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Brau, A.C.S.[Anja C. S.] Co Author Listing * Motion Estimated-Compensated Reconstruction with Preserved-Features in Free-Breathing Cardiac MRI

Brau, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation via Deep Learning from 2D Annotations
* Bayesian 3D Tracking from Monocular Video
* Bayesian part-based approach to 3D human pose and camera estimation, A
* generative statistical model for tracking multiple smooth trajectories, A
* Multiple-Gaze Geometry: Inferring Novel 3D Locations from Gazes Observed in Monocular Video
* Sampling bedrooms
Includes: Brau, E. Brau, E.[Ernesto]

Brau, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * On the Minimal Adversarial Perturbation for Deep Neural Networks With Provable Estimation Error

Brauchle, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Automatic Ship Detection on Multispectral and Thermal Infrared Aerial Images Using MACS-Mar Remote Sensing Platform
* Integrated UAV-Based Real-Time Mapping for Security Applications
* MACS-TumbleCam: A Novel Approach for Aerial Oblique Imaging
* MACS: Modular Airborne Camera System for Generating Photogrammetric High-Resolution Products
* SALSA Project: High-End Aerial 3D Camera, The
Includes: Brauchle, J.[Jorg] Brauchle, J.[Jörg]

Brauchler, M.[Melanie] Co Author Listing * Extension of an Open GEOBIA Framework for Spatially Explicit Forest Stratification with Sentinel-2
* Leveraging OSM and GEOBIA to Create and Update Forest Type Maps

Brauckmann, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * APFel: The intelligent video analysis and surveillance system for assisting human operators
* Cartrack: Computer Vision-Based Car Following
* Intensity and Edge-Based Symmetry Detection Applied to Car Following
* Intensity and Edge-Based Symmetry Detection with an Application to Car-Following
* One-Class Classification with Subgaussians
* Strategies and Benefits of Fusion of 2D and 3D Face Recognition
Includes: Brauckmann, M.[Michael] Brauckmann, M.

Braud, M.[Maxwell] Co Author Listing * PROSAIL-Net: A transfer learning-based dual stream neural network to estimate leaf chlorophyll and leaf angle of crops from UAV hyperspectral images

Braud, P. Co Author Listing * Modelled Object Pose Estimation and Tracking by a Multi-Camera System
* Recognition, Pose and Tracking of Modelled Polyhedral Objects by Multi-Ocular Vision

Braud, T.[Tristan] Co Author Listing * AICP: Augmented Informative Cooperative Perception
* DRLE: Decentralized Reinforcement Learning at the Edge for Traffic Light Control in the IoV
* Towards Augmented Reality Driven Human-City Interaction: Current Research on Mobile Headsets and Future Challenges
Includes: Braud, T.[Tristan] Braud, T.

Braudaway, G. Co Author Listing * Effective and Ineffective Digital Watermarks
* Protecting Publicly Available Images with an Invisible Image Watermark

Braudaway, G.W.[Gordon W.] Co Author Listing * Opportunities for Watermarking Standards

Brauer Burchardt, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic correction of weak radial lens distortion in single views of urban scenes using vanishing points
* Automatic Monocular 3D-Reconstruction of Indoor Environments Using Mobile Vehicles
* Calibration of Stereo 3D Scanners with Minimal Number of Views Using Plane Targets and Vanishing Points
* Combination of Air- and Water-Calibration for a Fringe Projection Based Underwater 3D-Scanner
* Combination of Sinusoidal and Single Binary Pattern Projection for Fast 3d Surface Reconstruction
* Compact Handheld Fringe Projection Based Underwater 3D-Scanner
* Cordless portable multi-view fringe projection system for 3D reconstruction
* Detection of Strong Shadows in Monochromatic Video Streams
* Distance Dependent Lens Distortion Variation in 3D Measuring Systems Using Fringe Projection
* Error Compensation by Sensor Re-calibration in Fringe Projection Based Optical 3D Stereo Scanners
* Fringe Code Reduction for 3D Measurement Systems Using Epipolar Geometry
* New Algorithm to Correct Fish-eye- and Strong Wide-angle-lens-distortion from Single Images, A
* New Methodology for Determination and Correction of Lens Distortion in 3D Measuring Systems Using Fringe Projection, A
* Phase Unwrapping in Fringe Projection Systems Using Epipolar Geometry
* Robust Vanishing Point Determination in Noisy Images
* Simple New Method for Precise Lens Distortion Correction of Low Cost Camera Systems, A
* Underwater 3D Scanning System for Cultural Heritage Documentation
* Using Geometric Constraints to Solve the Point Correspondence Problem in Fringe Projection Based 3D Measuring Systems
Includes: Brauer Burchardt, C. Brauer-Burchardt, C. Bräuer-Burchardt, C.[Christian] (Maybe also Braeuer-Burchardt, C.)Bräuer-burchardt, C.[Christian] (Maybe also Braeuer-burchardt, C.)Bräuer-Burchardt, C. (Maybe also Braeuer-Burchardt, C.)
18 for Brauer Burchardt, C.

