4.9 Sensors for Machine Vision, Image Sensors

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Cameras. Sensors.

Equinox Corporation,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Sensors for vision. Derived from the Johns Hopkins work. See also Equinox: Human Identification at a Distance.

Think Spectrally,
WWW Version. Vendor, Image Analysis. Provides systems and solutions based on spectral imaging techniques, typically used for analysis of materials and objects.

Vision Components GmbH,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Industrial imaging systems. Processing on board.

WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Digital camera products. Camera backs, accessories, software.

Navitar Machine Vision,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Lenses, lighting systems, etc.

StarDot Technologies,
1989 Vendor, Sensors.
WWW Version. Web cameras, stand alone automatically upload to the server or serve as the web server directly.

Axis Communications,
1984 Vendor, Sensors.
WWW Version. Sweden. Web cameras, stand alone auitomatically upload to the server or serve as the web server directly. They can assign an IP so the camera is directly on the network.

Matrix Vision,
2007 Vendor, Sensors.
WWW Version. Various basic image processing systems, cameras, etc.

1974. Vendor, Sensors.
HTML Version. Industrial sensors, line scanners, color analysis.

CVonline: Image Physics,
CV-OnlineJuly 2001.
HTML Version. Survey, Image Formation. This includes color and other topics. BibRef 0107

CVonline: Sensors and their Properties,
CV-OnlineJuly 2001.
HTML Version. Survey, Sensors. Survey, Cameras. BibRef 0107

Tessera Technologies,
WWW Version. Vendor, Imaging Technology. Single chip implementations. See also FotoNation.

OmniVision Technologies,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Variety of embedded sensors, mobile cameras.

Insilica Corp.,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Focus on capture and display of image, design of chips, etc. Processors for cameras.

Aptina Imaging,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. CMOS imaging solutions. Sensors, cameras, processors. Spin off from Micron semiconductors.

DALSA Corporation,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Sensors for industrial applications. Acquired by Teledyne at the end of 2010. e.g. 48MP sensors.

Allied Vision Technologies,
HTML Version. Vendor, Sensors. FireWire interface sensors.

Pelican Imaging Corporation,
HTML Version. Vendor, Sensors. Vendor, Depth Sensors. Commercialize computational array cameras for the mobile (phone) market. Some work derived from the Columbia CAVE group. Depth on smartphone. See also Columbia University.

Big Shot Camera,
WWW Version. Vendor, Sensors. Bigshot is an educational camera for kids and adults alike. Learn the science. Build the camera. Capture your world. From the Columbia work. See also Columbia University. Currently a prototype, not for sale yet.

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DOI Link 0207
There are anomalies in the performance of standard imaging models when composing omnifocus images and estimating depth. A pupil-centric model more closely models the actual imaging systems. BibRef

Aggarwal, M.[Manoj], Ahuja, N.[Narendra],
A New Imaging Model,
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Analysis of lens systems. BibRef

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Light Field Cameras and Analysis .

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