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Pouladian, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Curvelet analysis of breast masses on dynamic magnetic resonance mammography

Pouladzadeh, P.[Parisa] Co Author Listing * FooDD: Food Detection Dataset for Calorie Measurement Using Food Images

Poulain d'Andecy, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of company's document stream: Comparison of two solutions
Includes: Poulain d'Andecy, V.[Vincent] Poulain-d'Andecy, V.[Vincent]

Poulain, E.[Emmanuelle] Co Author Listing * 3D Coronary Vessel Tracking in X-Ray Projections
* 3D Coronary Vessel Tree Tracking in X-Ray Projections

Poulain, P.M.[Pierre Marie] Co Author Listing * Climatic, Decadal, and Interannual Variability in the Upper Layer of the Mediterranean Sea Using Remotely Sensed and In-Situ Data
* On the Structure and Kinematics of an Algerian Eddy in the Southwestern Mediterranean Sea
* Spreading of Lagrangian Particles in the Black Sea: A Comparison between Drifters and a High-Resolution Ocean Model
Includes: Poulain, P.M.[Pierre Marie] Poulain, P.M.[Pierre-Marie]

Poulain, V. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Optical and SAR Image Fusion for Building Database Updating
* Land Cover Maps Production with High Resolution Satellite Image Time Series and Convolutional Neural Networks: Adaptations and Limits for Operational Systems
* Sentinel-2 Global Reference Image Validation And Application To Multitemporal Performances And High Latitude Digital Surface Model
* SPOT-4 (Take 5): Simulation of Sentinel-2 Time Series on 45 Large Sites
Includes: Poulain, V. Poulain, V.[Vincent]

Poulakos, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * REVERIE: Natural human interaction in virtual immersive environments

Poulalion, G. Co Author Listing * High Resolution Radar Tomography

Poularakis, S.[Stergios] Co Author Listing * Computationally efficient recognition of activities of daily living
* Efficient motion estimation methods for fast recognition of activities of daily living
* Initialization of dynamic time warping using tree-based fast Nearest Neighbor
* Low-Complexity Hand Gesture Recognition System for Continuous Streams of Digits and Letters
Includes: Poularakis, S.[Stergios] Poularakis, S.

Poularikas, A.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Sampling Technique Applied to Biological Images

Poulenard, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Canonical Fields: Self-Supervised Learning of Pose-Canonicalized Neural Fields
* ConDor: Self-Supervised Canonicalization of 3D Pose for Partial Shapes
* Directional Enlacement Histograms for the Description of Complex Spatial Configurations between Objects
* Effective Rotation-Invariant Point CNN with Spherical Harmonics Kernels
* functional approach to rotation equivariant non-linearities for Tensor Field Networks, A
* LEGO-Net: Learning Regular Rearrangements of Objects in Rooms
* Vector Neurons: A General Framework for SO(3)-Equivariant Networks
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Poulenard, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * Oriented-Contour Point Based Voting Algorithm for Vehicle Type Classification, An

Poulet, C.[Cyril] Co Author Listing * FPGA-based stream processor for embedded real-time vision with Convolutional Networks, An

Poulet, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Full-view: A Visual Data-mining Environment
* Parallel incremental power mean SVM for the classification of large-scale image datasets
Includes: Poulet, F.[Francois] Poulet, F.[François]

Poulet, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Conversational Agent Module for French Sign Language Using Kinect Sensor

Pouletaut, P. Co Author Listing * Contour features for colonoscopic image classification by artificial neural networks
* Integrated Color and Texture Tools for Colposcopic Image Segmentation

Pouli, T.[Tania] Co Author Listing * Automatic saturation correction for dynamic range management algorithms
* Colour Spaces for Colour Transfer
* Descriptor-Based Image Colorization and Regularization
* Towards an automatic correction of over-exposure in photographs: Application to tone-mapping

Pouliguen, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Computing the Radar Cross-Section of Dielectric Targets Using the Gaussian Beam Summation Method

Poulin, B.[Brigitte] Co Author Listing * Automatic Inundation Mapping Using Sentinel-2 Data Applicable to Both Camargue and Doñana Biosphere Reserves
* Introducing WIW for Detecting the Presence of Water in Wetlands with Landsat and Sentinel Satellites
* Radiometric Normalization of SPOT-5 Scenes: 6S Atmospheric Model versus Pseudo-invariant Features

Poulin, J.[Jimmy] Co Author Listing * IceMap250: Automatic 250 m Sea Ice Extent Mapping Using MODIS Data
* Monitoring Volumetric Surface Soil Moisture Content at the La Grande Basin Boreal Wetland by Radar Multi Polarization Data