Brauer, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Cartoon-Texture-Noise Decomposition with Transport Norms

Brauer, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Robust False Positive Detection for Real-Time Multi-target Tracking

Brauer, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Generative 2d and 3d Human Pose Estimation with Vote Distributions
* Modeling vs. learning approaches for monocular 3D human pose estimation
* On the effect of temporal information on monocular 3d human pose estimation
* Supporting Annotation of Anatomical Landmarks Using Automatic Scale Selection
* Voting Strategies for Anatomical Landmark Localization Using the Implicit Shape Model
Includes: Brauer, J.[Jurgen] Brauer, J.[Jürgen]

Brauer, M. Co Author Listing * Use of Active Contours for the Detection of Coastlines in SAR images: A Modular Knowledge-based Framework, The
* What You See Is What You Breathe? Estimating Air Pollution Spatial Variation Using Street-Level Imagery
Includes: Brauer, M. Brauer, M.[Michael]

Brauer, N.S.[Noah S.] Co Author Listing * Can Remote Sensing Technologies Capture the Extreme Precipitation Event and Its Cascading Hydrological Response? A Case Study of Hurricane Harvey Using EF5 Modeling Framework

Brauer, W.[Wilfried] Co Author Listing * email: Brauer, W.[Wilfried]: brauer AT informatik tu-muenchen de
* Intensity-Based and Gradient-Based Stereo Matching Using Hierarchical Gaussian Basis Functions

Brauers, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Investigations on Temporal Sampling and Patternless Frame Recovery for Asynchronous Display-Camera Communication
* Symbol Position Recovery for Optical Camera Communication with High-Density Matrix Codes

Brauers, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Geometric Calibration of Lens and Filter Distortions for Multispectral Filter-Wheel Cameras
* Geometric Multispectral Camera Calibration
* Longitudinal aberrations caused by optical filters and their compensation in multispectral imaging
* Modeling and Compensation of Ghosting in Multispectral Filter Wheel Cameras
* Multispectral Filter-Wheel Cameras: Geometric Distortion Model and Compensation Algorithms
* Towards fully automated precise measurement of camera transfer functions

Braula, A. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Low Cost RGB and NIR UAV Cameras

Brault, J.J. Co Author Listing * Histogram Classifier for Characterization of Handwritten Signature Dynamic
* Segmenting Handwritten Signatures at Their Perceptually Important Points
* Structure Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Documents Based on SGML

Brault, P. Co Author Listing * Gaussian mixture model-based contrast enhancement
* Intra Block-DPCM with Layer Separation of Screen Content in VVC
* new construction for motion and speed capture with conical wavelets, A
* Quality assessment tool for performance measurement of image contrast enhancement methods
* Short-Distance Intra Prediction of Screen Content in Versatile Video Coding (VVC)
Includes: Brault, P. Brault, P.[Patrice]

