description, Modeling and Quantification
* Image Quality Assessment by Quantifying Discrepancies of Multifractal Spectrums
* Improved Medical Image Registration Algorithm Based on Mutual Information, An
* Indoor Activity and Vital Sign Monitoring for Moving People with Multiple Radar Data Fusion
* Inter-Brain EEG Feature Extraction and Analysis for Continuous Implicit Emotion Tagging During Video Watching
* Interannual Variations in the Summer Coastal Upwelling in the Northeastern South China Sea
* Inverse kinematics using dynamic joint parameters: inverse kinematics animation synthesis learnt from sub-divided motion micro-segments
* Joint EPC and RAN Caching of Tiled VR Videos for Mobile Networks
* JPEG Dequantization Array for Regularized Decompression
* Knowledge-Augmented Contrastive Learning for Abnormality Classification and Localization in Chest X-rays with Radiomics using a Feedback Loop
* Learned Hyperspectral Compression Using a Student's T Hyperprior
* Learning a Facial Expression Embedding Disentangled from Identity
* Learning Local Quality-Aware Structures of Salient Regions for Stereoscopic Images via Deep Neural Networks
* Learning Oriented Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks for Building Detection in Satellite Remote Sensing Images
* Local Enhancement of Marine Gravity Field over the Spratly Islands by Combining Satellite SAR Altimeter-Derived Gravity Data
* Low-Level Characterization of Expressive Head Motion Through Frequency Domain Analysis
* M3DSSD: Monocular 3D Single Stage Object Detector
* MAPS: A Noise-Robust Progressive Learning Approach for Source-Free Domain Adaptive Keypoint Detection
* MFNet: Real-Time Motion Focus Network for Video Frame Interpolation
* Minimal Solutions to Relative Pose Estimation From Two Views Sharing a Common Direction With Unknown Focal Length
* Monitoring the Distribution and Variations of City Size Based on Night-Time Light Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Yangtze River Delta of China
* MSeg3D: Multi-Modal 3D Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving
* MuKEA: Multimodal Knowledge Extraction and Accumulation for Knowledge-based Visual Question Answering
* Multi-modal brain tumor image segmentation based on SDAE
* Multi-modal Emotion Reaction Intensity Estimation with Temporal Augmentation
* Multi-modal Facial Affective Analysis based on Masked Autoencoder
* Multi-Scale Features Joint Rain Removal For Single Image
* Multi-stream 3D video distribution over peer-to-peer networks
* Multientity Registration of Point Clouds for Dynamic Objects on Complex Floating Platform Using Object Silhouettes
* Multiple Emergency Vehicle Priority in a Connected Vehicle Environment: A Cooperative Method
* Multiple-Solution Optimization Strategy for Multirobot Task Allocation
* Novel Infringement Detection Method for GIS Vector Data, A
* Novelty Detection and Online Learning for Chunk Data Streams
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* P-Linknet: Linknet with Spatial Pyramid Pooling for High-resolution Satellite Imagery
* Perception-based shape retrieval for 3D building models
* Personalized Location Privacy Protection for Location-Based Services in Vehicular Networks
* Phase Compensation Method for Surface Reconstruction of Moving Object, A
* PPA-Net: Pyramid Pooling Attention Network for Multi-Scale Ship Detection in SAR Images
* Prior Aided Streaming Network for Multi-task Affective Analysis
* Prompt Guided Transformer for Multi-Task Dense Prediction
* Pseudo-Stereo for Monocular 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
* Radar Detection Method of Plasma-Sheath-Covered Target Based on the Improved Keystone Algorithm, A
* Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation for Synthetic Aperture Radar Based on the Time-Frequency Constraint Joint Low-Rank and Sparsity Properties
* Radiomics-Guided Global-Local Transformer for Weakly Supervised Pathology Localization in Chest X-Rays
* RANet: Relationship Attention for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Real-Time GIS and Its Application in Indoor Fire Disaster
* Recognition of visual-related non-driving activities using a dual-camera monitoring system
* Reconstructed Convolution Module Based Look-Up Tables for Efficient Image Super-Resolution
* Recursive RX with Extended Multi-Attribute Profiles for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Regularized Subband Coding Scheme
* Retrieval of Fine-Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) in Semiarid Urban Areas Using Landsat Data: A Case Study in Urumqi, NW China
* Robust Nanoparticles Detection From Noisy Background by Fusing Complementary Image Information
* Robust Spatial-Spectral Block-Diagonal Structure Representation With Fuzzy Class Probability for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Sampling and Reconstruction of Multiband Signals in Multiresolution Subspaces Associated With the Fractional Wavelet Transform
* Satellite-Based Estimation of the Influence of Land Use and Cover Change on the Surface Shortwave Radiation Budget in a Humid Basin
* Segmental Hidden Markov Models for View-based Sport Video Analysis
* Segmentation, Inference and Classification of Partially Overlapping Nanoparticles
* Selective Sparse Sampling for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Self-Distillation for Robust LiDAR Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving
* Semantic Segmentation of Indoor 3d Point Cloud With Slenet
* Semantic-Rich Facial Emotional Expression Recognition
* Shape recovery of color textured object using Fast Marching Method via self-calibration
* Spammer detection on short video applications
* Spatio-Temporal Adaptive Network With Bidirectional Temporal Difference for Action Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Track Association Algorithm Based on Marine Vessel Automatic Identification System Data, A
* Sports Video Mining via Multichannel Segmental Hidden Markov Models
* Stereoscopic image quality assessment by analysing visual hierarchical structures and binocular effects
* Study on 2D Feature-Based Hash Learning
* StyleTalk++: A Unified Framework for Controlling the Speaking Styles of Talking Heads
* TAKDE: Temporal Adaptive Kernel Density Estimator for Real-Time Dynamic Density Estimation
* Tensor Voting Extraction of Vessel Centerlines from Cerebral Angiograms
* TFUT: Task fusion upward transformer model for multi-task learning on dense prediction
* Towards Fast and Accurate Image-Text Retrieval With Self-Supervised Fine-Grained Alignment
* TrajCompressor: An Online Map-matching-based Trajectory Compression Framework Leveraging Vehicle Heading Direction and Change
* Trajectory Big Data Storage Model Incorporating Partitioning and Spatio-Temporal Multidimensional Hierarchical Organization, A
* Transformer-based Multimodal Information Fusion for Facial Expression Analysis
* TSception: Capturing Temporal Dynamics and Spatial Asymmetry From EEG for Emotion Recognition
* Unified Approach to Facial Affect Analysis: the MAE-Face Visual Representation, A
* Unsupervised Contrastive Photo-to-Caricature Translation based on Auto-distortion
* Unsupervised person clustering in videos with cross-modal communication
* Vision HGNN: An Image is More than a Graph of Nodes
* Winter Wheat Mapping Based on Sentinel-2 Data in Heterogeneous Planting Conditions
Includes: Ding, Y. Ding, Y.[Yi] Ding, Y.[Yao] Ding, Y.[Yimei] Ding, Y.[Yu] Ding, Y.[Yin] Ding, Y.[Ying] Ding, Y.[Yue] Ding, Y.[Yun] Ding, Y.[Yitao] Ding, Y.[Yuan] Ding, Y.[Yong] Ding, Y.[Yan] Ding, Y.[Yifu] Ding, Y.[Yang] Ding, Y.[Yibo] Ding, Y.[Yusi] Ding, Y.[Yiwen] Ding, Y.[Yuhe] Ding, Y.[Yida] Ding, Y.[Yukan] Ding, Y.[Yuehua] Ding, Y.[Yueli] Ding, Y.[Yukang]
158 for Ding, Y.

