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Bute, M.S.[Muhammad Saleh] Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis Using Full Duplex Discovery Mechanism in 5G-V2X Communication Networks

Buteau, S. Co Author Listing * Spectroscopic Calibration Correlation of Field and Lab-Sized Fluorescence LIDAR Systems

Butenuth, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Image Sequences for the Detection and Monitoring of Moving Traffic
* Automated Update of Road Databases using Aerial Imagery and Road Construction Data
* Automatic Road-Tracking in Airborne Image Sequences
* Classification System of GIS-Objects using Multi-sensorial Imagery for Near-Realtime Disaster Management
* Complex Event Detection In Pedestrian Groups From Uavs
* Computational optimized 3d reconstruction system for airborne image sequences
* Event Detection Based on a Pedestrian Interaction Graph Using Hidden Markov Models
* Graph-supported verification of road databases
* Integrating pedestrian simulation, tracking and event detection for crowd analysis
* Integration of heterogeneous geospatial data in a federated database
* Modular System for Road Updating, Refinement and Classification from Satellite Images, A
* Multi-temporal damage assessment of linear infrastructural objects using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Network Snakes-Supported Extraction of Field Boundaries from Imagery
* Network snakes: Graph-based object delineation with active contour models
* People tracking and trajectory interpretation in aerial image sequences
* Performance Study on Different Stereo Matching Costs Using Airborne Image Sequences and Satellite Images, A
* Road Extraction in Suburban Areas Based on Normalized Cuts
* Segmentation of Imagery Using Network Snakes
* Topology-Preserving Network Snakes
* Tree Supported Road Extraction from Arial Images Using Global and Local Context Knowledge
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Butepage, J.[Judith] Co Author Listing * Advances in Variational Inference
* Deep Representation Learning for Human Motion Prediction and Classification
* Interpolation in Auto Encoders with Bridge Processes
Includes: Butepage, J.[Judith] BŁtepage, J.[Judith] (Maybe also Buetepage, J.)BŁtepage, J. (Maybe also Buetepage, J.)

Butera, W. Co Author Listing * Coding Ecology: Image Coding via Competition Among Experts, The

Butera, W.J.[William J.] Co Author Listing * Multiscale coding of images

Buters, T.M.[Todd M.] Co Author Listing * Methodological Ambiguity and Inconsistency Constrain Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as A Silver Bullet for Monitoring Ecological Restoration

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