Braumann, U.D.[Ulf Dietrich] Co Author Listing * 3D-Reconstruction of Basal Cell Carcinoma: A Proof-of-Principle Study
* Contour-based Person Localizaion by 3d Neural Fields and Steerable Filters
* Fast fluid extensions for image registration algorithms
* Image Registration of Differently Stained Histological Sections
* Influence of the Boundary Conditions on the Result of Non-Linear Image Registration
* New Equation for Nonlinear Image Registration with Control over the Vortex Structure in the Displacement Field, A
* Person Localization and Posture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Quantification of Cervical Carcinoma Invasion Fronts From Histological Serial Sections
* User Localisation for Visually-Based Human-Machine-Interaction
Includes: Braumann, U.D.[Ulf Dietrich] Braumann, U.D.[Ulf-Dietrich] Braumann, U.D.
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Braun, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Assessing Single-Polarization and Dual-Polarization TerraSAR-X Data for Surface Water Monitoring
* Cinematic Narration in VR: Rethinking Film Conventions for 360 Degrees
* Classification robustness to common optical aberrations
* Comparision of photogrammetric point clouds with BIM building elements for construction progress monitoring
* Deep Learning-based Face Recognition and the Robustness to Perspective Distortion
* Detecting Face Morphing Attacks by Analyzing the Directed Distances of Facial Landmarks Shifts
* Editorial for Special Issue Advances in Satellite Altimetry and Its Application
* Efficient, Accurate, and Rotation-Invariant Iris Code
* Error estimation for gridded bathymetry
* Evaluation Of Acquisition Strategies For Image-based Construction Site Monitoring
* Evaluation of One-Class SVM for Pixel-Based and Segment-Based Classification in Remote Sensing
* Fiber Defect Detection of Inhomogeneous Voluminous Textiles
* Fusion of SAR, Optical Imagery and Airborne LiDAR for Surface Water Detection
* GMs in On-Line Handwritten Whiteboard Note Recognition: The Influence of Implementation and Modeling
* Image georegistration methods: A framework for application guidelines
* Indexing of Single and Multi-instance Iris Data Based on LSH-Forest and Rotation Invariant Representation
* Mapping of Dwellings in IDP/Refugee Settlements from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using a Mask Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network
* Minutiae-Based Gender Estimation for Full and Partial Fingerprints of Arbitrary Size and Shape
* Neighbor Distance Ratios and Dynamic Weighting in Multi-biometric Fusion
* Prediction of Socio-Economic Indicators for Urban Planning Using VHR Satellite Imagery and Spatial Analysis
* Refugee Camp Monitoring and Environmental Change Assessment of Kutupalong, Bangladesh, Based on Radar Imagery of Sentinel-1 and ALOS-2
* SAR-Based Index for Landscape Changes in African Savannas, A
* Stereo-Image Normalization of Voluminous Objects Improves Textile Defect Recognition
* Surface Subsidence in Urbanized Coastal Areas: PSI Methods Based on Sentinel-1 for Ho Chi Minh City
* Text Localization in Born-Digital Images of Advertisements
* Unsupervised Classification Approach for Polarimetric SAR Data Based on the Chernoff Distance for Complex Wishart Distribution, An
* Verification of the Vertical Error in C-Band SRTM DEM Using ICESat and Landsat-7, Otter Tail County, MN
* Very High Resolution Land Cover Mapping of Urban Areas At Global Scale With Convolutional Neural Networks
* Vision-based navigation system for obstacle avoidance in complex environments
Includes: Braun, A.[Alexander] Braun, A.[Andreas] Braun, A. Braun, A.[Artur]
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Braun, A.C.[Andreas C.] Co Author Listing * Deforestation by Afforestation: Land Use Change in the Coastal Range of Chile
* ENMAP Contest: Developing and Comparing Classification Approaches for the Environmental Mapping and Analysis Programme - Dataset and First Results, The
* Integrating external knowledge into SVM classification: Fusing hyperspectral and laserscanning data by kernel composition.
* Kernel Composition with the one-against-one Cascade for Integrating External Knowledge into SVM Classification
* Kernel-composition For Change Detection In Medium Resolution Remote Sensing Data
* Support Vector Machines for Vegetation Classification A Revision
Includes: Braun, A.C.[Andreas C.] Braun, A.C. Braun, A.C.[Andreas Christian]

Braun, B. Co Author Listing * Assessing Tidal Flood Upon Solar Salt Farming Area in North Part Of Java Using Hydrodynamic Model
* Mapping Impact of Tidal Flooding on Solar Salt Farming in Northern Java using a Hydrodynamic Model
Includes: Braun, B. Braun, B.[Boris]

Braun, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Efficient 2.5D Shadow Detection Algorithm for Urban Planning and Design Using a Tensor Based Approach, An

Braun, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * N-QGNv2: Predicting the optimum quadtree representation of a depth map from a monocular camera
* P2D: a self-supervised method for depth estimation from polarimetry

