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Andra, K. Co Author Listing * high-performance JPEG2000 architecture, A
* Multi-bit Binary Arithmetic Coding Technique, A

Andra, S.[Srinivas] Co Author Listing * Combining Dichotomizers for MAP Field Classification
* Image Change Detection Algorithms: A Systematic Survey
* Multiresolution Histograms for SVM-Based Texture Classification
Includes: Andra, S.[Srinivas] Andra, S.

Andrade Cetto, J. Co Author Listing * 3d real-time head tracking fusing color histograms and stereovision
* Action Selection for Single-Camera SLAM
* Active SLAM for Autonomous Underwater Exploration
* Affine Epipolar Direction from Two Views of a Planar Contour
* Boosted Random Ferns for Object Detection
* Bootstrapping Boosted Random Ferns for discriminative and efficient object classification
* Computation of Rotation Local Invariant Features using the Integral Image for Real Time Object Detection
* Concurrent map building and localization with landmark validation
* Detection Performance Evaluation of Boosted Random Ferns
* Dual-Branch CNNs for Vehicle Detection and Tracking on LiDAR Data
* Efficient 3D Object Detection using Multiple Pose-Specific Classifiers
* Efficient rotation invariant object detection using boosted Random Ferns
* Event-IMU fusion strategies for faster-than-IMU estimation throughput
* Exhaustive Linearization for Robust Camera Pose and Focal Length Estimation
* Integration of Perceptual Grouping and Depth
* LETHA: Learning from High Quality Inputs for 3D Pose Estimation in Low Quality Images
* Local Boosted Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Orientation Invariant Features for Multiclass Object Recognition
* Recovering epipolar direction from two affine views of a planar object
* Robust Color Contour Object Detection Invariant to Shadows
* Shared Random Ferns for Efficient Detection of Multiple Categories
* Simultaneous Pose, Focal Length and 2D-to-3D Correspondences from Noisy Observations
* Uncertainty analysis of the DLT-Lines calibration algorithm for cameras with radial distortion
* Unidimensional Multiscale Local Features for Object Detection Under Rotation and Mild Occlusions
Includes: Andrade Cetto, J. Andrade-Cetto, J. Andrade-Cetto, J.[Juan]
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Andrade Gonzalez, A. Co Author Listing * High-order statistical texture analysis--font recognition applied
Includes: Andrade Gonzalez, A. Andrade-Gonzalez, A.

Andrade Loarca, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * Explaining Image Classifiers with Multiscale Directional Image Representation
* Extraction of Digital Wavefront Sets Using Applied Harmonic Analysis and Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Andrade Loarca, H.[Hector] Andrade-Loarca, H.[Hector]

Andrade Maciel, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Diffuse Attenuation of Clear Water Tropical Reservoir: A Remote Sensing Semi-Analytical Approach

Andrade Mascote, E.[Ernesto] Co Author Listing * Solar Flare Effects Observed over Mexico during 30-31 March 2022
Includes: Andrade Mascote, E.[Ernesto] Andrade-Mascote, E.[Ernesto]

Andrade Miranda, G. Co Author Listing * Pure Versus Hybrid Transformers For Multi-Modal Brain Tumor Segmentation: A Comparative Study
Includes: Andrade Miranda, G. Andrade-Miranda, G.

Andrade Nunez, M.J.[Maria Jose] Co Author Listing * Socio-Economic and Environmental Variables Associated with Hotspots of Infrastructure Expansion in South America, The
Includes: Andrade Nunez, M.J.[Maria Jose] Andrade-Núñez, M.J.[María José]

Andrade Pacheco, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Intercalibration and Gaussian Process Modeling of Nighttime Lights Imagery for Measuring Urbanization Trends in Africa 2000-2013
Includes: Andrade Pacheco, R.[Ricardo] Andrade-Pacheco, R.[Ricardo]

Andrade Sanchez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Indigenous Mapping for Integrating Traditional Knowledge to Enhance Community-Based Vegetation Management and Conservation: The Kumeyaay Basket Weavers of San José de_la_Zorra, México
* Participatory Mapping as a Didactic and Auxiliary Tool for Learning Community Integration, Technology Transference, and Natural Resource Management
Includes: Andrade Sanchez, J.[Jorge] Andrade-Sánchez, J.[Jorge]

Andrade Sanchez, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Comparing Nadir and Multi-Angle View Sensor Technologies for Measuring in-Field Plant Height of Upland Cotton
Includes: Andrade Sanchez, P.[Pedro] Andrade-Sanchez, P.[Pedro]

Andrade Tafoya, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * Participatory Mapping as a Didactic and Auxiliary Tool for Learning Community Integration, Technology Transference, and Natural Resource Management
Includes: Andrade Tafoya, P.[Paola] Andrade-Tafoya, P.[Paola]

Andrade, A. Co Author Listing * primal sketch of the cortex mean curvature: a morphogenesis based approach to study the variability of the folding patterns, A

Andrade, A.C.[Aniceto C.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Quality of Color Image Segmentation Using Genetic Algorithm
* Performance of the Support Vector Machine and Artificial Neural Network Classifiers for Roads Identification
Includes: Andrade, A.C.[Aniceto C.] Andrade, Jr., A.C.[Aniceto C.] Andrade, A.C.

Andrade, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Predicting Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Systematic Review

Andrade, B.T.[Beatriz T.] Co Author Listing * Enhancing color texture quality of 3D models for digital preservation of indigenous ceramic artworks

Andrade, C.[Catarina] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Models for Segmentation of Mobile-acquired Dermatological Images
* Glint Removal Assessment to Estimate the Remote Sensing Reflectance in Inland Waters with Widely Differing Optical Properties
* Simplified Marsh Response Model (SMRM): A Methodological Approach to Quantify the Evolution of Salt Marshes in a Sea-Level Rise Context
Includes: Andrade, C.[Catarina] Andrade, C.[Caroline] Andrade, C.[César]

Andrade, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Convex covariate clustering for classification
* Exploiting covariate embeddings for classification using Gaussian processes

Andrade, D.C. Co Author Listing * Novel Strategy for Road Lane Detection and Tracking Based on a Vehicle's Forward Monocular Camera, A

Andrade, E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of target detection algorithms using adaptive background models
* Non Parametric Classification of Human Interaction
Includes: Andrade, E. Andrade, E.[Ernesto]

Andrade, E.L. Co Author Listing * Generic object registration using multiple hypotheses testing in partition trees
* Hidden Markov Models for Optical Flow Analysis in Crowds
* Modelling Crowd Scenes for Event Detection
* Player classification in interactive sport scenes using prior information region space analysis and number recognition
Includes: Andrade, E.L. Andrade, E.L.[Ernesto L.]

Andrade, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Novel Framework to Evaluate and Train Object Detection Models for Real-Time Victims Search and Rescue at Sea with Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems Using High-Fidelity Dynamic Marine Simulation Environment, A

Andrade, F.S.P.[Felipe S. P.] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Local and Global Descriptors for Content-based Image and Video Retrieval

Andrade, G.S.[Gilbran S.] Co Author Listing * Producing stylized videos using the AnimVideo rendering tool

Andrade, H. Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Relationships between Environment and Coffee Production in Agroecosytems of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil

Andrade, I.[Isabel] Co Author Listing * Time-Space Variability of Chlorophyll-a and Associated Physical Variables within the Region off Central-Southern Chile

Andrade, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Lumen Intima Layer in Transverse Mode Ultrasound Images
* Graph-based representations and techniques for image processing and image analysis
* Remote Sensing Phenology of the Brazilian Caatinga and Its Environmental Drivers
* Robust radial distortion correction based on alternate optimization
* Spatially-Varying Sharpness Map Estimation Based on the Quotient of Spectral Bands
Includes: Andrade, J. Andrade, J.[João]

Andrade, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Platform for Context-Aware and Digital Rights Management-Enabled Content Adaptation, A

Andrade, M.C.[Marcos Carneiro] Co Author Listing * Interactive Deformable Model Segmentation Algorithm Driven by Morphological Dilations and Erosions Constrained by an Exclusion Band, An

Andrade, M.L.S.C.[Mauren Louise Sguario C.] Co Author Listing * Bubble Shape Identification and Calculation in Gas-Liquid Slug Flow Using Semi-automatic Image Segmentation

Andrade, M.R.M. Co Author Listing * RPAS in The Support for Photogrammetry Education: Cases in Topographic Mapping and Documentation of Historical Monuments

Andrade, M.U.G.[Maria Uilhiana Gomes] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Ecosystem Productivity in a Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest (Caatinga) Using Flux Tower Measurements and Remote Sensing Data
* WUE and CO2 Estimations by Eddy Covariance and Remote Sensing in Different Tropical Biomes
Includes: Andrade, M.U.G.[Maria Uilhiana Gomes] Andrade, M.U.G.[Maria U. G.]

