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Crescentini, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Clues of Ongoing Deep Magma Inflation at Campi Flegrei Caldera (Italy) from Empirical Orthogonal Function Analysis of SAR Data
* DInSAR Data Reveal an Intriguing Contemporaneous Onset of Deep Deflation below Vesuvio and the Ongoing Campi Flegrei Uplift
* Spatial Dispersion and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization of SAR Backscattering as Tools for Monitoring Snow Depth Evolution in Mountain Areas: A Case Study at Central Pyrenees (Spain)

Crescenzi, P. Co Author Listing * Blind image clustering based on the Normalized Cuts criterion for camera identification
* Parallel Simulated Annealing for Shape Detection

Cresci, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Cross-Media Learning for Image Sentiment Analysis in the Wild
* Impromptu Crisis Mapping to Prioritize Emergency Response
Includes: Cresci, S.[Stefano] Cresci, S.

Crescini, D.[Damiano] Co Author Listing * Geographical Area Network: Structural Health Monitoring Utility Computing Model

Crespi, A.[Alice] Co Author Listing * Insuring Alpine Grasslands against Drought-Related Yield Losses Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Data

Crespi, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gabor Filters for Phase-Based Disparity Estimation
* Analog Computation for Phase-Based Disparity Estimation: Continuous and Discrete Models
* Differential equations for phase-based stereo-vision
* Memory-Based Approach to Sensory-Motor Coordination, A
* Performance of Phase-Based Algorithms for Disparity Estimation
* Real-Time Parallel Computation of Disparity and Optical-Flow Using Phase Difference
Includes: Crespi, B. Crespi, B.[Bruno]

Crespi, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling of Archaeological Small Finds By A Low-cost Range Camera: Methodology And First Results
* Accuracy assessment of high resolution satellite imagery orientation by leave-one-out method
* Advantages of Geostationary Satellites for Ionospheric Anomaly Studies: Ionospheric Plasma Depletion Following a Rocket Launch
* Centimeter Cosmo-Skymed Range Measurements For Monitoring Ground Displacements
* Centimeter range measurement using amplitude data of TerraSAR-X imagery
* DSM generation from high resolution SAR sensors with radargrammetric model. Application with COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X
* DSM Generation from Single and Cross-Sensor Multi-View Satellite Images Using the New Agisoft Metashape: The Case Studies of Trento and Matera (Italy)
* DSMS Generation from COSMO-SKYMED, RADARSAT-2 AND TERRASAR-X Imagery on Beauport (Canada) Test Site: Evaluation and Comparison of Different Radargrammetric Approaches
* Editorial for Special Issue Advances in SAR: Sensors, Methodologies, and Applications
* Editorial for the Special Issue: High-Precision GNSS: Methods, Open Problems and Geoscience Applications
* Evaluation and comparison of different radargrammetric approaches for Digital Surface Models generation from COSMO-SkyMed, TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT-2 imagery: Analysis of Beauport (Canada) test site
* Exploiting Sentinel-1 Amplitude Data For Glacier Surface Velocity Field Measurements: Feasibility Demonstration On Baltoro Glacier
* FOSS4G Date Assessment On the Isprs Optical Stereo Satellite Data: A Benchmark for DSM Generation
* Foss4g Date for DSM Generation: Sensitivity Analysis of The Semi-global Block Matching Parameters
* Free Global DSM Assessment On Large Scale Areas Exploiting The Potentialities of the Innovative Google Earth Engine Platform
* Glacier Volume Change Monitoring From UAV Observations: Issues And Potentials of State-of-the-art Techniques
* Inferring 3D change detection from bitemporal optical images
* Kinect V2 and RGB Stereo Cameras Integration for Depth Map Enhancement
* Monitoring the Impact of Land Cover Change on Surface Urban Heat Island through Google Earth Engine: Proposal of a Global Methodology, First Applications and Problems
* Multi-Temporal X-Band Radar Interferometry Using Corner Reflectors: Application and Validation at the Corvara Landslide (Dolomites, Italy)
* Radargrammetric Digital Surface Models Generation From Terrasar-x Imagery: Case Studies, Problems And Potentialities
* Tack Project: Tunnel and Bridge Automatic Crack Monitoring Using Deep Learning and Photogrammetry
* Upgrade of Foss Date Plug-in: Implementation Of A New Radargrammetric DSM Generation Capability
* VADASE Reliability and Accuracy of Real-Time Displacement Estimation: Application to the Central Italy 2016 Earthquakes
Includes: Crespi, M. Crespi, M.[Mattia]
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Crespi, N. Co Author Listing * Online EV Charging Scheduling With On-Arrival Commitment

Crespin, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Interactive Hydraulic Erosion Using CUDA
* Multimodal Video Indexing (MVI): A New Method Based on Machine Learning and Semi-Automatic Annotation on Large Video Collections
* Particle-Based Method for Large-Scale Breaking Waves Simulation, A
Includes: Crespin, B.[Benoit] Crespin, B.[Benoît]

Crespo Aller, S. Co Author Listing * Artalive: An Android Application for Augmented Reality Without Markers, Based On Anamorphic Images
Includes: Crespo Aller, S. Crespo-Aller, S.