Braun, E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Object Recognition in Image Sequences
* Incorporating Process Knowledge into Object Recognition for Assemblies
* multi-directional multiple-path recognition scheme for complex objects applied to the domain of a wooden toy kit, A
Includes: Braun, E. Braun, E.[Elke]

Braun, E.J.[Emily J.] Co Author Listing * Fusion Approaches to Predict Post-stroke Aphasia Severity from Multimodal Neuroimaging Data

Braun, F. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Algorithms to Estimate Respiratory Rate from the Remote Photoplethysmogram, An

Braun, G. Co Author Listing * Displaying images on mobile devices: capabilities, issues, and solutions
* Trifocal system for high-quality inter-camera mapping and virtual view synthesis

Braun, H.W.[Hans Werner] Co Author Listing * FIgLib & SmokeyNet: Dataset and Deep Learning Model for Real-Time Wildland Fire Smoke Detection
Includes: Braun, H.W.[Hans Werner] Braun, H.W.[Hans-Werner]

Braun, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Aerotriangulation: Concept, Realization and Results
* CARIB18: A Stable Geodetic Reference Frame for Geological Hazard Monitoring in the Caribbean Region
* Duality TV-L1 flow with fundamental matrix prior
* Evaluation and Development of E-learning Tools and Methods In Digital Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for Non Experts From Academia And Industry
* Fast Robust Dejitter and Interslice Discontinuity Removal in MRI Phase Acquisitions: Application to Magnetic Resonance Elastography
* Morphological Characterization of Graphene Plans Stacking
Includes: Braun, J. Braun, J.[John] Braun, J.[James]

Braun, J.J.[Jean Jacques] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Water Levels and Discharges Using Radar Altimetry in an Ungauged River Basin: The Case of the Ogooué
* Observing System Simulation Experiment Study on Imaging the Ionosphere by Assimilating Observations From Ground GNSS, LEO-Based Radio Occultation and Ocean Reflection, and Cross Link
* Stratospheric Water Vapor from the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Volcanic Eruption Deduced from COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation
Includes: Braun, J.J.[Jean Jacques] Braun, J.J.[Jean-Jacques] Braun, J.J. Braun, J.J.[John J.]

Braun, K.[Katharina] Co Author Listing * Detection of presynaptic terminals on dendritic spines in double labeling confocal images
* Restoration of Dendrites and Spines with the Objective of Topologically Correct Segmentation
* Three-dimensional quasi-binary image restoration for confocal microscopy and its application to dendritic trees
Includes: Braun, K.[Katharina] Braun, K.

Braun, K.M.[Karen M.] Co Author Listing * Color Embedding Into Gray Images
* Color to Gray and Back: Color Embedding Into Textured Gray Images
* Spatially Varying Gray Component Replacement for Image Watermarking
Includes: Braun, K.M.[Karen M.] Braun, K.M.

Braun, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Adaptive real-time image processing exploiting two dimensional reconfigurable architecture

Braun, M. Co Author Listing * Ad Hoc Solution of the Multicommodity-Flow-Over-Time Problem
* Affective Automotive User Interfaces-Reviewing the State of Driver Affect Research and Emotion Regulation in the Car
* Automated Detection of Glacier Surges from Sentinel-1 Surface Velocity Time Series: An Example from Svalbard
* Classifier ensembles for land cover mapping using multitemporal SAR imagery
* Deformable Model-Based Image Segmentation Algorithm for Shapes with Corners, A
* Edge Quality Metric for Arbitrary 2-Dimensional Edges
* Efficient Surface Mesh Representation Adaptive to Local Smoothness, An
* Elevation Change Rates of Glaciers in the Lahaul-Spiti (Western Himalaya, India) during 2000-2012 and 2012-2013
* EuroCity Persons: A Novel Benchmark for Person Detection in Traffic Scenes
* Fully 3D Active Surface Models with Self-Inflation and Self-Deflation Forces
* Fully Automated Detection of Supraglacial Lake Area for Northeast Greenland Using Sentinel-2 Time-Series
* Geodetic Mass Balance of the South Shetland Islands Ice Caps, Antarctica, from Differencing TanDEM-X DEMs
* Glacier Changes in the Susitna Basin, Alaska, USA, (1951-2015) using GIS and Remote Sensing Methods
* Magnetic resonance scan-time reduction using echo prediction
* Motion-Compensating Real-Time Format Converter for Video on Multimedia Displays
* Multi-Resolution Segmentation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Using Deep Learning
* new deformable model for 3D image segmentation, A
* New Laser Based Approach for Measuring Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases, A
* Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Columbia Glacier, Alaska (2011-2016): Ice Velocity, Mass Flux, Surface Elevation and Front Position
* Segmentation of ultrasound image data by two dimensional autoregressive modelling
* Supraglacial Lake Evolution over Northeast Greenland Using Deep Learning Methods
* Two-dimensional phase unwrapping using a minimum spanning tree algorithm
Includes: Braun, M. Braun, M.[Michael] Braun, M.[Matthias] Braun, M.[Martin]
22 for Braun, M.