Ding, Y.C.[Yu Chun] Co Author Listing * Second order Mumford-Shah model for image denoising
Includes: Ding, Y.C.[Yu Chun] Ding, Y.C.[Yu-Chun]

Ding, Y.D.[You Dong] Co Author Listing * Bag-of-Feature Model for Video Semantic Annotation, A
* Discriminative and Selective Pseudo-labeling for Domain Adaptation
* Fusion of Object and Scene Based on IHS Transform and SFIM
* Learning to Learn by Jointly Optimizing Neural Architecture and Weights
* Low-light Image Enhancement Under Non-uniform Dark
* Motion Capture of Hand Movements Using Stereo Vision for Minimally Invasive Vascular Interventions
* Multi-Scale Graph Convolutional Interaction Network for Salient Object Detection
* Unified Framework for Distance-Aware Domain Adaptation, A
Includes: Ding, Y.D.[You Dong] Ding, Y.D.[You-Dong] Ding, Y.D.[Ya-Dong]
8 for Ding, Y.D.

Ding, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Deep Neural Network's Transferability via Fréchet Distance
* Deep Learning Approach to Writer Identification Using Inertial Sensor Data of Air-Handwriting, A
* Devil is in the Channels: Mutual-Channel Loss for Fine-Grained Image Classification, The
* Diversifying Sample Generation for Accurate Data-Free Quantization
* Extraction and Discrimination of MBT Anomalies Possibly Associated with the Mw 7.3 Maduo (Qinghai, China) Earthquake on 21 May 2021
* H-EMD: A Hierarchical Earth Mover's Distance Method for Instance Segmentation
* Lidar sheds new light on plant phenomics for plant breeding and management: Recent advances and future prospects
* Microwave Brightness Temperature (MBT) Background in Bayan Har Block, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Its Importance in Searching for Seismic MBT Anomalies
* Microwave Brightness Temperature Anomalies Associated With the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha and Mw 7.3 Dolakha Earthquakes in Nepal
* Mining Seismic Thermal Anomalies From Massive Satellite Passive Microwave Images
* Relational visual cluster validity (RVCV)
* Retrieval of Melt Pond Fraction over Arctic Sea Ice during 2000-2019 Using an Ensemble-Based Deep Neural Network
* Semi-Supervised Two-Stage Approach to Learning from Noisy Labels, A
Includes: Ding, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Ding, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Ding, Y.F.[Yan-Fang] Ding, Y.F.[Yi-Feng] Ding, Y.F.[Yi-Fu] Ding, Y.F.[Yan-Feng] Ding, Y.F. Ding, Y.F.[Yun-Fei]
13 for Ding, Y.F.

Ding, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * improved LBP algorithm for texture and face classification, An
Includes: Ding, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Ding, Y.G.[Yong-Gang]

Ding, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Co Author Listing * Automated cell nucleus segmentation using improved snake
* comparison of imputation methods for handling missing scores in biometric fusion, A
* Crowd simulation based on constrained and controlled group formation
* Double Constrained NMF for Partial Multi-View Clustering
* Energy-Efficient Coverage and Capacity Enhancement With Intelligent UAV-BSs Deployment in 6G Edge Networks
* Generating a Long-Term Spatiotemporally Continuous Melt Pond Fraction Dataset for Arctic Sea Ice Using an Artificial Neural Network and a Statistical-Based Temporal Filter
* Learning Filter Pruning Criteria for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Acceleration
* Method for Footprint Range Image Segmentation and Description, A
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on Under-Display Camera Image Restoration: Methods and Results
* MP2PMatch: A Mask-guided Part-to-Part Matching network based on transformer for occluded person re-identification
* Multiscale attention network for retinal vein occlusion classification with multicolor image
* new active contour model and its application on cell segmentation, A
* Pose-Guided Feature Alignment for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Rainrate Estimation from FY-4A Cloud Top Temperature for Mesoscale Convective Systems by Using Machine Learning Algorithm
* Range image segmentation based on randomized Hough transform
* Real-Time Multisensory Image Segmentation Algorithm with an Application to Visual and X-Ray Inspection, A
* RFNet: Region-aware Fusion Network for Incomplete Multi-modal Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Spatial Distributions of Cloud Occurrences in Terms of Volume Fraction as Inferred from CloudSat and CALIPSO
* V-Doc: Visual questions answers with Documents
Includes: Ding, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Ding, Y.H.[Yi-Hong] Ding, Y.H.[Yao-Hui] Ding, Y.H.[Yan-Hui] Ding, Y.H.[Yu-Hua] Ding, Y.H.[Ya-Hui] Ding, Y.H.[Ying-Hui] Ding, Y.H.[Yu-Hang] Ding, Y.H.[Yu-Han] Ding, Y.H.[Yu-Hao] Ding, Y.H.[Yi-Hao]
19 for Ding, Y.H.

Ding, Y.J.[Yong Jun] Co Author Listing * application of Quantum-inspired ant colony algorithm in automatic segmentation of tomato image, The
* Assessment of IMERG-V06 Precipitation Product over Different Hydro-Climatic Regimes in the Tianshan Mountains, North-Western China
* Attributing Evapotranspiration Changes with an Extended Budyko Framework Considering Glacier Changes in a Cryospheric-Dominated Watershed
* Comprehensive Evaluation of 4-Parameter Diurnal Temperature Cycle Models with In Situ and MODIS LST over Alpine Meadows in the Tibetan Plateau, A
* Computational Technologies for Fashion Recommendation: A Survey
* Deep Supervised Hashing With Anchor Graph
* Determining the Events in a Glacial Disaster Chain at Badswat Glacier in the Karakoram Range Using Remote Sensing
* DIMGNet: A Transformer-Based Network for Pedestrian Reidentification With Multi-Granularity Information Mutual Gain
* Dynamics of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in An Arid Piedmont Plain in the Middle Reaches of the Kaxgar River Basin, Xinjiang, China
* Entity Slot Filling for Visual Captioning
* Influence of Topographic Shading on the Mass Balance of the High Mountain Asia Glaciers
* Inter-Calibrating SMMR, SSM/I and SSMI/S Data to Improve the Consistency of Snow-Depth Products in China
* Leveraging Multiple Relations for Fashion Trend Forecasting Based on Social Media
* Modeling Instant User Intent and Content-Level Transition for Sequential Fashion Recommendation
* person re-identification method for sports event scenes incorporating textual information mining, A
* RFNet: A Refinement Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Variations of Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet from 2002 to 2019
Includes: Ding, Y.J.[Yong Jun] Ding, Y.J.[Yong-Jun] Ding, Y.J.[Yong-Jian] Ding, Y.J.[Yu-Juan] Ding, Y.J.[Ya-Jun]
17 for Ding, Y.J.