Crespo Matellan, E. Co Author Listing * Automated Urban Analysis Based on LiDAR-Derived Building Models
Includes: Crespo Matellan, E. Crespo-Matellan, E.

Crespo Monteiro, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Characterization by Hyperspectral Imaging and Hypercolor Gamut Estimation for Structural Color Prints
Includes: Crespo Monteiro, N.[Nicolas] Crespo-Monteiro, N.[Nicolas]

Crespo Peremarch, P. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Side-lap Effect On Full-waveform Lidar Data Acquisition For The Estimation Of Forest Structure Variables
* Analyzing the role of pulse density and voxelization parameters on full-waveform LiDAR-derived metrics
* Automated Classification of Crop Types and Condition In A Mediterranean Area Using A Fine-tuned Convolutional Neural Network
* Classification of Mediterranean Shrub Species from UAV Point Clouds
* Classification of UAV-based Photogrammetric Point Clouds of Riverine Species Using Machine Learning Algorithms: A Case Study In the Palancia River, Spain
* Comparing the Generation of DTM in a Forest Ecosystem Using TLS, ALS And UAV-DAP, and Different Software Tools
* Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Metric Extraction Tool for Forest Structure Modelling. Do Scan Angle and Radiometric Correction Matter?, A
Includes: Crespo Peremarch, P. Crespo-Peremarch, P. Crespo-Peremarch, P.[Pablo]
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Crespo, C. Co Author Listing * Damage Detection On Historical Buildings Using Unsupervised Classification Techniques

Crespo, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Adjacency stable connected operators and set levelings
* Automated Aircraft Trajectory Prediction Based on Formal Intent-Related Language Processing
* Edge-Based Adaptive Smoothing
* Flat Zone Approach: A General Low-Level Region Merging Segmentation Method, The
* Levelings and Geodesic Reconstructions
* Locality and Adjacency Stability Constraints for Morphological Connected Operators
* Medical image segmentation using openings and closings with reconstruction criteria
* New Results on the Theory of Morphological Filters by Reconstruction
* shape interpolation technique based on inclusion relationships and median sets, A
* Strong Property of Morphological Connected Alternated Filters, The
Includes: Crespo, J.[Jose] Crespo, J.
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Crespo, J.A.[Juan A.] Co Author Listing * CYGNSS Mission: On-Going Science Team Investigations, The
* CYGNSS Surface Heat Flux Product Development

Crespo, J.B. Co Author Listing * Optimizing Speech Intelligibility in a Noisy Environment: A unified view

Crespo, J.B.F.P.[Joao B.F.P.] Co Author Listing * 2D orientation is unique through principal moments analysis, The
* Revisiting Complex Moments for 2-D Shape Representation and Image Normalization

Crespo, J.F.P.[Joao F.P.] Co Author Listing * Principal moments for efficient representation of 2D shape
Includes: Crespo, J.F.P.[Joao F.P.] Crespo, J.F.P.[Joăo F.P.]

Crespo, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Moving objects forecast in image sequences using autoregressive algorithms
Includes: Crespo, J.L.[Jose Luis] Crespo, J.L.[José Luis]

Crespo, M.C.[M. Cruz] Co Author Listing * Determining the optimal features in freezing of gait detection through a single waist accelerometer in home environments

Crespo, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Global Systematic Review of Improving Crop Model Estimations by Assimilating Remote Sensing Data: Implications for Small-Scale Agricultural Systems, A

Crespo, P.[Patricio] Co Author Listing * River Discharge Simulation in the High Andes of Southern Ecuador Using High-Resolution Radar Observations and Meteorological Station Data

Crespo, P.R.[Paola Romero] Co Author Listing * Lineament Extraction from Digital Terrain Derivate Model: A Case Study in the Giron-Santa Isabel Basin, South Ecuador