Andrade, M.V.A.[Marcus V. A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient viewshed computation on terrain in external memory
* Efficiently computing the drainage network on massive terrains using external memory flooding process

Andrade, N. Co Author Listing * Estimating Inefficiency in Bus Trip Choices From a User Perspective With Schedule, Positioning, and Ticketing Data
* Exploiting the Importance of Personalization When Selecting Music for Relaxation
Includes: Andrade, N. Andrade, N.[Nazareno]

Andrade, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Beyond Site Detection: The Role of Satellite Remote Sensing in Analysing Archaeological Problems. A Case Study in Lithic Resource Procurement in the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile

Andrade, P.R.[Pedro R.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Cloud Cover Detection Algorithms on Sentinel-2 Images of the Amazon Tropical Forest
* Satellite Image Time Series Analysis for Big Earth Observation Data

Andrade, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * email: Andrade, R.[Rodrigo]: brazil6 AT ibm net
* POI Mining for Land Use Classification: A Case Study
Includes: Andrade, R.[Rodrigo] Andrade, R.[Renato]

Andrade, R.A. Co Author Listing * Real-time Optically Processed Face Recognition System Based on Arbitrary Moire Contours

Andrade, R.B. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Semantic Segmentation Methods for Deforestation Detection In the Amazon

Andrade, R.G.[Ricardo G.] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Water Productivity Assessments with MODIS Images in a Changing Semi-Arid Environment: A Brazilian Case-Study
* Use of MODIS Images to Quantify the Radiation and Energy Balances in the Brazilian Pantanal

Andrade, R.M.C. Co Author Listing * Mobile Photo Recommendation and Logbook Generation Using Context-Tagged Images

Andrade, S.D.[S. Daniel] Co Author Listing * Detailed Cartography of Cotopaxi's 1877 Primary Lahar Deposits Obtained by Drone-Imagery and Field Surveys in the Proximal Northern Drainage

Andrade, T.[Tiago] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Obstacles in Railway Tracks Using Monocular Camera
* Joint Control of MPEG VBR Video Over ATM Networks
* Smoothing of MPEG multi-program video coding for packet networks
Includes: Andrade, T.[Tiago] Andrade, T. Andrade, T.[Teresa]

Andrade, V.[Valdemar] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Intra-Habitat Variation of Seagrass Beds with Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
* Using Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Map Seagrass Cover from Sentinel-2 Imagery

Andraghetti, L. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation with Traditional Visual Odometry

Andraud, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Towards spectral prediction of 2.5D prints for soft-proofing applications

Andre da Costa, C.[Cristiano] Co Author Listing * Critical Analysis of Red Ceramic Blocks Roughness Estimation by 2D and 3D Methods, A
Includes: Andre da Costa, C.[Cristiano] André da Costa, C.[Cristiano]

Andre Obrecht, R.[Regine] Co Author Listing * Special issue on content-based multimedia indexing and retrieval
* Weighted loss functions to make risk-based language identification fused decisions
Includes: Andre Obrecht, R.[Regine] Andre-Obrecht, R.[Regine] Andre-Obrecht, R.

Andre, A.[Alexis] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Spherical Videos from a Fast Rotating Camera
* Single-View Sketch Based Surface Modeling
Includes: Andre, A.[Alexis] André, A.[Alexis]

Andre, A.N.[Antoine N.] Co Author Listing * Photometric Visual Gyroscope for Full-View Spherical Camera
* Pose Measurement at Small Scale by Spectral Analysis of Periodic Patterns
* Visual Gyroscope: Combination of Deep Learning Features and Direct Alignment for Panoramic Stabilization
Includes: Andre, A.N.[Antoine N.] André, A.N.[Antoine N.] André, A.N.

Andre, B. Co Author Listing * Learning Semantic and Visual Similarity for Endomicroscopy Video Retrieval

Andre, C. Co Author Listing * Object reconstruction in an image based on belief function representation
* Use of Markov Random Fields for automatic cloud/shadow detection on high resolution optical images
Includes: Andre, C. Andre, C.[Cyrille]

Andre, C.R. Co Author Listing * new validated method for improving the audiovisual spatial congruence in the case of stereoscopic-3D video and wave field synthesis, A

Andre, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Generating categorical depth maps using passive defocus sensing
* Obstacle Avoidance via Depth from Focus
Includes: Andre, D.[David] Andre, D.

Andre, E.[Elisabeth] Co Author Listing * Approaches, Applications, and Challenges in Physiological Emotion Recognition: A Tutorial Overview
* Asynchronous and Event-Based Fusion Systems for Affect Recognition on Naturalistic Data in Comparison to Conventional Approaches
* Bi-channel sensor fusion for automatic sign language recognition
* COLD Fusion: Calibrated and Ordinal Latent Distribution Fusion for Uncertainty-Aware Multimodal Emotion Recognition
* Deep Learning for Mobile Mental Health: Challenges and recent advances
* Emotion Recognition Based on Physiological Changes in Music Listening
* Exploring Fusion Methods for Multimodal Emotion Recognition with Missing Data
* Geneva Minimalistic Acoustic Parameter Set (GeMAPS) for Voice Research and Affective Computing, The
* Improving Deep Facial Phenotyping for Ultra-rare Disorder Verification Using Model Ensembles
* Legal and Ethical Challenges in Multimedia Research
* Multi-Modal Pain Intensity Recognition Based on the SenseEmotion Database
* Nova: A Tool for Explanatory Multimodal Behavior Analysis and Its Application to Psychotherapy
* On The Simultaneous Interpretation of Real World Image Sequences and Their Natural Language Description: The System Soccer
* Simulation Sickness Evaluation While Using a Fully Autonomous Car in a Head Mounted Display Virtual Environment
* Unraveling ML Models of Emotion With NOVA: Multi-Level Explainable AI for Non-Experts
* Using Explainable AI to Identify Differences Between Clinical and Experimental Pain Detection Models Based on Facial Expressions
Includes: Andre, E.[Elisabeth] André, E.[Elisabeth] André, E. Andre, E.
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Andre, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Accounting for Surface Roughness Scattering in the Characterization of Forest Litter with Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Full-Wave Modeling of Near-Field Radar Data for Planar Layered Media Reconstruction
* Intrinsic Modeling of Near-Field Electromagnetic Induction Antennas for Layered Medium Characterization
* Modeling of Multilayered Media Green's Functions With Rough Interfaces
* Non-Invasive Forest Litter Characterization Using Full-Wave Inversion of Microwave Radar Data
* Quicker ADC: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Product Quantization With SIMD
* Validation of Near-Field Ground-Penetrating Radar Modeling Using Full-Wave Inversion for Soil Moisture Estimation
Includes: Andre, F.[Frederic] André, F.[Frédéric] Andre, F. André, F.[Fabien]
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Andre, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Entropy-Based Distortion Measure and Bit Allocation for Wavelet Image Compression
* Entropy-Based Distortion Measure for Image Coding
* JPEG2000-Compatible Scalable Scheme for Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* model-based motion compensated video coder with JPEG2000 compatibility, A
* Optimal Motion Estimation for Wavelet Motion Compensated Video Coding
* Puzzle Temporal Lifting for Wavelet-Based Video Coding
Includes: Andre, T.[Thomas] André, T.[Thomas] Andre, T.

Andrea Orlando, S.[Santi] Co Author Listing * Egocentric visitor localization and artwork detection in cultural sites using synthetic data

Andrea, C.[Cagninei] Co Author Listing * Bathymetric Detection of Fluvial Environments through UASs and Machine Learning Systems

Andrea, P.[Pagliosa] Co Author Listing * Development of a Novel Framework to Propose New Strategies for Automated External Defibrillators Deployment Targeting Residential Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests: Application to the City of Milan

Andreadakis, E.[Emmanouil] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Systems-Aided Post-Flood Peak Discharge Estimation in Ephemeral Streams

Andreadis, A. Co Author Listing * Edge-preserving classification of multifrequency multipolarization SAR images
* FEC Coding for H.263 Compatible Video Transmission
* Wireless Sensor Network Framework for Real-Time Monitoring of Height and Volume Variations on Sandy Beaches and Dunes, A
Includes: Andreadis, A. Andreadis, A.[Alessandro]

Andreadis, I. Co Author Listing * Accurate Calculation of Image Moments
* Analog Computation of Image Chromaticity
* Cellular-Automaton for the Determination of the Mean Velocity of Moving-Objects and Its VLSI Implementation, A
* Colored Object Recognition Using Invariant Spectral Features
* Conditional Random Field Model for Robust Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Conditional Random Field Model for Structured Multi-Focus Image Fusion Robust to Noise, A
* Design and implementation of a fuzzy hardware structure for morphological color image processing
* Design and Implementation of a Fuzzy-Modified Ant Colony Hardware Structure for Image Retrieval
* Efficient hardware architectures for computation of image moments
* Efficient Technique for the Computation of ART, An
* Fast Automatic Compensation of Under/Over- Exposured Image Regions
* Fast centre-surround contrast modification
* Fast Computation of Chebyshev Moments
* Fast Implementation Of Morphological Operations Using Binary Image Block Decomposition
* Fast Moment Generating Architectures
* FPGA implementation of a real-time biologically inspired image enhancement algorithm
* Fuzzy Soft Mathematical Morphology
* Fuzzy system for seismic signal classification
* High Performance Stereo System for Dense 3-D Reconstruction
* Image Pixel Classification by Chromaticity Analysis
* Intelligent Image Retrieval System Based on the Synergy of Color and Artificial Ant Colonies, An
* Morphological Colour Image Segmentation
* Multi-scale image contrast enhancement
* Multithresholding of color and gray-level images through a neural network technique
* new approach to morphological color image processing, A
* New fuzzy model for morphological colour image processing
* New Hardware Module for Automated Visual Inspection Based on a Cellular-Automaton Architecture, A
* new hardware structure for implementation of soft morphological filters, A
* new vector median filter for colour image processing, A
* Non-linear image processing in hardware
* On estimation of the number of image principal colors and color reduction through self-organized neural networks
* Parallel Architecture for Implementation of Filters Based on Order Statistics, A
* real-time color space converter for the measurement of appearance, A
* Real-Time Computation of Zernike Moments
* real-time fuzzy hardware structure for disparity map computation, A
* Real-Time Occlusion Aware Hardware Structure for Disparity Map Computation, A
* Realization of Rank Order Filters Based on Majority Gate
* Special issue on color imaging: Guest Editor
Includes: Andreadis, I. Andreadis, I.[Ioannis]
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Andreadis, I.T. Co Author Listing * Implementation of morphological filters using coordinate logic operations