Ding, Y.K.[Yi Kang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Assignment for Geometry Aware Local Feature Matching
* Adaptive Range Guided Multi-view Depth Estimation with Normal Ranking Loss
* Enhancing Multi-View Stereo with Contrastive Matching and Weighted Focal Loss
* KD-MVS: Knowledge Distillation Based Self-supervised Learning for Multi-View Stereo
* Mind the Class Weight Bias: Weighted Maximum Mean Discrepancy for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Revisiting the Evaluation of Uncertainty Estimation and Its Application to Explore Model Complexity-Uncertainty Trade-Off
* Sobolev Training for Implicit Neural Representations with Approximated Image Derivatives
* STGAN: A Unified Selective Transfer Network for Arbitrary Image Attribute Editing
* TransMVSNet: Global Context-aware Multi-view Stereo Network with Transformers
Includes: Ding, Y.K.[Yi Kang] Ding, Y.K.[Yi-Kang] Ding, Y.K.[Yu-Kang] Ding, Y.K.[Yu-Kun]
10 for Ding, Y.K.

Ding, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Descriptor Based on Contour Clusters for Damaged Roof Detection Using Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* adaptive surface filter for airborne laser scanning point clouds by means of regularization and bending energy, An
* BCE-Net: Reliable building footprints change extraction based on historical map and up-to-date images using contrastive learning
* Cascaded Residual Attention Enhanced Road Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
* Change Semantic Constrained Online Data Cleaning Method For Real-time Observational Data Stream
* Class-Wise Denoising for Robust Learning Under Label Noise
* Comparison and Validation of Long Time Serial Global GEOV1 and Regional Australian MODIS Fractional Vegetation Cover Products Over the Australian Continent
* Comparison of Estimating Crop Residue Cover from Sentinel-2 Data Using Empirical Regressions and Machine Learning Methods, A
* Comprehensive Comparison of Machine Learning and Feature Selection Methods for Maize Biomass Estimation Using Sentinel-1 SAR, Sentinel-2 Vegetation Indices, and Biophysical Variables, A
* Displacement Monitoring and Health Evaluation of Two Bridges Using Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Estimating Peanut Leaf Chlorophyll Content with Dorsiventral Leaf Adjusted Indices: Minimizing the Impact of Spectral Differences between Adaxial and Abaxial Leaf Surfaces
* Geo-Location Algorithm for Building Targets in Oblique Remote Sensing Images Based on Deep Learning and Height Estimation
* Ground-Based Radar Interferometry for Monitoring the Dynamic Performance of a Multitrack Steel Truss High-Speed Railway Bridge
* Improved Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory for Tunnel Water Inrush Risk Analysis Based on Fuzzy Identification Factors of Multi-Source Geophysical Data
* Indoor Multi-Dimensional Location GML and Its Application for Ubiquitous Indoor Location Services
* Intact Planar Abstraction of Buildings via Global Normal Refinement from Noisy Oblique Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* Land surface phenology retrievals for arid and semi-arid ecosystems
* Low-Cost and Efficient Indoor 3D Reconstruction through Annotated Hierarchical Structure-from-Motion
* Modeling the Global Relationship via the Point Cloud Transformer for the Terrain Filtering of Airborne LiDAR Data
* Multiscale Feature Fusion for the Multistage Denoising of Airborne Single Photon LiDAR
* Optimized Spatiotemporal Data Scheduling Based on Maximum Flow for Multilevel Visualization Tasks
* Post-Fire Vegetation Succession and Surface Energy Fluxes Derived from Remote Sensing
* Quantifying the Impact of NDVIsoil Determination Methods and NDVIsoil Variability on the Estimation of Fractional Vegetation Cover in Northeast China
* Semantics-Constrained Advantageous Information Selection of Multimodal Spatiotemporal Data for Landslide Disaster Assessment
* Semi-supervised adversarial recognition of refined window structures for inverse procedural façade modelling
* Stable least-squares matching for oblique images using bound constrained optimization and a robust loss function
* Towards Semantic 3D City Modeling and Visual Explorations
* Unifying Framework for Human-Agent Collaborative Systems: Part II: Design Procedure and Application, A
Includes: Ding, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Ding, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Ding, Y.L.[Yong-Liang] Ding, Y.L.[Yan-Ling] Ding, Y.L.[You-Liang] Ding, Y.L.[Ya-Lin] Ding, Y.L.[You-Li] Ding, Y.L.[Yu-Long]
28 for Ding, Y.L.

Ding, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * Improved Pedestrian Navigation Method Based on the Combination of Indoor Map Assistance and Adaptive Particle Filter, An
* Multi-scale Relation Network for Few-shot Learning Based on Meta-learning
* Novel Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Algorithm for Multi-Mode Recognition Based on Smartphones, A
Includes: Ding, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Ding, Y.M.[Yi-Ming] Ding, Y.M.[Yue-Ming]

Ding, Y.N.[Yi Ning] Co Author Listing * Estimating Fog Parameters from an Image Sequence using Non-linear Optimisation
Includes: Ding, Y.N.[Yi Ning] Ding, Y.N.[Yi-Ning]

Ding, Y.P.[Yi Peng] Co Author Listing * Micro-Doppler Trajectory Estimation of Pedestrians Using a Continuous-Wave Radar
* Novel robust zero-watermarking scheme for digital rights management of 3D videos
Includes: Ding, Y.P.[Yi Peng] Ding, Y.P.[Yi-Peng]