Crespo, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Detection and Tracking of Driver's Hands in Real Time
Includes: Crespo, R.[Raul] Crespo, R.[Raúl]

Crespo, R.G.[Ruben Gonzalez] Co Author Listing * ADCCF: Adaptive deep concatenation coder framework for visual question answering
* Detection of anomaly in surveillance videos using quantum convolutional neural networks
* Editorial on Frontiers in computer vision for human computer interaction
* Feature based video stabilization based on boosted HAAR Cascade and representative point matching algorithm
* Inadequate dataset learning for major depressive disorder MRI semantic classification
Includes: Crespo, R.G.[Ruben Gonzalez] Crespo, R.G.[Rubén González] Crespo, R.G.[Ruben González]

Cress, D.H. Co Author Listing * Detection of Objects in High Resolution Multispectral Aerial Images
* Object Detection by Step-Wise Analysis of Spectral, Spatial, and Topographic Features
Includes: Cress, D.H. Cress, D.H.[Daniel H]

Cressey, E.L.[Elizabeth L.] Co Author Listing * How Can We Realize Sustainable Development Goals in Rocky Desertified Regions by Enhancing Crop Yield with Reduction of Environmental Risks?
* Periodic Relations between Terrestrial Vegetation and Climate Factors across the Globe
* Spatial and Temporal Variation, Simulation and Prediction of Land Use in Ecological Conservation Area of Western Beijing
* Uncertainty of Partial Dependence Relationship between Climate and Vegetation Growth Calculated by Machine Learning Models

Cressie, N.[Noel] Co Author Listing * Inferring Changes in Arctic Sea Ice through a Spatio-Temporal Logistic Autoregression Fitted to Remote-Sensing Data
* Multivariate Spatial Data Fusion for Very Large Remote Sensing Datasets
* On Statistical Approaches to Generate Level 3 Products from Satellite Remote Sensing Retrievals
* Optimal Closed Boundary Identification in Gray-Scale Imagery
* Sensitivity of Optimal Estimation Satellite Retrievals to Misspecification of the Prior Mean and Covariance, with Application to OCO-2 Retrievals
* Spatial Statistical Prediction of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) from Multivariate OCO-2 Data
* Texture analysis using partially ordered Markov models
* Texture synthesis and pattern recognition for partially ordered Markov models
Includes: Cressie, N.[Noel] Cressie, N.
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Cressman, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * Detecting Desert Locust Breeding Grounds: A Satellite-Assisted Modeling Approach
* Dynamic Vegetation Senescence Indicator for Near-Real-Time Desert Locust Habitat Monitoring with MODIS, A
* Operational Monitoring of the Desert Locust Habitat with Earth Observation: An Assessment

Cresson, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Two-Branch CNN Architecture for Land Cover Classification of PAN and MS Imagery, A

Cresson, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous extraction of two adjacent bony structures in x-ray images: Application to hip joint segmentation
* Toward Automated 3D Spine Reconstruction from Biplanar Radiographs Using CNN for Statistical Spine Model Fitting
* X-Ray to DRR Images Translation for Efficient Multiple Objects Similarity Measures in Deformable Model 3D/2D Registration
Includes: Cresson, T.[Thierry] Cresson, T.

Cresswell, C. Co Author Listing * Test feature selection for a complex electro-hydraulic servo system using frequency response measurements

Cresswell, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Gauging Heat Vulnerability in Southeast Florida: A Multimodal Approach Integrating Physical Exposure, Sensitivity, and Adaptive Capacity

Creste, J.E.[Jose Eduardo] Co Author Listing * convolutional neural network approach for counting and geolocating citrus-trees in UAV multispectral imagery, A
* Machine Learning Framework to Predict Nutrient Content in Valencia-Orange Leaf Hyperspectral Measurements, A
* Modeling Hyperspectral Response of Water-Stress Induced Lettuce Plants Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Predicting Canopy Nitrogen Content in Citrus-Trees Using Random Forest Algorithm Associated to Spectral Vegetation Indices from UAV-Imagery
Includes: Creste, J.E.[Jose Eduardo] Creste, J.E.[José Eduardo]

Crestto, L.G.[Ludwing Gronemeyer] Co Author Listing * Contribution of Integrated Remote Sensing System (SINAT) to Territorial Management: Towards the Strengthening of the National System of Land Observation

Creswell, A.[Antonia] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Training for Sketch Retrieval
* Denoising adversarial autoencoders: classifying skin lesions using limited labelled training data
* Generative Adversarial Networks: An Overview
Includes: Creswell, A.[Antonia] Creswell, A.

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