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Egli, R. Co Author Listing * Old and new straight-line detectors: Description and comparison

Egli, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Tree Species Classification Using High Resolution RGB Image Data from Automated UAV Observations
* Fast Cloud Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Harmonization of Meteosat First and Second Generation Datasets for Fog and Low Stratus Studies
* Hybrid Approach for Fog Retrieval Based on a Combination of Satellite and Ground Truth Data, A
* Precipitation Retrieval over the Tibetan Plateau from the Geostationary Orbit: Part 1: Precipitation Area Delineation with Elektro-L2 and Insat-3D

Egli, W.H.[Werner H.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for determining location and orientation of objects

Eglin, L. Co Author Listing * Apparent image formation by compton-scattered photons in gamma-ray imaging

Eglin, V. Co Author Listing * Analysis and interpretation of visual saliency for document functional labeling
* Ancient Handwritings Decomposition Into Graphemes and Codebook Generation Based on Graph Coloring
* Application of graph coloring in physical layout segmentation
* Biological inspired tools for patrimonial handwriting denoising and categorization
* Classification of business documents for real-time application
* Coarse-to-Fine Word Spotting Approach for Historical Handwritten Documents Based on Graph Embedding and Graph Edit Distance, A
* Complete Pyramidal Geometrical Scheme for Text Based Image Description and Retrieval, A
* Comprehensive Representation Model for Handwriting Dedicated to Word Spotting, A
* Computer assistance for Digital Libraries: Contributions to Middle-ages and Authors' Manuscripts exploitation and enrichment
* Curvelets Based Queries for CBIR Application in Handwriting Collections
* Dedicated Texture Based Tools for Characterisation of Old Books
* Document Classification in a Non-stationary Environment: A One-Class SVM Approach
* Document image characterization using a multiresolution analysis of the texture: application to old documents
* Document images analysis solutions for digital libraries
* Document page similarity based on layout visual saliency: application to query by example and document classification
* Exploring Interest Points and Local Descriptors for Word Spotting Application on Historical Handwriting Images
* Fast Local Analysis by Thresholding applied to image matching, A
* Frequencies decomposition and partial similarities retrieval for ancient handwriting documents compression
* Generic scale-space process for handwriting documents analysis
* Graph b-Coloring for Automatic Recognition of Documents
* Handwriting Similarities as Features for the Characterization of Writer's Style Invariants and Image Compression
* Handwritten word spotting based on a hybrid optimal distance
* Hermite and Gabor transforms for noise reduction and handwriting classification in ancient manuscripts
* Hermite Filter-Based Texture Analysis with Application to Handwriting Document Indexing
* Hierarchical Decomposition of Handwritten Manuscripts Layouts
* Improvement of postal mail sorting system
* Logarithmic Spiral Grid and Gaze Control for the Development of Strategies of Visual Segmentation on a Document
* Mixed Approach for Handwritten Documents Structural Analysis, A
* multi-one-class dynamic classifier for adaptive digitization of document streams, A
* Multiscale Handwriting Characterization for Writers' Classification
* New Pyramidal Approach for the Address Block Location Based on Hierarchical Graph Coloring, A
* Printed Text Featuring Using the Visual Criteria of Legibility and Complexity
* Proposition of Retrieval Tools for Historical Document Images Libraries, A
* Text Lines and Snippets Extraction for 19th Century Handwriting Documents Layout Analysis
* Text/graphic labelling of ancient printed documents
* Unsupervised clustering of text entities in heterogeneous grey level documents
* Writer Identification Using Steered Hermite Features and SVM
Includes: Eglin, V. Eglin, V.[Véronique] Eglin, V.[Veronique]
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Eglin, W. Co Author Listing * Visual exploration and functional document labeling

Eglit, A.J.[Alexander Julian] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for upscaling video images when pixel data used for upscaling a source video image are unavailable

Eglitis, T. Co Author Listing * bank of fast matched filters by decomposing the filter kernel, A
* Data behind mobile behavioural biometrics: A Survey
Includes: Eglitis, T. Eglitis, T.[Teodors]

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