Ding, Y.Q.[Yu Qi] Co Author Listing * 3d Fluid Flow Reconstruction Using Compact Light Field PIV
* Efficient Solution to the Homography-Based Relative Pose Problem With a Common Reference Direction, An
* Enabling Manageable and Secure Hybrid P2P-CDN Video-on-Demand Streaming Services Through Coordinating Blockchain and Zero Knowledge
* Energy-Efficient and QoS-Aware Computation Offloading in GEO/LEO Hybrid Satellite Networks
* Full-Volume 3D Fluid Flow Reconstruction With Light Field PIV
* Globally Optimal Relative Pose Estimation with Gravity Prior
* Homography-based Egomotion Estimation Using Gravity and Sift Features
* Homography-Based Minimal-Case Relative Pose Estimation With Known Gravity Direction
* Image Stitching with Locally Shared Rotation Axis
* Minimal Solutions for Panoramic Stitching Given Gravity Prior
* Minimal Solutions to Generalized Three-View Relative Pose Problem
* Polarimetric Helmholtz Stereopsis
* Polarimetric Helmholtz Stereopsis
* Relative Pose from a Calibrated and an Uncalibrated Smartphone Image
* Revisiting the P3P Problem
* Shape and Reflectance Reconstruction Using Concentric Multi-Spectral Light Field
* two-step approach to Lidar-Camera calibration, A
* Visual Odometry for Indoor Mobile Robot by Recognizing Local Manhattan Structures
* Who is partner: A new perspective on data association of multi-object tracking
Includes: Ding, Y.Q.[Yu Qi] Ding, Y.Q.[Yu-Qi] Ding, Y.Q.[Ya-Qing] Ding, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing] Ding, Y.Q.[Yun-Qing]
19 for Ding, Y.Q.

Ding, Y.R.[Yan Rui] Co Author Listing * Human skeleton representation for 3D action recognition based on complex network coding and LSTM
Includes: Ding, Y.R.[Yan Rui] Ding, Y.R.[Yan-Rui]

Ding, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Co Author Listing * Trinocular matching realized by a monocular stereovision sensor for parallel manipulator
* Using Chou's pseudo amino acid composition to predict subcellular localization of apoptosis proteins: An approach with immune genetic algorithm-based ensemble classifier
* Using line segments to train multi-stream stacked autoencoders for image classification
Includes: Ding, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Ding, Y.S.[Yong-Sheng]

Ding, Y.T.[Ying Tao] Co Author Listing * Coprime Nested Arrays for DOA Estimation: Exploiting the Nesting Property of Coprime Array
Includes: Ding, Y.T.[Ying Tao] Ding, Y.T.[Ying-Tao]

Ding, Y.W.[You Wei] Co Author Listing * Energy-aware processing of big data in homogeneous cluster
Includes: Ding, Y.W.[You Wei] Ding, Y.W.[You-Wei]

Ding, Y.X.[Yi Xing] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Comprehensive Multi-Factors on Station Selection for Moon-Based Earth Observation
* Comparison of Six Forest Mapping Products in Southeast Asia, Aided by Field Validation Data, A
* Constructing a High-Accuracy Geometric Model for Moon-Based Earth Observation
* Fast and Robust Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition With Deep Spatial and Contextual Information Fusion Network
* Field-Data-Aided Comparison of Three 10 m Land Cover Products in Southeast Asia, A
* Host-based intrusion detection using dynamic and static behavioral models
* Image Matching Method for SAR Orthophotos from Adjacent Orbits in Large Area Based on SAR-Moravec, An
* Influence of Anisotropic Surface Reflection on Earth's Outgoing Shortwave Radiance in the Lunar Direction, The
* Long-Distance Multi-Vehicle Detection at Night Based on Gm-APD Lidar
* Long-Term Observations of the Thermospheric 6 h Oscillation Revealed by an Incoherent Scatter Radar over Arecibo
* Monitoring Coastline Changes of the Malay Islands Based on Google Earth Engine and Dense Time-Series Remote Sensing Images
* No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment based on cyclopean image and enhanced image
* Object retrival based on visual word pairs
* Ocean Oil Spill Classification with RADARSAT-2 SAR Based on an Optimized Wavelet Neural Network
* Position-Aware Relation Learning for RGB-Thermal Salient Object Detection
* Recognition of Area without Understory Vegetation Based on the RGB-UAV Ultra-High Resolution Images in Red Soil Erosion Area
* Seeking Subjectivity in Visual Emotion Distribution Learning
* Simulation of Earth's Outward Radiative Flux and Its Radiance in Moon-Based View
* Stimuli-Aware Visual Emotion Analysis
* Travel mode choice prediction based on personalized recommendation model
Includes: Ding, Y.X.[Yi Xing] Ding, Y.X.[Yi-Xing] Ding, Y.X.[Ya-Xin] Ding, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Ding, Y.X.[Yuan-Xue] Ding, Y.X.[Ya-Xuan] Ding, Y.X.[Yi-Xiu] Ding, Y.X.[Ya-Xiong] Ding, Y.X.[Yu-Xuan] Ding, Y.X.[Yu-Xing]
20 for Ding, Y.X.

Ding, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Motion Blur with a Flutter Shutter Camera for Non-linear Motion
* Catadioptric projectors
* Contextual boost for pedestrian detection
* Design and Estimation of Coded Exposure Point Spread Functions
* Detection Evolution with Multi-order Contextual Co-occurrence
* Dynamic fluid surface acquisition using a camera array
* GAN Compression: Efficient Architectures for Interactive Conditional GANs
* Importance filtering for image retargeting
* Individual Surveillance Around Parked Aircraft at Nighttime: Thermal Infrared Vision-Based Human Action Recognition
* Multiperspective Distortion Correction Using Collineations
* Multiperspective stereo matching and volumetric reconstruction
* Personalized Location Privacy Protection for Location-Based Services in Vehicular Networks
* Rain Streak Removal From Light Field Images
* Recovering shape characteristics on near-flat specular surfaces
* Recovering specular surfaces using curved line images
* RICO: Regularizing the Unobservable for Indoor Compositional Reconstruction
* Symmetric Gauss-Seidel Technique-Based Alternating Direction Methods of Multipliers for Transform Invariant Low-Rank Textures Problem
* theory of multi-perspective defocusing, A
Includes: Ding, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Ding, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan] Ding, Y.Y.[Yao-Yao] Ding, Y.Y.[Ying-Yi] Ding, Y.Y.[Yu-Yang] Ding, Y.Y.[Yan-Yun]
18 for Ding, Y.Y.

