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Meena, A.K.[Ayur Kumar] Co Author Listing * MFO-based thresholded and weighted histogram scheme for brightness preserving image enhancement

Meena, B.R.[Bhola Ram] Co Author Listing * Iris Based Human Verification Algorithms

Meena, K. Co Author Listing * Local binary pattern and its derivatives for face recognition

Meena, P. Co Author Listing * SSSDET: Simple Short and Shallow Network for Resource Efficient Vehicle Detection in Aerial Scenes

Meena, S.[Sachin] Co Author Listing * Elastic body spline based image segmentation
* Improved spatially adaptive MDL denoising of images using normalized maximum likelihood density
* User driven sparse point-based image segmentation
Includes: Meena, S.[Sachin] Meena, S.[Srinivasan]

Meena, S.M. Co Author Listing * Implementation and analysis of optimized architectures for rank order filter

Meena, S.R.[Sansar Raj] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Statistics-Based Landslide Susceptibility Models: A Case Study of the Region Affected by the Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal, A
* Evaluation of Different Machine Learning Methods and Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Landslide Detection
* Landslide Detection Using Multi-Scale Image Segmentation and Different Machine Learning Models in the Higher Himalayas
* UAV-Based Slope Failure Detection Using Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks

Meena, Y.[Yogesh] Co Author Listing * Concept-Based Approach for Research Paper Recommendation

Meenakshi, G.N. Co Author Listing * Robust Whisper Activity Detection Using Long-Term Log Energy Variation of Sub-Band Signal

Meenakshi, J. Co Author Listing * Implementation of low power Successive Approximation ADC for MAV's

Meenen, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * utilization of a Taylor series-based transformation in fingerprint verification, The

Meenpal, T.[Toshanlal] Co Author Listing * scheme for conditional access-based systems using index locations of DCT coefficients, A

Meentemeyer, R.K.[Ross K.] Co Author Listing * Effects of LiDAR point density and landscape context on estimates of urban forest biomass
* Integrating Free and Open Source Solutions into Geospatial Science Education
* Intra-annual phenology for detecting understory plant invasion in urban forests
* LiDAR-Landsat data fusion for large-area assessment of urban land cover: Balancing spatial resolution, data volume and mapping accuracy
* Object-based assessment of burn severity in diseased forests using high-spatial and high-spectral resolution MASTER airborne imagery
* Open Source Approach To Urban Growth Simulation
* Tangible Landscape: Cognitively Grasping The Flow Of Water
Includes: Meentemeyer, R.K.[Ross K.] Meentemeyer, R.K.
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Meents, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Fibrous Assembly Orientations from XFEL Diffraction Data

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