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Carbajal Hernandez, J.J.[Jose Juan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Artificial Habitat in Shrimp Aquaculture Using Environmental Pattern Classification
* Misalignment Identification in Induction Motors Using Orbital Pattern Analysis
* Modification of the Lernmatrix for Real Valued Data Processing, A
* Rotor Unbalance Detection in Electrical Induction Motors Using Orbital Analysis
* Signal Analysis for Assessment and Prediction of the Artificial Habitat in Shrimp Aquaculture
Includes: Carbajal Hernandez, J.J.[Jose Juan] Carbajal Hernández, J.J.[José Juan] Carbajal-Hernández, J.J.[José Juan]

Carbajal, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Implementing Cloud Computing for the Digital Mapping of Agricultural Soil Properties from High Resolution UAV Multispectral Imagery

Carbajal, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Detection of Follicles in Ultrasound Videos of Bovine Ovaries
* See the Silence: Improving Visual-Only Voice Activity Detection by Optical Flow and RGB Fusion
Includes: Carbajal, G.[Guillermo] Carbajal, G.[Guillaume]

Carbajal, N.[Noel] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Deep Convection Observed along the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

Carbajales, R.J.[Rodrigo Jose] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Air Quality in Urban Areas Using a Vehicle Sensor Network (VSN) Crowdsensing Paradigm
Includes: Carbajales, R.J.[Rodrigo Jose] Carbajales, R.J.[Rodrigo José]

Carballada, A.M.[Angel Miramontes] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Analysis and Mapping Strategies for Fine-Grained and Detailed COVID-19 Data with GIS

Carballal, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * point-based redesign algorithm for designing geometrically complex surfaces. A case study: Miralles's croissant paradox, A

Carballeira, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction with uncalibrated cameras using the six-line conic variety
* Analysis of pixel-mapping rounding on geometric distortion as a prediction for view synthesis distortion
* Analysis of the depth-shift distortion as an estimator for view synthesis distortion
* Block based Rate-Distortion analysis for quality improvement of synthesized views
* Fusion of pose and head tracking data for immersive mixed-reality application development
* FVV Live: A Real-Time Free-Viewpoint Video System With Consumer Electronics Hardware
* Graph Neural Networks for Cross-Camera Data Association
* graph-based approach for latency modeling and optimization in multiview video encoding, A
* Novel multi-feature Bag-of-Words descriptor via subspace random projection for efficient human-action recognition
* optimal yet fast pruning algorithm to reduce latency in multiview prediction structures, An
* QoE Analysis of Dense Multiview Video With Head-Mounted Devices
* Robust people indoor localization with omnidirectional cameras using a Grid of Spatial-Aware Classifiers
* study on the distribution of social biases in self-supervised learning visual models, A
* Subjective Assessment of Super Multiview Video with Coding Artifacts
* Systematic analysis of the decoding delay in multiview video
Includes: Carballeira, P.[Pablo] Carballeira, P.
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Carballido Gamio, J. Co Author Listing * Normalized Cuts in 3-D for Spinal MRI Segmentation
Includes: Carballido Gamio, J. Carballido-Gamio, J.

Carballo, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis and Performance Improved Method for 3D LiDAR Sensor Data Compression
* Perception and sensing for autonomous vehicles under adverse weather conditions: A survey

Carballo, G.F. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical network flow phase unwrapping
* Probabilistic Cost Functions for Network Flow Phase Unwrapping

Carballo, M.[Maylen] Co Author Listing * Accuracy to Differentiate Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease Using Cortical Features

Carbin, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Lottery Tickets Hypothesis for Supervised and Self-supervised Pre-training in Computer Vision Models, The

Carbini, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Tracking Body Parts of Multiple People for Multi-person Multimodal Interface
Includes: Carbini, S.[Sebastien] Carbini, S.[Sébastien]

Carbo, E.[Ester] Co Author Listing * Modeling Influence of Soil Properties in Different Gradients of Soil Moisture: The Case of the Valencia Anchor Station Validation Site, Spain
Includes: Carbo, E.[Ester] Carbó, E.[Ester]

Carbo, J.E.[Jorge E.] Co Author Listing * Panoramic imaging arrangement
Includes: Carbo, J.E.[Jorge E.] Carbo, Jr., J.E.[Jorge E.]

Carbon, C.C. Co Author Listing * Model for Haptic Aesthetic Processing and Its Implications for Design, A

Carbonara, M.R. Co Author Listing * Image coding using differential vector quantization

Carbonaro, A. Co Author Listing * comprehensive approach to image-contrast enhancement, A
* Evolutionary image segmentation
Includes: Carbonaro, A. Carbonaro, A.[Antonella]

Carbone, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Gaze Shifts and Fixations Learning by Imitation
* Classification of multiscale spatiotemporal energy features for video segmentation and dynamic objects prioritisation
* Combining first-person and third-person gaze for attention recognition
* Fractal analysis for natural resources management
* Gaze estimation using local features and non-linear regression
* Identification of Protein Interaction Partners from Shape Complementarity Molecular Cross-Docking
* Non-Binary Snow Index for Multi-Component Surfaces
* Radial Symmetry Guided Particle Filter for Robust Iris Tracking
Includes: Carbone, A.[Andrea] Carbone, A. Carbone, A.[Anna] Carbone, A.[Alessandra]
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Carbone, P. Co Author Listing * Positioning Techniques in Indoor Environments Based on Stochastic Modeling of UWB Round-Trip-Time Measurements

Carbone, R.[Rosario] Co Author Listing * DeepNautilus: A Deep Learning Based System for Nautical Engines' Live Vibration Processing