Ding, Y.Z.[Yu Zhen] Co Author Listing * AdvFoolGen: Creating Persistent Troubles for Deep Classifiers
* Feature Variance Ratio-guided Channel Pruning for Deep Convolutional Network Acceleration
* GF-1 WFV Surface Reflectance Quality Evaluation in Countries along the Belt and Road
* Global Surface HCHO Distribution Derived from Satellite Observations with Neural Networks Technique
* Knowledge-Guided Fusion Visualisation Method of Digital Twin Scenes for Mountain Highways, A
* Object-Centric Multiple Object Tracking
Includes: Ding, Y.Z.[Yu Zhen] Ding, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhen] Ding, Y.Z.[Yin-Zhang] Ding, Y.Z.[Yao-Zong] Ding, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhe] Ding, Y.Z.[Yong-Zhe] Ding, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhuo]

Ding, Z.[Zhuoming] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Spatiotemporal Variations and Influencing Factors of Sea Ice Extent in the Arctic and Antarctic
* Bayesian Estimation of Land Deformation Combining Persistent and Distributed Scatterers
* Clustering Coastal Land Use Sequence Patterns along the Sea-Land Direction: A Case Study in the Coastal Zone of Bohai Bay and the Yellow River Delta, China
* Compact Ground-Based Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar: Short-range structural monitoring
* Comparison of Electron Density between CSES In Situ and Ground-Based Observations in China, The
* Consensus Regularized Multi-View Outlier Detection
* Continuous Prediction of Lower-Limb Kinematics From Multi-Modal Biomedical Signals
* Contrasting Performance of the Remotely-Derived GPP Products over Different Climate Zones across China
* DBS Doppler Centroid Estimation Algorithm Based on Entropy Minimization, A
* Delay Minimization for NOMA-MEC Offloading
* Design of Massive-MIMO-NOMA With Limited Feedback
* DiffusionRig: Learning Personalized Priors for Facial Appearance Editing
* Discerning Feature Supported Encoder for Image Representation
* Domain Invariant and Class Discriminative Feature Learning for Visual Domain Adaptation
* Dual Low-Rank Decompositions for Robust Cross-View Learning
* Dual-Sampling Attention Network for Diagnosis of COVID-19 From Community Acquired Pneumonia
* Efficient and Scalable Framework for Processing Remotely Sensed Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments, An
* Efficient Hypergraph Approach to Robust Point Cloud Resampling, An
* Fast Ionogram Observations of Ascending Thin Layers Locally Transported from the E to F Region at Equatorial and Low Latitudes
* First Helicopter Platform-Based Equivalent GEO SAR Experiment With Long Integration Time, The
* Generating Petri Net-Based Behavioral Models From Textual Use Cases and Application in Railway Networks
* Generative Multi-View Human Action Recognition
* Generative Partial Multi-View Clustering With Adaptive Fusion and Cycle Consistency
* Guided Variational Autoencoder for Disentanglement Learning
* Hierarchical Training for Distributed Deep Learning Based on Multimedia Data over Band-Limited Networks
* High-Frequency Limit of the Inverse Scattering Problem: Asymptotic Convergence from Inverse Helmholtz to Inverse Liouville
* Hypergraph Spectral Analysis and Processing in 3D Point Cloud
* Hypergraph Spectral Clustering for Point Cloud Segmentation
* Hypergraph-Based Image Processing
* Importance Weighted Adversarial Nets for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Improved Motion Compensation Approach for Squint Airborne SAR
* Improved PolSAR Image Speckle Reduction Algorithm Based on Structural Judgment and Hybrid Four-Component Polarimetric Decomposition, An
* Integration of Geostatistical and Sentinal-2AMultispectral Satellite Image Analysis for Predicting Soil Fertility Condition in Drylands
* Joint data compression and error protection for collaborative transmission
* Joint Estimation Method of the Channel Phase Error and Motion Error for Distributed SAR on a Single Airborne Platform Based on a Time-Domain Correlation Method, A
* Kinship Classification through Latent Adaptive Subspace
* Low-rank path-following algorithm for 3D similarity registration
* LR-RoadNet: A long-range context-aware neural network for road extraction via high-resolution remote sensing images
* Marginalized Denoising Dictionary Learning With Locality Constraint
* MasQCLIP for Open-Vocabulary Universal Image Segmentation
* Meta-Learning Framework for Learning Multi-User Preferences in QoE Optimization of DASH, A
* Mining Coastal Land Use Sequential Pattern and Its Land Use Associations Based on Association Rule Mining
* Modified Fixed-Point Chirp Scaling Algorithm Based on Updating Phase Factors Regionally for Spaceborne SAR Real-Time Imaging, A
* modified parameter model-based spectrum estimation method for incoherent scatter radar, A
* Modified Three-Stage Inversion Algorithm Based on R-RVoG Model for Pol-InSAR Data, A
* MRDFlow: Unsupervised Optical Flow Estimation Network With Multi-Scale Recurrent Decoder
* Multi-Dimensional Spread Target Detection with Across Range-Doppler Unit Phenomenon Based on Generalized Radon-Fourier Transform
* Near-Field Phase Cross Correlation Focusing Imaging and Parameter Estimation for Penetrating Radar
* Network-Matched Trajectory-Based Moving-Object Database: Models and Applications
* Novel Power Allocation Scheme Under Outage Constraints in NOMA Systems, A
* Observation of Ionospheric Gravity Waves Introduced by Thunderstorms in Low Latitudes China by GNSS
* One-Shot Face Recognition via Generative Learning
* Optical Flow Estimation for Spiking Camera
* Parametric Image Reconstruction for Edge Recovery From Synthetic Aperture Radar Echoes
* Parametric Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Recovery for Multiple Linear Structures: An Image Domain Approach
* Point Cloud Resampling via Hypergraph Signal Processing
* Real-Time and Fully Distributed Approach to Motion Planning for Multirobot Systems, A
* Region-adaptive and context-complementary cross modulation for RGB-T semantic segmentation
* Remotely Monitoring Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency of Grassland and Cropland in China's Arid and Semi-Arid Regions with MODIS Data
* Research on Analysis Method of Characteristics Generation of Urban Rail Transit
* Response of Land Surface Temperature Changes to the Vegetation Dynamics in the Yangtze River Basin, The
* Robust Discriminative Metric Learning for Image Representation
* SAR Doppler Ambiguity Resolver Based on Entropy Minimization
* SAR Parametric Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Methods Based on ADMM and Deep Neural Network
* Semi-Supervised Cross-Modality Action Recognition by Latent Tensor Transfer Learning
* Semi-supervised Deep Domain Adaptation via Coupled Neural Networks
* Semi-Supervised Low-Rank Semantics Grouping for Zero-Shot Learning
* Ship ISAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Generalized Radon-Fourier Transform With Low SNR, A
* Ship-Go: SAR Ship Images Inpainting via instance-to-image Generative Diffusion Models
* Source Localization from Received Signal Strength Under Log-Normal Shadowing: Bias and Variance
* Sparse-Representation-Based Graph Embedding for Traffic Sign Recognition
* Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Drought Events in Southwest China over the Past 120 Years
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Terrestrial Vegetation and Its Driver Analysis over Southwest China from 1982 to 2015
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Ecosystem Restoration Activities and Their Effects on Changes in Terrestrial Gross Primary Production in Southwest China
* Spectrum Recovery for Clutter Removal in Penetrating Radar Imaging
* Static/Dynamic Distributed Interacting Multiple Model Fusion Algorithms for Multiplatform Multisensor Tracking
* Strip Layering Diagram-Based Optimum Continuously Varying Pulse Interval Sequence Design for Extremely High-Resolution Spaceborne Sliding Spotlight SAR
* Structure Preserving Generative Cross-Domain Learning
* Study on the Emergency Shelter Spatial Accessibility Based on the Adaptive Catchment Size 2SFCA Method, A
* Survey on MIMO Transmission With Finite Input Signals: Technical Challenges, Advances, and Future Trends, A
* Tracking Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency of Cropland by Exclusive Use of MODIS EVI Data
* Use of Spatially Random Base Stations in Cloud Radio Access Networks, The
* Vector-Based Trajectory Storage and Query for Intelligent Transport System
* Video Script Identification Based on Text Lines
* Visual inspection of multivariate volume data based on multi-class noise sampling
Includes: Ding, Z.[Zhuoming] Ding, Z.[Zegang] Ding, Z.[Zhi] Ding, Z. Ding, Z.[Zonghua] Ding, Z.[Zhen] Ding, Z.[Zheng] Ding, Z.[Zhiyan] Ding, Z.[Zheli] Ding, Z.[Zeyu] Ding, Z.[Zihao] Ding, Z.[Ziluo] Ding, Z.[Zihan] Ding, Z.[Zilin] Ding, Z.[Zhang] Ding, Z.[Ziang]
85 for Ding, Z.