Poulin, P. Co Author Listing * computational algebraic topology approach for optical flow, A
* Computational Algebraic Topology Model for the Deformation of Curves, A
* Interactive Hierarchical Space Carving with Projector-based Calibrations
* Modeling with blocks
Includes: Poulin, P. Poulin, P.[Pierre]

Poulin, S.K.[Sarah K.] Co Author Listing * Integrating Drone Imagery into High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing Assessments of Estuarine Environments
* Rapid and Accurate Monitoring of Intertidal Oyster Reef Habitat Using Unoccupied Aircraft Systems and Structure from Motion

Poulin, V.[Valerie] Co Author Listing * Comparing Graph Clusterings: Set Partition Measures vs. Graph-Aware Measures
Includes: Poulin, V.[Valerie] Poulin, V.[Valérie]

Pouliot, D.[Darren] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Convolution Neural Networks for Surficial Geology Mapping in the South Rae Geological Region, Northwest Territories, Canada
* Assessment of Convolution Neural Networks for Wetland Mapping with Landsat in the Central Canadian Boreal Forest Region
* Assessment of Landsat Based Deep-Learning Membership Analysis for Development of from-to Change Time Series in the Prairie Region of Canada from 1984 to 2018
* Circa 2010 Land Cover of Canada: Local Optimization Methodology and Product Development
* Comparison and Assessment of Regional and Global Land Cover Datasets for Use in CLASS over Canada
* Haze Removal Based on a Fully Automated and Improved Haze Optimized Transformation for Landsat Imagery over Land
* Landsat Super-Resolution Enhancement Using Convolution Neural Networks and Sentinel-2 for Training
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Pouliot, D.A. Co Author Listing * Automated tree crown detection and delineation in high-resolution digital camera imagery of coniferous forest regeneration

Pouliot, J.[Jacynthe] Co Author Listing * 3D Cadastre in the province of Quebec: A First experiment for the construction of a volumetric representation
* 3D Modeling for Mobile Augmented Reality in Unprepared Environment
* 3D Viewpoint Management and Navigation in Urban Planning: Application to the Exploratory Phase
* Automatic Detection of Three Radio-opaque Markers for Prostate Targeting Using Epid During External Radiation Therapy
* Definition of a unified 3D semantic data model: A must-have in Mobile Augmented Reality Games
* Experiments with Notaries About the Semiology of 3D Cadastral Models
* Exploring Schema Matching To Compare Geospatial Standards: Application To Underground Utility Networks
* First Attempt to Define Level of Details Based on Decision-making Tasks: Application to Underground Utility Network, A
* Formalized 3D Geovisualization Illustrated to Selectivity Purpose of Virtual 3D City Model, A
* How users perceive transparency in the 3D visualization of cadastre: testing its usability in an online questionnaire
* Modelling Land-use Regulation Conflicts with 3d Components to Support Issuing A Building Permit
* Progress and New Trends in 3D Geoinformation Sciences
* Webgis to Support GPR 3D Data Acquisition: A First Step for The Integration of Underground Utility Networks in 3D City Models, A
Includes: Pouliot, J.[Jacynthe] Pouliot, J.
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Pouliot, P. Co Author Listing * Laplacian Flow Dynamics on Geometric Graphs for Anatomical Modeling of Cerebrovascular Networks

Pouliot, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Three Radio-opaque Markers for Prostate Targeting Using Epid During External Radiation Therapy

Pouliquen, M.L.[Marie Lea] Co Author Listing * Aerosols on the Tropical Island of La Reunion (21°S, 55°E): Assessment of Climatology, Origin of Variability and Trend
Includes: Pouliquen, M.L.[Marie Lea] Pouliquen, M.L.[Marie-Léa]

Poulkov, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * New adaptive complex IIR filters and their application in OFDM systems

Poullaouec, R. Co Author Listing * Flexible Heterogeneous Hardware/Software Solution for Real-Time HD H.264 Motion Estimation, A

Poulliat, C.[Charly] Co Author Listing * Extrinsic distortion based source-channel allocation for wireless JPEG2000 transcoding systems
* Reduced-Complexity End-to-End Variational Autoencoder for on Board Satellite Image Compression