Andreadis, K.M.[Konstantinos M.] Co Author Listing * Hydrologic Consistency of Multi-Sensor Drought Observations in Forested Environments
* Multi-Sensor Approach to Characterize Winter Water-Level Drawdown Patterns in Lakes, A
* Rapid Mapping of Small-Scale River-Floodplain Environments Using UAV SfM Supports Classical Theory

Andreadis, S.[Stelios] Co Author Listing * Early and Late Fusion of Multiple Modalities in Sentinel Imagery and Social Media Retrieval
* Extensible Framework for Interactive Real-time Visualizations of Large-scale Heterogeneous Multimedia Information from Online Sources, An
* Parallel DBSCAN-Martingale Estimation of the Number of Concepts for Automatic Satellite Image Clustering
* VERGE in VBS 2017
* VERGE in VBS 2018
* VERGE in VBS 2019
* Verge in VBS 2020
* Verge in VBS 2021
* VERGE in VBS 2022
* VERGE in VBS 2023
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Andreadis, T.[Theofilos] Co Author Listing * Development of an intelligent CAD system for mass detection in mammographic images

Andreadou, K.[Katerina] Co Author Listing * Unified Model for Socially Interconnected Multimedia-Enriched Objects, A

Andreae, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Beam Search Algorithm for PFSA Inference, A
* Reconstruction of Blood Vessel Networks From X-Ray Projections and a Vascular Catalogue
* Reconstruction of Vascular Networks Using 3-Dimensional Models
Includes: Andreae, P.[Peter] Andreae, P.

Andreani, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * DEM-Based Analysis of Interactions between Tectonics and Landscapes in the Ore Mountains and Eger Rift (East Germany and NW Czech Republic)
* Drone-Borne Hyperspectral and Magnetic Data Integration: Otanmäki Fe-Ti-V Deposit in Finland
* Remote Sensing Exploration of Nb-Ta-LREE-Enriched Carbonatite (Epembe/Namibia)
* Towards Multiscale and Multisource Remote Sensing Mineral Exploration Using RPAS: A Case Study in the Lofdal Carbonatite-Hosted REE Deposit, Namibia
* Window-Based Morphometric Indices as Predictive Variables for Landslide Susceptibility Models

Andreao, R.V.[Rodrigo Varejao] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality Solutions Employing Artificial Intelligence Methods: A Systematic Literature Review

Andrearczyk, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural network on three orthogonal planes for dynamic texture classification
* Disentangling Neuron Representations with Concept Vectors
* Interpreting Intentionally Flawed Models with Linear Probes
* Interpreting Intentionally Flawed Models with Linear Probes
* Studying Public Medical Images from the Open Access Literature and Social Networks for Model Training and Knowledge Extraction
* Using filter banks in Convolutional Neural Networks for texture classification
* Why is the Winner the Best?
Includes: Andrearczyk, V.[Vincent] Andrearczyk, V.
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Andreas, H.[Heri] Co Author Listing * Clustering Approach for the Analysis of InSAR Time Series: Application to the Bandung Basin (Indonesia), A
* Creating a Lowland and Peatland Landscape Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from Interpolated Partial Coverage LiDAR Data for Central Kalimantan and East Sumatra, Indonesia

Andreas, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * Explainable Neural Computation via Stack Neural Module Networks
* Learning to Reason: End-to-End Module Networks for Visual Question Answering
* Modeling Relationships in Referential Expressions with Compositional Modular Networks
* Neural Module Networks
* Toward a Visual Concept Vocabulary for GAN Latent Space
Includes: Andreas, J.[Jacob] Andreas, J.

Andreasen, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks to Detect Weeds from Crops in Agricultural Environments in Real-Time: A Review

Andreasen, J.W. Co Author Listing * Automated angular and translational tomographic alignment and application to phase-contrast imaging

Andreasen, N.C.[Nancy C.] Co Author Listing * Method to Analyze Correlations between Multiple Brain Imaging Tasks to Characterize Schizophrenia, A

Andreassen, L.M.[Liss M.] Co Author Listing * SenDiT: The Sentinel-2 Displacement Toolbox with Application to Glacier Surface Velocities

Andreasson, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Cluster-Based Group-Wise Point Set Registration With Quality Assessment
* Point Set Registration for 3D Range Scans Using Fuzzy Cluster-Based Metric and Efficient Global Optimization
* Robust Object Detection in Challenging Weather Conditions

Andreasson, I. Co Author Listing * Behavior Measurement, Analysis, and Regime Classification in Car Following
* Empty vehicle redistribution and fleet size in autonomous taxi systems
Includes: Andreasson, I. Andreasson, I.[Ingmar]

Andreatta, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Online Deep Learning Based System for Defects Detection in Glass Panels, An
* Re-photography and Environment Monitoring Using a Social Sensor Network

Andreetto, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction by Shadow Carving: Theory and Practical Evaluation
* 3D registration by textured spin-images
* Automatic 3-D Modeling of Textured Cultural Heritage Objects
* Automatic 3D modeling of palatal plaster casts
* Carving from Ray-Tracing Constraints: IRT-Carving
* Frequency domain registration of computer tomography data
* Implementation of a shadow carving system for shape capture
* Metrological Analysis of a Procedure for the Automatic 3D Modeling of Dental Plaster Casts
* Non-Parametric Probabilistic Image Segmentation
* Shadow Carving
* Towards Automatic Modelling of 3d Cultural Heritage
* Unsupervised Learning of Categorical Segments in Image Collections
Includes: Andreetto, M.[Marco] Andreetto, M.
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Andreev, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * Intra-Seasonal Variability of Sea Level on the Southwestern Bering Sea Shelf and Its Impact on the East Kamchatka and East Sakhalin Currents
* Word Image Matching Based on Hausdorff Distances

Andreev, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Quantization of Generative Adversarial Networks for Efficient Inference: A Methodological Study

Andreev, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient and Scalable Simulation Model for Autonomous Vehicles With Economical Hardware, An

Andreev, V.V. Co Author Listing * Study of Activation Functions in Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection and Tracking, The

Andreff, N. Co Author Listing * Controlling robots with two cameras: how to do it properly
* Exploiting Rolling Shutter Distortions for Simultaneous Object Pose and Velocity Computation Using a Single View
* Joint 3D Shape and Motion Estimation from Rolling Shutter Light-Field Images
* Kinematics from Lines in a Single Rolling Shutter Image
* On-line hand-eye calibration
* Simultaneous Object Pose and Velocity Computation Using a Single View from a Rolling Shutter Camera
* Visual Servoing from Lines
Includes: Andreff, N. Andreff, N.[Nicolas]
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Andrefouet, S. Co Author Listing * Change detection of coral reef habitats from multi-temporal and multi-source satellite imagery in Bunaken, Indonesia
* Designing Climate-Resilient Marine Protected Area Networks by Combining Remotely Sensed Coral Reef Habitat with Coastal Multi-Use Maps
* Evaluation of Fuzzy Partitions
* Fuzzy-Possibilistic Scheme of Study for Objects with Indeterminate Boundaries: Application to French Polynesian Reefscapes, A
* Hindcast and Near Real-Time Monitoring of Green Macroalgae Blooms in Shallow Coral Reef Lagoons Using Sentinel-2: A New-Caledonia Case Study
* Shallow Water Bathymetry Retrieval Using a Band-Optimization Iterative Approach: Application to New Caledonia Coral Reef Lagoons Using Sentinel-2 Data
Includes: Andrefouet, S. Andréfouët, S.[Serge] Andrefouët, S.

Andrei, C.O.[Constantin Octavian] Co Author Listing * GPS Time Series Analysis from Aboa the Finnish Antarctic Research Station
* Road Environment Mapping System of the Finnish Geodetic Institute: FGI Roamer
Includes: Andrei, C.O.[Constantin Octavian] Andrei, C.O.[Constantin-Octavian] Andrei, C.O.

Andrei, L.[Liliana] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Transformative Potential: An Examination of the Urban Mobility Impact Based on an Open-Source Microscopic Traffic Simulator for Autonomous Vehicles

Andrei, M.[Makhliarchuk] Co Author Listing * HaGRID: HAnd Gesture Recognition Image Dataset

Andrei, R.[Radovici] Co Author Listing * SEVIRI Aerosol Optical Depth Validation Using AERONET and Intercomparison with MODIS in Central and Eastern Europe

Andrei, S.[Spiridonov] Co Author Listing * FIANCEE: Faster Inference of Adversarial Networks via Conditional Early Exits
* Ground-Based Measurements of Wind and Turbulence at Bucharest-Magurele: First Results
* Methodology for Lidar Monitoring of Biomass Burning Smoke in Connection with the Land Cover
* Orange Snow: A Saharan Dust Intrusion over Romania During Winter Conditions
Includes: Andrei, S.[Spiridonov] Andrei, S.[Simona]

Andrei, S.S.[Silviu S.] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning of Visual Odometry Using Direct Motion Modeling

Andrei, V. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning for Sea Ice Monitoring From Satellites

Andreica, A.[Anca] Co Author Listing * Towards an Unsupervised Growcut Algorithm for Mammography Segmentation

Andreica, T.[Tudor] Co Author Listing * Effective Intrusion Detection and Prevention for the Commercial Vehicle SAE J1939 CAN Bus

Andreini, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Analysis and Classification for Urinary Bacteria Infection Screening
* Fusion of Visual and Anamnestic Data for the Classification of Skin Lesions with Deep Learning
* Weak supervision for generating pixel-level annotations in scene text segmentation

Andrejchenko, V.[Vera] Co Author Listing * Decision Fusion Framework for Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Markov and Conditional Random Fields
* Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing With Graphical Models
Includes: Andrejchenko, V.[Vera] Andrejchenko, V.