Braun, M.H.[Matthias H.] Co Author Listing * 60 Years of Glacier Elevation and Mass Changes in the Maipo River Basin, Central Andes of Chile
* Elevation and Mass Changes of the Southern Patagonia Icefield Derived from TanDEM-X and SRTM Data
* Geodetic Mass Balances and Area Changes of Echaurren Norte Glacier (Central Andes, Chile) between 1955 and 2015
* Increased Ice Thinning over Svalbard Measured by ICESat/ICESat-2 Laser Altimetry
* Novel Techniques for Void Filling in Glacier Elevation Change Data Sets
* Self-Trained Model for Cloud, Shadow and Snow Detection in Sentinel-2 Images of Snow- and Ice-Covered Regions, A
Includes: Braun, M.H.[Matthias H.] Braun, M.H.[Matthias Holger]

Braun, M.L.[Mikio L.] Co Author Listing * Model Selection in Kernel Methods Based on a Spectral Analysis of Label Information

Braun, N.[Nadine] Co Author Listing * Affective Words and the Company They Keep: Studying the Accuracy of Affective Word Lists in Determining Sentence and Word Valence in a Domain-Specific Corpus

Braun, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * CANDID: Correspondence AligNment for Deep-burst Image Denoising
* ExtractEO, a Pipeline for Disaster Extent Mapping in the Context of Emergency Management
* NeRD: Neural Reflectance Decomposition from Image Collections
Includes: Braun, R.[Raphael] Braun, R.[Rémi]

Braun, S. Co Author Listing * Online Dereverberation for Dynamic Scenarios Using a Kalman Filter With an Autoregressive Model
* Precipitation Estimation from the NASA TROPICS Mission: Initial Retrievals and Validation
* Signal analysis for rotating machinery vibrations
* Unsupervised Part Discovery by Unsupervised Disentanglement
Includes: Braun, S. Braun, S.[Scott] Braun, S.[Sandro]

Braun, T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Video Streaming With Network Coding Enabled Named Data Networking
* Bhattacharyya probabilistic distance of the Dirichlet density and its application to Split-and-Merge image segmentation
* Content-Aware Delivery of Scalable Video in Network Coding Enabled Named Data Networks
* Oblivious Document Capture and Real-Time Retrieval
* Probabilistic distance measures of the Dirichlet and Beta distributions
* Safe and Sound: Driver Safety-Aware Vehicle Re-Routing Based on Spatiotemporal Information
Includes: Braun, T. Braun, T.[Tim]

Braun, W.J. Co Author Listing * comparison of classification algorithms for the identification of smoke plumes from satellite images, A

Brauneck, J. Co Author Listing * Surface Flow Velocity Measurements From UAV-based Videos

Braunegg, A. Co Author Listing * Apricot: A Dataset of Physical Adversarial Attacks on Object Detection

Braunegg, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Marvel: A System for Recognizing World Locations with Stereo Vision
* MARVEL: A System That Recognizes World Locations with Stereo Vision
* Marvel: Location Recognition Using Stereo Vision
* Stereo Feature Matching in Disparity Space
Includes: Braunegg, D.J.[David J.] Braunegg, D.J.

Braunewell, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Breast Cancer Histology Using Densely Connected Convolutional Networks
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A

Braunhofer, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Location-aware music recommendation

Braunig, J.[Johanna] Co Author Listing * ShaRPy: Shape Reconstruction and Hand Pose Estimation from RGB-D with Uncertainty
Includes: Braunig, J.[Johanna] Bräunig, J.[Johanna] (Maybe also Braeunig, J.)