Ding, Z.B.[Zi Biao] Co Author Listing * Symmetrical Siamese Network Framework with Contrastive Learning for Pose-Robust Face Recognition, A
Includes: Ding, Z.B.[Zi Biao] Ding, Z.B.[Zi-Biao]

Ding, Z.C.[Zi Chen] Co Author Listing * Co-ECL: Covariant Network with Equivariant Contrastive Learning for Oriented Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Ding, Z.C.[Zi Chen] Ding, Z.C.[Zi-Chen]

Ding, Z.D.[Zhen Dong] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network with a Learnable Spatial Activation Function for SAR Image Despeckling and Forest Image Analysis
Includes: Ding, Z.D.[Zhen Dong] Ding, Z.D.[Zhen-Dong]

Ding, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Co Author Listing * Application of Analog Network Coding to MIMO Two-Way Relay Channel in Cellular Systems
* Autofocus Approach for UAV-Based Ultrawideband Ultrawidebeam SAR Data With Frequency-Dependent and 2-D Space-Variant Motion Errors, An
* Cooperative Energy Harvesting Networks With Spatially Random Users
* Learning to Measure the Point Cloud Reconstruction Loss in a Representation Space
* Multi-Layer Overlapped Subaperture Algorithm for Extremely-High-Squint High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR Imaging with Continuously Time-Varying Radar Parameters
* On the Performance of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in 5G Systems with Randomly Deployed Users
* Orthogonal local spline discriminant projection with application to face recognition
* P-Band UAV-SAR 4D Imaging: A Multi-Master Differential SAR Tomography Approach
* Parametric Translational Compensation for ISAR Imaging Based on Cascaded Subaperture Integration With Application to Asteroid Imaging
* SPA-GAN: SAR Parametric Autofocusing Method with Generative Adversarial Network
* Subaperture Approach Based on Azimuth-Dependent Range Cell Migration Correction and Azimuth Focusing Parameter Equalization for Maneuvering High-Squint-Mode SAR
Includes: Ding, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Ding, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo] Ding, Z.G.[Ze-Gang] Ding, Z.G.[Zhong-Gan]
11 for Ding, Z.G.

Ding, Z.H.[Zi Han] Co Author Listing * Anchor3DLane: Learning to Regress 3D Anchors for Monocular 3D Lane Detection
* Collaborative Spatial-Temporal Modeling for Language-Queried Video Actor Segmentation
* Diffusion Tensor Image Smoothing Using Efficient and Effective Anisotropic Filtering
* Elastic Geodesic Paths in Shape Space of Parameterized Surfaces
* First Comparative Analysis of the Simultaneous Horizontal Wind Observations by Collocated Meteor Radar and FPI at Low Latitude through 892.0-nm Airglow Emission
* Functional Parcellation of Human Brain Using Localized Topo-Connectivity Mapping
* Implicit Active Contours Driven by Local Binary Fitting Energy
* Improving Closed and Open-Vocabulary Attribute Prediction Using Transformers
* Language-Aware Spatial-Temporal Collaboration for Referring Video Segmentation
* Language-Bridged Spatial-Temporal Interaction for Referring Video Object Segmentation
* Latent Feature-Guided Diffusion Models for Shadow Removal
* Learning to Predict Visual Attributes in the Wild
* Level Set Method for Image Segmentation in the Presence of Intensity Inhomogeneities With Application to MRI, A
* Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Biological Growth Variables
* Minimization of Region-Scalable Fitting Energy for Image Segmentation
* Novel Framework for Metric-Based Image Registration, A
* novel riemannian framework for shape analysis of 3D objects, A
* Object-Aware Distillation Pyramid for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection
* Optimal Configuration of Array Elements for Hybrid Distributed PA-MIMO Radar System Based on Target Detection
* Parameterization-Invariant Shape Comparisons of Anatomical Surfaces
* Riemannian Framework for Detecting Stimulus-Relevant Fiber Pathways, A
* Riemannian Framework for Structurally Curated Functional Clustering of Brain White Matter Fibers, A
* SCoRD: Subject-Conditional Relation Detection with Text-Augmented Data
* Shape Analysis of Open Curves in R3 with Applications to Study of Fiber Tracts in DT-MRI Data
* Sparse Channel Pruning and Assistant Distillation for Faster Aerial Object Detection
* Unified Bundling and Registration of Brain White Matter Fibers
Includes: Ding, Z.H.[Zi Han] Ding, Z.H.[Zi-Han] Ding, Z.H.[Zhao-Hua] Ding, Z.H.[Zong-Hua] Ding, Z.H.[Zhi-Hong] Ding, Z.H.[Zi-Hang] Ding, Z.H.[Zhi-Han]
26 for Ding, Z.H.