Andrejewski, J.[Jana] Co Author Listing * X-Ray Dark-Field Signal Reduction Due to Hardening of the Visibility Spectrum

Andren, A.[Anders] Co Author Listing * Multi-Channel Ground-Penetrating Radar Array Surveys of the Iron Age and Medieval Ringfort Bårby on the Island of Öland, Sweden
Includes: Andren, A.[Anders] Andrén, A.[Anders]

Andreo, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * New Fully Gap-Free Time Series of Land Surface Temperature from MODIS LST Data, A
Includes: Andreo, V.[Veronica] Andreo, V.[Verónica]

Andreoli, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Free-form-deformation parameterization for multilevel 3D shape optimization in aerodynamics

Andreoli, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Immersivity and Playability Evaluation of a Game Experience in Cultural Heritage
* Review of Ocean Color Algorithms to Detect Trichodesmium Oceanic Blooms and Quantify Chlorophyll Concentration in Shallow Coral Lagoons of South Pacific Archipelagos, A
Includes: Andreoli, R.[Roberto] Andréoli, R.[Rémi]

Andreolli, M. Co Author Listing * 3D WebGIS and Visualization Issues for Architectures and Large Sites
* New Approach for forest inventory estimation and timber harvesting planning in mountain areas: the Slope project

Andreone, L. Co Author Listing * Dynamic situation and threat assessment for collision warning systems: the EUCLIDE approach
* Sensor Fusion for Predicting Vehicles' Path for Collision Avoidance Systems
* Towards the Automotive HMI of the Future: Overview of the AIDE-Integrated Project Results

Andreopoulos, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * 50 Years of object recognition: Directions forward
* Active Vision for Door Localization and Door Opening using Playbot: A Computer Controlled Wheelchair for People with Mobility Impairments
* Cardiac MRI dataset
* Computational Learning Theory of Active Object Recognition Under Uncertainty, A
* Information Fusion for Multi-camera and Multi-body Structure and Motion
* Low Power, Fully Event-Based Gesture Recognition System, A
* Low Power, High Throughput, Fully Event-Based Stereo System, A
* Novel Algorithm for Fitting 3-D Active Appearance Models: Applications to Cardiac MRI Segmentation, A
* On Sensor Bias in Experimental Methods for Comparing Interest-Point, Saliency, and Recognition Algorithms
* Resampling 4-D Images Using Adaptive Filtering
* theory of active object localization, A
* Why Does Data-Driven Beat Theory-Driven Computer Vision?
Includes: Andreopoulos, A.[Alexander] Andreopoulos, A.
12 for Andreopoulos, A.

Andreopoulos, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Mapping of Spatio-Temporal Variations in Human Mortality-Related Parameters at European Scale
* Could Historical Mortality Data Predict Mortality Due to Unexpected Events?

Andreopoulos, Y.[Yiannis] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Linear Prediction for Resource Estimation of Video Decoding
* Biased Mixtures of Experts: Enabling Computer Vision Inference Under Data Transfer Limitations
* Comments on Phase-Shifting for Nonseparable 2-D Haar Wavelets
* Compressed-domain video classification with deep neural networks: There's way too much information to decode the matrix
* Control of the distortion variation in video coding systems based on motion compensated temporal filtering
* Core Failure Mitigation in Integer Sum-of-Product Computations on Cloud Computing Systems
* Deep Perceptual Preprocessing for Video Coding
* Deep Video Precoding
* Distortion estimates for adaptive lifting transforms with noise
* Distortion estimates for adaptive temporal decompositions of video under displacement errors and quantization noise
* Energy Consumption of Visual Sensor Networks: Impact of Spatio-Temporal Coverage
* Error Tolerant Multimedia Stream Processing: There's Plenty of Room at the Top (of the System Stack)
* Evaluation of design alternatives for the 2-D-discrete wavelet transform
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on New Software/Hardware Paradigms for Error-Tolerant Multimedia Systems
* Improved Techniques for Adversarial Discriminative Domain Adaptation
* In-band motion compensated temporal filtering
* Incremental Refinement of Computation for the Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Incremental Refinement of Image Salient-Point Detection
* Linear Image Processing Operations With Operational Tight Packing
* Local Wavelet Transform Implementation Versus an Optimal Row-column Algorithm for the 2-D Multilevel Decomposition, A
* Media Query Processing for the Internet-of-Things: Coupling of Device Energy Consumption and Cloud Infrastructure Billing
* Mitigating Silent Data Corruptions in Integer Matrix Products: Toward Reliable Multimedia Computing on Unreliable Hardware
* Motion and texture rate-allocation for prediction-based scalable motion-vector coding
* Motion vector coding for in-band motion compensated temporal filtering
* Performance comparison of two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform computation schedules on a VLIW digital signal processor
* PIX2NVS: Parameterized conversion of pixel-domain video frames to neuromorphic vision streams
* Precision-Energy-Throughput Scaling of Generic Matrix Multiplication and Convolution Kernels via Linear Projections
* Rate-Accuracy Trade-Off in Video Classification With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Region-of-Interest Retrieval in Large Image Datasets with Voronoi VLAD
* Scalable motion vector coding
* Scalable video coding based on motion-compensated temporal filtering: complexity and functionality analysis
* Scalable wavelet video-coding with in-band prediction implementation and experimental results
* Sequence-Level Reference Frames in Video Coding
* Software Designs of Image Processing Tasks With Incremental Refinement of Computation
* Spatio-temporal-SNR scalable wavelet coding with motion compensated DCT base-layer architectures
* Statistical Framework for Video Decoding Complexity Modeling and Prediction
* Throughput Scaling of Convolution for Error-Tolerant Multimedia Applications
* Unconstrained motion compensated temporal filtering (UMCTF) for efficient and flexible interframe wavelet video coding
* Voronoi-Based Compact Image Descriptors: Efficient Region-of-Interest Retrieval With VLAD and Deep-Learning-Based Descriptors
Includes: Andreopoulos, Y.[Yiannis] Andreopoulos, Y.
39 for Andreopoulos, Y.

Andreopoulos, Y.F.[Yi Fannis] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Object Classification for Neuromorphic Vision Sensing
* Graph-Based Spatio-Temporal Feature Learning for Neuromorphic Vision Sensing
* Video Classification With CNNs: Using the Codec as a Spatio-Temporal Activity Sensor
Includes: Andreopoulos, Y.F.[Yi Fannis] Andreopoulos, Y.F.[Yi-Fannis]

Andreotti, G.F. Co Author Listing * Clock recovery and reconstruction of PAL pictures for MPEG coded streams transported over ATM networks

Andreou, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * BuildingNet: Learning to Label 3D Buildings
* UAV-Assisted RSUs for V2X Connectivity Using Voronoi Diagrams in 6G+ Infrastructures

Andreou, A.G.[Andreas G.] Co Author Listing * email: Andreou, A.G.[Andreas G.]: andreou AT jhu edu
* Analog VLSI Neuromorphic Image Acquisition and Preprocessing Systems
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University (1998 PI)
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University (1998)
* Polarization Camera Sensors
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University
Includes: Andreou, A.G.[Andreas G.] Andreou, A.G.
7 for Andreou, A.G.

Andreozzi, F. Co Author Listing * Fast convergence for spectral clustering

Andreozzi, J.M. Co Author Listing * Online Combination of EPID-Cherenkov Imaging for 3-D Dosimetry in a Liquid Phantom

Andres Anaya, P.[Paula] Co Author Listing * Influence of LiDAR Point Cloud Density in the Geometric Characterization of Rooftops for Solar Photovoltaic Studies in Cities
* Retrieving Land Surface Temperature from Satellite Imagery with a Novel Combined Strategy
Includes: Andres Anaya, P.[Paula] Andrés-Anaya, P.[Paula]

Andres del Valle, A.C. Co Author Listing * Digital Reflection: Simulating the Mirroring Effect
* Eye State Tracking for Face Cloning
* Eyebrow Movement Analysis over Real-Time Video Sequences for Synthetic Representation
Includes: Andres del Valle, A.C. Andrés del Valle, A.C.[Ana C.]