Poullis, C.[Charalambos] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Urban Areas
* Adaptive Memory Management for Video Object Segmentation
* Automatic 2D to stereoscopic video conversion for 3D TVS
* Automatic Creation of Massive Virtual Cities
* Automatic reconstruction of cities from remote sensor data
* Deep Autoencoders with Aggregated Residual Transformations for Urban Reconstruction from Remote Sensing Data
* Delineation and geometric modeling of road networks
* Framework for Automatic Modeling from Point Cloud Data, A
* Improving augmented reality applications with optical flow
* Large-Scale Urban Reconstruction with Tensor Clustering and Global Boundary Refinement
* On Building Classification from Remote Sensor Imagery Using Deep Neural Networks and the Relation Between Classification and Reconstruction Accuracy Using Border Localization as Proxy
* Photorealistic Large-Scale Urban City Model Reconstruction
* Project iMARECULTURE: Advanced VR, iMmersive Serious Games and Augmented REality as Tools to Raise Awareness and Access to European Underwater CULTURal heritagE
* Rapid Creation of Large-Scale Photorealistic Virtual Environments
* Semantic segmentation from remote sensor data and the exploitation of latent learning for classification of auxiliary tasks
* Single-Shot Dense Reconstruction with Epic-Flow
* Tensor-Cuts: A simultaneous multi-type feature extractor and classifier and its application to road extraction from satellite images
* Tracking and Identification of Ice Hockey Players
* Tractable large-scale deep reinforcement learning
* Vision-Based System For Automatic Detection and Extraction Of Road Networks, A
Includes: Poullis, C.[Charalambos] Poullis, C.
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Poullot, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Detecting Screen Shot Images within Large-Scale Video Archive
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Z-grid-based probabilistic retrieval for scaling up content-based copy detection
Includes: Poullot, S.[Sebastien] Poullot, S. Poullot, S.[Sébastien]

Poulo, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * Creating high resolution images
* New Invariants for Three Dimensional Recognition
Includes: Poulo, R.J.[Richard J.] Poulo, R.J.

Poulopoulos, N. Co Author Listing * new high precision eye center localization technique, A
* PupilTAN: A Few-Shot Adversarial Pupil Localizer
Includes: Poulopoulos, N. Poulopoulos, N.[Nikolaos]

Poulopoulos, V.[Vassilis] Co Author Listing * Ants: From History of Science to Future of Science
* Personality Analysis of Social Media Influencers as a Tool for Cultural Institutions

Poulos, S.[Serafeim] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Bio-Optical Transformation for Satellite Bathymetry Modeling Using Sentinel-2 Imagery, A

Poulose Jacob, K. Co Author Listing * Parallel implementation of octtree generation algorithm

Poulsen, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Uncertainty in Satellite-Retrieved Land Surface Temperature from Cloud Detection Errors

Poulsen, H.F.[Henning Friis] Co Author Listing * Noise robustness of a combined phase retrieval and reconstruction method for phase-contrast tomography
* Phase retrieval for superposed signals from multiple binary objects
* Reconstruction Of Single-Grain Orientation Distribution Functions for Crystalline Materials

Poulsen, L.[Liam] Co Author Listing * Exquisitor at the Video Browser Showdown 2021: Relationships Between Semantic Classifiers

Poulsen, N.K.[Niels K.] Co Author Listing * Developing a simulation framework for safe and optimal trajectories considering drivers' driving style

Poulsen, P. Co Author Listing * Registration-Based Reconstruction of Four-Dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Poulsen, R. Co Author Listing * IKONOS Satellite Imagery and Its Use in Automated Road Extraction

Poulsen, R.S. Co Author Listing * Classification of atypical cells in the automatic cytoscreening for cervical cancer
* Region of Interest Finding in Reduced Resolution Color Imagery: Application to Cancer Cell Detection
* Some New Color Features and Their Application to Cervical Cell Classification

Poulsen, W.L. Co Author Listing * Optimized Tropical Cyclone Winds From QuikSCAT: A Neural Network Approach

Poulson, J.[Jack] Co Author Listing * Butterfly Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging, A

Poulter, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * 1982-2010 Trends of Light Use Efficiency and Inherent Water Use Efficiency in African vegetation: Sensitivity to Climate and Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
* Effect of Assimilating SMAP Soil Moisture on CO2 and CH4 Fluxes through Direct Insertion in a Land Surface Model
* Evaluation of Land Surface Models in Reproducing Satellite Derived Leaf Area Index over the High-Latitude Northern Hemisphere. Part II: Earth System Models
* Evaluation of Land Surface Models in Reproducing Satellite-Derived LAI over the High-Latitude Northern Hemisphere. Part I: Uncoupled DGVMs

Poulter, D. Co Author Listing * ESA FELYX High Resolution Diagnostic Data Set System Design and Implementation, The

Poulton, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Lidar on a Chip Enters the Fast Lane: Sensors for Self-Driving Cars and Robots will be Tiny, Reliable, and Affordable

Poulton, G.T. Co Author Listing * CSIRO PC-Check System, The

Pouly, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * SANO: Score-based Diffusion Model for Anomaly Localization in Dermatology

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