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Muse, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * A Contrario Decision Method for Shape Element Recognition, An
* Accelerating Monte Carlo Renderers by Ray Histogram Fusion
* Automatically finding clusters in normalized cuts
* Best Algorithms for HDR Image Generation. A Study of Performance Bounds
* Boruvka Meets Nearest Neighbors
* CNN-Assisted Coverings in the Space of Tilts: Best Affine Invariant Performances with the Speed of CNNs
* Extracting Meaningful Curves from Images
* Finding contrasted and regular edges by a contrario detection of periodic subsequences
* Finding Edges by a Contrario Detection of Periodic Subsequences
* Forensic Similarity for Source Camera Model Comparison
* Image Forgery Detection via Forensic Similarity Graphs
* In-Flight CCD Distortion Calibration for Pushbroom Satellites Based on Subpixel Correlation
* Joint denoising and decompression: A patch-based Bayesian approach
* Morphological Shape Context: Semi-locality and Robust Matching in Shape Recognition
* Non-parametric sub-pixel local point spread function estimation
* OLE: Orthogonal Low-rank Embedding, A Plug and Play Geometric Loss for Deep Learning
* On the Role of Contrast and Regularity in Perceptual Boundary Saliency
* Pigmented Skin Lesions Classification Using Dermatoscopic Images
* Polyps Flagging in Virtual Colonoscopy
* Recovering the Subpixel PSF from Two Photographs at Different Distances
* Robust estimation of local affine maps and its applications to image matching
* Shape Recognition Via an a Contrario Model for Size Functions
* SIFT-AID: Boosting Sift With an Affine Invariant Descriptor Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Single shot high dynamic range imaging using piecewise linear estimators
* Sparsity-Based Variational Approach for the Restoration of SMOS Images From L1A Data, A
* Subpixel Point Spread Function Estimation from Two Photographs at Different Distances
* Theory of Shape Identification, A
* Toward a combined tool to assist dermatologists in melanoma detection from dermoscopic images of pigmented skin lesions
* Unified Framework for Detecting Groups and Application to Shape Recognition, A
* Unsupervised thresholds for shape matching
Includes: Muse, P.[Pablo] Musé, P.[Pablo] Musé, P. Muse, P.
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Musebeck, F.[Franziska] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised discriminative feature learning via finding a clustering-friendly embedding space
Includes: Musebeck, F.[Franziska] Müsebeck, F.[Franziska] (Maybe also Muesebeck, F.)

Musekiwa, C. Co Author Listing * Parameters Affecting Interferometric Coherence: The Case of a Dynamic Agricultural Region

Muselet, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * 21/2 D Scene Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes from Single RGB-D Images
* Accurate visual word construction using a supervised approach
* Affine transforms between image space and color space for invariant local descriptors
* Color features for dating historical color images
* Color Histograms Adapted to Query-Target Images for Object Recognition across Illumination Changes
* Combining color and spatial information for object recognition across illumination changes
* Compact local color descriptor based on rank correlations
* Deep Fisher Score Representation via Sparse Coding
* Deep spectral reflectance and illuminant estimation from self-interreflections
* Detecting Text in Natural Scenes Based on a Reduction of Photometric Effects: Problem of Color Invariance
* Detecting Text in Natural Scenes Based on a Reduction of Photometric Effects: Problem of Text Detection
* Discriminative Color Descriptors
* Discriminative feature fusion for image classification
* Fast Context Adaptation for Video Object Segmentation
* Illumination invariant spatio-colorimetric normalization
* Improved Bilinear Pooling With Pseudo Square-Rooted Matrix
* Interreflections in Computer Vision: A Survey and an Introduction to Spectral Infinite-Bounce Model
* Landmarks-based kernelized subspace alignment for unsupervised domain adaptation
* Learning to Rank Based on Subsequences
* Lighting Estimation in Indoor Environments from Low-Quality Images
* Local Color Descriptor for Object Recognition across Illumination Changes
* Mixed pooling neural networks for color constancy
* Modeling Perceptual Color Differences by Local Metric Learning
* Predicting the Colors of Reference Surfaces for Color Constancy
* Rank correlation as illumination invariant descriptor for color object recognition
* Region Proposal Oriented Approach for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Semantic Segmentation via Multi-task, Multi-domain Learning
* Sparse coding and normalization for deep Fisher score representation
* Spatial histograms of soft pairwise similar patches to improve the bag-of-visual-words model
* Spatial orientations of visual word pairs to improve Bag-of-Visual-Words model
* Supervised learning of Gaussian mixture models for visual vocabulary generation
* Towards multispectral data acquisition with hand-held devices
Includes: Muselet, D.[Damien] Muselet, D.
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Museros, L.[Lledo] Co Author Listing * Customising a qualitative colour description for adaptability and usability
* Measures of similarity between qualitative descriptions of shape, colour and size applied to mosaic assembling
* model for the qualitative description of images based on visual and spatial features, A
* Qualitative distances and qualitative image descriptions for representing indoor scenes in robotics
* Special issue CogKnow
Includes: Museros, L.[Lledo] Museros, L.[Lledó]

Museth, K.[Ken] Co Author Listing * Novel Algorithm for Computing Riemannian Geodesic Distance in Rectangular 2d Grids, A

Museyko, O. Co Author Listing * On The Application Of The Monge-Kantorovich Problem To Image Registration

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