Andres Ferrer, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Arabic Printed Word Recognition Using Windowed Bernoulli HMMs
* Bernoulli HMMs at Subword Level for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Comparison of Bernoulli and Gaussian HMMs Using a Vertical Repositioning Technique for Off-Line Handwriting Recognition
* Discriminative Bernoulli HMMs for isolated handwritten word recognition
* Discriminative Bernoulli Mixture Models for Handwritten Digit Recognition
* Explicit Length Modelling for Statistical Machine Translation
* Handwriting word recognition using windowed Bernoulli HMMs
* On a Kernel Regression Approach to Machine Translation
* On the use of different loss functions in statistical pattern recognition applied to machine translation
* Window repositioning for printed Arabic recognition
* Windowed Bernoulli Mixture HMMs for Arabic Handwritten Word Recognition
Includes: Andres Ferrer, J.[Jesus] Andrés-Ferrer, J.[Jesús] Andres-Ferrer, J.[Jesus] Andres-Ferrer, J.
11 for Andres Ferrer, J.

Andres Mauricio, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Carbon Stocks, Species Diversity and Their Spatial Relationships in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
Includes: Andres Mauricio, J.[Juan] Andres-Mauricio, J.[Juan]

Andres Pueyo, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality for Training Diagnostic Skills in Anorexia Nervosa: A Usability Assessment
Includes: Andres Pueyo, A.[Antonio] Andres-Pueyo, A.[Antonio]

Andres, A.C.[Ana C.] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of Mesh Morphing Techniques for Avatars Used in Web Applications
Includes: Andres, A.C.[Ana C.] Andrés, A.C.[Ana C.]

Andres, A.M.[Ariel Morelli] Co Author Listing * Face recognition on partially occluded images using compressed sensing
* Randomized Face Recognition on Partially Occluded Images

Andres, A.P.A.[Ana Pilar Armesto] Co Author Listing * Scalable Parcel-Based Crop Identification Scheme Using Sentinel-2 Data Time-Series for the Monitoring of the Common Agricultural Policy
Includes: Andres, A.P.A.[Ana Pilar Armesto] Andrés, A.P.A.[Ana Pilar Armesto]

Andres, B. Co Author Listing * ArtTrack: Articulated Multi-Person Tracking in the Wild
* Combinatorial Persistency Criteria for Multicut and Max-Cut
* Comparative Study of Local Search Algorithms for Correlation Clustering, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Structured Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Convexification of Learning from Constraints
* Convexity Shape Constraints for Image Segmentation
* DeepCut: Joint Subset Partition and Labeling for Multi Person Pose Estimation
* DeeperCut: A Deeper, Stronger, and Faster Multi-person Pose Estimation Model
* Discrete Chain Graph Model for 3d+t Cell Tracking with High Misdetection Robustness, A
* Discrete-Continuous ADMM for Transductive Inference in Higher-Order MRFs
* Efficient Algorithms for Moral Lineage Tracing
* Efficient automatic 3D-reconstruction of branching neurons from EM data
* Efficient Decomposition of Image and Mesh Graphs by Lifted Multicuts
* Efficient Fusion Move Algorithm for the Minimum Cost Lifted Multicut Problem, An
* Empirical Comparison of Inference Algorithms for Graphical Models with Higher Order Factors Using OpenGM, An
* End-to-End Learning for Graph Decomposition
* Globally Optimal Closed-Surface Segmentation for Connectomics
* Globally Optimal Image Partitioning by Multicuts
* Higher-Order Multicuts for Geometric Model Fitting and Motion Segmentation
* InstanceCut: From Edges to Instances with MultiCut
* Joint Graph Decomposition Node Labeling: Problem, Algorithms, Applications
* Lazy Flipper: Efficient Depth-Limited Exhaustive Search in Discrete Graphical Models, The
* Message Passing Algorithm for the Minimum Cost Multicut Problem, A
* Moral Lineage Tracing
* Motion Segmentation Multiple Object Tracking by Correlation Co-Clustering
* Motion Trajectory Segmentation via Minimum Cost Multicuts
* Multi-person Tracking by Multicut and Deep Matching
* Multiple People Tracking by Lifted Multicut and Person Re-identification
* On errors-in-variables regression with arbitrary covariance and its application to optical flow estimation
* On the Lifted Multicut Polytope for Trees
* Probabilistic image segmentation with closedness constraints
* Quantitative Assessment of Image Segmentation Quality by Random Walk Relaxation Times
* Reconstructing Curvilinear Networks Using Path Classifiers and Integer Programming
* Reconstructing Loopy Curvilinear Structures Using Integer Programming
* Segmentation of SBFSEM Volume Data of Neural Tissue by Hierarchical Classification
* Selection of Local Optical Flow Models by Means of Residual Analysis
* Subgraph decomposition for multi-target tracking
Includes: Andres, B. Andres, B.[Bjoern] Andres, B.[Björn] Andres, B.[Bjorn]
38 for Andres, B.

Andres, C. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Surface Velocity Field of the Aletsch Glacier Using Multibaseline Airborne SAR Interferometry
* High-Resolution SAR Interferometry: Estimation of Local Frequencies in the Context of Alpine Glaciers

Andres, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * 3-D Discrete Analytical Ridgelet Transform
* 3-D fast ridgelet transform
* Adaptive Pixel Resizing for Multiscale Recognition and Reconstruction
* Analytical Description of Digital Circles
* Arithmetization of a Circular Arc
* Characterization and generation of straight line segments on triangular cell grid
* Collaborating with an Artist in Digital Geometry
* Digital Analytical Geometry: How Do I Define a Digital Analytical Object?
* Digital Geometry from a Geometric Algebra Perspective
* Digital Primitives Defined by Weighted Focal Set
* Digital Surface of Revolution with Hand-Drawn Generatrix
* Digital Surfaces of Revolution Made Simple
* Digital Two-Dimensional Bijective Reflection and Associated Rotation
* Discrete analytical curve reconstruction without patches
* Discrete Analytical Hyperplanes
* Discrete analytical objects in the body-centered cubic grid
* Discrete analytical ridgelet transform
* Discrete Bisector Function Based on Annulus, A
* Discrete linear objects in dimension n: the standard model
* Discrete Rotation for Directional Orthogonal Wavelet Packets
* Efficient Robust Digital Annulus Fitting with Bounded Error
* Euclidean Eccentricity Transform by Discrete Arc Paving
* First Look into a Formal and Constructive Approach for Discrete Geometry Using Nonstandard Analysis, A
* Generalized Perpendicular Bisector and Circumcenter
* Implicit Digital Surfaces in Arbitrary Dimensions
* Insight in discrete geometry and computational content of a discrete model of the continuum
* Introduction Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
* Invertible Polygonalization of 3D Planar Digital Curves and Application to Volume Data Reconstruction
* Linear Discrete Line Recognition and Reconstruction Based on a Generalized Preimage
* Local Non-planarity of Three Dimensional Surfaces for an Invertible Reconstruction: k-Cuspal Cells
* O(n 3logn) Time Complexity for the Optimal Consensus Set Computation for 4-Connected Digital Circles
* Object Discretizations in Higher Dimensions
* Omega-Arithmetization of Ellipses
* Omega-Arithmetization: A Discrete Multi-resolution Representation of Real Functions
* Optimal consensus set and preimage of 4-connected circles in a noisy environment
* Optimal Consensus Set for Annulus Fitting
* Optimal Consensus Set for nD Fixed Width Annulus Fitting
* Properties and Applications of the Simplified Generalized Perpendicular Bisector
* Rational Bitmap Scaling
* Removal and contraction operations to define combinatorial pyramids: Application to the design of a spatial modeler
* Rhombic Dodecahedron Grid: Coordinate System and 3D Digital Object Definitions
* Thoughts on 3D Digital Subplane Recognition and Minimum-Maximum of a Bilinear Congruence Sequence
* Unfolding Level 1 Menger Polycubes of Arbitrary Size With Help of Outer Faces
Includes: Andres, E.[Eric] Andres, E. Andrès, E.[Eric] Andres, É.[Éric]
43 for Andres, E.

Andres, F.L.H.[Fernando Las Heras] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Validation of a Hybrid Forward-Looking Down-Looking Ground Penetrating Radar Architecture
* Portable and Easily-Deployable Air-Launched GPR Scanner
Includes: Andres, F.L.H.[Fernando Las Heras] Andrés, F.L.H.[Fernando Las-Heras]

Andres, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Information extraction in handwritten historical logbooks
* Processing a large collection of historical tabular images
* Word Translation Disambiguation Using Multinomial Classifiers
Includes: Andres, J.[Jose] Andrés, J.[José] Andrés, J.[Jesús]

Andres, J.M.A.L.[Juliana Ma. Alexandra L.] Co Author Listing * Re-Analysis and Synthesis of Data on Affect Dynamics in Learning, A

Andres, K.N. Co Author Listing * Right Ventricular Strain, Torsion, and Dyssynchrony in Healthy Subjects Using 3D Spiral Cine DENSE Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Andres, M.A.[Montoya A.] Co Author Listing * Design of a User Interface to Estimate Distance of Moving Explosive Devices with Stereo Cameras

Andres, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Chromatic compensation of broadband light diffraction: ABCD-matrix approach
* Scatter-free imaging through biological tissue
Includes: Andres, P.[Pedro] Andrés, P.[Pedro]

Andres, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Advances in Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis with ontologies: A review of main contributions and limitations from a remote sensing perspective
Includes: Andres, S.[Samuel] Andrés, S.[Samuel]

Andres, Y.[Yago] Co Author Listing * Precise Orbit Determination for Climate Applications of GNSS Radio Occultation including Uncertainty Estimation

Andresen, B.F.[Bjorn F.] Co Author Listing * Infrared Technology and Applications XXIII

Andresen, C.G.[Christian G.] Co Author Listing * Near Real-Time Flood Mapping with Weakly Supervised Machine Learning

Andresen, K. Co Author Listing * Camera Orientation and 3D-Deformation Measurement by Use of Cross Gratings

Andresen, P.R. Co Author Listing * Feature displacement interpolation
* Surface-bounded growth modeling applied to human mandibles

Andresen, R.[Reimer] Co Author Listing * Analysis by Synthesis Approach for Automatic Vertebral Shape Identification in Clinical QCT, An

Andresen, T. Co Author Listing * Applying Advanced Techniques to the Dissemination of Satellite Based Crisis Information
* Potential and Challenges of Harmonizing 40 Years of AVHRR Data: The TIMELINE Experience
Includes: Andresen, T. Andresen, T.[Thorsten]

Andress, K.M.[Keith M.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for detecting a face in a video image
* Evidence Accumulation and Flow of Control in a Hierarchial Spatial Reasoning System
* Evidential reconstruction of vessel trees from rotational angiograms
* Production System Environment for Integrating Knowledge with Vision Data, A
Includes: Andress, K.M.[Keith M.] Andress, K.M.