Carbone, V. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The
* Haiti Earthquake (Mw 7.2): Magnetospheric-Ionospheric-Lithospheric Coupling during and after the Main Shock on 14 August 2021
* Magnetospheric-Ionospheric-Lithospheric Coupling Model. 1: Observations during the 5 August 2018 Bayan Earthquake
* New Investigation of a Tropical Cyclone: Observational and Turbulence Analysis for the Faraji Hurricane
* On the Geomagnetic Field Line Resonance Eigenfrequency Variations during Seismic Event
Includes: Carbone, V. Carbone, V.[Vincenzo]

Carbonel, D.[Domingo] Co Author Listing * 4D Monitoring of Active Sinkholes with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS): A Case Study in the Evaporite Karst of the Ebro Valley, NE Spain

Carbonell Carrera, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * 2D Cartography Training: Has the Time Come for a Paradigm Shift?
* 3D Landform Modeling to Enhance Geospatial Thinking
* Geospatial Google Street View with Virtual Reality: A Motivational Approach for Spatial Training Education
* Spatial Orientation Skill Improvement with Geospatial Applications: Report of a Multi-Year Study
* Spatial Orientation Skill Performance with a Workshop Based on Green Infrastructure in Cities
* Think Spatially With Game Engine
Includes: Carbonell Carrera, C.[Carlos] Carbonell-Carrera, C.[Carlos]

Carbonell Rivera, J.P.[Juan Pedro] Co Author Listing * Classification of Mediterranean Shrub Species from UAV Point Clouds
* Classification of UAV-based Photogrammetric Point Clouds of Riverine Species Using Machine Learning Algorithms: A Case Study In the Palancia River, Spain
* Comparing the Generation of DTM in a Forest Ecosystem Using TLS, ALS And UAV-DAP, and Different Software Tools
* Estimation of the Block Adjustment Error in UAV Photogrammetric Flights in Flat Areas
Includes: Carbonell Rivera, J.P.[Juan Pedro] Carbonell-Rivera, J.P.[Juan Pedro] Carbonell-Rivera, J.P.

Carbonell, J.[Jaime] Co Author Listing * Characterizing and Avoiding Negative Transfer
* New Event Detection with Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machines, and Kernel Regression

Carbonell, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Information extraction from historical handwritten document images with a context-aware neural model
* Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction with Graph Neural Networks in Semi Structured Documents
* neural model for text localization, transcription and named entity recognition in full pages, A

Carbonell, N.[Noelle] Co Author Listing * Navigation and Search in 3D Visualizations of Large Unstructured Photo Collections: An Empirical Study
Includes: Carbonell, N.[Noelle] Carbonell, N.[Noëlle]

Carbonell, R.[Ramon] Co Author Listing * Radar Interferometry as a Monitoring Tool for an Active Mining Area Using Sentinel-1 C-Band Data, Case Study of Riotinto Mine

Carbonera Luvizon, D.[Diogo] Co Author Listing * SSP-Net: Scalable sequential pyramid networks for real-Time 3D human pose regression
Includes: Carbonera Luvizon, D.[Diogo] Carbonera-Luvizon, D.[Diogo]

Carbonetti, M.[Micaela] Co Author Listing * Detection of Crustal Uplift Deformation in Response to Glacier Wastage in Southern Patagonia

Carbonetto, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Constrained Semi-supervised Learning Approach to Data Association, A
* Learning to Recognize Objects with Little Supervision
* Semi-supervised Learning Approach to Object Recognition with Spatial Integration of Local Features and Segmentation Cues, A
* Statistical Model for General Contextual Object Recognition, A

Carbonez, K. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Data As Basis for The Modelling and Reassembly Of Dismantled Heritage Structures

Carboni, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Interactive Multimedia System for Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder, An
* Monitoring truck's operations at freight intermodal terminals: traffic observation by scanning on-board devices
* Performance indicators and automatic identification systems in inland freight terminals for intermodal transport
* psychophysical evaluation of the a contrario detection theory, A
Includes: Carboni, A.[Andrea] Carboni, A.[Angela] Carboni, A.

Carboni, E.[Elisa] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Approach for Volcanic Ash Cloud Retrieval and Eruption Characterization: The 23 November 2013 Etna Lava Fountain, A
* Quantitative Retrieval of Volcanic Sulphate Aerosols from IASI Observations
* Stereoscopic Estimation of Volcanic Ash Cloud-Top Height from Two Geostationary Satellites
* Volcanic Cloud Top Height Estimation Using the Plume Elevation Model Procedure Applied to Orthorectified Landsat 8 Data. Test Case: 26 October 2013 Mt. Etna Eruption

Carboni, S. Co Author Listing * Forest Cover Changes in Tropical South and Central America from 1990 to 2005 and Related Carbon Emissions and Removals
* Monitoring forest areas from continental to territorial levels using a sample of medium spatial resolution satellite imagery
Includes: Carboni, S. Carboni, S.[Silvia]

Carbonneau, M. Co Author Listing * Feature Learning from Spectrograms for Assessment of Personality Traits

Carbonneau, M.A.[Marc Andre] Co Author Listing * Multiple instance learning: A survey of problem characteristics and applications
* Robust multiple-instance learning ensembles using random subspace instance selection
* Score thresholding for accurate instance classification in multiple instance learning
* Witness identification in multiple instance learning using random subspaces
Includes: Carbonneau, M.A.[Marc Andre] Carbonneau, M.A.[Marc-André]

Carbonneau, P.E.[Patrice E.] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Effects of DEM Error in Scaling Analysis

Carbonnel, S. Co Author Listing * Lexical post-processing optimization for handwritten word recognition
* Statistical language models for on-line handwritten sentence recognition

Carbot, H.[Hubert] Co Author Listing * Estimation of User Specific Parameters in One-class Problems

Carbune, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Fast multi-language LSTM-based online handwriting recognition
* Multi-Language Online Handwriting Recognition

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