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Hodge, R.A.[Rebecca A.] Co Author Listing * Using simulated Terrestrial Laser Scanning to analyse errors in high-resolution scan data of irregular surfaces

Hodge, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Cross-Modal Visual Question Answering for Remote Sensing Data: the International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2021)

Hodge, V.J.[Victoria J.] Co Author Listing * comparison of a novel neural spell checker and standard spell checking algorithms, A
* Eliciting Perceptual Ground Truth for Image Segmentation
* Inducing a perceptual relevance shape classifier
* Layout indexing of trademark images
* Wireless Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring in the Railway Industry: A Survey
Includes: Hodge, V.J.[Victoria J.] Hodge, V.J.

Hodge, W. Co Author Listing * PAMTRI: Pose-Aware Multi-Task Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification Using Highly Randomized Synthetic Data

Hodges, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Rethinking Context: Leveraging Human and Machine Computation in Disaster Response

Hodges, B.A.[Benjamin A.] Co Author Listing * Tracking a Surrogate Hazardous Agent (Rhodamine Dye) in a Coastal Ocean Environment Using In Situ Measurements and Concentration Estimates Derived from Drone Images

Hodges, C.[Crona] Co Author Listing * On Data Quality Assurance and Conflation Entanglement in Crowdsourcing for Environmental Studies
* Quantitative performance evaluation of object detectors in hazy environments
* Single image dehazing using deep neural networks
Includes: Hodges, C.[Crona] Hodges, C.[Cameron]

Hodges, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Improved Geometric Optics with Topography (IGOT) Model for GNSS-R Delay-Doppler Maps Using Three-Scale Surface Roughness

Hodges, J. Co Author Listing * Functional and Physical Object Characteristics and Object Recognition in Improvisation
* Naive Mechanics: A Computational Model of Device Use and Function in Design Improvement

Hodges, L.F.[Larry F.] Co Author Listing * Animation Validation of Obese Virtual Pediatric Patients Using a FLACC Pain Scale
* Comparing usability of a single versus dual interaction metaphor in a multitask healthcare simulation
* Punching ducks for post-stroke neurorehabilitation: System design and initial exploratory feasibility study
* Stereoscopic display for design visualization
Includes: Hodges, L.F.[Larry F.] Hodges, L.F.

Hodges, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Materials for a Preliminary Archaeological Evaluation of the Giove Countryside (Terni, Italy)

Hodges, S.W.[Shawn W.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Benthic Algae and Cyanobacteria in River Channels from Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images: A Proof-of-Concept Investigation on the Buffalo National River, AR, USA

Hodges, W. Co Author Listing * Fast Best-Match Shape Searching in Rotation-Invariant Metric Spaces

Hodgetts, D. Co Author Listing * Application Of High Resolution Laser Scanning And Photogrammetric Techniques To Data Acquisition, Analysis And Interpretation In Palaeontology

Hodgetts, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * EM / E-MRF Strategy for Underwater Navigation, An
* EM/E-MRF algorithm for adaptive model based tracking in extremely poor visibility, An

Hodgins, G.[Grant] Co Author Listing * Mapping Wetland Types in Semiarid Floodplains: A Statistical Learning Approach

Hodgins, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * HVH: Learning a Hybrid Neural Volumetric Representation for Dynamic Hair Performance Capture
* Learning Compositional Radiance Fields of Dynamic Human Heads
* Markerless human motion transfer
* MonoClothCap: Towards Temporally Coherent Clothing Capture from Monocular RGB Video
* Motion fields to predict play evolution in dynamic sport scenes
* Player localization using multiple static cameras for sports visualization
* visualization framework for team sports captured using multiple static cameras, A
Includes: Hodgins, J.[Jessica] Hodgins, J.
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Hodgins, J.K.[Jessica K.] Co Author Listing * Aligned Cluster Analysis for temporal segmentation of human motion
* Expressing animated performances through puppeteering
* Guide to the Carnegie Mellon University Multimodal Activity (CMU-MMAC) Database
* Hierarchical Aligned Cluster Analysis for Temporal Clustering of Human Motion
* Perceptual effects of damped and exaggerated facial motion in animated characters
* Reactive pedestrian path following from examples
* Social interactions: A first-person perspective
* temporal connection between smiles and blinks, The
Includes: Hodgins, J.K.[Jessica K.] Hodgins, J.K.
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Hodgkinson, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Active Learning for Biased Datasets via Fisher Kernel Self-Supervision
* DNN Feature Map Compression Using Learned Representation over GF(2)
Includes: Hodgkinson, A. Hodgkinson, A.[Alec]

Hodgkinson, B.[Blake] Co Author Listing * glGetFeedback: Towards automatic feedback and assessment for OpenGL 3D modelling assignments

Hodgkiss, W.S. Co Author Listing * Effect of Medium Attenuation on the Asymptotic Eigenvalues of Noise Covariance Matrices

Hodgson, A.[Antony] Co Author Listing * Automatic Data-Driven Parameterization for Phase-Based Bone Localization in US Using Log-Gabor Filters
* Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Analysis of Aerial Imagery, A
* Reduction of Species Identification Errors in Surveys of Marine Wildlife Abundance Utilising Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Includes: Hodgson, A.[Antony] Hodgson, A. Hodgson, A.[Amanda]

Hodgson, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Pixel Based Meshfree Modeling of Skeletal Muscles

Hodgson, L.[Lorna] Co Author Listing * Feature-based registration for correlative light and electron microscopy images

Hodgson, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Mapping salt marsh along coastal South Carolina using U-Net

Hodgson, M.E.[Michael E.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Airborne Lidar-Derived Elevation: Empirical Assessment and Error Budget
* Cartographic Modeling Approach for Surface Orientation-Related Applications
* Evaluation of Lidar-derived Elevation and Terrain Slope in Leaf-off Conditions, An
* GIS-Assisted Rail Construction Econometric Model that Incorporates LIDAR Data, A
* Impact of Lidar Nominal Post-spacing on DEM Accuracy and Flood Zone Delineation
* Prototyping a Social Media Flooding Photo Screening System Based on Deep Learning
* Satellite image collection modeling for large area hazard emergency response
* Significance of Altitude and Posting Density on Lidar derived Elevation Accuracy on Hazardous Waste Sites
* Synergistic Use of Lidar and Color Aerial Photography for Mapping Urban Parcel Imperviousness
* What Size Window for Image Classification: A Cognitive Perspective
Includes: Hodgson, M.E.[Michael E.] Hodgson, M.E.[Mike E.] Hodgson, M.E.
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Hodgson, P.H. Co Author Listing * Improved 3D Thinning Algorithms for Skeleton Extraction

Hodgson, R.M. Co Author Listing * Development of a low cost microfluidic imaging system
* Log-Polar Mapping Applied To Pattern Representation And Recognition
* Model and feature selection for the classification of dark field pollen images using the classifynder system
* Properties, implementations and applications of rank filters
* Range Filters: Local-Intensity Subrange Filters and Their Properties
* Texture Measures for Carpet Wear Assessment
* VIPS: A Digital Image Processing Algorithm Development Environment
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Hodgson, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * automated pattern recognition system for the quantification of inflammatory cells in hepatitis-C-infected liver biopsies, An

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