Andreu Cabedo, Y. Co Author Listing * Mirror Mirror on the Wall... An Unobtrusive Intelligent Multisensory Mirror for Well-Being Status Self-Assessment and Visualization
Includes: Andreu Cabedo, Y. Andreu-Cabedo, Y.

Andreu Garcia, G. Co Author Listing * Background modelling in demanding situations with confidence measure
* Detection of Visual Defects in Citrus Fruits: Multivariate Image Analysis vs Graph Image Segmentation
* Feature extraction methods applied to the clustering of electrocardiographi signals. a comparative study
* Locating People in Images by Optimal Cue Integration
* People and luggage recognition in airport surveillance under real-time constraints
Includes: Andreu Garcia, G. Andreu-Garcia, G. Andreu-García, G.[Gabriela] Andreu-Garcia, G.[Gabriela]

Andreu Perez, J. Co Author Listing * Supervised penalty-based aggregation applied to motor-imagery based brain-computer-interface
Includes: Andreu Perez, J. Andreu-Perez, J.

Andreu, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Can We Use Satellite-Based Soil-Moisture Products at High Resolution to Investigate Land-Use Differences and Land-Atmosphere Interactions? A Case Study in the Savanna
* Estimating Evapotranspiration of Mediterranean Oak Savanna at Multiple Temporal and Spatial Resolutions. Implications for Water Resources Management
* II: Integration of Remote Sensing Medium and Low Spatial Resolution Satellite Images
* Modeling Surface Energy Fluxes over a Dehesa (Oak Savanna) Ecosystem Using a Thermal Based Two-Source Energy Balance Model (TSEB) I

Andreu, D. Co Author Listing * Cardiac Deformation from Electro-Anatomical Mapping Data: Application to Scar Characterization
* Quantitative Analysis of Lead Position vs. Correction of Electrical Dyssynchrony in an Experimental Model of LBBB/CRT
Includes: Andreu, D. Andreu, D.[David]

Andreu, G. Co Author Listing * Font-independent mixed-size digit recognition through error-correcting grammatical inference (ECGI)

Andreu, J.P. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of annual rings on industrial CT images of logs
* Fuzzy Relative Positions for Qualitative Pose Estimation
* Modeling Knot Geometry in Norway Spruce from Industrial CT Images
* Qualitative Spatial Reasoning to Infer the Camera Position in Generic Object Recognition
Includes: Andreu, J.P. Andreu, J.P.[Jean-Philippe]

Andreu, Y.[Yasmina] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Effect of Image Resolution on Automatic Face Gender Classification
* Dealing with Inaccurate Face Detection for Automatic Gender Recognition with Partially Occluded Faces
* Face gender classification: A statistical study when neutral and distorted faces are combined for training and testing purposes
* Gender Recognition from a Partial View of the Face Using Local Feature Vectors
* On the Complementarity of Face Parts for Gender Recognition
* Role of Face Parts in Gender Recognition, The
* Wize Mirror: A smart, multisensory cardio-metabolic risk monitoring system
7 for Andreu, Y.

Andreux, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Laplace-Beltrami Operators for Shape Analysis

Andrew, A.M. Co Author Listing * Another Efficient Algorithm for Convex Hulls in Two Dimensions

Andrew, D.[Derek] Co Author Listing * Identifying film frames in a video sequence

Andrew, J. Co Author Listing * Simple and Efficient Hierarchical Image Coder, A

Andrew, J.P. Co Author Listing * Coding gain and spatial localisation properties of discrete wavelet transform filter banks for image coding

Andrew, O.[Ogbaje] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Flood Mapping Using NovaSAR-1 and Sentinel-1 Data

Andrew, W. Co Author Listing * Automatic individual holstein friesian cattle identification via selective local coat pattern matching in RGB-D imagery
* Fusing Animal Biometrics with Autonomous Robotics: Drone-based Search and Individual ID of Friesian Cattle (Extended Abstract)
* Visual Localisation and Individual Identification of Holstein Friesian Cattle via Deep Learning

Andrews Goff, V.[Virginia] Co Author Listing * Combining Regional Habitat Selection Models for Large-Scale Prediction: Circumpolar Habitat Selection of Southern Ocean Humpback Whales
Includes: Andrews Goff, V.[Virginia] Andrews-Goff, V.[Virginia]

Andrews, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * System and method for identifying tie point collections used in imagery

Andrews, B.A.[Barry A.] Co Author Listing * Vector image processing system

Andrews, C.M.[Christopher M.] Co Author Listing * Design Considerations for Interacting and Navigating with 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional Medical Images in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Medical Applications

Andrews, C.N. Co Author Listing * Self-Stabilizing Colonic Capsule Endoscopy: Pilot Study of Acute Canine Models

Andrews, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Fast tissue segmentation based on a 4D feature map: Preliminary results

Andrews, D.F. Co Author Listing * Plots of high-dimensional data

Andrews, D.P. Co Author Listing * Comparison of LASER Scanning and Structure from Motion as Applied to the Great Barn at Harmondsworth, UK, A

Andrews, H.C. Co Author Listing * Analytic Results of the Coleman Segmentor
* Bottom Up Image Segmentor, A
* Computer Techniques in Image Processing
* Data Compression and Enhancement of Sampled Images
* Digital Image Processing
* Digital Image Processing: Papers
* Digital Image Restoration
* Hadamard Transform Image Coding
* Image Approximation by Variable Knot Bicubic Spines
* Image Processing by Digital Computer
* Image Segmentation and Clustering
* Least Squares Image Restoration Using Spline Basis Functions
* Monochrome Digital Image Enhancement
* Multidimensional Rotations in Feature Selection
* Pattern Recognition Experiments in the Mandala/Cosine Domain
* Performance Measures for Transform Data Coding
16 for Andrews, H.C.

Andrews, J.D. Co Author Listing * Railway infrastructure asset management: The whole-system life cost analysis

Andrews, J.H.[John H.] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR and Aerial Imagery to Assess Potential Burrow Locations for the Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii)

Andrews, J.L.[Jeffrey L.] Co Author Listing * Using evolutionary algorithms for model-based clustering

Andrews, J.R.[John R.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Depths Derived by Airborne Lidar and Satellite Imaging to Support Bathymetric Mapping Efforts with Varying Environmental Conditions: Lower Laguna Madre, Gulf of Mexico

Andrews, L. Co Author Listing * Reject Management in a Handwriting Recognition System

Andrews, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Abundance guided endmember selection: An algorithm for unmixing hyperspectral data
* Blind spectral unmixing for compressive hyperspectral imaging of highly mixed data
* Compressed hyperspectral image recovery via total variation regularization assuming linear mixing
* Iterative Blind Deconvolution of Extended Objects
* Reducing the Complexity of the N-FINDR Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Total Variation Regularization via Continuation to Recover Compressed Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Andrews, M.[Mark] Andrews, M.

Andrews, M.J. Co Author Listing * 500-2000-MHz Brightness Temperature Spectra of the Northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet
* Greenland Ice Sheet Subsurface Temperature Estimation Using Ultrawideband Microwave Radiometry
* Remote Sensing of Sea Ice Thickness and Salinity With 0.5-2 GHz Microwave Radiometry
* Ultrawideband Software-Defined Microwave Radiometer: Instrument Description and Initial Campaign Results, The
Includes: Andrews, M.J. Andrews, M.J.[Mark J.]

Andrews, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Acquisition of Anisotropic Friction
* Bayesian pot-assembly from fragments as problems in perceptual-grouping and geometric-learning
* Bounded Labeling Function for Global Segmentation of Multi-part Objects with Geometric Constraints
* Convex multi-region probabilistic segmentation with shape prior in the isometric log-ratio transformation space
* Generalized Log-Ratio Transformation: Learning Shape and Adjacency Priors for Simultaneous Thigh Muscle Segmentation, The
* Interactive Scanning of Haptic Textures and Surface Compliance
* Isometric Log-Ratio Transform for Probabilistic Multi-Label Anatomical Shape Representation, The
Includes: Andrews, S. Andrews, S.[Stuart] Andrews, S.[Shawn] Andrews, S.[Sheldon]
7 for Andrews, S.