Ding, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Co Author Listing * Enhance Via Decoupling: Improving Multi-Label Classifiers With Variational Feature Augmentation
* Fusion of Log-Gabor wavelet and orthogonal locality sensitive discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Improved Empirical Mode Decomposition of Electroencephalogram Signals for Depression Detection, An
* Mixup Asymmetric Tri-Training for Heartbeat Classification Under Domain Shift
* Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging System with Liquid Lenses
Includes: Ding, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Ding, Z.J.[Zi-Jian] Ding, Z.J.[Zheng-Jian] Ding, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie] Ding, Z.J.[Zhong-Jun]

Ding, Z.K.[Ze Kun] Co Author Listing * Outburst of a Lake and Its Impacts on Redistribution of Surface Water Bodies in High-Altitude Permafrost Region, The
Includes: Ding, Z.K.[Ze Kun] Ding, Z.K.[Ze-Kun]

Ding, Z.L.[Zhuan Lian] Co Author Listing * Multitask Multigranularity Aggregation With Global-Guided Attention for Video Person Re-Identification
* Protein functional annotation refinement based on graph regularized l1-norm PCA
Includes: Ding, Z.L.[Zhuan Lian] Ding, Z.L.[Zhuan-Lian]

Ding, Z.M.[Zheng Ming] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation with Spatial and Temporal Transformers
* Adaptive Adversarial Network for Source-free Domain Adaptation
* Adversarial Dual Distinct Classifiers for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Augmented Multimodality Fusion for Generalized Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Visual Retrieval
* Block-wise constrained sparse graph for face image representation
* Continuous Multi-View Human Action Recognition
* Continuous Road Network-Based Skyline Query for Moving Objects
* Continuous Taxi Pickup Path Recommendation under The Carbon Neutrality Context, A
* Cross-Generation Kinship Verification with Sparse Discriminative Metric
* Deep Domain Generalization With Structured Low-Rank Constraint
* Deep Residual Correction Network for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Deep Robust Encoder Through Locality Preserving Low-Rank Dictionary
* Deeply Learned View-Invariant Features for Cross-View Action Recognition
* Discriminative low-rank metric learning for face recognition
* Divergence-Agnostic Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Adversarial Attacks
* Dynamic Grid-Based Spatial Density Visualization and Rail Transit Station Prediction
* Dynamic Weighted Road Network Based Multi-Vehicles Navigation and Evacuation
* Ensemble Subspace Segmentation Under Blockwise Constraints
* Extreme Low-Resolution Action Recognition with Confident Spatial-Temporal Attention Transfer
* Few-Shot Domain Adaptation via Mixup Optimal Transport
* Few-Shot Video Classification via Representation Fusion and Promotion Learning
* Generative Inference Network for Imbalanced Domain Generalization
* Generative View-Correlation Adaptation for Semi-Supervised Multi-View Learning
* Generative Zero-Shot Learning via Low-Rank Embedded Semantic Dictionary
* Graph Adaptive Knowledge Transfer for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Heterogeneous Recommendation via Deep Low-Rank Sparse Collective Factorization
* HGNet: Hybrid Generative Network for Zero-shot Domain Adaptation
* iBARLE: imBalance-Aware Room Layout Estimation
* Impact of the Management Scale on the Technical Efficiency of Forest Vegetation Carbon Sequestration: A Case Study of State-Owned Forestry Enterprises in Northeast China
* InAction: Interpretable Action Decision Making for Autonomous Driving
* Incomplete Multi-view Domain Adaptation via Channel Enhancement and Knowledge Transfer
* Joint Adaptive Dual Graph and Feature Selection for Domain Adaptation
* Latent Semantic Sequence Coding Applied to Taxi Travel Time Estimation
* Leveraging the Invariant Side of Generative Zero-Shot Learning
* Lifelong Visual-Tactile Spectral Clustering for Robotic Object Perception
* Local Learning Matters: Rethinking Data Heterogeneity in Federated Learning
* Long-Term Traffic Prediction Based on LSTM Encoder-Decoder Architecture
* Low-Rank Embedded Ensemble Semantic Dictionary for Zero-Shot Learning
* Low-Rank Transfer Human Motion Segmentation
* Marginalized Latent Semantic Encoder for Zero-Shot Learning
* Maximum Density Divergence for Domain Adaptation
* Maximum Structural Generation Discrepancy for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Missing Modality Transfer Learning via Latent Low-Rank Constraint
* Multi-vehicles dynamic navigating method for large-scale event crowd evacuations
* Next Point-of-Interest Recommendation Based on Joint Mining of Spatial-Temporal and Semantic Sequential Patterns
* Novel Heuristic Emergency Path Planning Method Based on Vector Grid Map, A
* Novel Traffic Flow Reduction Method Based on Incomplete Vehicle History Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Data, A
* Novel Trajectory Based Prediction Method for Urban Subway Design, A
* Online Multi-Task Clustering for Human Motion Segmentation
* Personalized Semantics Excitation for Federated Image Classification
* Prediction of Evolution Behaviors of Transportation Hubs Based on Spatiotemporal Neural Network
* Robust Transfer Metric Learning for Image Classification
* Skyline-Based Sorting Approach for Rail Transit Stations Visualization
* Sparse low-rank fusion based deep features for missing modality face recognition
* Sparsely-labeled source assisted domain adaptation
* Speed and Direction Aware Skyline Query for Moving Objects
* Towards Fair Cross-Domain Adaptation via Generative Learning
* Towards Fair Knowledge Transfer for Imbalanced Domain Adaptation
* Towards Novel Target Discovery Through Open-Set Domain Adaptation
* Visual Analysis of Land Use Characteristics Around Urban Rail Transit Stations
* Visual Reasoning using Graph Convolutional Networks for Predicting Pedestrian Crossing Intention
* VOLTCom: A Novel Online Trajectory Compression Method Based on Vector Processing
* Weakly-Supervised Cross-Domain Adaptation for Endoscopic Lesions Segmentation
* What and How: Generalized Lifelong Spectral Clustering via Dual Memory
* Where and How to Transfer: Knowledge Aggregation-Induced Transferability Perception for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* zero-shot learning framework via cluster-prototype matching, A
Includes: Ding, Z.M.[Zheng Ming] Ding, Z.M.[Zheng-Ming] Ding, Z.M.[Zhi-Ming] Ding, Z.M.[Zhen-Min]
66 for Ding, Z.M.

