23.4 Terrain Extraction, DEM, DTM, DSM

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Terrain. DTM. Digital Terrain Map. DEM. DSM. Digital Elevation Map. Many other related papers in
See also Three-Dimensional Descriptions -- General.
See also Triangulated Surface Models, Mesh Models, Mesh Descriptions, 3-D Meshes.
See also Stereo and Surface Models.
See also Bathymetric Mapping, Analysis, Underwater Terrain. UAV sourced:
See also DEM, DSM, DTM, Generation Using UAV.
See also DEM, DSM, DTM, Generation Using Radar, SAR, IFSAR, INSAR, InSAR.
See also DEM, DSM, DTM, Generation Using LiDAR, LIDAR, Laser Data.
See also DEM, DSM, DTM, Generation in Urban Areas.
See also Landform Analysis, Landform Description.
See also Terrain Analysis of Mars, Craters, Minerals.
See also SAR, Radar Altimetry.

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