Andrews, S.E. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis Using Moments and Fourier Descriptors

Andrews, S.S.[Sheena Susan] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of microaneurysms using Stockwell transform and statistical features
* Fusing dual-tree quaternion wavelet transform and local mesh based features for grading of diabetic retinopathy using extreme learning machine classifier

Andrews, T.J.[Timothy J.] Co Author Listing * Testing Viewpoint Invariance in the Neural Representation of Faces: An MEG Study

Andrews, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Image-trained CNN Architectures for Unconstrained Video Classification
* Learning Discriminative Features via Label Consistent Neural Network
Includes: Andrews, W.[Walter] Andrews, W.

Andrey, B.[Bolshakov] Co Author Listing * Semiautomatic visual-attention modeling and its application to video compression

Andrey, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Depth Measurements from a Simulated Low-Cost Multi-Wavelength Ground-Based Camera: A Clear Case over a Peri-Urban Area

Andrey, K.[Krylov] Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic image quality assessment by analysing visual hierarchical structures and binocular effects

Andrey, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Joint registration and averaging of multiple 3D anatomical surface models
* Selectionist relaxation: genetic algorithms applied to image segmentation
* Towards a Spatio-Temporal Atlas of 3D Cellular Parameters During Leaf Morphogenesis
* Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using A Distributed Genetic Algorithm
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Markov Random-Field Modeled Textured Images Using Selectionist Relaxation
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Selectionist Relaxation
Includes: Andrey, P.[Philippe] Andrey, P.

Andreychenko, A. Co Author Listing * Prospective Respiration Detection in Magnetic Resonance Imaging by a Non-Interfering Noise Navigator

Andrezza, I. Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Fingerprint Image Segmentation Based on Adaptative Gabor Filters, A

Andrezza, I.L.P.[Igor Lucena Peixoto] Co Author Listing * Normalization Methods Analysis Applied to Face Recognition

Andri, R.[Renzo] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Visual Context Classification on a Low-Power Smartwatch

Andriacchi, T.P.[Thomas P.] Co Author Listing * Accurately measuring human movement using articulated ICP with soft-joint constraints and a repository of articulated models
* Camera Networks for Healthcare, Teleimmersion, and Surveillance
* Markerless Motion Capture through Visual Hull, Articulated ICP and Subject Specific Model Generation

Andriamananjara, A.[Andry] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with Genetic Algorithm-Based Partial Least Squares Regression for Assessing the Soil Phosphorus Content of Upland and Lowland Rice Fields in Madagascar
* Using a One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network on Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Improve Soil Phosphorus Prediction in Madagascar
* Vis-NIR Spectroscopy and PLS Regression with Waveband Selection for Estimating the Total C and N of Paddy Soils in Madagascar

Andriamiarisoa, R.L.[Roger Lala] Co Author Listing * Automatic High-Resolution Land Cover Production in Madagascar Using Sentinel-2 Time Series, Tile-Based Image Classification and Google Earth Engine

Andrian, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * computational efficient iris extraction approach in unconstrained environments, A
* highly accurate and computationally efficient approach for unconstrained iris segmentation, A
* Survey on mixed impulse and Gaussian denoising filters

Andrianaivo, L.N. Co Author Listing * Architecture Recognition By Means of Convolutional Neural Networks

Andrianasy, F.[Fidimahery] Co Author Listing * Dynamic character recognition using an elastic matching

Andriani, G.F.[Gioacchino Francesco] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Remote Sensing Techniques for Geostructural Analysis and Cliff Monitoring in Coastal Areas of High Tourist Attraction: The Case Study of Polignano a Mare (Southern Italy)
* QDC-2D: A Semi-Automatic Tool for 2D Analysis of Discontinuities for Rock Mass Characterization

Andriani, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Beyond the Kodak image set: A new reference set of color image sequences
* Comparison of lossy to lossless compression techniques for digital cinema
* Crosstalk correction technique for single sensor camera provided with Bayer color filter array
* Demosaicing With Directional Filtering and a posteriori Decision
* Lossless Compression of Color Sequences Using Optimal Linear Prediction Theory
* Orientation Adaptive Discrete Packet Wavelet Decomposition via Shifting Operators for Image Compression
Includes: Andriani, S.[Stefano] Andriani, S.

Andriasyan, M.[Mesrop] Co Author Listing * From Point Cloud Data to Building Information Modelling: An Automatic Parametric Workflow for Heritage

Andrienko, E. Co Author Listing * Semantic Scene Understanding for the Autonomous Platform

Andrienko, G. Co Author Listing * Applications of Trajectory Data From the Perspective of a Road Transportation Agency: Literature Review and Maryland Case Study
* Exploiting Spatial Abstraction in Predictive Analytics of Vehicle Traffic
* general framework for trajectory data warehousing and visual OLAP, A
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Visual Analysis for ITS
* Interactive maps for visual exploration of grid and vector geodata
* Opening up the black box of medical image segmentation with statistical shape models
* Semantic trajectories modeling and analysis
* Visual Analysis of Place Connectedness by Public Transport
* Visual Analytics Approach to Exploration of Large Amounts of Movement Data, A
* Visual Analytics of Mobility and Transportation: State of the Art and Further Research Directions
* Visual Analytics of Movement
Includes: Andrienko, G. Andrienko, G.[Gennady]
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Andrienko, N. Co Author Listing * Applications of Trajectory Data From the Perspective of a Road Transportation Agency: Literature Review and Maryland Case Study
* Exploiting Spatial Abstraction in Predictive Analytics of Vehicle Traffic
* general framework for trajectory data warehousing and visual OLAP, A
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Visual Analysis for ITS
* Interactive maps for visual exploration of grid and vector geodata
* Opening up the black box of medical image segmentation with statistical shape models
* Semantic trajectories modeling and analysis
* Visual Analysis of Place Connectedness by Public Transport
* Visual Analytics Approach to Exploration of Large Amounts of Movement Data, A
* Visual Analytics of Mobility and Transportation: State of the Art and Further Research Directions
* Visual Analytics of Movement
Includes: Andrienko, N. Andrienko, N.[Natalia]
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Andrienko, O.[Oles] Co Author Listing * DPPD: Deformable Polar Polygon Object Detection

Andrienko, Y.[Yulia] Co Author Listing * Annual Cycle in Mid-Latitude Stratospheric and Mesospheric Ozone Associated with Quasi-Stationary Wave Structure by the MLS Data 2011-2020, The
* Mid-Latitude Mesospheric Zonal Wave 1 and Wave 2 in Recent Boreal Winters
* Rossby Waves in Total Ozone over the Arctic in 2000-2021
* Zonal Asymmetry of the Stratopause in the 2019/2020 Arctic Winter

Andries, B.[Bob] Co Author Listing * Optimized quantization of wavelet subbands for high quality real-time texture compression
* Scalable texture compression using the wavelet transform

Andries, J.[Jesse] Co Author Listing * Space Weather Services for Civil Aviation: Challenges and Solutions

Andrieu, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Inverse Method for Drop Size Distribution Retrieval from Polarimetric Radar at Attenuating Frequency, An
Includes: Andrieu, H.[Herve] Andrieu, H.[Hervé]

Andrieu, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Mapping Mangrove Zonation Changes in Senegal with Landsat Imagery Using an OBIA Approach Combined with Linear Spectral Unmixing
* Multiscale Diagnosis of Mangrove Status in Data-Poor Context Using Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study in Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, Tamil Nadu, India

Andrieux, J. Co Author Listing * Coding efficiency of multi-ring and single-ring differential chain coding for telewriting application

Andriluka, M.[Mykhaylo] Co Author Listing * 2D Human Pose Estimation: New Benchmark and State of the Art Analysis
* 3D Pictorial Structures for Multiple Human Pose Estimation
* 3D Pictorial Structures Revisited: Multiple Human Pose Estimation
* Articulated people detection and pose estimation: Reshaping the future
* ArtTrack: Articulated Multi-Person Tracking in the Wild
* database for fine grained activity detection of cooking activities, A
* DeepCut: Joint Subset Partition and Labeling for Multi Person Pose Estimation
* DeeperCut: A Deeper, Stronger, and Faster Multi-person Pose Estimation Model
* Detection and Tracking of Occluded People
* Differentiable Dynamics for Articulated 3d Human Motion Reconstruction
* Discriminative Appearance Models for Pictorial Structures
* Efficient ConvNet-based marker-less motion capture in general scenes with a low number of cameras
* End-to-End People Detection in Crowded Scenes
* Every Moment Counts: Dense Detailed Labeling of Actions in Complex Videos
* Fine-Grained Activity Recognition with Holistic and Pose Based Features
* Human Context: Modeling Human-Human Interactions for Monocular 3D Pose Estimation
* Learning people detection models from few training samples
* Learning People Detectors for Tracking in Crowded Scenes
* MARCOnI: ConvNet-Based MARker-Less Motion Capture in Outdoor and Indoor Scenes
* Monocular 3D pose estimation and tracking by detection
* Multi-person Tracking by Multicut and Deep Matching
* Multi-view Pictorial Structures for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Multiple People Tracking by Lifted Multicut and Person Re-identification
* People-tracking-by-detection and people-detection-by-tracking
* Pictorial structures revisited: People detection and articulated pose estimation
* Poselet Conditioned Pictorial Structures
* PoseTrack: A Benchmark for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Recognizing Fine-Grained and Composite Activities Using Hand-Centric Features and Script Data
* Script Data for Attribute-Based Recognition of Composite Activities
* Strong Appearance and Expressive Spatial Models for Human Pose Estimation
* Subgraph decomposition for multi-target tracking
* Test-Time Adaptation for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Trajectory Optimization for Physics-Based Reconstruction of 3d Human Pose from Monocular Video
* Transformer-Based Learned Optimization
Includes: Andriluka, M.[Mykhaylo] Andriluka, M.
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Andrinal, P. Co Author Listing * Radiometric Block Adjusment and Digital Radiometric Model Generation