Ding, Z.O. Co Author Listing * Extension of proposal of standards for intelligibility tests of Chinese speech: CDRT-tone

Ding, Z.P.[Zhou Peng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Beamforming with Sidelobe Level Control for Multiband Sparse Linear Array
* Aladdin: Joint Atlas Building and Diffeomorphic Registration Learning with Pairwise Alignment
* Local Temperature Scaling for Probability Calibration
Includes: Ding, Z.P.[Zhou Peng] Ding, Z.P.[Zhou-Peng] Ding, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng]

Ding, Z.Q.[Zeng Quan] Co Author Listing * Accounting for Geometric Anisotropy in Sparse Magnetic Data Using a Modified Interpolation Algorithm
* Improving Out-of-Distribution Generalization in SAR Image Scene Classification with Limited Training Samples
* Inshore Ship Detection Based on Multi-Modality Saliency for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Multi-Scale Road Matching Based on the Summation Product of Orientation and Distance and Shape Descriptors
* New Remote Sensing Desert Vegetation Detection Index, A
* Optimal Polarization SAR Three-Component Target Decomposition Based on Semi-Definite Programming, An
* Semi-Autonomous Learning Algorithm for Remote Image Object Detection Based on Aggregation Area Instance Refinement
* Structured Object-Level Relational Reasoning CNN-Based Target Detection Algorithm in a Remote Sensing Image
Includes: Ding, Z.Q.[Zeng Quan] Ding, Z.Q.[Zeng-Quan] Ding, Z.Q.[Zhi-Quan] Ding, Z.Q.[Zi-Qi]
8 for Ding, Z.Q.

Ding, Z.S.[Zhai Sheng] Co Author Listing * Construction of high dynamic range image based on gradient information transformation
* Multimodal medical image fusion based on the spectral total variation and local structural patch measurement
Includes: Ding, Z.S.[Zhai Sheng] Ding, Z.S.[Zhai-Sheng]

Ding, Z.T.[Zheng Tao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sliding Mode Fault Tolerant Control for Autonomous Vehicle With Unknown Actuator Parameters and Saturated Tire Force Based on the Center of Percussion
* Bearing-Only Formation Control With Prespecified Convergence Time
* Distributed Motion Planning for Safe Autonomous Vehicle Overtaking via Artificial Potential Field
* Fixed-Time and Fault-Tolerant Path-Following Control for Autonomous Vehicles With Unknown Parameters Subject to Prescribed Performance
* Velocity-Based Path Following Control for Autonomous Vehicles to Avoid Exceeding Road Friction Limits Using Sliding Mode Method
Includes: Ding, Z.T.[Zheng Tao] Ding, Z.T.[Zheng-Tao]

Ding, Z.W.[Ze Wei] Co Author Listing * real-time webcam-based method for assessing upper-body postures, A
* SGIR: Star Graph-Based Interaction for Efficient and Robust Multimodal Representation
Includes: Ding, Z.W.[Ze Wei] Ding, Z.W.[Ze-Wei] Ding, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei]

Ding, Z.X.[Zi Xiao] Co Author Listing * Approach for Joint Estimation of Grassland Leaf Area Index and Leaf Chlorophyll Content from UAV Hyperspectral Data, An
* Cross-Site Severity Assessment of COVID-19 From CT Images via Domain Adaptation
* Exploring Structured Semantic Prior for Multi Label Recognition with Incomplete Labels
* MF-Net: Multi-frequency intrusion detection network for Internet traffic data
* Multimodal Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction in Conversations
* novel 3D ear identification approach based on sparse representation, A
* Provably Secure and Anonymous V2I and V2V Authentication Protocol for VANETs
Includes: Ding, Z.X.[Zi Xiao] Ding, Z.X.[Zi-Xiao] Ding, Z.X.[Zhong-Xiang] Ding, Z.X.[Zi-Xuan] Ding, Z.X.[Zhao-Xu] Ding, Z.X.[Zi-Xiang] Ding, Z.X.[Zhi-Xuan]
7 for Ding, Z.X.

Ding, Z.Y.[Zong Yuan] Co Author Listing * Common-covariance based person re-identification model
* Infrared Small Target Detection Based on Tensor Tree Decomposition and Self-Adaptive Local Prior
* Knowledge Condensation Distillation
* MDC-Net: Multi-domain constrained kernel estimation network for blind image super resolution
* Towards Better Detection and Analysis of Massive Spatiotemporal Co-Occurrence Patterns
* Visual inspection of multivariate volume data based on multi-class noise sampling
Includes: Ding, Z.Y.[Zong Yuan] Ding, Z.Y.[Zong-Yuan] Ding, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Ding, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan] Ding, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yu]

Ding, Z.Z.[Zhe Zhang] Co Author Listing * Driver Identification Through Heterogeneity Modeling in Car-Following Sequences
* Learning From Naturalistic Driving Data for Human-Like Autonomous Highway Driving
Includes: Ding, Z.Z.[Zhe Zhang] Ding, Z.Z.[Zhe-Zhang]

Dinger, W.P. Co Author Listing * Some Experience in the Real-Time Processing of Handwriting

Dinges, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Parallel Volume Image Segmentation with Watershed Transformation

Dinges, L. Co Author Listing * Approach for Arabic Handwriting Synthesis Based on Active Shape Models, An
* Automatic recognition of common Arabic handwritten words based on OCR and N-GRAMS
* Locale Group Based Line Segmentation Approach for Non Uniform Skewed and Curved Arabic Handwritings, A
* Uncovering Lies: Deception Detection in a Rolling-dice Experiment
Includes: Dinges, L. Dinges, L.[Laslo]

Dingle, A.A.[Alison A.] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Image Segmentation Based on the Comparison of Local and Regional Histograms

Dingle, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Primary Production, an Index of Climate Change in the Ocean: Satellite-Based Estimates over Two Decades

Dingler, T.[Tilman] Co Author Listing * Behavioral and Physiological Signals-Based Deep Multimodal Approach for Mobile Emotion Recognition
* Multimedia Memory Cues for Augmenting Human Memory
* Survey on Emotion Sensing Using Mobile Devices
Includes: Dingler, T.[Tilman] Dingler, T.

Dingli, A.[Alexiei] Co Author Listing * Holographic Humans
* Webcam-based detection of emotional states

Dingliana, J. Co Author Listing * Modelling Large Scale Datasets Using Partitioning-Based PCA
* Real-time Illumination for Two-level Volume Rendering
Includes: Dingliana, J. Dingliana, J.[John]

Dingreville, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Learning incoherent light emission steering from metasurfaces using generative models

Dings, L.[Laslo] Co Author Listing * CRFs and HCRFs Based Recognition for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting
* Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach with an Adaptive Threshold Model for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* IESK-ArDB: a database for handwritten Arabic and an optimized topological segmentation approach
Includes: Dings, L.[Laslo] Dings, L.

Dingtao, S. Co Author Listing * Study Of Water Pollution Early Warning Framework Based On Internet Of Things

Dinguirard, M. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Space-Multispectral Imaging Sensors: A Review

Dingus, T.A. Co Author Listing * Influence of In-Vehicle Adaptive Stop Display on Driving Behavior and Safety

Dingwell, D.B.[Donald B.] Co Author Listing * Raman Spectroscopy from Laboratory and Proximal to Remote Sensing: A Tool for the Volcanological Sciences

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