Brauninger, S. Co Author Listing * Traffic Flow Estimation from Single Satellite Images
Includes: Brauninger, S. Bräuninger, S. (Maybe also Braeuninger, S.)

Braunisch, H. Co Author Listing * Multiplicative Regularization Approach for Deblurring Problems, A

Braunisch, V.[Veronika] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Forest Gaps in Spruce Dominated Stands Using Canopy Height Models Derived from Stereo Aerial Imagery
* Remotely Sensed Single Tree Data Enable the Determination of Habitat Thresholds for the Three-Toed Woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus)

Braunl, T. Co Author Listing * Impact of Ambulance Dispatch Policies on Performance of Emergency Medical Services
* Leveraging multiple simulators for crossing the reality gap
* Symmetry-based monocular vehicle detection system
Includes: Braunl, T. Bräunl, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Braeunl, T.)

Brauns, A.[Agris] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Lake Optical Water Types Derived from Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3
* Separability of Mowing and Ploughing Events on Short Temporal Baseline Sentinel-1 Coherence Time Series
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Phytoplankton Primary Production in Baltic Lakes Using Sentinel-3 OLCI Data
* Towards Automated Detection and Localization of Red Deer Cervus elaphus Using Passive Acoustic Sensors during the Rut

Brauns, M. Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Lidar Measurents for Analysing Canopy Structure in an Old-Growth Forest

Brauns, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Simulation of the Field of View in AR and VR Headsets

Braunschweiler, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Factors in Emotion Recognition With Deep Learning Models Using Speech and Text on Multiple Corpora

Braunsmann, J.[Juliane] Co Author Listing * Learning low bending and low distortion manifold embeddings

Braunstain, E.[Eyal] Co Author Listing * Combined Supervised / Unsupervised Algorithm for Skin Detection: A Preliminary Phase for Face Detection
* On Optimized Color Image Coding Using Correlation of Primary Colors

Braunstein, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional tomographic reconstruction of an absorptive perturbation with diffuse photon density waves

Braunstein, M.L. Co Author Listing * Contrasts Between Human and Machine Vision: Should Technology Recapitulate Phylogeny?
* Empirical Study of Structure from Motion, The
* Perception of Rotation in Depth: The Psychophysical Evidence

Braunstingl, R. Co Author Listing * Improved adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system car-following behaviour model based on the driver-vehicle delay
* Modified Car-Following Model Based on a Neural Network Model of the Human Driver Effects, A
* Requirements for Future Collision Avoidance Systems in Visual Flight: A Human-Centered Approach
* Traffic Displays for Visual Flight Indicating Track and Priority Cues

Braut, G.S. Co Author Listing * Detecting Flu Outbreaks Based On Spatiotemporal Information From Urban Systems: Designing A Novel Study

Brautigam, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Coherence evaluation of TanDEM-X interferometric data
* Final TerraSAR-X Calibration Results Based on Novel Efficient Methods
* Generation and performance assessment of the global TanDEM-X digital elevation model
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data
* Quantization Effects in TanDEM-X Data
* Radar Backscatter Mapping Using TerraSAR-X
* Radar Backscatter Modeling Based on Global TanDEM-X Mission Data
* Relative height error analysis of TanDEM-X elevation data
* TerraSAR-X Antenna Calibration and Monitoring Based on a Precise Antenna Model
* TerraSAR-X Instrument Calibration Results and Extension for TanDEM-X
Includes: Brautigam, B.[Benjamin] Bräutigam, B.[Benjamin] (Maybe also Braeutigam, B.)Brautigam, B.
10 for Brautigam, B.

Brautigam, C.G.[Carsten G.] Co Author Listing * Model-Free Voting Approach for Integrating Multiple Cues, A
Includes: Brautigam, C.G.[Carsten G.] Bräutigam, C.G.[Carsten G.] (Maybe also Braeutigam, C.G.)

Braux Zin, J.[Jim] Co Author Listing * Calibrating an Optical See-Through Rig with Two Non-overlapping Cameras: The Virtual Camera Framework
* EasyFlow: Increasing the Convergence Basin of Variational Image Matching with a Feature-Based Cost
* General Dense Image Matching Framework Combining Direct and Feature-Based Costs, A
Includes: Braux Zin, J.[Jim] Braux-Zin, J.[Jim]

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