Andringa, T. Co Author Listing * CASSANDRA: audio-video sensor fusion for aggression detection

Andringa, T.C. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal human aggression detection
* Verbal aggression detection in complex social environments

Andrinopoulou, E. Co Author Listing * Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation by Classifier-Driven Merging of Oversegmented Images
* Improved Accuracy and Robustness of a Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation Method Based on Merging Superpixels

Andriola, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Towards Deep Personal Lifestyle Models Using Multimodal N-of-1 Data

Andrioli, V.F.[Vania F.] Co Author Listing * Gravity Wave Parameters and Their Seasonal Variations Study near 120° E China Based on Na LIDAR Observations

Andriolo, U.[Umberto] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Coastal Cliffs from Fixed-Wing and Multi-Rotor UAS: Impact of SfM-MVS Processing Parameters, Image Redundancy and Acquisition Geometry
* Beached and Floating Litter Surveys by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Operational Analogies and Differences
* Breaking Wave Height Estimation from Timex Images: Two Methods for Coastal Video Monitoring Systems
* On the 3D Reconstruction of Coastal Structures by Unmanned Aerial Systems with Onboard Global Navigation Satellite System and Real-Time Kinematics and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Operational Use of Surfcam Online Streaming Images for Coastal Morphodynamic Studies
* Quantifying Marine Macro Litter Abundance on a Sandy Beach Using Unmanned Aerial Systems and Object-Oriented Machine Learning Methods

Andriopoulos, P.[Petros] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Systems-Aided Post-Flood Peak Discharge Estimation in Ephemeral Streams

Andriot, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Balance Control Following Disturbance of Virtual Humans
* Optimal positioning of terrestrial LiDAR scanner stations in complex 3D environments with a multiobjective optimization method based on GPU simulations

Andris, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Inpainting-based Video Compression in FullHD
* Pseudodifferential Inpainting: The Missing Link Between PDE- and RBF-Based Interpolation

Andrist, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * HoloAssist: an Egocentric Human Interaction Dataset for Interactive AI Assistants in the Real World

Andritsanos, V.D.[Vassilios D.] Co Author Listing * Geoid Studies in Two Test Areas in Greece Using Different Geopotential Models towards the Estimation of a Reference Geopotential Value
* Validation of Recent DSM/DEM/DBMs in Test Areas in Greece Using Spirit Leveling, GNSS, Gravity and Echo Sounding Measurements

Andriulli, F. Co Author Listing * Scaling-Less Newton-Raphson Pipelined Implementation for a Fixed-Point Reciprocal Operator, A

Andriushchenko, M.[Maksym] Co Author Listing * ARIA: Adversarially Robust Image Attribution for Content Provenance
* Square Attack: A Query-efficient Black-box Adversarial Attack via Random Search
* Why ReLU Networks Yield High-Confidence Predictions Far Away From the Training Data and How to Mitigate the Problem

Andrivon, P. Co Author Listing * Overview of Color Gamut Scalability
* Scalable Extensions of HEVC for Ultra-High-Definition Video Delivery, The

Andriyanov, N.[Nikita] Co Author Listing * First Step Towards Creating a Software Package for Detecting the Dangerous States During Driver Eye Monitoring
* Study of Improving the Accuracy of Convolutional Neural Networks in Face Recognition Tasks, The

Andriyanov, N.A. Co Author Listing * Investigation of Filtering and Objects Detection Algorithms for A Multizone Image Sequence

Andriyashin, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Illuminant dependence of PCA, NMF and NTF in spectral color imaging
* Multiresolution Approach in Computing NTF

Andriyenko, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * analytical formulation of global occlusion reasoning for multi-target tracking, An
* Discrete-continuous optimization for multi-target tracking
* Globally Optimal Multi-target Tracking on a Hexagonal Lattice
* Multi-target tracking by continuous energy minimization

Andrle, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Invertible Neural Networks Versus MCMC for Posterior Reconstruction in Grazing Incidence X-ray Fluorescence

Andronache, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Local Intensity Mapping for Hierarchical Non-rigid Registration of Multi-modal Images Using the Cross-Correlation Coefficient

Andronico, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * PyTirCam-1.0: A Python Model to Manage Thermal Infrared Camera Data
* Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UASs) Reveal the Morphological Changes at Stromboli Volcano (Italy) before, between, and after the 3 July and 28 August 2019 Paroxysmal Eruptions

Andronie, M.[Mihai] Co Author Listing * Big Data Management Algorithms, Deep Learning-Based Object Detection Technologies, and Geospatial Simulation and Sensor Fusion Tools in the Internet of Robotic Things
* Deep Learning-Assisted Smart Process Planning, Robotic Wireless Sensor Networks, and Geospatial Big Data Management Algorithms in the Internet of Manufacturing Things

Andronis, V.[Vassilis] Co Author Listing * Time Series Analysis of Landsat Data for Investigating the Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Forest Changes in Paphos Forest, Cyprus

Androulakis, D.N.[Dimitrios N.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Autonomous In Situ Temperature Loggers in a Coastal Region of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea for Use in the Validation of Near-Shore Satellite Sea Surface Temperature Measurements, An

Androulakis, I. Co Author Listing * Automated Quantification of Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve Leaflet Angles in CT Images

Androutsellis Theotokis, S. Co Author Listing * Bandpass Optical Flow for Tagged MR Imaging
* Experiments in Multiresolution Motion Estimation for Multifrequency Tagged Cardiac MR Images
Includes: Androutsellis Theotokis, S. Androutsellis-Theotokis, S.

Androutsopoulos, K.N. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Itinerary Planning in Multimodal Transportation Networks
* Design and Assessment of an Online Passenger Information System for Integrated Multimodal Trip Planning

Androutsos, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Adaptive exposure fusion for high dynamic range imaging
* Adaptive multichannel filters for colour image processing
* Affine invariant shape descriptors: The ICA-Fourier descriptor and the PCA-Fourier descriptor
* Application of active contours for photochromic tracer flow extraction
* Color Image-Processing Using Adaptive Multichannel Filters
* Content-based retrieval of logo and trademarks in unconstrained color image databases using Color Edge Gradient Co-occurrence Histograms
* Distance measures for color image retrieval
* Distributed MPEG-7 image indexing using small world user agents
* Editorial: In Memoriam: Anastasios (Tas) N. Venetsanopoulos
* framework for estimating relative depth in video, A
* Graceful Image Retrieval Performance Degradation Using Small World Distributed Indexing
* Human visual system inspired saliency guided edge preserving tone-mapping for high dynamic range imaging
* Indexing and retrieval of compound color objects using co-occurrence histograms of color and wavelet features
* Large Receptive Field Networks for High-Scale Image Super-Resolution
* Logo and Trademark Retrieval in General Image Databases Using Color Edge Gradient Co-occurrence Histograms
* Multichannel filtering for color image processing
* Multichannel filters for image processing
* Novel Vector-Based Approach to Color Image Retrieval Using a Vector Angular-Based Distance Measure, A
* Propagating sparse labels through edge-aware filters
* Robust affine invariant shape image retrieval using the ICA Zernike Moment Shape Descriptor
* Robust Semi-Automatic Depth Map Generation in Unconstrained Images and Video Sequences for 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion
* Semi-automatic 2D to 3D image conversion using scale-space Random Walks and a graph cuts based depth prior
* Single Image Super-Resolution via Cascaded Parallel Multisize Receptive Field
* Subjective analysis of edge detectors in color image processing
* Wavelet-based color texture retrieval using the independent component color space
Includes: Androutsos, D.[Dimitrios] Androutsos, D. Androutsos, D.[Dimitri]
25 for Androutsos, D.

Androutsos, P. Co Author Listing * Distributed MPEG-7 image indexing using small world user agents
* Fuzzy aggregation of image features in content-based image retrieval
* Graceful Image Retrieval Performance Degradation Using Small World Distributed Indexing
* Query feedback for interactive image retrieval
* Retrieval of Images from Artistic Repositories Using a Decision Fusion Framework
* Subjective analysis of edge detectors in color image processing

Andrulis, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Clickstream Analysis for Crowd-Based Object Segmentation with Confidence
* HCI Benchmark Suite: Stereo and Flow Ground Truth with Uncertainties for Urban Autonomous Driving, The
Includes: Andrulis, J.[Jonas] Andrulis, J.

Andrus, B. Co Author Listing * Sports Videos in the Wild (SVW): A video dataset for sports analysis

Andrus, J.F. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Registration Method Using Boundary Maps

Andrus, R.A.[Robert A.] Co Author Listing * Effects of Bark Beetle Outbreaks on Forest Landscape Pattern in the Southern Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.

Andrushia, A.D.[A. Diana] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis on visual attention using spiking and oscillatory neural model
* Recognition of Hand Gesture Image Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Andrysco, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * Experiences in Disseminating Educational Visualizations

Andryushechkin, V. Co Author Listing * MixedEmotions: An Open-Source Toolbox for Multimodal Emotion Analysis

Andrzejak, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Global MODIS Fraction of Green Vegetation Cover for Monitoring Abrupt and Gradual Vegetation Changes

Andrzejczak, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * SETh: The Method for Long-Term Object Tracking

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